Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Explicit works

Going to start listing up some of my private works.

Please note and read through the disclaimer. 

1) These are not for the average readers. 

2) These are not for the average readers 

3) These are not for the average readers. 

4) By asking me for them, you acknowledge you are above 21 years of age, and mentally sane as an adult to differentiate between literacy works and reality .

There you go. 

These are short works that goes directly to the main course. 

No lengthy backgrounds, straight to the point. 

Think very carefully before you attempt to read them. 

I mean it. 

Here's the list i'm putting up from now till end of july 

1 ) My jog in the park 
2 ) The student next door
3)  Forcing myself on my colleague 

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My good friend's marriage part 3

I looked at the 2 scratch that slid down horizontally from Ella’s left cheek from her ear to her mouth. It was not bleeding, but you know those scratch you get when sometimes your nails are too long and you run them along your skin.

2 lines of red flesh swell up, almost pinkish with the really fine white bits of skin at the sides. It’s not going to leave a scar but it’s going to be awfully obvious for a couple of days.

I could tell Ella was fuming mad.

James : Where is Don ?

Celeste : He went after Mimi.

My blood was boiling and was about to head back out when Celeste added that Ella struck first.

Celeste : Mimi was screaming to get the police over, Don went after her to stop her

She added that I just missed her and I immediately dropped off my work bag and head towards the door.

Right before I could get in the lift, it opened and Don was in it.

I was about to lash out at Don when he pleaded with me.

Don : I’m fucked James… what should I do…
James : Fuck you la…. What were you thinking ? Where is she ?

Don : Just got on a cab. Don’t worry, no police involve.

I turned and checked behind my back

James : How much does Ella know ?

Don : Enough for it to get to this....

We chatted for a few minutes at the corridor and we stopped when Ella and Celeste came out of the unit.

Without a word, they entered the lift, ignored us and left.

5 minutes later, i received a message.

Celeste : going for dinner at white sands…

I updated Don and he nodded his head.

James : How you going to settle this ?

Don : I don’t know… how ah…

James : You are the one who started it. Who ask you to sleep with her ?

We went into Don’s place and settled down in the living room.

We had a long chat for 30 minutes and Don revealed that he was under a lot of pressure from his mother in law to start a family.

James : But you all have been married for only a couple of months. …..

He went on to say that his in laws are already quite old, well into their mid 60s as they married late.

Don : They want to enjoy some time with the grandkids.

Don told me something even more absurd, that his in laws initially were ok with them having a baby even before the traditional banquet, just start to try for a baby, when they get it, just register their marriage.

If not for Don’s parents who wanted a banquet, they could have saved some money.

James : Have you all been trying ?

Don : this couple of months is quite hard, we got try, but you know la… my condition…. Unless I fix it… no use one la.

I offered to help in whatever ways I can with the surgery cost but Don refused, adding that it’s a few thousand dollars, but his priority was still to clear his debts.

And as of that moment, his priority was to settle Mimi.

Don : She is a really nice girl…

That was one of the rare instance I hit Don. It was not a hard knock but a knock nevertheless on the side of his head.

James : Don’t fucking ever do it I tell you…. You already fucked her, that’s enough already. Don’t get your emotions involved.

Don : She’s so different from Ella, so gentle…. So sweet…. Everything she say also so pleasing to my ears.

James : Yah.. yah… when she suck your cock feels even better that when she speaks to you..

I gave Don a stern lecture about Mimi, asking him to stay away from her and he just nodded listlessly.

There was a moment of quietness before Don suddenly spoke.

Don : Are you angry with me James ? ….

James : Knn… don’t come and drama mama with me hor….

I stood up and went to the kitchen and got myself a drink before returning.

Without looking at me Don added.

Don : I meant…. With Ella….if I hadn’t made my move first…. Who knows… maybe you 2…

James : Enough liao la…. Why say these kind of things now… just fix all these mess and move on.

I sat down beside Don to check my phone and noticed a message from Celeste.

Don : You know Ella likes you too right…

I registered that in my head but I ignored Don and checked my message.

Celeste just told me that Ella will be staying over at her place that evening.

James : See la… now… tonight I no happy ending already because of you….. Ella going to sleep at Celeste place.

Don : Are you listening to me ?

I nodded and looked at Don in the eye.

James : Bro… there’s only so much I can do as a friend….. you need to fix this.

I was starving by then and was about to asked Don to grab a bite together when he dropped another bomb on me.

Don : There’s something else…

He was staring at me for the longest time and I blurted out.

James : Don’t fucking tell me she’s pregnant hor…

Don : No la….

Don updated me that Mimi was the one who’s planning that year’s company visit to the fabrication plant in china.

Usually a group of about 10 employees would get to visit. It does not matter which department you are in, it’s more of an incentive trip so to speak. Infact it’s quite boring, just a 3 day 2 night trip visiting factories, plants, and with a bit of shopping thrown in.

Still the office like to market it internally as something huge.

James : And ?

Don : Mimi and I are going…… the list is out already.

I buried my face in my hands and told Don to reject the trip.

He seemed to consider my words and I raised my voice for the first time at Don.

James : Don’t think…. Don’t need to think… you go… you’re totally fucked….. What would Ella think ?

Don leaned back onto his chair and added.

Don : There’s more…. Ella is going too… she doesn’t know it yet…. But she was one of the chosen ones from your branch….

Don : Walter seemed insistent on her going for some reason, that’s what Mimi told me.

Then Don levelled his eyes on me for a while and finished what he wanted to say.

Don : You are going too…

James : But I don’t want to, I rejected it 2 years in a row already…. It’s fucking boring…

I repeated my advice to Don, ask him to reject the trip.

Don : How will not going help ?

I took a deep breath and my eyes closed, trying to think of something.

I went to the bathroom and came out 10 minutes later and asked Don to go grab a bite together.

