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Monday, 9 December 2013

Fifteen - Volume 1

I was fifteen when I thought I saw the girl of my dream.

Never in my dreams would I knew back then I would be spending another 15 years being infatuated with this girl.

It felt weird writing this, brings back so much memories from my growing up years.

It took quite a bit of digging in my storeroom for copies of my old diaries. I cannot remember the countless weekends I spent smiling to myself as I tried to picture me back when I was in my teens.

Home was a 3 room flat in bedok off the main street.

I shared a room with my sister who is 2 years my senior. We squabbled and fight like all siblings but as we grow older, things got better and she would eventually give in to me because I’m her little brother.

My sister Cheryl was pretty good in her studies, looks decent and I’ve seen a fair share of suitors with their presents and flowers especially during valentine’s day.

Cheryl underwent a pretty big change when she was in Secondary 4, she just look… different, but still very much my sister. She got taller, breast got fuller and she seemed a little more feminine when she’s not kicking my ass.

She could still put me in a choke hold if she wanted to.

She’s quite a gentle and sweet girl in everyone’s eyes but to me, she’s a bit more stern and rough, probably because my parents hardly bothered with my work and results.

Cheryl pretty much took it upon herself to whip me into shape literally.

I was in the same secondary school with Cheryl, and it’s weird having people coming up to me all friendly and chatty asking if I’m Cheryl’s brother.

From the nerdy top student, to the chao ah beng with pungent stale cigarette smoke, they tried to cosy up with me.

I usually just smile and just found an excuse to get myself away from them.
After all they’re just asking for my phone number.

I’m not exactly good looking, I’m short, a little pudgy, wears a pair of framed specs and i even need to attend some trim and fit club because I’m a tad overweight.

I’m not embarrassed to say I barely had a strand of pubic hair even in secondary 2.

I was a late bloomer.

1998 is a long time ago but I remember that day. The images were still crystal clear. It was in the end of February on the 26th, a Thursday

Cheryl was in the middle of her 3 Month JC induction an I’m fresh in secondary 3


26th Feburary


I was back from school, having finished most of my homework with exception of math, I was getting a little restless. Both my parents were working and I was home alone. The only problem was that I did not know when my sister would be coming back.

Sometimes she skipped lectures, coming back earlier than usual and there was no fixed timing.

I decided to take a risk and powered up the computer in the living room.

My friend just passed me a stash of VCDs he got from Katong shopping centre. In case you are wondering, yes, my puberty finally came in the middle of secondary 2 and I had sort of a growth spurt. I put on weight and I gained some height, but I still think I look damm ugly.

Looks aside, my body had other needs.

I did not need much to turn myself on back then, the mere thought of putting that Jap vcd into the cd rom was enough to send blood rushing to my dick.

As the machine started to work it’s magic, I was about to lay back and enjoy myself when I heard the unmistakable clank of the padlock.

I panicked and I quickly ejected the vcd, stuffing it into my stash bag and I rushed into the room.

Barely moments later I could hear Cheryl calling out to me.

Cheryl : James , where are you ?

I popped my head out of the room and I was about to give an irritated reply but realised that my sister had company.

I was 15, what the hell do I know about love at first sight, I did not know if it was lust too but when I first laid eyes on her, I felt something sparked in my heart.

Standing near the door was another girl, she must be one of Cheryl’s new classmates and she’s in her school uniforms too. Unlike the ugly two tone uniform my sister was wearing, her convent school pinafore seemed so lady like, so sweet.

She smiled and waved and I could feel myself trying to suck in air, forcing my stomach to be smaller.

Cheryl shot pass me into the room to put her bag down and was searching for something in one of the drawers when the girl I was staring at looked around the living room and took a step in.

I did not know why but my eyes drifted to her legs. I always thought men would look at breast, my friends and classmates always discussed about which girl had the largest breast.

Nobody talked about legs

Time seemed to slow as I watch her lift her feet out of her sports shoes, revealing a pair of white socks that was folded down several times at the shin.

Cheryl appeared again and made a halfhearted introduction.

Cheryl : Oh, Selene, my brother James.

I waved and said hi, considering whether to shake her hands.

Selene : Hi James .

James : Hi Selene.

Now Selene’s pinafore length reaches a good inch above her knees. Her belt is loosely tied so it doesn’t really bring out the best of her figure but that left more to my imagination.

I quietly observed my sis put a plastic bag beside the one brought along by Selene before asking Selene to join her in the kitchen.

She got Selene and herself a drink and they settled down on the dining table in the kitchen.

I sat down in the living room and pretended to fiddle with the arrangements of the computer table, stealing frequent glances as Selene.

Then came a sudden itch in my throat and I wanted to grab a drink, I don’t know whether is it really the itch in my throat or whether is it the itch in my pants as I slowly dragged my feet towards the kitchen.

My Sis had her back facing me and the living room, perhaps it’s just a habit but she naturally settled into her seat on the dining table while Selene took the seat opposite her.

I had that sudden sick notion of smelling the cushion of the chair if Selene had sat on my seat instead.

Selene then proceeded to cross her legs, folding that wee bit of her pinafore over her knees only to realize it could hardly reached, as she leaned back on the chair, the hem rose back up her thighs, exposing her toned legs.

All this happened within that 1 second of me walking towards the kitchen, yet I could see it so clearly and it was mentally engraved it in my head.
Just that quick look at her crossed legs sent so much blood and confusion to my still growing body.

Little would I know that pair of crossed legs would mean so much to me in the future.

To most, it might just looked like a simple gesture of overlapping one knee over the other.

Placing the right over the left.

In my mind, I had a totally different image going on.

I would think about the flesh underneath her knees, I would think about the fine hairs on her calves barely visible to the naked eye.

I would think about the brush of her school pinafore against her moving thighs.

I would think about the moment when her feet dangled above the floor upon crossing them.

And I definitely cannot avoid thinking how lucky I would be if I could just perhaps inch a little closer.

Just a little closer to smell, kiss or touch that pair or legs.

I poured myself a glass of water and tried to eavesdrop on their conversation, magazines, converse shoes, girly stuff.

I was probably only loitering for only 10-15 seconds before my sister stopped talking and just gave me that look.

Cheryl : Hello James, we’re talking here …

I rolled my eyes at her and left the kitchen.

I brought out my math homework and positioned myself in such a way that I could do my sums and look at Selene’s shoes at the same time.

It was a pair of well worn nikes, grey and green stripes. I had this awful urge to just grab the shoe and thrust my dick into them. Perhaps slowly savoring the interior.

Looking back, I was pretty amazed at how the barely interesting details of how the shoelaces going in and out of the holes is turning me on in a weird and unexplainable way.

I had that sick thought of using Selene’s shoelaces to tie my dick up in some funny weird way too.
I was actually thinking of secretly drawing Selene’s picture on my books but decided otherwise.

Her hair was not too long , reaching just below her collar bone. Her fringe was a straight cut near her brows, simulating the chinadoll craze at that time.

She would brush back her hair once in a while, trying to keep them behind her ears.

Her eyes is not big, when she smiles they squint a little and she has this pronounced dimple on right cheek.

Her face is not blemish free, I could see a healing pimple near her lower left jaw.

That little red spot of imperfection that made her so perfect in my eyes.

Selene is about the same height as my sister Cheryl, which puts her at about 1.6m. I immediately felt a strange feeling of inferiority as I realised she is taller than me.

I’m short, ugly and overweight. What chances do I have ?

I’m barely 1.56m in secondary 3.

I could see her gesturing excitedly during the conversation with my sister and she looked really cute when she was trying to describe something with her hands.


I’m about done with my assignment but I had a couple of math question which I needed help from my sister, but I’m not embarrassing myself in front of Selene.


The girls got up from their seat and headed towards the sofa where I was.

I was seated on the floor, using the coffee table as my work top.

I chose the spot relatively close to the shoe racks and Selene sat down on the seat beside me while my sis remained standing.

They already moved on to the topic of backstreet boys.

I closed my books and turned to look at the girls, Selene was putting on her shoes barely a metre away from me.

How I wish I could help her with them.

Carry her feet in my hand, helping her slip her feet into the shoe while she just sat back and relax

With both her shoes on, she got up and said her goodbyes.

Selene : Alright, making a move, bye James, See you.

I immediately got up on my feet and smiled.

James : Bye Selene, see you.

She turned to my sis, mumbled something before taking the plastic bag packed by my sister.

I watch her sling her bag over her shoulders and disappeared down the corridor after saying her goodbye to my sister leaving the bag she brought behind.

The moment she left, my sister went on to take a shower.

I waited till I hear the shower come on before I went to the living room.

There was another plastic bag in the one Selene brought.

I took a quick peek towards the shower in the kitchen and my hands reached for the bag to satisfy my curiosity.

I removed a bag containing some sweets and laid my eyes on the prize.

It was a set of uniforms.

They’re swopping clothes for school.
I felt the sudden rush of blood to my dick, and I got really excited. I don’t know why but I got this sudden urge to just strip myself and wear Selene’s school uniforms.

I gently removed them and took in a whiff of the fabric, they smell nice and fresh. I felt really lost for a moment and did not know exactly what is it that I want to do.

You know that rush of excitement and a sudden shot of sick thoughts, I can’t describe it but somehow I can still feel that sourish ticklish tingle when ‘m typing this.

I replaced the uniforms and tried to think of something but I couldn’t think of anything.

I got back to my homework and found it hard to concentrate but I kept thinking of the uniforms.

I kept thinking of Selene.

Thankfully the sick thoughts got diluted after a while and I could feel my erection going down.

My sister made no mention of the uniforms and I only noticed her bringing them back into the room which we shared.


I was expecting my sis to approach my mum to help her iron the pinafores but she did not. She just left them in the bag in the corner of the room.


I thought of Selene every time I passed the bag of uniforms on the floor.


I went to bed thinking of Selene.

27th Feburary , Friday.

I was up early and I could see my Cheryl still sleeping.

I was about to head to school and I gave Cheryl a poke.

James : Oei Cheryl, no need to school ar ?

She brushed me off and asked me not to disturb her.
I shrugged my shoulders and left.

When I got back home at 3pm that Friday afternoon, I saw my sister all dressed and ready to head out.

Turns out that she skipped school that day as her O results is due to be released on the following Monday.

After a little discreet probing, I realised she’s catching movie with a group of friends and that includes Selene.

I waited for her to leave the house before I went to take a quick shower.

When I entered my room, I realised the bag of school uniforms is gone.
I know where my sis hides her stash of personal stuff but I’ve never bothered to go snoop around until that day. I just had this sudden urge to look for something.

Turns out my sneaky ways were uncalled for.

Selene’s pinafore was just hanging in plain sight in my sister’s cupboard.

I ran my hands through the fabric, feeling the softness of the pinafore. I imagined Selene with the pinafore on and it gave me enough images and thoughts to satisfy myself that afternoon.

At 8.30pm that Friday evening.

My sister had guest again.

This time round was 2 very gentlemanly guy who walked her back from the busstop.

I was a little disappointed that Selene was not present and I hardly paid attention to the introduction by my sister.

2nd March 1998

My sister woke up early that morning.

I felt a nudge on my shoulder and the sky was still dark.

Cheryl : Oei, wake up.

James : What ?

Cheryl wanted to talk, it was an important day for her.

They’re releasing the results of her ‘o’ levels that day.

I don’t know why, but I felt the closest with my sister in the wee hours of the morning. Only in the morning do we share our feelings and problems together.

She went on to say she’s feeling very nervous and hope she did well.

James : But it’s already over, nothing you can do.

Cheryl : Yah I know, but it’s still worrying.

I wanted to remind her she’s in the top 10 of her level every year but decided otherwise.

I wonder how I would be feeling if it had be me that day.

James : Don’t worry, I’ll pray for you.

She laughed as I dragged myself out of bed.

I went to the altar in the living room and lit up the incense.

Cheryl came out of the room as well and was gathering up the joss sticks when started on my wish.

James : Dear Tua pek gong, I know I cannot pray for my sister’s result to be good, but I hope the rest of the country did badly.

I felt a smack on my head and I apologized and sincerely asked for the same thing again in my heart.

Cheryl : Don’t joke while praying.

I went to school that day feeling a little different. I don’t know why.
Perhaps I’m feeling nervous for my sister.

At 2pm that day, I saw my sister running towards me in the tuckshop and giving me a hug before showing me her results.

I could see the look of envy from several other guys in the vicinity as she hugged me again.

Cheryl : I feel so relieved.

We chatted for a while before she left with her friends.


I just finished my shower and was drying my hair when I heard the door open.

I popped my head out and I could hear Cheryl and Selene chatting noisily.
I put on a top and went to the living room.

James : Hi Selene.

Selene : Hey, hi James ..

The smile on my face went off immediately when I realised there’s another 2 guy in the group.

As they gathered in the living room, I offered to help my sis with the drinks.
My house did not have standardize glasses and mugs, it’s all a jumbled mix of colours, shapes and design.

After offering the guest drinks, I merely took note of which one Selene used.

She was not in uniform that day, instead she had on a simple t-shirt with a cookie monster in front. It seemed a little tight but it allowed me to see the fullness of her breast.

She wore pants that day, exposing only her calves but it’s enough for me.

I hung around the group as they chatted, my sister did not mind me sticking around that Monday afternoon as they talked about heading to Tampines mall in the evening.

I started to observe the 2 guys.

One of them, called Zhi Jian is taking quite a bit of interest in Selene.
He seemed to be focusing more on her.

I can’t really be bothered about the other one who is interested in my sister.


I offered to refill the drinks and I brought the cups to the kitchen.
Making sure no one is looking, I drank from Selene’s cup, licking and savoring the rim of that mug.

There was hardly any smell or taste, even if there were, it was musk by the strong acidic cola taste.

5.30 pm

The more I see Zhi Jian joking and laughing around with Selene, the angrier I felt.

It’s like this stupid feeling of jealousy.

I tried to analyse his actions. How his elbow would give Selene a gentle jab as her turned and raised his eyebrows while seeking an acknowledgement from her.

He gestured a lot while he speaks, and if Selene’s hands happened to be near, he would find an excuse to tap or hold it even if that half a second.

It might seem like he’s just trying to be funny cutting her off but from my perspective, he’s just trying to touch her.


My parents smiled and congratulated my sister on her results and out comes 2 x 10 dollar bills for her outing to Tampines.

I watched on helplessly as the group left at 6.50pm

My sister came home at 11.30pm that evening, accompanied by the guy whose name I could not even remember.
2 November 1998


My Sister Cheryl is well into her tertiary life in her Junior College. No fancy schools here, just one tucked in the heartlands of Tampines.

Selene went to the same one too and they got even closer.

There would be the occasional weekends where Selene would be hanging out with my sis at my place, just chilling and studying.

As for the ugly me, I got a little less ugly.

I gained more height, lost more weight and finally I think I look more human when I looked in the mirror.

Selene was considered a regular at my place. There was even that couple of times she had dinner with the family.

She’s the only child from and both her parents were in the construction industry.

I would think she’s pretty well to do since she stayed in one of the private apartments near Bedok camp.

Her hair got a little longer and they’re naturally straight. No need for rebonding.

We got a bit, just a teeny wee bit closer as I tried to talk to her more often whenever she’s around but I knew sub consciously that I fell into the ‘ best friend’s kid brother’ category.

Now I chose to write about this particular Monday because something memorable happened that day.

It was around 8pm in the evening and I was alone at home.

My parents were off on a short holiday just across the causeway and will only be back 2 days later.

My Sister was out too but I knew she’s due to be back anytime now.

It was drizzling heavily that day, there were streaks of lightning but not much thunder that I could pick up.


I heard the padlock at the door and I could already hear my sister shouting for me through the main door.

I could only make out something like “ James, I want to buy a vowel “

It made me think she watched too much wheel of fortune but when the door opened, I finally understood what she meant when I saw her all drenched.

She sounded quite delirious as she spoke again, evidence that she did not mind the rain at all.

Cheryl : James , can you bring a towel !

I hopped up from the sofa and was about to head in when I heard a familiar voice that made my heart flutter.

Selene : James ! bring me 1 too. !

The girls were removing their shoes outside the door as I could see they’re soaked through as they giggled and removed their socks.

I quickly grabbed 2 clean towels from my sister’s wardrobe and went to meet the girls.

My sister quickly dried herself a little and with her wet feet, she tip toed into the hose.

Selene was a little more embarrassed and she took a while to dry her feet.

It was the most beautiful moment I had that day.

Selene’s wet uniforms clung on tight to her body, and I could smell the unique smell of damp fabric as she got busy around me.

I could see droplets of water dripping from the tips of her fringes.

James : What happened ? The rain did not look that heavy.

Selene : Ask your sister, haha. She just went mad for a moment.

I made way to let her into the house and just then Chery came out with a set of clothes for Selene.

Cheryl : Hey, go shower and change out, I’ll use my parents bathroom.

Selene looked around and I saw her eyeing the spot on the floor where Cheryl just dumped her drenched bag but she must have felt embarrassed about just dumping it on the floor since it’s not her house.

I caught her eye for a moment and she just passed them to me.

Selene : Thanks ar James. Haha, help me take care of it.

It’s just a simple school bag but carrying it gave me this fuzzy feeling in my stomach.

I heard the sliding door to my parents’ bathroom close and snap with the latched.

I saw Selene skipped and hop towards the other bathroom in the kitchen.

I held on to Selene’s wet and damp bag.

My eyes drifted to her wet socks and shoes.

My mind curious about the contents of her bag.

My dick had a mind of it’s own and I’m pretty sure it went to the small gap in between the aluminium door and the wall at the bathroom that Selene was using.

I never expected myself to be at the crossroads of decision making when I’m only 15.

I took some old newspaper from the pile in the corner of the house and spread them out on the floor.

I transferred my sister’s wet bags onto them and did the same for Selene’s bags.

Both the door and the metal gate was left wide opened when the girls’ rushed in. I went to the door and squatted down.

Selene’s wet shoes were streaked with bits of grass. Some bits of greens , some browns. Not really a lot of mud but more of vegetation.

My house was facing another neighbour’s main door and the last thing I wanted was for the 60 year old lady across seeing me sniffing some wet socks.

I spread more newspaper and brought the shoes and socks in.

It’s hard to put it down in words but I was actually panicking.
I wanted to do so much but realised in the back of my head that there’s very little time.

My eyes drifted to Selene’s socks and after making sure the girls’ are still in the shower, I slowly unfolded one of it.

It’s damp to the touch for obvious reasons and I could feel an erection pushing against my shorts as I unrolled and straightened the socks.

When I realised that the bundled up pair of white socks has the image of the popular hush puppie logo at that time, I sprung up and went into action.

I have similar pairs of socks in my drawer.

I rushed into my room and brought out a pair.
Taking huge double quick steps to the kitchen I turned on the tap and proceeded to drench the pair of socks completely.

I cursed at the water pressure.

With 2 bathrooms in use, the trickle of water is making my heart beat faster.

I managed to get it wet sufficiently and I quickly ran to the living room.

I rubbed some of the grass bits from my sister’s shoes onto the socks I have and did a quick comparision.

Pretty much the same in size and colour.

It’s a Monday, Selene’s socks must have been a new pair. Still looks quite white in spite of the adventure in the rain.

I bundled up the pair I have and quickly swop it with Selene’s pair.

At that moment in time I was pretty sure my heart never beat so fast before in the 15 years it was in use.

I grabbed a plastic bag from the kitchen and quickly hide my treasure in a corner of my wardrobe.

I went to my parents room, there was no further sound of water coming from the bathroom and I’m guessing my sis must be almost done with her shower.

I ran to the kitchen and was glad I could still hear the shower going strong.

It was a pretty cool evening, and there’s a prevailing breeze coming from the kitchen.

I could see the spill of warm light from the gap at the bathroom door.

I could smell the soap and shampoo too.

I simply froze at the entrance of the door.

Just that simple action of bringing myself closer to the gap was a tremendous task.

Looking back to that day, I can only sum it up in one short phrase.

“ No balls ”

I turned away and went to the sink to reach for a glass of water.
Just when I was about to sip from the glass, Cheryl appeared at the entrance to the kitchen.

When she spoke, I could feel the heavy smacking of my heart against my ribcage.

Thank god I did not attempt to peep at Selene.

Cheryl would have stuffed me into the washing machine.

Cheryl : James ar, can you boil some water.

I nodded obediently and put the kettle on.

When Selene emerged from the bathroom less than 10 minutes later, I had 2 cups of hot tea on the dining table for the girls.

They dried their hair and started laughing and giggling about the rain.

I picked up short excerpts from their conversation and came to my own conclusion what happened.

They were running through the grass patch when Selene stepped into a huge puddle. The splashes wet my sis and she wanted revenge.

The rest was pretty much history.


Selene made a call to her parents to pick her up at our place since the rain did not look like its getting any smaller.

She seemed a little embarrassed that I had to bring in her wet shoes but Cheryl was quick to add that it’s ok.

Cheryl : Aiyah, my brother very steady one ok, don’t need to paiseh.

Still Selene thanked me and her sweet smile made me feel so guilty about what I just did.

I brought out bags for Selene to keep her wet stuff and we chatted for a while longer before Selene said she‘s going to head down to the carpark to wait for her parents.

I offered to go down with her and i could her Cheryl in the background adding a snide remark.

Cheryl : Wah, my brother become gentleman already. Haha

I ignored her and went to grab an umbrella from the kitchen.

There was a really big one but I chose the mid size one.

In my mind I only have images from Hollywood movies.

Walking close shoulder to shoulder in the rain.

I helped Selene with her bags as she waved to my sis.

Selene : See you tomorrow.

The short 2 minute journey to the ground floor was my highlight of the entire day.
The slippers Selene was wearing belonged to me, it fit pretty well.

Selene : Thanks for the slippers James, I return you another day ar.

James : It’s ok, I have a few pairs.

Selene : Don’t know whether is your feet small or is mine big . haha

She gave a little wriggle of her toes in the lift and it was then I realised that I’m already the same height as her.

James : Hmmm. They say women with big feet are independent and are bound to be successful.

Selene burst out laughing and gave me a poke in the stomach.

Selene : I know you just made that up.

I smile sheepishly and we exited the lift.

I was her parents waiting at the carpark and her dad approached with a large umbrella.

There goes my dreams of a walk in the rain.

Selene thanked me again and we parted ways.

It was such a dreamy evening as I watched the tail lights of her parent’s car disappear into the night. I made my way up to my place and my mind slowly wrapped around the pair of damp socks that belonged to Selene.

I felt a mix of guilt and shame as the reality of what I had done slowly sunk in.

It was exhilarating when I was planning and executing the heist of Selene’s socks, but I was not brought up to do this kind of things.
If my parents of my sister found out, they would be very disappointed in me.

When I went to bed that night, I had 2 things on my mind.

One, what can I do with Selene’s worn wet socks.

Two , If I’m doing this at 15… I wonder what I would be capable of doing when I’m 30.

It was a restless night for me.

I tossed and turned, thinking about what I did.

I remembered catching only short winks and sleep that entire night.

The rush of adrenaline might have been too much for my still growing body.

3 November 1998


I got ready for school as usual and was munching on my bread when I realised it’s still raining.

The cool breeze brought some moisture into my face as I opened the kitchen window. It felt so refreshing that morning, and an idea struck my mind.

I got dressed and waited for my sis to leave the house.


I retrieved Selene’s socks from my stash and slowly unwrapped it from the plastic bag.

There was a damp and musty smell after spending a night tightly wrapped up in my cupboard.

The socks felt cold to the touch, but the damp elastic fabric felt amazing to my hands. It was a lifeless piece of cotton, but the thought of it belonging to Selene sent blood rushing to my manhood.

I brought it slowly to my nose, sniffing the damp socks and it was amazing what that did to my penis. Back then I was so sure it was Selene’s smell that turned me on, years later I found out it was just my brain fucking with me.

I slowly put on Selene’s wet socks, the damp fabric clung uncomfortably to my feet as I tried to drag it up gently. The last thing I want was to damage it.

By the time I tied my shoelaces, I had to stand still for 5 minutes in order for my erection to go down.

Throughout the entire day in school I could not concentrate. Every once in a while I would think about the sick perverted deed I had done.
I tried to brush the thought away.

Then again I realised the more I think about it, the more alive I felt. The more alive I felt, the more excited I got .

As I got more excited, my mind began to fill with scenes and scenarios that I wished would come true.

Like the average growing school boy, I went home that afternoon and locked myself in the bathroom with nothing on with exception of my pair of socks.

That release on the 3rd of November was exceptional.

4 May 1999


My parents were pretty worried that year. My sister would be taking her A levels while I’m struggling with my ‘O’

Despite being busy with her own work, Cheryl was really helpful with mine. I’m her younger brother after all.

I finally got to know the guy who was always sending Cheryl back home, it was only during dinner one evening when my parents asked about him when I realised he’s called Kevin.

Cheryl : Kevin and I are just friends mum. Don’t worry.

Cheryl : I’m not as happening as Selene la. Haha.

James : What do you mean ?

It was then Cheryl revealed that Selene was in a relationship with Zhi Jian.

James : Don’t you think relationship is a bit too early now ?

Cheryl burst out laughing the moment I spoke.

She gave me a look, as if considering whether to speak again.

Cheryl : That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard from you in a long time James. haha

As she finished up the last bit of her rice, she added something before returning to her books in the room.

I felt a sharp stab of jealousy when I heard that Selene is in a relationship with Zhi Jian.

It was unlike anything I’ve felt.

I have my fair share of relationships in school now that I’m looking more human but I never felt the same way towards my girlfriends compared to Selene.

