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Thursday, 18 April 2019

The prison warden

Some readers are asking me what's next after big trouble. ........ here's a glimpse...


You think 'the facility i work at' is sick ? 

That's because you haven met the prison warden....... 


50 years from now, Singapore is a very different place. 
Coney Island has been transformed into a corporation managed prison facility. 

Female . Prison . Facility . 


It took years of advocating before my posting was approved.

I submitted so many appeals, spoke to politicians and i even appeared on national TV.

It's really hard to get people to listen when everyone only cared about themselves.

At 27, i am one of the most outspoken critic about the commercially run all female prison located at Coney Island.

Singapore at 2065 is a very different place from what was written in the history books. The fanfare in which we celebrated SG50 is but a thing of the past. I read about the celebrations, the parades, the special logo and promotions ran by all the merchants.

I read all about it in the history books as part of my school's curriculum.

Yes, those are just history to me. A part of history that is now relegated to a small section of our history textbooks.

There was hardly any mention of SG100 on the national papers.

With the global economy in ruins, Singapore's economy was not spared either. STI has been hovering at 500 points for the past 5 years. A far cry from the 6000 it it during our heydays.

The entire landscape of the country has changed as well.

We used to be a garden city. Everywhere we look used to be a picturesque portrait of manicured lawns and curated landscaping. Our roads are straight, our trees had their crowns trimmed every year.

The streets are kept clean, everything was in perfect order. Exactly the way our founders envisioned the country will be.

No more.

The government of today could no longer afford to upkeep the garden city. The once popular gateway to Asia is now just a bleak landscape of despair.

Falling birthrate, the lack of new immigrants, Singapore is now a country populated by the old and weak. 65% of our citizens are above 55 years old. The young and capable ones left and never returned.

Marriage figures are at a all time low.

The birth rate is at a figure never seen before on the island. Never before in the history of the country has the live birth rate of Singaporeans drop below 10000.

That's 10000 for a whole year.

You can hardly replace the people that are dying.

With the island population at 8.2 million in 2065, 10000 babies hardly made a difference.

The average couple could not afford to start a family. Inflation has gone out of control.

Punggol new town, once the pride of the nation is now the largest slum in the country.

Poor planning and overcrowding has plagued the town for years ever since planners started throwing all the young families in that town.

It used to be the youngest town with the most babies in the country.

Now those babies are all touching 50 years old, unemployed and living in terrible conditions in the flats their parents left for them.

They would have wanted to move if given the chance to, but it was impossible to afford a flat outside the slums where the richer population lived.

The multi-storey car parks that used to be filled with cars are now makeshift  homes for those without a roof over their head.

You could hardly see any vehicles in Punggol now.

Everyone used public transport. It's the only means of transportation the general population could afford.

The country is in a sad state.

The rich live in their own bubble in the center of the island, ring fenced by a artificial dome 5 times the size of Gardens by the bay. 

I hate the country.

I hate the state it is in.

Everyday when i wake up, i ask myself the same question.

Why can't be go back to before ?

Why can't we go back to our hey days when we were once regarded and recognized on the world stage ?

I felt so powerless.

I wanted to do something. No matter how small, as long as it's something i can do for Singapore, i will do it.

I believe if everyone did their part, we can go back to the way we once were.

I looked at the official posting letter in my hand.

After multiple appeals, my superiors finally approved my request.

I am a social worker.

I believe in doing my part in getting my fellow countrymen up on their feet.

I believe i can make a difference.

I'm going to be posted to the CIFP. Coney Island Female Prison.

I'm going to be the official government liaison to help inmates reintegrate into the society.

I'm excited and scared at the same time.

I've heard stories and rumors of what they do in there.

Stories and rumors. It's always someone heard something from someone else.

Other than employees of that facility, no one else is allowed in there.

No visitors until you complete your sentence.

In the years since it's establishment, it had an amazing record. From security to cleanliness to cost efficiency, it scored top marks from the auditors.

There were no complains from any of the inmates.

They all gave raving reviews after being released.

They said the prison changed them for the better.

It sounded like an absolute fairy tale.

Why do i say that ?

It's a female prison, staffed and run exclusively by male guards and warden using state of the art technology.

I can't wait to see how good they claim they are.

I folded the letter and looked in the mirror in my bathroom.

There is just one small problem.

I'm not only the first government liaison for that prison.

I'm going to be the only female staff in that fucking prison.


This is a full length work with multiple optional reads.
Adult content and explicit scenes will only be captured in optional reads.


Thursday, 11 April 2019

Big trouble in little india part 3

Final Episode starts

29/3/19 - updated
8/4/19 - updated
12/4/19 - updated
17/4/19 - updated
Finale 3/5/19


I went back out of the washroom after a while and re-joined the team at the cafe.

Xuehua : You ok ? .

Jeff : Yeah…I’m fine..

We boarded the flight and we landed at Incheon after 6.5 hours of binge-watching in-flight entertainment.

Belinda has arranged for airport pickup and we bundled into the waiting van for our ride to the hotel.

Xuehua had her hands full of brochures and maps.

Xuehua : ok… ok…. Your conference is tomorrow…. You all need to prepare.. so don’t worry about me…..i already mapped out where I want to go…. I know each of us has 20kg of baggage allowance…. But I see that all of you are only bringing carryon luggage…. Which means I don’t need to worry about how much stuff I’m bringing back… hahahahahaha

We all laughed as Xuehua turned her fingers into a claw mimicking some monster as she laughed out loud while raising her them into the air in the vehicle.

The ride is about an hour and I visually took in the neighbourhood as we pulled into the driveway of the small hotel set by the edge of the Han river. The hotel has a good unblocked view of the Dongho bridge.

The heat is offset by the slight breeze coming from the riverside.

We stepped into the hotel reception and waiting for us by the check in counter is a man in his mid-twenties.
He looked engrossed in his mobile phone, tapping away on the screen.

Billy : Hi…. We’re checking in…. we have 2 rooms…

The man looked up from his phone and his eyes immediately skipped Billy and Belinda, focusing on Xuehua within a split second.

Qiang : Hi there…. I’m Qiang…I can tell you are Singaporeans…hahaha.

Billy : Haha… I can tell you are one too..

Qiang : Yeah…. Something about the way we talk right….dead giveaway… haha… can I have your passports please… let me see…..ermm… a twin room and a ….double….non smoking… right…

Billy asked for our documents and handed them over to Qiang.

Xuehua grabbed me and starting taking selfies of the simply furnished lobby.

Xuehua : I promised to send Eddy some photos everyday…

Jeff : Perhaps you should exclude me in them..

Xuehua : Haiyah….please… he’s a nice guy ok… you don’t see him all fierce and what not on the surface,….. he’s actually very nice…

Jeff : He wanted to chop me…

Xuehua laughed as she passed me her phone before heading over to a large beanbag by a wall of hand written postcards and greetings left by other tourists.

She crossed her legs and struck a Instagram worthy post as I took a photo for her.

Xuehua : I’ll protect you… don’t worry….hahah No one will dare to lay a finger on you…

Jeff : Thank you…

Billy : guys… we got the rooms… let’s go…

Qiang : do you need help with the bags ?

Billy : No need… we’re fine.. thank you…

Qiang : See you….

We walked towards the lift and I could see from the reflection of the black mirror finishes of the wall that Qiang is picking up his phone. He dialled while looking at Xuehua from behind. There was no hiding where his eyes were roaming.

They started at the back where her bra straps were, sliding down to the narrow back of he waist, before rolling onto the perkiness of her bottom. There is this healthy juggle in Xuehua’s buttocks that gives me an erection whenever I let my eyes linger for too long.

We got into the lift and I recalled Billy’s note to me before the trip.

There should be no mention of what we are there for right from the moment after stepping into the hotel. We should assumed that all video feeds within the hotel includes audio. They are always listening and watching.

Billy’s guess is correct.

We were assigned the room that neighbours a suspicious looking wall.

Xuehua : ok.. it’s almost going to be dinner time…. How about we meet at the lobby in 10 minutes time ? …. A quick unpack then we go grab some food…. After that I will be ok with my own…. Hohohohohahah….

Belinda : haha… ok…see you all in 10…

I let Xuehua open the room door and we entered the large room with a king size bed in the center of it.

I don’t want to be seen checking out the room as if I’m suspecting something so I reached for Xuehua the moment the door is closed.

I cupped my hands around her waist from behind and pulled her towards me.

Xuehua : aaahhhh…!!! Nooo!...hahaha

I smelled her hair and kissed her on her cheek.

She tapped my arms, begging me to let her go.

Xuehua : no time la…. oei !!... 10 minutes…. Hahah

She laughed as she struggled to walk forward and go about doing her stuff while I remained glued behind her like a Siamese twin.

My eyes went around the room, identifying several spot where I would put a camera if I wanted to.

The room is done up nicely, workmanship is good.

I suspect the feature wall with timber strips on the left of the bed hides a door but there’s no way to tell unless I inspect it up close. That would give us away immediately if they see us on the camera.

Xuehua : I’m going to change out into something more comfortable… let go !!... haha

I was suddenly hit with that sinking feeling in my stomach.

Although I would love to see Xuehua change, I realised that whatever she is doing would also be captured and fed into the camera.

Jeff : Go change in the toilet !

I blurted out so suddenly that Xuehua turned and gave me a raised eyebrow.

She removed her outer blouse and let it drop onto the bed.

Xuehua : Someone trying to pretend to be decent …. Hahah…. Nice…. Brownie points for you… haha

It suddenly dawned on me how stupid that comment was. If they  wired up the room, they would surely wire up the bathroom as well.

Xuehua pulled off her singlet and I saw that teasing strap of that cage bra.

3 horizontal thin strips in a seductively shade of pastel pink held onto the bra cups that supported Xuehua’’s breast.

There was no way to tell she is wearing something like that from the outside.

Xuehua : watch where your eyes are roaming Jeff….

I looked away as she turned around and remove her pants.

My cock sprung into attention as I saw a matching pair of panty, the 3 stripe bands of the panty on each side of her waist moved sensually along her skin as she bent forward on purpose to pick out her clothes from her luggage.

If the circumstances were different, I would have pounced on her already but I was feeling a lot more hesitant in that room. I don’t care if someone sees my cock or my butt. I felt a tinge of jealousy knowing that they are going to see Xuehua as well.

Xuehua changed into a casual pair of shorts and t-shirt.

She turned and looked at me as she pulled down her top to cover her breast.

Xuehua : Like what you see so far ? hahah

Jeff : They say…. If a woman is wearing matching lingerie….. that’s because she expects to show them off…. Is that true… ?

Xuehua : hahah…. Wrong…

She put her arms around my neck and we kissed again, my erection reminded once more about that tongue stud inside her mouth.

She whispered softly in my face.

Xuehua : We wear matching lingerie…. Because we expect…. To take them off… ahha

I laughed and we kissed again before she broke away, saying we better hurry.

Xuehua went to the bathroom and washed her face to freshen up.

I opened up my carry on and hung up a couple of tops.

I checked the plastic hanger I used for my shirt. At first glance, it looks like any other of those cheap plastic hanger you get at the dollar store. Sometimes you get them for free when you buy a new top.

The hanger I used is custom made using a hardier version made of denser material. It looks and functions exactly like a hanger. There isn’t anything hidden in it.

However, during the moulding,  I requested for additional grooves to be etched into the hanger. Just like when you buy a plastic model toy, you push out certain parts as per the shape you want before fixing it all together into a boat or a car.

The grooves I specified for is in the shape of a small stake.

All I need is a hard surface for support and I can break the hanger into the shape and size I wanted.

It will not be as sharp without some grinding, but I can use it as a stabbing tool easily, all I need was to add a grip, that can be easily done with bits of cloths.

Once I’m done, I can burn it all, plastic, grip and all.

Xuehua : ok I’m done… you ready to go ??

Jeff : Yeah… I need the bathroom too….

Xuehua started to unpack some of her clothes into the wardrobe and I pulled out a few pieces of pencil lead I brought along hidden in my toiletries bag.

I watched as Xuehua used a generic card instead of the hotel keycard for the power slot.

Xuehua : Like that when we come back…the room will be nice and cool. Hahha.

Jeff : You really very Auntie leh…

She opened the door and I could hear Belinda and Billy waiting for us outside the corridor.

I bent down to tie my shoelaces after slipping it on and I discreetly placed the pencil lead by the entrance. I dropped another 2 at different spots by the door.

It’s not a 100% but it’s a easy way to check if anyone has been inside the room while we’re out.

I pretended to apply a layer of lip balm on my lips with my index finger while keeping a layer of the oily balm on my middle finger. When I reached to pull the handle close, I slid it all along the handle, coating it with my lip balm.

We went down to the lobby and I could see Qiang smiling at us from the reception desk.

Qiang : where are you all going ? Need me to help call for a cab ??

Belinda : We’re heading out for dinner … it’s ok we’re fine…

Qiang : There are a few good restaurants across the road if you don’t want to travel far…

Billy : Thank you…

We stepped out of the hotel and saw a car pulling up into the only park lot in front of the hotel entrance.

Xuehua spotted a restaurant selling Jjimdak ( Korean braised chicken ) and suggested we head over.

As the group of us walked to the junction a stone throw away, I saw Belinda attempting to turn back and check out the person coming out of the car.

Jeff : crossing the road… watch out for cars…

Belinda immediately caught onto what I was trying to say.

We went across the road and while the group checked out the menu of the restaurant, I whipped out my phone and asked the lot of them to turn and look at me.

Jeff : Smile !!...

I took a shot before casually turning to face the hotel.

I took a long paranoma shot as I slowly slide the phone horizontally, capturing the hotel owner coming out of the car. Ricky.

Taking a photo in the open is less suspicious than you trying to take one discreetly.

I even orientated myself for a selfie with the hotel as the background, but instead of a shot, I kept it in video mode.

I could see Qiang coming out of the hotel to meet Ricky. They were talking and looking towards our direction.

I kept my phone and went into the restaurant.

Our food was served and while we were all slurping the chewy noodles that came with the spicy braised chicken, Xuehua kept the conversation going.

Belinda’s nervousness is starting to show.

It might sound easy to take a life but not everyone is cut out for work like this.

The very idea will mess with your head. Every second leading up to that very moment is a torture.

Owen once shared with me about 80% of trainees could not make the 1st kill. Most of them ended up as his personal guards or posted to overseas embassies.

Xuehua : so what trade show are you are heading to tomorrow ?

Belinda : It’s a packaging trade show…

Xuehua : Oh… but I thought you guys are in waste disposal…

Billy coughed and took a sip of his water.

Jeff : yes we are… and the type of packaging our clients use for their products…. Affects the method of disposal…everyone is trying to go green …

Xuehua : True… true…. Sounds like a pretty boring job though… haha

Jeff : Hmm.. it’s ok… just to pass days…

Xuehua took the chance to tease me by asking about my character from my so call colleages.

Xuehua : So…. Has Jeff ever lost his temper at work ?? would be good to know if he has anger management issue.

Billy : huh ? …

Belinda : errrr…

Xuehua put down her chopsticks and proudly declared that she will shield both of them from me if they say something incriminating, as long as it’s the truth.

Xuehua : come come… tell all.. haha…. No need to be scare…hahaha…

She gave me a naughty look, as if hoping I would get nervous.

Xuehua : Billy… you first… how… anything ?

Billy : Errr…….nothing…

Xuehua : Come on….what about you Belinda ?? ….

Belinda : Errrr….

She looked at me from the corner of her eye and Xuehua immediately caught onto her wrist.

Xuehua : I know that look !!!.. I know… you want to say something but you are worried about saying it !!... hahaha.. it’s ok.. just say it…

Belinda : errmmm.. ok… I …err… I once vomited….when I saw Jeff lose his temper…

Billy coughed and choked on his food as he patted his chest.

Xuehua : really !!... wow !!!... why ??

All eyes were on Belinda and she hesitated, choosing her words carefully.

Belinda : I ermm… I don’t know how to say this…

Xuehua : I know !!! he fired SOMEONE !!! terminated them on the spot… !!

Belinda : Errrrr….. I guess you can say that….

Xuehua : I knew it…I think getting fired abruptly is stressful…. I think I might cry if someone does that to me….

Belinda : ermm… yeah…

Jeff : let’s finish dinner and get to work shall we ??

Xuehua : Yes yes… yes boss….

After we are done with dinner, Xuehua said that she will not get in our way of talking shop, she’s going to grab a taxi to the shopping street at MyeongDong.

Xuehua : I’m going to be there till late… will make my own way back….

Jeff : You sure you will be ok ?

Xuehua : yes yes… don’t worry…

I sent Xuehua off in a taxi and I went back to the restaurant.

Jeff : Belinda you ok ?

Belinda : yeah… just a little nervous…

Billy : Yeah.. I can tell.. you hardly ate…

Jeff : Sitting here won’t help… go out with Billy, pretend you are a couple…. Scout around the perimeter of the hotel…. Check out the shops, cafes, everything.

Billy : ok…

Belinda : what about the body…. We don’t have a clean up crew here…. What if we get discovered…. What’s going to happen !

Jeff : Belinda… calm down… we’ll take it one step at a time… go… go walk it off…

I settled the bill and watched the both of them walk down the street.

I bought a few bottles of soju and water from a convenient stall. Heading to a back street, I found a corner and emptied the alcohol into the drain. Out of the 5 bottles of Soju I bought, I kept only 1 with it’s original content. 3 empty and 1 more bottle with about half left.

I found a nice scenic spot by the river and sat down.

I enjoyed the evening view of the river as the sun sets. There’s a lot on my mind.

Owen’s little coup weighs heavily in my head.

His budget for running the company is being cut. Something he has repeated frequently the past 6 months or so.

He has other sources of income but the biggest parcel no doubt still comes from the taxpayers. Unless there are good reasons to justify the running cost of the company, there is no way more funds will be allocated to us.

Many of us in this country has not seen or experienced war in our lifetime.

All we know are the orderliness and safety the current system has given us.

Those that lived through the Japanese occupation are well into their seventies. There are the only ones that has lived through the atrocities of war. There’s no doubt about it. Owen wants to remind everyone the importance of having people like us around.

Xuehua sent me a few messages to let me know she’s reached her destination and will try to get back by midnight.

Belinda and Billy joined my by at the bench after they are done with their walk and I wanted to know how Belinda plans to do it.

Jeff : Tell me…. How..

Belinda : I err….will suffocate him… with a pillow…

Jeff : He’s going to struggle.. he’s 86 Kg, you are 47 kg …How do you intend to address that ?

Belinda : I… while you all help to hold him down…

Jeff : We are not going to help hold him down… you are the one doing it… not us…

Belinda : Then I will stab him first…

Jeff : You can’t. Blood is messy to clean up…. We’re not back home… come on… I’m sure you’ve thought this through…

Belinda : I….i filled my contact lens case with a sedative…

Jeff : go on…

Belinda : Once he’s calmed down… and asleep… I will do it…

I asked her how she plans to get from where we are, to the point of her administering the sedative.

Jeff : And this has to be before he lays his hands on Xuehua …

Belinda : He’s already shown himself… there’s only 2 of them in the hotel…. If we wanted…

Jeff : Again… this is not about ‘we’…. Assuming we are not here… how are you going to do it…. ?

Belinda hesitated and I could see she was without an answer.

Jeff : If we have to help serve him up to you in a platter, I might as well do it on my own… no ?

Belinda : I ermm..

Jeff : Plans don’t usually go the way you want it to…. But still, you can’t approach this without a plan…

Belinda ; I have a plan…. So far it’s going the way we want it to…. We successfully lured Ricky out…. It’s obvious Qiang and Him are planning something….

Jeff : And ?

Belinda : once they make an attempt to… ermm… to grab Xuehua… we will… I mean… I will…

I exhaled and looked away.

Belinda ; Sorry… I’m… I’m a little nervous…

Billy : Come on Jeff… it’s her first time….don’t be so hard on her…

Jeff : What is the penalty for murder in South Korea ? …

Billy kept quiet after that.

Jeff : I don’t think you are ready for this…

Belinda : I am… I really am… I just need to get over the initial jitters…

I skipped over taking care of Ricky part and I asked Belinda what her plan is to get the girl we are supposed to find over to the embassy.

Belinda : Embassy has transport on standby, once we identified the girl…they will be here to pick her and us up together…. Intel suggest the girl is kept in the basement… once we take care of him… we can easily extract the girl.

Jeff : Then what ? we leave the body here at the hotel ? … how do we leave the country ? …. Our flight back is in 3 days… do we stay here ?

Belinda: We’ll switch hotels, I made reservations at another location… current spot is near our trade show…. After we’re done, there’s no reason why we should not stay closer to the tourist attractions….

I nodded.

Billy : How would you have done it Jeff ? just curious…

Jeff : I won’t do it here…

Belinda : why not ?

Jeff : Why do it here ? when you can have an embassy car bring all the Singaporeans to the embassy ? They know operators are in town… they know why we are here for… I’ll do it inside the embassy….

Belinda : What … !

I checked the time and stood up.

Jeff : Easier to clean up a mess inside your own turf then in the middle of a fucking residential neighbourhood.

