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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Upcoming works for 2014

Dear readers,

Thank you for the kind words of support and encouragements.
At least i know there are people reading my rubbish.

I'm pleased to share with you some dates i've worked out.

Scheduled dates for short stories

Looking forward to share these with all readers.

Amongst the 5 below, 3 are real stories base on actual events.

March 2014
1) My neighbour's teenage daughter.

June 2014
2) My wife's dark fantasy

August 2014
3) My buddy's beautiful girlfriend

September 2014
4) The persistent chinese client who likes my wife

October 2014
5) Living with the Teoh family

I have 1 main piece of work which i want to concentrate on which would be the story of my real sister in law.

I've already fixed the title, it can't get simpler than this and it gives a general picture of what i would be sharing.

December 2014

My Sister in law's 2nd wedding.


**Edited release dates for some works**

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