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Fifteen - Vol 2

19th October 2010


I was browsing around vivocity for a suitable present for Cidney when something struck in my head.

If 20th was Cidney’s birthday, why was her luggage lock set at 930.
She did give me a smile when I asked if it was her birthday a couple of month ago. Perhaps it was just assumption on my part back then but there was no reason for Selene to wish Cidney a happy birthday if it was already over.

It bothered me a little but I managed to get a nice pen and a notebook for Cidney. She loved to sketch and I’m sure it would come in handy.

20th October 2010


I got to the airport at the same time I saw Cidney getting out of the cab. She was lugging out the suitcase I lent her since the last trip, using it ever since then.

I had been using the really big one all this while, choosing to bring along only a small bag as my carryon, wasting precious time waiting for my luggage during arrivals but it’s fine with me.

I did not want to crush the nicely wrapped present and was carrying it in my hands in a nice bag.

I called out to Cidney and we entered the terminal together.

While queuing for check in, I presented Cidney her present, wishing her a happy birthday.

James : Happy birthday Cidney .

Cidney’s eyes widened and her jaw literally dropped in front of me.
She looked really embarrassed, one of the last expression I had expected to see.

Cidney : Oh no. .. haha

She started waving her hands together, bowing a little, looking really sorry as she pushed the bag back towards me.

James : Huh ? What’s wrong ?

Cidney : No ,no . it’s not my birthday.

I gave her a puzzled look and she tried to explain but it came out in shambles.

I could only pick up a few phrases here and there.

Even at the check in counter, she was still trying hard to explain, and she was almost in tears, the lady helping us check in even asked if she was ok.

James : Calm down Cidney. Calm down. What is it ?

Cidney : It was a joke. Selene’s idea.

James : What do you mean ?

As we walked away from the check in desk, Cidney explained and make herself clear.

Her face was flushed red, her cheeks really blushing to the point that I thought she had an overdose of blusher.

She did not even look at me in the eyes and as she spoke, her steps took her further away from me.

It turns out that she told Selene that she thinks I’m quite a nice guy during lunch one day and Selene had been trying to get us together.

And Selene told Cidney that if I knew it was her birthday, I would surely get her something on the trip.

It was at that point I felt a mix of emotions so strong that I wanted to just smash the trolley in the airport.

I was angry.

Yes, fucking mad.

I wanted Selene. If you have had the experience of someone you like trying to pair you up with someone else, you would know how I felt then.

My blood was boiling and it made me want to just rip the clothes off Selene and fuck her there and then in the airport if she was there.

So many years of crushing on her, and she wanted to pair me up with someone.

This is how monsters are made.

On the other hand, I felt this tender sweetness from Cidney, her shy innocence, her forthcoming comments to Selene . It made me feel guilty that I was mad.

I was of course lost for words for a good minute or so before I recomposed myself.

Cidney was apologetic, she kept saying sorry and offered to buy me breakfast.

I made her keep the present, as an apology for not remembering her birthday in September and after much persuasion, she agreed.

I did not really talk to Cidney during the plane ride and it must have made her feel pretty bad.

Yes I was angry but I got over it.

Since Selene wanted to push her to me, there was no reason why I should not make use of it.

I bought a bottle of whiskey at the DFS before boarding the plane.


We concluded the meeting and got another job with the client on some retail shops he had dotted around the city. I saw the fees he was adamant we offered and did some quick sums.

We won’t make a profit but we could at least break even, sustaining the team for the period of the job.

Sums should be Selene’s business but I can’t help thinking about it when I thought of the whole picture.

Selene agreed to the job via tele- conference and we wrapped up the day with tea at the Client’s tea shop


Cidney must have apologized for the hundredth time that day when I did the check in for both of us at the counter.

I kept telling her it was ok, it was a joke and I’m fine but she seemed really guilty.

On my part, I did acted a little, pretending to be nonchalant, a little aloof. I made a play, as if I did not really care to talk to her.

You know those kind of shit when you are not really angry but just want to pretend you are.

Yeah. That.


Inside the lift, I could see a frown on Cidney’s face and she tried talking to me, I could almost feel she was going to cry but I decided I could push that a little longer.

I have to milk it for all it’s worth.


I had my shower and was ready for dinner.

I waited till 7pm before calling Cidney for dinner.

It was as if my voice was the catalyst for her tears and the moment she heard my voice, Cidney started crying.

In between sobs, Cidney said

Cidney : I’m so sorry , James. Please don’t be angry.

She paused for a breath before adding

Cidney : I thought you’re not having dinner with me.

Listening to her soften my heart a little but I was clear towards my ultimate goal.

I spoke calmly and told her I was heading over.


I knocked on Cidney’s room and she opened the door.

She was still in her work clothes.

A white top and simple black work pants.

Her eyes were red and she looked really innocent and helpless.

If I was not the monster I was, I would have fell in love with her and end the story there and then.

She radiated that kind of aura that would make men want to take care of her, to love her, to make babies with her.

I opened up my arms and she took it, apologizing again.

Cidney : I’m sorry. Don’t be angry. I thought Selene was just joking.

James : It’s ok. I’m fine.

I took a napkin and wipe off her tears for her.

I gestured to the bathroom and ask her to go ahead and shower, I’ll wait for her.

She nodded obediently and went to her luggage.

The luggage I lent her.

I took a seat near her and saw that she did not change the password. It was still 013


While Cidney took her shower, I had a good feeling.

That kind when you know you’re going to score.

I ran through the plan in my head again, planning the sequence carefully. If it all went well, I could have Cidney that evening.


Cidney came out in a dress, a simple black one with shoulder straps.
Her hair was wet and she had to wrap the bottom of it with her towel as she quickly got ready for dinner.


We ate at a HK café in the basement and we chatted normally.

We finished desserts and we strolled around. I could almost recite the stores around the corner having been to Times square so often lately.


Cidney : Are you feeling better James ? Are you still angry ?

I smiled and asked

James : What If I said I was still angry, what would you do ? haha

She did not know what to answer and just stared at her feet.

Her feet that day was clad in heels. A pair of light grey heels that propped her higher than her 1.55 height, probably adding at least 3-4 cm to her petite figure.

I knew I had emotionally brain fuck her enough for that day and I wanted to test the water before taking the plunge.

James : I feel like drinking. If you drink with me, I’ll feel better.

Cidney looked a little unsure but she agreed.

James : You sure ? don’t regret ok.

She replied that as long as I stopped being angry with her, she would do anything. I bought a bottle of green tea from a convenient shop and we made our way back.

I can’t help feeling shitty at myself, exploiting the innocence of a little girl. Cidney was barely in her mid-twenties , but her innocence was unparalleled to any other.

I told her I’ll see her in her room in a while and I went back.

I got changed into my sleep clothes, just simple pants and top and went over to her room with my bottle of whiskey.


We still had to work the next day so I had no intention of knocking her out.

I wanted her high and tipsy.

I wanted her relaxed.

Most of all I wanted her vulnerable and confused.

Then when the moment is right. I will make my move.

We drank whiskey with green tea, and I could tell Cidney was not a good drinker. She tasted the sweetness of the green tea and gulp down the drink, prompting another refill from me.

We drank with the hotel glass, a small one which was placed in the bathroom.

Cidney downed 4 of that within the hour and I decided it was enough.

She was still standing although her cheeks were blushing a little.

She laughed and giggle a little more when I cracked some silly jokes.


James : Wait here ok. I’ll go get something.

Cidney : What is it ?

James : Your real birthday present.

Cidney: James, I’m sorry, can we don’t do that again. Don’t make me feel guilty.

I smiled and I pulled her up to her feet.

I guided her to the bed and made her face away from the door.

James : I’ll be right back. Promise me you won’t turn around.

She nodded and I left with her key card, plunging the entire room into darkness as I removed it from the power slot.

Barely 3 minutes later, I returned.

I switched off the light switches before plunging the card back in, leaving only the glow of the bathroom light on.

Cidney was still facing away and I approached her slowly.

When I finally wheeled the luggage of hers that I managed to fix in front of her, Cidney’s hands went to her mouth and she was quiet.

The room was silent and it was just the silent roar of the air conditioner.

30 Seconds must have ticked by before she stood up.

Cidney : Oh my god James.

James : Happy belated birthday Cidney.

She hugged me, pressing against me hard, causing the natural reaction down south.

My pants were pretty loose and she must have felt the prod of my erection.
Cidney released herself and we just stared at each other in the dark.

I poured another drink, neat.

I passed it to Cidney and had one myself and I proposed a toast.

Our glasses touched and Cidney finished it in a gulp, before immediately opening her mouth, hissing at the burning sensation.

I knew I had her when she automatically came back into my arms.

We could have sex if I wanted , the body language and signs were clear but I did not want to just have sex.

I wanted something more.

I needed to do something sick.

I needed to do something perverted to mind fuck myself.

I did not want to just put on a cap and cum inside Cidney.

I needed more to vent my frustration and anger at Selene. It was unfair to Cidney but I just felt endless wave of frustrations. It was like all my years of pent up frustration pushing against my dick.

I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down.

I held Cidney’s face in my hands and our eyes met.

Then her eyes closed.

We kissed, a long one. About a minute or so before I pulled myself away.

Cidney looked up, giving me a questioning look, as if asking why did I stop.

James : Put on your heels ?

Cidney did not question me but instead went immediately to the door and slipped on her heels.

She came back towards me and as I held her, her body shook, no doubt nervous about what was about to happen.

Then something totally unplanned happened.

Cidney took the bottle of whiskey and took a swig right from the bottle, then another.

She took one final gulp before setting the bottle down.

We kissed again and I could taste the aroma of the single malt on her lips.

I stopped and told her I needed to grab my toiletries bag in my room and she must have understood what I meant.

I guided her to bed, she wanted to take off her high heels but I told her I wanted her to wear them into bed, I wanted her to keep them on.

I left her room with her key card and took the caps from my bag.

I took my time, returning 5 minutes later.

In the dimly lit room, I could see the petite figure of Cidney lying on her bed, her black dress and heels still on.

Her eyes struggled to open and she was definitey woozy.

I kissed her feet, smelling her heels at the same time.

I planted my lips on her ankles, taking in the erotic smell of her legs.

I kissed my way up from her shin to her calves, determined to coat every part of her body with my kisses.

I reached the part where her knees were, and I could see a couple of inches away the hem of her dress covering her modesty.

I licked her kneecaps, kissing the back of her knees as well, smelling the start of her thighs.

I paused and checked on Cidney.

Her eyes were closed.

Her breathing peaceful.

I gently shook her.

James : Cidney….Cidney..

She opened her eyes, giving me a couple of blinks before smiling.

Then her eyes closed.

I stood up and feasted my eyes on her still covered body.

I shook with excitement, like a little boy about to unwrap his Christmas present.

Worst of all, I imagined her to be Selene, lying motionless and still in the room with me.

I took a deep breath and decided I’ve waited long enough.

I aimed for Cidney’s privates in the dark, pressing my nose deep into the dark recess, taking in a deep breath, sending blood to my erection.

The softness of her dress enveloped my nose, the silkiness of the fabric brushing against my face cause my dick to push painfully against my shorts.
I snuggled my nose deeper into her privates, smelling the freshness of her love hole.

It really smelled very good, I’m not kidding.

There was the fragrance of her shower barely hours ago, there was also perhaps the perspiration she had while we were walking around.

Mixed within the variety of smell was also the unique aroma of Cidney’s love juice.

If technology could one day allow you to read on this and smell what I had that very evening, I would no doubt share it.

Words cannot describe the excitement and pleasure I felt when I ran my hand up Cidney’s thighs.

I felt her soft skin on my palm, as I brushed my way up her legs, breeching the cover of her dress, I felt the change in texture as soon as I hit her undies.

I let my right hand do the exploration as I kissed Cidney.

Her eyes were closed, but I was sure she’s still awake. She was aware of what was going on.

It’s just that she chose not to open her eyes.

She must have felt nervous, afraid, her mind uncertain of what I would do.

Her soft lips responded a little to my kiss, parting them a little, allowing my tongue to wriggle in, tasting her saliva.

By that time my right hand was already giving her a good decent rub down south.

Cidney was not clean shaven, but from my touch it felt neatly trimmed.
There were no stray ends, no large untidy curly tips, I felt instead the short and soft tips of her pubic hair brushing against my fingers as I parted her undies away.

I felt a sudden twitch of Cidney’s body as I finally landed my finger at the entrance of her love hole.

The sticky wetness told me what I needed to know and I pulled my finger away, letting her undies fall back into place.

I chose to massage her love hole through her underwear, letting that thin piece of fabric absorb her essence. We kissed for a long time, or rather I kissed for a long time as Cidney laid still.

I would not describe her as a dead fish, I have had dead fish before and she is definitely not one.

Cidney would strike me as obedient.

It felt like taking the innocence of a virgin although I doubt that was the case, she had previous relationships before and I simply would not believe if the bf could resist laying his hands on her body.

Her dress was still on but even in the dim light, I could see how tightly the dress hugged Cidney’s body, as if it had a life of it’s own, as if it wanted to protect her from me.

The curves of her breast, the flatness of her tummy, even the tightness around her breast. Thinking back, it was hard to believe I manage to lay my hands on such a prize.

Cidney’s undies were sufficiently wet after a good 5 minutes of teasing and rubbing.

Some girls would secrete copious amount of natural lub and Cidney was one of them.

I could feel a sudden push of wetness like a water wall pushing against the already wet underwear. Her breathing got a little faster but her eyes were still closed.

I could feel my fingers getting a little wrinkled, soak through it’s skin by Cidney’s love nectar.

I gently tugged Cidney’s hand, and her eyes opened, her body shivered as I let her up to her feet.

She was too shy to look at me in the eye for long and she choose to hug me, pressing her firm bouncy breast against mine.

I brought her over to the dresser table and she bent over obediently.

My dick was begging to be let out, it was as if it could see the petite tight body of Cidney in a black dress bent over in her high heels in front of me.

I slid down Cidney’s underwear, helping her legs to get it off totally.

She rested her head on her hands, and made minute adjustments of her behind, offering her most private region to me.

I slid off my boxers and I pushed myself into her love hole.

It was not too tight, I slid in easily but I could still feel the strength and integrity of her muscles.

Her sacred temple was not a frequently visited place.

I pushed in deep, burying my dick right up to the hilt and exhaled a long deep breath, my brain relishing the warmth and comforts of her wet vagina.

I withdrew and entered a couple of times before working up a momentum I was comfortable with.

Within seconds, I was smacking my pelvis against Cidney’s behind, filling the room with the sound of our bodies slapping against each other.

I lifted Cidney’s right leg slightly off the ground and she struggled to balance with her left heel as I ploughed my dick into her love hole.

It was awfully quiet for the first 30 seconds before Cidney finally could not hold it in and she gave a suppressed moan.

I decided to change position and led her to the bed.

Since she was pretty obedient, I asked her to ride me on top and she just nodded her head.

I laid down on the bed, feeling the softness of the sheets. Cidney straddled me, lowering herself onto me.

She looked at me in the eye for half a second before turning away in a shy manner.

It was a comforting feeling, her warm body taking control of her hungry hole, dragging and pressing against my erection.

I felt Cidney’s hand rest on my chest and she kissed me on the lips.
I felt a sudden change in her motion as she lifted her bottom up before fucking my sensitive dick deep into her vagina.

It was too sudden and I gave an uncontrolled moan of pleasure, before I could get over the sensation, Cidney worked up a rythem and before I realised it, I was no longer the person doing the fucking.

I was being fuck

I have had my share of relationship and sex but it was not often I had the feeling that I was helpless and on the verge of losing control.

Cidney’s vagina is different from others I’ve tried, it was as if she could time the contraction of her vagiana walls right when she fucks me deep into her, squeezing my dick for all it’s worth.

My mouth gapped open, so did my eyes as I grabbed the bedsheets on my side like a rape victim.

I did not even realised I had just gasp in a big breath of air and just held it within me, my body shaking together with Cidney as she rode me fast and smooth.

I saw her hand reached for something, and when I saw it, what she did was the last thing I imagined.

It was her wet and soiled undies.

She kissed me on the lips, but at the same time pressing her wet underwear on my face, rubbing her love juice all over me. The coldness of her wet undies contradicts the warmness of the lips, sending mixed and confused signals into my brain and my dick.

Then I felt the ticklish tickle in my dick and I quickly told Cidney I’m almost cumming, I needed the caps.

James : Cidney, stop…. I need to get the condoms…

She rode me for about 10 more good strokes and I tried my best to hold it in.

She got off and without second thought, took me into her mouth. I felt her clamp her lips around my already sensitive dick and I knew I had lost control.

James : Cidney, oh no… shit… ahhh…

As I tensed up my entire body for the inevitable, I felt the suction from Cidneys mouth increased and with a loud pussy moan, I shot my load into Cidney.

I remembered it was a good 2 squirts, pretty decent amount from what I felt but it was the subsequent smaller squirts that really sent the electricity down my spine, causing me to collapse like a rag doll onto the bed.

Cidney grabbed the napkins by the side of the bed and spit out most of my seeds.

She did not rinse herself and I was sure she swallowed some.

She kissed me again, her eyes watery and big in that dim room.

Without a single word, she snuggled up beside me, sleeping in her tight dress and her high heels.

21st October 2010


We woke up , greeting each other with a smile. Cidney was still shy but she looked well rested. She did not get her orgasm and when I offered, she just shook her head shyly, saying it’s ok.

I went back to my room and got changed for work.


We wrapped up the project discussion with the client and made our way to the airport.

Cidney was already using her new birthday present, and I had my old smaller luggage in my bag.

We held hands on the plane for a while before she fell asleep and let go.

22nd October 2010


Cidney and I briefed Selene about the new job and I was having difficulty concentrating. Selene was wearing a black dress that Friday, and she had heels on too.

It made me angry, it made me horny and I could feel frustration building up.

I may have had CIdney but I wanted Selene.

The more I look at her, the more badly I wanted her.

It felt like I had a broken childhood, the only way to fix it would be having Selene all to myself.
29th October 2010


It was barely a week to the big day.

We all knew what our roles were.

Selene, Tan and I met for one final round of discussions and we disseminated the information accordingly to our ops group.

Over the weeks, we made adjustments and changes along the way.

Some members have to be left out, not because they were unwillingly to contribute but the circumstances they were in did not allow them to go all the way.

Peter and Cidney would take on a supporting role due to their work permit. We felt it could jeopadise their career in Singapore if they did anything rash.

Cidney took on an additional role unknown to others. She gave me what i wanted during that stressful period.

She wanted a relationship and i agreed, on the condition we kept it a secret until Abdul is gone.

5th November 2010


It felt funny to be called the vanguard team. It didn’t sounded right but I guessed it was better than being called advance party.

We were all early, some of us arriving with coffee at 6.30am that morning.

It was a big day after all.

At 7am sharp we met in Selene’s office and nobody said a word.

We greeted each other with a nod of the head, acknowledging each other and at the same time thinking of what we were about to do.

There were no brave warcry, no grand army marching with drums and fanfare.

It was a quiet room filled with quiet people.

We crowded around Selene’s table and she felt it was her duty to make sure everyone knew what we were doing and we were all doing it willingly.


Selene : Please take the last moment to think it through again.

She looked at me, passing the imaginary mic and I added one last sentence.

James : I cannot say we will definitely succeed, but at least we tried.

I made eye contact with the people in that room.

First was Tan and Sue, who taught me so much since I was 16.

Then came Sarah, memories of our evening at Quincy came flooding back and she gave me a determined nod.

I went on to Auntie May who nodded her head. She was the one who gave me my first paycheck, the person who first made a deposit into my CPF account.

Auntie Poon who works the pantry gave me a warm smile.

I remembered the first cup of coffee i had was from her. She makes the best coffee in my opinion, still choosing to use the sock as a filter despite the hassle.

She makes 2 small pots everyday without fail, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Where others chose the convenience and the trend to use the coffee machines, some of us would never fail to have a cup of her coffee everyday.

Kakak Siti was deliberately left out as part of a later plan and she would not be joining us as part of the vanguard.

Uncle Sahim and Uncle Kahlid gave me a nod together before giving Tan’s shoulder a squeeze.

Sue turned back and smiled at them.

Old comrades in war.

Between the 4 of them were more than a 100 years of experience in this industry, and they were not exactly young.

They were the baby boomers, the people who contributed the most to the country, they made more sacrifice than anyone in our generation could.

And i was proud to be able to stand in the same room beside them that day.

I felt a sudden weird feeling rising inside me.

It made me wanted to tear.

Gathered in that room were not heroes, we are not some fanatics trying to prove something, we are not fighting for oil, natural resources or land.

We were all trying to survive.

It was never about us against the foreigners, it was about doing what is right.

It was about making a stand and I can say I never felt that proud in my life to be able to stand beside my fellow singaporeans that morning on the 5th of November.

Abdul has to go.

I finally settled my gaze on Selene and gave her a final nod.

There was a moment of silence and Tan stood up.

All eyes went to him.

He spoke a single sentence and it sent goosebumps through my body right to the back of my neck.

Tan : 欲求文明之幸福, 不得不经文明之痛苦。

With that he placed a single white envelope in front of Selene.

