Monday, 2 June 2014

My wife's dark fantasy part 1

My wife Stella and I have been married for 3 years.

As we slowly approached our big 30, our parents started pressuring us to start a family. 

Now Stella and I love kids, and we have no doubts we wanted a few of our own, but we also wanted to have time for each other. 

We wanted to have a couple of years all to ourselves before we take on the responsibility of being parents. 

Stella and i met when we were interns at a small office during our year out and after a few gatherings and dinner, we started dating, before we realised it, marriage was on the cards.

We did not go the typical route of having a grand banquet or a nice reception but instead chose to keep things simple with a ceremony at the ROM attended by close friends and relatives. 

We got married young compared to our group of friends, in fact we were one of the few tying the knot at our mid 20s. 

Financially wise we were not too stretch since doing away with the banquet saved us quite a bomb. 

We live a simple and fulfilling live, and there’s nothing we look forward more than to be in each other’s arms after a long day of work.

As the years pass, I watched Stella grow and change from the sweet fresh grad to the corporate executive she is today. 

Now in terms of the looks and personality department, I don’t have any complains. I knew I was the envy of my friends when I first brought her out for a gathering.

Her sweet demeanour personality attracted my guy friends like bees to honey. 
Subconsciously, the guys slowly drifted a little closer, eager to hear her talk, yearning to see her smile. 

I was pretty sure they were looking at her legs but a good friend of mine reassured me that they were more interested in her full and firm bottom before quickly skipping away, laughing as he tried to balance his drink in his hand. 

Yeap, Stella had a pretty firm and perky bottom, not so full that she walks weird but it somehow just looked proportionate to her overall outlook. It perks up well, filling out whatever she chose to wear. 

Even today I could still see men on the streets sneaking in a quick stare whenever she wore something tight.

Her bottom is nice, I’ve seen them up close, explored every nook and corner but personally what I liked about Stella was her legs. 

She’s not very tall, but at 1.63, only 4 cm shorter than me, she would sometimes tower over me if she decided to put on a pair of really high heels. 

Her legs are smooth and white, not pale though, it’s just a healthy shade. Her calves are naturally toned even though she hardly worked out. I could see the attention from other men whenever she heads out in skirts or dresses. 

Stella had this small mole at the back of her left knee and like an opposite mirror image, she had one on her right elbow too. 

The minor imperfections that made her so perfect in my eyes. 

I could not remember how many nights I spent, savouring and worshipping her sexy pair of legs, kissing and letting my tongue linger near her feet. She was aroused as well, knowing that her legs turned me on. 

In fact Stella got aroused whenever she realised that I get turned on by her. 

It was as if she craved the attention I was showering her.

I remembered a particular trip to Bintan back in 2010 right after we got married. It was a trip with friends and there were 4 couples including me and Stella. 

When Stella pulled off her top revealing her bikini, there was a moment of awkward silence among my 3 other guy friends before things went back to normal. 

I knew they were staring at the very body that I was enjoying every evening. I felt that stab of jealousy and yet I felt strangely aroused that my friends were peeking at my wife. 

The other girls though were not too happy even though they were all in their bikinis. Perhaps it’s woman’s 6th sense. They knew the attention was on Stella even though her Bikini was the most plain of all. 

No frills, no fancy design, it’s not even neon coloured like what some of my friend’s wife were wearing. 

It’s just a simple white. 

When the bunch of us guys had some time alone sipping our beer in the shade, one of my friends mumbled;

“It’s not about the bikini, it’s the person wearing it.” 

The 3 of them looked at me in unison and raised their bottles at me before laughing together. 

I just smiled and showed them the middle finger. 

I told Stella about it that evening and she just brushed me off shyly.

Stella : No la, they’re not looking at me. You’re being too sensitive. 

James : I’m pretty sure they kept stealing looks at you the entire time dear, you would have noticed that they put on their shades pretty fast. 

I gestured to her naked body in the room that evening while adding. 

James : That way, nobody can see what their eyes are actually looking at. 

Stella blushed, turning a shade redder than the warm orange light in the room. 
I was pretty sure she was wetter than usual that evening when I entered her, I asked her casually if she was aroused by the attention she was getting. 

She slapped me on my chest as I starting my thrust deep into her warm love hole. 

Stella : No la Dear, it’s the wine we had. I’m a little bit tipsy. 

I did not press her further as she locked lips with mine. 

I woke up the next morning and out of curiosity, went to check on her glass of wine we ordered for in room dining. 

It was hardly touched, I could see the lip gloss mark on the rim of the glass but I guess she only took a small sip. 

Now the thing about Stella is that she is actually pretty shy and she’s raised in a very conservative family. 

She is the kind of sweet heartlander girl that would blush easily when teased. 
She would smile and laugh at your jokes no matter how corny they were, and she would be quick to look away shyly whenever praised. 

Deep inside me I know she liked the attention she was getting but she is too shy to admit it. 

I initiate most of the sexual advances, even though she is shy, she would slowly allow me to have my way. 

What could be more arousing that holding a woman in your arms and have her look shyly away as you penetrate her most private sanctum. 

The way Stella’s eyes sparkled before they darted away, too shy to look at me when I parted her vagina lips with my manhood is a priceless sight. 

Stella was initially too shy to even moan during the first few times we had sex. 

It was only after a little coaxing and reassurance that she finally relaxed enough to let herself go. 

Even the first few moans were unbelievably arousing. 

It’s nothing vocal and loud, it’s not crude and porn like. 

It’s like a soft whisper, the slow gasp of air by your ear. The caress of her timid moans sometimes made me shiver and shake as I plough myself deep into my wife’s vagina. 

No complains as I said, no complains at all.

Stella and I were happy and contented with our lives. We travelled extensively, brushing aside calls from our parents to start a family as long as we could.

We were both only 26 when we got married.

We just wanted to have fun and enjoy ourselves. 

Our sex lives were pretty ok even after marriage, it was regular, but being the shy conservative girl Stella was, we hardly tried anything adventurous. You would probably laugh at me but the craziest thing we did was to buy a vibrator. 

Stella was pretty ecstatic and nervous, kept saying that it’s not right and all but I could tell she secretly enjoyed it. 

Just to be sure, I kept it in a cupboard that was hardly used and did something that I picked up from spy movies. I inserted a piece of pencil lead into the old hinge such that it would snap into 2 whenever the door was opened. 

There was absolutely no reason for Stella to open that cupboard since it contained old school books and some photo album. 

I replaced the lead on average 3 times a week for about a month before I gave up doing it. 

Stella was definitely enjoying the vibrator. I got her another one despite her violent protest and she gave me a deep frown, scolding me for wasting money. 

The next day I came home to see something new in the study. A pack of rechargeable battery packs for triple A batteries. 

I asked Stella about it and she said it’s more environmentally friendly before changing the topic. 

The only thing that needed Triple A battery in my house was the aircon remote, the tv remote and the 2 vibrators. 

I don’t even remember the last time I changed the batteries for the remotes. 

One thing weird though, whenever I suggested getting the vibrator out during one of our session, she would refuse, looking away shyly.

I had to reassure her that it’s fine, it’s just a toy to spice up our sex life before she would agree.

Now Stella was a virgin before she met me, and I was pretty honoured to take her first. I’ve had some experience due to prior relationships but I was a bit hesitant to tell her the details. 

I ended up telling her that she was my 2nd partner when in fact I should have multiplied that figure by 3

The first time we used the vibrator, Stella came so hard, going into an uncontrolled spasm, moaning and trashing herself onto the bed, so much so that I could only widen my eyes and just stare in surprise. 

Stella : Sorry dear… sorry. It’s… it’s just I’ve never felt this way before. It’s really different. I really liked it.

That was what she said when she finally calmed down before a sudden wave of embarrassment hit her again. She withdrew the wet dildo before snuggling back into my arms. 

One thing puzzled me though up till this day. 

She was sucking me deep and she held onto the vibrator that day in the bedroom. I saw her plunge the dildo deep into herself as she sucked down hard on me.

It felt good. Of course it felt good for me to have her lush thick lips working their magic on my manhood, but I cannot be sure she was enjoying giving me the blowjob or enjoying the dildo that was thicker and longer than my manhood. 

I asked her about it but she gave me a playful slap and refused to give me an answer. 

I always choose one of the vibrators for our intimate time together, but as time goes by, Stella would automatically bring out the other one. 

Now about what I want to share with everyone. 
It happened in the early part of Feb 2013. 

Stella and I were finally sitting down, talking about plans to start a family. We had a long discussion, chatting and laughing at how different our lives would be once we are parents. 

We talked about not being able to have sex whenever and wherever we wanted in the house and Stella gave me a shy playful slap on my tummy. 

It always amazed me to think that after being together for so long, Stella could still feel shy around me. 

I don’t know how to explain it but perhaps of this very feeling, the shyness, the embarrassment, it somehow kept the relationship very real and fresh. I gave up trying to understand it. 

I told Stella that once we become parents, things would be different. Perhaps we should make a list of stuff to do before we actually start a family. 

She agreed and we spent a weekend reviewing the things we wrote down. 

It’s really funny though. 

Among the list of things we wrote down, we did most of it or some variations of it.

We sky dived in new Zealand, we climbed the pyramid, we posed with the unsmiling soldier at DMZ. As we recounted our lives as husband and wife, we realised that we’ve accumulated so much experience between us. 

It really brought back a lot of memories going through the photos and the travel journals we kept. 

We ended up laughing, saying to each other that maybe we’re just trying to avoid being parents knowing how much headache we gave ours. 

Stella offered to cook dinner that evening and while waiting at the dining table, something crossed my mind. 

I felt a sudden stab of excitement in my spine yet I was unsure how to approach it with Stella. 

I saw Stella come out of the kitchen with two bowls of soup in hand. The hot steam misting up her glasses she wore on weekends when she removed her contact lens. 

Her hair was tied up in a bun, and she looked really cute with the pink apron on her. 

It covered her tube top completely, making her appear as if she was naked as she shuffled towards me in her cute bedroom slippers. A pair of fluffy polar bears slip on. 

Stella turned back round to grab the utensils while I went to the study. 

Right when she set down the utensils and napkins, I place on the table 2 pen, 2 slips of paper and 2 envelope. 

Stella : Are you writing your will over dinner my dear ? 

James : Haha. You already know my will. 

She rolled her eyes before kicking me on my leg. 

Stella : What are those for ? 

I took a deep breath and fumbled for the correct words in my mind. 

James : Dear, I ermm… was just thinking that…. Since we’re going to start a family soon… 

I paused and searched for the correct words as Stella tried to turn the old pepper grinder over her soup. 

James : shall we just ………write down something we really want to do and put in in this envelope ? 

Stella paused whatever she was doing and we just exchanged looks for a good 3 seconds. 

A really long 3 second. 

Stella : What…… do you.. mean ? As in…. ? 

James : Anything… no restriction…..a fantasy, something we always wanted to do but never said or never thought about…. Sexual, fetishes, anything.
James : It can be something crazy… I donno… as long as we don’t break the law..

We shared another long look at each other before I pushed a set of stationary across to my wife. 

We sat though dinner without a word. 

When we’re done, I offered to do the dishes. 

Stella gave me a kiss and joined me in the kitchen. 

We were both quiet, no doubt Stella must be thinking about my proposal. 
I got us each an apple and Stella was walking in front of me. 

I saw her pass the dining table with the stationary and she went to the balcony to enjoy the breeze. I decided I needed a shower so I finished up my apple and washed up. 

On the 24th of Feburary 2013, 8.30pm, Sunday evening, I came out of the shower to see Stella at the dining area. 

She was staring at the apple core which she placed on the envelope 

I went over and I realised that she had already written and sealed it. 

She looked away shyly before giving me a kiss and say she’s going to the shower. 

I took my seat and I was struggling with myself whether to write it down. In the end I decided to just fuck it and I spent a good 10 minutes writing together with some diagrams I thought of. 

I sealed the envelope and placed it on the table. 

When Stella came out of the bathroom at 9.10pm, she joined me at the dining area. 

James : So ….. what did you write ? 

Stella looked away before looking a little unsure. 

Stella : Sorry dear, I was a little impulsive.. I want to take it back. 

I immediately put my hand on the 2 envelopes and I reassured her. 

James : It’s ok dear, I also wrote something quite crazy….. 

I took up the 2 envelopes and I mixed them up. I took an empty box and I put in the 2 sealed letters. I shook them up before placing the box on the table in between Stella and me. 

James : Let’s just open one…. … be done with it …then open the other… 

I offered the box to Stella and she reached in for one. She just looked at me and I could hear the tearing sound of the envelope as Stella opened it up. 

The moment she took it out, she recognised it as her own and she immediately went ; 

Stella : Oh my god….. 

I went over to her side and I read what my wife wrote. 

The sweet handwriting of hers and the words that I read hit me like a ton of bricks. I could feel the air being knocked out from my chest as I digested the few paragraphs. 

Stella turned a bright shade of red as she tried to take the letter away. 

Stella : I’m sorry dear…. I was just… 

I did not let her finish her sentence. I kissed her and I kissed her again. 
She tried to speak but I kissed her again. 

Stella : Dear… I .. 

I got down on my knees and kissed my wife again. 

She looked like she was about to tear up but I spoke. Time must have stood still that evening. 

I hugged Stella and I said I agreed but she kept going “ No.. no… no.. sorry dear… no “ 

It took me a good hour before I calmed her down. 

I was cradling her in my arms when I asked her ; 

James : Do you trust me dear ? 

She nodded. 

James : Then let me plan it ? 

And time stood still again…. 

Our eyes met and memories of the times we spent as husband and wife flooded my mind. Stella bit her lips, looked away shyly before looking back at me again. 

When she spoke, I realised I had a raging hard on. 

Stella : Ok. 

I kissed Stella on her forehead and remained in the same position as I watch her close her eyes and fall asleep. 

I too closed my eyes…. And I began to think.

I was confused. 

I could not decide if I was excited with the planning, or if I was excited to see it happening. 

One thing for sure though, both gave me a raging hard on thinking about it.


2nd March 2013


Surprisingly, neither of us talked about the contents of the letter for the entire week. Our lives went on as usual. We had dinner, we cooked, we watched Tv together and yes we had sex. 

There was nothing out of the blue for the regular ones.

