Monday, 1 September 2014

Sylvia's hardisk

It's been a while since i posted a non-story post.

Been looking through the mails i've received and i thought it would be good if i could write about this.

If you have read the piece about my brother and sister in law, you would definitely know Sylvia.

I get an average of 2-3 mails a month asking me about the hardisk in question.

Does the disk exist ?

Is Sylvia real ?

Are there more pictures, videos, about Sylvia ?

Did you bed Sylvia ?

And the question i get most often, are they for sale ?

The disk is real.

I really bought a hardisk from a hardcore gambler which i have had the 'fortune' of meeting.

Nope, not my brother in law.

It's a long story how i came about to buying the hardisk, i'll save it for another time.

He is the husband of a colleague i have.

Yes, Have.

She is still my colleague/superior just that she has been posted to a regional office about a year ago. We still meet up whenever i'm in Thailand for work.

Sylvia is real. She is a real person, a local Singaporean Chinese.

She came from a good school, was brought up well and she is hot.

Sylvia, is obviously not her real name, but one i used for the character in the piece i wrote.

As much as i wished and prayed, thinking of ideas of how to sleep with her, i did not have the chance so far. We are just colleagues, but not to the extent of having a window of opportunity even though she is now divorced.

She is my superior in a way although we both report to the same director.

Given both our headstrong personality, we argued frequently about work but it was nothing personal.
In fact there were times we would still have dinner together after almost screaming at each other in the meeting room.

It felt good actually, especially when i lost the argument.

In a weird perverted sense, i would go home feeling down about losing out to Sylvia in the meeting and just feast and enjoy the clips of her being pleasured by her husband.

About the hardisk , there is a good collection of videos, pictures and even audio clips of Sylvia and her husband.

I do not know if i'm the only one who has a copy of it but so far i have yet to see any of her image/videos being circulated online.

I got the disk in 2011, the files in it were dated between 2006 - 2009.
Which meant the vids were shot when Sylvia was between 26-29 years old.

Singapore is small, and given her status as a high flying scholar, if it comes out, there is no hiding it.

It would be all over the net.

I paid a low 4 figure sum for it.

I have lost all contact with her husband, the last i've heard he was working in cambodia after their divorce.

Sylvia obviously does not know about me having the hardisk, my guess is she would probably want to forget about the existence of the hardisk.

I only knew their divorce was messy and ugly. It's sad that 2 person who once loved each other could end up like that.

There are nights when i would stay back in office to Skype with Sylvia, purely work related though with a couple of jokes and casual conversation thrown in.

I once fantasised about telling Sylvia i saw a clip online which looked like her just to see her reaction but decided otherwise.

We're close purely on a professional note and we're still far from the point where we can share dirty jokes and videos.

Hopefully one day we would get close enough to be able to chat on a more personal note. Perhaps then i would try talking to her about seeing some homemade videos online just to see her reaction.

Sometimes i do entertain the thought of selling perhaps a small portion of the stash. Maybe the photos, maybe i could blank out her face, maybe i could edit out anything that would identify her.

Then again what's the point of selling something so heavily edited that you cannot see anything ?

On another hand, i do not wish to go down in history as someone who ruin the life and future of a decent young woman with a bright future.

The only mistake she made was to marry the wrong man .

There you have it.

The contents is not for sale.

I will however use the materials for future works about Sylvia and try to share more of her with all.



My Neighbour's teenage daughter back online

As mentioned earlier, due to some reasons, this piece was taken offline.

I've reloaded it onto the blog for your reading pleasure.

Will be updating it progressively.

It's not a long piece, a simple short and sweet one.

I'm thankful and lucky that i have gotten quite a bit of materials and pictures for this piece. Look forward to sharing them with all.