Billy : Won’t the staff at the embassy be upset about….

Jeff : What’s there to be upset about ?.... we’re cleaning up a mess left by our own people in our own backyard…. Piece of cake for them to bring the bodies back home.. they do it all the time…

Billy : wow….

Belinda : oh… so…. Can we do it your way then ?? haha

I ignored them and walked towards the hotel.

I want to get back to Singapore fast, and I want to get Belinda off my back as well.
I don’t think she’s ready for this.

Belinda caught up with me with Billy in tow.

Belinda : So how ? what do we do ?

Jeff : take a walk… come back around 10.30pm and ask Qiang to help get a cab to Hongdae for you…say you want to go club…. Alight a few streets down and wait for my call….
I doused my chin and cheeks with the half bottle of soju before taking a large swig of it and held it in my mouth.

Right before I cross the road back to the hotel, I spit it all out into the ground.

Walking into the reception, I saw Qiang looking up from his phone and smiling at me.

Qiang : hi there… back so fast ?

Jeff : Yeah….yeah….

I acted a little tipsy and high as I finished up the last mouthful of drinks in front of him.

Jeff : Come… come… drink with me… hahaha

Qiang : Sure…sure… I’ll bring some snacks…

We sat down at a small lounge by the side and I opened up the brand new bottle of soju. Qiang had brought along 2 glasses.

Qiang ; Where are your friends…. ?

Jeff : erhhooh… shopping I think… walking around… I don’t know…

Qiang : I see.. haha..ermm.. what about… err. Your girlfriend ? … I don’t see her with you…

Jeff : Haiya…. Don’t talk about her… we had a little quarrel… she went off to shop on her own…

I downed a glass of soju and refilled Qiang’s glass.

Jeff : Women ah…. Don’t get it… when we men say …… we need to work… this is a work trip …… bring her along….still expect this and that…

Qiang smiled as he looked at me, nodding in agreement.

I heard the chime of a lift and Ricky walked out of it.

Qiang gestured to Ricky and introduced him to me.

Qiang ; Come I introduce my boss to you…. Ricky…

Jeff : Hey.. hellow.. hi…. Come come… join us…

I shook his hand while Qiang went to get another glass for him.

Ricky : are you ok bro… you look like you’re almost gone… hahaha…

Jeff : hello…I’m still sober ok… haha… only a few bottles…

Ricky looked at the plastic bag and I could see him smiling.

We spent the next 30 minutes talking and bantering about life back in Singapore. I slurred my words on purpose, and reacted slowly to what they say.


Billy and Belinda came back into the hotel and saw me drinking with Qiang and Ricky.

They did as they were told and asked Qiang to help get them a taxi.

Qiang : Jeff.. you not joining them ??

Jeff : arrr…ermmm…later..later… wait for my girlfriend come back first….


Belinda and Billy got into the cab

The lone bottle of soju I brought to the drinking session is long gone, replaced instead by 2 more bottles Ricky brought out.
They did most of the drinking, all i needed to do was to keep up the act of being tipsy and on the edge of passing out.

Qiang : Boss… Jeff.. quarrelled with his girlfriend earlier… let’s do something to help leh…arrange a bottle of wine or something….

Ricky : Can… no problem.. hahaha…

Jeff : No need… no need… is ok…

Ricky : I insist… Qiang…. Go get a bottle of wine and bouquet of flowers , slice of cake maybe… do swee swee la… help a brother out… haha

Jeff : No la.. is ok.. don’t need….

Ricky waved Qiang off and I could see him heading off with a grin on his face. He must be thinking that he will get his turn with Xuehua this evening after his boss is done with her.

11.15 pm.

Xuehua text me to let me know she is on her way back to the hotel.

Jeff : oh… she….she coming back,,, she coming back…. I go up… I go up…

Qiang : here here here…. Take these…
I held onto the basket of wine and flowers and thanked the 2 men before heading up to the room.

I had to keep up my act as I knew the cameras are watching.

I stopped at the room door and pulled out the key card, I peered closely at the handle and acted as if I could not find the spot to tap my card. I held the handle and the oily streak I left is gone.

I unlocked the door and opened it, dropping to my knees as I crawled my way into the room.

A couple of the pencil leads are broken.

They’ve been inside the room.

I shut the door and remained on the floor, trying to fumble my away around like a drunkard.

I saw Xuehua’s luggage in a different position than I remembered. They must have ransacked through her luggage, probably wanked off to her lingerie.

I reckon they’re going to make their move soon. Seeing the boyfriend intoxicated, they would surely not see me as a threat.


Xuehua entered the room to see me sitting dazed on the couch.

She dropped her bags of shopping and came over to me.

Xuehua  : Oh my god… what happened to you….ewww… how much have you been drinking….you could have called me to come back earlier dear… tsk !... haizz…

She went to wet a towel for me, when Xuehua came out of the bathroom, she saw the flowers, the wine and the box of cake waiting for her on the bed.

Xuehua : oh….hahaha… somebody has been busy… ahhaha….

Jeff : well…. A little…

Xuehua smiled and went over to the bottle.

She looked at the label before opening it. She poured it into the 2 wine glasses provided and handed me one.

Xuehua : So….. are you going to fall asleep soon ?  you look drunk already…

Jeff : I don’t think so…. It’s going to be a long night for me…


Xuehua : hahaha…. Really ? … how so ??

I proposed a toast and Xuehua drained the glass in a heartbeat.

She straddled me on the couch and her hands reached for my face. We kissed and I could taste the wine on her lips.

Xuehua  : are you going to undress me ? hahaha

My hands hesitated. I want to undress her but I know Ricky and Qiang are watching.

Xuehua : too shy ? hahah…

Xuehua pulled my top off me before removing hers on her own.

She kissed me again as I ran my hands up her body starting from her waist.

Every inch of her body felt so taut and firm. There’s hardly any fats in her. I pulled Xuehua closer as my tongue felt the tease of her tongue stud.

Xuehua stopped kissing me and slid down from the couch.

My heart started beating faster as I watch her reach for my pants while giving me that sly naughty look.

Before I knew it, I was naked and my erected cock standing at attention in front of Xuehua.

She pulled and threw my pants to the side of the room and spread my legs apart, parking her body in the middle.

Jeff : ernhh… aghhh.. !!

I felt that tight grip of her hand on my cock and I shivered. Xuehua brought her face closer to my dick. She looked at it but did nothing.

I could feel her breathing on my manhood and she just looked at me with a smile.

Xuehua : I expect you reciprocate ok ? hahaha…

She bit her lips for a second and I watch her take a large gulp of wine direct from the bottle.

Jeff : ernhhhgarghg….

Without warning, she went down on me, spilling wine down the sides of my groin as my cock swam in her mouth full of wine.

I could feel her lips, the wetness of her mouth filled with wine but I was keeping my senses awake for something else.

Something I’ve never felt before.

I want to know how that feels.

Suddenly there was a strong slurp and I groaned at the top of my voice.

Jeff : ernghhh !!

My eyes widened as I felt it. I finally felt it.

I moaned out loud in disbelief as I felt that cold metal stud push down onto my pee hole.

I was shaking helplessly as I reached for Xuehua’s head. She held my left wrist and pushed me back into the chair gently.

I watch as her lips sink into her mouth, and all I could manage was another helpless groan.

I can’t believe what I was feeling.

It was such a forceful suck that I could feel all the air in my lungs being extracted out the same time.

I panted as I tried to brace myself for another.

My eyes widened again as I groaned. Xuehua’s lips peeled back my uncircumcised foreskin, somehow as my skin rolled back, it rolled over the stud she had on her tongue.

Jeff : arghhh !!! agngnn !!!

Every little tug and jerk made me moan in orgasmic pleasure. The stud came out from under the skin after a couple of seconds and Xuehua started rimming my exposed and sensitive dick with her tongue.

Jeff : Oh my god…arghhh h h!!!

I felt another forceful suck combed with a cold metal push onto the tip of my cock. I was pretty sure I leaked precum from that. My fingers dug into the soft fabric of the couch as I looked at Xuehua in disbelief.

Jeff : how did you do that… ernghhh.. argnhh !!! arngh !!!

She stopped. I watch her massage her mouth for a bit as she laughed. She reach for the bottle of wine and took another sip.

Xuehua : gosh I feel so thirsty…. Haha… hmmmm…

I felt a tingling sensation in my mouth as I groaned again. I’ve never experienced a blowjob like this before. That tapping and heavy push of the stud into my cock felt like she was tongue raping my pee hole.

The tingling sensation in my spine made my whole body go soft.

Xuehua’s head started to move up and down and I could feel her stroking the base of my cock as she sucked me.

Jeff : argnhhh.. arnghhh ..!!.. arnghh!!

I was really enjoying myself when Xuehua paused.

She took my cock out and patted her own chest for a bit.

Jeff : Are you ok ?

She nodded and patted herself again. She swallowed her saliva a couple of times, much like when you are about to puke and you’re trying to hold it all back.

Jeff : Xuehua .. are you ok ? …

Suddenly she scrambled on her fours as she tried to make it to the bathroom. Before she could get to the toilet bowl, she vomited all over.

Jeff : are you ok ??  Xuehua …

She retched into the toilet bowl like a drunk trying to purge the alcohol out of her system.
I patted her on her back as she vomited. That retching sound made me feel like throwing up as well.

Xuehua : oh god… must be something I ate…

I saw the colour of her puke tinted red by the wine and it immediately connected.

I exhaled and tried to control my breathing.

Fuck this.

I’m going to march right out and end this by breaking Ricky’s neck right there and then.
Before I do that, I will beat the shit out of him.

I got up and I was about to head out when I came face to face with Ricky and Qiang right there in our room.

It happened so fast that the next thing I realised I was on the floor. My muscles tightened and I was going into spasm as I lose control of my body.

I gritted my teeth as my eyes lost focus.

I tried to turn and look but my muscles are not reacting the way I want it to. They used a stun gun on me. Fucking bastards. Qiang held the gun directly pressing it into my torso for almost 5 seconds.

Drool streak down the side of my cheeks as I managed to see Qiang and Ricky drag Xuehua out of the bathroom.

Xuehua is barely conscious.

I watched helplessly as Qiang and Ricky put her onto the bed.
My fingers are curled up, I could not clench them.

My breathing is erratic. One moment I could suck in the oxygen my lungs craved, then for reasons I could not fathom, I could not exhale. I blinked none stop. I was wriggling like a worm.

It was a while before I could make out what Ricky and Qiang were saying.

Ricky : she’s so fucking hot…. I’m having an erection just looking at her… hahaha

Qiang : Boss… I also want leh.. hahah

Ricky : fuck la.. you take the one in the basement… this one is mine…

Qiang : That one so dirty already….she’s barely alive…

Ricky : Bath for her then you fuck her la…like that also need me to teach me is it ? hahahah… fuck man… look at her tits… so soft and supple….argnnnhh… so nice to hold… ahh fuck… hahaha… god I can squeeze her breast whole night… arghh.. arghhh….

Qiang : She smells so good too.. hahaha… I think all pretty girls have their own unique smell…

Ricky : hahaha… where you smell ? …haha… I haven smell who say you can smell hahaha… go and smell that slut in the basement la… hahaha

Ricky laughed as I watch him spread Xuehua’s legs and pressed his nose onto her shorts, taking deep sniffs of her crotch area. He kept rubbing his face around Xuehua’s privates , letting out loud murmurs of approvals.

Ricky started to undress Xuehua. I saw him remove her shorts and immediately pressed his nose onto her panty.

Ricky : arghh… sniffs….. arngghhh… slurpzzz…. Fuck…sniff….. arghhhh !!

I could see the vigorous rubbing motion Ricky was doing with his hands on Xuehua’s vagina. He quickly brought his finger to his mouth, sucking and tasting her cunt juice when he decided he had collected enough of it in his hand.

Qiang : Boss… then now how… take her to the basement or what…?

Ricky : No need… I’ll just fuck her here… hahaha…hahah…

Qiang : what about him…. ?

Ricky : Hit him again with the gun… he’s too fucking drunk… we’ll just dump him by the side of the park later… he won’t remember a thing… He’ll come back and realised his girlfriend is sound asleep in the bed anyway… hahaha… he’ll sleep it off…

Qiang : hahaha.. sound asleep with your cum inside her you mean.. hahaha

Ricky : hhaha… fuck man.. this is gold… she is really the gold standard….

I gritted my teeth and I could feel the veins in my neck bulging to the point of almost bursting. My eyes started to focus and I could breathe better.
My fingers clenched and I formed my first fist in my left hand.

Qiang : Boss sure ar ? hit him again ah… ? will he die or not…. This one you buy from the black market is quite strong one leh…. The amperage is quite high…wait his heart stop how…

Ricky : fuck you la… you want to fuck his girl or not… you want just do it…

Qiang : ok ok….

I heard the click of the stun gun and I could feel myself growling like an animal as I regained control of my body.

Qiang tried to hit me again but I held onto his wrist.

Jeff : argghh !!!!!!!

Qiang : aHHHH!!!

I directed his hand back towards Ricky’s thighs, jamming the spark into the back of his leg. Ricky grunted and he went into a spasm as he collapsed onto Xuehua.

Qiang tried to fight me off but I head butted him in his nose, twisted his arm and jabbed the same gun back into his neck.

I panted for air as I struggled to lift Ricky off Xuehua.

The pain coursing through my body is slowly dissipating but it still fucking hurts like hell.

Xuehua is totally out.

Ricky is no longer moving but Qiang is still kicking about.

I dragged him over to where Ricky is. Grabbing a towel, I position the stun gun back into Qiang’s hand, and I delivered another shock directly into Ricky’s torso.

Ricky’s body jumped a couple of times before he stopped moving.

Jeff : fucking bitch.

I gave Qiang a couple of minutes to sober up before I grabbed him by his neck.

Qiang : arngh h!!! arGHH!!!!agnh !!!

Jeff : Where’s the girl… WHERE !!!

Qiang : basement ….basement !!

Jeff : Show me …

Qiang was slow to react and I slammed his head against the wall, causing a dent immediately on the timber strips.

Qiang reached for a remote in his pocket and activated the concealed sliding door, revealing a staircase.

I half dragged him by his hair as we descended down to a brightly lit basement stacked high with washed bedsheets and towels.

Qiang led me to a corner of the room where I saw a thin and frail girl chained to the bed.

Jeff : remove the chains….

Qiang removed the chains on the girl with trembling hands and I directed for him to put them on.

Jeff : put it on…

Qiang ; No please… I’m just an employee…

I swung a punch so sudden at him that it knocked him off his feet.

Qiang started sobbing and begging me to stop as I checked the naked girl.

She’s still alive but barely.

I called Billy and Belinda, asking them to come back to my room.

I slammed Qiang’s head against the wall before letting him take the place of the girl on the thin mattress.

I carried the unconscious girl back up to my room and put her beside Xuehua.

There was a knock on my door and I looked through the peephole.

It’s Billy.

I opened the door and gestured for them to come inside.

Billy : What the fuck….

Belinda : What happened ?

I lifted up my short to show them the burn mark I had on my chest.

Jeff : They tried to stun gun me twice…

Billy : Is Xuehua ok ?

Jeff : She’s fine… just knocked out…

Belinda checked on Ricky before declaring to the rest of us that he’s dead.

Jeff : Call the embassy… get it over and done with….

Billy : Where’s Qiang ? …..

Jeff : Downstairs…. Follow me…

I led both of them down to the basement after Belinda put in the call to the team at the embassy.

Belinda : They will be here in 45 minutes.

Qiang saw us coming down and he immediately started begging .

Qiang : Please… please… I’m just an employee… please…. Sobzz..sobzz.. please.. I’m sorry… I’m sorry…

I dragged a chair from the side and sat down.

Jeff : 45 minutes right…. Ok… go ahead and do it…

Belinda : what ?

Jeff : you need to do it with your own hands no ? … there he is… I even chained him up for you…. What are you waiting for ?

Belinda : but…but…

Jeff : He saw our faces…. He know who we are… he will talk…

Qiang : NO!!! NO!! NO I won’t…. I won’t…. I won’t fucking say a word… I won’t say anything… please.. please… NO!!..

I could see Belinda hesitating.

Jeff : don’t waste time… go… quick…

Qiang struggled against the bed but it was bolted to the floor. The chains rattled as he tugged at the solid links. The echo of his shout in the basement sounded louder because of the amplification.

He was washing his face with his tears and snot as he begged us to let him go.

Belinda could not bear to look at Qiang. I pulled out a metal pipe from a cabinet in the corner of the basement and handed it to Belinda.

Jeff : take it…. TAKE  IT!!

Belinda shivered as she held onto the pipe.

Jeff : Look at him…. Look at him in his eye…

Qiang : NO!!! NO!! FUCK! NO!!!! please… please NO!!!1 fuck please !!!!NO!!!!

Belinda took a step closer to QIang but his voice got louder. His pleas sounded more desperate.

He started telling us about his mother back home. That he’s the sole bread winner. He has a old grandmother to take care off. His only brother is going to the university.


Jeff : Very nice story no ? … huh ??

I nudged Belinda forward but her body resisted my push.

Jeff : did he think of the girls’ life when Ricky and him did what they did ? …. Did they… ?

I nudged Belinda again and I could feel her body pushing back harder.

Jeff : Go on…. Do it…

Belinda : I…i…

Jeff : Why ? …. You expect your targets to be all old men…. Half dead…. With a pacer in their heart?? … do you… ?

Belinda : I….i just…

I walked in front of Belinda and I forced her to look at me.

Belinda : I…I…

Jeff ; Look at me…. Look at me when I’m talking to you….

When she raised her head, I could see she was on the verge of tears.

Jeff : Of all the things you can do in the world…. Why the fuck would you want to do something that only sick people like me do….??

Belinda backed away from me and she dropped the metal pole.

I went over to Qiang who started kicking and trashing.

Qiang ; NO!! NO!! please NO!!! NO!!!

 He tried to kick me but his reach was limited by the length of the chain.

I pointed to Billy who remained awfully quiet.

Jeff : Billy you do it…. Owen wanted you to try…

Billy ; What the fuck…. Fuck off… no way….

I turned back to Belinda

Jeff : So how Belinda ? …. You going to do it or not….

She was literally shaking where she stood.

I went around Qiang and I put my arms around his head, securing it in a vise like grip in my arms and I slowly exerted my strength. Qiang started crying, he pissed in his pants.

Jeff : Look at him…Belinda… I want you to look at him…. LOOK AT HIM!!!

Tears streak down her cheeks as she forced herself to look at Qiang.

Jeff : Look at him fight for his life…if you can keep your eyes on him until it’s over I’ll tell Owen you did it…. I’ll tell him it’s you… he’ll clear you for the next stage…. So LOOK AT HIM!!!

Qiang : arGHH!!! argUUU!!! UGHH!!!

The choking sound that Qiang was emitting was too much for Billy to stomach.

Billy : I… I can’t look at this…. I’ll go check on the girls…

Qiang’s shoes fell from his feet as I kept up my hold around his neck. His feet pushed and dislodged the bedsheets from the thin mattress.

I could feel the fight in him slowly draining away.

Belinda forced herself to look at us but the tears never stopped flowing from her eyes.

Suddenly her hand went to her mouth and the dinner we had a few hours ago came gushing out in between her fingers.

The acidic smell of her stomach’s content filled the poorly ventilated basement.

I eased up on Qiang and let him go. He gagged as he choked on his own attempt to suck in air, going into a coughing fit immediately.

I walked slowly over to Belinda and asked her to clean up the mess together with the embassy’s team.

I helped Belinda off the floor.

Belinda : I’m… I’m sorry… i.. I can’t…

Jeff : It’s ok…. It’s what make us human…. It’s normal…. Not all of us are cut out for this…

I tapped her twice on her shoulder and went back up to the room.

Billy : I’m going to wipe the hardisk and security footages…

Jeff : ok…

The team at the embassy arrived just before 1am in the morning.
A doctor checked on the frail girl we rescued from the basement and told us she’s fine. Will probably need a few nights stay in the hospital before she can fly back home.

Doctor : she’s pregnant by the way…. Poor girl….

I asked him to take a look at Xuehua and he told me she will sleep it off. Just make sure she hydrates herself when she wakes up.

By 3am. The team wrapped up their work at the hotel. Ricky’s body and Qiang were loaded up and sent away. Billy wiped everything in the security footages.

Belinda’s contact at the embassy told us that they will send someone over in the morning to take over the hotel.

17th  July 2013

I sat with Billy and Belinda at the lounge with a few cans of beer from the convenient stall down the road.

Everyone was quiet as we waited for the sun to rise.

Belinda : I erm… I’m sorry Jeff….

Jeff : it’s ok… I’m glad you didn’t do it…

Belinda : guess I’m…. I’m better off being an operator…

Jeff : hahaha…


A lady from the embassy arrived and she will be taking over the hotel.

Xuehua is still out cold.

We packed up and a car sent us to another hotel closer to town.


By the time Xuehua woke up at 10am, she has a splitting headache and in a really bad mood.