It felt different on Saturday when I proposed something a little different. 

Honestly. I’m not writing this just for the sake of writing but something was different. It seemed as if we connected on a different plane. 

I remembered asking my wife when I was about to doggy her over our matrimonial bed. 

I slipped a flavoured condom over the dildo we frequently used and pass it to my wife. 

James : Dear… think and fantasied about the letter you wrote….. .. ? 

Actually I wanted it to come out as a question, the tone which I used was more of a questioning tone. I just want to see how badly she was thinking about it. 

I did not get a reply from Stella. 

Moments later beside me driving my shaft deep into my wife, I could feel her reversing herself onto me. She seldom does that as we would usually end up with some coordination issues. 

Our body liked different speed, it’s not practical to try and match each other and end up none of us getting satisfied, but that session was different. 

It was different. 

As Stella smacked back down on my pelvis, I drove myself deep in. We manage a good 2-3 minutes of unbroken reps. 

The room was just filled with the sound of our body smacking each other. 

And Stella was trying to moan. 

I used trying because her mouth was filled with the dildo. Our love making session that day was punctuated with groans from me, slurping sound from my wife and the wet sticky sound from a well lubricated vagina being drilled by my dick. 

Stella came amidst screams and moans of pleasure as her body lost control when I fingered her to orgasm. 

I wanted to ask her how she felt thinking about it but I did not. 

I was expecting her to tell me how she feel but she did not either. 

We just cuddled up with each other. 

Another 2 weeks went by and each time we repeated something similar, Stella would have a really explosive orgasm. We did not do it all the time, somedays after work we were both tired. 

It was just a quick love making session. 

But the session on Saturday evening was always different. I would suggest we act out her fantasy, her dark fantasy. 

It would then appear as if Stella’s body would unlock some secret locks, certain moral safeguards, and she would let herself go. 

I’m sure by then you would be thinking, yeah, sucking a dildo and getting doggied, it’s a threesome fantasy. 

She wants to be a slut and get gangbanged. It’s every woman’s fantasy and so on and so forth. 

If that was the case, I wouldn’t even need to plan. 

We could just join a swinger club or hook up with some hot couples in the forums or something but it was something a little darker. 

A deep dark fantasy that was a little morbid but I would not judge her. She revealed her darkest fantasy because she loved me, and she knew I loved her. And the fact that she has never been with another man, it somehow amplified the whole idea, the whole scenario. 

I tried to analyse my own thoughts too, how I felt, where did I stand ? I could not give myself an answer. 

I only knew I was aroused by the thought of it. 

18th March 2013 



Stella and I had a simple dinner at a foodcourt near our place in Pasir Ris. We took a slow walk back to our unit that was barely 10 minutes away from the family resort. 

We held hands and I decided it was time to bring up the topic for discussion. 

James : Dear… about the thing…. You wrote… 

I could feel Stella squeezing my hand tighter and her body tensed up a little. She was nervous and afraid but I could feel that tiny spark of excitement in her eyes. She’s my wife afterall and I could read her like a book. 

Stella : Dear.. it’s really nothing… I’m just…. 

I put a finger to her lips and I told her I might have something coming up in a couple of months that could realise it. 

She was immediately silent and I could see her eyes searching for some appropriate reply. 

Stella : But.. 

James : Dear, I love you…

We paused underneath our void deck and I hugged her. 

James : I love you, and I want to do this for you. 

Stella was trying to search for the right words and she struggled to come up with her reply. 

Stella : Are you offended ? Are you disappointed in me ? … 

I laughed and told Stella I was not the least bit offended. 

I told her I love her and I trust her. 

She gave me a hug and said we’ll just see how things go, no need to deliberately make the extra effort. 

They always say women don’t mean what they say. 

When I made love to Stella that Monday evening, her mind must have been wandering. 

She behaved the same way she reserved only for Saturdays. 

I don’t believe I had described my wife in great detail as yet aside from her bums and her legs. Stella’s breast are not big, it’s just a pretty full B. They sat nicely on her body and her shoulders seemed like the perfect rack for any clothes. 

Stella’s neck is delicious too, blemish free and white. If I was a vampire, I would definitely sink my fangs into them. 

Stella looks just like the typical girl next door in the heartlands, she’s not some Korean girlband super star but you could tell from her looks that it was that of a matured sweet girl. 

Something that we call as 女人味。 Loosely translated as the fragrant of a women. 

It’s what makes a woman alluring. 

Stella has a dimple, but only on her left cheek when she smiles. Somehow the one on the right doesn’t show unless she laughed with her mouth really wide open. Her eye lashes are naturally long, the only grooming she did was to her eyebrows to keep them tidy and neat. 

Her ears are pierced and Stella loved her earrings. No studs for her though, she preferred earrings that dangled from her ears. Nothing too loud or ostentatious, it’s always a simple short chain, a simple design. 

It’s of the right length such that when she turns her head, they would give that little jingle, swaying prettily on her earlobes. 

My wife don’t wear watches, the only accessory she has on her hands is her wedding ring. 

Her fingers are hardly manicured, she prefers to keep them neatly filed with the healthy shade of pink flesh glowing from underneath her nails. 

I could hardly imagine such a innocent girl like her having a fantasy as dark. There was always the saying that the most quiet and innocent girls have the darkest desires in the bedroom. 

I never believed it until I experienced it myself. 

20th March 2013 



Stella and I were about to turn in early when I brought up the subject again. 

James : Dear, …. It’s not going to happen over one day, … at least I don’t think that’s possible. 

Stella : .. ok.. 

James : Shall we give ourselves a week ? and….. 

James : You’ll probably have to apply for leave that week, if it’s happening, it’s going to be pretty sudden I guess….. I don’t know. 

She nodded shyly before snuggling tight into my arms. 

I fell asleep thinking about the plan. 

I have the rough idea mapped out in my mind. 

I spent a bit of time researching about details online and I trawled through forums and websites getting my orientation. 

By the end of march, I had a pretty good idea and I knew how to pull it off. 

Now the stage was set for it to happen in May but I told Stella that we should probably just try it out once before the actual event so we both knew what it was like. 

Stella nodded her head shyly, blushing a little. 

Stella : Maybe I would not even like it…. 

I just smiled and I hugged her close. 

I was lucky, or should I say we were lucky. 

It just so happened that the opportunity presented itself on 8th April Tuesday 2014

8th April 2014


I text my wife around 3pm in the afternoon asking if she was ready. 

Stella was caught off guard. She called me and asked if I was serious and I told her I was. 

Stella : What ? Like in an hour’s time ? 

James : yah. It’s ok if you don’t want to… I’m just suggesting..

There was a moment of silence on the phone before she says she’ll do it. 

I felt my heart thumped harder than necessary to pump oxygen into my brain. I was hardly breathing already to the point I felt a little giddy.

I text Stella the location and told her to call me when she’s here. 

I kept my phone and went back to my Korean Client Mr Kim. 

Mr Kim is 3 years my senior and he’s a regular client of mine. He visits Singapore twice every year and I’ll be sure to bring him around. 

Bringing him around in my context meaning KTV, food, and yes, escorts. 

I settled back down into the seat across Mr Kim. 

James : Hyung, it’s done. Probably an hour or so. 

Kim : James, you know my type. Haha. I trust you. Did you enjoy the korea trip last year ? haha. You should stay longer. 

I smiled sheepishly knowing full well that Kim knows my type too. 

Kim : So, tell me something about this girl. Have you tried her before ? 

I smiled and a really weird thought crossed my mind. 

I was just glad both my wife and I were not on any social media platform. 

James : ERm… yes I have…. She’s….good…expensive though..

Kim : describe her to me. 

James : She’s shy… … take care of her yah ? …

Kim : Come on James…. Haha. Everytime you tell me she’s a shy girl, she turns out to be a monster. I’m still waiting for a really shy one. 

I smile sheepishly as I sip my coffee. 

Our topic drifted away from the girl and we talked about work. 

Before I realised it, an hour went by and I received a text message. 

Stella texted me she was reaching soon. 

I gestured to Kim that we should head up to the room. 

I could feel my heart in my mouth as I entered the lift with Kim. We continued talking about work but my mind was drifting. 

I felt that urgent sense of disorientation yet I was freaking aroused. 

We entered Kim’s room, I always waited till I introduce the escort and paid her before leaving. I never let my client pay. 

I took a good look of the room and the view it offered. 

It’s an old hotel opposite Chinatown point. Kim’s room did not have much of a view but it didn’t bothered him. 

I felt the tugging vibration of my phone in my pants and I answered the phone. 

It was my wife. Stella. 

I felt like peeing, shitting in fact. 

Kim was just sitting by the lounge chair, replying some emails. 

James : Hello… 

Stella : ….dear….. I’m…. I’m here.. 

I told Stella the room number and she hung up immediately without acknowledging me. I could feel my heartrate rising. Even my blood pressure. 

Part of me wanted her to just run away, switch off her phone and not turn up but another part of me wanted to see her at the door. It was just pure confusion and jealousy but yet undeniably, I was really aroused. 

Really really aroused. 

Then before I knew it. The doorbell rang.


I could really feel the pee squeezing itself out from my bladder, forcing itself to the tip of my dick. That weird tingling sensation that even your anus seem to pulsate with anticipation as I opened the door. 

I knew it was Stella, it could only be her but my heart was still racing. 

It was literally slamming against my ribcage. 

I undid the latch and I pulled the handle down, pulling back the heavy door to see my wife standing there. 

She looked radiant and beautiful but she looked lost too. 

She must have came straight from work, she was wearing the same white work top blouse I saw her putting on this morning. 

In fact I was the one who helped her zip up the little zip at the back. 

I felt a sudden rush of blood to my dick when it finally dawned on me that it’s going to be another man who would do the unzipping. 

The blouse that Stella was wearing was a little high collared a la Cheong sum style. The intricate butterfly knot near the neck is a dummy, the way to undo the blouse was from the small zip at the back. 


I love Stella in white, it’s such a pure colour. The colour every bride wore when she walked down the aisle. 

The lace pattern blended in nicely with the thin satin material at the back, the whole top plastered itself tightly against Stella’s body. 

She has a pretty prominent V shaped top whenever she wore something tight like that day but she enhanced it further with a simple belt, making hourglass figure standing out more than usual. 

Paired with a simple pair of black work pants that tapered tightly downwards, Stella’s legs were for all to see and enjoy. 

She had on a simple pair of black heels that day. I recognised that one. It gave her blisters near her left toe so she always wore it with a plaster. 

Our eyes met and I saw Stella bite her own lip in nervousness. 

Her both hands were held in front of her, her work bag dangling in front of her thighs and legs. 

I did not know if my lips trembled, but accordingly to Stella it did. 

I gestured for her to come in and I’ve honestly never felt my heart beat that fast before. Not even when I did a marathon. It was racing. 

Really racing. 

The woman I married, the woman I cuddled with, one which I shared all my secrets and darkest desires is now inside a hotel room. 

Inside a room where she’s going to be enjoyed and ravished by another man. 

As Stella stepped into the middle of the room, I saw Kim looked up and there was an expression I remembered to this day.

His eyes scanned Stella from top to toe before bursting out a nervous laugh. 

Kim : Wow… James Si….. She is .. pretty…

Stella immediately looked away shyly with a smile. 

He took another look before asking 

Kim : Hi. Are.. you … Singapore ?

He gestured and drew a few imaginary circles in front of his chest area. 

Stella nodded and I replied at the same time. 

James : Yes, she’s local Singaporean Chinese. 

I made the introduction, I wanted to use a fake name. Something different but in my moment of nervousness, I introduced Stella as Stella. 

I blurted out even before I had the chance to stop myself. 

Kim shook her hand and like all past arrangements, I passed the escort an envelope. I put in a thousand for Stella, don’t ask me why. 

My mind was probably drifting when I was at the atm and I just hit the button. 

Stella accepted the package and placed it into her bag. 

I saw Kim loosening his tie and I gave a nervous thumbs up and I turned to leave. 

As I took the few short steps towards the door, I felt that weird tingling sensation in my body again. 

My mind felt messed up yet I was really really aroused. 

A hundred thousand questions were firing about in my brain. 

Would Stella moan loud enough for the noise to get out into the corridor ? 

Would she suck Kim’s dick like she sucked mine ? 

How would her expression be when her breast was fondled by another man ? 
For a girl who has never had another man, what was it like ? The anticipation , the emotions that was rushing into her brain. 

Did she feel violated ? or was she aroused and feeling like a cheap slut ? 

One last question was as I turned and walked away, was Stella looking at my backview ? 

Is she looking at the back view of her husband as he walk away ? 

I reached the door in no time and I pulled the handle. 
I stepped out and I left the room as I watch the door slowly close and slam shut. 

I stood alone in the corridor, my mind could only imagine what was going on behind closed doors. 

I felt helpless, a weird carass of jealousy and a stinging stab of jealousy. 

Yet I could not explain the raging erection in my pants. 

I would love to be part of the action, I would love to see what was going on but I knew that was not possible. 

It’s very much a private moment between 2 adults. 

My heart was still thumping as I went to the lobby. 

Now there was never an instance I waited for Kim to be done. Yes it’s only an hour but usually I just paid and left, that day I loitered round the lobby. 

I ordered coffee after coffee. 

I did not realise that even after my 3rd cup , only 35 minutes had pass. 

I kept checking my phone, I kept refreshing my mail, wasapp, messenger, any dam apps or methods I used to communicate with my wife. 

I did everything. 

When the clock hit 45 minutes, I was up and started pacing about the lobby. 

Time sure crawled when you want it to pass quickly. 

Then at the 50 minute mark, my phone rang. 

I quickly checked the caller but it was not Stella. 

It was Kim . 

I was feeling a little puzzled but I still answered it anyway. 

James : Ye Hyung ? Everything ok ? 

Kim : James…. Are you still around the area ? 

I fumbled for a quick reply as I looked around the lobby. 

James : Ermm yah I think I’m about 10-15 minutes away. What’s wrong ? 

Kim : I’m so… sorry, but can you come to the hotel for a while ? I need…help to… to.. how to say this. 

Kim : To talk to… Stella… 

My heart was pounding again and again a thousand questions raced through my mind. 

James : What happened ? Is she ok ? something wrong ? 

Kim : No… no.. no… everything fine. She’s good. i… want to…i.. want her to stay… to stay longer… but she…say no. 