Maybe that’s why my relationships last barely 2 months.

When I entered the room, my Sister was smiling, giving me a sly look.

When we off the lights at 11pm that evening, Cheryl Spoke.

Cheryl : Oei, James

James : What.

Cheryl : You like Selene is it ? haha

James : Siao. Don’t anyhow say.

She just chuckled a little and the conversation ended.

5 May 1999


If the deity idol could roll his eyes, I’m sure he would.

I prayed that Selene would break up with Zhi Jian that morning before heading to school.

20 December 1999


It’s all over.

Exams, O levels, A levels, it’s finally over.

I was getting restless at home and was looking forward to getting a part time job while waiting for my results.

Several of my friends had already gotten their first handphone.
Results of their hardwork at one of the fast food chains.

My sister Cheryl has started work at a restaurant in the Airport, serving ice creams and I was pretty eager to do something productive.

I considered fastfood joints, I thought of doing admin, maybe data entry. Then I’ll end up playing games in front of the PC.

It was coming to 5pm. My sis just got home from her shift and she told me Selene is coming up.

I stopped my games and went to change.

Cheryl just stifled a laugh when she saw me changing out of my torn singlets into a T-shirt.

Shaking her head, she headed for the shower.

Cheryl : Help me open the door for her ar if I’m not out yet.

Selene appeared at the door and I waved.

Selene : Hey James . Your sis back yet ?

James : Yup, She’s in the shower.

I let her in and offered her a drink.

We chatted and I realised that they’re heading out together to get a handphone.

James : wah. So good…

Selene : Go and work la, your sis says you’re just playing games at home.
James : hmmm, don’t know what I want to do.

Selene : Come on, so much work out there. Don’t be choosy.

I casually asked where is she working and found out that she’s working temp at her parents’ design firm.

Selene : Aiyah, help out admin here and there loh.

James : So good, boss’s daughter, must be very relax.

She threw a cushion at me and added while laughing.

Selene : Hello ~~~, very siong one ok. I got to tidy up the drawings in storage. Clear up the storeroom, do this and that, I feel like a maid la.

Selene : Some more need to man the reception , then sometimes need to run errands.

James : Wah.sounds quite siong leh.

She went on to describe the workplace, her parents’ business, how she liked doing design and drawings.

Selene : I want to be designers just like them.

On the 20th December 1999, i did something that I never imagined I would do.

I decided that I too would like to become a designer, whatever fuck that is.

It was then I decided to take a calculated risk and ask the question.

James : Sounds interesting… Are your parents still hiring ?

Selene gave me an wide eye look and laughed.

Selene : Are you sure James ?

Right then my sister came out of the bathroom.

Cheryl : Sure about what ?

Selene : James asking if my parents are hiring . haha.

Cheryl laughed and shook her head.

She head into the room and Selene got up after her.

As she passed me by, she ruffled my hair and added.

Selene : I’ll ask my parents, make sure you are serious ok.

James : Of course I am.

6 pm

The girls left together for their shopping trip.


My Sister came back with her new phone and we were both fiddling with it in the room when it rang.

Cheryl : It’s for me ! It’s for me !

She picked up the call and her smile faded away as she passed me the phone.

Cheryl : Angry man, first call and it’s for you.

It was Selene.

Selene : James. When can you start work ?

My heart stopped beating for half a second as I tried to digest what I just heard.

James : Anytime.

She asked me to grab a pen and paper and I scribbled down the address.

Selene : I see you tomorrow then James.

James : Sure.

I hanged up and pass my sister her phone.

James : I got a job ! I got a job !

She did not seem very surprise and went back to her phone.

I was feeling pretty pleased about myself when Cheryl added the one sentence that spoilt my day.

Cheryl : Did I tell you Selene’s bf is working there as well ?

The smile left my face a bit too obviously.

Cheryl : don’t worry. She thinks you quite adorable la. Haha.

James : I don’t want to be adorable, what’s so nice about that ?

Cheryl : relax relax.. haha. So what do you want to be.

I opened my wardrobe and picked out some clothes.

James : I want to be a designer.

I woke up early the next day, eager to start work and to see Selene.
I’m not dressed in anything fancy, just jeans and a collared polo Tee.

I boarded the 7am train at Bedok MRT heading towards outram Park.

I could not remember the first time I boarded a train that early in the morning. It’s crowded but I still have comfortable standing space even when we’re well past Kallang.

The people started filing out at the central stops and after tanjong pagar, I could get a seat even though it’s for only one stop.

I checked the street directory at home the previous night on the location but just to be safe, I asked the staff at the train station for directions as well.


I knew I was early and I took a slow morning walk towards the shophouse nearing the fringe of Chinatown.

I was excited and happy of course to be able to see Selene, perhaps we could have lunch, maybe dinner together after work.

Maybe we’ll grow closer after this holiday working stint.


I double check the name of the company and loitered near the entrance.


I recognized Selene’s parents’ car pulling up to the front of the office and I waited for the door to open.

I said hi to her parents, we’ve only seen each other a couple of times from afar. Usually when they dropped my sister off or when they pick Cheryl up.

James : Hi Uncle, Hi Auntie.

They returned my greetings with a smile and said Selene would let me know what needs to be done.

I turned towards Selene and she gave me a warm smile that made me smile unknowingly too.

Selene : Eh James, eat breakfast liao ?

James : Not yet, nvm . it’s ok.

She insisted that we grab some food first before heading up to the office and I agreed.

I stood by the side of the coffee shop as Selene went ahead to order some takeaways.

She had on a blouse I’ve never seen her in before. Not that I see her often anyway but it’s something new for me.

It looked pretty formal, long sleeve white blouse that’s quite translucent. On the inside she had on a white spag top.

I could see her bra straps through the layers.

I could not understand why girls sometimes like to have so many layers of clothing on them.

On that morning I realised that it’s not about having many different layers.
It’s about dressing with class and creating depth.

Aside from her tops, Selene had on some accessories, a thick silver bracelet with flowery motifs, and her bag was one with flowery designs too albeit a little less complicate.

She wore skirt that day.

A mid length skirt though, but still seeing some of her calves made me happy.

No crazy high heels, just a simple pair of low heels to prop her up that extra inch.

Her hair was still wet, probably from the morning shower and the stray droplets caused a wet patch on her back.

When she turned to pass me my drink, I saw that the front too had 2 wet patches, less obvious though.

Selene : Eh, so old already, still drink Milo. Drink coffee la.

James : But it’s so bitter. What’s so nice about it.

She laughed and started briefing me on the things I need to do.

I’ve never been to many offices, probably the teacher’s office and the principals’ work area. So I was not really sure what to expect.

It was a steep flight of stairs up to the office and I was walking in front.

Halfway up the steps, I cursed myself for not walking behind Selene.


Selene gave me a quick briefing and orientated me to the office.
I saw Zhi Jian already at his desk working on some filing and had to force myself to give a polite greeting.

After the quick show round, I realised I probably only needed to know where the toilet and the pantry is.

Selene walked me to a storage room tucked at the corner and she directed me to the stack of documents and drawings that needed to be archived and labeled.

After a quick brief, she left me on my own.


I started on my seemingly trivial task of arranging documents.

It seemed pretty mindless and I was just moving things along. Barely 30 minutes later, my mind began to drift.

I thought about the office, I thought about the day when I would have my own desk, maybe the day when I had my own room.

I thought about having my own handphone and perhaps Selene’s mobile number.

I thought about the possibility of having Selene all to myself.

Useless day dreams would not get me anywhere and soon I snapped myself out of it.


I was perspiring a little as the ventilation was not that great in the storage area but it’s still airconditioned.

I stood up for a little stretching and I explored that storeroom a little.
It’s not big, probably the size of 2 bedrooms. It’s filled with rows and rows of full height shelves. Boxes and drawings were stacked all the way to the ceiling, blocking most of the light.

I ventured 3 aisles down and realised that from where I stood, I could hardly see where I was working earlier even though I could not be more than 5 meters away. I tried to shift some of the boxes to clear a line of sight, but realised it was no easy task.

There was a couple of locked cabinets tuck into the far end and beside it, a 2 seater sofa.

A small coffee table accompanied the lonely sofa.

It seemed pretty clean, must have been used often. There are times when I heard Selene mention in passing her parents worked overnight in the office.

Maybe that’s the rest area.


I went to the toilet and saw 2 cubicles clearly marked male and female.
The male one is larger, and the interior comes with a urinal as well as a smaller cubicle for the WC.

Since I was the only one there, I took a peek into the female cubicle. Nothing interesting.

Just the bin for the used pads I assume.

The pantry was a simple corner just beside the entrance of the office with all the necessities , hot water, coffee, you name it. It’s a nice corner and I liked it.

Done up like a little café.

There’s even a small white board with the words “daily specials” like a café hung precariously on a old red squarish fire alarm button.

The paint is faded and it doesn’t even have a safety glass.

I hate to imagine anyone accidentally pressing it.

As I took the short walk back to my work area, I visually counted 3 female employees, plus Selene and her mom, a total of 5

Perhaps if I found a pad in the bin, there’s a 20% chance it would belong to Selene.

I still could not understand why a thought like that would come to my mind that day.

I went back to my work.


I heard Selene’s voice at the door and saw her popped her head in the storage area.

Selene : Hey, I’m heading for lunch. You settle your own ar. There’s a lot of food across the street.

I gave her a thumbs up, a little disappointed that I was not eating with her.

Then again, her boyfriend is in the same company. Chances are they’ll be eating together.

I don’t stand a chance.

I lunched alone that day.

When the clock struck 6, Selene popped by again and said she’s heading out for a movie.

Selene : How James ? Ok or not ? Will you complain to your sister I ill treat you bo ? haha

James : Eh ok la, quite straightforward work.

I went to the pantry for a glass of water , loitered near the office door and I watched Zhi Jian and Selene disappear down the stairs together.

As I slowly sipped from that glass, I felt an incredible sense of resolution creeping up my spine.

I think Zhi Jian is in my way.

I need to think of something.
I got home at 7.15pm.

Cheryl was curious about my first day of work and was eager to speak to me.

Cheryl : How is it ?

James : Like that lor.

She gave me a smack on my arm, as she settled down in the middle of my bed, grabbing my pillow as a cushion.

Cheryl : Speak properly James, what like that lor.

I briefly brought her through what I did that day and she just nodded her head.

After the end of 10 minutes, she asked the question that did not even cross my mind.

Cheryl : So what’s your pay ar ?

My eyes widened for a second and my reply earned me the throw of a pillow on my face.

James : Shit. I did not ask.

Cheryl : Don’t give me that Shit James, you don’t talk to your sister that way
I gave her a sheepish smile and quickly got out of her way.

I was halfway through my shit when Cheryl knocked loudly on the bathroom door.

Cheryl : James ar, I helped you ask already.

James : Ask what ?

Cheryl : Your pay la, silly. It’s $4 per hour.

James : Orh.

22nd December 1999

I had lunch with 2 friendly colleagues.

Tan and Sue .

Tan asked if I was bored doing the things I’m doing and I nodded with a smile.

He went on to say I’m still young, plenty of time to decide what I want to do in the future.

Sue added that the storage room is a treasure trove. If I take my time to explore, I might strike gold.

I did not know what she meant at the moment in time but I’m pretty sure I would find out in time to come.

24nd December 1999

Christmas Eve.


Selene asked me to run an errand.

Selene : James !, can you help me bring these out to these address. Ask them sign for it yah.

I took over the package and checked the address. It's quite near.

James : Ok. It’s xmas eve, will there be anyone around ?

Selene : Yup, they’re waiting for it.

Selene gestured me closer and whispered.

Selene : Eh, after that just go off la, don’t bother coming back. Hiak hiak !
She gave me a wave and I set off.

Selene looked really pretty that day. She was wearing a flowery dress that rose above her kneecaps. She had on a pair of converse sneakers and her hair was tied up neatly in a bun.

I noticed that the office only had barely a handful of people left even though the official timing for half day was to leave at 12.30pm

Selene’s parents were not even in that day.

I delivered the 2 packages and got it signed for at 11.35am.

I was torn between deciding whether to head back to office as I’m still holding on to the transmittal forms for the delivery.

I could always bring it next week but in the end I decided to just head back.

En route back, the thought of a locked office suddenly hit me and I cursed myself at the stupid decision.

Since I’m already half way there, I could always drop it in the mailbox.

When I got back to the office at 12pm , the lights at the narrow staircase leading up to the office were already off.

I stuffed the forms into the mailbox and was about to turn and go when something inside me made me head up for a look.

Lights were off alright.

I gave the glass door a gentle push and it gave way.

It was not locked.

The office is empty.

I entered and peer into the quiet office. No lights were on but there’s still a good spill of light from the louvered windows.

The aircon were still on but there did not seem to be anyone around.

I was about to do an about turn when I saw Selene’s bag at the chair beside Zhi Jian’s work area.

I felt an increase in my heart rate as I took slow measured steps towards the bathroom.


I checked Selene’s parents room and it was empty as well.

Just to be sure, I went for Selene’s bag.

Her purse, mobile phone, everything is all there.

At that very moment when I had her wallet in hand, I heard a ticklish shriek coming from the storage room.

I froze and almost dropped her purse.

I immediately put two and two together and I felt the boiling madness of my jealousy gripping me.

It’s exactly at moments like that sometimes made me afraid of myself and the things I’ll do.

Honest to god I really did not know what came over me and exactly what made me do what I did that day.

I took a piece of paper and copied down the details of Selene’s IC, her address, her full name and her IC number.

I rummaged through her bag and saw that she had a sanitary pouch with pads in it.

I decided to just leave with her home address and without thinking, I head to the pantry.

I took a bag of 3 in 1 coffee packet from the counter and place it over the fire alarm.

I opened the glass door and let go, counting the number of seconds it takes for the door closer to close.

One thousand, two thousand…

The glass door when opened fully, closed to a comfortable 30 degree before slowly down to shut the rest of the way.

I did it again to get myself familiar with the timing.

I was having 2nd thoughts but then I thought about Zhi Jian and Selene in the storage room and it strengthen my resolve.

I swung open the glass door, and I counted down the seconds.

I took 3 quick breaths and I depressed the coffee packet into the panel. I watched enough TV to not leave my fingerprints behind.

I did not know if I heard the soft click or the shrilling ring first.

I immediately grabbed the coffee bag and dashed out the glass door, I turned around in time to see the door shut fully.

I kept my footsteps light as I took the stairs down.

I turned left, grabbed the transmittal forms from the mailbox and I walked down the quiet street with the alarm going off behind me.

I could not help it but blurt out; “ Merry Christmas Zhi Jian “ as I turned a corner headed for the train station.

I did not take a train but instead hopped onto a cab, headed straight for the airport.

30 minutes and $25 pooerer, i got to the airport.

I went straight to the ice cream cafe where my sister worked and got a seat.

Cheryl came over a moment later.

Cheryl : Oei, Why are you here ?

James : Oh, i ran some errands for Selene, then she ask me to go off early.

I pointed to what i want on the menu and added.

James : Still early mah, took a long bus ride here for ice cream. You're finishing in a while right, we can go back together.

Cheryl shook her head and left with my order.

My sister served me my ice cream at 12.55pm.

As I slowly lick the cream off my spoon, I felt a sudden sense of fear and guilt.

Did I go overboard ?

Then again it was all that I could think of at that time.


My sister ended her work and settled into the seat beside me.

We chatted for a while before taking a bus back together.


En route on the expressway, her phone rang.

I could feel my heart beating really fast, it’s as if it’s trying to smash itself out of my ribcage.

Cheryl : What happened ? Are you ok ?

I turned and looked at Cheryl and she mouthed Selene’s name.

Cheryl : Calm down, where are you ?

The conversation ended when my sister said we’re on the way back.

Cheryl : We’re reaching in 15 minutes tops.

I asked as soon as she hung up.

James : What’s wrong ?

Cheryl : It’s Selene, she said she just got a terrible scolding from her parents. She’s crying over the phone.

James : Huh ? But why ?

Cheryl : Something about the alarm going off in the office.

I felt my balls shrink to it’s smallest size since I reached puberty.

As the bus drew up to our stop, we alighted and I saw Selene , eyes red and puffy sitting alone at the corner.

My heart broke.

I never thought about the consequences of my actions.

I could see her face scrunched up as she hugged my sister.
I just stood and stare blankly at them.

About a minute later, Selene straightened herself.

Selene : Eww Cheryl, You smell of fried food.

They laughed and we went up to our place together.

Selene went straight to our room and settled herself down on my sister’s bed.

She started crying as she brought us up to speed about what happened.

The alarm went off in the office without reason and she called her parents back.

They were questioning her why was she still in office when she phoned them to say everything’s done and settled at 11.30am.

She had no choice but to tell them Zhi Jian came over and they were hanging out at in the office.

Then she broke into an uncontrolled sob, mumbling something that I could not make out.

There was a rush of mixed emotions in my mind as I was Selene cry on the floor. It made me want to cuddle up to her, to comfort her, to reassure her that everything will be ok.

I wanted to lend her my shoulder.

I wanted her to feel safe in my arms.

Then all of a sudden, from sitting cross legged, she drew up both her knees, bringing them close to her body.

It was like a slap in my face as I watched the rise of her dress in slow motion.

As her legs went upright like the span of a draw bridge, I saw the shades of pinks that gave me an instant erection, pushing hard against my jeans.
My mouth must have gapped open for a second or 2 before I forced it close.

I felt a little lost as I tried hard not to stare.

Her sobbing made my sis start to tear up too and faced with 2 uncontrolled sobbing girls, I felt that I had to do something.

I made tea and brought them into the room.

James : Cheryl , Go shower first ?

James : I made tea for you girls.

I gestured to my bed who is not strewn with clothes like my sis and added.

James : Selene , don’t sit on the floor, sit up here ?

I must have rattled off these series of instructions at once and the sobbing stopped for a brief moment.

Something magical must have happened, they say Christmas is always magical.

Cheryl said she’s going to was herself off all the fried food smell and Selene managed a laugh.

I offered my hand to Selene and pulled her up.

That was the first time we held hands.

I pushed aside my blanket and pillows and Selene took the offered seat.

Cheryl went for her shower, leaving Selene and me alone in the room.
I offer Selene tea but she shook her head.

Selene : I don’t need a drink James, but thank you.

Her smile is weak, she seemed tired but she still looked ravishing to me.

I considered for a moment before opening my mouth.

James : Can I offer you anything else ?

Selene’s eyes looked up, probably assuming I’m thinking of making another drink.

James : A shoulder perhaps ?

I smiled my best smiled and Selene laughed.

It was a little awkward but I managed to sit down beside Selene.

She tilted her head towards me for a while, her eyes still red and wet.

Then I felt the weight of her head on my right shoulder.

For a full minute, we’re both quiet.

Then Selene spoke.

Selene : Thanks for being so nice James, if only you are a few years older. Haha

She straightened herself up and gave me a hug and a quick squeeze.

When she released her hug I replied.

James : If only you are a few years younger.

Selene laughed.

A genuine one and for that moment I could see she was happy. All thoughts of her scolding by her parents gone in a flash.

Selene : Nice one James, where did you learn it from ?

I made it up but I tried to think of a quirky reply.

James : Pretty woman.

I got a slap on my arm as she replied.

Selene : I’m not a prostitute , idoit. Haha

I stood up and pretend to straighten my jacket.

James : And I’m not Richard Gere…

Selene got on her feet as well and faced me.

Selene : haha, thanks for being so funny James..

My best Christmas gift was that full frontal hug from Selene.

As I felt the softness of her breast press against my body, I could feel my erection pushing against my underwear.

Her dress is silky smooth and for the first time, I could see a bra strap on her shoulder up close.

It was not a long hug, maybe 5 seconds.

But it was long enough for me.

27th December 1999



Zhi Jian’s desk is empty.

I did not ask and Selene did not tell.

I continued with my task and had lunch with Tan and Sue again.
Tan and Sue are in their early 50s.

I don’t know why but I like talking to them.

They seemed pretty knowledgeable and can answer almost all my questions.

28th December 1999


Selene asked me out for lunch and she broke the news that her parents did not want Zhi Jian working there anymore.

Over a casual chat, I found out that they’re still in a relationship.

29th December 1999


Selene asked if I had any plans on New year’s eve.

James : Not sure, there’re parties everywhere. I heard they’re setting up a stage in front of Ngee ann city.

James : It’s the party of the millennium.

She seemed a little sad and she broke the news that she’s not allowed to go out.

Her parents are still mad, the office was fined for not properly maintaining the fire alarm among a list of other violations.

James : Oh.. ok…

Selene : I’ll be doing the countdown alone at home when the whole world is out partying.

James : What about your parents ?

Selene : They’re heading overseas tomorrow for a shirt trip.

James : And you’re not joining them ?

Selene : They’re going Malaysia, so boring..

I offered her the idea of sneaking out since they’re not around and got a jab in my side.

Selene : I can’t, they’ll call and check. And Zhi Jian is going to party with his friends.

At that very moment , an idea struck in my head but I decided not to say a word.

I ran through the idea with Cheryl that evening and she thought it’s a great idea too.

31st December 1999


Cheryl called Selene and confirmed she’s at home alone watching Tv.
My sister and I bought snacks and drinks from the supermarket and threw in some party poppers and hats.


While my sister is showering, I went to my dad’s liquor cabinet and went straight for the vodka.

I took 2 identical mineral bottles and I filled one to the brim with the vodka and the other one with plain water.

I replaced the almost empty bottle of liquor into the cabinet.

I knew I’m going to get in trouble but it’s a risk worth taking.

My sis would probably kill me but then again, I’m confident I can convince her.


We arrived at Selene’s place.

When we hit the bell, Selene came out in shorts and her secondary school PE shirt.

The look of surprise on her face spoke volumes as her hands went to her mouth and she bent forward , smiling and laughing unbelievably at what she was seeing.

She unlocked the gate and hugged my sister and showed us the way in.

Selene : Oh my god, I can’t believe this. I was so sure I’m spending new year’s eve alone.

Cheryl : It’s James idea, not bad huh ? haha

Selene : Thanks James, you’re so sweet.

The girls went to the living room, leaving me in the kitchen to unload the drinks and food.

As I watched them disappear upstairs, I felt this strange tickling sensation in my spine as I stood alone.

I just hope my plan would work.


3 storey house it may be but it’s actually sitting on a rather modest foot print.

That was the first time I set foot into Selene’s place.

I was eager to explore the house but that could wait.

Exploring is something I prefer to do on my own.

I kept the 2 bottles of stash in my bag and just displayed the other stuff we bought on the dining table.

I have the idea of pretending to drink the bottle of plain water while I ply the girls with drinks. Things like these happen in the movies.

Even better, while plying them with drinks, I can pretend to drink from another bottle which is just plain water. Since they can do it in the movies, it should be pretty much the same in real life.


With the TV on, the girls chatted away, competing with the volume coming out from the speakers. I knew it was girl talk so I kept a polite distance and focus more on the TV.


Selene asked me to help close all the sliding doors.

James : Why ?

Selene : Aircon.

I nodded and went to the kitchen and yard area.

Spying with my little eye, I saw the washing machine, laundry basket and drying rack all clustered in the back.

I slid the door close and latched the lock, it made a really loud snapping sound.

I undid the lock but kept the door closed, turning around, Selene was at the far end of the living room, and my sis was none the wiser.

I closed another smaller door which led to a small garden near the dining area and as Selene approached, I latched it with a snap.

By 7.30pm , the entire area was sufficiently cooled and amidst the Tv programs, we snacked and drank the soft drinks.

My sister gave our parents a call, informing them we’ll be out late at Selene’s place.


I was expecting the conversation to die down a little but the girls somehow have so much to talk about.

I made a proposal of having some games while waiting for the countdown and although my sister was a little reluctant, they agreed eventually.

Selene brought out some cards and we settled down at the living room.

I volunteered to bring the drinks over and I took 3 new cups together with the bottle of 7up to the kitchen.

I took the bottle of vodka from my bag and I poured a little into the cups before topping it up with ice and 7up.

The moment I brought the drinks over, my sister must have caught a whiff of the alcohol. She brought the cup closer and took a sip. Her eyes widened immediately and she tried to grab hold of my shirt.

Cheryl : You little piece of…

I managed to get out of the way in time as I watched Selene took a sip.

Selene : What did you add ?

James : Vodka. Hehehe.

My sis gave me a look which I chose to ignore.

James : Come on. It’s the last day of the year. We’re safe and alone in the house. It’s ok to have a little drink.

Selene nodded and pulled my sister down.

As the games went on, I did what I could to make sure my sister lose more often.

I wanted her to be knocked out first.

The reason being she’ll be the one hindering my plans if she’s still sober and awake.

I’ve never seen anyone get drunk in real life before, not to mention my sister.

They say plans usually don’t go the way you want it to be and it could not be more true that day.

I began losing after the 2nd game and by the end of the 10th, I must have finished at least a quarter of the vodka I brought along.


The girls went back to their chat, leaving me a little stoned and dazed sitting on the sofa.


I saw my sister shaking her head and me and the next thing I knew was them making space for me on the 3-seater.

I laid down but my eyes were still open.

Selene and my sis settled down onto the carpeted floor , barely a meter away from where I laid.

I can hear their conversation, but it was blurry amongst the sound from the TV

Selene faced me with the right side of her body while my sister sat facing her.
I may be a little stoned but I could still make out the minute details about the girl I’ve come to love.

I stared at Selene’s crossed legs, looking at the contours of her calves and thighs, the way they come together when she sat cross-legged on the ground.

After every few minutes, she would uncross them, bringing her knees close to her body, hugging them with her hands.

