Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Client's Wife [ Guest Writer ]

Hi everyone.

Lengthy intro aside. I have a story to tell and a confession to make.
A confession that i'm sure my church won't will not approve off and that my sins will not be forgiven.

I hold a middle management post in the F&B industry. My company supplies pre-processed food and sauces to various extablishments in Singapore and indonesia. I fly occasionally to JKT for meetings and contractual issues, but most of the time i am contented to stay in singapore.

Religion aside, i am a human too. Having been single for 2 years, i seek my release by various means which i'm sure the brothers here are familiar with. I am sick and tired of my relatives asking me when am i settling down, it;s none of their business anyway. Turning 33 in 6 hours time, i am feeling lost and i constantly ask myself how did i get myself into the situation i am in today.

It all started in november 2010 when through a friend, i got a contact for a new catering business owner, Jack. After a couple of drinks and dinner, i added Mr Jack to my existing portfolio.

All was well until the first invoice was issued by my company to Jack. The amount wasn't large, it's around $2700 including GST. My company isn;t some big establishment, and our payment terms are kept to a strict rule of 14 days upon issuance of invoices. Cash flow needs to be well managed at all times.

On the 14th of December, i was notified by my accounts that payment for Jack's company has not been sent.

A call was made

Wilbert ( that's me ) : Hello, Jack ?

Jack : Hey, hi wilbert. how are you ?

Wilbert : Jack, regarding your outstanding invoice...

Jack: Eh bro, i have some cashflow problem...

Wilbert : Jack, this is the first invoice, you have to understand the situation ... I cannot help you also since yours is a new account. Our payment terms are clearly...

Before i could finish Jack interupptted

Jack : Wilbert, give me until the end of this week. I will send a cheque over.

Wilbert : I can give you until end of this week, but until then , the supplies on my side have to stop. This is company policy.

Jack : Wilbert, cannot lah. i got a few big ones over the next few days, i really need the goods to wrap it up. I'll be fine after this week.

Wilbert : Sorry, i can;t help you on this, it's all in the system. Your payment is due. I have to stop my delivery.

Jack : Wilbert, don;t like that lah, steady a bit. Take it as a favour for a friend.

I hate to engage in this kind of conversation as i find it pointless. I might seem emotionless but things like this is simply beyond my control. If you are a long time client with a good payment history, of course i can help.

But you are a first time customer.

Wilbert : Jack, i'm sorry.... the company....

He cut me off again which is really making my patience wear thin.

Jack :I gtg, i call you back in 5mins.

With that he hanged up on me.

Keeping my emotions in checked, i rang my delivery guys and relayed the simple instructions.

Wilbert : Ah Seng ar, 7466 that order put on hold till further notice.

I put this matter aside as i have other things to deal with.

At 5.30pm on that Tuesday, my phone rang.

Wilbert : Hello, wilbert here.

Woman voice : Hello, This is Tess from ***** catering.

Wilbert : Yes, is the payment ready ? i have no choice but to stop the delivery tomorrow.

Tess : Huh!. wait Wilbert, can we discuss about this.

Wilbert : Tess, we are also a small company, we don;t extend credit and definitely not to new customers..

I detected a hint of whining in Tess's voice when she said.

Tess : Oh noo.... We're going to be in trouble... can you take a post dated cheque ? we really need to...

Wilbert : I can;t Tess, company policy.

Tess : But this is really a crucial period. I really need your help on this...

Wilbert : Tess... it's not that i don;t want to help but....

Tess : Please wilbert, Jack and I put in a lot of effort into this and we cannot just give up at this moment. Give us a little more time.

I figured that she must either be Jack's wife or GF with this statement.

Wilbert : I really can't...

Tess: I can show you our invoices and contracts, we are really doing ok just that our cash flow need to improve a little. We will be fine after this week. Please, let me buy you dinner.

Wilbert :Tess, i appreciate it but i really can't.

Tess: I'll give you a post dated cheque also. So at least you can answer to your company. Please Please.

Her pleas started to get more and more whiny until the facade of professionalism was totally lost and Tess was like a spoilt brat.

I decided to give this company a chance and take the post dated cheque.

Wilbert : Ok fine. i want to postdated cheque by end of today. can you courier it over.

Tess :But's it's already 6..

I took a look at my watch and realised it's already knock off time for me.

TEss : Can i send tomorrow ?

Wilbert : No, have to be today, i need something to back my delivery tomorrow. Can you send it over to my office now. Drive over or something.

Tess : But i can;t leave right now, i still got to sort out some other matters.

Wilbert : Alright, can i collect it from your office ?

I wanted to collect the cheque personally because i really need something to back my decision if my boss ask. The thought of going to see how Tess look like never cross my mind. I wasn;t even interested in a whiny girl.

Tess : ok, can we meet at Hougang mall instead at 9pm ? My office is a little messy and my staff are busy preparing for tomorrow.

Sigh, OT for me, i stay inPasir ris, not very far but still it;s a hassle.

I received a sms from Tess at 9pm sharp as i was parking my car.

"I am seated at Ya Kun."

Walking towards the coffee joint 5 mins later, my heart skipped a beat when a Lady in grey T-shirt and Jeans waved at me. She looked to be in her late 20s, Slightly longer than shoulder length hair with a radient smile.

Her skin was fair and the light makeup she has on brought out the natural Jovial character in her

Tess : Hi Wilbert, I;m Tess

I am still puzzled as to why she knew who i am and how i looked like and she must have read my thoughts.

Tess : Your Jacket.... got your company logo.

Wilbert : Oh Hi...

My eyes tried very hard to gaze away from her company logo. Her logo is just a couple inches away from her breast.

Tess : Here sit, you want a drink ?

Wilbert : Errrr, no, i just want to collect the cheque and make a move...

I felt a little stress as Tess was very friendly, always smiling.

It;s almost as if she wanted to seduce me.

Tess : Here.

She handed me the post dated cheque.

Tess also passed me a few copies of her outstanding contracts and invoices with her clients to prove that they are doing ok.

Tess : So... how long are you with *****

I was a little taken aback , wasn;t expecting any long conversation froom this.

Tess : Aiyah, must get to know my supplier mah... hahah...

And she gave a playful slap on my left shoulder....


Since she wants to play this game...

I gave her a smile girls find it hard to resist as it's a welcome change from my stone cold attitude when i deal with work.

Wilbert : 6 years ... why ? you want to send in your resume ? haha

Tess : Haha...

The first laugh i coaxed from her...


Our conversation that evening lasted longer than i expected and i manage to dig out some more information about Tess.

She is 28 turning 29 in a few weeks.
Jack is her husband and they both quit their jobs to strike it out on their own.

Tess is managing most of the aspects of the business while Jack is juggling between his other part time venture in a laundry business and this catering one.

Tess and I left Ya Kun at 10pm.

She left with a piece of mind knowing that she will get the necessary goods to continue her business tomorrow.

I left knowing that i have a new prey in my scope.

I do not expect to go to heaven given the amount of sins i have committed.

What difference does it make if i engineer another one?