It was then I realised that Kim wanted an extension. 

James : Oh… ok… gimme 10 minutes, I’m on my way back. 

I paced around the lobby, I could feel my balls about to burst yet I could not rushed up the lift to get to my wife. 

I was curious and I was eager to know what happened. 

Stella did promise to tell me what happened during our discussion. We even agreed to pen it down in a journal as a keepsake. 

I had to clench my fist tightly into a ball and really fight to make it through the 10 minutes.

I immediately rushed up to the room when the time was up and I hit the door bell. 

Kim opened the door in a moment and I let myself into the room. 

I felt blood rushing to my dick again as I saw the naked back view of Stella and her strapless bra slowly disappearing as she pulled on her blouse. 

I walked closer into the middle of the room and I saw her forehead was peppered with sweat, I could still see them glistering on her face. 

She was still in her undies, one that I banged her in countless times. 

She looked at me before looking away shyly, biting her lips. 

I swore I could cum on the spot if I just gave my dick a few wank. 

The bedsheets were untidy and messed up. 

There were 2 used condom wrappers on the side desk. 

The 2 bottled water given by the hotel was empty. 

Kim : James …. I ask… stella to stay…but she… say no.

Kim : Can you talk to her ?... I’ll pay…

I turned to look at my wife as I was too a little lost. 

I definitely did not expect this to happen and it was not supposed to be turning out this way. 

Stella : Sorry Mr Kim. I have another appointment. 

She pointed to the clock on the desk. 

Kim : I know.. I know… but… after.. after… at night. 

I could see Kim was really pleased with Stella’s service and it made me darn horny. 

It made me want to grab her on the spot to bang her, to plough my wife deep into her love hole. 

It was like a primal instinct. Like a mating lion fighting to shoot and flush out another competitor’s semen. 

I was about to speak but Stella beat me to it. 

And what she said caught me off guard. 

She did a semi-circle gesture saying that from night till morning, she was booked. 

And she was booked by me. 

It was true to a certain extent and I could not say she was lying. 

Stella : James… booked me already. 

Kim : Ah….. brother…. You’re keeping the good stuff for yourself. Haha. 

For a brief moment , I was thankful Kim was taking the next morning’s flight back to Korea. 

He went over to his wallet and he withdrew about 3 pieces of $50 dollar bills. 

Then to my surprise, she went over and put his arm around Stella’s waist and caressed her breast before stuffing it into the top of her pants, making the dollar bills sink half away from view. 

He just kept kneading her breast in front of me as Stella looked away shyly at me before trying to push his hands away. 

We said our farewells and 5 minutes later we left the room. 

We did not say a word. 

Nothing was exchanged. 

We got on a cab and when we reached home, Stella immediately went to take a shower. 

We still did not say a single word. 

After I was showered, I head into the room to see my wife on the bed waiting for me. 

I immediately got up to her and held her in my arms. 

I could see her chest rising and deflating rapidly. It seemed like even thinking about the encounter make her excited and nervous. 

I gave her a reassuring smile and asked. 

James : Tell me what happened. 

Stella kissed me and it was one of those rare instance she reached for my dick which was already semi erected. 

She just kept kissing me and stroking me. 

When she finally stopped, she got out of bed. 

What she did would have surely made my knees go weak and cause me to collapse on my own weight if I was not lying down. 

Stella stripped herself and I saw her head over to the laundry basket. 

She took out and pulled on the same soiled panty she was wearing in the afternoon. 

She clasped back the same strapless bra before pulling up her work pants she had worn for the whole day. 

Then she put on the same top that I helped her wear in the morning and which was subsequently taken off by Kim. 

I was having difficulty breathing as I watch my wife put back the same clothes she was violated in. 

I struggled to get out of bed and the final thing that drove the nail into the coffin was Stella retrieving her heels from the shoe cabinet. 

By then Stella’s face was blushing a bright shade of red. 

She was really embarrassed and I could see she felt ashamed but she was also aroused by the whole thing.

She knew she wanted to do it. 

As she slipped on her heel to complete the look , she said something that almost made my sperm shoot out. 

Stella : I’ll…. I’ll show you what happened…. 

With that she retrieved 2 condoms from the drawer and place it on the desk.


You would probably think what happens next is like something out of a Japanese porn show but I’m sorry to disappoint you because it’s not. 

Although the scenario of me ripping Stella’s clothes off and making out like rabbits all over the house is what I wanted and craved for but it could not be further away from the truth. 

As Stella came over to my side, we began to talk. 

To communicate.

It was the only way she could relate what happened. 

I could tell she was really thinking and recalling the encounter, trying to find the words to describe her feelings. 

She was shy, and I could see she’s visibly embarrassed but I could tell she was aroused. 

She was aroused just thinking of what happened a few hours earlier. I don’t know if she was aroused because she was about to relate the incident to me as well. The realisation of betraying the man she married for her dark fantasy.

Aroused, horny and embarrassed and ashamed. How often can a human being be slapped with so many different emotions at the same time. 
I too was feeling damm aroused and horny thinking of what was done to her body by Kim. 

How her body was touched, caressed, violated. 

A body that was my property for the longest time.

She asked me to stand up while she took the seat by the side of the bed. 

Stella told me that she sat down at the edge of the bed after being told to take a seat by Kim. 

She took my right hand and placed it on the left of her silky smooth hair and added that Kim was stroking her hair and her face and just smiling at her. 

James : What else… what else did he do ? 

Stella : He.. he unbuckled his belt and….. and removed his pants. 

I did exactly, although I was just wearing a boxer I just stripped myself. 
My throbbing erected dick was just hovering in front of Stella. 

James : What else… did he … make you .. … 

Stella nodded a little shyly and she told me that she sucked on his dick. 

Stella : There was a bit of smell, it’s not washed clean. 

James : Why didn’t you ask him to go wash ? 

Stella : I was… just too nervous… .. there’s a bit of pee smell…. 

I was expecting Stella to give me a blowjob but she did not. 

She continued , adding that Kim stroked her hair and pressed her down onto his groin, making her suck deeper and deeper. 

She was almost gagging, and it was uncomfortable. She said it with a frown on her forehead. 

Stella : It’s not nice, I don’t like it… A bit too forceful. 

My legs almost gave way listening to her. 

I had to hold onto her shoulders and steadied myself. 

Stella asked if I’m ok, if I’m ok to continue the conversation. 

I nodded my head. 

Stella then stood up, adding that Kim got her to stand up and remove her top. She did just that, standing just in her bra. 

Kim helped her removed her pants and undies, pulling them down in one go but made her keep her heels on. 

James : What else…….. what did he ask you to do next. 

I caught a glimpse of Stella’s love hole. It was already moist and glistening in the warm light of our bedroom. Making her go through the encounter again was like making her relive the entire afternoon with Kim.

Her face was blushing red, I could see her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and shame but she forced herself to continue.

I tried to imagine the shame and the sick thoughts of being in her shoes. 

Of me betraying my own body.

She turn and got on the bed, into a doggy position, perking up her behind with her heels dangling a little off the side of the bed. 

It was then I felt Stella stumble a little on her words. It was like she wanted to continue but could not find the proper words to do so. 

Instead she considered for a moment before just asking me to go inside her. 

It was as if she needed me inside her, like a plug to stop a leaking sink.

Stella : Dear…… erm….. 

Stella : I… I don’t know how to continue….. can you…..Come in dear…come inside me.. 

I wasted no time and I went forward to my wife.

I entered Stella easily, she was already well lubricated as I buried myself up to the hilt. It was an amazing feeling. 

Honestly I would say the mental stimulation at the point in time was stronger than the physical one. The thought of me entering my wife’s most private spot that hours ago was the playground of another man gave me a cocktail of emotions. 

I was angry, the first couple of strokes I slam myself into Stella, but almost immediately I felt jealous, and I slowed down. Then for no reason, I felt curious. 

I was curious about how Stella felt. 

I gave her a few more pumps before resuming the questions. 

James : How… how did you feel dear ? … When Kim entered you ? …. 

Stella turned and lay down on the bed to face me. 

Stella : I was scared and I was very dry. It was a bit too sudden and it’s quite painful. 

She went on to say it was a little sore but thankfully it got better in a while. 

James : what else ? how do you feel… 

Stella : I felt…

She looked away shyly before coming into my embrace. 

She buried herself deep into me before adding that she love me. 

Stella : Sorry dear… I’m sorry… I really don’t know what came over me…

James : It’s ok…. Shhhh… it’s ok… tell me……. I’m ok, don’t worry… 

It took Stella a moment or 2 to compose herself before she added that she felt dirty. 

Stella : I felt really slutty and dirty. I felt like a cheap whore, really like a prostitute….. 

Then there was a long paused…. 

Stella : But…. But… I was really aroused that I felt that way… it just made me so..… so horny.. 

She tear up almost immediately before snuggling back into my embrace. 

James : It’s ok dear…. Don’t worry… it’s ok .. 

Stella : I’m sorry dear….. Are you ok ? Are you disappointed…. In my behaviour…

I told Stella that I was ok. 

In fact I was really aroused that she was enjoying herself and I told her I felt really horny too. 

I too felt horny when I imagined her to be a cheap slut sleeping around for money. 

That seemed to calm Stella’s nerves a little as she tried to continue. 

Stella : Are we normal dear ? , Isn’t this weird ? … 

James : I don’t know… but it’s a fantasy isn’t it…. I think….… we should approach it in a …. In a different perspective. 

James : It’s not like you are cheating on me behind my back. I’m ok.. I really am… I want you to be happy too.

Stella went on to admit that she let herself go, and she really moaned when she was fucked by Kim from behind. 

Stella : He’s… a bit thicker James dear……. sorry. 

James : It’s ok… go on.. …. Tell me more. 

Stella : I think a little longer too….. I feel stretched… and really filled up. Just a weird feeling, really full and stuffed. 

Stella : I really liked it when he held onto my waist and ….. and.. fuck me hard. 

She paused, swallowed a mouthful of saliva and continued. 

Stella : It’s like… it’s painful, but I felt so filled and helpless….. like there was nothing I could do but submit myself to him. 

Her hands gestured wildly for a moment, her bodily actions a little lost.

Stella : I just … I just….. I just felt like submitting myself to him and let him have his way with me. 

We got to this point and I could not take it anymore. 

I kissed Stella and told her that just listening to her describe the encounter made me want to rape her. 

She laughed and blushed shyly initially but after a little coaxing, she got back onto her fours, getting into the same position she was in when with Kim. 

I had my way with her, I lasted barely 5 minutes before I had to put on a condom. 

I imagined myself to be Kim, to be another man , ploughing the virgin love hole of Stella. 

A sweet heart lander girl that everybody adored. So prim and proper, so shy and bashful.No one would ever imagine a girl like Stella to have such a sick and dark fetish.

I came, shooting my sperm deep into Stella’s vagina, feeling my dick pulse and shake as I emptied myself into the condom. 

I retracted myself and I caught a breather. 

Then Stella did something that shocked me. She backed herself against the headboard and crossed her leg. 

She buried her face in her hand and her emotions must have ran out of control for a while.

I quickly went over and calmed her down again. 

Stella : Sorry dear, I just feel very confused…. And lost… Do you hate me ? 

James : No… no… of course not…. I love you… It’s ok…. I’m not mad.. 

Stella : But…. But… I just slept with another man…. 

I could tell she was losing it again and I quickly did my best to calm her down. 

Stella went on to tell me the rest of the encounter after we both took a break of 15 minutes just to cuddle. 

Stella : Kim then asked me to cuddle up with him on the bed. He…. He kept stroking my face…. 

Stella did a grab of her own breast, kneading them in the manner she described Kim to be doing to her while she laid in her arms.

I could feel the blood rushing to my dick again listening to her and I was almost ready for another round. 

Kim put on a new cap to enter her in missionary after that bit of cuddling but he did not finish the deed. 

James : What ? … isn’t it suppose to be only 1 shot ? … 

Stella : I donno, I just feel very nervous. … he just came on top of me. 

She went on to tell me that Kim fingered her to her big O before proposing she stay longer. 

James : Did you enjoy the fingering ? 

Stella looked away, unsure of her answer and I did not press her further. 

That was it. 

We both agreed to give each other time to calm down and really evaluate our thoughts before discussing further. 

I made a sick request. 

I told Stella to keep the clothes she wore that day aside. 

Bra, panty, top and bottom. 

I arranged them as neatly as I could into a ziplock back with a vaccum catch and I emptied out the air, preserving the sick evidence of her dark fantasy for all time. 

Stella laughed and comment that it was such a silly thing to do. 

I did not think it was silly at all. 

Life went back to normal for us but we had sex more regularly. In fact almost every alternate night we would make out. The bag of clothes Stella wore that day was hung in our wardrobe. Everytime we opened the cupboard, we would bound to see it when we select the clothes we’re wearing that day. 

We never talked about Kim or the encounter but somehow I knew Stella was thinking about it. 

She was thinking about the dirty deed. 

About herself being a cheap dirty slut, and I could tell she loved it. 

It really made me wonder if all the shy conservative girls are the same. That they all have some hidden secret desires waiting to be fulfilled. 

I caught Stella staring at the neatly packed clothes one day when I came out of the shower. She immediately flipped it away and pretended she was doing something else. 

30th April 2013 


It’s the day before a public holiday. 

For the past 3 weeks after Stella met Kim, I felt as if we connected on a different level as husband and wife. I don’t know how to describe it in words but it’s just different.

We were more loving towards each other. 

We were more generous with praises and more open to showing our affection towards each other in public.

Stella is still the shy girl I knew and married. She still blush easily. 

Over dinner that eve of public holiday, I asked Stella. 

James : Dear….

Stella : Yah ? 

James : We’re done with the first paragraph of your letter….. 

There was immediate silence between the 2 of us. 

I could see Stella looking away,embarrassed, her mind deliberating whether to proceed. 

She had fulfilled part of her fantasy, her dark secret of being a paid escort to fuck someone she never met but that was not all. 

That was not all of what was written in the letter. 

Stella wrote more than that. 

There were 3 short paragraphs. 

It’s structured in a way as if one thing leads to another in an inevitable way, as if you're dropping deeper and deeper into quicksand, being sucked down.