Then nothing else beats seeing her pair of legs stretched out in it’s full glory , her toes doing a deliberate stretch and wriggle.

Her t-shirt was a little faded, but it still bore the colours and the crest of the school she comes from. Perhaps it’s the alcohol, but they seem a little tight around her chest, the wrinkles getting more pronounced when her underarms meet the side of her breast.

How would if feel like if I could just gently cup my hands over her breast. It’s such a perverted thought and I blame the alcohol.

Selene was wearing a plain pair of loose black shorts. No logos or any kind. They seemed quite soft and comfortable.

I remember seeing them turn and check on me a couple of times before everything went dark.

That is it.

While the whole fucking world partied , I slept through the new millennium.

The next thing I remembered was waking up in the darkened living room with a blanket covering me.

No sign of my sister, no sign of Selene.

It took about 30 seconds for me to adjust to the dark and I could still see the spill of street lights into the house.

I sat up and checked the clock in the living room.


I slouched in the sofa and gave an exhale, so much for my grand plan.

There’s a written note on the table in my sister’s handwriting telling me we’re staying over, she already informed our parents.

I really spent a good 5 minutes sitting on the sofa thinking of what’s next.


I got up and stretched.

I took a few steps and the moment my feet left the carpeted floor surrounding the living area, I felt the stab of cold coming from the marble floor.

I tiptoed around the entire first floor and made sure I was alone.

My heart was beating pretty fast as I took slow steps up the stairs.

I came to a narrow corridor, rooms on both sides.

All the doors were closed.

I crept to the first 1 and I bent down.

There was a cool breeze coming from the bottom of the door.

Just to be sure, I check the other rooms and it confirmed my theory of which room Selene is in.

I opened the door into the 2nd room and it seemed like a spare bedroom although there were some stacks of clothes lying around.

I opened the bathroom in the 2nd bedroom and I froze.

There’s another door on the wall facing me.

I knew for sure that door opens into Selene’s bedroom since it’s a shared bathroom.

My heartbeat got faster as I stepped into one of the most private areas in Selene’s house.

I knelt down and touched the toilet bowl.

I ran my hand across the counter top.

There was a few toothbrush and I did not know which one belonged to Selene.

I saw a hairband that I recognized and I brought it close to my nose.

I even put on a shower cap that I assumed belonged to Selene.

The floor is still wet, maybe she just took a shower not too long ago.

I was tempted to jerk off in the toilet but decided otherwise.

I exited the bathroom and left the spare bedroom.

Getting to the end of the corridor, I stopped outside what I assumed is her parents’ room.

I decided against going in there and I retraced my steps back to the staircase.

I went up one more flight of stairs to a smaller corridor.

At the end of the corridor I could see a glass sliding door opening to a large balcony.

I figured that place is too exposed, neighbours could easily see someone loitering on the exposed balcony.

I backed off and took the stairs down to the first floor.


I went straight to the yard and tried the door.

It gave way with a soft hiss and I opened up enough space for me to get out.

I went over to the laundry area and tried to poke around.

There were street lights alright but Selene had a rather big tree shading her laundry area and it cast a dark shadow.

I went closer and what I saw almost made my erection push through my pants.

I saw the t-shirt she was wearing few hours ago.

It’s actually just a corner of it, most of it covered by a towel.

I did not know if the towel belonged to Selene as my sister could have used it so I left it alone.

I removed the damp t-shirt from the laundry basket and I checked the surroundings.

Satisfied that I was alone, I depressed my nose onto Selene’s shirt, smelling and inhaling the scent from her body.

I almost wanted to giggle and laugh as I tried to smell the areas where the armpits were.

It’s really hard to balance when you’re squatting down and trying to adjust your erection with the T-shirt in hand.

I left the shirt aside and I dug deeper.

I found the pair of black shorts too.

Coiled with it was a pair of cotton underwear.

That was too much for a growing teen.

I felt that urgent need to wank off and release myself.

I felt lost again, at the crossroads of decision making.
In fact I think I was panicking.

Placing the shorts and undies aside, as I dug deeper, I found more clothes, more of which I recognized.

There were more undies, but somehow there were no bra.

Then a sick perverted thought crossed my mind.

I asked myself the question several times before answering it myself.

Will Selene know if I steal one of her undies ?

I deliberated on that for a while before I decided to just do it, but I have other things to take care off first.

I brought the black shorts and her undies, the one she wore barely hours ago. I did not go back into the living room but instead I squatted in the darkest corner in the yard.

I released my erected penis and I started wanking off. Sniffing and smelling Selene’s underwear.

There was this unique scent from Selene’s underwear.

The smell particularly strong at the center part where I assume her privates would be.

It’s not smelly but there’s this intoxicating smell which I could not describe.

It’s like a nectar from heaven, so finite in quantity, just that little bit to tempt you.

To get you hooked.

I came barely 2 minutes later, shooting onto the grass patch and dirtying my hands at the same time.

I used the sink in the yard to clean up and I replaced the laundry the same way I remembered it.

I could feel a spark of sanity returning to my head as I took in deep breaths of the morning air.

Sad to say my sanity did not last long.

I kept thinking of that scent I just inhaled moments ago.

I’ve never done anything like that before.

I’ve never smell anything like that before.

I took a moment to calm down before entering the living room through the yard door.

And on the 1st of January 2000 , I strengthened my resolve to smell that same smell again.

I knew back then I will not be satisfied picking up that scent from a piece of underwear.


I went back to the sofa, my bed for the evening and got myself comfortable.

The release seemed to take all the tension off my body in some weird bizarre way.

The next time I woke with a jolt, I felt well rested and refreshed.

I could see the morning sun peeking through the windows.

1st Jan 2000


I decided to quickly get up and do a little more exploring around the house before the girls are awake.

I went to the front porch and looked out.

The street looked pretty empty , my eyes went straight to the shoe cabinets.

It’s an exposed area, I knew there’s a risk but seeing Selene’s parents car blocking a good portion of the view from outside, I decided to take a risk.

Standing beside an antique looking bench, is a 3 door full height cabinet.
I did not want to risk opening the panels at eye levels so I only went to the lower panels since I’m blocked by the car.

I knew I hit jackpot the moment I opened it because the first thing I saw was Selene’s sports shoe.

There’s a basket of socks in various colours as well, probably belonging to the whole family.

There were a couple of sneakers, sandals and low heels which I’ve seen Selene wore before.

I did not know why but the cutest one I saw was that white pair of canvas school going shoes tucked right at the bottom.

She probably wore those with her blue pinafore.

It’s a shoe cabinet, so there’s bound to be some musky smell.

The smell of leather, the smell of well seasoned wood and I’m sure mixed within that melting pot of pungent scent, is the smell of Selene’s feet.

Till this day I could not figure out how my mind wraps around things.

I could not decide what I wanted to do so I left the porch.

I found the switch for the air conditioner and I turned them off for the ground floor. Opening all the sliding doors, I was hit with a refreshing breeze.


The living room is in a mess with ribbons from party poppers strewn all over.
I could not believe I actually slept through that din.

I swept it with my feet, trying to consolidate the ribbons into a big pile when my eyes found something that made my heart skip a beat.

It was lying in plain sight yet I was too blind to see.

There were plates and bowls of leftover food and snacks from the night before and they looked erotically delicious to me that morning.

I sat down at the spot Selene took the last evening and the moment I touched the thin white stick holding the lollipop, I could literally feel the rush of blood to my growing penis.

It’s a lollipop in the shape of a foot. It came in a foil bag with those sparkling rocks which will tingle and jump on your tongue. I remember my sis asking why Selene barely touched the lolli.

Selene just gave a grin and went ahead to pour the sparkling candy bits into her mouth, giving the lolli a couple of patronizing suck.

I pulled the candy out of the foil bag and put it into my mouth.

I know what I’m tasting is just sugar, but I felt different.

That was the first time I tasted Selene’s saliva.

I sucked hard, my tongue tracing the profile of the foot shape candy, my mind thinking of the scenario albeit with Selene’s real foot.

Would she get tickled and laugh when I suck on her toes ?

Would she think I’m sick ?

I must have sucked too hard because barely a minute later, the foot candy dislodged from the candy stick.

I drank the left over drink from Selene’s cup.

I ate a half eaten piece of cake too that had tissue paper bits stuck too it.


I’m done with breakfast.

I decided to risk another venture up to the 2nd floor but the moment my foot landed on the stairs, I heard the opening of a room door and I quickly doubled back down.

I did not want to be seen loitering around so I quickly got on my knees and pretended I was cleaning up the living area.

The footsteps got louder and when I reckoned they were only a few steps to the ground floor, I turned and laid my eyes on one of the most beautiful image I could hope to see.

Selene was smiling a tired smile and her eyes were barely opened. Her eyelids looked like they were trying hard to resist being lifted up.

Her left hand was holding on to her puffy fringe and she held her hair up, exposing her forehead.

I could almost see it in slow motion the approaching yawn that was coming.
Selene’s right hand went up to her mouth , covering her embarrassment.

Selene : Morning James…

She staggered a little almost like a dream like state towards me.
Passing by my body with barely inches to spare I could smell this unique fragrance.

I could not place a name to that smell so I termed it ‘Sleep smell ‘

Selene settled onto the sofa , leaning her head back looking at me.

It was then I realised my eyes had barely left her face.

Then when it finally dawned on me what she was wearing, I had to struggle to stifle an eruption in my pants.

It was a loose white T-shirt and white shorts.

It reminded me of commercials of sanitary pads.

The Tshirt was thin and if not for her white bra, I would have been able to see her breast.

Even then the thin material allowed me to see through to a certain extent the milky colour of her flesh below.

Selene saw me staring and took a quick look at her own dressing.

Selene : Tsk , Oei.

She threw a cushion at me but I ducked in time.

Selene : Don’t be rude ar, I tell your sister.

I just gave a sheepish smile and went back to clearing up the ribbons.


After stoning for a bit on the sofa, Selene decided to help with the clearing up.


My sister joined in the clean up.

We thanked Selene and left at 8.30am

3rd January 2000

Selene came to work with 2 hello kitty dolls.

They looked silly in the space suit but she said she managed to get them through a friend.

I continued with my trivial task of organizing documents, occasionally I would just stare at the sofa in the far end, thinking of what went on that day in this room.

How far did Zhi Jian manage to go ?

Did he managed to undress Selene ?

Did he get to smell her privates ?

Questions like these popped up several times a day.

13th January 2000


I literally took it as a sign that the country’s gone mad when grown men get into fights for Hello kitty dolls.

I remember pointing to Selene’s growing collection at the reception and said.

James : Doomed Selene, we’re doomed. People are fighting over them.

Selene : Hiak Hiak Hiak. Zhi Jian queued overnight for me to get all these

She carried one up with both hands, raising it high like a sacred totem.

14th January 2000


This was one of the most memorable day ever.

Nothing special happened at work, it’s what happened after that made it interesting.


I was walking back to my place when I saw Zhi Jian and Kevin loitering at the ground floor near the letter box.

They did not see me and I decided to just loop to the back to avoid unnecessary conversation.

As I got closer, I saw Zhi Jian lit up a cigarette and Kevin was trying to fan away the smoke.

They retreated further into the letterbox area and that piqued my curiosity.

Looping round the back, I walked to the narrow back corridor of the letterbox exposed to the rubbish collection area.

Slowing my footsteps and keeping the noise level to a minimum, I paused momentarily near the spot where the smell of the cigarette is the strongest.

I kept still and just listened in.

Kevin : Don’t be crazy la, we’re just friends only.

Zhi Jian : Don’t talk cock la, share leh, I share with you.

Kevin : Really don’t have la. Just friends.

I saw a sudden big puff of smoke before Zhi Jian spoke.

Zhi Jian : Eh I tell you ar, Selene’s breast quite firm leh. Very full.

Kevin : Don’t talk cock la, you sure or not.

Zhi Jian went on to describe one particular date with Selene that gave me mixed emotions. I felt sandwiched between arousal and anger.

He described one date after the last A level paper where they went over to his place in the afternoon.

They were just hanging out , watching TV in the living room when he started stroking Selene’s arms.

His hands ventured down a little to the back of her school uniform, brushing against her bra strap.

Zhi Jian : She tried to stop me but I was faster.

He managed to undo the clasp on her bra and continued his stroking of her back. They kissed, something they must have done a long time ago and when their lips met, he grabbed her breast.

Zhi Jian : She resisted la, but after a while she gave up.

Kevin : Sure or not ? You don’t talk cock can.

Zhi Jian : I soom pa.
He continued eagerly, telling Kevin that it was an amazing feeling as he tried to unbutton her school blouse. He managed 2 buttons, exposing her bra and her cleavage.

His voice lowered considerably after that and I could not make out what was being said.

Then the volume increased again when he said he tried to reach under her school skirt but she was quite reluctant.

But he managed to get her to touch and stroke his dick for him.

I tried to conjure up that image.

Selene in her JC school uniform, with 2 buttons undone stroking my erected dick.

What I wouldn’t do in order to achieve that.

Zhi jian went on to say he tried to take off her blouse but she refused to.
Zhi Jian : It’s very shoik man, you should try on Cheryl .

Kevin : Go and die la. What else, what else.

Zhi Jian : Nothing liao. Slowly la. Maybe next time get her to take off underwear or something. Haha

He ended the conversation saying that he manage to touch her privates just for a while and it felt amazing.

Zhi Jian : It’s soft and fleshy. It’s a bit wet also.

I could feel my anger rising together with my dick as I listened in to the conversation.

I was definitely aroused picturing Selene in such a state but I was angry that someone like Zhi Jian is doing that to her.


The guys came up and I found out from my sister that she was taking the night shift at her job and they were accompanying her to work.

At the same time they’ll be having ice cream together with Selene.


Kevin and my sister were in the kitchen talking to my parents and I’m alone in the living room with Zhi Jian.

I was still pretty mad and the last thing I expected was for Zhi Jian to initiate a conversation with me.

Zhi Jian : Eh James..

James : Yah ?

He took the seat beside me on the sofa and he briefly chatted about some stuff which did not make sense at all.

I could smell the stale cigarette smoke from his breath when he finally blurted out what he wanted.

Zhi Jian : James, I treat you like brother , that’s why I’m going to be straightforward on this.

I wanted to puke. The last thing I needed that day was for someone to pretend to be my brother.

Zhi Jian : I know you like Selene, even Selene could tell.

I did not reply and I was pretty sure my facial expression gave nothing away.

Zhi Jian : But she’ my gf, you don’t touch a brother’s girl right ?

I maintained my silence.

He paused and if he had difficulty forming the words in his mouth.

Zhi Jian : But I think ..

I did not wait for him to finish his sentence and I just blurted out the words already by the side of my mouth.

James : So what if I like her ? None of your business.

I regretted the moment I said those words.

Then again I was barely 17, what did I know about the politics involved between inter-human relationship.

Not another word was exchanged between us that day.


My sister called home and told me Selene wanted to talk to me.

James : Why ?

Cheryl : Don’t know.

After handing over the phone, I could hear Selene telling the others over the phone that she’ll be right back.

Selene : James ar James….

James : Yah ?

Selene : Can I meet you tomorrow morning? Say around 10 ?

James : Huh ? ehhh why ?

Selene : We need to talk.

I agreed and hung up.

I was left with no doubt that Zhi Jian must have made the first move, telling Selene to make things clear with my and not get my hopes up.

15th January 2000



My sister just got home from her night shift and reminded me that Selene’s coming over later.


My parents were watching TV in the living room when Selene arrived. Selene greeted my parents and we went into the room.

My sister barely laid down on the bed as she was waiting for her hair to dry.

Upon closing the room door, Selene immediately put her hand across my shoulder, pulling me close and we sat down together on the bed.

Selene : James ar James… why like that ? haha

Just as I expected, Selene put things across to me nicely, saying that she loved me as a brother.

Selene : You’ll always be number one in my heart ok , can ? Happy ? smile ? don’t be sad ?

I managed a smile but the thought of giving up never crossed my mind.

My sister just shook her head.

Selene left at 11am

There are limits to my capabilites back in the year 2000.

I was restricted in terms of resources, ideas and definitely experience.

There was no way i could have gotten Selene.

Still deep down inside me, i believe something was meant to happen between both of us.

It's like there's something left hanging in mid air.

I took this picture of Selene on the 12th June 2013.

Barely few months ago.

Now that i've gotten the intro out of the way. i can finally start telling what i wanted to share.
I don't think it's interesting at all to talk about the day i finally have Selene all to myself.
I would prefer to tell the story of how i got a married 32 year old woman, whom i had a crush on since i was 15, to willingly get on her knees in front of me in her secondary school uniform.

I joined Selene’s parents at their design firm on the 1st June 2010.

It was a Tuesday.

Having done my brief stint for a few months at their office after my ‘O’ levels, I learned enough about their work to actually sign up for a Design course at 1 of the polytechnics.

Selene did not do that well for her ‘A’ levels but with money, anything is possible.

She left Singapore to pursue a degree in architecture at Melbourne University.

We had minimum contact after she left, I only found out snippets of news regarding her from my sister who exchanges email occasionally with Selene.

Another source of information came from Selene’s parents themselves, throughout my 3 year diploma, I returned regularly during holidays to help out at her parents’ office, I even applied to have my industry attachment at their place.

I knew all the staff in the office well, we were like a small family.

And if I needed any help with my school work, I only need to ask.

Selene’s parents sometimes updated me about her, saying that she’s doing ok and hopefully she’ll be back in Singapore soon.

Even during my NS days, I would sometimes drop by the office over the weekends if Selene’s parents called me in.

Plotting drawings, mounting material boards, sorting out samples, even working as a delivery boy,you name it, I’ve done it.

Selene graduated in 2004 and sometimes I see her over the weekends.

She still treats me like a younger brother, just that she has difficulty putting her arms around my shoulders.

She looked more womanly, more matured in my eyes, but still very much the same girl I had a crush on.

Selene’s parents made no attempt to hide the fact that they’re grooming her to take over the business, and sometimes they told me to join them and help Selene out.

They treated me like family, which is also why they were very disappointed when I did not join their office when I left the army at the beginning of 2006.

It was hard turning Selene’s parents down, but I knew if I were to go to that sheltered environment, I would not learn.

I want to swim with the sharks.

We kept in regular contact and after 4 years , I decided it’s time to head back.

1st June 2010



My first day stepping into the office after a 4 year break was both a surprise and a shock.

The office expanded, a good sign in light of the recovering economy.

There’s been some changes, a new layout, new furniture and above all, new staff.

Most of the old timers were gone, gone were the familiar wave of the hand and the warm smile, instead I just get curious looks and stares.

I can’t help but notice the amount of foreigners that were in the firm.
I went straight to Selene’s room and on the opened door, she waved me in with a smile.

James : Not bad, I can start work at 11 everyday ?

Selene : Up to you la. Haha

She’s still tidying up documents from her competition entry in the morning. Her entire team worked through the weekend for that deadline and if she wins it, it’s going to be the first job she brings in for the office.

We kept things official, she gave me a quick brief and introduced me to a few members of my team.

I was shown to my seat and Selene left.

I settled into an unflattering seat, smacked in the middle of the aisle, the only upside is I get a direct view of Selene’s room and if the door is open, I get to see her.

The diagonal angle gave me a good view of her crossed legs and I adjusted some file holders and trays to make sure I keep my motivational view unobstructed.

I took a moment to really look at Selene and I felt a sense of nostalgia, it’s not unlike travelling through time. She’s changed so much yet remained the same in so many ways.

She was well dressed that morning, and her jacket was hanging on a hook behind her chair. She already rolled up her long sleeve peach coloured blouse.
I saw her take a deep breath before exhaling slowing, staring at her screen, her face being lit up by the bright lcd light.

She sat back and crossed her legs, and I could feel the familiar stirring I felt so many years back.

Selene was not wearing her heels, I saw them being chucked unceremoniously in a corner when I entered the room earlier. Dangling on her right foot was the silver colour half of a flat. It balanced itself precariously on her big toe, or perhaps a couple of toes, I could not really make out the details from my seat.

I snapped myself out of the daze and got to work.

I felt excited and energized for some reason and I was eager to explore the new office which takes up twice it’s original footprint.

Sitting on my left was a british designer, Peter. On my right was this Thai girl called Cidney.

We were all in the same team and they took turns giving me some background on the mall we were working on.

Needless to say, I was paying more attention to Cidney.

Cidney looked really fair, I like thai girls who are fairer in terms of their skin colour. They seemed more ladylike compared to those with a darker tone.

She looked really young and shy too, very soft spoken and she I saw her stand up walking towards the printer, she was pretty petite too.

I would say she’s 1.55 max.

Even though she’s petite, her body is proportional and yes, she has great legs too.

Unlike the womanly curves of Selene, Cidney had that sweet innocent, nubile and tight body.

And the cherry on top of the cake was the short skirt she wore that seemed to flare up whenever she took a big stride.

I got a little rush of endorphins down my spine as I’m already picturing myself shitting at my work desk.

I forced myself to calm down and just focus on getting settled in.


I went to the new pantry which is now 3 times as large.

No longer is it tucked in a corner by the exit, it’s more of a lounge now with 2 tables, a decent built in cabinet with all the comforts of a professionally stocked pantry.

I was waiting for the machine to dispense my coffee when another girl approached.

I saw her holding her cup, standing behind me from the shiny reflection of the coffee machine and I turned around.

I extended my hand and I introduced myself.

James : Hi, I’m James, it’s my first day here.

The lady smiled and took my hand.

Sarah : Hi, we’ve met before, and it’s definitely not your first day here.

My eyes widened for a moment before I recognized the girl in front of me.

James : Oh my god, Sarah ?

She nodded her head and gave me a playful smack on my arm.

Sarah : Yah la, I not chio enough, that’s why you don’t remember me.

James : Don’t talk nonsense la.

I made way for Sarah’s coffee cup and we caught up a little since the last time we met was during my attachment back in 2002.

So many years just flew by and honest to god, I really could not recognize that nerdy flat chested girl I used to tease back then.

James : You looked so different, so Chiq and cool now, of course cannot recognize la.

Sarah : Don’t rubbish la, I know you always bio those chio bu only. Haha

She took her coffee and left after adding a sweet, “see you around”

I watched Sarah’s heels clicked it’s way down the uncarpeted floor of the pantry before going quiet once it hit the carpet area and I exhaled a deep breath.

Sarah’s hair was tied up high into a fashionable bun, and if let loose, I’m sure would fall graciously on her beautiful exposed shoulders.

She had on a sleeveless top and that was the first time I realised how beautiful shoulders could be.

It was not fleshy but I could see the firmness on her supple skin.

Her arms were toned, no flabby underarms for sure.

Her cropped pants and closed toed heels completed the look and i just got more and more excited about starting work.


I barely warmed the seat after my pantry break when Selene called me in.
As I approached the door, I saw this Indian man which I would guess to be in his fifties talking to Selene.

Selene made introductions and we shook hands.

James : Hi Abdul.

He just nodded his head and gave me the once over.

Abdul turned to Selene and asked what I was working on.

Selene : The mall in UAE.

He went on to say since I had experience doing local projects, he wants me to work on the boutique as well.

I hated his indian accent, it made “ want him to work on the boutique “ sounds like “ vvwan him tor verk on the bootic”

He did not sound local at all and I was a little taken aback at the kind of tone he was taking with Selene.

She’s the bosses’ daughter after all.
Selene did not offer up an opinion and we left things as it is.

Abdul spent the next 30 minutes handing over stuff to me before disappearing into another room at the other end of the corridor.

I don’t like the way he talk to me.

I don’t like the way he bosses me around.

I don’t like his bloody accent.


I took a walk to the washroom and ventured further into Abdul territory.
It was then I realised that most of the immediate staff outside Abdul’s office were foreigners, in fact the only Singaporean I saw was the pantry auntie.

It was too early to draw any conclusion and I refused to let Abdul spoil my day.


I went for lunch with Cidney and Peter.




Office ends at 6pm and as far as I could see, no one has left their seat.


I went to wash my cup at the pantry and was happy to end my day seeing all the 3 ladies that made my first day at work worth it.

Cidney just finished washing her cup and as she reached up to place her it on the drying rack, her skirt rose that tiny inch, exposing more of her thighs.

I could not see anything but it was good enough for day 1.

Sarah came in shortly after Cidney left and our eyes met again.

Sarah : Don’t you need to work James ? Why are you always at the pantry ?

I answered with a smile and she returned mine before turning away to her cup.

Sarah’s heels was high, and she had to bend a little over the sink to rinse her cup.

A lady with heels bent over the sink on my first day at work, I felt so loved.

Then to top it all up, Selene dragged herself into the pantry, settling down onto the seat with a stack of papers.

Crossing her legs she asked how’s my day without even looking up.

Selene : How’s your day ?

James : Still adjusting to the environment.

I saw more colleagues come into the pantry and soon there were clusters of people chatting all over.

The 2 old timers, Tan and Sue came in too and we chatted, they pointed to where their seats were and I did not comment on the fact that both of them were sitting inside what was the old storeroom.

There was a relaxed atmosphere and I could see everyone was just chilling a little after a hard day’s work.

Barely 5 mins later, Abdul entered.

I could sense a sudden drop in conversation and volume.

Several people left the pantry as Abdul walked in as if he’s the boss.

He began asking questions, following up work status with those unfortunate enough to be caught .

The vibe I got was weird and I left the pantry too.


I was packing up and I decided to ask Peter about Abdul.

Peter : Abdul ? He’s a bloody old swine, just ignore him.

I laughed and I saw Sarah entered Abdul’s office.


I came out of the bathroom just in time to bump into Sarah heading in for the ladies.