Sue added hers to the pile and the rest followed.

I took mine out and added to the pile which is now being arranged in a fan shape in front of Selene.

Selene took a deep breath and looked at the 8 envelopes.

Selene On behalf of the company. I accept your resignations. Your one month notice period starts today.

We all left the room and got back to work.

30 days to get this done.

And the clock has started ticking.

As per the plan, Selene would have dropped Abdul a message at 9am sharp.
The fucking scholar usually comes in around 10am unless he needed to be in early.

On certain Fridays, we won’t see him before lunch.


Selene started her ‘coffee session’ with the staff which had just resigned starting from Tan.

What would have been an exit interview of sort, was actually just plain old chatting. It’s all about putting up a front.

We had agreed to spent about 30 minutes each in Selene’s office, as a gesture of showing that she was not involved in this coup and she was trying her best to get each staff to stay.

Abdul got into office at 9.45am and without heading to his office, he immediately opened Selene’s door without knocking.

I took a deep breath and waited for the moment.

I had promised Selene that she could shout at Abdul till the cows come home and there was nothing that fucking scholar could do about it.
Abdul must have saw Tan inside the room and he closed the door without apologizing.

He shot me a look, with what looked like bloodshot eyes and I returned it.

Don’t give me this shit about staring.

I’ll stare you back down and dare you to throw the first punch.
Abdul went into his room and slammed his door. His team must have gotten a shock as they had no idea what was going on.

I carried on my work, at the same time I kept looking over to Abdul’s team.

I was on the lookout for the 2 smokers that takes frequent breaks. I was waiting for them to head out.

Part of my duties includes spreading of information.


Tan left the office and Sue went in immediately.


Abdul went and opened Selene’s door again without knocking and I was pretty sure I heard a rather audible sentence from Selene.

Selene : Can you at least knock Abdul ?

The door was left to close on it’s own and Abdul stomped out of the office.

Seeing their boss leave prompted the 2 pinoys which I was waiting for to get up from their seat.

I followed that 2 Pinoy girls, Cristobel and Christina out the office and I joined them as their usual smoking spot.

It was drizzling lightly that day, the skies looked gloomy and dark and I had no doubts it was exactly how Abdul was feeling.

They were surprised to see me but as I lit up a fag of my own, they asked where do I usually smoke and how come they’ve never seen me do it before.
I told them I only do it socially and I prefer to do it further away from the office 2 streets away.

We chatted casually and I asked about their work, they gave pretty ambiguous answers about their project and I was not surprised.

I had access to all their files and decided that they would be the first to go. They had some shit qualifications from some unknown school with shit experiences.

There was a couple of companies listed on their resumes but the moment I found one of the companies was the one that was in cahoots with Abdul, alarm bells went off.

They were being paid in excess of 3.5k a month and were holding on to an EP each. In my opinion, that was just pure overpaying.

I casually dropped the news that I tendered along with a few old staffs and they were shocked. I added that they probably had to cover some of the work on our end since we’re looking at almost 80% of staff from Selene’s team leaving.

They did not believe what I said but I just shrugged my shoulders.

I went on to add that the market was pretty bad out there, I managed to secure a job but they did not pay as well.

I added more details, throwing in words like market is slow, wages are stagnant and stricter manpower requirements just to mindfuck the 2 girls.


I got back to work and saw the whispers and chatters at Abdul’s team gaining traction.


Sue came out and it was Sarah’s turn.


Abdul came back with breakfast and coffee. In case you are wondering, it was only for himself.

He went straight to Selene’s door again and opened it.

That was it, that was the que for Selene to flip.

Exactly as I promised. The actions of a fucking scholar that was too predictable.

The moment that door was opened, I heard Selene’s voice being projected to the entire office.

Selene : Oh Come on Abdul ! Can you for god sake at least KNOCK !.

She slammed a document down on her desk that silenced the whole office and Abdul just left

The hokkien word to use at that point in time would be called ‘ Lan Lan. ‘

He was obviously angry and he slammed the door to his office.

Minutes later, I saw Kakak Siti being calling into Abdul’s room.
Kakak Siti left barely 5 minutes later.

The pieces were all falling together.


Uncle Khalid entered.


Unchle Sahim


Auntie May


Auntie Poon.

Within that short span of 2 hours, Abdul must have came out at least 10 times to check on Selene’s door.

I wanted to laugh but it was too early.

Cidney looked pretty worried but I told her everything would be fine. She was wearing a short denim skirt that day and I was already wondering what she had on underneath.

I was looking forward to the weekend with her, we would have sex of course but it was more than that.

She was so obliging, so obedient and agreeable to every manner of sick perverse act I could think off that I could literally try out all my sexual fetishes on her.

I may be in a relationship with Cidney but I felt different. I was not in love definitely but she satisfied my needs. It suppresses my broken brain, at least for a while.

I needed a cure and my cure is Selene.

Yes, I know you are cursing at me right now, for being a jerk, for making use of Cidney for my own selfish needs.

Perhaps you would even want to spit in my face for being such an ass but I don’t care.

I really could not help it.

I’ve never felt such strong feelings towards anyone before, I wanted Selene and I wanted her bad. I wanted to hold her tight, pressing my face onto her breast. I wanted to plunge my tongue into her wet love hole.

I wanted to suck on the perspiration on her worn socks or her gym gear.

I wanted to lick her toes and rub my dick on her face.

I wanted to even put on her undies to work, I cannot imagine how many times I masturbated to the thought of wearing Selene’s black panty hose, feeling the erotic touch of her worn clothings.

I wanted to wrap her worn wet undies around my dick, perhaps suck on her nipples and hear her moan.

I even wanted to stuff her nipple into my nostril.

As if those weren’t bad enough, the angrier I got, the more perverse my thoughts became.

I knew I needed help when I started fantasizing about Selene in a totally different manner.

Yes, I wanted to fuck her but not just a normal fuck.

I wanted her to fell my hate, I wanted her to resist and cry but in the end do my bidding. That was how sick I was during that stressful period.

Thankfully after every release, I gained back a little of my sanity. And I honestly thank Cidney for that.


My turn.

Abdul came out at the right moment when Auntie Poon left the room and he just cut right in front of me, entering Selene’s room.

Selene was good, she looked tired, her hair fizzled and messy, she must have kept brushing them about.
There was a permanent frown on her face, and she looked pretty pissed.

Damm she can act.

Selene was wearing a pair of Jeans that day. It was tight of course, every crinkle at a testament of her toned and slim legs.

A pair which I wanted to lay my hands on for the longest time.

I saw her heels chucked at the back , in a corner and her office slippers dangled precariously from her toes.

I felt an erection stiring.

You see how sick I was ? Just a pair of dangling slippers gave me an erection.

She had on white sleeveless blouse, and her arms looked deliciously good as she fiddled with a pen.

Abdul straight away turned towards me and asked me to get out.

Abdul : Get out, we’re having a discussion.

Selene immediately shot back at Abdul.

Selene : James will stay, I have no time for you now Abdul. We talk later

Abdul lost it and raised his voice, telling Selene that he had been waiting the whole morning to speak with her, as if that was not enough, he added this line.

Abdul : These people have already tendered, why bother talking to them ? Just let them fuck off and do whatever they want.

Selene lost it too and screamed at Abdul, releasing years of pent up frustration at him.

Selene : Abdul ! These people get more things done than your entire fucking team !

She stood up and grabbed her bag, asking me to join her for lunch.

I exchanged another stare with Abdul before leaving the office.


The first thing Selene said after we ordered out lunch was ;

Selene : Si Bei Song ah…..
We chatted over lunch and Selene was texting away in between mouthfuls of noodles.

I teased and asked if it was her bf but she said no.

James : Don’t break my heart Selene, you know how I feel towards you.

She laughed and kicked me with her heels.

I felt the rising fumes of jealousy bite into my heart and I fought to keep myself calm.


Selene entered Abdul office and did not leave till 5pm

She dropped me a mail saying that she requested for Romano and Rajah to help out on her team, as predicted, Abdul would not release the only 2 person that was actually capable of getting things done decently.

She went on to field the other 2, which was Christina and Cristobel, she wanted the 2 of them to take over my project and work with Cidney.

It would be convenient for the girls to travel together too.

Abdul agreed.

Selene called for a meeting at 6pm , and under Selene’s supervision, I off loaded a shit load of work onto Christina and Cristobel.

I kept stressing on the deadlines and how certain drawings needed to be out.
We went on without dinner and by 9pm, the 2 pinoys looked pretty shagged out.


I went for a nice dinner with Cidney and she took care of my well-being that evening.

8th November 2010


Kakak Siti informed Abdul that after the current group had resigned, they do not meet the quota for the number of staff holding S-pass in the office.
People needed to go.

Abdul needed to make a decision.

There was some leeway and time of course and you could always ask for an extension.


I went with a smoke with the 2 Pinoys again and started passing on the information. Fear had to spread, the people holding the S-pass needs to be worried.

12th November 2010


Auntie May went on a 4 days sick leave.

There was an unusual calm in the office, the news and excitement probably settled down.

2 people in Abdul’s team were very unhappy.

Romano and Rajah.

I heard more work was being passed onto them.

It was one week to the day Christina and Cristobel started working on my projects.

Everything became a mess.

From the most basic drawings to the coordination with the client’s rep. They fucked up so much within a week that Selene gave them a formal warning on Friday.

They looked stressed and I saw them going around their own team, asking for help.

I wanted to burst out laughing when I overheard them asking Romano how to draw a roof connection detail.

Romano asked Cristobel to fuck off rather audibly as he was busy with his own work.


Selene went into Abdul’s office and made a formal complaint that Christina and Cristobel had no idea what was going on.

She dropped me a mail with the contents of their discussions.

Their basic knowledge of architecture and technical skills were highly questionable.

She wanted them gone but Abdul defended them strongly, adding that they are good, just needed time to adjust.


Selene threw out an entire stack of drawings out of her office that was submitted for her approval.

Christina started picking them up alone.


I saw her head down with Cristobel for a smoke break and I caught up to them.

Christina was crying and I saw the opportunity to make my move.

I suspected what was going on for a very long time and I just needed an opportunity to use it. There was no way someone like Abdul would pay these 2 jokers that kind of money.

He just needed to get them into the office working for him.

It was a simple arrangement; he just needed to jack up their pay to a certain level to apply for the necessary work passes.

In turn they give Abdul a certain percentage of their pay, one of the oldest tricks in the book which a lot of companies are using.

I offered to light up their cigarette as Cristobel tried to calm Christina down.

I tried to sound sympathetic but dropped more hints to mind fuck them again. I apologise for handing over so much work to them,

I left 5 minutes later , leaving them on their own.

Office coup aside, I had other plans. I knew full well what my ultimate aim was.

It was to have Selene.

She had been testing a lot lately and I suspected she was seeing someone. I pretended to ask Cidney about it but she said she did not know.

I would have wanted her to find out but not in such an obvious manner.

If she was indeed seeing someone, that would really make my blood boil.

Here I was trying to save her company and she’s seeing another man behind my back.

It was not as if we were in a relationship, but I am a selfish man.

I just wanted her for myself.


Selene called Christina and Cristobel into her office.

I continued with my work together with Cidney.

At 7.30pm

The 2 pinoys came out and went straight to Abdul’s room.

I left office shortly after and spent a tiring night with Cidney, reacting out my sick fetishes, taking my pent up frustrations on her tight nubile body.

15th November 2010


With Auntie May still on leave, no one in the office got their pay.

Pay day was scheduled on the 14th every month, together with the last day of grace period for CPF submission for the previous work month.

Someone from CPF board called, the call was directed to Abdul.

16th November 2010



Selene dropped me an sms , saying that Christina had tendered her resignation that morning because she threatened to fire her if she could not get the drawings fixed.

Abdul was seen entering Selene’s office and there was a heated discussion.
It was loud but I found out from Selene that Abdul had no choice but to let Christina go when Selene picked on her experience and capabilities.

She went on to tell me when she asked Abdul for Christina’s past works just to compare, Abdul kept quiet and left.

17th November 2010


I saw at least 7 person waiting at the pantry for their interview.

All foreigners.

Abdul will not curl up and die, we expected him to put up a fight.


Abdul left the office after finally going through 5 interviews.

Why 5 ? Apparently that fucker told all 7 to come at 9.30am.

2 got pissed and left.

19th November


Abdul wanted to speak with Tan and they ended up quarreling.
It was loud and everybody just kept quiet. It ended with Tan showing Abdul the finger in front of the whole office.

He shouted out the last sentence which prompted Abdul to slam his office door in Tan’s face.

Tan : I’m going to call the police and let them know what you are up to. I’m going to report all your nonsense to the authorities.

As if that wasn’t enough, he said it out loud enough to the rest of Abdul’s team.

Tan : And I make damm sure to drag everyone involved to have their statement taken.


Kakak Siti dropped Selene a mail which was in turn forwarded to me.

Wint, the only Myanmar staff we had tendered his resignation.

Auntie May handed out the payslip to the staff. For the first time in so many years, pay arrived late for the office.


Cristobel came out of Abdul’s office, and it was obvious she cried.


Cristobel tendered her resignation.

Abdul did not make an attempt to keep her.

I did a tally of Abdul’s team and crossed out a few names.

Cristobel - checked
Christina -checked
Wint - checked

22nd November 2010


I got a couple of contractors I worked closely with and bought them dinner.
We scratch each other’s back, something that is part and parcel in my industry.

I tested water of course and when I was sure they knew what I wanted, we toasted to a mutually rewarding partnership.

We chatted casually and I updated them about the office I was working in.

We were quite close and had done quite a bit of sneaky things to get projects wrapped up before I came over to help Selene.

Amongst them all, I was closest to Beng soon, the eldest son of the boss of a mid sized local construction company.

I happened to check my phone for a message which Cidney sent me when Beng soon leaned across to say something.

He saw Cidney’s picture and teased whether I knew her at a ktv.

James : Fuck you la, my colleague. Architect ok ....

Beng Soon : Eh, chio leh. Your gf ar ?

James : Yah. Why ? Jealous ar ?

Beng Soon : Aiyah. Of course la, you see my face, confirm cannot get chio gf one.

I did not know if it was the alcohol or it was just the plain fuck up brain of mind.

I looked at Beng Soon, he was about my height but he’s at least 80KG.

Not exactly too fat but chubby, he had curly hair too just like phua chu kang.

As if that was not enough, his face was pretty rough and dark, having spent so much time out in the sun.

I slurred and teased Beng soon.

James : Why ? interested ar? I intro you to her you want ?

Beng Soon : Don’t talk cock with me la. James. Hahaa..

I drained my glass and tried to look as serious as I could.

James : What would you do if I say you can have her without her ever knowing ?

Beng soon laughed for a while but stopped when he realised I was serious.

Beng Soon : Don’t talk cock with me hor, talk serious one can or not James.

I poured us a drink and I made him a proposal.

James : I can arrange on 1 condition.

Beng Soon just listened with his eyes open, and as I elaborated, his eyes got wider.

Beng Soon : James, you sure or not.

James : Do we have a deal ?

Beng soon thought about it for a moment and he shook my hand.

As he shook my hand he added.

Beng Soon : You are a fucking monster James.. haha

I smiled and added.

James : Not yet... not yet...

Ultimately if I were to get Selene, I could not do it without external help.

Now that the coup was underway, I needed to start building up my support.

Toppling and getting rid of Abdul is but one matter, ensuring my continued presence in the office is another altogether.

I may be a risk taker but I want the odds to be on my side.

Abdul has had his hands in the cookie jar for so long and I knew for sure that palms needed to be greased for his other jobs.

In fact, the jobs that he brings in were questionable themselves, I needed to have someone on my side if I were to take over these projects eventually.
I would be naïve if I think I could just continue working with Abdul’s preferred contractors without any repercussions.

Beng Soon was an option.

He had the resources to support what I wanted to achieve.
We could achieve a great deal together.

Beng soon , with his current position, could not care less about money. He has them, his dad left him a legacy, a business, all he had to do was just take over.

Beng Soon would not be moved with money. He needed something else.
He has a steady stream of jobs from old clients, dangling a couple of small jobs in front of him is like throwing mud against a stone fort.

I needed to tempt him with something money cannot buy.

No, I’m not talking about some hooker by the streets or in the whorehouse.
I’m talking about my girlfriend, Cidney.

I love Cidney, there was nothing I do not like about her, she is sweet, obedient and caring. She calls me every night, telling me what she had done for the day, what she had for dinner.

She comes over to my place over the weekends sometimes, and she would arrange all my clothes, iron my shirts, hang up my pants.

She satisfy me thoroughly in terms of sex, anything I wanted, she gave.

She is an angel.

An angel with a tight body. Her petite figure was a bonus for me.
It just seems so…. Manageable.

She can be easily dominated. Easily held down, easily restrained.
I like to press the hands of my partner down above her head, holding her in place.

She can moan softly like the purr of a kitten, and she can raised her volume and put the couple in the next room of the budget hotel we go to in shame.

I like being in control.

I could tell Cidney loved me wholeheartedly and there was a possibility I would want to marry her given the right circumstances but the time wasn’t ripe.

It’s my fucking illness, it’s my fucked up brain.

It’s Selene.

I needed to have her, and the feeling is eating me out from the inside of my gut.

I could not find the words to describe; I really could not no matter how much I tried.

I want to have Selene, even if it’s for only one night. Even if it’s for only one time.

And for that I was willing to sacrifice anything and everything.

Even Cidney.

Selene is my cure. I told myself after I got her , that was it. No more.

I could finally be rid of my childhood illness, I could finally move on.

Cidney may love me but she is not a slut. She would not willingly go sleep with another man even if I forced her to, especially not someone like Beng Soon.

She met him before, she said he looked rough.

Cidney : Very dark. Too much sun. Very scary.

Cidney : He speaks very loud too.

Uncouth men.

Not exactly the first choice of demure girls like Cidney.

23rd November 2010


I made plans with Cidney, I told her we’re spending the weekend out. I have a surprise for her.

She was excited of course.

Cidney is the kind of girl who would be contended and satisfied when you bring her out for dinner, spending time with her would be more than enough.

She did not need anything fancy, just as long as I was by her side.

I made reservation at a rather new hotel. Studio M at Robertson quay.
No, it’s not just a staycation, it’s something else.

I could have sex with Cidney at my place, at her place or even somewhere in public, it didn’t matter.

That weekend was just the beginning of a long session.

She was obedient yes, but I wanted to push the boundaries and limits of her obedience. It was critical that I succeed.

It was the only way I could bring Beng Soon over on my side.


Abdul scheduled someone in to take over the finance matters from Auntie May but it was another foreigner. The lady left shortly after lunch and never came back.

Abdul was pissing mad when he could not find the girl he brought in shortly after coming back from lunch.

I was not surprise.

Yes, anyone with accounting background could take over.

Our sums in the office isn’t exactly rocket science.

I bet Abdul did not have half the brain to at least bring in someone who is familiar with local practices.

He was not in the best of mood that day and he took it out on Rajah.

Rajah is a north indian, he is a pretty good designer and he has a really good temper and attitude.

He ignored Abdul and just took his bag and left office with Abdul screaming behind him.


I had lunch with Cidney and she was curious what I have up my sleeves that weekend.

I had introduced her to so much within such a short period of time.

Bondage, dildos, rough sex. The outdoors, inside the cinema.

Things she had never done and was always reluctant to try.

I always had to coax her along, slowly pull her towards the ultimate destination. By the time she realised it, it was already too late, she always felt obliged to go along with it.

She was too nice and obedient to refuse me.

Abdul left office and never came back.

25th November 2010


I brought in another 2 small projects from old contacts, 2 shop houses that needed to be restored and converted into a hostel in Chinatown and lavender.

Selene got in a small ID job for a Semi – D in Jalan Kayu.

I had a short discussion with her at 6pm and she updated me on the current situation.

It came to her knowledge that Abdul had already contacted her parents with regards to the going on in the office. It appears they will be meeting to talk things out.

A quick check on the sums showed that if Abdul were to go, we have enough work and funds to keep everyone involved in the coup going for a year.

That does not include bonus and misc expenses.


Abdul called Rajah and Romano into his office and they did not appear again until 5.30pm


When Abdul left the office, he shot me a look before leaving, as If saying that he will not die without a fight.

I believe he gave Tan a similar look too when he pass him at the pantry.

I had that nagging feeling in the back of my mind.

I prayed this would not be a long drawn battle.

26th November 2010


I got into office at 9.00am and I was surprise to see Selene’s door closed. The blinds were not drawn and I could see a few others inside the office.

Besides Abdul and Selene, Selene’s parents were inside the room as well.
They did not leave the room till 1pm to break for lunch.

Selene looked tired, and I could see the frown etched deep into her face. I wanted to talk to her but I could not get a chance to.


I received a call from another old client who had a semi-D that needed to be demolished and rebuilt.


Kakak Siti approached me at the pantry and told me something which surprised me.

Shukrum , Vickrum and Indah has been given 1 month pay and asked to leave by end of the day.

I felt my heart skip a beat and for once I smell a small victory.

That was until Selene came back from a late lunch and gathered me and Tan into her office.