Xuehua : what the fuck happened man…arghhhh… I have a fucking headache…

Jeff : You …ermm.. you were out cold…

Xuehua : don’t give me that bullshit… I almost became a doctor…. The symptoms I’m experiencing… it’s drug induced…. Did you fucking try to date rape me ??

Jeff : What ? … why would I do that ??

Xuehua massaged her head as she buried her face in her hand.

Xuehua : How would I know…? Maybe it’s a fetish of yours or something.. !

I went over and hugged Xuehua and told her it’s not what happened.

Xuehua : then what exactly happened….

I told her a condensed version of what happened, that I realised the wine was spiked and I confronted the hotel owners. It was a gift from them.

Jeff : We discovered cameras in the room… they wanted to take a video of us having sex and sell it on the internet …

Xuehua  :what the fuck !...

Jeff : Don’t worry… it’s all taken care off… we called the police.. and everything’s taken care off…

Xuehua : are you sure ?? !!

Jeff : yeah.. yeah… 100%....

Xuehua : Oh god… I can’t imagine a video of me sucking your dick on the internet…

Jeff : hahahah …

It took a bit of coaxing but eventually Xuehua came around. I even told her I’m skipping the trade show just for her. Billy and Belinda will be able to handle what needs to be done.

The next few days were one of the best days of my life.

I dropped everything in my mind and just enjoyed myself with Xuehua.
I have never felt this level of carefreeness in  along time.

Not since I was a child and running about in the camp free from the responsibilities of being an adult.

Xuehua and I fucked of course. We fucked like rabbits in heat. We exhausted a box of condoms and on the last day, we went at it raw.

Even right before we left for the airport, we were fucking in front of the mirror with her moaning at the top of her voice.

Xuehua looked visibly embarrassed when Billy commented en route to the airport that the sound proofing in hotel these days are not as good as they used to be.

20th  July 2013


We landed in Singapore and instead of heading home, I went direct to Xuehua’s place.
We needed to fuck again.

22nd July 2013


I gave Owen the project report and I told him I wanted to meet.
That I needed to talk to him urgently, but he told me he’s busy.

He said he will get back to me the moment he settles the issues at hand.

I tried to reach Owen everyday.


Every single fucking day for the next 2 weeks. He responded to all my calls, to all my messages  but he is too busy to meet me.

He asked if we can do this over the phone and I said I prefer to do it face to face.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, maybe it’s just me missing something, I want to settle this with Owen personally. I will know if he is lying.

I even got Billy and Belinda to try and reach Owen with a variety of reasons, but he’s not free to meet them either.

There are really no new projects for us so I spent my time with Xuehua instead, working out a routine.

I stay over at her place every Wednesday & Friday, Weekends it depends if she’s available.

Sometimes she wants to meet her classmates for drawings and paintings.

Xuehua started to show up less at the chicken rice stall too.

In fact I think I saw her only about twice a week at Eddy’s stall. It’s ok with me.

I don’t mind not seeing her at the stall. I get to see her at her place.

One of the most arousing thing I did was to help Xuehua get panty liners. I did it with a hardon throughout.

Xuehua : you keep shooting inside…. Keep leaking out the whole day !!

9 August 2013


I was about to head to the gym before I go meet Xuehua for dinner that Friday when I received the call.

Owen’s call.

Owen : Gear up… location over to you in 5mins.

I felt my heartrate go up several notch.

After a few weeks of doing nothing and just pure fucking with Xuehua, I was not ready for this.

I waited for the location and it arrived on my phone 5 minutes later.

I checked the map for the location and was surprised to see that It’s a construction site opposite a school.

A school in a new estate in the north of the island.
It’s a new estate and surrounded by construction sites.

The school is completed but not occupied yet. Owen wants me to be that at 11pm .

There goes my date with Xuehua.

I dropped her a text to let her know I’m going to be heading to Malaysia for some urgent work meeting and that I would see her tomorrow.


I geared up and took a slow drive to the meeting spot.
It’s not too late to talk to Owen.

I arrived at the carpark and I was the only one there.

I opened my boot and exhaled.

Slipping on my body armour, I checked my sharpened knife and secured it to the back of my waist.

I took out both pistols I got from the armoury. Looking around the empty carpark, I cocked the weapons and put it to safe mode.

I put the Sig behind me , within reach of my right hand.

I adjusted the position, making sure it was comfortable for me to grab it.

The other on went to a holster under my left arm. I threw on a jacket and checked my balaclava in the car mirror.

I heard footsteps behind me and within a split second, my Sig was out and pointed at that direction. The man had his palms up. He’s one of Owen’s men.

He did not say anything. He passed a earpiece and a small device the size of a lighter to me and told me to tune in to channel 6.

Jeff : Where’s Owen ?

He shrugged his shoulders and backed away after putting the stuff down on the boot of my car.

I put the earpiece on and turned in to Channel 6.

Jeff : Comms check.

Owen’s voice came on almost immediately.

Owen : Hibiki is online…. Procees to south staircase of the school across the road…

Jeff : Boss we need to…

Owen : Not now Hibiki… not now…

I cursed under my breath and I made sure the roads are clear before dashing across the road.

Owen told whoever is listening that his men have blocked off the roads.

Owen : We are 1 man short…. The moment he’s here, we can finish this… Hold position.

My senses are on high alert as I got to the staircase I was assigned to.

I could see staircases on all 4 corners of the building. There’s one more leading up to a hall in the centre.

Suddenly I heard Butcher’s voice in my earpiece.

Butcher : who is late boss ? …. There’s mosquitoes here…

Iron : You have plenty for them to suck on…

Butcher : oh yeah… you can suck on mine if you like….

Iron  : hahah… oh boy… I hope you don’t get in my way….

Owen : Shut the fuck up ….. Raptor is online…

Iron : Oh… the fastest one is late …. Maybe he’s getting slow… hahah…

Owen : shut the fuck up Iron or I’m going cut your share…

Iron  : oppsie… hahaha

The banter in my ear is just background noises to me.

My eyes scanned the immediate area around me. Owen sounded worried.

Owen : Comms check…Raptor… ?

Raptor : I’m in position… central courtyard…

I could see Raptor walking casually towards the staircase like a boss. He held a large knife in his hand and he rested one foot 2 steps up.

Owen : Iron ?

Iron  :Yeah yeah …

Owen : Butcher ?

Butcher : I’m here… I don’t do pregnant woman and kids boss…. But if gourmet gets his hands on them first… I figure it would be an act of mercy if I do…

Owen : Shut up… !

Butcher : hahahha

Owen : Gourmet  ?? …

Gourmet : In position…. North stairwell…

The nervousness in Owen’s voice is unsettling.

Owen : Hibiki ?

Jeff : I’m here…

Owen  : ok listen up…. Intel suggests that Aiko is hold up on the top floor… she is alone… her daughter is not here….take care of her…make it quick…… don’t listen to anything she might have to say….. we do not negotiate with terrorists….

Another voice joined the channel we were in and instinctively my right hand went behind my back and touched the grip of my knife.

Instead of waiting at the ground floor, I thread slowly upwards to the 2nd floor and peered out into the empty corridor.

It was a low eerie laugh.

Everyone went quiet immediately.

No one spoke.

The laughter continued.

I could not make out whether the laugh belonged to a male or female. The person spoke through something that distorted their true voice.

Voice : haha… lies…. What a bunch of lies….  Your boss…. Is lying…hahhaa…. Are you sure you are following the right man ?...

I backtracked down to the ground floor and did a visual check of the surroundings.

The technology we are using is supposed to be secured. There’s no way you can just hack your way in.

There are no amateurs on site. My colleagues knew better than to communicate with the mysterious voice.

Owen spoke 2 seconds later.

Owen : Switch channel… Bravo 21… out…

I applied the algorithm we committed to heart during training and switched the channel to 35 after applying Owen’s given figure.

Owen : Comms check.

All 5 of us replied one after another. There were no more teasing.

No more bantering.

Owen  : Stay focus… Aiko is not alone… there might be other terrorists on site….

The voice appeared again in the same channel we just switched to.

My heart started beating faster.

This is impossible.

Voice : lies….lies…. and more lies…. Haha.. the only terrorist….is you…..Fernando..….

Owen : Comms are not secured, I repeat…. Comms are not secured…. Proceed with caution….

The peace of the night was shattered by the piercing sound of the public announcement system.

It echoed through the school compound.

Voice : All of you …… have been lied to…deceived… and manipulated….  Walk away….. … you’ve been warned…. or I will….. kill you

The silence in my earpiece was suddenly punctuated by Butcher’s laughter.

Butcher : This guy has a sense of humour… hahhaa…

Iron  : I agree with you for once hahaha…  who the fuck does he think he is… hahaha…

Gourmet : Let’s get this over and done with…. Proceed with sweep from ground up…. We meet at the top….

I was about to put a step forward when I heard the voice declared publicly over the PA system.

I felt a tingle of excitement in my veins.

I felt alive.

I felt aroused. I could almost feel an erection building up in my pants and I am sure my colleagues felt the same way.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I exhaled as my right hand left the grip of my knife and went for that of the Sig.

I could feel the rush of endorphins as my senses peaked in the quiet of the night.

Voice : My name is Jane…… and I look forward…… to meeting all of you….

There was a 5 second break of silence before Butcher’s low growling laughter filled my ears.

Butcher : hahahahahahahahahahahaha……. She’s mine…...hahahahahaha … she’s fucking mine…. Hahahahah

My weapon is up as I took 2 steps up the stairs at a time to reach level 2.

I started my sweep of the 1st classroom.


There’s no way to know for sure if the person is bluffing his or her way through.

I was about to head back out to the corridor when the tranquillity of the new estate was shattered once again. The unmistakable sound of a high-powered assault rifle opened up on the 3rd floor.

Glass shattered and I could see the stray tracer rounds lighting up the skies. Chunks of concrete chipped off freshly painted walls. The muzzle flashes of the rifle illuminated the dark classrooms momentarily.

Butcher : hahaha.. hahaha… come on baby …come on !!! Hahahaha…

The repetitive screams of the bullets piercing through the air kept coming until Butcher emptied his magazine.

Butcher : hahaha… I have her…..  I have her… hahahahahaha !!!

I gripped my gun tighter as I swept my field of vision.

I could hear the metallic grind of Butcher’s cleaver against the metal railings as sparks flew along the path he was running.

Butcher : stop running !! hahaha…hahaha come and meet my cleaver…..hahaha..hahaha…

I skipped my level 2 and ran straight up to level 3 but there were no signs of any actions on that floor. I forced myself to calm down and I moved along the darkened classrooms.

I heard a groan, followed but the choking voice of someone over my comms.

That was a gagging sound. Like someone was choking on something.

“ ergnhh!!! aRGHHK! GREKKK!! KKKEEEEE!!! KERGGGG!!!! aRKGHHHHH!!!!!eRGHH!!!! “

I continued my sweep across the corridor and stopped at the north stairwell.
It was clear.

WHAM !!!!!!!!!

The loud slam felt like someone had thrown a piano off a high-rise building.

I ran to the balcony and I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on it’s neck.
I blinked a few times.

I could not believe what I was seeing.

That body mass, that muscled torso.
I could see the twitching body of Butcher on the ground.

I can’t see his face. Not because he’s still wearing his mask, but because his head is gone.

Iron : what ………the ………fuck….

The school went quiet.

There were absolutely no movements at all.
Not a single sound.

Then I heard it.

I heard the only sound my ears could pick up.

And I’m fucking sure my colleagues are hearing the same thing.

The metallic grind of butcher’s cleaver over our earpiece.


I pushed myself back from the railing and pointed my weapon back down the dark corridor.

My heart has never beat this fast before. Not when I’m on a project.

I’m feeling something different.

It’s not just the excitement running through my veins.

The anticipation of meeting Jane went up several notch. There is something new I’m feeling as well.


It’s weird.
I know I’m afraid but I’m looking forward to it.

Owen : What is going on ?? What is the status ?

Iron : Butcher is dead…

Owen : What the..

Sounds of gunshots rang out from Owen’s side of the intercom. I could hear the muted shots of small calibre weapons being fired from outside the school compound.

3 seconds later Owen told us to bail out.

Owen ; Abort… get yourself out of there…. Get out… !! Our location has been compromise….

Owen wanted everyone to leave and wait for further instructions but none of us moved.

No way.

Our ego is too big to walk away from this.

Not when one of us has been killed.

Not when we have that one chance to proof once and for all who is the best among all of us.

Owen : get out !!... I want all of you to get out !!

Iron : hahaha…alright… see you in a while Owen…

The sound of gunfire got more intense outside the school compound. Jane is not working alone. There’s no way she can be at 2 places at once.

I turned a corner and came face to face with Gourmet. My left hand deflected a stab from his dagger the same time he pushed my gun away from his face.

We gave each other a scare and there is no hiding that.

We could both see it in our eyes.

Gourmet : where is she ?

Jeff : I don’t know…

A series of loud clashes came from 2 floors above us.

Gourmet and I immediately started running up the steps.

I could hear Raptor over the comms.

Raptor : argHHH!! …erghh!!! Fuck !..

This was followed by a loud crash before the labored breath of Raptor came on again.

Gourmet and I arrived at the 5th floor to see Raptor on his fours trying to work his way out from a tangled mess of tables.

Gourmet did not stop, he kept running towards the only direction Jane could have gone.

There is only 1 more staircase at the end of the corridor.

Raptor pulled up part of his balaclava, exposing his bloodied mouth.

He coughed and spit out blood and a chipped piece of his tooth.

I heard him cursed slightly under his breath.

Raptor : Fuck…. She’s fast…

Jeff : Are you ok ?

He nodded as he replaced his mask and climbed onto his feet.

I went after Gourmet , stopping shy of the 90 degree turn into the staircase.

My mind was filled with what I just heard Raptor say.
She’s fast .
The supposedly fastest guy in the company saying that Jane is fast.

I could feel myself on the verge of an orgasm.

If Jane is as good as they say she is, I’m looking forward to meeting her.

I turned and did a sweep of the staircase. There was no one in sight.

I kept my body against the wall and walked sideways down.

There’s no sign of my other colleagues either.

Jane is not stupid. She’s dividing us up and taking us out one by one. It’s the rationale thing to do.
Let’s not forget the selfishness inside each one of us.

All of us want the kill for ourselves. Imagine the bragging rights.
Just imagine being able to declare you are the one that took out Jane.

Another loud commotion pierced the silent night and I could hear Iron grunting on the ground floor.

I saw her.

I saw Jane.

She’s dressed in black, exactly the same manner in which we were dressed.

Her Balaclava alone is enough to leave a permanent scar in the minds of kids if they see it.

The black fabric of her mask is illuminated around the eye sockets. You know those glow in the dark stars you stick in your bedroom for some glow in the dark fun ?

Jane’s mask had a row of stiches glowing in the same manner.
Imagine watching a horror show with a woman that had her eyelid sewn shut, only the string used is glowing in the dark, like 2 monstrous slit.

Her mask extended backwards and I could see a budge that presumably catered for her hair.
There are no loose pony tail flying around. It’s all tied up and hidden within the mask itself.

As if the devil himself had made the mask, 2 spiked horns about 5cm long extended near her forehead.

Unlike the simple construct of the mask I used, Jane’s mask is a work of art.

A work by a very sick individual.

Tapering down her neck is a collar that held the whole mask together.

Iron : aRGHHH !! HEEERRR!!!!

Iron punched hard, driving his knuckle duster and it’s attached dagger in the direction of Jane.

She ducked most of the attempts. She’s really fast.

On her left hand, I could see the butcher’s cleaver.

Iron was punching the air most of the time. With his build and size, it would all be over for Jane if he got his hands on her.
Iron’s brute strength is no match for Jane’s agility.

Within seconds, she broke off the engagement and disappeared down the hallway.

Iron gave chase and he too disappeared into the dark.

I brought my weapon back up and heading in the direction where the action was. Then out of nowhere, I saw a dark figure jump down to the ground floor from the 2nd.

Like a seasoned parkour player, Jane dropped silently onto the ground, rolling to a stop about 30 metres away from me.

Our eyes met and I saw her tilt her head sideways as if saying she has yet to engage me before.

Fuck the knife. This is not a Hollywood show where you need to drag the run time for a physical fight.

I squeezed the trigger, sending lead through the air where Jane is.

Jeff : Fuck me…

I did not remain stationary, with each round I squeezed, I marched forward towards Jane.

Jane literally rolled and did a full somersault in mid air before diving into the back of a concrete column.

My magazine holds 10 rounds, I counted 6 shots which leaves me with 4.

I saw Jane attempt to switch her cover on the right and I sent another round over, the hot lead chipping off a small chunk of concrete and plaster.

3 more rounds in my magazine.

I closed the distance between her and myself to 20 metres.

I saw her foot extend out and I placed another shot, cursing as her foot retracted right before I squeezed off.

2 more rounds.

What happened next took me by surprise.

Jane rolled out from the bottom of the concrete column and started shooting at me.

The whistle of the bullet followed by the cracking sound of it breaking the sound barrier ringed closed to my ears.

I saw 3 muzzle flashes before I fell backwards to the ground.

The 3rd shot hit me by the side of my waist, grazing pass my body armour but the impact was enough to knock me off balance.

I fell and I knew there was no time to lose, I immediately reached for my knife and brought it up in time for the serrated edge of my friend to meet the sharpened cleaver that used to belong to Butcher.

Jane was right in front of me.

Her right hand swung her pistol towards my head but I knocked her off her feet with my right leg.

The speed at which she regained her balance is frightening, almost like a spring wound to it’s limits of tension, bouncing back with each push.

Jane kept her distance and disappeared back into the dark within warning.

Before I could get on my feet I heard footsteps behind me and Gourmet appeared.

He was panting.

Gourmet : you got shot ?

Jeff : I was wearing body armour…

Gourmet : fuck… I should have taken that from the armoury….

Gourmet’s weapon of choice is both a knife and a fork.

Unlike the fork you use for your steak, Gourmet’s fork is a foot long. A mean piece of hardened steel splitting into 2 at the end like the forked tongue of a poisonous serpent. Gourmet’s knife is like a carving blade with 2 colours. The cutting edge is in blood red while the rest of it extending to the handle is made of stone.

He’s the last person you would want to dine with for sure.

Gourmet gave chase into the dark and silence once again filled the school compound.

I went up to level 2 and kept my ears open. I could hear rapid footsteps running about above me.

I spoke into the intercom to warn my colleagues about Jane’s pistol.

Hibiki : Jane is armed…. Fired 3 shots…

There was commotion on the 4th floor again before Gourmet updated the rest of us.

Gourmet : She’s on the 4th floor…. Fired 2 more…

That’s 5.

She’s travelling light, I don’t know her weapon nor it’s magazine capacity but she can’t possibly have unlimited ammunition.

I ran up to the 4th floor only to see Gourmet at the other end.

She’s like a ghost.

Raptor : aRHGHH!!! ERHG!!! EGH!!! Bitch….!!! I’m going to kill you !!! COME ON!!! COME!!!

Raptor’s shout filled the air and stopped as suddenly as it started.

Iron : Where…where is she ??!!

There was no reply from Raptor but everyone made their way towards the direction of the noise.

It’s back on the ground floor.

Jane must know this place by heart, she literally bounced 1 floor to the other.

The terraced corridors allowed her to safely leap off the 4th and grab onto the handrail of the 3rd with plenty of space to spare. It’s one thing to do it in the day, but to do it in the pitch dark of the night, if Jane is a man, he must have balls of steel.

Crashing round of furniture filled compound. The grunts and shouts lasted barely 20 seconds.

Raptor’s grunt was quickly replaced by a hair-raising scream of pain.


It’s not just a short cry of pain when you are hit or slashed.

It’s a long skin crawling cry of pain that is sustained for a long time. It never stopped.

By the time Raptor came into sight, he was on the floor on his back clutching onto his right wrist.

Or what’s left of it.

His fucking hand has been hacked off. I could see it on the ground together with the butcher’s cleaver.


He was literally rolling in his own pool of blood.

I was the 1st to get there and I almost slipped onto the thick pool of blood that is spraying all over the place.

Jeff : fuck…

It’s like stepping into the set of Quentin Tarantino’s work, only this is real.

Iron arrived barely a second later and he bolted off in the direction where he saw Jane ran off to.

I grabbed Raptor’s pants and pulled out his belt.

Hibiki : Don’t move… !! stop moving !!

Raptor : aRGHH!!!! aRGHH!!!!! FUCK!!!!! aRH!!!!!!!

I did a quick tourniquet with his belt around his arm and he bleeding eased up a little but he needs medical help immediately.

Hibiki : Owen are you there !! OWEN !! we need the medical and clean up crew over here NOW!!!

There was no reply from Owen.

He has already disconnected from the channels.

I dragged Raptor away from the open and his own pool of blood.

Raptor : aRGHH!!! aRGHH!!! fCUK!!! aRCHGGG!!!!

Before I could prop Raptor up, I could hear Iron shouting away, cursing with language so coarse and vulgar that it would never have been spoken in a school compound.

I gave Raptor my Sig and tapped him several times on his face.

Hibiki : Hey… hey Raptor… stay with me…hey !...

He nodded and gestured for me to go.

Hibiki : There’s only 2 rounds left….

