Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My bet with my colleague - part 3

I exhaled and was about to speak when Joan beat me to it. 

Joan : You like my worn clothes ar ? 

Joan : Have you done this before ? 

Joan : Like even before we got together ? 

Her battery of questions came all at once and for some reason I was without a reply. 

James : I… can explain… 

Joan actually snigger and giggled to herself as she stacked the documents together.

I told Joan what actually happened but she scoffed and snorted when she laughed, adding that she did not believe Patrick would do something like that. 

Joan : It’s ok la…. I know I’m hot and young man like you got your needs … hahaha. 

I tried to explain again but she waved me off, asking me to quickly finish up the documents and head back. 

Barely 10 minutes after we picked up the momentum of binding the documents, Joan actually initiated a series of discussion with me that surprised me. 

Using the worn clothing incident as a springboard, Joan actually asked me in a very direct manner what my fetishes were. 

Joan : So… what do you …..erm… really really… like ? As in …in a sexual kind of way… 

I looked up from the binding machine and my hands jumbled up the slots for the binding teeth. 

Joan : Well, you know….. it’s better to be open in a relationship…. 

She went on a matter of factly and carried on her questions. 

Joan : Since I chanced upon your worn clothes fetish….. you might just as well come clean with the rest of them .. haha… 

Joan did not even look up at me when she spoke, instead choosing to carry on her work. 

I was actually considering what she asked pretty seriously and thoughts of my previous relationships came into my mind. I tried to recall if I had actually had such a conversation with my partners before. 

This level of communications seems a little bit too high level for a simple man like me. 

Immediately I considered the duration I had been together with Joan, asking myself is it too soon to be discussing these questions, then at the same time I was processing these thoughts, words of advice from older friends who have been married for some time. 

They all had the consensus that if you had anything wild on your mind you wanted to try, best to do it early in your relationship. 

Especially during the honeymoon period. 

James : Let me think about it…. You think about yours too. 

She threw a ball of paper at me, adding that she does not have any particular sick fetishes. 

Joan : I’m not smelling your worn clothes for sure….. 

29th March 2013


11 am 

I could feel a couple of weird stares coming from Patrick’s lunch khakis the past couple of days but I brushed it off as me being too sensitive. 

No one would believe me now that Patrick had spoken first. No point explaining myself, it’ll only make things worse. 

I guess he had to make the first move in case I decided to spill the beans on him. 

I wonder how would he feel if he eventually finds out Joan and I were together.


Joan’s parents actually came and met Joan for lunch that afternoon so I ate with a couple of other colleagues. 

Even after the lunch meeting with her parents, her phone rang several times throughout the rest of the day. It was not hard to guess it was her parents. 

2 more days before the handover to Thomas and to close the chapter, I guess it’s natural they’re busy with all the necessary preparations. 

At 7pm that Friday evening, I was done with my work and ready to leave but Joan was still engaged on the phone. 

It’s her parents, they kept bothering her with phone calls, asking her to check her emails and I saw her using her banking token a couple of times. I snuck a few peeps and saw that she must have entered her Singpass into some website no less than 3 times that day. 

By 7.45pm 

My stomach is growling and I had to resort to munching on crackers I kept in the office. Joan is grumpy and she had a frown on her face as she spoke to her parents over the phone. 

Every couple of minutes, she would slide over on her chair, held onto my hand and put whatever I had on my hand into her mouth. Bits of crackers, chocolates, loveletters, even some pistachio nuts. 

I considered taking my dick out in my hand and just have it ready but I was worried she might bite it off given her foul mood. 


Joan was finally done and she signalled that she was ready to head out for dinner. 

James : Everything ok ?

Joan : Yup. 

We grabbed a simple dinner at the hawker centre at Kovan before heading over to Joan’s place. 

10 pm 

I had just come out of the shower when I saw Joan’s parents talking with her at the dining table. I excused myself into her room. 


Joan snuggled up to me in the room and she updated me about the discussion with her parents. 

It turns out that her mum had receive calls from several staffs, telling them that Thomas had started hiring quite a few foreigners into the company. Most of them are related one way or another with Thomas girlfriend. 

From uncles who use to drive a bus to aunties who use to clean the foodcourt. There was even a new admin staff who was supposedly a good sister of the girlfriend. 

The staff were not happy for obvious reasons, they complained of hygiene and unethical handling of food by PRC workers. The trio of chefs that had followed the mum for quite a while were considering leaving too, together with a few other old workers. 

James : Let them leave… good what… that way, Thomas new company won’t survive for long. 

Joan went on to explain that there’s some new developments because of the staff decisions. 

Joan : The chefs wanted to start out on their own… on a smaller scale or course but they only know how to cook and manage a kitchen. 

Joan : They are not confident of handling the other operational requirements of the business. 

Joan added that her parents was keen to help their old staff start off but they did not want to get involved for too long, so they wanted her to quit her job, take the helm of the new business and eventually they can retire with a piece of mind. 

James : Woah… you’re quitting ? 

Joan : I don’t know … but my parents already registered the new business entity together with my name in it. 

We spent the next 30 minutes talking about her plans but came to no conclusion. 

Joan : I got to start from scratch…. Get clients, customers… build up the reputation… it’s going to be challenging. 

James : If it’s easy, everyone on the street would own a business already… 

Joan : How… how ? ,,…. Headache. 

I got up and straddled Joan . 

James : Give me a blowjob and I’ll tell you the solution… 

I started to pull my shorts aside and Joan just started biting wildly, saying that she will bite it off it I ever go close.

James : You already have a good list of clients….. one that your mum build up over the years. 

Joan : What do you mean ? 

I gave her a naughty smile and told her she could probably copy all the important information from the office and bring it over to her new company. 

James : Send out a mail, say all the chefs and old staff have joined you and so on and so forth….. 

She gave me a look of disgust and added ; 

Joan : That is so wrong… …. But…. It’s a good idea though… 

I parted my shorts aside totally and Joan hesitated for a while before taking my dick in and I felt the instant comfort and warmth of her mouth on my manhood. 

I continued talking as Joan sucked a little half-heartedly at my dick. 

James : Erhgh… see… urgh.. once Thomas new PRC staff …uerghhh urghh.. takes over… urgh… the standard would probably drop… 

I exhaled and readjusted my position so Joan could take more of me inside her mouth. 

James : Your old clients would probably start leaving…urghh..urgh… they would need to find someone else… 

I felt the sudden increase in suction pressure and Joans’ hands had came over to my waist as I struggled to balance while holding onto the bed frame and the wall. 

James : urghh… urgh…. Rather they find a new company… arghh… urgh… they might as well go to you… urghhh… urghh… 

The slurping got a little more frequent and as if concurring with what I said, Joan put in more effort into the blowjob. 

James : Urgh…urgh… urghh….oh my god… I’m… coming… 

Joan suddenly paused and pulled me out. 

Joan : But.. how are we going to get the information ? … I can’t exactly walk into the front door and sit at the machine to download everything out.