The exact words of the first paragraph is as follows; 

I’ve always been curious and wondered what it would be like to be a social escort for a day. The thought of being sent to meet a total stranger, the strange and unfamiliar hotel room, and the thought of being taken all for the sake of money. Not that I need the money.  

The 2nd paragraph had me stumped a little to be honest. 

It was a little out of the ordinary.

I had a few candidates in mind, and I was deliberating with myself who would take the bait. 

Not everyone would take the risk 

Not everyone would dare to do it.

It’s a risk. 

A big one especially in Singapore. 

I had tried to put myself in the same position and asked if I had the balls to do it. 

I could not give myself an answer. 

Then again, we’ll never know if we don’t try. 

Stella :.. are…are… you sure dear…. It’s ok…. I’m already very happy you….went thorugh…

I held onto her hands in a reassuring manner. 

Stella : Why don’t we just open your envelope ? We could do yours....

James : It’s ok. I’m really ok. …. 

Right when dessert was served, I told Stella that she needs to be mentally prepared. It could happen anytime, and that it’ll be good if she could notify her office about the need to take a few days leave on short notice when it happens. 

I could see Stella was excited and her mind was already thinking about it. 

We fucked each other’s brains out that evening, and for one time, only one time. I told her to think about that encounter. 

I told her to pretend I’m Kim, that I’m another man and that she’s just a cheap dirty slut instead of the sweet and shy conservative girl she is. 

She came so hard that she squirted a little for the first time in her life and we were both shocked. 

I laid in bed that evening thinking about the next part of Stella’s fantasy. I want to try my best to fulfil it. 

I’m not too concerned about how to pull it off. 

I can set the stage. 

I can set up the entire scene and scenario

I was sure I can get the mood and tempo right too. 

The question is whether my intended target would take the bait. 

After a little more deliberation, I decided to just make the bait look like a delicious and irresistible snack. 

I sipped my drink and looked at my wife. 

The thing is she already is delicious looking and irresistible. 

I decided a change in description is needed. 

I’ll need to make the bait look like a delicious and irresistible slut.


1st May 2013 



Stella and I were having our morning coffee at the table when I brought up the idea for discussion. I could not possibly do it without at least consulting her on the general direction but I have something up my sleeve. 

A little something which I did not intend to tell her. No it would not deviate from the overall fantasy but I guess it would strengthened and bring it up to a whole new level for her if she did not know about it. 

Discussing and planning was one thing, the thing was I had no intention of following through with the plan I discussed with Stella. 

It was more for show

Why ? 

Because if everything went accordingly to plan, she would already know what was going to happen more or less. It would remove the element of surprise, of fear, of helplessness. 

She did mention she wanted to feel afraid and helpless and fucked against her will. 

I really wanted her to feel it. 

Now the thing about this next part was that I’m not too comfortable letting things go out of control. 

I love my wife. 

I wanted her fantasy fulfilled but end of the day I need to ask myself one question. 

Am I comfortable and ok with it ? 

For this one, there is only so far I would go and only so far I would allow others to go in terms of having their way with my wife. 

I was confident I could deliver the same results. 

I brought up the idea of her being a slut for this particular plan and I could see Stella was a little apprehensive. 

Stella : How do you define a slut ? 

She had a slight frown on her forehead as she spoke. 

After another 30 minutes of discussion, Stella agreed that the temptation must be present but she did not agree to behave like a slutty girl for the evening. 

Stella : It’s weird… it’s just not me…. I think it won’t come out right… 

We finally agreed that perhaps the only part we could work on was the dressing. 

Something provocative and suggestive yet leaving room for imagination. 

Now Stella had some short skirts and dresses, not a lot and she would wear a safety short whenever she wore them. We went to her wardrobe and started talking and discussing. 

We did not get very far. 

I managed to single out a simple flared light pink casual skirt. The moment she put it on, I could feel my dick rising. 

I asked her to walk around. 

Whenever she took a step, the bounce in her movement would cause the skirt to give a happy little skip. 

The hem ended about a good full palm size above the kneecap. Stella kept pulling it down whenever it hiked up.

Stella : Dear… I wear this with tights underneath one…. Just on it’s own… is a little… 

I did not wait for her to finish her sentence because I could not control myself that public holiday morning. 

The entire conversation is just so erotic and sick. 

The thought of going through my wife’s wardrobe to find clothes for her to wear just so she can be taken by another man was seriously fucking with my brain. It was that same surge of emotions that made me horny. 

It made me feel like an animal. 

I just want to pump her full of my semen and flush out any other competitor. 

I did not last long for that quickie and I came within 15 minutes, the erotic thoughts sped everything up and heightened my arousal. 

We were both panting on the bed and I knew Stella hasn’t had her big O yet. 
I decided to keep her horny and I did not offer to finish it off for her. 

I could tell from her touchy body language that she wanted her orgasm but I decided to let it drag a little longer. 

I just cuddled and we discuss further on the bed. 

We finalised the plan when both our bodies were naked on the bed, grinding and touching against each other. 

Right when Stella was about to come, I made her say what she wanted. 

James : Say it dear… say what you want most. 

I saw her body tensed up, her arms clamped down hard on my body as she shook while I fingered her to the heavens. 

Stella : I….urghhhh i.. I want….. urghhhhhh ahh.. to be helpless… and….fucked…… urghh..ah…

She trashed and she kicked as I pressed on, rubbing her sensitive and swollen clit as her moans of ecstasy gave way to screams of mercy. 

The final plan I agreed with Stella was something simple. I had sold her a simple idea of being tied up, blindfolded and helpless in an empty room. 

Yes, she wanted to feel like she was abducted and rape. 

I told her I had a couple of clients visiting which could help me out. I just need to arrange and get things set up. 

She would never know who fucked her and would spend the rest of her life wondering who raped her. 

I could tell she liked the idea. That she was really excited by it, by not knowing who her partners were. 

That was the version I sold her at least. 

I told her that I would get my clients to pretend play the role too but I would not be in the room afterwards, and the deal was that she would have to tell me exactly what happened. 

We just laid on the bed without a word for the next 30 minutes or so to calm down. 

I guess after her orgasm, her hormone levels were more or less balanced and she could think clearer. 

We did not talk about the plan anymore that day and we enjoyed the holiday like a normal couple, shopping, eating and going to the movies. 

For the rest of the week, I continued with my planning and looking for some suitable candidates. 

I finally found 2 suitable candidates when I finished meeting at one of my client’s place near punggol on Friday evening. 

3rd May 


The haze was starting to get pretty chocking and I was queuing to pay for a bottle of water to clear my throat at a provision shop. 

It was then I saw 2 foreign workers in front of me digging for some coins to pay for their beer and snacks. 

They seemed pretty nice and polite, kept apologizing to the auntie for taking a while. 

I decided to try my luck and I offered to pay for their stuff but they declined. 

I paid for my water and I grabbed a few more beers before I followed the 2 workers to a nearby void deck. 

They were a little suspicious and weary of me. It’s not everyday a Singaporean approach foreign workers with beer and try to chat them up. 

They kept asking if I was from police, or the ministry. They say they have valid passes. 

I reassured them that I’m not from the authorities. 

I sold them the idea that I’m a part time writer, that I just want to chat for some writing materials. 

After 2 beers each, they opened up a little. 

And I finally got their names, Mooti and Raja. 

Now Mooti and Raja are from India and they’re here for almost 2 years. 

They do mostly plastering and painting works for houses.

After I came back to the void deck with another 6 pack, I decided to pop the question. 

I asked the 2 of them if they’re interested in a small side job. Just to clear up some defects work for a hdb flat and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. Some light painting works.

They were a little reluctant as they were not supposed to do it but I dangled the carrot of $150 each for a one hour work on their off days and they readily agreed. 

We exchanged numbers and I told them it’s only a 5 minute walk away from where we were having our beer and I gave them the block number. 

I would provide the paint and necessary equipment too. 

It just so happened that I had a renovation job for a 5 Room flat in Punggol that was almost completed. 

It’s just pending some carpentry to be installed. 

Although the place is still a little dusty, but I decided it was good enough to be used for the event to take place. Even the aircon was working already. 

The owner would be travelling for a few days and would not be back for the weekend. 

I told Stella that it would happen on Sunday. The 5th of May. 

We had another round of mind blowing sex that evening and I almost filled out the whole condom. 

I told Stella that it would be happening in a newly renovated HDB flat and not a hotel to keep things interesting and she looked away shyly.

5th May 2013


1.30 pm 

I called Raja and confirmed the timing with him. I told him that to give me a call when they were there. We were to meet at 2.45pm

I waited outside the bedroom while Stella got dressed. 

When she came out of the bedroom, I could feel the sudden rush of blood to my dick. 

My wife had on a simple laced black dress, it was short, the hem well above her kneecap. She put on some light makeup and tied up her hair. She had a dark coloured shawl draping over her shoulder.

A pair of black stockings covered her legs and she did not wear heels that day. She wore a pair of simple cute flats. 

Her breast looks full and round and her exposed collar bone made her neck look so delicious. 

The thought of what she would going through in a matter of hours gave me a raging erection. 

I confirmed with Stella that my client were 2 taiwanese, and they’re more comfortable with speaking Chinese. 

I had a bag of stuff with me and Stella asked me what those were. I told her that I packed some clothes for us to shower and she did not asked me about it anymore. 

I could tell she was nervous, she’s excited and definitely aroused. She blushed several times and adjusted her seating position repeatly during the 15minute drive to the place. 

We reached the block of flat and I showed Stella to the place where it’s going to happen. 

The bed in the masterbed room was already in but the plastic sheets have yet to be removed. I spread another plastic sheet across the bed. 

That’ll do. 

Stella looked a little lost and unsure as she spoke in the room. Her voice echoed hollowly as she asked me what’s next. 

I gave her a hug and said I’ll check on my clients. 

I pretended to make a call and said that they’re on their way and we should get ready. 

I blindfolded Stella properly, making sure she can’t see. I told her I’ll be outside the bedroom when it happens, but I won’t come in. 

I got her seated on the plastic sheet on the bed and tied her hands behind her back tightly as well. 

I could feel my dick straining against my pants as I take in the sights. 

My wife tied and blindfolded in a room, thinking she was going to be in a staged fantasy. 


I sat beside Stella, talking to her, reassuring her everything would be ok. 


My phone rang, it was Raja. 

I answered and pretended that I could not get a good reception and left the room. 

I told them to come up to the 8th floor and wait outside the unit. 

I went back in to tell Stella that my clients were a little lost since it’s a new estate and they have difficulty finding it. I’ll need to go look for them and bring them up.

James : Wait her a while ok… I’ll be right back. … Will start the moment they get in . 

I saw my wife bite her lips and nodded meekly. 

I closed the door to the bedroom and went to the main door. 


Raja and Mooti appeared. 

They were chatting happily in their dialect or Tamil or whatever it is I don’t know. 

I passed them the money upfront and I could see them smiling happily. 

I told them the owner is in, just knock on the door and say they are contractors. 

I stood a few steps behind and I held my breath. 

I watched as Raja and Mooti approached the door. 

I watched the knocked and announced their presences in heavy accented English. 

Mooti : Ello….contractor….. ellow ? 

They increased their knocking intensity and increased their volume. 

Raja : Hello…hwlloe… Contractor….anyone ? 

The banging on the door was pretty loud and I could only imagine the fear Stella was feeling. 

Raja and Mooti looked at me and I gestured for them to just open the door. 

I quickly went over behind them. I wanted to see Stella’s reaction. 

The moment the door opened, I heard Stella scream. 

She screamed... 

Stella : Dear ….~~~.. James….. dear…. 

It was a shrieking scream and it frightened Mooti and Raja. 

They started talking loudly and they too got a shock. 

I saw Stella screaming and she was trying to get up but she can’t. 

She was blindfolded and her stocking clad feet kept kicking and pushing against the plastic sheet. 

I could see the look of real fear in her body language.

Stella : Ahhhhhh…. Please… please… James !.... where ahhhhhhh you… 

I could tell she was really freaked out. 

I had planted the thought of 2 taiwanese into her head and never would she expect 2 foreign workers from India. 

She kept screaming and trying to break free but I made sure she was tied up tight. 

Raja and Mooti immediately backed away and gave me a questioning look, they too were afraid but I put up both hands and calmed them down, putting a finger to my lips at the same time. 

I showed them my phone. 

I showed them that Stella is my wife and I explained that this is a surprise. 

They were not convinced, they were afraid. 

They kept pointing to the door and they just wanted to leave. 

I offered them another $100 each. 

James : 10 minutes… Just touching… 

I could see them weighing the risk and the returns. 

With the $100 at stake, I saw Mooti took a look at the money and a look at my wife. 

My sweet pretty and delicious wife tied and helpless on the bed. Blindfolded too, available for all to touch and enjoy. 

Stella was still shouting and screaming for me but she got no reply. 

I was thankful I had closed the main door and made sure all the windows were closed. 

I could tell she was crying but isn’t this what she wanted. Isn’t this what she wanted to experience ? 

Stella : Jammmes….. dear…… please… where are you…. Ahh.. 

I took the lead and I gestured Raja and Mooti into the room. 

I gestured and ask Raja and Mooti to talk. To continue talking, to say they are contractors. 

They started talking in their native tongue as if discussing among themselves if they wanted to do it. 

Stella was trashing herself away as the sound of them talking came nearer. 

Then in one forceful grab, I pulled Stella’s left leg and dragged her into the middle of the king Size bed. 

She screamed, she kicked and she begged. 

Stella : Please….. please…. No… ahhhh .. Dear!!!!.. where are you… James../… please… 

I wasted no time and I took Mooti’s hand and make him grab onto Stella’s left leg and I signalled for Raja to do the same. 

I motioned for them to hold Stella’s trashing feet down. 

I could feel my sperm about to explode from my manhood as Stella realised that there was 2 pair of hands on her. Holding down her feet. 

I could see Raja stroking Stella’s stocking clad calves and Mooti too smiled and stroked her thighs. 

Stella was still screaming and begging and it made me so aroused. 

I went to my bag and retrieved a metal ruler. 

I immediately pressed the cold steel onto Stella’s neck and her screaming stopped almost immediately as if a magic button had been pressed. I carefully depressed the sharp edge into her neck, letting her know I mean business but also making sure I won’t hurt her. 