I could not find his dagger so I grabbed Butcher’s cleaver and brought it to him.

Hibiki : good luck…

I ran off in the direction when I heard Iron grunting his curses with each punch.

Iron : arGH!!! BITCH!!! COME ON!!! ARGHH!!! Oofffeded…

I got to level 3 in time to see Gourmet coming up from the rear.

With me coming up the front, there’s no way she can get out of this.

Iron threw a hard right hook and I saw Jane ducked it easily before delivering a rib cracking kick into his side.

Gourmet and I barely got a few steps in towards Iron when we saw Jane leaping off the side of the railing. Her hands gripped onto the metal railing for less than 1 second before she let go, dropping at least 2.5m before grabbing onto the railing on the 3rd floor with 1 hand.

I pulled out the spare pistol and took aim but she had dropped all the way to the ground floor and disappeared under the cantilevered slabs we were standing on.

Iron got up on his feet and I saw he was bleeding.

He touched his own stomach in disbelief.

Iron : fucking bitch stabbed me….arghh… with my own ..arghhh…

It was not a deep wound but upon closer inspection, he had more than one of them.
One on his stomach, one on his thigh, one under his left arm.

Iron tried to walk but he staggered and collapsed onto a table.

Iron : fuck….fucking bitch….

Raptor’s shout reached our ears as we dashed out into the corridor.

Raptor : aRGHHHHH!!!

I could see Raptor slashing through the air like a mad man.

Jane was well beyond his reach.

She’s holding my gun. With Raptor’s condition, it would be a piece of cake taking it from him if she approached him from his blindspot.

Raptor slashed wildly into the central courtyard.

Gourmet : fuck this shit !!

Gourmet ran towards the staircase and I could hear him jumping down entire thread of steps at a time with his heavy landing.

Jane held her weapon up and levelled it at Raptor.

Raptor laughed.

Raptor : come on!!!.. what are you waiting for !!!

He charged at Jane and she shot him in his knee, causing him to buckle immediately.


Jane relieved Raptor’s of Butcher’s cleaver as he writhed in pain.

Gourmet charged towards Jane haphazardly and she backed away from the courtyard, choosing to disappear once more into the dark.

Iron : argghh… fuck this….i’m losing too much blood…

I could see the pool slowly building up beneath his feet.

Hibiki : Get out of here…. I’ll take care of her…

Iron : hahahah… no way…. I’m not letting you have this score…hahahaha fuck ..a rnghh

I shook my head as I went out of the classroom.

I looked at the classroom across from where I stood. Jane staggered backwards and lost her balance, disappearing for a brief second, probably from sustaining a kick from Gourmet.

Gourmet swung his knife, his posture almost graceful as it sliced dangerously close to Jane’s head. His fork stabbed 45 degree downwards in a forceful thrust and with a well switch of his posture, he hammered both weapons down towards the ground.

Jane managed to duck his hit and I could see her body rolling backwards before she backflipped up onto her feet with the gracefulness of a gymnast.

Gourmet did not let up on his attack and I watch Jane duck stabs and hits rapidly, choosing which one she wants to parry away with the cleaver she was holding onto.

I left Iron alone and I started running along the perimeter of the compound. The large rectangle block is connected only at one end, forming a large U shape.

Gourmet is not one to waste his strength. Once he sees that his attack is not effective, he switched tactics.

He stopped his swings, conserving his energy as he waited for Jane to make her move.

I closed the distance between us and I could see Jane keeping a close eye at me.

She looked like she was about to bolt but I slowed down before stopping eventually.

Gourmet did a quick check and he held up his fork, signalling me to hold my position.

He knows.

He’s also aware that if I get too close, Jane will choose to bolt. She will only engage one of us at a time. I was tempted to shoot but Jane had positioned herself well. She kept her body low, her eyes trailing my every move.

If I shift to get a better angle, she will bolt, and it’s a chase all over again.

I stopped moving and kept my weapon down. Gourmet deserves a chance at this.

Jane, aware that I’m not closing in further, turns her attention away from me.

Seeing that Gourmet is not making his move, Jane shook her wrist a couple of times, not hiding the fact that she’s warming up to make hers.

The sound of hardened steel crashing against each other immediately echoed along the corridor. Jane held the cleaver in one hand while the other held one of Iron’s knuckle duster.

The way she wielded the weapons is amazing. The speed and the ease at which she swings, parries and stab is as if the whole fight is choreographed. There are no fancy moves for the camera.

Each attempt by Gourmet and Jane did nothing to mask the intention to strike a fatal blow.

Gourmet : arGHH!!!erghhhh!!!

Gourmet almost got Jane with his fork but she went in close, sending a hardened elbow up his chin, causing his entire body to stagger backwards. Before Gourmet could recover, Jane dove in with her right knee, going for Gourmet’s right kneecap.


He swung his knife down and Jane caught it with Iron’s knuckle duster before slashing it away with the cleaver in a heartbeat.

Gourmet grunted as he shook the pain off his leg.

Pointing his fork and knife back at Jane, he readied himself for another attempt.

I kept my eyes peeled on every move.

The moment things are not going well, I’m going to step in.

We’re not trained for extended contact with our target like this.

Yes we can hit and kill, but we depend on the element of surprise most of the time. We hit fast with awe and speed. Not go head to head like this.


Iron came up from behind Jane. His shout gave him away and Jane turned around in time.
He’s injury affected his body more than he care to admit. He got slow, he made mistakes he should not have made, leaving himself open like this.

Jane blocked off his clumsy attempt to stab her in her back and held onto Iron’s right arm. Her body flew off the floor, her legs gripping onto Iron’s torso as she executed her move, throwing Iron off balance and dislocating his arm from it’s socket before she hit the ground.


Iron tried to swing his good hand with the knuckle duster at Jane but she twisted it easily and sent it back down onto his right cheek.

Iron : aRGHHHH!!!! ARGHH!!!!!

Using the knuckleduster she commandeered from Iron, she hooked the stabbing blade into one of the finger hole of the duster Iron is holding on, Jane swung it outwards, causing Iron to separate the skin holding his top and bottom cheek together.

Iron : arGHH!..argghernghghgegeeg!!!

It all happened so fast. There were no time to think at all.

Gourmet ran up, charging into Jane and she disappeared down the staircase in the blink of an eye.

Gourmet ignored Iron and went straight after Jane.

Gourmet : COME BACK HERE !!!!!

I left Iron where he is and went around the other side.

When I got to the ground floor, I saw Gourmet and Jane going at it again.

Raptor is no longer moving.

I checked him for a pulse, there is none.

He bled out.

Gourmet managed to get a hold of Jane and he managed to get behind her. He was trying to put her in a choke hold but regretted immediately as his flesh met the spikes around Jane’s neck.

He lost his grip and took a kick squarely in his torso, sending him sprawling onto the ground.

Gourmet tried to get up but Jane’s waiting knee connected with his head and he was done.

I could hear Gourmet groaning on the floor.

The hit was hard enough to give him a concussion and he vomited shortly after.

He tried to stand but the moment he did, he staggered and fell back onto his back.


Iron came again, looking like a fiend fresh out of hell with blood all over his face.

Jane ran towards him, blocked his stab before depositing his own weapon into the side of his neck.

Iron collapsed immediately onto the ground like a puppet that had it’s strings severed.

I was about to step up when Gourmet rushed out into the courtyard we were in .

Gourmet : I’m not done with her !!!!

Before I could yell for him to stop. Gourmet threw his fork at Jane. She did not manage to block it in time and it sliced through her arm. It was a minor scratch but I could see the tear in her clothes.

Gourmet charged towards Jane with his knife but he was not fast enough, or rather his reach was not far enough.

Jane went for the same fork that cut her and turned it back towards it’s owner.

The moment I saw it pierce though gourmet’s stomach, I lifted my gun and fired.

I don’t miss at such distance and I hit Jane squarely on her tummy with my first shot but she’s still standing, she’s wearing a body armour as well.

I could see her staggering a little as she used Gourmet’s body as a shield.

Gourmet tried to do what he could with his knife but Jane caught hold of it and sent it back into his own neck.

I saw Gourmet’s eyes. He knew it was over.

I trained my gun at his body and fired away.

He’s a dead man, it’s just a matter of time.

I squeezed off 5 shots, running towards Jane as I did so, the impact of each hit transferred from Gourmet’s body and onto hers, pushing her back.

Jane fired as well, using my own gun against me.

I felt it on my right chest and it immediately knocked the air out of my lungs.

Gourmet’s body dropped and I could see Jane staggering back, I fired again, this time grazing her left shoulder.

I tried to aim but I can’t

My muscles are not listening to me.

I grunted and squeezed another round, this time hitting Jane at the same spot as where she hit me.

She fell, collapsing onto the ground.

I gasped desperately for oxygen. No matter how hard I sucked, I just felt as if my lungs were empty.

I could see Jane going though the same thing as me.

We were both trying to get back up.

I wanted to shout but nothing came out. My throat felt dry.

I turned and I saw Jane crawling away.

She’s heading towards the classroom.

I gasped for air and I got one knee onto the soft grass.

I can do this.

My right hand went behind and I pulled out my knife.

I turned and I could still see Jane.

She was almost on her feet and she was trying to get away from me into the safety of the classroom.

I was shaking as I climbed back up onto my feet, but I barely took 1 step and I collapsed onto my knees again, my hands supporting my body that seemed to have gotten heavier.

I sucked in gasps of air with my mouth and got up.

I could see Jane is up as well, she walked into the darkened classroom.

I took several deep breathes and I walked over to Gourmet’s body.

I pulled out his fork with my left hand and I marched straight into the dark classroom.

I could see Jane up on her feet and looking at me.

Her breathing seemed faster.

She looked damm pissed. Like a bitch about to get a fit.

Her hands were empty.
She’s unarmed.

She’s a dead woman walking.

I put 1 step forward and she gestured to my hands without a word, pointing to both my knife and Gourmet’s fork.

It’s as if she’s trying to ask me to give her one to make this a fair fight.

Are you fucking high on drugs ?

That’s what I would ask her if I wanted to but no.

No way.

We’re talking about life and death here. There is no such thing as being a gentlemen, offering the lady a knife.

Fuck her.

I’m here to kill her.

I ignored Jane’s gesture and I adopted my attacking stance.

Gourmet’s fork is up in front of me, forming a horizontal line in front of Jane parallel to the ground while I tightened the grip on my own knife.

I saw Jane shook her head as she backed off from me slowly. It’s as if she was expressing her disappointment for me not being a gentleman.

I watch her reach for something she kept behind the desk.

Her left hand produced something familiar.

Something I had seen only on pictures.

It’s the black shiny spear tip of the soul spear. It’s wooden staff replaced with a customised grip that allowed Jane to wield it as a short sabre.

From behind her waist, she pulled out her weapon of choice to even the odds.

I cursed silently under my breath as I watch Jane level her Hu Die Dao ( Butterfly knife ) the same manner as I did with Gourmet’s fork.


There’s no telling how this will turn out.

One thing’s for sure.

Only one of us will be walking out of that classroom.


I swung the fork at Jane and timed the slash of my knife. She blocked both with only her spear.
It was not meant to be a fast attack, I wanted to see how she reacts to my attempt.

Her butterfly knife hardly moved.

Her wrist is relaxed, slightly rotating her grip as our positions started to shift.
She’s watching me in the same manner as I was watching her.

Her foot came forward and the sound of metal hitting against each other rang out in the silent classroom.

There are no extended contact.

It was all a quick enter and hit, block and disengage.

I tried to feign an attack but Jane caught it and block the slice of my knife perfectly with her spear again.

Her modified spear has a longer reach than my fork by at least 2 inches by my estimate.

I switch tact and went in with my knife.

Immediately I saw her hudiedao come up in an attempt to disarm me with the weapon itself with it’s extended hook.

I retracted my knife in time and a quick swing of Gourmet’s weapon put the distance between us back to status quo once more.

She was not in a hurry.

Jane paced about the classroom, keeping well away from my kill zone.

She knows and can read how far I can strike.

I’m of a bigger built than her, if push comes to shove, my bigger physique will give me an advantage. As soon as I started deliberately on this train of thought, it disappeared altogether as soon as I thought about Butcher.

He’s so much beefier than me, yet Jane still took care of him.

A short series of quick slash and stabbing attempts played out between us, ending almost immediately after it begin. We were quick to enter and get back to our defensive position.
It felt like 2 wolves prodding each other for weakness rather than a all out brawl.

Jane pounced in, delivering a series of fast strikes with her spear and hudiedao together, I backed off, my body went into overdrive as I blocked off each strike while trying to get a quick hit of mine during the melee.

The ringing of hardened steel sounded 5 times in the dark before the room went quiet again.

Jane made another attempt to strike but I made mine at the same time.

The spear came awfully close to my nose even after I blocked it and I could feel my heart pumping away as my brain digested how close I came to getting my nose ripped off my face.

The sound of Jane’s hudiedao hitting my knife right by my ears was so loud my eardrum hurt. As soon as the sound of metal rang out in the dark, it was quickly replaced by the torturous grinding of steel as it came down to a matter of strength and dexterity.

Our arms were locked in place by the hold of our weapons for a precious 3 second and Jane tried to kick me in my kidney with her knees.

I ducked, angling myself away in an awkward angle and trying to get a kick in as well.

Jane tried to pull herself back from me but I held onto her. Using the momentum of the jerk, I tried to knee her in her stomach. Jane managed to disengag her hands and blocked my knee in time before it connected.

I tried to go in again but I saw the waiting spear and stopped myself in time.

I did not wait for Jane to catch her breath, I sent a table her way and using that as a distraction, I sliced precariously close to her face, hitting the metallic horn on the top of her mask.

Jane ducked her body low choosing to come within my kill zone. Her hudiedao came in too fast for me to block it with my knife so I jumped backwards, arching my body at the same time to avoid the blade.

I plunged Gourmet’s fork downwards, hoping to stab Jane before she could move away but it was as if she had eyes at the back of her head, a clean sweep of her spear tip knocked the fork clean away from my hand.

I blocked Jane’s hudiedao’s 2nd strike with my knife and before I could attempt a kick, she had pulled herself out of range.

I swung Gourmet’s fork in front of me, slashing the air slowly to keep Jane back at her spot.

I flexed my wrist and tried to work on my breathing.

I could feel a spike in my adrenaline.
My heart started racing and I could feel my palms starting to sweat.

It’s not about me being afraid.

It’s just our body’s response.

Fight or flight. Every animal including human will experience this. Our body sends us the signal and waits for a response.

Jane charged towards me and we started to block, stab and slash our way out of this situation. Every blow has the potential to be deadly should it land on it’s intended spot.

I landed an elbow to the side of Janes’ cheeks, it was not a hard hit but a hit nonetheless.

In return, I felt a hard knee to the left of my ribcage.

Within seconds I could feel the soreness of the knee but it faded as fast as it appeared.

I know from past experience that a hit like that will leave a bruise.

Jane came in again and I read her attack before she could attempt a hit and I deflected the swing of her spear and disarming her of it. I would have wanted to land another elbow at her body but that bitch head butted me on my face, narrowly missing my nose.

I grunted as I pushed her back.

She switched her hudiedao to her right hand and put her left foot slightly forward.

My knife and her hudiedao met several times in mid air before a series of wrist grabs and releases accompanied by grunting hard elbows and knees connected with each of our body.

Every blow I mange to land on Jane was met with an equally strong response.

I thought a punch to her chest would sent her back but she grabbed onto my wrist and bounced back with a knee to my kidney.

Her rising knee to my nose was knocked back by my right elbow only for my left cheek to feel the hammer like fist of her hand connect.

Fuck she can hit hard.

I’ve never felt pain like this in a long time.

Her jabs are fast, precise and directed to specific spots of my body.

I could punch harder but she could do it faster.

My mind could not help tallying up the hits I’ve landed and taken. I could almost picture a balance sheet appearing in front of me, crediting each hit I landed, before my credit could even add up, it was debited with a harder response by Jane.

My head started to make the trade off calculations.

It’s telling me that yes sure, you can hit her, but just expect to get hit harder back in return.

If my body could talk, it would probably be screaming at me, asking if it’s worth it to get hit like this when I hit like a pussy.

Jane knocked my knife off my hands first but thankfully I managed to twist her hudiedao off her hands 2 seconds later at the expense of a slash on my left forearm.

I don’t know how deep it is but I could work with the pain. I know my body’s ability to feel pain decreases with the spike in adrenaline. My awareness heightened, my blood vessels contract to re-direct blood to major muscle groups.

My body is doing everything it is programmed to do to help me stay alive.

The burning sensation in my arm and the warm blood flowing down my fingers a painful reminder of what would happen to the rest of my body if I’m not careful with her.

My body is drenched with perspiration and I could see Jane panting for air.

She kicked the scattered chairs and tables further apart, giving us more room to work with.

I know she’s not clearing the space for us to move, she’s clearing it so she has space to execute her kicks.

Judging from what she could do to me in such close distance, it would be safe to assume her legs can do some real damage with a good swing.

When I saw her leg coming towards me, I was suddenly reminded to what Raptor said earlier.

“fuck …. she’s fast”

And Raptor was not lying.

I could duck the 1st kick but the 2nd one came so fast I had to block it.

It came right at my face and even shielding it with my master arm, I could feel the force of that kick slamming into my right shoulder and forearm.

I returned the favour in the same manner, Jane chose to duck both kicks before attempting to land more at me.

When I saw her legs raise up, I charged in like a bull.

I could take her down and put her in submission and it would all be over.

I grabbed her alright but Jane is not a one trick pony.

Before I could wrestle her to the ground , she managed to break herself loose and I was sent to the wall with a hard jab to the side of my neck.

I gasped for air as Jane tried to wrestle me to the ground next. Thankfully my bigger physique and mass tipped the scale in my favour as I broke free before she can trip me.

I swung my fist at her only to have it blocked and answered with an elbow to the left of my cheek.

I grunted in pain and I could taste blood in my mouth.

That hit must have cut my mouth somehow.

I raised my fist and our bodies connected again.

Jane made a mistake and I managed to land 2 hard punches to the side of her head, she blocked them but it’s still a hard hit. I could see her shaking her head, trying to sober up.

Suddenly I could hear Owen’s voice over the intercom.

Owen : This is Owen… !... we’re coming in for extraction….. we’re coming in hot….! Everyone to the carpark now !!! I repeat… this is a hot extract !

Seconds later I could hear the sound of gunfire opening up again a short distance away.

The popping and hollow echo of shells being emptied at each other got closer as Jane and I continued our attempt to kill each other.

She jumped up and grabbed my body with her legs, I could tell she was going to swing herself down and take me down with her but I grunted and I could feel the muscles in ym entire body firing up as I fought the momentum and swung Jane into a tangled mess of tables.

Her legs gripped on and I gritted my teeth and swung her again against the wall, knocking her off my body.

She tried to get up but I landed a knee to the side of her ribcage, sending her flying at least half a metre to the side.

I could feel myself gaining the advantage and I rolled over to where my knife had landed.

Owen was literally screaming through the earpiece.

Owen : We are reaching in 30 seconds !!!! you guys better fucking be at the carpark !!!! FUCK!!!

The sound of gunfire came closer.

The intensity of the fight grew, no one would ever believe something like this is happening on the island.

I felt the familiar grip of the knife and fighting back all the pain in my body, I lunged for Jane who was trying to get up.

She was fast, she literally rolled over my back and went for her hudiedao but she mis-timed her grab of her weapon and missed it by mere centimetres.

I slashed at the spot her fingers were at just seconds ago, depriving her of the chance to arm herself.

She’s unarmed and I have the upper hand.

3 slashes of mine were blocked by Jane’s arm against my wrist and forearm but she’s not going to get lucky all the time. Another headbutt came by way but I ducked it.

I tried to headbutt her but she fucking orientated her spike horns at me.

I literally felt my entire world shake as I registered that fucking bruise that I just put on my own head.

Owen : WHERE IS FUCK!!!IS EVERYONE !!!! someone answer me !!!

I could hear the angry screech of 2 vehicles coming to a stop at the carpark and sporadic gun shots continue to ring out.

I could not risk losing my focus to answer Owen as Jane and I exchanged a series of kicks and blows. I felt her boot land a kick on my finger and I dropped my knife.


Owen’s shout was loud enough for me to hear his voice coming from outside the classroom.

Jane charged at me and managed to knock my off my feet this time round.

Our hands and feet immediately tangled up as we attempted to choke each other into submission. I pulled my hand loose, she extracted her leg from my hold. Jane’s arm went around my neck and I quickly inserted my free arm in between.

Both of us grunted as our bodies dragged along the hard concrete floor, kicking and smashing everything out of our way.

At moments like this I was thankful for the amount of time I spent working out at the gym.

I turned the tables around and got behind Jane’s back.

I tried to do the same to her and she fought off my attempt to choke her the same manner as I did. I could feel the spikes around her neck digging a little into my flesh but I shrugged off the pain. The way she moved is amazing. Her core muscles is so strong, she literally lifted her body up and off the ground without her feet.

Jane got loose but we were still tangled up on the floor. I could hear Owen shouting orders to his men. They must be barely 30m away.