She would not let on anything other than the fact that her parents invited all of us to their place for dinner on Sunday evening.

I tried to probe, see if I could get any hint or anything but I couldn’t. Selene just said her parents had their own plans.

Abdul left the office at 5.30pm that day with a smirk on his face.

He did not even bother to speak with his 3 staff that was dismissed.

I felt a little uneasy seeing Abdul so confident that he will survive this. It left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

I know that it’s impossible to have things my way all the time.

I cannot win all the time.

But still I don’t like losing
I wanted to speak with Selene in the pantry when I saw her refilling her cup at about 6.30pm that Friday.

I was quiet in my approach from behind, taking my time to slowly admire her figure.

She was wearing Jeans that day and she was busy texting away on her phone.

Her white t-shirt looked tight and stretched from behind. Perhaps it’s the fullness of her breast pushing the white fabric.

My eyes traced the contours of her legs, Selene is taller than Cidney and with her long legs, she looked better in jeans.

Cidney might have a good figure, yes it’s proportional, but if you don’t have long legs, you don’t have long legs.

She is petite, a different kind of beauty. It’s like a tight package, waiting for you to unwrap, whereas Selene is comparable to an elegant sculpture, you need to take your time to slowly savour it.

I tapped Selene on her shoulder and I could smell the shampoo from her hair.

James : What’s the situation ?

Selene gave her phone a few more taps before saying that there’s some new development but she was told not to say anything.

Her parents want to speak with all of us.

James : Is it good news or bad news ?

She shrugged her shoulders.

Selene : Depends on your perspective.

I left the office at 8pm together with Cidney and made plans to meet the next afternoon at Robertson quay.

27th November 2010


I gave Beng soon a call to discuss a few things. One of which was the new jobs that I got.

I dropped very obvious hints that those could be his for the right price and he was very professional and addressed my concerns promptly.

Beng Soon : Brother, not the first time doing this, don’t worry. You want deposit I also can arrange.

James : Sure of not ? like that I’ll straight away ask for coffee money liao. Haha

Beng Soon : Sure… for you anything…

I wrapped up the discussion and asked if he’s free in the afternoon and at night.

Beng Soon : Yes.

I told him I want to buy him lunch, Cidney would be there too and we can run through some work together.

Beng Soon : Eh , can’t it wait till Monday ? Urgent ar ?

James : I want to try something out.

Beng Soon : Try simi ?

James : It’s a surprise, just come for lunch. I got some drawings to run through, we talk again later.

Beng Soon : Ok

I made plans to meet Beng Soon for lunch at 12pm

I called Cidney, asking to meet at 11.30am and told her that I’m sorry to ruin the day but I needed to run something through with Beng Soon over lunch.

Just a quick one and if she don’t mind, we can have lunch together.

It’s for the 2 shop houses, and Cidney loved shophouses.

One of the heritage that she thought was special in the country.

I told her that she could work on them if she liked, I could talk to Selene since my hands were pretty full.

She agreed and I continued to chat with her on the phone for a while.

I told her I missed her, I really did. I told her to dress up, perhaps in a dress ? a skirt.

We’re staying out for the weekend afterall.


I met Cidney at clark quay station and we took a slow walk towards Robertson quay.

I held her hands and we strolled along the river, it was a cool day and the ground was still wet from the rain earlier on.

The air was crisp and fresh and the streets were not too crowded.

Cidney wore a dress that day, something simple and sunny.

Her hair was flowing off her shoulders, spilling down her shoulder blades and the wind caught hold of more than a few strands as we walked.

She looked so beautiful when the sun hit her , there was this radiant glow about her.

Her dress was pretty short, it was one which I liked and I had doggied her in it on more than one occasion.

The bottom of the dress rose a good 10cm off her knees.

It was easy pickings for people behind her on an escalator but I did not mind.

She had the figure, albeit a petite one, she can flaunt them.

She wore flats that day, a typical weekend footwear lately and she carried an overnight bag.


We arrived at Robertson quay and settled down at a café.

I got Cidney to sit beside me while I placed out bags on the seat opposite me, leaving only one chair left for Beng Soon, that was opposite her.

12pm sharp

Beng Soon joined us.

We ordered and chatted a little. While waiting for the food, we started talking about work.

Yes proper work.

Sick people need to earn a living too.

I could see Beng Soon stealing glances at Cidney. Her boobs were not spilling out of her dress, no, Cidney don’t walk around with watermelons. Her breast is just full and round, filling up the crevices of her dress.

She sat a little tilted to the side, her legs crossed and dangling outside the table.

If she had faced straight, she would have been brushing her leg against Beng Soon whenever she moved.

I could see Beng soon leaning back often, pretending to look elsewhere but in fact he was looking at Cidney’s legs.

He was looking at the way the dress sat on her thighs.

He was stealing quick glances whenever Cidney adjusted her dress.

We finished lunch and concluded the discussion at 2pm

I told Cidney to wait a while as I sent Beng soon to his car.


James : Are you free tonight ?

James : Can you come to Robertson quay ? Park and wait below studio M

Beng Soon : Why ?

James : I want to run some test.

Beng Soon : ehhh… what kind of test. Just now over lunch what did you test ? Sibei blur leh.

I gave him specific instructions not to smoke anymore after we part and he quickly lit up another one.

I also told him to shower using a specific kind of soap and shampoo. It has to be the same brand which I used.

Beng Soon : What ? don’t smoke ? Wait I pass out and die by the road how ?

James : You won’t regret it. Make sure no smoke smell from you.

Beng Soon : What are we going to do ?

James : We’re going to do a rehersal and a time check.

Beng Soon : Simi lan jiao ?

James : don’t ask so much, just be here at 10pm sharp.

I left Beng soon and thought about the rest of the day and felt an erection stir in my pants.

I got a flash of the ongoing saga in office and it dampened my mood for a moment.

I cast Abdul aside from my thoughts and concentrated my mind on the staycation with Cidney.

It would all depends on how cooperative Cidney would be that afternoon.

I met Cidney back at the café and I settled the bill.

I helped her up as she adjusted her dress again and we took a slow walk to studio M.

Cidney : Beng Soon kept staring at me just now .

I feigned ignorant and replied.

James : Really ? I was pretty sure he was looking at the hot girl at the next table.

Cidney giggled and gave me a playful slap before linking arms with me.


We checked into the hotel

I had pack for a weekend out and I brought along the rest of the bandages that I got during my last visit to Quincy with Sarah.

We showered together and I could feel my erection pushing against Cidney at every turn. My dick was begging to be let into Cidney, to be engulfed in her moist warm vagina.

I controlled myself as there were bigger plans in the works.


After a bit of snuggling and cuddling, I decided to get things moving.

I held Cidney in my arms and looked at her in her eyes.

James : Cidney, I want to try something new.

Cidney : What is it ?

James : It’s a little hard to explain but I could do it as we experiment along the way.

She nodded and I went down the steps to bring up my bag.

Now if you have been to that hotel, you would know it’s a split level.

The living area and the bathroom is on the lower floor and you would need to climb up a flight of stairs to get to your bed.

I got Cidney settled into the bed and undressed her, leaving only her bra and underwear.

I blindfolded her using the bandages, she did not resist, after all that was used pretty frequently.

She told me she liked the thought of being blindfolded and taken. It made her feel helpless and weak, and craving for love and protection.

It always gives me a raging erection whenever I see Cidney blindfolded.

I laid her down on the bed and I tied up her hands too in front of her.

I placed her legs together and I tied them up as well.

The knots were solid, there was no way she could struggle out of them.

I checked the time , 3pm

I bent low and told Cidney.

James : Don’t move, don’t say a word. Can you promise me that ?
She nodded.

I took the stopwatch from my handphone and I started the timer.

The room was silent, there was no sound, no tv, no radio, no music.


Cidney : James ? are you there ?

I gave a rather audible disappointing sigh.

James : Haiizzzz… only 15 minutes.

Cidney : What is going on ?

James : Let’s try this again, I want you to lie there. Be good ok ? Don’t make any sound until I say so.

I gave her a kiss on her forehead and started the timer again.

I stroked myself a distance away, looking at that delicious body all tied up, ready to be feasted upon, yet the very thought of restraining myself from touching her is turning me on.

How could this be ?

Cidney kept quiet and kept still for quite a while, moving only to adjust her position and for blood circulation. 

Cidney : James ?

I stopped the watch and went back to her side.

Cidney : What are you doing ? It feels weird.

I explained to her what I wanted to do. I wanted her to be still, ask no questions, I wanted her to be comfortable, and when I feel like it, I would suddenly take her hard and fast.

I told her I want to fuck her when she least expects it, I wanted her to experience something new. That is to never know when I’ll fuck her.

Cidney : It feels weird….

I untied her and held her in my arms, I told her to take a break.

I showered her with kisses and stroked her arms.

I felt incredibly turned on, fucking aroused to even think about what I was doing.


I asked for another go and Cidney agreed.

I started the timer and this time round I did not just stand by the side of the bed, I walked around.

I went to the bathroom, I watched a bit of TV.


It was a new record and I made a big show of opening and closing the room door with a loud snap.

Cidney immediately called out.

Cidney : James ? Are you there ?

I got up and took her in my arms again.

James : It’s a new record, good. But you are not supposed to react even if I leave the room. You should have remained quiet.

She pouted, and I untied her.

We kissed and I fingered Cidney, letting her wet love juice get smear all over the white bedsheets.

When I knew she was adequately turned on, I told her let’s try it one more time before heading out for dinner, and if she’s good, I’ll give her an orgasm she’ll never forget.


The timer started.

I opened and closed the bathroom door and the room door several times. Cidney finally understood what I wanted and she kept quiet.

Lying obediently in bed, not willing to mutter a single word.

I decided to make a show of leaving the room, removing the room key altogether , the sudden thud of electricity and air con being cut off would be very very obvious.

It was either make or break.

I wanted to give her the feeling that she was being left alone in the room. I wanted to give her the feeling that I had left and she was left helpless on the bed, all tied up and blindfolded.

I removed the card and took position where I could see her. There was a 30 second delay before the power stops and I wanted to see how she would react.

I started counting down in my heart, I saw her adjust her position, trying to snuggle under the blanket with her restricted movements.

Then it happened.

The audible thud of the power being cut off, the flow of the aircon stopped, the tv died and the entire room fell into dead silence.

I kept quiet, waiting and waiting for Cidney to call out to me.

I tiptoed and peeped upwards, Cidney was on the bed, and she did not move an inch.

I wanted to test her limits and I kept dead still for a good 10 minutes.


Not a word.

I hung around, killing time for a while before reinserting the card so we won’t suffocate.


I stood a few steps away from Cidney, just admiring the curves of her petite body.

I took the remaining steps up as quietly as I could and in one swift motion, lifted up Cidney’s legs and parted her wet underwear.

Cidney : Urghhh….

It was a honest cry, one of shock. It must have been too sudden.

I checked the time. 6.30pm

It’s not bad.

I decided it was enough to reward her with what she wanted and within minutes after the room was filled with the sound of our bodies slamming against each other, it was filled with an agonizing scream of body slamming orgasm from Cidney .

I cuddled up with her, holding her till the electrical signals stopped firing down her pelvis.


We had dinner and wine by the river. She wore the same dress, the same bra and the same wet undies.

I’ve always wondered if we smell different or look different after sex.

Somehow I felt the eyes of the waiters staring at us.

I dropped Beng Soon a message, asking him to come by around 10 pm and to bring along a bag of marshmallows.


We headed back to the room.

Cidney went to take a shower and I dropped Beng Soon a message.

James sms : Where are you ?

Beng Soon : Reaching in 10 minutes.

Cidney came out of the shower at 9.45pm and I chatted with her as she blows dry her hair.

We hugged and she asked what’s the plan.

James : I haven cum yet. Can we try it again ?

Cidney nodded like a little girl and went up the steps.

I blindfolded her and tied her up snugly.

Cidney : James , before we start, will you be mad if I fall asleep ? haha

James : haha. Of course not, I would be even happier.

She pouted her lips for a kiss and I gave it to her.

I started the timer on my phone and waited around, opening and closing doors.


I turned on the tv and I left the room.

I called Beng soon and met him at the lobby.

Beng Soon : Simi dai ji ? you call chicken is it ?

James : Fuck you la. Come follow me.

Beng Soon : You never go back since afternoon ? Where is Cidney ?

Inside the lift I went close and made sure there are no cigarette smell and that Beng Soon followed my instructions and used the correct soap and shampoo.

James : Where’s my marshmallow ?

He passed me a bag and I ripped it open before closing it back again.


I put a finger to my lips and opened the room door.

Beng soon stood by the door, not willing to enter.

He kept shrugging his shoulders, giving me the questioning look.

I went over to Cidney’s bag and retrieved her phone.

I swiped and entered her password, showing her wall paper to Beng Soon.

It was a picture of her in a flowery dress taken at a resort. Her smile was radiant and beautiful and she was sitting on a trishaw.

I saw Beng Soon’s jaw dropped and I put my finger to my lips again.

I swore I saw him shake and he had a worried look of uncertainty in his face.

I motioned him to come it and with small baby steps, he slowly stepped into the confines of the small room.

He looked really lost and unsure and I gestured to tell him Cidney is upstairs.

His hand was really trembling as he gestured and asked me what is going on.

I just smiled and mouth the words.

James : Just a rehearsal …

I took one step up and Beng soon followed.

Then I took another

And another.

Both of us stopped a couple of metres away from Cidney.

I felt this raging tsunami of blood rushing into my erection.

There she was, the sweetest woman to ever love me and what I did was to expose her in such a vulnerable state to another man.

I checked Beng Soon’s reaction and I could tell he was about to get a stroke.

Cidney was just in her bra and underwear, partially covered by the blanket but still leaving plenty exposed.

I went close, motioning Beng soon to stay where he was.

I started caressing Cidney’s breast, giving it gentle squeezes.

That was all I did.

Nothing more.

I went over to Beng soon’s side and I nudged him to the same position where I was moments ago.

He looked like he’s going to piss in his pants and kept shaking his head.

I pointed to Cidney’s breast.

I saw Beng Soon bit down on his lips, his trembling hand approaching Cidney’s breast slowly.

When he cupped his right hand down onto Cidney’s breast and started massaging her through her bra, I wanted to take my dick out and start wanking straight away.

It lasted no more than 3 seconds before Beng Soon started gesturing that he should stop.

I switched places with him and I spread Cidney’s legs, making sure he had a view of Cidney’s underwear.

I started to massage Cidney’s privates, and she started moaning.

I did it for 3-4 minutes before Beng Soon kept flashing the cut throat sign, signaling that it’s dangerous.

I took a piece of marshmallow, slowly coating the soft piece of candy with Cidney’s love juice and I could see Beng Soon holding onto the wall for support.

He had a look of horror in his eyes but I saw him frantically adjusting his erection as Cidney moaned and speak in the back ground.

Cidney: Urgh… James… what is that…. Stop…

I dragged that piece of candy up and down her slippery privates, soaking up as much juice as I could before putting it into my mouth.

Beng Soon gave an uncontrolled exhale of breath and quickly put his hands to his mouth.

Cidney did not notice and she was trying to squirm herself away from my massaging finger.

I stood up suddenly and spoke to Cidney.

James : Stay still… don’t move ok ?

Cidney wriggled and found a comfortable position before stopping completely.

I could see the excitement in Beng Soon’s eyes and he looked at me for further instructions.

I gestured for him to head down and we left the room.

I escorted him down stairs to the lobby and he quickly lit up a smoke.

He must have smoked 3 sticks in a row and his head was peppered with sweat.

Beng Soon : Wah Chee bye… James…. You are…. I donno what to say.

I waited for him to calm down and I told him that evening was just a preview. If I wanted, anything was possible.

I just needed to get Cidney used to it, then I can do anything I want.

Beng Soon : Eh.. like that wait she cry rape we both die leh.
I laughed and replied.

James : What makes you think she will ever find out ?

Beng Soon : You are a fucker James, she’s your gf…

I made my way back to the lobby and Beng Soon followed me for a few steps.

James : I know she’s my gf….

I turned and looked and Beng Soon.

James : Now the question is, are you interested in my gf ?

He was just quiet and he looked uncertain. He paused for a while before adding.

Beng Soon : Yes I am James.. I like Cidney.

I nodded and told him that we could accomplish a lot together if we partner up.

I told him not to worry about the arrangements, I’ll work something out and he just needs to remember 2 things.

Don’t fucking smoke and use the same soap and shampoo as me.

I’ll update him more details as we get closer to the big day.

Just before he left Beng Soon asked the golden question.

Beng soon : James… what do you really want ?

James : Is not what, is who…

Beng Soon : What do you mean ?

James : I want Selene.

He was quiet for a moment before adding that he has some on-going works with her too and he could not see how these are connected.

James : Everything is connected Beng Soon…. Everything and everyone is connected. ….


I waved and said goodbye to Beng soon and made my way back to the lobby.

I ordered some desserts, mainly cakes and drinks to be sent up to my room.


I entered the room and immediately heard Cidney call out for me.

I walked up to the bed and she was squirming helplessly entangled within the mess of blanket.

Cidney : Where did you go ? You left me alone in the room ? What if someone came in ?

I untied her and cradled her in my arms.

James : Don’t worry, I was just on the phone outside the room. You are safe. Don’t worry.

I kissed and told her I ordered room service too, and we can have dessert in bed.

When the bell rang about 15 minutes later, Cidney scrambled for her clothes but I held her down, telling her to just hide below the blanket.

She shook her head nervously but I insisted and she obeyed, pulling the sheets up to her chin.

I felt another raging erection pushing against my pants.

I don’t know why

Perhaps it’s because of the fact that Cidney was so shy, so conservative, so reserved about showing others her body that made me so aroused.

The thought of sharing her without her knowledge was like a mind fucking experience.

I felt the sour stab of jealousy, letting another man see the woman I love, yet on the other hand, I get so aroused, showing off what I have gotten my hands on to others.

It’s a constant struggle, not knowing exactly how I was feeling.

I had half the mind to get the room service guy up to ogle at Cidney too but she was already untied and free.

I gave him a tip and thanked him for the delivery.

I fed Cidney cakes, and I got her drinks. I wanted her to feel loved, I wanted her to feel pampered.

Most important of all, I wanted her to feel safe.

She likes to cuddle and would always make it a point to try and squeeze herself into a really small ball for me to hug.


We decided to burn off the fats and sugar from the dessert and we made out in every corner of the room. From the stairs to the double height window facing the road.

We fucked for a good 40 minutes, my mind constantly churning out the image of Cidney being taken helplessly by Beng soon.

I wonder how big is his privates , would they stretch Cidney too much ?

Anyway there were a lot more planning to go into before the actual day.

I would need to get a return on my investment too before allowing Beng Soon to have Cidney.

Yes, I needed him to kick start my other mission to get Selene.

I was about to cum but I did not want to do it inside Cidney. I wanted something different.

I wanted something new.

I brought her the marshmallows and I forced her to take a few into her mouth.

With her mouth puffy and full, I slid in my wet erected meat pole.

It was a fucking amazing feeling, honestly I have never felt something like that in my life.

I had tried ice cubes, I tried wine, I tried liquor, warm water.

But marshmallows…

If you are reading this, you have to try it.

First it was the frown and the torturous look of discomfort on Cidney’s face, her cheeks were puffed up adequately.

It turned me on so much that I almost forgot I had sensitive nerves at the tip of my dick head.

I felt my dick touch the pillowy softness of the wet marshmallow in her mouth and I trembled , sliding in slowly.

The sticky and thick warmth is unparalleled to anything I’ve felt.

It’s white, it’s wet and it’s fucking sticky.

And Cidney was trying her best to suck, lick and take me in.

Seeing her mouth full of sticky white stuff made me lost control and I held on to the staircase railing and came. I gave a few good squirt, mixing my cum into her mouth and Cidney was vigorously slapping my thigh with a frown.

She never swallowed, and will always spit my cum out but it must have been such a mess and she had no choice but to swallow the entire sticky mess , sperm, precum, melted marshmallow and all into her throat.

She made a pout and an angry face which was really sweet and cute but my legs were soft, I collapsed panting onto the staircase.

We cleaned up and fell asleep shortly after.

28th November 2010


We woke up and I made Cidney try out my bondage endurance attempt again.

She managed to last till 10.30am without a single word.

I had the time to slowly read through some work and planned out some other stuff in that 2 hours.

She finally begged for me to release her as she needed the bathroom.

I made her hold it in as I fingered and tease her.

She moaned so loud that morning that I was sure that if there were people next door , they would have requested a change of room.

Imagine trying to hold in your urine and getting fingered at the same time.

We checked out at 12pm and Cidney came over to my place. We planned on hanging out till it’s time for dinner at Selene’s place.

We discussed about the possibilities and what might happen, perhaps Abdul might just show up and surprise everyone.

Perhaps there might be an announcement that says Abdul is gone.

Perhaps it’s a celebration, we don’t know.

Cidney made herself comfortable on my sister’s bed since it was unoccupied ever since she moved out. It was a little unbelievable but my sister actually stuck with Kevin since their JC days.