I tried to put my dick back into Joan’s mouth but she slap it away.

James : Dear I’m coming….. almost there already..

I half coaxed and beg my way back into Joan’s mouth and the moment the suction started, I could feel the pressure building up.

James : Just…. Arghh.. argh.. just… sneak in at night…arghh..arghh..arghhh.. to copy the information….arhgh.. arhg.. urghhhhhh

I did not know if it was what I spoke but Joan suddenly sucked down so hard, at the same time pressing her tongue down the tip of my dick, as if trying to stop me from cumming but it instead increased the pressure buildup at my dick and I could feel the shiver coming from the back of my spine.

James : ARghh… I’m cumming..

Joan wanted to stop and pull me out but it was too late as I lost control and squirted my sperm deep into her mouth as her eyes widened in horror.

Her mouth wanted to open but perhaps for fear of making a mess, she instead clamped shut.

Joan tried to press down on the tip of my erupting dick with the tongue but the sensitive nerves caused me to squirt more violently, emptying my load into Joan.

Her eyes were wide open and I knew immediately I was going to get a scolding the moment I pull myself out. Joan had already started tapping me vigorously on my hip, as if telling me she’s going to overflow.

I withdrew myself and a slimy trail of saliva and semen followed my dick out.

Joan’s hand tried to cover and protect the drip but her own sudden action caused her to choke and cough.

Joan : Cough…cough… bleh..

I could tell it was not going to be a pretty sight. If we get cum all over the bedsheets and pillowcases, we’re going to have a hard time explaining why we needed to change sheets in the middle of the night.

She tried to sit up and hover over the bin by the side of the bed while covering her mouth at the same time.

I tried to be helpful and started tapping on her back since she was coughing.

James ; Calm down.. calm down… don’t choke…

They was a violent cough and I saw a little trickle of saliva end up in the bin before Joan screamed and tugged my hair.

Joan : You ! …. James !!!... arghhh…

In between coughs, Joan hit me repeatly, blaming me for letting her swallow most of my warm cum.

When she has calmed down enough, I asked her how does it taste like.

Joan : Like the sambal stingray you had for dinner…

I got on top of her and pulled down her pants.

Joan : What are you doing ? ! crazy ah…

James : we shared the stingray… I want to taste for myself….

I got a smack so hard across my head that I tumbled onto my back.

Joan : Don’t touch me for the rest of the month.

We fell asleep after I fingered Joan to her big O.

30th March 2013


We had breakfast with Joan’s parents and parted ways at around 11.30am

Joan’s mother commented that she must have had a good sleep the last night, she could see the radiant colours on her cheeks.

I had to restraint myself for laughing out while Joan did not find it funny at all.

James : I read online it’s good for you.

Joan : Then you take it yourself lor.


We bought a hardisk at a local IT stall and Joan was asking how should we go about doing it.

I told her to just walk right into the office with a swagger.

The papers are not signed yet.

By 5pm over at my place, I could tell Joan was having 2nd thoughts, she did not feel comfortable doing something like this.

Joan : Eh… how… like not very right leh….


Joan : I think forget it la…


Joan : How ah James ? …. Should we do it or not ?


I started packing some tools and equipment into my backpack and I got changed.

Joan : I’m a bit nervous James…

I zipped up my bag and picked out Joan’s clothes for her.

James : Here… change.

The only black clothes she had at my place was a black bra and undies. The rest are pretty much coloured.

James : Nah.. just wear this..

She stripped and got change and I had to force myself not to look but I could already feel my erection building up.

Joan : How ah ? jia lat leh….. like that…. So indecisive…. I’ll make a bad boss…

She buckled her bra up and went to pick out a black t-shirt of mine and just slipped it on although it’s a bit too big and loose for her. Joan rolled up the sleeves and tied the bottom into a cute knot at the side of her left waist.

Then she reached for one of my army running shorts and pulled it on.

James : Don’t worry, just copy and paste only, very fast one…


I did an equipment check and made sure I had everything I needed in case of an emergency.


We reached the location of the central kitchen and we alighted 1 street away on the cab. The cab driver gave us a suspicious look but asked no questions.

I waited for the cab to pull away before heading in the direction of the kitchen.

We paused 4-5 units away to observe the unit for a while, concealing ourselves behind some large crates.

We saw a couple of staff slowly filing out from the side door. The last shift ends at 10pm.


We do not know for sure whether all the staff had left but it’s been a while since anyone came out.

Given a choice, no one would want to stay late.

We were about to head over when I saw the road lit up by the headlights of a incoming car.

I quickly pulled Joan aside and back into the shadows.

The headlights illuminated the small road, I could hear the hum of the engine as it slowly cruised down the street.

It should have past us by now but it seems to be going really slow.

I saw the peek of the headlights and I pulled Joan behind the crates, circling around to the back before coming up just in time to see the rear of the vehicle.

We immediately shot each other a look and Joan instantly grabbed my hand, signalling that we should go.

It was Thomas’ car.

I signalled for Joan to calm down while I take a look.

The car eventually stopped, not at the unit owned by Thomas, but instead at the neighbouring lot 2 units away.

The lights and engine were turned off and the entire street fell into a deafening silence.

Aside from the occasional gust of wind scraping leaves by the road, it was quiet.

Joan and I were perspiring and I could see the beads of sweat rolling down the back of her neck as we both observed the vehicle.

It was dark but I know for sure Thomas has yet to step out of the car.

I told Joan to go closer for a look but she was a little unsure.

I reassured her that I know what I’m doing and I brought her on a big detour, keeping to the blindspot of the cars and avoiding the large light cones cast by the street lamps.

As much as we could, we hid in the shadows.

As we slowly crept towards Thomas’ car, I could see some movements. I could hear some voices too, giggles and laughs.

We were about 7-8m away from the car and I could see the windows are down about 1/3 of the way.

I could make out Thomas and a girl in the car.

There was suddenly a loud exclamation and I instantly could tell it was Yanting.

I stole a look at Joan and she had no expressions on her face.

I signalled to her that it’s a good time to head in since they’re busy outside.

I could see Joan was hesitating a little but eventually she nodded her head.

Joan : 不奸不成商。。。

I gave her a surprised look when she said that but said nothing.

James : Any cameras ?

Joan : Only at the main loading areas and the store where we put the expensive ingredients.

We looped our way back the long route and entered the kitchen at 11pm.

Joan keyed in the password and using the light from our phone, we reached the office.

We did not switch on the lights and I immediately went over to Thomas’ station.

There were 2 PCs and 1 laptop in the office.

I told Joan to copy whatever we could and sort it out later.

I powered on all the machines.

While waiting for them to load, I went to the office entrance and kept an eye on the kitchen entrance.

The laptop booted up first and Joan started copying the data into her new hardisk.


The other 2 machine were password protected but Joan just keyed them in.

Joan : It’s the same as the door keypad number. All the password is the same.