We entered the lift and I received a message from Celeste.

Celeste sms: Dear…. I love you….. Miss you lots….eat your dinner okay ? ….. oh another thing……. Do not touch me until you knock some sense into Don okay ? …. Love you !!! xoxo.

I put aside my phone and shook my head and turned towards Don.

Right then Don showed me something on his phone.

Don : Eh… don’t say I not brother… show you…

I was dumbfounded the moment I saw what was on Don’s screen.

It was Mimi.

It was her in a state of undress, of her posing sexily for the camera.

There was no video, no blowjob, no sex but just photos.

There was one of her pulling up a black stocking.

Another one of her stretching out the fair legs, pointing her toes straight at the camera.

One of her back view entering the toilet clad only in her bra.

Then there was one of her biting her lips. Her hands apparently busy with something else.

James : What the fuck…. What were you thinking ?

Don : It’s in a locked folder la… was a bit tipsy that day…

As the lift descended to the ground floor, my heart was thumping as my brain started to wrap itself around the images of Mimi.

She’s definitely hot and quite good looking.

When the door opened, I stopped Don and asked him a serious question.

James : Don…. How far would you go to sort this up.

He said he regretted his actions but he already got to fuck Mimi.….. he just wants to move on.

As we approached the bus stop, I made a proposal to Don.

James : Don’t go for the trip…. I’ll go…

Don : How ?

James : Take an MC … say you’re very sick.. When we’re back from the trip…. Everything might be over.

Don : How is that possible ?

I outlined my plan to him and his eyebrows were raised high as he stared at me in disbelief.

James : It’s worth a try.

He nodded, a little unsure.

James : Send me a copy of all the photos.

We grabbed dinner and parted ways that Friday evening.

30th May



Celeste spent most of the weekend with Ella and only came over to my place on Sunday evening.

My sperm sacs were full and overflowing but she ignored my pleas.

I tried everything, the brightest smile, the coolest pose and even did a sexy dance for Celeste but she only laughed.

At 6 pm she finally relented and took off her bra for me.

Celeste : Na.. nah…nah… take it…. You like to smell right…. Take and finish it… haha

I grabbed her and after some struggling, she gave up fighting and I had a CIM , releasing much needed tension from my swollen balls.

I told her about the trip in the middle of June and she nodded, adding that she will miss me.

I took my boxers and passed it to her.

James : Na…. Na.. nah…nah… take it…. You like to smell also right…. Take and finish it when you miss me….

She laughed and hit me on my head.

15th June



I got my updates from Celeste the past couple of weeks about Don and Ella.

It’s hard catching up with them since we were working in separate office.

They were talking a little but Ella could not bring herself to forgive Don even though he was truly remorseful.

Mimi was still pestering Don, and she would create opportunities to head out with Don together since they were in the same team.

Just a few days ago, Don sent me another batch of Mimi’s pictures , more explicit then the earlier ones and called me soon after.

Don : Sorry… I can’t help it…

I said what I wanted to say and I hung up on him…

James : Fuck you Don.. fuck you….

I was beginning to doubt whether Don would take an MC for the trip.

At 7am that Tuesday morning, I alighted from the cab and took out my luggage from the boot.

I waved to the taxi uncle and asked for my receipt.

James : Pa, give me receipt…. Can claim.

Dad : Be careful..

I smiled and nodded my head.

I dragged my trolley into the departure terminal of Changi airport, heading to the gathering area.

The cool interior of the airport was a refreshing change from the heat outside. The familiar smell of the airport stirred up the travel bug inside me as I slowly took in the interiors and looked at the people queuing for check in.

I heard the click of heels and I saw Ella falling in step beside me.

We regarded each other with a nod and walked on without a word towards the meeting point.

As we approached the group, I saw Mimi talking animatedly into the phone, obviously upset.

James : Don ?

Ella : Sick… not joining..

I nodded my head as we approached the tour leader, Stan, who was waving the company’s logo around on a flag.

He was in the midst of handing out the ticket.

Stan : James ?

I accepted my ticket with a smile and went to the side.

Stan : Ella ?

She took hers and joined me at the corner, we were about a meter apart.

Right at that moment, Walter turned up the instance his name was called.

Stan : Walter ?

Walter : That’s me.

He took his and came over to our corner, facing Ella with a smile.

Stan : Mimi..

Mimi hung up the phone and took her ticket before walking over to me, standing beside Walter facing me.

The very moment Walter said hi to Ella, Mimi asked me about Don.

Mimi : Don 说寄托东西要给我。。在你那吗? ( Don said he left something with you for me, is it true ? )

I smiled and retrieved an envelope I made Don prepared earlier for Mimi.

Ella glared at me.

Walter stared at Ella

I smiled at Mimi.

Stan raised his voice slightly and address all the employees.

Stan : Are you ready for your Shanghai trip ?


Scattered cheers rang out among the group and Stan ushered us over for check in.

Walter stuck to Ella, trying to strike up a conversation but she looked like she’s in a pretty lousy mood.

I in turn stuck to Mimi, making small talks and conversation.


We entered the duty free zone and were told to proceed to the boarding gate on our own after some shopping.

Everyone went their own way and I saw Mimi heading towards the cosmetics section.

Not wanting to be too obvious, I hung back a little, making sure everyone was more or less out of sight before I caught up with Mimi.

I kept out of her line of sight, observing what she was doing. After having a chat with the staff, she went on to pick up a couple of SKII product, dropping them into her basket.

She headed towards the counter and I quickly picked up whatever was in front of me, a facial wash of some brand I never even heard off and headed towards the counter. Thankfully, Mimi stopped to browse some other merchandise and I manage to get in front of her in the queue.

Barely a minute later, I could smell the strong perfume from Mimi as she fell in line behind me.