I don’t know what happened but Jane and I were thrown against a tangled mess of toppled tables and chairs. She started punching me, and I did the same.

I caught a glimpse of Owen’s men appear at the window. He’s fully equipped in tact gear with a sub machine gun in his hand.

Before he could take another step, I saw his entire body being thrown against the window before he slid out of view.

Another came up and the suffered the same fate, his head slamming against the window frame before disappearing from sight.

Owen : Sniper !! sniper !!! sniper !!! COVER !!! cOVER Now!!!

Within seconds, the sporadic sound of gunfire was replaced by the rapid automatic discharge of weapons.

I could smell the familiar scent of smoke grenades being deployed as a fog of white smoke started to fill the school compound.


I could hear Owen trying to direct his men to load up the bodies of my fallen colleagues amidst the chaos. There’s no way he will miss them with their bodies sprawled all over the courtyard.

I broke free from Jane and I grunted a reply.

Jeff :arghh !

Before I could say anything further, I was tangled up with Jane again.

Owen : HIBIKI !! SAY again !!! ….

The boom of a high powered rifle shook the walls of the school and I could feel the scattered furniture on the floor vibrate for half a second before it rang out again.

Owen : Move in move in !!!move !!

Owen’s men must have taken care of the sniper.

I could hear it all happen.

Well, at least if I die, I know Owen came back for me if that’s any consolation.

Jane and I were tangled up and the fight soon grew ugly with a mix of random punches at whatever spots we could hit. Even if it’s a light tap to the side of her face given the small amount of space I could work with, I took it.

The gunshots paused for almost 30 seconds before it started all over again. This time round, it was more intense then before. The popping sound got closer. I could hear the muted shouts of the men outside the classrooms.

I hooked my legs around Jane and I gained a moment of advantage when one of her hold on my left wrist slipped.

I manged to straddle Jane and I pinned her wrist down on the floor in the same position that I would do to my partner when I’m about to fuck her, however that position lasted less than 2 seconds as Jane’s knees hammered onto my back hard enough for me to fall off balance.

We got up and I swung a hard back kick at her torso, even before I could finish executing my kick, I braced my body for the fist to my sternum.
Jane had ducked that swing and came up from the bottom.

I could feel it connect, knocking the air out of my lungs momentarily.

I staggered backwards and I fell, my hands touching the grip of Jane’s modified spear.

I picked it up and was amazed at how balanced it feel in my hand.

Jane rolled over to my right and picked up my knife.

The sides of the spear hit my knife and it was an intense match of blocks and stabs all over again between Jane and me.

The longer I held the spear, the more in love I am with it.
I might just get to keep this if I kill Jane.

I could hear the screech of tyres before a series of crashes happened. More vehicles are arriving.

Jane and I adopted a half crouch position and got ready to have another go at each other’s neck once more.

From the corner of my eye I could see 3 men in tactical position moving and firing steadily towards the direction of the carpark. They are pushing back steadily.

It was not long before I heard men shouting for the others to drop their weapons.

The gunfire stopped and another series of crashes sounded out in the carpark before the screech of tyres fleeing the scene rang out. Everything was over in a couple of minutes.

Jane and I started kicking and blocking each other’s fist and elbows while trying to cut and slash each other. The earlier elegance in our moves if any were all gone.

My ears could pick up snippets of what is happening outside.

Some of Owen’s men were caught. I could hear Jane’s colleagues counting them off.

This is not a good situation for me. I put the thought of having to deal with Jane’s heavily armed colleagues away. I have to deal with Jane first.

Suddenly I felt as if someone had swung a club into my back. I felt the hit before my ears registered the sound of the weapon firing.

I staggered and slashed clumsily through the air towards Jane and she easily stepped aside.
I fell forward onto a toppled table like a toddler just learning to walk.

Some fucker just shot me in the back.

I fell to the ground, and I could hardly summon up enough strength to even groan in pain.

I could barely cursed out as felt paralysed for the longest time. I forced my body to respond, grinding down my molars as I grunted with each muscle I flexed to turn around.

I gasped for air as I turned onto my back, trying to use the pressure of my weight against the new wound to sooth the pain.

I think my vest caught it but it hurts so bad that I doubt I would get back up anytime soon.

So many thoughts flashed through my head. My brain immediately came to the conclusion that this is over.

I wanted to laugh.

At myself that is.

Jane is not alone and I was naïve enough to think that I could have a one on one fight with her without anyone interfering.

My eyes drifted to the entrance of the classroom.

I could see a gathering of men outside the classroom.

About 4 heavily armed men with masks are looking in.

Jane threw my knife like a angry child venting her frustration at a TV remote at one of them and he quickly ducked and ran behind his teammates.

It’s as if she was unhappy that our fight was interrupted.

Jane kicked the spear out of my hand and made sure there were nothing within reach that I could use.

This is it.

End of the line for me. Jane paced about in front of me. She was panting hard.
Well, at least I did not go out without a fight and I’m sure I gave her a much harder time than the rest of my dead colleagues.

I almost wanted to curse at Jane, saying that this is not fair but I stopped and I ended up laughing inside my head.

When is a fight every fair ?

It’s never fair.

Jane had to content with 4 of my colleagues before she met me.

So what if I was shot in the back ?

If it had been Owen’s men who are standing at the windows right now, they wold have shot Jane in her back too.

Ego has no room during a fight for survival .

I grabbed onto the leg of a toppled table and pulled myself up from the ground. I sat up and leaned against the legs of the table for support.

Every muscle in my body was burning, I could feel pain all over no matter what I do. I don’t remember feeling like this before, probably the first time I trained with my instructors back in the jungle many years ago.

I saw one of the armed men handing Jane a phone and she took it.

She did not say anything and hung up after a while.

Jane picked up her hudiedao and kept it behind her back. She picked up her spear and pulled up a chair. She sat down opposite me and she crossed her legs.

Seeing her posture, I thought I felt a slight erection in my cock. Yes I’m aroused. It’s biological. Humans are just animals at the end of the day. We seek something primal in our mates besides looks.

It’s the ability to care for our young. If there truly is a womb worthy of my sperms, it would be the one belonging to the woman sitting in front of me.

I coughed and the laugh I almost let loose was camouflaged within it.

The irony.

My eyes searched the floor of the classroom. I could see my knife and fork a short distance away. I might still have a chance.

I saw 2 of the armed men entering the classroom. The muzzle of their weapons pointing at me while keeping a distance of at least 3m away.

I grunted and tried to get up but I fell back onto my buttocks.

I cursed under my breath and I attempted to stand up again but I can’t. The pain in my back felt worse now. I could feel the burn in my spine as the impact of the hit slowly sets in.

Jane leaned back on her chair, visibly relaxed as she shook her legs.

She’s looking at me, probably amused at my antics of trying to stand up.

I could feel my lungs filling up properly again.

I can still do this.

I know I can but my body is not moving as fast as I want it to. I’m not giving up without a fight. I dropped to the floor, gasping for air as I supported my body with my forearm.

It must have been a pathetic sight as I half crawled and dragged myself towards my knife.

Maybe one of the men would shoot me in my head before I get it and it would all be over.

Surprisingly, no one tried to stop me.

I could hear more commotion from outside the classrooms. I looked up and I could see 3 of Owen’s men with their wrists zip tied behind their backs being half dragged and pulled into the classroom.

They were made to knee down on the floor. I continued crawling towards my knife.

I gripped it but Jane’s boot came down on my hand, pinning it hard against the floor.

It fucking hurts but I refused to acknowledge it.

I’m not granting her the satisfaction of seeing me cry out in pain.

Before I even realised it, my head was slammed against the floor twice.

Fucking bitch. I could feel blood pooling inside my mouth. I think my own teeth scratched a new wound on my tongue.

I choked on my own blood for a bit as I coughed, the mask I was wearing made it hard to spit out the blood. Jane grabbed my hair but I broke free and attempted another jab into the side of her body.

That jab took all I had left within me. I regretted it almost immediately.

Jane moved back in time and I fell onto the floor.

This is embarrassing.

Jane removed both the knife and fork from the floor and passed it to one of the masked men.

I looked up at Jane, her glowing slit at her eyes looking down at me in a menacing way. She went back to her seat and sat back down.

No one did anything.

It’s as if they were waiting for something to happen.

Or rather, someone to arrive.

About 5 minutes later, I heard a tapping on the floor.

A tap, followed by the shuffle of footsteps.

The tap is pretty constant, and a walking stick soon came into view.

The stick preceded the steps of the man holding it.
I could see him limping a little, putting more weight on his left foot.

He wore a hat, and there is no doubt he is the man in charge.

Jane stood up from her chair and offered the seat to this mysterious man.

The classroom is dark, and I could only make out the figures and rough outline of everyone in the room.

The man looked at me and the rest of Owen’s men on the floor.

He spoke with a rather hoarse voice. It doesn’t sound natural, it sounded like someone with a very bad sore throat trying to speak.

Man : What…. Are all of you fighting for ??

No one said a word. The man went on talking as if he expected our silence.

Man : The man you serve… lying to you….

Again, this was met with a wall of silence.

He leaned forward on his walking stick for a brief moment before standing up.

Walking slowly to the 3 men on the floor, he went on.

Man : When i…… handed over …… the agency….. to him….

I felt a wave of goosebumps travel down my back as I dealt with the realisation that this is Owen’s predecessor.

The man who founded the agency itself.

Man : I told him…. To never forget….. why we do…. What we do….

He yanked off the mask of the 1st man on the ground and threw the mask in front of him.

Man : We serve…… we protect…. And then we disappear quietly …… into the night…..

The second mask came off and joined the first on the ground.

Man : We need no medals,…… no recognition……. We do what is necessary…..

He paused and the room went quiet for a moment.

Man : I have …. Always warned Owen….. that his love… for the country….. will one day be his downfall….

He went on to say that he has no doubt of Owen’s will to protect the country, but the method he employs is unacceptable.

Man : I told him to imagine the country and most of it’s population…… as a child….. they will never understand how much it takes to keep everyone safe…. They think it’s their god given right………..that the streets they walk on at night is safe…. that…. No one will walk up behind them….. and put a bullet in their head…. Just for that $50 they have in their pocket….

He pulled off the mask of the 3rd man and held it in his hand.

Man : We have enjoyed a few generations of peace…. And prosperity………and it is in times like this…. That people get complacent….

He opened his questions to the floor but no one answered.

Why the need for more money to spend in defence when the streets are safe ?

Why do we need so much resources keeping our borders safe ?

Man : Owen is planning a lesson…..for the country…. One that the country will never forget if we allow it to happen….. he has been seduced….. by an idea… by …. An organisation…. By a man…..and that very idea has taken root in his head….. a idea that promised him power beyond his imagination…..He is no longer the Owen you know….

He threw the 3rd mask on the floor and turned his attention to me.

He carried on talking as he put his walking stick in front of each step he takes.

I could see his approach and Jane noticed the change in my posture. Before I could even plan my next move, I felt the sharp tip of the spear she was holding jabbing into the side of my neck.

If I could take this man hostage, I might stand a chance but I could feel the pointed tip of the spear already drawing blood. There’s no way I will be faster than Jane in that situation.

Man : I am offering….. all of you here…. A chance…..

He stopped right in front of me before turning to face the other 3 men who he unmasked.

Man : A chance to know the truth…..or you would rather die defending a lie….

“ fuck you !! …. I will not listen to your lies !!!, Don’t believe him Hibiki !! “

The man in the middle of the 3 cursed and spat at Owen’s predecessor.

There was a muted bang and the next thing I realised was the smell of a freshly discharge weapon reaching my nostril.

There was no hesitation at all in the man’s part.

He just fucking shot the man in his head.

Man : then I won’t waste my breath on you …..

There was a series of loud clicks outside and I saw the lights in the school coming on.

The courtyard got brighter, the floodlight on the walls illuminating the landscaped field.

A masked man entered and I could hear him say the power’s back up.

Someone hit the switch to the classroom we were in and I blinked several times, my eyes adjusting to the sudden brightness of the classroom.

I was looking down when I felt the mask I was wearing being pulled off my head.

Looking up, I came fast to face with the mysterious man.

Man : You…..

That word came slowly, as if there was a deliberate drag on the ‘u’. A drag of recognition.

That face.

I know that face.

A tsunami of memories came flooding into my head as I looked at that smiling face of a man that is but a shadow of his former self.

I know him.

And from the crooked smile on his face, he recognised me.

Jeff : you……

It’s him.

A face I have not seen in a long time.


Santa Claus in green….

I heard the drop of that metallic spear beside me and when I looked up at Jane, she started to back away from me.

I could see the tremble in her hands.

I looked at the slit on her mask that is no longer glowing underneath the white light of the classroom.

Jane’s hand went under her mask and I could hear the release of a click.

She pulled the mask off her head and I felt as if someone had just sucker punch me in the stomach.

Xuehua : you……


A blanket of awkward silence in the room was punctuated by Ron’s throaty laugh. He went back to his chair and I could see him looking at Xuehua and I.

Ron : you… know each other… haha… hahaha….

I did not say a word and I looked away.

Xuehua too remained quiet and she avoided Ron’s gaze.

I hated that look Ron gave me.

His look pierces through your thoughts. You could just tell from the eyes that this is someone who sees everything. Whatever those eyes lay it’s sight upon, it sees beneath the surface.

He knows something is off about Xuehua and me.

There was no hiding the look of astonishment on our faces.

He took a look at his watch and another masked man came in to whisper something in his ears.

Ron : We need to clear this place now….we can’t be seen here….

I was bundled up with my hands tied behind me and dragged into the carpark.

I was thrown into a separate vehicle from Xuehua and there were 2 guns pointing at my chest at all time. A black bag was put over my head so I could not see where we were going.

My heart is beating so hard as I tried to make sense of what is going on.

This is a nightmare. A nightmare that I will soon be waking up from.

It’s the only explanation for this.

It was a quick 20 min drive before I felt the car stop. I was dragged out of the car and led on a short walk.

There’s a distinctive smell to the place I was brought to.

It took a couple of minutes before I recognised that smell.


Fragrant raw rice.

The bag was pulled off my head and I looked around the place. It’s a warehouse. Probably belonging to a rice distributor.

Sacks of rice were stacked up high on both sides.

A chair was brought over for Ron and he took it, enjoying the relief it offered from leaning on his good foot.

Somehow we were all back in the same position as we were in the classroom. Just that this time round, I was sitting with my hands behind my back so were the 2 remaining men from Owen’s detail.

Ron chuckled as he leaned back on his chair. He gestured with his head towards my direction, carrying on the conversation from where we left off as if no time has passed in between.

I stole a look at Xuehua, she looked as horrified as I am.

Neither of us could believe what is in front of our eyes. We just tried to kill each other.
I cannot imagine what would it be like if one of us succeeded.

Ron : This…..boy…. sorry…. My apologies…. Hahaha… you are no longer a boy…

Ron looked around at his men and spoke while shaking a finger at me.

Ron : This man here….haha…. he did something…. When he was young…. Something that I suspect no one in this room would have the balls of pulling it off… hahaha…. Of course… at that age… the lines between stupidity and bravery is blurred… but still…. He did something…. Something that earned my respect…. And I assure you…. My respect…. Don’t come cheap… hahaha..

Ron took a deep breath as he look at me.

Ron : This is going to be a tough nut to crack… hahah… he don’t break easy… hahaha…

One of Ron’s man standing behind the guy he shot came forward and he whispered something into his ears.

Ron : oh… really ? …. Let me see it…

That man left the warehouse and Ron directed his attention back to me.

I chose to remain silent. There is nothing I can say that will value add to my situation nor can I think of anything to say that will save my skin. Keeping quiet sometimes might be the best option.

I watch Ron close his eyes for almost a minute as he cycled through his thoughts and when he opened, he smiled.

He smiled and said my name.

Ron : Jeff…. I remember you Jeff… hahaha….

Ron seemed please with himself and he asked me what Owen’s orders were.

Ron : What did he want you to do…

I took a deep breath and answered him.

Jeff : Aiko Hattori….

Ron : ok…. What about Aiko Hattori…..

I thought about how to answer that question and Ron asked me to speak my mind.

Ron : It’s ok… just say it… there’s no right and wrong here… I already said…. You all are being lied to…. What you know…. What you think you know…. Might be very different from the truth…

Jeff : That Aiko is a terrorist…. She needs to be taken care off….

Ron nodded his head and I could see the twitch in his lips.

Ron : ok… ok… fair enough…. But…. Tell me….. does…Aiko…. Strike you as a terrorist… ?

I kept quiet, not willing to reveal more than I know.
I still need to figure out a lot of things here, first of which is to get out of this place alive for one.

Ron : Honestly…. You’ve seen her picture right…. Don’t you think she strikes you more as a AV star hahahah… than a terrorist….hahaha… I’m sorry…. Aiko isn’t here is she ? … she’s hot for a mother…hiak hiak….

No one replied Ron, it’s as if they knew he did not need one for the joke that only he found funny.

Jeff : We do not stereotype people… we follow orders…

Ron : jolly good… but you don’t follow them blindly…

I kept quiet and waited for Ron to go on.

Ron : good… good…..well… I’ll be straightforward about this….Owen Is lying…. And I believe somewhere inside that thick skull of yours you knew…

The remaining 2 of Owen’s men on the floor spoke out.

Man left : Do you have proof….. that Owen is lying…

Man Right : Hard evidence…. And not just base on your words…

Ron : Yes I do…. I wouldn’t have dragged my ass back up here to the surface if I didn’t would I ? ….haha … It’s so hot up here…

The men looked at Ron, puzzled with his words. He is not making any sense.

Ron : Hiro Hattori….. spouse of Aiko…. He is an employee of the company…. And Owen had him killed…..

Ron stood up and told us that Owen is secretly building an army.

An army of foreigners, with no links back to the company.

Ron : these men are mercenaries…. Thugs for hire… they have no loyalty to anyone…. Except to their paymaster….

What Ron had said so far collaborated with what I discovered on my own.

It meant I was on the right track.

Ron : The threat these men posed would have been easily handled…. After all…. A couple of dozen men…well… in a big perspective…. Would not be able to do much damage….without the right tools…..

Ron coughed a couple of times. He stopped and patted his chest. Then he started coughing again, this time round going into a coughing fit.

Someone offered him water and he took a while to settle down.

Ron : things changed….. when Owen took control of the largest drug smuggling operation in the country….. a few months ago…

Yiling immediately popped into my mind.


The drug operation. The one I did it with her.

If everything is still running the way it was, it meant Yiling is still the person running the operation now.

Does this mean she is involved in this with Owen ?

Or like the rest of us, she is being manipulated and lied to. ?

Ron : With control of that operation, it gave him the financial muscle….to do more than he ever imagined….. but let me tell you… the biggest take away of taking control of that operation is not money…. Is contacts…. Smuggling routes….the right sources to get things beyond your wildest dream…. Get them… and get them into this country itself…. Without…. Too many people knowing of course…haha

The more Ron revealed, the worse the situation is starting to sound. The pieces start to fall into place.

Ron told us that Owen has been amassing explosives over the past few months.

It is very hard to get things like these onto the mainland no matter how well connected you are but Owen has been successful in getting small quantities of it every week.

He’s saving them for something.

Ron : He’s saving them for a wake up call he thinks the country need…. And…. Hiro….being the head of logistics…. Naturally …. Is aware of what is going on….

Jeff : How can you possibly know all these ??

Ron raised an eyebrow as if I asked something stupid.

Ron : hahah… you really expect me to leave the company I started without keeping a few spare cards up my sleeve ? hahaha….

The man that had left earlier came back into the classroom , I could see him holding a tablet in his hand.

Ron took it and I could see him swiping the tablet.

Ron : I see….

He handed the tablet back to the man and said nothing.

Ron : Hiro thought he was just helping to get men in for some wet works…. Untraceable jobs that we sometimes don’t want to get out hands dirty…. But he stumbled onto something sinister…. Something dark….he got scared…

Jeff : what did he stumble on ?

Ron : Oh… nothing much…. Your boss just wants to blow up a few schools…

Jeff : What…

Ron : schools are the ideal choice…. It’s easy to infiltrate… there’s hardly any security elements in place and it is guaranteed….. guaranteed….. to get the response Owen wanted…. It would put the whole country on edge….

Ron stressed the word guaranteed as if it was a sure thing.

The man on the left vomited. It came without warning.
I could smell the remnants of his dinner.

When he recovered enough to speak, he spoke with a trembling voice.

Man left : I….i… I have been assigned to…. To monitor the activities of…. Of a few teachers…. At a childcare facility in the north of the island….

There was a look of horror on his face. It’s as if it suddenly dawned on him that a catastrophe is about to happen and he is actively contributing to it.

Man left : this is impossible…. No way…. Owen will not do such a thing…

Ron : Everything I just said…so far…... how much of these do you know….

Man left : i…. I don’t know anything… I’m just Owen’s security detail…. i…I was assigned to that childcare facility for the past 2 weeks….

Ron : what about you….

Man right : I…. I know about the men coming into the country…. But…. But….

Ron grinned.

Ron : But there were no mention of ….. of the plans for the schools….? Haha..

