Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My love from the star vista part 1

It was going to be my first interview in 4 years. Most of my friends jumped ship and switched jobs barely 2 years into the job, securing a better pay package and better terms of employment whenever possible.

I wanted to do the same but perhaps I’m a little softer when it comes to interpersonal relationship. My boss Mr Koh, is a nice person, a retired principal. He’s quite soft spoken and hardly speaks up during meetings and discussions.

If I did not make any introductions, people would probably think he was working for me instead.

Anyway, he admitted that his small office of 7 is not a place for me 2 years into my job. He meant it in a nice respectful way of course. Mr Koh told me that there was hardly any growth prospects for me in his firm. In terms of pay, he can’t afford to go as high as what the big boys are paying.

Still, I hung on for a while longer, doing what I can to help put things in order for his small import and export company.

Even with a $100 increment every year, my pay barely touched 3000 at the end of 2012.

Well, for a poly graduate with lousy grades, it’s still not too bad considering I was just turning 27. Single with no commitments, I guess 2900 is not a figure I can complain about.

I would have burst a blood vessel and died if I compared with my peers who are doing a lot better, so I stopped comparing.

6th  November 2012



It was just like any other work day. I walked into office with my coffee and breakfast in hand, looking forward to spend my next 30 minutes surfing the net and eating my sandwich before work starts.

I was surprised to see Mr Koh in his office that early, he seldom comes in before 10.

Out of respect, I went over to say hi and was surprised when Mr Koh asked me over.

Mr Koh : James….. sit … sit… 

He was sifting though some papers as then he looked at his phone, pushing his glasses down the ridge of his nose to get a better look at the message.

I had a flood of mixed emotions when I heard what Mr Koh had to say to me that morning.

Mr Koh : I set up an interview for you…. It’s for this big company …..very good….. my friend’s friend….

I did not know how to react, honestly I was feeling a little shocked.

I could not even speak, and when I did, I asked if I’m being fired.

James : Are…. You firing me ???

Mr Koh laughed and said of course not.

He went on to say that he had been thinking about this for a few months and he felt that it was the right thing to do. I’m still young and I deserve a better career path than sticking with his old company.

As much as he would like to keep me, he would not be able to live with the guilt should his company be the one hurdle that is blocking me from greater things.

We spent 30 minutes talking about it and in the end I agreed to go for the interview.

Inside my heart, I just wanted to make him happy that I agree to talk to prospective new employer.

At lunch time that day, Mr Koh told me I was to meet my employer for coffee at the new mall in bouna vista, the star vista mall at 7.30pm.

Mr Koh : It’s just a informal chat…. He’ll surely hire you… I spoke with him earlier and I gave you a very good recommendation.

I smiled and thanked Mr Koh.


I was staring at the number given to me by Mr Koh, thinking whether to call the number.

When I got to the café, even without calling, I had a feeling who I was going to meet. Aside from the regular patrons and after work crowd, I saw 2 men sitting on the couch facing the entrance.

They each had a coffee in hand and was chatting casually. Something in my head told me it was them, I could not explain why I felt that way.

The 2 men looked young, probably in their mid-thirties, as I approached the entrance, our eyes met and immediately they got up and adjusted their suits.

Their hands were extended and I took the one closer to me who introduced himself to me as Victor.

The other men is called Tianjun, TJ for short.

Victor wasted no time and started straight away, asking me questions about my work, where I went to school and even which unit I belonged to in the army.

We spent 20 minutes chatting and it did not take long for me to realise that TJ did not speak a single word. He just looked around, drank his coffee, seemingly uninterested in the entire interview. TJ was messaging and attempting to reach someone on his phone.

Each time he was unsuccessful, he would whisper to Victor who gave a curt nod before returning to our chat.

Victor : Good…. Good…. You’re just the person I’m looking for….

I was surprised a 2nd time that day when Victor offered me the job on the spot with a pay of 3500.

Victor : Come by tomorrow to sign the appointment letter, I’ll talk to Mr Koh….

James : Errr….. can i…. think about it….

Victor laughed and said in a joking manner that Mr Koh just told him earlier that he would be firing me tomorrow and that I would have to take the offer.

Victor : Trust me…. Take this offer… Mr Koh even asked me to send the letter to his office tomorrow before this interview. Haha.

His words were swimming around my head as I sat at the café. Even during the short chat, I could roughly tell Victor is a nice person. I hope he is professional in his work too, he strikes me like a older brother, much like the platoon sergeant that you can click with during NS days.

I could not explain why but it just felt comfortable chatting to him. Victor is just a jovial smiling guy you would surely like even if you just met him. TJ though, gave off a weird vide, as if he was a little distant.

Victor mentioned to TJ to try the phone again and during that attempt, TJ spoke into the phone for a while before it looked like he was hung up on.

Victor : Don’t mind James, err….. wait for a while longer ah…. I need you to meet someone….

James : Oh… ok… sure….. who is it may I ask ?

Victor smiled and replied with a deep inhale of air.

Victor : Ermm… you new employer….

James : Huh ?

A hundred question marks started popping up in my head.

I raised an eyebrow and Victor sat forward, clasping his hand together as he thought of how to put across the information he just told me in a simple way.

Before he could speak, I saw TJ look up, his eyes drifted behind me.

A split second later, Victor too looked behind me.

Before I could turn around, I jumped a little as a rolled up yoga mat dropped a little loudly onto the couch beside me.

I turned around and Victor introduced me to Stephanie.
Victor : Meet my sister, Stephanie.

When I turned around, I felt my heart skip a beat, depriving my body of that split second of oxygen rich blood.

The girl standing in front of me was slightly shorter than me, I would say about 5 cm shorter than my 1.7 ht.

She was wearing a black singlet and beyond that, I could see a grey halter sports bra. The black ¾ tights she was wearing showed off her curves, the nice sculpted bums and legs that was surely the results of good discipline.

Her hair was tied up in a bun and she had no makeup on. Still, her cheeks looked a little blushed, and from the perspirations on her head, anyone could tell she just finished her work out.

The small white towel around her neck drew my attention to her flawless skin.

I had to tear my eyes away from her as she dropped her bag as well on the couch.

Victor : He’s your new operations executive.

Inside my heart I was jumping in joy.

Expressions like, Hoh seh liao, huat ah….. shiok…. All came out at once. The thought of working for a hot and pretty girl was like something out of my fantasy.

As fast as the joyful thought came, it went away the moment Stephanie spoke.

She ignored me as spoke directly to Victor

Steph : What is the meaning of this ?

Victor : There is none… I’m getting you help for your company…

Steph started to get a little mad and said that she can hire her own staff.

Steph : I am capable of making my own decisions…. Don’t meddle in my affairs!... I hire my own people…!

Victor : Sure… like the past 3 hires that lasted less than a month and messed up all the work.

Steph wanted to retort but was given a lecture by her brother.

Victor : You have only 1 client…. That is me…. So this is it….. he works for you…there’s no room for negotiation.

I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life.

Who the fuck would want to be caught up in such a awkward situation.

It was a standoff alright as the siblings stared at each other in the café.

After about a minute of so… Stephanie laughed…. Nodding her head a couple of time.

Steph : Sure…. Sure…. He works for me…. Sure… hahaha.

Even without the need to anyone telling me, I knew if I accepted the offer, I would be fucked.

The best thing to do would be to run as far as I could and never look back.

Maybe change my phone, change my name, fuck maybe even beg Mr Koh to let me stay.

There was no way I was taking up that offer, to be caught in this sibling rivalry, I would surely get screwed up.

What I did not expect was for Stephanie to look at me and speak down to me in a manner that I found it hard to describe.

I assure you, any man who does that to another man, it was the signal for picking a fight.

Stephanie looked at me with folded arms, her head tilted to her left and said.

Steph : Sure…. Let’s see how long you last…..

I could tell she was not joking.

In order to defuse the situation, I thought it would be a good idea to let Victor and her sort it out.

James : ERmm… why not you guys discuss about this…..and…

Before I could finish, Stephanie cut in rudely.

Steph : Why ? ….. are you afraid…. ?? you don’t dare to work for me…

I was fighting hard to control my anger.

Victor looked like he was about to speak somehow I lost it when Stephanie commented to her brother that he should probably interview some candidates with balls.

That was it. I snapped and I replied Stephanie.

James : I accept the offer….

Stephanie immediately locked eyes at me, her anger burning right into my eyes but I stared right back at her.

3 seconds later she  spoke again.

Steph : Sure… good…!! You can start tomorrow..!!

James : I will tender my resignation tomorrow…. I will join after I serve my notice period of a month….

That was when things really got out of hand.

Steph : What notice period….how much is your pay ??? I’ll pay for it…. I’ll buy out your notice period….. say it…

I forced myself to keep my cool and I replied

James : It’s not about the money…. It’s principles….

Steph was dealt another blow when TJ stifled a snigger so did Victor.

She looked like she was about to strangle me but she took a deep breathe and surprisingly, she broke into a smile…

Steph : Principles……oh… principles… haha….

She nodded her head a couple of times…before turning to her brother….

Steph : Ok….. I like him already……

The silence told me I had outstayed my welcome and I thanked Victor, intending to make a move.

James : Victor, thank you…

I shook his hands, followed by TJ.

When I turned to Stephanie with my extended hand, she kept her arms folded and replied in a haughty manner.

Stephanie : Don’t …. Touch…. Me…

I took a deep breath and slowly kept my arm.

I gave her a nod and replied before I walked away.

James : I’ll be in touch….

As soon as the words left my mouth, Victor burst into laughter, slapping his own thigh.

Victor’s words trailed behind me as I walked away from the table.

Victor : I like him already…..


As soon as I walked away, I regretted saying the words I said. It was nothing but pure stupidity.

Anyone with half a brain could have told you that pissing off your prospective employer was the last thing you want to do. Then again it was the fucking attitude of that girl I could not stand.

That was just pure rude and uncouth behaviour. What kind of decent person with proper upbringing would behave in that manner ? Sure , you have an issue with your brother meddling in your business but what part did I play in that ?


I’m just the guy in the street looking for a better career.

I gave a loud sigh as I walked towards the train station.

Before I could get into the gantry, my phone rang and it was Mr Koh.

I did not wish to pick up the call but did so out of respect. Not many could earn mine these days.

James : Hi Mr Koh…

He told me that Victor had given him a call barely 5 minutes ago. According to him, Victor sang my praises so much that he is feeling a little regretful letting me go for this interview.

James : Ehh… I haven accepted the offer. …

Mr Koh : But you verbally agreed right… that’s what I was told….

I replied a little too hastily.

James : I haven signed anything yet….

Mr Koh laughed and asked me to calm down.

Mr Koh : Relax…. It’s ok…. I know the terms he offered is good…I would take it if I was in your shoes too…

That was when I wanted to laugh out loud, if only he knew the situation I was in.

After Mr Koh told me about the medical and dental benefits, not forgetting the 21 days annual leave, I told him that actually I would really want to think about it.

James : Ermm.. did you know I’m not working for Victor, it’s…. ermm… for his sister….

Mr Koh : Aiyah…. Same la…. It’s the family business….. same same….

James : erer….haha… ok…

I managed an awkward laugh before I hung up.

I turned and looked at the new mall, somehow my encounter with Stephanie left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth, even looking at the building made me sick.

I tapped into the gantry and took the escalator up to the train platform, looking forward to get back home for a good sleep.

Before I could get in line to queue up for entry, my phone rang and it was a number I don’t recognise.

James : Hello….?

Stephanie : It’s me…. Your boss… this is my number…

Then she hung up.

What the fuck !

People actually behave in that manner this days ??

I had to take a sip of water from my bottle to calm down before I got into the train.

No one could have taken that lying down.

I decided to call Stephanie back right away.

Stephanie : What ?

James : You are very rude…. You need to improve on your manners…

And I went on a tirade, scolding her on her attitude when her feud with her brother had absolutely nothing to do with me.

My heart beat faster with each passing minute. It was not just because I was giving her a piece of my mind. It was partly due to the fact that Stephanie kept quiet, listening without a word.

James : Having said that…. I think you are an impossible person to work with….I’ll rethink the offer out of respect for your brother.

The moment I was done, I hung up on her.

I heaved a sigh of relieve, it’s been a while since I gave someone a piece of my mind, but she deserved it.

7th  November 2012



A courier came for Mr Koh with a large A3 envelope. Barely 5 minutes later I was called into the room.

Even without looking at it, I knew what it was.

Together with some corporate folders, it was my offer letter.

That was when I realised the courier was still in Mr Koh’s room.

He just stood there looking at me impatiently, as if I was the one holding up his time.

Mr Koh : Wah…. You see… big organisation do things chope chope one…. Got standard…. Nah…. Here… after you sign pass back to him… he’s bringing it back…

My eyes widened and I wanted to speak.

My head was spinning.

James : Actually…. I don’t mind staying here Mr Koh…. i…

Mr Koh : It’s ok James… I’m not someone who needs you to pacify me after you made up your decision…. Hahah…

I could tell it was a genuine laugh, and Mr Koh was truly happy that I got the job.

He went on saying that we could still work together in the future.

Mr Koh : Don’t worry…. My doors is always open for you James…..

That last statement was what I wanted to hear. You always need a backup.

Still, looking at the letter, I was feeling apprehensive about putting my name on the dotted line. Especially not after my phone call with Stephanie.

I tried to think positive thoughts.

Maybe Victor would want me if Stephanie doesn’t want to

Maybe he would post me into his team.

Maybe Stephanie would close shop in a couple of weeks and I would get re-deployed.

These thoughts made me feel a little better but the moment I looked at the courier guy checking out his watch, the sucky feeling came back.

Mr Koh : Don’t worry James… everything would be just fine…  

I signed the offer letter, thinking in my head that I could always quit in a month or so and come back, saying that it’s a different environment and the usual shit.

At least it would pacify Mr Koh that I did take up the offer.

Still, I had this weird feeling in my mind as the courier packed up the documents and went on his way.

I leaned back on the chair in Mr Koh’s room, thinking I’m truly fucked If I need to work for Stephanie.

She would probably kill me on the 1st day.

How could she possible offer someone a job when she was just scolded by him the evening before ?

I was lost in my day dream when Mr Koh burst my bubble.

Mr Koh : Oh…. By the way….. Stephanie called me….. you know….. Victor’s sister….

My eyes widened and I could literally feel my balls being squeezed.

James : What ?? ….

Mr Koh : Ya… ya…. Stephanie called me earlier this morning…..

James : Errr…. What did she say ? …..

Mr Koh smiled and said she too sang praises of me and she enjoyed the conversation she had.

My heart dropped as I listened in.

Mr Koh : Steph says that she looked forward to having you over as soon as possible…. Haha… and that she had big plans laid out for you…

Inside my mind I knew I was dead…

Mr Koh : She offered to buy out your notice period….. in a nice way of course…

Mr Koh looked away and tried to think of an appropriate term to use.

Mr Koh : I told her it’s fine actually…if she really needs you…… you can probably wrap up the work you have on hand and join her…

Then he clapped his hands and flashed me a thumbs up.

Mr Koh : As for the money…. I asked her for it if course… haha…. But it’s not for me…. Take it as a parting red packet…

I could only managed an awkward smile as Mr Koh told me to report work at Stephanie’s office in 2 Mondays from then.

I walked out of his room like a zombie and decided that I would not go down without a fight.

There has to be a way.

I immediately googled about Stephanie, looking for her social media accounts and found out she is but 2 years older than me. Her birthday was reverse of dates from mine.

I was born on the 7th June, while she was born on the 6th July.

It’s surprising how much information is publicly available online. From her facebook, I found out about her company.

I read as much as I could, trying to get a whole picture put together.

Within an hour, I had printouts of her company, her business profiles, and other information on my desk.


Right when I was about to head out for lunch, an even bigger surprise awaits me.

The office door opened.

And the moment she walked in, everyone stopped working.

Heads turned and I could see Mr Koh coming out of the office.

Stephanie came into the office in a white long sleeve blouse paired with a grey asymmetrical skirt. Her black heels was glossy and shiny, so is her branded handbag she held.

She looked stunningly beautiful with her hair tied up into a neat bun. Her makeup was not too thick, just the right touch to bring out her naturally radiant and beautiful features.

Beyond the white blouse, I could see a intricate lace camisole. One which was stretched and pushed by her full breast.

I would be lying if I said I did not have any reaction in my pants as I looked at her.

She looked around and when she saw Mr Koh, she extended her hands, greeting him warmly with respect.

It was a total contrast to the way she behaved when she met me.

Steph : Hi Mr Koh…..nice to meet you ….

Her smile lit up her face, like the expert stroke of a master painter, that very smile added a different dimension to her facial profile.

It was an endearing smile, one that was guaranteed to melt any heart.

I was frozen where I stood as I looked at the exchanges between the 2 of them.

Like a well-rehearsed movement, both of them turned and looked at me at the same time.

My eyes widened and I discreetly covered up the information I was spying on with another folder.

Mr Koh gestured me over and I did not dare to look at Stephanie in her eyes. Not because I was afraid of her but because of how awkward I felt.

I was asked along for lunch, I wanted to decline but Stephanie said she had already made reservation for 3 at the restaurant.

Mr Koh drove and they chatted happily in the car while I hung on behind. If there was any feeling of awkwardness, they did not feel any.

Aside from some basic exchange with Stephanie, I hardly spoke to her.

I could tell Mr Koh took a liking to her straight away, the way he laughed and smile and even the replies he gave. She was like the sweet daughter every father would like to have.

I kid you not, if I hadn’t seen that side of Stephanie, I would have fallen in love with her right there and then.


I excused myself to the bathroom and left the 2 of them to talk while waiting for the restaurant staff to bring the menu.

After I settled into my seat in the restaurant at Siglap , Mr Koh excused himself to the bathroom, leaving me alone with Stephanie for the first time.

The moment he left, Stephanie’s demeanour changed.

She leaned back, folded her arms and crossed her legs.

Not willing to be threatened, I did the same.

I made myself comfortable and stared straight at Stephanie with my arms folded and a look of defiance on my face.

Stephanie : You should apologise for your behaviour that day …

James : What ??!! …. You got to be kidding me…. You are the one that is rude.

Stephanie : Don’t be an ass… you’re a man, behave like a gentlemen….

James : You are incredible…. I have never seen someone as rude as you…

Stephanie : I don’t care…. I expect an apology…

I could see that Stephanie was about to speak but I quickly beat her to it.

James : Look, I know where this is going…. This is Singapore…. Employees are protected by law….

I went on a verbal diarrhoea about employment laws before I stopped when I noticed Stephanie just stared behind me before breaking into a smile.

She immediately extended her hand.

Stephanie : I believed we got off on the wrong foot James…anyway….my name is Stephanie…. Nice to meet you…

I was pleasantly surprised and I took a second longer to react.

James : errr…….okay….N…. nie….nice to meet you…

Something was off…

It can’t be this simple.

No way.

I took Stephanie’s hand, feeling the soft skin of her hand in mine. There was this unique fragrance that came from her and I had no doubt that would linger on my palms long before we broke contact.

She did not need to say anything. Somehow through that brief handshake, I knew I was fucked. She held on to my hand even when I fingers got loose.

Before I could process any other thoughts in my mind, Mr Koh came back from the bathroom in time to see us shake our hands.

Mr Koh : So….. er… you told James  already ?

Steph : Yup. He’s ok with starting tomorrow…..

My eyes widened in horror and before I could react, Mr Koh laughed and said thank you to me.

Mr Koh : Wahahaha…. Thanks James…. You just won me my bet… hahah….

Stephanie smiled shyly as Mr Koh bragged that he knew me well and he knows for sure I would definitely agree to help Steph since she is really short-handed right now.

Mr Koh : Anyway…. It’s just for this couple of days…. I’m sure James would love to get acquainted with his new office.

I was left speechless and as much as I would love to retort, I did not want to make Mr Koh look bad.


I was still in a zombie like state when I left work.


Stephanie dropped me a sms to meet her at the star vista at 9.30am the next morning. 

8th  November 2012



I spent the evening thinking about it and realised it was actually myself making a big deal out of the whole thing.

I mean, what can she do to me ?

Make me wash toilet ?

Make me build a house ?

Make me crawl under her legs ?

Come on. I could easily tender my resignation and move on.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

I looked at myself in the bathroom that morning and told myself to man up.

When I laid my eyes on Stephanie that Thursday morning, I had to rub my eyes and do a double take.

While I was in my work top and pants, she turned up in shorts and a tube top, revealing a good amount of her smooth skin.

She had the nicest shoulders and collar bones of a girl I ever saw. Hell I did not know what even drew my eyes to them but they were just lovely.

Her teal tube top hung snugly onto her body while the grey shorts covered half her thighs.

She had a white bandage around her left wrist and she wore her watch on her right hand.

Her flipflops was in white, but you could see the dark stains from frequent wear.

She stopped in front of me and removed her shades.

James : You go to work like this ?

Stephanie : You don’t question your employer’s dressing James….

She gestured for me to follow her to the carpark.

Throwing me the keys, she motioned for me to start up the grey Toyota.

James: I’m not your chauffeur….

She gave me a pained look and pointed to her wrist before getting into the car.

20 minutes later we arrived at Chinatown and entered a massage parlour.

No, not the sleazy kind, it’s those that you do foot and back massage.

James : Aren’t we supposed to be at work ? You said you needed help with something….

Steph : Shhhhh….. I’m thinking of buying this place…. We’re here to try out..

3 minutes later I was begging for my life.

James : ARgghhhh…… no…. no… no…

James : Uncle….. wait… arghhhhh…..

Stephanie just laughed away as I groaned and begged the uncle who was massaging me to show mercy.

He did not reduce his strength, instead he gave me a breakdown of which organs of my body needed extra nourishments.

I could hardly see Stephanie’s eyes as she laughed and slap her thigh during that 45 minutes of foot massage.

Every time I moaned in pain, she would crack up, at some point laughing till she had tears coming out.

It was not funny at all to me. I hated the feeling and the moment we left, Steph asked me to do a feasibility study and give her a report whether or not to take over that shop.

Although I was not exactly sure what she wanted me to do, I just nodded my head.

We entered the car again.

30 minutes later, we got to Tanglin and I followed her into a nail parlour.