I pretended to turn to check out the surroundings before saying ‘Hi’ again.

James : Oh hi….

She thank me for passing the envelope to her, in English this time.

Passable but heavily accented.

Mimi : Thank kew…..for passing me the anberlope.

I gave her a thumbs up sign and asked what was she buying.

She showed me her basket and I immediately struck up a longer conversation about taking care of one’s skin, and the importance of using the right cleanser.

When it got to my turn at the cashier, I waved for her to just drop the basket with mine and I’ll settle it.

Mimi : eh…. 那怎么好意思啊。。。 ( How can I let you do that ? )

James: 没事没事。。。。我来。 ( It’s ok, I’ll get it. )

I told the cashier to pack it separately and paid for her purchase, my heart immediately felt the hard stab of a knife when I saw the 2 bottle of water she bought cost close to $200.

After making the payment, I offered to help her carry the shopping bags and she just went along. We chatted as we strolled along the shopping zone, passing a couple of colleagues by the café who waved to us, I saw Walter sitting at a table on his own and when we made eye contact, I gave him a cheeky smile followed by a wink.

I saw him caught my wink and he smiled.

My eyes immediately drifted to Mimi’s dressing.

Black Skirt and black tights. Her slim legs wore a tan colour pair of boots and white socks, and a light grey long sleeve turtleneck covered her full breast from view.

I made sure I let my eyes linger long enough for Walter to catch on to what I was doing.

A few more shops down I saw Ella browsing some books and she saw Mimi and me heading down towards the gate.

I could see her staring at us from the corner of her eye but I ignored her, I’ll deal with her later.


We were all queuing at the security check and Stan gathered us in a corner after clearing it.

Stan : Ok. You are all adults, I’ll see you all after the flight in Pudong Airport ya.

He went on to brief us some details about the day’s itinerary before letting us go.

Ella and Walter found a seat and I deliberately chose one close to them. One that was within earshot.

I made no attempt to hide my purchase of Mimi, complimenting her on her fair skin and that it was a pleasure for me to pay for it.

I showered her with enough compliments to last her the flight before switching tact to talk more about work, purely from a professional standpoint.

When the time comes for boarding, we went in according to our seating and we were all scattered. I was neither near Ella, Mimi or Walter, but was instead placed next to another auntie colleague.

After the meals was served on board, I made my way to the bathroom.

Right when I’m done, I opened the door and I was surprised to see Ella waiting outside. Before I could say anything, she stepped in, grabbing me by my collar and shutting the cubicle behind me.

Ella : What do you think you are doing ? !

She glared at me, waiting for a reply.

I was expecting a confrontation sooner and later but I did not expect it to be in the plane’s toilet.

I calmly removed her hand and explained myself.

James: Getting rid of Mimi…. And I need your help..

Ella just stared at me without a word before a knock came onto the door. I could hear a service staff knocking and asking us to make our way out. She must have saw Ella came in barely a few seconds ago.

James : I’ll explain later… not here…

Ella nodded before opening the door and we apologised to the weird stares of the aircrew. Thankfully the curtains were drawn and no colleagues saw us in that situation.

The moment we landed in Shanghai, we were ushered into a bus and our tour began.

I purposely chose a seat in front of Walter, giving him a nod before settling down.

There was enough seats on the bus such that everyone could have their own row without needing to share.

Factory after factory, we visited, stopping only to break for a quick tea break.

I updated Don on our schedule, allowing him to keep up his conversation with Mimi.

If I saw her pounding her feet, I would update Don, so he can send her some sweet messages if she is tired.

I saw her drinking water, and I did the same.

I updated Don constantly, from Mimi going to the bathroom to shielding herself from the sun to the food she was having.

This kept her glued to her phone most of the time.

Another thing I was doing was to take picture of Ella.

Sniping shots after shots of her in my phone.

Of Ella eating, looking out of the window, of her just standing around.

I sniped her back view, her side view, her legs, her breast, keeping them in the main camera folder.

I managed to catch a break in between the rest stops and I told Ella I needed her to put on an act.

Her eyes widened in disbelief and she pinched me on my nipple before hitting me on my head.

I grabbed her before anyone sees us and told her firmly that if it worked, Mimi would no longer be a problem.

She was a little unsure and she just said she will consider my suggestion.

The tours of the first day ended at 6pm and we were dropped off at our hotel to freshen up before Stan brings us a few streets down for dinner.

As Stan went to the reception alone to handle the check in, I pretended to tag along, making small conversation about where are all the nice drinking spots in Shanghai.

I tried not to be that obvious as I watch Stan reply me, updating me on the latest happenings in the city while he updated the room number of each person onto a list.

I memorised Mimi’s room number, together with Walter and Ella’s.

Naturally he handed me my key first as I was right in front of him and I offered to help him pass some of the keys around.

James : Eh, I help you give Ella,Mimi and Walter….. we 1 gang one….

Stan : Oh… okok… sure… I go and settle the rest.

I fell in step beside him as we head towards the ground loitering around the lobby.

Immediately I switched one of Mimi’s room card with my spare, slipping it behind the 1st key.

I waited for Stan to start calling out names and people to start crowding around before I casually passed out Walter’s key.

Then I handed Ella hers and told her my room number, lastly I approached Mimi who was sitting cross legged like a princess in the corner sofa, expecting someone to serve her.

James : Here Mimi, your room key.

6.15 pm

Ella gave me a call right when I was about to head down to the lobby.

She agrees to my plan on the condition that I promise to get rid of Mimi once and for all.

She sounded angry, and I could feel the bitterness in her voice. Something seemed off.

I don’t know how to describe it but she sounded a little different.

Anyway I was glad she agreed since it would make things easier for me.

Stan brought us to a restaurant and we had our dinner, some drinks before he directed us to a small shopping mall and ask us to make our way back to the hotel on our own.

