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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fifteen - Vol 3

When the time comes when you actually get to blackmail a girl to sleep with you, it’s only natural that you felt a little lost. 

I too felt a little lost even though I had a constant hard on thinking about it. 

There were a thousand questions on my mind, things like locations, time, how to do it, where to meet up ? 

Is it going to be a fuck and go ? 

Is it going to be just once ? 

Is it going to be an entire night ? 

So many questions and nobody could answer them. 

I tried to bring things down to really the basic level and analysed it with logic. 

Just pure logic, leave sick fantasies out of the picture. 

I came to the conclusion that although the anticipation to the actual event would already give us a mental orgasm, the actual session itself might turn out to be a disappointment .

Allow me to explain why. 

First, Cidney is going to be an unwilling participant. 

There will be no GFE, there will be no body rub, there will be no ‘ showering together’. 


None of these. 

My girlfriend may love sex but she is not a cheap slut and I definitely do not expect her to behave that way. 


I seriously doubt Cidney would be conscious of her dressing. I put myself in her shoes and if I were going to sleep with someone I hated, I would not bother dressing up. 

Why would I do it ? 

You seriously think you can blackmail a girl to sleep with you and expect her to turn up dressed for a wedding ? She would probably turn up in jeans and a t-shirt. 

I was sure Cidney would be dressed as plain as possible, probably even without makeup. 

Why would she want to look good for Beng Soon ? 

Lastly, pure logic dictates that Cidney would want the session to be over as fast as possible. 

Don’t expect any fancy positions, don’t expect spontaneous moaning and screams. She is not a porn star and it had to be a torturous period for her. 

Imagine allowing a filthy contractor to kiss you, to smell your sweet tight body, to allow his rough hands to carass you. 

Imagine allowing his filthy disgusting dick to enter your most private sanctum. 

Will Cidney feel dirty ? 

Will she feel used ? 

I asked myself these questions and the throbbing in my erected dick got to a level where I needed to just stop thinking. 

I have never felt so aroused before in my life. 

Perhaps it was the conscious decision for Cidney to offer her body to Beng soon, or perhaps it was just my sick mind. I don’t know. 

I hung up on Beng Soon after a while when I told him I needed to think. 

I went to the mirror where I got dressed and just looked at my reflection. 

It was then I was hit by the most vile thoughts ever. 

I came to the conclusion that it was probably going to be a one off event so I wanted to make it worth every minute of it. 

I called Beng Soon again, giving him specific instructions to Cidney. 

I told him to let Cidney know first thing in the morning that it’s going to happen within that week but don’t tell her the exact day. 

Beng Soon asked if he needs to book a room.

James : No. No need 

Beng Soon : Ok. 

I told Beng Soon that we should quickly do it before she had too much time to think about it and change her mind. 

James : We would do it on Wednesday evening, but tell her it’s going to be tomorrow evening. 

Beng Soon : Why ? 

James : Just do it. I’ll explain later. 

It was strangely arousing to fuck with her mind, letting her think that one of the days that week she would need to sleep with a fat contractor which she hated. 

She will not know when… she will never find out where…. All she could do was wait. 

Like a wind up doll, I wanted to keep turning the key over and over. I really wondered how wound up Cidney could get. 

Imagine the amount of tension and anticipation packed into her small petite body. She won’t know what to expect, she can’t get ready. 

It’s going to be just a moment’s notice and that was it. 

That sudden realization in that instance that she was going to allow Beng Soon to penetrate her wet love hole. 

Correction, her love hole would probably be dry. 

As the pieces started falling together, I laughed to myself in the dark room. 
It was moments like this when I hate myself.



Beng Soon dropped me a message, telling me that he had dropped Cidney a message to meet at 7pm. 


I bought breakfast for Cidney, getting her favourite egg muffin from a fastfood restaurant. I got in and as expected, I saw Cidney in a modest blouse and jeans. 

She did not wear any nice heels nor did she bother with putting on much makeup. 

She looked really casual and dressed down, something she would usually reserve for a weekend. 

She wore an old pair of flats too, I was beginning to suspect she would want to throw or in fact burn her set of clothings after meeting Beng Soon. 

She must find it hard to live with the fact that she had to wear back the same set of clothes Beng Soon laid his hands on. 

I passed her the muffin and gave her a quick kiss when no one was at the pantry and got back to work. 


I dropped Cidney a mail and told her that I managed to get some help from my friends, I would be able to raise the money in a couple of days. 
Cidney did not reply my mail. 


I went out for lunch with Cidney and I could see her mind was somewhere else. She was probably thinking about where she was meeting Beng Soon. 

Would it be a hotel ? 

Would it be his car ? 

Would it be painful ? 

Would she cry ? 

I had to repeat a couple of my casual remarks and questions before she answered them and she kept reassuring me that she was fine, just a little tired. 


I arranged for Beng Soon to show me the shophouse and was satisfied that almost everything was rectified. 

Beng Soon : So James… where are we going to do it ? 

I gestured to the level we are standing on and Beng Soon burst out laughing. 

Beng Soon : Are you fucking serious ? haha 

James : We’re building a hostel are we not ? There’s bathroom, there’s aircon. Everything you need is here. 

Beng Soon : But no beds ? 

I waved him off and told him that he got to be dreaming if he expected Cidney to be lying comfortably on a bed and allowing him to have his way with her. 

Beng Soon : Then how ? What am I suppose to do ? 

I told him that it’s only natural that Cidney would resists. 

It’s only natural she would be difficult. 

She was an unwilling participant after all. 

Beng Soon nodded, digesting the words I just said.

Beng Soon : Now that you mentioned it, it all makes sense. 


I got back into office and carried on with my work 

From 5 pm till 6 pm , I must have seen Cidney visit the bathroom like 5-6 times. 

She kept refilling her water mug, no doubt feeling nervous and lost about her impending ordeal. 

I called her at 6pm sharp, asking her out for dinner but she said she was not feeling well.

Cidney : Sorry dear.. i…. I want to go back and rest. 

I offered to send her back but she declined. 

I told her to give me a call when she gets back and Cidney left the office at 6.10pm 


Beng Soon dropped me a message, telling me that he just informed Cidney that the arrangement is off. 

She pestered him for the confirmed time and date but he did not reply her. 

I felt the familiar rise in my pants and had to control myself when I brought in a stack of documents into Selene’s room for discussion. 


Cidney dropped me a message, saying she’s back home. 


I called Cidney and chatted with her. We talk well into the night, and I broached the subject of a short holiday, just to get away from everything and she was excited. 


I told her that I know of this really nice place for dinner and I wanted her to dress up for work the next day since that place has a dress code. 

James : They turn you away if you turn up in jeans 

Cidney : Really ? … must be quite expensive..

James : Not really, there’s some promotion going on with certain credit cards. 

As we chatted further and later, I got a little naughty and naturally we talked about sex. 

I pretended to be guilty, telling her that I crave for her touch even though I knew she was not in the best of mood. 

She was apologetic and she promised to be extra nice to me after everything is over. She just needed some time to sort out her thoughts and emotions. 

James : It’s ok, I’m sorry…… a relationship should not be just about sex……. I love you.. 

Cidney : I love you too…. 

I took the opportunity to ask her to wear something nice underneath her clothes for the next day. She was a little resistant but I told her that since she’s already dressing up for dinner the next day, might as well go all the way. 

She finally agreed and I dropped hints that I want to sneak some peeks in case I could not resist seeing her dressing and she laughed. 



When Cidney entered office that morning, I instantly felt my morning erection push against my pants. 

She had on this cream coloured dress that stopped just shy of her kneecaps. 

It was a sleeveless piece and it showed off her slender arms and shoulders proudly. 

I could see the slightest imprint of a familiar bra that I remembered taking off her so many times in the pass. 

It was a pretty tight fit and even though she wore seamless panty, I knew where to look and I could see just the tiniest hint of her seamless boyshorts.

A pair of off white heels with a really light purple swirls completed her look that beautiful Wednesday morning. 

Initially she looked a little worried and uncomfortable in the morning. She must be worried that Beng Soon would suddenly call and demanded to meet her. 

The only correspondence from Beng Soon that morning was a general mail informing everyone that the work at the shophouses were a little behind schedule and that he would be putting in extra manpower to make sure it completes on time. 

As the day progresses, Cidney seemed a little more relaxed, each hour without Beng Soon’s call drew her closer to the end of the day. 

Drawing her closer to her dinner with me. 

An evening with the man she loves. 

When the clock hit 5.30pm , I saw Cidney chatting with Selene in the pantry and she looked relaxed and peaceful. 

If only she knew what awaits her in a few hours time. 


I signaled to Cidney to pack up and get ready to leave. 

I could see the look of relieve in her eyes, she seemed genuinely at peace, perhaps she had managed to just put Beng Soon out of her mind for just that instances. 


I excused myself to the bathroom as I watch Cidney adjust her dress and Sarah coming over to comment on her heels. 

Girls’ talk. 


I hit the sent button the same time I flushed the toilet bowl, sending out a message to Beng Soon. 

I walked over slowly towards Cidney as she chatted with Sarah. 

Sue and Auntie May joined the conversation when I was in the bathroom.

When I got closer about 5 metres away, Sarah said her goodbye and gave me a wink before walking pass. 

I got a few paces closer at 4 metres;

Auntie May ran her palm down Cidney’s back, commenting on her nice figure before heading off to the pantry.

I closed up the last few steps, leaving only 3 metres between Cidney and me

Sue helped Cidney tie up her hair into a bun with this new hair tie gadget that allows multiple styles, bringing out a different look from my girlfriend before asking us to enjoy our date.

I covered the remaining distant with a few good strides and Cidney’s phone rang.

I almost came in my pants when I saw the change in her expression the moment she looked at her phone.

I pretended to wave to a colleague behind her and i gestured for her to take the call first. 

I saw her slowly bringing the phone up to her ear before walking to a quiet corner of the office. 

I settled down on her seat and flipped though a magazine. 

From the corner of my eye, i saw Cidney hang up the phone but she remained in the corner for a second longer. 

I gave Beng Soon instructions to insist on meeting that evening at 7pm and get it over and done with. It's either that or no deal. 

Beng Soon would have told her that it's going to be a quick one since he was busy, it should not take long.

Whatever reason she gave would be of no concern to Beng Soon. He must insist.

Cidney had no choice. 

As she slowly closed the distance between us, my mind wondered about 2 things. 

One, what reason would she give for excusing herself for a while. 

Two, what would it like having dinner, holding hands, carassing her body, hugging her close knowing that my girlfriend had just been penetrated by a fat disgusting contractor.


Cidney was standing right in front of me within seconds and I could see a look of distress in her eyes. 

James : Are you ok ? Are you not feeling well ? 

She brushed a stray fringe behind her ears and she stumbled a little on the first 2 words but her sentence became smoother once she got her first words out. 

Cidney : James… erm I…. have a friend who just got her from Thailand, she needs some help communicating with her landlord. It’s quite urgent. 

James : Oh…. Ok… where ? 

She waved her hands infront of her petite body saying that it’s ok, she can manage it. 

James : Okay… so…erm… you still want to have dinner ? 

I must have given her such a lovelorn puppy eye look that she was lost and did not know how to reply me. 

James : I could push back the reservations, they’re open till 10pm…. 
She looked a little unsure and checked her phone for the time. 

James : It’s ok, tell you what, just go ahead, call me when you’re done ok ? I’ll push back the reservation for now. 

Cidney : I’m… I’m sorry James… I’ll try to hurry. 

James : It’s ok, I’ll just settle some of my work in the meantime. 

I walked her to the exit and watched her heels click down the stairs. 

It was a steep decent and with her heels on, Cidney had to angle her body slightly, taking side steps down the flight before landing on concrete ground. 

Now Beng soon would have told her the meeting location in the initial phone call. It was 2 streets away from her project site, there were loads of small hotels in Chinatown and I guessed Cidney would have assumed that it would be there. 

I waited for a couple of minutes before heading down the stairs and I could see the small figure of Cidney disappearing into the evening crowd a distance away. 

I took the short walk to the shophouses and went straight for the back door. 


Right when I was about to unlock the combination lock at the back door, Beng Soon dropped me a message. 

Beng Soon sms : She’s here. 

I replied. 

James sms : I’m ready. 

I entered the site and was pleased that Beng Soon had left the aircon on, turning the empty site into a mini chiller. 

Cidney would no doubt feel cold. 

The project was almost completed, it only lack some minor touchups and fittings before it’s good to go. 

The floor seemed pretty clean too, Beng Soon must have gotten his guys to clean up the site earlier in the day. 

I took off my leather shoes and chose to walk on my socks to keep the noise level to a minimum. 

I made sure my phone alert was off, not even the vibration was spared. 

With the whole area so empty, any noise would be amplified and there would be echo. 

I went up to the 2nd level and I saw Beng soon had set up the area as I planned. 

There were 3 rooms with their doors facing the small library area. 

The one where Cidney had her bookshelf. 

The shelves and the glass had been replaced and everything looks good as new. 

The power of proper motivation….. 

That would be the area where my girlfriend would be taken. 

Now the 3 rooms were still empty save for some boxes of spare materials. 
I knew which room I want to be in but there was a chance Cidney might just walk in and let the cat out of the bag. 

I had thought of this well in advance and I chose one room which gave me a good view of the small library. 

I turned on the lights for the library, flooding that spot with light like a stage. 

I stood inside and looked at the spot where I want to hide, it looks good. 
Just a blanket of darkness. 

With the bright lights glaring down at the spot where Cidney would be, she would not be able to see me. 

Beng Soon had placed a small sofa in the space too, it was backed against the glass wall. 

I rearranged some boxes in the room and as an extra precaution, I moved a few boxes right to the entrance, stacking it to waist height. 

I could not think of a reason where Cidney would want to climb over waist high boxes to get into an empty dark room. 

It was dangerous, it felt thrilling, and it turned me on to know that I would get a good view of my pretty well dressed girlfriend getting fucked by Beng Soon.

I heard some loud tapping at the door and I quickly killed the lights in the library, plunging the whole space into darkness. I had to stumble a little to climb over the very boxes I stacked but I managed without making too much sound. 

3 Minutes later, Beng Soon dropped me a message saying he’s across the road and he could see Cidney standing alone at the site. 

I text him and told him I’m ready. 

I checked the time. 


There was some commotion on the ground floor and I could hear the door open, moments later it closed. 

Then it was just silence. 

Then there was the click of heels. 

A couple of clicks on the timber floor. 

No particular direction, just stationary I guess, unsure of where to go. 

Then I heard Beng Soon's voice. 

Beng Soon : Upstairs. 

I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. 

I felt like peeing. 

Then the clicking started again. 

It got louder and nearer and I could see a small figure coming up the stairs. 
It was such an enclosed space and for a moment I thought I could smell my girlfriend’s perfume. 

Then when I saw her stopped right outside my door, I felt my balls shrink to it’s smallest yet my erection did not seem to get any smaller. 

She was there for a couple of seconds but thankfully she was not looking into the room. 

She was looking down the stairs watching Beng Soon head up. 

There was not a word from Cidney and when I heard Beng Soon speak, I could tell he was nervous. 

Beng Soon : Th… there… the… library. 

Cidney was awfully quiet and she clicked her way over to the very spot which landed her in such a predicament. 

As Beng soon walked pass my door, I saw him rubbing his palms on the side of his pants, wiping away the sweat. 

I could tell he was nervous, at least until to the point where his animal instinct took over. 

He turned on the lights for the small library and asked Cidney to go in. 

Slowly with each step, I saw my girlfriend step into the brightly lit room. Her eyes squinted a little to adjust to the light. 

She was holding on to her bag and she placed it on the shelves she designed. 

I did not know if my eyes were playing tricks on my but I thought I caught a little shiver in her petite frame. 

She did not turn around. 

She did not move. 

She just stood motionless, her hands infront of her body, her fingers clasped together. 

She was right in front of the sofa and she seemed to be just staring down the flight of stairs, as if worried someone might come in at an untimely moment. 

I saw Beng Soon slowly stepped into the light and I too was shivering where I stood. 

I did not know if it was the cold or was it the excitement. 

Here I was barely metres away watching my girlfriend about to get fucked and I was teeming with excitement. 

Subconciously I unbuckled my pants and unzipped myself. 

I saw Beng Soon closed the gap between Cidney and his huge body. 

I released my swollen erected dick from my boxers and fought hard to control my breathing. 

There was a moment of hesitation then it happened. 

Without warning it just happened. 

Beng Soon’s hands reached for both of Cidney’s shoulders, clamping down her petite frame with his huge rough hands. 

It happened at the same time. 

I saw Beng Soon pressed his nose to the right of Cidney’s neck and I saw the clenching of Cidney’s fist. 

I had told Beng Soon to always focus on the other side of Cidney’s body and leave the side facing the doors clear so as to give me a good view. 

Then I saw Beng Soon kneel down while Cidney remained standing. 

Cidney was shivering more obviously and I could see her body was really tensed. 

Beng Soon ‘s hands reached for the bottom of her tight dress, slowly lifting it up, revealing Cidney’s thighs underneath the bright light. 

It came higher and higher until her entire butt was exposed.

Cidney’s hands was still clenched together as she kept her eyes forward and I could see she was already breathing with her mouth. 

Then like a strike of lighting, Beng Soon pressed his face down, deep into the crack of Cidney’s tight bottom, nudging and smelling my girlfriend’s most private region. 

The forward push knocked Cidney off balance a little and I could hear the click of her heels as she regained her footing with her palms pressing on the glass. 

Beng Soon kept nudging with his nose and mouth, with each push and inhale of Cidney’s privates, Beng Soon nudged Cidney onto the sofa. 

When Cidney finally knelt onto the small sofa , she turned her head to the left facing my direction and I froze. 

It took a second or 2 before I calm myself down knowing that it’s so dark inside the room, there was no way she could see me. 

The spot lights were shining pretty targeted cones, there was very little spillage of lights to the surrounding areas. 

Then Beng Soon stood up, struggling a little with some support of Cidney’s book shelf. 

He unbuckled his pants, belt and all. 

As he dropped his bundle of clothes down onto the floor with a thud, I saw Cidney’s eyelids flutter a little before it closed.


I saw Beng Soon cap himself and he was hovering clumsily near the bottom of Cidney’s privates.

He seemed to have some difficulty navigating himself as his legs had to support his huge frame while he was half squatting.

Cidney’s eyes remained tightly shut and I could not believe the scene playing in front of my eyes.

Beng Soon did not remove Cidney’s underwear, instead choosing to push it aside, revealing the sacred entry to her love hole.

I saw Cidney did something totally unexpected as she repositioned herself, bending a little more, offering a better access to Beng Soon.

I guess she wanted it to be over as soon as possible.

There was not sensual moans, no breathless gasp of air and I could just see Cidney bite down on her lips as Beng soon finally secured a positive entry.

Her mouth gasp opened for just a second and I assumed Beng Soon must have at least had the buldge of his dick head inside Cidney at that moment.

Cidney bit down on her lips as her body was rocked involuntarily by Beng Soon’s thrusting motion.

I could not tell if she was dry or not but Beng Soon still managed to gain an entry.

Her petite frame was rocked and smacked hard from the behind by Beng Soon and I could hear the loud slamming sound of their bottoms echoing out in the quiet shophouse.

Cidney’s hands had left the glass panels and were now clasping hard on the sofa.

Her hair was still in a nice bun and despite being rocked like a toy, she still looked pretty elegant and pretty.

Beng Soon stopped thrusting and got Cidney up, he turned her around, asking her to sit down on the sofa but the moment Cidney sat down, she stood up again, she seemed like she was refusing a position Beng Soon wanted.

There was some talking, fast hush whispers before Cidney held on to the glass panels and stepped onto the sofa with without her heels.

Beng Soon lifted up her dress which had fallen down and kissed Cidney on her privates, nudging and licking the very hole he had just fucked.

I was stroking myself a distance away, taking in the erotic scene.
The sight of my unwilling girlfriend in distress turned me on even more.

Barely a couple of minutes later, Cidney got down from the sofa and I checked the timing. It’s already been 20 minutes since everything started.

Beng Soon got Cidney to turn again, making her bent over with her heels on.

She supported her bent body on the sofa and Beng Soon parted her underwear again, easing himself in the 2nd time.

It did not look like he had much difficulty and he entered Cidney easily.

He built up a good momentum and I could see he was going for the finale.

The smacking was hard and when the sound of the thrusting got louder and louder, I saw her deep frown etched deeper and deeper into my girlfriend’s forehead.

Suddenly Beng Soon’s hands left Cidney’s waist and grabbed her small breasts, squeezing them and fondling them roughly as he gave out a loud moan, shivering his large frame of a body at the same time.

Beng Soon : Ahhh..ahg…. arghh…….

He was determined to milk himself dry inside Cidney as he held on tight, determined to let his throbbing dick pulse a few more times inside the sweet pussy of my girlfriend.

I could see Cidney was trying to disengage but Beng Soon grunted and held on, unwilling to leave the tight confines of her lovely vagina.

When he finally let go, Cidney collapsed as she lost her balance onto the sofa before getting up immediately.

She pulled her dress down as fast as she could and took her bag from the shelf and dashed off to the toilet at the end of the corridor.

My dick was stiff and hard from the excitement and I had difficulty putting it back into my pants.

I dressed up as quietly as I could and check the time.

So many days of preparation and everything was over in barely an hour.

This was reality, you just have to accept it.

If this was a jap porn scene, it would have dragged on forever.

Strangely though, I felt proud of Cidney.

I was proud that she was so brave to go through with it.

She spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom, no doubt washing herself clean of the filth that came in touch with her body which was once pure and sacred.

It had been violated by someone she hated and she was the one who willingly offered to do it.


Cidney did not speak or even look at Beng Soon when she came out of the bathroom.

She just clicked her way down the stairs and let herself out of the shophouse.

I immediately got out of my hiding place and had a brief chat with Beng Soon before bolting out the back door once I was sure Cidney was a distance away.

Barely moments after I left the site, my phone rang and it was Cidney.

James : Hello ? hey… where are you ?

Cidney said she was just done helping her friends and was in the vicinity of Chinatown.

I asked her if she was hungry and if she wanted to go for dinner but she said no.

She told me she had something light and said she felt a little tired and she wanted to head home to rest.

I respected her decision knowing full well the sacrifice she just did. I offered to head over and I could tell she was a little reluctant but she eventually agreed.

I got to her place with some packet snacks around 9pm after I had my own dinner and Cidney was already showered.

She had change out of her clothes and was wearing just a simple set of t-shirt and short pants.

I asked her if she was ok and she nodded.

I told her I managed to raise the sum of money and I had already called Beng Soon but he was not returning my call.

She just kept quiet and did not offer up a reply.

I could sense a sudden difference in her, it was as if her mind was not with her body. She seemed a little distant, there was a lack of colour in her cheeks.

I felt strangely aroused thinking of the sex scene I had witness barely hours ago and I made my move.

Cidney did not reject me and instead allowed me to do whatever I wanted.

I tried to feel if there was any difference in her love hole when I entered her that evening, was it a little stretched, was it still wet and slippery, was it red and swollen, but I felt no difference.

Instead I had another kind of mental high as I fuck myself into the same hole that was being enjoyed by another man moments ago.

Cidney was a little unresponsive although she did moan a little for me. I suspect it was just for show and she seemed moody the entire evening and was not the best person to have a conversation with.

James : What’s wrong ? Are you ok ?

She shook her head with a smile, adding that she was just tired.

I left Cidney’s place at 11.30pm, with a fucked up feeling of a sadistic sick man.

I felt as if I had broken one of my toys on purpose and the feeling was something I had never felt before.

Cidney was on sick leave for the next 2 days, leaving me to deal with the client of the shophouse.

All the works were completed and rectified and I even dropped Cidney a message that her project was wrapped up.

It was all over and Beng Soon was not even around, he sent one of his assistant.

Cidney did not reply.

When I tried to initiate a meeting that weekend, she said she was still recovering and would prefer to rest.

27th April 2011


Cidney got a little better but I could feel that there was this invisible barrier between us. I could not explain why but it seemed as if she was not too eager to be touched lately.

When I try to put my hands around her shoulders, she would shy away after a while.

I would hold her hands but subconsciously her fingers would get a little loose over time before she dropped them.

I kept asking if she was ok and she was quick to reassure me that she was just tired.

29th April 2011



When Cidney rejected my offer to stay over at my place for the 2nd weekend in a row, I began to consider how badly I had broken my toy.

We were still together, officially in a relationship but I noticed the difference in Cidney. She seemed a little more reserved, kept to herself more whereas she used to be more open about her feelings.

14th May 2011

I got seriously worried when I saw her crying by herself in my room when I came out of the shower on the 2nd week of May.

I immediately went over and hugged her.

I did not say anything but just allowed her to cry.

I could feel the anguish and the sadness as she screamed into my chest, baring her feelings and her emotions.
It was a messy affair.

There was a mixture of saliva, tears and mucus on my body as Cidney’s body shudder uncontrollably.

I was lost.

Seriously lost and I knew I was fucked.

Seriously fucked.

She took an hour to compose herself and I was glad my parents were not at home that day.

When I managed to calm her down with a glass of water, she started tearing up again.

At 6pm that day on the 14th of May 2011. Cidney finally broke the news.

It was a few simple words.

That few simple words caused me heartache everytime I recalled it.

Cidney : I did it….

Cidney : I did it with Beng Soon….

That was all Cidney managed to get it out.

If you had asked me before she said that how I would react and feel, I would probably tell you I would get aroused.

I would probably get a fucking high knowing that my girlfriend was shared unwillingly with another man.

But the truth was different.

It was so different.

Confronted with the truth that day hurts.

Seeing Cidney in such pain and anguish made me feel like shit.

No , I do not deserve any sympathy, I’m just a fucking monster but I have feelings too.

I could not speak, looking at Cidney’s red eyes I could not utter a single fucking word that day.

I only felt the roll of a tear down my right cheek before I hugged Cidney.

We did not say anything to each other for the rest of the evening. We did not even go for dinner.

We just stayed in the room and fell asleep.

I sent Cidney back the next afternoon and as much as I wanted to talk about it, she was unwilling to continue the conversation.

17th May 2011

It was a Tuesday.

I remembered that day.

I had a call at 10am sharp from Selene and she wanted me in her office immediately.

She requested that I close the door and that was one of the few occasion that she drew the blinds to her office.

Selene : Take a seat .

I saw the digital clock on the table jumped to 10.02 and Selene threw a white envelope across the table.

Selene : Your girlfriend just tendered her resignation.


The expression on my face must have been priceless that morning in Selene’s office. 