She motioned for me to take off my shoes and I shook my head.

Without batting an eyelid, Stephanie retrieved the employment contract from her bag which I signed the day earlier, citing a clause about employee’s dressing and bearing.

Stephanie : It’s says here about personal grooming….. look at your nails…

As if that was not enough, she whispered that she was interested to take over that business as well…

It was utterly embarrassing as the staff of the shop looked on at me.

The word to describe it would be ‘lan lan’

I gritted my teeth and sat through a 1.5 hour session. My backside felt like it was going to go numb, and in exchanged, I got both my finger and toenails cleaned, cut, buffed and done up.

Immediately after that, Steph asked me for a report too.

I nodded, feeling a little weak.

Lunch was at Raffles city and I had barely finished my drink when Stephanie dragged me into the grooming shop at the basement.

Stephanie : hahaha…. Why are you overreacting…

James:  No way you are buying this too…. You’re…

She laughed and dragged me in, reminding me that she is the boss.

I could hear Stephanie laughing away as the staff tried to pluck my eyebrow.

James : Arhhhhg….owww…oww….no…no… stop….a rghh…..

15 minutes later, I was starting to get an idea of what was going on. I was starting to consider apologising to her and get out of this situation when she hurried me to the carpark again.

Stephanie : I’m so sorry James…. If not for my injured wrist…. I would have drove.

She gave me a sad face while I looked at her helplessly. I could have said some remarks, make a funny comment but I knew it would not help me so I kept quiet.


We got to a slimming center in Jurong and she entered. I hesitated for a while before Stephanie came out and pulled me in.
I immediately stopped Stephanie.

James : Stephanie I’m sorry….i’m sorry….don’t need for all this …

She laughed and said it’s a spa treatment.

Steph : My treat for my new employee.

She half dragged and pulled me in before I was wrapped up and marinated with some herbs before being steamed.

By the time I emerged, I was feeling weak and battered.

Stephanie was happily chatting with the staff, sipping tea and discussing about her next treatment when I came out.

The staff left and brought me a tea before leaving us alone.

Stephanie : Ok…. 1 more place to go….

She was googling for the address and when she showed it to me, I immediately raised up my hands in the air and surrendered. 

James : You win boss…. You win….

Stephanie chuckled and laughed as she sipped her tea.

Leaning back on the couch, her expression changed again as she folded her arms.

Stephanie : Did I ill treat you today ?....

I shook my head….

Stephanie : ok……Apologise for being rude to me then….

I wasted no time and immediately said I was sorry.

James : Sorry… sorry…. I was rude earlier…. Sincere apologies…

She took a moment to consider it before smiling.

Stephanie : Ok…. I accept your apologies……

She looked at her watch and asked for her car keys.

Stephanie : See you at work tomorrow at 8.30am … we got a lot to do … especially having wasted today….

She handed me a name care with the company address.

With that, she left me in Jurong.

I took a deep breath and exhale slowly.

She will regret this….


9th  November 2012



I asked myself the same question several times, was I ill treated ?

It was a no.

I could not possibly tell Mr Koh I’m rejecting the job because my new boss brings me for massage and spa.

If it did not sound stupid enough, it would surely make me look stupid in my attempt to do so.

If I change and rephrased the question, am I being played ?

That would be a definite yes.

I told myself to calm down, there would surely be an opportunity to get back at Stephanie one way or the other.

I just needed to focus with the situation at hand.

Keep things simple.

It’s a new job.

I’m looking for better prospects, that was it.

It’s that simple.

I made sure I got up earlier than usual that morning to get ready for work. If I was late, surely Stephanie would find more reasons to try and be funny with me.

The crowd was pretty manageable when I boarded the train at Kovan, the nearest stop where I lived. By the time I got to Tanjong pagar at 7.30am, I was a good 1 hour earlier than the agreed meeting time.

Having checked out the location on google the night before, I turned and walked towards my new office.

It was a pretty old building near the red dot museum, I must have passed by it so many times but somehow it never caught my eye. I got into the lift opposite a large travel agency and alight at my floor.

What greeted me was a long corridor.  I got to the entrance of Stephanie’s office and tried to peer in.

The double leaf glass door had frosted stickers on it, leaving only a few thin slits just below the eye level. I could make out a reception that looked empty.

Beyond that was a row of 6 tables that looked empty as well.

There were no monitors or keyboards on them.

The most well stocked furniture was the pantry that was right in my line of sight as I peered in straight ahead.

I could make out a coffee machine, a nice totem stand that held all the coffee capsules and a 3 tier stainless steel rack that held various snacks and tibits.

I double checked the unit number to make sure I got the right one and I was right.

A keypad blinked lazily by the door, waiting for someone to key in the passcode to unlock the catch.

I decided to call Stephanie to let her know I was already at the office. There’s a chance she might give me the password.

That way, I could go in and check out the office before she gets here. It would be a golden opportunity to find out about the company too.

No harm trying my luck.

I tried 3 times before she finally picked it up. It was obvious she was still sleeping.I checked the time on my watch, it was already coming to 7.55am

There was no way she can reach office at 8.30am.

I could feel my blood boiling as I tried to remain calm.

James : I’m at the office entrance already. Where are you ? How do I get in….?

Stephanie : Oh….errr…. Yawnnnzzz…. So early…..

I could hear her sneeze as she blew her nose before coming back to the phone.

Stephanie : Just key in the password. 0607

I held the phone and I tapped in the number but a red light flashed repeatly and the door remained shut.

James : It’s wrong…

Stephanie : Is it ? …. Weird… I remembered it as that…. Wait ah….

I waited another 15 seconds before she asked me to try the reverse.

I heard the loud release of the catch and told her I’m in.

James : Ok…. I’m in.

Stephanie : Ok… wait for me ya… be there in a while….. there’s coffee in the pantry…

With that she hung up on me.

I took a quick look around the empty corridor and my heart started beating faster.

Perhaps it was the voyeuristic nature I had, the thought of being in a place I was not familiar with excites me. All the things I could lay my hands on, all the files I would read without anyone knowing.

First I checked the office for cameras. Having satisfied myself that there was no cameras, I started exploring.

It was a simply furnished office, pretty open too except for the rooms. All the walls are painted white and from what I could see, she probably took over the office from some other company.

There was nothing at the reception, not even a calendar or a phone.

Moving past the entrance, I stood in the middle of the empty office. There were 12 chairs for the 6 tables, all of them looked pretty new. At the back of the office were stacks of plastic chairs. Those round stackable stools you see at coffee shop. There had to be at least 20 of them.

The doors into the offices were closed and they each had a keypad on them as well.

I opened up all the cupboards in the pantry and saw that they were well stocked with coffee, tea bags, and even cup noodles.

There had to be at least 2 dozen bottles of mineral waters in the cupboard.

The fridge had beer, wine, and even tubs of ice cream in the freezer.

Heading over to the cabinets, I saw stacks of invoices, unopened envelopes and even a few cheques that was worth close to a good 10k that was yet to be banked in.

The date told me there were at least 2 weeks old.

All the invoices were for Victor’s company, not surprising, he did say he was Stephanie’s only client.

The cheques too were issued by Victor.

I went through the invoices to get an idea of what Stephanie was dealing with and I was scratching my head by the time I was done with a stack of them.

The only way I can sum this up was Stephanie’s company is just some plaything some rich daddy open to keep his daughter occupied.

There was no need even for Stephanie’s company.

From stationaries to components, to even IT equipments, Victor bought them through Stephanie.

All Stephanie did was to get them from the supplier and send them over to Victor, marking up the prices along the way.

I saw an invoice for a few ipads and did the calculations. There was almost a markup of 100 for each.


A large portion of the invoices though was for some manufacturing components that I don’t understand.

Some medical grade stuff or something.

Anyway, it seemed like Stephanie was the sole distributor for that product, and the only way Victor is getting them is through her.

I dropped the documents aside and checked the entrance again.

It’s coming to 8.15am

There was no way Stephanie could be here that fast.

My eyes wandered and looked at the blinking key pad on her office door and I could feel a terrible battle being fought by my brain whether to do something that stupid.

In the end I decided to do it.

I tried the same number for the door but it did not open.

I considered for a moment before trying the first combination Stephanie told me.


I heard the release of the catch and I could almost feel an erection coming up.

I opened the door cautiously and immediately checked to see if there was any cameras. Thankfully there were none.

The office was sparse and the only furniture was Stephanie’s work desk.

It was neatly kept with a laptop and several photo stands.

I took one up and looked at Stephanie.

She is quite pretty, especially when she smiles. Inside that picture, she wore a white singlet with black sports bra. She was with a few of her friends and it seemed like they were laughing as they attempted to fly a kite.

Her slender arms were up, holding onto an invisible string, her legs were amazingly toned and sculpted, even the way her toes held onto the flip flops made her looked sexy in a casual kind of way.

Her pale grey denim shorts had bits of grass on them and that particular photo saw her flashing a million dollar smile, showing a row of pearly white teeth.

Her eyes twinkled in that photo, a genuine laugh that would make anyone smile just by looking at the picture.

The photos were not arranged in any specific order, it was as if they were placed randomly according to her fancy.

One shot was of Stephanie in her JC uniforms. She had her legs crossed, her short skirt reaching up to the mid of her thighs. Her body was angled away from the camera but she turned to face the person taking the shoot.

It was a deliberately posed shot, her had a cheeky smile with geeky specs. As if she was going for the ultimate nerd look, she had a couple of books in her hands.

I could not help but look at her legs in the photo despite the poor resolution since she was quite a distance away from the camera.

The way they flowed into her shoes, leaving a wee bit of socks peeking out from her ankles.

I took the next shot up and saw a photo of Victor and Stephanie when they were young. Probably about late teens.

Victor had a cheeky smile as his arms rested on Stephanie’s shoulder. Stephanie on the other hand, folded her arms in a haughty manner and leaned her head on her brother.

They looked like they had just finished a bout of running, their hair messy and streaked across their forehead.

Next one I saw wiped the smile off my face.

It was of Stephanie’s mother, I could see the resemblance in the photo.

Victor and Stephanie flanked by her side on the hospital bed. They were all smiling but you could tell it was not natural.

Her mother looked weak and frail in the photo but I could see the fire in her eyes. Something that both siblings inherited.

In that same photo, I could almost see the invisible flame burning in their eyes, a quiet determination of some sort, perhaps each of them fighting a battle of their own in their own way.

The photo was dated almost a year ago.

I tried Stephanie’s drawers and was surprised it was unlocked.

My mouth gasped open as I saw the contents of the drawer.

It was money.

No lah, it’s not those rolls and stacks of bills in the movies. It contained a metal tray and on it was a mess and jumble of 5 and 2 dollar bills. There had to be at least a couple of thousand by my estimates.

It’s really quite a bit.

Coins of various denominations were scattered all over the notes as well.

You could literally say it’s a drawer of money.

The next drawer had more photo albums, I opened some up to see and was surprised that it was of her childhood photos.

What a weird place to keep photo albums.

There was a pair of fluffy dog slippers under the desk, probably what she would change out off after she comes to work.

There was a door by the back of the wall that I saw beside the pantry cabinets and fridge.

I tried opening it and noticed for the first time it was a one way door. There was no knob on the pantry end of the door.

My curiosity drew me towards the other door on the opposite side of Stephanie’s desk. 

I opened it and was surprised to see a few wardrobe and loads of shopping bags on the floor.

Boxes of shoes, some unopened were scattered all over.

There were at least 10 pair of heels on the floor alone.

The wardrobe were full of clothes, work wear, casual and even a drawer full of gym gear and yoga pants.

I struggled to breathe as I opened up the bottom drawer to see it filled with lingerie.

An instant shot of hormone infused blood rushed to my dick as I closed the cabinet.

I looked around the room and it was like a walk in wardrobe.

Nested at the corner by a full length mirror was a laundry basket.

There was several article of clothing in it and my heart thumped as I struggled with my decision.

I ran out of the room and paced about the reception area.

Still feeling a little apprehensive, I opened the main door and looked out in the corridor.


Doubling back, I went straight to the basket and started to go through Stephanie’s clothes.

There were no lingerie but I found some singlets and shirts. A dull fragrance caught my nose as I brought them out one by one to look at them. So many thoughts ran through my mind as I tried my best to contain my excitement.

Thankfully some rational thoughts prevailed and I told myself to calm down. It’s my new job, pay is decent.

Let’s not fuck it up.

Even if it does not work out, I could milk the company for the pay for a couple of months before going back to Mr Koh. All this would not be possible though if I was caught with my boss’s clothes on the first day of work.

Alongside the shoes were several bags. They were all branded, some I recognised but some I don’t. I checked the contents and saw that there were also money in them together with a mish mash of items ladies carry.

I made myself a coffee and settled at the reception table for a good wait. By my estimate, it’s going to take Stephanie at least an hour.

Singapore is not that big, furthermore she drives, it’s a good estimate.


I had probably sat in every chair in the office. There was still no sign of Stephanie. This despite me calling every hour and sending her at least 6 messages.

I even went to Maxwell market for breakfast and coffee.

I could feel my blood pressure rising as I cursed at her silently for wasting my time.


I wanted to strangle Stephanie when she finally shows up at 12.30pm

It was obvious she had just woken up.

Her hair looked a little puffy and she looked a little dazed still.

Instead of being dressed professionally, she turned up in a white starbucks t-shirt and a denim shorts.

A black windbreaker completed her look as she dragged her flip flops into the office with a clutch bag under her armpit.

Stephanie : Oh… good morning James….

I was about to confront her about wasting my time when she stretched herself in the office, raising both her arms high up into the air and letting out a long groan, as if blaming me for disturbing her sleep.

Her short white t-shirt rose up, exposing a good portion of her trim abs and I could feel blood rushing to my groin again. It was definitely not a deliberate act or anything, it was more of can’t be bothered.

Stephanie : So sorry ah…. I was… er…. Not feeling too good…. Er.. haha…

She pulled a chair and sat opposite me, both her knees connected yet her feet remained planted at shoulder width’s distance apart. Her palms rested on her kneecaps and she adopted a doll like look as she tried to think of something.

Stephanie : Oh ya… I have a meeting at 2pm. Will need your help.

James : I’ve wasted the whole morning here……. What do you need me to do ? ….

She thought about it for a moment before gesturing me to follow her to the cabinets. Stephanie spent 20 minutes running through what amounts to admin work, basically sorting out the messy filings and documentations.

Immediately after she was done, she quickly added.

Stephanie : I know…. I know… it’s just plain old admin work…. You’re more than this…. But you know…. Hurhur….i really need to get this sorted out for a start.

She gave me a nudge on my arm and added at the same time.

Stephanie : Don’t look so glum la…. I buy you lunch…

James : I…

Before I could speak, Stephanie passed me a 50 dollar note and asked me to buy food from the hawker centre across the office for her and myself.

Stephanie : It’s so crowded now… lunch time…. We packet up la…. Here aircon… haha…. Thanks ah..

I was really at a lost for words.

First she claimed she needed my help for something urgent, that was the whole reason why I was in the office in the first place. If I knew she was going to ‘loan’ me from Mr Koh to do these menial jobs, I would not have agreed to it.

I got into the lift and could not help but grumble at the whims of the rich.

I was too lazy to queue a 2nd time for my food so I just bought the same as Stephanie. Fish soup and rice.

I don’t know what the food seller was thinking, she gave me the change all in 5 & 2 dollar bills and the balance in coins.


I sat the food down on the table beside the reception and Stephanie thanked me for the trouble the same time she clapped her hands together like some Korean star acting in a overly dramatic manner about food.

Stephanie : Wahhh…. Looks good….

Then something happened at the very moment that came as a 1st shock to me.

When I tried to pass Stephanie back the change, she nodded and stretch out her hand, but the moment she saw it was 5 & 2s and coins, she immediately retracted her hand.

Stephanie : Oh… no.. no.. no… nvm la… I don’t like 5 & 2s in my wallet… I got a lot of them…. Give you… give you….

What the fuck !!

I mean seriously what the fuck!

I almost screamed out but I could only managed an open mouth as I looked at her in a dazed manner.

James : Is this not money ? …

Stephanie : Aiyah…. Nvm la… give you…

With that she started to tuck into her food.

I could not decide if I was insulted by the gesture of her giving me the money or angered by the manner in which she treated the change.

I set the money aside and shook my head and just ate.

We chatted casually, Stephanie did most of the talking, asking about me.


I had barely started on my work when she handed me another 50 dollar bill.

Stephanie : Eh James… I need to prepare for the meeting later…. Very tua zong one….very important..…. Can you help me get forty …four coffee…. Thanks…

Her phone rang at that moment and she excused herself back into her office.

What the hell man… what the fuck am I going to carry 44 packets of coffee.

It’s going to take a while to make and pack it, I decided to make my way down to the hawker centre again.

I took a carton box and empty it of it’s contents on my way down.

My mind started working out the order. I can’t probably order all the same coffee, some take coffee black, some kopi-si, some siu dai ,I would need a mixture of the order.

15 coffee with milk of with 5 less sugar
15 coffee black of with 5 less sugar
15 kopi-si of with 5 less sugar

Total 45.

1 for myself of course since I’m ok with any of the above.

In the event Stephanie decides to find fault with me for buying the same coffee, she would have no reasons to.

Inside the lift, I could not help but marvel at my intelligence.

In fact I wanted to laugh.

James : Small case …. Small case…

As I waited for the auntie to pack all the coffee, I start to think about the order.

The office probably gonna get real packed later with so many people. Even assuming 10% of the drinks are extra, there’s going to be close to 40 people.

That probably explains the spare stools at the back.

Damm I should be Sherlock or something.


I made my way up to the office with the coffee in the carton box.

It’s fucking heavy though.

How many of you had carried 44 cups of coffee before ?

I could see some shadows and figures in the office when I arrive. Upon letting myself in I was surprised to see Stephanie with 6 guest.

Ok, maybe the rest are on the way.

Stephanie had changed, she was in a long dress and modest heels. Her hair was tied up and she had some light makeup on.

I set the coffee down in front of the guest and Stephanie turned to acknowledge me before she did a double take with her eyes wide open.

She stared at the carton of coffee and back at me again before regaining her composure.

Stephanie : Oh… this… this is James…. My operations….operations executive…

I shook hands with the guest and excused myself back to the cabinets to continue my admin work.


No one else came.


It sounds like they are wrapping up the meeting


The guest left.

The moment the glass door closed, Stephanie kicked off her heels.

I too got up and approached her.

I wanted to ask her why she made me buy so many when she only had 6 guest. This better not be some I don’t want to see 5 & 2 dollar bill shit man.

I would strangle her.

Hell I might drag her into the room and rape her.

James : No one else is coming ? Why you ask me to buy 44 coffee. ? It’s very heavy you know…

Stephanie folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at me.

She walked up close to me, almost in front of my face. Her arms still folded as she squinted her eyes , peering right up at me.

Then she suddenly got so close I could smell her hair, her womanly scent.

She placed her mouth by my ears and spoke in a normal voice.

Stephanie : James….. 4 tea…..4 coffee……  4 tea….. 4 coffee. ….

With that she got back and faced me as I stared shell shocked at her.

She tapped me on both of my shoulders and stared at me like I’m an idoit.

Stephanie : Breathe James…. Breathe….. ok…. Now repeat after me…..

Stephanie : 4 tea……. 4 coffee….

I nodded weakly and mumbled.

James : 4 tea…. 4 coffee….

Stephanie : Good…

She ruffled my hair, walked right pass me and went into her room.

Fuck…. And this is only my 1st day…

Layout of Stephanie office



As I sorted out the administrative work on hand, I could not help but feel a little shock and stupid. 

By the time I was due to knock off at 6, I had trouble believing my own stupidity. 

I even considered getting my ears checked. 

Of the coffee in the box, I had finished 4 packets, Stephanie came out twice for 2. 

Both times she glared at me with the corner of her eye while I could only manage an embarrassed glance before I looked away. 


Stephanie : Oei…. Work ends at 6. You can go…

She had changed back into her denim shorts and starbucks t-shirt. As she put on her black wind breaker, she reminded me of someone who looked like she was going to catch a midnight movie or something. 

James : Err…. I’ll finish up a bit more. 

Stephanie : No need la…. All this no rush one… in fact you can take all the time you want. Finish it when you start work….

Upon hearing there was no need for any urgent help, I could not help it but confront her on the request to loan me from Mr Koh ahead of schedule. 

James : Then actually no need me to come and help today one right. ?? Since it’s not in a rush….

I stood up with a raised eyebrow and a questioning look. 

Stephanie remained expressionless and just pointed to the box of cold coffee behind her. 

Stephanie : The administrative work can wait….no need to finish……the coffee…. Please finish it. ….

I immediately gave an awkward smile and sat back down. 

She stared at me for a moment longer before looking away.

Stephanie : Throw it away before you go later. … more thing.…follow me.. 

I fell in step behind Stephanie as I watched her open the door and turned the opposite direction from the lift lobby. She stopped a few steps away in front of an unmarked room and keyed in the password. 

It was the same one as the main door. 

Upon entering, I saw it was a storeroom or sort. 

Stephanie explained that quite a few of the stuff were due to be delivered to her brother, but she had no time to get to it. 

Stephanie : Due to…. Er…. Unforeseen circumstances, ….. everything was delayed. 

I would only find out many months later she delayed it on purpose to spite Victor for forcing her to hire me. 

James : Ok…. I’ll sort it out…. 

Stephanie gave me the contact of a courier she always use and left me alone in the office. 

Stephanie : Just call Uncle Bobby once you are ready.

I continued working till about 8pm. 

By then, I had pretty much sorted out what needs to go out urgently. Since it was already a Friday, I left a note and arranged the goods that need to be delivered on Monday near the entrance. 

All Stephanie needed to do was to get the person to pick it up. 


Sitting in the quiet office, I suddenly felt this ticklish sense of excitement. 

The long dress Stephanie wore seemed to be engraved into my mind. Although it was not revealing or anything, it still showed off her figure in a classy manner. 

Her heels, silver shimmering beads that seemed to sparkle like diamonds left a lasting impression in my head as well. 

My sick voyeuristic streak started to rear it’s ugly head as I stared at the door to Stephanie’s office. The longer I looked at the door, the faster my heart beat. 