I had done my research beforehand and I knew exactly the shops I needed to go to. Immediately after dinner, I slipped away from the main group and started hunting for the things I need.

I went into the pharmacy and bought a bottle of ENO salt and some laxatives. I snitched some straws from the drink stall and got myself lighter and a small cutter.

Once back in the privacy of my room, I cut the straw into 4cm lengths. Using the lighter, I burned one end of it, sealing it off.

I added a good amount of fruit salt into the container I made and sealed the other end with the flame again.

I made another one with the crushed laxatives, taking care to separate them properly.

Having done that, I went back down to the lobby and tried Mimi’s phone from the lobby. She’s not in.

Ella updated me that Walter and her were just doing some window shopping along the streets and should be back soon.

I loitered in the lobby, settling down with a magazine.

It was almost a 40 minute wait and I waved to a few colleagues who returned early to the hotel.

Mimi was strolling alone back to the lobby and I saw her typing furiously away on her phone. I hid myself in a corner and I waited for her to head up before asking Ella where were they.

Ella sms : 5 minutes away.

I did some mental calculations in my head and hope things work out in my favour.


I saw Ella and Walter approach and I hid from their view and waited for them to head up.

I immediately called Mimi and only manage to get her after 3 attempts.

James : Mimi…. 我是James。。。。有事找你。。 (Mimi, I’m James , I need to talk to you )

Mimi : 嗯。。什么事啊 ? ( Yes, what is it ? )

I told her I needed to ask her about Don, I dropped some hints here and there about him asking me to take care of her and shit and she immediately asked if I was the one who updated Don about her day.

I sheepishly admitted, adding in that she’s so pretty, I can’t help paying quite a bit of attention to her myself.

She laughed and agreed to come down to the lounge in 10 minutes and I said I’ll meet her there in a while.

I immediately hung up the phone and dashed into the lift, bringing myself up to the level we were all staying. My prayers were answered when the corridor was empty and I hurried to my room.

I was staying 2 doors down from Mimi, and she would have to pass by my door in order to head to the lobby.

Keeping an eye on the peephole, I held my breath and waited. I texted Ella, asking her to get ready.

After a while, I heard the opening and closing of the door and shuffling of footsteps. It was a quick flash but there was no mistake it was Mimi as she passed my room in a flash.

I counted out in my head, mentally estimating the time she would take to get to the lift.

I held my breath and opened the door to an empty corridor and quickly ran to Mimi’s room and after making sure the coast was clear, I let myself in using the keycard I switched.

The room was dark but nevermind. I was not interested in her room.

I sent Ella my pre prepared message.

James sms : Now.

My heart was thumping against my chest in the dark room and I was feeling really nervous. So many things could go wrong. There was no connecting rooms, no place for me to hide should Mimi decide to come back up.

Walter was 3 doors down Mimi, and Ella was right at the end of the corridor. I wanted Walter to see me coming out from Mimi’s room.

Ella should be on the phone asking Walter over to have a chat.

Heading to the bathroom, I wet my face and hair before I pressed my ears hard against the door of Mimi’s room as I unzipped my pants. My left hand held onto a bundled of crumpled up tissue, a big ball of it.

I heard the opening and closing of room door and I prayed it was Walter and not other colleagues.

I almost opened the door when I saw someone I did not know walk pass and I must have pissed a little in my pants.

Another 30 seconds passed and I heard another closing of room door. This time round, it was Walter, right when he came into view, I opened Mimi’s door, bumping straight into him.

I gave a loud gasp as I desperately tried to zip up my pants as I close the door behind me, while trying to hide the tissues at the same time.

I had a sheepish look on my face as I smiled awkwardly and said hi before making my way to my room a few doors away.

Walter caught on to me immediately, wagging his finger at me as I unlocked my room door and went in.

I waited a couple of minutes more before I made my way down to the lobby and met up with Mimi, apologising for being late.

As I tried to calm myself down after the short exercise, I noticed Mimi openly flirting with me as I cracked some jokes about her being so hot and desirable.

I went up to my room and knocked out, tired and spent at 11.30pm

16th June



I woke up for breakfast and headed down alone. We were supposed to gather at 8.30am to head to another plant in the outskirts of Shanghai.

Ella came down with Walter at 7.30am.I had given her clear instructions to join me and she did, settling down with Walter at the same table that morning.

Midway through breakfast, Ella said she was not feeling too good and excused herself.

Walter and I chatted casually and neither of us mentioned anything about what happened last evening

Walter went off to get more coffee and I took out my phone, orientating myself so that the glass reflection in front of me told me where Walter was.

I deliberately opened the folder of Mimi’s photos and started scrolling through them, all the time my eyes keeping a close watch at the reflection of the area behind me, making sure no one is near.

When I saw Walter coming back with his drink, I purposely dropped the morning papers I was holding on to and leaving my phone with a picture of Mimi playing with her nipples on the main page.

I bent down and retrieved the papers, my eyes made sure Walter was lingering behind me with his Coffee, staring at my phone.

I turned around and jumped, pretended to get a fright and immediately covered the phone with my hand and pulling it off the table.

James : Oh… oh……er….haaha…

A sheepish laugh was all I could managed as I watch Walter wag his finger at me in a naughty manner.

James : You….. wah you walk no sound one… haha.. haha…

I tried to change the topic but the bait was cast.

Walter leaned closer to me.

Walter : Eh… good stuff… share leh…. Wah lau…

I pretended to look uncomfortable and unsure.

James : Er…. No la…. Nothing la….. nothing…

Walter teased me further and added.

Walter : You think people around you blind one ah ? …. Haha… share la..

I pretended to look around, unsure and considering his request.

I sipped my coffee, as if searching for the right words.

Walter : Lai la… brother brother….