We started copying the data from the 2nd PC as Thomas’ machine took a while to boot up.

It was hot and stuffy in the office and I could see our perspiration dripping all over the desk and keyboard as we worked in the dark.


We were about to unplug from the 2nd machine when we heard some commotion.

I immediately switched off the monitors of the PCs and I signalled for Joan to stay low.

I duck walked to the office entrance and I saw Thomas and Yanting entering through the kitchen.

They turned a corner and I saw the lights at a small corridor lit up. I could see the toilet signage hanging at the ceiling, they’re probably washing up.

I told Joan they’re heading to the bathroom and to quickly get the information from Thomas’ PC.

Joan plugged in and was about to copy when the lights for the entire kitchen got turned on.

The white light flooded into the office through the opening and we both immediately stopped what we were doing and paused to listen.

Joan started copying before switching off the monitor. She crawled over to my side and told me it’s going to take 15 minutes.

I could hear nothing. No one was outside.

After what seemed like 5 minutes, Thomas and Yanting emerged from the bathroom.

I could hear Thomas talking in the quiet kitchen. His voice echoed in the big space and I could roughly gauge where his location is at. I stole a peep and saw him heading to the baking section to retrieve some snacks and cakes to eat.

Yanting opened up some metal like cabinet that was emitting steam and I saw her took some pots out with a glove.

Joan : That’s disgusting… they’re eating the food just like this…

I could tell the disdain in Joan’s whisper as she glared at them.

We need to be out of the place before Thomas and Yanting is done with their food. There’s no telling if they would head over to the office.

The lights were all on in the kitchen, if we were to head out now, there’s a good chance we would get caught if they were looking at our direction.

We needed a distraction.

Joan checked that the data was all copied and she unplugged the hardisk.

We both looked like we had just ran a marathon, our t-shirts plastered onto our bodies by our sweat.

I signalled to Joan to call Thomas, but don’t speak.

She tapped in his number, one which she knew by heart and hit dialled.

The loud ringing echoed throughout the empty kitchen and I wanted to laugh when I saw Yanting jumped, almost spilling her dessert.

Yanting : 有病啊。。。电话铃声怎么大。。。 ( Are you mad ? ring tone so loud )

I craned my neck to take a look and saw what I wanted.

Thomas took a look at the caller and turned away from Yanting and answered.

Thomas : Hello… hellow. ? … Joan ? ….hellow..

I told her to hang up

I told her to dropped Thomas a message, saying that she needed to talk to him before calling again.

Everytime she called, she would hold on for about 10-12 seconds before hanging up.

We repeated this for 3 times before dropping Thomas a message that she can hear his voice but he can’t seem to hear hers.


Thomas mentioned that he needed to take a call and he headed for the exit. Yanting followed closely behind, unwilling to be alone in the empty kitchen.

From where Thomas stood, he’s closer to the main loading and unloading entrance, I signalled for Joan to get ready.

The moment I saw him open the side door, we made a dash for the back entrance we came in by.

I heard the slam of the door on the other end of the kitchen and we immediately exited the unit.

Joan’s phone rang almost immediately and she asked me what to do.

I pointed her to the opposite end of the street and we sprinted across the road and I told her to answer the call, pretend to clarify some questions before the meet tomorrow.

I left her to deal with Thomas as I kept a lookout.

5 minutes later, she hung up and we skirted round the sides of the industrial area and started jogging towards the main road.

Neither of us spoke.

We just ran at a comfortable pace for about 5-8 minutes before we spotted cab and hopped on.

Only when we got back to my place at 12.30am did we take out the hard disk and actually had a good laugh at what we did.

We showered and plugged in the data. We spent 30 minutes scanning through it, there was nothing of note, mostly data about food suppliers, recipes, and notes for using the various industrial size cookers.

I was hoping to get a glimpse into the accounts but there was none to be found.

We did manage to get the purchase order for the last 2 work year and a list of corporate clients with special rates offered to them.

It’s still a good start.

We collapsed from our exhausting day and fell asleep.

31th March 2013



Joan was supposed to meet her parents at the office an hour before the official meeting at 3pm

I told her I wanted to be there but it’s probably not a good idea.

Joan was munching on her egg muffin when she suddenly chuckled and said she had a great idea.

We arrived at the office at 1pm.

Joan walked in first to make sure the coast is clear.

After she had gotten hold of one of the staff loyal to her mum, she got him to prepare a set of protective gear for me.

I suit up with a cap, apron, slacks and even a face mask and gloves. I was stationed at the soup section where it’s helmed primarily by the locals, in particular 2 of the chefs that wanted to move on.

I said my friendly greeting to them and was surprised Joan introduced me as her boyfriend.

She told them in dialect that she did not want Thomas to know I was present that day.

Joan showed me where the pantry were, I was to bring in some drinks later for her parents during the meeting when she drops me a message.

Joan : This is if I need you to be inside. If not…. I think it’s better you don’t ….. I don’t want any unpleasant incident with Thomas again.

I nodded.

My only worry was Yanting would recognise me.

Joan spent some time chatting and gossiping with the local staff and she laughed when she found out from them that Yanting was being investigated for being involved in some shady deals at a massage palour.

She was lucky she’s not there when the raid happened, but she was listed as a employee there and the authorities are investigating.

One of the chef added that Thomas engaged a lawyer for her, adding that once he has taken over, he would get her back to the catering company.


I kept a low profile, sticking to the group of local uncle and aunties while I kept an eye on the PRC staffs who kept to their own group.

I almost gagged on my breakfast as I caught 1 of them putting his feet up on the chair and rubbing in between his toes.

Another man was digging his nose before wiping on his apron as he gestured and spoke loudly in his native dialect.

One lady had such oily hair that I felt nauseous just looking at that glossy shine. Yes, I could see her hair meant her hair net was off.

It was such a fucking put off.

I shuddered at the thought of eating food prepared by them.


I saw Joan’s parents arrived and they went into the office.


Through the gaps and crevices of the equipment, I saw Yanting and Thomas entered the office.

I kept checking my phone, not wanting to miss out on Joan’s message in case she needed me inside. 

I was perspiring as I wandered around, talking to the staff and kept checking my phone. 


The office door opened and I could hear raised voices. 

It was loud. 

A couple of staff huddled over and as I went closer, I can tell it was Yanting’s voice. 

Yanting : 搞什么嘛? 讲不讲礼呀。。。( What is this , it’s unreasonable )

Yanting : 如果在国内你这么样搞。。。你玩完了。。。肯定玩蛋。。 ( If you do this in China, you’re dead ) 

She went on a loud rant, and as I made my way to the front, she was ranting and shouting like a crazy bitch, pointing her finger at Joan. 

Yanting : I know…. You do this.. 

She spoke in her usual smatter of irritating English, accusing Joan of something. 

Joan’s parents started to raise their voices too , so did Thomas. 

Soon the commotion attracted the attention of the PRC gang at the far end and they too huddled and squeeze their way rudely pass everyone into the office. 