Man right : yes… yes.. I … I know the men are here for some…. Covert work… but…but… no way… this is not possible…. Owen would never do anything like this…..what proof do you have ?

Ron sniffed and coughed again. He looked sick, or as if he was battling some infection. I can’t tell. He has surely lost quite a bit of his weight since I last saw him.

He sat upright and told everyone that Hiro had recorded evidence, both video and audio conversations Owen had. Hiro had the detailed plans, he knew the locations of the schools Owen is keeping an eye on right down to where the hired men are staying.

Ron : Hiro ….. was one of my many eyes and ears in the company…. And he was about to blow the whole thing wide open , but he did not get to do it in time…. Aiko was entrusted with some of the information that Hiro manage to sneak out…. She contacted me after her husband went missing…. Using channels that he had established with her if anything…. Unfortunate… were to happen..

Ron explained that while those evidence are not enough to remove Owen once and for all, but it is enough for him.

Ron : I know what I saw…. It’s not enough to convict Owen in a court, but it’s enough to make me come back and try and fix this…especially after he killed Hiro and is now going after his wife and kids…

Jeff : If this is true, why can’t you just stop Owen…. Go straight to the Prime minister… strip him of his right to run the company…. Tell him what is going on…

Ron laughed.

Ron : Oh things are complicated…. These things usually are…. I served during the reign of the previous administration…. Not the current…

Owen is one of the most well-connected man in the island right now.

His network of spies and men working for him goes beyond the magnitude Ron had when he handed the agency over to him.

Ron : I have snippets of information but not enough to end him….no one will believe anything we say unless we have proof…..and I mean something solid…….and besides…. I’m not even suppose to be here right now…. I am no longer in charge of the agency… the important thing now… is to get the plans Hiro stashed away…. Only then we will know the true extent of Owen’s scheme….then we have a chance of stopping him before it happened….

One of the masked men behind Ron came forward and reminded him of the time.

Ron : I got to go soon….i wish I could stay but Jane you have to take care of this…

He turned to Jane and asked if she could get the rest of the evidence.

Ron : they are in Hiro’s office…we need them… it’s encrypted… Aiko has the password…and Hiro has hidden them within his computer…. Among a shitload of files all in japanese…

At this point, I saw a woman being led out with a little girl beside her. I recognised her immediately. She looked like she lost weight base on the photo I saw.

Xuehua nodded.

I could not resist asking Ron why he needed to go.

Jeff : Is there someplace you have to be ??

Ron : yes there is… so do the dozen men I have with me…. I am wasting time up here on the surface…. Hundreds will die if Owen gets his way….but the responsibilities resting on my shoulders is a far greater burden….

Ron coughed a few times before adding without pausing to catch his breath.

Jeff : what the fuck ? …then you are what… just going to go ? … and leave Xuehua…. Sorry I ..err… I meant Jane… to deal with this… ?

Ron looked at me as if I said something silly.

Ron : hahah… why yes of course….you see… the thing about…. Being in management… you have to delegate task out…. You can’t do everything yourself…

Jeff : what the fuck… you want Xuehua… fuck… I mean Jane… to take care of what ?? Owen ? and his mercenaries ? alone ??

Ron : err….. what’s wrong with that ? you don’t think she can do it ?i know she’s retired for a while… but… desperate times call for desperate measures no ? do you doubt her abilities ??

Jeff : what ?

I cast Xuehua a look and I could see she immediately took offence even before I had a chance to explain.

She kicked me on my leg in the same manner she kicked her persistent friend in the carpark.

Jeff : Owww… what the fuck…

Xuehua : Answer him !!... you don’t think I can do it ??

Jeff : there’s no need to kick me like this …

Xuehua : it’s just a kick……you fucking tried to kill me.. !

I could see she was holding this in for a while, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to blow off some steam.

Jeff : You fucking tried to do the same to me too !...

Xuehua : that’s because you started waving knives in front of me in the first place…

Jeff : You shot me…. even before I started waving knives at you…

Xuehua : that’s because you started shooting at me first….

Jeff : You decapitated a colleague of mine….

Xuehua : he tried to do that to me !!... I asked him to stop….he did not…. I was only defending myself…!!!

Jeff : You had to announce to the whole world you are Jane !... every asshole with their ego bigger than their head will want a piece of you….

Xuehua : tell you who I am is not showing off…. It’s a warning…. Just like the warning sign by the side of a river asking you not to swim because there are crocodiles …. And who are you going to blame if you fucking jump inside the river ??

Jeff : You are not a crocodile…

Xuehua : I would have eaten you for lunch…

Jeff : Oh yeah… cut me loose and let’s try it again… your friends shot me in the back !..

Xuehua : why are you losing your temper at me for ?? and what’s with all the vulgarities ??

Jeff : I did not lose my temper…. I am perfectly in control of my temper… ! I’m just stating the facts here…

Xuehua : then state it properly…. No need for the attitude…

Jeff : What attitude….?? There’s nothing I can do if you have a problem with the way I speak and express myself…

There was no hiding the tension in the room and I could see Ron massaging his forehead as he waved his hands at Xuehua asking us to stop squabbling.

Ron : alright… shut up… both of you….

Ron massaged the bottom of his chin and I could see him trying to put the picture together in his head as well.

Everyone just stared at Xuehua and I. I felt embarrassed out of the blue, this is fucking childish and I can only imagine how bad it looks.

We’re behaving like kids.

Ron : Okay…. Well…. It’s been a while since I got an update from you Jane but something tells me Jeff is not your regular Chicken rice stall customer is he… ?

Jane looked like she wanted to fire back a comment and she kept quiet.

It was at this time the man on the right had to blurt out something that made the atmosphere even worse.

Man right : They…. They’re dating right ?? I saw them at the supermarket…

Man left : yes they’re dating…

I saw one of Ron’s men burst out a uncontrolled chuckle for a brief moment before quickly regaining his composure when Ron stared at him.

Somehow his chuckle felt a bit off, it’s not that he finds this situation funny, I think he felt more pity for me to be dating Jane.

It’s as if his chuckle actually meant ‘good luck you poor fuck’

Of all the women you can fuck in the world you had to choose one that can kill you in your sleep. Perhaps even while you are awake.

This is fucking awkward.

Ron : Ohhhhkayyy….. this is…..awkward….

Ron scratched his head a little before turning back to Xuehua.

Ron : errrr….ermmm… tell you what… you … take him…….… and ermm… I don’t know… interrogate him…. Find out what he knows… ?? something like that ?? then bring Aiko back to the office… and get the evidence…

Jeff : What ? interrogate me ? … what the fuck do you think this is…. ?? I’m not getting interrogated by her …!

Xuehua : why are you so defensive ?? do you have something to hide ??!

Jeff : I don’t fucking have anything to hide….

Xuehua : then why are you so afraid of answering some questions ??

Ron stood up abruptly and the chair was knocked over.

The sound of the falling chair silenced the whole warehouse.

Ron : enough…. Don’t make me say it again. … guys are giving me a fucking headache….stop…

I could see the glare in Xuehua’s eyes. She’s angry, fucking pissed and she turned away, refusing to even look at me.

This sucks.

I don’t know why but I think I can safely say she won’t be sleeping with me anything soon.

That has to be one of the weirdest thing to cross my mind ever since the start of that intense evening.

Ron : I’ll only ask this once Jeff….. I want to clear things up a bit….why are you talking to the Japanese… ? are you planning something of your own ??

I hesitated for a while and I remembered the man who showed Ron something a while ago.

Someone must have seen me talking to Danzo.

Jeff : I went to Danzo and Nakamura because they knew men are arriving in Singapore and they want to know where they are…

Ron : what made you draw the connection ?

I told Ron about the meeting I had together with Owen a few months ago.

Jeff : men are missing in Japan…. They want to know why…and they know their men are in Singapore…

He nodded as he hobbled a few steps away and turned his back towards me.

Ron : Here’s what going to happen…

Ron spoke to the 2 men and me at the same time.

Ron : As far as the rest of the world is concerned…. All 3 of you are dead….. if not… I assure you….. If Owen knows you are aware of his plans…. You will be in a matter of time…. And I want to know about the Japanese in the country… this might be the start of a diplomatic crisis

Jeff : wait….. you don’t know that for sure..maybe……we should talk to Owen…we should trash things out…

Ron rebutted me without a change in his expression.

Ron : You want to talk….. …. to the man who killed your father ?? and ask if he is serious…. About his plans to teach everyone in the country a lesson ??

I felt as if my whole world just crashed and burned in front of me.

It’s like someone hitting me in the gut.

Xuehua turned back and looked at Ron.

Xuehua : what did you say ??

Ron : do you believe in coincidence Jeff ? …. That the timing just coincides…. The passing of your father…and Owen’s appearance….when he recruited you… ?

He gestured for the same man who showed him the tablet earlier.

Ron : I’m not going to sugar coat this…. I have no time… your father was sick…. Very bad lung issue I think…. Doctor gave him a year max….Owen could have waited…but he didn’t …

He asked his man to find the recruitment archives before throwing the tablet onto my lap.

Jeff : what….. what are you saying…. ?

My mind could not function. I don’t believe what I’m hearing.

Owen killed my father ?

All this so I can work for him ??

Ron : and to think you have been risking your life for him all these years….. well to be fair… your father was in pain… plenty of medication…. But I doubt you knew…. He kept it to himself….

Xuehua came over and cut my ties with her hudiedao but even with my wrist free, I could not move. My whole body went limp and I just stared blankly at the report that hasn’t be auto rotated on the tablet.

Xuehua : enough… stop… don’t go on anymore…

Ron : I plan to… he can read it on his own…

Xuehua took the tablet and put it aside. She shook me and I looked at her but my body was not responding.

Xuehua : let’s get out of here…

Ron : I really got to go but I want to know about the Japanese… Jane…you got this… I’m heading back…. Let me know the specific…. Get your boyfriend to help you bring Aiko to the office… get the evidence and end this…

Xuehua ignored everything Ron said. She just sighed and tried to wipe off some dried blood from the side of my lips. Blood that she put there in the first place.

Ron was about to step out from the room when the man on the right spoke again.

Man right : but…wait a minute….

Everyone turned and look at the man.

He looked confused, lost and there was this incredulous look of disorientation on his face.

Man right : why… why are you all talking about the missing Japanese…. ??

Ron turned his body towards him and asked what did he meant.

Ron : What do you mean ?

When he spoke, it blanketed the room in a thicker shroud of silence.

Everyone froze and stared at the man.

Man right : The men Owen is bringing in…. they’re Indians….

The man on the left turned and looked at his friend.

Man left : no… they’re japs… I overheard Owen talking about it once…

Man right : noooo…. I picked up a group once….. they’re all Indians…

The entire group went quiet.

Xuehua half dragged and pulled me off the floor.

3 seconds later I heard a chuckle from Ron.

He laughed as if he could not believe what he just heard.

Ron : hahaha…… hahahah…..This …. Just got ….. a whole lot more interesting….. hahahhaa.

My legs could not even bear my own weight and I collapsed back onto the floor

Xuehua : dear stand up… let’s get out of here ..!

Ron: hold on…. Hahaha…. Hold on…

He gestured for a phone and he dialled a number.

Putting his finger to his lips, he gestured for all of us to be quiet.

Ron put the phone on speaker mode.

I recognised Owen’s voice immediately when he answered.

Owen : yes ?

Ron : It’s me….

The short greeting was followed by a long silence.

Owen : why…

Ron : Because what you are doing is wrong….

There was a long pause, and Ron waited for Owen to reply him.

Owen : You know …

Ron : I do….. the japs…. The Indians…. I know…

Owen : Then why haven you tried to stop me ? you could have ended it…

Ron had a frown on his face and he kept quiet.

Owen : where are my men…

Ron : They’re dead… you know my style of working….

Owen : There is only 1 other body at the scene…. Where’s the other 3…?

Ron : I got them to talk…. Then I killed them….

Owen : where are their bodies ?

Ron : I don’t leave bodies…

I could hear Owen exhaling on the other end of the phone. He was trying to control his temper.

Owen : thank you then… for getting rid of them for me…. saves me the trouble of cleaning up…

Ron : it’s not too late to stop…

Owen laughed.

Owen : hahahah…. You have no idea what I’m doing do you… ?

Owen took this chance to take a swipe at his predecessor.

Owen : Aiko… is still in the country… there must be a reason why…. I killed a man trying to gain access to the audit department few days ago….he’s your man….again… there must be a reason why….you’re calling me…. to tell me you know of my plans….again… there must be a reason why….hahah

Ron smiled.

Owen : You called because you are trying to suss me out…. Your man wanted something inside the office…. It can only mean Hiro has something hidden in the office…. You have all the time in the world to bring Aiko out… but she remained in the country…. You went as far out as to lay a trap for us tonight…. This brings me to only 1 conclusion….

Owen chuckled, sounding please with himself for besting his predecessor.

Owen : You want something in my office….and you probably need Aiko to get it… hahahha…

Ron exhaled but said nothing.

Owen : You and neither the men nor resources to do this Ron…. Go back to that hole of yours… and leave the surface to me….

Ron : you’ve changed Owen…

Owen : Of course I have changed…. Doing this shit I do for a living changed me…no thanks to you…

Ron : I did not force you to take this up… you had a choice…

Owen : fuck off… I don’t have the time nor the patience to banter over the phone…. You’re right about Indians…. You’re right about the Japanese… and there is nothing… you can do about it….. you want something in my office ??? ….. come and get it…

Ron : last chance Owen…

Owen : I’m not falling for your mind games Ron…. I’m sorry your phone call yielded nothing… save your mind games for the kids… they don’t work on me anymore…

Ron : it yielded more than I could ever hoped for….

Owen : hahaha… goodbye Ron…

Owen hung up and I could see the look of disappointment on the faces of Owen’s men.

Ron looked at me and gave me a casual shrug of his shoulders, as if he was trying to say ‘ I told you so ‘

He closed his eyes and spent some of his time lost in his own thoughts.

Man left : you cannot go to the office….there are operators…. Hiding among the administrative staff of the audit department itself…. That place… that building… it’s a fortress…. You have to be mad to even try….

Ron smiled and got up, leaning heavily on his walking stick.

Ron : I’m not worried about getting in…. I’m just thinking about getting back out..… hahah

He exhaled and asked Jane to make sure I receive medical attention. He will be taking the 2 men with him.

I could hear everything going on around me.

My mind is processing everything but I just couldn’t move.

I can’t

I still cannot believe all these is happening.

Ron : get some rest……… we meet again in the morning……no matter how I see this…. There’s going to be some pretty big trouble in little india soon….


I don’t remember what happened next.
I was in a constant daze. My mind could hardly function.

I knew I was half dragged along the warehouse until we got to a flight of stairs leading to the basement.

Xuehua left me on the floor as she unlocked a large blast door with a key pad on the side of the wall.

I could hear the hiss of the hydraulics as it releases the bolts in the solid frame.

I had sank down on my butt with my feet on the ground as I stared blankly at the corridor beyond. I could see a couple of people walking around. They cast us a disinterested look before getting back to what they were doing.

Xuehua took the wall opposite me and she too leaned back before sliding down onto the floor, bring our faces to the same level.

I wanted to speak but I can’t.

There is just so much going on in my head.

I almost killed my girlfriend, and the man I was working for for the past years turns out to be the man that killed my father.

Xuehua did not say anything either. She pulled off her gloves that are soaked with dried blood. I could see the bruises immediately.

The knuckles, the back of her wrist, I could only imagine the amount of burst blood vessels underneath the skin.

She saw me looking at her fingers and she brought them away from my line of sight, as if she’s suddenly aware that she’s no longer Jane in front of me.

Jeff : I…..i….

Xuehua looked at me, waiting for me to finish what I wanted to say.

She bit her lips, and pouted and I could see her holding back her tears.

Jeff : I’m…. I’m sorry…..

Xuehua : I’m sorry too…

She wanted to hug me but I could see she was in pain. The amount of abuse our bodies have been through that night is unimaginable.

I saw a man in white coat approach us from down the corridor.

He’s in his late fifties I reckon and he gave Xuehua a nod as he came closer.

When he knelt down, I could see him checking Xuehua out, shaking his head slightly.

He looked at her, starting from the bottom of her legs to her head. His hands reached out and touched her gently on her head.

Xuehua : Hi… Dr Cheong….

Cheong : You’ve grown prettier….big girl already….

Xuehua smiled.

Cheong : It’s been so many years since I last saw you….

Xuehua : it has… I’m… I’m sorry I didn’t come visit….

Cheong : that is suppose to be a good thing isn’t it…. Never a good thing to visit your doctor…

Xuehua laughed.

Cheong : and who do we have here… ?

Xuehua : Dr Cheong… meet Jeff….. he’s my boyfriend…

Cheong : Hi Jeff…. You look terrible….

Xuehua : We just tried to kill each other today….

There was a moment of silence before Cheong immediately lightened up the mood with a well-timed joke.

Cheong : I can heal the body, that’s covered under the company……….. matters of the heart is a separate charge…..

Xuehua smiled and she tried to stand back up. Cheong offered me a hand and I took it.

Despite his age, I could feel the firmness in his grip as he pulled me off the floor.

Cheong led us to his clinic. Set under the warehouse, Xuehua told me that the location has been actively in used for close to 40 years. Ron inherited it from someone else and he struck a deal with the operator of the warehouse.

No questions asked. Just money changing hands.
The warehouse operator will not bother what is going on in the basement. At the same time, they provided the perimeter security and keep people from poking around.

The heavily tattooed men shaking their legs and eye balling passer-by at the main gate works better than a commercial security guard.
The word is that the site belonged to some local triads that Ron works with.

Jeff : triads ?

Xuehua : It used to be a big group… but over the years it has splintered into many factions…..without a unifying leader… it’s a far cry from it’s former glory…now they just focus on earning money….

Jeff : I never thought they would still exist in today’s day and age…

Cheong asked Xuehua and I to undress and I felt a tinge of jealousy when I realised Xuehua had to undress in front of another man. As we pulled off tops and our vests, the extend of our injuries made Dr Cheong shake his head.

I could see the large bruises underneath the black sports bra she was wearing.

From torsos, to forearms, to shoulders and our backs. There is hardly a spot without a bruise or a scratch. Even our legs, thighs and calves were not spared the swollen reddish and purple plague of bruises.

Cheong made us take a few xrays and we waited in a small lounge.
It was sparsely furnished, a couple of old sofas with a modern looking fridge that looked totally out of place.

Xuehua and I finished a whole 1.5 litres of water each and I opened a packet of almonds to share.
There’s a lot to talk about between us but neither of us know where to start.

Xuehua : How long … have you been working for Owen…. ?

Jeff : 10 years… give and take… I don’t know…right around my enlistment period I think … how long have you worked for Ron ?

Xuehua drew her legs up and hugged them, bringing her chin to her knees.

Xuehua : Since I was 10 i think.... i don't remember.....

Jeff : What ?!!! you’re shitting me… 10 ?

Xuehua : My parents…. They passed on…. And I was…I was adopted…by my dad’s cousin…..back then….

Jeff : Eddy ?

Xuehua : no… I have no blood relation with Eddy… but he’s the closest person to being a father to me…. My dad’s cousin,…he took me in…. but things didn’t work out…

Jeff : what happened ?

Xuehua : he raped me…

I dropped the packet of almonds on the floor as I watch a drop of tear roll down Xuehua’s cheek.

Jeff : what…

Xuehua : Not only did he raped me….. he got his friends….to…. to do the same…

Jeff : you’re 10….

Xuehua nodded.

I could feel the pick up in my heart rate as I suppressed a animal like growl in my stomach.

Jeff : where are they now… ?

Xuehua chuckled before looking up at me.

Xuehua : I killed my dad’s cousin….i hit his head in with a hammer…. I hit him again and again until his face caved in…..

I got out of my seat and went over to Xuehua. I hugged her and tears continued to flow from her eyes.

Xuehua : I would have kill the rest… but I was just a little girl… I was over powered…. They beat me….and they raped me again….. I wanted to die…I wished I was dead…

I kissed Xuehua on her head and held onto her.

Jeff : It’s all in the past…. It’s all in the past….

Xuehua : Eddy….. finally found me after a few months…. He was my dad’s sworn brother….

Jeff : he saved you…..

Xuehua : He did…. He came with Ron…. And he killed everyone… with his bare hands….sobzz…

Xuehua broke down in my arms and I squeezed my eyes shut tightly. In that moment, I realised we are all broken in one way or another.

If we are not broken, we will not be doing what we do.

Xuehua : i….i tried to kill myself…. I wanted to cut myself…the pain… I just didn’t want it anymore….sobzz… Eddy…..Eddy knelt down and begged me not to….that was the 1st and last time I saw him cry….

Xuehua told me that Eddy blamed himself for being late, he should have found Xuehua earlier.

Xuehua : Ron, cleaned up the scene and covered everything up….and….and I …. I started working for him….

Jeff : oh my god…

Xuehua : I told Ron I never….ever want to feel weak and vulnerable…. Ever again…. That I will do anything…. To make sure no one can hurt me…

Xuehua sniffed and wiped off her tears with the back of her hand, and she chuckled, looking a little embarrassed.