I relented a little as I pretended to look around us and passed him my phone.

I had prepared and arrange Mimi’s pictures earlier, putting them in 1 batch in front of Ella’s snipe shots.

I observed Walter as his lustful eyes looked at the photos of Mimi, his mind no doubt lusting after her sweet young flesh.

Then as he scrolled along, he suddenly paused and looked up at me as I innocently ate my bread.

I noticed her stared at me for a good 2 seconds before continuing scrolling.

Walter : James….. you like Ella ah ?...

He gave me a sly look and I pretended to look flustered and quickly ask for my phone back.

He handed my phone back to me and I pretended to be embarrassed that the secret photos I took of Ella came to light.

James : Erh…..haha… keep it between us ya … haha…

I began to mumbled a little before adding that Ella is really pretty.

James : If can have her…. Will die with no regrets ah… haha…

I laughed and waved myself off, dismissing my words as soon as I said them. 

Walter seemed to be digesting what I just said and he seemed like he was considering how much information to let on. 

Walter : Well….Ella is….. nice… that’s all I can say …. But she’s your friend’s wife leh…. You bastard la you… haha… 

I laughed and drained my coffee. 

James : Haha.. fantasy no wrong ma….besides… if I’m not here in China, I doubt will be easy to get Mimi also… haha… 

The moment I finished my sentence I changed my expression as if I just had a slipped of my tongue and I quickly excused myself to get myself a refill of coffee. 

When I returned, Walter immediately leaned closer. 

Walter : What do you mean ? 

James : Huh ? Mean what ? …. Nothing la… 

I put on my best uncomfortable look as Walter probed further. 

Walter : Wah lau… don’t speak half half la…. Share leh.. 

I considered his request again, making it obvious I’m weighing the decision in my head as I struggled with his constant persuasion. 

Reluctantly, I blurted out softly. 

James : Use a bit of the…. 春药 la 

Walter widened his eyes in horror and he asked. 

Walter : Date rape drug ah ? 

James : No la..! siao !... 

I checked our surrounding again before adding, 

James : It’s…. it’s not rape drug la… I don’t know how to explain… but… but… it just makes things easier….she’s conscious… knows what is going on….we’re consenting adult ok….but… 

I hesitated, drawing Walter closer and deeper into my story. 

James : It’s…. it works la…. I only use it when I here…. Singapore cannot get one…. You try to bring across confirm tio jia lat jia lat…. 

Walter was digesting what I just said and he nodded to himself, no doubt weighing the amount of truth in what I just said. 

James : It’s…. it’s not some miracle drug la…. Those are bullshit one… this… this… I don’t know how to describe…. It’s really just chemical reaction… you know…. I think it relaxes the person…increase her sex drive or something. 

Walter : Any side effects ? 

I recited my prepared answer. 

James : Will get quite thirsty… for some reason… but so far nothing la…. The worst one was one girl I think got some allergic reaction…. Then diarrhoea lor… 

Walter : Wah Knn… haha… you use on how many liao ? Zhun bo…. Don’t talk cock with me hor… 

I smiled sheepishly and said I tried it on 9 girls, only missed one. 

He seemed genuinely interested and asked me how to get the drug. 

James : I can’t give my contact. Sorry…. He made it clear already… he don’t want to spread around….. 

I paused for a moment before adding if he want, I can get 1 for him to try. 

Then I dropped the hint a little further. 

James : Mimi….. is… is…. Easy la… young girl. Bimbo…. Yesterday use liao also all ok… should be quite safe…. Haha…

I could see Walter thinking about what I just said and I wistfully added that if only I could get to try it on Ella. 

James : Haha… if she knows she sure kill me one… 

Walter laughed but he seemed not convinced. 

Then I spring my trap and made Walter a proposal. 

James : Why not like this…. You…. Ermm… it’ll be weird if I ask Ella to eat alone…. Why not you jio Ella for dinner… we 3 eat together…….. I’ll try...? …. 

James : In return…. I sponsor you one… you can try on Mimi. 

He seemed to seriously consider my proposal before asking me how much it cost. 

I held up 3 fingers. 

Walter : 300 rmb ? 

I shook my head. 

James : SGD… 

He exhaled a long breathe as he considered my proposal. 

After a 30 second silence, he finally added. 

Walter : Let’s try it.. I’ll ask Ella for dinner tonight… 

I nodded, pretending to look eager and happy. 

Then the coward part of Walter reared up it’s ugly head. 

Walter : I say first ah…. If anything goes wrong with Ella…. Not my problem ok… you are the one responsible…. 

I smiled and nodded my head. 

Walter : I mean it ah…. I will deny everything…. You yourself go and settle… I will forget we even had this conversation. …… wait this shit gets drag back to Singapore…

I reassured Walter that it’s all cool…. Ella will be my responsibility. 

When we parted ways after breakfast, I gave the doorman a 100rmb bill, asking if he could help me get a packet of cigarette, double happiness brand, from across the road and pass it to me later when we gather in the lobby, he can keep the change. 


I made sure Walter was looking at me as I casually walk over and smiled at the doorman before taking over the packet of cigarette. 


En route to the plant, Walter told me Ella agreed to have dinner together that evening. 

When I had the chance to be alone with Ella, I updated her and told her things were going to plan. She just needs to play her part. 

I could not wait for the time to pass that day. 

Every hour, every minute, every second seemed to tick by. 

5.30 pm 

We were deposited back at the hotel and it’s our free and easy time for the rest of the evening. 

The 3 of us agreed to meet at 6.30pm for dinner after we freshen up. 


I made sure I had the Eno salt straw capsule I prepared before I head down to the lobby. 

My heart rate rose on it’s own, as I tried to calm myself down. 

The moment I laid eyes on Ella, I realised it was useless to calm myself further that evening. 