In fact I don’t even remember what expression I wore on my face but Selene did not let the awkward silence go on for too long. 

The first question she asked was pretty standard.

Selene : Are you ok ? 

I wanted to speak, I opened my mouth but nothing came out. 

The words stuck and choke in my mouth and I just did not know what to say. 

It came as a shock. 

Honestly I did not expect Cidney to do that. At least not without letting me know first. 

James : I…..i…. did…

I wanted to say I did not know. The last thing I wanted was for Selene to think I was the main reason why she quit. 

Selene raised up both her hands, her palms facing me.

Selene : Cidney called me last evening and asked if I could meet up with her. 

I gave her a questioning look and asked her what did Cidney tell her. 

If she had told Selene that she slept with Beng Soon, everything would be over. 

Thankfully that was not the case. 

Cidney had met up with Selene to talk about leaving. 

Selene : She said she’s just feeling a little tired, and now that her projects are coming to an end, this would be a good time to take a break. 

I wanted to ask some questions but Selene gestured for me to hold them. She was not done. 

Selene : The first thing I asked was about you. 

Our eyes met for a brief moment and Selene carried on with her talking. 

Selene : I was so sure that it was you who caused her to leave the office but thankfully I was wrong. 

Selene stood up, leaving her seat and walking over to my side of the table. 

I remained seated while she leaned herself against the table, folding her arms at the same time. 

She was close enough to me for the arousing scent of her perfume to drift into my nose. It’s an interesting moment because while part of my mind was dealing with the shock of Cidney leaving, another part of my mind was thinking about Selene. 

The thought of having Cidney gone and in return allowing me more time for Selene flashed across my mind for just a brief moment before disappearing altogether again.

Selene : Seriously though James, if I knew Cidney was leaving because you hurt her in the relationship, I would really consider killing you. 

She did not look like she was joking and I did not laugh. I just kept very quiet, staring at Selene’s table although with her leaning against it, her legs and thighs were closer to my line of sight and I was trying very hard not to stare at them. 

She was wearing a skirt that day, it was not tight and short like what she wore when she was younger but it was of a tempting length. 
One preferred by matured women who knows that covering up could be more potent than flashing her assets around. 

Her skirt ended at her knees, and her lovely legs shone under the light in the office as she spoke. 

She went on to tell me what else Cidney said, her work allocations, the projects she was handling, mostly work related stuff. 

Selene : I’m quite upset James…. Cidney’s a good girl… is there something wrong between the 2 of you ? 

James : I… don’t know. 

I did not wish to continue the conversation and I asked if I could take the rest of the day off. 

I wanted to speak with Cidney. 

I needed to speak with Cidney. 

Selene rejected my request right away. 

Selene : It was Cidney’s request btw. She knew you would want to talk her out of it and made me promise that I would not approve your leave. 

I got up and was about to leave when Selene stopped me. 

There was nothing dramatic, no shouting, no blocking of doors. 

Selene : Take this with you. 

I took over another envelope and inside was a cheque made out to the company by Cidney. 

Selene : She wanted to leave this week, offered to pay off her 1 month notice. 

Selene pushed the envelope into my hands and said there was no way she was taking that. 

I left Selene’s room and immediately made my way to Cidney’s place. I saw her packing some of her clothes in the very luggage I repaired for her in the living room. 

James : What are you doing ? 

She just smiled and said she missed her family, and she would like to take a short break to visit them. 

I wanted to ask her what was the meaning of that. 

It is a breakup ? 

Is it a timeout ? 

In the end I just kept quiet.

Cidney came over and knelt down by my side on the floor. 

I did not know what I was feeling but she said she still loves me but she really would just want some time alone. 

She seemed a little distant and I was feeling pretty shitty. I placed the cheque Selene gave me on her table.

I left her 2 hours later to head back into office. 

I received a text later that day that she would be flying off on Thursday,the 19th.

19th May 2011


I was heartbroken at the airport that day but I did not show it. 
It was as if I was refusing to acknowledge that Cidney would be gone. 

She only bought a one way ticket but she said she should be back in a couple of weeks. 

There was no drama at the airport either. 

We parted with a kiss and a hug and that was it. 

I did not cry, I did not drink myself to death, I did not sink into depression. 

Mixed feelings. That’s what I could call it. 

I was feeling a little sad that Cidney was gone, but on the other hand, with Cidney off my twisted mind, I began thinking about Selene. 

25th May 2011



Other than a message to let me know she arrived safely in Thailand, there were no other messages from Cidney. 

The reality of Cidney no longer by my side slowly sank in and I was feeling lousier and lousier as the day goes by. 

Not a single day went by where I did not regret what I had done. 

All the things I had resort to because I was thinking with the wrong head. 

Thinking with my small head. 

I knew I would go mad if I continued thinking about it so I forced myself to work. 

The harder I work, the more occupied my mind would be. 

The more occupied my mind would be, the less I would be thinking of the monstrous things I did. 

Besides work, I was also thinking more and more of Selene. 

Having grown use to regular sex with Cidney, the sudden withdrawal took me by surprise and I took to the only option I had. 

I masturbated.

When I grew sick of doing it in the toilet. I did in in the office. 

I knew I was on the verge of losing it one evening around 10.30 pm when I was kneeling in Selene’s office with my nose in her cardigan, my dick in my right hand while my left was trying to hold on to one of her spare pair of heels. 

21st June 2011

I could not remember the last time I worked that hard or masturbated that hard in my life. 

I did not leave the office until at least 11.30pm to catch the last train. I made sure I was one of the first few in the office as well. 

There were new projects from the same client that Cidney was working with. Now that she’s gone, I was handling them. 

My arrangements with Beng Soon continued, it felt as if I lost a part of my soul everytime my bank account got a little fatter. 

Beng Soon asked where was Cidney, and I told him that she decided to take a break. 

He must have sensed something wasn’t right from my tone and he did not ask anything else.

I still think of Cidney pretty often but I could feel her slowly slipping away. 

They say time heals everything, and I could feel my sick mind slowly moving on. 

30th June 2011

I had a call from my Sister Cheryl that afternoon right after my meeting with Selene. She asked me if I was free on Saturday afternoon and I said I was. 

After all I’m just a single and lonely man. 

I agreed to have lunch and she told me she was bringing along a friend. 

James : Don’t try to match make me I’m telling you. 

Cheryl : Don’t give me that rubbish James, I’m bringing along a friend, I don’t care.

James : You try to introduce someone to me I’ll get together with her, sleep with her then leave her.

Cheryl : Haha. Talk is cheap …. Talk is cheap….. See you on Saturday…. And behave yourself. 

2nd july 2011



Cheryl came over to my parent’s place early that morning with bags of groceries. She started making the soup base for steamboat and I helped to prepare the rest of the ingredients, setting them out on the table. 

My parents ate first around noon , I was hungry and wanted to join them but Cheryl stopped me. 


My parents left the house for some shopping and I paced around the table, looking at the food. 


My sister left the house and went downstairs, adding that she’s going to be right back.

Barely 5 minutes later, the door opened. 

It turns out that Cheryl’s friend happens to be my boss. 

Cheryl : Tadah…!!!... My friend… 

Selene gave a questioning look at the both of us while I rolled my eyes at my sister. 

Selene : What’s going on ? 

Cheryl : So James… what did you say you were going to do over the phone. ? haha 

I ignored her and made my way to the dining table. 

James : I wasn’t expecting to see my boss on a weekend. 

Selene was in a simple t-shirt and shorts that afternoon, and her hair was tied up in a ponytail. I saw her kicked off her sneakers and I could feel the weeks of sexual depreviation creeping up on me. 

It was gone the instant my sister lifted up the cover for the steamboat. 

It seems men’s basic needs is still food after all. 

We had a long lunch. A really long one. 

We chatted about old times, in fact most of our conversation was centered around our growing up years. We even talked about the time when the 2 girls came over totally drenched in their school uniforms. 

It brought back nostalgic memories for all of us. 

We were laughing, slapping our thighs, enjoying our food. 

Sitting around the table were not 3 adults facing the challenges of everyday life, it was 3 teenage kids, carefree and happy, ready to conquer the world. 

As the steamboat bubbled to a thick concentrated stock, we all dropped our chopsticks and sipped on hot tea. 

The laughter died down and somehow the topic of our discussion got a little more serious. 

There was the economy, work, families and the future. 

At 5.30pm, the 3 of us somehow just stopped talking. There was no awkward silence, just 3 old friends who knew that even though we were not speaking, we were all comfortable. 


Selene spoke first. 

Selene : James…Cheryl...

I turned to look at Selene, the woman I had a crush on since I was 15. She has aged but in a beautiful and graceful way. 

You know that kind of feeling when you looked into an old friend’s face and could still see the teenage sparkle in it, Selene had it. 

I saw not only the beautiful and sexy woman she had become, but also the young innocent student I first laid my eyes one , and of course, I also saw the curious and naughty teenager who was eager to explore her sexuality. 

Selene : I wanted the 2 of you to know this first. 

I felt a lump in my throat , even before she spoke, I could feel it coming. 

Then out of the blue, the words hit me like a stinging slap across my face. 

Selene : I’m getting married. 

There was half a second of delay before Cheryl jumped up , pumping her fist into the air and hugged Selene. 

Cheryl : Congrats. !!! I’m so happy for you. 

I recovered from my shock and gave Selene a hug too, feeling her soft breast pressing against my body, smelling the sweetness of her body scent. 

James : Congrats ..

We chatted for a while longer before I started bringing the dishes to the kitchen.

I could hear the 2 girls talking excitedly among themselves as I started doing the dishes. 


The girls were heading out for coffee and to shop, I declined their invitation to join them. 


I muffled my scream in my pillow, allowing my angst and pent up frustration to come out vocally. 

It made me so mad to know that Selene was slipping away slowly from my grasp. 

I changed into my jogging gear and I started running without proper warmup. 
I was running like a mad man and by the time I got to Bedok reservoir, I was panting and heaving uncontrollably. 

I got to the water edge and took in a deep breath. 

No I’m not adding myself to the statistic. 

I felt the rise of acid in my throat for one second before I emptied my lunch out into the reservoir. 

I sincerely extend my apologies to the residents who depend on it for water. 

I emptied my stomach and began to jog slowly around the body of water. 

The setting sun and cool breeze calmed me down a little. By the time I completed one round and starting on my slow walk back home, my mind was clear. 

I thought mostly about Selene and when I took a deep breath, I could see the big picture. 

It had never been that clear before in my life. 

I calmed myself down, and took slow deep breaths.

I asked myself repeatly what was it I wanted from Selene. 

Then from the abyss of my sick and twisted mind, an answer floated up. 

It’s ok if she’s married. 

I wanted her body. If I could have her heart, that was a bonus.

I had a hot shower when I got back home before lying down on bed. 

My eyes fluttered before closing, my breathing slowed, my body relaxed even though it was aching from the run. 

In the silent dark room, I was in my own world. 

I could feel my mind churning again. 

I retrieved the pair of socks I had swapped from Selene more than a decade ago, pressing it against my face, I imagined them to be freshly worn, freshly soiled by her sweat. 

And I started thinking. 

I did not know how much time had past or what time i slept that day.

If i could be sure of one thing, just one thing.

I knew fell asleep with a knowing smile on my face.


It’s a balancing act.

That was all I could sum up. 

Getting Selene was but one matter but ensuring that our relationship does not deteroriate was another matter altogether. 

I had learnt my lesson about broken toys. 

The last thing I wanted would be to break another. 

Now Selene would not be an easy prey, She’s older than Cidney, more matured and she had considerable advantage since she knew me. 

I would not be dealing with a naïve little girl, it’s Selene we are talking about. 

I can safely say that childish antics and corny jokes would not sit well with her. There are ways to deal with matured woman, and there are ways to deal with SYTs. 

Adding to the challenge would be the fact that she is in love with another man. 

She accepted a proposal from the man she loved and I had no doubts she was drowning in a sea of love, looking forward to the day she walk down the aisle. Her life would be centered around that man. 

I could also forget about private dates, alone time with Selene and even spending extra moments with her unless it was work related. 

Selene knew about my feelings towards her too and it would put her on guard if I tried to make any moves that were too obvious. 

The odds were overwhelming stacked against me but I was not worried. 
It’s all about taking the first baby step. 

You can have the most amazing and comprehensive plan but if you don’t take that first baby step, It would always remain a ‘plan’. 

6th July 2011


I’ve worked out some preliminaries on my end and decided that the first step would be to gather intelligence and information. 

Granted that I have worked with Selene for so long, I knew a few quirks and peeves but if I were to really go after her, I would need more than that. 

It’s the same case as when you had your eyes on one particular colleagues. 

You’ll notice what she wore to work, when she goes to the pantry, and when is her preferred toilet break. Perhaps you’ll even know if she re-wore a particular top that she liked, maybe a particular pair of jeans, or perhaps her favourite pair of heels.

Small insignificant information that may prove useful sometime down the road, you’ll never know. 

I would want to collect information like these.

From timing your visit to the pantry to bumping into her at the washroom for a small talk, you would not be able to do this without the proper information. 

Having worked with Selene for more than a year, I’ve picked up a few things about her. 

She had a few habits. 

Habits that I’m sure everyone of us had. 

I would see her leave her room with 2 cups in hand, her coffee mug and her water cup. 

She would make the short walk to the pantry and leave them in the sink first before retracing her steps to the bathroom. 

After she’s done, she would wash up the cups, get her refill before going back into her office. 

This is a routine. 

Routine makes us predictable. 

Being predictable makes you vulnerable.

If people want to get you, they’ll make use of your routine. 

I kept a separate file documenting Selene’s routine, trying to document as much as I could. 

30th August 2011


It’s been more than a month since I started collecting detailed information about Selene. Life goes on normally. 

Cidney had dropped me a mail recently saying that she would be back in October. I drafted a reply asking how was she feeling but I got no reply. 

During the past month and a half, I travelled for work frequently and there were 4 trips which I made with Selene. 

Gone were the days where we needed to share rooms but I kept my eyes opened and I noticed something consistent about Selene. 

Now these 4 trips we made were a little particular because it was a day trip and we did not fly. We took a ferry to Bintan to meet one of the resort owners. 

It was a refurbishment job for one of the resort interiors and we were ironing out the specifics of the project. 

Being a day trip meant no bulky luggage. 

Aside from the usual laptop and work documents, Selene brought a small bag with her. Being in heels the whole day is no joke and Selene would always use the bathroom at the terminal to change out of her heels and work clothes. 

The ferry terminal is also pretty close to her place and she said she saw no need to remain in her work wear. 

It was always something casual, pants, shorts, either a t-shirt or a singlet. 

And she always had flipflops to change out of after her meeting. 

The routine was pretty standard. 

We conclude the meeting at the client’s place, the driver would send us to the terminal. 

After which Selene would ask me to look after her belongings while she change out. 

I did a brief time check each time and she would be spending about 4-5 minutes in the bathroom. 

She would come out with her bundle of work clothes and heels neatly packed into a tote bag. 

Ice cream would come next. 

Selene always made it a point to get one and bottle of drinks for both of us while we waited for the ferry. 

It happened 4 times, 4 trips. 

It’s a routine.

Now we usually took the afternoon ferry as the client is available only after lunch, by the time we concluded the meeting, we had to take the last ferry back to Singapore which is around 8pm – 8.15pm.

We once joked that if we missed that ferry, it would mean spending the night in Bintan. 

Chances of that happening was slim since we usually wrap up around 6.45pm and the journey to the terminal via car took less than 20 minutes. 

I had analyzed and went through the sequence of our typical day at Bintan , trying to find critical paths and points I could make use of and I jot down several notes and scenarios.

30th September 2011


By the end of September, I had compiled a sizable folder of Selene’s habits and routines. 

The Bintan project was a go ahead and we would be travelling over twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday from October.

We made another 3 trips in September and I was further reassured that Selene made no changes to her routine.

One routine of note would be her Friday evenings. 

It’s the weekends after all and if possible, everyone would want to head out for a nice meal, chill and catch up with friends. 

Selene on the other hand comes to work dressed rather casually on Friday ever since she announced her proposal.

I noticed she always keeps her schedule clear on Friday afternoons, and she would start getting ready to leave work around 5.30pm with her gym bag.

I asked her casually one evening and she said she want to tone up and lose weight before the big day. 

That was one part I do not understand about woman, she looked so perfect to me in her current state, I cannot imagine her getting any fitter or slimmer. 
Seeing her bare legs sometimes when her skirt was a little shorter was enough to make me want to wank off. 

After leaving at 5.30pm, She would reappear again around 6.45pm – 7pm. 

Her dressing varied quite a bit, I’ve observed her sometimes coming back into office in a nice dress, sometimes just shorts and a t-shirt. 

I guessed it really depended on her plans that Friday evening. 

I tried timing my office departure with Selene once and I saw her getting into a grey Toyota Vios right outside the office. 

Another thing of note would be the recent changes to Selene’s office.
There were some additional cabinets in Selene’s office and I took the liberty of checking them out one late evening since I had the master key. 

Aside from documents, I found spare clothes, towels and shower gels. There was nothing to be surprised of since most gym goers would tend to have some spare clothes in the office. 

What was peculiar was the fact that aside from Selene’s clothes, there were men’s clothes as well. 

It really made me wonder if anything was going on in the office during weekends. 

Our bathroom had shower facilities but no one ever used it. It was installed way back in the old days when Selene’s parents would work overnight in the office. 

5th October 2011


That was the first day Selene was not with me during the Bintan trip because she caught a cold. 

En route to the client office, I tried talking to the driver but he spoke very little English but he could answer simple questions in bits and pieces. 

That was also the first time I took the passenger seat beside the driver since I was alone. Usually Selene would bundle up into the back and ask me to join her.

I was thinking that he would be playing a critical role if I were to use the Bintan routine as part of my plan. 

Despite the limited vocabulary, we still managed to talk and chat a little. He said he loved the Kaya from one of the local coffee joint and I promised to bring him some the next time I was there. 

I called up a Indonesian friend who was fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and asked if he could help me on a small matter. Some translation and perhaps a phone call in the future. 

He was amused and I just told him I was trying to win a girl’s heart and he agreed.

19th October 2011 


I brought along half a dozen of Kaya from the local coffee joint the driver talked about and he was thanking me profusely when I passed them to him. 
I told him it’s ok, don’t worry about it. 

Selene was surprised I bought the driver something and hinted that she too needed something. 

Selene : So nice ar James…. I also need some stuff ah.. haha. Get for me can ? 

James : Cannnnn….. you be my girlfriend lor, I buy the whole world for you. 

Selene : hahaa… I don’t date young boys. 

En route back to the terminal after our meeting, I took the front seat and carried on chatting with the driver.

28th October 2011

Cidney dropped me a mail to inform me that she’s back in Singapore for a day before going off on a holiday to Hong Kong. 

I was desperate for sex and I asked to meet but she said she was not ready and needed more time. 

We met up once at the end of October for dinner but nothing happened. The spark was no longer there and Cidney said she was looking around for a new job.

I asked her to join us back in the office but she would not change her mind. 
We parted ways after that evening and did not contact each other since. 

By the end of November, I had probably brought over to Bintan 2 dozens of Kaya, packets of chocolates and sweets for the driver’s kids and even egg tarts and old chang kee curry puffs.

I’ve sort of had a plan forming in my mind for a while and all I needed was for a good time to execute them. 

I sensed an opportunity coming when Selene told me she’s taking the last 2 weeks of December off and needed me to cover some of her work. 

21st December 2011


I made the Bintan trip alone and I made a phone call to my friend for the favour i had asked some time back before passing the phone to the driver who I had already build up a good rapport. 

After the short 3 minutes phone call, the driver was laughing and the only thing he said with a knowing smile was; 

Driver: Ah… James….. Naughty… naughty… hahaha 

I gave him a smile and I took out my calander. 

I pointed to a particular wednesday and the driver nodded with a smile giving me the thumbs up at the same time.


3rd Jan 2012 

Selene brought back a lot of chocolates, snacks and souvenirs from her december trip for the office. 

The working mood for the new year hasn’t quite set in yet and the office seemed to be taking a rather relaxed pace. 

Selene seemed to have put on a little weight or perhaps it was just me not seeing her for more than 2 weeks. 

The date I had arranged with the driver in bintan was on the 7th March. 

Why 7th march ? 

The lunar new year was early in 2012, arriving on the 23rd of Jan, which meant we would only be meeting the client once in Jan. 

Feb would be peppered with make up meetings which might not happen on Wednesday and since I was travelling to KL frequently, there was a possibility I might miss some of those. 

I would rather choose to settle on a date which had the least change to our routine as possible. 

I did not see the need to rush things since I had already waited so long. 

Perhaps I could also pick up a couple of other routes to get to Selene in the meantime.

7th Jan 2012


8.30 am 

I had lunch plans with my friends in Chinatown that day and I had some work to clear before my flight to KL on the following Monday. I got into office at 8.30 sharp with my breakfast and spent the next few hours clearing my work. 

The office was empty, and since I was the only person in it, I only switched on the lights at my corner of the office. 


As I drifted closer to noon, I got a little restless and I was tempted by the locked door to Selene’s room. 

I felt that nagging feeling of curiosity and the sick arousal of my voyeuristic mind. It’s not as if that was the first time but I could not explain why. 

Despite venturing into Selene’s room multiple times, I still found it exciting and arousing. 

At 11.45pm, After walking around a little aimlessly in the office, I unlocked Selene’s office and entered her private space. 

I did the usual exploring, opening of cupboards, smelling of her heels, rubbing her spare pair of flats on my groin. 

There was her cardigan too and I inhaled her scent like a nicotine starved smoker, craving for body. 

I noticed her cups on the table that was left unwashed and I licked the rims of it, imagining an indirect kiss. 

There were some new moisturizer that she got back from her trip and I lather up a generously portion, applying it all over my privates. 

I felt an overwhelming urge to masturbate but I calmed myself down and left Selene’s office. 

I locked and made sure everything was left in order before I went to the bathroom. 

I was about to leave when I heard a loud knocking on the bathroom door which made me jump. 

It was Selene . 

Selene : Hey… who’s there. ? 

James : It’s me. 

Selene : Eh ? Why are you back in office ? 

I would have wanted to ask the same question but I told her I was clearing up some work. 

Selene : Ok. 

I quickly wiped off the moisturizer around my privates as fast as I could with the rough toilet paper before making sure i washed my hands with the strong smelling soap used in the toilet. 

The last thing I wanted would be for Selene to smell her moisturizer on me. 

When I made my way back to my seat, I had another surprise. 

There he was, sitting at the pantry with a cup of coffee in hand. 
Our eyes met and he gave me a nod and I returned a smile. 

My adversary 

I got back to my seat and wrapped up what I had left before sending some documents to the printer. 

I saw Selene in the room, seemingly seemed to be arranging some stuff. 
It did not look like she needed to be in the office that day. 

She came out 5 minutes later and made the introduction. 

Selene : James, Meet Aaron.

Selene : Aaron, James… Cheryl’s brother. 

When she made the introduction I made my own deduction. 

If he knew Cheryl well enough for Selene to mention that I am her brother, it could mean that they probably have met. 

We shook hands and despite the façade of a smile, I could feel excitement coursing through my body. 

It was his eyes, his knowing eyes. 

I felt as if he could sense the interest I had in Selene, we both could sense the competition. A competition that in a way he had already won. 

Have you ever shook hands or look in the eyes of another man who is with the woman you loved ? 

Have you ever felt that gaze that lingered perhaps that second longer, that look , that smirk, those eyes?

If you had, you would know exactly what I was trying to say. 

As our hands part, i could feel the race starting all over again. 

Aaron already 2 steps from the finishing line where I was just tying my shoelaces at the start point. 

Then again, I never intended to run the race, I just want to cheat in it. 

The 64 page document took a while since I sent 4 copies to the printer, I could tell Aaron and Selene was waiting for me to leave the office. 

The atmosphere was a little weird as Selene seemingly tried to find things to keep herself occupied. 

It was not hard to tell they were just waiting to have sex once I was gone. 

I packed up my stuff, collected my documents and left the office at 12.10pm 

I immediately called my friends to tell them I was held up and I would be joining them for tea after lunch instead. 

I immediately canvassed the surrounding areas for the car.

The car which I saw before and I found it parked one street away. 

I spent one hour waiting round the bent, leaning against the old columns of a five foot way. 


I saw the 2 of them approach the car. 

Their clothes were the same but it was not hard to tell they just showered. 

Aaron’s hair was dancing wildly in the wind while Selene’s shirt had patches and droplets of water on them. She was holding on to the tips of her hair as she made her way into the car. 

I waited for them to drive off before making my way back into the office. 


What greeted me the moment I entered the office was the smell. 

The smell of fresh soap, shampoo. 

I went to the bathroom and only the female one was wet. I guessed any idoit would have gotten the answer by then. 

I wandered around the office, trying to find where they did the dirty deed but I could not find any incriminating evidence. 

I decided to enter Selene’s office again and there was nothing of note in there as well. 

I locked up and left shortly after. 

14th Jan 2012



I reached the coffee shop opposite the office at 10am and it was a one hour wait before I saw Selene and Aaron head up to the office. 

They left around 12.30pm after my 2nd plate of bee hoon and 4th cup of coffee. 

21st Jan 2012


11 am 

I was a little late that day because I woke up late. 

I only just settled into my seat with my food when I saw the 2 of them head up before leaving barely 15 minutes later . 

That left me a little puzzled and I went up after my breakfast. 

Abdul was in office with a few of his team members. 

By the middle of Feburary, I was pretty sure Selene and Aaron would head over to the office for a quickie on the weekend afternoon if they were sure no one was in. 

One question I had on my mind would be what happens if someone walks in on them ?

11th Feburary 2012 


Selene had secured a new client who was based in Penang and that was the first time I joined her on the trip. 

From the looks of it, it seemed she would be handling the client personally but needed me to help out. 

We stayed a night but in separate rooms and other than a quick dinner which ended with a call from Aaron, she spent the journey back to the hotel on the phone with him. 

For the rest of feburary, the Penang trip was a little spontaneous , there was hardly any advance notification, if required, as long as it fit both our schedule, we would go over. 

We stayed at the same hotel, along Jalan Macalister, Georgetown. 

We usually eat at the same place and we hardly venture anywhere. 

Selene usually retreats to her room after dinner and I won’t see her again until the next morning when we head to the airport. 

We made a total of 3 trips to Penang in Feburary. 

1st March 2012 



I was busy arranging my schedule for that month when Selene called, asking me for the dates which I could go Penang with her. 

I told her I’m still arranging and suggested she give me the dates she was available instead. 

Selene : 8, 15 , 22,23 , 27 

James : Ok, I’ll get back to you in a while. 