Her eyes were red and it was obvious that she cried.

Our eyes met and she looked away immediately, heading straight for the door.

I felt something jolt inside me and it put me on the edge.

I decided to wait for Sarah at my seat.


Sarah came out of the bathroom and I saw her head for her desk. She was packing up her stuff and I got ready to leave too.

The moment she started walking towards the door, I got up and I made sure I caught up to her in time.

I opened the glass door and held it opened for Sarah, she exited without thanking me.

After we descended the staircase, I happened to see Cidney waiting for a cab, I smiled at her and when I turned right , I saw Selene with a bag of food in her hands heading towards the office .

She gave me a wave and I waved back.

Sarah happened to turn and saw me greeting the other 2 girls, and she just walked on ahead towards the train station.

It felt like crossroads again but I knew I had to talk to Sarah.

I caught up to her and fell in step.

James : Hey.. you ok ?

Sarah : Go away…

James : Come on, I buy you dinner.

Sarah did not reply but instead continued her walk towards the train station so I just kept in step.

Right when we were at the entrance of the train station, Sarah finally replied.

Sarah : How bout you buy me a drink ?

I smiled and replied immediately.

James : Of course. Dinner and drinks.


We got to Purvis street and after a quick meal, we settled into a quiet pub.
We chatted, about work, about trivial things, about holidays.

At the end of the 2nd beer, Sarah finally asked the question.

Sarah : So, why don’t you ask what you really wanted to know James .

James : Well I want to know if you are attached..

I gave a gleeful smile and I felt a kick from Sarah’s heels.

Sarah : Yes I am.

We happen to take a sip from our beer right then and our eyes met in that dim pub.

I wiped my mouth and tried to form the sentence when Sarah started first.

Sarah : You want to know about Abdul.

James : Come on, I want to know about you la.

She folded her arms in a fashionably cute way and turned away from me.
James : Ok,ok, I want to know why he made you cry.

That seemed to stir up some emotions from Sarah and I could see her posture changing.

She wrapped both hands around her beer mug and asked.

Sarah : Why do you want to know ?

I paused and thought of my reply.

James : So I know how to make you laugh.

That coaxed a smile out of Sarah and 30 seconds later, she started filling me in about Abdul.

After 4 beer each, I could see Sarah is getting a little tipsy. We both made several toilet runs but the Abdul conversation is not over yet.

Sarah was giggling a lot more frequently and perhaps it was just my dick thinking, she seemed to be getting a little touchy as well.

We exchanged numbers, added each other on facebook and took a couple of photos as well.


I’ve formed a pretty good image and background of Abdul by then according to the information given by Sarah.

Sarah kept referring to him as the ‘ Fucking scholar ‘ because he like to remind the office he was one.

When Sarah tried to order another beer at 10.45pm, I had to stop her and get the bill.


We left the pub in search of a cab.

James : Are you ok ? Do you want me to send you back.

Sarah’s eyes were a littler watery and they sparkled under the evening lights.
Sarah : I’m fine I’m fine…. Don’t worry.

She was not drunk, perhaps just high and tipsy.

I decided to test the depth of the water and I asked if I could send her back.

James : Would your boyfriend mind ?

Sarah : Haha, of course he would.

There was a moment of silence before Sarah asked when I’m staying at.

James : Bedok.

Sarah : Oh I’m living in Simei.

James : Great, let’s share a cab.

We managed to get one at 11.30pm

We kept our distance on the cab, chatting occasionally and Sarah dozed off shortly after we got on the expressway.

When we pulled up to the block of flat opposite Changi Hospital, Sarah woke up but was in a daze.

I paid the fare and I helped her out.
She could walk on her own but I still held on to her forearm.

We got to her floor and I stopped at the lift lobby and passed her bag to her.

Sarah hesitated for a while before apologizing for the trouble.

Sarah : Thanks for the evening James, and for sending me back.
I smiled and asked.

James : So , erm, you really have bf ar ? So I no chance already?
Sarah laughed and just walked away.

I gave a final wave as I watch her take off her heels before entering her house.

2nd June



Although I have a pretty good image of Abdul, I needed more information. Some of these could only come from Selene.

I knew I had to find a chance to talk to her.

I hardly spoke to Sarah that morning as she looked pretty busy.

I meant she looked pretty, and she also looked busy.

She wore a dress that day and her legs seemed different from the ones I remembered 8 years ago.

They were tan and shapely, and they looked good.

She just smiled when we passed each other by the pantry and it did not look like she was in the mood to talk which was why I was a little surprise when we offered to buy me lunch.

Sarah : You paid for the dinner, drinks and the cab fare last light. I’ll buy you lunch.

James : Ermm. Shouldn’t you at least buy me the same thing instead of just lunch ?

She smiled and said if I don’t have plans for the evening, she’s fine.

I lowered my volume considerably and asked ,

James : What about your bf ? Don’t need to meet him ?

Sarah returned my question with a whisper.

Sarah : What he doesn’t know, can’t hurt him. haha. kidding la.

With a flirtatious look, Sarah turned away.

I could tell she’s fishing but she must know that there’s no way I’m the prey.


I bump into Abdul in the pantry and he was already asking me about my work.

I told him I needed some time to digest the information.

He did not acknowledge my reply and he just walked away.

As if that was not enough, he turned when he was a few steps away and pointed a finger at me.

Abdul : I want something by end of this week.

I was a little angry, but I forced myself to calm down. I don’t want this to spoil my date with Sarah.


When Sarah heard about what Abdul said to me in the afternoon, she just nodded.

James : Fucking scholar… did you come up with that ?

Sarah : Haha, I don’t know. It sounds pretty good for him.

When dessert was served at 9pm, Sarah asked,

Sarah : So, you think you can stand working for Abdul ?

James : Of course.

After Sarah drained her glass of wine, she asked again.

Sarah : What makes you so sure ?

I topped up her glass and raised my glass to hers.

James : Because I’m a fucking monster.

Sarah laughed and finished her wine in a single glup.

Sarah : Well, I can tell to a certain extent.

She gestured to the surrounding and added.

Sarah : You treated me chicken rice and beer , here we are at a steak house.

James : Come on, you asked me to choose mah.

I leaned forward to top up her wine again.

James : Besides I have this craving for meat suddenly too.

Sarah leaned forward and lowered her voice, I could see she’s trying hard to mask her smile.

Sarah : I’m afraid you need to be more specific James. Haha

I just smiled and proposed another toast.


Sarah got the bill and we left.

Despite the obvious flirting from both of us, it led to nothing.

I knew there was a possibility if I pushed hard enough but I was not in a hurry, we can take it slow.

I sent Sarah home, via train this time and accompanied her on the slow walk towards her place.

Sarah was interviewed by Selene’s parents 2 years ago and took the offer shortly after. Before that she worked in another firm for about 6 months, but was not happy with the environment.

She went on to add that Selene’s parents stopped turning up in office that frequently the same time Abdul came on board about 1.5 years ago.

Eventually when they were comfortable Selene’s was comfortable enough, they let her run the office together with Abdul.

I sent Sarah up to her unit and stopped at the lobby.
She stopped too, turning around to face me.

Sarah : Thanks for the company James.

James : Pleasure’s all mine.

Sarah : I really have a bf.

James : I know. That’s why I stopped myself from sending you any further.
Sarah laughed and she reached for a hug and I took her into my arms.
Nothing fancy, just a gentle squeeze.

Sarah spoke by the side of my ears;

Sarah : If only you had been as nice to me back when we interned together.

James : But you look pretty terrible back then, I ….

I got a playful punch in my gut as Sarah scrunched up her mouth and turned towards her place.

James : Sarah.. , I was kidding..

She did not turn back around and I added the last sentence before I left too.

James : I just didn’t have the confidence back then to do anything.
She shot me a smile as she reached for her keys and I returned it.

I got into the waiting lift and left.

3rd June 2010

I went to work, I survived.

I had dinner 3 nights in a row with Sarah, she did not exactly gave a clear answer about her bf when I asked about him.

Sarah : He’s busy.

4th June 2010


I managed to secure a lunch date in a way with Selene and I wanted to find out more about Abdul.

Over a quick meal of roast meat and noodles, Selene revealed her side of the story.

It’s almost like an intelligence gathering session and Selene was only all too willing to spill the beans on Abdul

Abdul came onboard the company at her parents request, they worked together on a couple of projects some time back and he seemed quite capable.

There was a pretty down period for the company when the economy took a hit and several key clients put their projects on hold with some cancelling their jobs altogether.

It was almost impossible to maintain the office.

Thankfully Abdul came onboard and with him, he brought in jobs from India which kept everyone going.

Selene : That’s pretty much the story.

James : Why does the office seem like it’s split into 2 ?

She considered that for a moment before answering.

Selene : 3 actually. The office is split into 3.

She went on to elaborate that there are mainly 3 factions.

First is Abdul and his team. He hired everyone personally and they are all foreigners. He current holds the most resources in the office with 5 indians, 4 Filipinos and 1 from Myanmar

Then is her own team which she set up. There’s Peter from London, Cidney from Phuket , Sarah, Me, and her.

The last team belongs to the old timers whose numbers have dwindled since her parents stopped working.

There’s Tan and Sue, Uncle Sahim and Kahlid who are brothers, Auntie May and Kakak Siti in accounts, not forgetting Auntie poon who works the pantry.

Selene : It’s very obvious, there’s 3 factions.

James : Then why are people in your team, helping Abdul with his projects ? It does not make sense.

Selene : He’s bringing more jobs and he could use the extra help. The ones that I have are pretty much inherited leftovers from my parents and couple of small ones from old clients.

I could see Selene was tired and I did not push her for more information.


Abdul came over and bugged me on the boutique project and I told him I’m still working on it.

Abdul : I heard you are quite an efficient worker James, prove it soon.

I did not even give him a reply.


I compiled a list of staff from the call directory and arranged them according to the so call factions as described by Selene.

Team A


Team B


Team C

Uncle Sahim
Uncle Kahlid
Auntie May
Kakak Siti
Auntie Poon

I looked at that list and something seemed fishy. Something just did not seem to add up but I could not put my finger to it.

I kept it aside, will just have to look at it another day.


Sarah approached me in the pantry and bitched about Abdul
She went on ask if I haven plans for the evening.

I told her I’m getting Peter and Cidney to go out for drinks, and I invited her along.

Sarah : It’s ok, you guys go ahead, I’m going to go shop.

I only manage to leave office at 8.30pm that day after clearing some work and I met up with Peter and CIdney.

We chatted, they teased me about going out Sarah so often, we joked and most important of all, we got to know each other.


Sarah dropped me a message, asking where were we nested in, she’s heading over.

Sarah Joined us at 11pm.
When it’s about 5 minutes to midnight, we decided to call it a night.

I went in search of a cab that night with Sarah along Arab street.

Sarah was wearing flats that day, so I made a comment that even if we can’t get one, we could always walk.

She had a bag with smaller bags inside them, evidence of her shopping, and after 2 streets without a cab, I offered to hold them for her.

James : What did you buy ?

Sarah : Clothes lor.

5th June


We gave up walking and sat down at the bus stop opposite park royal hotel at beach road.

James : Do you shop every Friday ?

Sarah : Haha, no la. No plans mah, so just go and shop lor.

I watch Sarah fold her arms and crossed her legs as she bent her body forward to check if there’s any available cabs from the oncoming traffic.
She looked gorgeous that evening, in a stylish yet nerdish way.

She was wearing black tights, I love girls who wear tights.

The way it clung onto their legs, tapering it’s way down before disappearing into her pair of silver flats.

Sarah had a simple spag top paired with a trendy cardigan, and she was wearing a short denim skirt.

I looked at her thighs, the way they intercrossed and it made my heart beat faster.

Her hair was tied up in a bun, not as neat as the SQ girls but cute enough.

Then to top it all off, she wore a pair of black frame nerdy specs.

There was no wind that early morning, the air was pretty dead.

And there were no cab.

Our conversation started to dwindle to one word question and answers, and I knew it’s going to be awkward if it’s just silence.

I decided to pull a joke.

James : Eh, If really no cab, we stay over across the road la.

Sarah turned towards me, her eyes widen significantly before she lift up her left hand and landed a loud smack on me.

Sarah : Hello !. What kind of girl do you think I am ?

She laughed when she said that so I knew she was not too offended, in fact I felt she was a little flattered.

Maybe it’s just me.

I decided I could push a little and added.

James : Hello !, What kind of guy do you think I am ? It does not have to be sexual you know. We could get separate rooms, separate beds….

Sarah laughed and replied before I finished my sentence.

Sarah : Yah yah, I believe you.

She turned away and checked the roads again.

I stood up and carried her bag. Stretching out my hand , I offered to pull her up.

Sarah : Where are we going ?

James : Across .

She hesitated for a while before taking my hand.

The moment our hands touched, I did not let go.

I held on and I felt her fingers part.

We interlinked our fingers as we head for the overhead bridge going across to the hotel.

We spoke no words, made no sound, offered no comments.

When we were halfway across, Sarah spoke.

Sarah : I assumed we’re going across because it’s easier to get a cab from the hotel lobby

James : haha. Yeap, that’s exactly what I had in mind.

We giggled a little but said nothing more.

As we descended the stairs to the bus stop below, I felt Sarah slowing down her footsteps.

Her hand clasped tighter onto mind and I could sense some hesitation.

I gave her hand a gentle squeeze, and reassured her.

James : Hey, we’re just taking a cab. Haha.

Sarah fell in step with me as we approached the hotel lobby.

We walked right pass the taxi stand and entered the hotel.

Sarah immediately excused herself to the bathroom, I offered to hold her bag and she passed it to me.

It took me 15 minutes before I got a room and Sarah was no where in sight.

I dropped her a message, saying that the cab is here and we’re ready to go.

She appeared from round the corner and I went over to receive her.

Her hair was no longer in a bud, she let them down, dropping lush bundles of hair onto her shoulders.

I held her hand and we entered the lift together.

We alighted at the 6th floor and proceeded to the room.

I slid in the key card and Sarah entered before me.

When I powered up the lights, Sarah walked right in.

The first thing I heard was ;

Sarah : Did you get the cab James ?

I laughed and replied.

James : Ok, we can stop the cab thing now. Hahah. No cab is coming up to the 6th floor Sarah.

She laughed and came over, her arms looping around my neck.

Sarah : Listen James, Listen.

We kissed and the moment her soft lips touched mine, I felt the cold of her nerd specs press against my face also.

We broke off after a few seconds and she said again.

Sarah : I said cap, not cab.

I had to blink twice before i got it and i laughed.

Sarah laughed too before we kissed again.

I gently nudged her towards the bed before we fell a little clumsily onto it.

As we broke offf our kiss for a breath, Sarah added in a little breathless voice.

Her panting made her voice sound so sensual.

In between breaths she spoke.

Sarah : You're really a monster James. haha

I kissed her once more before i replied.

James : We've already established that haven't we ?

Sarah : Yup. haha.

Up to that moment i've pretty puch kept my hands to myself, stroking and touching Sarah on her shoulders, her lower back.

I placed my left hand on her right hip and i gently tugged at the waist of her denim skirt.

James : Now let's just establish the fucking part.

Sarah gave a ticklish giggle and pushed me away as i tried to unbutton her denim skirt.

She shook her head with a smile.

Sarah : Ok. Prove it.

Sarah still has her flats on, and as I slowly slid my body away from her, I helped her removed her shoes, placing them neatly by the front of the bed.

She sat up at the edge of the bed as I knelt down in front of her.

She looked down and I reached up to meet her lips, our faces covered by the veil of hair.

I saw her reaching for her skirt but I held onto her hands, pushing them away.

Sarah tried to stand up but I made her sit.

I gestured her to sit back further, so her feet is dangling a couple of inches off the bed.

Moving to her back, I reached for the neck, giving her a gentle massage. I had to brush her hair away a couple of times as they keep getting in the way.

I moved on to her shoulders, and from the reflection of the mirror at the dresser table, I can see her eyes were closed.

James : Are you ok ?

She nodded her head without answering.

I laid her down in a position where her knees are bent 90 degrees over the bed, her feet left dangling while her body lies comfortably on the soft mattress.

I dimmed the lights of the room and took off my clothes, leaving only my boxers on.

I kissed Sarah on her neck, slowly planting my soft lips down her collar bone. Kissing at such an angle allowed me a closed up view of her panting chest. I could tell she’s excited, whether is it because we were colleagues or simply because she was horny.

I laid sideways, supported by my right arm as I brushed my left palm gently across her stomach, tracing the contours to her breast.

I kissed her on the forehead as I fondled her breast. They were not big, probably a full A cup I would say but it’s fine with me.

I don’t see women as individual body part.

I love them as a whole.

I felt a suck of my tongue when I met Sarah’s lips again and I could feel the caress of her hot breathing whenever I place my face near.

She still wore her nerd specs, her eyes now a little watery, and it made the whole scene looked like a dreamy.

We kissed again and I reached underneath her spag top. Her skin felt smooth but I could feel the tease of fine hairs standing on their ends as I slide closer to her bra.

I felt the silky texture of her bra cup and latched on immediately with my left hand, at the same time I kissed her harder, fondling her love pillows through her bra.

Sarah reached for her top and removed her cardigan and spag in one continuous motion, leaving only her white bra.

It’s not a school girl bra, but it reminded me of one.

The white silky material shone in the dim light, the connecting clip in the middle adorned with a string of pearls.

I unclasped her bra, nudging my nose deep into her bra , smelling and enjoying the smell.

There’s a unique scent which I cherish from the bra. After a hard day’s work, after a day of perspiration, after a day of walking around, the erotic essence of her bodily smell all rolled into one.

Sarah’s nipples were not big, they were small, round at the tip and soft to the touch. I teased it gently, rolling it between my lips, at the same time trying to adjust my throbbing dick.

Sarah wanted to take off her skirt but I stopped her.

I could see a couple of uncontrolled breaths and small thrust from her pelvis. I don’t know if she was already wet but I saw no need to hurry.

I left her legs dangling and I reached in underneath her skirt.

There were so many texture I could feel, the softness of her tights as I slid my fingers around her thigh, there was the roughness of the denim skirt against the back of my hand, then there was the tease of a wet spot near the private.

I tried to fumble for her spot but there were too many layers.

I kept the skirt on and I slid down her tights but not all the way. I stopped at her calves, just below her knees.

Seeing her delicious thighs and legs made my dick throb even harder, begging to be set free.

I reached under again for her and Sarah was indeed already wet.

The warm moisture seeping through her soft undies a stark contrast to the cold room.

I found her love hole and I gently massaged around it, coaxing out more uncontrolled breaths and gasp from Sarah.

She tried to reach for me but I held back her hands.

Sarah : You’re torturing me James…

I kissed her again, and I grabbed both her wrist, lifting them up and above her head as I depressed it down onto the bed.

With her hands pinned down above her head, I picked up my speed and massaged her love hole, resulting in a really wet underwear amidst rapid sharp intake of fresh air.

When I felt it’s sufficiently wet, I parted Sarah’s underwear from the side, using 2 fingers, I dragged and coated Sarah’s privates with her own love juice.

The more she secreted, the bigger the area I coat.

Her clitoris was engorged and swollen from what I could feel and I could feel wrinkles starting to form on my wet fingers.

I massaged and rapidly flicked and slap her clit with my fingers and Sarah finally started to moan.

Sarah : Urghhh… James… urghh .

As she moaned, her body twisted a little, her hands tried to free themselves, her expression lost and confused.

I kept up the pace and Sarah moaned louder and longer, her breathing served only to keep her heart beating as she fought the electrical signals that her brain is sending to her privates, or rather the signals her privates is sending to her brain.

I stopped suddenly and Sarah caught her breath, I slid down her wet and stained underwear, letting that sexy piece of fabric join the bundle of tights at her knees.

I let go of her wrists and I was surprised she kept them there, above her head, it seemed she was sufficiently held down till she accepted her helplessness.

I repositioned myself, hugging both her legs close to my face.

My left hand went for her wet love hole again, while my right positioned her legs, letting them rest on my right shoulder blade.

Now that position placed my face close to Sarah’s tights and her wet underwear.

As I brushed and masturbated for Sarah, I sniffed and enjoyed the smell of her tights coupled with her underwear.

It was such an erotic sight.

The thought of Sarah wearing the tights the whole day and having her in such a position cannot be described in words.

As her moaning got louder, I felt a grab on my boxers, Sarah tugged at me , her watery eyes gazing dreamily.

I stopped what I was doing and repositioned her .

I pulled down her tights to her ankles, but I kept it on.

Using it as a make shift rope, I lopped it around her ankles, tying a messy knot around her ankles, bundling her wet underwear in the loops.

Sarah : What are you doing James ?

I placed her feet down and turned her body to the side so she’s lying on her right, my left hand shifted her legs upwards, bringing her knees close to her body so she’s lying a little in a cradle position.

Placing my left hand at the bottom of both her knees, I locked her in that position and I kissed her again.

I shook off my boxers clumsily and I positioned myself for entry.

I adjusted myself again in search of a better position.

Now I had my left hand pressing down on Sarah’s tied up ankles while I gestured and took hold of both her wrist, while my dick hovered close to her love hole.

It looked like a typical scene from a Jap porn movie with me holding onto Sarah.

She looked helpless as I held on to her limbs, she looked hungry too, begging to be pleased, begging to be taken .

I pressed my erected throbbing dick against the entrance of her love hole and I could already feel it sliding in.

Sarah : James…. James… the cap..

I smiled and I slowly eased myself into Sarah, enjoying the expression on her face.

Her lips slowly parted, her body slightly convulsed, her moan soft and sounded like a whimper.

As I slide myself fully into the comforts of her lovely folds, I gave her a second to adjust fully to the foreign object in her tight body.

She was breathing heavily , her eyes closed.

I withdrew my dick, feeling the grip of her strong vagina walls on my erected veins.

Right before I exited fully, I plunged myself back in, deep and hard and Sarah gave out the sexiest moan I’ve ever heard.

I thought it was only polite if I answered her question that evening.

James : Sorry Sarah, no cab this evening, that’s why we’re here remember .

I made sure she did not have a chance to reply as I withdrew and slam myself deep, fucking into her love hole.

It’s been a while since I last had sex and the soft comforts of Sarah’s vagina brought back so much memories.

From the first girl I gave my virgin to the matured woman I met at club med.

It was an amazing feeling, especially during the withdrawal of my love juice coated penis from Sarah’s privates, the feeling of the drag when I pull it out, and the squeeze of her vagina walls when I entered.

I only managed about 5-6 good thrusts when Sarah started struggling to break free.

Sarah : James… James… wait.. wait..

She managed to shake her wrist loose from my grips.

Initially I was worried that she changed her mind, or perhaps regretted what we had done but thankfully that was not the case.

She squirmed and squeeze me out as she tried to crawl away from me , heading for the bedside table.

The sight of her crawling away with her feet tied up turned me on even more, the helplessness bringing out the monster in me.

Sarah reached for her phone, took a quick look at the main screen before putting it down.

Right at that moment, I caught up with her, hoisting her feet up, I eased myself into her slippery love hole once more.

Sarah tapped and hit me repeatly on my forearm.

Sarah : James.. no joking.. a bit dangerous la.. I think we need to get caps.

I pushed myself in a couple of strokes, reluctant to stop after the distance I’ve come along but Sarah did not seem like she was joking.

There was indeed a worried frown on her face, if I didn’t knew better, I would have thought that looked like the horny look a Jap porn actress would give, but she seem genuinely concerned.

That moment just happened and somehow the mojo was gone for both of us.

I nodded and slowly withdrew as Sarah exhaled a breath of relieve followed by a moan.

Although not much activity was done, and in fact nothing was achieved but we were both panting, a little out of breath.

Perhaps end of the day it’s just the excitement and your brain fucking with you.

We didn’t exactly cuddle up and snuggle in bed like a pair of love birds, the fact is we’re not a pair of love birds.

We’re colleagues.

Lucky for me there’s no awkward moment and I helped Sarah get out of that rough knot I made with her tights and underwear.

Sarah : Didn’t know you’re into this kind of kink James.

James : Haha, it just crossed my mind , just happened.

I removed the bundled up clothes and helped Sarah off her skirt, leaving her naked and exposed.

I put my boxers back on and I pulled the blanket over Sarah.

I got a smile in return and her eyes closed.

I took a shower alone and I went to bed.

6th June 2010


The sky was still dark, so I’m not sure exactly what time it was but I felt Sarah stirring beside me.

My eyes were still closed but I could sense movements on the bed.

After a while I heard the shower come on.

I was awake but I kept my eyes closed, there’s a possibility that Sarah’s feeling guilty with what happened and she wanted to leave the hotel before I wake up.

It’s just as well, it’s fine with me but she’s a girl after all.

I must have drifted off into sleep again and the next thing I knew was the smell of soap and droplets of water dripping onto my face and body.

Sarah : Oei . wake up.

I opened my eyes to see Sarah bent over me.

She could have got back into bed from her side but she chose to straddle over me and get back onto the bed.

I reached for her hand pulling her close and we kissed again.

I love morning sex, and could instantly feel the rush of blood to my manhood.

Sarah reached for me underneath the blanket and with a firm grip, grabbed hold of my erection.

We kissed and she pumped away, stroking me to paradise.

She stopped after a while and just laid down beside me.

I got myself up and I went on top, spreading her legs apart with my knees.
Sarah just smiled and shook her head.

I knew the moment was indeed over when I got back onto my side and Sarah got dressed.


We went down for breakfast together and I sent her back.

We chatted like friends, talked about work like colleagues and we parted with a hug and a kiss.

