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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Feel free to leave comments or drop me a mail at ilikeock@gmail if you have any ideas or suggestions for the next writeup.

Doing a bit of research in the meantime.

In search of

1) A female's perspective towards cheating in a relationship. How do you justify it ? How do you juggle 2 or more men ?

2) Stalking tales. Have you stalked anyone before ? Let me know your experiences.

3) Manipulation. Have you manipulated your way to get what you want with your partner ? Sex or otherwise.

4) A set of 6 readers contributed photos of your wife / partner in bondage. Would like to use them with your permission to set the mood for the next write up. No need for exposed body parts, just tastefully taken shots of your partner in various forms of submissive position, arousing yet leaving the rest to imagination.

Hit me with a mail people.

Looking to contribute more reads for that long bus/train journey.

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