She wore a simple long sleeve blouse, with vertical layered folds running down her mid section. The sleeves puffed up a little, in a classy way and the soft fabric of the top clung on tightly to her body as it disappeared down a waist high black skirt. 

Her hair was tied up into a bun, a couple of stray fringes hung from her head and she wore a modest pair of black high heels. 

I stood at the lift lobby, watching Ella approach me, holding her rectangle clutch purse in front of her waist with both hands. 

Her lipstick was a shade of bright red, standing out from the rest of her more subtle makeup. 

My heart skipped a beat when our eyes met and my mind wandered. 

She looked good, really good, yet there was something about her eyes. This unspoken anger, bitterness and resentment that I found hard to ignore. 

See beyond those emotions and I found myself looking at a really sad pair of eyes, no doubt scarred by Don’s betrayal. 

I forced myself to look away after acknowledging each other. 

We took the lift down to the lobby without a word. 


Walter joined us at the lobby and we went to a restaurant on the next street.


We were given a private booth in the French restaurant, giving us the privacy we needed. 

Nothing of note happened, we placed our orders, chatted casually. 


Ella excused herself to the bathroom and I pretended to look nervous, my head kept craning to look at the empty corridor. 

Walter was staring at me, waiting for me to make my move and I nervously brought up the straw. 

Opening it up, I emptied the colourless salt into Ella’s wine, giving it a quick shake before putting it back where it was. 

I made a show of wiping the sweat around my head away and tried to breathe normally.


Ella returned and we continued our meals, toasting each other. She drained her drink in no time and we topped up her glass again. 

I had told Ella to give it a 30 minute window, before she starts her act. 


Ella drained her water before asking for a refill, casually mentioning that the food made her thirsty. 

Every 5 minutes, Ella made sure she crossed and uncrossed her legs, adjusting herself in her seat. 

Looking at Ella, I could not help but get an erection. 

She would sit forward in her seat, her eyes darted around a little, as if a little uncomfortable before leaning backwards to uncross her legs, before switching the leg that went on top. 

Walter could not have missed what Ella was going through as I watch him look on in interest. 

With the amount of water Ella was draining, she visited the bathroom several times, giving Walter and I enough time to talk. 

James : It’s working I think….should be getting wet down below I think haha… 

Walter laughed but I could see he still have some doubts. 

We wrapped up the mains and as we went on with dessert, Ella seemed to have opened up considerably, laughing more, and proposing a toast to us. 

Ella was sitting across Walter and I, but after my turn to use the bathroom, I sat down beside Ella and continued the drinks. 

It was obvious Ella was laughing more, giving quite a bit of body contact as she laughed at my jokes. 

She would slap me when I teased her, her shoulders would brush against mine. She would elbow me in my stomach a couple of times, Ella even cracked a few jokes. 

I could see Walter look on in amazement, see Ella so open and cheerful, unlike the usual solemn mood she displayed when she was with him. 

James : Aiyah… I have a crush on you ma Ella….. 

I casually put my arm around her shoulders, and I could literally see Walter’s eyes popping out when Ella laughed and pretended to rest her head on my chest for a few seconds before resuming her posture. 

Ella : Yah la… ya la… you say that to all the girls la. 

I never took my hands off and kept it on Ella’s shoulders and she never pushed it away. 

We sipped more wine casually, nothing too heavy, we did not want to get drunk, and in front of Walter’s eyes, I casually started stroking Ella’s arms, getting a little touchy on my end. 

Ella just smiled, continued with her teasing of me while Walter looked on in disbelief. 


We decided to get the bill and head back. 

Ella stood up perfectly on her own, no need for some drama falling down when tipsy kind of stunt. 

As we headed out the restaurant, Ella massaged her forehead, trying to display a look of tiredness in front of us. 

James : Are you ok ? ,… 

Ella nodded with a smile and I placed my arm around her waist as we took the short walk back to our hotel. 

By the time we reach our lobby, Ella’s eyes looked tired and she was leaning a lot onto me, smiling in a trance like manner. It was as if she totally ignored the fact that Walter was right there, ignoring his questions and just openly flirting with me. 

I constantly showered Ella with praises, earning her laughter and her playful touch. 

As we got to our floor, I helped Ella with her purse, taking out her key card. Inside my heart I was praying we won’t bump into any colleague. That would make things difficult. 

Worst of all, I prayed not to bump into Mimi. 

Thankfully , lady luck was smiling on me. We got to Ella’s door without any incident.

I’m thinking by now you must be wondering what was it I wanted to achieve ? 

What am I up to ? 

You see, convincing Walter that my bullshit drug works is just part of the main objective. 

I needed him to believe unconditionally that the drug increased his chances. 

I needed him to see for himself what difference does it make when he has that drug in hand. 

It opens up possibilities. 

That’s what I wanted him to think and of course, I wanted him to believe. 

As we staggered towards Ella’s room, my heart was thumping again. Partly grateful that this will be over soon. 

The moment I close the door behind us, it will all be over. 

That should be enough to convince Walter that it works, laying the foundation of what I wanted to do. 

As I unlocked Ella’s door, I was surprised Walter held the door open for us, as I staggered in with Ella giggling away, I had a shock when I realised Walter entered the room together with us. 

I did not plan for this and I definitely was not expecting someone so thick skin to tag into the room given the circumstances. 

I panicked a little as I racked my brains for a solution. 

Ella too must be thinking of what to do. 

I watch Ella stagger a in a tipsy manner and went over to the bed, lying down on the tummy and not moving. 

I turned and looked at Walter who nodded his head at me, apparently wanting to see how far I could go. 

I went over to Ella and I flipped her over , our eyes met but no words were exchange. She is definitely aware that Walter was in the room. 

Before I could react, Ella’s hands reached up for my neck, and I lowered my head towards her, blood rushed to my penis and without a moment of hesitation, we kissed. 