James : So… ermm.. is this it ?

Sarah : Haha, what do you mean ?

James : No conclusion. Haha

She did not reply but just smiled and turned away.


I got back to office to finish up some work and I saw another 2 person from Abdul’s team clicking away at their desk.

I’ve never got the chance to really interact with them yet.

I made some small talks and found out that both Romano and Rajah were rushing for some tender drawings. It’s a pretty big project and from what I knew, quite a few of Abdul’s staff were working on it.

James : How come just you 2 are back here ?

Romano laughed, gave a wave and just shook his head.

Rajah was more foreright.

Rajah : Those people don’t work.

I got back to my project and reviewed the information given to me by Abdul.

The drawings for the boutique were already done and as far as I could see, everything was in order.

It was only when I checked the quotation that I smelled something fishy again.

There were only 2 quotes, from 2 company. There’re a handful of contractors that does high end boutiques and usually they’re invited. Their price is competitive and their workmanship is pretty decent.

Still I cannot assume the 2 invited by Abdul is not good without actually working with them.

I checked the quotation to prepare for the tender interview and jotted down some questions I wanted to clarify.

Their prices were really close, about the difference of a thousand for a 300k job.

What are the odds.

The more pages I turned, the more questions I had.

Carpentry at $1800 per sq foot before GST.

That’s pretty expensive.

I checked the corresponding drawing and I almost vomited out my lunch.

I could probably buy that shit in Ikea for a $100. And it’s designated for the storeroom.

I checked out some other areas as well, a lot of fishy areas, prices don’t add up.

8th June 2010

I went to ACRA’s website and decided to check on the 2 companys.

I paid $10 from my own pocket to buy the company profiles of both companies and realised that they were registered on the same year Abdul came onboard.

They belonged to the same people holding different post.

I kept that in mind and I just went with the flow.

7th July 2010


After one month with the office, I got a pretty good idea of who the leeches were, some people just turn up in office to show face, act like a zombie and wait for time to pass.

I also saw firsthand how unfair Abdul were to certain members of his team , in particular Rajah and Romano.

It made me question more, they were the 2 most hardworking employees in that team.

My relationship with Sarah remained status quo, we were still colleagues, we still go out for meals at least twice a week, leading to some speculations that we were in a relationship but that was not the case.

I’ve had the opportunity to finally meet Sarah’s boyfriend one evening during a group drinking session.

He seemed like a nice guy.

I flirted a lot with Sarah, not in the office but after work.

We get pretty touchy but we did not go beyond that.

I hinted a few times to finish what we started and Sarah just stuck out her tongue at me.

I never like to have unfinished business but I was not in a hurry, there’s bound to be opportunity.
9th July 2010


Selene finally got a job on her own merits and she was over the moon.
Cidney had been the one working on it with her and she brought her out to lunch.

It’s a Malaysian client for that particular job and at 4pm that day, Selene asked if I could make a trip to KL the following week.

James : sure.

Selene : We’re going over together with Cidney, but I need to be back the next day.

She went on to say she needed Cidney and me to stay for one more day to go through the specifics with the client’s team.

I got a couple of questions answered and was about to leave when Selene asked a really funny question.

Selene : Erm James..

James : What ?

Selene : Do you mind flying budget air ?

I laughed and replied.

James : Come on la, do I look like princess to you ? haha. It’s only KL . Take train also can.

Selene laughed and said a little sheepishly.

Selene : Sorry ah, I need to manage the budget, and our fees were not very good.

I just waved her off and said it’s ok.

Then she added one more line that made me look forward to the trip even more.

Selene : Another thing, erm… do you mind sharing room with Cidney and me ?

My eyes widen and I must have flashed a really cheeky smile because Selene scrunched up a piece of paper and threw it at me.

Selene : Tsk, don’t be an ass, I’ll tell your sister.

James : She moved out already, nothing she can do. Haha.

Selene : Be serious James, I’m struggling here. We’ll have separate beds.

I could see the pleading look in her eyes and I nodded and agreed.

James : Who would say no to sharing room with 2 pretty girls ? haha

Selene laughed.

Selene : I knew you would say something like that, but it’s fine, Cidney would be there.

I raised an eyebrow and Selene added.

Selene : She’s damm good at muay thai and she’s dam fit you know.

James : Bullshit, she’s so petite.

I gave Selene a wave and left the office.


I chatted with Peter and Cidney for a bit, asking them some work related stuff.


Peter left


I turned and asked Cidney who was busy photoshopping a site plan.

James : Hey Cidney .

Cidney : Yes James ?

James : I heard you’re good in muay thai.

She laughed.

She shook her head shyly , waving her hands at the same time.

Cidney. : No. No. I’m not.. good.

I pick up some small talks as we worked and she got the most excited when we talked about food.

How she loved the local delicacies, especially the breakfast stuff like Chwee Kuey, Chee chong fun, and all the nonya kuehs.

We talked about thai food at golden mile and she visits that place every week to stock up on supplies and to eat.

I suggested we go there for dinner but she said she already had plans.


We chatted and laughed a little loud and I saw a leaving Sarah shot me a sideway glance.

Cidney caught that and pointed her finger at me.

Cidney : Ho, your secret girlfriend jealous James. Haha

James : But she’s not my girlfriend.

Cidney smiled and waited for Sarah to leave the office before adding that she's just kidding.

I decided that not to carry on that conversation and I returned to my work.


Cidney was packing up and I casually brought up the KL trip the following week.

Cidney : Yeap, Selene told me this afternoon.

James : Did she tell you we’ll be sharing room ?

She nodded and smiled.

Cidney : pop kan mai kaa ( See you later )

James : Yark phai gin khao duay gun mai? ( Would you like to have dinner with me ? )

I must have pronounced it in a crappy way but i was sure she could make out what i said.

Cidney laughed.

Cidney : Maybe next week ?


I was about to head out for dinner when Abdul called me into his office.

It was as if he saw me packing up and he deliberately called me in to waste my time.

He did not even look at me when she spoke and the manner and tone he took was worst but i let him finish what he wanted to say.

I took a moment to consider my reply but in the end i just did not feel like replying.

I left his room after 10 minutes of unproductive lecture.

It dampened my friday for sure but i've still got the KL trip to look forward to the following week.

10th July 2010

I came back to the office to clear up some outstanding items and I was not alone.
Several colleagues were around including Tan and Sue.

We had a quick lunch, bitched about Abdul and I left.

12th July 2010


I was supposed to meet up with the contractors to run through their quotation and get some of my questions answered before doing up the rest of the paper work.

I met up with the client’s representative and we proceeded with the meeting.

Abdul came in and joined me unannounced and sat through the first one which had a higher quote.

I controlled myself and just played along, asking seemingly insignificant questions.

When the 2nd guy arrived an hour later, Abdul left me alone.

I can’t help it but decided to poke the hornet’s nest and disturb it.

I was so fucking sure that guy knew he had the lower quote and the project was bound to be his but I wanted to have some fun.

The first question I asked was about the cost of carpentry works.
Then I got an interesting reply.

Mr Loo : Young man, this is the market rate. Everywhere is the same.

Then he tried to smoke me, give me shit reasons about the high cost of wood to the good laminates he’s using.

I just smiled.

He’s not wrong to give a cost base on his quote, willing buyer, willing seller. It’s the same everywhere.

James : Mr Loo, relax, I’m just asking. I’ve done carpentry works from those in private housing to boutiques in orchard. I know the market rate, your price is above the norm.

I notice the client’s rep scribbling away without looking up.

He looked like he wanted to say something but decided to keep quiet.

James : Besides, I’m only asking about those in the storage and staff room. I haven even gone to the boutique shopfront and the display.

I asked a few more questions just to rattle the cage and I saved one more bomb for the last one.

James : Mr Loo, one last question, just to confirm I’m reading it right ah. You quoted $62000 for the carpet flooring …

He interrupted before I finished.

Mr Loo : Young man, you don’t know, you cannot just suka suka lay carpet on the floor. A lot of work one.

He went on to add;

Mr Loo : I need to do a layer of waterproofing, then I need to screed the floor. You know ? You know screed ? Make sure the water fall towards one point .

Mr Loo : Then I need to tile everything swee swee, make sure all ok then I put the carpet. A lot of work, if you go site you will know. Not as easy as just sitting inside office.

I nodded and smile.

James : Yah yah, I know a lot of work, I just don’t understand why you need to tile the whole floor with tiles before putting the carpet.

He kept quiet for a moment before adding that it was drawn and specified accordingly in the tender drawings.

Mr Loo : Hello, you all draw what, I quote for what loh. Your drawing show got tile, I quote loh.

James : I know, I know , I saw the drawings. Don’t understand half of it.

The Client’s rep looked like he has something to ask but decided to keep quiet.

I wrapped up the meeting with a pretty pissed Mr Loo. I could see him immediately tapping away on his phone.

I had a quick chat with the Client’s rep, he was pretty puzzled by some of the questions I asked and he honestly admitted he did not really know what was going on. He just wants to make sure we are within budget and the lowest quote wins the job.

I found out that Abdul had worked on similar jobs before with the same contractors and according to him, everything well pretty well.

I reassured him that everything is fine, we’ll keep him updated.


Abdul asked me into his office.

Abdul : James , what is the problem ?

James : What do you mean ?

Abdul : I heard you asked a lot of unnecessary questions.

James : Huh ? You’re not even in there with me. What do you mean by unnecessary ?

I honestly got a fright when he slammed his hand down on the desk and I admitted I jumped a little but I composed myself pretty quick.

He raised his voice so loud I was sure everyone in the office could hear.

Abdul : Don’t you dare take that kind of tone with me. I’m your boss and keep that in your head.

And with one more loud burst of breath he literally shouted ,

Abdul : Get out !

Now I was boiling mad at that outburst.

We did not even discuss anything significant , it was just pure shouting.

I left the office and not surprisingly, everyone was staring at me.

Even Selene came out of her room and gave me a questioning look.

It was embarrassing as well as it’s as if I did something gravely wrong when in fact I didn’t.

I admit I was rude, but that was unnecessary.

I knew I was too mad to think and I decided to take a breather and go for a walk.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Sarah got up, took her phone and came after me.

I settled down at a coffee shop across the office and order a drink.

Sarah took the seat opposite me with a grin on her face.

Sarah : Ok, ok. Share share .

James : Don’t be crazy.

She pestered me a little and I told her what happened including the fishy stuff I found out.

I was really surprised when Sarah told me that she also found some stuff fishy in the office.

We exchanged notes about project costing and allocation of resources and I began to form a clearer picture.

What really hit the nail on the head was when Sarah said when she drained her cup of tea.

Sarah : The proportion of foreign staff in the office is too much.

James : Eh, you xenophobia ar. Don’t like that leh. My Ah Gong also come from china come here work one leh.

Sarah : No no, I don’t mean that, it’s just that I wished there were more locals.

Then something clicked in my head and I finished my coffee immediately.

James : Let’s head back.

I got back to office and saw a mail that was sent to the entire office.

It told everyone I was off the boutique job.

5 Minutes later I saw Abdul come out of Selene’s office.

Immediately after that Selene wanted to talk to me.

I asked for 5 minutes and I took out the list of employees I compiled.

I immediately went to MOM website and did some calculation to confirm my suspicions.

I entered Selene’s office.

I was fully prepared, she would probably scold me, scream at me perhaps.

After all I just pissed off her business partner, and he’s the one keeping the office afloat.

Selene motioned for me to close the door and she drew the blinds, it really reminded me of some HK serial drama I’ve seen.

Boss ask employee in, close door shut blind.

Then again, the kind of thoughts I have in my mind could not possibly be the same as Selene.

She got up from her seat and walked past me, settling down onto the small sofa beside the door.

I saw her bury her face in her hands , mumbling at the same time.

I took the seat beside her and I could not help but notice her legs and her heels that day.

She wore a dress, a floral print dress which was not too tight.

It really brought out the best of her assets and she had on pretty high heels.

Her heels propped her knees up high at an odd angle as she sat down low on the sofa. Her elbows rested a little awkwardly on her unusually high knees.

Selene : James.. I can’t do it.

I was expecting Selene to reason with me, I was expecting her to tell me to be cooperative at the minimum.

Selene : It’s very tiring, do you know that ?

James : I’m sorry, but I could explain…

I did not look directly at Selene but kept my eyes peeled on her feet, and how those little toes disappeared into the heels, showing me her delicious toe cleavage.

It made my blood stir, and I had the thought of licking and sucking her toes as she scolds me in the room.

I turned towards Selene and had a total shock.

When she faced me, her eyes were red.

Then she started crying.

I panicked. Honestly.

I really panicked.

I stood up as part of my instinct and grabbed the napkins behind her desk and passed it to her.

I immediately apologized.

James : Ok , ok sorry, I’ll try to work with Abdul.

Selene kept sobbing away for a good minute or 2. I was so worried someone might come in.

I did not do anything, but it’s not good for the staff to see their boss in tears.

It’s very bad for morale.

I waited for Selene to calm down and when she finally spoke, I grabbed the chair and sat opposite her .

I depressed the lever, bringing myself lower.

One of the best sound I heard that day was that hissing sound when I pulled the lever of the chair.

As I lowered myself, I had a nice view of Selene.

The small gap at the top of her blouse, and of course, the gap between her legs and that peek of a pale pink.

Her legs went to the side, bending parallel, with her knees at the 10 oclock position, such a demure posture.

As I fought hard to remove my eyes from her body, I tried to pay attention to what she was saying.

Selene told me that Abdul was really pissed at me, said I showed him no respect, I do not have enough experience and I don’t know what I was doing.

She went on to say that Abdul things my performance is really bad and suggested that I be fired or let go before the end of my probation period.

Another 10 minutes went by and Selene asked me if I was happy working there.

James : I’m happy working for you Selene just that something weird is going on in this office and I’m sure you know it.

She did not reply but just wiped away the remnants of her tears.

James : Look, I can get a job elsewhere. If you want me to leave, I won’t make things difficult for you. I can go.

Selene said the one sentence that really made my day.

Selene : If I had a choice, I would want Abdul to go.

We were both quiet for a moment before I spoke.

James: What would you do if we could get rid of Abdul, and still keep the company afloat ?

Selene : Anything. I’ll do anything.

I nodded, and with the most serious face I could master, I said.

James : Ok, be my girlfriend and I’ll help you get rid of him.

Selene : Tsk…

She laughed and tried to kick me, revealing more of her pale pink panty but she quickly regained her modesty.

Selene : I’m too old for you James.. haha

I did not reply and instead there seemed to be small ideas popping up in my head and I was trying to piece everything together.

James : Ok, let’s be serious.

Selene : What ?

James : I have a plan.

Selene : To what ?

James : Get rid of Abdul.

Selene did not seem to believe me and she laughed and waved me away.

I asked her again the same question.

James : I’m serious, what would you do if I could get rid of Abdul and keep the company afloat.

Selene answered almost immediately.

Selene : Anything and everything.

14th July 2010


I was the last one to arrive at the airport and Cidney and Selene were waiting for me to check in together for the trip to KL.

The meeting was schedule at 11am and we went straight to the client’s office from the airport.


We left the clients office and took a cab to Berjaya Times square. Selene handled the check in while Cidney and I chatted about shopping in KL.


I felt a sense of excitement as we entered the suite.

As the girls unloaded , Selene head for the shower and I saw Cidney setting up her laptop.

I settled down at the sofa and waited for the extra bed to be sent up.


The extra bed was set up in the living room right beside the sofa. The coffee table was shifted to the side.

Both Selene and Cidney were already on their laptop.

I suggested I grab some food and drinks up as we only had a light lunch and I left the room.

There were only 2 key cards and I borrowed the one Cidney was holding.

I went to the lobby and went straight to the check in desk.

James : Hi, I can’t seem to get this to work, can you help me check it.

The staff said everything is fine, the card reads ok on their machine.

James : Ok, can you give me another one, I don’t want to make another trip down in case it doesn’t work.

I left with one additional card in my pocket.

Heading to the supermarket, I loaded the basket with some drinks, beer, and snacks.

I also added into my purchase a few additional items.

I bought a packet of Slimming tea that said it’s good for Detox, I got a pair of scissors and a travel sewing kit and a nail file

I got a small bottle of normal glue, and 2 tubes of super strength glue.

Making sure the additional items were packed separately, I went back up to the suite.


I had my shower, using the same bathroom as the girls did put some crazy thoughts into my head but thankfully I remained sane.

We had our drinks, munched on snacks and were doing our respective work with some small chat.


Selene called for a quick meeting to run through the details of the day and tasked Cidney and me the items to take note of for the next day.


The snacks kept us full and we continued working till about 8.00pm until Selene called for a time out.

She suggested we grab a quick dinner and we agreed.


We just had fast food at the mall and our conversation was mostly centered around work.


We were all heading back to the room when Selene and Cidney stopped outside a nail parlour, peering into the interior.

It was empty and the staff immediately came out, peppering the girls with different options and promotions.

I saw the 2 girls shared a look before Selene turned to me.

Selene : James ah, don’t mind you head back first ar , Cidney and I need some alone time. Hohoho.

Selene was digging in her bag for the room key but I wave her off.

James : Eh no need, I was craving for a foot massage also. Haha

I pointed to the massage place a few doors down and told them I’ll have a quick one.

James : See you girls in an hour.

I left them and went to the massage parlor. I pretended to check out the price and the interior and I made sure they went into the nail shop.

I loitered nearby for a minute or 2 before circling back to the nail parlor.

The girls seemed surprised that I entered and took a seat beside them.

Cidney : What’s wrong ?

James : It’s full, need to wait for 10 minutes.

I selected a magazine while the girls selected their nail polish.

I wanted to make sure they were properly settled down into the seat. I’ve had instances where I was so sure my my ex gf would be spending a couple of hours at the parlor after she entered only to realize she could not decide on the colour and the design and ended up leaving the shop.

It pays to play it safe.

Cidney made up her mind first before Selene.

They did not choose any fancy design, just a basic manicure and pedicure with a coat of colour.

As they were the only girls in the shop, they had 2 staff attending to them at each go.

I estimated I have a window of probably an hour to be safe and I left the nail parlour after 10 minutes.


I made my way towards the hotel lobby, perspiring a little as I fingered the key card in my pocket.

I shared the lift with a few tourists and every floor that the lift stopped made my heart beat faster.


I ran across the lift lobby, rushing down the length of the corridor to our room and inserted the key card.

Slotting it in for light and power, I immediately got to work.

I took all the 4 tea bags from the mini bar and retrieved the stuff I bought from the supermarket.

I slowly peeled and withdrew all 4 teabags , taking extra care I don’t rip the original tea bag label.

Using the scissors, I removed the small stapler that holds the tea leaves together. Emptying the leaves into an empty cup, I replaced the leaves with the one I bought.

Spreading it out evenly, I folded the teabag into it’s original shape. The mini stapler that held it together is no longer of any use.

I threaded a white thread, and sew the tea bag shut. I cut off the original line connecting the tea label to the bag and lopped my new one around the opening and finishing it with a knot.

I took a look at my handiwork and gave myself a nod of approval.

I slid the bag carefully into the packaging and sealed it with the glue I bought.

I repeated the same thing with the other 3 bags.

It took me about 20 minutes to get it done and by then I was perspiring pretty badly.


I replaced the tea bag onto the mini bar and hoped the girls don’t notice how similar English breakfast and Earl Grey taste like in that hotel.

I bagged the waste into a plastic bag and tied it up.

I entered the sleeping area and I went to their luggage.

Aside from the heels they wore and jackets, they kept the rest of the stuff in their suitcase.

I did not have time to fiddle with the number lock and try all 1000 combination for both suitcase.

I had a target in mind and it’s Cidney.

I brought the suitcase underneath the standing lamp, I needed the light.

I used the super glue I bought and dripped a few drops into the bottom of the combination lock dial.

As expected, there’s a bit of dripping and I knew if I used tissue, it would end up sticking all over.

I blew on it to let it dry fast.


By then the back of my t-shirt was already soaked in perspiration despite the air-conditioned room.

Using the nail file, I slowly filed away the excessed glue which had solidified.

Every few times I dragged and filed, I blew away the dust.


I orientated the suitcase about, making sure I left no traces behind and I returned it to it’s original position.

I wiped myself down a little with the towel and took a sip of water to calm myself down.

There was simply not enough time.

If given the opportunity, I would have loved to go through the girls’ luggage.

Thinking of the clothes Selene wore the whole day, the pants and undies she took the flight in, the blouse which she gave the presentation and the bra that must have absorbed her sweat and womanly smell the whole afternoon.

It almost made me cum in my pants.

Her womanly scent, her wet and soiled clothes barely 5m away yet out of my reach.

As if having Selene was not enough there’s still Cidney.

She had Jeans on that humid afternoon; I can only imagine what erotic scent could have been released from her. A trendy pair of tan boots reminded me of tomb raider.

Cidney wore a sleeveless blouse that was semi translucent, I remember seeing a glimpse of her light marooned bra strap adorned with flowery motifs when I was standing really close behind her on the escalator.

I knew she had a simple white tube on too, covering only her breast, leaving her midriff open.

Layers upon layers of clothes only made it more tempting for me to peel them off.

I snapped myself out of my daydream and took the bottle of body lotion from the bathroom.


I slathered a good amount of the lotion around my neck and hands and left the room with the bag of trash in hand.

I hope I smell like I had spent an hour in a nice spa like environment instead of smelling like someone who had just ran a marathon.

I took the lift to the lobby and disposed of the bag of rubbish and evidence.


I got to the massage parlor and loitered around the entrance.


I took a slow walk towards the nail parlor and saw the girls waiting for their nails to dry.

I sat down and was told by one of the staff that it’ll take another 10-15 minutes.

Selene : How’s your massage James ? You looked tired.

James : Haha. It was good, I bet I’ll have a good sleep tonight.


We got back to the room and I went back to my laptop, replying some personal mail.

There was one from Sarah, asking how my trip was sharing the room with 2 girls.

I replied that I wished she was here and that it had been her I’m sharing the room with.


I got a reply from Sarah

“ Haha, really ? “
Sent from my blackberry.

I replied ;
“Of course, Miss you sooooooo much. Staycation for national day weekend ? “


, let me think about it”
Sent from my blackberry.


I waited for it to happen.


I had to force myself from pacing around.


The girls closed the sliding door that separates the living and sleeping area.


The door opened.

Cidney : James . I need your help.
I looked up from a file I was pretending to study and gave a questioning look.

Cidney gestured me to follow her and I entered the room.

Selene already tucked herself into bed and I can see she was wearing a singlet with really really thin strap.

She was reading a file and when she saw me eyeing her, she shot me a look from the corner of her eye before giving me a crooked twitch of her mouth.

Selene : Turn your head away James .

I just smiled and went to take a look at Cidney’s luggage.

James: What’s wrong ?

Cidney : I think it’s stuck. I’ve got no strength to force it. Can you try ?

I pretended to study the combination and asked Cidney what’s the password.

Cidney : 930

I tried to turn the dial, striking up a conversation at the same time.

James : Hmm. 930, your birthday ar ? haha

Cidney flashed me a really sweet smile and it made me regret doing that to her.

It’s just that sudden strike of guilt and it really weigh on my heart.

It’s too late for regrets anyway and I tried to turn the dial harder.

James : Ok, I’ll remember, buy you a present yah.

Cidney : No need, it’s ok. Haha

I twisted and turn for a while before shaking my head at her.

James : I think it’s spoilt, no idea.

Cidney : It was working just now.

I saw the cute image of the petite thai girl scratching the side of her head and I really felt like cuddling up with her, comforting her, telling her it’s ok but I can’t.

There are more things to be accomplished.

James : Hmm. Ok, tell you what. Let’s break it and you can get to your stuff. Tomorrow we’ll have to get a new one I think.

Cidney seemed a little sad that it had to come to that and it made me feel even more guilty.

She nodded a little reluctantly and when she spoke, I felt like hurling myself out of the hotel window for being such a bastard.

Cidney : This was my first luggage, I used it everywhere, almost 5 years.

I was so prepared for lighting to strike me then but thankfully nothing happened.

James : I’m sorry, but it seemed really jammed.

Cidney : It’s ok, let’s just break it.

I used a pen and I stuck it into the zip, creating an opening.
Using my fingers, I separated the teeth of the zip, creating an opening big enough for Cidney to reach her things.

Cidney : Thanks James.

I left the room and closed the sliding door behind me.

I set alarm for 4.55am. I made sure it was on vibrate and tucked the phone into my pocket.

I knew Selene would be up around 5am from our discussion that evening, she’s catching the first flight back to Singapore.

I fell asleep with a few things on my mind.

First, the 2nd part of my plan with the tea bags. I went through the steps and scenarios, making sure I don’t fuck it up.

Then is the phase in the morning when Selene leaves for the airport, leaving me and CIdney alone in the room.

We’re meeting at the client’s office at 10am. There’s more than enough time for breakfast and some alone time with Cidney but I wanted alone time with Cidney’s worn clothes.

I wanted time alone with Cidney’s opened and exposed suitcase.

Then there was the reply Sarah gave for my staycation suggestion, we’ve flirted quite a bit ever since that evening at park royal but i got a weird vibe that something might work out.

I fell asleep unknowingly, with a heavy dose of guilt on my mind for spoiling Cidney’s suitcase.

I mentally made a note of getting a replacement bag for her.


I woke up and stopped the vibrating pulse on my right pocket.
I could see the sleeping area with the sliding door still closed.

I stretched in my bed and waited.


I heard the muffled shrill of an alarm go off in the next room.

Then there’s silence.

I saw the spill of orange light from the crevices at the bottom of the sliding door and I kept my ears opened, listening for any telltale sound.