I went home and did some homework.

Trawling through several websites, from ACRA to facebook, i tried to find out as much as i could about Jack and Tess.

Tess definitely looked good when she dresses up, could see that from her facebook profile picture. I did not want to rush into it so i did not add Tess as a friend .. yet.

Compiling a dossier in a folder on my computer, i went to bed, thinking about Tess.

Thinking how can i have her....and i do not care if she's a willing party or not.

What Wilbert wants.... what Wilbert gets...

.................................................. .................................................. ...........

It's as if the devil's is on my side.

The post dated cheque bounced.


A phone call was made immediately to Tess. It went unanswered. I tried dialing Jack but it went unanswered too.

I got a little worried as this is afterall under my account. Nevertheless, one step at a time, i stopped all delivery again to Tess and Jack. I also left a couple of sms for them to contact me immediately as i have stopped their orders .

Coming to Noon on Monday, My phone rang when i was in the toilet, it's Tess. Decided to ignore it first and call her back. She did not let up, and my phone was vibrating throughout my shitting session. Finally called her back when i'm done to hear a near hysterical laugh.

Tess : Heeyyyyyy Wilbert. Haha. Been trying to get you. Urgent

Wilbert : Your cheque bounced. You're putting me in a tight spot leh.

Tess : this is exactly i want to talk to you about, i can pay you in cash. Can you drop by later ? and please resume all deliveries.

Not sure how to cook up a suitable reply at the moment i told Tess i'll call her back in 5 mins while i check my schedule.Thinking if through while sipping my coffee at my desk, i decide it's a good time to make my first move. I called Tess back.

Wilbert : Hi Tess

Tess: : Yeap, so can you drop by ? you resume our orders already ?

Wilbert : I'm sorry, quite packed for the whole day, don;t think i can meet anytime before 7

Tess : Ohh.. like that. ar , how about i pass you the money tomorrow.

Wilbert : i'm afraid that's not possible, i'm having trouble explaining to my boss on my side already.

Tess : but we really need the supplies, can help or not ?

Wilbert : do you think you can drop by my office with the money ? My finance need to settle your accounts before they allow more deliveries.

Tess : But i really can;t leave my office now. Somemore your office in boon lay leh. haha. so far. I never drive you know.

Wilbert : haha, but the amount is a bit large. really can;t drag any more. Plus the initial invoice and those additional deliveries already $3200 . We are a small business lah.

Tess: Oh no.... like that ar...

I was hoping Tess will agree to come over to the west after she is done with her work. My office will be empty by then and we would be alone. Not that i am expecting to rape her or anything, but it;s always good to spend some moments alone with a pretty girl. You never know what to expect.

Unexectedly Tess replied.

Tess :Ermmm Wilbert .....

Tess : Do you think you can pay upfront first ? help me out as a friend ?

I wasn;t expecting this but was secretly excited at the additional opportunities this might bring.

Wilbert : Huh ? hahaha. are you kidding ? i hardly know you Tess.

Tess : Hahah, i swear i will pass you the money by hook or by crook, but we really need to settle this asap. Can help first ? I owe you one.

I like people to owe me favours, this way it gives me more chance to manipulate them when the time arises.

Wilbert : errr, what's in it for me ? haha.

I'm not trying to be sleazy or anything, still maintaining a professional stance

Wilbert :Will subsequent invoices be cleared on time ? haha. It won;t look good on me if you all are always late.

Tess : We try our best lah. Can help ? please......

I kept quiet for a few seconds, hoping she would throw in more in my favour.

3 seconds before i 'Hmmmmmm'

Cutting me off straight

Tess : Don;t hmmm lah, i buy you dinner tonight.

Yeap, dinner is what i have in mind.

Wilbert : haha, really ar ? i'm quite a big eater you know.

Tess: Haha, you come down to my place here lah, my staff can cook buffet for you.

WIlbert: cheyy, i don;t want the catering style one.

Wilbert : Ok, Jokes aside, i'll pay upfront first and resume the delivery. but Please. one time only ar .

Tess : thank you thank you, wahh. Owe you one big favour. Dinner at Ya kun later ? haha

Wilbert : Thank you, you are very generous. haha

Tess : See you later at 8? Same place hougang ?

Wilbert : Sure.

Settling Tess's account is just a simple phone call, not much effort on my side. Suddenly i have pretty high morale, knowing that i am meeting her for dinner. Manage to finish up my work for the day pretty fast. My mind kept thinking about Tess, thinking about her smooth silky skin, her radiant smile and her outgoing character.

I reach Ya kun on time ordering myself a cup o coffee, barely 5 minutes later, Tess arrived. She look even better today.

She has on a simple grey singlet with a black cardigan draped over her shoulders. Her hair is tied up today. My eyes had a little treat of her legs as she is wearing a denim skirt, not too short, around an inch above her kneecaps.

The first thing she did was pass me a thick envelope as ask me to count and checked them. I wanted to, but not in the middle of the coffee joint. I just took it and placed it in my bag, saying i trust her.

Another smile.

We chatted over kaya toast and eggs and several cups of coffee. She opened up a little more and sort of revealed her frustration of trying to manage the business. So many things to do but Jack can hardly help as he is just as busy. Jack is standing in as the delivery guy as the one they hired went MIA.

Time flew by when we were chatting, 10pm arrived sooner than i wanted but i have found out so much more about Tess that i felt it was a good step forward. I have added her on facebook through my phone, she mentioned Jack is not a social media person, so she is the one who is the main contact if any of their common friends wants to reach them.

I offered to send Tess back and she readily agreed after a quick glance at her watch.

The entire evening, the most vital piece of information i am after came just before i dropped Tess off at Bedok.

Tess : Sigh, got more suppliers to deal with tomorrow ..

Wilbert : You mean more cashflow issues...?

Tess : Yah, but see, i'm so nice right. i pay you first.. haha

Wilbert :haha, because we are one of the main supplier hahaha.

Tess : Yah , still got **** , *******, ******* ,** ** . Headache.

The names she rattled off are edged into my mind as they are both competitors and business aquaintance i've gotten to know of over the years. We see each other on trade fairs and always made it a point to mingle and network should opportinities arises.

I am on rather close terms with 2 of the companies.

TIme to make my move.

Then next morning, i dialed T*** looking for their sales manager, David. He was surprised to hear from me, pleasantries were exchange and i dismissed his suggestion of crossing over although i am flattered. I broached the subject of Tess's company to him, asking casually how's their payment frequency like. He mentioned they have yet to receive a single payment since they started supplying, but since their payment terms is 30 days, Tess and jack still has some time. His accounts has been calling almost everyday to remind them.

I briefly mentioned that i'm calling also partly because of payment issues,and that the company in question did mention that they are on good financial terms with our suppliers , T*** included. Just want to verify

It was a blatant lie.

I kinda hinted that Jack and Tess might be in trouble very subtly and that i will be hounding them hard and fast for payment. This is enough for David to quickly to scramble into action even though the sum they owe him is not large, around 4000.

I repeated this with another company.