Stella immediately quiet down into a soft whimper. She was crying. It was obvious. 

Her body shuddered and shook and she wept uncontrollably. 

Raja and Mooti were now enjoying themselves stroking and touching Stella. I felt an immense sense of anger and jealousy as I watch the 2 of them speak and touch my wife at the same time. 

Their touching and stroking got bolder when Stella quiet down after feeling the cold press of steel on her neck. 

I saw Mooti lift up Stella’s skirt and reached underneath. Stella screamed and begged again but Raja held her down.

My wife was crying and begging again and I could not believe how turned on I was. 

Raja’s hand disappeared underneath the dress and Stella cried harder as she felt that filthy pair of hands on her most private region. 

I saw Raja smile and talked again with Mooti and both of them stuck their filthy hands underneath my wife’s dress. 

They got a little bolder and touched Stella’s breast too. 

Then Stella screamed and begged again, trashing and kicking on the bed and it shocked both Mooti and Raja. 

I checked the time. It was not meant to be a long session. 

It has to be quick and fast . 

I gestured to the 2 of them that it’s enough and they can go. 

Mooti was a little more mischievous and he put his hand under Stella’s dress for another quick rub on her crotch and was rewarded with another round of trashing and begging from my wife. 

I made sure the 2 of them left the house before I went back into the room. 

Stella was sobbing uncontrollably on the bed. 

She had tears on her face, saliva drooled from the side of her lips and her dress hiked up high onto her thigh. 

I wish I could speak but I could not. 

Because it was not over. 

I opened my bag and I retrieved some items I prepared in advance. 

I put on a shirt which smells of stale sweat. I took a run in it and made sure I soaked it through. I dabbled some indian scent and fragrance I got from Little india. 

I lit up some cheap indian cigarette in the room and filled my breath with cheap smelly tobacco. 

In short, I smell like shit. 

I took a swig of alcohol from a plastic bottle I prepared and I approached Stella. 

The moment I touched her, she screamed and begged . 

I ignore her. 

She kicked. She trashed but I managed to flip her around. 

I continued puffing the smelly cigarette in the room as Stella struggled to get away from me. 

I threw away the cigarette and I bent down to lick Stella on the face with my smelly breath and I could taste the salty taste of tears, sweat and fear. 

I stripped myself and I could hear Stella beg and beg and beg.. 

Stella : Please…. No….. Dear~~!!!!.., wwere are you…. James….. ahhhhhh… please… 

I pulled down Stella’s stocking and underwear, letting them bunch up below her knees. The elasticity of the fabric serves as a temporary restraint. 

I positioned myself and I thrusted myself raw and deep into the recess of my Wife’s love hole. 

It felt heavenly as i entered the unwilling hole of my wife. She was tight,she was crying and she was sobbing out of control. 

Stella screamed and tried to squeeze me out but i held on. 

I held on... 

This is far from over.


I was perspiring, my whole body was sticky. Every part of my skin felt like it was caked in sweat and grime as I wrestled my way to enter Stella. 

Whenever I pulled back in order to thrust back down, Stella would struggle with her life and squeeze me out. 

When I got squeezed out, it’s really hard to get back in as Stella contracted all her muscles of the love hole, desperately trying to keep me out. It’s really hard to force my way into her. 

It’s hurts a little for me too.

No, this isn’t some Japanese porn fantasy where the girl just moan and wait for you to enter her. 

Stella was bawling out pretty loudly, shouting for help, begging for me to stop. 

I kept trying to hold her up, to hold her properly so I can fuck her but it was a difficult task. 

It was near impossible to get a good rythem going. 

I would manage to squeeze myself in for a couple of strokes but I would get squeeze out the moment Stella caught her breath and regained her strength to tighten her vagina walls. 

I could not believe how rock hard I was that day. To see my sweet innocent wife struggling and begging for help. It made me feel like i’m a monster. 

I decided to change my approach and I held Stella down and I spread her left leg wide, lifting it up from the ground. The lack of balance ensured her own body weight kept her flat on the bed. 

She struggled but I held fast. 

I started fingering her, I knew her sweet spot. I knew where she liked to be touch and I applied the right pressure to the spot. 

She was really wet. I’m not sure with what. 

I swore I could smell some urine, definitely sweat and a mix of her sweet love nectar.

I fingered her swollen clit amidst her cries of help, perhaps among those cries were moans of ecstasy. 

So many questions peppered my mind as I held her down. 

I could feel more and more of Stella’s love juice coat my fingers, slowing dripping down to the middle of my palm.

Was she feeling aroused ? 

Was she excited or was she scared. 

What was going through her head at that point of time ? 

I knew I was aroused. 

I was aroused as I imagined my wife getting fucked like a slut by a construction worker after a hard day’s work. Someone caked with mud, soil and sweat. 

The more she resisted, the more excited I got. 

I knew how to read the signs even though Stella’s body was in severe distress. Her crying and moaning all jumbled into 1 big mix. 

But I could tell, I could tell from the sudden twitch, that sudden sharp breath, that sudden tremble, the sudden pause in movement. 

All these were signs. Signs that told me Stella was almost there. 
Her body would recognised the signs, her nerve endings would recognise the stimulation. 

It was the first time I saw it and I knew it was probably the last time since that would not be happening again. I would not be able to see my wife cumming in a rape scenario ever again. 

That I was sure.

Stella’s head reared up for a sharp breath before she screamed. 

It was a sharp shrieking scream of pleasure mixed with helplessness. She cried, she really did, sobbing and begging for me to stop. 

How could I stop ? I haven even given her the ultimate feeling of helplessness yet. 

The plastic sheet on the bed was by then a complete mess. Stella’s hair was matted and messy. Her body was drenched through and for a brief moment I felt a warm trickle running down her thigh and I could smell the acidic smell of urine. 

It stopped almost immediately after it started. 

I flipped her over onto her back and she started kicking and screaming but it was too late. With half her body on the bed and her legs flailing, I positioned myself in a standing missionary position in between her after I slid off the stocking and panty, letting them bunch up into a untidy mess by her left feet. 

The moment Stella felt the touch of my manhood, she lost it again, crying and begging. 

Stella : Noooooo… no… please…..ahhh.. ahh…. James ~~~~… James…. Where are you… ahhh…No… 

It took me a while really, it’s not easy to enter Stella but when I eventually did, she screamed and kicked harder but it was no use. 

It was no use. 

I was in, and I buried myself really deep to the hilt of my dick. 

Stella tried to squeeze, tried to squirm but it was no use. 

My dick is not very long, it’s not even 6 inch, maybe just a modest 5.5 or a little lesser. There was only so much I could pump her before I got squeeze out. 

It took me a while to get the rhythm up. 

The moment Stella felt I won and got a rhythm going, she cried harder, pleading with me to stop. 

Her fantasy of being helpless and raped, of never knowing who came and fucked her, of what she wrote on the piece of paper, I’m slowly realising it for her. 

I did not last long. How could I possibly have lasted long. 

I was doing Stella raw. The raw sensation of my dick rubbing against the walls of her warm vagina sent a indescribable feeling down my spine. Even after being together for so long, we always used condoms for most of our intercourse. 

We are responsible adults after all and the last time I wanted was to have an unplanned baby. 

We hardly did raw sex unless it was some special occasion, and only for a short while. 

I held on tight to her calves, spreading her legs wide open as she cried and moan helplessly on the bed. I slammed myself down as hard as I could given my limited mobility.

And I was easily squeezed out but I persevered.

I could feel my orgasm building up. 

I could feel that tickling sensation of my sperm ready to shoot out from my throbbing dick. 

I was ready. 

For the past few days, I made sure my diet was healthy, I made sure I had a balanced diet. I even took some vitamins given by the doctor. 

I was ready to reproduce. I was ready to impregnate my unwilling wife. 

Stella’s mind must be really messed up at that point in time. I could only imagine if I was her, I could be terrified. 

She was being fucked raw, presumably by 1 of the indian worker she heard. 

A sweet girl, innocent and homely being roughly violated by manual labourers. She must have had a lot of questions on her mind. 

Will it be over soon ? 

Will there be someone else ? 

Will James come back and save me ? 

And perhaps a dozen others that would never get answered. 

I felt that familiar squeeze of my pelvic muscles and I tipped over the edge. I kept my voice low, I grunted and I moaned in a forced low tone, determined to mask the fact that it was me who came inside Stella and not some construction worker. 

Stella felt the grunt and she scream. 

Stella : No… no… NOOOO!!!!.. Please… don’t… 

But it was too late. 

Her screams were nothing but accompanying music as I deposited a good squirt of semen inside her unwilling and abused vagina. 

Stella : No… please… ahhhh… ahh… no… 

Stella’s voice was starting to get a little hoarse from her screaming and as if that were not enough to cement her fear, I jerked and squirted a few more shots, determined to empty myself into her love hole. 

It was then I felt the warm trickle of Stella’s urine down my thigh, some squirted and sprayed onto my pelvic region as Stella cried and lost control of her bowels. 

The orgasm must have brought back some sense into my sick head as I felt sorry and my heart ached to see my wife crying and moaning for me on the bed. 

She was a sorry sight, her face wet with sweat and tears. Her hair messed up and matted untidily across her face. 

Her dress stained with filth, urine and our love juice. 

I pulled myself out and I carried Stella onto the bed, leaving her sobbing body on it’s own.

It was a really pitiful cry as I took in the sight. 

Her bunched up panty and stocking, her messed up dress, her untidy outlook. 

If there was one thing going through her mind it would be the thought of a stranger’s sperm. 

A stranger she never met and probably never would. 

A dirty filthy worker had just came raw into her sweet love hole. Every second that past, the filthy sperm were swimming up her vagina to her fallopian tube in search of her egg. 

Her precious egg. 

And it was no coincidence that I chose that weekend too. 

Stella was due to ovulate that couple of days. 

Her mind would be thinking of her egg getting fertilised helplessly by a stranger’s sperm. 

How could she face her husband, how could she ever explain to her husband. 

I hope her fantasy for helplessness had been fulfilled. 

I left the room a little audibly, closing the door with a bang. 

I waited 5 minutes before I opened the door again and I saw Stella sobbing uncontrollably on the bed. 

I wanted to give her another jab of feeling helpless, of getting her fantasy fulfilled. 

I spoke out. 

James : Oh my god… what happened dear ? … What happened ? 

I barely had to wait for 2 seconds as Stella screamed and cried for me. She kicked and struggled, bawling away like a big baby as she tried to tell me some indian contractors came while I was gone. 

Listening to her cry broke my heart, I asked myself if I went overboard. 

I untied Stella’s hands and they were sore and red around the wrist, there were some small cuts. I undid the blindfold but Stella’s eyes were still closed as she cried and she threw her hands around me. 

Then I waited. 

Then the crying stopped. 

Then I saw the glare of her eyes. 

It was one of confusion, one of wild disbelief. 

She looked at my sweat stained shirt.

She smelled the cheap tobacco breath from my mouth. 

Her mouth gapped opened but nothing came out. 

I waited and we just stared at each other for a good 20 seconds. 

James : You’re ok dear, it was me all along. 

And then there was silence. 

Then Stella screamed again, she screamed and cried, slapping me and grabbing my hair. I tried to calm her down but she was hysterical. She kicked and scratched me, crying and saying something I could not make out. 

It took a good 15 minutes before she calmed down and just snuggled into my arms. 

We spent 2 hours with saying anything before we washed up in the toilet and I cleaned up the room. 

Even after returning home, Stella refused to talk to me. 

I knew she was angry, anyone would. 

It was a traumatic experience, anyone would have freaked out. 

I did not push her, I gave her space. 

I knew Stella needed her space. 

7th may 2013 


Stella and I hardly spoke and even if we did, it was only when it was absolutely necessary. 

I wanted to give her time to think and sort out her thoughts. 

I know her. 

I know her personality. 

When she’s ready, she would talk so no point forcing her. 

10th May 2013 


After 1 week of cold shoulders, Stella finally got a little better. She asked me out for dinner that evening and I could feel things going back to normal to a certain degree. 

I apologised to her a few times, adding that I would never hurt her and it was never my intention to let her get in harm’s way. 

She hardly spoke over dinner and even though she smiled more, I did not know if she was truly ok. 

I found out she was truly ok at about 2 am on Saturday morning. 

11th May 2013



I woke up with a jolt as I felt Stella straddle me. 

I was honestly in a daze, in a half asleep mode. 

But the words Stella spoke woke me up immediately. 

I was instantly awake. 

I knew instantly that Stella was ok. 

If was as if a switch had been flicked. 

Stella : Tie me up and fuck me. 

I did. 

And I did it again. 

And again. 

We did not sleep that Saturday morning. 

We went again and again, replaying the same sick scenario in the comforts of our bedroom. 


We slept, we fucked and we slept and we fucked again. 

It was the first time we did something like that. 

We were both sleepy and tired by then and I was on the verge of zoning out. 

Of falling into a deep sleep. 

But right before I knocked out, I heard the words Stella said clearly. 

Clear as a bell struck in the middle of a square. 

Stella : How are we going to do the 3rd paragraph ? 

I knocked out totally after that.


I remembered drifting off into a deep sleep. 

A really deep one with a lot of dreams but I was unable to remember any of it. 

I woke up around 12pm with a really bad headache and a rumbling stomach. 
Stella was still sleeping beside me and I roused her from her sleep. 

We just cuddled the sleepiness away before we laughed ourselves awake. 

James : What was that ? haha

Stella : Hahah… I don’t know… it just happened. 

We washed up before heading out for brunch. We had a hearty fare at the hawker centre near our place before we took a stroll back to our place. 

I could tell Stella was thinking about what happened last weekend and I could feel she want to talk about it. 

I wanted to talk about it too and I had a feeling she could sense it, just that neither of us wanted to be the first to bring it up. 


Stella was stitching up a small open slit in her bolster on the sofa when I brought her a cup of coffee. 

I took the seat opposite her and I just stared at her. 

She shot me a glance before frowning up her forehead in a questioning look.

Stella : What ? 

I just smiled and she continued her patchwork in the bolster. 

She bit off the remaining loose end and kept the sewing kit away before disappearing into the room with the bolster. 

Moments later, she came out and took the coffee before settling down onto the seat beside me. 

I knew it’s hard for her to start the conversation. 