The faster my heart beat, the harder it was to control myself. 

It’s very hard to explain the feelings and emotions that was going through my mind. 

I tapped my cheeks several times, to tell myself not to be stupid. 

I immediately grabbed my stuff and switched off the aircon. As I got to the main door, I turned off the lights and the whole office plunged into darkness. 

Right before I stepped out, I paused again. 

I don’t know what made me stop, perhaps it was the darkness. 

Somehow the dark made me feel safer. As if I was invisible. 

I turned and looked at the blinking keypad on Stephanie’s door decided that I shall enter her wardrobe/storeroom once more. Just a quick look. 

A quick peep. 

A quick explore. 

Nothing more. 

Even in the quiet empty office, I walked silently towards her room and unlocked it. 

I closed the door silently behind me and I could feel my heart beating faster than before. 

It was something I could not explained. 

That tight squeeze in my stomach that seemed to place a tremendous amount of pressure on my bladder, making me want to shit and pee at the same time. 

I thought of switching on the lights in the room but decided otherwise, instead I used my phone. 

The screen lit up the room full of clothes once more and almost immediately, that shimmering pair of heels caught the light and it’s brilliance shone in a spectacular manner in the dark room.

I turned and looked behind me, just to reassure myself that I was alone before I took up the pair of heels. 

I could feel an erection building up as the strong smell of a new pair of heels whiffed into my nose. It was a sick and perverted feeling as I brought it up to examine it closely. 

The thought of Stephanie’s feet in them barely a few hours ago seemed to add on to my arousal. I did catch sight of her toe cleavage, presenting itself proudly when she came out for coffee. 

Her feel looked a healthy shade of white, the quick peek of toe cleavage added the depth and shadows. Who could forget the way she walk and pranced around, the combination felt like a dance. 

Yes, I am over reacting. 

Just admit I’m a sick pervert that likes woman’s heels you say. 

Well,I don’t deny that. 

Maybe it’s just my over active imagination. Like a video in a loop, I keep seeing Stephanie’s heels, the way she walked and turned. People get aroused and turned on in different ways.

I was about to bring it to my nose, to take a deep whiff of her heel when my phone rang. 

I dropped the heel and immediately checked who was calling me at the critical time. 

It was Mr Koh. 

I spent 3 minutes on the phone with him as he asked how my day was and if everything was alright. By the time we hung up, my mood was dampened. 

I left the heel alone and shone my phone around for other stuff to indulge myself in.

Just when I was about to go for the dress that was being hung over a small stool, my phone rang again and this time round, it was Victor. 

That shook me awake alright. 

I immediately left the office and went into the corridor to answer the call. 

Victor : Hey James… how are you ? 

James : Oh hi Victor…. Good… I’m good… 

We exchanged some pleasantries before he asked how my unofficial 1st day at work was. 

When I heard him ask me that question, I was a little taken aback. I definitely did not expect him to know about this, I meant it’s unlike Stephanie to be keeping her brother informed of what she does. 

She did not even want to hire me in the first place. 

Victor saved me the trouble of further guessing and told me that after our first meet at the star vista, he had a good talk with Stephanie which involved threats and raised voices. 

Victor : I just want to tell you don’t worry ya…. Haha…. What can she do to you I mean ? hahaha.. this is Singapore….. you are well protected by employment laws… haha… 

Victor : Can’t possibly make you wash toilet and iron clothes right…. Hahaha. 

His awkward laugh did not offer much reassurance. 

Victor : On a serious note …………

He went on to reassure me that this arrangement is temporary. He just wants to get his sister sorted out before he gets me back to his office. His main office holds several overseas exhibition a year at various trade shows and exhibitions. That would be my job once I’m done with Stephanie. 

Victor : So in the meantime, I really really, need your help to be a…… do you put it…… a bit more….. tolerant…..hahaha…. 

Victor : One more thing…. 

Victor told me that he had an agreement with Stephanie. One month. 

He gave her a month to get her shit together or he’ll cut her off. He would check in on her and at the same time, my honest review and opinion would really help. 

After making me promise that I was not to tell Stephanie about me being aware of the whole arrangement, we said our goodbyes. 

The phone call did clear up some doubts and questions for me. Probably explains why Stephanie was a teeny wee bit nicer to me compared to her threats on the 1st day we met. 

19th November 2012



Nothing significant happened for the next week and I started work as planned on the 19th of November.

Mr Koh threw me a mini farewell dinner last Friday evening and I sort of hinted for him to keep my position open for a while in case things don’t go as planned.


I almost had a heart attack when I saw the stuff I arranged near the storage area still sitting at it’s original position. More deliveries and boxes were stacked all over, some of it’s contents spilling onto the floor.

I had texted Stephanie twice to call Uncle Bobby to pick it up although she did not even bother with a reply.

I really felt like strangling her.


I was even more surprised when she showed up at 9am sharp although she was in her gym gear and shades. I could not help but brush away the thought of sleeping with her everytime I see her.

I meant her body….fuck….. and the way she carried herself…

Like a proud peacock displaying it’s feathers, Stephanie walked into office with her hands behind her back. She even walked on her tiptoes despite wearing sport shoes.

I gave her a raised eyebrow as she slowly sundered over and check out what I was doing before walking like a army sergeant major into her office.

All this happened without a single word.

What I would not do to press her down on her desk and plunge myself into her while she scream.

I really felt like closing my fingers around her neck.

It’s that argghhhhhh feeling you get when you had to keep reminding youself to be professional.

Barely minutes after she went into her room, she came back out again, greeting me in a chirpy voice that gave me quite a scare.

Stephanie : Good morning ! James!!...... how are you !!

My eyes widened as her chirpy voice filled the office, making me wary of her instantly.

She took an envelope out of her purse and said this was the payment for my early notice period to Mr Koh, he had told her to give it to me.

I took it over slowly and kept it.

Stephanie : Ok… I’m going to the gym ya…. Anything give me a call….

James : Wait..!.... why didn’t you send the things out ? … I left a note…. And a message….

James : Now there’s more stuff piled up at the storeroom…some of them are spilling out….

She lowered her aviator shades and looked at me as if I had said something amusing.

Then she did something that would really make me rape her in the office if I had not masturbated earlier that morning.

She placed her thumb and middle finger together and without warning, flicked me on my forehead.

James : Owwww…!!!... what the…

I wanted to curse and swear and perhaps rip her singlet off and chew on her sports bra but she spoke before I could react.

Stephanie : James…. Look……

She flashed me a smile that would melt anyone’s heart, except it did nothing except make me even more angry that morning.

Stephanie : because….I’m the boss…..sooo……you do it…..see you later…

She slowly retracted her manicured index finger that was pointed at me and left the office

I swore I would strangle her if given the chance. It took 3 cups of coffee before I calm down.

Money… just think of the money.

It’s only going to be a short while before this is all over. The faster I put things in order, the faster I could get out.

Speaking of which, I checked the envelope Stephanie gave me.

I did a double take and counted it twice just to be sure.

Stephanie just gave me a cool 4000 dollars.

What the hell. Now she failed her math too ?

I should only be getting a thousand odd considering I only left 2 weeks early or so. The compensation for half a month’s salary at the most.

Perhaps it was my anger or maybe it’s my worthless pride, I did my sums and only took the amount I deserved.

Don’t get me wrong, I got nothing against money, I just don’t want her to get the impression she bought me off and I got to take her shit.

I left the rest on her table.


The morning went by in a breeze and I had met up with Uncle Bobby. He is a one man delivery company and he came up with a old battered trolley.

Bobby : Oh… you’re the new guy ah….haha… good luck ah…

I did not know what was that supposed to mean but I thanked him for making the trip. I offered to help him bring the stuff down to his lorry and took the opportunity to ask him about the previous hires.

He was pretty tight lipped though, not revealing much, kept saying he was not close with the people and they hardly spoke.

Bobby : Stephanie….well… have to see her mood one lor… haha….

I waved him off as he pulled out from the loading area.

I got more stuff sorted out by 4pm and confirmed a 2nd trip for Uncle bobby the next morning.

Stephanie did not show up in office since morning. I asked for the company’s account number so I could bank in the cheques and she just asked me to copy it from the chequebook on her table.

She even gave me the password to her office and hung up.

I shook my head, it’s a miracle this company is surviving.

The envelope with the spare money was left in my pedestal drawer when I came back to work the next day.

Stephanie never mentioned anything about it again.

30th November 2012



I was about to head off when Stephanie offered to buy me dinner and drinks.

My eyes narrowed and I must have a suspicious look on my face.

Stephanie : Hai yah! …. You scare I poison you ah…..lai la….

I went along and after having Korean food along the shop houses, we settled into a pub and ordered a jug of beer.

Stephanie was pretty straightforward. She immediately told me about her arrangement with Victor. She needed me to give a good review about her performance for the month.

I pretended to be surprise such an arrangement exist and of course, I promised to say only the right things.

As we sip our beer, I casually asked about Stephanie’s likes and dislikes.

She was a little reserved, choosing to divert the topic. I found out that she was not too fond of talking about herself so we ended up talking about the people surrounding her.

Victor is her brother, I know that. So I asked her about TJ.

James : What is TJ’s story. ?? He seemed like an interesting guy.

Stephanie smiled and took a sip of her beer as she organised her thoughts.

As she uncrossed her legs, I tried hard not to look at what was beneath her grey mid length dress.

Stephanie : TJ is not a short form for Tianjun….. we call him TJ for TUA JIAK ( Big size ) hahaha.

Stephanie went on, telling me about how TJ was Victor’s old army friend. He liked martial arts and his dream was to fight in a ring even before MMA start to catch on in the mainstream.

Long before the era of bloggers and social media, TJ was already in a Muay Thai camp in Thailand, training for close to 8 months full time after his national service. He fought a couple of matches in amateur fights in outskirts of Bangkok too. 

He came back to Singapore to start up a martial art school, teaching groups at community centre while he trained in other sports and martial arts. 

Stephanie : He had a bad accident though, got a slip disc and dislocated his left shoulder. Nowadays, his shoulder will get dislocated if he is not careful and his back still gives him problems now and then. 

Stephanie took a long sip of her cold beer and added. 

Stephanie : Victor offered him a job, but he’s not keen in picking up any administrative skills so he mainly drives Victor around and keeps him safe. 

James : Hahaha… bullshit…. You mean a bodyguard… ? in Singapore ? hahaha….don’t talk cock with me leh… 

I saw Stephanie traced and drew a line down the condensation of her cold beer mug, there was no indication it was a joke or that it was a funny remark. 

She just gave a weary smile. As if she was really tired. 

Stephanie : True…true…. Who the hell needs one here anyway… unless you’re a minister or something…. 

She paused for a second or 2 before adding softly another sentence. 

It was soft. 

Almost like a mumble to herself but I heard it. 

I heard it clearly. 

She said it was to protect Victor from their own family. 

James : Come on… it can’t be that bad la… you’re pulling my leg… 

She took a deep breath and looked at me, starting from my face before drifting down to my shoes. I could tell she was considering if she wanted to continue this conversation. 

I knew I had to egg her on a little. To give her that little nudge. 

James : Lai la…. It’s ok… I’m the most trusted employee you have…. You can tell me… 

She laughed, kicking me on my calves with her right heel. It was already dangling off her foot, and that gentle kick caused it to drop, toppling over on it’s side. As we were seated by the sidewalk, there was a drop of about say 15cm by the kerb before the driveway, the heel fell and toppled down. 

Instinctively I got up and helped Stephanie retrieve the heel. 

She looked at me with a wry smile and a set of mischievous eyes, no doubt thinking what I would do. 

You probably would think oh James…. Yes…get down on your knees,. 

Help her put it on. Touch her leg, play with her toes.

Snap your fingers and become prince charming blab la bla. 

The heel will fit nicely and she becomes Cinderella and we fall in love and fuck each other’s brains out. 


It did not turn out that way. 

Ignoring the stares of a few nearby patrons, I got back into my seat and held on to her heel in my lap. I took my time to look at it before looking back at Stephanie. 

Stephanie : Hahaha…. What are you doing ? 

James : Talk to me…. I’ll return this after you’re done. 

She laughed and used her manicured toes to try and poke me in the leg again but I ducked. 

James : Come on… I’ll pay for the beer…. 

I could see a couple of girls whispering from a distance away and the smiles of a guy smoking at the sidewalk.

Stephanie sat back in her chair and crossed her leg, regaining her composure. 

She started by raising up both hands and lowering each of her finger as she ticked off the names. 

Stephanie : Ok…Victor…. You already know. …

Stephanie : My father….Tim…. he only cares about money…. My grandfather Marcus… he is a fouled mouth old man, he fucks everyone verbally, regardless who they are….. my uncle Calvin…he wants everybody’s money…..My housekeeper Annie…..she has a beef with everyone and steps on your toes on purpose….my gardener Muthu…he has only 1 arm, and he will kill you if you walked on the lawn.. 

With each name she rattled off, I was pretty sure she was just fooling around. 

Not possible. 

I don’t believe it. 

Stephanie : and my sister in law….Ru hui….she is a fucking ….biaaatchhhh…. a slut…and a cheap fuck…..she will not hesitate to kill me.

Following that statement came a slew of vulgarities, spoken with hatred, infused with the venomous bile of a poisonous snake. I could really feel the raw emotions of it as Stephanie literally spitted out her sister in law’s name. 

Stephanie : There… my family… 

With that she took a long glup of her beer before setting it down with a thud. 

It took me a second longer to close my opened mouth as I snap myself back to the conversation. 

James : Oh… errr…. Ok… 

I took a sip of my beer, draining half a mug as I signalled for another jug. 

Stephanie topped up the rest of her mug and set the empty jug down to be cleared and added in a nonchalant manner. 

Stephanie : And there’s…… me… 

She took a deep breath and exhale slowly. 

Stephanie : see….. actually… I’m the nicest among them all….. 

I burst out laughing despite her narrowing her eyes at me. 

James : If you say so…haha. 

Using both my hands, I handed her heel over to her. 

She leaned forward, rested her chin on her palm and looked at me. Her eyes opened wide, her long fake lashes blinked a few times, giving me a doe eyed pornstar stare.

Stephanie : Put it on for me……?

Immediately my eyes widened and I could feel a rush of blood to my dick. The thought of touching Stephanie’s feet, of putting on her heel started to send funny signals to my brain. 

And the manner which she speaks, it did not sound like a joke. 

It was certainly not a request. 

It sounded more like a statement to me. 

For 2 seconds, we just stared at each other without a word before I spoke first. 

James : …wh……w….what ? ….

Before I could react, she laughed and took her heel from my hand. Jabbing the pointy bit in my face, she replied calmly with a smile and a wink.

Stephanie : Just pulling your leg… ………


I watched Stephanie slowly lower herself as she looked away from me and directed her attention to her feet.

It was not hard to notice several pair of eyes near us were looking at her too.

She calmly stretched her left hand, putting the heel near to her feet, her toes orientated and parked themselves smoothly into the waiting entrance of her heel. It was like a dance of sort, her movement was fast yet graceful.

Upon slipping her toes into her heel, she straightened herself slowly, avoiding all forms of eye contact with anyone. She had to know, I mean you know the kind of feeling you get or even from the corner of your eye, you can tell people are looking at you ?

That kind of feeling.

She must know that she was being watched.

And I was not the only one doing the watching.

Still, she maintained her composure, kept up her cool chiq appeal and straightened her back.

She leaned back onto the backrest the same time her feet pressed down on the concrete floor, locking her heel firmly into place.

I could only manage to swallow a mouthful of saliva before I took a big gulp of my beer.


She asked me for the time before asking for the bill.

Stephanie paid with 2 fifty dollar bill, she kept only the 10s, but I could not bear leaving 9 dollars in tips especially since there is already a 10% service charge.

Yeah… I’m cheap…

I took the notes and left the coins.

I saw Stephanie looked at her phone before asking me where I was headed, as in which direction.

I pointed towards the train station and she nodded, waving both goodbye and for me to start making my way towards the MRT.

I thought that was a little weird but I just turned and left.

James: See you on Monday…

Stephanie : yeah….See you on Monday…

As soon as I was about 15-20 meters away, I had this terrible urge to look back but at the same time I was worried Stephanie was still looking at my direction.

At the spur of a moment, I decided to head into a nearby pub the moment a crowd of patrons left, the confusion should mask my entry. Using the mass of bodies as shield, I made an about turn and fell in line behind them, trying to look back down the long 5 foot way where I parted ways with Stephanie.

I could no longer see her but from the corner of my eye, I saw a figure jaywalking across the road, heading towards the row of shop houses where all the bridal shops were.

There was no doubt about it. It was Stephanie.

I checked the traffic in both directions and decided to make a run for it. A car high beamed at me as I quickly got off the road.

My heart was pounding and I did not know what made me do what I just did.

Perhaps it was just curiosity.

I kept a distance, and I made sure I was always near the pillars in case she turned around.

From the shophouses, it was just a short walk to our office.

I picked up my pace and at 1 time, I was barely 15 meters behind Stephanie.

She was engrossed on the phone, her heels clicking away along the row of shops. Base on her bearing, I reckon she must be headed towards the office.

As she entered the office lobby, I waited for her to enter the lift.

The moment it closed, I got into the lobby and waited to see which floor she got off.

After confirming it was the office floor, I took the next lift up but choosing to stop 1 floor below her.

I ran out of the lift once I alighted and headed straight to the staircase.

Running up 2 steps at a time, I got to my work floor and paused to catch my breath.

Peering through the glass panel on the staircase door, I noticed that there was no light spilling from my office.

Was I too late ?

Maybe Stephanie really just came up to grab something before leaving.

I weighed the odds and considered getting closer to take a look.

I left the safety of the staircase and took a few steps towards the office.

The corridor is still brightly lit, it would be very obvious if I were to stand in front of the glass door of the office. Anyone would be able to see my silhouette.

As I got close, I decided to call Stephanie. I could always say I accidentally hit the dial button. Stopping near the storeroom entrance, I lowered myself and took out my phone.

I was about to make the call when I heard a loud chime, it was that of the lift, announcing the arrival of the lift car on the floor.

The sharp chime echoed down the quiet corridor and I quickly jab on the keypad of the storeroom, unlocking it in a fraction of a second.

I was secretly thankful that the door opened inwards, allowing me to quickly disappear from the corridor. In a moment of carelessness , I forgot about the loud magnetic catch that will snap the door into place.

Thud !.

My eyes widened in horror as I held my breath.

I prayed that did not give me away. I kept an eye on the bottom of the door, lights from the corridor spilled into the dark storeroom.

Suddenly I could hear some commotion, it was of people talking.

I could not tell if it was Stephanie and I decided to make the call.

Stephanie picked up the call barely seconds after it connected.

Stephanie : What ?? ….hello ??.... helloe???? Oeiii!!....

From the phone background I could hear another man’s voice.

Voice : Hooo…..eeee zit….mumble…mumble….

Stephanie : It’s my …..staf..staff….

Stephanie : Hello ?? James?? ….

My hands cupped over the receiver, as I strained to pick up some clues from the phone.

Without warning, the phone disconnected. 

Well, at least I know whoever that is, he came for Stephanie. 

I spent a good 10 minutes thinking about my next step when I heard some muffled commotion. I followed the sound along the wall before stopping somewhere in the middle of the store. 

Shifting a few boxes aside, I stacked a few sturdy ones and climbed onto it as quietly as I can. 

I gently removed a ceiling board and the sound became a little louder. 

From the muffled grunts and moans, anyone could tell someone is having sex. 

Immediately my dick sprung up and my heart beat faster. 

I could see that the partition wall that separated Stephanie’s walk in wardrobe and the storeroom that I was in is not full height. As in it does not go all the way up to the ceiling. 

Without that barrier, I could clearly see part of the the ceiling grid that held the panels onto place above Stephanie’s room. 

The lights were not on but I was dam sure they were having sex in the room. I can’t exactly describe the sound or noise. 

It’s not really piak piak piak and it’s not some Jap grade porn star moans as well but you just know it. 

Someone was definitely having sex in the next room. 

I cannot describe the excitement that was coursing through my veins. 

The thought of my pretty boss having sex in the room next to me was enough to give me a mind fuck. 

Immediately my first thought was I want to peep, to see. To feast my eyes on her body.

Imagine being able to see her naked body, to see her being filled in her hole. 

It was surreal yet so real. My hand trembled as I racked my brain as to my next course of action. 

I looked at the ceiling again, there is no way I could pull off some Tom cruise mission impossible shit. This is reality. 

The ceiling grid would not support my weight, with the mess of ducts and services in there, there was hardly any room to wriggle through as well. 

I paced around the store and the longer I did it the angrier I got. It was the feeling of being so near yet so far. 

We were just a wall away yet I could not do anything. Imagine the kick I would get out of seeing Stephanie in the nude. It had to be better than a well-aged whiskey. Perhaps I could even blackmail her to a certain extent, maybe better days in the office till I go over to Victor’s company. 

I calmed down after a while of pacing and started to think. 

I have to be logical on this. 

There was nothing I could do from where I was, I needed to move. It’s not possible for me to barge into office then as well, I had no reason to be there. I would surely be fucked if Stephanie knew I was stalking her. 

I quietly left the store and went back down to the lobby. 

I considered going to the basement carpark, maybe I could see what car the guy is driving or something but I stopped myself after thinking it through. It’s a old building with very limited lots and a long waiting list. 

Even Stephanie could not get a parking space, no point waiting there. 

I took some leaflets from the travel company’s stand and pretended to be interested in some tour as I kept watch on the lift. 

I did not wait long, probably about 20 minutes when I saw the lift head up and stop at my work floor. 

Looking around the area, I found another spot and relocated myself. The reflection from the windscreen of a delivery van gave me a good view of the building exit. It was the only one opened at that time. 

Soon after that, I saw Stephanie emerged first, she was carrying a big bag of clothes in her hands. I could make out some of the clothes she had worn that week through the translucent plastic. 

Following shortly behind was this guy which I assumed is her boyfriend or maybe a fuck buddy.