I could hear some shuffling and the zipping sound of a luggage being open.

Then came a thump as one side of the opened luggage hitting the carpeted floor.

Some crinkling sound of plastic bag.

And I waited again.

Then moment I heard the thump sound of the bathroom door close, I immediately got up and went to the sliding door.

My heart was beating really fast as I quickly contemplated my actions.

I could almost hear my heart beat as my fingers pry open a small crack on the sliding door. I saw the lit lamp of Selene’s bedside table and her bed is empty.

I peer towards the other bed and Cidney was tucked deep into bed with the blankets pulled high above her head. Judging from the shape her body was in, I was pretty sure she was facing the other direction from Selene’s bed.

I opened the door even more, trying to keep it to a minimum, just enough space for my body to go through.

It was like stepping into a different dimension.

The was the feminine smell of 2 girls. I actually stood and felt a shiver shaking my whole body as my eyes drifted from the sleeping Cidney to her broken luggage.

I shifted my view to the bed Selene had kept warm with her body the entire night.

I felt that uncontrollable urge to sleep in that bed, to feel her body warmth, to smell her pillow, to wallow in the same blanket.

Her opened luggage, her nicely folded worn clothes, her soiled lingerie. I had half a mind to just snitch her undies and wear it to meeting that morning.

I just felt so fucking perverted and sick at that moment I thought I would go mad.

Then I was jolted awake with the unmistakable sound of running water from the bathroom.

I took a deep breath and knew it was time to make a decision.

Time….. was definitely not on my side that morning in KL.

I took 2 steps more into the room and kept still for a moment, observing Cidney.

She seemed fast asleep and I decided it was safe.

I made up my mind to head for Selene’s bed as I will be spending another evening in KL with Cidney, there should be more openings for me to make my move if I play my cards right.

It was a really weird feeling, the closer I got to Selene’s bed, it was as if I could feel humanly warmth radiating from the bedsheet.

The blanket was swept aside in a bundle, but I could see a huge hump not unlike a mini hill.

Walking closer to the bedhead to take a closer look, it looks a little like a cave.

A temporary sanctuary where Selene slid her legs into for the night.

A place for her smooth toned feet to rest .

There was a slight depression on her pillow and through the orangey light, I could see a few strands of her long hair left behind.

There was no movements from Cidney and the shower was still going strong.
I lowered my body slowly and put my nose to Selene’s pillow and felt the instant rush of blood to my dick.

There was just smell of clean sheets with shampoo, but I guess it was the sick action that turned me on.

I left the bed alone and instead went for Selene’s luggage.

It’s been so many years since the millennium celebration. I could still remember the unique smell from Selene’s worn undies.

One scent that I was unable to find on my ex-gfs throughout the years.

The 18 year old JC girl had grown into a matured woman capable to running a company, I wonder if her womanly scent had matured as well.

It was not hard to find the plastic bag of worn clothes.

I recognized the top Selene had wore the previous day and digging a little deeper, I found her undies wrapped between her pants.

It felt damp to the touch, maybe it’s the cold air, maybe it’s the cold sweat in my hand.

I don’t know.

I kept my eyes peeled on Cidney and my ears wide open for the shower that was still going strong.

The last thing I want was for Cidney and Selene to see me sniffing worn undies.

I wasted no time and brought the simple seamless undies to my nose and I felt that urgent urge to masturbate to that erotic act.

The softness of that fabric on my face in the wee hours of the morning, the sweet heavenly smell of Selene felt like a rare and matured bottle of wine.

So rare and limited in quantity, and no doubt enjoyed by very few.

I was fighting against my urge to steal her underwear but thankfully I managed to reason with my second head.

I replaced it back and I checked through her luggage for other stuff.

They clothes she wore to bed was no doubt with her in the bathroom so no chance at that.

I found a bra carrier and saw that it had a zip closer. It would make too much noise.

I left that alone too.

I was tempted to lie on the bed, rub my face and body against the mattress which Selene’s body had nested in but I felt it was too dangerous.

I heard the shower stopped and knew my time was up.

I quickly made my way to the sliding door and squeezed myself out.

I took a while to close it because it makes quite a bit of noise when you slide it too fast.

Right when I manage to close the final gap of perhaps a cm, I heard the opening of the bathroom door.

I crept back to bed and set my alarm for 5.20am making sure it was audible and loud.


I let the alarm go off for a good 10 seconds before I stopped.
Stretching myself, I got up and had a drink from the stash of water we bought last evening, checking to make sure the tampered tea bags were all in order.


Selene opened the sliding door and I was sitting by the side of my bed fiddling on my phone.

Selene : Up so early ?

James : Yeap. Send you off mah.

Selene : Haha. No need la.

I went past her to use the bathroom and washed up.


I helped Selene bring her luggage down to the lobby and made sure she got on a cab safely.

She rattled off a couple of points to note, passed me her room key before I closed the cab door.


I returned the extra key card I had and thanked the reception.

I made my way slowly back up to the suite.


I was surprised to see Cidney up and about when I entered the room and she said she was about to call me.

Cidney : I thought everyone left.

Her puffy hair, the sleep in her eyes, the dim lighting all came together and put forth an image that I would love to have a picture off but I couldn’t.

Cidney wore long cotton pants that were loose and baggy with an oversize t-shirt to bed.

They seemed soft, and it made you want to touch the fabric.

They made me want to touch her.

I went ahead to take a shower as I saw Cidney crawl back into bed.


When I came out, Cidney was already up and when I saw her trying to fiddle with her broken luggage, I felt that overwhelming sense of guilt again.

She tried to find the clothes she wanted to wear, at the same time she seemed to be thinking of how to keep those she had worn.

I saw she dug out a pair of flats, and she had her boots in a plastic bag.

It’s going to be a problem.

I saw Cidney head for the shower and I went straight to my luggage.

Yes I know, I may be a fucking pervert but I have a heart too.
I feel guilt too.

I emptied my luggage and got everything out.

It was about the same size as Cidney’s and I dragged it into the room.


I was already dressed and ready to go when Cidney came out of the bathroom, her hair wet and dripping.

The sliding door was fully opened and I will pay a million bucks to see her reaction again when she stopped 3 steps away from my opened luggage.

Then she took half a step back before regaining her footing and turning towards me.

She did not speak but instead shook her head gently, her hands trying to wave no despite the clothes and towel she was holding.

Cidney : No James. It’s ok.

I smiled and gestured for her to use it.

James : I don’t need mine, you have more things, keep them first. You don’t want everything lying about when housekeeping comes in.

Cidney : I’m so sorry James, what about you ?

I gave a casual wave and added.

James : I don’t have any valuables, it’s just clothes, guys don’t have that much stuff.

James : Lock number is 013

Cidney : Your birthday ?

James : Haha. No it’s not. how do you even put that together ? haha

Cidney gave a really cute slight bow and said thank you with a refreshing morning smile that simply lit up my day.

It also made me realised that I was indeed a monster because of what I was about to do.

James : Get change, let’s go down for breakfast.

Cidney nodded and she hopped and skipped a little to the sliding door, closing it with a smile.

James : Oh, can’t you keep this open ?

Cidney gave a helpless scrunched of her face and made a girlish grunt,

Cidney: No James !, I know muay thai.

I left her alone and waited on the sofa, channel surfing through the TV.


When the sliding door opened up again, Cidney was already all dressed up, ready to go.

I have to describe her clothes even if you find me long winded.

They just look so cute on her and everything seemed to come together nicely.

Imagine this, she had on a white long sleeve cotton top with pretty small black dots.

She wore black tights that morning paired with a high waist pants.
A light tan coloured belt completed the look and she had a dark blue sweater on her hand.

She wore flats, and I could see her toe cleavage. I could also see the tights as it terminated at the bottom of her heel with a loop around the bottom of her feet.

I managed to snipe a few shots.


We gathered out things ,I snucked 2 teabags from the minibar, placed the “ Please make up room sign “ and left the room.


Cidney and I headed down for breakfast and got a window seat that afforded us a good aerial view of the city.

I asked her to go ahead to get the food, I’m going to grab a drink for both of us.

James : Tea ok for you ?

Cidney nodded and thanked me as she went towards the bread counter.


I went to the drinks counter, and checked to make sure no one is looking.
I took one tampered teabag from my pocket and I put it into the cup.

I hope she does not notice the sewing, anyway, how many of us looked at the teabag before dipping it in ?

I filled it up with hot water and brought it over to our table together with the coffee I got myself.

We casually chatted and I waited with baited breath.

I waited and my heart pounded.

Then I saw Cidney took the first sip of the tea.

Then another.


I offered to get another tea but Cidney said it was enough, just refill the hot water will do.

I brought her cup along to the drinks counter and I made sure she was not looking at my direction.

I used the other tea bag and made a fresh one for her.


We took our time, chatting over breakfast, slowly sipping our tea and coffee.


I brought out some documents that we were supposed to go through and we started talking about work.

I refilled Cidney’s cup with hot water another round before she stopped taking the tea and opted for water instead.


I checked the time and I told Cidney maybe we should head to the bathroom and make our way to the Client’s place in a while. Traffic might not be good.

I told her to go ahead first, I’ll take care of our belongings.


Cidney came out.

Cidney : Sorry I took so long.

I just smiled and I went for mine.

I was barely in and out within a couple of minutes but the moment I got to our seat, Cidney stood up.

Cidney : Sorry sorry, I need to go again.

She looked genuinely embarrassed and I felt pangs of guilt again.


Cidney came out and she looked pretty spent.

James : Are you ok ?

She nodded and we grabbed out bags.

Inside the lift I could see Cidney shifting her position and transferring the load of her laptop bag a couple of times too.

James : Let me help you with that.

She shook her head, saying it’s ok.

When the door chimed the ground floor, I was about to head out when Cidney held onto my arm.

Cidney : James I’m so sorry. I’m not feeling well.

I could see she’s really panicking a little and instinctively I hit the floor to head back up to our room.

James :Are you ok ?

Cidney : I don’t know.

I took over her bags and told her let’s head back to the room first.


I inserted the card and Cidney thanked me before walking a little briskly to the bathroom.

I heard several flushes, must be she wanted to mask the obscene sound.


When Cidney emerged from the bathroom, I was really quite afraid and worried that I might have gone too far.

She could hardly walk upright and I went forward to hold on to her, helping her to the bed.

I touched her forehead and made sure she was not running a temperature.

James : Stay here and rest, I can handle the client.

Cidney : I’m sorry , James , I don’t know what’s wrong.

I reassured her it’s ok.

James : Stay here, get some rest.

I brought a bottle of water over to her side and I took some medications from my bag.

I gave her 2 charcoal pills and watched the movement of her mouth and throat as she swallowed the pills with a gulp of water.

She looked apologetic that I had to go for the meeting on my own but I told her again that it’s fine.

James : Look, forget about the housekeeping, I’m putting do not disturb. Get some rest.

She nodded meekly, looking at me with a dazed look.

I saw her slip off her flats and lift her both legs up into the bed. She cuddled and scrunched herself up into a ball.

James : I’ll buy something light for your lunch, just stay here and rest ok.

CIdney : No need, it’s ok.

James : I insist. Stay in bed.

I gave a smile and I left the room.

I replaced the sign on the door with the do not disturb sign and left.

I wanted to achieve2 things for doing this awful thing.

First is to cement my foothold in the office.

With Abdul after me, I need to make sure I’m an asset to the company.

With only me at the meeting with the client sorting out the details, Selene would need me.

There’s no way she would jeopardize her first project with such a big client.

It would give me the chance to build up relationships in KL for subsequent jobs.

And if we’re bringing in jobs on our end, it puts us in a better position against Abdul.

Next would be my alone time with Cidney.

Cidney is a nice girl, she sweet and innocent and at the tender age of 24, she’s pretty talented too.

I have heard her talking about Abdul on certain occasions, but not to the extent of bitching.

She’s too polite for that.

The worst words I’m heard from her were something in the likes of “ Mean “ , “ very angry man “ , “ very rude” when describing Abdul.

Yes I want to sleep with her, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that but getting rid of Abdul and bedding Selene was my ultimate goal.

Anything in between I’m considering it a bonus.

I knew without a doubt that Sarah shared the same sentiments with me with regards to Abdul, Selene pretty much made her point too.

If I can get Cidney on my side to a certain extent, I consider that a minor victory as well.

At the same time, I wanted to show her what a gentlemen I could be.

Getting to know a person well takes time, it takes effort, it’s not always the case when opportunity presents itself for you to really bring out the best of your character. In this case I have to create the opportunity for myself.

I wanted to show her I’m a good man, someone who could take care of her, someone who she could trust.

And if she sleeps with me, I would not say no to that.

10 am

I got to the client’s office at 10am Sharp and apologised on behalf of Cidney.


I went for lunch with the Client who’s pretty much my age. He’s a young chap, rich dad who is a Datuk.

He’s dabbling in properties and starting small developments.

I realised that he visits Singapore pretty often, I offered to bring him around when he’s in town.

Client : Are you sure ? Don’t say say only James.

James : Of course, call me when you next come to Singapore. I bring you chiong.

We shook hands on it and I paid for lunch which cost me 129RM.

It’s unlikely I could claim for that from Selene.


The Client left the office to catch a flight to Penang and left me with the rest of the technical team.

I excused myself for a couple of hours and I grabbed a cab back to the hotel.

It’s pretty late and I hope Cidney did not faint in the room.

I dropped her a couple of messages too but she did not reply.


I bought a couple of bottles of water and a container of fishball noodles and went up to the suite.

I peered into the sleeping area and Cidney was bundled up underneath the blanket.

I placed the food and drinks on the side table near her and I left a note.

No point waking her up since she’s resting.

I was about to turn and leave when I saw a coffee cup on the table in the living room. It had a tea bag in it.

I immediately went over to touch the cup and it was already cold. Laying beside it was some biscuit wrapper.

I did a face palm and threw away the teabag including the last on at the minibar.

I went to the bathroom to wash up the cup and I checked the WC.

It was clean alright but I could make out this shimmering layer of oil like residue. I’ve tried detox tea before, and I hate to imagine the mess.

I flushed the toilet again and the commotion must have woke Cidney up.

She had already changed out of her clothes and was in her pyjamas.
She looked weak and pretty dehydrated.

I immediately went over and opened a bottle of water and pass it to her.

James : Drink it.

She looked a little disorientated and took the bottle.

I insisted she finish at least the full 500ml bottle before opening the other one by the side for her.

Cidney : How’s the meeting ?

I assured her everything is ok and I helped her open up the food I bought.

The smell of the coup filled the room and Cidney gestured to the living room, saying she’ll eat out there.

I brought the container over and pushed my bed to a corner.
Dragging the single seater sofa to the table, I helped Cidney over to the seat.

I must have looked pretty worried and serious and Cidney gave me a playful tap on my stomach.

Cidney : I’m ok, don’t worry.

I gave a sheepish smile and replied.

James : You don’t look ok at all to me.

I brought out the water and place it by her side and checked the time.


I knelt down beside Cidney and spoke to her.

James : After this go and rest ok ? Don’t worry about the meeting.

James : I’ll buy dinner up.

I passed her the bag of charcoal pills from my travel bag and placed it on the table.


I took a cab back to the client’s office.


I shopped around times square for a luggage. One big enough to fit Cidney’s old one.

I bought herbal tea too and I went to a clinic as well.

I pretended to cough and sniffed away as I waited for the doctor.


I got what I wanted and I went to a toilet.

Using the luggage as a makeshift table, I locked myself in a cubicle and made the concoction, adding half a bottle of cough syrup into the herbal tea.

I made sure I knew which was the tampered herbal tea and i bought dinner for both of us.

I bought food up and Cidney looked better, at least there’s some colours in her cheeks.

She was nested in the sofa beside my bed watching TV.
Cidney immediately got up and came over to help me with the things I was carrying.

I literally had to dribble the luggage with my legs , carry my work documents and laptop in one hand and food in the other.

CIdney looked at the big luggage and asked.

CIdney : Is that for me ?

James : Nope. It’s for me.

She laughed and I told her it’s ok, I needed to get a bigger one anyway, she can borrow mine in the meantime.

She looked a little embarrassed and helped to unload the food and supplies.

James : Are you feeling better ?

CIdney : yes, better than in the morning.

Suddenly she disappeared into the room and came out with her wallet.

Cidney : James. How much ?

I knew she was referring to the food and supplies I got but being the cheeky me, I decided to play a trick on her.

I froze and just stare at her.

She was caught off guard too and her eyes widened, wondering what did she say wrong.

I slowly put down the things in my hand and reached for my own body, my arms reaching upwards to my shoulders in a crossed pattern, looking at her.

James : Cidney, I’m not that kind of person you think I am. I don’t do it for money.

I gave her a sheepish look and it too Cidney a full 2 seconds before she caught on to what I meant and she gave a really cute girlish stomp of her feet and a full second of whining.

Cidney : James !, I don’t mean that.

She wanted to speak but I kept giving her a fuck up sheepish look which I’m sure anyone reading this would want to just give me a tight slap if you had seen it.

And I just backed away slowly, bowing and looking away.

That drove Cidney into a laughing fit as she gestured the 50RM she held in her hand helplessly at me as I backed away.

Cidney : James.. please.. haha..

I decided to cut her a break and stopped teasing her.

I took the 50RM from her and took her wallet too.

Placing it back in, I button up her purse and returned it to her.

Gesturing to the seat beside me, I motioned for her to join me for dinner.
We share fried rice with some dishes I bought, nothing too oily.

I did not make fun of Cidney again and we just spoke normally as we watch TV and chatted a little about work.


I asked if Cidney was feeling better and she nodded her head.

James : Are you full ? would you like to take a walk to digest ?

She shook her head, saying that she was too lazy to change.

She bent over and was trying to clear up the food mess but I stopped her.

Cidney: No James, let me…. Do it.

I took the chance for a little bit of body contact and I held her by her right arm, on her biceps.

She giggled and tried to get free but I managed to tickle her into the sleeping area with strategic pokes at her waist.

She finally relented and sat down on her bed.

James : I’ll clear up the mess, you just lie down and rest ok ?

She nodded.

I spent 5 minutes cleaning up and wiping the table down. I even brought the trash out to the lobby so it doesn’t stink up the room.


Cidney was fiddling on her phone on her bed and I asked if she needed the bathroom before I head in for a shower.

She considered my question before adding that she’ll take a quick shower.


Cidney emerged from the bathroom , she did not wash her hair but I could see some wet spots near her fringes.

She sat down at her bed, looking at me fiddle with my phone.

I was actually trying to send Sarah a naughty mail but I stopped.

I gave her a questioning look before I approached her.

Cidney : James. ~~…

James : yah ?

There was a brief moment of pause as I watch Cidney trying to dry the wet patches near her forehead with her towel.

She cute I must admit and I’ve no doubt her figure is good but that moment you just feel like taking care of her.

Cidney : James… you are a nice guy…. Really.

I just smiled and wave her off.

Cidney : Really James. Thank you for today.

It was not too late and I guess there’s still time for one more tease.

I went close and knelt down in front of her, taking in the fresh smell of soap.

James : Cidney. ….

She waited for me to complete my sentence. Her eyes was pretty big and seeing them up close was like peering deep into another universe.

James : No matter how much you pay me , I won’t do it…

She burst out laughing and hit me repeatly on my arm as she bit down on her own lip, trying to stop herself from further embarrassment.

Cidney : You’re very naughty James.

I smiled and headed for the bathroom.

I took a shower and emerged feeling energized and refreshed.

Cidney must be waiting for me because she sat facing the bathroom door.

James : Yes ?

Cidney : James I have to ask you. Do you like Sarah ?

James : We’re just friends ,I like you more.

I saw her gave a shy smile and she had an exasperated expression on her.

James: why do you ask ?

She shrugged her shoulder.

Cidney : just curious. You are very nice. I’m sure many girls like you.

I laughed.

James : You are wrong Cidney.

I paused and I added.

James : I am a monster.

Cidney laughed, her body rocking back and forth on her bed.

I went over to the mini bar and retrieved the herbal tea. I opened the tampered on and passed it to Cidney.

James : Drink this. It’s good for you. You’re dehydrated.

And like the obedient little girl, Cidney took the bottle from me.

45 seconds later and with a frown on her face, she finished it.

I have my reasons for doping her drink, perverted ones included.

Cidney was sleeping and resting almost the entire day, I could not count on her drifting right back into deep sleep that night without some help.

She’s bound to be wide awake and if she was a light sleeper, I might not get my chance to explore the luggage.

She propped her pillow up and pull her blanket higher and turned towards me.
It looked like she wanted to and I took a seat on the carpeted floor, leaning against Selene’s bed.

Needless to say, I did not expect her to just flip up the whites of her eyes and just fall over unconscious onto the bed.

I wish it was possible but that was just in the movies.

In reality it doesn’t happen.

I have down a while bottle of cough syrup before, I knew the symptoms my body felt, I knew the light headed feeling, the way I breath is different. I just felt so relaxed.

I was not high, just felt relaxed and whatever I did , I did it at my own pace, no hurry, no rush, no stress.

Then again everyone reacts different and my only hope was that Cidney would be more relaxed, perhaps drift into a deeper sleep.

Even so, it takes a while for the drug to kick in.

We started chatting about trivial stuff, about school, about family.

Cidney is the only child of a fisherman dad and mum.
I immediately felt an immense stab of pain in my heart as I thought of the pain I must have caused her when I spoilt her luggage.

Her parents must have saved up for it.

Thankfully Cidney saved me from the pain barely 5 minutes later when she added that her dad owned 16 boats and had a small stake in one of the wharfs in her hometown.


Cidney slid lower and her blanket was pulled higher. I was doing most of the talking by then and her eyes just had this glazed over look but the smile vener left her face as she listens to me talking about my life.

I told her how Singapore was back in the 80s, how life was like for me back in the 90s and how I slowly grew and witness the change in the country.

It was definitely not as drastic as what my parents or grandparents saw it, but nevertheless, it’s changing everyday.


I talked about Abdul and asked Cidney what she thinks of an office without him.

I don’t know if it was the drug talking or it’s really her own thoughts but she said she would not have mind if Adbul left.

Her reason for it though was a little different, she took on a different perspective. Instead of wanting Abdul to leave because she hated him, she wanted him gone because she felt that would make everyone in the office happier, especially Selene.

I just leaned against Selene’s bed and stared at Cidney, her eyes just closed naturally and then there was silence in the room.

I kept very still and tried not to make any noise when I stood up.

Unless she’s been anaesthetized, there’s no way she would have just zonk out into deep space like that.

I stood still, just staring at her smooth baby face in the orange light of the hotel suite.


When she did not move for a full 5 mins, I felt it was enough and I turn off the lights in the sleeping area.

I did not close the sliding door, instead leaving it wide open.

I set my alarm for 1.45am and went to sleep.

I read somewhere that we usually fall into deep sleep around 2am.

14th July 2010


I felt the buzzing in my pocket and I immediately jumped up, turning off the persistent vibration.

It was a little disorientating as I struggled to adjust to the darkness.

I got down on my knees and crept towards the sleeping area.

It was dark of course but I just thought staying out of Cidney’s line of sight would be a good idea too.

I stopped at the entrance and took a peek, there was no movement on the bed and she was turned towards the window again, facing me with her back.

I immediately crept as stealthily as I could towards my luggage which was housing her clothes.

I stopped again, observing Cidney before I made my next move.

Now I did not want to risk opening the luggage in the room right at the foot of her bed so I brought the whole thing out to the living area.

It was a huge risk but I figured it’s better being caught red handed at the foot of the bed.

I could always argue I was looking for something and I did not want to wake her up.

I turned the combination dial and released the dipper.

It was a long and time consuming process to unzip a luggage without making noise.

When I finally did, I lifted up one half of the bag and gently laid it on the floor.

I did not have to dig deep, I could see the clothes she wore for breakfast that morning.

They must have been taken off in the order that was placed in the luggage, neatly folded and stacked on the top pile.

Her tights were right on top, probably the last piece she took off.

It had been a few days since I last released and I could bear it not longer. I studied how it was folded together for a while before I brought it up and opened Cidney’s black tights .

Wasting no time, I immediately pressed it to my face, the perverted look on my face no doubt would have invited quite a few beatings if anyone saw me.

The soft silky texture immediately sent a rush of warm blood to my manhood, filling it rapidly and increasing it in size.

I cursed at that manufacturers of such product, I questioned their true intentions of creating something so tight, made of something so smooth, and worse of all , in so much skin contact with the legs, and covering up so much of the skin, depriving the men’s eyes of that beautiful sight.

I took in short sniffs and deep breaths, sucking the cold filtered air deep into my lungs.

I could smell Cidney, at least that’s what I thought. Needless to say, I indulged myself in the area which would have been close to her privates.

It was really an unplanned move but the moment I was hit by that unique intoxicating smell, my left hand straight away reached for my erected dick through my pants.
I quickly stopped, a little embarrassed by my natural reaction.

I went for the next piece, it was her high waist short and I spent a good 30 seconds on it as well.

When I went through the clothes she wore the previous morning, I stopped.

I could see some other clothes with several plastic bags underneath.

I knew the contained wore clothes, undies, bras and even socks but it was a danger. Plastic bags make sound and sound was definitely not my partner in crime.

I knew I had to made do with what I had and I settled down onto my bed after deciding on the finale I wanted.

I took a quick check and Cidney was still asleep and got back into my bed.

I placed her long sleeve blouse , adjusting to a point where the part where her armpits were in contact with the sleeves were right ontop of my nose.

Taking slow deep breaths I inserted my dick into one end of the tights.