I could feel my hair on the back of my neck standing. 

The commotion is getting me excited. 

You could feel the tension in the air, I can smell the hostility and it’s like this weird anticipation in your gut. 

It’s like an angry mob waiting for a spark. 

A spark to set everyone off. 

The group of PRC workers started talking loudly too for some reason. 

A couple of locals who got shoved rudely pushed back. 

Chao chee byes….. KNN….. Pu bor Kia…. Rang out generously. 

The ah beng chefs from Malaysia shoved back the PRCs and showed their fingers. 

The local uncles pulled off their apron and walked right up to the front, ready for the big game. 

I could not help but smile as I felt this exhilarating sense of confrontation filling me from the inside. 

I haven’t felt this excited since my first gangfight back in secondary school. 

Ok, I admit I exaggerated a little. 

It’s just 12 kids who are barely 15 hitting each other with whatever they can get their hands on in the sports room.

I snapped myself out of it and I pushed my way into the office in time to see Yanting pointing her finger at Joan and shouting in her face. 

Yanting : In China…. You will be done….!! 

Yanting : Nobody do things like this !!! Back home…. You and your family ….finish ! 

Yanting : Come to China…. I show you !!!... I show you how we do things in CHINA !! 

It was worse than a fish market. 

The din was deafening 

I squeezed pass the crowd to get into the room. 

I was barely 3 steps from Joan when it happened. 

It fucking happened. 

I saw Joan gave me a look with her gentle eyes before she flashed me a brief smile. 

I felt my balls shrink for an instance before the rush of endorphins slam it’s way into the back of my head. 

It’s fucking felt better than an orgasm I kid you not. 

I would give anything to be back in that spot, on that day when it happened. 

I watched at Joan slammed her hands down on the table, the loud smack echoed in the room, causing a ripple of silence that lasted barely a second amongst the angry crowd. 

But it was enough. 

That second of silence was enough. 

She grabbed onto Yanting’s finger roughly without warning right when she was about to rant of something about China once more. 

Joan : THIS ……IS …. SINGAPORE !! 

With that, I saw the first slap left Joan’s hand and connected with Yanting’s face. 

Not contented with the slap, she kicked the office chair in front of her , sending it flying towards Yanting. 

With the cracked of furniture hitting furniture, and Thomas trying to hold on to Yanting, the entire office erupted into chaos.


There were a lot of shouting and shoving around. Fingers pointing, curses in different dialects.

I could see 2 distinct groups emerging. No I don’t mean the PRCs and the non PRCs, it’s more of the group that was trying to stop things from escalating further and the group that was going all out for blood.

Before I could react, Yanting had already bounced back and swung her bag at Joan while pushing Thomas away at the same time.

By the time I got over to Joan, she had already gotten hit by the handbag but she threw a punch at Yanting too but it failed to land on it’s intended target.

Thomas immediately grabbed onto Yanting by the waist, almost lifting her up into the air as he tried to separate the catfight. I grabbed hold onto Joan’s left arm, and I manage to swing my body in front of her.

My primary concern is Joan, nothing else.

I don’t want her to get hurt.

It was chaotic, the moment I tried to block Joan from the advancing crowd, I felt several heavy items land on my back, thick ring files, stationary holders, books.

I felt a hard object brush pass my chin roughly and I saw a hole puncher land on the floor in front of me. I immediately guided Joan back a couple of steps, and I could see Joan’s father trying to calm everyone down.

Joan’s mum was trying to shield herself from a couple of pen throwing PRC aunties with a ring file.

Thomas did what he could with Yanting, while he waved his free arm wildly in front of the stationary archers in an attempt to stop them. I could hear him shout at his staff, asking everyone to stop but it was no use.

In the heat of the moment, no one listened to him.

Then the situation escalated when I turned and saw the nose digging ah toing took a punch at 1 of the 3 uncle chef right at the doorway.

It was a direct hit and I could see blood trickling down his nose.

Several of the PRC guys immediately held down to the guy, chiding him for doing something so rash. They tried to restraint him but he was strong, easily breaking free.

He shouted in Chinese that the chef he punched always found fault with the way he does things.

Nose digging PRC : 你每天摆明是给我过不去。。。整体找我麻烦。。。 你妈的B。。

( You have been picking on me everyday, you’re out to pick on me. Fuck you )

A couple of younger Malaysian guys stood out in front of the injured chef and tried to calm things down. Shouting and shoving ensured but no more punches were being thrown.

Yanting resumed her cursing at Joan but Joan just remained quiet, glaring at Yanting who was trying to reach for her heels to throw at her.

Right when the situation inside the office more or less has gotten under control, the narrow passageway erupted into yet another round of shouts and shoving.

One of the Malaysian chap who was trying to keep the PRC gang from advancing tripped and fell and the nose digger took the opportunity to kick him when he’s down.

The fellow Malaysian who was left standing could not look on any longer and he immediately threw a punch which hit the nose digger squarely on the Jaw.

The shouting got louder as both sides had their share of peace maker trying to diffuse the tension.

Right at this moment, Joan’s dad decided to guide Joan’s mum out of the office and away from the mess but the mass of PRC workers at the door refused to move aside. Even Thomas threats did not work on them as they rallied and blocked the exit.

I tried to call out to Joan’s parents, asking them to stay away from the crowd but they can’t hear me over the din. I was still wearing my silly mask and cap in the office.

Right at that very moment I heard this low growl like bellow that grew louder and more forceful as it’s decibel level rose.

It’s like the growl of an angry animal trying to fight it’s way through the crowd. It emerged from the crowd at the door and I saw it was the toe rubbing PRC.

It was the first time I saw him at his full height, he was sitting down earlier on during his toe rub. He must have been taller than Thomas but a good 10 cm.

Thomas : Lao Liu ! 你给我出去。。。!! ( Lao Lui, Get out ! )

It was clear things was starting to go out of control as Yanting immediately called out to Lao liu.

Yanting : 哥!!。。那贱货出手打我。。。 ( Bro, that bitch hit me )

She began whining about how she was being victimised, she did not get to finish her sentence when Thomas asked her to just shut up and stop her whining.

Lao liu had already started shoving himself towards Joan and me.

I grabbed the closest mug I could find, ready to use it in whatever means necessary.

Thomas tried to push Lao liu away but he himself was shoved and he lost his balance and toppled clumsily onto Yanting who screamed at him.

My eye met with Lao liu and I knew the confrontation is inevitable.

We were separated only by a desk and the chair Joan had kicked towards Yanting.

Then from out of nowhere, I heard this loud yelp by 2 of the PRC staff at the main entrance.

It sounded like a whoarrrrrrr that disappeared as soon as I heard it. The 2 figure disappeared from view as if they were sucked into a wormhole and the lady in front of them followed suit, being yanked firmly out the door.

2 more PRC guys went to fill the gap but all I saw was a pair of heavily tattooed hands that gripped onto their waist and yanked them out of the office, effectively clearing the doorway.