30 minutes later I gave her 

8, 20, 23, 30


Selene sent me a mail to say we’ll be going over on the 8th to ink some contract.

I replied, reminding her that we needed to firm up some stuff in Bintan on the 7th and she replied that she was aware. 

I was over the moon, literally. 

It was like a game of Mahjong.

You started with different tiles, different combination. 

As you go along, the tiles you wanted started to come along, adding to your winning hand. 

3rd March 2012



I was back in the office, preparing the documents and the files needed for the trip next week. There was quite a bit of things to be done and even though I was trying to hurry myself along, I was still in the office when Selene and Aaron came in at 11.30am 

There were dwgs to be printed and documents to be filed. I already had them laid out and was about to start binding them when Selene came over and saw what I was doing and started helping me. 

Selene : Why are you doing these now ? 

James : Hello…. I’m going KL on Mon, will only be back Tuesday afternoon. Where got time to do all these, we’re travelling again on the 7-8th 

She nodded and helped me get everything in order. 

As I packed the documents on my table, I could feel everything coming together. 

You know the butterflies in your stomach you got when you’re about to do something discreet and exciting. 

Much like the feeling when you stalk a particular girl you saw getting off the bus, secretly taking pictures and shots of her back view. 

The feeling of following an unsuspecting girl who was so engrossed on her phone to notice you. 

Your heart would beat everytime you take a secret snipe. 

Slowly but surely you are closing in your steps yet she had no idea. 

I was feeling exactly that same way that Saturday. 

I could feel I was about to get my winning tile. 

That tile that would determine the winner of the game. 

The Bintan trip, the Penang trip, the journey in between and Selene, these are my opposing players. 

The opportunities they present were the tiles I drew

The journey itself the game I played. 

The prize I want is Selene. 

As I left office , I could see the imaginary tiles the same way I saw the imaginary chess pieces in the game I played with Cidney. 

Everything was set. 

My tiles were ready. 

I was ready to conclude. 

There was a Chinese saying, 万事具备,只欠东风

I just needed the East Wind from Selene.

And the East Wind would come on the 7th March 2012


5th March 2012

I made a change to my flight and got back into SG on a late evening flight from KL, even though it was a tiring day, I still felt energetic enough to office at 11pm 

It was empty of course but I still manage to get some work done. 

I had a few mails that needed to be sent out but I set it for a delayed delivery for 8.30am the next day. 

I don’t like receiving emails at night, and I make sure I don’t send any out. 

If it was so fucking urgent it could not wait, I could rather give the person a call to make sure the information as conveyed before dropping him/her a mail with the relevant attachments. 

Don’t be a slave to your mail. 

I left the office at 1am and went back for a good sleep. 

6th March 2012 

I got into work a little late at 9.15am but no one batted an eyelid. 

As the day drew to a close , I could feel butterflies in my stomach. As the 7th of March drew closer, I could feel the increase in my heart rate. 

I could almost picture my plan coming together. 

It isn’t exactly rocket science. 

Just a simple vehicle breakdown, and an opportunity to spend the night with Selene in Bintan in a resort and to spend some time together. 

Of course in my mind I was just thinking about fucking her there and then in the resort but as much as I would like a Jap AV scenario to happen, I knew it wasn’t going to. 

There were possibilities that could happen, and I would do what I have to in order to steer Selene in those directions I wanted. 

I could not sleep on the 6th of March. 

Tossing and turning in bed left me with a sore neck . 

7th March 2012 



I was one of the first few in office that morning and I could not wait to see Selene. 

What would she be wearing ? 

What kind of luggage would she bring ? 

Would she be wearing some nice lingerie ? 

It was going to be a back to back trip if everything went as planned but since Selene would not be aware of the need to stay over in Bintan, she would not be prepared. 

She would probably have to wear the same clothes to Penang and back if we were to catch the noon flight to Penang the next day. 

When Selene did not show up in office at 10.30am, I had this feeling in my heart that something was wrong. 

I gave her a call and asked If she was ok in case she fell sick. 

Selene : I’m ok, just a little unwell, I’ll meet you straight at the terminal. 

James : Ok, see you later. 

Selene looked fine when I met up with her at the ferry terminal for our ferry over to the island. I brushed it off as a lazy morning she would prefer to spend in bed. 

Selene was decked out in a white long sleeve blouse that was pretty translucent when the strong afternoon sun hit her. She had a nice oriental tubetop underneath adorned with light gold threads depicting mythical creatures. 

She wore a pair of cropped grey ¾ pants that day with matching grey heels. Her hair was tied up in a high pony tail, looking every bit the busy executive you see along shenton way.

She had her usual tote bag with her along with her laptop bag and I deliberately queued behind her to check in, slowly feasting my eyes on her dressing and her body. 

You know the feeling when you queued behind a pretty lady, I’ve spoken to a few people about this and quite a few had the same school of thought as I did.

You want to look, yet you are conscious, conscious of other people around you, you want to stare at her bottoms, visually touching them, engraving them into your mind yet barely 1 second later you would turn away. 

First to check if others caught you staring, then to pretend you’re actually looking elsewhere when in actualy fact you want to plaster your face onto that sweet firm bottom. 

I laid my eyes for a good 3 seconds on Selene’s backside. 

When I looked up, I saw the customs officer looking at me, I was embarrassed of course but I gave him a smile and he returned one with a touch of his cap. 

The grey pants were like a 2nd skin on Selene, when she moved to put her leg forward, I saw the fabric move correspondingly, sticking close to the skin it was covering. As Selene moved on ahead to the immigration counter, I stood a few metres away, looking at her side profile, tracing her legs down to her knees, letting my eyes drift lower to her ankles before resting on her heels. 

Selene turned and caught me staring and shot me a look with her eyes reduced to a small slit and I looked away after I rolled my eyes at her. 

When we settled down onto the waiting area, Selene spoke. 

Selene : Stop looking at me James. 

James : I only look at pretty girls, and you’re the only one around

She laughed and slapped me on my arm before crossing her legs. We both fiddled with our phones before we boarded. 

As the bumpy ride started up, Selene said she’s taking a quick nap. 

She was usually up and about during the ferry and that was the first time she was taking a nap. 

I did not think much of it and read my book. 

I had a few erections on the ferry ride, everytime I turned and look at Selene’s face, her legs, her top, I felt some stirrings down below. Blood flowing freely into my manhood. 

I forced myself to stop and checked on the distance we’ve covered. 

We were probably about 10 minutes away. 

The next erection I had was when I saw the driver waiting for us at the terminal. 

We exchanged smiles and he gave me a slight nod, as if telling me he knew that was the big day. 

I noticed he was driving a different car, an older one. Manual transmission.

I bundled into the back with Selene and we made our way to the meeting. 


We had a short coffee break when the client stepped out for a long phone call and Selene was adding that we would need to go and take some pictures of the progress after we were done with the meeting. 

Selene : Can you go to this 3, I’ll go this 2. 

She gestured on the drawings as she uncrossed her legs and pulled herself closed to the table. 

James : Why you get to go to the nearer ones ? This last 1 by the forest a lot of mosquitoes one leh. 

She gave me a look but said nothing and I just shut up. 

30 seconds later she added that she get to go to the closer one because she’s the boss. 

Selene : Then again you know me, I don’t like to throw my weight around right ? haha. So if you would exchange shoes with me, I’ll take the further one no problem. You can wear my heels to the 2 close ones. 

James : Ok deal. 

The only deal I had was a gentle stomp on my shoe by Selene’s left heel right before the client came back in. 


We concluded the meeting and we were on schedule. I split up with Selene to take the progress pictures. 

I took my time and I spent a little longer than it was necessary, by the time I got back to the main entrance, it was already 6.30pm 

We were still on time. Last ferry leaves Bintan at 8.15pm 

We got up into the car and the driver excused himself to the bathroom. 

I saw Selene stealing a look at the time before closing her eyes to rest in the car.


The skies were already pretty dark by then and even with the high beams on, our visibility was limited and I noticed the driver going a little slower than usual. 

It was perhaps pure luck that Selene’s eyes were closed but then again it didn’t matter much since I figured she probably would not remember the route to the terminal anyway. 

The driver took a detour, a bigger loop actually in order to get to the spot where I needed the car to break down. 


I saw him slow the car down and put the gear into neutral. As we drifted to a stop, he let go of the clutch and the car shook and shuddered. 

He put on the brakes and got out of the car.

He had the bonnet opened and was shining around with the light from his mobile phone. 

Selene : Is everything ok ? 

James : I don’t know, let me go take a look. 

I spent the next 10 minutes outside the car, talking to the driver about trivial matters. 


I told the driver to pretend to make a phone call but claimed that it had no reception. He was to do it by the side of the passenger seats so Selene could see. 

He was a pretty good actor, he placed the phone on his ears before holding it high up, waving it around and placing it by his ears again.

After a couple of minutes, I went over and offered him my phone, I keyed in the number I was ‘supposed ‘to call and pretty soon, we were both walking around the car pretending to get a signal. 


I asked Selene if her phone had any signaled and she checked her mobile. 

Selene : Yup it’s pretty full. 

She unlocked it and passed it to me. 

The moment I got her phone I exclaimed that I got my phone connected but I slowly drifted further away from the car. 

What I wanted was to wait for Selene’s phone to autolock so I could ask her for her password. 

I got further away before I managed a couple of hellos. 

When I saw the light display on Selene’s phone go off, I knew it was time. 

I gave up on my phone and started on Selene’s 

I took a few slow steps towards the car, at the same time speaking out. 

James : It’s locked Selene.

I made a show of passing her back the phone from about 4-5 metres away and as I closed in nearer, Selene spoke. 

Selene : 2212. 

I guessed in times of emergency, people don’t really think of their personal security. 

I keyed it in and tapped in the same number. 

I held both phones to my ears, walking around the car like a idoit. 


I kept both phones in my pocket and I suggested that we try to push the car but the driver was explaining to us that he can walk to the nearest resort and borrow the phone. 

He pointed us in the direction that he would be going, adding that it’s going to be a 10-15 minute walk up the hill. 

I suggested to Selene that since it was pretty late, why not we walk to the nearest resort and call for a cab. 

Now the nearest resort was Banyan tree. The hilly tarmac was a torture to walk on in heels and the moment Selene got out of the car was to change into her flip flops. 

The 10-15 minute was turned out to be a 30 minute uphill trek with our bags and laptop in tow.

When we arrived at Banyan tree, it was already 8pm 

We were both perspiring and even though I volunteered to hold Selene’s laptop, leaving her with only her tote bag, she was still perspiring pretty heavily. 

There were some fringe matted onto her forehead, I could see droplets of sweat soaking through her top and I had a raging erection thinking of her sweat stained work clothes. 

The driver disappeared to make a phone call while we waited at the steps of Banyan tree that led to it’s reception. 

Selene said she was too tired to climb the stairs. 


The driver came down and said that the car would be here in 15 minutes but he also called the ferry terminal. 

They already closed the gate. 
I gave an exhale of breath and sat down on the steps as I observed Selene’s reaction. 

She too exhaled a deep breath before saying that it’s ok. 

Selene : Let’s just spend the night here, we’ll take the first morning ferry back. 

She asked the driver if he could pick us up from Banyan tree first thing in the morning and he said ok. 

I felt a little bad when it dawned on me he had to make the walk back to the car and I made it a point to compensate him properly. 

As he left us, Selene and I stared at that long flight of steps leading up to Banyan tree. 

A staff came down and helped us with our bags and brought us to the reception where we were served a cold refreshing tea. 

I had researched the rates for Banyan tree and I knew if you walk in and took the rack rates, you are literally a carrot head. 

A manager came along and said they have suites available and presented me with a choice of rooms. 

I took a look at the rates and I asked for a moment alone to discuss with Selene . 

Selene : How come she gives you the list and not me ? 

James : Usually they let the guys make the decision. 

I passed the list to Selene and although she had no alarming reaction, I could tell she was considering the sum she was about to put on the company account. 

I let her ponder the figure for a good 20 seconds before I added. 

James : Look Selene, I don’t mind taking the floor… I’ve been here before and there’s a day bed by the window as well…. 

She gave me a look which lasted a couple of seconds too long before she gave a sigh and agreed to take the cheapest room. 

It was an understatement since the cheapest room was a seafront suite with our own private Jacuzzi. 


A buggy was dispatched and we were on our way to our suite. 
We did not speak much during the journey and I really wondered what Selene had on her mind at that moment. 

One thing I was sure though, there was no way she would know what I had in my mind.


Now the resort was not really brightly lit and as the buggy took a slow drive towards our room, we passed by the dining area, the pool and the spa.

Other than a couple we met along the way who was taking a slow stroll back hand in hand, we met no one else.

You would think it’s rather cooling at night but the resort was set in the middle of pretty thick foliage, the humid breeze came only from the forward movement of the buggy.

As we got closer , I could smell mosquito coils and the buggy gradually slowed down it’s speed.

When it finally stopped outside one of the suites, we alighted and the driver helped us with the 2 laptop bag.
Selene carried her own tote while I dragged along my travel suitcase.

The room lights were already on and seeing the shut door, I prayed that the airconditioning was already on.

Thankfully it was and I was not disappointed.

I gave the driver a tip and he explained that if we needed the buggy, feel free to call for it. There was no need to walk unless we choose to in that place.

He opened the door and gave us a quick tour in a clockwise direction before ending it at the entrance.

We went down the small corridor passing by the bathroom before coming to a huge poster bed in the middle of the room.

Aligned right in front of the bed was a set of sliding doors that opens to the patio with a view of the sea and the private jaccuzzi.

I saw that Selene was feeling a little disorientated and I decided to take the initiative.

I dragged my stuff over to the small day bed by the window where the mini bar was and told Selene that I’ll take the corner.

James : You can have the bed, or if you want the forest view I can switch with you.

She laughed and said no way.

She spent a good 5 minutes walking around the room, exploring the small romantic suite while I went ahead and set up my laptop.

Selene : Need to be so wayang or not ? don’t need to show your boss you’re hardworking la. Haha .

James : What to do… I don’t have a nice comfortable bed to lie on, better work till I’m tired first.

Selene : haha. You can get a room of your own if you like.

I ignored her and really got down to finishing some documents and drawings while I told her to go ahead and take a shower first.

Now I knew for sure that she did not have any extra clothes other than the set she brought along.
Definitely no lingerie.

No toiletries too but the resort provided all those.

There was the bathrobe in the cupboard but I was not sure if she would put them on.

They were pretty thin and if she wore them braless, I would definitely be able to see her nipples.

I caught a glimpse of her white singlet she brought along and a pair of carpris that was grey in colour.

I spent about 10 minutes on my laptop before I got restless and got up to explore the room too. Although I’ve been to the resort before, I did not stay in that particular suite. Something pretty puzzling was bothering me too as it had been around 10 minutes and there was still no sound of the shower.

Perhaps she was just taking a dump.

I went over to the side table near the wardrobe and emptied my pockets, putting my wallet , both our phones and loose change out. I saw the blinking lights on Selene’s phone and did a quick check at the bathroom door.

I unlocked her phone and saw that there were several messages from her Fiance.

I wondered how he would feel if Selene told him she was spending a night with me in Banyan tree.

The sudden sound of the shower jolted me a little and I quickly replaced the phone. It was a good 30 seconds before I took it up again to read through some older messages.

Selene kept most of their text messages and I could feel an erection creeping up my dick as I scrolled through them on her phone.

The thought of accessing someone’s private messages, reading her inner most thoughts to her fiancé and yes, I saw the naughty ones too.

They were sexually active, that was a fact I already knew but the private messages I saw suggested something more.

Selene was pretty adventurous, and the thought of that gave me more ideas, more plots, more schemes.

Some of her text messages went like this to her darling fiance;

Darling : Carpark tonight ?

Selene : , don’t want 

Darling : Why ?

Selene : So scary .. what if someone drives pass ?

Darling : Haha. But technically isn’t it safer than the toilet in the park ?

Selene :  . I’ll decide later.


Selene : I miss you dar…

Darling : Which part ? haha

Selene : haha.

Selene : The part you hold me down and I stopped struggling . haha

From the various texts messages, I can only conclude she was having pretty good sex.

I replaced the phone as I figured I had fiddled long enough with it.

Selene took a really long time in the shower but I was a little hesitant to hurry her along. She finally emerge around 30 minutes later, hair dripping wet even though she tried to bundle them into her towel.

I did not see any signs of her work clothes and I figured them must be still in the bathroom.

I guessed she must have re-wore her lingerie, I could not imagine Selene daring enough to walk around with her erected nipples in the room with me around.

I almost mindfucked myself thinking of the possibility of me getting my hands on her worn and re-worn bra and panties after the whole trip.

The sweat, her womanly scent, her sensual hormones all seeped deep into her bra and panty. I was pretty sure I would cum the moment I laid my hands on them.

In fact my mind was already conjuring up ways to use them.

Should I cup her bra over my nose and wank away ?

Perhaps put her whole underwear over my head, adjusting to the part where her moist pussy lips were in most contact with her undies so that it lies directly on my nose.

Maybe I should wear her soiled undies, put on her bra perhaps.

Selene’s voice snapped me out of my daydream.

Selene : Sorry, took a little long..

Selene pointed to my travel case and asked why I always brought such a big bag along.

James : You make me travel so much, I always have 1 of these on standby with enough clothes for a couple of days.

She went and removed the hairdryer from the bag and plugged it in as I got ready to hit the shower.

It was about 9.30pm

I had just opened up my case to get my clothes when Selene’s phone rang. She jumped and immediately put her finger to her lips and answered the phone.

I was a little taken aback as she shooed me away into the shower.

But I was gesturing to her I needed to get my stuff.

A frown was etched deep into her forehead as our body came into contact.

I did not really put up much of a resistant and just allowed her to use her body to shove me into the bathroom before the door closed.

I opened the door again, at least I needed to grab my clothes.

I could tell Selene was on the phone with her Fiance, Aaron from the way she speaks.

She gave me a look when she saw me out and immediately pointed sharply to the bathroom several times, gesturing for me to get back in.

I rolled my eyes and pointed to my clothes before gesturing to the suitcase.

Her sweet voice was a stark contrast to her distressed look she gave me.

I could understand why she did not want Aaron to know we were sharing a room but it was not as if I was making any noise.

I took what I needed and went into the bathroom.

Then I opened the door again.

Because I had been wearing my socks together with the slippers the resort provided the whole time.

Selene almost threw a fit when she saw me out again and she threw the nearest thing she could get her hands on at me and in that case, it was her towel.

I felt the smack of the cold damp towel hit me in my face before she used the back of her body to shove me back into the bathroom.

I felt this current of electricity running through my body as I took a deep inhale of the used towel Selene just threw at me.

I locked the bathroom door and immediately striped myself down.

My erected dick sprang out and I made it my personal mission at that moment to smell and sniff every fucking square inch of the towel. Sure that was one part, one precious part that she used.

I knew there was a high chance that it was just my sick mind fucking with me but I settled on a area the size of a regular mousepad which I found a womanly scent.

A scent that was strong, arousing and it appealed to my sick mind.

I stroked myself briefly, teasing the sensitive nerves, no I was not planning to cum. That was not worth it.

I saw the work clothes Selene had wore draped unceremoniously on a bench in the big bathroom and I helped myself to them. 

I knew it would not fit me but I wanted to wear them so much. 

Have you ever felt that kind of sick feeling before ? 

Cross dressing was not my cup of tea but sometimes, just that sometime it hit you so hard that you surely thought you must be mad to want to wear some clothes a particular hot girl was wearing. 

I took in more of Selene’s scent, silently thanking my lucky stars for giving me these little blessings in life. 

I enjoyed myself with Selene’s work pants, smelling the crotch area like a drug addict going through cold turkey, stroking my erected member at the same time. I noticed a small bulge on the right pocket and when I reached in, my legs gave way. 

I was not joking nor exaggerating . 

I really felt the muscles in my left leg contracted a little, causing me to lose my balance and I actually sat down on the floor. 

I felt like tearing that moment as I took out the piece of worn undies. 

It’s been a while since I had my hands on one of those. I wished I could scream out loud, scream to Aaron that I had his wife to be’s worn undies in my hand as she shared a room in a romantic resort. 

It was the truth. 

I took a deep whiff and I could feel my pelvic muscles getting ready to pound. I quickly replaced it back into the pocket, making sure everything was in order. 

It was not time yet. 

Timing was critical. 

I calmed myself down and I went over to the shower. 

I let the cold water rain down on me as I slowly hushed my erected member down. 

I spent about 10-15 minutes in the bathroom and when I opened the door, Selene was still on the phone. 

She gave me a frown and I just stuck out my tongue at her before retreating to a corner, not making a single sound. 

I read through some meeting minutes as I listened in on her conversation, she was obviously not comfortable and unless it was the bathroom, she had no place else to go. 

Selene wandered around for a couple of minutes before finally giving up and settled onto the big bed. 

We were both doing out own things. 
Her spending her time with Aaron over a long and no doubt expensive phone call. 

Me on the other hand was toying with some possibilities. Inside my bag were the same bag of tricks I had used before. 

From the herbal tea bags to cough syrup and even flu medicine that caused a little drowsiness. 

Yes, I am a one trick pony, but as long as it achieves what I wanted, I don’t care. 

I brought the room service menu over to Selene and gestured that I wanted to order dinner and she nodded her head before opening the patio door and heading out into the open together with the mosquitos and whatever insects that dwelled in the forest before the resort came in. 

I placed an order for beer, a pizza and some sandwiches to share.


The food came and Selene was still out in the patio.

I gave the staff another tip and thanked him for the food. 


Selene came back into the room with a few red marks on her arms and one on her neck. 

James : Wah, wait Aaron think you got love bite from the trip.

She gave me a playful smack across my head before heading to the bathroom to wash up the bites.

We chatted over dinner and before I realized it, it was already 11.30pm. 

I did not ask her why she did not tell Aaron we were sharing a room and she did not share it either. 

We finished the last of our beer sitting at the day bed where I would sleep for the rest of the night.

James : Tea ? I’ll boil water. 

I was toying with the herbal tea bag option in my head when I asked but Selene just shook her head. 

I brought all the food trays and was about to leave them by the door when Selene gave a few good cough, patting her own chest down. 

Her face was a little red from the alcohol but she was otherwise sober. 


I sat back down beside her right as she set her beer bottle down on the floor.

James : Eh, you going to just leave your clothes in the bathroom ? what are you going to wear tomorrow ?

Selene turned and looked at me. 

It was as if she wanted to speak but she just paused and looked straight at me. 

I saw her swallowed a couple mouthfuls of saliva. 

James : Are you ok ? 

She nodded her head slightly. 

Then Selene suddenly reached out and held on to my right wrist, I could feel her squeezing a little hard as her eyes widened. 

Then her right hand went to her mouth before I heard the sickening sound .

Selene : Ooot…ppoohh..

Instinctively I stood up but not before Selene puked out her dinner over me and herself. 

The smell immediately flooded the room and it must have triggered another reaction as she rushed to the bathroom. 

I immediately got a bottle of water and went over to her side, asking her to rinse the taste away. 

It seemed too sudden but it was just happening non stop. 

Selene spent the next 30 minutes hugging the toilet bowl while I tried my best to clean up the room. 


I told Selene to take a shower and she nodded weakly.

I brought out the bathrobe for her and she gave me a look which made me put it back into the wardrobe. 

James : You can sleep in your workclothes.. if you liked

Selene : Lend me your top. 

I passed her one of my work shirt and she disappeared into the bathroom.

When she came out 10 minutes later, I saw a really sexy sight. I always liked it when woman wore a men’s top with nothing underneath. 

Now I did not know if she had anything underneath but all I knew was I could see a lot of legs. A lot. 

I knew no one would believe me if I say I did not have any reaction but it was the truth.

The smell of the room was a totally turn off. Together with the puke on me, nothing would give me an erection. 

I passed Selene some water and she settled down onto the bed, burying her head in her hand. 

I went for my shower and I took it upon myself to wash and hang up Selene’s sleep clothes.

I did not have another spare set of sleep clothes so I just came out in my boxers and topless.

Selene saw but did not make any comment.

12.45 am 

When I got out, Selene was just staring blankly into space. 

James : Are you ok ? 

She nodded.


I was trying to lay a towel onto the puke stained cushion and day bed by the window in order to sleep. 

The thought of sleeping on puke even though from a beautiful woman was a turn off. 

Selene saw what I was doing and made me an offer that caused a temporary rise in my manhood. 

Selene : James… the bed is big enough..

I turned and was searching her face for signs of a joke when Selene no doubt caught sight of my rather obvious buldge from my boxers. 

Selene : I’ll cut it off it that comes anywhere near me. James.. haha. 

James : Haha. Don’t worry, you’re safe tonight. 

I got into bed as she made space for me. 

James : You have a puke barrier around you, and that was more than enough to keep me away. 

She laughed and smacked me with a pillow. 

It was a king sized bed and that was enough space for us both such that we would not be touching each other but as we laid down, we faced each other. 

We did not exchange any words, just staring into each other’s eyes. 

I had a thought at the back of my mind and I did not know if it was a good time to say it but I did anyway. 

James : Does Aaron know ? 

Selene shook her head.

I paused and took a deep breath

James : How long already ? 

Selene : I’m thinking about 6-7 weeks. 

James : Don’t you think Aaron have the right to know ? 

Selene sat up on the bed before adding that it’s complicated. 

James : You’re getting married in a matter of months, what is there to be complicated about ? 

She did not give me a reply

I sat up too and we started to talk. 

It was an important talk because it set the stage for the rest of the development between Selene and me up to this very day


Now it would be hard to understand Selene’s perspective without first knowing a little about Aaron’s background.

Aaron is 3 years older than Selene and he’s the youngest of 3 sons in the family.

His grandmother is pretty well to do, and she manages the family’s purse string.

Not that Aaron relies on her for pocket money but she holds the key to the family assets.

Ok, it’s not exactly billions nor is it some fancy trust funds but I would think a shophouse in Mohd Sultan and 2 apartments in Siglap is more than enough to set you up for good in Singapore.
That does not include the place they currently stay in at the cluster of private houses opposite Hougang.

He could live off the rent alone if he gets it all.

She was over the moon when Aaron introduced Selene to her, finally one girl which she took a liking to after so long and she was overjoyed when they broke news of marriage.

Like all grandparents, she was looking forward to a new member to join their family and to continue the family line.

Aaron’s grandmother offered to pay for their wedding, their honeymoon and even give them an apartment. As I listen to Selene, I wished I had a grandmother like that.

End of the day, it’s not about the money or the assets that she will get but it’s more of not breaking an old woman’s heart.