Xuehua : I’m sorry…. I got a little too emotional…. You ok ?..

I nodded.

Jeff : I will be….

We were left alone for a while before Cheong came into the room with a tablet.

Cheong : ok… thankfully… no broken or cracked ribs…. The bruising will take a while to heal though….your bodies took a beating but otherwise…. Both of you are in great shape…. Painkillers….. something to help you sleep… some cream for the cuts….anything else you guys need ?

We shook our head.

Cheong : room 5B is all yours…Ron asks me to pass along a message…. Meeting at 8am…. This gives you….4 hours to catch some quick winks…

Xuehua and I walked almost naked towards the room assigned to us. She was just wearing her black sports bra and I’m in my boxers. No one bat an eyelid when they walk past us.

Xuehua and I showered together in the attached bath. It only comes with cold water and we shared whatever warmth our battered bodies could afford to spare. We kissed, we fondled with each other’s body.

By the time we dried ourselves, we were groaning in pain as we made our way to the bed.

Every position we wanted to adopt came with it’s fair share of pain. I wanted to fuck to numb my mind. Xuehua wanted the same thing but it was too painful for us.

Xuehua :argnnhhh !! god… it hurts…

Jeff : arghhh !! ouch… arguuhh… fuck…

We ended up laughing with Xuehua straddling me. My erected cock entered her vagina and I could feel that familiar gasp of her breathe on my face.

We kissed for a very long time, breathing into each other’s face.

Jeff : I love you dear… I’m sorry… I didn’t know…

Xuehua smile as she caressed my face.

Xuehua : I’m sorry… I didn’t know too…

We kissed for a while longer before Xuehua said she was only brought in onto this situation recently. She sort of recognised Owen from his past visits to the café but she did not know who he is.

Xuehua : I know you work for him…. But… not in this capacity….you… you just don’t look like….

Jeff : don’t look like what ??

Xuehua : hahaha… you don’t look like someone who can do what you can do… haha

I tried to tickle Xuehua but the pain in my arms made my movements slow. Xuehua caught hold of both my wrist and pinned them down above my head and I could feel the squeeze of her vagina walls.

Jeff : ernghhhhhh!!! Ohhh… I didn’t know you are into this… holding me down like that.

Xuehua ; hahhaa….i believe I’ve let you hold me down in more ways imaginable the past few weeks… ahhaa..

Jeff : ernnang…arghhh

Xuehua : erngh… ernhhh….

The gyrating of our bodies lasted less than a minute as Xuehua and I are more satisfied by the touch of our bodies than the thrusting of my cock into her vagina.

Looking at Xuehua in her eyes, I told her I still can’t believe how madly in love I am with her.

Xuehua : Even knowing what I can do to you in your sleep ? hahaha

Jeff : haha… especially…. Knowing what you can do to me in my sleep…

Xuehua : I think I’m madly in love with you too….. Hibiki….

She whispered softly like a seductive siren by my ears as she chuckled.

I could feel the wetness of her tongue in my ear as it slowly drags down the side of my neck.

Then I felt it.

It came without warning.

The tongue stud felt different.

It was then I realised what that stud is hiding all this while.

I froze as I felt that sharp blade on my neck running dangerously close to my artery.

I felt more aroused than ever, my cock getting so hard that I could feel Xuehua’s vagina squirming as her love hole tried to accommodate me.

When she finally got to my lips, the blade is gone, in it’s place is once again that teasing metal stud that made my knees go weak everytime she employs it on my cock.

Jeff : i…. don’t know what to say…..

Xuehua smiled and we kissed again.

When she pulled back , she gave me the sweetest smile ever and she said to me in such a soft soothing voice. It was almost like a coo you use on a baby but there is no hiding the seriousness of her statement.

It was a warning.

A warning that made me want her even more than ever.

Xuehua : If you ever cheat on me…… don’t let me find you…

Jeff : hahahhaa…

I laughed and I hugged onto Xuehua tightly rolling over so that I’m on top.

I blocked off everything in my head, I mentally shut down all the pain and so did Xuehua.

We fucked.

Amidst groans of pain came moans of pleasure.

I remembered I came raw inside Xuehua, depositing my semen deep inside her vagina as her legs griped tightly onto my back.

We felt asleep naked.

I don’t know what time it was but there was that constant knocking on the door.

I had to crawl out of bed with a splitting headache.

When I opened the door, I saw Ron and his men looking at us impatiently.

Ron : get some fucking clothes on….

I could not be bothered with myself and I walked with my cock dangling towards Xuehua. I covered her with a old looking gown before shaking her awake. She woke with a jump and her right hand went straight for my neck, clamping down before I could say anything.

Almost immediately, she regained her composure and apologised.

Xuehua saw the gathering of men outside the room and quickly got dressed while I threw on some old ill fitting pants from the cupboard.

Ron and his men did not wait for us to get ready, they were already in the room and they made themselves at home, sitting and settling down on whatever surfaces they could manage.

I could see their bloodshot eyes. They no longer mask their faces. It’s obvious none of them had any sleep.

Ron : We have to get the evidence from the office……Owen knows what we want… that building will be heavily guarded…. Let’s not forget there will be other civilians in that building as well. ….

Ron’s plan was for Xuehua to stake out the office surrounding in a couple of days time.

Ron : the bruises on your face should heal a little by then, allowing for easier cover with makeup…. You will be our eyes on the inside….. no one knows who you are….

Jeff : No.. it’s too dangerous for her….

Ron : Shut up… I make the plans… not you….

Ron turned to Xuehua, ignoring me totally.

Ron : You’re sleeping with him…. I hope you know what that means…. If he sells us out…. You will be the one to kill him….

Xuehua : Ron stop it…. Don’t say things like that…. Jeff isn’t that kind of people…. Owen killed his father for god sake….

Ron : As far as I’m concern… he is your responsibility …. Did you get anything out of him last night….? Besides the contents of his testicles…

Xuehua grabbed the table lamp and sent it towards Ron but his men caught it without hardly batting an eyelid and put it aside.

Xuehua : you can be such an ass sometimes… !!

Ron took a deep breath, aware that he might have gone a little overboard.

Ron : Owen will be busy… trying to cover up the mess from last night for the next few days…. He lost many good men too….we have a bit of time….

Ron got up and pointed at me with his walking stick.

Ron : I’m only going to ask this once….look at me in the eye and answer me…. Are you going to stop Owen …. ?

I nodded.

Jeff : Yes… whatever it takes…

Ron kept his gaze on me for a while trying to get a read on me. After he was satisfied that I was telling the truth, he nodded his head.

Ron : good….

Ron started to lay out the plan for us.

Ron : There will be questions for Xuehua when she goes back to the café…. If Owen’s people know you guys are dating, you can be sure Owen does too…. Jeff is dead…. As far as the rest of the world is concerned….. everyone will want to know how you are dealing with a missing boyfriend….

Xuehua will resume her daily routine. Owen no doubt will increase the number of people he has guarding the office after this incident. There is no way we can safely get in and out without suffering heavy causalities on both sides.

Ron : We lay low for a while….and I will be making sure Owen stays busy…Owen is aware we know something…. He knows his plan will be compromised if he does not change them…. My take is he will be changing his plans , his hit locations and probably the place he is housing his private army as well….

Ron’s plan is to keep Owen busy by stretching his resources thin.

Ron : I know the kind of jobs Owen has to undertake…. The kind that gets thrown to him…. I’m going to stretch him thin on all fronts….this is the only way….. once I’m sure his resources are stretched…. We will make our move…

Jeff : How long will this take ? a week ? two ?

Ron : No… a month… maybe two ??

Jeff : What ?

Ron : I will not send…. My men….. nor Jane… to their deaths….. storming a fortress that is filled with Owen’s men….we will do it covertly….

Jeff : What do I do in the meantime ??!! play dead ??!!!

Ron gave me a look before turning to look at Xuehua.

Ron : maybe try to be get better…. So you don’t get beaten up by your girlfriend…

Jeff : You !

Xuehua gave an irritated ‘Tsk’ at Ron and held me back.

Ron : I will be thinning out the occupants of the building in the meantime… as many as I can manage… companies not associated with Owen will be made to move…. One way or the other…. Owen cannot keep an army at the office indefinitely….

Xuehua : What about Aiko ?

Ron pointed to me.

Ron : Jeff will stay here…. Aiko’s safety is his responsibility ….

Jeff : what about you… ?

Ron : I’m leaving after this…. I will run this Operation remotely ….

Jeff : wow… you’re serious…

Ron : one day… perhaps you would get the chance to see everything from another perspective….that Owen is just another small problem in a big fucked up world….

Ron asked to speak with Xuehua in private and they left the room.

I turned to the closest man standing behind him. He was trying hard to stay awake.

I could not help but notice his weapon. There is something amiss about it.

There’s a large claw like scratch cutting diagonally across the butt of the weapon. The scratch even cut into the metallic part of the weapon housing.

He saw me looking and he swung his weapon behind his back. I turned my attention to his uniform. There were no names, nothing to identify him but there are 4 hydra like symbol etched to his collar.

It’s round with 4 serpent like lines stretching outwards all contained within a small circumference of a 20 cent coin.

Jeff : what is that ?

He stood up and walked out of the room, ignoring my question totally.

That really made me draw a conclusion of sort with the prerequisites Ron is looking for if you want to work for him.

Have a fucking attitude problem.

Xuehua returned to the room 10 minutes later and Ron left with his men.

Jeff : Everything ok ??

Xuehua : yeah….

Jeff : What’s going to happen now… ?

Xuehua : We have to bid our time….wait for Owen to let his guard down…. It’s the only thing we can do…

I nodded.

Xuehua : you have to stay here…..

Jeff : I know… what about you ?

Xuehua : I’ll be here…. At least for the next few days… hahah…


Whenever I had time to allow my mind to wander, I would think of what Ron said. What he told me. I read the recruitment brief several times, it was all there. Written and signed off by Owen himself.

I’ve had a few good days of rest spending time with just Xuehua. We fucked so many times that I was doubtful the bruises on our body would ever recover but it did get better.

4 days after the incident she’s gone, leaving me all alone at the stall.

We have our story ready. Xuehua would be contacting Billy asking for my whereabouts. That I stood her up on a date a few days ago and she hasn’t been able to contact me since.

She was busy preparing for some art exhibition the past few days and there’s absolutely no word from me.

I could not help thinking about Billy and Belinda. Whose side are they on ?

If Owen goes to the trouble to lie to us, there’s a high chance he’s keeping them in the dark as well. Well, the way I see it, base on the scale of the operation he is planning, there’s no way he’s doing it on his own.

He will definitely have someone on the inside helping him with various aspects of the planning.

Probably someone lower down the hierarchy. I’m pretty sure he did not tell any of his top 5 operators. I doubt any of my past colleagues is that sick to start blowing up schools. If only their ego did not get better of them, they would still be alive.

No. If it wasn’t for Owen, they would still be alive.

He knew from the start Aiko had help, he just didn’t know from who but he knew. He knew she had help from someone who was good enough to kill an operator of his. That was why he sent in all of us.

He went all in and lost.

I asked around the compound for access to the internet and there was only one terminal available that is secured enough for me to use. Even then it was to be supervised.

I had to tell the staff the site I wanted to go and what I’m looking for. I was not allowed to even touch the terminal.

It was more of a formality. The staff attending to me is close to 50 years old. He typed at the speed of a snail .

When he logged into the surveillance system I had set up for my house, I was surprised to see an empty shell. My house has been cleared out.

Not even a piece of furniture remain.

I directed him to go back in time as I scanned through the archives for the past few days.

We paused when I saw Owen entering my place at 3am in the morning. He walked around my place, looking at the things in the house.

I don’t know what to feel. I don’t know what to think. Anger. Disappointment. Sadness. Regret. I don’t know.

Owen paced about for a few minutes before grabbing a bottle of whisky from my shelf.

He poured 2 glasses, presumably 1 for me.

I could see his lips were moving. He’s talking, he’s saying something but I have no audio for the footage. I never thought it was necessary.

5 minutes later, he touched my glass and finished his drink then he left.

At 8am on the day of that footage, a team came in and started clearing out my stuff.

I directed the staff to switch to another camera. One I had trained on my front door from opposite my flat.

Owen’s men stripped my place clean.

Cold and surgical, that flat is now a resource that I no longer need from his perspective.

I thanked the staff for his help and told him I’m done.

I walked around the perimeter of the warehouse everyday, there was nothing much I could do.

Eventually I settled down into a routine.

I wake up and I would join Aiko and her daughter Miki for breakfast.
They are very shy and reserved.

They hardly spoke. No matter how I try to engage them, they would just nod shyly and avoided extended conversation.

I don’t blame them.

Imagine being told the man that was initially sent to kill you is now protecting you and your daughter. That’s a pretty fuck up thing to say to a pregnant mother. I gave them space, the only time we meet everyday are during meal times.

All the staff within the small facility eat together at a small canteen.
It was a whole week before Aiko finally allowed me to help her with their dishes after the meal.

2 weeks later, Aiko trust me enough to let me read to her daughter.

Just a short reading session, but I enjoyed it. It helps take my mind of things.

I could only keep in touch with Xuehua via a landline. She would call every alternate nights at 11pm.

Security at office building has been beefed up several notches. With so many additional people, the business at the café is buzzing.

Xuehua : we sold out at 3pm… can you believe that ?

Jeff : well… Eddy must be happy…

Xuehua : he’s not… he’s fucking cursing because it’s so hectic…. Hahaha

I laughed as I played with the cord of the old phone. I felt as if I had travelled back in time. Having to speak with some high school crush on the phone, tethered to the device by that black cord.

Jeff : Eddy……

Xuehua : yeah ?

Jeff : He’s one of the 4 pillars….. isn’t he….

Xuehua laughed.

Xuehua : are you more afraid of him now ? haha

Jeff : hahaha… I’ve always been afraid of him… haha

Xuehua : your girlfriend is Jane… what’s there to be afraid of ? ….

We would end our phone banter at 11.30pm before I go for my run. I can’t leave the compound, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work out. The warehouse sits on a pretty big piece of land. It’s about 80m in length and 30m across.

With a clear perimeter around all sides, it gave me all the space I needed to get my heart pumping. I did 60 rounds every night before I sleep.

It was during this period I got acquainted with the people that ran the warehouse.

The tattooed men with blonde hair, all of them are chain smokers.
They watched in amusement from their small table where they drank their beer when I ran.

I heard one of them commented I was probably crazy.

Far from it actually.

I know my body, I need to get better, faster than I already am.

I know we’re going to the office and I’m sure Owen will be ready for us.

I’m not worried about myself, I’m worried about dragging a heavily pregnant Aiko with me.

How the fuck am I going to do that ?

Would she be covered in blood by the time we get to the office floor ?
It would be a traumatic experience for her if she had to see people die along the way up.

I found a old piece of wood to practice my knife work at the back of the warehouse. The only way I would allow myself to fall asleep every night is from exhaustion.

30th Sep 2013

It’s been more than a month since the night at the school.
Xuehua visited twice in the dead of the night before leaving right before the sun comes up.

The security at the office is still tight, there’s a drop in the number of men posted there but it’s still much higher than normal.

Ron is true to his word. Xuehua told me that 4 companies vacated their office that month.

I wonder what he did.

Owen is kept busy by Ron. He has his bag of tricks that he can employ.

A group of hackers are wreaking havoc in the country, hitting government linked sites and shopping malls. It’s Ron’s doing no doubt.

Owen has his men chasing blind leads that Ron had set up. They would not find anything. Eventually a few fall guys would take the blame so an answer could be given to the public.

31st October 2013

I lost 4kg and I look like a damm hippy with the mop of hair on my head.

It’s been more than 2 months since I had a haircut.

I found new joy being cooped up within the compound with a new friend.

A middle age man. Uncle Ben.

He saw me playing with my knife one night and he walked over with a swagger.

I will never forget the manner he spoke. He reminded me so much of a Hong Kong actor, with his slick hair and gangster like demeanour.

I saw him approaching and I was immediately on guard.

Not only is he walking towards me slowly. He had something in his hands.

He was holding onto 2 metal pole.

Uncle Ben : Xiao Peng You !!!! ( Young man ! ) …..

I looked at him, unsure of what he wanted.

He pointed at me with a metal pole of his.

Uncle Ben : Playing with that piece of wood… you will never get better… whahahahahahahhaha….

His laughter was cut short by his sudden lunge towards me.

He’s fast, and he’s unpredictable. His swings, the way he handled the makeshift weapon. You could tell this is someone who grew up in the streets.

He fought his way up in the streets literally.

I blocked off his initial strikes and by the 3rd time I ducked his swing , I could feel the rush of adrenaline in my body. He moves differently. He counters my attempt to tackle him down in a different way too.

The way of the streets. There are no proper locks or submission with Uncle Ben. He just fucking know where it hurts most.

Just when I thought I had him his hands grabbed onto my head and I felt his thumb sink into the soft side of my temple by my right eye. The pain was instantaneous, I dropped my guard and the next thing I knew, I was sent sprawling onto the ground on my back.

Uncle Ben : hahahahahahaha…. Hwhahahahaha….. again …. !! again !!! whahahhaah….

I have never felt so excited in a long time.

That was the first night with Uncle Ben and it will not be the last.

Once a week, Uncle Ben will join me at the back of the warehouse.

He fights dirty, he bites, he claws and he hit below the belt. He even stormed on my feet, he dug the heel of his shoes into my ankles.

Instead of hard hitting jabs to vital organs, Uncle Ben taught me how to inflict pain on different scale. It does not matter how you hit or how much it hurts, as long as it gives you an advantage over your opponent.

November 2013

Ron was wrong when he thought he could effectively thin out the people at the office to the point it would be easy on us.

Owen had more resources than anyone imagined.

He now has metal detector set up at the entrances of the office.

The side entrances are sealed off on pretext of upgrading works. The only way in are through the front door and the loading/unloading bay or carpark.

Xuehua told me there are a lot more security guards now but they are not from the same company engaged by the company’s management.

They are a mix of Indians and Japanese.

Xuehua : Ah Leng is pretty happy though…. With so many people,… he hardly needs to do anything…. Just watch his hong kong drama on tablet everyday….

Ron made an unexpected visit in November.

20th November 2013

Aiko has given birth early to a boy earlier that day.

Dr Cheong delivered the baby within his clinic and no one expected Ron to visit.

After a cursory visit to Aiko and her child, Ron gathered everyone in the dining area for a meeting.

This includes all support staff, even Dr Cheong.

Ron : I’ll go straight to the point….

I could see Ron looking better than the last time I saw him. He was no longer using his walking stick. His voice got better too and there’s no hiding the renew vigour in his eyes.

Ron : I’ve kept Owen pretty busy the past couple of months…. My men… those that I can spare …. Have been trying to prod at the office every now and then….. the security arrangement currently is at it’s lowest….. it’s time for us to act….

Ron paused and searched the room for Aiko. She was sitting on a wheelchair and holding onto her newborn son.

Ron : My men will create a diversion…. At the perimeter of the site…. We are going to seal off the entire neighbourhood……
Jeff : How is that possible ?

Ron : We just need to set things in motion….. Owen will take care of the rest…

Jeff : What do you mean ?

Ron : We have a very short window of opportunity…. Once Owen knows we are there… he will respond immediately…. He will know the temporarily chaos is a diversion… our target is still the office…..

Ron told us that we can expect Owen to close off the entire district.

Ron : He will not let us leave….not with the evidence…. If I were him…. I will bring all public transport to a standstill…..cut off the flow of people in and out of the neighbourhood…..

Ron’s men put up a large map with multiple highlights of the neighbourhood surrounding the office on the notice board.

Ron : We’re right smack in the centre….Hastings road, Campbell Lane….Dunlop street… right up to Dickson road…where the junction meets at Serangoon road…. All these will be sealed off….

Ron took a yellow highlighter and cut across the map to bring attention to the junction he just mentioned.

Ron : On the other end,…. Where the streets meet Perak Road… you can be sure these will be sealed as well…. Our way out… will be by the star shaped junction where multiple roads meet… over here…..

Everyone looked at the unique shape of that cross junction Ron was talking about.

Shaped like a star fish extending it’s reach into the heart of Little India, 5 different streets converge at that point.

Ron : Head to the carpet shop over here…. You can cut through the shophouse to the exit at the back…….where the open air carpark is….Vehicular movements will be near impossible…. But I will have men stationed there to cut off anyone that may be in pursuit….

Ron used a different coloured marker and drew a line towards the HDB estate bordering Little India. The block where Xuehua is staying.

Ron : cut through the estate….. and get to the Rochor river Canal…. A boat will be waiting …. It will be the only way out of the city…. Questions….

I put up my hand immediately.

Jeff : How do you expect Aiko to do this ? She just gave birth….

Ron : Aiko’s job does not involve any heavy lifting…. You just need to get her to the terminal…. And get the evidence….

Jeff : how do you expect her to run out of this mess in her state ??

Ron : don’t underestimate what a determined woman can do….. Aiko ?