The bald head emerged through the entrance and I recognised the old man as the head chef of the company.

Joan just introduced him to me barely a couple of hours ago.


Charlie advanced into the room, his feet planted rock steady as he shove and pushed aside employees from both parties, attempting to separate the conflict.

Charlie was flanked by his disciple, this blond hair chap called Ah Soon from Malaysia. I remembered Ah Soon saying that he’s 2 years younger than me when I asked him what was the trick to making good soup base.

Charlie and Ah soon moved as one, separating angry bodies all the way right up into the office.

Ah soon took several shoves and push from the evicted PRCs but he made it a point to block Charlie from them.

Charlie shouted loudly at Lao liu who just made a wild grab for Joan’s hand but I shoved him away, angling my left shoulder and driving my body towards him.

Everything happened fast, I barely knocked him off balance and he just shove me aside. I was about to smash the mug onto him as I regained my footing but I felt this strong forearm hit me on my chest, knocking me off balance and landing butt first onto the floor.

By the time I looked up, Charlie had engaged Lao liu.

Charlie is approaching 65, looks like a puggy marshmallow man but he is strong. I think Chinese Tze char chefs are probably some of the strongest man around. The simple act of making a dish of fried rice requires a control of both the fire and the strength of handling the wok.

I could work out and lift weights in the gym the whole day, yet it took me only 5 mins before my arms hurt when I tried to help my mum with a big serving of bee hoon during a relatives gathering.

Given Lao liu’s superior build, he managed to avoid Charlie’s first attempt to pull him back, pushing his arms away like the flick of a cigarette butt. Charlie’s second attempt to grab him failed too as he avoided his move, Lao liu feigned a left dash before making a complete turn to head for the right opening towards Joan.

I quickly got up on my feet, feeling utterly useless as I was the 2 super size human face off each other.

I retreated to Joan’s side and pulled her towards the back of the office with her parents.

Lao liu made a dash at Charlie, throwing a thick folder of invoices at him at the same time.

Ah Soon was faster, he blocked the folder for Charlie, jumping in front of lao liu’s charge. His heroic act immediately cut short as lao liu grabbed onto the collars of Ah soon and threw him across the desk like a rag doll.

Joan and her mum cried out in horror as Ah soon landed on a chair before toppling noisily onto the floor.

By this time, all of the other commotions and confrontation had stopped.

The other PRCs and local staff no longer shoved and pushed around.

There were no more punches, no more kicks.

Rationale and reasons started to sink into everyone’s overheated brain.

Thomas was shouting for everyone to clear the area, I saw him entrusting Yanting to another colleague.

Staff were helping each other up and off the ground.

Only lao liu and Charlie remained, squaring off in the messed up office.

Charlie motioned for all of us to leave the office as he undid the buttons on his white spotless chef coat.

He warned lao liu once again to stop and calm down but lao liu started spewing vulgarities at Charlie, cursing Singapore and everything the country had to offer.

A couple of his PRC colleague tried to calm him down but he yanked off a keyboard and threw it at them, causing an immediate retreat at the doorway.

I escorted Joan and her parents towards the doorway right when I saw Thomas took off his Rolex watch and unbuttoned his coat.

Thomas took up position beside Charlie while lao liu cursed at Thomas for not taking care of his sister Yanting.

I checked to make sure Joan was ok and her parents were unhurt.

James : You ok ?

Joan : I’m fine. 

The action was about to begin. 

I could feel the excitement again. 

I will not miss this for the world. 

I exhaled and I reached behind my back and undid the knot for my apron, allowing the white cloth to fall ceremoniously onto the floor. 

I pulled off my cap and wiped away the beads of sweat around my forehead. 

I pulled off my face mask, crumpling it into a ball before throwing it onto the floor. 

I removed my casio watch and passed it to Joan. 

Before I even said a word, I felt a smack across my head and Joan glared at me. 

Joan : Look inside…. It’s like transformer vs pacific rim…. You hobbit go in for what!

I wanted to protest, to tell Joan I could help but she pinched me and said 

Joan : You think you very zai ah ? Your gang fight in the sports room… that time you told me what did you grab ? 

Joan : You were the last one in … 

James : I had to go toilet to shit…. I need to pang sai whenever I get nervous… 

Joan folded her arms and continued. 

Joan : Answer my question. People grabbed bats and rackets…. What did you tell me you grabbed from the sports room ? tell me ! 

I hesitated before answering, regretting telling Joan about the incident. 

James : Hula hoop… …. ….. I want to loop the biggest size guy…..but.. but… 

Joan’s exhaled in exasperation and her right arm went around my neck, pulling me towards her. 

Joan : I don’t want you to get hurt James… it’ll break my heart.. 

Her eyes went back to the office as I digested what she just said.

Right at that moment, I heard the loud crash and shouts of 3 men clashing inside the office. 

The shouting and cursing continued for less than 5 minutes before all was quiet. 

Everyone had calmed down. 

Joan asked me to leave first with her parents, I was unwilling to leave her but she told me to trust her. 

Joan : I can handle this. 

Joan’s dad drove and we sent her mum back before immediately heading over again to the kitchen. 

He was already on the phone with her the moment we dropped her mum off. 

It sounded like everything was resolved and the tension was more or less under control. 

The papers were signed and everyone was about to part ways. 

I could not help but ask what sparked off the incident. 

Joan’s dad explained that several staff wanted to leave the company to start out, something which I already knew. Both he and Joan felt that it would be very irresponsible if they were to just leave like this, and that it would be unfair for those who stayed if Thomas did not have the time to get new staff. 

They were actually in the midst of negotiation when Yanting started spewing curses. 

When Joan got into the car, she updated her dad about the situation. Thomas had things under control. Injured staff were sent home to rest, and he fired a couple of PRC staff. 

He also activated staff from another shift in to take over the operations to make sure the day’s orders went out as planned. 

Joan’s dad dropped us off at my place. 


Joan and I did not even mention the day’s incident to my family over dinner. 
We enjoyed a nice meal of Tze char at the coffee shop, finishing with desserts over at the mall. 

We did some grocery shopping as a family, thinking of what snacks to get for the TV later in the evening.


While Joan was in the shower, I went to the storeroom and did some digging before I found what I wanted. 

Mum : You crazy ah… so late take hula hoop for what… 

James : Aiyah… you won’t understand la. 


Joan was drying her hair while looking through the clothes she had at my place, picking out the pieces she wants to wear for work the next day. 

She saw me come in with the hula hoop and started laughing. 

Joan : Hahahaha… crazy ah James ? …

James : I want to show you what I can do with this…. 

She chuckled and put aside her towel.

Joan : It’s ok la…. No need… 

James : It’s important… I need to show you…. 

I was about to explain myself when Joan went to my drawer when I kept my condoms and took out a bunch of them before scattering them onto the bed. 