Guy : Stare…..feee niii…….stare feee niii…wait… 

He looked a bit ‘greasy’ to me. No I don’t mean he’s cover in oil or anything but just greasy. He wore a gold watch, long sleeve top with cufflinks, right down to the belt with a big ‘H’. His fingers had several rings on them and his shoes looked like they came from some hot fuck designer. 

Pardon the language, I’m not really into brands and shit. 

The thing is he just doesn’t look like he could carry it off. 

To put it bluntly, he’s trying a bit too hard, as if he wanted to tell the whole world he’s rich or something. Everything just looked off. 

Even the way he called out to Stephanie sounded weird. 

Guy : Hey… wait…. So same time next week ya??? 

He grabbed onto Stephanie’s elbow when he caught up and Stephanie just nodded her head in a uninterested manner and continued walking after shaking off his grip.

The whole body language was wrong. 

This doesn’t look like some boyfriend girlfriend shit. 

Fuck buddy ? Well, even if you choose to keep things hush and all, there was no need for that cold attitude. 

Something was definitely going on. 

The guy and Stephanie parted ways and went in the opposite direction.

I chose to follow the guy. 

He walked a little down the street before unlocking his car. A BMW. 

I noted the car plate and kept myself hidden as he drove off. 

My heart was thumping really fast as I made my way home. I kept thinking of what the guy said. 

“same time next week” 

Does it mean they are going to meet again next Friday ? 

If that was really the case, maybe I could do something. 

1st December 2012



I could not sleep. Just thinking about the whole situation kept me awake. It was partly due to the excitement. 

Another part of me was puzzled and curious about the guy’s relationship with Stephanie. 

By 3.30am 

I had a rough idea what I wanted to do. 


After a good sleep, I went shopping. 

I bought another phone, the exact same model as the one I currently hold and registered a new sim card. 

I also got a cheap $10 watch despite not having the habit to wear one. 

That was all I needed. 

It’s a simple plan. 

I pretend to leave my phone in the office, then I go back for it. I bump into them having sex, pretend I’m sorry and embarrassed while I look at Stephanie’s naked body. 

James : Hahahaha….. 

I could not help laughing out loud to myself on my way back home.

It would be a sight to remember, imagine catching them with their pants down. Not to forget the things I get to say to Stephanie when I see her at work. 

I rubbed my hands in glee and for the first time, I would not wait to get back to work on Monday. 

In fact I prayed for the week to fly by, and that the following Friday would come earlier. 

3rd December 2012



I got into office with a smile on my face. 

Stephanie was not in yet so I took the opportunity to do a bit or rehearsal. I found it stupid and laughed several times as I tried to act surprised. 

James : Oh…. Oh dear…. I’m sorry… hahhaa

James : Oh…. Paiseh… paiseh… sorry…. 

James : Oh shit…. What the fuck man….hahha

If someone was looking they would probably be right to think that I had gone mad. 

I calmed myself down and got back to work. 

A couple of hours into my work, I realised I had already worked with Stephanie for a couple of weeks. 

Things were starting to run like clockwork and miraculously, I manged to clear the storeroom that was once full of stuff and deliverables. 

Paperwork was in order and I took less than 2 hours each day to get everything I needed to do done. After that was a long day of lazing around, going for coffee and binge watching movies on my phone. 

I could get use to this. 

Stephanie hardly comes into office anyway, on certain days, there was absolutely nothing for me to do. 

Time crawled that Monday, the more I willed for time to past, the slower the hands on the clocked moved. 

7th December 2012



I woke up punching my fist into the air. 

It was finally Friday. 

I felt like I was walking on a cloud as I got into office. Things moved efficiently that day and by 11.30am, I had sent Uncle Bobby off with another delivery and settled everything for the day. 

Stephanie was nowhere to be seen and I mentally went through the simple plan again. 


She took my breath away that afternoon when she came into office. 

Stephanie came in a white long sleeve blouse. The buttons on her blouse are small, I could catch some timber grains on them. When the light catches her in a certain angle, I could make out the rough outline of her light coloured bra. 

My erection came without me realising it. 

I traced her body downwards, looking at her waist high skirt that came with a long slit on her left. It revealed a generous amount of her creamy smooth legs. How could anyone resist licking that wonderful pair of legs ? 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and went back to my phone, trying to pretend my Korean drama is more interesting. 


My phone rang and it was Stephanie 

Stephanie : Hey…. You…. Doing anything this evening ?? 

James : Nope…. Need to OT ah ?? 

Stephanie’s door opened and she gave me a disgusted look. 

Stephanie : Do I look like some evil step mother or slave driver….since when I ever asked you to OT ?? 

She hung up the phone in front of me and said it’s company happy hour day. 

James : What …… you mean go now ?? 

She laughed and said no, she’ll see me later at 6.30pm and the same pub we went to last week. 

I nodded readily and I could feel my heart beating faster again. 

It’s coming…. Definitely coming… 

She’s going to make me keep her company, then when it’s time, she’ll head back to office. 

I felt like peeing again. 

I could not sit straight, fuck I could not even sit still. 

God knows how many times I paced around the office while waiting for time to pass. 

When it’s time for me to meet Stephanie, I plugged in my spare phone and let it charge at my desk. Using a folder, I covered it. I had turned off all alerts, not that I would be getting any calls or messages anyway. 

I’m the only one that knows the number to the spare phone. 

I checked to make sure my main phone too was switched to silent mode, I even turned off the vibration. 


Stephanie was already there at the same table when I arrived. 

We ordered finger food and beer. 

Initially I was a little stress. 

You know given everyone’s addiction to smartphone, even during gathering, once in a while we would tend to check it for messages or mail. I had to keep telling myself not to touch the fucking phone in my bag. 

I thought it would be hard, serious. 

I meant when was the last time you sat through a meal or drink without touching your phone ? 

I kept telling myself to talk to Stephanie, to make sure I don’t give away the game. 

It came as a surprise to me too when I realised how easy it was. We just talked and talked and talked. 

Well, not the old friends or best buddy kind of shit but somehow we just talked. The conversation never stopped, neither did the laughes. 

I did not realise I was actually pretty comfortable walking to Stephanie. She asked about my family, if I have any siblings, what did my parents do for a living. 

James : I’m the only child, my parents are hawkers. They sell food at Tekka market. 

From there our conversation went towards hawker food, the different food centres, and which stalls had good wanton mee . Basically anything and everything. 

James : You looked like someone who would only eat in posh restaurants…. 

She rolled her eyes at me and a peanut shell came my way. 

Before we realised it, we had 3 jugs of beers and it was coming to 10pm.

I casually looked at my watch and Stephanie asked if I needed to go. 

Stephanie : Why… meeting girlfriend ah…. Say la… so shy for what….. 

James : No la… just want to make sure still got last train…. Still early… only coming to 10. 

The mere mention of time seemed to have altered her mood a little and she too said she had better make a move. 

My heart started beating fast again. 

The relaxed atmosphere was gone. 

I could immediately feel the tension in my body as Stephanie paid the bill. 

James : Thanks boss….next time I treat… 

Stephanie : you say one ah….

We parted ways at 10 pm and I took a detour before heading back to the office. 

No need for any sneaking around. 

I had every reason to head back in the direction.

Still I kept my eyes open. 

Someone high beamed me and I stepped out of the way after realising I was walking too slowly in front of an empty lot. 

I almost came when I realised it was the same BMW. 

Immediately I walked away and hid myself in a corner as he parked his car. 

I could feel all my organs contracting into a ball as he made his way to the office lobby. 

This is it. 

No more dry run. 

I was already breathing thought my open mouth as he entered the lift. There was no way I could describe my feelings and excitement. 

It’s like the very moment before you plunge down a roller coaster ride. And the cherry on top would be you being at the very front seat. 

I kept looking at my watch. 

I estimated a 10 minute wait. 

It should be more than enough for them to meet, get undressed and start. 

Not too long though, in case that guy has some premature ejaculation shit and end it early. 

10 minutes should be enough for a simple hi, take off clothes and get the action going. 

The moment my watch told me it’s 10 minutes, I ran all the way into the office lobby and hit the lift button. 

I was panting. 

It was getting hard to breathe. 

Then when the lift door opened, I almost wet my pants. 

There he was, the same guy. He did not even look at me but chose to walk pass immediately in a hasty manner. 

Fuck, is he that lousy that day ? 

It’s over so fast ? 

I hesitated for a brief moment before deciding to just go ahead. 

I still need to grab my phone. Maybe I could still catch Stephanie dressing up. 

I ran down the corridor after reaching the floor and unlocked the door. 

The lights were off. 

I could not see anyone. 

I barely put 2 steps into the office when Stephanie’s office door opened. 

I could feel a torrential wave of blood shooting painfully into my dick, giving me a heart stopping erection as I looked at Stephanie. 

She was holding her phone. 

She too had a look of disbelief and shock in her face. 

Her phone was held near her lower breast area, both her fingers hovered a few centimetres above the screen, as if she was about to type a message. 

She was not naked but Stephanie was only wearing her bra and panty. 

It was a light coloured bra, the cups had this sensual wave trimming that accentuated her full and supple breasts. Perhaps it’s the dark environment, maybe it’s the way the breast and face that was being illuminated by the light of her phone. 

Her breast looked so good I thought I was leaking cum in my pants. 

Her legs, long and tone, stood barefooted on the carpeted floor. 

Her modesty covered by a pink seamless boyshort panty. 

For a good 3 seconds , we just stared at each other. I wanted to speak, but nothing came out. 

What the fuck happened to my rehearsal speech? 

I don’t know. 

I really don’t know. 

James : I…… I…. 

Stephanie : ARGGHHH!!!....what are you doing here..!!!!!! 

I panicked and I stuttered as I pointed to my desk. 

James : I….I…. I forgot my phone… 

I watch at Stephanie crisscross her hands to her shoulders as she tried to cover herself. She turned half a circle away before turning back towards me, in that moment she herself too was lost in her decision as to what to do. 

In the split of a second, she closed the distance between us and she grabbed a big tuff of my hair. 

James : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not joking. 

It’s not some play play tugging, she grabbed a big tuff and yanked me into her office. 

I was holding onto her wrist, trying to relieve the pressure off my scalp. 

James : ARHHH… Stephanie….stop… stop… 

Stephanie : I’m…. I’m going to kill you. …. What are you doing here !!… arghhhhh

I could see she was panicking. 

She was looking around for something. Her head turned left and right before she dragged me into her walk in wardrobe/storeroom. 

I finally saw what she was looking for.

It’s this long silk dressing gown. 

She pick it up, trying to slip one hand into it. The moment she got it though, she switched hand, pulling my hair with the other as I screamed and tried to get free. 

Stephanie : I’ll kill you James…. I would really… 

As she struggled to put on her gown, I could not help but admire and feast my eyes on her wonderful figure. Everything about her looked so delicious. 

My eyes had adjusted better to the dark by then and I could make out more details about the gown. 

It was pale pink in colour by my estimate, with black lace trimmings. It looked some something a Victoria secret model would wear on the runway, classy yet arousing in a sensual manner. 

Stephanie pushed my head away roughly as I massaged my abused scalp. 

I watched her tied up her gown around her waist in a smoothly executed manner. She looked hopping mad. 

James : Sorry… sorry… I came for my phone… I left it here… 

Then it descended into a moment of silence as she glared at me angrily. 

Stephanie looked like she was about to scream at me when both of us froze. 

Our eyes widened at the same time the heard the loud unmistakable thud of the magnetic catch. 

Thud !. 

The catch released and we could hear the glass door swing open. 


The 2nd one rang out almost right after, trapping everyone in the office. 


Everything next seemed to happen so fast that you could only pause to think about it after the action was done. 

I knew I wanted to apologise. Straightforward. 

Say I’m sorry, I’ll explain to the other person I left my phone behind, then I’ll leave, and they can do whatever the fuck they want to do. 

Nothing complicated about this. 

Before I could even mutter a word, Stephanie grabbed me by my collar and dragged me towards her cabinets. In a continuous motion, she slid open the left most cupboard and pushed me in, causing me to lean back and push aside the clothes that were hanging in it. 

As soon as she closed the door, the guy appeared in the room. 

I held my breath as I saw Stephanie’s back view with her hands on her lower back pressing themselves onto the cabinet door. 

No, I don’t have xray eyes. 

Stephanie has 3 cupboards lined up along the wall along the common corridor. The one I was in is the left most one if you are facing the cupboards. 

I had explored it before, there were no less than 30 long dresses and gowns inside there. Most of them were individually wrapped in plastic too, as if they had just came back from the dry cleaners. 

With only a rod for the hangers and not bottom, it was the only one that I could hide in standing up. The bottom on that cupboard is empty, and I was standing directly on the carpet, I shifted myself in a little to put some distance away from the frame that was supporting the sliding louvered door. 

Guy : What are you doing ?? 

Stephanie : Nothing… 

All of the cabinet doors Stephanie had consists of louvered panels, the fins angled top down, pointing towards the ground. 

Yes, you watch enough zombie flick or dinosaur shows, you are bound to come across some characters hiding inside the closet in a similar situation. 

I could faintly make out the face of the guy, he came closer and I could smell his cologne. My heart was slamming so hard in my ribcage, why did Stephanie complicate things like this. 

I could have been on my way out instead of being stuck in the wardrobe. 

Stephanie : I…. I’m not feeling well today… 

Guy : What are you talking about….. you were fine earlier… 

Stephanie : I said… I’m not feeling well today….let’s 

That was when I had my air knocked out of my stomach. 

I literally had to cover my own mouth as my eyes widened in shock and surprise. 

The guy grabbed Stephanie by her waist without warning and force himself onto her lips roughly. His left hand pulled Stephanie’s head against his, forcing a hard kiss that she was trying desperately to get out off. 

His right hand reached down and pulled up her night gown, exposing her buttocks. His fingers roughly reached under, pulling and tugging at her panty, giving Stephanie a wedgie. 

Stephanie : STOP!... i…. stop….. I said… arg…hhh.. 

She pushed him away roughly but he bounced back, squeezing her breast, fondling them roughly.

A flurry of missed emotions flooded into my head. Sure, any girl in their right mind would not want to fuck in front of her employee, she had every right to reject. 

Hell, maybe even change a location or something, just get out of the place, go somewhere private, but what Stephanie and the guy is doing is just puzzling. She kept asking him to stop, but the fucker just would not. 

The atmosphere felt weird. 

It definitely does not feel like a girlfriend or a fuck buddy rejecting a booty call. 

Guy : What the fuck is wrong with you !!.. 

Stephanie : I said STOP !!... 

She pushed him away and I watch him stagger a few steps backwards. What I did not expect was for him to push Stephanie when he regained his footing. 

I fought back a gasp as I watch Stephanie stagger back a few steps before tripping on her own and landing hard on the floor. 

I almost opened the door to help Stephanie when the guy shouted. 

Guy : WE HAD an agreement … 

Stephanie : Fuck you… fuck the agreement…

He came over and without a word, pressed himself on a screaming Stephanie. 

I don’t know why I was getting an erection from looking at this. 

Stephanie struggled and got loose but he pushed her against the cupboard. The very one I was hiding in. 

Slam! , the doors rattled and the entire wardrobe shook. 

I almost peed in my pants as I reeled in shock. 

Stephanie was so close I could feel her breathe , we were separated only by a think timber panel. 

Stephanie : ARgghh!! ..ughghgg…..stop…. eugghhhh stoopp…. Stop…

He was trying to kiss her, I could smell his smelly breath as he huff towards Stephanie and the wardrobe.

Their bodies hit several times against the door, I decided that was enough. I was going to go out. 

Stephanie : Uggghhhhhhhhh!!!.... it hurts… urghhhhh… stop… stop… sobzz… sobzz.. 

He turned Stephanie over roughly, pushing her against the cupboard. 

I tried to slide the door open but I can’t. 

There was some commotion as Stephanie tried to turn around and push the guy away but he pushed her head against the cupboard roughly as he fiddled with his dick. 

Then there was a shriek, a painful scream before it became a whimper. 

Stephanie : Uaaahhhhhh….urgh…gggghuuuuu…ugh… 

I looked out the louvres and I realised Stephanie was bent over slightly and the guy was fucking her from behind. 

Stephanie : SObbzz… sobzz… stop….ugghhhh..urghhh…. 

With her slightly lower than me, I could see Stephanie peering upwards into the wardrobe. 

I tried to slide the door again only to see Stephanie shaking her head. 

She was holding it close, her hands blocking the space to slide it open. 

Stephanie : ARguuu….. urghhhh…

I could see the guys hand reach and flip down Stephanie’s bra cup, his fingers playing with her nipples and squeezing her breast roughly.

My mind just got fucked big time. Someone just put a blender into my brain and just basically jumbled up everything. 

There she was, sobbing and crying in front of me as I watched on helplessly. 

My entire body and face was streaked with sweat. I could feel my perspiration being rubbed on the plastic coverings inside the wardrobe. 

Guy : Arghhh… arghh… fuck… arghh….ffuucckk… arghhh… 

The guy grunted like a pig behind Stephanie, fucking himself non-stop into her as she sobbed quietly. 

I swore I saw Stephanie shivered several times, she even bit down her lips in pain. 

What an ordeal it must be for her. 

He paused for a moment and I could see him taking off Stephanie’s panty, His body lowering down as he lifted Stephanie’s legs to retrieve the panty. I saw him pressed it to his nose as he stood back up, smelling and licking it at the same time. His hand went to his dick again, trying to guide it into Stephanie’s love hole. 

Stephanie : Urgghhh….argh… 

Guy : Oh…. Fuckk…arghhh… I miss smelling your wet panty…arghh… 

He was literally wiping his face with Stephanie’s panty. 

Loud slurping sound coupled with some pressurised sucking squeaks greeted my ears. 

Guy : Arghh… so wet…. You’re always so wet….arhhh… smells so good…slurppzz… slurppzz…

After he was done with the panty, he threw it aside like a piece of trash before he fucked himself harder into Stephanie. 

It was as if he had achieved his desired level of arousal. 

A few strokes later, he paused again. Several boxes got tossed apart before he took out a pair of heels and started sniffing and licking it as he guided his cock back into Stephanie. 

At one point he was even rubbing the heel on his nipple while trying to lick it at the same time. 

And I thought I was the perverted one. 

I could see bits of Stephanie’s slender fingers holding onto the louvres, she was just biting down her teeth in pain. 

Suddenly she was flipped around roughly, her body landed backwards onto the door with another slam, rattling the entire structure. She slid down onto the ground as the guy thrust his dick into Stephanie’s face, wanking himself off like some old Japanese dude finishing on a porn star. 

Guy : ARghhh.. urgghhhhhh… urhhh… fuckk…fuckk…fuckk… ruuggghhhhhhh… oh fuck….uuggghhhh…

Then there was silence. 

I could only see Stephanie sobbing on the floor in front of me. I felt sick. 

I found it hard to breathe. 

After he was done, he cleaned up with some tissues and threw them into the bin. 

Guy : What the fuck was that man ? ? What’s your problem…. You want to role play is it…. Want to play those resisting shit is it ?? …

He started to put on his pants and shirt, shaking his head and saying Stephanie is mad. 

Guy : crazy…one moment ask me to hurry up… say what you are in a rush…., one moment ask me to fuck off…..

He buckled his belt and added louder. 

Guy : remember……Is you who need me….. I don’t need you… crazy…. Heeyeerrr….crazy woman..

Guy : Same time next week ah… I’m in a rush. I go off first… 

Stephanie just sobbed silently on the floor without a word. 

I watch his figure leave the room before I could hear the distinctive thud on the glass door opening and closing. 

I did not move. 

Neither did Stephanie. 

I stood there motionless for another 10 minutes, before I slid down onto my knees, bringing myself to the same level as Stephanie. 

I could smell her hair. One of her bra strap hung loose over her shoulder. 

James : Stephanie….are……are…. you ok… ? 

She did not reply me. 

After another few minutes, she got up and I let myself out of the wardrobe. 

She silently went over to the tissue box, pulling several napkins to clean herself up. Stephanie was not wearing her bottom, and I had a nice back view of her body. 

She started to take off her bra, throwing it into the bin together with the worn panty. 

I should be getting a raging hard on. 

Isn’t this what I wanted ? 

To see Stephanie naked ? 

My dick had no reaction. Not even a trickle of blood went to my flaccid dick that evening. 

Stephanie refused to talk to me, choosing to clean up and pack up the room while she sobbed quietly. 


She left the office with a bag of clothes and I followed behind her. 

James : Stephanie…. i…. i…. I’m sorry…. i…didn’t mean to…

When the lift door opened, she turned and made me promise to never say a word about what I saw. 

James ; Are… are you ok ??... 

She ignored my question and repeated hers. 

Stephanie : Promise me….do it.. 

Her eyes were wet with tears, I could see the bloodshot veins in her eyes. She was still shivering slightly.

I nodded. 

James : Let me help you with that… 

I was surprised Stephanie let me help her with her bag of clothes. 

She walked on ahead, dressed simply in a grey t-shirt and denim shorts. 

I followed behind her without a word, matching her pace. 

Inside my mind I was still trying to make sense of what happened. 

Stephanie has money. Money can solve a lot of problems. 

Why is she doing this ? 

Fuck she could probably even get TJ to wack the guy good if he was blackmailing her or some shit. 

I could not think of any plausible reason for her to do this.

Well I could ask her, as if she would be in the mood to entertain me. Nevertheless, I followed behind her quietly without a word. 

I mean the least I can do is help her drop off the bundle of clothes in her car. Then came my next surprise. Stephanie was not headed to her car. 

Instead I followed her towards Tanjong Pagar plaza. 

She stopped at a lift lobby and hit the button, when the door opened, she entered and turned around. I was considering whether to go in after her or to pass her the clothes. 

In the end I went in. 

I walked Stephanie to her front door before she asked for her clothes back. 

Stephanie : Remember what you promised me……never ever… speak of it again….never. 

She did not look like she was kidding and I nodded my head before going back home. 

I could not sleep that night. 

10th December 2012



The weekend felt pretty shitty as I could not shake the thought of what I saw from my head. Stephanie did not turn up that morning and she did not reply my messages over the weekend. 

I guess she needed some time to herself. 


At 3pm, Stephanie came into office but she was not alone. Beside her was this man, I immediately recognised him as the fucker I saw the week before. He came in, saw me and spoke in a manner as if the world was beneath his feet. 