And i did this for the other that i'm not really close with as well, just to network at the same time.

ANd then i waited....


I kept in touch with Tess over various platform. Whatsapp, facebook, and msn.

Not really long chat, just casual. We do click well i must say. although we never met during the next week or so but we were in touch almost every day. The deliveries from me to Tess increased substantially as my guess is other companies have stopped theirs and she is left with no choice.

I marked up some of the unit prices by a little, chalking up Tess's account bit by bit, day by day.

by the 9th day after i poisoned the other company, her outstanding account with my company is around $8000.

I got my accounts to do the dirty job.

The day i picked was friday. 7th december. It was also Tess's birthday.

It didn;t take long before my phone rang. I let it vibrate, picking up only after 3 miss call

Wilbert : Hello ?

Tess : Wilbert, i'm getting a heart attack already. why you give me this kind of present for my birthday.

Wilbert : huh ? what are you taking about ?

Tess : The invoice lar, not month end yet.

Wilbert : I didn;t issue any leh, what happened ?

Tess: your accounts called. say have to settle before they deliver again. what happened ?

Wilbert : weird, let me find out first, i call you back.

Tess : Ok, please help ok. owe you big favour.

Wilbert :You owe me a lot of favours liao. ahaha

Tess : hahaha, i will return them.

I waited 30 minutes before calling back.

Wilbert : Tess .. got a bad news.

Tess : Not on my birthday lah....

Wilbert : How come you suddenly order so much more items ? already 8k outstanding already ?

Tess : Ermmm... i support you mah. give you business. can help to push back or not.

Wilbert : This is beyond me , my company policy is we always need to clear the account when it goes beyond 6k

Tess : But like that......

Wilbert : I know it;s the beginning of the month but we doing small business also, also need the cashflow.

Tess : erm..... anyway to ....

Wilbert : don;t tell me you want me to pay upfront again ar ? not small sum leh...

Tess : Sigh......

I could tell she is stressed out, don;t want her to break down and i changed the subject.

Wilbert : So what is Jack doing for your birthday tonight ?

Tess : Got so much outstanding issues, where got mood to celebrate....... he's busy today, got new machinery comming in for his laundry shop.

Wilbert : Don;t tell me you spending birthday in the office ?

Tess : Yah, got things to do, then you come and drop this bomb on my lap.

Wilbert : Not i drop one ok, i didn;t know you chalked up so much suddenly.

Tess : Can help to push back or not ?

Wilbert : I see what i can do lah, but no promises. Cheer up, i buy you dinner for your birthday ?

Tess : haha, yah right, you scare i run away without paying right ?

Wilbert : haha, no lah. i'll see what i can do. don;t worry.

Tess : Haizzz. do business is hard man.

WIlbert : Cheer up, i got a team dinner and drinks this evening, join us ?

Tess : huh ....

i quickly injected this to tempt her even more

Wilbert : my accounts and finance girl will be there also, you all girls can click click a bit. next time who knows. things easier to say mah.

Tess : haha, really ar ? paiseh lah. i not from your company.

Wilbert : Then how else to settle the money issue ? network a bit lor.

She appeared to consider a little before agreeing.

I did not have any bullshit team dinner and drinks but grabbing a couple of the girls in my office out for dinner is not a problem.

I am considered the 'lust after' guy in my small company of 26. most of the staff are from malaysia , i am not dashing handsome, but i'm the 'nice guy' as termed by my colleagues. SO when i mentioned going of for dinner and drinks with my comanpy's 'SHE' (3 girls from accounts) they readily agree provided is my treat.

I picked one altitude for dinner and drinks.

ANd i smsed Tess the location, asking her to be there by 7.30pm.

I openly told my accounts one of the client joining us later and they teased me whether she is my target. I just smiled.

Tess arrived on time.

She's clad in a simple dark blue dress with heels. I noticed her nails are painted red, something that wasn;t there the last few times we met. Her hair is let down and she looks good.

I shall not dwell too much into the conversations of that evening just that i really enjoyed myself. The bill came up to $300.

A small price to pay and i went crazy with my phone, trying snap as many pictures of Tess as possible without appearing too obvious.

This picture doesn;t really compliment her figure but it;s the closest to an upskirt i manage to get.

We did not take about money the whole evening, it's like a friend's night out. My reward came while waiting for Jack to pick her up at Raffles place.

Tess : Thanks for the treat, your accounts girls quite happening leh. haha

Wilbert : haha is it ?

She briefly mentioned that their cash flow problem is getting worst and that they are quarreling pretty often while waiting for Jack. I waited for her to broach the subject of money but guess she didn;t want to think about it on her birthday.

Tess : Thank you for the birthday cake. It;s been a while since i came out and relax.

Wilbert :No problem. I haven give you your birthday present yet.

Tess : haha, don;t need lah, you already treated for the dinner and drinks.

Wilbert : No way, cannot allow the birthday girl to go back without a present.

Tess : haha, really don;t need lah.

I waited for a moment before telling Tess that i manage to push the invoice back another week.

Her reaction is strong and her eyes widen and she sort of jumped a little and came forward to give me a hug. Pressing her breast onto my body, shrieking like a banshee.

Her repeated 'thank you' drew the looks of the few passerbys that are still loitering around raffles place at 2 in the morning.

The reaction in my pants was almost immediate as i inhaled Tess's fragrance up close. Her silky smooth hair brushed against my face as she clinged on to me behaving like a small child when her parent agreed to buy her her favourite toy.

My hand went to the small of her back, giving her a gentle stroke, taking in the soft texture of her dress. If only i could lift it off her.

My chance will definitely come.

She retreated and composed herself, apologising for her outburst.

Tess mentioned that thank god i'm helping her on this, if not she is really at her wits end. She jokingly mention that she almost want to sell the business and give it all up but her husband refused. I told her jokingly as well that she cannot sell until she pay my company the outstanding amount, and then i tested the water.

Wilbert :The company is the last thing you can sell ok, must pay first, i don;t care even if you have to sell backside, haha. i want my commission.

I held my breath and waited for her reply

Tess : haha, nobody want to buy lah. i old auntie liao.

Wilbert :what nonsense, i'm sure you can fetch a good price, hmmmm. think should take no longer than a week to clear all your outstanding debts. haha

Didn;t expect Tess to take it the way she did

Tess :hahaha, really ar? i now drawing only 1.5k a month leh. if 1 week can get 8k, can consider. haha

I jokeingly took out my namecard.

WIlbert : I am a very good escort agent btw. haha

Tess accepted my namecard , giggling and slapping me on my biceps.

Tess : Thank you, i will consider this seriously.

Jack arrived within 5 mins and Tess walked towards marketstreet carpark.
I went to grab a cab as i did not drive.


Things weren't so smooth for Tess and Jack.
Within 1 week of her birthday, her outstanding invoice with my company is $11500.

I found out that she has max out with other suppliers, and we are the only one still holding on. She is desperately looking for other sources. Her total outstanding sum for her company in total is roughly 25k after i snoop around a little.