Ella and I fucking kissed each other on the lips. 

Her tongue reached into my mouth, surprising me even more as I tried to wrap my mind around what was happening in the room. 

We kissed for about 30 seconds or so before I broke away. 

I could see from the corner of my eye Walter still looking at us. 

Removing my shirt, I dove back down, kissing Ella on her neck and she demonstrated her consciousness by calling out my name softly but loud enough for Walter to hear. 

Ella : James ~~….. 

I could not fucking believe what I was doing, as I pressed my nose onto Ella’s neck, smelling her fragrance, dragging my nose upwards to her ears, kissing her at the side of her head. 

My erection was throbbing hard, my brain unable to process what was happening 

A thousand emotions flooded through my head as I kissed Ella again, hoping time would stop just for a short while. 

I could not control my own hands as I let them roamed downwards to Ella’s waist, stroking her tight blouse upwards. Our eyes met, and amidst the uncertainty in our face, I stroke my way upwards to Ella’s breast, cupping my hands around her full love pillows and I gave out an unintended groan. 

She pulled me down to kiss me again and I did not know what I was thinking but I started unbuttoning Ella’s top. 

She did not stop me, her body heaving up and down, breathing heavily as she allowed my hands to finishing unbuttoning her top, removing it completely, exposing her white strapless bra. 

I could not breathe properly as I looked at Ella’s bra on her naked body. 

Ella’s hand reached around my neck, bringing me down to her bra and I pressed my nose hungrily to her 

I decided to put my foot down and strip down to my boxers. 

Ella unzipped her skirt on the bed, her body wriggling on it’s own to push it down and away, revealing a black lace underwear. 

After that I turned towards Walter and asked him to go out. It was not a request. 

It must have been the desperate sex charged mood, and Walter nodded his head with a dazed look on his face. 

He took his time, slowly making his way to the door, his eyes never left us. 

I went back to Ella, and was surprised she got up, straddling me as I fell backwards onto the bed. 

I saw Walter at the door, unwillingly to leave and I gestured rudely at him, almost losing my temper before he reluctantly opened the door. 

Only when I heard the door slam shut, did I breathe easy.

My dick was throbbing and my heart was almost bursting out of my ribcage as I looked at Ella who had already stopped all her movements, both of us just staring at the door.

After what seemed like 10 seconds, I tried to get up.

James : Oh… my god….that was intense…

Before I could finish my sentence, Ella looked down at me before sliding herself down, bringing her face barely centimetres away from my face.

I froze.

I really froze, not sure what was happening.

There was no emotions in Ella’s eyes.

We just stared at each other for a few seconds before Ella spoke.

Ella : Did Don sleep with Mimi ? …

The question hit my like a slap out of nowhere and I immediately replied a firm ‘no’

James : No..

I regretted the moment I answered as I answered without thinking.

Ella acted as if she did not hear me, kissing me on my lips and repeating the same question with her emotionless face.

Ella : Did Don….. sleep with Mimi ?

I shook my head again, reaffirming my answer.

James : No… Ella.. please..

She did not stop what she was doing, instead she slid down a little, sitting directly on my throbbing erection as I winced in pain.

Ella kissed me again and I helplessly allowed her to, her lips trailed from my mouth, to the side of my cheeks, tracing my jawline down to my chest.

Ella : Please tell me……

She kissed me again, before whispering by the side of my ears.

Ella : Please James…. Tell me honestly..

I was shivering by then as I tried to move but Ella’s forearm pressed down painfully on my arm, locking me in place and she kissed me again.

I panicked.

I did not know what to do.

James : Ella… wait… let’s talk…i…

You must be thinking jackpot, ho seh liao, win already, strike lottery or something like that but I was genuinely afraid at that point in time.

No I’m not afraid of being having sex, but it’s the lack of emotion in Ella’s eyes that scares me.

It’s that expressionless face.

Her nonchalant attitude as she reached behind her back and unbuckled her bra, causing more blood to rush to my dick, increasing the intensity of pain as my penis pushed painfully against my boxers.

James : Ella… what are you doing .? …

She ignored my question, instead she cupped her bra over my nose and my mouth, pressing it down firmly as she adjusted her straddle on me.

I took in a deep breath of bra filtered cold air as the thought of having Ella pressing her bra she was wearing the entire evening onto my face registered in my head.

James : ermmmhmhmeh…

Ella came down close again, her face almost touching mine, her bare nipples touching my naked body.

I could feel every pore, every hair stand on it’s end as Ella dragged her nipple down my body, keeping her bra cupped tightly onto my face.

My hands were free but they could not move.

My legs could struggle but they would not heed my command.

I lay motionless, as if I was being petrified.

Ella hushed by my ears, asking me the same question again.

Ella : Tell me James… please….

She kissed me again on the forehead, my eyelids, the ridge of my nose, before her mouth pressed onto the same bra that was cupped over mine.

She looked at me in my eyes, I could see tears welling up in hers as she asked me again.

Ella : I…. deserve….. to know ….James…

The bra went away as Ella pressed her lips tightly onto mine.

I felt the hot tear drip onto my face as I struggled with myself, trying desperately to think of a way out of this mess.

Ella lifted one of her leg, I thought she was getting off me but instead she was sliding off her underwear.

I could not move as I watch Ella remove her undies, bringing it up to my chest, plastering the wet panty onto my naked nipple.

James : Orghggg…..

That wet sticky patch of fresh lube felt amazingly sick on my nipple.

Ella kissed me on my chest before she went to my nipple, kissing and playing with it with her tongue.

My erection came and went, came and went, came and went countless times within that couple of minute.

James : Ella…. We… can’t…

In a fluid motion, Ella pulled off my boxers, exposing a limp dick that was deflating fast.