Jack : Hi I’m Jack…. 

James : I’m James…. 

Jack : I’m Stephanie’s boyfriend… 

The fuck you are… 

I saw Stephanie disappear immediately into her office without acknowledging me. 

I tried to ignore him but he was starting to get on my nerves. 

First, he started commenting on the fengshui of the office layout. How things should be arranged and changed. Then he even asked about my zodiac signs, adding that he wants to check if it clashes with Stephanie. 

He even commented on my choice of colours for my headphones. 

Fine, I don’t really care what the fuck he thinks.

Then he started asking me about work, who pulled the strings to let me work for Stephanie. I kept quiet and let him go on. 

Jack : This kind of one man office… got people want to do meh…. You see her chio and pretty then do one is it…. Hahah… 

I just smiled silently most of the time, unwilling to engage him in the conversation.

Jack : How much is your pay ah…. This kind of work…. You… you degree holder ah ??..... har ??/….. only diploma ah…. Ohh…. 

I could feel myself taking deep breathes as he walked about, giving me a lesson on going for extra classes and tuition. 

With that, he launched into a full self-introduction, he immediately went on to tell me he has a successful tuition business, was nominated entrepreneur of the year, had multiple awards and tutored many top students. 

Jack : I have a few branches already…. Waiting list for slots is so long… haha… I could not believe it… 

I nodded and pretend to be interested even though I was not. 

Jack : You want to work your whole life ?? Start your own business, the world is huge… .. work here no future one… 

And so on and so on and so on. 

I saw Stephanie came out with a bag and she walked straight towards the exit as Jack bragged about his business and how well it was doing. 

Jack : Hey Stephanie…. Where you find one….. now local employees very hard to find… got people want to work for your this kind of office ah… haha… 

She just kept quiet and hit the release for the door.

I finally could not take it any longer and asked him a question. 

James : Wah….. your business sounds good man….. where you got your initial capital ?? I meant the rent at that mall you mentioned is not cheap…. 

He paused for a moment before saying his dad invested in his business proposal.

I fought back a snigger and replied with a calm face. 

James : Oh…. You got rich daddy la….haha… i see…

His expression changed and he added as he got up. 

Jack : You won’t understand one la…. You only employee…. I think you destined to work your whole life…

Stephanie : Are you done ?..... can we go ??? 

Stephanie looked tired and weary. 

Jack got up with a haughty look and he was about to head out when I called out to Stephanie. 

James : Boss… 

Stephanie turned. 

When our eyes met, there were no emotions. There was none of the lively twinkle, or the mischievous minx that I knew. 

Hell I don’t even mind letting her tease or make fun of me but that Stephanie I knew was not there that day. 

Her soulless eyes told me all I needed to know. 

Stephanie : Ya ? 

James : I need you to sign all these… 

I gestured to a stack of documents on the table. 

James : And….. to go through all these before they go out…. 

I racked my brains for something more. 

James : And errr…. I need to discuss something with you…. 

There was a brief smile from Stephanie as Jack left the office ahead of her. 

That quick brief smile that told me she knew what I was trying to do. 

That simple brief smile at the same time also told me that she’s fine. 

And that very thankful smile to let me know she’s going to be ok. 

Stephanie : I’ll…. See to it when I get back.

With that she walked out ahead of Jack and I never saw them again that day. 

11th December 2012



Stephanie did not show up that day at work. 

12th December 2012



No sign of her either 

I thought I’ll try her house to make sure she’s still alive. The lights were on went I got there at 7pm after a light dinner. I could hear the TV, but she did not answer the door. 

I left a folder of documents that require her attention at her doorstep together with a packet of chicken rice. 

13th December 2012



When I got in to work, the folder was on my table. All the payment vouchers were signed and she had some comments for other stuff written on a post it note. 

She even told me to help her prepare the cheques, she will sign them when she gets back.

I smiled when I saw a curry puff and a cup of coffee. 

It was a little cold, she must have left a while ago. 

Nevertheless, it’s good to know she’s still breathing. 

14th December 2012 


Stephanie : Good morning ! James….!.... how is my favourite employee doing ?? 

She came into office in a chirpy mood and a bright smile. 

I returned it even though I could see it was all a façade. 

James : I missed you so much….

She walked over and hit me with her bag with a ‘Tsk’ before walking back into her room. 


Stephanie came back out with a $50 dollar note. 

Stephanie : Porridge and a raw fish platter, and coffee, and tapioca kuey… get for yourself too ya.. 

I stopped what I was doing and got what she wanted, I even removed all the 5s, 2s and coins before passing her the change. 

Stephanie : Thank you James…. You’re a life saver….. I’m starving… 

I smiled and left her room. 


I had a stack of folders and several cheques ready for her signature. 

When I knocked and entered, Stephanie was staring into blank space but she quickly regained herself and asked me what is it. 

James : I need your autograph… 

Stephanie : Sure!!... 

I placed each document in front of Stephanie and watch her sign each one before I removed it. 

She never looked up. 

Just scribbling her initials on each. 

When I was done with the folders, I passed her the cheques. 

After that was done, I took it from under her and I stood there looking at her. 

It was an uncomfortable silence. 

I held the folders and cheques with my left hand while my right was resting on the table. 

Stephanie still refused to look up at me, choosing to look at the empty table, still clutching her pen. 

30 seconds.

It was a full 30 seconds as we both kept silent. 

Do you know how long 30 seconds really is ? Stop reading for a moment, and just stare at someone, something. 

Count it to 30. 

I have never felt that uncomfortable in my life. 

As guys, we don’t really deal with complex emotions. We’re not wired that way. 

To me, I like to keep things simple, straightforward. 

Yes means yes, right means right. 

Stephanie looked really sweet that morning. Her fringe framing her face nicely while the sun lit up her hair, a shiny black with a hint of very brownish red. 

She had a short black blazer on, with a white inner blouse. Pair with a ¾ cropped black pants, she looked pleasant and demure, almost like a intern about to head to some presentation for the first time.

I could see her knuckles turning white as she tightened the grip on her pen. Her head refused to budge, choosing to keep her line of sight down. 

The question was already at the tip of my tongue. 

I wanted to ask her. 

Even a simple ‘are you really ok ? ‘ would be good. 

Before I could speak, Stephanie beat me to it. 

In a trembling and almost cracking voice, she mumbled. 

Stephanie : You…… promised…..James….. you promised…. 

She said it with her head down.

I nodded my head, went over to her side and gave her shoulder a light squeeze before exiting through the 1 way door to the pantry. 
I set the stuff down on my table and exhaled slowly. 

The least I could do was to keep my promise. 

Sure, I won’t talk about it. What’s the point ? 

I won’t talk about it. 

I’m going to stop it. 

I prepared the stuff that needs to go into the mail and got up. 


I waited for the lift at the lift lobby, jabbing the button a few time with my thumb. 

When it arrive, I walked in, my mind trying to organise my thoughts. I was not paying attention, only looking back up when the door opened again after almost closing. 

I saw Stephanie smiling at me as she walked in. Her head held high, her chin upright, her bag hung over her left elbow as she stood by my side confidently in the lift in her 3 inch heels. 

I could smell her perfume, even catch a hint of her shampoo. 

Both of us looked forward without a word. 

Stephanie : Where are you skiving off to ???? 

I laughed. 

James : What about you ?? Where are you going…. 

Stephanie replied as we got to the ground floor. 

Stephanie : Shopping of course…. Shopping… ! 

We got out of the lift and she turned , narrowing her eyes and pointing a finger at me. 

Stephanie : It’s Friday….. company dinner and drinks day ya…. 

With a wink, she turned and left. 

As she disappeared down the road, I mumbled softly to myself. 

James : Shopping……….….. me too… too……


I dropped off the mail and took a short walk towards Chinatown. I headed to the market and straight to the hardware stores. 

A friendly auntie saw me looking at her wares and approached me immediately, asking what I needed.

I asked for duct tapes, a metal chain and a padlock, I made a request to buy a small piece of canvas. Those light and dark blue kind you see frequently at construction sites and at night markets. 

Shopkeeper : Anything else ? 

James : err… no need. 

The auntie gave me a look which made me regret getting everything from the same store. 

As she kept the money into her waist pouch, she jokingly asked if I wanted red paint and lighter fluids with a straight face. 

Shopkeeper : Haha…just kidding… 

I quickly left with my purchase.

I got back to office and kept everything inside my backpack. 

After checking to make sure Stephanie did not decide to come back all of a sudden. I stared looking through the cabinets for a instruction manual. I remembered seeing it during my first few days. 

I found it within 10 minutes. 

It’s the manual for the keypad.

Flipping through the booklet, I found the section I wanted. 

I went to the keypad and followed the instructions. I needed to scan a master key in order to do a reset but that was not a problem. It was taped to the manual. 

After making sure I knew how to do it, I started to prepare the other materials. 

I cut the canvas to size, just nice to fit under the main glass door with a bit of it jutting out. I folded and kept it away after that was done. 

Now all I could do it wait. 

There is no complicated plan or any funny Tom cruise shit. It’s simple. 

The simpler it is, the less likely it would go wrong. 

Besides, with my limited information about the situation and the resources I could get my hands on, this was probably the only thing I could do. 

I had only 1 thing on my mind, that is to stop Stephanie from meeting Jack that evening. Once Stephanie confirms the dinner and drinks location and time, I would start setting everything up. 

The tape is to seal up the slits on the main door so you cannot peep in from the outside. Since the glass is sand blasted for the frosted part, I need not worry about the duct tapes pulling out the privacy stickers. 

I already prepared an official looking letter with the company letterhead with a notice and contact number. It was to tell all visitors that the office is undergoing minor renovation works, any delivery, please contact James at his mobile. 

Leaving a simple chain and lock on the glass handle and bits of canvas that looked like flooring protection on the floor should give it some credibility. I wanted to change the password for the code so in case Jack tries to key in, the door would not open, there would be no way of him verifying if there was indeed renovation works going on. 

There, nothing complicated about it. 

On my end, all I had to do was to keep Stephanie with me by hook or by crook. 

Simple la, drinking what, play five ten, play game, get her drunk or some shit. I’m even prepared to spill drinks on her, hell if needed, I’m going to puke on her or something. 

Is it a permanent solution ? No of course not, but it was the best I could think of at that point in time. 

Surely it had to be better that letting herself literally get rape by that fucker again. 

I went through it a few times and was satisfied that it should go according to plan. 

Still I can’t help but feel what a cheap fuck that Jack must be, he should at least get a decent hotel. Anyway, I’ll be sure to make darn sure Stephanie does not answer her phone or get back to the office. 

It shouldn’t be too hard. 


Stephanie dropped me a message, asking me to finish up my stuff on hand and we can go for dinner. 

James sms : Sure, where do I meet you ? 

Stephanie sms : Usual place. 


I was about to start setting up the space when I heard a loud thud on the door. My heart skipped a bit and I barely managed to stuff the canvas back into my backpack as Stephanie walked into office, looking at her phone. 

James : I…. I thought we are meeting there straight…. 

She gave me a puzzled look with a raised eyebrow. 

Stephanie : You mean I can’t come up to the office if I wanted to ?? 

She entered her room after that and I started to panic. 

Thankfully I calmed down after a while as I tried to think of an alternative. 

No problem. I could always excuse myself later. Maybe say I have a tummy ache or something, come back to use office toilet or some shit. 

Stay calm. All is still ok. 


Stephanie : Ok ….. it’s your treat this week right…. I remember…haha

James : oh… oh…. Sure sure… let’s go… 

As we entered the lift, Stephanie said something that made me turn a bit too abruptly towards her. 

Stephanie : I’m sick of those stuff, fries and chicken wings not very healthy leh…. Let’s go hawker food… 

James : Har ?? …. Errrrrrrrrr where ?? 

We walked out and she gestured towards Tanjong pagar market. 

Stephanie : Go market there la. Cheap and good, easy on your wallet…..

My brain was struggling to think, I can’t possibly say I want to come all the way back to Maxwell to use the toilet. I needed to think fast but I was not fast enough. 

She gave me a nudge on my arm with her elbow. 

Stephanie : Hoei…. Relax la… I know you surely think I want to kotok you right…. Say I want to eat expensive food and such….hahaha… 

She folded her arms and matched my pace. 

Stephanie : I not that mean la…. I know how much you earn…. Eat simple can liao. 

My mouth was half open and by then I could only nod my head. 

Stephanie’s idea of cheap and good is a little different from what I had in mind. 

Yes, I mean like Hokkien mee, char kuay tiao, roast duck rice etc. These are simple staples , how much can it cost. 

The thing is the way Stephanie ordered her food is different. 

Stephanie : Uncle, Hokkien mee, small one….. but I want to add additional prawns. $6 worth. 

My eyes widened in shock as the uncle gave me 50 cents in change after I passed him a 10 dollar note. 

Then it was the roasted meat, 3 varieties and a plate of rice to share. I heard the sound of the chopper went off on the cutting board. 

Chop chop chop….. 


Add to that yong tao fu soup, sugar cane juice, and a serving of tonkatsu from a Jap store. 

Stephanie : Wah, looks good man….. take picture take picture…. 

If you are thinking that Stephanie would probably just eat a little from each plate and push the rest to me, you are wrong. 

Actually that was what I thought about initially too. 

It’s just something typical girls do. 

Aiyah, try a bit, the rest you eat , want to stay slim and so on but not for Stephanie. 

She was a hearty eater, scooping up a big spoon of the noodles, slurping it down. 

Stephanie : Wah… sinful… sinful…. Jia lat…. This 1 surely 2 hours at the gym 

I laughed as she continued on her complains of sort. 

I don’t know why but I found it pretty entertaining to see her eat. There was nothing pretentious about it, somehow it just seemed so natural.

She would make a comment about how oily or sinful the food is with a frown before wolfing it down anyway. 

Stephanie : Wah… this 1 good… you try you try… 

Beneath the frown, it seems it only took less than a second of deliberation before she decides to eat it. 

When I saw the prawns untouched, I knew in my heart what was coming. 

Aiyah, this kind of thing I’m sure you guys experienced before too. 

“ Oh…. Please peel for me ?? “ 

Although for Stephanie , I was expecting something like ; 

“ Oei…. I’m your boss…. Peel prawn for me…!! ”

Yeah, I was mentally prepared for it. 

So when I was about to reach for the prawn, I was surprised to see Stephanie stopping with her wide big eyes, her chopstick pressing down on the prawn to stop me. 

James : What is it ???? 

Stephanie : Why are you using your hands ??? You got wash or not.. !... 

James ; Err…. 

Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I washed my hands before I eat Hokkien mee. 

Not because I don’t have a good sense of hygiene, I mean I always wash if I’m going to eat with my hands, pizza, chicken, and stuff but Hokkien mee ? 

Stephanie : Go…….. and wash your hands…. 

She gave me a crooked mouth mumbling something under her breath look as she guarded the prawns. 

I sighed and did as I was told. 

When I got back, it was my turn to gasp in surprise. 

Stephanie was happily peeling the prawns. 

James : Oei !!... you leh ?? 

She put one in her mouth and shrugged her shoulders with a look of childlike innocence.

Stephanie : Mine is clean…… 

I stared in disbelief as she offered me a piece that was set aside on the plate. 

Only 1 piece though. 

Well, it’s not everyday my boss peel prawns for me.

After I had eaten it with a spoonful of noodles, I froze again. 

Stephanie put a new prawn head and all into her mouth. My mouth gasped opened again as I watch her yank off the head. 

Then using her teeth, she bit off the legs, then she gnawed away the shells on the back before squeezing the tail bit so a nicely shelled prawn pops out onto her spoon. 

I wanted to puke. My eyes widened and I covered my mouth and the instant I did that, Stephanie burst into laughter. 

She laughed so hard that she choke on her own saliva, coughing away. 

Stephanie : Kidding only la…. Hahaha…. Very gross for you ah… haha…

I found it hard to breathe, here I was, trying to think of how to save her from being raped again yet she was having fun with me. 


It’s still early. 

We can head back to the pubs, get a drink, then I’ll excuse myself to the toilet. Then I’ll pull of the rest of the plan. 

Still on track. 

Still on track. 

As we were about to head off, I watch Stephanie brought her hair to her nose and took a whiff. 

Stephanie : Eh… the exhaust quite bad…. I want to shower… 

James : What about the drinks ?? If you shower now, later will smell again, or…. Might as well shower after then end of the day ?? 

I regretted spilling out my words that fast the moment I said it. It looked weird, it sounded weird too. 

Stephanie is not stupid. 

Her left arm rest on the table horizontally across her chest area, her right held onto a pair of chopstick, poking at the remnants of the food as she narrowed her eyes at me. 

Stephanie : What are you up to ?? 

James : Nothing… 

There was a sudden change in her facial expression, I don’t know if she was capable of reading minds or putting 2 and 2 together but she set her chopsticks down. 

Stephanie : James, i…. appreciate your concern…. But….it’s ok…. I’ll…..i’ll be fine… 

That changed the mood of our dinner instantly and the atmosphere got a little colder. 

She decided she was too full for dinks and asked for a rain check. 

I nodded, my mind still trying to think of a solution but there was none. 

How do you help someone who refuses help ? 

James : Ok…..

She wanted for sugarcane juice and I helped her got big cup of it, it did not come with a bag, but one of those plastic cup holder. 

Stephanie : Ok… consider this your treat for dinner and drinks ah…. Next week my turn….

There was something sad about the way she put it. 

The way the statement was made. 

It felt as if she was looking forward to the next week, probably trying to mentally skip the ordeal she was about to go through again in the evening, yet at the same time, she was dreading the arrival of the following Friday. 

As we got up and left the hawker centre, I thought I would try my luck and asked if I could walk her back. She agreed with a smile. 

I don’t know why but as we chatted casually in the lift, my heart started beating very fast again. 

It got faster when we alighted at her floor. 

Then it started slamming against my ribcage when we take the short walk down the corridor to her rented place. 

I paused at the door as she unlocked the gate. 

Before I knew it, I was holding my breath, my mind deliberating with my next course of action. 

I heard the click of the door unlocking and Stephanie turned towards me. 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and before she could speak, I grabbed onto her arm and nudged her into the house. She lost her balance, smashed the plastic cup onto her floor, spilling sugar cane juice all over herself and her living room. 

Stephanie : ahhhh… ehh… oei!!... James… what… 

I closed the gate and padlocked it. 

Like a clumsy thief, I took out the chain and padlock I had in my bag and fumbled with it. 

Clink clank…. Clink clank….

Somehow I managed to loop it 1 round and put in my lock. 

The door followed and I pulled the bolt after it was closed. 

By then Stephanie had regained her composure, getting up on her feet. She dangled her arms by her side, her pants and top dripping with the sweet sugary juice. 

Stephanie : Yah!!… JAMES !!! 

I was panting away, I have never felt that stupid before in my life as I leaned against the door with my back. 

She just glared at me and I looked on like an idoit. 

10 seconds later she shook her head and sighed. 

Before she could speak, I spoke first. 

James : Don’t meet him tonight…. You have a choice… don’t need to do this….there has to be another way……say you are sick, or you fell, maybe you had an accident, or there’s an urgent overseas trip, something… there has to be something… 

I mumbled so fast I did not know what I was talking about. 

James : I have a plan… yes… I have a plan…. You have to believe me…

Perhaps it was the way I said it. 

Thinking back, I think I sounded desperate and helpless. Even more so that Stephanie. 

I stopped mumbling when she burst into a short laugh as she wiped her hands on the side of her pants. 

I could tell she soften her stance a little after she calmed down. Maybe it’s was the thought of someone actually cared about her ordeal. 

Another 5 seconds of staring past before she finally spoke. 

Stephanie : Ok……I’ll listen to your plan…..…now what ?

I looked at the sticky mess and swallowed another mouthful of saliva. The way I looked around the house, my eyeballs searching for something to land on, anyone could tell I was lying and that I was trying to make up something on the spot. 

Stephanie was smiling a little though, most probably at my stupidity or at my attempt to make something up on the spot. 

I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down.

I can do this. 

I can deal with Jack. 

He’s a fucker, so am i.

I calmed down, stood up straight and decided that the time for fooling around is over. Since Stephanie was receptive to my plan, I had to make the best of it. 

I lifted my finger and pointed to the kitchen. 

James : First ……. Go wash your hands… 

Stephanie burst out laughing and replied. 

Stephanie : haha….Alright… I’m so fucked…. Haha…


Stephanie turned and walked towards the kitchen, taking off her blazer at the same time, revealing a nice shoulder and body covered by a white blouse. The sleeves were short, almost to the point of reaching what you would call sleeveless. 

I could see her white bra, and a funny thought crossed my mind. How would her clothes smell and taste like after being worn the whole day, with her perspiring at the hawker centre. Would it be well marinated with her scent, her smell perhaps ? 

Topping it off, the sweet sugarcane juice that was generously soaked into different parts of her clothing. 

A cloth sailed through the air and landed at my feet. 

Stephanie : clean it up you idoit… 

After I was done with the cleaning, Stephanie went on to take her shower. 

She did it in the masterbath, and her room door was locked. 

Believe me, if it was up to me, I would be doing anything to steal a peep. 

I went to the bathroom in the kitchen but there was nothing in there. Not even a laundry basket. There was a dryer in the kitchen too, stacked on top of the washer. This probably explains why she had nothing on the few bamboo poles. 

As I explored the contents of her kitchen, my brain was trying to explore all avenues of getting Jack off her back once and for all. When I came across some old medicine of hers, a light bulb went off. 

It’s extreme but worth a shot. 

The best thing probably was that it did not even require Stephanie to be involved. Just a one man show by me would do. 


Stephanie came out of the shower, her hair still a little damp despite her best effort to dry them. 

Stephanie : What are you doing with that ? 

She pointed to the medicine bags in my hand, those typical small ziplock with stickers on them. 

James: I…. have an idea…. 

As I explained to her the background and my plan, she laughed so hard that she clutched her stomach and kneel down in front of me. 

Stephanie : You…. Hahahhaah… got to be…hahaha.. shitting me…. Hahah… 

I don’t know why she found it so funny but I thought it was a good idea. 

She went into another bout of laughing that saw her ending up on the floor, clutching her stomach as she begged me to stop talking. 