Selene : It’s… It’s… difficult. I don’t know how to say it but, this might not worked out.

I felt a pang of pain hit my heart as she pointed to her unborn child, although it was nothing more than an embryo at that point in time, it would soon have a heartbeat and grow into a child.

I knew from Selene’s medical report the complications she would face but I could only listen on and pretended I did not know anything.

James : What do you mean won’t work out ?

Selene : My body…. Isn’t .. really primed for a pregnancy.

I gave a casual wave of my hand, brushing her words off.

James : That’s nonsense, medicine is so advance these days, nothing is impossible. I’m sure you can do it, get a good doctor or something.

Selene just smiled weakly and we continued our conversation.

Selene : You won't understand.

She bared her heart out that night, everything. Cried twice, laughed countless times.
Things she told me which I doubted she would ever tell Aaron.

Her inner most thoughts, her fears.
I offered a listening ear , nothing more.

Then I picked up a piece of critical information about Aaron.

Selene was feeling a little pressured whenever Aaron mentioned about starting a family, picturing family holidays, raising the kids, bringing them to schools.

Selene tried to tell him subtly that she was not ready for a family but he brushed her off, adding that she was not exactly getting younger, they should not wait too long.

She was upset but she loved him.

I just simply told her as a friend what I really thought.

James : Why are you making yourself unhappy and miserable in order to make another person happy ?

She did not give me a reply.

The perverted sick mind of James was not present that early hours of the morning.

Just plain old normal James.

I made no attempts on Selene, no sleazy underhand moves. I knew the tide had change.

There was no fucking way I would drugged a pregnant woman no matter how desperate I was eve though she was vulnerable.

Right when we drifted off to an awkward silence, Selene changed the topic.

She suddenly talked about Cidney.

Selene : Sorry for making you stay up so late James, I’m sure you’re tired but you still lent a listening year.

James : Of course…. If you’re my girlfriend…. I would…

I got a playful smack on my head as Selene bit down on her lips, stifling a laugh.

Selene : You’re a nice guy James… I’m sure any girl who is lucky enough to have you would be so lucky.

James : Haha. You are wrong… I’m not nice at all.

She slid down lower, resting her head on the soft pillows.

Selene : I had a long chat with Cidney that day she handed me her resignation letter.

I felt a sudden stab of fear when I hear Cidney’s name being mentioned.

Selene : She told me you are the most understanding and caring man she ever met.

Waves of guilt and shame flowed freely through my veins as I digested Selene’s every word.

Selene : She told me how you fixed her luggage, how you tried to help her in everything, how you made sure she gets the project she liked to work on and even how patient you are with her.

I kept absolutely silent as I stared blankly into the ceiling.

I felt the shift of weight on the bed and saw Selene turned towards me.
I mirrored her actions.

Selene : I think she really likes you…

I smiled.

James : Who do you think I really like ?

Selene smiled and pulled the blanket up high, right up to the bottom of her chin and just stared at me with her sleepy eyes.

Selene : I’m… not good enough for you James..

Her eyelids looked heavy and she was struggling to stay awake.

I lifted my body up and went close to Selene, really closed till our face was almost touching. She was aware , but made had no strong reaction and I just stared at her for a few good seconds.

Selene : Sleep James… long day tomorrow..

I decided to roll the dice and took a gamble.

I spoke softly by Selene’s ears;

James : I only wished I knew you earlier and am a couple years older.

Although her eyes were closed, she smiled.

Seeing her sleepy look made me want to hold her, cuddle up with her but it was not a good time.

Since she had no reaction, I lowered my lips and planted my first kiss, just a simple peck on her cheek.

James : Goodnight Selene.

My heart was thumping.

Then like the sudden blessing of rain after a long drought, I heard her reply.

Selene : Goodnight James…


I woke up to the sound of Selene puking in the bathroom and I went in to pat her back. Her face looked a little pale and she could not stomach anymore of the water I offered her.

For 30 minutes, I just sat beside her as she poured her empty stomach out into the toilet bowl.


Finally exhausted, Selene subconsciously leaned against my body.
Then without warning, her head hit my shoulder.

And instinctively I did what every man would do at that instance.

My hands just reached up and held on to her shoulder.

My heart was thumping, and I was waiting for Selene to flick my hand away.

5 seconds past and still nothing.

When we crossed the 30 second mark, I finally relaxed enough to try something a little more.

I gently stroked her arms with my hand, asking if she ok at the same time

James : You need to eat, it would help.

She nodded weakly and asked for a couple more minutes.

I remained in the same position, stroking her arms, moving my hand up and down her right arm. Even though it was covered with my long sleeve top, it was enough.

It was a small victory.

If I were to tell that to Aaron, I would tell him that I was stroking her wife to be’s arm in the bathroom of a resort wearing nothing except boxers.


I made an order for breakfast to be served in our room and Selene gave Aaron a call.

She hardly got off a few words before Aaron told her he got to run and she hung up a little disappointed.


We had breakfast and by 9.15am , Selene was puking everything out. She took a shower and a quick washup before coming out. I could see droplets of water on my shirt as she no doubt failed to dry her body

I went into the bathroom for my morning dump and I saw something which was in a way a confidence boost. Selene’s bra was on top of her work clothes on the bench and a quick checked revealed that her undies was there too.

It seems she was comfortable enough to walk around with nothing more than a top covering her body with me around.

I took a good long look at the lingerie and took note of the sizes.


James : Let’s postphone the penang trip, you’re in no condition to travel.
Selene : No way, we’re signing the papers today.

I went ahead and took a shower first, got changed and started packing up.


Selene went into the shower and I could hear her sing her symphony to the toilet bowl again.


She came out of the bathroom dressed only in her tube and her pants, her long sleeve top drapped across her arm along with the shirt I lent her.

She seemed exhausted and I stretched out my hand to take over my shirt, one that would remain unwashed for a long time since it was scented with the heavenly smell of Selene’s naked body.

I saw her put on and button her blouse before slipping into her heels.

I had a sudden perverted thought to press my nose deep into Selene’s crouch, taking in her fresh bodily scent with 2 days old clothes.


The driver picked us up at the entrance of the resort with the usual car. When Selene was not looking, I passed an envelope with $150 cash over to the driver and he accepted it with a smile.

Right before we alight at the terminal in Singapore, it told that we still have 2 hours before the flight. We could take a cab back to her place, wait for a quick one while she grabbed some clothes.

Selene took a look at the time and shook her head.

Selene : Still need to check in, we can’t miss this flight.

8th March 2012


We arrived at the airport and checked in our flight.

We went to the DFS and settled down for a cup of coffee, Selene visited the bathroom twice and after the 2nd one, she just put her head down on the table for a quick rest.

I told her I’ll go shop around.

I went to the lingerie shop at the DFS and got Selene some change of her undergarments.

The salesgirl at Victoria secrets was helpful and polite, I asked for help to get something regular and not too loud and she made me some recommendations base on the sizes I have in mind.

I spent 10 Minutes in the shop and left with 2 sets of lingerie, a rather big sleeping shirt, and a pair of pyjama shorts.

I then went to the candy stall and got some mints.

When I got back to the café, Selene’s head was still down on the table and I just shook my head and kept everything in my carryon.


I woke Selene up and told her it’s time to go.

Miraculously, she survived the flight to Penang with no toilet trips, although I kept the sick bag in hand.

It was not a full flight and we had the 3 seats by the wind to ourselves.
I let her take the aisle while I took the middle seat.


We got to the client’s office and Selene managed to last through the meeting till 6.30pm

When we hopped on a cab back to our hotel, I could tell she was exhausted.

James : We need to at least see a doctor.

She did not resist my attempts to help her out of the cab and I did the check – in at the front desk.

I requested for adjoining rooms but it was not available.

So I asked of one of the room to come with twin beds, but it was not available as well.

I asked for a nearby clinic and was pointed to one 2 streets away.

I sent Selene to her room and took a gamble.

I entered and told her to drop everything first, let’s pay the doctor a visit before they close.

Selene hardly spoke, I guess she needed rest more than anything else.


When we left the clinic, we realized that the vomiting was not just because of the pregnancy, it appears she’s gotten a stomach flu as well.

We took the medications and got back to the room at 8.45pm

The first thing Selene did was to collapse onto the queen size bed.

It was a lot smaller than the 5 star resort last night.

Lesser space for both of us if I were to spend the night.

I just kept my hands on my hips and looked at Selene.

She looked so blissful, so angelic with her eyes closed.

I bent down and help her take off her heels and she did not move a muscle.

James : Oei… Oei.. go and shower, you’re full of germs from walking around the whole day.

Selene : arghhh…..

She struggled to get up and asked to borrow my top again.

I went to my bag and when I brought out the bag of clothes I got from the terminal, I saw the look of disbelieve in Selene’s eyes.

Selene : James…. I’m…

i waved her off, refusing to look at her.

James : Take it, shower and get changed.

I made a show of going to the wardrobe in the room and retrieved the laundry bag.

James : Go now. Change out. Quick

I made a show of looking at the time and say we can still meet the laundry cut off time for the hotel.

I hurried her along and knocked on the bathroom door barely 2 minutes after she went in.

James : Hurry up ar… hungry already… later still need to go for dinner.

The door opened slightly and Selene passed me the bag with one arm and the door opened a little ajar.

I caught a quick glimpse from the mirror's reflection and realized that she had wrapped her body in a towel.

I told her I’ll come over to her room after I shower.

I exited the room quickly and the moment I got into my room, I opened the laundry bag and I felt my knees buckle at the sheer excitement at the contents of the laundry bag.

Everything was inside.

Everything I needed for a good orgasm.

As I let the hot water pelt down on my body, I took a deep breath and considered my next move.


It is important to know what Selene needed the most that day.
And it is important that she knew I was feeding her ‘needs’ and not trying to wriggle my way to fufil my ‘wants’ .

Girls , ladies, women, they’re not stupid, most of them are not anyway.

I was sure deep down somewhere in Selene’s heart she knew what I wanted, what every men wanted.

I just needed to tread lightly and make sure I play my card right.

I scrubbed myself clean before drying myself thoroughly for the next part of my sick ritual.

I knew I could not hold back my need for a good orgasm, I needed to release and prime my brain for the rest of the trip.

I sat down naked on my bed and opened the bag of worn clothes from Selene.

I could not describe the feeling in words.

If you ever had the chance and opportunity to do this, you too would be feeling ecstatic and lost. The thought of holding onto a bag of worn clothes belonging to a woman you always wanted to sleep with is good enough to give your mind a mental orgasm.

I could not wait to indulge myself in Selene’s worn sweat stained clothes and underwear but it was not the time yet.

I messed up my bed, making sure everything was in a mess.

I took my toiletries bag and opened a condom wrapper.

I artistically left Selene’s clothes all over the room, dropping her top near the entrance. Then I left her bra barely 1 metre away.

I placed her pants at the foot of the bed.

Then I left the undies on the messed up bed before leaving the empty condom wrapper beside it.

I bunched up a good portion of tissues, threw some over the side table and wrap the condom up, making sure a good portion of it stayed visible.

As I stepped back and appraised the scene, I had a fucking raging erection and I took in the state my room was in.

It was exactly as I imagined in my mind.

I added to the room my worn clothes, but I made the brand was visible and a maroon shirt was thrown to the mix

Then I started taking pictures.

After I’m done with the pictures, I took a video.

A video of a perspective of someone entering the room, taking an overall look before pointing the camera to the clothes on the floor.

After I was satisfied with the video I had, i checked the time and it was about 9.15pm.

I quickly packed up the room and got changed before heading over to Selene’s room.

I had a spare copy of her key card so I just did a brief knock before opening the door.

Selene : Oei… close the door James!

I realised Selene was just wearing the large sleep shirt and nothing else.

She was bent over the bed trying to remove the plastic tags from the lingerie I bought.

Selene : Do you have a scissors ?

I went over and felt an instant hardon as I took over the bra from Selene.

She had a look of horrific embarrassment as she quickly turned away as I brought the bra up to my mouth and used my teeth to bite off the tag before passing it over to her.

Selene : Erm… don’t need la James… ermm.. it’s ok..

James : What ? You going to wear this with the tag ?

I’ve never seen Selene so embarrassed before but I could understand.

Imagine having a colleague you are travelling with biting the tag off your new lingerie purchases, my only wish was to be able to bite them off when she was wearing them.

I did the same for her undies before passing it to her.

She held on to them , turned and for a second did not know where to go before she head back into the bathroom.

I helped her get the rest of the tags off including the pyjama shorts.

I took a sniff and it smelled new and unworn. In that instance I wished I was just that pair of shorts, to be able to plaster myself close and tight to her warm pussy. Perhaps feel the rub of her new undies on my back as well.

I took a seat by the window and waited for Selene to come out.

She emerged a moment later and took the pair of shorts.

She did not go back into the bathroom to slip them on, her top was long enough to cover her modesty.

She tied up the loose bottom of the t-shirt into a knot and grabbed her wallet and phone.

James : Let’s just have a quick dinner and come back and rest.

She nodded.

Inside the lift, she wanted to thanked me but was cut off when another group entered the lift 2 floors below us.

Selene : Erm. James… thanks for everything. I know it must ……

We did not speak again until we got to the ground floor.

I did not know if it was the fresh shower and the cooling evening breeze but Selene started sneezing when we left the hotel.


We had a quick and light dinner opposite the hotel before we went back to the room at around 10pm.

By the time we entered the hotel, her sneezing caused her nose to get a little puffy and runny.

I walked Selene to her room and opened the door for her, I had no intention of returning the spare Keycard. I wanted to have access anytime through the night and she made no attempt to ask me for it.

James : Do you need to wash up again ?

She shook her head and went to the bed.

I boiled some water and told her I’ll be right back before I went over to my room.

I got my flu medicine which I had prepared and went back.

I mixed the boiled water with those from the bottle and passed Selene a cup of lukewarm water.

I started with her medicine and she just sat silently on the bed with her hands around the cup.

I passed her 1 tablet, she did not even ask what was it and just took it with a sip of water.

Still I told her that I’ve got her some flu meds which might make her drowsy but she did not even bat an eyelid and took it anyway.

I checked the time and told her that she needs another dose in the morning and I’ll wake her up.

I dimmed the lights and Selene tucked herself into bed.

James : Will you be ok alone ?

She nodded with watery and sleepy eyes.

James : I’ll come in and check on you later

She did not reply.

I went to wash up the cup, and left the room.

The moment I got back to my room, I stripped myself off and I put Selene’s bra over 1 of the pillow, making it seemed like it was being worn.

I helped the pillow put the soiled undies on too as I imagined Selene was wearing them.

I bent and lowered my head, hovering close to the spot where the pair of lucky undies came in contact with Selene’s love hole.

The essence, the sweat and her lovely nectar adequately caked the piece of fabric.

I could not describe the smell, I could smell a little sweetness, like fresh maple syrup yet that was a comforting smell of stale sweat. Then there was a strong womanly smell that sent more blood to my manhood.

I nudged, licked and kissed that piece of soiled panty, stroking myself faster and faster.

I took Selene’s pants and sniffed every inch, and I plastered my sick perverted face onto her tube top as I increased my intensity of my stroking.

I imagined Selene doing it for me, asking me if I liked her worn clothes.

She would cooed softly beside my ears, asking if I like to smell her worn undies.

James : Yes… yes… I like them..

It was a sudden submissive streak but it turned me on.

I started to have images of Selene sitting on her chair, crossing her legs with her heels dangling at the end. She would stroke my erected dick with her dangling heel, she would demand I suck and stuff her worn sweat stained underwear she had worn for 2 days into my mouth.

I replicated that exact scenario, sucking and stuffing my mouth full of her most private of clothing article.

It was then I realised I must have conjured too sick a scenario and I came , shooting uncontrollably onto her bra cup as I struggled to breath and moan with my panty filled mouth.

I collapsed onto the bed, exhausted yet unwilling to spit out my prized possession.

I must have soak Selene’s panty with my saliva and swallowed the filter bodily fluids 3 times before I recovered.


I took more pictures of the cum stained bra before I had another shower.

I manually washed and cleaned all of Selene’s clothes before hanging them up.
I used a hairdryer and positioned it such that it could dry the clothes and left it alone.

I did some work till 12.30am.

That was when I decided to go check on Selene.

I slipped on my shoes and left my room with the condom wrapper and tissues in my pocket.


I was quiet, very quiet. I paused outside her door and slowly inserted the key card.

When I saw the comforting green light, I slowly opened the door and entered the room.

Now previously I had dimmed the lights but I left the one at the entrance on. It was so that I could at least see Selene when I entered.

Although the room lights were dim, it was dark enough for Selene to sleep yet still allowed ample light for me to see her body being turned away from the entrance.

I closed the door as quietly as I could and tiptoed into the room.

I thanked my luck stars when I saw the position Selene was in.

She was turned towards the window and with the curtains drawn, there would be no reflections of me.

To sweeten the deal even more, she had a pillow over her head.

I creep slowly over to the bed and took Selene’s phone.

She left it right by her side and it was sitting precariously behind her, her body causing a slight gradient on the soft bed and it seemed like it was going to slip down the gentle slope.

If she turned onto her back, she might just lie on it.

I unlocked it realised she was texting Aaron before she slept, the usual goodnight, miss you blab la bla, I closed the message and copied Aaron’s phone number.

I got his email and address as well from the contact list.

I scrolled and read through more messages, every once in a while turning my head and keeping an eye on Selene.

After what seemed like 5 minutes, I checked the battery level and realised that it was left with probably 20%.

I turned on a few apps and activated the camera and left it at the original spot, letting the battery drain itself out.

Then very slowly and quietly, I lowered my pants.

My heart was thumping and I could almost feel my ribcage being slammed open.

Once I got my pants off, I started with my boxers.

In a matter of seconds, I was left with a dangling erection and I was shaking with excitement.

I placed the boxers on the bed and positioned myself in such a way that I could take a picture with Selene , my boxers and the tip of my dick in the frame.

I quickly snapped a few shots and got dressed.

I took pictures of everything, you’ll never know when it would come in handy.

I snapped Selene’s tote bag, her laptop, the room, her heels, her flip flops, everything.

Even the new lingerie I bought for her that was still unworn.

I took a picture of my shoes arranged neatly beside Selene’s heels and flip flops.

And I added to my gallery a picture of Selene’s bag with the tissue and exposed condom on the table.

I left her room quietly at around 12.55am

I dropped Beng Soon an email asking for a favour.

I sent him a few pictures, naming the jpegs the name of the shop i bought them at.

A pair of boxers from hush puppies. A work pants of a particular brand, a shirt of a particular make and colour, and a pair of shoes from a local chain.

James email ;

Dear Beng Soon,

Please find attached some articles of clothings.

Can you get them in your size and keep them aside for future use ?




9th March 2012



I woke up at 6am and despite the lack of good quality sleep, I felt energized and ready to hit the road that brand new day. 

I checked my mail and saw a reply from Beng Soon at around 5.30am. 

Beng Soon email; 

Ok Sure. What do I need it for ? 

Is this about Cidney ?


I drafted a quick reply before I went to the bathroom. 

James Email ; 

It’s about repaying me for Cidney… 


I showered and changed and got ready to leave the room around 6.30 am after I ironed Selene’s clothes. 

I did not have any fancy hangers and bags so I folded them nicely, tucking the lingerie in between her pants and blouse before putting them in a fresh laundry bag

I waited for about a minute for my erection to go down as thoughts of Selene having to change into the clothes I washed and folded for her kept swirling around in my head.

Especially scenes and images of her putting her leg into the opening of the panty that was in my mouth barely a few hours ago. Somehow I felt I could relate to the slow drag of her soft sexy panty up her smooth legs to my running my tongue along it as well. 

I knew that day would eventually come if I waited patiently and play my cards right. 

I did not knock on Selene’s door but instead opened it with the card I had. 

I could tell she was still sleeping seeing her bundled up under her blanket. 

I placed her clothes at the dressing table and boiled some water, and prepared her medication. 

The commotion and the roar of the kettle in the small room woke her up and she stirred, stretching and making soft squeaks that sent more blood to my manhood. 

I was hit with the fresh feeling of a morning cuddle after a good night of sex, waking up to your partner stretching those joints that were vigorously worked the night before. 

I saw Selene’s eyes tracking my every move but I ignored them and went about my business. 

I finally settled down beside her after I made her a cup of tea and passed her half of the medication. 

James : The rest you can take only after breakfast. 

She tried to sit up but seemed to have some difficulty and I helped her propped herself up with some pillows. 

She brushed her long hair over her head before massaging the ridge of her nose for a few seconds before taking over the medicine. 

James : Alright, get changed, we need to grab breakfast then head to the airport. 

She nodded obediently and checked her phone but it was dead. 

She just left it on the bed before shuffling to the bathroom.

Selene : Did the hotel return the laundry ? 

James : They’re on the table. 

She went in without her clothes and i switched on the tv and drew the curtains, enjoying the first peeks of the morning sun into the room. 

I could see the city coming alive on the streets below and I was looking forward to a cup of strong coffee. 

Selene came out of the bathroom dripping wet in her sleep clothes to retrieve those I had washed before heading back in to change again. 

7.15 am

We left the room for breakfast at the lobby and I could see the tiredness in Selene’s eyes. 

James : Are you feeling better ? 

Selene : I don’t know. Just feeling a little light headed and queasy. 

We chatted a little about work as I sipped my coffee when suddenly Selene broke away from the topic of work. 

Selene : Last time you hated coffee James … 

I was caught a little off guard as I paused midway and searched my mind for a reply. 

James : I was what… 16 ? haha.. people change Selene …. People change. 

Selene : Yah… without realizing it, it’s been so long… 

James : Well…. One thing remained the same though… I still like you.. 

I flashed my best smile, hiding partially behind my coffee cup and Selene gave a shy giggle before making a show of throwing the breakfast bun at me. 

Selene : Don’t be silly James.. 

I just gave a shrug of my shoulders and did not give her a reply. 

Selene took a while with her food, apparently having some difficulty eating in the state she was in. 

Right when she drained her last drop of coffee, I saw her started gentle strokes on her chest, taking slow deep breaths. 

James : Hmm… I’m not sure you should be taking coffee in that state.. 

Selene : Why not ? 

James : I don’t know. Maybe I’ll google it later, don’t think caffeine is ideal for you right now. 


We headed back to the room and I told Selene that I’ll gather up my stuff and come over to her room before we leave around 8.30am to the airport. 


I had a good long dump while reading the papers and did a final check in my room before heading over to Selene’s room. 

When I entered her room at 8.30am, I was a little surprised to see that she was not packed yet. 

The victoria secrets were scattered on the bed together with the sleep clothes I bought for her. 

Her phone was plugged in and her laptop, documents were scattered all over the table. 

I knocked on the bathroom door and heard a reply that made me feel like throwing out my breakfast. 

I left my luggage and bags aside and tried to open the bathroom door but it was locked. 

James : Selene , hey… Selene… are you ok ? 

Selene : Yah… I’m…. fine. 

James : Do you need help ? can you open the door ? 

Selene : It’s ok, I’m fine , I’m fine.. 

I waited for a good 15 minutes before I heard the shower came on. 

By the time she emerged from the bathroom, it was already 9.20am 

She was a little wobbly and shuffled in a zombie like state to the bed before sitting down and trying to dry her hair. 

It had to be the 2nd time she showered that morning, i guess it could not be helped since you're literally soaked with the smell of vomit.

I checked the time and said I was a little concerned about making our way to the airport during peak hour in the city. 


I was in the midst of helping Selene keep her laptop when she suddenly just dashed back into the bathroom before kicking the door shut. 

That was it. 

As the time ticked by, I knew the chances of us missing our flights were getting higher. 

My mind was spinning and processing the possible scenarios and it suddenly occurred to me that I might not get another opportunity like this in a very long time. Perhaps never again. 

I knew I had to make the best of this situation and spend more time with Selene. 

Instead of helping Selene keep her stuff, I replaced them back where they were, determined to waste away the precious seconds. 

Her clothes that were strewn all over the place were messy enough and I left them at that. 

I went to her phone and immediately unplugged it. In double quick time, I removed the battery and I dumped it in the half finished cup of tea. 

I did not know if it would work but it was worth a try. 

I let it soak for a good 5-6 seconds before I removed it and dry it with the tissues on the table. 

I replaced the battery and tried to switch on the phone. 

Nothing happened. 

Before Selene came out of the bathroom, I took the opportunity to sneak in a few sniffs, especially on the clothes she wore overnight to bed, relishing the stale smell of sleep from her freshly worn clothes.


Selene came out of the bathroom and apologized. 

Selene : Sorry, sorry…. I’m ok… let’s go. 

I watched and observed her try to slip on her heels. 

She managed to get them on alright but she just held on to the wall in front of her without letting go. 

I went over and brought both my hands to Selene’s shoulders gently. 

I stroked them slowly and tried to speak in a soft caring manner. 

James : Selene , take off your heels.. sit down for a while. 

Selene : No it’s ok, we’re going to be late.

Inside my heart I was hoping for the time to pass quickly, if we miss the flight, it would mean staying perhaps for another half a day, or even another night in Penang. 

Knowing that it’s the weekends, there was even a possibility that rooms were already booked and we might need to share a room. 

It would also mean Selene’s husband to be would be kept out of reach for another day, with her phone dead, I can only imagine what Aaron’s mind would be thinking of. 

Imagine your wife to be in a foreign country with another man with her trip being extended and no phone access. 

His mind would wander.

Perhaps his mind would fuck himself silly thinking of the possibilities. 


Although a little wobbly and weak, Selene still managed to gather up her things and we left the hotel. 

It’s going to be tight but we might just make the last call for the flight back to Singapore. 

I saw Selene fiddling with her phone while we checked out , she was trying to get it to work and seeing that it won’t come on, it frustrated her even more. 

We boarded a cab at 10.10am and 15 minutes after we set off, I knew we would not make the flight since we’re stuck in a jam. 

Peak hour aside, there was a minor accident that caused the traffic to come to a crawl. 

Selene looked on helplessly as I kept looking at my watch. 


James : Selene…. 

I place my hand on hers and gave her a gentle nudge.

Selene : I know… I’m sorry… we’re not going to make it. 

We got to the airport at 11.25am and Selene immediately asked around for the next flight out to Singapore. 

It turns out there was another flight out in 3 hours but it was full too. We could hang around if we wished to see if there’s any cancellation. 

We grabbed a seat and I told Selene why not we stay for another day. 

James : You could grab some rest, and we could get on the first flight back the next morning. It’s better than waiting here. 

I showed her my phone and pointed to the number of unread mail in my mailbox. 

James : 138 . Really huat liao. I need to get some work done too. 