Both Kevin and my sister went into the education industry. Kevin landed himself a cushy job at a private school near queenstown while my sis went back to teach at the very college she graduated from in tampines.

Most of her belongings were gone, leaving only a few items hanging lonely and neglected in the room.

Sometimes I miss the bantering between us. It was inevitable that we drifted apart ever sicne she moved out.

She actually moved out right after she got a job, choosing to stay with Kevin. My parents were a little unhappy but as the days goes by, they chose to accept it.

I’ve had the small room all to myself since I completed my army.

Looking back at the photos on the wall of the 2 of us, sometimes I wonder if I would become the monster I am today had Cheryl been here to keep an eye on me.

She visits pretty often, coming back whenever she’s free since she owned a car but chances of us bumping into each other is pretty low.

By the time I get back home it was usually past dinner time, Cheryl would have left long before that.

We still kept in touch via wasapp, via facebook.

Sometimes it feels ridiculous and funny to me how siblings can actually communicate in such a manner.

What happened to the good old days of just sitting down and have a heart to heart talk.

I haven even got the chance to introduce Cidney to her yet but she heard the news from my mum and had sent me a congrats message that looked something like this.

Cheryl sms : Congrats on getting a gf. Please stop changing them.

I took Cidney through some of my childhood pictures and albums when she said she wanted to know what was it like growing up in Singapore.

She saw how I grew from the ugly little thing into the less ugly thing today.
Seeing her smile gave me an erection again as I watched her adjust her denim shorts.

I took a picture of Cidney when she went and lay down at the sofa in the living room. She had the ipad on her belly and was hysterical when I tried to snap a picture.


Cidney and I got on a cab and made our way to Selene’s place.
When we arrived, we realised almost everyone was already there except Kakak Siti and Auntie Poon.

There was a good spread of food that was prepared by Selene’s parents.

Selene : I got help to prepare one ok.

She gave me a smirk when I asked about the spread.

I wandered around a little, looking at the old pieces of furniture that brought back so much memories.

The corner that I used to hide, the place where I sniffed Selene’s underwear, the secret trip up to her bathroom.


Selene’s dad served everyone drinks, non-alcoholic ones, as a form of respect for the muslim staff present. There was a bucket of fried chicken and pizza on top of the spread prepared.

Like a magician waving his wand, Selene’s dad swept his hand across the food, asking everyone to help themselves.

We ate, we chatted and we laughed.

No one talked about work.

No one talked about Abdul.

I mingled around, asking how Sarah was and she whispered sharply when no one was near.

Sarah : I know about you and Cidney. Ah haha..

James : What was that ?

Sarah : don’t pretend la… so obvious. Haha.

She gave me a jab before going to the bathroom.

I went over to Selene, and she looked well rested. She seemed relieved, as if a huge rock had been removed from her chest.

Selene : Let my parents do the talking James, I’m tired. Haha.

James : Really ? I’ll treat you to spa or something…

Selene laughed and slap me on the side of my arm.

Selene : I’m your boss James… haha.

James : Exactly. I was hoping to …. You know. Suck up a little.

Selene : Ewww… sounds so awful…

We chatted casually until she asked me a question.

Selene : Oei… are you and Cidney together ?

James : Why do you ask ?

Selene : Ehh… got some rumours la… I just want to confirm. Hiak hiak …

She rubbed her hands together, twitching one of her eyebrow at the same time.

James : No la, you know who I like what… I’m still waiting for you to give me a chance

Selene : haha. Cannot la.. you’re too young for me James.

James : 2 years is not a lot Selene….

She laughed and brushed me off.


Selene’s dad gathered everyone and we all sat down in the living room.

When he made sure all eyes and attention was on him, he began to speak.

Selene’s dad : Thank you everyone for turning up tonight. I really appreciate all of you coming over this evening.

Selene’s Dad : Now before I begin, I would like to sincerely thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Without you, the company would not have been possible.

He went on to bring everyone up to speed with regards to the recent events. He said he knows what was going on and the displeasure everyone is facing and it’s regrettable that things had to come to this state.

Selene’s Dad : I want to be absolutely clear on this matter, I am not assigning blame, nor am I holding anyone responsible.

He tried to put it across to the team as frankly and as honestly as he could.

He said that Abdul is not the easiest person to work with but her has his own merits.

Selene’s dad : Have you all thought about the 2 ongoing projects in India. What’s going to happen to them if Abdul is gone ? What’s going to happen to the client ? And most of all, what it’s going to do to the office’ reputation ?

There was nothing but silence across the floor and everyone just listened intently.

He added that Abdul came on board during a difficult period and it was only with his help that the office pulled through.

We may not agree with everything he does but we cannot deny the contribution he did bring into the office.

He took a sip of water before he continued.

Selene’s dad : I know his attitude is bad and certain things he do without regards for the law. I have spoken to him about it and I will resolve this issue.

He made a sincere appeal to all the staff that day, everyone that had tendered their resignation to reconsider their move.

Selene’s dad : I know you all wanted to prove a point, you wanted me to listen. I did. I know I cannot force you to stay if you want to leave but I really hope you would give this office a second chance.

Selene’s dad : I hope you would give Selene a 2nd chance. Give her a chance to lead.

He added the last couple of lines which made a couple of the staff looked down at their feet.

Selene’s dad : The country is changing, everything around us is changing. One thing will remain the same. … always.

He gestured to everyone on the ground and said

Selene’s dad : We are all a family.

Selene took over from her dad and said that there would be some changes in the office and they believed it would be for the better.

With immediate effect, Abdul would not be handling any local projects.

Selene looked at me and said that if I were to stay on, I would take over Abdul’s local portfolio.

I wanted to smile but I resisted, keeping a stonic expression.

Abdul would stay on in the office with a smaller team and we all need to move on and put this episode behind us.

It benefits no one and would only serve to hurt the reputation the office has built up over the years.

Selene went on to work assignment and at that moment, I was holding on to the most projects and she tasked me to start assigning them out to the support team led by Tan.

We had previously discussed about this and i stuck to the original plan of making sure everyone gets a piece of the new jobs on top of the ones they are finishing.

I was prepared for that and I nodded my head. She gave me a nod of her head and asked if i would like to give a quick allocation.

Selene wanted everyone to know that the office is doing well, despite the coup, we're still bringing in new jobs, we're still keeping everyone gainfully employed.

I knew Tan and Sue loved houses and I proposed letting them handle the houses I got.

I got a nod of appreciation from Sue and a thumbs up from Tan.

Uncle Kahlid and Sahim likes malls and retail and I suggested that they take over those.

They flashed an 'okay' sign and gave me a smile.

Peter was the lead in a mall in the middle east and that kept him pretty much occupied which leaves only Sarah and Cidney.

I gave Sarah Abdul’s boutique and Cidney the 2 shophouses which she liked.

The 2 girls standing beside each other just gave me a slight smile and a nod of their head.

No one objected.

Selene’s parents seemed pleased with my choice and they gave me a short praise that made me blush.

They credited me with bringing in new jobs within such a short period with the office.

They said they were surprise that i had stayed on in this industry despite seeing the chaos the office had to go through during my internship.

Selene's Dad : Well done James.... well done ..

I bow slightly and thanked Selene's dad.

I was a little upset that Abdul would still be around but it was still a little victory on our end.

Now we would all need to be careful about sharing an office with a wolf that we did not manage to slay.

I should have known that it was not so easy but i was a little unhappy that Abdul had taken the initiative to approach the office' founder.

I blame myself for not roping Selene's parents in right from the very start but it was all too late.


Everyone started making their way to the door when Selene called out to me.
I followed her to the yard, standing near the washing machine, the very spot when I sniffed and played with her worn undies so many years ago.

Selene : Nah. Give you.

She passed me an enveloped and I opened it.

I was given an increment and a small promotion.

James : Wow..

Selene : So ? Happy ?

I shook my head

Selene : Why not ?

James : I’ll only be happy if I get to be with you Selene.

She laughed and smacked me on my head before putting her hands around my shoulder, the way you treat your little brother.

Selene : K la, don’t joke. I’ve spoke with my parents, you have good PR skills, all the clients like you. Just concentrate more on bringing in new jobs.

I nodded my head and smiled and she said she needed to talk to me first thing the next morning.

She needed a little help with a warehouse she was working on.

Selene : Last time you did a few right.

James : Who’s the contractor ?

I knew Beng Soon was the one working on it but I just had to ask.

Selene : PSK , you say you worked with them before some time back

James : Oh ya ya ya… Who are you liasing with ?

She thought about it for a moment before replying.

Selene : Beng Soon. You know him.

James : Yup, I think got work together before.

I left Selene's place and called Beng Soon.

I wanted an update about the warehouse and see how i could play my cards.

He did not pick up my call and i decided to try again the next morning.
29th November 2010


I spent 2 hours running through the warehouse with Selene and i knew what was bothering her.


There was not much funds allocated by the client and a warehouse being a warehouse, is basically a fucking box.

But Selene went a little overboard on the asethetics portion and the specifications of the materials and fixtures.

I felt a jab of excitement and knew that was one of my opening to get Selene.

She needed my help to cut back on certain items but the thing is Beng Soon had already ordered some fixtures and started work on some areas.

I felt this exhilarating rush of blood down south when it finally dawn on me what i could do with this matter.


I called Beng Soon and ask him out for lunch but he could not make it.

He offered to buy be drinks after dinner and i agreed.

I asked if he would like me to bring Cidney along and he said yes.

I checked with Cidney and she was a little reluctant but once i said Beng Soon had a couple of shophouses under his portfolio and he was pretty experienced in them, she acccepted.

I spent the rest of the day confirming my trips to KL for the upcoming month and pouring through the details about Selene's warehouse.

And by 6pm, i knew exactly what i wanted from Beng Soon.

It felt a little erotic and sick to hold Cidney's hand as we walked towards the restaurant.

It was like parading the lamb before the slaughter but i knew Beng Soon would like to see Cidney.

I would too if i got to touch a girl i like without her knowing, and the very fact that she is having a meal with me without knowing anything would turn me on even more.

Plus if i knew i would get to fuck her in the near future, it would probably give me a constant erection in my pants.


We met Beng Soon at a chinese restaurant at Plaza sing and i sat Cidney opposite Beng Soon again as casually as i could.

We talked about work over dinner and i offered to accompany Beng soon down for a smoke before we settle the bill while Cidney sips her tea.


I went ahead and ask Beng Soon about Selene's project bringing him up to speed.

James : How much stuff have you ordered.

Beng Soon : Orhhh.... no money ah... no wonder la...

James : Can play or not this situation ?

He nodded with a drag of his smoke.

He told me actually he can shave about a 100k off the cost just by lowering the specifications which is absolutely fine but since Selene changed the speces and upgraded the aesthetic after it was awarded, he just aded accordingly.

Beng Soon : Tell you boss don't anyhow believe sales people, knn, every 2 day someone come and present her new materials say good good, she want to change.

I smiled and told Beng Soon.

James : Don't cut the price. Maintain it. The things you ordered, can return ?

Beng Soon : Actually i haven ordered, i don't like the fucking sales person, trying to find alternative. hahaa.

James : You chee bye... haha

I told him this is it.

James : This is your ticket for Cidney.

He threw away his fag and asked me what i needed him to do.

I told him i wanted to know the progress of the work at the office area by the warehouse and i wanted to drop by the site.

Beng Soon : What else ?

James : Find me 1 worker whose contract is about the end, preferbly about 6 months time. Someone who will keep quiet.

Beng Soon : ok.... what about.....

James : Cidney ? don;t worry. i need to train her up a bit more... give and take a couple of months . 3 months max.

James : Mean time, tell Selene you already paid a deposit for all the new things she wanted and keep piling on the cost. She's going to try and cut the them.

Beng Soon : ok ... ok...

James : one last thing....

Beng soon : What ?

James : I'll help you get the 2 shophouses, Cidney is working on them .

Beng Soon : Really ?

I smiled and nodded....

James : I want you to tekan her slowly... after you have been awarded.

Beng Soon : Why ? Wait she hates me how...

James : Come on Beng Soon, have you never wanted to fuck a pretty girl who hated you before ?.............

December 2010

It was perhaps one of the fastest month in my life.

The last month of that turbulent year whizzed by without me realizing it.

I was scheduled for KL every Wednesday morning and would be back working in the office by Thursday afternoon. It was tiring and it caused a strain on my body, causing me to fall sick twice that month.

The entire office was in a mess for the month of December, with the reorganization going on, Selene’s parents saw fit that they come back for that month to make sure the uneasy truce went ahead without any hiccup.

There was tension in the office, no doubt about it but everyone seemed to manage it well.

There was some minor renovation going on too, Abdul’s office was expanded to twice it’s original size, and what was left of his entire team moved into that satellite office.

I was put in charge of the renovation and it was a pain in the ass when I’m getting so much comments from my colleagues.

We still share the same facilities and resources but perhaps it was comforting to the staff that Abdul now would not bother us at our work.

There were some rearrangements of seats as well and I was given a seat right outside Selene’s office.

I shared the row of desk with Tan and Sue.

My corner did not allow me a clear view of Sarah’s desk but there was nothing I could do about it.

Perhaps the only consolation I had was when we changed the lockset of the offices and rooms, I got a copy of the masterkey, giving me access to everywhere and anywhere that uses the same series of lockset.

I do not know when I could need it but I knew the day would come eventually.

I brought in a couple of small jobs not worth mentioning in December and I continued my training session with Cidney.

We did not really try it out often and I could not afford a hotel room every week so we did it at her place.

Her limit was 3 hours, that was the max she could do before she needed the bathroom, or she needed a drink, or she felt a little bored.

I tried to think what I could achieve in 3 hours and after laying out the plans, I felt it was not long enough.

4 Hours… at least 4 hours.

Selene’s warehouse with Beng Soon was progressing slowly even though the additional cost was escalated to around 150k. She manage to convince the client to foot the bill for about 40k worth of works and she just need to magically find money for another 110k .

Actually it’s not that difficult, you just need to cut back on a couple of fancy items like the drop off area and the marbled lobby. Okay, maybe that entire stretch of double volume curtain wall got to go but it would not affect the warehouse.

A box is a box.

Why do you need such a nice reception and office.

Beng soon had started to pressure Selene on a certain items as everyday she did not make a decision, she’s wasting precious time.

The entire month I waited and tried to find an opening to kick off my plan but the time was not ripe.

I provided some price sensitive information to Beng Soon with regards to the 2 shophouses Cidney was working on and he won them both with a margin of less than 3k to the next lowest bidder.

Cidney was a little apprehensive about working with Beng Soon but she had no choice. I told her that it’s part and parcel of life, you do not always get to choose who you work with or deal with.

You just had to manage it.

Beng Soon was happy of course, in fact over the moon because I added and tweaked certain specs for the renovation which we could easily replace with something similar at a lower cost.

He’s always conservative with his pricing , refusing to reveal more than is required.

I knew it had to be a decent amount when he passed me an envelope with 8k inside.

7th January 2011

Cidney kick started the work for her 2 shophouses and Beng Soon was always excited whenever it was Friday.

It was the day they had their weekly site meeting.

I knew Cidney needed to visit the jobsite but I would make it a point to tell her we’re heading someplace nice for dinner. I wanted her to wear a skirt or a dress.

Beng soon would call and tell me after the meeting that Cidney kept holding down her skirt whenever she needed to climb.

It gave me an erection knowing my gf was trying to protect her modesty from someone who had already caressed her breast through her bra.

26th January 2011


Beng Soon gave me a piece of information which made me also lost my mind.

I had just reach my hotel in KL after a long day of meeting when I saw the message from Beng Soon.

He said he saw a guy pick Selene up from the warehouse after their site meeting.

Not just that, he texted me that he saw them kiss , a peck on the cheek inside the car.

I swept everything off the hotel desk, toppling the lamp, brochures and the stationaries.

I shouted and threw the remote control across the room .

There I was, in another contry trying to get new jobs for her office and she was seeing another guy.

I had no right to be angry.

Absolutely no right.

But I could not deny the fact that I was in fact burning mad that evening.

After spending 1 entire hour under the cold shower, I managed to calm myself down after my skin became soft and wrinkled.

I settled down on my bed, taking deep breaths, trying to think.

I suspected something was going on the moment I saw Selene eagerly texting away a couple months back but I could not confirm it.

I tossed and turned that night, trying to rack my brain for something, anything, but nothing came.

No evil plot, no evil schemes. I had nothing to work on at the moment and I was so far away.

27th January 2011


I got back into office at 4pm and Selene was nowhere to be seen.

I brought 2 documents into her office , my eyes peeled at the exterior as I opened up the folders and pretended to tag the places which I needed her to look through.

No one paid me any attention and I took the opportunity to look around the desk.

Her bag was still hung behind her chair below the window, she could not have left office yet. Her phone which would be usually on the charging station was gone, so was the small purse she brings along for lunch and coffee breaks.

Her screen was still active, she could not have been gone for more than 10 mins since all the machines in the office has been set in the same way. 10 minutes before the screen saver kicks in.

I was about to leave her desk when I saw her screen popped up a small window indicating that she had new mail.

I would have ignored it if it was sent from a corporate email, probably some clients but I was a gmail prefix at the back and that piqued my curiosity.

There was too much commotion outside and people were walking around, it was too dangerous to be snooping around her computer.

Snooping around would have to wait.

I had dinner that evening with Cidney but I told her I needed to get some work done so I’m staying behind in the office.

It was only at 10.30 pm before the last person , Abdul left the office.

He did not even acknowledge me when he left, choosing to switch off the lights.

It was a childish act but it reminded me of the people I have around me and to always be mindful of my back. The last thing I want was for a knife to be inserted when I was least aware.

I waited another 15 minutes to be sure that no one was coming back before I went back to Selene’s office.
Her door was locked of course but it was not a problem for me.

I used the masterkey I had and I unlocked her room. I did not on the lights as there was a window behind her desk, I did not want to attract any unwanted attention.

I started flipping through her documents with the aid of the light from my mobile phone.

I opened drawers, cupboards that were not lock, and I checked the storage boxes in the corners too.

She had a pair of boots, a little sandy and muddy under her desk.
In it was a pair of socks too, no doubt well infused with her bodily smell when she wore it to site.

There were her slippers which she would slip on when she change out of her heels and there was also a pair of bedroom slippers still in it’s packaging right beside the boots. Probably from one of the hotels.

I could have used these to satisfy my needs, to make me feel a little more sane but I did not. I wanted to get come information about the guy Selene was seeing.

I turned on her pc but it was password protected.

I switched it off before sitting down in her chair.

I swiveled around the room before my eyes rested on the recycling box she had beside one of the offices’ old printers.

I went over and checked the pile of waste paper.

On the top most piece was a half printed copy of a travel itinerary.
It was for a flight to Thailand on Feburary 2nd .

The eve of Chinese new year.

As the itinerary was half printed, I could only make out 2 names which were Selene’s dad and mum.

I mentally filed away this piece of information before I left the office.

28th January 2011



I went over to talk to Selene the moment I sent Cidney off for her meeting with Beng Soon.

I casually asked if she’s interested to come over my mum’s place for steamboat over the new year, I’m going to get my sister and Kevin along too.

Selene :Oh, paiseh ar, cannot leh.. I’m going Thailand with my parents.

I told her it’s ok, another time then .

She volunteered a couple more information about her trip when I told her to try out some local eateries that are a little off the beaten path.

I knew she would be gone for 4 days and she was actually talking a different flight from her parents because she could not get a seat, but it’s only an hour difference so her parents would just wait for her at the airport.

I remembered it was a afternoon flight for her parents, sometime around 3pm, which meant Selene would be leave at 4pm .

Take into consideration her check in and all, she needed to be at the airport at 2pm.

I was hit with a crazy plan that day and I was contemplating about the possibility of pulling it off.

I gave Beng Soon a call and asked if I could have 2 workers on the eve of Chinese new year.

Beng Soon : Siao ar . Where got people work on that day.

I explained to him what I needed them for and I needed a lorry without his company name and logo with some tools and equipment as well. I gave him a quick overview and I could tell he was hesitant and a little scared.

Beng Soon : Eh James… need to play until so big or not…. A bit dangerous leh.

I knew he had his concerns but I reassured him that I knew what I was doing.

He said he would make the arrangements a little reluctantly and I threw in a carrot to cheer him up.

James : eh by the way…. I think Cidney is almost ready

Beng Soon : What do you mean ? You mean we can do it already ?

James : Yah , she can last about 3 hours but I think can push her a bit more.

Beng soon sounded excited and began blabbering.

I told him to calm down and help me make the arrangements.


Most of the colleagues were out for lunch including Selene.

Cidney was at a site meeting and I instigated Beng Soon to buy her lunch which she texted me about it.

I was receiving constant updates about Beng Soon’s corny jokes and his strong cigarette smell from Cidney.

On the pretext of bringing some drawings into Selene’s room, I entered with a large box and placed it on the table.

I began taking out a couple of files and checked to make sure no one was looking in at that moment.

I positioned the box in such a way that it blocked the view towards the back where Cidney hung her bag.

I reached in and my hands felt the cold touch of her metal keys and I lifted the whole bunch out and put it back into the box I brought along.

I hid the bunch of keys in a folder inside the box before leaving for lunch with that folder.