It;s by no means a big amount in business terms , taking a loan can easily solve it.

Time to stress her out again.

I called Tess after her order for the next few days came in. Totalling it all up, it works out to 13k including those she owed.

Wilbert : Hello, TEss ?

Tess : Hi Wilbert.

She sounded weary and tired.

Wilbert : I need to talk to.....

Before i could finish Tess knew it;s about the money.

Tess : Wilbert, i don't know what to say but can i have more time.

Wilbert : Tess, i am also a employee, there's only so much....

Tess : Please Wilbert, i'm on the verge of breakdown already. i really need some time to sort all this out.

Wilbert : Are you ok ? you sounded quite sick.

TEss : sigh, long story, Jack is overseas trying to collect a debt. i'm holding the fort.

Wilbert : ermm, i hate to do this but money is really a problem right now. the outstanding amount is growing fast and large.

Tess : I know, your 'SHE' calling every alternate day to chat with me. ahaha.

Dropping the bomb.

Wilbert : haha, really ar. Then i think you better prepare to take your first customer liao.

Tess : ahaaha, it seems likely the case. Aiyah, nobody will want a oily and sweaty girl sitting in the office the whole day. and i smell of food lor.

Wilbert : haha, really. i'm quite hungry actually.

There was a moment of silence which is too long for my comfort.

Tess : Oei, don;t be crazy ar, trying to be funny is it , hahah

Have to think of a appropriate reply

Wilbert : I am really quite hungry, lunch time already leh. why you think so much ? haha. i think you are the one trying to be funny.

Tess : haha, is it ? haha. i smell food the whole day until i sian liao

Wilbert : haha, any dinner plans tongiht ? i bring you smell other types of food.

Tess : haha, i got no money to treat you hor,

Wilbert : I can treat you, but you must pay me the 13k , haha.

Her tone changed a little, must be getting depressed over the fact that she owes so much.

Tess : Hopefully i can clear it by next week, can help a little ? Jack should be able to collect the debt owe to him

Wilbert : Tess, a bit hard la.

Tess : Haizz, i don;t suppose you got 13k to upfront first for me ? ahahha Kidding lah

Wilbert : haha. are you mad. 13k i have...... but are you willing to pay the price ? haha

She seemed to have caught on to the hint a little and i think i might be pushing too hard.

Tess : Ermm Wilbert, don;t worry lah, i will try to settle it. Give me more time ?

I soften my approach

Wilbert : I'll see what i can do. Lunch with me?

She took a while to consider before agreeing.

Tess : Okay... Where ?

Wilbert : I'll pick you up.

I spent a good 15 mins and called the other companies that she owed money to. Telling them that Tess has been piling up her orders with us, and we are a little worried, dropping more hints that they should go harder on their debt recovery.


By the time i picked Tess up at 1.30pm , she look quite tired and stressed out.

Along the way to lunch, she unloaded her complains and i played the role of a good listerning ear.

My eyes stole glances at her simple dressing of light blue spag top and simple black capris. How different she looks everytime i see her.

We had lunch at a japanese restaurant followed by desserts. I chatted with her on various topics, from holidays to school back in the old days,anything but the money. i wanted her to relax.

At times Tess appeared a little uneasy, must be worried sick being in debt. Her phone rang often, but she always took a look and ignored them

Tess : See, i only pick up your call ok, the other supplier i bochuo. ahhaa

Wilbert : haha, is it ? so good to me ar ?

Tess : haha, ya lor, so must help me on the invoice part ok.

Wilbert : We really need to talk about that.

I told her how bad the accounts look and that my boss was quite concerned,and things are really quite bad now. There is a limit to how much i can help.

Tess was listerning intently and i saw her biting her lips as i laid out the whole scenario.

She was confident that Jack would return with the money by monday evening and they can clear all their debts.

I told her matter of factly that i only have her word for this and it;s quite hard to help her as well.

Leaving her some time to let all this sink in i excused myself to the washroom. asking for the bill to be delivered to my table. I wanted to stress Tess about money.

Nothing better than to present with with a simple lunch bill.

I hid from a corner, pretending to be on the phone as i watch the waitress deliver the bill over.

Tess appeared a little shock, she look through the items and took a couple of seconds to tell the waitress to wait for my return.

I went back to see the black folder on my side of the table

Tess : Can you treat ? hahah. i really quite tight these days.

Wilbert :haha, what tight are you talking about ?

She gave me a kick on the leg as i took out my wallet.

Just nice my phone rang and i answered, i took out 8 pieces of 10 dollar bills and passed them to her as i excused myself to take the call.

Returning a moment later, Tess asked,

Tess : Oei, what is the meaning of this.? haha, why you give me money like that then walk away, very ugly leh if i take . haha

Wilbert : haha, i got to asnwer a call mah, thought you will help me pay.

I teased her more on this, i wanted her to pay. TO pay with the money i gave her.
I wanted her to feel the relieve that money delivers.

I took a picture of her holding up the money, teasing her that this is her pay for working as a maid at my place.

She laughed it off

She help me pay the bill, giving me back the change of $2.

Tess :Thanks for lunch yah, i really got to get back.

Leaving the restaurant, Tess bumped into one of her school mates that they lost contact for a long time. I waited at the corner while they chatted, exchanging contacts. Her classmates asked if i'm her husband, looking at me shyly saying i quite good looking.

Tess blushed and brushed her off, saying i'm her supplier, meeting for business lunch.

I help them take a picture with Tess's phone.

I am holding both out phones together as i took the picture while the girls catchup
with that, i easily switched our phones.

Iphone all look the same without covers.

I have been observing her phone, no phone lock, no wallpaper.
Passing mine to her and watching her drop into her bag without checking, i slipped her phone into my pocket.

I excuse myself to the toilet again .

Rushing straight to my car as fast as i could, i powerup my laptop which is on sleep mode. Plugging in Tess's phone, i copied her pictures, her contacts, her songs and whatever information i could.

I took a little longer than i expected and was perspiring a little when i got back.

Tess : Eh, was about to call you. you give me the wrong phone lah.

Wilbert : Is it ? let me see.

I pretended to look at the one in my pocket and apologised while we switched. We said bye to her friend , and we parted ways.

My heart is still beating very fast from the stunt i just pulled.

Tess did not suspect anything.


The rest of the friday pass quickly as by the time i got back it;s already coming to 4.30.

I cleared my work, packing to leave office at around 7pm.

I decide to call Tess and try my luck for dinner.

Wilbert : Hello .... busy ar?

Tess : Yah... got a lot of backlog from this afternoon to clear.

Wilbert : So you blaming me for it is it ? hha

Tess : haha, of course not. How is the situation ? can help on your side.

Her husband is not around this weekend. It;s either now or never. Dropping the bomb on her again might mean the end of the game if it falls through.

Wilbert : About that ar... i got some bad news.

Tess : Don;t do this to me lah Wilbert..... my heart can;t take it.

Wilbert : My boss is quite firm on this. Today's delivery is the last. sat and sun i can;t help you anymore.

There was a moment of silence as she was probably pondering what her next step would be.