Joan : Show me what you can do with these… 

With a shy smile, she got into my bed, laid down on my pillow, pulled my blanket right up to her cheek before looking coyly at me. 

Joan : You can take off your casio watch now James…


I was feeling a little exasperated and I really wanted to show Joan what I could do with the hoop.

Then again, with her wide eye coy look just staring at me, I decided to keep the demonstration for the future and just cast the hoop aside in my room. 

I feel weak almost immediately, knowing that I had just given myself in to the offer of sex. It’s amazing how easy men can be controlled once you know the right button to push. 

In my feeble attempt to make it seem as if I’m not that desperate, I went to the scattered condoms and in a grand display of wide arm swipe, I picked all 5 up at one go. 

I shook my hands left and right, as if I’m some Japanese yakuza shaking a few dices in a cup. 

James : I’ll show you !!..... I’ll show you what I can do with these !!! 

I twirled 2 rounds, my hands shaking more vigorously and I cast the condoms onto the blanket Joan was covering herself with 

James : Huat ah !!! …..

I clasped my hand together with a loud smack before immediately going for the condoms. 

I took one, threw it up into the air and caught another, playing a game of 5 stones as I smirked and looked at Joan. 

James ; I actually quite good with this one ok… haha… look… look !.... 

Joan’s face was expressionless, the smile she had on earlier left her face and she looked like she wanted to strangle me. 

James : Ok.. ok.. I was just kidding… 

I tried to straddle Joan but she hit me several times and pushed me away when I tried to mount her. 

Joan : Go and play with your 5 stones. 

I laughed and tried to straddle Joan again only to get pushed roughly away, landing awkwardly on my back on the squeaky bed. 

James : Haha… dear ~~ … kidding la..… haha

Joan mounted me 5 minutes later and my brains was fucked out by her that evening.

As if making me moan was not enough, she made me pay back the slaps I owe her long time ago. 

I found it hard to express in words the feeling of getting slap while being rode on like a galloping horse. 

We used all 5 condoms within 2 hours, I came twice, had 2 blowjob and it felt like we had both ran a marathon. 

Joan : How are we going to work later ~~~ …. 

Joan fell asleep with her perspiration soaked t-shirt while I knocked out with a clump of tissue wrapped around my dick as if it was bandaged. 

1st April 2013 


Joan’s phone rang several times in the morning after we got into work, it was not hard to tell it was her parents. 

Right after lunch, her phone began a 2nd bout of ringing and it was Thomas. I could hear Joan speaking his name when she answered, asking what he wanted. 

I was busy with my work and did not pay much attention to the phone conversation. 

Joan left on the dot at 6pm after sneaking in a quick peck on my cheek that day, she said she had to meet her parents to sort out some issues. 

8th April 2013 


One week after the incident at the kitchen, Joan was giving serious thoughts about quitting her job to concentrate on the new venture. Her parents voiced their support for her but ultimately, they wanted her to decide for herself. 

Joan : They said as long as I was happy with whatever I was doing, they would support me. 

I nodded in agreement and said that as long as she’s happy, I’m behind her decision too. 

I noticed Patrick acting a little weird that day, entering and leaving Mr Chan’s office several times.

I found out in the pantry later that afternoon that he had just tendered his resignation. 

I told Joan about it and she was a little surprised about him leaving too. 

James : Well…. If I was caught playing with your ….. 

Even though it was a hush whisper, a quick jab on my ribs made me stopped as Joan gave me a frown and push her finger to her lips. 

Joan : You never know who’s listening. 

She whispered quickly before turning back to her work. 

26th April 2013 


Joan told me over dinner that Friday evening that she had made up her mind. 

Joan : I’m handing in my resignation in May. 

I was a little sad that I would not be able to see her at work everyday but I did not let it show. 

Joan updated me on the issues at the Kitchen, several staff had left, with a few more serving their notice. Her parents had come up with the initial capital of close to 300k for her to start out the new business.

James : Wah…. So rich….. you really ah siah kia…. 

She ignored my comment and added that the 3 chefs who would be the business partners are coming up with another 120k


I made dinner reservations and we spent some time packing up her table since it was still early.

I helped Joan packed up some of her stuff that had accumulated over the years deep in her drawer and she mumbled she had some missing stuff. 

Joan : I thought I had them here all along…… 

I looked at the box of belongings when Joan went to the bathroom right before we left for dinner around 7.30pm. 

Some of her pads looked like it had been opened and stuck back. Lip gloss with missing body, only the cap remained. 2 bottles of hand lotion which Joan said was brand new but the seal looked like it had been tampered. 

She mentioned she was missing some photographs too, pictures of her days in the office. 

I disposed off all the pads and tampons and threw away the hand lotions. 

You never know if there are any other sick people in the office. 

People like me. 

10.00 pm 

I headed over to Joan’s place that evening after dinner to see her parents packing up quite a bit of their stuff in the house.

I placed Joan’s stuff down on the dining table and went forward to help Joan’s dad bubble wrap a laughing Buddha sculpture. 

James : Uncle, you all moving ? 

Joan’s dad went on to tell me that they had leased the place a while ago. Their original intention was to live there for a while, and when Thomas and Joan get married, they intended to buy over the flat from the owner for the both of them to live in. 

Now that things had come to this state, there was no point in extending the lease any longer. 

I nodded as I went into the room to wait for Joan to finish her shower. 

As I settled onto her chair, I began to ask myself how much did I really know about Joan ? 

Come to think of it, it’s only been a quick few months, yet it felt like we had been together for so long. 

Perhaps it was because of the amount of things that had happened within this period. 

Well, I knew Joan’s parents pocketed a tidy sum from the en bloc deal at Farrer court few years back, they should have no problem putting up 300k for the business. 

Still, for someone who has yet to have even 30k in his bank, I cannot begin to imagine what it feels like investing 300k in a new business. 

Joan emerged from the shower, drying her hair as she hummed along a pop song from Jay chou. 

James : Dear…. You never mentioned you’re moving…. 

Joan : Oh… ya…. Wanted to ask you to help me pack this weekend. 

James : So last minute…. Are you running away ? 

Joan studied me for a moment before breaking out into a smile. 

Joan : Ooooohh… someone not happy I never tell him we’re moving ah ? ….. 

She chuckled and sat on my lap, using her feet which was still damp from her shower to push the door close. 

As she guided my hands around her waist, Joan told me that she was just moving back to her old place. She did not think it was such a big deal. 

When I asked where her old place was, she just casually mentioned Serangoon garden. 

My eyes widened and I nodded without any expression. 

She gave me a weird look and asked me what’s wrong.

It was at that moment I realised I really don’t know much about her.

Joan : It’s not mine la….. my parents one.~~ ~~….

She went on to mumble about some workers quarters that was just around the corner and so on before changing the topic.

James : So besides that….. do you have any other place to move to ?

Joan looked up to the ceiling and thought about my question for a moment before replying.

Joan : It’s either there, the one at Punggol end, where the world war 2 execution site is …... I still prefer Serangoon Garden.