I could tell she was torn between making the decision at that point in time and I decided to make them for her. 

Sometimes women just want men to make the decision and I evaluated that it was one of those moment I should just take over. 
Especially at a moment when she was feeling tired, sick, and helpless. 

I went and got tickets for us to fly out the next morning at 11am 

Selene was just slouched over by the time I got back and I had to help her get out of the seat. 

Selene : I feel so miserable James. Everything just seemed to go wrong. 

I hailed a cab to take us back to the hotel and replied. 

James : Nonsense. Don’t think about anything right now. I’ll take care of it. 


We arrived back at the hotel and I told Selene to wait at the seats by the entrance while I go get a room. 

As I queued at the reception, I saw tourists, weekend travellers all streaming into the lobby. I was disappointed when I got my turn and I realized that there were still enough rooms for us to each get one. 

I turned and saw that Selene was still trying to fiddle on her phone and I told the reception to tend to other guest first. 

I decided to take a gamble and I hope it would pay off. 

I went over to Selene and I prayed she would not approach the reception personally to clarify things out. 

James : Hey..

Selene : Yah ? 

She saw the look on my face and before I could speak, she lamented ; 

Selene : Please don’t tell me they’re full…. My heart cannot take this… 

James : haha. No they’re not but I need to tell you first before making the reservations. 

I paused for a moment before I spoke; 

James : It’s the weekend, and ermm… they’ve only got 1 more room. It’s a twin bed though, and i requested to put us on the waiting list for the next available room. 

Selene looked away into the streets for a moment before looking around the hotel lobby, despite the 2 nights we’ve spent together, it seemed she was still a little hesitant about readily sharing room with me. 

It’s natural and I could understand. 

I just want to slowly break down her defenses. 

Selene : What choice do we have… ? haha. .. it’s ok.. .. like that it’s easier for you to take care of me right ? 

She flashed me a brief shy smile. 

I replied expressionless; 

James : I expect a pay increment after this trip. 

Selene : haha.. I just hope we survive this trip. Nothing is going well. Even my phone died. 

She said she needed the bathroom and passed me her stuff as i made my way to the reception.

I went over to the reception and was about to speak to the manager on duty when my phone rang. 

The caller ID flashed Aaron and I panicked. 

I was not supposed to have his contact details but I calmed myself down after rejecting the call. 

I excused myself from the desk again and deleted his contact. 

I waited for the phone to ring again and barely seconds later it did. 

I answered and heard Aaron’s voice came on. 

James :Hello ? Yes Aaron… Oh Hi… .. yah. yah... 

We exchanged some pleasantries before he asked me if he could speak to Selene.

I decided it would be a good time to fuck with him mind and i pretended to stammer and spoke in pieces 

James : Oh.... ermmm.... erm... err... She's .... wait ah... oh.. she's in the bathroom.

He asked where were we and i told him honestly that we're at the hotel. 

James : We're .... at the hotel ? ... Penang ? 

I could feel the awkward silence coming from the other end before he asked me why Selene's phone could not get through. 

James : Oh ? ... erm.... i'm... not too sure...... how about i get her to call you back when she's out ? 

He hung up without saying goodbye. 

I would have paid a good sum of money to see the expression on Aaron's face.
I too would have flipped if i called my wife to be and another man told me she's in the bathroom in a hotel.

Selene came out 10 minutes later and i told her Aaron called before passing her the phone. 

After the call went through, I heard something like ; 

Selene : We’re working... come on. Of course we’re together. !! How do you expect him to pass the phone to me then ? !

She spoke a little louder than she expected and she shot me an embarrassed look. 

It was followed by several hush whisper before something like this came out again. 

Selene : Don’t be ridiculous Aaron, I’m not feeling too good and I had to see a doc..... 

It sounded like she was cut off and her expression was not to pleasant to look at.

Selene : I woke up late and I missed the damm flight ok ? it’s my fault. You happy now ? 

She hung up on him before she broke down and cried. It was nothing loud and embarrassing but her tears was rolling down her cheeks. 

I quickly hushed her down and tried to calm her. 

James : Ok .. ok.. calm down.. what happened ? 

Selene : Aaron was upset 

James : About what ? 

Selene : About us…

I gave an exaggerated sign of innocence and added. 

James : Come on… it’s a business trip, surely he could understand that. 

Selene : He says he can’t get me on my phone…. 

James : Tell him the phone is dead. It’s the truth

She gave a sigh and looked away.

Selene : He’s just not happy we’re travelling together. 

We were both quiet for a moment before I asked. 

James : Why ? .....Surely he doesn’t know I’m secretly still interested in you. Haha

It was a lame joke and but it did made Selene laugh. 

But the next few sentences Selene said was like a stab into my spine as I felt the tingling sensation of arousal creep into me. 

Selene : Haha. 

She looked away and crossed her heel clad legs, and massaging the sides of her head at the same time.

Selene : He knows… he knows…… Your sister told him. .. .. saying you’re my loyal admirer. Haha.

I smiled and replied. 

James : And what did you say to that ? 

Selene laughed adding that she did not expect her reply to come back and haunt her now.

Selene : Haha.. it was a silly answer, I told him that if I did not meet him, and if you’re not with Cidney, perhaps I just might ? haha. 

She waved her hand a little embarrassed and refused to talk about it anymore. 

I just added in a gentle voice.

Selene : I'm not having this conversation. ...haha. sigh....

James : Well, I expected a little more maturity from your husband to be. And perhaps he should show you a little respect as well by not doubting you.

I could tell Selene was a little taken aback and I left her to ponder the words I just said.

I went over to the manager on duty and made my room reservation.

James : Give me a room with a queen bed 

Reception : Certainly Sir.

Right when i retrieved the room key, i dropped Aaron a message. 

James sms : Hi Aaron, Selene's phone is dead but if you need to reach her, feel free to call my phone. 

That ought to drive his blood pressure up a little in the meantime.

When I went back over to Selene 10 minutes later, she was just staring at her feet. 

I helped her with her bags and we both got up to the room. 


When we opened the room, I allowed Selene to go in first and she stopped short at the Bed before turning to me. 

I saw the bed and I made a show of exhaling a deep breath. 

James : Don’t worry, I’ll sort it out with them. It’s supposed to be a twin

I must have given my best tired look performance and Selene immediately told me that it’s ok right when I was about to turn and leave the room. 

Selene : It’s fine…. Forget it. 

James : I take the couch…

She did not reply. 

We ordered lunch in and set up our laptops and got to work. I could hear the repeated beeps of a messenger client from Selene’s laptop and she must be talking to Aaron.

Seeing the frown and the unsatisfied expression on her face, I guessed it could not have been a good conversation. 

When she finally slammed down her laptop, I jumped a little. 

She just stared at me for a moment before speaking. 

Selene : James ….

Her expression looked a little tried and grave and I replied slowly and cautiously. 

James : What ? 

Selene : How would you feel if your fiancée had to spend another day overseas because of work with a male colleague ? 

I felt my heart skip several beats. 

James : Come on Selene, we just been through this in the lobby … haha.

She laughed too, shaking her head in a resigning manner.

I stopped my work and lowered my laptop screen before turning to face Selene. 

James : Is Aaron angry ? 

She nodded.

I got up and walked over to her side before squatting down in front of her. 

I knew she would be feeling guarded and reserved at that moment since Aaron just expressed his displeasure. It would be foolish of me to try anything funny and prove Aaron right. 

I would do everything I could to prove him wrong and make it obvious that he was just being overly suspicious and paranoid. 

James : Look Selene.. .. it’s work. Nothing more. 

James : You’re not feeling well, you should have told him and he should have been more understanding. 

I added again before Selene could speak. 

James : He’s going to marry you soon. He should trust you…. It’s just a simple work trip. Nothing happened and nothing is going to happen.

I want to slowly plant the seed of doubt in her mind. 

James : You’re the boss of a company, there’s so much responsibility resting on your shoulders, he should understand. 

Selene just kept quiet as I went on. 

Never in my words did I say Aaron was not good. 

I used ‘ should have’ , ‘should know ‘ , ‘ should understand’ , I wanted Selene to draw her own conclusion. 

I ended the conversation saying that I thought Aaron was a pretty nice guy. 

James : He’s worthy of your love, I’m sure he’s a nice and understanding guy… right ? 

I could see Selene searching her mind for some reply but she offered no comments. 

I stood up and got back to work . 

James : Come on, it’s fine for couples to have a little tiff here and there. I’m sure it’ll be ok once you get back. 

She just nodded a little before shuffling over to the bed. 

She got into bed and propped herself up with some pillows before pulling the blanket over her. 

Selene : I feel so tired... having to do this and work at the same time. 

I did not reply Selene and continued my work. 


I checked on Selene and she was sound asleep. 

I decided it was a good time to snoop around on her laptop since it was right beside mine. 

I could always say i just needed to refer to some documents. 

I called up the email folder and saw that Aaron had sent several emails when his messages through the messenger program went unanswered. 

I looked through the past messages and realised that Selene had told Aaron about the flight details the next day and that he would be waiting for her at the Airport.

I read through them and chuckled to myself as i dragged everything to the junk folder. 

I know it was pretty obvious if i only did that for Aaron's mail so i dragged more mails, especially those that were sent during the Penang trip into the junk folder. 

I kept getting a ; 

Are you there ? 

You ok ? 

You there ? 

These kind of messages from Aaron but i did not reply, i just kept moving Selene's mouse, to make sure my status remained active yet there was no reply for Aaron


My phone rang and i knew it was Aaron from the caller ID, switched it to silent mode, feeling the strong vibration, and quickly answered before the commotion went on for too long and woke Selene. 

I spoke in a rather hush voice

James : Hello ? Yah Hi Aaron... 

He asked for Selene immediately and i told him to hold on. 

I did not put him on hold and i went over to Selene and gently shook her. 

I made sure i spoke near the phone. 

James : Selene..... Selene... wake up... hey.. 

She mumbled a little before i added a little louder. 

James : Wake up... here... 

I passed her the phone and i went back to my seat. 

There was a good 30 second of silence from Selene before i heard her speak in a chilling voice.... 

Selene : Stop calling me Aaron...... We'll talk when i get back. ... 

She left my phone by her side and turned away.

I heard her gave a loud sigh and buried her head with a pillow.

I could not suppress a smile and i continued with my work.


It’s fairly obvious I wanted to drive a wedge in between Aaron and Selene but one thing that gave me the opportunity was Aaron’s temper.

If he was not so easily riled up, I would not have been able to do it. If he were a little more calm and composed, I would not be able to gain an edge easily.

Then again I had no right to criticize him since I myself was likely to react in the same manner as he did if our roles had switched.

4.30 pm

I got most of my work done and replied to most of the mails that needed our attention.

There were a couple that needed Selene’s reply so I left them at that although I felt like going ahead and doing it for her since I had access to her laptop.

Selene work up shortly after and I jumped in my seat when I saw the Tv beside me blinked to life before hearing a tired giggle coming from Selene.

James : Wah lau…. Will get heart attack one leh.

She was fiddling with the remote and surfing through the channels. It seems like the nap did her some good and there was colour back in her cheeks again.

I carried on with some work which did not really require much brain, basically forwarding and shooting arrows out and when the Tv blinked shut 15 minutes later, I heard a lazy yawn and saw Selene stretching in the bed.

Her tight frame stretching to reach the boundaries of the bed as her delicious body continued messing up the blanket, ruffling up the sheets and knocking every pillow out of place.

James : Are you ok ? Hungry ?

She nodded but gave a sigh at the same time.

I took that as a que and stopped what I was doing and went over to her side.
It was obvious I wanted to sit beside her on the bed and what surprised me was she actually made room for me, shifting her body which was a little tangled among the blanket a little to her right.

I took the corner beside the window and I saw her turn her body towards me.

James : Do you need to talk ? I’m a certified relationship counselor.

She laughed and passed me a pillow with a little too much force.
We were both quiet for a good 30 seconds when Selene asked me a question which I had to think for a while before answering.

Selene : Are you always like this when you were with Cidney ?

I did not know exactly what she meant or what she was trying to ask so I played it safe.

James : What do you mean ?

She shrugged her shoulder before adding ;

Selene : You know… like .. this… very lame and corny ? haha

I smiled and did an innocent tease on Selene.

I gave her nose a quick gentle pinch and speaking at the same time
James : Well, I’m not being corny and lame, I’m just like making you smile.

Selene giggled and tried to brush my hand away but it was too late, I had already done the deed and she was trying to hit me back for doing it to her.

It seemed to me that she was trying to pinch me back and I took it as a good sign, a sign that she wanted to engage me physically and I decided to make it harder for her.

Remember when I said she was a little tangled with the blanket, when she tried to reach for me on her left, I did a quick switch over to her right and grabbing the ends of the blanket at the same time.

I was fast and I managed to grab on to the ends of the blanket before Selene could react.

Selene : Arhhhhh….. stupid…. Idoit…. James !...

I just laughed but I had 4 ends of the blanket in my hand and I twisted them together. It was not a tight hold and I definitely did not have the strength to lift it off the bed but it was enough to keep Selene tangled and bundled.

She was kicking and laughing but I manoeuvred the ends accordingly adjust to her attempts to free herself.

James : Haha…ok… now would be a good time to talk about my appraisal and bonus.

Selene : Haha. Arghhh… no way…. You can kiss everything good bye.. arghhh..

It was a tiring fight and when I sense Selene giving up barely a minute later, I slowly eased on my hold.

Even though I let go, Selene made no attempts for a counter maneuver, and we both waited for our racing hearts to calm down as we breathe in the cold air of the room.

Selene turned away from me and I released my grip and just basically stood around before going back to her side.

I sat beside her and just looked at her body. She was fiddling with the ends of her hair and I gathered up a few pillows.

Without touching her physically, I pretended I was building some giant lego blocks and started to create a wall of cotton around Selene.

Selene : Haha. What are you up to this time ?

I replied only after I surrounded Selene with the pillows.

James : Keeping you safe…

She said nothing but I could see the upwards movement of the side of her cheeks, evidence of a slight smile, as she took and hugged one of the pillow.

I left her alone and went back to the desk.
After what seemed like 15 minutes of silence, she spoke in a soft voice.

Selene : What do you think of Aaron,….James

James : I only met him once Selene. I can’t answer that question.

Selene : Do you like him ?

James : I’m not Gay Selene..….

Selene : Hahaa… be serious..

I took a while to reply but Selene waited for it.

James : I don’t know, he seemed a bit hot tempered but…. But… perhaps he’s just concerned about you ?

I could tell the current situation was bothering her but I did not want to talk about Aaron so I suggested we head out for dinner and maybe to the shopping center to take our minds off things.

Anything thoughts about Aaron should be done in her mind, not in an open discussion with me. She had to think about Aaron, think about the things he did, then eventually draw her own conclusion.

James : Lai la… come, let’s go enjoy ourselves for one evening and not think about anything else.

She seemed seduced by the thought of shopping and she got out of bed before heading into the bathroom.

I too washed up and changed into berms and T-shirt while Selene wore the same attire I bought for her. In actual fact, both of us were rewearing the limited clothes we have.

James : Hmm. I think we need to shop for some clothes.

Selene : Haha. I think so too, I’m beginning to think I stink.

We stood in front of the hotel entrance at 6pm sharp hoping to get a cab. Selene’s sleep shorts only had 2 shallow pockets, and since she did not bring her dead phone out, she only brought along some cash.

I caught a quick glimpse and estimated it to be about RM150 give and take.

We got a cab to the famous hawker area by the sea and had a quick dinner before declaring that we smell like satay and fried kuay tiao.

We entered the air-conditioned shopping area at 7pm and for some unexplained reason, we both just paused at the entrance, taking in the colourful lights and the shops.

I turned towards Selene and raised my right arm, adding in strongly accented English.

James : Shall we ?

Selene laughed and she looped her hands around mine.

It was a refreshing and erotic feeling but it lasted only a while. Less than 2 minutes perhaps but it was still a small victory for me. She let go the moment she saw a shop she wanted to visit.

We spent 30 minutes inside and Selene got herself sorted out with enough clothes to last another 2 days if we wanted to.

Needless to say, she bundled everything in her hands and came straight to me for money.

Selene : Can I borrow some money James ?

James : Hmmm….. I charge interest.. you know..

She gave me a playful kick and made me hold on to the clothes while she reached for my pocket.

That was the first time I felt her hand slid down the back of my pants, it was a quick one, like a flash of lighting but I could feel her fingers, her delicate long fingers that would one day wrap around my manhood.

She retrieved my wallet and helped herself to my credit card.

Selene : Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back

She stuck a tongue out at me before she went to the queue.

We spent 2 hours in the mall, shopping, laughing, and we shared a cup of ice cream when she commented about putting on weight.

Whenever Selene wanted to buy something , I would offer to pay with my card as much as possible.

Shoes, clothes, belts,socks, even a couple of plain shorts and quirky t-shirt.
She bought a particular t-shirt with a print of an abstract painting that came in men’s size. I took the opportunity to buy one in my size too and hiding it deep within my own bag.

I quickly dashed to the pharmacy and bought condoms, and lubricants, I did not want to risk Selene seeing those so I actually threw them away and I kept only the receipt. I paid for those in cash.

I double checked and made sure the items were printed clearly and folded it away.

By 9.20pm , we were on a cab back to the hotel and Selene said she was feeling a little queasy again.

I could feel my phone vibrating a couple of times and I guess it had to be Aaron calling but I ignored it.

Right when I paid the cab driver, I got a message from Aaron on my phone.

Aaron sms : Hi, Can you get Selene to call me ?

I ignored it again as I did not want to spoil the moment.


Selene took another dose of her medicine before heading to the shower.


My phone rang and it was Aaron.

I wanted to jump on the bed and scream because it could not have come at a better time.

I quickly answered.

James : Hi Aaron.

Aaron : Hi, I’m looking for Selene….

James : Ermm…. Gimme a moment.

I went to the shower and knocked, and I was sure Aaron could hear everything.

James : hey… Selene…. Selene…

Selene : What ?

James : Phone call….

Selene : Later …

I got back on the phone and told Aaron Selene was in the shower.

He was quiet for a good 3 second before he asked me to tell Selene to call him back.

When Selene came out of the shower, I told her about the conversation.

James : Eh Selene… Aaron doesn’t sound too please, you want to call him back ?

Selene : What did he say ?

James : Ermm.. nothing but I could tell he’s not too happy.

I passed her the phone and told her I could excuse myself if she liked.

She shook her head and told me it’s not necessary.

I pretended to pack some of my stuff and when the call connected, I could hear Aaron’s voice from where I stood. He was practically shouting and Selene raised her voice too.

Selene : Can you be freaking reasonable !!!. you are paranoid!!.

The shouting match did not last long and Selene hung up barely 2 minutes later and just stared at me.

James : I’m… I’m sorry… it’s all because of me… I’m… I’ll call Aaron and sort things out.

Selene just shook her head and wiped away a stray tear;

Selene : no need… it’s not your fault.

I left her alone and I went for my shower


James : Hey… cool down… we’ll be back tomorrow and you can sort everything out with him.

Selene : Would you be angry if you were in his shoes ?

I gave a smile and said I would be concerned but I would trust her with my heart.

Selene smiled and looked away


As promised, I took the couch and I dimmed the lights.

I set a timer for 12am and kept my phone in my pocket.


I woke up with a buzz in my pocket and I quickly turned off the alarm. I stole a peak at Selene and

I got up as quietly as I could.

I wanted the receipt for the clothes I bought for her. She had held on to some of them, most of them were squashed, some bundled together.

She had it on the table beside the plastic bag, I unfolded it and I began to slip a couple of them inside the bag among the layer of clothes that she would be bringing back with her.

I also place some crushed up ones in the tote bag, trying to make it seem inconspicuous.

I could not think of where to put the condom purchase so I folded it into a small square before dropping it into a plastic which Selene got from some shop but had reused it several times to put new purchases.

I also added to the mix some other useless receipts i got from my other trips to malaysia which does not have my signature on them. The items we just normal unassuming items.

I could always say the receipt could be from some other customer or something and somehow it fell into her bag if she ever asked

I retrieved my Victoria secrets receipt and I put in in the same bag that came with the lingerie which Selene was using for her wore clothes.
Most of the receipt slips carried my signature proudly.

Of course I did not take all of it but left a couple of the bigger ticket items which Selene would want to hold on to at the same place on the table.

There was no guarantee that Aaron would see them or even come across them but it’s a possibility. It was just a gamble. A gamble that I hope would pay off.

I tried to put myself in Aaron’s shoes.

I tried to reason and think why I would want to pick Selene up at the airport and what I would do afterwards.

I would probably try to snoop around in the bags, why ?

Because I would want to know.

I want to know what she had been up to, and I wanted to see what kind of evidence I could get my hands on.

And I could only hope Aaron was thinking along the same line as me.

There was no telling the amount of damage these simple receipts would do.

I could only hope he chance upon them

I dropped Aaron a message.

Sometimes the more you try to explain, the more you would muddle things up but I decided I had to fuck with him a little more. I sent him this message.

James sms : Hi Aaron, I believe I need to clarify a couple of matters. It is purely a work trip and Selene fell sick, things went wrong , time got delayed, resulting in a missed flight.

We’re not even packed for an extended stay.

There were not enough rooms despite us being on the waiting list but I took the couch in the room. I just want to prevent any misunderstanding that might arise because of this incident.

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she gets home safely .

I did not expect a reply and I did not get one. I merely wanted to reaffirm that I was sharing the same room with his wife to be and there was nothing he could do about it.

Perhaps all he could think of that moment was why am I still up at 12am sending him messages.

9th March 2012


Selene vomited a little after breakfast but we manage to make our way back to Singapore with any further incident.

I saw Aaron at the gate waiting for Selene and I told her to go ahead while I shopped at duty free.

The weekend was quiet and Selene was not in office for the whole of Monday morning.

Selene finally arrived at noon and I had to speak to her about work.

After one hour with her, I asked if everything was ok with Aaron.

I felt the sick joy in my heart when I saw Selene’s facial expression changed the moment I mentioned his name.

Selene : He’s gone a bit bonkers… I don’t know what is wrong with him. He kept saying you are up to no good initially, then after that he accuse me of having feelings for you.

Selene looked away when she spoke the 2nd part before looking back at me.

She went on to say that he went through her bags saw the new lingerie I bought and he threw a fit and demanded she throw them away.

James : Errrr….. okay…. It’s just clothes… and you have nothing to wear at that point in time.. If i… knew…

Selene : It’s not your fault James, I’m just ignoring him for now.

Right before I left the office, I threw Selene a question which would no doubt get her to start thinking.

I gave a bit of frown on my face and tried to put on my best concerned look.

James : Selene ……. Why is Aaron going through your luggage behind your back ?

It must have caught her off guard as she just stared at me with no reply even though her mouth parted a little as if she had an answer for my question.

I gave a casual wave, brushing my own question off and got back to my seat.

I deliberately walk past Selene’s office again to head to a colleague’s desk and I saw her lean back on her chair, looking up into the ceiling and i really wondered what was going through her mind at that moment.

I was feeling pretty good that day actually, everything seem to be slowly falling into place.


I was one of the last few to leave office that day and i chanced upon Selene and Aaron at the bottom of the stairs in front of the office.

It was an awkward moment when our eyes met but i just gave them a casual wave before making my way to the train station.

I manage to catch Selene turning and walking away from Aaron before i turned.


I received a call from Selene.

Selene : Can you take one more renovation job ?

James : Ermm.. ok... send me the details. Who's the client ?

Selene : Me.... and Aaron. It's his place. We're planning to do it up before i move in

I immediately replied a little too fast.

James : Selene.... it's a little touchy situation. I don't think this is the best time...

She cut me off halfway and i swore she sounded a little spiteful.

Selene : I don't care James... just do it. I'll email you the drawings within the hour.


I looked through the details and it was a fairly simple job.

I called Beng Soon and asked to meet him at the end of the week.

Beng Soon : What is the plan ?

I told him that he would need to make a loss for this particular job but i would reimburse him as much as i could.

Beng Soon : Why ?

James : I'll explain later. you just need to remember one thing and only one thing.

James : Give a price and no matter how much i insist, you do not budge from it.

Beng Soon : Ok... what else.

James : I will get Selene to bargain with you about the price and i want you to flirt with her in front of her Fiance.

Beng Soon : Wah lau, will i get wack or not...

James : Haha... who dare to wack you ?

Beng Soon went on to tell me that he had already bought the items i sent him and i told him to keep them ready.

We should be needing them pretty soon.

Right before we ended the phone call, Beng Soon asked in an embarassed manner.

Beng Soon : Eh.. James... Any chance... Selene....

I knew what he wanted and i just told him honestly.

James : Sorry. Selene is mine........but maybe we can still work something out, just looking can't be half as bad right. haha.

Beng Soon : Haha. you're a fucker James... ..

James : I think so too.


16th March 2012


I was mentally prepared for any awkward moments and situation when I arrived in front of Aaron’s place that morning with Beng soon

From what I understood from Selene during a casual chat in the pantry couple days back, everything was still going according to plan despite them giving each other the cold shoulders.

There were still some friction and trust issues that needed to be worked out.

What I did not understand though was why Selene still kept her pregnancy underwraps.

I was hanging around a few units away while waiting for Selene to call. Over a quick breakfast at a coffee shop in hougang, I briefly went through the quotation Beng soon gave.

It was a reasonable price and it was a pretty small job.

Less than 40k.

Given the items and specifications Selene asked for, I would say it was a pretty good deal.


I got a call from Selene and Beng Soon and I approached the place.

It was a old 2 storey house but looked pretty well maintained. It just needed a new coat of paint and some touchups to the roof.

There was a decaying tree in the compound which needed to be removed as well.

We waved to Aaron’s grandmother who was rocking away in her chair watching Korean drama.

Aaron arrived a little after 10.45am and it was a uneasy meeting. We could all feel the tension in the air.


We sat down at the dining table and I could not help but notice that Selene was not really talking to Aaron. She was trying to talk to Beng soon about the workmanship she wanted.

Since everything was already well documented on the drawings, Beng Soon said he gave a good price on account of our long working relationship.

I got the ball rolling by asking Beng Soon if he could give a better price.

He went one big round, citing labour cost, worker’s levy and the higher cost of business, and to conclude, he turned me down flatly.

Selene and Aaron were keeping quiet and I felt I needed to urge them on.

I did not want to engage Selene yet so I egged Aaron to bargain first.

James : Hmmm… 38.5k … eh Aaron… what you think ? You all are paying you know… better bargain .. haha

Beng Soon : Eh.. cannot la, really very good price, everything you asked for is top of the line. All good quality.