All eyes turned to her who was cradling her son close to her chest. Miki was holding onto her mother’s hand.
She spoke in a weak and accented English.

Aiko : yes…. For my husband… I can do this….

Ron nodded his head and looked to Jane and me.

Ron : Jane and you…. Has a good lay of the ground….the 2 of you will bring Aiko in….i’ll leave it to you 2 to find the best way to do it…..

I felt a skip in my heart as it dawned on me that it’s going to just be the 2 of us.

Ron : We will strike on a Sunday…. The office will have minimum occupants….

Ron planned to broadcast the evidence he has currently to all company employees a few days before we hit the office. Not only is he sending the evidence out, he planned to announce our intention.

Ron : it might sound crazy….. , but I’m hoping the smart ones will be able to see what is going on…..I hope it would make some of them think twice about stopping us.

Jeff : this is madness….

Ron : exactly…. And we’ll need someone crazy enough to pull it off….

I turned to look at Xuehua.

She had turned a chair around with it’s backrest facing forward. She sat with her legs open and arms resting on the top of the backrest.

She gave me a smile that turned to a chuckle.

Ron : I have limited resources….but I will do what I can to keep Owen’s men at the perimeter as long as I can….

Jeff : what if they are already within the perimeter itself.

Ron : Then you’re fucked…


I went back to my room with Xuehua after Ron’s briefing.

I saw Xuehua pulling a trolley behind her as we walk down the corridor.

It’s been a while since I saw her and I know we’re definitely going to fuck.

Ron has set the date on 8th December. That’s about 3 weeks away.

It would give him enough time to get things ready and for Aiko to recover a little after her delivery.

Jeff : What’s inside that trolley ?

Xuehua : I made something for you…

Jeff : Really ? … like a… birthday card or something ? … a painting… ?

Xuehua : hahaha…. No…

We shut the door and we kissed immediately.

Xuehua : I missed you….

Jeff : I missed you too…

She pulled herself out of my embrace and brought the trolley case up onto the table.

When the zip was removed and the trolley opened up, I froze.

I was at a lost for words.

Jeff : What… the…what… the fuck….

Xuehua : tsk…. Can’t you say something nice…. I made it for you…

She gave me a playful kick as my hands touched the mask inside the trolley.

It’s a set.

It looked amazing.

Sitting beside Jane’s mask is another.

The curves and lines are a lot more masculine. The jaw lines are more defined. Where Jane’s mask had 2 spikes on the top, mine had none.

I do not have glowing slits for the eye sockets, mine isn’t sewn shut.

The entire construct is just a different texture and gradient of black.

It’s sleek, the eye shape with the expressionless face reminded me of the mask a mime wears. It’s terrifying the longer you look at it.

Jeff : wow….i…I’m speechless….

Xuehua : well…. I don’t think you’re a couple t-shirt kind of guy anyway…. So… hahaha… I made this for you….

Jeff : It’s…it’s amazing…. I love it…thank you…

Xuehua laughed as she asked me to try it on.

I grabbed her towards me and she screamed.

Xuehua : no !! NO!... no!! no way !!.. NO!! arghh.. ernghh !!!

She tried to struggle but I pinned her to the bed effortlessly.

Jeff : why are you pretending to struggle….? Haha

I knew if she really wanted to refuse, she could easily get out of my grip of she wanted to.

Xuehua : Because…… I know you like it….. Hi……. ki……

She said my call sign out softly like the purr of a seductive kitten. Xuehua chuckled as I removed my clothes.

Jeff : when we fuck…… call me Jeff….

She laughed and the rest is history.


8th December 2013


It was the first time I left the compound in almost 4 months.

And I knew the first place I wanted to go.


Xuehua had rented a car. I told her I needed to pick up some kit and I drove us to the pawn shop in Chinatown.

It was too early and the door has yet to open but I know they are operational 24 hours a day if I need to get something.

I knocked on the door and looked up at the camera.

10 seconds later the heavy wooden door opened and I could see the staff giving me a nod. His eyes immediately went over to Xuehua.

Jeff : She’s with me….

He said nothing and shut the door behind me.

I could smell the aroma of spices being pounded a few steps away. Stepping into the courtyard I tried to do a mental inventory of what I have. No guns, they make too much noise and we are in the middle of a dense residential and commercial estate.

A stray round could be fatal on passerbys.

Jeff : Don’t talk to anyone…. Don’t touch anything… I’ll just be a minute….

Xuehua : orh…

I entered the courtyard and I was greeted with the familiar sight. It never changed.

The boss is still there playing with his bird.

Someone walking towards him with tea.

There are men huddled in the corner as I walk towards the waiting attendant.

I got to the attendant and waited for him to unlock the door to my locker.

He didn’t move.

He was looking past me.

Jeff : errr…. Are you going to open the door ?

The attendant stepped past me and paused.

When I turned, I felt as if time had stopped in the courtyard.

The old ladies stopped pounding chilli.

The huddled men in the corner stopped talking.

The boss stopped playing with his bird.

Jeff : what the fuck…

Everyone, and I meant everyone in the courtyard looked at Xuehua.

The boss got up off his seat and walked slowly towards my girl. He had a shocked expression on his face.

It’s like he could not believe what he was seeing.

Boss : you… you came back…

Xuehua : hi Uncle Yeo….

My Jaw dropped an inch as I watch the boss embraced Xuehua as he burst into tears.

Boss : I always knew you will be back….

The rest of the staff bowed, and I looked on in sheer astonishment. If there is an overwhelming aura that is to be felt within the courtyard, it’s one of respect.

The respect the older people are giving to Xuehua.

They exited the courtyard without a word as Xuehua smiled at them. Even the attendant left after unlocking the door for me to access my cabinet.

Jeff : fuck me….

I felt like jumping inside a hole as I watch the boss personally unlock the biggest storage unit his facility offered. The door right behind his seat.

Boss : my family owes you a debt…. We can never repay…

Xuehua : don’t say that Uncle Yeo…. That’s all in the past.

I can’t bring myself to look at this. There is nothing left of my ego after this episode.

I opened my cupboard and grabbed my knife.
A situation like this calls for both of them and having spend some time with Uncle Ben.

I started to fall in love with wielding both at the same time.

Clothes, boots, socks, cash, I had everything.

I changed on the spot, throwing aside the old clothes I brought along from the warehouse. Xuehua had gone inside her storage facility. An entire fucking room.

After I was done, I sharpened the edges of my knife on a grinding stone.

I adjusted the sheaths behind my belt and got acquainted with the weight of the knives behind me. My hands reached back and I could easily touch the reassuring grip of my weapon.

I threw on a jacket with a attached hoodie and I was good to go.

Moments later, I saw Xuehua exit her storage room. She’s dressed totally in black with matching boots. The tapered and figure hugging pants accentuated her sexy legs and beneath that windbreaker at the small of her back, I have no doubt she has her hudiedao tucked away.

Those were not the only things she carried. In her right hand held a massive cleaver. Almost 1.5 times the size that butcher wielded.

Jeff : that’s too big for you to wield. ….

Xuehua : that’s not mine…. It’s Eddy’s….

Jeff : alright…. I don’t mind some additional help….

I saw Xuehua checking out my storage cabinet.

Jeff :’s not as big as yours…. Whatever…

She did not respond. She walked past me towards my cabinet and I immediately felt my testicles shrink in half.

I backed away from my cabinet as I put up both my hands to try and calm Xuehua down.

Jeff : I…. can explain that…

Xuehua took Yiling’s heels off the cabinet with her left hand and gave me a look which told me I better have a good reason for those.

Xuehua : whose heels are these…. ?? ….

She took a look inside and at the bottom before commenting that these are not new.

Xuehua : these have been worn before…

Jeff : dear…. Listen…. I … I can explain that….

She put the heels back with a rather audible thud and accidentally pushed the photo album off the ledge onto the floor.

When the photo album fell, it opened up and that was when I was pretty sure my testicles disappeared.

The fucking wedding photo of Yiling and I took for the project is staring at us on the floor.

Yiling had half her thigh exposed and she was sitting on my lap.

I looked at the photo, back to Xuehua, and then to the massive cleaver she was holding.

Jeff : I….dear…. I can explain this…. I really really can explain this….

Xuehua : you !!! grrrrr !

Jeff : it’s from a old project… I just kept them as memento… !!

Xuehua pointed a warning finger at me and I quickly went over to hug her with only 1 arm.

My right hand immediately held onto the hand that was holding Eddy’s cleaver.

Jeff : dear calm down…. Please calm down…

Xuehua : arghh !.. let me go !!

She pointed a finger at my face and grunted that this is not over before storming out into the courtyard.

Jeff : fuck !...

I closed up and went after Xuehua, trying to cosy up to her with a smattering of apologies and chuckle.

Jeff : dear… that was really just a project… there is nothing… nothing between us… I’ve never seen her since…

Xuehua gave me a irritated look from the corner of her eye as I said the nicest things I could think of while keeping an eye on the knife she was holding onto.

Xuehua : arghhh… don’t come and sweet talk me….

A staff came with a large canvas bag for the cleaver. I took it from him and helped to bag Eddy’s knife. I know she’s not really angry, just throwing a tantrum like all girls do.

When we got to the entrance of the pawn shop, I could see all the staff gathered within the area, including the boss.

Xuehua : We’re in a hurry Uncle Yeo…I’m sorry I can’t stay…

The boss nodded in a understanding manner.

His staff opened the door and Xuehua went straight to the car. Right before I stepped out, the boss held onto me.

He has never spoken to me before.

Boss : If you hurt her….. we will no longer be able to do business together…

My jaws dropped as I looked up into the ceiling of the pawn shop as I squeeze my fist into a ball shaking it in exasperation.

Boss : She buried 14 men…. Beneath the foundation of this very pawn shop…. Before you even had pubic hair you punk….. you hurt her…. I will make sure you join them….

Jeff : wow….ermmm… ok…Uncle Yeo…

Boss : fuck you !.... call me Towkay ( boss in Teochew )

I quickly ran out of the pawnshop and into the waiting car.

What a fuck up Sunday morning.


Xuehua and I went back to the warehouse after taking a quick drive past the office.

I could see the metal detectors set up outside the entrance under temporary tentage.

It’s a Sunday and the guards are just milling about.

There’s not much activity going on for now. We went around the back and there were guards there too.

Back at the warehouse, Ron updated us that the messages and mail he broadcasted out the past few days is working. Some of the people in the company are starting to ask questions and Owen is kept busy trying to fend them off on top of the shit he needs to do on a day to day basis.

There are no exact numbers but Ron believes some operators are adopting a wait and see strategy to see how these play out.

We ate, we rested and we checked on Aiko.

At 8pm, Aiko left her kids with Dr Cheong and the facility staff before hopping into the car with us.

She was shaking in the backseat.

You could see she’s on the verge of breaking down and doing all she could to keep it all together.


It’s a Sunday night and the entire neighbourhood is abuzz with activity.

All the foreign workers are here in little india for their weekend break. There are people getting haircuts in the alleyways, groups of friends having picnic by any open spot they could find. Some just drank openly and peed on the streets as they caught up with friends they haven seen in a week.

We circled the office a few times before parking at the HDB estate a short walk away.

We have to wait for Ron’s signal.

I will be creating a diversion at the front door. That will draw the guards towards me while Jane and Aiko head up to the office. Aiko did a quick check of the access cards Ron had someone delivered and stuffed them deep inside her pocket.


Ron sent us a message, asking Jane and I to get ready.

I got out of the car and pulled the hoodie over my head. I took a slow casual walk towards the entrance of the office, checking out the yawning guards who were busy with their mobile phone.


I heard a loud commotion a few streets away and the noise got louder with each passing second. A couple of minutes later, there were shouting followed by a small explosion.

That’s it.

That’s Ron’s signal.

I walked towards the checkpoint slowly.

My heart was racing.

My palms are sweating. That feeling I was getting is out of this world, impossible to describe.

I could see the bored guard waving me to walk through the metal detector as I flashed him a staff pass to indicate I was an employee of the building.

As I put my foot past the detector, I smiled to myself.

I always wanted to do something like this after watching Neo do it on the matrix.

The alarm went off, the lights flashed angrily as the guard jumped to his feet.

The Indian man gestured to me, speaking in broken English.

Indian : what you have ?? what you have ??!! you carry what ??

I looked up at him and smiled.

I opened up my jacket and I saw the change in his expression as he saw the 2 large knives I was carrying behind me.

Before he could reach for his baton, I garbbed him and sent his head onto the makeshift table he was resting on earlier. I grabbed his hair , pulled him up and kicked his feet off the ground before kicking him in the face.

His friend who was smoking a few steps away came towards me with his baton raised. I ducked, grabbed his hand and threw him off his balance before relieving him of the weapon.

I bitch slap him across the head with it, drawing blood immediately before kicking him in his chest to send him rolling down the gentle slope.

I could hear the clattering of boots as I saw the men from the loading and unloading bay hurry to the entrance.

There were 3 men and they spoke Japanese.

Ok, I can do 3.

At the 1st man ran towards me with his baton raised, I saw Xuehua slipping into the lift with Aiko behind them.

A hard slap on the knuckle was all it took for me to get the 2nd baton and within seconds, I was dual wielding both metal sticks at the 3 poor chap.

It took longer than I expected but I was panting and I took a painful hit on my shoulder, but I had all 3 of them on the ground bleeding at the head and face. They were groaning and hardly moving.

I panted and caught my breath as I stood in the centre of the office lobby.

All was quiet.

Things are looking good so far.

Time seemed to crawl as each second ticked by.

I could see the reddish and orange glow of the chaos that is happening outside right now. It’s a fucking riot. The TV in the lobby is now showing live footages of what is happening.

Utter chaos has descended on little india.

I could see workers shouting and cars being set on fire.

The riot was being kept to the perimeter of the zone Ron drew. My eyes alternated between the TV which was bringing up to date happenings and the exterior of the office.

I felt the hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s end when I saw a group of 3 men running towards the office. They were carrying machetes.

Jeff : fuck…

I got ready as the 3 men charged into the lobby with no hesitation.

Men : arGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They shouted like crazed mad men as they charged at me.

I was about to face them head on when another figure appeared near the entrance.

His massive hands grabbed onto one of them as if he was a rag doll before throwing him into the middle of the road.

I engaged the 1st man to reach me and before the 2nd one could join his friend, Eddy had his head in his massive hands before sending him face first down into the ground.

I could hear a sickening crunch and I could not make out whether is it the marble tile or the skull of the man that caused it.

I whipped my baton into the windpipe of the 1st man and was rewarded with a death bringing croak. Sweeping the baton into the back of his knees, I made sure he never stood up again.

Another man appeared, jumping like a monkey at Eddy but he grabbed him and threw him at his friend that was a few step behind, sending the both of them crashing into each other by the main door.

I could see more men approaching outside. They are smarter this batch. They did not rush into the lobby blindly.

Eddy gave me a nod of acknowledgement. There was no need to say anything.

I checked the temporary phone we got earlier that morning.

It was Xuehua.

They found the files. They need 10 minutes.

I kept the phone and told Eddy.

Jeff : She needs 10 minutes…..

Someone burst through the side entrance by the café and he made a mistake of underestimating Eddy.

Eddy :whuarrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!

His jaw like grip clamped down on the man’s face as he sent him back first towards a column. The fucking cladding snapped and there was a permeant dent. Eddy finished him off with a punch and the lifeless body dropped to the ground.

The entrance on the other side was smashed open and I saw 2 men curing in Japanese with axes kicking away the temporary barrier.

I turned to face them but before they could get close, I saw the glimpse of a trolley in their path and they tripped clumsily over each other in an attempt to avoid the cleaning trolley.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw Auntie Annie roll over the back of one of the man before using his axe and burying it into the left side of his friend’s face.

There was no time even for him to cry out in pain.

The guy she rolled over tried to use his axe on Annie but she ducked with dexterity you seldom see in people her age.

Her hands went to the handle of her trolley, I watched in awe as she tapped the brakes of her customised trolley and in a swift motion, pulled out 2 hudiedao hidden within the handle of her cleaning trolley.

The man did not even see it coming, he could only feel the pain of the 2 hudiedao buried inside his body.

Annie pulled the bloodied weapons out of his body and backed herself slowly towards the centre of the lobby.

Loud shouting was heard from behind us where the loading and unloading bay is.

I turned, I could not see anything.

I could only hear the cries of pain and agony.

Men are dying back there.

The perimeter of the office is getting crowded.

There are now about 2 dozen men loitering outside the lobby. They are all armed.



I heard rapid footsteps behind and I saw the blood stained face of a man running towards us with a dagger in his left hand.

Before he could get close, i saw the hard plastic of the carpark barrier arm smash into the right of his face so hard that it sent him into the wall.

Yes the arm. That carpark barrier arm that always needed fixing.

It’s cracked and broken in several spots as I looked at the man holding it.

Leng’s security uniform has been partially torn off, revealing the faded tattoo of a 5 claw dragon on the front of his chest.

He smashed hard onto the hard plastic of the arm, cracking the cover and revealing something within.

I felt the rush of goosebumps in my body as Leng pulled out the dark silhouette of a soul spear in it’s original condition.


The spear tip found it’s way into the stomach of the man on the ground and when it’s pulled out, I could smell the iron in the blood.

The gathered men outside grew in numbers as seconds ticked by.

There was another loud roar and my eyes was greeted with the head of a man being lopped off his shoulder near the side entrance where Eddy was standing at.

The sea of bodies parted ways as men scurried out of the reach of that monster blade Lala’s father was using.

That’s not a knife, it’s not a blade, it’s the fucking cutting edge of a industrial cutter with a handle bolted at it’s end.

Freddy cut a path through the gathering of men outside. Many scurried out of his way. No one in their right mind will want to be within reach of that massive 80cm piece of steel.

As the seconds ticked by I could see more and more men gathering outside.

If they all rushed us at the same time, there’s not doubt we would be dead.

Numbers always win. Period.

I was afraid and aroused at the same time.

Even as the numbers grew to almost 4 dozen men within our line of sight though the glass cladding of the lobby, my companions did not move.

They did not even fidget.

The 4 of them stood, steadfast and unmoving in the face of overwhelming adversity.

They belonged to the generation of men and women that built our nation from the ground up. They are the ones who toiled in the sun and waded through the mud so we have paved roads to walk on.

They are the pillars of strength and support from which the next generation build upon.

There are movements up ahead and I could see someone approaching.

As he came into view, I recognised him immediately.

His face. One that I will never forget.

Owen entered the lobby with 4 men holding Katanas,

Our eyes met and I could see the look on his face. His questioning look, as if I had betrayed him.

Owen : Why…..

Jeff : you need to stop…. Before it’s too late….

I could see the seething anger in his eyes.

Owen : There is no stopping this….you cannot win….. just look outside….. what do you see ??

I did not answer Owen.

He’s right.

He has the numbers.

I heard the chime of the lift to announce the arrival of a car on the ground floor.

From the click of the boots I could tell who it was.

Aiko saw the scene in front of her and I could hear her exclaim in shock.

Aiko : oh…. Oh my god….

I could hear Xuehua panting beside me. There are streaks of blood on her face and she’s holding one of her hudiedao.

Aiko was clutching onto hardisk.

Owen : you…..this explains why….

Owen turned and looked at me in an accusing manner, trying to imply I betrayed him for a girl.

Owen : all for a pussy…..

Aiko : oh my god…. Oh my god… there’s… there’s so many… so many…. Sobzz.. sobzz… oh my god….

Aiko dropped the canvas bag that she was holding onto and Eddy heard the loud clank of his cleaver hitting the floor.

He went to pick it up and spit on the floor in front of him.

Xuehua picked up the mask she made for me that she had packed inside the canvas bag together with her.

Xuehua : you forgot this….

I smiled as i dropped the 2 baton and pulled on the mask.

Xuehua tied up her hair and pulled on hers as well.

Owen had a scowl on his face when he issued the order . I could hear it. Loud and clear like a church bell on a quiet Sunday morning.

Owen : Kill them…… Kill them all…..

He backed off 3 steps before turning and started to disappear into the crowd.

I reached behind my back and pulled out both knives and exhaled slowly, trying to calm my heartrate down.

The men outside started to move.

They started to close in on the lobby where we were at.

The 4 pillars stood, undeterred at the 4 entrances of the office tower.

Aiko : oh my god…oh my god… sobzz… sobzz…

I could hear Aiko starting to cry.

Then she started to pray.

Aiko : Even …. Even though I walk though…. The valley of shadow of death … I will fear no evil…..for you are with me…..

I heard the whirlwind swing of the soul spear behind me. Leng brought his spear up and started to walk towards the loading and unloading bay.

Freddy dragged his massive blade along the tiles as he headed for the side entrance.

Eddy removed the thick steel chain around his neck and connected it to his cleaver and walked towards the main entrance.

Annie had both hudiedao up as she put each foot carefully on front of the other, threading cautiously towards the side entrance on her end.

Jeff : you ready dear ??

I heard a soft chuckle. A very soft one.

I saw the errie glow of Jane’s mask lit up the around the eyes and Xuehua’s reply told me she’s ready.

She’s more than ready.

Xuehua : When we’re working……. Call me Jane….


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