She said it in such a nonchalant manner that my jaws had difficulty closing after hearing her sentence.

James : Why do you even bother working…. Just stay in my room and collect rent….

She threw her wet towel at me and added.

Joan : Which part of “ they do not belong to me” do you not understand. ?

I wanted to remind Joan that she was her parents’ only daughter but thought otherwise.

She changed the subject and I did not ask her about it any longer.

2 May 2013


Joan tendered her resignation.

Mr Chan had a long lunch with Joan that day and I found out from Joan that Mr Chan supported her decision although he was reluctant to let her go.

Joan had saved up a good amount of leave from her years at the office and she calculated that she would only need to work another 4 days before she can concentrate fully on the new business.

She started handing over her work and clients to me and I pestered Mr Chan to get a replacement for Joan over a cup of coffee at the pantry.

James : No experience never mind….,…. Hot, pretty, short skirts will do. .. I’ll guide them. Haha ….

Mr Chan said he’ll post exactly what I said on the jobs forum the moment Joan came into the pantry.

Mr Chan : I’ll make sure to write short skirts, high heels and no safety shorts into her employment terms…. Like that gum bo James ? hahah

I could only afford a weak smile after a strong glare from Joan.

3rd May 2013


News of Joan’s resignation spread and at about 5pm, several colleagues came over and chatted with Joan.

By 5.30pm , the crowd had grew and our cubicle was getting a little crowded.

When we left for dinner that Friday, Joan realised her shawl was missing.

6 May 2013


Joan had to stay in her heels the entire day. The spare pair of slipper she kept under her desk was gone too along with some wet wipes.

7 May 2013


It was Patrick and Joan’s last day at the office. Mr Chan offered to buy them lunch and they did not get back to office until 3pm.

Patrick shook my hand in the pantry and was a little shy when he thanked me for keeping his secret.

I just smiled.

25th May 2013


For a good 3 weeks, Joan gave the new start her undivided attention. She would start work at 7 sharp in the morning, only returning home at close to 10pm.

She took most of the meals at her new work place which was another central kitchen in a industrial building near Simpang bedok.

Joan’s parents helped her out initially but after a week or so, they let her go.

I went down to the kitchen on that Saturday to check out the place. It had minimal renovation done, they took over from a previous owner who wanted out. A lobang from the Head chef.

The office Joan was working out off is small, barely the size of a HDB living room. Most of the space was dedicated for the food preparation and storage of the catering equipment.

I did what I could to tidy up the place.

10th June 2013


Joan’s catering business was officially ready for business.

She had a skeleton staff, 3 chefs, 2 assistant from Malaysia and a cleaning auntie.

That was it.

Parked in front of the kitchen was a old 2nd hand white van that had seen better days.

Everything was ready.

Everyone was ready to go.

There was just one problem.

She had no clients.

I took leave that Monday to lent Joan my support. Together, we sent out emails, posted out even more menus to the corporate clients. I even suggested going door to door to push out the menus in new housing estates.

Joan drew the curtains and pointed out of the office.

Joan : Look James….. you’ll probably curl out and die in this heat and the bad haze.

I peered out the window and realised visibility was really poor, there was just this gloomy sad view of the industrial estate. Too foggy to see anything.

James : Well, it’s the first day…… Tomorrow will be better.

13th June 2013


Joan stayed over at my place, exhausted and disappointed.

She had a good lunch though, testing out new creations from the chefs.

15th June 2013



That was what Joan told me she felt.

Joan : I did everything I could…… hope it pays off.

17th June 2013


There was a couple of enquiry in the mail.

Nothing concrete.

18th June 2013


The look on Joan’s face was priceless when she came back and told me she had 2 confirmed jobs meant for Friday.

I get to fuck her that night.

One of my first in a long time.

21th June 2013



My phone rang when I was about to sneak out to grab breakfast

It was Joan.

She sounded desperate and asked if I could take urgent leave that day.

James : What happened ?

Joan went on to say that the staff that was supposed to be delivering the food crashed the van when he went to top up the fuel tank. 2 Staff called in sick because of the haze too.

Joan : I’m left with 2 chef and the cleaning auntie….. ..What do I do ? ….

She was panicking over the phone, blabbering that she’ll be dead if she screws up her first deal.

James : calm down…… calm down…. We’ll think of something.

I told Joan I’ll call her back in a minute.

James : Get the food ready.

I made a few phone calls and activated the only resources I could think off and explained the situation.

I called Joan back and told her not to worry.

James : I’ll be over with help within the hour.

I asked for a day off from Mr Chan in person, my first urgent day off and he told me to go ahead.

I activated my parents who was midway through their breakfast at the round market hawker in Tampines.

I activated Jasper who said he was about to head to the shower.

He told me later that he too activated Cheryl who was about to get dressed in his room.


It felt like we’re mobilising for a mission.

I was the first to arrive, my sleeves rolled up and I was ready to lend a hand.

Joan’s parents arrived shortly, reversing their car to allow for easy loading.

My parents and Jasper arrived shortly, they too reversed their car and double parked in front of Joan’s parents car.

We said hi and I made the introductions.

The skies were grey and hazy.

There was a smell of burnt ash in the air as the radio broadcast about the bad haze that had descended upon the country.

Like the opening scene of some hero movie, the roller shutter opened, rolling up to reveal a pair of tan coloured boots that reached up to the middle of the owners’ calves.

As the metal shutters went up higher, a beautiful pair of legs followed, the smooth flesh covered in the middle of the thighs in a pair of black shorts.

Joan’s grey T-shirt was peppered with sweat spots and her hair was tied up in a high pony tail.

I fucking kid you not, if she had a pair of guns on her waist, she was ready to raid a tomb.

Her headset was on and she gestured over to her parents to take over the phones and orders that were coming in.

Joan pointed 2 fingers at Jasper and me before gesturing to the office.

She asked for the trunk of both cars to be popped and everything to be emptied out to make space for the stores.

Joan spent 5 minutes updating Jasper and me on the situation.

Thankfully it was a high tea setup, we still had some time.

The stores for the tables and chairs were already in the van. Jasper and I were to head out and retrieve it.


Jasper got into the driver seat for my parents car while I took the wheels for Joan’s parents ride.

The engine got started and I was about to drive off when I saw Cheryl running towards me, waving for me to wind the window down.

It was hard to concentrate on anything else except her boobs as she waved and bounced towards me.

I wound down the window and I laughed when the walkie talkie cracked and Jasper’s voice came through.

Jasper : J Lo 11…. This is J Lo 12…. What’s the plan ? haha

I watched as Cheryl went into the office, passing by Joan who was walking furiously towards me.

She tapped on the window and tell me to get going.

James : J Lo 12….. Proceed to secure to crash site.

Jasper laughed as the crackle of the walkie talkie died off.

I followed behind Jasper’s car and we got to the site where the Van crashed.