Aaron gave a half hearted attempt to lower the price by $500 and I almost wanted to roll my eyes.

I shot Selene a look and nodded in a cheeky manner towards Beng Soon.

I’m not sure if Aaron caught that but Selene tried bargaining as well.

Selene : Well.. I know the price is fair.. but Beng Soon, the office has given you quite a bit of jobs you know…

That was the time I fucking want to give Beng soon an award.

I could see his face suddenly lit up and his whole body language changed. He turned towards Selene with a huge grin and listened intently.

Selene : So you know… you know what to do ? haha ?

I would have expected him to agree to cut his price immediately but he took it a notch higher.

He bit down his lips, thought about it for a couple of seconds before saying these exact words.

Beng Soon : Ehhh.. ok lah… since you ask… I’ll adjust it again lor.

I decided to fan the flames a little by joking out loud.

James : Hello… what is this brother ? ???

I gestured to Aaron and me;

James : We ask no discount , Selene ask you adjust…. A bit not right la.

I tried hard to control my laughter as I stole a quick look at Aaron who was not looking too pleased.

Beng Soon : Eh… cannot like that say la.. people pretty girl ma…

I totally saw Beng Soon checking Selene out in front of Aaron and I was damm aroused when I saw Selene laughed and sub consciously brushing back her hair.

James : Orhh… so you saying wear skirt special treatment is it ? I can also wear.

Selene : Haha. Ok James.. stop it….

She turned to Beng Soon and she too was shocked when Beng Soon offered to take 10% off the price.

I immediately stood up, partly because I agreed to cover the losses and partly I wanted to milk it for all it was worth.

James : Wah lan eh… like that 3.8k discount. Selene…. Lend me a spare skirt…. I think we should double it or nothing..

By now Selene and Beng soon are just laughing and the only person with a straight face was Aaron.

Selene was no doubt a little encouraged by the work of her charms and she pushed her luck a little and I swore Beng Soon almost blushed when she tried to cut the price a little more.

If I had a blood pressure monitor strapped onto Aaron, It should be beeping away.

We concluded the final cost to be at 32k. A 6.5k discount in total and all Selene had to do was smile and look pretty in front of Beng Soon.


We were all gathered in front of the gate and I dropped the bomb in front of Aaron.

James : eh Selene… I bet if you asked right now, Beng Soon would even buy you lunch. … strike while iron is hot.

Beng Soon : Eh…. Don’t kotok me la… I poor contractor… haha

I did not know if Selene was just sporting that day or she just want to spite Aaron at every turn and she really asked Beng Soon.

Naturally, like the big boss of a contractor, Beng Soon offered to buy all of us lunch.

I pretended to suddenly reach in my pocket and speak into my phone, excusing myself for a moment.

I came back to the group a minutes later adding that I got to rush off and I asked that they enjoy the lunch.

I excused myself after saying goodbye and left the group.

It was only 10 minutes later when Beng Soon called, adding that Aaron did not look too happy and he said that he’s heading back to work too.

He was expecting Selene to reject the lunch treat but she did not.

She went ahead anyway.

Now there was a 50-50 chance of Selene agreeing to go for lunch with Beng soon, I had actually planned for Aaron and her to join Beng soon, and the plan was for Beng Soon to flirt and shower Selene with attention.

Being in the same industry, I asked my friend to use as much construction jargons as possible if that were to happen. That would effectively cut Aaron out of the conversation.

I did not expect Selene to agree to a one on one lunch with Beng Soon but I could see he was still pretty pleased with it.

It’s not often Beng Soon gets to bring a nice pretty girl out for lunch.

I text Beng Soon, and suggested they have a long lunch at a hotel buffet and to drag it as long as possible.

James sms : Go to Corpthorne king. They got nice Penang buffet.

Now I was armed with 2 very important piece of information.

One, Aaron would not be with Selene and Beng Soon.

Two, the long lunch at a hotel.

When Beng Soon texted me at 1pm , saying they just got a seat, I tried to hold back my snigger as I thought about what I should say to Aaron.

At 2.15pm I called Aaron.

James : Hey Hello Aaron… James here… where are you guys are ? I just got to the hotel

Aaron : What are you talking about ?

James : you all having lunch right ? …. Beng Soon told me earlier you all eating here.

Aaron : No.. I am not with them ..

James : eh.. funny leh. … I tried calling but both their phone no reception so I called you. Thought you are with them… never mind. I’ll try them again.

I hung up after that as I held on to my stomach as I laughed so hard I needed to bend over.

Barely a minute later i got a phone call from Aaron. He told me Selene and Beng soon were at the restaurant right at the back. He must have immediately called and checked on Selene.

That was when I knew I had him.

James : Aaron, not possible, I walked every corner of the restaurant, they’re not here. I’m too hungry, I gave up looking.

When Selene got back into the office around 3pm, she asked if I went and look for them.

James : Yah, I walked the whole place, couldn’t find you guys and somehow I could not get through. I thought Aaron was there too so I called him.

Selene : But we were right there…

James : eh… I must have walked grand corpthorne like 5 times…..

She raised up her hands in defeat;

Selene : Oh you genius,…. We’re at Corpthorne King… not grand Corpthorne…

James : Ohhh…..

She walked off back into her room, no doubt Aaron must have threw another fit, accusing her of something she could not have done.

Probably accusing her of sleeping with Beng Soon to get further discount but I don’t know.


I proceeded to send Beng soon a series of 20 pictures and I asked him to load it into his ipad together with some of his past portfolio references .

I edited the photos, changing the date to the day Beng Soon and Selene went for lunch, and the time to be around the period they were so call “uncontactable.” I even ‘time and date stamped’ every jpeg at the bottom left corner.


3 of Selene’s top and bra.

7 of her various belongings from bag to combs 

9 of the messed up bed with her pants at the edge suggesting things did go too far

1 of her undies beside the wrapper of a used condom 

24th March 2012


I had checked Selene’s Schedule and I knew she had to go Penang on the 22nd and will only be back on the 24th. She would be staying an additional day to attend a conference. 

I made the arrangement for Beng Soon to head over to Aaron’s place on the morning of the 24rd March after the paperwork was done. 

He was to discuss certain items with Aaron and his grandmother, especially on the toilet that they wanted to redo. It was important I made sure Selene would not be there that day. 

I had told Beng Soon specifically to put the pictures I sent him inside a separate folder in his tablet but to just point Aaron to the overall gallery for him to scroll through some of the past references. 

Inside the same folder , he was too add in some other private pictures, raunchy poses, other girls for all I cared but 80% of the jpeg had to be mine. 

That was to make sure Aaron chance upon enough to mess with his brain.

Now this part is important. 

Critical in fact. 

There was no telling how Aaron would react but I tried to put myself in his shoes. 

I tried to imagine I was the one flipping through the ipad, looking at the pictures. 

Amongst the various references of Beng Soon’s past work, up pops the odd occasional private pictures. 

Now Beng soon would no doubt be facing Aaron, trying to gesture and talk about his stuff while leaving Aaron to scroll though the ipad. 

There were nothing specific to tie Selene to the scene in terms of hard concrete evidence, nothing, but when the picture of a familiar pair of pants, the familiar sight of a stray bra, the familiar pair of heels appearing, your mind would wander. 

Then perhaps the picture of a familiar pair of undies, perhaps one you had taken off before suddenly appear before you.

A quick check on the date would bring back recent memories. Memories of an afternoon.

An afternoon lunch which followed a steep discount.

How would you feel ? 

Now I was very sure that Aaron would not throw the ipad on the ground and start throwing a fit. 

Why ? 

Because it would arrive initially as a shock. 

A shock like a slap to his face seeing a pair of heels that Selene owned appearing on a picture. 

Anyone could have bought the same pair. Anyone could have bought the same undies, chose the same bra, liked the same pants. 

He had no evidence, no proof, all he could think of was to look at the pictures again.

It was enough to fuck with the brain. 

Aaron would have expected to see pictures of renovation works, instead he gets a shock with the first picture before it disappears with the flick of a finger. 

He would be curious, he would want to see more, and as such, his fingers would probably move faster. 

His mind no doubt already arriving at a conclusion. 

Beng Soon would be talking all this while, and he would not be leaving Aaron with the ipad for too long, probably long enough for him to chance upon enough pictures but not enough to linger on the details. 

Beng soon would continue talking normally, talking about the upcoming renovation, while Aaron would have only one thing on his mind. 


It was mainly pure deduction on my part but when I checked with Beng Soon after he left Aaron’s place, he said everything pretty much went accordingly to my plan. 

The only hiccup was that Aaron kept asking to have another look at the references and Beng Soon found it hard to say no. 

He said Aaron looked pretty stoned when he left him. 

I immediately told Beng Soon to replace the private pictures in his folder, throw in some porn pictures, leaked Taiwan scandals and stuff. He was to download pictures of heels, worn bras, stained panties from online forums. 

Build up a collection.

25th March 2012 



Yes, at 6am in the morning, my phone rang. 

It was Selene and I could tell she was crying.

I asked her what was wrong and she told me she quarrelled the whole night with Aaron. 

James : What is the matter ? 

Selene : He…. He accused me of sleeping around…. With Beng Soon… 

In my half awake state, I felt the rush of blood to my manhood. 

James : What ? Is he mad ? 

Selene : Sob… he said…. He said he saw pictures…. On… sob… Beng Soon’s ipad. 

James : What kind of rubbish is this. Who would put this kind of things on their ipad ? 

I calmed her down and told her to wash up and get changed, I’ll drop by her place and pick her up in a cab. 

We’ll go find Beng soon and trash things out. 


I arrived at Selene’s place and I saw her come out of her house with swollen eyes and she looked tired, I opened the door for her and we were on our way to Beng Soon’s office. 

We were silent during the cab ride to Jurong as Beng Soon’s office is located near IMM. 

Selene was just staring out the window and right when the cab slowed down to take the exit out Toh Guan, I decided to make my move. 

I slowly reached over and took Selene’s hand. 

She turned and looked at me. 

I gave her cold hand a gentle squeeze and reassured her that it’s just a misunderstanding and we’ll sort this out. 

We arrived at Beng Soon’s office at 8.30am due to the morning Jam and the staff told us he’s not in yet. 

We took a seat outside his office which happened to be a makeshift pantry.

I called Beng Soon and told him we needed to talk and it’s urgent. 

James : Oei… Where are you ? I’m at your office ….. Faster la… need to clarify something. 

I gestured a 10 minutes signal to Selene, telling her he’s on his way. 

James : Eh… btw… where’s your portfolio reference ar ? We want to take a look. …. Okok.. we wait for you. 

The moment I hung up, I went over to Beng Soon’s office and peered through the window. I went to one of Beng Soon’s staff and asked if she could let us in. 

Staff : Oh… sorry ah. Only boss got the key. 

Selene looked listless and tired and we had no choice but to wait. 

I took the opportunity to hold her hand and squeezed it a second time and this time round I let it linger a while longer before letting go. 


Beng Soon arrived in the office

Selene immediately went and asked Beng Soon for his ipad but he pointed that it’s in his office. 

Selene : Can I see it ? 

Beng Soon : Err… ok… what’ wrong with you all ? Early morning come here see my past works… got lobang for me is it… ? 

Selene went on ahead and grabbed the ipad that was sitting on Beng Soon’s desk. 

Beng Soon : Password is 1688. 

I went over to Selene’s side and watch her slowly flick through the gallery. 
When the first image came up, it was time to use my acting skills again. 

James : Oh my god…. Eh… Beng Soon… private things can don’t keep here or not ? 

Just when I thought my acting skills was good, Beng soon easily topped them. 

Beng Soon : What do you mean ? 

He came over and saw the picture of a worn panty he downloaded. 

Beng Soon : Oh… shit… shit.. shit… sorry…. I donno why that folder was synced… 

He tried to take it but I put up a hand.

James : Give us a moment. 

And it was that moment that Selene got angrier and angrier as she flipped through countless pictures of worn undies, stolen bras, hotel sex scandals and pictures of amateur porn. 

She finally settled down onto the chair with a loud plop before burying her face with her hands.


We left Beng Soon's office shortly after we looked through the pictures.

Selene looked good in her work wear that morning despite her puffy eyes. 
She had on a simple grey long sleeve blouse and a over the knees white skirt.

Her heels happened to be the same pair she wore the last time we travelled. 
As we were waiting for a cab, I gave her shoulder a squeeze and asked if she needed to cool down. 

It was a hot and humid Monday morning. I could already feel the Monday blues of work creeping up on me but being with Selene made me feel so much better. 


Selene gave a high sigh before saying something that took my Monday blues away. 

Selene : James…. Can you drop everything and accompany me for a day ? I need a break… 

I gave her a gentle smile and brushed back the stray fringe of her hair. Right at that moment, a cab arrived, timed to perfection. 

Selene got in first but she kept quiet. 

I got in and the cab driver looked at me through the rear view mirror. 

5 Seconds of silence is really long inside a cab especially when you have not decided on a place to go. 

Selene was just staring out the side of the window and I took a deep breath and decided it was about time. 

James : Uncle, Sentosa.. 

Selene turned and gave me a bewildered look and I gestured for her bag for her to take out her phone. 

I showed her my screen and I turned it off. 

James : Today…. I drop everything… 

I looked at Selene as her finger hovered uncertainly over the off button. 
She must have a lot on her mind, the office, her staff, the business, deadlines, deliverables, and a paranoid husband to be… 

I reached for her hand the 3rd time that morning and I helped her hit the off button. 

I did not let go of my hands after that.

Instead i gently clasped over her fingers, squeezing it gently. I want Selene to know i was there for her. 

I looked away and i could feel Selene's eyes on me. 

I could feel my heart beating, slamming against my chest, like the first time i ever held a girls' hand. 

I could feel some hesitation from her fingers, unsure of the proper reaction. 

I took the initiative and interlinked our fingers together and was over the moon when she did not push me away or try to break free. 

I repeated the same words i said earlier but this time round with a questioning tone. 

James : One Day ? 

Perhaps it was my sincere smile, or perhaps it was the series of events the past few weeks. 

I would always remember Selene's reply. 

A smile slowly broke on her lips but it was the smile in her eyes which i saw. 

Selene : ok.. One day.


We said nothing more for the rest of the cab ride and we just leaned back and enjoy the morning ride to Sentosa.

Our hands were tightly held together, it was as if neither of us wanted to let go.

The roads were not exactly empty, the cab navigated between heavy vehicles, impatient drivers and the occasional road hoggers but it didn’t bothered me at all.

As the cab weave slowly through the expressway, I was just basking in the sweetness of being able to hold Selene’s hand.

I shall not bore you with how smooth and delicate her hand was, she had a strong grip, yet it was not too overpowering. I could almost imagine her comforting grip on my rapidly erecting manhood.

The thought of how her fingers would soon wrap around my dick, clamping her smooth fingers together, applying that sick erotic pressure that would no doubt make me moan almost made me cum in the cab.

The cab driver asked which part of sentosa we were heading to and I told him to just drop us at resort world.


Selene and I alighted and the moment we found our bearing, I went close and I held her hand again.

She seemed a little unsure and definitely not as confident since we were at a pretty crowded area, there was no telling who would catch us in the act.

She wriggled herself free, conscious of her surroundings.

Selene : Ehh…. James… in public a bit….

I just smiled and nodded in an understanding manner.

I was not angry, I was not disappointed. In fact I was happy.

Because it told me one thing, she wanted to keep things hush, and it worked for me too.

We entered the atrium mall and I asked Selene to pick a café but she just shrugged her shoulders.

Selene : You decided… what do you feel like having ?

I would have wanted to tell her I wanted to have sex but the time was not ripe yet.

I wanted to tell her I want to hold and cradle her body in mine, pressing my face onto her breast, smelling her bra and as I run my hands up and down her butts but I could not do it yet.

It was almost there but it was not the time.

I just had to wait.

We decided to grab a coffee and some toasted bread in a café.
I went to make the order and as I stood in the queue, Selene looked around before looking back at me.

We just stared at each other for a few seconds before she widened her eye and shot me a look together with an upward tilt of her head before breaking into a smile, as if she was challenging my stare.

I wanted to laugh, just like the sweetness of a new found love, I tried to hold back my smile and I continued staring.

I made it obvious that my eyes left her face and I drifted down to her breast, lingering there for a few moments.

The next time I looked back at Selene she had a looked of bewilderment on her face and she made a gesture of throwing something at me but I laughed it off.

She shot me a look from the corner of her eyes, her head tilted playfully to one side. She crossed her arms and her legs at the same time, pretending to ignore me as we play out our little private drama 5 meters away from each other.

I moved a couple of steps forward after the customer in front of me collected his coffee and placed my order.

While waiting for my brew, I turned and started staring at Selene’s feet, tracing the smooth lines that defined her toned calves. I let my gaze lingered a little longer before drifting down to her heels, once I was satisfied that I had feasted enough of her legs, I looked back up to see Selene glaring at me.

It was not an angry glare, it was one with widened eyes, a wide smile which threatened to break into a laugh yet you could tell she was trying hard to control her expression and pull a straight face.

I returned to our seat with our orders and instead of taking the opposite seat from Selene, I chose to take the seat beside her.

I knew she wanted to hit me, maybe pinch me, slap my arms or jab me in the ribs as a objection to what I just did and I was correct.

The moment I set the coffee down, Selene jabbed me in the ribs before pinching me on my arm. It was not a hard pinch, one I could easily endured but I chose to squeal in pain.

James : Owww… Oww… Ow… okay… okay… I get the message.

Selene : Haha… what do you thing you were doing ? that was so perverted

James.. haha

James : I just want to look at you…. Is that too much to ask for ?

Selene : Tsk…

She shot me a sideway glance before smiling away at her coffee.

We spent 30 minutes chatting and laughing in the café as we people watched.


We left the café and we took a slow stroll up the steps to the hotel area.
I tested the water a little and suggested getting a room albeit in a more creative way.

James: You know Selene… I think we should put our bags somewhere before we go enjoy ourselves for the rest of the day

Selene : Huh ? What do you mean ?

James : Well I’m lugging a laptop around, and you have documents stuffed in your bag…. We don’t look like we’re here to enjoy sentosa…

Selene : Haha.. where can we put our stuff ? The lockers at universal studios ar ?

James : Well, I just thought beside putting our stuff, a place to shower and rest would be good too ?

I raised an eyebrow and got a kick on my leg before a combo of jabs in my side followed.

Selene : Hello !.... what are you suggesting ? hahaha.

James : I’m not suggesting anything Selene.. .. I just want you to have a proper place to rest when you are tired. Haha.

She brushed me away and we continued our walk.

When we got to hard rock hotel, I gave her a gentle tug and pulled her over to the waiting area with the cushioned seats.

Selene : What ?

James : Here… sit down.

I got Selene to get a seat and I started piling my bag and laptop on her lap.

Selene : Haha.. don’t be crazy la James… cannot la… you siao ar ? .., oei… oei…

Her voiced trailed away and I ignored her but instead went over to the reception and requested for a room.

I turned and looked at Selene who although remained in her seat, pointed a finger at me with her wrist facing up, she was trying to mouth something with her eyes wide opened but I ignored her.

I got the key cards and when I got back to her side, she just glared at me with a disapproving look.

Selene : James …. We can’t la… it’s…

I helped her up to her feet and looked into her eyes and spoke in a serious tone.

James : Do you trust me ?

Selene : haha.. what are you trying to do James ? …

James : I’m serious… do you trust me.. ?

She looked a little exasperated and nodded.

James : One thing I can promise you, no matter what happens.. our clothes stay on… how’s that for reassurance ?

Selene : Yah... right...

She just smiled and shook her head as we made our way to our room.


We entered our room which faced the swimming pool.

It was a severely overpriced room and I had to pay for early check in. Although it was painful, I figured it was worth it, rather than spend the time walking around aimlessly, at least I could have a private space to spend time together with Selene .

Selene immediately went over and drew the curtain, revealing a splendid view of the swimming pool below.

I dropped my stuff and went over to her side, sliding my arm around her waist.

Selene : It’s so nice…. Made me feel like going for a swim.

We just stood there silently, enjoying the moment.

Selene spoke suddenly, asking me a question I was not prepared to answer.

Selene : What was the nicest thing you ever done for Cidney James ?

I would have fumbled over my words if I answered straight away and I was thankful I held my tongue and just smiled, taking the additional time to consider my reply.

James : What do you mean ? in the relationship or in the bedroom ?

Selene : Haha, be serious…

I paused for a moment more before I replied.

James : I think I gave her quite a few heart attack… ..

James : And… I was pretty sure she enjoyed her time with me.

Selene : I’m sure she did.. she only had good things to say about you…
I just smiled and said nothing more.

30 seconds later, Selene asked.

Selene : What do you mean by a heart attack ?

I gave her a cheeky grin and a smile and she gave me a playful slap before turning away but she remained in my arms.

I gently turned Selene towards me and we faced each other in the cold room, safe from the blazing afternoon sun outside the room.

I wondered what was going through her mind at that moment.

Her thoughts had to be overwhelmed, a distrusting husband to be who goes around accusing people, the constant quarrels, and the fact that she was now in a hotel room with one of her staff.

If these thoughts bothered her, she was not showing it when we were gazing into each other’s eyes.

The moment happened without warning and we just reached for each other and we kissed.

When our lips touched, it felt as if the stress and the pressure from the events of the past few weeks just melted away like snow under the hot sun.
It was too sudden even for me but I knew it was meant to happen.

It was not a long kiss but it was a good one and I fondled Selene’s back, feeling her bra strap from the thin material of her blouse as our lips were locked in embrace.

We broke off after a while, both of us panting and we looked away, a little embarrassed.

Selene : I…er.. I’m sorry…

She apologized, explaining that it was a moment of impulse and that she did not meant anything.

Selene : I’m sorry James… it’s…

I could tell she was finding hard to come up with the rest of the sentence and I decided to save her from the awkward situation.

James : Selene, I have something I want to tell you…

She turned and gave me a questioning look.

James : I think you owe me money for the shopping in penang.

Selene : hahaha. Omg..

I gave her a shrug and a smile as she scrunched up her face and went to retrieve her wallet.

Selene : Oh my god… haha.. I can’t believe you are doing this now… asking me for money… haha..

She dug out 2 fifty dollar bills and asked me ;

Selene : How much ?

I took a seat on the sofa by the window and crossed my legs, raising my eyebrow at the same time.

James : How much do you think I’m worth ?

Selene : Tsk… haha, James… don’t be stupid…

James : No… seriously.. how much ?

Selene sat down on the bed and I saw her looked up to the ceiling for half a second before waving only 1 piece of $50 dollar bill around.

James : $50 ?

She laughed and tried to tease me by waving the note towards her, as if beckoning me forward.

I got up slowly, I did not want to make any sudden movement and scare her and I took a few slow steps towards her.

I could see the change in her expression, her eyes widening as she spoke ;

Selene : Oei… crazy ar ? …

I slowly got down on my knees and sat on the carpeted floor beside her. Selene had her heels on even though we were in the room and I reached for her left heel and she immediately tried to adjust her feet away from me.

Selene : Eh… don’t be silly la James…

I made a grab and caught hold of her heel and helped her tired feet out of her shoe.

James : Is there anything I could do to loosen that purse string ?

Selene : Haha.. don’t be crazy James…

James : Serious, I’ll do anything…

Selene laughed and I could see the mischievous twinkle in her eyes as if she was rising up to the challenge.

She was trying to stifle a smile when she spoke.

Selene : Put on my heels for me..

She dangled and pointed her toes at me, sending a wave of blood to my erection.

I took the heel and I slowly put it on for her.

I could feel the slight tremble in her feet as I helped her put on that pair of heels. I felt as if the whole atmosphere had changed the moment she got up and towered over me.

She changed position and went to the sofa, she had a look that told me she was determined to challenge me and see how far I would go.

Crossing her legs, she nodded to her heels again without a word but with a haughty smirk on her face.

I repeated the same thing, removing them off before helping her put them on again.

I did not know if Selene was enjoying herself bossing me around but I knew she was a little unsure when she spoke next.

It was as if she wanted to say it but held some reservation.

Selene : James….kiss .. me..

I could see she was about to reach forward and offer me her lips but I had other plans.

I lifted up her right feet and I kissed her ankle.

Selene : Yikes.. haha. Jaames… stop it.. dirty la…

James : but you asked me to kiss you..

She laughed and helped me to my feet.

We kissed again and when Selene broke off she said this.

Selene : Oh my god… what am I doing…. You’re my good friend’s brother…

I left her enough time to take a breath before I kissed her again.

We broke off to catch our breath and she spoke again..

Selene : oh my god… this wrong James… this is wrong…

We resumed our kiss and my hands was already searching for the buckle of Selene’s belt that restricted access to the zip that would undo her skirt.

Selene : James… wait.. wait.. James…

I locked lips with her again and we were not stationary, we kissed and staggered like a couple of drunks in the room and Selene kicked off her heels, allowing for better balance.

Selene : Oh my god… what am I doing… I’m never been with someone younger than me before …

I paused what I was doing and looked at Selene,

James : What do you mean ?

She was a little breathless and she replied what she just said earlier.

Selene : What ? I already told you earlier I don’t date young guys…

We continued our kissing and by the time we toppled onto the bed, we were both struggling to get our clothes off.

I helped Selene get off her skirt and blouse, leaving only her lingerie while I stripped to my boxers.

We kissed again as our hands explored each other’s body.

Suddenly we heard a loud slam of a door, probably the neighbor or housekeeping passing through but it was enough to snap us out of our mating trance.

We took a breather and just looked at each other.

There was no denying what we were about to do and what was about to happen between 2 consenting adult but there seemed to be something stopping us, like an invisible barrier, something that prevented us from moving forward.

James : Are you ok ?

We were both panting a little probably from the excitement and Selene nodded her head.

Selene : I’m fine… what now ?

It seemed she was looking to be led and I gladly took up the offer and finally took one last tile from the mahjong game.

I am not some expert mahjong player that could feel the tile just by touching it. I needed to see to be sure

I needed confirmation.

I needed confirmation from Selene, confirmation to tell me that my east wind was finally here.

I kissed her gently on her lips before speaking softly saying that I’ve always liked to see her in her heels.

She laughed before biting her lips and pushed herself out of bed.

She retrieved my object of desire, dangling them from 2 of her fingers as she got onto the bed.

I saw her eyeing my throbbing erection that was trying to push through from my boxers and she got closer to me.

Dangling that pair of heels seemed like a spell was cast on me.

Selene : This ?

I just nodded, like a little boy craving for candy.

As she held that pair of heels beside my face, I buried myself into her breast and I felt Selene’s hand run through my hair.