Tess : Sigh... Wilbert, Monday can ? i promise by monday evening. Jack smsed me just now saying everything going smoothly. I can give a cheque on monday.

Wilbert : Tess, i really wish i could. Don;t talk about this lah, why not take a break this weekend since no supplies.

Tess : We already accepted orders. This is madness, i can;t take this anymore...

Wilbert : calm down Tess, don;t get me wrong, i also don;t want to be the person delivering this bad news but business is business.

I can hear another sigh on the other end of the line and more shuffling of paper.

Tess : Wilbert, i can;t talk right now. i need some time to sort this out.

Wilbert : Was thinking of asking you out for dinner....

Tess : Wilbert, ermm....

Wilbert : yah ?

Tess : I don;t think it's

seems like my plan is falling through. I'll probably need to salvage it before it;s game over.

Tess : I am really thankful that you are helping us but ....

It took a while to come out but she eventually managed to get the statement out

Tess : but i'm getting a little uncomfortable with the attention you are giving me.

Tess : I don;t think is very nice for me to....

Wilbert : Tess , since you brought it up, i can be frank with you also. Yes i do not deny i enjoy your company, i also know your hesitation.

There was more silence on the phone and i decided to leave it at that.

Wilbert : I probably shouldn;t disturb you. You have to sort of the accounts ok. i can help for saturday's delivery, that the max. i don;t think sunday and monday morning i can do anything. it's already eating into my accounts.

Tess : Wilbert, thanks. gimme some more time ok. i'll try to sort it out.

I went home and showered, intending to surf through the information i copied from her iphone, perhaps masturbate to her picture or something.

I received an sms from Tess at about 9pm.

" can help me settle till monday"

I did not reply

The next one came at 9.30pm

" i promise Jack will issue a cheque on monday evening "

I was scrolling though Tess's pictures, enjoying myself when the call came.

Tess : Wilbert

Wilbert : Hey Tess.

Tess : you saw my messages ?

Wilbert : i just came back from a run, no what's up?

Tess : i need until monday evening. can help ?

Wilbert : Tess, we have been through this many times already.

Tess : I understand.. but...

Wilbert :I really can;t do much.

Tess : sigh, other suppliers are also chasing, seems like everything came at once.

Tess : Do you think you can give a loan or something ? haha

Wilbert : haha, i wish i could.. it;s a big amount. don;t talk about this lah, you had dinner already ?

Tess : i got no mood to eat.

Tess : i need a saviour to lend me 17k right now. hahaha

Wilbert : how come so much ?

Tess : other suppliers included. sigh..think really have to sell backside liao. .. haha

Wilbert : really ar? i'll buy lor. haha

Tess : Wilbert.... seriously. jokes aside.... Give give me until monday evening.?

I was still considering my reply when Tess said

Tess : Or can you give me a loan for 17k ?

Wilbert : Tess, it;s ...

Tess : yah i know.... sighh..

Wilbert : Tess, it;s 17k, no guarantor, no nothing, loan shark also hard to lend lah. haha.

She was quiet again before replying..

Tess : Can i be the guarantor ?

I spent a few seconds trying to decipher her meaning.... will not be nice if i misinterpret.

Tess : I meant... if i... nvm.. forget it. just joking...

I decide to strike while the iron is hot.

Wilbert : Tess, i really like you. and i would like to help.

Tess : okay.. how much can you .....

Wilbert : Spend the weekend with me ?

There was a long moment of silence before Tess finally replied.

My heart was thumping fast as it;s make or break.

Tess : It's not right Wilbert, i thought you are a nice guy.

I hestitated before replying.

Wilbert :Tess, you are married, if i had stood a chance i would have helped you all the way.

Wilbert : i got to go, meeting some friends. You consider about it.

I hanged up.... Sometimes we have to be the bad guy.

At 12 midnight. i saw this on my screen
Message from Tess

"pick me up at 2pm tomorrow ? "

It came with a big smiley face......
I too smiled....


I didn't plan much for the next day as i prefer to take things as they come. i picked Tess up as agreed at 2.30pm at her office.

She is dressed simply in a dark grey long sleeve top with a simple white skirt with lace trimmings. She look cute but her face seemed a little pale, must be because of the stress lately.

Tess : Hey hi.

She entered the car, backside first, before lifting both legs one after the other niftly into the vehicle. Her bag went ontop of her thighs to cover her modesty. Not that there will be much left after i'm done with her.

Wilbert : Hi.

I droved off, with no directions in mind, unknowingly i head towards town to one of my frequent coffee joints. No names as i know the staff there.

The journey was a little awkward for us. Not much conversation as Tess finally see me for the person i am but not that i really cared much. I just want to fuck her.

Not fall in love with her.

I have been lusting for her since we first met. Since the pleasant veil has been lifted, no need to act like a gentlemen.

Tess : Ermm.. the deliveries and invoice ?

Wilbert : I sorted them out already. Ah Seng will take care of it.

Tess : Ok, thankyou.

Wilbert : are you ok ?

Tess :yah.

She seemed shy and a little shaken, unaware of where i'm heading, she probably thinks i'm bringing her straight to a hotel.

But i'm not

Who said anything about the comforts of a hotel.

I can tell Tess is a little distressed and on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Stopping at a traffic light, i passed her an envelope for 4k.

She opened and gave me a puzzled stare.

Wilbert : My loan to you, i'll take care of the 13k for my company, the other 4k for the other company i'll loan you first.

She was silent for a while before replying

Tess :Thanks. i will return you next week.

Tess was not her usual jovial self, and that bothered me a little.
i wanted to fuck a jovial happy girl, not a moody girl on the verge of a breakdown.

Wilbert : Can you cheer up a little ? problem solved already right...

Tess smiled and nodded her head.

I know she is afraid and scared.

Wilbert : Don't worry, i'm not selling you away.

Tess :haha, nobody want to buy also la.

Wilbert :don;t say that, i did.

Tess turned away again, staring out the window.

her shy demure behaviour made me even more horny.

I might not be able to wait till the evening to fuck her.

I parked in the basement carpark of the building where the coffee joint is, somewhere near conrad.

I waited for Tess to exit the car and i walked over to her side, sliding my hand across her waist and pulling her close, i felt her shiver a little and considered her proper reaction. She obediently stayed where she is.

No eye contact from Tess as we walked towards the lift lobby.

But i am not heading towards the lift lobby.
It;s the staircase i am heading for.

Tess was a little taken aback as she saw the flight of stairs as i let her up the first flight. The sound of her heels echoed loudly within the confined space.

Stopping at a landing and checking the coast is clear, i turned Tess towards me.

I backed her slowly to the wall as both my hands went down to her waist.

Still no eye contact from Tess, she looked down and away, avoiding me.

I lifted her chin up and brushed back her hair, she is still gazing away from me, i am guessing a combination of hate and helplessness is overwhelming her.

I lean forward for a kiss on her cheek. Tess closed her eyes.

I lost my patience.

Wilbert : This is not what i wanted Tess. Not like this...