I went straight to the closest key smith and made a duplicate of the entire bunch before rushing back into office.


I repeated what I did and replaced Selene’s key back into her bag.

31st January 2011


I had spent the weekend going through my plan and I had actually made 4 trips to Selene’s place, scouting the immediate surroundings.

I even took a double decker bus pass it a few times just to get some photos and get a feel of what I would be seeing if I looked down from a higher level.

Selene’s main door faced a small private road but she had a small lane running along the side of the house which was just basically overgrown with grass. It was about less than a metre wide before tapering wider to the back of her neighbour’s place.

The only problem was that the piece of grass where I want to use was facing the main road.

Buses, cars, even pedestrians can see what I was doing.

I worked out various scenarios and call Beng soon again. I told him I needed 3 workers, and at the same time told him to book a nice room for 2 nights on the 1st & 2nd of March.

I reassured him that Cidney would be ready by then .

I was confident of pulling it off but I ran through my plans several times just to be sure.

I needed to know who Selene was seeing and to what extend have they brought their relationship.

My plan was simple, I wanted to snoop around Selene’s place when it’s empty.

I needed Beng Soon’s worker as a look out.

2nd Feburary 2011

It was a half day for the office and most people came in late with the festive mood.

I was in at 8.30 and Selene did not turn up till 9.45am

I happened to be at the pantry when I saw her stroll in and I felt my heart skip a beat.

I checked my time and was fearing for the worse.

James : Eh… I thought you going overseas… where’s your luggage ?

Selene : Aiyah, later go back take la, my place so near airport.

I chatted before I quickly excused myself out and made a phone call.
I called Beng Soon and asked the status of his guys.

Beng Soon : Reach liao. Where you want to dig ?

James : Wait. Don’t start first.. Selene’s going to head back for her luggage.


I saw Selene packing up and switching off her office lamp and I quickly grabbed my stuff and left the office.

I took a cab to Selene’s place and I met up with Beng soon and his workers.

Beng Soon : Eh.. this mobilization a bit big leh. You sure you want to do it or not.

James : Confirm.

I pulled on an old shirt I brought along and topped it with a cap and I sat in the lorry a good 4-5 units away from Selene’s place beside a power station.

15 minutes later, I saw a cab pull up from the small road and Selene disappeared into her house.


Selene changed out of her work clothes and was dragging a luggage to the main road in shorts and a t-shirt.

I asked one of the workers to follow her and make sure she got on a cab.


The worker walked back and gave me the thumbs up. Beng Soon drove us all to the main road and on the hazard light.

We unloaded cones, construction signage and some digging tools.

I pointed to a spot right beside Selene’s boundary wall and asked 2 workers to start digging slowly but the main thing was to serve as a look out. I gave one specific instructions that to comms me the moment a double decker bus was approaching one traffic light away.

I positioned another one at the other end of the road with some road survey equipment to serve as a look out.

Beng Soon stayed in the lorry.

We were all equipped with walkie talkie for communication.

I just sat myself down at a corner and I started to look at every single building around me.

My main concern was a 3 story house across Selene’s place which would have a clear view of her house if anyone was looking out the 2nd floor or the 3rd floor window.

I scanned every window of that unit, every movement of the curtains, every flinched of a shadow, I wanted to see it.


The sun was scorching hot and I was perspiring non-stop and I was still not confident that it’s an all clear.

I took a short walk along the area, scouting the quiet estate for signs of people who were just staring out the window.


I used the walkie talking to contact Beng Soon and told him I’m heading in.

After wanting to do this do so many years, i finally got around to do it.

I wondered how would Selene's room be like after so many years.

I wondered who different her bathroom would be...

Perhaps she would have undies hanging around, perhaps i could lie on the same bed she laid on.

Would i be able to find used pads, would i be able to steal and indulge myself in her lingerie ?

Maybe i would find some deep dark secrets i could use.... maybe i would realise she had a choice of slutty lingeries...

Or perhaps a good collection of dildos and toys...

My brain was bombarded with a thousand questions that day. I've never felt so excited before.

I did not know whether was it the thrill of exploring Selene's house, peeking into her most private space... or was it the thrill of breaking the law.

There was a buzz from the talkie and it was Beng Soon.

Beng Soon : Eh James…. I a bit scared leh… wait people come and ask what we doing how ?

I took a deep breath before stepping on a couple of boxes we had stacked beside the wall and scaled it in one go. The moment my feet landed on Selene’s yard, I scurried over to a old tree with dense canopy.

I held my breath and looked around the compound.

I needed to calm Beng Soon down so I gave him the most honest reply I could think off.

James : Beng Soon…. This is Singapore….Everyday every corner somewhere, someone is digging a fucking hole in the ground.

I depressed the send button again and spoke.

James : When was the last time you walk up to a construction worker and ask what are you digging a hole in the ground for ? ?


I paused to catch my breath and checked on the neighbours again.

I saw someone walking towards a unit at the far end, probably just ended his half day of work.

Beng Soon : Quite true ar…. What you said… … Just hurry up.

I duck walked over to a familiar spot beside the washing machine. Peering through the sliding door, I looked through the day curtains and could feel my heart thumping away. The laundry baskets were brought indoors, some of the pails that were usually placed beside the washing areas were overturned.

A conscious effort to fight mosquito breeding.

Now I could not really describe what I was feeling at that point of time, but I could try. It was a really screwed up feeling which I’m sure most of you would have experienced at least once in your life.

I had no doubts my heart rate was going through the roof, I was excited, I was perspiring, I was breathing faster, supplying the extra oxygen to my body.

I felt thirsty as well, there seemed to be this dry patch at the back of my throat and I kept swallowing saliva.

Butterflies in my stomach, that goes without saying but I also felt this pressure near my anus, as if something heavy is pressing against it, forcing it’s way out.

I felt like shitting and peeing.

I was having an erection too thinking about what I’m going to do in a few seconds.

Now I’ve got to say that was one of the most stupid things I’ve ever done in my life, it was the classic example of thinking with my small head.

Breaking and entering is a serious crime.

I was afraid definitely, despite everything, all the planning, the lookout, the sick thoughts, I was actually very afraid.

My balls must have shrunk to the size of a pea when I finally reached for the bunch of keys.

Now I have been to Selene’s place before and I was willing to risk it because she had no alarm installed.

I know the place pretty well and you could say that I did do my groundwork and study before I actually did it. I have absolutely no intention of removing any valuables from the house of course, I would not stoop that low.

Then again, value is perceived differently by different people.

A kg of rice might be worth more than a kg of gold in some places. Who gives a shit about gold when you have no food to eat.

I was hoping my sick brain could place a value on a kg of worn undies but I brush that thought out of my mind.

I pulled on latex gloves I brought along and got started.

I tried the first key on the metal grille that is in front of the main door and it didn’t work.

I had a comms from one worker that a double deck bus was approaching and I stayed still beside the tall cabinet of shoes.

Once the all clear was given, I tried the keys again and I unlocked the grille.

It took me another 2 tries to get the main door open.

I took off my shoes, revealing the same pair of white socks that I swop from Selene many years ago.

Why white socks ? White socks, white fibres, Selene’s place had light coloured tiles.

I closed the grille and the door and took a deep breath.

I wasted no time and immediately rushed over to the laundry basket placed by the glass sliding door leading to the wash area.

In it were the clothes Selene wore to work that day and the day before. I dug in and found a beige coloured strapless bra and i knew that I needed a boost of energy to move forward and I quickly cupped her worn bra cup over my nose, taking in a nice long breath.

I felt like popeye having a big can of spinach instantly, I seemed to be more sensitive to sound, to smell, I thought I saw a fly landing on the sink too.

I threw the bra back and immediately skipped up the stairs. I was about to head to Selene’s room when the comms came in with another double deck bus.

I immediately adopted the prone position, stopping barely meters away from the large window that opens out to the main road.

I started crawling towards Selene’s room and got in the moment the all clear was given.

The curtains were drawn, and it was pretty dark.

I did not want to risk turning on the main light so I switched on only a small standing lamp with the lamp shade.

Selene’s room smelled so nice, while I was pretty sure I smelled like a pig, sweaty and dirty.

I saw the remnants of her packing, some clothes must have been chucked aside after they were folded into the luggage.

I went to her work desk and I got excited at the amount of information I could gather.

There was a bouquet of flowers, it was already dried but the card was still attached.

“Dear Selene,
I hope you like it

Jason “

I looked through the stack of documents on her table, some ticket stubs that were stuck into a sketchbook, neatly arranged with notes scribbled on it.

There were cards, meal receipts.

It was obviously the work of someone in love.

There was a paper with just mindless scribbles and doodles on it, no doubt done when Selene was talking on the phone with Jason.

I was angry but I forced myself to calm down.

I started opening drawers and cupboards, taking out things to read, to flip through.

I opened her wardrobe, pressed my face onto her clothes, part of me wanted to just jump into her wardrobe and stay there, engulfed entirely by Selene’s clothes.

I saw 2 drawers filled with her lingerie, I ran my gloved covered hand through her neatly arranged rows of bra, I pressed down and felt the fluffiness of the drawer of undies in every shape, colour and design.

Some even had their labels still on.

I was about to run out of drawers to open when I saw a old 2 tier cabinet with 2 large drawers at the corner of the room.

I went over and opened it , revealing a large stack of documents.

I took a closer look and realised that it was medical documents.

Results and reports of her medical exam.

There were a lot of medical terms which I do not understand but I could pick out pap smear.

Recommended test for women especially if you are sexually active.

It was done pretty recently in June 2010.

There were more reports following that, in fact it went on from August 2010 till December 2010.

Every month she visited the same doctor, there were some xray films too but I could not read them.

I don’t even know if I’m holding it the right way.

I brought the stack of recent reports and I powered up the printer and copier in Selene’s room and I made a copy of it before returning everything back where it was.

I’ve definitely established the fact that Selene was in a relationship given the evidence I’ve uncovered, I was pretty sure they were having a sexual relation as well but none of this really surprises me.

You get into a relationship, chances are you would get intimate. Human nature.

Especially for a woman of Selene’s age, her biological clock is ticking, it’s only natural that her body prepares her for reproduction.

One of the many reasons why I like dating older woman.

What intrigued me was the countless medical examination that Selene went to, it threw a wrench into the whole situation.

If there was something wrong with her, say touch wood, cancer or something, I would feel pretty shitty for doing the things I did.

I may be a sick pervert but I guess you need to draw a line.

If someone is not feeling well, I don’t think I could bring myself to do anything further.

I checked to make sure everything was left the way it was before I retraced my steps back down and got out of her house.


We covered up the small hole and tidied up the site and got out .

We stopped at a open carpark near one of the HDB and I paid the workers $200 each. They knew better than to say anything extra, no doubt already being brief by their boss.

All 3 of them were due to leave Singapore in 4-6 months time.

I spent some time talking to Beng soon and he told me he already booked 2 rooms in swissotel at cityhall.

James : Wah… rich man ar…

Beng Soon : Ok la. That got quite a bit of space.. Rooms quite big …. Connecting rooms mah. haha

He dropped me off a distance from my place and I wished him happy new year.
I did not know why but there was a little bit of a mixed emotions happening back then. It was like I knew something was wrong but I could not put my finger to it.

I tried to google some of the medical terms but it came back in bits and pieces and I was not trained to read that kind of stuff. I guess it would have to wait till I get someone who could tell me the gist of what was the report about.

I knew exactly who to call but it’ll have to wait.

It’s the new year.

I cheered up a little knowing that Cidney would be coming over in the evening to have dinner with my parents and my sister.

She would be staying over as well, I expect my parents to go shop for new year plants after midnight so I could probably bang Cidney on the first day of the lunar new year.

Now on that new years eve, something peculiar happened after dinner when I was watching TV with Cidney.

She told me that Beng soon gave her the creeps and that she did not like the way she looked at her. What she said next sent an erection to my dick instantly when she said she caught Beng Soon picking up the tissues she threw away at the dustbin at the site.

James : Are you sure ? maybe you saw wrongly, perhaps he’s picking up rubbish from the jobsite ?

Cidney : No really. I saw. I sneezed and blew my nose because of the dusk and I threw it. There was nothing in the bin except my tissue.

She gave me a scrunched up face and added.

Cidney : Very creepy. …

James : I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding, he probably want to empty the bin but since it’s just a piece, he picked it up and disposed off it.

Cidney shared with me more of Beng Soon’s habits and peeves including one which I knew all along.

He always waited for her to go up the steep stairs before going behind her.

It’s fine if he goes up immediately but he always left a distance, so she had to keep holding onto her skirt.

I cradled her in my arms and told her she was just over reacting while I felt the hard push of my rapidly rising manhood.

We had a nice reunion dinner of steamboat and yu sheng and sex was great. I made Cidney wear my sister’s old JC uniforms and I banged her hard, imagining I was pushing myself deep into the recess of Selene.

It was then I had another sick thought, perhaps Beng Soon would like to bang Cidney in school uniforms as well.

She is so petite and she really looked like a school girl.

10th Feburary 2011

I spent 3 hours sitting down with Beng Soon, running through the plan. I could see he was fucking excited and he could not sit still.

He was a little upset that I had so many procedures and steps to follow.

Beng Soon : Why cannot just do it ? Must do so many little things ?

I just told him that if we don’t ever want Cidney to know, all those little things are critical.

James : It is imperative that you follow my instructions exactly.

Beng Soon : Impar…ra…teeth is simi lan jiao ?

James : Knn la, just fucking follow my instructions.

Beng Soon : Okok….

I asked him for an update to the 2 shophouses Cidney was working on and he said everything is going smoothly.

It should be done and concluded by end March.

Beng Soon passed me another envelope with 4k in it.

For my kind assistance thus far in securing jobs with the office.

14th Feburary 2011

Valentines day.

Cidney and I took leave and checked into a budget hotel.

Cidney broke her own record, lasted 3.5 hours before we had sex. She was thoroughly wet and horny by then after being restrained and teased for so long.

22nd Feburary 2011

I managed to get in touch with one of my army bunkmate who is now a doctor, he was in the midst of doing his specialization in ear, nose and throat.

After I reassured him I was not selling insurance, he agreed to meet for coffee and help me take a look at some medical reports.

He could only meet up on the 23rd of March and I agreed.

Beng Soon called me that day after 6pm, saying that he needed to make some adjustments to the room booking due to an urgent overseas trip.

It doesn’t matter to me and I agreed.

The new dates for our planned meetup and staycation would be on the 11-13th March 2011

25th Feburary 2011


I told Cidney about my proposed staycation and she was delighted. We’ll be checking in at Friday evening , the 11th and would spend the weekend in the hotel above raffles city for the next few days.

8th March 2011


I met up with Beng Soon again to discuss my plans, and to run through it in more details.

I was surprised he smoked no cigarette for that entire 2 hours.

James : Eh… you quit smoking ar ?

Beng Soon : Trying to… gone 2 days without it.

I was really impressed , honestly and he had started using the same soap as me for the past week.

James : So… are you … ready ?

He nodded, he also asked me if this was a one off thing.

James : Don’t worry… I’ll need more help with Selene. There’s a bit of complication, I need to wait a bit and see what I can dig up.

11th March 2011


Cidney came to work that day in a pair of beige coloured high waist and a flowly long sleeve black top.

Beng soon would be disappointed there’s probably no upskirt opportunity that day for his site meeting but it’s ok.

He would get to see everything in time.


I met up with Beng Soon before his meeting with Cidney and he passed me the room key as he paid for early check in.


I gave Cidney a hug at the pantry and told her I’ll see her straight at city hall after her meeting.

Cidney : But it should end around 4pm. Still early.

James : It’s ok.. no one will know.


I packed up my stuff and I entered into the office notification system that I’m heading out for a meeting.

I got to swissotel at 4.15pm and went straight up to the room on the 46th floor.

It offered me a great view of Suntec and I could feel the cooling breeze on my face.

I took a look at the room and I could feel my heartbeat increased it’s pace again.


Cidney gave me a call telling me she’s done with her meeting and was on her way over.


Beng soon texted me a message, telling me the meeting was concluded and he was too on his way over.


I looked at my watch and felt butterflies in my stomach again.

I hoped Cidney would be cooperative that weekend.

It’s going to be a long one for her before everything is over.


I met Cidney at the lobby and I offered to help her with her laptop bag.
We linked arms and made our way up to the room.

Beng Soon was already in the vicinity and I had already text him to get his dinner settled and make sure he was showered and ready by 10pm

Cidney had never been to that hotel before and I could tell she was pretty excited.

When the lift door opened, she peered out cautiously before stepping out to the carpeted lobby.

Cidney : Have you been here before James ?

James : Is that a trick question ?

She laughed and linked arms with me.

We walked to our room and I asked her to pose for a picture while I fumbled with the camera function on my phone. She took over her laptop bag and struck a pose with her left hand raised up pointing at the door.

We entered the room and the first thing Cidney did after putting down her bags was to head towards the balcony.

I hugged her from behind and both of us took in the scenery granted to us by that high room.

The sun looked like it was setting, casting a soft orange glow on the city skyline.

Cidney leaned back, nesting her body against mine, no doubt feeling blissful and happy.

I could feel my erection coming on and going off in a weird rhythm.

I felt aroused and excited whenever the thought of baring Cidney’s body to Beng soon, then my erection would deflate almost immediately as I felt that pang of jealousy of letting the woman I love get violated visually.

I felt my heart beat rise to almost an unbelievable rate when I thought of Beng Soon touching my girlfriend, then it immediately plunged to a low when I thought of how jealous I would be letting another man gain access to her.

It was a really sick and unbelievable kind of feeling, one which I find it hard to describe.

We did not rush things, I took things slow.

I wanted to get Cidney in the mood.

To get her in the mood for love.

We watched Tv, still in our work clothes. We placed our heads on each other shoulders, we laid on each other’s thighs, we took turns giving shoulder massages.

And yes, we snuck in kisses and pecks on the lips and cheeks.

Cidney had at one point placed both her legs up onto the arm of the chair, her delicious looking toes unwashed and delicious barely 30cm away from me.

I wanted to kiss them. To smell her feet, to lick her toes, to feel the touch of her feel on my face.

I took a really nice picture of her with her feet and legs taking up half of the frame.


We ordered room services, Beng Soon was footing the bill and I did not see the need to hold back since he could afford it.

We had a light dinner and I could feel Cidney getting a little frisky.

I got her to shower and she changed out of her work clothes.

I could have gotten her to dress up in some fancy slutty lingerie but I saw no need for that.

I wanted to keep it simple, to make the whole thing happen naturally, I don’t want her dressed as a slut.

I don’t even want her to behave like a slut, I just want her to be herself.

So innocent and pure.

A little like the good little girl next door.

She came out in a very homely outfit, one which every sweet girl would wear at home after their shower.

It was a plain and simple loose navy blue t-shirt and a simple pair of black shorts.

She could not have looked for beautiful that evening.

I snapped more pictures of her, determined to capture as much of her innocence as I could.


We were cuddled up in bed, watching tv and I was sure by then Beng soon was pacing up and down the next room, waiting eagerly for my signal.


I gave Cidney a look and she knew what I wanted and she pretended to resist a little, just to draw my appetite.

I told her I want to slowly enjoy her that evening, and not to rush things.

I blindfolded her with the roll of bandage I brought along, making sure it was tightly secured and she was totally blind.

I tied her hands behind her back, it’s a little risky because she could not last as long since it was more uncomfortable, but I needed it to be that way.

I could not risk her reaching for her blindfold if her hands were bound in front of her.

I left her legs free and I gently laid her down on her side, making sure she faced away from the connecting door.

I switched the channel to one which played music videos and increased the volume.

I told Cidney I’m going to take another shower, clean myself up properly before I enjoy my dessert.


I dropped Beng Soon a message in the bathroom and asked what was his status.

He told me he was ready but I told him to take another shower, making sure to pile on the soap and the shampoo.

I myself took a shower too, using only that particular brand of soap I brought along.


I told Beng Soon to shut off all lights and tv in his room and open the connecting door.


As quietly as I could I turned the circular handle that opened my end of the connecting door.

It was dark and I could see a figure pacing up and down in the opposite room.

I motioned Beng Soon to be quiet and he took small cautious steps into my room.

I left the doors open in case there was a need for a hasty exit.

I placed my finger to my lips and pointed to a corner, asking Beng soon to take up position.

Now you would be naïve to think that another man could just come and have fun with your girlfriend without her knowing.

It’s not possible.

She knew how you move, she knew how you touch her, from the way you grab her breast to the way your palms and touch feel.

There’s bound to be something unique and special between the 2 of you. After all it is your most private moment.

Maybe you had this rough patch on your hand , maybe you like to stroke her in a certain way, maybe her knows exactly how your dick feels, maybe she could guage exactly how long you really are.

So many ways and possibilities this could go wrong.

It’s hard, but it’s doable.

You just need to think out of the box, sick people like me have no choice, we’re forced to think outside the box. It’s like an addictive drug, I need to get my fix, and I need to think of a way to do it.

The sight of Cidney lying on the bed was enough to give Beng soon an erection from what I could see from his boxers.