When I had taken enough breaths of Selene’s bra and breast, she got up and in one fluid motion, slipped on her heels. She got back onto the bed, and I was greeted with the most beautiful sight ever.

She lifted one leg over my hip, straddling me as she let her hair fall over my face as we kissed again.

Selene : What are your thinking of right now James ? haha.

I laughed…

James : You won’t understand… you won’t understand..

Selene : haha.. Tell me…

James : 东风


Selene : What is that ? haha.

James : Nevermind.. haha..

I felt the soft lips of Selene on mine again, we kissed and murmurs of approval flowed freely from both of us as our hands went all over each other’s body.

I felt a little guilty, thinking of what I was about to do to a pregnant lady but I could not help it. Selene pulled herself higher, and I felt the soft touch of her undies sliding on my tummy. I could feel she sliding and the friction caused by the grinding of her bottom against my body is sending waves of sick pleasure to my brain.

For so long I craved for her undies, for her worn sweaty underwear that was so hard to get my hands on and to think that was the day she would willingly slide them on me while she wore them.

It was a swaying motion which I could not really describe, as she moved her hip up, it felt as if she was using my body as a tool to rub her clit. I played with Selene’s breast, flipping aside the cups of her bra as I teased and flicked at her erected nipples and there were uncontrolled outburst of moans.

I knew from her past messages on her phone that she liked to be taken, she is submissive.

I am not good in a lot of things, but I like to try and make my woman feel helpless in my arms.

I could feel the dry smooth undies slowly get a little wet and I could feel a wet trail of her love nectar on my tummy, like the slime trail of a snail. Initially it felt cold and cool in the cold room but it got thicker, juicer and I felt like I was being body painted by Selene’s love juice.

When I saw the motion sweep up closer to my neck, I reached out and held on to her hips, squeezing the tight package of flesh that would soon cushion my furious thrusting. I restricted her movements and I could see the fucking erotic moan of displeasure as I deprived her of her movement.

I gently guided her higher and higher , she was reluctant, and her hands were trying to balance herself. She slowly switched from having her hands on the bed by my ears to holding the headboard of the large bed we were on.

Selene : Don’t la James…. Dirty…

I don’t give a fuck about dirty or not. It was never dirty to me. My lips touched the damp patch caused by Selene’s natural lube on the undies and I used my lower lip to brush and feel the fabric that was covering her most private sanctum.

Selene : Ernnugh…..harrrr…

Naturally, my tongue came out, slithering like a snake , I parted Selene’s undies from the side and I was hit with the full erotic smell of her privates. It was such a lovely smell that I was sure only a few had the chance of smelling.

I felt Selene’s right hand came down to my head, working it’s way into my hair.

Women, always say no initially but when they first tasted the pleasure afforded by a willing partner, they would realise how much they were missing out in the first place.

I worked up enough leverage with my tongue, pushing aside her undies and exposing her lovely folds of her vagina.

Seeing it up close made me feel like grabbing my own dick and start wanking off, Selene is not fat, and her body was pretty toned. I’ve see some skinny girls with pretty flat vagina, as if there were all bones and lack of flesh and it turned me off no matter how petite or cute they may be.

I don’t want to slam myself against a rack of bones.

Selene’s vagina was amply fleshy but you could tell they were not flabby fat deposits, they were muscles.

Muscles that if used correctly, would make grown man moan.

I want to be that grown man.

I want her to make me moan.

I pouted my lips, working to part her sexy vagina lips that was overflowing with her natural discharge , the very lube that was preparing her for an intense session of sexual intercourse.

I found her clit and I pressed my tongue against that swollen piece of erroneous zone, causing a chocking moan from Selene and feeling the instant pressure in my hair as she held on tighter.

Selene : Erngnnngnnn…orhharr……harr…har..

I sucked on it gently, I did not know her tolerance for that kind of stimulation and when I could feel her egging me on, I sucked harder and faster, using my tongue to push against her clit.

Selene : urghh… urghh….har… har… James… arhh.. urgh..

I could feel the quivering of her thighs right beside my cheeks as she shook when the volts of electricity rushed up her pelvic region, sending uexplained pleasure to her brain.

Selene : Oh… my god….. James…urgehh…..erngh…

When I was satisfied that I had turned her on enough, I inserted my tongue, stretching it out , sliding down her fleshy wet canal of her vagina to her love hole.

I regretted it immediately when I felt Selene adjusted herself, fucking her vagina onto my face, determined to feel the full extend of my tongue in her wet and hungry love hole.

I could feel a couple of gentle thrust before Selene regained some form of control and quickly backed away, revealing a wet shiny well moisturised face of mine.

Selene : Oh my god,, I’m so sorry… sorry.

She laughed as she tried to reach for the box of tissues at the side but I stopped her.

James : I’m not done yet..

Selene : haha. It’s ok… no need.

I held her down and I got on top. I adjusted her and propped her up on a pillow, making sure she was comfortable as she place and anchored her feet on the bed, allowing me access to her privates.

She was still wearing her heels and I had the pleasure of holding on to her ankle while feeling the texture of her heel at the same time.

Selene : James… it’s ok…

I saw her bite her lips, obviously embarrassed I had to go down on her.

James : Why ? you liked it don’t you.

She nodded but looked away and said isn’t it usually the other way round with our position switched.

James : I’m not a selfish lover, Selene…

And with that, I dived back down to her wet love hole, flicking and teasing her sensitive clit with my tongue.

I sucked on her fleshy mound, slurping up her natural love juice, swallowing as much in each mouthful as I could. Her vagina responded in kind, as if unwilling to leave itself dry and unlubricated and I could see copious amount of fresh sweet nectar being excreted with each uncontrolled convulsion and twitch of her love hole.

I tried to tongue fuck Selene and all the reservation about keeping her moans controlled just went out the window as she gave out a rather audible moan of pleasure.

Selene : Ergnnnnnnhh…..

I saw her grabbed the sheets by the side of the bed as I concentrated harder on her clit, flicking and sucking on her sensitive privates.

It was like a symphony that was slowly working it’s way to the climax.

Like a conductor waving his stick, my tongue flicked harder and faster.

Selene’s moan got louder and more intense.

I was shaking my head, trying to give out the last burst of my depleting energy like the conductor going into a trance, taking the orchestra into a level right before the dramatic ending.

Then like the sudden snap of twig, I gave a final large suck of her clit and Selene ended the performance with a blood curling scream which gave me goosebumps from the back of my neck to the bottom of my back.

Selene : ueghhher….. erghhhhhhh…..arhhhhh eughe..

Her body twitched and slammed down hard against the bed as she fought for control of her body that was going into spasm.

I gave her a few seconds to calm down before I excused myself to the bathroom to wash up.

I brushed my teeth and came back into the bed and cuddled up with Selene after I adjusted her undies which was already stretched and pulled out of position.

She sank comfortably into my arms, her breathing slowly returning to normal and her eyes closed after a little fluttering.

She dozed off for about 5 minutes before waking with a sudden twitch.

Selene :Oh no… I’m so sorry James… sorry…

She went on to say she spent the last evening crying and quarrelling and she could not help it.

I smiled understandingly and hushed her down.

I turned her away from me, adjusting her to a fetal sleeping position and kissed her on her cheek.

James : Close your eyes… it’s ok… take a rest first.

I stayed in bed for a good 20 minutes before I heard the slightest of snore from Selene.

I gently got out of bed and went to take a sip of water.

I waited a while more to be sure Selene was sound asleep before I went to my bag and retrieved my phone.

As my phone powered up, I looked at the state the room was in.

Clothes strewn all over the place, sheets in a mess.

I switched my phone to silent mode and started taking pictures.

When I was satisfied I had enough pictures, I started taking videos.

Video of Selene sleeping, of her wearing nothing but lingerie and heels in bed.


Selene woke up and it was my turn.

Now I not want to bore you and make you waste your time reading about a normal session that was not extraordinary.

It was a pretty simple affair, we fucked and we both fell asleep.

We ordered room service for dinner before we fucked again. There was no crazy stunts and there was no special happy endings, it was pretty ordinary.

I did get to cum raw once inside Selene though but that was the last session of the evening before we checked out around 2am in the morning to head back home.

April 2012

On the first week of April, I went with Selene for an abortion.

No, it’s not because she did not want to keep the baby but there was no heartbeat detected when she went for a checkup.

Aaron was informed only after she got back home to rest. He was upset that Selene kept it from him and he threw another fit, further deepening the rift between them.

They remained together though, for some reasons I could not fathom.

Selene was out of action for a good month.

Not because of the abortion but she was hit with a streak of bad luck.

Catching a bad cold which lasted for a full week before she caught chicken pox.

During this critical period, I took over quite a bit of Selene’s workload, including making frequent overseas trip.

Every time I came back , I would drop by Selene’s place to check on her and to update her matters concerning the office. It was a legitimate reason to visit and to spend time in her room.

Aside from some heavy petting, we did nothing else. I told her to wait for her body to recover.

My big break came on the 1st week of June

1st June 2012


Selene’s parents called me early in the morning and arranged for me to meet at a bank in Holland village.

We spent an hour having coffee and breakfast before I was added as a signatory to the company’s bank.

It’s a bit sensitive for me to be made a partner of the firm due to my age and my experience but they said they trusted me.

They trusted me to do the right thing for the office and they trusted me to help Selene run the company.

Only Auntie May and Kakak siti knew about this matter when I started authorizing the payroll. I requested that this matter be kept between us and they knew better than to share it.

I almost wanted to spit on the payroll when I saw how much Abdul and his team was getting compared to our local counterparts.

15th June 2012


My relationship with Selene remained purely as a friend with benefit and other than the fact that we were still fucking each other, nothing changed.

Her wedding plans went ahead and she said she was still marrying Aaron.

Perhaps she felt she would hurt Aaron’s grandmother is everything were to be call off.

Now I don’t see the point of sharing every single tryst with Selene here because sex after all is sex.

I’ve picked 2 particular ones to share before I wrap up this thread.


10th October 2012


Throughout the course of the few months, Selene and I got closer.

Not as FB or FWB or sex buddies or whatever, but as friends. Close friends.
We shared not only our physically needs but also provided a listening year to each other. If I was not strong enough, I would have been sucked into believing that she was my girlfriend and that one day we would be getting married.

Many times I read online about how far FBs would go and honestly, I envy the men, those who could lay their hands on such a catch. Having a FB who would always be there no matter how late, or how tired they may be.

My FWB relationships are short, they never last more than a couple of months, some are shorter infact, a couple of weeks.

My shortest was a week, thinking back, sometimes I wondered if I’m just a lousy lover.

Now my relationship with Selene really opened up my eyes, and my mind about what is really having a friend with benefits.

I may feel horny most of the time, sick thoughts readily available but that was not the case for Selene. Yes we may be fucking each other but don’t forget we were also colleagues, boss and subordinate, and we are friends.

Most of the time we spent together was about work, the occasional dinner, a couple of movies, then finally comes the sex part.

In fact I am almost embarrassed to say that we probably fucked only twice a month, max.

The truth is not easily to swallow even for me but I told myself to be satisfied with what I managed to achieve. Although I would like to hold her everyday, I knew that was not possible.

Many times when I walk into her office, I wished I could write down in my dairy that I bent Selene over her work desk and lift up her skirt.
She would struggle and moan while I ripped and tear off her stocking before roughly taking her on the table and ending it on her face.

That never happened.

The only thing that happened was Selene calling me into the room, literally bent me over and verbally fucked me upside down when I messed up on a project.

We would quarrel over work, laugh over lunch, and on my lucky nights, fuck like rabbits.

The feeling of sleeping with a soon to be married woman cannot be described in words, especially one you’ve had a crushed on for so long.

The low frequency of sex made each one special, each one better than the next, each orgasm we reached with each other more intense and memorable.

I would always remember 10th October 2012.

That day was Selene’s hen’s party.

I’m not invited of course, but Since Selene told me about it and that was an evening she could spend out without anyone questioning, I proposed not to waste it.

Then again she would be surrounded by her group of girlfriends, my sister included. If my sister were ever to know what happened, she would probably nail me to a cross.

That evening was special because it was impossible to plan in advance since none of us knew what the girls had planned for her that evening. She did make it clear that she was no longer young, and she was not interested in some crazy strip tease party.

James : You’re only turning 32, you are still young.

Selene : Haha, how is it that I don’t feel the same way.?

James : Come on, you don’t look a day over 25 Selene…

She laughed and put her hand around my shoulder that day after lunch as we took a slow walk to the main road to get a cab.

We always made it a point to each somewhere a little further if we’re dining together.

Selene : You’re probably the only person left that would still sweet talk me.
James : Haha. What nonsense.. you got your husband…

She laughed and replied in a joking manner.

Selene : Sure… when he wants to fuck me, he’ll sweet talk me…

James : Haha. What makes you think I was not having the same thoughts in my mind ?

As she hailed a cab, Selene just smiled.

I watched as the cab slow down before stopping completely in front of us and Selene replied before opening the door.

Selene : We’ve never fucked James, we make love. Haha.

I laughed and got into the cab with her to head back to the office.

She reminded me that she was meeting the girls at 4pm and would be leaving office early.

The tentative plan would be a spa, a dinner, maybe grab some drinks at the club, before girls’ night in the hotel room.

James : I’ve always wonder what a bunch of girls get up to in the hotel room.

Selene : Haha. We bitch all night.

We went back to work and Selene left office at 3.30pm

Now we do not have any fancy mission impossible plan but rather it’s a plain and simple one. It was the attempt to pull it off that made it exciting in a way.

The girls already got a room at Mandarin Oriental, and I got one too at the same hotel.

I checked in at 7pm after work as Selene text me that they’re heading out for dinner at City hall

I got changed and took a slow lonely walk along marina square, always keeping track of my phone incase Selene updated me about their location.


When Selene told me that they just entered marina square on the first floor, I quickly scrambled up to the 2nd and waited at a suitable spot.

I saw an entourage of girls appear, my sister among them.

Now Selene had already change out of her work clothes. Probably after her spa. Everyone was decked out casually but still good enough to enter a bar if they wanted. Most of the girls wore dresses, shopping bags on their arms.

Selene had on this one piece black dress that was support but a series of this straps on each side of her shoulder. It was not flimsy, it looked nice and elegant yet not too formal.

There was a modest plunge in her neckline, nothing too extreme but it screams of the charm, the maturity and the sensuality of a matured woman.
The dress traced and follow Selene’s body closely, hugging tight to her frame before ending a couple of inches above her knees.

A modest pair of heels which was different from the one she wore to work that day completed her look.

Now it would be unfair for me to say that Selene was turning heads that evening, most of the girls in the group were pretty good looking themselves, my sister included.

They were dressed up, ready to party and I could see they had the attention of men in the shopping mall when they walk pass.

Even the security guard uncle stole a peek and smiled to one of his colleague.

I must have visually undressed Selene 5 times before they disappeared out of sight.

I got a text from Selene that told me they’re heading to millennia walk.

I sent Selene a text too before heading back to my room to watch tv.

James sms : You look really good tonight.

I got a reply 15 minutes later

Selene : Stop stalking me !!

I laughed and went back to my TV.

Selene updated me about the events that evening and I was wondering if she did the same for her husband to be.

Did she tell him where she was, what she did and did her get real time updates on the things the girl made her do ?

From asking a stranger to buy her a drink to posing for photos, Selene did it all. I guess it was not hard for her given how she looks. She even managed to sell 2 condoms for $50 bucks a piece to 2 guys at the bar.

She had to part with her number though, but I doubt she would readily jump into bed with another man. Her life was already complicated enough.


I had actually fell asleep before jolting awake when I saw the message blinking on my phone.

Out of the original entourage of 7 girls, only 3 would be staying over together with Selene.

They just got to the room and are taking turns with the bathroom.

Selene said she’s heading down to my room and told the girls she needed to make a few phone calls.

I had barely finished reading the message when the doorbell rang and I immediately went over to the door.

I opened it and there she was.

My goddess.

She smiled and took a ladylike step into my room and I allowed the door to just slam itself shut as I took Selene into my arms.

It was just a simple secret meet during her hen’s night party but somehow the thought of it being kept hush hush and done behind her friend’s back turned both of us really on that evening.

We smiled at each other for a second of 2, waiting for the awkwardness to pass before we kissed. I tasted alcohol on her lips before the womanly taste of her slippery tongue toughed mine.

I chose to share this particular encounter because Selene was unusually submissive that evening. It was as if she wanted me to take her.

To take her hard.

To make her feel like a helpless woman.

I tried to carass and cradle her breast but she playfully laughed and held on to my hand before pushing me away.

I tried to go for her again but she laughed and giggled, avoiding my touch.


It was then I knew she was in her playful mood.

James : Don’t let me catch you Selene… you would regret it… haha.

Selene gestured to the watch she was wearing and added.

Selene : Time is ticking… haha.

I went over and grabbed hold on to Selene amidst her screams as she tried to turn her body away from me. I held on to her as she laughed and struggled but I managed to pin her down on the bed. It was a short one but it was arousing all the same.

I held on to her two hands and brought them to her back, crisscrossing them together and holding it in place with me left hand. Selene stopped struggling and I could her the sensual exhale of breath from her as her adjusted her body, perking her hips up towards me.

I flipped up her skirt and was shocked that she had no panties on that evening, I wondered if every girl was that daring on their hen’s night. After all, it was so called ‘the last time’ their party out.

I tried to undress myself with only my right hand and I found out how hard it was to be doing that while trying to pin Selene down even though she was not really struggling.

I finally managed to strip myself and I realised my condom was in the bag.

Now the thing about condom.

I may have fucked Selene raw before but eventually we came to a understanding that it was dangerous give her condition. Although I was pretty sure she did not mine bearing my child but we could not take the risk of her going through another miscarriage.

I definitely do not want to be the person to put her through that misery. We started using condoms soon after our initial meetups.

Perhaps that thin piece of rubber also in a way shielded Selene’s guilt for doing this behind everyone’s back. Perhaps she thought it was only fair that her husband to be get to do her raw.

I would never know.

I let go of her to reach for the condoms and Selene pushed herself out of the bed and hugged me from behind.

She shook her head at me and told me it’s safe. I was a little apprehensive but I was dam horny and aroused as well.

We kissed and I fondled all over her body, my hand feeling she smoothness of her dress, I pulled it up, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy before letting the smooth silky fabric fall back down, covering her modesty.

I hugged Selene from behind and I felt her leaned her head back on me and I smell her lush thick mane of hair as I reached for her nipples.

I felt the 2 pointed erected nipples beckoning me as I took them in my fingers, tuning and twisting them gently as I watch Selene close her eyes.

Selene : Aerghh…engh…

Her moans started out soft initially, accompanied by a gentle rubbing of her butt on my erected manhood.

Selene slowly bent her body forward in front of the dresser table and she lifted up her dress and spread her legs, balancing precariously on her heels.

I found the wet lubricated love hole easily and I slid in slowly.

Through the mirror reflection, I saw Selene looked at me with her hungry eyes, as if pleading for me to enter her.

I did not push in hard, instead I let the gentle momentum of the wet love hole suck me in slowly, allowing Selene’s vagina wall to stretch and accommodate my dick. With each inch of penetration, I saw the gently parting of Selene’s lips.

Her expression was one I always imagined in my dream.

When I was fully covered to the hilt of my throbbing dick, I withdrew and plunge myself back into the warm tight confines of her vagina.

Selene :Ernghh…

I saw Selene’s hands searching for something to grab on to as I withdrew myself and slam my hip down repeatly on her behind.

I held on to her butt cheeks, holding her against me as I worked up a good rhythm, her moaning added another dimension to my sexual arousal.
I could feel the nerves of my dick reacting to the squeeze of Selene’s vagina, begging for more.

As if fucking another man’s wife to be was not enough, she allowed me to do her raw on her hen’s night.

The combination of realising all these was a huge turn on for me.

I helped Selene off the dresser table and over to the bed, helping her panting body to lie down. I put her at the edge of the bed and lifted her legs and entered her again and she gave me one of the most submissive womanly moan I’ve every heard.

Selene : Erdddgnnnnnnnnnggg….oh… god..

I held on to her legs, bringing her knees to my chest as I fuck the woman of my dream, hearing my pelvis slam down onto her firm buttocks.

I positioned my head in between her feet, she had one heel on, the other fell off during the change of position.

I turned to her left foot, which was still wearing her heels and I kissed and licked her feet, licking and tasting her heel at the same time as I fuck Selene. She induldged me in my fetish, choosing to position and slap my face gently with her feet.

Eventually her heel fell off and I kissed and sucked on Selene’s toes, it was hard to fuck properly but I just slowed myself down. I sucked hard on her toe, trying to lick in between her little toes.

I know what you must be thinking but I did not care. I did not care how much dirt and germs I was sucking and licking. All I knew I was aroused, I was fucking Selene and I loved it.

I stopped and I took a breather as Selene tried to smooth out her dress, she would have a hard time explaining a suddenly wrinkled dress if it was too obvious.

I went to on top, going to missionary and I looked deep into Selene’s eyes as I entered her.

I pumped myself hard, watching her look at me helplessly as I held her hands over her head.

She moaned, scream, and begged for me to slow down but I continued.

Seeing her shake her head, pleading with me turned me on even more.

I could feel my climax coming and Selene’s soft whimper and moans were egging me on.

I wish I could tell Aaron that look, here I was fucking your wife raw on her hen’s night and there was nothing you could do. That kind of sick disturbing thought helped me built up a proper ending as I felt the pressure building and collecting at the edge of my penis.

Selene : Ergnnn..eng.. ernng.. har…

Selene was perspiring, so was I even in the cold room. It was a good session and we could both feel it.

I knew I was near the end and I wanted to take it higher, I wanted to feel different than just cumming inside Selene. I wanted her to beg, I wanted her to beg me to cum inside her.

James : Beg me… beg me to…

I was a pretty funny incident actually and we had a good laugh about it.

Selene misunderstood my intention and she did the opposite instead and begged me not to cum inside her.

Selene : No!... No!.. James…. Stop… stop…for a while.. please..

She started struggling, breaking the momentum I had worked out and I was forced to hold her down as she started screaming.

Selene : No.. please.. don’t cum inside me.. please…eng…engrhh.. eng.. please James..

And before I knew it, I fell over the edge of the cliff and I shook my body into spasm as I moaned like a fucking pussy, emptying myself deep into the recess of Selene’s vagina.

James : Arghhh….argh….arghh,…..

Selene : no.. James..

She tried to push me away but I collapsed on top of her.

We had a few moments to catch our breather before I told Selene she misunderstood what I meant and we both started laughing.

I tried to help her clean up but as we laughed, I saw the leak of my fresh creampie into Selene. Blobs of thick white semen flowing out, caking the sides of her vagina no matter how much tissue we used.

I passed her a towel to wipe away her sweat and helped her adjust her dress before she slipped on her heels

I kissed her at the door and we both laughed at how silly we both were.

Selene : It’s still dripping down the side of my thigh James…. What do you want me to tell your sister ?

James : Haha. … where is your underwear ? that would have helped isn’t it ?

She gave me a childish pout before snuggling into my arms for a hug.

I kissed her by the side of her cheek, hugging her close, she may be older than me but sometimes all women wanted was to be loved, to feel safe.

I went over to my overnight bag and I offered her a clean pair of my underwear and she laughed but she cheekily too it anyway, slipping it on and giving me a naughty look before biting her lips shyly.

I gave her one last kiss before she left my room to rejoin the girls.

I got a text at 3.40am to tell me that the girls were none the wiser and they all thought she was just in the midst of a long conference call.

We fucked again the next morning after breakfast when Selene had to make another call at 10am.

The girls had requested for late check out but I left at 11.30am and got back to office for work.

Selene came into office at 5pm and was working all the way till 11pm when she called me into her office.

She stood up, reached under her skirt and she pulled down my underwear that she was wearing the entire day.

Selene : It’s not comfortable at all James… you should try mine. Fabric is so much softer. Haha.

I laughed and kept my underwear. As much as I wished from something to happen, all I got was a kiss even though we were the only ones in the office.

December 2012

Selene got married and a lavish banquet was thrown. She looked amazing in her gown and I could not take my eyes off her, I wished I was the lucky guy beside her that evening.

If only I get to fuck her in the wedding gown, or the cheongsum which drew quite a bit of attention which she toasted the guest in.

March 2013

The frequency of sex between Selene and me peaked in March before it started to taper down slowly.

Selene was feeling a little stress that Aaron’s grandmother kept pestering her for a grandchild, on top of the work commitments she had.
Whenever the pestering got too much to bear, we would sneak off and sneak out for some time together.

I used a condom though, everytime.

May 2013

The ironic thing that month was when Selene told me she was pregnant again but when I asked her if Aaron knew, she shook her head.

James : If it’s mine I would take responsibility.

She laughed and gave me a playful slap.

Selene : Be serious..

We had a long chat that evening in may and I knew where it was heading. Selene told me that our relationship has got to stop. It’s not right.

I was reluctant but we are all adults. I don’t like being wishy washy.

However I managed to talk my way into a short layover at Langkawi in june enroute to Penang for our meeting.

James : One last holiday ?

Selene laughed and considered for a moment.

Selene : Ok. One last holiday.

It was then I told her something that I kept deep in my mind for the longest time. I told her about my attempt to steal her socks so many years back and Selene had the laugh of her life that evening.

Slapping her thigh and calling me a sick pervert.

Selene : Well…. I could still fit the uniforms.. although it’s a little tight and the pinafore is too short.

James : What ? No way.

Selene : It’s a new pair I bought…. Erm… when Aaron and I first started dating.

Selene : you men are all the same… lusting after an innocent school girl.

She did a dramatic act of framing her face with her hand and tried to act cute and we both laughed.

We parted that evening with nothing more than a kiss and a understanding that 12th June 2013 would be our last encounter.

I felt a little sad thinking about it but I knew that nothing good would come out of this kind of relationship.

9th June 2013


Selene text me asking which one I preferred.

Selene sms : The JC uniform or the pinafore ?

James sms : both

She refused, forcing me to choose one which I found it hard to decide.

She made it easier for me with another message

Selene sms : Which one you feel like raping me in ? haha

I chose the pinafore straight away.

11th June 2013


I knew that soon it was going to be the last time I get to have Selene all to myself and I was determined not to let the session go to waste.

I wanted something to remember her by.

I bought various toys from the sex shops, I got bandages to blindfold her, I got condoms, lubricants, everything.

And being the fucker I am, I brought a camera too.


12th June 2013


I could not sleep and I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to do a bit of simple stretching and exercise. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and I did not know what I was feeling

On one hand I was looking forward to that day but on the other hand I did not want that day to come.

It’s not as if I’ve never fucked Selene before but somehow knowing that it would be our last, I had this dreadful feeling that I might get emotional.

