Monday, 19 May 2014

Blog updates, story status

Apologies for the long wait people.

Despite having no updates, i just realised there's a pretty healthy traffic on the blog.
I hope you all enjoyed the works on the site, please do drop me a mail if you have any comments and ideas for future works.

My neighbours' teenage daughter has been completed. It's a short piece, but due to some personal reasons, it would not be made available for the time being.

I would be taking the piece offline for now.

I hope to be able to share that piece soon once i get some issues sorted out.

In the meantime, i'm busy tidying up other pieces of works and i'm excited to share with all readers that there is a new piece of work coming up.

One i did not plan for.

It was made possible by a reader who wants to be know at "Sixoil"

He wants a message out to all the readers as well.

" Have Diana in sack still want ivan to help me "

Don't ask me what it means. Maybe a coded message to James bond or something.

I would be uploading the first post soon.


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