Yes, I did not see the point of him being dressed to the nines if he was going to take his clothes off eventually.

I told him to come in just boxers and singlet.

I tried to put myself in his shoes, I tried to think what I would be feeling if I was him.

Imagine barely a few hours ago you were having a meeting with a sweet pretty client, someone who you fantasized about, someone you wanted to touch, someone you wanted to fuck.

You would probably have stole peeks and glances at her dressing, thinking of what she was wearing under her top, you would probably steal glances at her feet, seeing her delicious cute toes disappear into that pair of flats.

Beng soon told me over the phone earlier that Cidney had sort of scolded him over the meeting earlier, it was his fault he messed up something but he said he felt so alive and felt so cheap that he was actually aroused when he was scolded by Cidney.

He told me the thought of what was going to happen later in the evening turned him on even more.

I did not want to rush, I wanted to take my time.

Right from the get go I knew this was not something that could be accomplished in one session. It had to be broken down in parts, and Beng Soon knew it as well.

I let Beng Soon stand at his spot, I want him to feast his eyes on Cidney, I want him to look at my helpless girlfriend.

Looking was part of the package.

You need to look, you need to crave, you need to want, and you need to fantasized and desire to touch.

I knew it would fuck and screw his brains to just see Cidney on the bed.

I wanted to give him more.

I quietly brought out the bundle of clothes Cidney had folded.

Yes, her set of clothes she wore that day.

The set of clothes she wore to scold Beng soon was placed neatly on the table beside him.

I brought Cidney’s pair of flats too, a little dusty on the underside and I placed it near Beng Soon.

I knew it would be uncomfortable for him if I were to remain around so I whispered that I would be in his room.

He knew the plan and the deal.
He would remain at that spot, he could do whatever he wanted as long as he kept quiet.

I went into his room and stood in the dark.

Cidney laid on the bed, peaceful and helpless.

I could see the reflection of Beng Soon in the corner from the dresser table but I was sure he could not see me as I was in the dark room opposite.

I waited and I observed and I felt my erection building up to a throbbing meat pole.

Beng soon kept his eyes on my girlfriend, and he checked to see where I was but I guess he could not make out my exact position.

I slowly squatted down and brought Cidney’s flats to his nose. He smelled them for a while before standing up, he tried to put his feet into them but of course it wouldn’t fit.

He cupped Cidney’s bra over his nose, taking in the smell of her breast, no doubt a rich and flavourful one after a long day of work.

I felt anger, it was my girlfriend’s belonging, yet I felt so fucking high another man was doing something like that.

I started stroking myself and I watch Beng Soon take the pair of beige coloured pants Cidney was wearing and started smelling the crotch area.

He too started stroking himself.

I could see Cidney from where I stood too and she stirred a little, trying to turn. Beng Soon immediately dropped everything and kept very still.

I went back into the room and checked the time.


I helped Cidney adjust her position and gave her a kiss.

She needed to turn and now that she was facing the connecting doors, I quietly closed my side and motioned Beng soon to stand behind her.

I was aware that Beng Soon had started perspiring in the aircon room and I was concerned.

It would be a problem so I motioned for him to wipe away his sweat and to take a shower again.

He did not question me and I helped him get to his room before shutting the door.


Beng Soon entered my room again, and I chose another spot for him.

I wanted him to stand right at the edge of the bed while I cradled Cidney in my arms.

I kissed her and her lips responded.

No I did not want to show Beng soon how we kiss, he’s not going to get a chance to kiss her, no way.

She would know the difference.

I spread Cidney’s legs, letting Beng soon looked at the bottom of her black shorts.

I knew she was not wearing undies, and her black shorts had double layer.

An inner layer is hardly useful especially when I made it a point to spread her legs really wide.

Her privates was still covered but from where Beng soon stood, she should be able to see gaps, he should be able to see dark areas, shadowed areas, his eyes would play tricks on him, his mind would run wild.

I motioned for him to watch as I stood up.

I made Cidney turn, her hands bound behind her back and she was lying on the right side of her body.

I motioned again for Beng Soon to pay attention.

I stood near Cidney’s waist area and I lifted her left leg up slightly with my left hand, my right index and middle finger went over her black shorts and I started to massage and tease her love hole.

I could see the excitement in Beng Soon’s eyes as he swallowed his saliva.

I took my time , massaging , kneading, and pressing onto Cidney’s love hole. I wanted to get her wet and it was a simple task.

She get wet easily.

Beng soon must have fought really hard when I got Cidney’s love hole so wet and sticky that I was able to draw up a strand of her love nectar, letting a wisp of it fall and dangle from my fingers, catching the orange light in the room.

Cidney : I’m wet James…. come inside me… please…

I ignored her and left her alone as she tried to adjust her position.

I saw she needed to move and I helped her get onto her feet.

I moved her close to a wall, making her lean against the wall.

I motioned for Beng Soon to squat down and to repeat what I would be doing.

I squatted down and looked up at my girlfriend.

She looked so innocent and helpless, she no doubt felt safe and secure in the room knowing that I would be there.

What she did not know was that the contractor which she did not like would be there also.

From where I squatted, I tilted my chin upwards and I gently pressed my nose and mouth agains her privates, taking in a long deep whiff.

Cidney: Urghhh….. ur..

I did not do anything more.

Just one deep erotic breath of her womanly scent.

I back away and I beckoned Beng Soon close to take my position.

He was better than I expected.

He was quick in his movement, he quickly duck walked over the carpeted floor, pressing his face onto my girlfriend’s wet and hungry privates and took in a quiet breath, careful not to make any noise before obediently backing away into his corner.

I stood up and kissed Cidney, her mouth opening hungrily for me.

I fingered her through her wet shorts, determined to make her wet most of her sleeping shorts.

Cidney : Ohh… James… lets do it… please…

I kissed her and turned her against the wall .

I gave Beng soon a look and he knew I wanted him to pay attention.

I cupped my left hand from behind Cidney with my left hand and my right hand held onto the part where her wrist was being tied.

Some part of my palm would touch her but most of it would be protected by the bandage.

I did not cup her small breast totally but instead massaged and knead her cute supple breast through her t-shirt.

I let it go on for about 30 seconds before I motioned Beng Soon to do the same but for the other breast.

He did it perfectly and Cidney moaned her first moan for Beng soon.

Cidney : Urghh…

That moan must have spooked Beng soon a little as he quickly stopped and retreated to his corner.

I took a look at the time 10.25pm

Beng Soon was starting to perspire again.

The excitement must have been too much for him .

I too could feel my body heating up, the mixed of emotions of letting another man touch my girlfriend was very hard to keep suppressed.

I motioned for Beng soon to another spot .

I got a pillow and placed it on the work desk.

I asked Cidney to bend 90 degree over, to present her tight behind to me.

She felt the softness of the pillow and adjusted herself.

I could feel the rapid throbbing in my dick, I had to control myself not to fuck Cidney in that position.

It was one of my favourite.

With Cidney’s hands tied behind her, I could see her fingers flexing a little, probably for blood circulation.

I rest my left palm on her back and using my right hand, I started to finger her from behind her ass.

Her legs willing spread a little.

Like military drill, from ‘se di ya’ position to ‘se rang di ri’ .

I stopped after 30 seconds and I motioned for Beng Soon to take over.

As I watch Beng soon replaced me and started fingering Cidney in that position, I felt like just taking out my dick and wank away.
It was fuck up.

I felt so aroused and turned on that I had difficulty breathing.

The woman I love being fingered dripping wet in front of me and I was getting turned on.

Cidney’s body responded and shivered but there was very little she could do except moan,

Cidney : ughhh.. urghhh…. Ughhhh… James .. .

It was a new high I’ve never experienced before.

I motioned Beng Soon to stop after like 2 mintues and I let Cidney catch a breath.

I saw Beng Soon stare unbelievably at his stained and wet finger as I caressed Cidney’s hair, kissing her, asking if she’s ok .

I started to speak and I motioned another corner for Beng soon, asking him to take up a new position.

James : Can we try something new … let’s role play…

Cidney : What’s role play ? …

James : Something like pretending to be someone else…

Cidney : how ? ….

James : Can I pretend to be someone you don’t like, someone you hate ?

Cidney: Nooo… James… I don’t want…

I kissed and stroked her again, reassuring her it’s ok, she’s safe.

James: It’ll be fun, something different. You like the feeling of being helpless right…

I quickly reassure her that it’s only for a while. Just to try it out.

She just needs to pretend that she’s being held against her will, but eventually only I would get to touch her.

Only I would get to fuck her and hot the person she don’t like.

She was a bit reluctant I could see but I knew she would go along to please me.

James : So… can I suggest someone since I;ve heard so much complain about him ?

Cidney laughed.

Cidney : Haha.. James….. that’s so sick… I know who you are talking about…

James : Come one… it’s be fun.. just to try it out.

Cidney : It's really sick James..... haha

I nudged her along a little more and she nodded her head obediently.

I waited for a good 30 second before i spoke again.

James : Call me by his name Cidney.. call me..

She hesitated...

Cidney : James... a bit weird .... very sick la.. haha..

I ignored her and spoke again ...

James : Say my name Cidney....

She was quiet and i repeated it again, a little more forceful this time round...

James : Say...... my........ name......

There was a pause for a good 10 seconds that seemed to drag on forever.... then it happened.

That magical moment just happened.

It felt like someone punched me in my face... but it happened..

Like ths softest whimper from an innocent girl.... i heard it.

I heard the words escaped from Cidney's mouth...

Cidney : Beng...... Beng Soon.....

I immediately felt a rush of blood to my brain as the way Cidney whimpered Beng soon’s name out was one of the most sensual and sexy things I’ve ever encountered. 

It was soft yet audible whimper. 

I could tell the slight unwillingness in her voice but I knew she would do it just to please me. 

She must be feeling terrible, a tsunami of mixed emotions running through her brain as the name she called out echoed in her mind. 

How could she possibly be willing to bare herself to Beng Soon. 

She must be confused, confused as to why I would want her to call me Beng Soon. 

I gave a kiss on the side of her cheek, a small reward for being so obedient. 
She was still breathing pretty fast and I did a quick check with my fingers, she’s still wet and it does not seem like she would stop lubricating her love hole until it has been properly filled and satisfied. 

Beng Soon had a look of disbelief slapped onto his expression when he heard his name being called. 

I could see the fear and the uncertainty in his eyes . Horny he may be but he would not want to get into any trouble. The thought of how things would turn out for both of us if this thing gets blown out of proportion was dreadful; we would probably be charged and thrown into jail. 

I was breaking a law, I was breaking the trust Cidney placed in me, I was playing with fire, and yet I felt so alive. 

I felt so alive and in control and I got aroused by the despicable act of sharing my girlfriend. 

I motioned Beng Soon over and I moved away. 

Sometimes you know even with your eyes closed, you could feel someone coming close to you , I did not want to take the risk of Cidney feeling there was someone else in the room. 

So I always made it a point to have only one of us near her at all time. 

I motioned Beng soon to squat down, about 30-40cm away from Cidney’s backside. 

I could see Cidney adjust her weight on her evenly spaced feet, I wonder how she was feeling at that moment. 

Her shorts had to be sticky and wet by her own love juice, her hole must be hungry for my dick, her body must crave for my touch. Yet I would not be the one doing the touching. 
I want Beng Soon to do as much of the work as possible. 

I got behind Beng Soon, the voice I projected must be coming from roughly the same direction as where I positioned him. 

James : Cidney….do you want me to pull down your shorts ? 

Cidney : Yee…Yess… 

James : Call me by my name, and ask me to pull down your shorts. 

There was a hesitation of one second or so before she responded. 

Cidney : Beng Soon….. Beng Soon… pull down my shorts… 

I was fucking high when I heard Cidney call for Beng soon and I could feel that tickling sensation in my dick as I gently rubbed my erection as I watched Beng Soon slowly reached for the bottom of her shorts. 

He turned to me for approval and I gave him a nod. 

Beng Soon was cautious, he did not use his entire hand, he did not touch Cidney’s bums, in fact he used only his thumb and index finger for both hands, slowly sliding down Cidney’s black shorts. 

It was an action that was done in slow motion, greatly magnified by my sick perverted brain. It was like a flag raising ceremony, all eyes were on Cidney’s shapely ass when Beng Soon lowered her shorts slowly. 

I’m honestly telling you that if I was not biting down hard on my teeth to stop my shivering, I would have wanted to scream in that hotel room. 

I could not even believe the sight that was happening in front of my eyes, my girlfriend, the woman I love, the woman I brought her back to show my parents, the one that had reunion dinner with me, now having her shorts slowly lowered by another man. 

As the shorts got lower, it exposed more and more of her lovely tight bums that was exclusively mine for a good period.

The firmness of her flesh, the healthy bounce when I press on them when I fuck her. 

It was all coming back to me that instance.

And the icing on the cake was that it was her who called the name of the man to lower her shorts. 

Another part I really wanted to share was how the shorts was lowered. Remember I mentioned that her shorts had double layer, the inner lining must have been pulled or stuck, resulting in some sort of a wedge when I fingered Cidney, as Beng Soon lowered the main outer layer, the inner thin lining stuck to Cidney’s privates for a second more before falling gracefully with the rest of her shorts. 

Beng soon did not pull her shorts down all the way, he left it just below her knees. 

I saw him slowly insert his right finger between Cidney’s two thighs and scrapped the sticky mess left on the inner lining of Cidney’s shorts before twirling it around on his finger, playing with the sticky love nectar with his thumb and index finger. 

I spoke again, talking to Cidney from where Beng soon’s head was. 

James : What else you want me to do ?

Cidney: fuck me.. James… I’m very wet already… enough of the games… 

I ignored her and did not give her a reply. 

I motioned Beng soon to move away and vacate his spot and I fingered and teased Cidney for a good minute, causing her to moan and squirm, she was trying to reverse into me, maybe hoping that she would get lucky and find my erected dick waiting. 

I left her hanging and she groaned for more attention. 

James : Tell me Cidney… tell me what you want…

Cidney : You’re torturing me… James… please… 

James : You’re calling the wrong name… 

I helped Cidney’s leg up and let her step out of her wet shorts, passing that piece of prized clothing to Beng Soon. 

I got Cidney onto bed and I told her I want to play with her, and I wanted her to ask me to do it. 

James : Ask me to play with you…. Call me to play with you… 

She willingly spread her legs, her hungry hole seemed to be beckoning me closer, there was a shimmering layer of gloss that seemed to really sparkle under the light, I could even see small droplets of her womanly juice on her fine pubic hair which was neatly trimmed. 

I saw Beng soon staring and playing with the wet black shorts that Cidney wore and I decided that it was time to take things to another level. 

I wanted to fuck Cidney, I wanted to see Beng Soon fuck Cidney. 

I want to hear her moan another man’s name when I fuck her, I want her to moan for me when Beng Soon goes in. 

My brain and my mind has to be truly damaged beyond repair to want that. 

Yet I still crave for it. 

I told Cidney I brought along some toys and I brought out a box of apple flavoured condoms and 3 dildos of different sizes. 

Allow me to explain why. 

I got Beng Soon to strip and I took a look at his dick and evaluate what I saw. 

Now if you are planning on doing something similar, don’t believe those Japanese porn. 

There is a pretty chance your partner would know it’s not your dick who is going inside her. 

My dick size is different. Your dick size is different. 

Beng Soon’s dick size is different. 

It’s impossible to find someone with exactly the same dick size as you. 

There is bound to be some degree of difference however slight. We just need to play it safe. 

Beng Soon’s dick is longer, I would say about half an inch or so, his dick head is not as big and he has a slightly smaller girth. 

I kept that in mind as I planned for the next part. 

Now the 3 dildo I brought along for that evening was a realistic replica of our male organ, you can find it at any sex shops. I did not see the need to go for something crazy, I bought conservative sizes, in varying lengths. 

I want to confuse. 

The aim is to confuse. 

I don’t want Cidney to know how exactly she is suppose to feel when either me or Beng Soon go inside her. 

I capped the first dildo and positioned it at the entrance of her hungry vagina. 

The slippery wet entrance of her vagina seemed to have a life of it’s own, just by placing the dildo at the entrance, I could feel it slipping in ever so slowly but surely. 

It was as if her hungry tight hole needed to be filled so desperately that it’s sucking the tip of the dildo in. 

It went in barely 1 cm and Cidney needed to change position. 

Lying on her back and on her hands were no joke, it was pretty uncomfortable and I helped her get up. 

I stacked 3 pillows on the bed and bent her over them, positioning her in such a way her ass is facing me and was right at the edge of the hotel bed. 
Her feet was dangling but her knees and the better part of her shin was still on the bed. 

It was a good position 

It was a good position for something completely fucked up and sick. 

I may have brought along 3 dildos, but my plan was to use only 2. 

I capped the first one and I slowly rubbed her wet slit before sliding it in easily a couple of centimeters. 

Cidney : Urghhh… James….. ughh... oh my god...

James : Shhh…. It’s ok…. Don’t worry…. Everything would be ok. 

For ease of explanation I shall call the first Dildo D1. I passed D1 to Beng Soon and capped the other D2. 

It was slimmer and I did the same thing, letting it slide in a little.

Cidney: Urghhhhh……oh my god….urghh.. 

I withdrew it and gestured for D1. 

Now for D3 

I would be D3. 

My dick was already hard and throbbing for attention and I quickly capped myself. 

My girth was decent and I was expecting it to stretch Cidney a little. 

This part was important. 

I got Cidney to lean back a little as I did not want to touch the rest of her body except her wet slid. 

I used my erected member to slide against her slit before pushing it in a centimeter or so. Just enough to elicit a moan from her but not enough to let her feel me going in. 

I repeated the same motion with the dildo. 

I used D2, then D3, then D2, then D1, then D3.

There was no pattern, it was random.

And it was always one stroke. 

And it was always just a slight push at the entrance. 

Only enough to stretch her lips. 

I was perspiring very badly and I could see Beng Soon waiting eagerly at the corner. 

I told Cidney to change position and got her to lay on her back again. 

It was uncomfortable I know but I needed her that way. 

I signaled for Beng Soon to cap himself and he did it eagerly. 

The moment Cidney got on her back, I repeated the same thing. 

The only difference that time round was I held on to her feet, raising them up, exposing her vulnerable and wet pussy. 

I knew she could not last long so I quickly sprung into action. 

D1, then D2, then D1, then D3, always one stroke, always a slight push, and Cidney always moaned whenever her vagina lips stretched that little. 

It was a fucking sexy moan, it was like she was craving for a full entry yet she was denied the pleasure of a good fuck. 

I knew it was time and I motioned Beng Soon over. 

I held on to Cidney’s legs with my left hand, pulling them back closer to her squirming body. 

It was time to introduce Beng Soon into the picture. 

I felt so sick and aroused that I was actually shivering and I had to bite down on my lips. 

It was over in a flash but it was etched deep into my sick mind that image when Beng Soon came close, positioned his dick at the entrance of Cidney. 

Her was careful, he made sure only his dick went near and not the rest of his body. 

And there it was the golden moment. 

Me holding up my girlfriend’s legs, exposing her juicy cute cunt that was enjoyed only by a few to Beng Soon. 

It was like docking a space shuttle to a space station. 

I saw it in slow motion as Beng Soon’s dick made contact with Cidney’s vagina lips. 

I wanted to fucking scream and cum with the excitement and the realization of what was happening. 

And Beng soon executed it perfectly. 

I saw him gave a slight push, stretching a little of Cidney’s vagina before removing himself. 

Right at the moment when Cidney gave out a really soft whimpered moan, Beng Soon withdrew and reached for D2, passing it to me and getting out of the way. 

I used D2 then D1 before stopping. 

James : Are you ok Cidney ? 

Cidney : Yes…. Yes I’m ok… You’re making me very horny James…. 

James : Speak properly… who is making you horny….. 

Cidney : Enggg…. James…. Don’t ….. 

I used D1 again, sliding on her vagina lips.. 

James : Say it Cidney , we’ve come this far. 

Her chest was heaving up and down, her love juice still coating her hungry cunt and she too was perspiring a little 

James : Say it baby… say it… 

And a smile broke on both our faces when she finally said it. 

Cidney : It’s Beng Soon James…. Beng soon is making me horny… 

James : I used a few different dildo, can I suggest we use one as Beng Soon… 

She nodded, a little breathless and I quickly gestured Beng Soon close.. 

He repeated the same motion, pushing in just a little at the entrance before backing away. 

Cidney : Oh my god…. I can’t take it anymore… fuck me.. 

James : That would be Beng Soon… 

Cidney : Ok,…. Ok…. Let’s use that as Beng Soon. 

She was trying to adjust her body but I shushed her down,. 

James : Do you want Beng Soon to come in a little more ? 

Cidney : Yes… yes I want Beng Soon to come in… 

I gestured to Beng Soon and he came in again. 

I gestured for him to go in a little more and it was the most erotic sight I’ve ever saw. 

With me holding Cidney’s legs up, Beng Soon slid in , stretching Cidney’s vagina lips. 

Cidney: Urghhhhh… ughh… oh my god… urgh… ahh

And I saw where Beng Soon stopped. 

He stopped right after Cidney’s juicy sweet cunt enveloped his entire dick head. 