James : So funny meh ??? It makes sense right ?? 

She just waved her hands at me, begging me to stop. 

Without another word, she opened the other room of the 3 room rented flat and pointed me to her study. 

She was still laughing and giggling away as she unlocked her PC so I could use them. 

After 15 minutes on the photoshop, I printed some medicine labels. I carefully stuck them over the ones I removed, making sure to cover all evidences of the previous label I tore out. 

Using a pen, I filled in some blanks. 

I only hope they won’t be scrutinised too closely. 

The moment I was done, I went back out to the living room only to see Stephanie burst into laughter again. 

Stephanie : Hahahaha….if….hahah… if this works….i give you a big bonus ok… haha… 

I ignored her jibe. 

She would have to thank me later if it works. 

She showed me her room and the array of cosmetic and stuff she used. 

I took a lipstick, one of a really dark red. Then I went to her kitchen and took a banana. 

She had honey in those small bottles, the ones you get from wedding favours. 

I took tissues too and when I borrowed the last thing from Stephanie, she burst into laughter again, clutching the sides of her stomach as she pulled it out from the drawer. 

James : So funny meh ?? I’m just trying to help. 

She could no longer speak, just giving me the thumbs up and waving for me to go ahead. 

I smashed the banana and mixed in the honey. Using some flour, I thicken the solution. 

I gave a loud exhale. 

James : I hope I don’t regret this… 

I looked at Stephanie, her eyes was red, and the moment she locked eyes with me, she burst into another bout of laughter, putting her head down on her arms on the dining table. 

I scrapped a portion of the dark lipstick and mixed it with water and a bit of honey to thicken it, giving it a consistency of blood. It doesn’t look fantastic but it should pass. 


It was still early. 

Stephanie had no intention of contacting Jack, he knows where she stays. If she was not at the office or answering her phone, chances are he would come for her. 

Stephanie had calmed down by then but she still had a silly smile on her face when she talks to me. 

Since everything has been prepared, I took the opportunity to talk to Stephanie, hoping that she would be willing to open up a little. 

Stephanie : It’s complicated…. 

James : I’m listening.. 

As she brought her knees to her chin, I forced myself to look only at her eyes and mouth, and not the thin strip of cloth that was separating her privates and my line of sight. 

It was just a normal pair of shorts, but as she drew up her legs, it pressed against her privates, maybe it’s just me but there was this unexplained puffiness and volume that drew me to it. 

Stephanie : It all started because of my sister in law…. 

James : Victor’s wife ? 

She nodded. 

Stephanie : She’s a snake……a vile poisonous venom spitting woman. … 

Her voice grew softer a notch, as if the mere mention of her sister in law made her more cautious and weary. 

Stephanie told me that the family business was started by her grandfather, it began a steady decline once her dad took over the reins in the 80s. They barely survived the 1997 crisis but the 2008 meltdown hit them hard. 

A lot of bad debts were written off, her dad was burnt in the market and the numbers looked really horrible for the company. Close to a hundred were about to lose their jobs. 

Her grandfather even paid their salary with his own savings, biting a big chunk off his retirement funds. 

Her dad was ready to throw in the towel and let it all go but a lifeline was thrown to him. By none other than Ruhui’s company. 

She’s a shrewd business woman. Divorced with a kid. With strong family backing and loads of old money, she was a notorious slut. 

She brokered the deal with her dad, negotiating her way into some sort of a deal.

Stephanie : I was never privy to the details of the deal….. I hardly talked to my dad…..and Victor refused to tell me anything… 

She looked away for a moment, as if to compose her emotion. 

Stephanie : All I knew was that Victor married Ruhui within a couple of months……I could not believe it….he hated her…. She was the reason we lost a few big deals…. We’ve long suspected she had someone feeding her information on our end. …..Victor even suspected it was our father… still…… Victor married her….

I listened on silently. 

Stephanie : and in turn…..I hated him….. he left his girlfriend of 6 years….i hate him……

She grew quiet after a while before adding that they drifted apart ever since. 

After another bout of silence, she continued. 

Stephanie : Ruhui , after a while, wanted me as well. …. That bitch… 

She went on to tell me that they quarrelled frequently, to the point of getting in fist fights. 

It got so bad that she decided to move out one day after a bad fight. 

Anyway, Ruhui has been poisoning her dad’s ears for a while, that was the reason she was cut off. If not for the fact that it was Victor helping her on the side, she would be left high and dry. 

Her dad stopped supporting her ever since she left the house. 

Stephanie : She’s been coming after me ever since, slowly but surely she’s out to get me.. 

James : Wah…. Got so drama or not….this kind of stuff only happens on TV.. 

Stephanie : I don’t watch TV…..what’s so interesting about such complications in life anyway ??? 

She did not look like she was joking and I asked her to continue. 

She revealed to me that Ruhui has been secretly paving the way for her elder brother to marry Stephanie. 

James ; What ? ?? 

Stephanie : He’s 40, looks like a pig, and he’s a fucker…. Like a kid who would not grow up….

James : come on…. This is Singapore….. no one can force you to do things like that…. 

Stephanie : Not directly….. not directly… 

I was aghast to find out that barely a year after Ruhui married her brother, she went after Stephanie’s boyfriend of 2 years. 

Stephanie : Money….. can do amazing things…. 

Her boyfriend had a small business, supplying science equipment to schools. Test tubes and stuff, somehow they manage to stop his suppliers from giving him good credit terms. 

A rival company was set up and within a few months, it was all over. As if it was not bad enough Ruhui fucked up her boyfriend’s company, she offered him a job at the very rival office she set up in the first place. 

Stephanie : He was very insulted……says he’s not interested in the games the rich play… we quarrelled, he wanted to leave , to start anew somewhere….. but I wanted to stay and fight….. in the end….

She wiped away a tear with the back of her hand and carried on. 

Stephanie : Then comes Jack. ……. 

He was the tutor for Ruhui’s son from her first marriage. A spoilt brat who’s turning 8 years old. A distant cousin. 

He expressed interested in Stephanie openly but she was disgusted by him as well. What she noticed though was that during the period that Jack was going after her, all was peaceful. 

Her sister in law left her alone. It was a good 2 months before Ruhui’s patience ran out. She openly said that if she was not interested in Jack, she should just hook up with her brother Matthew. 

Then she started making things difficult for Stephanie again. 

James : How…? I mean… you’re already cut off….and… hardly sees them… 

Stephanie : My mother… 

That was the first time I heard Stephanie talked about her mother. She’s warded in a community hospital for a long time. She is paralysed waist down, has a bad kidney and suffers from frequent bouts of infection. 

Stephanie : I spend a lot of time with her…..that is the reason why I’m not in office most of the time… 

I nodded slowly. 

Ruhui started to harass her mother, sending people down to talk about Stephanie’s future, and her prospects if she married her brother, disturbing her rest. 

She raised a ruckus and quarrelled with the poor sob who was there to talk to her mother only to have the nurse manager threaten to throw them out of the hospital. 

Stephanie went to the director of the hospital to lodge a complain everytime it happened. She stopped when she realised the director was a friend of Ruhui and that her company was the largest donor for several years.

The final straw came when she was notified that due to space crunch, they needed the bedspace currently occupied by her mother. They even certified that she was good enough to recuperate at home, and that she only needs to go back for dialysis. 

Stephanie started to tear a little. 

Her dad does not want her mother back, not since they stopped talking years ago even though they are legally married. Victor tried to intervene but it was no use. He even wanted to rent a place, get a helper, and a medical staff, but in the end it did not materialise. 

Through Ruhui’s manipulation, nothing seem to work out. On the day of the planned discharge, her mother would suddenly be diagnosed with some issues that needed her to stay for a few more days. 

With the lack of space, she was placed along the corridor for hours at end. 

Stephanie : I could only hide in the corner and cry….. I did not want my mother to see me in that state. 

Victor finally got the message that no amount of planning and staff standby would work after a few attempts and he stopped. He even suggested Stephanie to leave the country, let the dust settle, maybe Ruhui would grow tired and find something else to meddle with. 

Stephanie refused…She would not go down without a fight… 

She started laughing bitterly. 

Stephanie : Some kind of fight this is…..ha.. 

She accepted Jack just to prove her deductions. Ruhui backed off. All was well again for her mother. 

In the end they had an arrangement. Every Friday evening. That was it. They were in a relationship on the surface. 

Stephanie ; It’s been going on for about 3 months…. 

I nodded and just kept quiet….. there was no appropriate reply to what she just said. 

I checked the time and it was almost 10pm. 

As if right on que, her phone started ringing. 

It was Jack alright. 

I got up and went to the kitchen, looking a little lost. Stephanie followed, the sorrow on her face was gone, replaced by sheer amusement. 

She looked on intently at me as I held one of her overnight sanitary pad in hand. 

James : Stop looking at me like that….. 

Stephanie : hahah… I have never seen a guy put on a sanitary pad before…. 

I rolled my eyes and replied. 

James : I also have not seen a girl put on a pad before. 

She laughed again and asked if I know how to do it . 

James : You show me lor…. 

She giggled and skipped happily into her room before appearing a moment later with a panty and another pad. 

Without warning, my erection came. 

Stephanie put one leg into the panty followed by the other, pulling it up halfway and looked at me. 

I was just staring with my eyes wide open. 

Stephanie ; Do this first…. 

James : You…. You should take off your shorts first right…. 

That was the day I coined a new term. 

It’s call pad slap. 

Stephanie slapped my face with her sanitary pad. Even the smacking sound sounded like ‘pad’ 

‘pad, pad, pad’ 

Stephanie : Dream on… 

She removed the wrapping and stuck it expertly onto the panty. Then she pulled it upwards all the way, wrapping her shorts with the panty and pad on the outside. I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. 

James : Do that again… 

She grabbed a tuff of my hair and shook it before asking me to hurry up. 

I went into the kitchen bathroom and pulled down my pants followed by my underwear. 

Looking at the pad in my hand, I cursed at my stupid idea. As I removed the wrapping, I could hear Stephanie cheering on the outside. 

Stephanie : Whoot…. Woot !!... Wah….so hero ah… ahahahahha…..

I ignored her jibes and put in on my underwear, making sure most of it is placed up front. 

As I pulled it up, rubbing the wings of the pad against my legs, I felt an erection stirring again. 

Fuck … fuck…. I cannot be aroused by this. 

I’ve waded through the swamps of Burnei, I’ve survived in the jungle, I’ve fucking jumped out of a plane, hell I even ran madly into a jungle as everyone was firing live rounds all around. 

There was no way this was happening but it was. 

As I slowly drag the soft wings of the pad up, my dick grew, throbbing in excitement with the sick act. Right before it went all the way up, I poured in the banana mixture, feeling the disgusting slimy goo seep into the pad and onto my dick. 

After that was done, I dabbed a few tissue with the blood like mixture and put it into my underwear. 

When I came out of the toilet, I was walking a little like a duck. 

Stephanie clutched onto her sides and laughed as we head to the door. 

Her phone was still ringing and there had to be about 5 miss calls by then. 

We opened the door and Stephanie laughed again, this time at the chain I put around the gate. I did not loop it properly, the circumference of my chain was so wide that the gate could still be opened wide enough for me to get through. 

Stephanie laughed and laughed as she unlocked the chain and kept it. 

She calmed down a few minutes later before switching off all the lights in the house, plunging it into darkness. 

As the door closed on me, I leaned against the balcony and waited. 


I could see the lift from an angle. Stephanie’s unit is just beside the lift lobby. Everytime the lift came up, I would pretend I was scratching my balls awkwardly. 


The lift stopped and opened. Immediately I started scratching my balls, my face scrunched up as I pretended to sooth some itch below. I was not just scratching on the outside, but I put my whole hand in. 

It was Jack alright. 

James : Ahhhh….ssssss…ahh…….. 

I had to make it look real yet not too exaggerated. 

Jack : Hey !.... what are you doing here !! 

Jack had a look of surprised on his face, he looked angry too but I also acted I was surprise and in fact thankful I saw him. 

James : Oh hey….Jack…. 

I paused for effect and looked behind him. 

James ; Where’s Stephanie ?? 

Jack : Huh ??? What ? 

James : Wait ah….ssssssssssssssss….ahhh…. 

I took a tissue, dabbed it into the banana mix, and pulled it out of my groin, revealing a tissue that looked that it had blood and pus on it. 

James ; Arhhhhhh….ssss…. fucking weather so hot….. damm itchy…

The moment Jack saw the blood and yellowish thick pus, he back tracked a little. 

Jack : What the fuck man !!!... what the fuck !!!... FUCK !... 

I ignored him and hissed in pain again as I pulled a tissue from the packet in my hand and reached in once more, replacing it with the pre prepared one and dabbed it with more fake pus, a little lesser the 2nd time round. 

James ; AHh….sorry.. sorry… 

Jack ; What the FUCK!! … 

I ignore his cursing and acted normal .

James : What…. You never see STD before ah…. Infection only what…..

He looked absolutely disgusted and backed away even more. I pressed him in a frustrated manner and asked him where is Stephanie . 

James : Where is she.. ?? I would be home by now nicely showered and all if not for her…. 

Jack : What do you mean ?? 

He looked like he was about to puke as he saw me throw a tissue onto the floor. 

I showed him the medicine bag. 

James : Eh… I cannot already… I need to go, you pass Stephanie her antibiotics can… 

Jack : What the fuck… what antibiotics…. 

James : Aiyah… for her infection la…. You her BF leh, don’t tell me you don’t know… 

He looked absolutely horrified and stared wide eye at me. 

I ignored him and added in a nice brotherly manner. 

James ; Eh bro, by the way, sorry ah…. That day I a bit rude in office, I was not feeling well…. My condition…..a bit….. anyway.. 

I tried to walk forward but the backed away… 

James : I just want to clear up any misunderstanding….. Stephanie is nice… I let her cut my queue at the clinic…. In return she offered me the job…. No other intention… I just making a living. 

His face turned white and I could see him trying to muster up enough courage as I scratched my balls again. This time round, instead of using tissue, I used my finger to bring up a gooey mess of banana pus before rubbing it between my fingers and wiping on my pants. 

Jack : Fuck … stay away from me…..What are you talking about…. What clinic..??? 

I pretended to be quiet and surprise for a moment before I spoke. 

James : Ehhh… I think you all… go and talk among yourself la…. I want to go… can you pass her these later…. 

I tried to move forward again to pass Jack the bag 

Jack : Don’t you fucking touch me… 

He was desperately jabbing the lift button . 

James ; Eh… you got study science of not…. won’t spread like this one la… 

Jack ; Fuck you…. Fuck off from me….. don’t come near me…. 

I shook my head and picked up the tissues on the floor and by then the lift arrived. 

He shot in and kept pressing the button until it descended down to the ground floor. 

I stood quietly in the corridor. 

A minute later I knocked on Stephanie’s door. 

When it opened, Stephanie’s eyes were red, she laughed so hard she was perspiring. She had changed into her pyjamas, a long nightie with cartoon prints that ended above her knees.

I entered and she shut the door but she chose to keep the lights off. 

A few minutes later after she calmed down, she brought me a towel as she tried hard not to go into a laughing fit again. 

Stephanie : Go wash your dick James….. haha… 

I had a long shower and I came out without my underwear. I had put it into a bag and was prepared to throw it away. It was badly stained with the goo and fake blood. 

When I was dressed and ready to leave, it was coming to 11.45pm 

Stephanie : Will it work ? 

I shrugged my shoulders. 

James ; It did for today didn’t it…. 

She laughed. 

She opened the door for me and I stepped out. We faced each other without a word for about 2 seconds before she nodded slightly with a smile. 

Stephanie : James. ……. Thanks…. 

James : You owe me a underwear… 

She nodded. 

Then she did the unthinkable. 

I watch her left hand read under her long dress and she pulled down her panty, stepping out of it. 

She held it with her index finger as I stared with my mouth wide opened as the curled up piece of panty hung on her finger. 

Before I could deal with the erection, she closed the door on me. 

I could hear her laugh from behind the door and I too burst out laughing. 

30 seconds later a message came in. 

Stephanie sms : Just pulling your leg…. hahah


17th December 2012 



I texted Stephanie once over the weekend just to check if Jack looked her up and she said no. 

I got in to work and made myself a coffee. I had this nagging worry that Jack might show up without warning and I texted Stephanie again to warn her to be prepared. 

Nothing happened that day. 

Stephanie did not even show up in the office. 

Life goes on, we did not magically fall in love, and we definitely did not fuck each other’s brains out although that was what I had in mind when I masturbated. 

19th December 2012



It was my 1st payday and I was looking forward to it. 

In the blink of an eye, it’s been a month since I started working for Stephanie. So much has happened but if you seriously look at it, it seemed like it’s actually nothing.

I saw her literally dragging herself to work that morning, spending extra effort to push open the glass door. 

Stephanie looked like she did not sleep well the past couple of days. There were hints of dark circles around her eyes. 

She looked tired. A far cry from the still vibrant girl I saw a few days ago. 

James : Everything ok ?? 

She nodded with a smile, and the best news I’ve heard that day from her was that it’s over between Jack and her. 

Stephanie handed me my envelope with a thumbs up and I thanked her for it, she returned my thanks with a weak smile and a gentle pat on my shoulder before disappearing into her room without a word. 

I had another shock when I saw the full sum of 3500 in the envelope. 

I went into her room and told Stephanie the sum is wrong. 

Stephanie : It’s 3500 right…

James : Yes… but what about cpf contribution and all… 

Stephanie : Oh… those I do already…. Online… automated one… go check your statement…. 

James : No… I don’t mean that… I meant the employee contribution portion…. You’re supposed to deduct from this…

Stephanie sighed and just waved me off in a tired weary manner. 

Stephanie : It’s ok la… few hundred…. 

She said she’s not feeling well, will be taking a nap… 

I watch her go into her walk in wardrobe/storeroom. 

She unrolled a yoga map and propped her head up with some clothes and turned away from me. 

She did not look like she was in the mood for small talks and I left her alone. 

I counted my employee contribution portion and threw it into the pedestal drawer together with the rest of the money. 

Out of curiousity, I did a count. Over the course of a month, I had bought stuff and food for Stephanie countless times, each time she gave me all the 5s and 2s which I dropped into the drawer. 

Together with the coins, I now had close to 3800 sitting in my drawer. 

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Victor that day, bringing him up to date about Stephanie. 

He asked me for my honest appraisal of her sister. 

James : She’s ok… a bit hard to find at times…. Quite temperamental…. Really depends on her mood….. she can laugh this instance and scream at me the next…..but other than that, things are pretty much ok. 

Victor laughed and said that sounds about right for Stephanie. 

Victor : Appreciate the help James…. Help me look out for Stephanie ya….Thanks….. hang in there a while longer…. I’m sorting things out to get you over soon …. Things….err…. are going to get busy soon….get ready yah… 

I could hear someone talking loudly in the background before he hung up and I assumed it was the sister in law Stephanie hated. 

Over the next few days, Stephanie was in office much earlier than me. In fact, she was busy running around, on the phone, checking stuff up online and all. 

We even skipped the so call company dinner and drinks that Friday. 

Inside my heart, I could feel something was going on but I was not privy to the details. 

24th December 2012



Christmas eve. Half day work !

Santa Claus came to me that day. 

Stephanie took her entire drawer of 5s and 2s, putting them into an ntuc bag before giving it to me. 

Stephanie: Nah…. Thanks for the good review you gave Victor…’s your AWS… 

I could tell she was really tired so I did not say anything and just took the bag from her. 

After finishing my work that day, I did another count. 

My drawer had close to 5200. 

I did not feel safe with this responsibility and I know Stephanie would not take the money back. The best thing to do would be to safe keep it for now. Maybe on the day Victor transfer me back to his team, I would just pass it along. 

When I left work that day, I took everything with me except the coins. 

I kept it in a small backpack in my room and chucked it under the bed. 

25th December 2012



Christmas day

It’s a holiday but I was due to meet a friend of mine for lunch in town. We ate , chatted, had a coffee before parting ways at around 12.45pm. 

My phone was running low on battery and since I was only a few minutes away from office, I decided to head up to get it charged. There’s free wifi and aircon for me anyway. 

When I approached the quiet corridor, I was surprised to see the lights to the office on. I immediately tried to recall if I had forgotten to switch off the lights before leaving the day before. 

I got to the entrance and I could see the shadow of a few figures moving around. 

My heart skipped a beat as multiple scenarios appeared in my mind. 

Did Jack threaten Stephanie again ? 

I immediately unlocked the door and pushed it open. The sight that I took in sent a chill down my spine. 

No, there is no naked Stephanie, or her prancing around in lingerie. There is no Jackass around either. 

Seated around the table with folders and documents all around was 3 person. And I knew them all. 

TJ was the first to turn towards me, Victor closed a folder and Stephanie stood up and walked over. 

She was dressed in her same Yoga getup when I saw her the very first time. I felt a little embarrassed knowing that I had disturbed their meeting, Stephanie came right up to me and folded her arms. I could smell the stale sweat her body was emitting.

The aroma sending mixed signals into my brain as I tried not to look at her body.

Stephanie : Why are you here ?? 

James: I…. thought I came up to charge my phone…. Since I’m just across the street… 

Stephanie : Not today James……. Not today… 

She nodded towards the lobby with her head and a slight smile and I got the message, I nodded my head at TJ and Victor too before leaving. 

Just as I walked off, Victor called out after me. 

Victor : James…!.... 

James ; Yah ? 

Victor : Is your passport valid for travel ?? 

James : Of course…. I just renewed it 6 months ago… 

He gave me the thumbs up before disappearing back into the office. 

I went home that day, the encounter further reinforced my gut feeling that something was going on. 

Stephanie asked for a photo of my passport details that evening and I sent it over.

26th December 2012 



Stephanie did not show up that day. By 11am, the din from some renovation works down the road was so noisy that I could no longer take it. 

I snuck out for a bit of shopping and coffee. Hey, it’s the year end holiday, everyone also no mood to work. 

27th December 2012 



Stephanie was waiting for me in the office when I got in with coffee and bread. 

She was well dressed, a body hugging grey dress with black heels. She had full makeup done, and she looked like she was about to attend a wedding. 

James : Wah….chio…. 