The cool soft material of the tight felt amazing on my erection and I could not find the words to describe it. It was different from the warm interior of a vagina, it was like sliding into a cool sensual hole, unexplored and any.

I worked myself into a good rythem and it was moments like this that made me think I have an premature ejaculation problem.

Doing sick things like that made me cum super fast.

I knew I was almost reaching the point of no return and I stopped.

Composing myself, I quickly folded the clothes back into the luggage.

I had to give myself the occasional stroke to keep the momentum up as I struggled to quickly close the suitcase.


I checked to see Cidney still asleep and I went ahead to put back the luggage and I immediately headed for the bathroom.

I quickly let go of the pent up frustrations and sprayed it all into the WC.

I cleaned myself up and put my pants on, the erection still standing tall, throbbing away.

I flushed the WC and opened the door and my erection never deflated so fast before in my life.

I swore I nearly pissed my pants as I staggered back 2 steps and gave out a whoop.

James : Whoaah !!!..ooooo

Right when I opened the door, I saw a figure sitting on Selene’s bed, her hair long and puffy. Her shoulders slouched and not moving.

It took me less than a second to realize it was CIdney but at that moment I really got a fright.

Cidney was also startled by my outburst and she immediately stood up and came closer to the toilet, turning to look in the same direction as I did before figuring out she was the cause of my scare.

Cidney : It’s me James. I need the bathroom. I drank so much water, keep waking up the whole night.

James : Don’t sit there like that, it’s very scary.

She laughed and entered the bathroom.

I decided to pull a prank on Cidney too and I went over to her bed. I got in under the covers and I’m sure she could tell someone was there . I’m not exactly small.

I peeped from a small crevices and when I saw Cidney approached, I flipped up and did a soft ‘ Boo’

Cidney : Not funny James…

She gave me a really flat look before breaking into a smile.

I was about to get out of bed when Cidney just shove and pushed herself in beside me.

I decided to test water, and see how far I could go as I made space for her,

Cidney got in under the blanket and looked at me.

Our body were not touching, we just faced each other.

She did not say a word but her eyes just slowly closed.

If not for the fact that I had just masturbated, I would have attempted to push the boundaries a little more.

I took a moment to weigh the odds and outcome and decided it was too early.

I slid out of bed , on the window side and Cidney’s eyes opened. She saw that I got up and she adjusted herself into the middle of the bed.

Her hands were outside the blanket and I decided to execute a typical HK drama scene where I tuck a girl into bed.

I took her hands and place them underneath before pulling the blanket up, covering her body totally, leaving only an exposed head.

Cidney’s eye were open and she just smiled.

Then I straddled her body , at the same time, I pressed down at the top of the blanket, locking her hands underneath.

Cidney : Haha , James… what are you doing.

I bent forward low and kissed her on her forehead.

James : Goodnight Cidney.

I saw the tilt of her chin upwards and I offered my right chin and felt the soft peck of Cidney’s lips.

Cidney : Goodnight James.

I got up and went back to bed.


We were up and got ready for check out, we need to head back to Singapore on one of the morning flight.


Cidney was already packed and ready to go when I came out of the shower. She said she’s quite hungry and asked if she could head down to the breakfast café first.

James : Go ahead, I’ll see you there in a minute.


I checked to make sure the room was cleared of all our belongings and I took the spoilt luggage that Cidney had left beside the dustbin and put it into my big luggage. I would try to repair it during my free time.


We had breakfast and we spoke nothing of what happened few hours ago.


We got back into office and Selene immediately asked the both of us in to give her an update on the project.

I did most of the talking and answered most of the questions. Cidney nodded and agreed with most of my thoughts and suggestions.


I barely sat down at my desk when Tan called me on my extension. He had some questions for me.

I met him and Sue at the pantry on one of the tables and sat down together.
He brought out a stack of documents I recognized as the boutique that Abdul wanted me to do initially.

Tan : I have a lot of questions James . did you draw these ?

I explained that I did none of the drawings and I did none of the specifications as well. I brought them up to date about what happened and found out that Abdul had thrown them the project.

Tan : I thought you have drawn these drawings, lucky is not you. I would be very disappointed if you had.

I went on to update them about a couple of issues that they needed to look at and left them.

I casually brought up the subject of Abdul and what their thoughts were..
I joked about a revolution, something in the range of overthrowing a dictator but they just waved me away.

Tan : We’re too old for these office politics.


I grabbed a quick lunch alone and got back to work.

20th July 2010


I came back from a meeting with a supplier and immediately I felt this strange vide from the office.

It was like something happened.

I got back to my seat and the moment I sat down, I saw Abdul stomp his way from the corner Tan and Sue were sitting and got back to his office.

Now Tan and Sue were one of the pioneer workers in the office and they are not people who would back down from confrontation. Minutes later, I saw Sue walked into Abdul’s office and slammed the door shut.

Everyone was quiet and although it looked like all was hard at work, I bet everyone was observing the confrontation.

10 minutes later, Tan joined Sue in the office.

Time seemed to fly by really quick when Tan and Sue were in the office.

The volume of the discussion got higher and soon it was evident to all it’s just a shouting match in that room.

If Selene was in office, she would have joined them but she was out for a conference and would not be back till evening.


The door swung open and I saw Sue at the door, she looked mad, and having known her for so many years, I’ve never seen her face so red , and so angry.

And one of the most fucking thing I’ve heard from Abdul that day was this.

Abdul : Don’t think I will not fire you just because you are an old staff with the company. !

My apologies, Abdul did not say this. He shouted this and made sure everyone could hear.

The moment this left Abdul’s mouth , I heard Tan fire back a volley.

Tan : You don’t even know what you are doing, this is Singapore, not India.

It was pretty loud and soon the 2 of them were just shouting at each other.


Tan was professional, he used no vulgarities but he made his standpoint clear, Abdul on the other hand was just shouting and threatening to dismiss him.

Uncle Sahim and Uncle Kahlid emerged from their cubicle and joined Tan in the room as well. Minutes later, they managed to separate Tan and Abdul.

Kahlid came out with Tan first, Sahim came out 5 minutes later.


Most of the office left for lunch but I stayed behind

I went to the pantry and poured some drinks, arranging them on the tray. I got some biscuits too and brought it into the area where the old timers seat.

It reminded me of the times when I was still a student, I would be the one bringing food, buying coffee, running errands for them. I did not mind it at all, it was something I enjoyed and no matter how busy these people were, they would stop what they were doing to chat with me.

I entered their seating area to see them talking among themselves.

Tan was on the phone and he finished up his conversation when I sat the tray of drinks and biscuits down.

I knew they were not in a good mood but when they saw the boy who literally grew up in the office approach with the tray of snacks, they knew better than show their temper.

I pulled a seat and sat down.

James : Are you all ok ?

Tan nodded, saying that it’s fine, don’t worry about it.

I served them the drinks, thinking of the numerous weekends these people had put in for the company, I thought about the late nights where I stay back to help them with the printing of drawings, the binding of documents, all their sacrifice.

These are people who have shown a dedication to their work that is almost impossible to find this time and day.

And I felt sad that they’re being oppressed in the office by Abdul .

Sue kept very quiet, I saw her kept massaging her lower left jaw before massaging the bottom of her left arm.

She just kept doing that motion and I asked if she was ok.

James : Sue, are you ok ?

I saw her nod her head a couple of times before she stopped.

Then she was motionless for a while before she got this really pained look on her face.

I stood up and then I saw water trickling down Sue’s legs, pooling at the chair beneath her.

I did a double take and realised it was not water, it was pee.

Something was wrong and we immediately called an ambulance.


The paramedics arrived and took Sue away.

I spoke with one of them and they said she suffered a stroke.


Selene came back to office and I saw Tan, Sahim, Kahlid head into her office.

By then the news had spread throughout the office what happened.

Abdul left the office that day at 2.45pm and never came back.


Selene called me into the office.

I felt several pair of eyes staring at me.

Tan immediately asked me.

Tan : Is it true ?

James : What is true ?

Tan gestured to Selene;

Tan : Selene said you have a plan to get rid of Abdul. Is it true?

I felt a sudden drop in my heart and stomach as I feel the piercing gaze of the people on me.

It was a stressful moment, I knew I had spoken to Selene about it but there were no concrete plans.

It was a passing remark.

Then I saw the 3 white envelopes in front of Selene and the pleading look in her eyes.

There was desperation all over her face and I could feel her pleading with me with her eyes, begging for me to say something even if it was just for that moment.

I knew it had to be done.

I took a deep breath and met my eyes with each of the senior staff in that room before stopping at Selene.

James : Yes. I have a plan.

Now Tan is someone who is very detailed in his questions, he will not be fobbed off just by a simple acknowledgment of ‘ there is a plan ‘

He wanted to know the outline, he wanted to know what will be done, he wanted to know what can be done.

I knew I can’t possibly bullshit my way through this but I’ll need time to organize my thoughts.

James : I have something in mind. Give me a couple of days to put together a proposal. I propose we meet this Friday.

Sahim added that whatever we were planning, May, Poon and SIti will be in on it as well.

James : Then it’ll be good to know that Sarah and Cidney would be on our side too.

We agreed that the meeting would be adjourned.

All of us visited Sue in the hospital that evening.

Thankfully she was fine, just a minor stroke. She just needed rest.

I spent the next 3 days going through a preliminary plan with Selene and I was surprised that she was agreeable to what I had in mind.

She helped to get me the documents I needed and I went through the details with her.

We agreed that there’s a lot of details that needed to be work out, a lot of plans and preparation to be done.

Starting a revolution is not just about putting together a plan and just executing it.

There will be months and months of ground work, tons of preparations, intelligence gathering, resources pooling.

We have to tilt the odds in our favour.

22nd July 2010

I roped Peter in and I spoke with Cidney as well.
Cidney was the only one that cried when she visited Sue.

Her tears did only to strengthen the resolve of the team.

23rd July 2010


Selene bought us dinner at a restaurant sort of as a team gathering.

I presented the first phase of what I had in mind and I was shot with a lot of questions, a lot of scenarios.

I knew it would not be smooth sailing but I was confident we could sort it out.
I would need to refine my proposal and present it again.

30th July 2010


Selene bought everyone dinner again, this time round at a café.

There was lesser comments this time round but there was no doubt that everyone wanted to go through with it.

Sue joined us despite being given 1 month sick leave.

4th August 2010



Selene must have tried to manage her entertaining budget and this time round we were all invited to her house.

Her parents were ‘conveniently’ out for the evening.

She had sought their opinions with regards to this matter and they said it was her decision.

I presented the final cut of the proposal to the team, to the people who have given so much to the office and it was decided then that it was a go ahead.

We needed time to plan and execute the proposal and we needed a schedule.

Tan took over the floor that evening and he gave a short speech to address all the colleagues.

He said that he was very sad that it had to come to that.

Tan : This is a very sad day, because what we are about to do, is wrong.

No one disagreed and he continued.

Tan : People’s jobs are at stake, and we are doing this knowing full well the consequences that will follow.

Tan : I hope everyone here can really take a moment to think about what we are about to do, and if you are uncomfortable, feel free to leave, nobody will blame you.

Tan’s eyes met everyone in that room, spending that half a second of eye contact with each of us.

Cidney was sitting beside me and she could not hold back her tears and pressed her head against my right shoulder.

I saw Sarah gave me a look that told me she was seriously reconsidering the national day staycation she promised me a couple of days ago.

There was an awful silence before Tan continued.

Tan : Since everyone is agreeable, Iet’s proceed.

He handed the floor back to me and I gave a short brief of what needed to be done. I did not go into details as it will only confuse everyone so I just told them what they need to know for the first phase.


James : If everyone is agreeable, let’s kick this off with the gathering of information.

I went on to inform everyone that lives goes on as normal, don’t speak to anyone outside the team about our plans and keep things professional.

James : According to the schedule proposed, Tan has selected the date to start our first phase.

I flipped the stack of notes on my hand and checked the date again before smiling.

Tan sure has a sense of humor.

James : The date , 5th November 2010.

I looked towards the floor and several colleagues keyed in the dates into their phone.

Cidney stepped forward and asked.

Cidney : Why 5th November ?

Tan laughed, so did a few of us.

Like a silent plague spreading through the group of us gathered there that evening, we all grew silent.

It was then Selene stood up, smoothing down the crease on her tight dress.

Selene : Remember remember…. The 5th of November.

Her eyes met mine before turning away.

Strangely enough, as much as i was excited about getting rid of Abdul, i was actually looking forward to the weekend with Sarah.

5th August 2010


There was tension in the air but nobody wanted to admit anything was out of the ordinary. Life goes on as usual and the boutique project was once again taken away from Tan and Sue.

Inevitably, it fell on Sarah’s lap.

She knew it was a screwed up project but nevertheless she went along with it.

Sarah would be the only person that have regular contact with Abdul since she had a couple of projects that belonged to him.

Abdul never offer a former apology to Sue, although you cannot prove it was him who caused the stroke but it was pretty obvious who the office placed the blame on.

To take my mind off all these matters, I was glad there’s still Sarah and Cidney.

There was barely 2 days to the national day weekend and I was excited.
It seemed to me the harmless flirting with Sarah finally led to something.

I was just casually teasing her about spending a weekend staycation with me over lunch on the last week of july when surprisingly she agreed.

It caught me off guard as I was just kidding but she seemed pretty serious.

I would have thought it was a joke too until something peculiar happened.
Sarah went ahead with the booking of the hotel and sent me a copy of the confirmation.

The date was for 7th August, a staycation deal for 2 at Quincy hotel.

It was booked under Sarah’s name and she had already paid for it.

It was pretty unbelievable and I could not believe it myself.

I had actually spent an evening thinking about this matter as something in the back of my mind told me the whole matter may not be as simple as it seemed.

Come on, think about it.

From harmless flirting to a room for the weekend ? It’s too bizarre so to speak.

True, we had sex , once, when the mood happened to be right but we left things as they were ever since. She’s attached with her bf and it seemed pretty unlikely that she would readily jump into bed with me.

Sarah is a nice girl and I know she’s not some easy slut.
I’m not saying I’m a gentleman and I would reject her but something just did not fit.

As for Cidney, we got a little closer after the KL trip and we had dinner and drinks a couple of times. Just the 2 of us.

I got to send her back but nothing had developed yet.


I could feel something brewing but then again it could have been just my mind playing with me.

6th August 2010


I had a long meeting in the morning with Selene and Cidney, we brought her up to speed regarding the project in KL and we were scheduling another trip in the middle of September for a possible new job.

This time round it would just be Cidney and me.

I felt a tingle down my spine knowing that I’m travelling with sweet little Cidney again.

Selene however mentioned that the client would be paying for accommodation this time round and we would have our separate rooms.


Sarah asked me out for lunch but I had already promised to eat with Peter and Cidney.

She seemed a little moody and I made a mental note to ask her about it later.


I saw Sarah head to the pantry and I followed.

James : Hey.. Are you ok ?

Sarah looked a little tired but she managed a smile.

She checked to make sure there was only us in the pantry and said we needed to talk.

James : I know, about tomorrow right ? Actually I still don’t believe you. Haha

Sarah : haha. Why ?

James : I may not know you for long but somehow I don’t think that is something you would do.

I took a quick look around before adding.

James : but just in case, I bought like a dozen caps . Haha

She smiled and slapped me on my arm before holding her mug with both hands and walked to the closest table.

She was wearing a short dress that day and when I saw her cross her legs, dangling her heels at me, I could not help but sit down with her.

She seemed a little troubled and did not look her usual self.

I probed her further and confirmed my suspicions.

Sarah : Yah la , it’s a joke.

The reservation was meant for her and her bf and she just forwarded it to me as a joke.

But as I probed further, Sarah reluctantly revealed that her bf would be travelling for work that evening and would have to give the staycation a miss.

She was upset of course but what else can she do.

I proposed to her that I stand in and spend the weekend and she laughed. We flirted a little more, whispering dirty deeds that should not have been said in the pantry before Sarah finally blurted out.

Sarah : Haha, James, if it was spur of the moment last before, I’m all game but to pre plan something like this just did not seem right.

She got up, ruffled my hair and left.

Sarah : So, be a good boy and stay at home this weekend ok, I’ll go treat myself to a nice retreat.

James : Are you that stress ?

Sarah : Look at all the projects I have on my hands. What do you think ? haha

I laughed too.

Sarah is 1 year my senior but in terms of looks, she definitely looked younger than her age. She maintained her body well too and given the chance, I would want to finish what I started initially.

I hate to leave things hanging and unconcluded.

When her heel clicked the 2nd time as she put her foot in front of another leaving the pantry, I made her a proposal.

James : Hey Sarah.

Sarah : Yah ?

I thought about my plan for a moment before making her an offer.

I took the short walk over to her and tried to sound as neutral as I could.

James : Well, I know of a good way to relieve stress.

She immediately burst out laughing and pushed me away.

Sarah : Ok James, no need to elaborate.

I put up my hands defensively and tried to be as serious as I could.

James : Look Sarah.

I chose my words carefully and made sure the sentences came out right.

James : I use to do this with my ex-gfs.

I quickly added the key points of what I’m about to say before Sarah had a chance to interrupt.

James : Nothing to do with sex. It’s just a pure relaxation weekend. You don’t need to do anything except lie down and rest.

I went on to add that I’ll volunteer to bring food, drinks, clean up after her, and all she needed to do was just relax.

James : Sometimes I find that girls like to do that you know, be the boss and call the shots for a while. They get a kick out of ordering us around.

Sarah : Haha, what’s in it for you ?

James : Well I get to have sex with them eventually back then.. so…..

Sarah : haha No way James.. I’m not falling for that lame trick.

I did not smile or give my game away but I just added.

James : Well, listen, sometimes we just want to get away from everything you know, close our eyes and shut everything out. I think that would be a good way to relieve stress. I took a course in deep mind relaxation some time back.

It was pure bullshit of course and Sarah just laughed.

Sarah : James, You seriously expect me to believe that ? haha

I retreated to the table and sat down.

James : Look Sarah, I’m not going to pretend I’m not going to enjoy the facilities, I won’t say no to the free food and usage of the gym and pool.
I threw in a sweetener and hope she would take the bait.

James : How bout this. I promise you 3 things.

James : First, I’m not spending the night, unless you beg me to.. and I meant really beg… really really beg..

Sarah : haha. Go on.

James : I’ll be nice and at no point will I be undressed unless you really really beg me to

Sarah : Not going to happen haha. Please go on.

James : And regarding the deep mind relaxation course, I really took the course at a spa. If you’re not satisfied with it, I’ll pay for the staycation.

Sarah : Haha. This is some sort of a trick James, I’m not stupid.

I went on to add that if we’re meeting for the weekend, assuming she agrees to my proposal, I could bring along some documents I wanted to run through with her with regards to Abdul.

I could see Sarah was seriously considering my proposal and she said she would give me a reply before the end of the day.


Sarah dropped me a mail.

Sarah’s email :

“ I’m going to give you the benefit of doubt that you are really trained in your bullshit “ Deep mind relaxation technique “ and believe you for now.
I want it to be a relaxing weekend and I want to spend it with a book in bed so I will not be joining you at any of your gym or pool or whatever nonsense you are thinking of.

One more condition, I might not even want to talk to you that often unless we’re having a meal together which is only going to happen during mealtimes. Haha

In fact, I might just want you to ignore me too.

If you are agreeable, you have a deal.”

I laughed to myself as I read the mail.

I spent a good 5 minutes going through the words and sentences before everything comes together and I drafted a reply.

James email ;

Dear Sarah ,

I agree.
I James ,

1) Will not stay the night unless you beg me too
2) Will keep my pants on
3) Will leave you alone with your book
4) Will ignore you as much as possible.
5) Will only talk to you during mealtimes.

Yours Sincerely


When I left work that evening, I went shopping.

I went to the pharmacy and bought 16 rolls of bandages , a big bag of cotton,and a few pairs of vinyl gloves.

I added a travel inflatable neck pillow.

I grabbed a bottle of lubricant as well condoms.

I went to a florist and bought rose petals in various colours.

Dropping by one of the neighbourhood shops on my way back, I brought a pyjama as well, those 1 piece dress like top with cartoon prints.

I poured and filled up a Jar with Vodka and I dug out a bamboo stick the size of a small pencil that I got from Chinatown.

It was rounded at both ends and people used it for massaging pressure points.

I packed everything into my overnight bag and I threw in a roll of masking tape from my study as well.

I mentally ticked off my checklist and decided I’ve gotten everything I needed.

I took a deep breath and looked at the time.


I got into bed, mentally rehearsing my plan till i fell asleep

7th August 2010



I was up early and I went for breakfast at a nearby coffee shop.

I tried to imagine the events for that day as I chow down my wanton noodles.

There were countless possibilities and anything could happen that Saturday and I was trying to picture everyone of them and plan for a corresponding action.

My motive is clear, and I’ve no doubt you’ve pretty much gotten the idea.

Yes I just want to have a good one with Sarah, spend a good weekend fucking like rabbits in the hotel.

We eat, we sleep, we fuck and we cum.

Now the challenge then was making things go my way during the day with Sarah.

If you had asked me back then what I thought my odds were in the morning I would have said it was perhaps 50 / 50 .

First 50 for the fact that Sarah was willing to let me accompany her at her staycation. To me it felt like half the battle.

The critical thing to remember would be Sarah is not some cheap slut and I personally feel she is not a cock teaser as well. We got on fine, we flirted often and sex was a common topic especially after that unfortunate evening in the hotel but that was it.

Like she said, the circumstances were right and it felt natural.

What I was trying to do that Saturday was to create a similar situation , and make everything just fall into place naturally.

I can only hope things go my way.


I took a shower and checked that I had everything I needed.

I packed along a few documents which were really work related to discuss with Sarah like I promised.


I left my place and went to body shop and got a jar of body scrub and a bottle of bubble bath.

I dropped by a skin care shop and bought a couple of facial mask as well.

I was supposed to grab lunch together with Sarah and I reached lucky plaza early at 12.50pm

Sarah arrived at 1 sharp and the moment I saw what she wore, it sent a tingling sensation down south.

Going from the bottom up, I first saw her manicured toenails, in a dark shade of purple. Her legs looked like they had spent some time in the sun, not milky white but not overly burnt.

It was a healthy shade of tan, you could almost see the shine on the toned legs that were not too muscular.

She wore shorts, a pair of denims that was really faded to the point it almost looked white.

The shorts were fashionably small, not to the point of obscenity but the ended a good palm and a half length above her kneecaps.

As I moved my gaze higher, I saw a loose top that was black in colour. The holes where her arms stuck out were really big and loose and it offered anyone who was peering through the side a clear view of what was underneath.

I managed to position myself for a sideway glance and I saw a light grey tube underneath.

Her hair was let down that Saturday and we greeted each other with a smile.

James : Hi Sarah

Sarah : Hi James .

We had a casual lunch at one of the ayam penyet place , chatting mostly about work.


We took a slow walk towards Quincy hotel, it was pretty hot and by the time we got there at 2.30pm, we were both perspiring.

We checked in together and I handed over my IC to the reception. 10 minutes later I took over the key and we were on our way up to the 12th floor.


I buzzed us into the room and I held the door open gesturing for Sarah to head in.

James : Ladies first.

She just smiled and went on ahead.

Immediately after putting down her stuff, she said she needed a shower and I just gave a wide grin.

Right beside the bathtub is a full height glass wall. Sarah saw what I was looking at and she immediately sat down on the bed, stroking her chin.

Sarah : Hmmm.. this is a problem.

James : I promise I won’t peep.

Sarah : Haha. Sure.. I believe you.

We entered the bathroom together and she checked out the bathroom, you could draw the shades down but there would be the inevitable gaps at the sides when 2 shades meet.

Sarah made me go in with all the lights on while she stood outside.

Moments later she popped her head back in and say she could see my silhouette .

James : Hmm, aiyah, never mind la, I’m quite open minded, I’ll take it as a free show lor.

Sarah : haha, go and die la.

James : Hello, did it cross your mind that if I get to see you meant you also get to see me also ? I’m pretty shy and I’ve never showered in front of an audience before.

Sarah laughed and she grabbed a pillow before smashing it onto me.

Sarah : Let me think.

James : Come on, serious, I don’t mind.

She ignored me and she walked about the room, pacing up and down.

I did not really care and I went over to the bay window which had this long sofa and I settled down, making sure I got a direct line of sight into the bathroom.

Sarah laughed harder as I opened a bag of chips from the mini bar, crossed my legs and gestured for her to go ahead.

She opened her bag and I really thought at that point it’s a go ahead but she was digging around for something.

She got up after a while before she went over to my bag and opened it.

I immediately panicked and quickly rushed over.

James : Hey hey hey… private stuff.

I was quick but she already opened the zip and the first thing she saw had to be the rolls and rolls of bandages.

Sarah looked back up at me with a questioning look.

Sarah : Why did you bring all these for ?

Thankfully I was prepared for this and I answered as naturally as I could.

James : it was meant for the spa treatment , the relaxing course I took.
I went on to elaborate a little to throw her off and added.

James : It’s meant to be used for body wrap together with the scrub. I don’t think it’s feasible to do the whole body but at least we could do for the legs and feet.

Sarah spent a couple of seconds thinking about it before grabbing 3 rolls of bandage.

I was assuming she had bought my lame excuse because she did not ask me about it anymore.

I was thankful I had the foresight to pack the lubricant and condoms separately in a smaller bag.

Sarah looked around the room before her eyes settled on the swivel chair.

Sarah : Sit there James .

I saw the motion her hands was going through and I immediately knew what she was up too.

I grabbed her hands and she screamed and laughed at the same time.