And I could feel the throbbing in my dick as if it was me entering inside her. 

Beng Soon slowly withdrew, causing Cidney’s horny moan to fill the room.


Like the good partner, Beng Soon took both D1 and D2, and passed it to me. 

I took D1 and this time round, I let it go in till the bulge of the dildo was engulfed totally by Cidney’s vagina. 

Cidney : You’re making me so desperate and horny…. Urghh…. 

I repeated it with a mix of different combination, allowing Beng Soon to go inside Cidney another 7-8 times. 

I did a time check and was surprised that time flew by, it was coming to 12 midnight. 

I did an evaluation of the current situation.

Beng Soon was perspiring pretty heavily and I could see he was excited and tired. 

Cidney too was starting to squirm and move more, having your hands behind you is not at all a simple task. With your body pressing down , you’re restricting blood flow and it can get painful at times if you are not lying down right. 

I motioned Beng Soon to head back to his room for a while because I want to untie Cidney and redo the bondage part into a more comfortable position. 

It might looked like we did nothing much but it was a really tiring session. 

There was so much considerations and restrictions, even the motion of fucking yourself into Cidney without touching too much of her body was a challenge. 

It was exciting, and it was tiring. 

12th March 2011


Beng Soon disappeared from sight and I closed the connecting door before I untied Cidney. 

She took a good 2 minutes stretching and adjusting herself, rubbing on her sore arms and wrists. 

I was expecting her to remove her blindfold but she did not. 

When I tried to tie her again, she was a little reluctant and just begged me to fuck her. 

I reassured her it would be a comfortable position and she had no choice but to agree. 

It’s a pretty simple position, she laid flat on her back with her legs lift up. I tied her left wrist to her left ankle, making sure it was secure. 

I did the same for her right side, essentially she was just holding onto both her ankles, exposing her vulnerable pussy to more exploit by me and Beng Soon. 


I let Beng Soon back in and told him it’s about time we end it. 

Cidney was amazing, after such a long period of teasing, she was still wet but I could tell there was some different in the vicousity of her natural lubrication.

It seemed like it was getting a little diluted and drying up soon. 

I repeated the same ritual with the dildos and allowed Beng soon to go in a tad more after his dick head was engulfed. 

Even with Cidney’s hands tied to her legs, we had to be careful and made sure not to touch the exposed underside of her thighs. 

The angle of entry was awkward but it was still penetration afterall. 

I had wanted Beng Soon to lick and suck on Cidney’s nipple but I was worried about the smell. 

He may use the same soap and shampoo , but to a certain extent, if his head comes so close, there might be some scent that gives him away. 

That was a possibility that I could not rule out. 

I gave Beng Soon the signal and told him that Cidney was almost at her limits, we need to call it a night. 

He nodded and went over to his room and brought me one of the hand towels from his bathroom. 

I used it to wipe Cidney down, soaking up every drop of her precious love juice before giving it back to Beng Soon. 

I called up all the erotic images of my helpless girlfriend being penetrated and fucked by Beng soon as I started fucking her in missionary. 

This time round I did not hold back, smacking myself deep into her love hole. 

Her exterior was a little dry but after I fuck myself deep into her thai pussy, I quickly lub up again and before long, I was withdrawing myself from a well lubricate love hole that was only moments ago being fucked by Beng soon. 

It was an erotic feeling. 

Although I would love to see Beng Soon really fuck Cidney deep, smacking his dick inside her, I knew it was not possible under that circumstance. 

Beng soon knew it as well. 

There were other ways to do it if we wanted, that was not the correct time. 

Beng Soon masturbated himself and when he was about to cum, Cidney peaked first, her body squirming and she moaned loud, her mouth gasped opened and she stopped breathing for a good while, enjoying the drag of that nerve twitching sensation she craved for the entire evening. 

I resumed thrusting, causing her to moan and struggle more as I massaged her sensitive and swollen clit. 

Cidney : James….james… please….. stop…. 

Beng Soon quickly tapped my shoulders and told me he’s reaching tipping point and I exited Cidney and shifted her onto her left side, exposing the entire right flank of her body to Beng Soon. 

He came onto her right thigh as discussed as I pretended to moan in orgasmic pleasure right when Beng soon unloaded his sperm, rubbing his dick head onto my girlfriend’s thigh. 

I pretended to breath heavily for a while before calming down. 

Cidney was just laying motionless, breathing and resting her tired body and pussy after such a tiring night. 


I gave a cut throat action and told Beng Soon that the exercise was over and her gathered his stuff and left my room. 

I let Beng Soon’s cum stayed for a good 15 minutes as I cuddled up with my girlfriend, careful not to touch any of his boily fluids. 

It was a sick feeling, cuddling the woman you love with another man’s cum on her body. 


I told Cidney to take a shower together and I fucked her again in the shower stall. 


I told her I recovered enough and was ready to go for a second round. 


I came, drawing up the sick images of Beng Soon’s dick entering and leaving Cidney’s most private region. 

I cuddled up with my wonderful girlfriend and we fell asleep. 


We head down for breakfast after I made sure Beng soon was done at the buffet spread. 

We had the room for another evening and I was considering whether to attempt it again but I was secretly thankful that Beng Soon answered that question for me. 

He told me he could not take it anymore, that little penetration and tease was not enough, he’s calling for an escort in the afternoon. 


I was about to head out for lunch with cidney when Beng Soon texted me that he’s going to make the girl scream and shout, asking me to listen in.

I was not really interested and I left the room with Cidney to catch a movie before grabbing a later lunch. 


Cidney’s body was not very cooperative that day and her menses came 4 days ahead of her usual schedule. 

I’ve had nothing more than a simple blowjob with no conclusion before we fell asleep, I felt pretty drained and tired. 

Perhaps I was still recovering from the thrills and excitements of the previous day. 

13th March 2011


We checked out after breakfast, or rather I passed the key card back to Beng Soon when I excused myself to the washroom.

15th March 2011


I was pretty bothered by the stack of medical reports I copied from Selene’s place, it was like there’s this nagging feeling of something was wrong yet I could not put my finger on it. 

It lurked at the back of my mind and I would not wait to really meet up with my old friend and get him to take a look. 

Selene on the other hand looked blissful and happy, no doubt the sweetness of a relationship must have seeped further into her life.

Perhaps it was the sex.

There seemed to be radiant glow on her cheeks and she looked more beautiful than before. 

23rd March 2011



It was only after I made an order of coffee at the café and presented my friend Damien with my namecard did he relaxed enough. 

Damien : Actually I was quite sure you were trying to sell me something. Haha

James : Wah lau…. Am I that kind of person ? 

Damien : Haha. Actually I know you are not la, last time army we so gum, that’s why I took the chance la. 

He went on to tell me so far most of the long lost friends who called him all tried to sell him something. 

I felt a little guilty about what I wanted to ask and was a bit hesitant about bringing it up. 

We spent 2 hours catching up, chatting about the past, laughing and updating each other about our lives.

When the time finally came for us to call it a night I brought up the subject. 

James : Actually bro, I do have something to talk to you. 

Damien : Wah, knn. Don’t tell me we talk 2 hours liao you got another namecard to give me ar ? haha 

James : No la… I need some …ermm.. advice on medical matters. 

Damien : I charge consultation fee accordingly one hor.. haha. 

James : Sure…. Anything…haha

I brought out a copy of the reports I got from Selene’s place, I had already blackout the names and details of the patient. 

Damien took one look and told me immediately it was not his field of study but he could give me a general picture. 

Damien : Who is this person to you James , your girlfriend ? 

I tried to think of a good answer but I guess saying my girlfriend was not a good idea so I said it was a close friend’s fiancée. 

James : He found these hidden in the cupboard and he was asking around, he’s not very educated, works as a carpenter. 

My friend nodded and he arranged the reports according to the dates before looking through everything again. 

After 5 minutes looking at it he finally spoke. 

When he spoke, that was the time I really find doctors very cool. 
He was calm, he was professional when he gave his opinion although he had a cigarette in his mouth. 

Damien : Unicornuate uterus. It affects about say…. 1 in 1000 women generally. 

Damien : It’s half the size of a normal uterus and there is only one fallopian tube, it’s quite rare , still have 2 ovaries but only one is connected to the uterus.

He took a drag of his cigarette and went on to say that most people would not even know about their condition until they went for a detailed checkup and scan. 

Damien : That’s pretty much all I could tell. You need to find a Gynae for this.

James : Ermm…. So in english,… what does it mean ? 

Damien : It meant there’s a high chance that you would not be able to carry the baby to term. There would be quite a bit of complications as well during pregnancy. 

Damien : I have a colleague, similar case, took her a long time to get pregnant, thankfully everything was ok. Odds were stacked against her. 

He returned me the reports and asked if I’m ok.

James : yah.. yah.. just thinking…. 

I paused for a while and asked one last question 

James : So it’s….. quite hard to get pregnant in this case. 

Damien smiled and stubbed out his fag. 

He looked up into the starless sky and replied. 

Damien : Sometimes…… certain things in life….., you’ll need a little help from high above.

I thanked Damien for meeting up and shedding some light on this matter. I promised to catch up again together with some other guys we used to hangout.

I took a slow bus ride home and I let the reality of this matter slowly sink in.



I took a moment to really comprehend the impact that news had on me.

You must be thinking that I’m already plotting how to use that against Selene, perhaps just keep unloading batches of hot wet cum into her without worrying about the consequences.

The truth was that I was pretty affected by it.

You see, the thing with me was that I saw Selene as someone who was perfect.

She was perfect in my eyes and had always been that way ever since the way I laid eyes on her. For so many years she was my idol, my dream.
She shines in her own radiant way and she looked like she was in the pink of health, her body looked so perfect to me, there was no way anything could be wrong with her.

I had mixed feelings, and for once I was unsure about what to do next.

You might think it had nothing to do with me since she was of no relation to me, I just want to fuck her so why bother about what conditions she had.

It’s not true.

I could not explain it but I was just pretty affected by it.

Before I found out about her condition, there was nothing I wanted more than to unload a fresh hot sticky load of cum deep into her vagina, now I’m not so sure.

24th March 2011


When I saw Selene that day, I saw her in a different light. I don’t know why.
It was as if a switch had been flicked.

I still craved for her touch, I still want to fuck her, but somehow something deep inside me made me angry.

It made me more horny

I’m not going to pretend I’m someone with high moral values, I’m cheap, I’m low and I’m a sick bastard.

But I felt sorry for her.

Honestly sorry.

I spent the night before reading more about the condition online and it was a birth defect of sort. A lot of woman have it, life goes on.

Sometimes in life you just happen to draw the short straw.

I knew I needed some time to really organize my thoughts and I was considering taking a few days break but work kept me busy.

It felt like a turning point in my life that day.

It was as if waking up one day only to realize that the toy I was looking forward to lay my hands was broken.

I was actually expecting myself to not want to play with a broken toy, but somehow I got more curious, i still want to hold and touch even a broken toy.

20th April 2011


For an entire month, I tried not to think too much about the matter but I could not shake it out of my head.

I am a sick man and having a nagging thought about Selene’s condition did nothing to better my condition.

It was so bad that I felt I had to find ways to relieve myself of the constant reminder that my favourite toy was broken.

Naturally Cidney played a critical role

I fucked Cidney in everyway possible to the point that I started getting a little bored.

I knew I loved her but lately I began having mixed feelings.

The thought of her being penetrated by Beng Soon started to eat into me, I felt aroused and high whenever I called up images of that evening, but shortly after, it began to bother me.

It began to fuck with my head.

I started getting the feeling that Cidney was a used toy, used and violated by Beng Soon and at times I would want to do nothing other than discard her like a used piece of clothing.

Yes, you could not have met a worst bastard than me.

It was I who wanted to share her, yet now it was I who thinks she’s dirty.

I blame Selene, I blame her for her condition and in turn causing me to resent Cidney.

It made me feel Cidney was broken too.

Then for no reason at all, my entire mindset would change, I would suddenly feel Cidney was the most wonderful girl I’ve met, and that she was the one who would do anything and everything for me.

All thoughts about her being dirty, being shared just magically disappeared.

I really thought I was going mad.

I buried myself with work, working harder than before, hoping that if I kept my mind occupied, I would feel better.

Brooding over matters like this cannot be good for my health.

22nd April 2011



The country was excited. Everyone was following the news about the upcoming election.

It’s been 3 days since the parliament was dissolved and preparations were heating up.

Cidney and i had dinner at golden mile, her favourite place for obvious reasons before shopping for some essentials I needed for my in camp training the following week.

Since it was a Friday evening, she asked if she could stay over at my place, how could I possibly say no?

She helped me packed, asking me what does each of the items do.

From the SBO to my helmet which she tried to wear.

Cidney: It’s so heavy.

James : It stops 2 things.

Cindey : what ?

James : Technically it’s supposed to stop a small caliber bullet, but actually it stops your brain from thinking the moment you wear it.

She laughed and went on to other stuff.

Cidney: Why do you have so many rolls of black tape ?

I took a look at what she was holding and replied.

James : Oh, you can fix a lot of things with that, you can even stick it over a cut or a bruise

Cidney laughed again, displaying an air of innocence that made me felt even more guilty for sharing her with Beng soon.

If I could read into the future, I would tell her that the roll of black tape could be used to fix train tracks too.

I switched the TV on and left it on one of the news channels as I checked through the items that were left untouched for an entire year in my field pack.

Repeat broadcast of political messages and news flooded the TV and Cidney was excited about witnessing her first election in Singapore.

I tried to explain to her the general background and history but I gave up after a while.

How could I possibly explain 46 years of history to her in one evening ?
She asked me a question that made me laugh out loud that day.

Cidney : Who do you support James ?

James : It’s a secret…

She gestured to my uniforms and added.

Cidney: Would your army throw a coup ? Who do they support ? Which side ?

James : Cidney ….

I held up that dusty set of greens and explained to her.

Pointing to the Singapore flag emblem I got when I went to Aceh during the Tsunami as part of the relieve team, I smiled and said.

James : Men who wear this don’t fight for political parties……We fight for the flag.

She smiled and went on to ransack through other items.

I saw her dig out light sticks, mosquito coils, and my old towels.

She took a napkin and helped me clean up my torchlight.

We were both quiet, doing our respective stuff and it was moments like this when I looked at Cidney and regret everything I’ve done.

Where else can I find such a nice accommodating girl ?

Cidney emptied the leaking batteries from my torchlight and replaced them with new ones before shining the light at me with a smile. 

Cidney : Do you love your country James ? 

I laughed… 

James : Why do you ask ? 

She shrugged her shoulders. 

Cidney : Sometimes I hear you complaining together with Tan and Sue. 

James : hahaha… true… I complain about the rising cost of living, I complain about why houses are expensive, I complain about taxes, I complain about Abdul…I complain…

Cidney : Haha.. ok… ok… stop it… 

3 Minutes later I thought it was only right that I answered Cidney

James : I love my country Cidney…... no matter what state she may be in.

Cidney : Same same… I love Thailand too… but I don’t like the people who’s in charge.

I laughed again as she flashed me her sweetest thai smile. 


Cidney went to take a shower after we’re done packing and I went in the moment she’s done. 


Cidney and I cuddled up on my bed and we fell asleep.

24th April 2011 


It was the last person I expected to get a call from on Sunday especially when there was no plans made in advance. 

My phone was flashing Beng Soon’s name as I watched Cidney wade around in the swimming pool.

She had wanted a tan and I was too lazy to accompany her to the beach so I suggested heading to a neighbourhood pool. 

We came to the one in Hougang since I needed to run an errand for my mum. I did only 2 laps before I decided to just take a break. 

Swimming wasn’t really my cup of tea. 

We only managed to get one bench as it was pretty crowded on a Sunday. 
I picked up the phone and asked Beng Soon what’s up

Beng Soon : Eh are you with Cidney ? 

James : yah, why ? 

Beng Soon : Need to talk to her about work urgently. She’s not answering her call. 

I told him she’s swimming in her white bikini, of course she was not answering her phone. 

James : Want to see or not ? 

Beng Soon : Eh, James… don’t joke now, this 1 serious. 

Beng Soon sounded a little worried and I asked him what was the problem. 

He told me that one section of Cidney’s project had a problem. 

She requested a mockup of a prototype, it was something she designed herself. 

It was something simple, a wall hung bookshelf. 

Now, Cidney’s bookshelf is actually quite simply designed, nothing more than vertical and hortizonal planks of wood being stacked together. 

The thing was she made a play with the arrangements. 

She wanted the openings to be of a certain proportion and it resulted in some pretty wide spacing between her vertical support. 

Imagine this is the typical spacing between the support 


Cidney wanted something like this 


Now, Beng Soon told me on the phone that he did advise her against doing it because if you put something heavy on it, the plank would buckle. 

Beng Soon : I told her liao. People put books, sure a lot , sure heavy. She insist want. 

I told Beng Soon that actually it’s a small matter, just a broken piece of plank, how much would it cost ? He could easily replace it. 

Beng Soon : That stupid shelf is not the problem. Your girlfriend wanted to proof to me can work. 

He went on to tell me that during their meeting on Friday, Cidney asked his workers to stack tiles on the shelve and leave it over the weekend to test the strength. 

James : Wah. She’s so on ah ? 

I was about to tease Beng Soon when he told me the location of the shelve. 

My smile automatically left my face as I looked at Cidney trying to push herself out of the pool. 

They did the mockup in a small library corner with an entire glass wall separating it from the staircase well. 

The tiles broke the shelf, hit the floor and cracked several pieces of tiles. 
And by a pure stroke of bad luck, the entire glass wall cracked, leaving one large diagonal streak across. 

I digested the news as I watched Cidney walked towards me , brushing the water and her hair from her face. 

She turned heads, of course she does. 

I saw a few uncles checking her out, her tight young body covered by so little. 

I saw a few daddies with their kids, they were supposed to supervised and watch their children swim around in their pyjamas as part of the lesson but instead their gazes were on Cidney. 

And Cidney was trying to hurry over to me side, to the large towel she brought. 

The moment she arrived, she quickly wrapped herself up, shutting out the eye of so many men envy of me. 

I don’t know why. 

The more she wanted to protect her modesty, the more I wanted to expose her, the more I wanted to share her. 

She is shy, only willing to bare it all for me, the man she loved. 

In her eyes, only I get to touch her, only I get to have her. 

My mind suddenly thought about Selene and I realised that I needed a break from her. I need time to slowly regain my lust and plot a new course of action for Selene but in the meantime, I needed something to distract me. 

I needed to keep my mind occupied. 

Cidney gave me a questioning look and I mouthed and told her it’s work. 

I offered her the chair and excused myself, walking a distance away to continue the conversation. 

I asked Beng Soon what his thoughts were and naturally he was thinking about money and the time schedule. 

He told me that he’s running on a tight budget for that job for obvious reasons and for this he could just let it go. 

I took a moment to think before everything spun around and fell together into place. 

Suddenly I visualized everything as a chessboards and the people around me were like pieces I could move around. 

Weird, I know, sometimes I don’t even know how my mind works. 

I saw Cidney at the opposite end of the river taking the spot where the general sits and me trying to maneuver my way across. 

I immediately asked Beng Soon about the worker whose due to go back in June and asked if he was still around.

Beng Soon : Yes. Why ? 

I told him to ignore Cidney’s return call and text her that he made a mistake and called the wrong person. 

She should not find out about this news until the next day. 

I told Beng Soon to think of an excuse and schedule a unplanned meeting the next day, insists that Cidney go down to the site. 

James : Make it at 4pm. 

Beng Soon : ok. But what is going on ? what are you trying to do ? 

I told Beng Soon to get the same set of 3 workers to site and make sure only they were there. 

I finished up the rest of the explanations and I could tell Beng Soon caught my drift and he too was excited. 

I told him that I’m having my in camp training for the next 2 weeks but I will think of a way to be out tomorrow and meet him on site. 

25th April 2011


Immediately after booking in I went to my officer and told him that I needed a few hours off. 

I left camp at 1.00pm after lunch. 

I remained in my uniforms and I called Beng Soon to check if everything was ready. 

He told me it’s all set and Cidney will be heading over at 4pm. 

I mentally moved my cannon chess piece across the river, positioning it at a safe distance.

I took a cab to the site and saw the damages and thought of the best way to bring out what I wanted to potray. 

Beng Soon had ask Cidney to site on the pretext that he needed her to approved some of his stuff and it’s pretty urgent. 

I reminded Beng Soon that it was critical that Cidney remained on the ground floor until the right time.


I briefed the workers what I needed and paid them off. They were happy to pocket the cash and gave me the thumbs up.

My horses crossed the river as well, creeping in on the unsuspecting general as her pieces remained unmoved, unaware of the advance


I did a dry run of what everyone was supposed to do and the pieces all fell into place.


I left the 2nd floor and exited from the back of the shophouse, getting into a small alley.

I entered the adjoining café and ordered a drink, sitting myself right at the back.

Even my chariots managed to arrive undetected on Cidney’s side of the river.


My phone rang, it was Beng soon.

I held it to my phone and did not say a single word.

Beng Soon had the habit of gesturing around with his phone in hand when he talks and I want to listen in on the conversation.