I knew she would blush and feel awkward. 

I decided to save her the embarrassment and asked her about the experience. 

It was the only way I’ll find out how she felt. 

It was probably the only way she could relate her feelings to me. 

James : Dear ah…. How are you feeling ? 

She nodded an indicative ‘ok’ but she did not meet my eye. 

She just stared into her coffee cup, as if knowing what was about to follow. 

James : Shall we ……. ? talk about it ? 

Stella nodded again and I waited for her to put down her cup. 

I started from the beginning, right from the start. I asked about what was going through her mind that faithful morning. 

What was she feeling knowing that she was going to be taken by 2 Taiwanese client of mind which I supposedly arranged.

She took a while to collect her thoughts before starting. 

Stella : I was feeling nervous and excited……was a little apprehensive and….. and… I was quite turned on. 

She went on to add that the anticipation while she was waiting and every second that led up to the moment was mentally very arousing. 

It was the wait

It was the thoughts. 

The endless loop of thinking and thinking that excites her. 

The thoughts of being fucked by 2 strangers she never met. 

Stella tried to find words to describe what she felt but in the end she just said this ; 

Stella : I really don’t think I could find any words to describe what I was feeling… it’s… it’s just…. I don’t know. 

She ended it saying that her command of English was not that great to describe what she was feeling. 

I did not know what was happening to me but I was getting an erection listening to Stella relate what happened that day. 

It was really weird, I knew what happened that day but as I listen to my wife talk about her feelings, it still turned me on. 

We moved on slowly but eventually we came to the part after I tied her up. 

Stella said she was initially pretty excited the moment I left her alone. All that was running through her mind were just thoughts of my 2 Taiwanese clients. 

Her thoughts were shattered immediately when she heard the voice of the 2 indian workers. 

The moment she heard her voice, she was shock. 

She did not know what to do and how to react. 

The only thought that occurred to her was that some workers came back to finish up some work over the weekend and we were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

The first thing she did was try to get free but she was tied up too tightly to break loose, the moment she realised that, she panicked. 

Stella stopped talking the moment she got to the part where the workers started touching her. 

I could see my wife struggling a little with her emotions but she was trying to control herself. I felt immensely aroused, thinking about my wife reliving her rape scenario. 

Stella tried, she really did try to speak but no words came out. 

Yes it was staged, yes I came inside her but at that point in time, she was not aware. I can only imagine what she was feeling, it had to be so real for her. 

I took Stella into my arms for a while, I wanted her to calm down but she did not. Instead she started touching me. 

I was surprised, but it was happening. 

My shy wife started touching me. 

It was a couple of strokes and off we went. 

It was a really sick intercourse session. 

Let me tell you why. 

Stella straddled me before hugging me. She refused to look at me but as I hugged her and thrusted gently upwards, I could her hear speaking from the side of my head. 

No eye contact at all, and she refused to face me. 

Stella just wanted to talk by the side of my ears without facing me. I guessed she found it easier. 

How could any sweet wife bear to relate her rape encounter in front of his husband’s face.

And with each sentence she spoke, I could feel myself getting more aroused, more horny. It’s really hard to describe, Stella on the other hand got wetter, her love hole got tighter as if she was squeezing down on me. 

Stella : I… I was afraid… honestly I was …..freaked out. 

I grinded myself against my wife, feeling every stroke I made into her warm vagina. 

Stella : It was not enjoyable at all ….. I felt nothing but fear.. I hated…it… I hated them..….. but…. But… 

I could feel myself grinding harder against her, thrusting my stiff meat pole into her lovely hole. 

Stella : But now as I think back and recall…… recall the incident….. i….. i….. 

Stella : I felt so aroused. ….. 

I increased my speed and pick up the tempo. 

James : Don’t stop….. continue ….. tell… tell me….. tell me….. how did you feel when you recall the incident. 

It was one of the few occasions that our bodies were in sync. I thrusted upwards the moment Stella squeezed her vagina down on me and every stroke felt heavenly. 

Of course we did not manage to keep it up for long but I would say a well-coordinated tempo for 40-50 deep wet strokes is better that 200 lousy ones. 

Stella was wet that day, I could hear the sopping sticky sound every time I entered and came out. 

Stella : I…. i… feel so aroused….. so dirty…. As I imagine myself getting …. Getting…. 

James : Say it…. I want to hear you say it. …. 

There was a brief moment of silence, and all I could hear was my wife panting beside my ear, Stella broke it barely a few seconds later. 

The words she spoke was so foul, so dirty, and so downright slutty that I was sure she would not be able to say it if she was facing me. 

There was no way she would say it if she was staring at me in the eye. 

It was not something a sweet homely and shy girl would say. 

And it was definitely not something I expected from my shy wife, but I heard it. 

I heard Stella say it. 

There was no denying that. 

Stella : i…. i…. thinking back…… I felt so horny imagining myself …… imagining myself getting fucked by a construction worker… 

James : So….. so.. do you like it ? 

Stella : Ermm…. Erm… I …. I like the feeling of helplessness… 

James : So …. You ….. like it… ? 

Stella : ERmm…. ..yes… 

I could not help it but had to say it out. I wanted to say it out loud and reaffirm the statement. 

James : So you like getting fucked like a slut…… but other men….. is it ? …..tell… tell me…. …tell me honestly….

It was then I could feel myself reaching my big O and I thrusted the last few strokes hard to empty myself into Stella. 

I was pretty sure my sperm shot further and faster that session because of what Stella said right before I came. 

Stella : I …. i… like the helpless feeling of…. Of …… of being fuck like a slut by…… by a dirty filthy construction worker after a ….hard day’s work. 

James : Arghhhhh… ahh… ahhhhhhhghhhhhhhhhhh

I came in a fit of spasm that evening as Stella moan softly beside my ear. 
We cuddled up and fell asleep that Sunday evening without having dinner. 

Ever since that weekend in May, Stella seemed to have opened up a little more. She was a lot less shy about using the dildos, she was a little more opened to sexual conversation even when we were outdoors. 

Before that, any topics about sex were only discussed in the confines of our house or bedroom. 

But after the weekend, Stella would sometimes talk about sex with me on the train, hushing the taboo subjects as she giggled a little mischievously. 

It was a good 2 months. 

We must have fucked at least 4-5 times a week for that couple of months. 

I’ve never heard Stella talked about the 3rd paragraph or mention about my envelope during that period. We were enjoying our 2nd honeymoon phase. 

I came raw each time but somehow, Stella still did not conceive. 

We were not worried, since prior check ups told us we were ok, there was nothing to worry about. 

It was just 2 good months of mind blowing sex.

Perhaps it was the colours in my cheeks, or the radiance I was giving out from being well satisfied. 

Things went well for me in all aspect. 

I got a promotion at work and received a modest 15% pay raise. 

I struck 4D consolation prize twice in a week, netting Stella and myself an extra few hundred dollars for the month’s expenses. 

I even won a silly lucky draw which got me an ipad. 

Even the lift seemed to arrive right when I stepped into the lobby. 

You might say I’m thinking too much but it’s undeniable. 

It was a good period for Stella and me. 

We loved it. 

Even now we still talked about that 2 faithful months. 

I think by now you already knew the contents of the 2nd paragraph , here’s the exact words my sweet innocent wife wrote ; 

I would sometimes imagine a room, a quiet place, somewhere where no one will go to. I would somehow be inside, tied up and helpless. Someone might touch me, some might tease me, anything. But I’ll just be feeling helpless and there’s nothing I could do. 

The topic of the 3rd paragraph never came up again and even when I asked Stella about it, she denied having said it. 

Stella : Dear… it’s…. ok… I think it’s enough….. we don’t need to go there… 

I just nodded with a reply. 

I knew deep within Stella, there was just that bit of longing. 

Perhaps just that bit of wish that it would happened. 

Right up to this very point, I can safely say most of the events went according to plan.

More or less I would say. 

Things went like clockwork, and I was thankful they worked out without any incidents. 

Things started to go a little haywire in August. 

It all started with a phone call. 

One we did not expect to get.

A phone call that inevitably led to the 3rd paragraph. 

We did not expect it to happen because honestly it was a little hard to get it done. There were just so many things to consider and Singapore is so small. 

Seriously, fantasy being fantasy, end of the day, you have to be realistic. 

The 3rd paragraph involved 2 main things. 

Money and a willing honey. 

When I received that phone call, I was on it for about 30 minutes. Stella was just doing some of her static workout on the mat in the living room. 

She was perspiring, her sweat caused her skin to glisten and sparkle and I could hear her panting away. 

It was not an easy phone call, there was a lot of explanation, a lot of proposals and counter proposal. Strings were being pulled, and favours were being called in.

I could not make a decision.

When I put down the phone, I went over to Stella and told her after she’s done, I need to ask her something. 

3rd August 2013



Stella : Yeah ? What is it ? 

I waited for her to finish her drink of water before I spoke. 

James : Dear….about the 3rd paragraph…. 

I paused and observed her reaction. 

Stella was a little taken aback. 

Stella : Dear…. No la… don’t need to go on… anymore…I’m already ….very happy already….. 

She gestured to the box we tucked away in the corner of the living room. 

Stella : Come… let’s do your envelope. 

I smiled and I held onto her wrist, pulling her sweaty body onto mine. 

Stella : EEEeeeee… don’t want la… I’m sticky and smelly….. 

James : Dear… 

I looked at her and asked told her that there’s been a bit of development. And there’s a very real chance of the 3rd paragraph happening if she was willing to do it. 

Stella : what do you mean ? …. It’s… whose going to pay for it ? It’s not possible… No one would spend that money… 

I smiled and told her the money is settled. 

James : It’s….. it’s…. just whether you….. want to do it… 

Stella shook her head. 

Stella : No…. no … it’s ok James…. No I don’t. 

I hugged Stella and whispered in her ears. 

I whispered in her ears the content of the phone call and who it was from. 

It took Stella a moment to digest the news. 

Stella : I ….. I don’t believe you… … i…. i… 

She just left me in the living room and she went off to take her shower. 

I watched Stella disappear into the room. 

She did not give me a reply, but I did not need her to. 

I knew deep down she would do it. I just knew it. 

What i did not know, was how different things would turn out when Stella and I embarked on that journey.


The phone call came from Kim. I definitely did not expect the call from him as he hardly calls me. 

We corresponded mainly via mail and phone calls happen only when in Singapore. 

I was a little surprised that he made the call from Korea. 

Kim started off as a casual chat, asking how I was before going to the main topic. 

Yes, It’s about Stella. 

Kim is a married man with a kid. And I could tell he was a little embarrassed to be raising the topic of Stella with me. 

He speaks decent English but still found it hard to express himself properly. 

He started off asking about Stella, whether I was still booking her. I did tell her I was her regular and that was why I recommended her to him. 

I could tell he was embarrassed over the phone when he casually asked if Stella was interested in travelling to Korea. 

That was when I felt a moment of panic and I rejected him outright. 

James : I…. sorry…. I don’t think she’s comfortable. 

Kim said he’s willing to pay. 

My concerns were genuine. There was no way I’m letting my wife go to a foreign country on her own to meet another man. 

God knows what could have happened. 

She could be sold to north korea as a sex slave for all I know. 

I pushed up several excuses to Kim initially, saying that the Korean girls I’ve had in Seoul were so much better and prettier. He should be spoilt for choices. 

Kim : No… No… it’s not… Stella’s…..natural… she’s pretty and sweet.. 

James : Haha. Hyung, there are so many pretty and sweet girls in Korea, I’m sure you are spoilt for choices. 

Kim : Haha. Stella is different. I like her… she’s different. Are you still booking her lately ? 

James : Ermm… yah…. Pretty regularly. Haha. 

Kim laughed and said he would love to meet her again. 

I told him Stella is holding on a full time job and it’s really hard for her to commit to meeting him in Korea. I also told Kim that she does not do this often, it’s really only for exclusive clients and only through recommendation and contacts. 

James : I don’t think she’s comfortable going to Korea…. 

It was then Kim mentioned something which I felt was a little out of the blue.

Kim : James , tell you what…. Why…. Why.. don’t you book her…. And come together to Korea… we can…. We can share… hahaha. 

I was a little taken aback as Kim’s suggestion but he continued. 

Kim : Actually… actually. I want to meet … Stella…. But I also need…. Someone I trust around… it’s a little complicated… 

I told Kim that the decision was not up to me but out of respect, I told him I would ask Stella about it. 

I was about to hang up on the phone but Kim carried on talking. 

Kim started asking me more about Stella. 

Did she take bookings regularly? 

What is she doing for her full time job ?

What does she like ? 

Is she seeing anyone at the moment ? 

Questions like that did not really sit well with me. Stella is my wife after all and if someone wanted to make her move on her, I have every right to step in. 

Yes, you can argue she slept with Kim but I see it from a different perspective. 

It was something physical. 

Emotions were not in play, if they were, then things would get sticky and complicated. 

James : Hyung, Stella is in logistics and shipping……. Ermm.. Stella is attached… she is getting married…. Soon… soon… 

James: You are married too hyung, ….. I don’t think it’s a good idea. 

Kim : Oh… oh… no…. no James… sorry… no… haha. I don’t mean that way… hahaha. Sorry. …. No. 

He paused for a moment before explaining that he wanted to try something out but he was really uncomfortable doing it with another Korean. He wanted someone foreign.

He wanted it low profile and he figured Stella was his best bet. 

Kim went on to say he was not comfortable talking over the phone but he really would want Stella and me over to Seoul if Stella was agreeable. 

He was proposing that I book Stella for a trip and during the trip, we could meet up with him and work out some arrangement.

I told Kim I would speak to Stella about it and get back to him. 

5th August 2013 



I barely sat down with my coffee when I boss summoned me into the office immediately. 

He was smiling and laughing away, telling me I did a good job with Kim. 

I just kept quiet and waited for my boss to carry on. 

It turns out that Kim has commissioned the office on a couple of new jobs and has sent my boss a mail praising my professionalism for work done thus far.

It’s not some multi-million deals or anything but it’s still a decent profit considering that the he paid good fees and he paid on time. 

He paid on time. 
That is seriously a rare breed of clients. 

One which my boss would love to have. 

I have handled all of Kim’s jobs so far and needless to say, the new ones were past to me. 

Kim called me in the afternoon and I thanked him for what he had done. 