I could see Ah soon unloading the sores to the side of the road while the tow truck waited for him to be done.

Jasper and I immediately pulled up as close as we could to do the store transfer.


We arrived back at the Kitchen and immediately Joan directed everyone to start loading up the food.


We were done with the loading.

The convoy moved out at 12.40pm and we managed to reach the first location at Toa payoh within 30 minutes.

Jasper, Joan and I did the setup in the small foyer outside of the office. It was hard work getting everything ready. Thankfully Joan spent some time doing a few dry runs on setups during her free time.

My whole body was aching by the time we were done with the set up at the 2nd location in Novena.

Joan and I hardly spoke in the car as we head back for a quick rest.

It was already 3.20pm when we pulled into the driveway and knocked out in the car after switching off the engine.


Joan went to help her parents with the administrative work in the office and by 4.30pm, they had 1 more confirmed job for the following week and Thomas had actually called for help, citing manpower issues because of the bad haze.

Thomas pushed 2 jobs to us, both dinner for the following day.

The rest of us ferried Charlie and Ah soon to start picking up materials from suppliers as it was too late for them to deliver.

6.00 pm

We unloaded the raw materials and food, filling the fridge and stores.

Ah soon and Charlie went to prepare dinner for the whole crew.


We gathered in the staff pantry, a small cozy corner with a salvage round table. 

It was not enough to fit everyone and most of us stood. 

The atmosphere was warm, family like and there were laughter and cheers as we ate, joked and filled our stomach with more than just food. 

Stories were exchanged, from something as silly as unable to find a pair of scissors to having to borrow soy sauce from the kitchen next door. 

We chuckled and laugh as everyone related how things went wrong on that faithful day. 

I watched Joan’s dad peel an orange for her mum as she brushed off some dust on his t-shirt while asking him to drink more water.

I turned just in time to see my mum laugh at my dad as she helped him pound his lower back, commenting that it was a good work out. 

Jasper and Cheryl ate quietly in the corner, their eyes never left each other as they put dishes on each other’s bowl from their own bowl. Their soft whispers made them seem as if they were in a world of their own inside the noisy room.

Joan was leaning back against the countertop, smiling as she looked at Charlie scold Ah soon for crashing the car in a funny manner. 

Charlie : Kuar zhar bor si bo ? ( Look at girls is it ? ) 

Ah soon looked apologetic and admitted he swerved to avoid hitting a stray dog who dashed out. 

Charlie laughed and gave him a light shove, exclaiming loudly that he was born in the year of the dog. 

Charlie : Aiyah….. suar la…. Suar la…… Lang bo dai ji xiang toing yao… ( Forget it, the most important thing is you’re ok ) 

Joan turned towards me and I went over to her side. 

Before I could speak, she spoke first. 

Joan : Thank you James…. I could not have done this without you…. 

I smiled and I reached for a peck on her cheek. 

James : What are family for … ? … 

Joan : When did I ever agree to be part of your family ? haha… 

We turned our attention back to the group in the room, there was a special kind of warmth that I found it hard to describe in words. 

No, we definitely did not just pull off some out of the world feat, it was nowhere close. 

It’s just that the realisation that we had accomplished that much together brought about this overwhelming sense of satisfaction. 

I asked Joan how much did we make from that 2 job and I could not help but laugh and chuckle from the amount. 

She laughed too before turning away to get more food. 

Sometimes it’s really not just for the money. 

She estimated a profit of about $250 max. 

I was about to tuck into my second helping when Joan suddenly put her bowl down a little too loudly onto the table. 

“Piak “ 

Joan : Shit !...... 

There was an immediate silence around the table as all eyes turned to look at Joan. 

Joan : I forgot about clearing up after the job… !!! Everything is still there ! 

The room was quiet for a good 3 second before Jasper put down his bowl and said he was ready to go 

Jasper : Let’s go… 

Cheryl too joined Jasper by his side, rolling up the sleeves of her cardigan and gave Joan a wink.

My Dad reassured my mum he’s fine and stood up too. 

Charlie followed next and it was clear dinner was officially over. He began directing staff to prepare for the next day. 

Joan : I’m…… I’m so. Sorry for dragging everyone into this….. 

Jasper spoke after Joan, echoing what I just said only moments earlier. 

Jasper : Joan…. Don’t be sorry…. What are family for ….. we’ll support you all the way.. 


I started the engine of Joan’s parents’ ride as I watched Jasper and Cheryl get into my dad’s car from the rear mirror. 

I saw my Dad deep in conversation with Joan’s father and both of them got into the back seat behind Jasper and Cheryl. 

I watched Joan drained a bottle of water at the entrance through the side mirror and I waited. 

Moments later, she walked towards my car in a swagger that reminded me again of Lara croft. 

She got in, took off her boots and put her feet up on the dashboard. 

She stuck her left hand out of the window and gave Jasper a thumbs up and the headlights flashed twice from behind. 

I shifted the gear into drive and slowly rolled out of onto the road. 

Joan turned on the radio and just so it happened it was playing the song which she sang that night during the company dinner

She started humming the song as she tapped her thigh with her finger. 

Joan : Please James…. Please let this day be over soon….. please…please…please… please….. 

Joan stretched and massaged her neck as she lowered her seat a little to make herself comfortable. 

At the first red light, I turned and look at Joan. 

James : Look at me in the eye when you beg…….

She laughed and tried to give me a playful jab in the rib with her phone but it ended up being pushed and dropped near the accelerator when I tried to counter her move. 

Joan : Haha… idoit… see la… my phone… 

Joan tried to retrieve it while I looked down and gave her directions as I knew roughly where it landed. 

Right at this moment, the walkie talkie crackled on the dash board. 

Jasper : J Lo 11….. This is J Lo 12…… 

James : Wassup ? 

Jasper : Is Joan doing what I think she is doing ?... Because it really looks like it from back here……. And Joan’s dad is asking…. 

We laughed but did not reply and as soon as the lights turned green, we sped off. 

December 2013

Joan ‘s new company took about half a year before finally turning a profit. 

After taking away operating cost and drawing a salary of $2700 for herself, the company made a profit of $1700 that December. 

She has since expanded to include confinement meals in her menu. 

Joan now employs 12 staff and owns 2 delivery Van.

It’s really a tough environment getting good committed staff in this climate, especially in the F&B sector. 

Still she managed a decent turnover with an average profit of 6-7k per month after deducting all her cost, rental and staff salary. 

It’s not a lot but it’s a start. 

Definitely going to be a while before everyone gets their capital back. 

Jasper, Cheryl and I helped out during peak and festive periods. Mostly for corporate events and setups. 

So do keep a lookout if you see 2 handsome guys, a girl with huge boob and a local version of lara croft which you think might be Joan doing the buffet setup at your office. 

Go ahead and have a casual chat with the crew…. And keep an eye out for the walkie talkie. 

If you ever see if sitting by the side while the crew is setting up, try your luck with the call sign. 

You never know who will reply. 

The end…….