Tess : I'm sorry but...

Wilbert : We can always call this off...

Tess : sorry, no wait..

I stared at Tess , waiting for her to decide. I can tell the anguish , the fear and the confusion she is facing. I can almost smell her tears and her helplessness.

Tess took a deep breath and looked me in the eye.

Tess : Okay.....

Her hands reached for my waist, and i moved closer to Tess.

I kissed her forehead, moving down to her thick luscious lips....
And our tongues entwined as my groin pushed her pelvis against the wall, in the middle of a empty staircase well in town.

I tasted Tess for a long time, i sucked her saliva, swallowing mouthfuls of them, feeling my erection pushing against my pants at the same time. I made Tess swallowed my saliva as well.

My hand went under her grey top, rising slowly to reach for her breast, massaging them slowly, feeling the smooth material of her bra.

I adjusted my position, lifting up Tess's skirt to reveal a pair of plain white panty.
Stroking her privates and kissing her at the same time, i felt the wetness of her natural lub starting to soak through her underwear.

I continued my stroking, getting her wet. There are moments of sudden gush, and the soft moans coming from Tess acknowledges her approval at my stroking skills.

Her underwear is pretty soaked, especially the portion around her privates, i used my finger and pushed a little into her vagina and i felt her grip tighten on my shirt.

It's stuffy in the stairwell and we were both perspiring.

I slid down Tess's underwear, she lifted her left leg first, follow by the right, allowing me to remove it completely.I kissed Tess again.

Signalling for Tess to bent over with her hand towards the wall, i unzipped myself, preparing to enter..

Tess : No wait.... condoms..

Wilbert : I left them in the car...

Tess : Please... we can;t. have to wear them...

That turned my mood off a little as i help Tess up straight. Keeping her underwear in my pocket, i signaled for her to straighten up and adjust her hair.

We exited the stairwell, both perspiring, me with a erection bursting out of my pants, Tess without her underwear and totally wet beneath.

Tess :Can i have it back....

She did not look at me in the eye even though i'm holding on to her waist beside me

Wilbert : No. Let's go for lunch and coffee.

She did dare to disagree.

My hand went to the top for her skirt, it;s a little elastic. I pulled it up another inch, shortening her skirt, exposing more of her legs. Tess's hand tried to stop me but i shook my head.

Her helplessness couldn't have turned me on more. Covering the top of her skirt with the grey top, we entered the lift lobby and into the company 2 guys chatting.

Their conversation stopped and their eyes drifted to Tess.

I never felt so proud in my life.


Entering the coffee joint, Tess is obviously uncomfortable, firstly without her underwear and i purposely chose a seat in the middle of the cafe.

I asked her to settled down while i said hi to the cafe owner, catchup up a little as i felt his gaze drift pass me to Tess.

Giving me the thumbs up, he went back to his work.

Tess seemed moody and listless the entire time despite me trying to talk to her.
She did try to make an effort but i could tell she is disgusted by me and that she secretly hope for this to be over soon.

All this turned me on even more.

I took a few pictures of her sipping her drink, but there was no smile, no emotions. And i didn;t like it at all ..

Wilbert :Tess, i donno what to say but i would really like to see you smile. I;ve got like 20 pictures of you here and non of them are smiling.

Tess : ermm... okay...

She tried really hard to look happy.

How could she.

how could a girl who is forced to spend a weekend with another guy smile wholeheartedly.

That is non of my problem. it's hers.

Wilbert : Smile like you did when we first met....

She did.

And i felt my erection stir again. Can;t wait to feel her mouth on me. The thick and pouty lips... The moist mouth which i kissed earlier on.

I manage to capture 2 out of 27 pictures that has her smile. Something i would gladly add to my collection.

Finishing our drink and some food, i decided it's time to do the deed. no point dragging it longer than necessary.

Wilbert : Let's go your place.

Tess : Huh ? what ?

Wilbert : I meant let's go over to your place.

I gave a some time for the news to sink in.

Tess : can't we go to a hotel or somethign ?

I shooked my head and finish up my drink. I retrieved her underwear from my pocket and wiped my mouth to Tess's look of shock and horror.

nobody around me noticed and Tess quickly took it from me and stuff it inside her bag.

Tess: Okay okay, let's go.

Off to Tess's house.


Walking towards the car, i could see that Tess had pulled down her skirt a little, covering more of her modesty. She walked a little distance away from me, apparently terrified of the monster i have become.

Getting into the car, she checked her phone before adjusting her hair in the side mirror as i drove off.

I sent her back before, so i know it's a less than 20 min journey to her place in Bedok.
20 mins i will be able to have her.

We remained quiet throughout the whole journey, i could feel her anxiety and her fear. I too felt butterflies in my stomach, the thought of getting Tess against her will, the thought of controlling events that is happening to lead to this day arouse me even more.

I felt like god.

What bothers me is whether after today, will i still be able to fuck her as i wished.

Turning into the carpark of her place in bedok, i saw Tess took another deep breath. No doubt wishing for this to be over soon. Being an open air carpark, Tess hestitated for a while as she slowly exited the car, checking around for familiar faces.

I deliberately parked a distance away from her block. No, not because i am helping her avoid prying eyes.

Holding her left hand with our fingers crisscrossing, i felt the cold touch of her wedding ring and her commitment to Jack. I gently nudge her as i walked towards the row of provision shops under her block.

Tess :WIlbert ~ , why are you doing this ?

She reluctantly followed, reading my intention to parade my throphy along the shops.

Shops she shopped at frequently, people she knows and greet in the morning.

Wilbert : I wanted to feel how my life would be like if we are together.

Tess : Wilbert please, can we just go up to my place and stop all this. please.

Tess : I promise i will be good, don't do all this additional things can ?

I considered before replying.

Wilbert : But i only get to have you this weekend. Once it;s over it's over.... unless we can maintain this relationship.

Tess : NO!, we agreed it;s only for this weekend. We can;t.

WIlbert : Then let's go shopping.

Tess stopped in her track, pleading with me to go the other direction.

Tess : Please Wilbert, i'll do anything you say. Don;t do this do me.

I could see she is on the brink of tears and i felt my erection stir again.

I soften a little and followed her towards the lift lobby of her block, bypassing the neighbourhood shops.


My eyes were scanning around furiously for a 17 year old boy
Finally i saw him gave a quick nod of his head as he shook his SLR some 30m away.

$300 well spent.

Once inside the lift, TEss was rummaging through her bag for her house keys. It's fitted with one of those heart shape couple keychain. I expect it to form a complete piece with the one Jack is using

REaching her floor, Tess walked quickly to open the unit of her 3room flat. Her love nest she built with her husband. Her nest i am about to invade.

Tess breathe a sigh of relieve once we were inside the flat and after she lock and bolt the door.

Wilbert : You said you will do anything i say right, don;t regret.

I gave a really sly smile as i said this and Tess nodded her head in defeat.

Tess :You/...... want a drink or something ?

Shaking my head, i reached for Tess and she waled willingly into my embrace.