He emphasised that he hope I could convince Stella and he was also asking about what was Stella’s reply. 

The truth was Stella did not give me a reply. I was still waiting for an answer. 

I told Kim that Stella was considering his offer but she was uncomfortable. 

James: It’s …. I donno… going to cost a bit… and with all the additional…. 

Kim cut me short immediately and told me not to worry about the money. He asked me to try and convince Stella and get back to him. 

7th August 2013 


I was having dinner with Stella that evening when I asked about her decision. 
She was a little apprehensive and shy. 

When dessert was served, Stella asked me what I thought of the proposal. 

I was a little lost as I did not know what to say. 

Seriously what do you expect me to say ? 

A man offered to pay for both our airfare and accommodation to a foreign country so he could fuck my wife. What is the right reply ? 

Now I was actually a little aroused thinking of the whole situation and I told Stella honestly about it. 

James : I don’t know why but I felt pretty aroused by it. 

Stella : What do you mean ? …. You… you mean… you want me to do it ? 

I smiled and I held Stella’s hand and explained to her that it’s her choice. I just felt aroused thinking about it. 

Stella : You…. You are aroused….. by me …. Sleeping with someone else ? …. 

Stella asked that question slowly and a little shyly, I could see she was trying to choose her words but nothing could have replaced what she used. 

They were direct and straight to the point. 

I nodded and explained myself immediately. 

James : Dear….. I think I need to explain myself…. 

I told her it’s not so much about her sleeping with another man that turned me on. It was more of her behaviour. 

It’s the slut behaviour behind the whole thing. 

I confess honestly over dessert that I get really aroused when I imagined her to be a cheap slut. 

A cheap horny slut that would do anything for money. 

James : It’s not you…. I know that… you are not someone like that but…. But… it’s just the thought of imagining someone as shy and as homely like you would have … would have a different side. 

I could See Stella biting down on her lips, obviously embarrassed by what I just said. 

James : It’s nothing to be ashamed off, we both know that is not the real you…. You are not like that in real life…

James : It’s… It’s just a different side…. A side only both of us would ever know… 

I went on to explain that sometimes I would picture in my mind what she described to me about her encounter with Kim. It made me feel like I was watching a real life porn and she was the lead actress. 

I could see Stella adjusting herself a little uncomfortably in her seat. 

James : I… I don’t know… it’s just.. it’s just weird but I have to be honest …. I do feel angry, yet I felt aroused at the same time.. 

It was then Stella decided to join the conversation and she confessed that she was thinking about the offer from Kim for the past few days. 

She too admitted that she had mixed emotions and feelings about what we had done so far. 

Stella : I…. I donno how to say this but…. But.. to put it simply….. I felt aroused too. 

Stella quickly put up her hand in a defending manner.

Stella : No… no.. don’t get me wrong, I’m not aroused by the thought of me sleeping around… it’s…. it’s just that… 

Her eyes darted around for a bit, trying to search for the correct words. 

Stella told me that she too was not aroused by fucking another man, it was the thoughts. 

It was the imagination 

It was the anticipation. 

And after it happened, it was reliving the moment in her mind. 

She said that reliving the moment together with me brought it up several notches. It’s just so different, knowing that she is safe in my arms, in the comforts of our own room, yet deep inside her mind, inside her dark mind she was reliving the moment. 

Stella : I… I felt like a cheap dirty slut too but… but I love you James… it’s … it’s just…. How do I say this…. Oh dear… 

I saw Stella buried her face in her hand and I knew nothing more needed to be said. 

James : I love you too Stella…. I love you too… 

Stella called for the bill, and while waiting for the waiter to bring it to us, Stella added something which hit the nail on the head. 

Stella : I… I just want to be sure you are ok….. that you are ok with…. With all this…. It’s not about me…. I don’t want to do this just because you want me to be happy…. i… I want it to be about us too…. 

I gave her hands an reassuring rub and replied. 

James : Yes Stella….. I know… I know… Let’s finish the last bit and enjoy it as a couple ? What do you say ? 

Stella nodded and we left the restaurant. 

You should have guessed the 3rd paragraph by now. 

Here’s the exact words Stella used ; 

I want to be a sugarbabe ( although I’m a bit overage ) hehe… I want to experience the feeling of being owned, being pampered and just being a toy , being nothing more than a plaything. 

Would be cool if he whips out some fancy credit card, gives me one and bring me on a round the world trip. 

After everything is over, he would give me a stack of dollar bills, maybe stuff it in my pants or something. Hahaha. 

I must be mad. 


Although it was not exactly what Kim was offering, it was the closest on offer.

8th August 2013



I gave Kim a call and I told him I needed a few details. 

I told him Stella was a little apprehensive, she wanted to know what was required of her. 

Kim was a little evasive and he said he did not want to get over the details on the phone.

He said to just treat it like the usual arrangements for now.

I told him when he would want her over as we needed to make arrangements on our end too. 

Kim did his homework 

He did. 

He knew it was a public holiday the next day and he actually asked Stella and I to take the evening flight over that day. 

I told him I needed to check with Stella. 

I was excited that it was going to happen and in the back of my head, i was thinking since it's going to happen, why not just go ahead and get it over with.

Kim went on to say he will email me some details about the accommodation arrangements he made.

After discussing with my wife, we decided to take a flight over on the next day. 

We applied for 5 days leave each the following week. 

Kim mentioned he would want to show us around too and he wanted to play host. 

Kim asked for my account and he TT transferred $5500 over to me for air tickets and to cover the cost for booking Stella. 

I never did tell him how much it cost, Kim never asked. 

Stella and I fucked like rabbits the moment we got off work and met each other at home. 

It was as if a switch had been flicked. 

We were both feeling the high of what we were about to do. 

We were going to fly halfway around the world just so another man can fuck my wife. 

Stella was really aroused that Thursday evening and it was as if all the inhibitions, all her shyness magically disappeared. 

My shy bashful wife became another person that evening. 

She used words so vulgar that it made my dick throbbed. 

Stella : Fuck me James…. Fuck me like I’m your dirty cheap slut. 

I was shocked, I never expected those words to come out from my wife.

I did. 

I fucked her. 

I drove myself in deep into her love hole, I squeezed and fondled her breast roughly as I smack my pelvis onto her. 

Amidst our screams and moans, we hugged and clawed at each other, kissing and tasting each other’s sweat. 

When we were both panting and exhausted, we felt a certain sense of normalcy coming back into our mind. 

No more vulgarities. No uncouth words. No slutty Stella. 

Just my sweet shy wife. 

Stella started packing her bags, and I started packing mine. It was literally baking over in Korea, so we packed light.

The e-tickets were printed and ready to go. 

We double checked the location where we were supposed to meet Kim 

We set the alarm and right before we snuggled into bed. 

As I pulled the blanket up to my chin that evening, I was thinking about what Kim wanted. 

I tried to put myself in his shoes and think but I could not get any idea. 

Why Stella ? 

That was the first and only time I wondered if Stella actually did tell me everything that happened during her first encounter with Kim. 

I drifted off to a deep sleep shortly after. 

Here’s the first picture Stella and I took when we got to Seoul at Namdaemum market.


9th August 2013


Stella and I arrived at the airport for our flight to Seoul. Since Kim was paying, we just booked SQ. 

We strolled the duty free area after checking in and we bought some chocolates and sweets before settling down for a coffee. 

It’s not our first trip to Seoul but we were both excited. 

It was a sick kind of excitement as Stella and I sipped our coffee in the departure lounge. 

I asked Stella if she was having butterflies in her stomach and she nodded. 

We were both dressed rather casually, Jeans and a T-shirt. 
Stella had a backpack as a carry on and I pulled along a small trolley case. 

8.00 am 


I was looking around during the flight , I was looking at the people around me. There were people going for their holidays, there were Koreans returning home, there were businessmen going to close some deals. 

And there was us, going to Korea to meet Kim. 

Stella and I did not talk much during the flight. 


The plane landed in Incheon International airport. 

Stella and I left the terminal and took a limousine bus to Myeongdong. 

We were a little early as we were only due to meet Kim for dinner at around 7+ in the evening. The bus ride took a little more than an hour and we got to the shopping belt at 5.15pm 

We checked into the hotel Kim arranged and Stella and I had a room each. 

I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as we went up to the room. 

My room was a simple one, 2 beds. I left my luggage and I went a few doors down the corridor to Stella’s room. 

I had an instant erection as I stepped into the room. 

It was at least twice the size of mine. 

Stella’s room had it’s own living area, a huge bathroom and yes, a fucking big poster bed. 

Stella too was a little shock as we stood in the middle of the suite. 

It was big. 

My eyes took in all the furniture in the room, looking at all the tables, the sofas, the racks for the magazines, the pantry, the bathroom, the changing area. 

My dick was pushing against my pants thinking of how my sweet wife was going to get fuck in that suite. 

I was a few doors away, there was no way I could hear anything. 
If it was a connecting room, I would have pressed my ears so hard against the door just to hear something. 

Maybe a stray moan, maybe some hard smacking, but no. 

I was fucking 4 doors away. 

I felt this stone like weight pressing down on my chest knowing that I could only sit like a useless wimp in my room while my wife gets enjoyed by Kim. 
Yet the same sick sense of arousal crept up my spine, giving me an raging erection. 

We wanted to do some light shopping before meeting Kim, but seeing the room, we could not resist. 

I kissed Stella as she backed towards the poster bed. 

We were both a little sweaty, we stink of sweat and grime from the long plane ride but we did not care. We fucked and moaned in the big room. 

I was on top of Stella, and I bent to look at my dick coming in and out of Stella’s wet soppy hole, at the same time I was imagining that perhaps in a few hours, it would be Kim. 

It would be Kim’s dick going in and out of my wife’s tight love hole. 

Stella was moaning pretty loud as I thrusted into her. 

Perhaps it was because we were overseas, or maybe she was preparing herself to become a slut that evening. She moaned and spoke the foul slutty words I asked her to say the last time we fucked. 

Stella : Fuck me James…. Fuck me… 

I pounded harder as I watch her face frown and her lips pursed together, pushing out a breathless moan as I feel the tight grip of her vagina walls. 

James : Arghhh…argh…aghh…

Stella : James… dear… dear…… … I’m…. I’m feeling so turned on … thinking…. Thinking…. Arghhhhh.. aghh… 

I paused and kissed Stella, asking what was she thinking of. 

Stella : Thinking… thinking that Kim would be fucking me on this same bed this evening…. 

I digested that sentence in my brain and it made me so mad. 

It made me so fucking mad and aroused that I slam myself hard into Stella, causing her to moan and beg for me to stop. 

Stella : Arghhh…aghh… nooo…. No… please…. 

Then it was an instant mind fuck for me as Stella started pleading with me. Pleading with me to stop. 

That helplessness, that slut moan that reminded me of her helpless pleading that day in the empty hdb flat. 

Her helpless bound body getting defiled by a stinking construction worker. 

I could not bear the thoughts, I can’t hold it any longer and I came, sputtering my sperm deep into her vagina. 

We cuddled up on the bed and I was about to offer to finish it for Stella but she refused. She said she was aroused, she’s feeling a little out of her own self. 

She wanted to wait for Kim. 

She immediately explained that it’s not she wanted Kim, she just wanted to keep her body hungry and craving for an orgasm. 

We washed up and put back the same clothes before we left the room. 


We took a train to the meeting area in Namdaemum and we waited for Kim outside a particular restaurant that sells BBQ food. 

Kim arrived at 7.25pm and he immediately shook our hands and welcomed us to Korea. 

We entered the restaurant and Kim did the ordering. 

Stella and I were both hungry. The food was really great, the grilled meat, the well marinated ribs, all the side dishes were amazing. 

We ate and chatted like old friends. 

Stella laughed, Kim did a small skit about a recent embarrassing incident in Shanghai when he was trying to order food but was misunderstood. 

I on the other hand was trying to watch my behaviour and the words I said. 

Stella did not speak much and I could tell to a certain extent, she was careful with her behaviour and words too. 

The last thing we wanted was for Kim to know we are husband and wife. 

We finished plates of meat, vegetables and yes, bottles of alcohol. 

No it was not excessive to the point that we would all get drunk. 

It was enough to keep everyone’s cups filled and high. 

We toasted countless times, we played drinking games that Koreans played. Never once during the dinner was anything mentioned about what was going to happen in the evening. 


Kim asked for the bill and he said we all should find a quiet place to talk. 

We shared a cab and we arrived back at the hotel at 10pm 

We took an elevator up to the room and all of us were quiet. 

There was a dreadful silence in the lift, only the sharp chime of the bell announcing the arrival of our floor was heard. 

I allowed Kim to go first, but he in turn gestured to Stella to go ahead. 

I watched as Kim stepped out of the lift. 

Stella was taking a slow walk back to her room. Her jeans which she wore for the whole day was smelling like what we had for dinner. I could literally feel the scent of BBQ meat radiating out from all our clothes. 

I could tell Kim was looking at Stella’s backside. The way it was tightly embraced by her jeans. 

Was kim thinking about the same thing as me ? 

Was he imagining how Stella’s underwear smell like after being in them for a day ? 

Was he imagining banging her while she was dirty and sweaty after an evening of Korean BBQ ? 

Stella passed my room and we went on. 

I followed too. 

She stopped outside her door and she turned, looking at us both. 

There was a look in her eyes. 

It was as if she was really a social escort. 

Her eyes darted to Kim first then to me, as if she was asking which man she should fuck that evening. 

Kim gestured for us to enter the room and we did. 

We sat down at the living area and Kim went to the mini bar and brought out more drinks and some snacks. 

Kim and I sat opposite each other on the single seater sofa while Stella took the 2 seater on her own. 

Kim poured all of us a drink and he thanked Stella for agreeing to travel all the way to Korea. 

It was then Kim requested for a moment alone with Stella. 

Kim : James…. Can… can I talk to Stella alone for a while…. I’ll talk to you…. Separate…later. 

I felt an instant rise in my erection and I could see a sudden stroke of realisation in my wife’s eyes. 

I nodded and excused myself, saying that I’ll go take a shower first. 


I took my time with the shower and I was keeping my ear open for the room phone in case Kim called.

Every second seemed to crawl by and I was dying to know what was going on. 

Has it started ? 

Is Kim fucking Stella while I shower ? 