James : No way man Sarah.. no way. Haha.

Sarah : I don’t trust you James. Haha, sorry..

I tried to grab her but she was fast and it was a pretty intense struggle.

My original plan was to use the bandages as some sort of bondage ties but not in such an obvious manner, my plan was to slowly introduce it during the so called spa session and slowly work my way on them.

The thing I never expected was for Sarah to have thought of a use for them first.

Sarah : Haha. James. Trust me, I’ll let you go the moment I’m out of the shower..

James : No way man, I’m not into bondage Sarah , haha.

It lasted barely 5 minutes but if you had been in a real tussle for 5 mins, you would know how much energy it took and by the end of it , we were both perspiring badly.

As I retreated, an idea struck me and pieces fell into place.

James : ok, ok wait.

I gestured with my palms up facing her.

James : To be fair, whatever you do to me, I get to do it to you when it’s my turn to shower.

Sarah took a moment to consider before shaking her head immediately and laughing.

Sarah : No way. Haha.

She made a move for me again but I managed to grab her this time round, pinning her screaming and thrashing onto the bed.

Amidst giggles and laugh I caught hold of both her hands and I had to make sure I kept out of her kicking legs.

Sarah : Haha, let me go James. Idoit..

It was a really ugly knot but I managed to twirl and turned one roll of bandage around her hands and I made sure it was tight.

She really struggled and tried her best to make it come loose but it was no use, the dead know was tied, her hands were immobilsed and she immediately changed tactic and started to sulk.

Sarah : James…. Let me go please..

I could see she was stifling a laugh and I ignored her.

Taking another roll of bandage, I used it as a blindfold and I made several loops around her head despite her protest and I left her on the bed.

James : I’ll get to shower first, don’t struggle or I’ll tie up your legs as well.

Sarah was cursing me amidst her laughs and her lousy sulking skills but I ignored her even though I had a raging erection.

The thought of wrestling her down, the thought of overpowering her and getting her into such a compromising position, tied up and blindfolded.

It was like a rape fantasy come true.

I knew it was too early and I forced myself to calm down.

I left Sarah on the bed and I took a cold shower, cooling myself down.

I did not take my own sweet time but instead did a fast one.

I untied Sarah’s blindfold and her hair was messy and splattered all over her face. I helped her up and asked if she was ok and she nodded.

I undid her hands and she stretched them out, flexing her wrists which were severely restrained moments ago.

I thought she was going to hit me but I could see Sarah was just sulking away.

She pointed to the chair and I went over.

She had a slight pout on her mouth as she blindfolded me and tied my both hands to the chair’s handle.

I watched enough magician’s secrets exposed shows to know what to do. I puffed up my body slightly and tighten my muscles, trying to make my body as wide as I could. I lifted my wrist up a little, just a teeny bit so I could have some wriggle space.

When Sarah was done, I tried to evaluate the ties and I was pretty sure I could get out of the one on the left.

Before I had time to think, I felt a playful slap across my left cheek.

James: Owww…

Then a couple more followed, it was not painful but you could feel the impact on your jaw.

James : Ok ok , I’m really not into bondage and pain.

She laughed and spent a good 30 seconds smacking me around with a pillow. The big movements gave me the opportunity to wriggle myself a little and I felt the ties on my right hand come a little loose as well.

She finally stopped and I could hear her go into the bathroom when the door closed.

A little while later, the water came on.

I considered getting myself loose to take a peek but I figured it was too early.

I stayed in my chair and waited.

About 15 minutes later, Sarah came out and untied me.

She wore back the same clothes she came in and I could see multiple wet patches from the water that was dripping from her hair.


Sarah wanted to explore the hotel before the baking class which was part of the hotel package starts and we left the room.

We checked out the pool deck and the facilities before wandering around a little aimlessly.


We went for the baking class which was included as part of the package.
I took a picture of Sarah when she was hard at work decorating the cup cake.

When the class was concluded, there was a group photo. I can only image her boyfriend’s reaction if ever one day he comes across a picture of us in the hotel lobby making cupcakes when he’s outstationed.


We got back into the room and Sarah said she wanted to be left alone with her book and I settled into my corner by the window and started going through the documents I brought along.


I was feeling a little hungry and I asked Sarah if she wanted to head down for dinner.

Sarah : I’m still a little full from eating the cupcakes. Maybe a while more ?
I nodded and went back to my documents.


Sarah got changed in the bathroom and we got ready to head down for dinner.


We had some drinks, chatted about general stuff before heading back to the room. We talk about work and I ran through some documents with Sarah, exchanging opinions with each other.

The trees were swaying outside the restaurant and it looked pretty windy.
I suggested we head up to the roof deck for a bit of the evening breeze and Sarah agreed.

Then something happened which was not what I had planned for.

As we passed by the pool, there was a puddle of water at the side, someone must have just stepped out not too long ago.

By the time I spotted it, it was already too late and Sarah had gone on ahead of me.

Things seemed to happen in slow motion as I say her took a heavy step onto that puddle and lost her balance.

It was not a hard fall and she just sat down hard on her bums.

I quickly went over and helped her up asking if she’s ok.

She nodded with a frown and instinctively I helped her rub the back of her bottoms.
I swore there was nothing sleazy on my mind and I managed a good 3 second rub before Sarah slap my hand away.

Sarah : Oei, don’t pretend hor.

I did not reply and I told her let’s head back to the room.

She looked ok but I’m not sure how hard it was a fall from where I stood, it looked like a typical ‘sit down’ but she had her hand on her right bum and was massaging it constantly.

We got back into the room and Sarah tried to sit down on the bed but said she felt a stinging pain.

I knelt down and looked at Sarah who was half standing with a frown.

James : Turn around.

Sarah : No way, don’t need. I’m fine. Haha

I insisted she did and I turned her around. I felt my erection stirring as I reached for the denim button in front of her from behind and Sarah struggled.

Sarah : Haha, James. Stop it..

I would have wanted to just rip the whole thing off there and then but I did not.

I grabbed a towel from the chair which Sarah had hung out to dry and threw it around her.

I gave it a quick tie around her waist in her half bent position and I reached in from underneath and slid down her denims.

Sarah : James… don’t.

She looked like she was in pain but she offered up little resistance.

The towel protected her modesty and I lifted up enough to see one side of her butt cheek , although that meant pretty much everything but I was surprised to see her without underwear.

I did not comment but instead looked at the bruise near the bottom of her firm ass.

It was pretty bad as there were some scratches and it looked like it was ready to bleed anytime.

Sarah was just keeping quiet and I let the towel fall over.

James : Lie down on the bed, on your tummy.

I must have sounded pretty serious and Sarah did what she was told.

I took out the Jar of vodka I had prepared, I would have wanted to use it as a spike to her drinks but I guess there were other uses for it.

Lifting a partial part of the towel, I gave her backside a couple of dabs with the cotton wool I brought along and I could her Sarah hissing in pain.

I was fighting hard to hold back my erection as I nurse the firm and perky bottom I would have loved to slam my pelvis into.

There was no cream I could apply and I just left it at that.

We did not talk, it must have been such an awkward moment for her.
I could almost see a bruise forming as the blood started to clot.

The room was just so awfully quiet as I stood up and just looked at Sarah.
She was lying on her tummy, motionless without a word with half of her round bottom exposed.

I guess I did no need further invitation and I told Sarah honestly.

James : Sarah.

Sarah : Yah ?

James : We need to do something about the bruise or you are going to end up with a big bluebclack tomorrow.

She tried to turn around but was struggling a little

Sarah : What ?

James : We need to get some circulation in that area.

I proceed onto the bed and straddled her from behind, her eyes widen immediately and she tried to push me off.

Sarah : Haha. No James… stop it. I’m not…

Her right hand swung back in an attempt to hit me but I caught hold of it, I angled it upwards gently and pressed it down onto her lower back.

Then I felt all resistances fade away, it was as if her body suddenly relaxed itself and just to be sure, I let go of my hold on her wrist.

It stayed in that position.

I reached for her left wrist as well and Sarah practically allowed me to maneuver it behind her back.

I could feel a raging hard on pushing against my dick as my mind processed the every scene.

Before I could finish processing, Sarah spoke.

Sarah : James… do you think I’m a slut ?

I was pretty taken aback and I just gave my honest.

James : No. You are a nice girl. We’re both adults here.

I paused and added one more sentence just to push my luck.

James : But I would like to see you behave like a slut for the next few hours.

Sarah laughed.

Sarah : No way.

I proceeded to tie her wrist up behind her back and she added one for sentence which made me almost cum in my pants.

Sarah : You’ll have to make me.
Our eyes met and I brushed back some of her hair to exposed her face.

She was lying a little uncomfortably on her tummy and had to strain a little to lift up her head.

My hand slowly bundled up her hair, reaching for more and more of her thick silky mane.

When I felt I had enough in my left hand, I gave it a gentle tug, lifting her head up.

It’s going to be a little painful, but nothing unbearable.

Sarah : Ugh.. oww.. James … it’s painful .

I relaxed a little and lowered her head.

I undressed totally and got back onto the bed.

When my naked body came into Sarah’s peripheral sight , I saw that her eyes just closed naturally.

I maneuvered myself closer on my knees.

Bundling up a good amount of her hair again, I gave a gentle tug and Sarah gave a soft moan.

Pressing her mouth to my privates, I saw the most sensual and erotic sight that evening. Her lips slowly pouted and gave me a kiss.

I maneuvered closer until I was right by her face.

I put my dick in the entrance of her mouth and tried to go in but her lips remained pressed close tightly.

She shook her head but I push again. Her lips parted a little and I pushed further.

She got a frown on her face and she was making some humming sound which sounded like a suppressed moan.

I gave her hair a sudden tug and her lips parted when a moan escaped from her mouth.

I pushed my erected dick in, gaining a couple of centimeters but Sarah blocked and clamped down harder, refusing total entry.

I could hear her moan a couple of times which sounded like ‘ James noooo ‘ and it turned me on even more.

I pushed in again, with a few continuous thrust and i could feel the forceful drag of her warm lips as I pushed slowly into her mouth. I went in deep sideways until she was struggling to breath properly.

She tried to shake her head but I held her down.

James : suck me…

Sarah’s eyes pleaded with me and I pressed her mouth closer until I felt the soft press of her lips on my dick which was already pulsating with the ruse of blood.

I could feel her press her tongue onto my pee hole, sending electricity down my pelvis. It was like she was trying to dig her way through my pee hole and I almost felt like moaning.

Then I felt the first vacuum like suck that was so strong it suck the air out of my breath too .

I gave out an uncontrolled moan as I relished the feeling on my dick.

I withdrew myself completely and looked at Sarah gasping for air on the bed.

I helped Sarah off the bed and made her got down on her knees in front of the bed.

I sat in front of her and I grabbed her hair again, pressing her mouth to my dick which was still wet with her saliva.

Her lips parted voluntarily this time round and enveloped my dick completely.
I let go of her hair, letting it fall down all over my dick as she worked on them.

It was a sick thing to do but I was thinking about Selene.

I wanted Selene to do this for me since I was 15.

It was a good feeling, having gotten others to do the same but I always wondered how it would feel like if it was Selene.

I could feel some of Sarah’s saliva dripping down my shaft as she tried to swallow her saliva.

I lifted up her head and she was taking in much needed air and breaths.

James : Does your bf know you are going ahead with the staycation.

Sarah : Yah, why do you suddenly talk about this ?

I brought over her phone from the table and got Sarah to her feet .
Bringing her over to the table , I asked for her phone password.

Sarah : No James…

I pressed her head down onto the bed, making her body bend 90 degrees as she offered up her behind.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw some liquid dripping down her inner thighs.

I checked with my fingers and she was already wet. Really wet.

I slid my finger along the slit of her love hole, refusing to go in, instead teasing her wet slit as I slide from her swollen clit to the entrance of her vagina.

Her lips seemed to have a life of their own, radiating warmth and more natural lub as I slide my fingers along the entrance.

James : Password..

She just shook her head and I continue sliding and teasing her clit.

Sarah : James .. stop… come in please..

James : Password.

I could feel her wet hole together with her pelvis trying to maneuver itself closer to my erection but I kept moving away.

I propped her up, accidentally pressing onto her bruise and she screamed but I did not stop, instead fingered her more roughly , no doubt splashing drops of her love juice all over the carpet.

James : Password, tell me..

Sarah moaned and twitched her body, her tied hands unable to offer her any reprieve from my fingers.

Sarah : Erunn…. James… please…

I heard her gave a sharp intake of air and I immediately stopped what I was doing. I did not want her to cum.

I could feel her twitching helplessly as she tried to reverse herself onto me.

James : Quick. Tell me.

Sarah : 1348

I keyed in the password and I immediately went to the call log.

James : I’ll show you what it’s like to be a slut.

I dialed her bf’s number and put it on speaker.

Before Sarah had time to react, an audible hello was heard in the room.

Sarah’s bf : Hello… hello dear … you there ?

Sarah must have been in shock and was quiet for a second before finally speaking.

Sarah : Yah. Hello .

I parted her legs and slid my dick against her vagina lips.

I could see her fist clenched up behind her as she struggled to let herself loose but to no avail.

I continue my sliding, giving her clit gentle probes as she chatted on the phone with her bf.

I checked the clock, it was already 10pm


I could feel the openly of her vagina twitch hungrily as I hovered near.

Sarah bf : How’s the staycation ?

I did not want to jam it in forcefully but instead eased myself into Sarah.

Sarah : It’s….. ok….

As I slid myself into her warm love hole, Sarah’s reply to her bf became all one word answer.

I withdrew myself and eased back in a couple of times.

When I felt her hole had stretched enough to accommodate me, I pressed down on her bruise , causing her to give a yelp and I slam my pelvis hard against her.

There was one audible smack, nothing more and I saw the sudden clenching of Sarah’s fist as her whole body shook and she shivered for that one second, her vagina wall squeezing down on my erected member.

The contraction was heaven as I feel the tight warmness of her love hole pressing down on my shaft.

Sarah : Argh…ughh.

Sarah bf : What’s wrong ?

Sarah : Nothing…. i… I dropped something on my feet.

I did not slam myself down again but instead tried to be as quiet as possible.
Sarah was bent over the bed, her head supporting her as I held the sides of her two legs, it was a comfortable position for me yet it allowed her to talk to her bf.

They chatted about trivial stuff, meals, how’s the food, the weather etc.
I went to grab another bandage and I used it to blindfold Sarah.

She was still on the phone and she could not protest, pretty much allowing me to do what I wanted.

I lifted her head slightly, allowing myself some working space, as I slowly deprive her of her sense of sight, I felt my dick getting harder, throbbing faster.

It was a sick thought but I like the feeling of having my way with a helpless partner.

Even though it was largely possible because of compliance from Sarah’s part but I still felt pretty aroused.

The thought of penetrating a girl while she was on the phone with her bf still fucks my mind until today.

I entered Sarah from behind again, easing myself into her slippery love hole without much difficulty.

I could slam down hard, fucking her wet hole but wanted a challenge.

I wanted to fuck her without sound.

I wanted to impale her deep and fast without our bodies hitting against each other.

Sarah bf : I should be taking the afternoon flight back to sg on the 12th.

Sarah : Ok, shall I meet you at the airport ?

With her eyes blindfolded, Sarah still knew when the phone was from the sound of the speaker, she kept tilting and trying to maneuver herself closer to the phone despite the amount of movements.

I did a couple of testing thrust, gauging the distance and trying out the momentum. When I was sure I could roughly know the maximum depth I could go without slamming into her toned butt, I took off.

You know the kind of feeling when you first started having sex , when you want to thrust hard but don’t dare to go too deep or fast, suddenly I had that kind of mixed emotions and weird thoughts as I feel the tease of Sarah’s vagina rubbing and dragging the sides of my dick.

It was a really wet affair, no moaning, just a little breathless talking as she tried to keep up with her conversation.

I held my breath, relishing every movement as I drag my juice coated dick out before going in again. Sarah no doubt was trying her best to control her own body which by then was already exhausted and confused.

The fullness of my erection, pushing into her empty and stretch love hole, the hollowness that follows the moment I withdrew sent her body mixed signals.

There was the occasional twitched, that sudden spasm, then the willing reverse of her whole body, urging me to fuck her deeper.

Sarah : Ok I got to you tomorrow ya….. ok… bye..

I helped Sarah hung up the phone but I did not tell her.

Sarah : Dear .. bye…. Dear you there ? hello ?

I already hung up and switched off the phone, well prepared to use the ‘ low batt’ excuse.

There was no more sound from the phone but I guess Sarah was afraid it was still on and she did not dare to make a single sound as I slam and withdrew my dick, fucking her wet hole in that position.

It was fucking sick as I knew Sarah was really holding back as she struggled to break free but I held on tight to the sides of her toned and apple shaped butt.

I slammed down hard, fucking myself deeper than ever before, feeling the squishes of her wet hole as I squeezed my dick repeatly into her.

The room was filled with the smacking of our body and after about 45 seconds, Sarah could not take it any longer and mumbled a single word.

Sarah : Phone….Phone..

I did not reply until Sarah gave an uncontrolled burst of air which sounded.

It was then I knew how hard she was holding in her moans as I saw a splatter of her saliva came out of her mouth and onto the bed.

She tried to breath but spluttered more saliva as she fought to keep the sound down.

James : It’s off…

She must have her doubts because she refused to make any noise, choosing to splutter and spurt breaths and saliva onto the bed.

It was an erotic sight, and for once I felt like a rapist.

I changed position , laying Sarah onto her back and removed the blindfold.

Her eyes were watery and she was just taking in deep breathes.

I showed her the phone before tossing it aside.

I was reaching my limits and I grabbed a condom, ripping it apart.

I did not put in on but instead went over to Sarah, squeezing both her cheeks with my left hand, I popped the condom into her mouth like depositing coin into a arcade machine.

Grabbing a bunch of her hair, I yanked her head back, not too hard, but enough to show whose in control.

I placed my dick in front of her mouth and I could see she was trying to maneuver the condom in her mouth, ready to help me cap it on.

She willingly reached for my dick but I withdrew myself away.

Because I’m a sick fuck and I did not want her to do it willingly.

Without warning, I went close again, this time jamming myself into her mouth, no doubt knocking the condom out of position as she struggled to cap me.

James : DO it properly.

Sarah : Hremmpp..ermmpp..

I tugged a bunch of her hair, giving it a shake.

James : Come on, do it..

Sarah : Urmmmh…mmmphh…

I could feel the cap coming on and once it got pass the dick head, it was just the motion of unrolling the rest down my shaft.

Sarah : Erummm…cough…hmmpp..

Sarah had tears rolling down her cheeks by then as she choked a couple of times with the condom stunt.

When the condom came on, I blindfolded Sarah again.

I did not want to wait longer as I entered her missionary , slamming myself hard against her opened legs.

This time round she moaned, and it was a fucking sexy wail of a sex siren.

I could feel the pressure building up and when I was about to come, I hit the switch for the automatic curtain, opening the room to all.

Sarah heard the mechanical whirl of the curtain and she panicked.

Sarah : No James ! .. No.. ! No…

I grabbed her up and dragged her unwilling body to the window.

The truth was I only opened the night curtain, leaving the day ones in place. I would only be exposing our silhouettes

Sarah : No James ! … please.

I held her and made her kneel on the small seating area in front of the window, and I quickly entered her.

She had no support and she had to plaster her face against the window to prop herself up.

Sarah : No James.. enough.. please..

But when her face felt her touch of the fabric , she must have knew the day curtain was still down and she made no further pleas.

I ploughed myself inside her hole which never seemed to run dry and within 30 strokes, I came into the condom, groaning at first before getting softer as my rapidly deflating cock got smaller after vomiting my sperm out.

I could feel the relentless squeeze of Sarah’s vagina and she seemed determined to milk me dry.

I withdrew and helped her down, pulling down the blindfold and releasing the ties on her hands.

We just laid on the bed, both trying to catch our breath.

Sarah spoke first.

Sarah : That was pretty sick James… haha

James : Haha, so.. do you feel like a slut. ?

She laughed and shook her head.

Sarah : No.

I gave her a puzzled look and Sarah got up.

She removed the rest of her clothes, which by then were only her bra and her top.

Sarah went over to her bag and dug out her undies.

She slid them on and got into bed beside me.

I was about to ask her if she was thirsty when I felt a yank of my hair.

James : Ow… oww.. too hard.

Sarah hit the button the bring the night curtain back down.

As the machine whirled and descended, Sarah held me by the hair, pressing me face first onto her underwear.

I could smell the rubbery smell of the condom that only until a moment ago was fucking Sarah with the aid of my erected dick.

I could smell the erotic smell of sweat, and of course the heavenly smell of Sarah’s love juice.

Pressing me harder onto her undies, Sarah spoke.

Sarah : Now…. Make me feel like a slut.
As I struggled to breath , my tongue parted the side of Sarah’s underwear and I reached for her clit.

When Sarah’s moans once again filled the room, I could almost feel that was a different tone to it.

I could not describe it, I can’t tell whether was it the tone, the frequency, the sharpness of her screams or the way she pressed herself against my face when she came. It was just different.

By the time my jaw was wet with a combination of my saliva and Sarah’s love juice, I felt as if Sarah had already ripped out a good portion of my hair.

She finally came when I thought my tongue was going to fall out and we both fell asleep unknowingly smelling of sweat , sex and bodily fluids.

8th August


I woke up and we fucked again, normally this time but neither of us came.


We drifted off.


We were up and we did it again, I came into another condom.


I fingered Sarah to orgasm before fucking in the shower.


We went down for breakfast and I brought along some work documents to discuss with Sarah.

We snuggled up in bed after that, reading the newspaper.


We checked out, parted ways after a hug in front of the hotel .

I got back home and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

It’s been a while since I had sex and I felt really drained and tired.
It was as if my energy was sapped dry.

9th August 2010

Sarah dropped me an sms telling me she was really sore down south and I replied.

James sms : I can only eat liquid food.

10th August 2010


Life goes on and I was caught chatting casually with a few staff from Abdul’s team and he actually asked me this question.

Abdul : What’s the problem ? Are you all working on the same project ? What’s there to talk about ?

I did not reply but instead walked back quietly to my seat knowing that the time was not ripe, I have to choose my battles carefully.

27th August 2010


My highlight in the month of august was bringing in a small job from the same Client in KL. It was for a small refurbishment of a row of showhouses.
Not big money but it makes a difference.

Selene was thrilled even though after doing her sums, she estimated a profit of only about 25k for the office.

10th September 2010


I was scheduled for another trip to KL, this time round it was over the weekend. It was a first weekend trip for me but since the client would not be around for the next 4 weeks, it had to be done.

It was pretty boring as I went alone, aside from the usual work, I grabbed a couple of drinks with the technical team and got back to Sg on the following Monday.

13th September 2010


Selene told me to take the rest of the day off upon touch down and I spent it fixing up Cidney’s luggage.

The lock was a gone for sure but I slowly cut away the pieces before finally releasing the zip.

That way you still could use a normal lock on the 2 zip.

I stored it aside, the time will come when I could use that.

24th September 2010


I had Dinner with Selene, Tan and Kakak Siti, we decided to reduce the group size for our covert meetings, instead of having the whole bunch present, we decided to brief and discuss general updates with key members.

I ran through some revised plans and Selene and Tan gave their input.

Selene was usually pretty good with her concentration but that day, she was meddling quite a lot on her phone, texting away, replying messages.

By the first week of October, we pretty much have all the things we needed to kick off the plan and get rid of Abdul.

It did crossed our minds whether should we bring forward the date for the D-day, there was no point to keep it on the 5th if it’s purely for the sake of humor but Selene made the decision to keep it.

6th October 2010


I brought in another small job from the recommendation of our KL client. A small semi D in Joo Chiat.

8th October 2010


I had sex with Sarah regularly after our staycation over the national day weekend.

Probably twice a week on average.

From the quiet staircase to the sleazy hotel in geylang, we’ve done it.

We still flirted but her bf had proposed last week and she made no attempt to hide that our relationship thus far had ended.

It was good while it lasted and we parted on a good note.

15th October 2010


After having sex regularly for a couple of months, the suddenly departure of Sarah left a void in my heart.

Although I travelled regularly with Cidney, I did not make my move, choosing to remain as the ever gentleman.

She is a nice girl, it was not right.

The more I thought about it, the more I was willingly to go for it. I tried to talk myself out of it but it only worsened the monster in me.

I must have masturbated at least 5 times over the weekend , fantasizing about Selene, Cidney and Sarah.

18th October 2010



Selene called me and Cidney in and scheduled us to head over to KL again. There was a potential job with the existing client and she wanted us to handle it.

Selene : And oh Cidney , happy birthday in advance ya. Sorry you got to travel on your birthday.

I turned to the smiling Cidney and asked.

James : Oh, 20th is your birthday ?

Cidney smiled shyly and nodded her head.

I nodded mine too as I mentally counted down the days to November the 5th.

2.5 weeks.

18 more day.

Should have enough time.

I felt the familiar stir in my pants and I left the office with Cidney, looking at the tightness of her levis’s jeans.

I must have been looking for a sign, perhaps a direction from some divine beings that day and I got my answer at 6.30pm

Cidney came out of the bathroom in fbt shorts and a rather tight running top.
James : Oh. You heading to the gym ?

She nodded with a smile.

James : First time seeing you in gym gear, hmm.

Cidney : haha . Why ? Do I look funny ?

James : No .. no.. looking good.

She waved me goodbye and when she turned, I saw the sports logo on her purple running top.

I made up my mind then to just do it.

I really hope it would be a memorable birthday for Cidney.