We frenched in the living room, my hands roaming her tight body. I pulled her over to the sofa and she settled down with a 'plomp'.

The impact cause her to gave a little 'yelp' and i saw the rise of her skirt flair up for a moment .

Not giving Tess a chance to settle down properly, i grabbed both her ankles, lifting them high up as she sink further into the sofa. Placing her legs on my shoulders as i knelt down, i went towards her vagina. Taking in the scent of sweat and her natural juices.

I made eye contact with Tess and she looked away.

My tongue reached for her clit, hooking up to give it a flick and Tess reacted with a shiver.

I flick it again several times and Tess drew in her breath as her hands reached for the sofa.

I continued my licking and sucking. I slide my tongue along the entire length of her love hole, ending at the top of her clit. I repeated this motion as i felt Tess tense up with each stroke.

I eagerly drank every drop of her juices. So sweet, so heavenly. And i was rewarded with more secretion with each stroke made with my tongue.

Tess is fighting to hold back her moans. It's really obvious.

She did not want to moan for a fucker who forced her into this.
She alternated between biting down on her lips and taking in controlled breaths.

I take in all this with pleasure, knowing that she is caught in between enjoying herself with someone she no doubt hates.

I continued my hard work, giving Tess the full extend of my tongue. I haven even inserted myself yet and she is already melting.

Tess's legs kept sliding off my shoulder as she tries to adjust her self.

I increase my licking and sucking speed at her clit and was rewarded with an escaped moan from Tess.

It's an erotic sound. A sound which made me turn more into the animal i have become.
A sound Tess has been suppressing for so long. From the 1st escaped moan, came the 2nd. And the 3rd.

I stopped what i was doing and looked a Tess, beads o perspiration on her head, hair out of place.

Wilbert : Do you like it ?

She just stared blankly at me.

Wilbert : Do you like it or not ?

Tess nodded shyly and looked down.

Wilbert : Did jack do this for you ?

A slight shake of her head, refusing eye contact.

Wilbert : Moan for me Tess. I want to hear you moan.

She pointed to the aircon remote on the table behind me.

Tess: Let me close the windows and on the aircon.

I released her for a moment as i watch Tess closed the window and on the air con, not just for the living room, the guest room as well and the last of all, the masterbedroom.


Tess obediently returned to the sofa, raising one of her legs, but i waved it down.

Wilbert :my turn.

Tess understood and sat up straight while i stood.
She helped me unbuckle my belt and slid down my pants.

My boxers came off straight after and my manhood was exposed.

Tess hestitated for a moment before looking at me in the eye again.

Tess : You....

Yes, i may be a fucker but i am also particular with hygiene. I went for a full wax in the morning before picking Tess up. I made it a point to be smooth and clean.

I do not have a monster dick, nor am i well endowned with some super tool but good enough to pleasure the girls definitely.

At full erection i measure only 6.5inch from base to tip, i made up for the shortness in legth with the girth i have. It's thick with a diameter around 1in3/4 . Almost a fat dick.

Tess : You shaved one ar ?

Wilbert : I waxed.... specially for you...

She nodded and took me into her mouth .

It was arousing for me not because of the BJ i am getting from my client's wife, but the fact that i see Tess trying to find a position to blow me properly. She has difficulity taking everything in.

But i could tell she did her best and with that i am satisfied.

Enjoying the gentle bobbing of her head, i gently carassed her hair and asked.

Wilbert : Is Jack as big as me ?

Tess stopped for a moment and shook her head before continuing her BJ.

It seems Tess is enjoying herself but the thrill of a BJ soon wear out for me.

I want to do something else.

Stopping Tess, i withdrew myself as i surveyed the house. Leading her by the hand to the guest room, i saw hanging racks of clothes and cabinets.

Tess : I use this as a walk in wardrobe.

Wilbert : That's a lot of clothes.

Tess stood shyly at a corner as i peer through the racks, opened a couple of drawers.

A large plastic covered sheet hanging in a corner caught my attention.
I lifted it to see a wedding gown.

I turned to Tess.

Tess : Wilbert please, that was my wedding gown. It's a keepsake.

Wilbert :Can i see you in it ?

Tess : Please Wilbert.

Almost with tears in her eyes.

I flick through some other clothes, i saw her old school uniforms but i'm not interested.
I couldn;t find anything else that interest me and i went back to the first rack and took out the wedding gown.

Wilbert : Come , i help you put it on.

Tess apparently angry snatched it away and began removing the plastic.

I saw Tess lifted off her top and slid off her skirt. See her semi naked got me excited again.

She slipped into her wedding gown, trying to adjust, i gave her a hand.
Now that i manage to see the gown in it;s full glory, i realise it;s a 2 piece gown, and inner and outer layer to give it depth.

Wilbert : don;t wear the inner one. Just the gown will do.

Tess flinged the inner piece onto the floor and removed her bra.

Seeing her breast bounced out i shivered in excitement, even more when the gown covered it up again when she put it on.

Brushing aside some of the clothes piled onto a small red sofa in the corner, i motioned for her to sit.

Wilbert : Tie up your hair into a bun can ?

She oblidged.

I went to take my phone from the living room.

Tess : No Wilbert, this is too much.

Tess : Don;t take pictures.

I ignored her and took one shot as she turned her head away.
I snapped off a few more before showing it to Tess .

Wilbert : No face. don;t worry. i can masturbate to these next time.

No words can describe the look if disgust on Tess face.

Wilbert : Here, come.

I led her up and selected a pair of heels and she slipped them on.

Let's go into your room.


I could feel the throbbing in my dick as i walked into Tess's masterbed room .
I removed my top and i'm now totally naked.

I felt i have already waited long enough to do this.

Wilbert : Bent over and get on the bed. Keep your heels on.

Tess crawled onto her bed on her knees, getting into the woman pushup position.

Lifting up all the layers and ruffles of her gown my hands felt the baby smooth skin of her ass waiting for me.

My hands carassed her inner thighs, coming into contact with wet patches and spots all over. She must have been wetting herself for a while.

Wilbert : When was the last time you have sex with Jack?

Tess : Wilbert....

Wilbert : Just a harmless question..

Tess : about 3 weeks ago... more or less.

I stroke Tess's love hole entry with my throbbing dick. Wetting the tip of my dick.I could feel the subtle movements of TEss, small movements of reversing, as f she wanted me in her.

I continued my teasing and soon she started to flow like a tap again, with sproadic weak squirts of her love juice.

I balanced myself properly as i pushed in gently.

The lips of her vagina parted, enveloping my penis head and i heard Tess gave out a long supressed moan.

I pushed in a little more and i felt Tess reversed herself towards me, urging me on. I wanted her to release her inner slut.

I pulled myself out totally.

Tess : Oh god Wilbert. ...

WIlbert : I know you want it... but just that you hated me so much to say so...

She kept quiet but reversed herself towards me again. My hands stopped her.

Wilbert : I want to hear you say it.

Wilbert : Say what you think i want to hear..

Tess is slowly but sure;y losing the fight in her as she struggles with herself.
Finally she gave up.