She slapped me with her clutch purse on my arm and went straight into a formal discussion with me. 

I set down my bag and took my seat. 

Stephanie immediately started talking as she sat on my table and crossed her legs, rummaging through her bag at the same time. 

Stephanie : Go back now…. Pack what you need for a short trip…. You’ll fly later in the late afternoon and come back tonight. 

I was not paying attention. 

How the fuck could I pay attention when Stephanie’s legs were right in front of me. After she had crossed her legs, I could see the hem of her tight dress slowly dragging itself higher and higher. 

It’s as if the material had a life of it’s own. 

It was already a few inches above her knees but somehow like a slow drag of a snail moving forward, the fabric dragged itself along Stephanie’s thighs. 

Stephanie : Pack light….. help me bring her back… 

I felt the tip of a folder touched my chin as Stephanie pushed it upwards so I could meet her eyes. 

That was when I realised how obvious I had been as I stared. 

She gave me an irritated look as she pulled her dress a little lower as her bums moved around my desk. 

Stephanie : Did you hear what I say ?? 

I nodded. 

Stephanie : Look James…. This is important…. 

She got off the chair and lowered herself as my eyes somehow just followed her plunging neckline. 

Stephanie pulled up her dress, her left hand pressing against her chest to cover her mdesty as she tried to talk to me. 

Stephanie : I’m serious James…. This is important. …. 

I finally managed to look at her and nod my head again. 

She asked me to leave office immediately to get ready. Besides the folder, I was given a print out of a eticket. 

My mind was reeling from the information overload. I had so many questions I wanted to ask but Stephanie had already turned away. 

She was putting on her earrings, with her head tilted to one side. 

She looked like she had difficulty getting one side on and I went over to help. 

Stephanie : Keep your phone on and charged at all times…. You hear?? … 

James : I will….. what is going on ?? 

Stephanie : Don’t fuck this up…. I’ll sleep with you… 

My hand shook for a moment and I jabbed the pointy part of the earring into her earlobe. 

Stephanie : ARRHHH!!!... 

She hit me on my shoulder several times with a frown, glaring at me before I finally got it in. 

Right before she left I called out. 

James : You’re pulling my leg right…. 

Stephanie laughed and replied over her shoulder. 

Stephanie : Of course I am…. Haha… 

I sat down to look at the folder she gave me. It was the picture of a girl who looked like she was in her later 20s. It has her name, her address in Malaysia, her contact number. 

Sarah is her name. 

She looked pretty good in the face shot, something you would use for a resume. Together inside the folder was an appointment letter attached to the necessary work permits for a position at Victor’s office 

My flight is at 4pm

After I had finished up my stuff on hand, I went home to pack. 

Since I’m returning on the same day, I just brought along an extra set of clothes just in case anything happened. 

2.30 pm 

I was checked in and on my way to the duty free area when my phone rang. It was TJ. 

His words were brief and direct. I had to admit, sometimes hearing him talk do give me the creeps. 

TJ : James… it’s TJ….. when you get back to Singapore later…. Stay in the duty free shop…. Wait for me to call… 

James : Err… ok… are you picking me up ?? 

He hung up on me.. 

As I waited for my turn to board I started to feel a little uneasy. In fact to be honest, I was a little scared. 

What if this was some shady deal ? 

What if they were drug smugglers ? That was why they were so rich ? 

I forced myself to calm down. 

Then right before I board the plane, my eyes widened to the point it almost popped out of my sockets. 

Coming into my line of sight was TJ. 

He was boarding the same flight as me.

Eye contact was made and he shook his head at me slightly, and I caught his hint and I did not acknowledge him. 

All this only made me even more worried. 

Die…. Die…. This time confirm die…. 

This had to be some drug deal…. TJ would transact…. I would be the scape goat. 

This is it… I’m fucked. 

Despite my misgivings, I still boarded the flight. 

Upon landing in KLIA, I went straight to the departure hall and called Sarah’s number. 

She answered and we met up at a café. 

James : I’m James…

Sarah : I’m Sarah… nice to meet you.. 

The first thing that came to my mind was how sweet looking she was. Her dimples added a different dimension to her facial features and she had a pair of beautiful eyes. Sarah’s quite slim, looks about the same height as Stephanie. Her body looks ok, average from what I could make out. 

She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. 

Almost like a little girl, a student of sort. 

James : Where’s your luggage.. ? Checked in already .? 

She smiled and said she only has her carry on.

Inside my mind, weird thoughts came about again. In fact I was thinking if I should open up and check her bag. 

Perhaps it was her sweet smile, that look of innocence that reassured me a little. It was all small talks with Sarah. Nothing really in depth. 

We had a light dinner together in the transit area while we waited for our flight to Singapore at 9.30pm 


I kept scanning the people around me, trying to look for TJ. 


I saw him arrive at the waiting area with another woman. They did not speak to each other. 


I could not shake the feeling of unease from my mind. Something was bugging me. Perhaps it was the feeling of not knowing what I was doing in the grand scheme of things. 

When the flight crew came about to issue immigration cards, Sarah took one and started to fill in. 

My curiosity went up a notch when I noticed for the salutation, she ticked the box “DR” 

A doctor? 

James : Are you a doctor ?? 

Sarah just smiled and continued with her form. 

I turned and tried to look for TJ but I was not sure where he sat. Somehow her just blended in so well with the rest of the passengers. 


After a slight delay, I disembarked. 

Immediately I turned on my phone. 

Sarah looked a lot calmer than me, in fact she was the one leading the way towards immigration and I followed behind her. 

She must have received the same instructions as me, immediately after we cleared immigration, she went straight to the duty free shops and looked at the alcohol, shopping leisurely, asking about some facial products. 

I on the other hand looked like a lost tourist in my own country. 

I kept checking my phone, I kept turning my head to look for TJ. 


My Phone rang. 

TJ : James… 

James ; Yah…. Where are you ??? What is going on ?? … 

TJ : Wait… 

I glanced around and I finally saw TJ leaving the baggage collection area with the woman. As he left, he never looked back, he stayed on the phone with me. I could not help but notice a man staring at him and the woman. 

I don’t know why but somehow that guy just stood out. 

He was not dressed for the airport, more like the gym. Track pants, t-shirt and sportshoes. 

His gaze never left TJ and TJ never ever looked at him. 

TJ : Wait……just a while more… 

By then, Sarah had came over to my side, looking at the same direction as me without a word. 

TJ : Hold….

My heart started beating faster when I saw the guy casually made a call and walked after TJ. 

As TJ disappeared from my sight, he barked his last instructions before he hung up on me. 

TJ : Take a cab to your office…. Now… go.. 

As soon as I put down the phone, I looked towards Sarah. 

Sarah : Shall we ? 

With that, she went on ahead in front of me. The little girl I thought she was is gone. The way she spoke became more assertive. Despite her petite figure, she looked confident from the way she walked to the way she told the cab driver where she wanted to go. 

Perhaps I was too busy worrying about everything to notice all this traits about her. 

The chain of surprises never seemed to stop that day when I heard Sarah rattle off my office address to the cab driver. 

James : S…..Sarah….what is going on ?? 

She smiled and said she’s just an employee. 

Sarah : Go and ask your boss…. Haha… 


The cab stopped in front of my office and we got out. 

We hurried up to the office and when the lift door opened, Victor was at the lobby waiting for us. 

James : Victor ?? 

Victor : Hurry… 

We jogged down the corridor and I felt faint when I see them open the door further down from my office, even after the store room. 

It had been given a quick remodelling. So this was what the renovation was about that morning. I recalled seeing crews from a big events company heading in and out. It was set up like an exhibition booth. 

Even prints of medical equipment’s, carried by the company were on the walls. Medical gas cylinders and various first aid equipment dotted the area made to look like some hospital suite. 

When I got in, Stephanie was on her knees beside this lady on wheel chair. She was still dressed in her same dress I saw her in that morning. Her makeup were gone, and her hair was down. 

I recognised the lady from the photos. It was her mother. 

As I stood in front of the crowd, Sarah started to examine Stephanie’s mother, giving her a once over, Sarah asked her some questions and she answered her accordingly, thanking her for the trouble. 

The realisation of what was happening started to flood into my head, my body. Goosebumps rose behind my neck, as a flurry of excitement shot itself into my brain. 

Sarah : She’s ok… 

Auntie : When you said you were bringing me out for a surprise dinner….. I wasn’t expecting this kind of surprise… haha

Victor smiled and knelt down beside his mother. 

Victor : you would never say yes to this. 

I felt my heart softened a little as I looked at the exchange between mother and son. 

Stephanie gave me a smile and I returned it. 

Victor stood up and gave me a squeeze on my shoulder, his look alone expressed more than just gratitude. 

He was still in his work clothes. His white long sleeve top totally drenched with sweat. He definitely looked like he had a long day. 

Victor’s phone rang. 

Victor : TJ ……. 

That was all he said. 

Nothing more. 

Everyone was quiet, Victor’s mother broke the silence and said hi to me with a smile. 

Auntie : Hi James…. Stephanie told me a lot about you… 

James : ohh…hi auntie… 

When Victor hung up, I could see he was thinking. 

Stephanie looked at him, I could tell she was worried. 

Stephanie : Kor ?? …………TJ ?? 

That was the first time I heard Stephanie address her brother in that manner. 

Victor took a while longer before replying. 

He shook his head, looking at Stephanie before turning to me. 

Victor : TJ’s out…. We got to go.


Victor : They know TJ’s leading them around in circles, they stopped following him. 

He signalled for Sarah to pack what she needs and we need to move. 

Opening the door cautiously, I checked to made sure the coast was clear. 

I led the way to the lift, I could hear Victor cursing behind me, mentioning something about he knew the employees and the nurses could not be trusted. 

Victor : I just did not expect news to get out this fast. 

Stephanie : I thought you took care of it… the admin officer ?... 

Victor : forget it… let’s go. 

We took the lift down and went to the car park along the shophouses. Sarah passed me some bags which she took from the room and I just helped her with it.

We went towards a Van, when the side door opened, I realised it was a converted vehicle for transportation. The kind similar to the ones old folks take to the day care. I remember seeing some in my neighbourhood as they make the rounds in the morning, picking up some of my old neighbours. 

It was not easy getting Auntie into the vehicle but we managed. As we struggled with the wheelchair, Victor looked around cautiously. It’s late but with the pubs and entertainment around the area, there were still people walking around. 

None paid us too much attention.

Sarah knew how all the straps and gadgets work, she made quick work of it and secured Auntie properly as she took she bench beside her, asking if she would like some water. 

All of us loaded into the van while Victor took the driver seat. 

Victor’s phone rang again and he paused, signalling for everyone to keep quiet. 

No one moved as he answered the phone in a cold manner. 

Victor : Yes ? 

Then there was silence. An eerie silence as everyone waited for Victor. 

Victor : I’m at my apartment….. 

After a couple more seconds, he hung up the phone. 

No one said a word as Victor leaned back on his seat. I could see his eyes were closed as he thought about the next course of action. 

He got out of the driver seat and came to the back. 

Victor : Ruhui knows we’re up to something. She’s probably sending someone to my place now. 

Next he called TJ, he told him to head over to his place immediately.

As he spoke on his phone, I could tell his mind was thinking as he stared at me, giving me the once over.

He looked at me for a while longer before he started taking off his clothes the moment he hung up with TJ. 

Victor ; Take off your clothes James…. 

I did not change shoes with Victor for practical reasons, the clothes although a bit big, still fits me ok. 

As we exchanged clothes in the van, Victor handed me his car keys. 

Victor : Don’t scratch it… leave all your stuff here… just carry your phone… 

He went to a bag in the van and pulled out some clothes before grabbing a windbreaker from the bottom of the pile. 

I put it on and pulled the hoodie over my head. 

He made some adjustments, rolling up the sleeves to expose my arms before giving me the thumbs up. 

As I watch him take off his watch, I shook my head and said no but he insisted. 

Victor : I always wear a watch. ………. It’s coming out of your salary if you lose it. 

I heard Stephanie chuckled and said I would need to work for free for a year then. 

Victor : Here’s the plan. 

I listened intently as Victor outlined what to do. Sarah and him will head towards Simei. The Van will be parked at the HDB estate right beside Changi Hospital. They have some time to kill before the next move. He has made arrangements with a friend to crash at his flat for the night. 

In case there is any emergency, they could always head to the hospital a short walk away. 

I was to take Victor’s car, pretend I was him and drive back to his spare apartment in Robertson quay. Basically create an impression that he was home all along. 

Victor : Go straight home…. Park the car..... stay and create an impression I’m home. 

He turned to Stephanie saying that they might be expecting visitors, she will need to handle them. 

Victor : TJ will be there soon, he’s coming up from Changi. …. 

He paused to organise his thoughts for a moment before adding. 

Victor : They will be checking a few locations….. my apartment, Stephanie’s place, Ah gong’s house and the office right here. We don’t know where they will head first but we can’t take any chances. Let’s go… 

Stephanie nodded and we left the van after she said her goodbyes to her mother. 

Victor’s car is parked at the carpark beside the Buddha relic temple in Chinatown. A short distance away from where we were. 

Stephanie got out with me and we quickly left the vicinity of the Van. 

We watched from a distance as Victor started up the vehicle and drove off. 

James : What’s happening ?? I’m only getting bits and pieces of information here…… why will Ruhui check the few places Victor said. 

Stephanie replied with a smile. 

Stephanie : Because these are the places she does not own and she has no one working for her there. 

Stephanie brought me up to date, giving me a quick overview of what was going on. They had been planning this for a while and the opportunity came when Ruhui went overseas for a holiday. 

Stephanie : She hardly takes a break, but somehow she decides to bring her son overseas this week. 

It was Victor who suddenly approached Stephanie the weekend before my 1st payday upon confirming that Ruhui will not be in town.

The period happen to coincide with the year end festivities and they felt the timing was right especially her mother was doing much better. They know a few Filipino staff looking after their mother was secretly reporting everything to Ruhui, but they went back from for the holidays as well. 

On the pretext of bringing her mother out for dinner, Victor and Stephanie brought her mother out in the late afternoon.

Sarah was a doctor they have on payroll for a while, Victor regularly sends her his mother’s medical reports for a 2nd opinion. Their ultimate plan was for their mother to leave Singapore, and for that they needed Sarah and her parents. 

James : Her parents ??? 

Stephanie : Sarah’s father is our family doctor…. Has been since we were born…. He retired a few years ago…

James : Mother ?? 

Stephanie : The woman that is travelling with TJ. 

James : This is some serious spy shit…. 

I nodded as we crossed the traffic light, bits and pieces of information started to fall into place and make sense to me. 

They needed Sarah to take care of their mother until they could settle her down. 

Stephanie continued as she nudged me to jaywalk across the empty street. 

Ruhui does not trust Victor at all, in fact she has people reporting about his every move. She long suspected they might try something like this. 

James : You really can make this into a movie…. 

Stephanie gave me a jab in my stomach. 

Stephanie : don’t ever joke about my mother. 

She went on as we crossed the road over to the Buddha relic temple. 

Because of the last minute plan, they could not manage to get a lease for a suitable place to stay. 

Besides the need for dialysis, her mother needs to be near a hospital just in case. 

James : Why not hotels…. ? 

Stephanie : It’s not as private as we want it to be…. I can’t exactly cart all the equipment into the rooms…. Not convenient… We prefer an apartment or something. 

Anyway, in the meantime, they managed to get a spot in orchard but it’s only for a week and they can only go in on the 28th after 3pm. 

It’s right beside Mount Elizabeth. The owner of the place does short term rental to medical tourist. 

It’s currently occupied so they had no choice. 

It’s going to be a long wait. 

Stephanie : We need to hold out a little longer. 

James : It’s only coming to 12 mindnight….. How is auntie going to tahan this until 3pm…. 

She smiled and told me not to underestimate her mother. 

Stephanie : She’s stronger than she looks…. Sarah’s with her… she’s in good hands… 

I fingered the car keys in my pocket and I unlocked the car Stephanie walked me to. I felt a little stressful as I looked at the Mercedes in front of me. 

It’s not some 2 door super sports car but it’s still a C class. 

I don’t remember driving a mercs before since the most mileage I clocked is on my dad’s Toyota. 

Stephanie got in and buckled up. 

I started the engine and tried to reach for the handbrake but I could not find it. 

Stephanie laughed and pointed to the foot brake and I nodded.

My headlights came on. 

James : GPS address please. 

As Stephanie keyed in the address, I looked at the temple a short distance away. I was never a religious person, but I don’t know why I said a short prayer. 

I don’t even know who I’m saying it to. 

I just prayed that Auntie would be fine. Something sincere from the bottom of my heart. 

Suddenly Stephanie grabbed my hand and spoke quickly. 

Stephanie : Get out !!!.. get out !!! ….. get out of the car !!! …. 

I panicked and I reacted immediately, switching off the engine and hopped out. 

I didn’t even lock the car as Stephanie gestured for me to follow her. Turning around, I saw a silver lancer turning slowly into the carpark as we hid behind a column. 

As the car drove pass, Stephanie heaved a sigh of relief as she walked out, wobbling a little unsteadily on her high heels. 

Stephanie : Sorry…. Sorry…. I see wrongly…. A bit tensed up… 

James : Does Ruhui drive a silver lancer ?? 

Stephanie : No… but her staff does… 

We made the short drive to the apartment within minutes as there were hardly any stops along the way. Even the lights seemed to turn green in our favour. 

28th December 2012



Victor’s pad is a 2 bedroom apartment that faces the river, I could even see the spot where the old butter factory is from the balcony. 

Stephanie switched on some lights and immediately went to the fridge. She brought out some crackers and cheese, throwing them onto a plate and quickly put it on the coffee table. 

She made me uncorked a bottle of wine and pointed to the glasses. 

After everything was set, Stephanie went into her brother’s room. 

When she came out a few minutes later, she was out of her dress and instead wearing one of her brother’s long sleeve work shirt. 

Despite the fatigue from a day of travelling and running around, seeing Stephanie with only a shirt up to her thighs still aroused a weird sensation inside me. I tried not to stare as she wiped her perspiration down with a towel and opened a bottle of water. 

We had about 10 minutes to catch our breath before the doorbell rang. 

She immediately pointed to Victor’s room and I ran in. 

It was a small apartment, even with the room door close, I could hear people talking. It was muffled, I could not really make out what they were saying. 

The voices got louder, it looks like they had entered the house. 

I could not stay in my current state, it’s no help. 

I stripped off my clothes and dashed into the shower, cursing as a cold blast of icy water hit me before it gradually turned warm. 

Going through the array of products on Victor’s vanity top, I saw a mud mask from Jeju island and I immediately started to smear it all over my face. 

I checked the mirror to make sure I’m totally covered. Drying my body with a towel I pulled off the rack, I ransacked Victor’s cupboard and found a pair of boxers. 

Fuck I look like a dick and I checked out the full length mirror as I was about to leave the room. 

My boxers were purple with a black band around the waist, but it had yellow words splashed diagonally across it.

I drape the towel across my shoulder and checked to make sure my mask is ok. 

I quickly put on the gold watch Victor gave me earlier. There was a ipad on the table beside the bed and I took it too. I guess pretending to walk out while reading something on the ipad would make a bit of sense. 
I paused by the door and I could tell they were still talking. 

Inside my mind I already knew what to say. 

I’m the boss in a way, I’m going to tell them to fuck off and don’t disturb my rest

I took a deep breath and opened the door, trying to look like I’m pissed. The moment I saw TJ and Stephanie, my dick shrank and I felt like puking. 

Sarah’s mother came out from the kitchen and she gave a gasp as she looked at me. 

Stephanie burst out laughing while TJ stared at me with opened mouth. 

Stephanie : Haha… What the fuckk….James…. haha… 

She just laughed as she sat down on the sofa. 

TJ shook his head and turned away. 

James : I…. I thought....i though.t…… never mind. 

I went back to the room and started to wash up, feeling like a ultimate dick. 

I joined the rest in the living room, and I helped myself to a glass of wine. I think I deserved it. 

As the chatted about the rest of the plan, I listened in intently, determined to be as much help as I could be to this in whatever way possible. 

The siblings mother will be housed at the apartment in Orchard for a couple of days, Sarah and her mother will be there to take care of her. 

She needs another dialysis on the morning of the 1st day of the new year, thereafter, they will be sending her to Malaysia. There she would be safe from Ruhui.


The doorbell rang but it was a call from the gate.

The security called, saying that some visitors are looking for him urgently.

TJ answered the call and say he’s not taking any visitors. Tell them to go away. 

The security guard apologised for disturbing and hung up. 

Everyone seems to breathe a little easier. 


Stephanie’s phone rang, Victor updated her that all is ok on his end, their mother is sleeping and he asked everyone to rest too. 

Stephanie handed me her phone, laughing as she said her brother is worried about his watch. 

Stephanie : Nah…. 

James : Helllo… 

Victor : James…. Listen very very carefully to what I am about to say… 

James : Orh… 

Victor : repeat after me………Say ‘the watch’ 

James : Yes… the watch…. 

Victor : Say ‘2nd cupboard, 1st drawer…’ 

James: 2nd cupboard, 1st drawer. 

Victor : Now get up and go into my room. 

I did as I was told, heading to the drawer Victor pointed me to. 

Victor : Are you alone in the room… 

James : Yes… 

As I placed his watch into a watch winder, I could not help but be amazed at the dozen or so watches he owned. Each one turning in a hypnotic manner with lights reflecting of it’s gems and jewels. 

As Victor spoke, his words sent a chill down my spine. 

Victor : You will go to work as per usual in the morning….. Ruhui will come ….. 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. 

Victor : She will come and …..she will try to talk to you…. 

James : As in … bribe me ?? … 

Victor : Yes… she has a way with people….she knows how to manipulate them….

James : don’t worry… I’m not interested in money….you can trust me… 

Victor : Listen James…..she will talk to you…..and there is nothing you can do…nothing….

I stopped breathing the moment Victor spoke his last sentence. Oxygen stopped flowing into my brain as a lump caught in my throat. I felt like puking, and I could not believe what I just heard. 

All the planning, all their effort, and the very words that entered my ears felt like someone dropping a brick on my balls. 