I got to the airport at 6.30am and did my check in on my own before proceeding into the transit area to wait for Selene.

Although we were fucking each other’s brains out whenever we had the chance, we still took precautions and did not see the need to be careless at the end. Aaron would make it a point to send Selene to the airport whenever she flew after they got married.

She told me she found it a hassle as she liked to check in at the last minute especially if she had work to rush but she did not want to argue with Aaron.

Most of the trips we travelled together but I would say about 70% of the time Selene would say she’s going alone and would be meeting me in the transit area.

I guess she did not want another confrontation with Aaron in case he lose his shit again.

I settled down at the same café where Selene had sprawled on during our previous trip.

The same table and seat where she remained while I bought her clothes from Victoria secrets.

I always take the same table whenever I travel even till this very day.

I would take the same seat, face the same direction.

Perhaps people who travel frequent enough might just see a weird perverted man who always liked a particular seat, who would always wait around till that seat is available.


I had a coffee in my hand and was enjoying the morning buzz when I saw Selene heading towards me.

I knew if I did not put down my coffee, I would spill it.

I was in my usual boring work pants and shirt and Selene was a direct contrast.

She saw me waiting at the usual spot and she smiled, dragging her trolley bag towards me.

There were no heels that morning, no formal business work wear, no power suits, no fancy bag.

I saw instead the little girl I once saw in Selene.

She was wearing a pair of modest short pants that was light brown in colour, it was not those ultra short shorts that showed off your butt cheeks, that was not Selene. It was simple enough that it looked classy, yet it showed off a modest amount of her thighs, leaving the rest to imagination.

Her legs looked exceptionally good that morning, perhaps it was just the lighting in the airport.

The same pair of legs I lusted after for so long.

The same pair that wore the socks I had stolen for so many years.

Selene had on a white halter neck top, I could see the thick ribbon like straps going around her smooth neck and the ends trailing behind her as she walked.

She had pulled a light grey cardigan over her top, she had a couple of buttons done up, giving her toned body a defined taper down to her slim waist before her full bottom.

She wore a pair of sneakers that morning, much like the one a school going girl would wear.

It was a pair of converse, I could tell from the way it looked and she added her own bit of spunk with the pink neon shoelaces.

A white cap completed her look, casting a mysterious shadow over her face but not enough to hide her matured beauty and smile as she stopped in front of me.

Selene : What ?

James : You looked….. Different. Haha.

She ignored me and left her bags beside mine before heading to get her coffee and breakfast.

We started chatting the moment she sat down and the first thing I asked was about her dressing.

James : Didn’t Aaron find it weird that you are dressed so casually ?

She just gave a dismissing wave and replied that she told him the meeting was only in the late afternoon. She’s just going to enjoy herself shopping and lazing around in the morning.

I kept stealing glances at Selene and I was sure she knew since she had a crooked smile on her face.

We finished breakfast and made our way to the berth.

I could not help but notice the contrast between us as we took the slow walk to board the plane.

I had that feeling of bringing my secret sugar babe to a short getaway. Going to an island where nobody was the wiser. Perhaps it was the forbidden taboo of banging a married pregnant women.

Banging another man’s wife. Satisfying her body physically and her mind mentally.

I was walking with a semi erection in my pants most of the time, thinking of Selene. Thinking of how I would be able to have her all to myself even though it’s only for a short time.

I thought about Aaron being in the dark about the entire affair and I felt even more aroused and turned on. The realisation that he would perhaps never knew my dick had gone into places he thought only he had went.

Would he ever realise my sperm too had the chance to swim up Selene’s warm love hole ?

Would he ever know that his lovely wife had buried my dick up to it’s hilt in her mouth, gagging and chocking as I mouth fucked her. ?

Would he even know that the very woman who had taken her vows on her wedding day was enjoying herself with me, screaming and twisting her body in orgasmic pleasure for the longest time ?

Would he feel the stretched pussy of his wife when he fucked her ?

These questions I would probably never know but I still liked to ask myself when I was in my own world.

Selene and I boarded the plane but we sat separately initially.

It was not a full flight to Langkawi that morning and once the seatbelt sign was off, I left my seat to join Selene, we were still separated by the aisle but it was a comfortable distance to just chat.

The 90 minutes flight was over in a flash and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as we waited to disembark the plane.

The short walk across the tarmac allowed us to enjoy the cheerful morning sun and after a good look around at the pathetic crowd that were queuing at the immigration, I felt it was safe enough.

Selene was queuing in front of me and I just took a couple of small steps to close up the gap between us.

I pressed myself against her, at the same time reaching around her waist, pulling her body against me.

I tiled my head to the right, smelling her neck before kissing her.

She playfully tapped at my hand asking me to stop it.

Selene : Don’t be crazy James… haha.

I stopped after a peck on the lips.

We cleared the immigration and proceeded to the car rental booth.

I got the paperwork out of the way and after a short visit to the petrol kiosk, we were driving along the runway towards our hotel.

We passed grazing cows littered along the road and the occasional chicken dashed across our car.

After a short 15 minute drive we arrived at the touristy beach area and got to our hotel.

We did not chose a big commercial hotel but I chose a small privately operated villa at the end of the road.

I did some research and there were less than 20 villas in the compound and it offered all the privacy we required.

We checked in and by the time we got the key to the villa, it was coming to 11.30am.

As much as I wished to get everything started, I just went with the flow. The last thing I wanted was to show how desperate I was to lay my hands on Selene. I changed out into something casual and we left the room.

We took some brochures and maps from the reception and we drove around the island, visiting places of interest.

We spent the entire afternoon exploring the island in the car, we went to a few waterfall and took the ride up the hill on the cable car.

We held hands, took pictures, ate ice cream and before we knew it, we were on our way back to the villa thinking of where to get our dinner.

In the end we settled for a simple meal by the beach, sharing a pizza and sipping cold beer as we enjoyed the cool breeze.

James : I don’t think you should be drinking in your condition.

Selene : Aiyah, little bit should be ok.

James : Just doesn’t feel right .

She laughed and pushed aside the rest of her beer and ordered a cup of juice instead.

We ran out feet through the sand on the beach, walking and enjoying the sunset like the few couples we saw. I felt so carefree, without a worry in the world as I held Selene’s hand.

Our conversation slowly died down, and eventually we walked back in silence back to the car.

We took a short 5 minutes drive back to the villa and Selene asked me to take a shower first while she call her husband.

It felt a little weird suddenly, the thought of the woman I was about to fuck is calling her husband, telling him about her day, how was her meeting and what she had for dinner.

I took a quick shower and when I stepped out, I saw Selene lying belly down on the big bed, her legs up in the air as she spoke with Aaron over the phone.

She stuck out her tongue at me and continued her conversation as she rolled over the bed.

9 pm 

She finally ended her phone call and went ahead to take a shower. 
I took the opportunity to frisk through her luggage and checked out what she brought along.

Aside from the usual lingerie and work clothes, I saw a neatly wrapped bag of clothes tucked right at the bottom of the luggage. It was tightly wrapped and folded over, and it was wedged in between a layer of sleep clothes. 

I could feel the anticipation in my heart rising as I did not need to guess what was inside that bag. 

Something that I craved and lusted for more than a decade. 

Selene took her time and I settled down in the living area to watch some TV. Eventually I settled on the MTV channel, increasing the volume and just let the music fill the background.


I could smell the aromatic soap provided by the resort before I caught sight of Selene. She had already changed into her bathrobe and she settled down by my side on the sofa. 

We cuddled up without a word, just enjoying each other’s company in the living room. 


It started with a bit of gentle stroking and kissing and we slowly made out in front of the TV. I could not remember how long it lasted but I remembered Selene getting up and leading me by the hand into the bed room. 

I slowly undid her bathrobe and allowed it to fall to the floor as my body nudged her backwards to the bed. She sat down first, but her hands were cupped by the both sides of my face, and we engaged in a long wet kiss as we slowly maundered our body into the middle of the huge bed. 

I was still dressed but and Selene helped me off with my top before I clumsily slid off my pants. 

I was already erected and I felt a rush of blood to my groin when Selene grabbed me tightly, her fingers curled sensually round my member, tugging at it, teasing it, toying with it. 

It was not a mindless tug and tug and tug and tug. 

It was not just for the sake of pulling and tugging at my swollen stick. 

It was something different. 

I could feel the emotion from the way Selene’s hand slide along the shaft of my manhood. I know you must think I’m crazy, that I was just imagining things. 

But all I could say was that evening felt different. 

The movement was slow, it was measured, it was controlled. As if Selene wanted to feel and remember every vein, every muscle. 

I felt her lips left mine as she nudged me to stand up. 

My throbbing dicked hovered for just a second in front of her face before I felt the wet kiss of her mouth. The same mouth that I just kissed. 

I’m sure most of us have had blowjobs before and we all relished the comforting warmth that slowly enveloped our dick, but what I felt was not just a simple blowjob. 

The sensitive tip of my uncircumcised dick came into contact with Selene’s wet lips, and I saw her pouted her lips for a kiss. It was a slow one but enough to give me a shiver. It felt as if my foreskin was a lip itself and Selene slowly worked her magic. 

She parted my already stretched skin, nudging and kissing my sensitive head beneath, it’s the fucking feeling of suddenly feeling the stimulation, then feeling nothing, then your brain craved for that feeling again. 

I would never know when would Selene push down on my pee head with her tongue, I would never know when that suck I craved so much would come, I could only shiver and wait, and I longed for the arousing sensation Selene’s mouth was giving me. 

I don’t know how much time passed before I gave out my first moan. 

I felt a sudden push and a gentle pop as I felt my stretched foreskin pushed back right when Selene’s mouth covered my dickhead. The exposed sensitive nerves fired hundreds and thousands of electrical signals to my brain and when Selene sucked down hard, giving a gentle tug, I moaned. 

James : Erhnng…harrr… 

That sent some form of affirmation to Selene as she continued what she was doing. The sourish warmth made my legs tremble. 

She stopped barely 2 mins later, allowing me to collapse onto the bed on my knees. 

Selene : Haha…. Nice ? 

I nodded my head like a hungry schoolboy experiencing it for the first time. 

Selene got up and went over to her luggage and I heard the rustle of plastic bags. 

I propped a couple of pillows behind me as I watched Selene unfold that familiar set of clothes.

That familiar set of school uniform. 

She just not just slip it on for the sake of wearing it, she put on a plain white bra. Nothing fancy, something you would wear to school. 

I saw her slipped and pull on a pair of grey cotton panty. As if that were not enough, she pulled on a pair of her old PE shorts, the school’s faded embroidery still a little visible at the bottom edge. 

Then I saw her slowly button up her white blouse in front of the mirror. 
She was definitely not looking at the mirror, she was looking at me. 

She took her time smoothing out the creases as she twirled to her left before turning to her right to check herself. 

She slipped on her pinafore and adjusted her bearing again, making sure she looked proper and decent. Selene tighten and clapsed on her belt, immediately defining the curves her matured body gave to that sexy set of uniforms. 

But then I was already breathing though my mouth. 

Yes, you may think I am exaggerating, but I’m not. 

Subconsciously, I just started breathing though my mouth. 

And what Selene did next made me grabbed the bedsheet. 

She took from her luggage a rolled up pair of socks and slowly slid them on. 
I was ready to pounce. 

Then she just left the room without even looking at me and she headed to the living area. 

40 seconds later when she came back, I realised she just slipped on her shoe. 

She gave her hair which was still wet a quick ruffle before tying them up. 

I could feel my heart thumping against my ribcage as the thought of a married Selene, a married woman doing this just for me. 

I got off the bed and was about to head towards Selene when I saw her head to her toiletries bag. She opened a case and she put on a pair of trendy nerd specs that made me collapse upon my own weight and just sank to the floor. 

James : Stop… stop it… Selene… leg soft liao. 

Selene : Haha. .. yah right. 

She took a magazine, went over to the dressing table and pulled out the stool. 

She smoothed out the back of her pinafore in a ladylike manner before sitting down and crossing her legs. 

She gave her spectacles a gentle push upwards as if she was adjusting them before flipping open the magazine. 

She gave me a slight crooked smile and said in a playful manner. 

Selene : how do I look ? 

I struggled to get off the floor and stood up before replying. 

James : Like a fifteen year old …..


Selene laughed and looked away from me in a coy manner.

Selene : Hahaha. Yah right…

James : It’s true… honest…

She got up from her seat and left the bedroom, I followed closely behind her and caught up just before she settled onto the sofa.

I hugged her from behind, pressing my naked body onto her school uniform.

Selene : Oei….. stop…

She tried to pry my hands away but I held on tighter, pulling her body against mine, rubbing my erected dick against her pinafore.

She managed to turn around and settle down on the sofa and she folded her arms and crossed her legs again, giving me a look that told me I needed to work for her.

James : Ok.. ok.. fine… what do you want me to do ?

She just smiled and shrugged her shoulders, indicating that she had no idea but she just did not want to make it easy for me.

I got down by her feet and I kissed her ankle, the part where her socks met her naked shin. I kissed it gently and I felt my dick throbbed harder. I nudged the soft cotton socks with my lips, and I wet Selene’s shin with my tongue, kissing and savouring the sensual feet of a married woman I was about to fuck.

I tried to move my kissed higher, but I felt Selene’s leg move in disapproval, and she indicated that she wanted me to go lower.

I held Selene’s left leg which was crossed over the right with both my hands, gently bringing it upwards to my face, like a devote worshipper holding the statue of his deity.

I stuck my tongue down Selene’s sock, tasting the fabric, her skin and inhaling the unique aroma of her feet, her socks, her shoes, and of course, my own saliva. Other that the occasional twitch in Selene’s leg, she did not make any major movement.

I bit down on her shoe laces, tugging it away with my teeth to untie them and I slid off her shoe. It was at that instant when Selene uncrossed her leg.

She switched, putting her right over her left, she did not put her left foot on the floor, instead she placed it on my lap, hovering close to my dick which was craving for some attention.

Needless to say, my attention was drawn to my dick and the proximity of Selene’s left leg and I was momentarily stumped for a moment. I maneuvered myself closer, eager for her toes to touch me. Without warning, Selene’s sock clad toes found the tip of my erected dick and she wrapped her toes around it.

James : Erhggi….harrarrrrr..

It was a fucking amazing feeling as the rush of emotions and feelings began rushing to my brain. A married woman willingly using her toes to touch me, to give me a feeling that I crave.

It was impossible to grip my dickhead fully and securely, but Selene tried. She gripped on as tight as she could, shaking her feet, jerking my sensitive and hungry dick.

I was just enjoying the sensation when I felt a slap across my right cheek.

Selene just feet slap me with her shoe which was still on, telling me that she wanted it off as well.

I don’t know why, I really don’t know and I can’t explain.

I felt so fucking turned on at that moment, being bitch slap by Selene’s shoe, I felt so small and weak and insignificant, I wanted to just kiss and service her feet.

Yet deep down I wanted to hold her tight, I wanted to fuck her hard, I wanted to hear her scream and beg for me.

I immediately grabbed hold of her feet and I kissed her right feet while her left gripped and tugged me in an awkward position.

After a while, she repositioned herself and used both her feet to grip my dick, jerking me off with her foot.

The fun lasted only a while before both of us got bored and the initial high wore off.

We cuddled for a while, before making our way to the bedroom and I asked Selene to put on her shoes again.

I told her that I brought along some toys too and I proposed to try something different, to take things to another level.

She was initially a little resistant to the idea of being blindfolded and I had to slowly coax her into it.

I sat her down on my lap, much like back in the school days when I was dating, in a quiet park, a quiet void deck and I could get my girlfriend to sit on my lap.

I hugged Selene from behind, my hands slowly exploring her body, moving up to her supple and firm breast. Breast that Aaron thought he had exclusive access to.

I fondled them, playing with Selene’s love pillows, I used my right hand to stroke her right thigh, every stroke I pulled her pinafore higher and higher, revealing her toned, hairless thigh.

I could feel Selene getting more and more in the mood as she tried to move and grind her body on my lap.

My fingers found her PE shorts, and I slipped underneath them the same time Selene gave out a helpless yelp.

A sensual moan.

Selene : Ernggh…

I found her panty in no time and the wet and sticky patch told me she was ready for me.

I slide my finger outside her wet panty, pressing and teasing Selene as she tried to grind herself against my finger.

I got her off my lap and turned her over to face the bed. She knew what to do and she supported herself, bending over 90 degrees and supporting herself with her hands while she still stood on the ground.

I reached in and caught hold of her PE shorts, sliding them downwards and Selene gave a soft moan, as if she was deliberately egging me on.

I did not take off the shorts fully, I slid it down, letting it stop just below her knees, the elastic band although no longer as taut, still function as sort of a restrain, not allowing Selene’s to properly spread her leg.

I lifted up her pinafore, and I went close, feeling the softness of her school uniform on touch my pelvic region. My dick searched hungrily for the warmth and wetness of her love hole, and I could feel Selene trying to position herself for entry.

I found the sweet spot in to time and in one smooth motion, parted her wet panty and felt the tip of my throbbing dick slid a little into her warm pussy.

Selene : Ernghhh….egnn…

I slid in a little before I withdrew, teasing Selene and trying to control myself at the same time.

I knew I wanted in, I wanted to plunge in deep, to feel the tightness of her vagina, to feel the press of her muscles, to feel the grip of her vagina walls, yet I found satisfaction in depriving myself of that moment.

I found that the longer I waited , the more I teased, the high that came with it was unbelievable.

I thought about Aaron, thinking about him at home in Singapore, thinking that his wife was out on a business trip, yet here she was, dressed up as a school girl, bent over the bed in front of me.

It gave my body a shudder, it make my knees shake as I pushed myself in a little more, feeling the warm sticky and slippery vagina stretch and accommodate my dick.

The tightness constricted my throbbing dick like a noose, and I slowly eased myself in a little more.

Selene : Erngghhhh…. Erngnnnnnn James… ergnneee…

I slowly pushed myself in fully, burying myself deep into Selene’s vagina.

I took a moment to appraise the scene, to look at the back of her body. I could see her trying to turn and look at me, I saw the creases on her white blouse, I saw the folds on her blue pinafore, I saw her hair falling beautifully onto the bed as she tried to push herself against me.

I reached forward, cupping my hands on Selene’s breast from behind , squeezing and rubbing them a little roughly and I was rewareded with more moans and screams.

Selene : Ergnnn…harr… egnnnee..hh..

I stood up after a while, straightened my body and I clamped my hands down on her butt cheek, I withdrew myself, getting ready to plough back in and I could feel Selene’s body shake as she gripped down on the bedsheets, getting her body ready for the final push.

It was a dream come true after so long, after so many years and as I took a deep breath, my eyes widened, my mouth opened wide and I impaled my dick all the way back into the lovely folds of Selene’s vagina.

Selene : Eurghhhh..urghh…

It was not the first time I had sex, it was definitely not the first time I slam down hard enough to hear the sound of our body echo out into the room. The smacking sound that day was loud, really loud.

I don’t know why.

Perhaps it was the villa’s construction, perhaps it was the way it was made, the echo was amazing.

Selene’s screams, her moans, were greatly amplified, perhaps end of the day it was just my sick brain. My sick mind sending the different feelings and sensation to my body, fucking with my basic senses but it was an amazing fuck.

Selene really let herself go that night, she screamed, she moaned and at one point when we changed position for her to get on top of me, she moaned and drooled onto my face.

I did not stop my pounding, I kept going on, hitting hard, forcing myself to perform better and longer.

We tried a few positions.

Aside from the usual few, I made Selene try a few sick and twisted positions.

Sick things only my mind could conjure up.

I made Selene go to the corner of her room, much like a student being disciplined.

I made her cross her arms and pull her ears, I made her squat down and suck my wet erected dick. She was resistant to it initially but when I pushed myself into her, I felt the forceful suck of her mouth. Her hands tried their best to pull her own ears, and I tried my best to fuck her deep in her mouth.

James : urghhe… ughh.. suck me harder…

I could tell Selene really gave it her best, I felt like I was a perverted teacher, punishing a student of mine in a perverted way.

I stopped her punishment as abruptly as I started and I pulled her over to her bed.

I stripped her off her underwear and pinafore , leaving only her blouse and bra on. Selene was still wearing her socks and shoes.

I got her to sit on me as I buried my face into her breast and I felt her fingers grip and hold on to my hair at the back of my head.

I thrust myself upwards, sending waves of electricity into Selene’s already sore and abused vagina and she moaned and scream beside my ears.

It was a solid hour of changing position, of vigorous pounding and sucking before I felt the sensation.

The tension slowly building up

James : I’m coming…

Selene : Stop… stop… go get a condom… starting to feel a little sore already.

I eased myself out and we cuddled up for a minute or so. I tried to wriggle my way out of wearing a condom but Selene did not want me cumming raw inside her.

I managed to negotiate for a CIM after much persuasion.

I also managed to convince Selene to be tied up and blindfolded for the finale.

It was a quick affair, I did not have the luxury of time to slowly position and place my camera. I tied Selene’s hands behind her back before blindfolding her.

I made sure she was well blindfolded, and the knots were tight.

She was not as patient as Cidney was, and the moment I got her down on her knees, her mouth was opened, searching for my dick.

It was at this moment I quickly turned on my camera, and I started taking photos.

I snapped away as Selene sucked away on my dick.

It was not as sensitive and I would have taken a while to cum but perhaps it was the secret act of taking pictures of Selene.

The secret snapping of pictures that made me feel the rush of excitement.

As I clicked away, I made sure I captured all the angles.

I had frontal shots of Selene going down on me.

I took selfies with her head down.

I held my hand out, trying to capture as much of the scene as I could.

I wanted to relive that moment again in the future.

I wanted to one day revisit the evening in the comforts of my own room.

I want to look at Selene’s facebook picture one day, I want to look at a picture of her happy blissful family one day and watch the videoa again, knowing in my heart that she once did this for me.

She once wore her school uniform and spent an amazing evening with me overseas.

It was a sick thought but I was aroused by it.

The thought of in the distant future, of us meeting again as colleagues, as friends, and the thought of me having the pictures.

I switched it to video mode and I started recording.

Selene’s head bobbed up and down, the Tv playing music in the background, me moaning with each powerful suck.

It was a short video, but it was enough.

I captured enough to last me for the rest of my life.

I felt the familiar contractions in my dick and I quickly off the camera.

There was no place I could hide it except under the bed and I slowly lowered it to the ground before kicking it under.

I held on tight to Selene’s head and my body shook violently. I moaned and I erupted a stream of hot sperm into another man’s wife.

Selene milked me dry, sucking down hard on my sensitive spent dick and made me moan like a sissy that evening as I begged her to release me.

She did not swallow, her mouth ballooned up and her cheeks swell.

I helped her up to her feet and guided her to the bathroom and untied her.

She spit and rinsed her mouth before we had a shower together, washing away the sweat and grime of our session.

Selene told me she was pretty sore down south and that concluded our activity for the evening.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and we carried on making out like rabbits in the morning after we woke up albeit in a more gentle manner.

I came, she came, I came again, she did so again too until we were both spent and panting on the bed, on the sofa, on the floor.

It was a trip I would never forget in my life.

We checked out in the afternoon and went for our work trip to Penang as planned.

Perhaps it was the feeling of being overseas, we fucked again in Penang although Selene felt guilty about it afterwards.

17th June 2013


Our trip was concluded over the weekend and the next time I saw Selene was on the Monday after we came back to work.

Her parents were in office too and they called me around 11.45am that morning, asking me to join them for lunch.

Selene did not join us.

Selene’s parents bought me lunch at a Chinese restaurant and made me a proposal, they partner up with a small company in Penang and they wanted to know if I was interested to head the team over there.

As they told me the details, I can’t help but asked myself whether Selene knew about this from the start, whether she knew her parent’s plans for me.

They were sincere in their offer in terms of pay and opportunities, I found it hard to turn them down and since there were hardly anything left for me to stay for in Singapore, I accepted the position.

I text Selene that evening, asking if she knew all along and all I had as a reply was a smiley face.

I left SG for Penang on the 1st week of July 2013, settling down at a small office near a hospital.

I would fly over every Sunday evening and if I wanted to, I came back on Friday evening to spend time with my family.

It was not until the end of July 2013 when I got a mail from Selene that says that she wanted to take a break. I did not know then that her meaning of a break would be to hand over the rein of the office to Abdul.

Things just seemed to happen so fast within that couple of months that I found it hard to keep up.

30th August 2013


I came back that day for a dinner gathering with the old colleagues.

I stepped into the office in Singapore physically for the first time since I left and I realized it was a different place altogether.

Tan and Sue were packing up their desk, they had tendered their resignation when they knew Selene was leaving and nothing her parents said could keep them.

Uncle Sahim and Kahlid would be staying for another month before they leave.

Auntie May was in the midst of handing over the admin and finance matters to a new colleague from a neighbouring country.

Kakak Siti decided to retire after seeing the colleagues whom she had worked with for so many years leave.

Peter started a small practice and Sarah decided to join him.

I sat at the pantry and looked at the office again.

The office where I had grew and learn for so many years.

The people were different, the environment felt strange and the overall mood was different.

Abdul’s team expanded tremendously over the past couple of months.

Auntie Poon still worked at the pantry but she says she was talking to Selene’s parents about coming in part time.

We had a long dinner at a Halal restaurant in the east, we chatted, we laughed and we talked about the past.

Amidst the laughter, I saw the wrinkles on my colleague’s faces, the weary tiredness of decades of work, the bond between colleagues.

It’s been a long journey.

I went from an innocent school boy, to the monster I am today. The office carried so much memories from my growing up years, I found it hard to put down in words how I felt that evening when we were having dinner.

We parted ways around 10pm and i went on with a drink with Tan and Sue.

Tan got a little drunk and started blabbering about how well Selene's dad use to run the office, how everything was back in the old days before Abdul came onboard.

We parted at 12.30am and Tan left me with a parting phrase that i had to google to find out the meaning.


10th September 2013

I dug out the dairies and journals I kept and I read through them, recalling the fond moments of my life thus far.

At 10.30 pm that evening, I called up Selene’s facebook profile. I looked at her photos, I scrolled through her wedding ceremony.

I retrieved my hardisk and I replayed and relived the moment in June as I looked at Selene’s latest facebook postings.

Her announcement of her pregnancy, her bump starting to show, her pictures with Aaron, even their holidays.

12th September 2013

I woke up that morning, sick, with a fever and a running nose.

I found myself checking out facebook profiles, scrolling to Cidney, liking Sarah's post, and downloading Selene's pictures.

I made myself a cup of coffee and i decided to pen this down as a keepsake.

.................................................. .....................

The end.