Wilbert :Fuck you wilbert. i hope you go to hell...

I smiled as i heard her curse me.

Tess : You are a fucking bastard for doing this. What more do you want ?

Wilbert : Let it all out Tess. i know you hate me...

I heard her stifle a sob and decides it;s time.

I ram myself in fast and hard, earning a loud gasp from Tess.

Grabbing on to both her ankles, i let the layers of ruffled gown fall onto my pelvis as i fuck Tess on her matrimonial bed in what seemed like the wheelbarrow position.

Tess is sobbing opening as i can hear her holding back her mucus and wiping back her tears.

I felt aroused as i see Tess helpless and at my mercy.

Increasing my thrusting i closed my eyes, imagining Tess to be my wife and the pleasures i would have been entitled to.

Suddenly Tess tried to pull herself away from me.

Tess : Wilbert , the condom... you didn;t put it on.

Of course i am aware..

I slowed down my thrust a little, still maintaining a moving motion.

Wilbert : i'll put it on when i'm coming.

Tess :No, please. Wilbert, put it on....

I removed myself and turned Tess over onto her back. Going onto missionary, she pleaded again.

Tess : Please, wear it. i have some in the drawer. i can reach it. please.

Holding her hands down above her head. i entered Tess again.

Tess : Please Wilbert.....

I thrusted harder and faster. Part of me wanted to end it inside her but another part i felt i should be a little responsible.

Out of nowhere i heard a moan from Tess.

The moaning picked up a little as i turned her to the side, fucking her from behind, lfting one of her legs up.

Tess : Urrhhhhhhh Wilbert.... Oh fuckk....

I must be hitting the spot which she like. Not letting down a bit i continued even though it's strainng my back and my arms .

Tess gave a loud gasp out of nowhere and reach back to grab me, slapping me in the face and grabbing my hair. Holding her down i fuck her harder andletting her left leg slide down ontop of my left, my hand went for her clit. Stroking and fucking her at the same time.

Tess gave a loud moan and jerk so hard she pushed me out of her. Spreading her open again on her back i went in and ram her harder again as she moan uncontrollably, grabbing her bedsheet for a few seconds before she tried to push me away.

Tess : Wilbert stop !...

I refused.

Tess right hand swang back and gave me a slap so hard across my right cheek that my ears rang from the impact.

Holding her down i tried to kiss her but Tess resisted, trying to scratch me with her nails. Her legs trashed wildly as i tried to pin her down.

Tess : Wilbert please, stop for a while.

I am getting really excited seeing Tess resist............


I got up and out of Tess's masterbed room and went over to the guest room to retrieve something i saw earlier. Belts. Quite a few of them

Tess saw me come in and retreated further back into her bed.

Tess : No Wilbert sorry, please don't.. don;t need for this.

Tess : Please....

Ignoring her fight , i overpowered her, tying her hands up behind her.

Tess : Wilbert please don;t...

I could see the tears in her eyes but it doesn;t soften me a bit.

Spreading Tess apart again, i went in on missionary.

After less than 5 mins, I felt the fight in Tess fade away totally. She just laid there like a rag doll, a dead fish.

If she thought that would turn me off, she;s wrong.

I climax seeing the fight slowly drained away.

I felt myself ready for my orgasm.

Kissing Tess on her forehead, i drove in the final few thrust, moaning as i came into Tess. I emptied myself totally.

Feeling spent and tired, i collasped onto Tess, catching my breath.

Removing myself after a while i saw Tess's swollen eyes with tears sill rolling down, i grabbed a towel from her cupboard and went for a shower.

The time is 7.30pm.

Coming out of the shower, Tess is still lying on the bed, hands bound in the already darken room.

Wilbert : Dinner ?

No reply from her.

Getting dressed, i took her keys and left the place, shouting to her i'll be back in a while.

Grabbing a plate of fried rice the coffeshop near her place, i finished dinner and ordered a beer.

I reached Tess's place at 9.00pm.

Entering the cold house, Tess is still lying motionless on the bed.

I turned on the lights, untying Tess.

Wilbert :Why you look so sad ?

I helped her to her feet and removed her gown, leaving her totally naked.

Stripping myself, i went for tess again.

It wasn;t that satisfying this time round, Tess isn;t as wet.

I shot my second round inside Tess, wiping the remaining bits on her breast.

I left Tess in the room as i switched don the TV and help myself to the snacks in her fridge.

At 1am. I entered Tess's room again. Her eyes were close despite the room lights being on. Not sure if she is asleep.

I fuck Tess again, coming for the 3rd time inside her.

Tess's face is drained of all emotions. Worst than a dead fish at this point of time.

Getting Dressed at 2.30am. I wave a goodbye to Tess and left her place, throwing the key back through the opened window despite leaving the aircon on after i locked the house.

No contact with Tess until Monday.
3shots is enough for me.

On monday evening, i received an sms from Tess.

"Cheque is ready"

I replied a simple 'Ya kun ? "

and got a 'ok' in return.

I reached Ya kun at hougang mall to see Tess sitting there already with a cup of coffee.

Passing me a cheque for the amount owned and an envelope for the 4k i lent her. Tess stood up without a word, anxious to get away from me.

Wilbert : Hey. stay for a chat ?

Tess : I got to go.

Wilbert : Wait, i got something for you...

I took out my phone and showed her the pictures of us holding hands and behaving intimately in the carpark of her place and pictures of us entering the lift hand in hand.

Tess gave me a slap in the middle of the shopping mall and the rest of her coffee ended up on my face.

She walked away in a hurry.

I drew the attention of quite a few people as i smiled and laughed to myself.

I waited for a few days before calling Tess.

Wilbert :Hello. i want to meet.

A moment of silence before she replied.

Tess : This has to stop.

Wilbert : It shall stop when i say so.

More silence before her reply

Tess: Where ? ................

I smile triumphly to myself.

Wilbert : Your office.

Arriving at Tess office at 8pm, i turned into the parking lot and another car drove in and block off my back.

The blue flashing light arrived as i saw Tess standing at the main entrance with Jack beside her.

I smiled at Tess and blew her a kiss as i was handcuffed and led away.

I gave one last shout before i was stuffed into the police car.

Wilbert : Tess, I really enjoyed myself....

The end

PS : This was not written by me.
( Links to pictures will be updated soon once they are approved by original writer )

Writer on board

Dear readers, 

I have another writer on board. He use to write in a forum but has since retired, i've got his permission to upload a piece of work that i really liked.

In fact this was the piece which inspired me to start writing.


This writer's tale comes illustrated with pictures. I have permission to reproduce them for the story as well provided the editings met with his approval.

I will upload this amazing piece by bro tw soon.

I'm also trying to convince him to start writing again, hope to get a good piece up for all readers.
Keep the mail coming guys. Share your experiences and hour desires, i need all the ideas i can get to churn out more for your reading pleasure.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Just uploaded my 3rd piece of writing onto the blog.
Hope these pieces can keep you entertained while you are on the move.

Feel free to drop me a mail if you have a story to share.