Victor : Take the money…. Sell us out…


James : What are you talking about ?? What do you mean ?? 

Victor : … Ruhui will not stop until she gets what she wants….She wants information…. You will be the one to give it to her…..I got to go… remember…. don’t tell anyone about this… not even Stephanie… do you understand ?? I’ll get back once I have more information..

James : Yes….but… but… 

He hung up after that before I got to ask my questions. 

After Victor hung up, I tried calling him back using Stephanie’s phone but there was no answer. 

I went back out to the living room and they were still deep in discussion. 

Stephanie : James, it’s ok… you can go back and rest…. 

I nodded. 

Before I left Stephanie even told me not to go to work the next day. 

Stephanie : It’s ok, take the day off… have a good rest.. 

I nodded. 

She sent me off at the door and I was still reeling from the phone call with Victor. 

She tapped me on my shoulder a couple of times. 

Stephanie : Hey…. Hey…. You ok ?? 

James : Ya….ya…. just … tired… 

I froze on the spot as Stephanie came forward and gave me a hug, pressing her breast and body against me. It lasted about 2 seconds before she broke off. The smell of her hair and stale perfume lingered around my body and nose long enough for me to get an erection.

Stephanie : Thanks for the help…. I’ll buy you drinks when everything is over…

She flashed me a radiant smile as she closed the door. 

Upon getting onto a cab, I was notified that a wasapp group has been created for all of us by Victor. Information will be shared within the group. 


After I showered and laid down in bed, I could not sleep. I was struggling with what Victor had told me. 

Sure, I also think Victor had some kind of a plan, maybe I’m just a pawn to throw everyone off the track or something. If not, there was no way he would ask me to sell them out. 

On the other hand, what if this was just a test. He wanted to see if I could be trusted. There is no head nor tail to this shit. 

The fuck is wrong with people these days. One moment I could sympathise with Victor, if I was him I probably would not want to tell someone he barely knew for a couple of months too much. 

Another moment, I got angry because it feels awful when you know people don’t trust you yet expects you to do something.

I fell asleep with a splitting headache. 


I went to work as usual, I was a little late, only exiting the train station at 8.30, 

I walked slowly towards my office, somehow the usual route I always take seemed a little different that morning. Everyone I passed by seemed to be staring at me, maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks on me. 

I kept thinking about what Victor said, but I was unsure what to make of it. 

Messages to him were not replied either


I was yawning and trying to sort through the day’s work. Uncle Bobby had just left with another batch of goods and stuff for dispatch and I was going for my 3rd cup of coffee. 


My phone rang and it was Victor, I immediately picked it up. 

James ; Yes… I’m here… 

Victor : Ruhui is on her way back from Taiwan, she should be landing anytime soon…. 

James : Victor… honestly…. I don’t know what to do…. 

Victor laughed 

Victor : …. Relax… James…. Don’t need to do anything….. I …err… don’t think there’s anything you can do anyway if you are dealing with Ruhui…..

James : But… but what do I say…. What do I do when she asks me…?? That I don’t know anything ? or should I tell her you all are somewhere else or something ?? You can trust me… I won’t say a thing… 

Victor paused for a while before adding. 

Victor : Knowing Ruhui….. I highly doubt it…….Just drag as long as you can……if all else fails…..Tell her we’re at Gleneagles….. Call me after you speak with her ok… call me immediately….

Then he hung up on me. 

I tried to compose myself as I waited in the office. 

I even bought lunch back to the office as I was afraid I might miss out on Ruhui’s visit. 


There was a knock on the office door. 

When I opened it, there was this really sweet girl at the entrance. She’s pretty, her hair is a little damp and looking at her umbrella, i realised it was drizzling outside. She had this radiant youthful look about her and she cannot be possibly more than 25.

James : Yes ?? 

Girl : Hi… I’m Cheryl….. I have an appointment with Stephanie… you are?? 

My heartrate immediately increased as I looked at the innocent young face in front of me, unsure of my reply. 

I could immediately call the bluff and said she’s lying but I chose not to. If I was to maintain I did not know anything including the notion of me not seeing Stephanie for a while, there was no way I would know about her appointments. 

I decided to play along.

James : I’m James….Oh… Stephanie’s not in at the moment….do you want to come back later?? 

Cheryl : Oh… that’s weird… she asks me to be here at 2.30pm…. 

Yah right, this had to be the most lame trick ever. 

James : Ermm.. you want to give her a call or something ? …. She never mentioned what time she would be back…. 

Cheryl : Ok sure… 

I watched in amazement as Cheryl dialled her phone in front of me and put it to her ears. 

Cheryl : Hi Stephanie ….. this is Cheryl ….. I’m at your office… but…. 

Then she paused. 

Cheryl : Hmm.. ok… ok sure… no problem… 

Then she hung up. 

Cheryl : Stephanie asked me to wait for her in the office, she will be right up. 

James : What …? 

She maintained the wide eye innocent look that made me doubt my resolve. Fuck. This looks like some crime watch scenario you see on TV. Some stranger pretending to be your parents’ friends asking to come into the living room. It was a trick for kids and children. 

I could not believe it was happening to me. Instead of an adult tricking a kid, it was a sweet young girl cheating me. 

Cheryl : Errr….. can… i….have a coffee or something while I wait ?? … was caught in the rain earlier and all…..

James : Err….oh… ok…. Ok… come in…. 

My heart was beating faster as she took a seat by 1 of the empty tables near the pantry cabinets. I made her a coffee and left her alone. 

Relax….. I’m not some small kid waiting for my parents to come home from work. There was no way she could do anything I cannot handle. 

Cheryl was wearing a long sleeve grey work blouse and a tight white skirt that had layered seams. Her legs were creamy white and they looked delicious in her pair of white heels. 

Her hourglass figure was prominently displayed for all to see, her blouse tucked in tightly and neatly into her skirt. Her tummy looked flat and toned too and as she sat down, she put on a pair of black framed glasses. 

The only way I could describe her was a Jap porn star look. 

I struggled with my decision to call Stephanie. 

It’s just a phone call away to verify this. If she’s not who she says she is, I could always throw her out. 

I fingered my phone and decided to drop Stephanie a message. I did not want Cheryl to know I contacted Stephanie. 

James sms : Are you expecting someone at the office ? 

I stole a glance at Cheryl , she had just brushed back her fringe and was playing with her phone. 

I did not get a reply. 

10 minutes into the wait, I was about to tell Cheryl to come back another day when she suddenly stood up and went to the door. Before I could figure out what was going on, she hit the door release button and the magnetic catch gave way.

Pulling the door open, a well dressed woman walked in flanked by this butch looking assistant and another guy. 

James : Hey… hey… hey …!.... 

The woman had to be Victor’s wife, Ruhui. She’s well dressed in a black dress and a grey blazer. Classy is the word to use. Her hair is neat, almost immaculate and a string of white pearls hung around her neck. 

Her bearing alone spoke volumes. The way she looked around the office as if she could buy and own everything with a swipe of her card. 

Power. Yes… power. 

That was the vibe I got as she walked right in and took the seat opposite me. 

Ruhui : Hi James…I don’t like to waste time….. so I’m going to go straight to the point. 

She started off by saying that the legal guardian of her mother in law is not her 2 children, it falls on her father in law. 

Ruhui : Your employer just broke the law….

Leaning forward, she continued. Her hands gestured strongly as she tried to put forward her reasons. The manner in which she spoke would not be out of place if she was debating a policy in parliament. 

Ruhui : This is Singapore, can we allow people to just kidnap old folks from their beds in community hospitals ?? Don’t you think something is wrong here ?? 

I froze and I could not move. 

Ruhui : It’s very very sad….. and embarrassing….for me to even discuss my family issues here with you but I’m doing it because I believe you can help me. 

By then I was already panicking. I’m a very easy person to read. I was sure she could tell I knew something.

Ruhui : Please… before anything gets out of hand…..tell me you want to help end this embarrassing episode for everyone. 

My mouth could not move. My brain was not moving either. 

At that very moment, my phone started vibrating on the office table, the buzzing and vibration caught everyone’s attention. 

Even a blind person could tell who was calling. 

Stephanie’s name flashed on my screen and no one moved. 

Not Ruhui, she was exceptionally calm, her arms were folded while she looked at me. She did not make an attempt to grab the phone, she did not make an attempt to make me answer the phone. 

Like a eerie spectre, she remained motionless, waiting for me to make the next move. 

The butch leaned against the pantry cupboard while the other guy rest his arms on the reception. 

Cheryl was standing up, looking at me with her wide innocent eyes. I stole a quick glance at her breast, they looked really full and round, pushing themselves out from her chest. 

Fuck, she would definitely be someone I want to approach at the club if I saw her there. 

I blinked back to reality when Ruhui spoke, shattering all of my thoughts. 

Ruhui : What ?? …..You like Cheryl ???........ is it ?? …. You … you…. Want… want to sleep with her ?? 

Her fingers waved absentmindedly towards her as if she was nothing but a whore under her employment.

I was absolutely horrified with what I just heard. Such a degrading way of speaking about your employee. 

The ringing on my phone stopped

James : WHAT !.... how could you say that ?? 

Ruhui : You were looking at her isn’t it…. At her breast ?? …Her legs ??? … is it you want ?? … in exchange for telling me where is my mother in law ?? 

James : How could you….

I could not begin to describe how angry I was at her attitude. What kind of fucker talks in this manner anyway? 

What she did next blew me away. 

Ruhui : Cheryl… take off your clothes… 

James : What the fuck….. 

I turned towards Cheryl,feeling a little apologetic and I watch her take a step back, unsure as to what to do. Her eyes kept darting to Ruhui and back to me. She looked scared and a little terrified. 

Ruhui shot her a look before locking eyes at me again and instantly Cheryl started 
unbuttoning her blouse slowly. 

James : Fuck !.... fuck !.... what the fuck man… stop… ! 

Cheryl did not stop.. 

She continued taking off her top until it revealed a lacy peach coloured bra. Her cups were half, wrapping around her young curvy breast. 

Ruhui : What ?? 

Ruhui had this arrogant look of impatience on her face. As if I was not worthy of raising any statement.

Ruhui :You want to look at her breast right ??? isn’t it ?? 

James : Put your clothes back on…!... 

Ruhui pointed to Cheryl again in an impatient and bossy manner. The look on her face is priceless. I fucking guarantee you would love to punch the shit out of her. 

Her frown was set deep into her expression, one of her eyes became smaller as she spoke in that condescending manner at Cheryl, commanding her as if she was her slave of some sort. 

Ruhui : Take off your skirt…. 

James : No don’t ! 

I raised up my left palm at Cheryl while trying to look at Ruhui at the same time, pointing to her with my right index finger. 

Then I jumped where I stood as I had a shock. 

Ruhui raised her voice so loud in the office that I was sure the neighbouring offices could hear what was going on. 


Ruhui gestured for the guy to go get some condoms and the butch stood with her back to the entrance, blocking anyone who would want to peep in. 

I watched Cheryl’s expression changed as she held back her tears. Her eyes were turning red. She was shaking. 

James : No stop !... 

Cheryl sniffed a little audibly as she pulled down the zip on her tight white skirt. As the zip came down, I could see the seamless boyshort panty she was wearing, it was also white. 

The skirt came off and she stepped out of it in her white heels, standing a few metres away from me in only her bra and panty. 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. I tried not to look at her. 

The butch was looking at Cheryl, checking out her body.

Ruhui : SO how ?? You want to fuck her ??? you want her to suck your cock ?? What do you want ??? … just say it and stop wasting my time…

James : Stop… sTOP…!... STOP !

Ruhui reached into her bag and took out a packet of cigarette. 

James : Don’t you dare… 

She ignored me and lit up a cigarette in the office, blowing a puff of smoke my way. The fragrant aroma of the fag drifted towards me, bringing back to my army days when I was still a regular smoker. 

Ruhui : What ? You going to hit me ?? or what ?? call the ENV officers?? 

I don’t know what to do. For the first time in my life I was at a lost. How could anyone behave in that manner. 

Ruhui : Cheryl…. Go stand beside James…. 

James : No… stay where you are.. 

Ruhui : GO ! 

Cheryl by now was opening sobbing. She hugged her own arms as she sobbed, trying to hold back her cries. 

I could feel an erection stirring in my pants. I don’t know what is the matter with me. Who could be aroused by this in that situation? 

James : No… that’s enough… stop… 

I kept waving for Cheryl to stop but she kept walking towards me, sobbing and crying. 

My phone rang again, it was Stephanie. The phone almost jumping as it vibrates on the table.

Ruhui : Just tell me where Stephanie is…. That will do…. You can have Cheryl…. You can fuck her for all I care…. It’s free you know… 

Ruhui : You can do anything you want to her.. 

James : You shut up…just shut up !... 

I pointed my finger at her, jabbing it at her line of sight as she took another puff of her cigarette. 

I can’t believe I was so riled up by this woman. What happened to the usually calm James ?

Where did that man go ?

Ruhui : Cheryl…. Hug James….

James : No… no… you don’t need to …. Wait…

Ruhui : Oh…. You don’t want a hug ??? is it ??

I saw a steady stream of smoke exit Ruhui’s nose as she gestured for Cheryl to kneel down.

Ruhui : Kneel down Cheryl…

I shook my head and shouted at Ruhui.

James : That’s enough !!!!!

Cheryl took a deep breath and got down on her knees, Her entire cheeks streak with tears. As she kneeled down, 1 of her heel came off. Time seemed to pause as she kicked off the other.

Ruhui : Take off your bra…

My phone buzzed nosily on the table, Stephanie’s name flashing non stop before it finally died off.

Within seconds, Cheryl’s bra came off and she was no longer sobbing. She was crying out loud, her hands covering her face as she unclasped her bra. My blood was boiling.

Yet more blood rushed to my dick.

Ruhui : Are you having an erection James ?? or are you gay ??? har ??

Then she flicked her cigarette at Cheryl, causing her to squirm and scream as the butt hit her on her shoulder.

Ruhui : Take off James’s pants…

James : Don’t you fucking dare do it….

I shouted so loud at Ruhui that I could see a few figures outside the office door. No doubt busybodies from neighbouring offices trying to see what was going on.

Ruhui remained calm, her expression unchanging.

Ruhui ; Are you asking me or asking her ???

Cheryl reached for my pants and I pushed her away.

James : No stop…

But she kept reaching for me, crying harder and louder. I kept pushing her away, one last push was pretty hard and she fell back down, crying as she landed on her buttocks.

My phone buzzed again, it was the 3rd time Stephanie was calling.

Ruhui’s eyes went to the phone for a second before looking back at me.

Ruhui : Cheryl…. You will give James a blowjob…. Then you will fuck him… you understand ??.... Send me a picture or you’re fired…. Together with your mum, your dad and your brother…..your sister can forget about her scholarship with the company…

James : FUCK !... stop…

Ruhui did not even finish her sentence when Cheryl cried harder and became more aggressive in taking off my pants.

I could no longer point a finger at Ruhui, I had to use to hands to stop Cheryl.

Ruhui : James…. If you as much as scratch Cheryl, I will accuse you of rape…

James : Fuck you !!...

Ruhui : Oh ?? …. Why ??? now you want me ??? just say it… you want to fuck me instead ???
She got up and took off her blazer.

James : AHHHH FUCK.. STOP!!!..

I lost my grip for a moment and Cheryl managed to pull down my pants while I looked in helplessly at Ruhui.

What other options do I have ? I can’t possibly punch Cheryl.

My phone buzzed again, the vibration knocking on my table. Everything seems to be driving me nuts.

I was left in my boxers and Cheryl’s was sobbing harder.

Ruhui : SO how…. Is it me or her ???

Ruhui : I’m still going to fire her you know if you choose me…. Because she won’t get to fuck you then …..

My head was about to explode and before I knew it, my boxers were pulled down and Cheryl was stroking my dick. Despite my swelling anger, I could feel my dick swelling at the same time.

I was about to shout at Ruhui again when I felt the warm mouth of a sobbing Cheryl suck down hard onto my dick head.

James ; AHHHgghhh….

Have you ever been sucked by a crying girl before ??

A really crying girl.

The first suck was hard, the pressure clamping down as she took me into her mouth, but because she was still crying, the series of sob came after, resulting in 3 shorter lighter sucks.

1 long and hard suck before 3 short ones.

The rythem started and I was caught between this sick arousal in my dick and this rising anger in my head.

Ruhui : SO how ??? She’s already sucking your cock….. where is my mother in law ??? Where is Stephanie ???

James : Arhgghgh….

I could feel my foreskin being peeled back as Cheryl clamped down harder, I gritted my teeth, holding back a moan as I tried to push her head away.

My exposed dick head was assaulted by her tongue, my pee hole being tortured and pressed, all this while the rhythm of 1 long and 3 short sucks continued.

I managed to push Cheryl away as I grunted and got myself free, exposing my dick at Ruhui.

Ruhui : Don’t waste my time…you want to fuck her??? Blowjob is not good enough right ???

Cheryl cried harder as I watch her wipe her mouth with the back of her hands.

Ruhui : Cheryl get up…turn around and take off your panty…

James : No… that’s enough… stop… stop…

At this moment, the guy came back and threw a packet of condom onto the table before going back out again.

Ruhui : Nah… go ahead… fuck her…

James : Fuck you…

I tried to pull up my pants and boxers and Ruhui gestured to the butch.

That was it.

I was at my limit.

I’m going to throw my first punch if she fucking even comes close to touching me.

I was wrong.

The butch was not going for me. She went for Cheryl.

Cheryl screamed as she was grabbed by the arm and forced to bend over the desk.

Ruhui toppled all my stationary and took a marker. Those thick black marker about a inch thick and throw it to the butch.

Ruhui : Jacklyn ….. use this….

I was absolutely horrified as I look at the butch calmly take the marker and tried to fuck Cheryl with it.

Cheryl : NO !!.. NO!!.. please…

She struggled helplessly, crying and pleading before rushing into my arms, hugging me as she cried against my chest.

Cheryl : No please….sob… sob…

Ruhui : It’s your choice James…. Are you going to fuck her ??? or you want Jacklyn to do it.. ??

My entire body was shaking, so was Cheryl. She was sobbing so hard she was drooling on me. Her body was shaking so badly as well and I took off my shirt and threw it around her.

James : Fuck you… I’m calling the police….

I immediately took up my phone but before I could do it, Ruhui asked Cheryl a question.

Ruhui : Cheryl…. Did James rape you ?

I could not believe what I was hearing as Cheryl sobbed harder and pulled away from me.

Ruhui : Don’t make me repeat myself Cheryl ….. did James rape you ??

She nodded, hugging her body as she squatted down, crying in the office.

Ruhui ; There are 3 women in this room….. James….. go ahead….. call…

I was at a total loss for words..

Never have I seen someone as vile and toxic as this woman sitting in front of me. I finally know why Stephanie hates her so much.


Ruhui : Cheryl , take the condom…. Go and fuck James… quick…. Don’t waste time.. 

James : Don’t you dare…. 

Jacklyn immediately grabbed Cheryl without the need for Ruhui to prompt her and Cheryl screamed, crying and hugging onto me for help. 

Cheryl : Please…. James… please… please….sob… sob… sob… 

She tore open the condom wrapper and pulled down my pants. 

Everything happened so fast that I had no time to react. 

My dick was throbbing hard and a few strokes from Cheryl was all it took to get me ready for the cap. 

I glared on angrily as Cheryl rolled the condom onto my dick before bending over the table in front of me. 

Ruhui ; What are you waiting for ? fuck her la…. 

Cheryl sobbed and turned around, her eyes red and swollen, she pleaded with me to do it. 

James : ARGHHHH!! FUCK…!!.... FUCK!!!... FUCK!!! All of you… 

I spread Cheryl’s butt cheeks aside and I pushed myself into her cunt. It was a bit dry but definitely tight. Her unwilling pussy squeezed onto my invasive dick as I pushed myself into her. 

Cheryl : Auuhhhhhhhhhhhghh……arghh.. ughh……

I fuck myself all the way in as she sobbed on the table while Ruhui looked on without an expression. 

I pulled myself out immediately after the 1st stroke. 

James : THERE !... you happy now ?? 

Cheryl sobbed and cried, her body sliding off the table as she sank onto the floor hugging her knees. 

Ruhui ; Ok… good… now where is my mother in law… 

Jacklyn came with the marker again and Cheryl was clinging onto me, begging for me to save her. 

James : ARHHHH.. FUCK…. They’re at Gleneagles… fuck you !!. 

Ruhui smiled at me and asked Jacklyn a question. 

Ruhui : Just now downstairs we passed by a bank…. 

Jacklyn immediately knew what her boss wanted and went to her bag and retrieved a chequebook. 

Ruhui : Ah… bank of china….. now I remember…. Cheryl…. What are you still doing there… go get dressed…. 

I watched in horror as Ruhui calmly issued me a cash cheque for 10k while a sobbing Cheryl put on her clothes. 

Ruhui : It’s a cash cheque…. Go downstairs… take the money… then…err… I don’t know what is it guys like to do…. Just go and enjoy yourself…ya…. 

As they got up and left, I stood motionless in the office. My dick was still rock hard, throbbing away as I tried to make sense of what happened within the past hour. 

I pulled off the condom and got dressed but my hard throbbing erection refused to die down, resulting in a thick bulge in my pants

I wanted to call Stephanie but it’s more critical to inform Victor first.

I immediately called Victor and he picked it up right away. 

James : it’s me…. I told her you all are at Gleneagles. 

Victor : Ok… good… that should buy us a bit more time… go link up with TJ and Stephanie 

James : Are they at Mount E now ??? 

Victor : Yes, my mum’s having her treatment, after that we’ll check in to the apartment. 

Before I hung up Victor asked. 

Victor : Did she give you a hard time ? 

James : You have no idea…. 

I hung up and packed up. 

As I unlocked the door, I had another shock and I felt my heart dropped right down the abyss. 

Standing by the door was Cheryl. Her eyes was red, she was still sobbing a little. Her phone in her hands. 

Cheryl : I…..I…. sob… sob…. I was told…. To stay with… you… …I’m….. I’m…. sorry…. 

I grabbed her phone and stared at the message screen in disbelief. 

Her last message out to Ruhui. 

“Mount E”


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