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A list of FAQs for all readers.

I've received the occasional question and email from the readers of the blog. Here's the compiled list for your reading pleasure.

More rubbish to waste your precious reading time.

Who are you James ? Are you local ?

Yes, I am born in Singapore and i grew up in the small town in the east.

What do you do for a living ? Do you write crap on blog for a living ?

I wish i could but no, i do not write for a living and there isn't a single aspect of my job which requires erotic writing skills.

I'm not exactly in the building and construction industry but you could say i work closely within the creative and building circle.

Where do you get all the sick perverted ideas and scenarios ?

I made them up. I like observing the people around me and sometimes i just let my imagination run wild and see where they take me.

I get inspirations from the suggestions and the ideas readers send to me too.

Have you ever tried any of the stunts you described in your postings ? For example, lacing someone's drink with laxatives.

No. Please refrain from trying out any of the stunts or tricks i described. You never know if any of your intended targets have an allergy to the drugs you intend to use.

It is dangerous and irresponsible, and i do not advise you trying anything funny on your colleagues or your loved ones.

If you have an urge or need an avenue to vent your frustrations, sent me an email. Perhaps i could use whatever sick thoughts you could think of in my next piece of work.

Is James your real name ? Why James ?

James is not my real name. I could not remember why i chose James but since i did it, i decided to live with it.

Why do i need to pay for your crap ebooks ebooks ?

I mentioned earlier that it would be really cold if we were to term this as a business transaction. I write with the intention to share and i still believe strongly in it.

I prefer to see it from a different perspective, you don't buy an ebook from me. You simply buy me a coffee because you enjoyed my works, i merely sent you a copy as a token of gratitude.

Most of my works are available online in various blogs, forums and websites. If you spend some time searching for them, you could probably read everything free.

Why no donate button ?

As much as i would love to, i have no need for a gold tap at home.

I might consider adding a " Buy James a cup of Kopi - O button " at $1 a pop.

Do you make money from selling your crap ebooks ?

I make enough for coffee.

In case you are wondering, i hardly visit any of those branded cafes selling coffee at $5 a pop.

My dollar goes to the old uncle who has been serving the same brew for 30 years.
Support local.

Will you start charging in the future ?

Yes i would want to charge on certain genre of works.
Especially genres of a more sensitive nature, i guess needing a credit card to make a purchase offers an additional barrier to weed out that kid on holiday.

I would want to maintain a balanced proportion on the blog though.

For every book that i decide to sell, there would be another one which is available free.

Do you have others helping you on your blog ?

I have guest writers and regular readers who contribute regularly to my stories.
From scenarios they encountered, to the fantasies they wanted to fufill.

Sometimes i copied entire sex scenes from these contributors.

On certain occasions, they want the characters in a particular name, modelled after a certain individual, i'll just mould the main character accordingly in return for their contributions.

In short, none of these is possible without your emails and suggestions.

If you are reading this, send me something. Anything.

I've received mails with barely 20 words to a full paged mail describing the dark fantasy a reader had.

These are the tremendous help i've received along the way.

Everything and anything can be used.

Go ahead. Write something now.

What's next ?

I would love to continue writing if possible and i'm working on the mini series i mentioned earlier.

Instead of long stories, i wanted to take on shorter works.

Don't worry, i won't write things like ;

I saw a girl, i like her, i had sex and cum .

The end

Can i sell my ebook on your site too ?

I'm sorry. The answer would be no.

Do you accept advertisers ?

I am not writing this for profit, which is why the entire blog is advertisment free. I get pretty decent traffic daily and i'm pretty sure i could earn a couple of dollars here and there.

Then again, there is no way i would want to ruin a reading experience with popups and neon blinking ads that says you won and Iphone.

So the answer is no.

I've decided not to feature any ads in the near future.

I like to write too, can i publish my works here ?

Yes. You may but please understand that i could not possibly publish everything. I would want to vet through the contents to make sure they are acceptable.

A seperate label would be assigned to your works and proper credits given.

Are you worried about minors and teenagers stumbling upon your site ?

I received a mail which was more straightforward.

These are the exact words, i did not change anything;

" You are a fucking sick piece of shit and you are corrupting the minds of the people . You should just close this off and check youself into IMH Do the country a favour and take your shit off the internet "

There are worst things on the internet compared to a blog featuring stories of a erotic nature.

I cannot stop anyone from reading if they choose to.

I shall make it a point to write more love stories , think flowers, spices and everything nice.

Are you married ?

Let's just say i am not available for discreet relationships.

Why must i log in to leave comments ?

It was recently highligted by some readers that you need to log in to leave a comment.
I understand the need for discretion for readers, the last thing you want would be to associated with a erotic blog in your social media space.

I have already disable this , you would be able to leave a comment without logging in.

Please be responsible in what you say. We never know if some kids might stumble upon this site.

Can i commission you to write my story ?

Generally i accept all requests, ideas, and emails. Write me .

I write too, can i add my link on your blog ?

Of course, send me a mail, it'll be good to consolidate links for the ease of reading.
I'm following a couple of blogs too, mostly written by girls.

Too shy to drop them a mail. :p


Will update this page again when more questions come through.

iock out.

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