I waited and I waited.

About 3 minutes later, there was a loud commotion and some shouting in the background.

I heard hurried foot steps and heels clicking up the stairs before there were more commotions and people speaking loudly.

Moments later the phone was cut off.

I moved even my smallest pawns across the river, slowly closing the grip around Cidney.

I waited and I was curious how everything turned out.

I heard the firing of the lorry engine at the main road and the truck left.

That was one of the critical que.

The workers helping the so called injured friend out of the site, leaving only Cidney and Beng Soon in there.

I leaned back and waited for my phone to ring.


My phone rang. It was Cidney.

When I picked up the phone she was crying and as expected, I could hear Beng Soon speaking pretty loudly in the background in an angry manner.

Cidney : James…. Sorry…. I made a mistake on site and some workers got injured.

James : What happened ?

She brought me up to speed, telling me what I already knew and I told her to stay right there.

James : I’ll come over asap.

I finished my coffee and I took the back alley to the main road.

I walked 15 minutes away from the site before I found a cab.

I made the uncle take the expressway before apologizing that I forgot some documents and I needed to turn back.

$20 and 30 minutes later, I alighted in front of the shophouse.


I entered the shophouse and the moment Beng Soon saw me, he started talking loudly again.

Words like injured worker, compensation, ministry of manpower, stop work, bad instructions flooded the whole shophouse and Cidney was just quiet and she seemed a little shell shocked at the corner.

I hushed Beng soon down and told him that we can sort things out.

He threw in more words like calling in the police, claiming for compensations, bad design which made my poor girlfriend cry.

I hugged Cidney and told her it’s ok, I’ll sort it out and told her to wait outside.

She shook her head and wiped away her tears and I reached into my pocket discreetly.

I was trying to be discreet but actually I wanted Cidney to see it.
I passed a bundle of cash over to Beng Soon and I was sure Cidney saw that happen.

There was some pushing and shoving of hands and Beng Soon took a brief count and kept saying . No, No…. and more No.

It was a bundle of 2 thousand in fifty dollar bills and even when Beng Soon accepted it, he threw around more threads.

I calmed him down and told him that let’s do this 1 step at a time.

James : Get the workers treated, pay them some money. We sort out the rest later.

We left the site at 6pm with Cidney visibly shaken.

She apologized again for making bad decisions but I told her it’s ok, we’ll sort it out.

26th April 2011


I was enjoying myself in camp, doing absolutely nothing but wait around and filling in forms.

I knew by then Beng Soon had already told Cidney that I insisted on settling the matter privately and to keep things between us.

I was looking forward to my nights out later in the evening so I could tighten the noose around my poor helpless girlfriend.


I met Cidney and Beng soon the moment I left camp at a coffee shop in Bedok and I passed over another envelope under the table.

Beng Soon just laughed and pushed it back across to me.

Beng Soon : James… we may be friends but don’t insult me. This is not going to be enough .

He went on to say he needed to pay off his workers, send them back, close off the case and stop the ministry from probing.

Beng Soon : Do you know how hard it is ?

We discussed further and there was a stalemate.

We parted ways at 8pm and Cidney came over to my place.

She cried the moment she entered my room, apologizing again for what she had done.

I felt an erection creeping up as I hugged her, assuring her it’s ok.

James : I’ll solve the problem. Don’t worry.

I left the envelope on the table and I went to get a drink.

From the kitchen, I peered in and saw Cidney looking inside the envelope.

There was 10 thousand dollars inside, it belonged to Beng Soon of course, I just borrowed it, and he had already transferred the 2k i passed him previously back to my account.

I comforted my girlfriend for a while longer before returning back to camp.

I did not book out for the next few days until Friday evening.

29th April 2011



Right on the dot, I got a call.

Cidney called me and informed me that Beng Soon had stopped work on the shophouse and that it was locked. He did not want to meet for their weekly meeting too until the matter was resolved.

I could tell she was on the verge of crying and I felt an erection pushing against my underwear again as I enjoyed her feeling of helplessness.

I added a bit of fuel to the flames and fanned it harder .

James : Can you try calling Beng Soon ? We’re already behind schedule.

Cidney : He’s not picking up my calls.

James : It’s ok, I try him.

The truth was that Beng Soon had already fixed up all the damages but our agreement was that Cidney should not know.

We needed to keep our cards close to our chest.

5pm .

Cidney was loitering near the site as she was afraid to head back into office.
I told her I set up another discussion with Beng Soon that evening.


I met Beng Soon and briefly discussed the plan before we parted.


We arrived separately at a coffee shop near my place and Cidney was already there.

The moment Beng Soon arrived, he passed across a piece of paper. On it was a figure of well over $70,000.

I made a show of hiding the paper after making sure Cidney had seen it and I buried my face in my hands before I spoke.

James : Not possible, it’s too much.

Beng Soon : Then simple, I report this, the ministry investigate.

He pointed to Cidney and added.

Beng Soon : They probably call her up, cancel her EP , send her back and she’ll never step in here again. We can play this game.

I could see Cidney shivering in her seat as she don’t even dare to look at Beng Soon.

James : Brother… relax la… let’s talk things through.

We dragged the whole matter as planned and by 11pm, I could see the fatigue in Cidney’s face.

She must have tear up at least twice and went through 1 packet of napkins.


Cidney excused herself to the bathroom and I signaled to Beng soon to go.

We stood a distance away from the coffeeshop and I waited for Cidney to come out.

The moment she did, Beng soon and I started quarrelling.

When Cidney drew nearer, Beng soon threw out words like corruption, bribing, report both of you, we all die together.

It was heated and we drew some on lookers even though it was late.

The moment Cidney arrived, I grabbed her close to me and just left Beng Soon, letting him continuing his tirade.

30th April 2011


We were both awake and Cidney had buried herself in my chest after crying again.

A young girl in her early twenties should not have to go through something like this.


James : Cidney…..

Cidney : Yah ?

James : Do you know why we started quarrelling just now ?

She shook her head, looking radiantly beautiful in the dark and I could feel her small hands wrapping tight around my body, as if she was afraid to let go.

I was quiet for another minute or so before I spoke.

James : Beng Soon agreed to settle the matter on one condition.

I did not spell it out as Cidney looked at me in my eyes which was too filling up with tears.

Someone give me a fucking award for acting.

My lips just trembled before a tear rolled down my cheeks.

Cidney looked helplessly as she no doubt understood what Beng Soon wanted.

James : It’s ok. No way… we’ll survive this. The most we go to jail right.. haha. We’ll live.

Cidney smacked me on my stomach before cuddling up with me.

I could feel her exhale a deep long breath, a breath of resignation.

Then I heard her say the words that gave me a fucking hard erection that almost pierced through my pants.

Cidney : Will you still love me if I do it ?

I did not reply her but hugged her tighter.

James : Let's not talk about it now.

Inside my mind I did one action and spoke 2 words.

I moved my chess piece forward and said.

James : “将军


I was feeling horny and aroused thinking of the state Cidney was in but I knew it was not the right time to ask for sex. 

I am a sensitive man and of course I’m sensitive to Cidney’s feelings at the point of time. 

She must have felt so helpless and lost and I was her only pillar of support. 

I knew she may have hinted that she was willing to do it but I could not take her word for it. People may not always mean what they say. 

I knew there was a potential for this to turn out in a spectacular manner and I had to play my cards right. 

It felt like I was stranded in the middle of a jungle, trying to start a small fire. Cidney’s current mentality about sleeping with Beng Soon was like a small spark. A small kindle that I was trying to nurture into a big flame.

I had to be careful, shelter it from the wind. 

I had to thread carefully, making sure there was enough dry wood nearby for the fire to catch on. 

Like a cancerous cell, an idea will slowly take root. 

I quote this from a famous movie. 

What is the most resilient parasite ? Bacteria ? A virus ? 

It is an idea. 

An idea is resilient, an idea is highly contagious. 

Once it has taken hold of the brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate. 

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and when I woke up, my small clock in the room was already showing 8.30am

Cidney woke up moments after me and I told her to get changed and wash up. 

I want to bring her out for breakfast.


I made no mention of the situation. I spoke nothing of the confrontation we had last evening. 

I did not even want to bring the subject up. 

I brought Cidney to a neighbourhood hawker centre in Bedok south, we enjoyed our morning breakfast of noodles and soya bean drink. 

We chatted and laughed, watching the Sunday crowd do their weekly shopping at the wet market. 

There were moments of silence, but I made sure Cidney was not quiet for too long. 

I quickly thought of new things to say, I thought of new subjects to bring her mind away from whatever she was thinking. 

The way our mind works is beyond me, but I knew something was bothering Cidney. And the more I wanted to draw her attention away, the more her mind would want to cling onto whatever thought that was bothering her. 

Yes, I bet she was mind fucking herself thinking about the possibility of sleeping with Beng Soon. 

It cannot be something concrete yet, she was still lost at the crossroads, I needed to slowly nudge her in the right direction. 

She needed to come to her own conclusion. 

After breakfast, we went for a short walk before taking a train to Tampines. 


We shopped; I bought her clothes, towels, small items and trinkets. I could see the more I tried to take her mind off the subject, the more she was thinking. 

She was appreciative of what I was doing , I could see it, I could feel it , Cidney tried to bring the topic up when we head for lunch. 

Cidney : James…. About Beng Soon…. 

James : Don’t……. let’s enjoy our weekend… not today… 

I smiled my best smile and put my hands around her shoulders. 

I hugged her close, I wanted her to feel safe and loved by my side. 

We grabbed a quick lunch and headed back to my place. 


I told Cidney to take a shower before trying out some of the clothes we bought. 

I turned on my desktop and decided to put on a good show. 

I logged in to my unit trust account, calling up my holdings page , I don’t have much inside, probably around 15k. 

I put in only 10 in 2009 when the market was bad, I selected the sell option and let the page bring me to the confirmation page. 

I left it at that window and I brought out some savings plan that I had bought. 

I reset the screen saver on my pc to 3 minutes. 

I left the file open on my table, making sure Cidney would be able to see the policies I own. 

I took some work folders and got ready, waiting for Cidney to be done with her shower.

I waited near the kitchen, and when I heard the shower stopped, I did a brief dash to my table , mentally counting the timing in my head. 

I got back to the entrance of the kitchen again, Cidney should be drying herself and putting on her clothes , she would be opening the door anytime now. 

I heard the latch open and I quickly ran back to my desk. 

I pretended to talk on my phone, I had my work folder on my lap. 
My eyes staring intently at the reflection on my screen and I could see Cidney approaching from behind. 

I pretended to do a quick turn around and I was sure she was what I was doing, I quickly changed the active window to one which was playing youtube videos and I used the work folder I was reading to cover my savings policies on the table. 

I placed the folder in a way that was marked, I aligned the corners to certain items on my table.

I pretended to excuse myself on the phone and hung up. 

James : Eh… ya yah… help me check ok…. Call me back…. Yup… I got to go…. Alright…. Bye….. 

I turned to Cidney who was drying her hair and gave her a hug. 

James …. Hmmmmm.. you smell good..

Cidney laughed and squirmed herself out of my hug. 

Cidney : What are you doing ? 

James : Nothing… just checking some stuff. 

I hit the paused button on the video I was playing on the webpage and the moment my hand left the mouse, I started counting out the seconds in my mind. 

I told her I’m heading to the shower and I took my towel and left the room. 

3 Minutes . 180 seconds. 

I was pretty sure Cidney would look through my stuff but I needed confirmation. 

I wanted her to know I was willing to go all the way to help her, I wanted to put her in a difficult position

I wanted her to start thinking that if she was willing to sleep with Beng Soon, she would solve all the problem. 

I would not need to sacrifice so much to help her. 

I went to the bathroom and I continued my counting. 

I did not start showering, it was normal for me to spend some time shitting and I just sat on the toilet seat and counted. 

When I hit 180 seconds, I flushed the toilet, unlatched the door and made enough noise. 

I was still counting in my head. 

I had a drink of water before making my way slowly to the room. 

I stepped into the room when I was at 235 seconds. 

My screen saver should have been up by then. 

I walked in and my screen was still active. 

The moment I laid eyes on it, I started counting again. 

I told Cidney I dropped my towel onto the floor and I needed a new one. 

She was just sitting at the edge of my bed, drying her hair. 

I got my towel and pretended to check my phone. 

My mental count hit 60 seconds and I confirmed that the alignment of my folder was different, Cidney had seen my savings policies. 

I fiddled with other stuff and delayed more time until I hit 145 seconds. 

The screen saver came on and I knew Cidney was browsing my stuff until she heard me left the bathroom. 

I was smiling to myself as I took my shower. 


We were cuddled up in the living room watching tv when Cidney tried to bring up the topic again but I told her not to. 

James : Cidney , don’t worry… don’t think about it. I’ll sort it out. 

I hugged her again, knowing full well that her mind must be swirling with thoughts about Beng Soon’s demand. 

Cidney was persistent and tried to talk to me. 

Cidney : James…. Don’t sell your investments… we can think of something… 
I pretended to give her a looked of surprise before composing myself and tried to lie in the worst fashion possible. 

I avoided her eyes and fumbled a little in my sentences. 

James : What… wha… I don’t know what are you talking about. 

Cidney : James….. please… 

I waved her off, telling her to stop thinking about the matter.


I hugged her close, feeling her tight body against mine. 

I felt an erection stirring, as I imagined her the level of unwillingness she must be feeling at that moment. 

She must be feeling guilty, she must have felt helpless and sad, lost in fact. 
Mindfucked that her boyfriend had to start selling his investments to get her out of the mess she created. 

And everything would be solved if she was willing to sleep with Beng Soon. 

Just sleep with that disgusting fat contractor, and everything would be over… 

I sent Cidney back at 8pm and told her to have a good rest and not think about anything else. 

1st April 2011


I woke up at 9am and I was trying to put everything into perspective. 
Cidney’s family background was pretty good but even so, 70k in SGD is a lot of money in Thai Baht. 

There was the possibility of her getting her family to help, it was a gamble. 

If she really did, I could pocket the money together with Beng Soon. 

I doubt she would tell her family about this since she was so adamant about not joining the family business, she took the plunge and came Singapore to work. 

She wanted to be independent. 

I called Beng Soon and we briefly discussed the plans, at the same time I told him that to make sure the shophouses would be completed on time. 

2nd April 2011 


The whole day I was waiting for a suitable moment to carry out one critical part of my plan. The moment came only after lunch when I saw Cidney heading to the bathroom and Auntie May falling in step behind her. 

I quickly dropped everything I was doing and followed close behind. 

Since there was only one cubicle, Auntie May had to wait for her turn. 

I made sure no one was around and I approached Auntie May. 

James : Eh Auntie May… I need to talk to you… 

Auntie May : Yah ? 

I lowered my voice a little but made sure it was audible enough for Cidney to hear me. 

James : Do you think I can advance my pay this month ? 

Auntie May said I’ll need to speak to Selene as she could not make the decision. 

She asked if everything was ok and I told her I just needed some extra cash for some personal matter. 

I thanked her and left. 


Cidney dropped me a message, asking me to meet her at the coffee shop near our office. 

I hurried over and asked her if she was ok. 

She told me that Beng Soon was still not returning her call and she was pretty worried about it

Cidney : What can we do ? 

There was a frown on her face and there was a worried look of desperation, she still looked good and she was wearing a dress that day. 

Her hands held on nervously to the hem of her dress, everytime she spoke, she subconsciously tried to pull her skirt lower, covering her exposed thighs. 

James : Let me try to contact Beng Soon…. Don’t worry… I’ll sort this out. 

Cidney: James… I need to talk to you …. 

James : yah ? What is it ? 

Cidney : I……. I don’t know…. Do you…… think…. 

I stopped her before she could say anything else. 

James : Stop it…. Don’t say a word. 

I gave her a hug and kissed her on her cheeks. 

I got Cidney to go back to the office and instead of calling Beng Soon, I called the client of the shophouse and did some catching up. 

We were not exactly close, I can’t possibly be close friends with everyone but we can be considered as good acquaintance. 

James : Boss… when are you free ? I buy you dinner la. Haha

We chatted for a while and I updated him on the project, the last time he went down was 2 weeks ago. 

I asked casually about Cidney and he said she was pretty good in her work, always made sure to followup on issues and always kept him in the loop. 

After the initial pleasantries, I decided to drop another bomb on Cidney. 

I told the client that everything was progressing well and if he was free, he could drop by on Friday to take a look, I could buy him coffee too. 

He agreed and I told him that I’ll inform Cidney to make the arrangements. 


I went up to the office and signaled Cidney that I needed to talk to her. 
I texted Beng Soon, asking him to call me in exactly 5 minutes. 

We went into the storage area and I told her that I took so long because the client called. 

James : He happened to call and we chatted, he wanted to drop by the site today but I managed to push it back till Friday. 

I told her it was the best I could do . 

I could see the look of resignation in her eyes as she started to tear up. 
I hugged her, speaking at the same time. 

James : It’s ok…. It’s ok…. Let me think….. I’m sure we could think of something…. 

We were both quiet for a while and I could feel Cidney pressing herself hard against my body. 

I was worried someone might come in but thankfully no one did. 

My phone rang and it broke Cidney from my embrace. 

I slowly held up the phone and showed Cidney the caller. 

I could see she was nervous, her hands went to her side, like a nervous pupil waiting for her fate after her exams, she was playing with the hem of her dress again. 

Her toes seemed to be angled inwards, facing each other. 

She was shivering a little I answered the call. 

James : hello…. 

Beng Soon just kept quiet as he knew it had to be one of my acts. 

James : Yah…. Beng Soon.. can we settle it at 35k ? I need time to raise the ……..

I stopped short and hung up the phone, shaking my head and making it seem as if Beng soon hung up on me. 

Cidney dried her tears and I told her not to worry. 

James : I’ll call up some friends…. I have friends…. They can help… 

I quickly left the room and went across the road to have a coffee. 


I got back into office with a dejected look. 

Cidney came over to my seat but I said nothing and buried my face into my hands. 


James : This is it.. let’s just tell Selene. I’m sure we could….. 

The office was already empty, everyone had left, leaving only Cidney and me in the office. 

Cidney slowly lifted my hands and making space for her small frame, settling down slowing on my lap. 

I hugged her from behind, smelling her dress, pressing my face hard and deep onto her bra strap, feeling the brush of the fabric from behind. 

We were both quiet and when Cidney spoke, I had to adjust my erection really badly because it was hurting. 

Cidney: Do you love me James… 

James : Of course… .. I won’t let you do it...no way… I’m not having this discussion. 

She got up and hugged me again before telling me that it’s late. 

Cidney : Let’s think about this tomorrow. Let’s go for dinner. 

I nodded and we packed up and left the office. 

Cidney seemed listless and distracted during dinner, I excused myself to the washroom after dessert was served and I almost dropped my phone into the sink when it suddenly rang. 

It was Beng Soon. 

Beng Soon : Brother !!! Brother !!!...... she said yes…. She said yes…. 

I was dumbfounded for a moment and I asked. 

James : what do you mean ? 

Beng Soon sounded out of breath, almost like he just ran a marathon. 

Beng Soon : Cidney…. Cidney texted me… 

I had to hold on to the sink for support as the gravity of the situation sank in. 
I could feel my erected dick press and push against my pants in the bathroom. 

I could feel my heart rate increase. 

I was feeling a little giddy. 

My girlfriend, the woman I love, had just texted a fat disgusting contractor agreeing to sleep with him. 

It was fucked up. 

Yet I was so fucking aroused. 

Aroused and excited that her small tight body would soon get violated by someone she did not like. 

James : What… what did she say ? 

Beng Soon : She sent me 2 message. 

I was trying hard to regulate my breathing and I asked. 

James : Tell….tell me… 

Beng Soon : I'll forward you the messages.

I waited 30 seconds before i got 2 beeps. 

First message was just an "ok" 

Second message was " James, must not know... " 

I took a deep breath and kept my phone

I left the bathroom after my erection wore off and I took the seat opposite Cidney. 

She looked normal, she looked calm in fact, her face betraying no traces of her impending betrayal.

I was feeling excited, knowing the woman that loves me so much was struggling with her thoughts, thinking about her latest decision to willingly give up her body to another man. 

I settled the bill and we left the restaurant. 

I held Cidney's hands, feeling her fingers intertwined with mine. 

Right before we parted, Cidney suddenly blurted out. 

Cidney : James.... i love you... i really do. 

I smiled and touched her face.... 

James : i know..... i know...


I got home around 11pm and I had a long hot shower. 

I was trying to wrap my mind around the whole situation and was playing out the scenes visually in my sick mind. 

My brain must be truly broken beyond repair, the realization of Cidney’s attempt to keep me in the dark about the arrangements sent a tickling sensation down my spine. 

I could not imagine how she was going to fall asleep that evening. 

Would she dream of Beng Soon ? 

Would she dream of betraying me ? 

I would never know. 


I called Beng soon and we began discussing the plan. 

He actually had no idea how to go about doing it. 

This was something he admitted upfront. 

Beng Soon : Brother, I really don’t know what to do. 

I don’t blame him. 

Often we would just play scenarios like this out in our mind, keeping it stashed deep within our sick perverted world. 

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