Is he forcing himself on her ? 

Is Stella moaning like a slut for Kim ?

A hundred fucking questions bombarded me but I could not answer them . 

I paced up and down the room and the phone finally rang. 

I answered it immediately and Kim wanted to talk to me. 

I went over to Stella’s room and Kim opened the door. 

Immediately my eyes searched the room. 

Was the bedsheets ruffled ? 

Was the sofa soiled ? 

Was the tables and racks shifted ? 

I was searching for evidence of sex. Of evidence that Stella had been fucked by Kim but there was none. 

Stella was just sitting at the Sofa staring at her feet. She was sitting on her hands, her legs swaying a little and she did not look at me. 

Kim asked Stella to go into the room for a bit and he poured me a drink. 

Kim : James…I spoke to Stella…. She is ….. okay… to do it… 

Kim then went on to explain what he wanted. 

As he went on, I had to control myself from bursting at my pants. Each sentence he spoke a more foul and dirty that the earlier one. 

Kim was obviously embarrassed by what he was saying and he kept drinking, hoping the alcohol would mask the fact that he was embarrassed. 

As the got to the end, I finally understood why he wanted Stella. 

Why he could not do it with another Korean. 

It would happen on the last evening before we leave. 

For the rest of the stay, we would make arrangements for Stella to service him .


That was the fucking word Kim used. 


Now i also understood my role and why he asked me there. It was in a way an insurance. In case things go wrong. 

I nodded and told Kim not to worry about it. 

Deep inside my heart I realised I was not that sick afterall. 

Kim : Okay. Good… James…. Now we got…. Business out of the way… we should relax… haha. 

Kim seemed a little tipsy and he asked Stella to join us. 

Stella did not dare to look at me in the eye. 

Kim changed seats to the 2 seater sofa and patted the seat beside him, asking my wife to join him. 

Kim : Come… stella… come… here… haha. 

As soon as Stella sat down, Kim’s hand went around her shoulder, stroking her arms. 

Stella bit her lips, obviously embarrassed and feeling uneasy. 

I was still around. 

How could a wife allow her husband to see her being violated by another man ? 

I knew Stella would feel out of place if I was there so I tried to excused myself. 

James : Ok Hyung, i….ermm….. I’ll see you all tomorrow ? 

I stood up and was about to leave when Kim spoke a little loudly, asking me to stay. 

Kim : No… No! James… stay… stay… 

Stella immediately panicked and said she’s sorry and that it’s only one person only. 

Stella : Sorry… sorry Mr Kim. Only one person 

Kim : ARghhhh. 

Kim waved Stella off rudely and said he’ll pay. 

I could feel things was about to escalate out of hand and I quickly said it’s ok, I’ll excused myself but it was too late. 

Stella was trying to hold onto Kim, pushing away his advances. 

His hands tried to grab Stella, Stella’s hands tried to push his away. 

Stella : Sorry Mr Kim…. Mr Kim… only one person …. Please. 

Kim drained the last of his Soju from the bottle and he retrieved his wallet. 

He took out some bills in Korean won and folded them into 2 before trying to stuff into Stella’s jeans. 

He kept nodding his head as if saying he understood. 

Stella was panicking a little by then and I could see her looking at me for help. 

Of course she would panic. 

How could she not. 

How could she remain calm when her husband was in the same room as she was being fucked by a drunk man. 

I could see Stella was on the verge of tears as she tried to talk to Kim . 

As I watch the exchange, I felt blood rushing to my dick. It caused my erection to strain so hard against my pants that I felt a little painful.

Stella’s pleading and helpless eyes and Kim’s relentless advance. 

Then Kim lost his temper.

Kim : ARghhhh… James!... hold her… hold Stella. 

I could see the look of desperation in Stella’s eyes, she looked lost, unsure, and definitely she did not want to be taken in front of me. 

Kim : James… quick… hold Stella.. 

Stella : No.. Mr Kim… please… one person only… 

Then I felt my body move. 

My body moved on it’s own. 

I was conscious, I knew what was happening yet I could not control myself. 

I watched as my right hand took hold of Stella’s right hand, and my left took hold of her left. 

Stella’s turned, a look of sheer confusion as she shook her head. 

I could see her mouth “ No “ , her frown on her forehead getting deeper as the sense of helplessness dawn on her. 

She must be feeling confused and unsure, she was being held by her husband, the man she loved and married and she was about to be taken in front of him. 

Any good wife would wallow in shame. 

Stella : No… please…. Don’t… 

Kim : Stella…. Come on… James and I, we both have… book your service before… is same… is the same… 

I held onto Stella’s hands and without her interference, Kim was free to advance. 

He immediately grabbed and fondled my wife’s breast, Stella turned and looked at me, mouthing the words “ How ? “ “ What to do ? “ 

I could tell she was genuinely worried.

Getting your fantasy fulfilled was one thing, but getting fucked in front of the man you love is another. 

I made sure Kim was not looking and I told Stella it’s ok….

I told her I’m ok . 

I could see Stella’s face turning a bright shade of red. The shame… the embarrassment must be overwhelming. 

I mouth a final sentence. 

I told her to close her eyes. 

To close her eyes. 

I could see Stella swallowing a big gulp of saliva. 

Then her eyelids slowly fluttered. 

Then it slowly lowered. 

Then her eyes were closed. 

I held on to her hands. 

I held onto Stella’s hands, my wife’s hands as Kim fondled and squeezed my wife’s tender breast. 

I was feeling fucking aroused and angry. 

Angry at myself, aroused at the scene. 

Kim pressed his face to Stella’s chest area, using his face to smell and massage Stella’s breast. 

He took repeated deep breaths, smelling my wife who had not showered and bath since we left for the airport back home. 

It was a fucking erotic sight. 

Then it happened. 

Kim reached for Stella’s Jeans, unbuckling her and trying to pull the tight jeans down to the floor. 

I could not believe that was happening. 

Me holding onto my wife’s hand as another man pulled down her Jeans. 

Stella was wearing a plain cotton panty that was pinkish in colour. 

Kim did not care she was wearing it for the whole day. 

Kim did not care she wore it for the long plane ride, perspiring and staining the panty with her sweet love juice and sweat. 

He did not care she stank and smell like our BBQ dinner. 

I saw him spread Stella’s legs apart, and he pressed his face onto my wife’s groin area as his hands took hold of Stella’s thighs, stroking them at the same time. 

It was too much for me bear witness to. 

The confusion, the disbelief of what was happening in front of my eyes. 

I could tell Kim was kissing and sucking Stella’s underwear, digging into her love hole with his tongue. 

There were some wet sucking sound. 

Zhoozztt…zoot….szzzzoooot…soot…zoot….ahhhh..zoot…s sszzzoot..ahhh.. 

I felt my hands go weak and I dropped Stella’s hands. 

Stella’s eyes were closed but I could see her heaving chest, her deep breathing. She was enjoying it. She was enjoying getting the filthy slut love hole sucked and prodded by Kim. 

Then the ultimate act of shamelessness happened.. 

It happened in front of my eyes. 

As Kim dug harder and suck louder onto Stella, I saw Stella’s hands went to Kim’s head, stroking him through his hair. 

Her eyes remained tightly shut. 

Tightly shut. 

How could she bear to look at her husband ? 

She turned slightly away from me but I could still see.

I could still see her mouth parting slightly, and i could tell she was fighting to hold it in but in the end, her reflexes took over. 

With an uncontrolled shiver, the lips trembled, her mouth parted.

Her eyes opened wide for just a second and she immediately looked away and she gave out her first moan.


It was a breathless moan. One which was fought really hard to hold back yet it inevitably escaped from my wife’s mouth.

I was rooted to the carpeted floor. Really rooted to the ground.

I did not know what to do, how to react.

There, right in front of my eyes was another man sucking and drinking away at Stella’s moist pussy.

Stella kept pursing her lips together, pressing them, her frown on her forehead deepen and receded countless times. I could tell she was holding back, she was really holding back from moaning in pleasure in front of her husband.

How could she moan in ecstasy when she was having her most private region licked, prodded and sucked by another man.

Periodic moans of helpless pleasure escaped Stella’s mouth every once in a while, everytime Stella could no longer hold back, she would give out a blood curling moan so erotic, it made my toes curled up and the hair at the back of my neck stand.

Stella : Erngnnggg…. Erngghhhhh… ergngggnnn ahh… ahhhh…

You could tell from the rising intensity of Stella’s helpless cries that she was really enjoying getting her dirty wet hole licked and serviced by Kim.

My legs felt numb but I found the strength to reposition myself for a better view.

Stella saw me changed my position to see what Kim was doing and she quickly turned away from me, determined to hide her shameful face.

Stella was really wet, Kim’s mouth was stained, wet and the glossiness of Stella’s love juice coated his chin, his lips, his cheeks and bits of his nose.

Kim was breathing hard.

Stella’s soiled underwear was stained through, soaking wet with Kim’s saliva and her own lubricant.

I did not know what to do.

I really did not know what to do.

Maybe in a Japanese porn or some HK AV show, I would whip out my dick and it would be a glorified threesome but that was not the case.

I was really lost.

You might think you know what to do or you might think you have what it takes to react appropriately at that point in time but it’s difficult.

It’s really difficult.

The amount of random emotions and moral thoughts rushed through my head, my erection throbbing away, amazed at the sight that was in front of me.

My ears was filled with Kim’s slurping sound and Stella’s helpless moan.

It was impossible to make a decision or to even move.

My wife.

In front of my eyes.

I never knew how I was supposed to feel, how I was supposed to react.

I just stood at the side like a block.

Kim straightened himself for a breather and Stella panted for breaths of fresh air.

Kim : James….are you ok ?

I could only nod in a really blur manner as Kim stripped off his shirt and struggled with his pants.

Stella was trying to push herself up from the sofa but she was slipping on the smooth fabric.

I could feel my heart thumping.

It was going to happen.

I could see it, I could feel it.

Stella was desperate to get up and get away. At least away from my sight.

I could see she was trying to make for the room, if she could get in, she could close the door on me. Kim would be focused on her and would hardly be bothered about me.

Stella managed to put 2 feet on the floor but Kim’s hand went around her waist and pulled her back onto him, sitting my wife down onto his lap with his exposed dick flailing around.

Stella : Arhhhhhhhh….. Mr Kim.. wait… wait…

Kim : James…. Get me a condom… please… quick.

Kim fondled Stella’s breast, squeezing them as my wife squealed and tried to push Kim’s hands’ away.

I quickly went to Stella’s toiletries bag and retrieved a condom for Kim .

Kim wanted me to pass to Stella.

Kim : Put on for me…. Put on for me Stella.

I could feel the hard push of my dick straining against my pants as I saw Stella’s face turned bright red. The shame, the embarrassment of having to put on a condom for another man in front of her husband must be too much to bear.

Stella hesitated and Kim spoke again .

Kim : Do it Stella, do what you did that day in the hotel…. I like that.

I felt a stone dropped on my heart as I saw Stella’s obvious discomfort.

What did Kim mean ?

What did he mean by what she had done previously ?

With that Kim took over the wrapper from Stella and tore open the condom.

I was flabbergasted as kim squeezed Stella’s cheek with his hand and popped the condom into her mouth.

Stella did not dare to look at me.

How could she.

She did not even tell me about that.

Kim stood up and he nudged Stella down.

I watch my wife get down on her knees and she opened her mouth, receiving Kim’s unwashed dick.

I wanted to explode, I wanted to grab Stella and fucked her so bad as I watch the scene unfold in front of me.

My sweet wife unrolling the condom onto Kim’s dick as Kim thrusted his penis deeper and deeper into Stella’s mouth.

My erection was raging hard as I watch Stella closed her eyes and pushed and nudged the condom into place.

Kim wasted no time and he gestured Stella to stand up.

Stella immediately asked Kim to go into the room.

Stella : Mr Kim…. Let’s go into the room.

Kim nodded and Stella saw it as an opportunity to get away from me. Get away from the shame of being fucked in front of her husband.

I did not know what came over me but I went along and entered the room.

Stella was shocked and I could see she was about to scream

Stella : James !.... what…. What… are ….

But Kim did not give my wife too much time to idle around.

He flipped Stella onto her back and spread her legs.

Stella : No… no… wait… Mr Kim… please…

Stella plead… she really plead and she tried to stop Kim.

She did not want to be penetrated in front of me but it was too late.

Kim entered Stella, he brushed her soiled wet panty aside and he pushed his thick hungry dick into my wife.

I felt as if someone had struck me in my stomach and I felt all the air leave my lungs.

I stood barely a metre away as I watch with my own eyes another man penetrating my wife.

Stella : ARhggghh…. No…. no… Mr Kim ..

Kim wasted no time, he worked up a rythem, smacking his pelvis down onto Stella’s wet hole.

Stella : Arhhh….. arghh…. Stop please.

I could not take it anymore.

The scene was too erotic and sick.

I stripped my top and pulled down my pants.

Stella saw what I was doing and she panicked.

Stella : James… Dea… James…. What … arghhh… ahg….

It was fucking arousing seeing Stella try to speak as she was fucked repeatedly by Kim.

Stella : Arghhh..urghhh…erghnn… James…. No..

I got onto the bed and Kim gave me a huge grin.

Kim : ARghh… James… Stella is so tight…. It’s so… comfortable … to fuck her…. ARghh..

I could not believe the words Kim was saying.

Another man telling me he loved fucking my wife in front of my face.
Stella’s eyes tear up, I could tell from the wetness that she was about to cry.

The humiliation of being fucked in front of her husband was too much for her to bear even though it was her fantasy.

Stella :ARghh… ergnnhh… arghh….

It was then Kim said something that made me even more hornier.

Kim : Stella…. .. you …. James… say you are getting married….. arghh arghh… arghhh…..

Kim flipped Stella over onto her knees, indicating that he wanted to doggy her.

Stella turned with some help from Kim and she moaned again when Kim re-entered her from behind.

Kim : Stella…. Your… your husband is a lucky man… arghhh ahh .. arghh…. You are wonderful…arghh..

I almost came listening to what Kim was saying and Stella just moaning away.

I could not take it anymore and I held Stella’s left hand, the side where I was and I put it to my erected and throbbing dick.

I gestured for her to masturbate for me.

Stella refused.

She refused to masturbate for me w