She straddled me, she looked angry, almost furious as she kissed me again, begging for me to tell her the truth.

Ella : Did…. Don….. sleep …. With ….Mimi ?

I shook my head again but Ella would not have it.

She kissed me once more, whispering softly by my ears.

Ella : I’ll do anything… James…. I promise… I’ll do anything…. I just want to know…

Her whispers ended with a kiss on my earlobes before she kissed the side of my neck.

Ella : If you love me…. As a friend…. Tell me..

I was struggling with myself at that moment, lost, desperate and confused.

I felt the sudden strong grip of Ella’s finger on my dick, stroking it a couple of times.

My eyes widened in panic as I watched Ella rose up her hip.

James : No Ella… wait…

I was really afraid but it was too late.

I felt the sticky warm touch of Ella’s wet love hole drag and run across the tip of my dick, sending nerve endings twitching non stop down my entire body.

I tried to breath but it happened again as Ella used my dick head , swiping down her wet hole like a credit card, coating the rim of my mushroom with her wet juice.

No words escaped my mouth as Ella did another swipe and I moaned like a helpless whiny pussy in the empty room.

I shook my head, clenched my teeth hard together.

Ella kissed me again, tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

Ella : Don’t lie to me James…. Please…. I deserve to know…

I could not take it any more.

I really can’t hold it back much longer.

I clutched onto the bedsheet hard.

My toes curled up and I fought to get the words out of my mouth.

That was the best I could do for Don.

James : No… No.. he didn’t….

My heart immediately dreading the karma that would befall me for telling Ella that lie.

Perhaps I could get struck by lighting, maybe my dick will rot and drop off, I don’t know.

Ella gave me one last kiss on my lip, before she slowly got up.

She was still straddling me, my dick could feel the warmth of her love hole inches away.

The room was quiet, the only sound came from the low hum of the air conditioner.

It was near silence as I watch Ella glared at me with tears in her eyes.

James : ARghhhh…

I shouted out in pain as I felt Ella grabbed a tuff of my hair, yanking it hard to the side, causing me to expose my neck as if offering it up to a vampire.

The pain hardly registered in my mind when I felt the sudden wet warmth of Ella’s pussy slipping down on my dick.

The muscles contracting itself around my uncircumcised manhood, constricting me, sucking me in.

I sucked in a deep breath of air as my rod was slowly absorbed into Ella’s vagina, I tried to breath but my lungs won’t work.

Ella’s vagina wall squeezed, bearing down hard onto my dick as I felt Ella slide down further and further onto me.

I tried to shake my head but Ella held onto my hair tight, causing another ripple of pain to flow concurrent with a wave of pleasure as Ella fuck my dick deep right to the hilt.

When I finally felt Ella’s entire bottom resting on my pelvis, there was this unexplained sensation of guilt, pleasure, and shame all coming at the same time.

I wanted to speak but nothing came out, I was totally consumed by the comforting warmth and the pulsating squeeze of Ella’s privates.

Ella tugged my hair, forcing me to look into her tearful eyes before whispering softly by my ears.

She deliberately separated each word, pausing half a second in between them.

Ella : I ….

Ella : Don’t …..

Ella : Believe….

Ella : You ….


Ella just collapsed onto me after her whisper, sobbing away as my dick enjoyed the lovely folds of her warm vagina.

I stroke Ella on her arms, trying to calm her down.

James : Ella….Ella….

When she looked at me with her swollen eyes, my heart broke.

Her eyeliner had smudged, her fake eyelashes heavy with tears as she stared angrily at me.

Without a word, she hit me several times on my chest, her heavy movements stimulated my enveloped dick further as I fought back urges to thrust myself upwards.

I managed to hold on to her hands as she sobbed away but her body was still moving.

As her body move, her waist moved.

As her waist move, my dick was properly massaged, caressed and well treated inside the depth of Ella’s privates.

She hit me again, begging me to tell her.

Ella : Sobzz… sobzz… tell me James…. i…sobzz…. I need to know.

I could not bear it any longer and I did not dare to look at her in the eye and I nodded my head.

Ella wiped away her tears with the back of her hand, smearing her eye makeup to the side of her face as she sobbed a little harder before calming down.

Every little shake of her body sent more blood to my already swollen and exploding dick. I was too ashamed to look at Ella in her eyes as she asked me how many times did Don do it.

James : One… only one…

I quickly added.

James : It… it was an accident…. He was tipsy… and…

Before I could finish, I felt a hard slap across my cheek as Ella glared angrily at me.

I shut up immediately, nursing my stinging cheek as she stared at me.

After what seemed like 5 seconds, my hands reached unsteadily for her waist.

I tried to gently lift Ella up but she kept her body weight down, gravity seemed to take her side as well as she hardly budged.

My dick was begging me to do something but I was just too shock to do anything.

Ella : I’m going to ask you one last time James…. Don’t lie to me..

Before she asked I lifted up my finger, putting up the 2 sign, coming clean with the number of times Don fucked Mimi.

James : I swear…. I only know this much…

Another 30 seconds of silence followed before Ella bent down and kissed me again.

Then the rest happened in a series of rapid succession that I could not help it.

I could not help it that Ella was Don’s wife.

I could not control myself.

I tried.

I really tried.

I tried to think of Celeste but it was not use.

All rational thoughts left my brain.

Ella pressed her lips onto mind, breathing heavily onto my face as she lifted up her bottom, fucking herself hard down onto my pelvis, squeezing all the air out of my lungs as my eyes widened in pleasure.

Our tongues met each other, and to meet Ella’s hips, I fuck myself upwards into her, the reverberation rippled outwards sending waves of pleasure signals to my brain.

Our bodies moved in tandem, filling the entire room with the sound of flesh smacking against each other.

Ella’s eyes were opened, her lips slightly parted, her eyebrows slightly furrowed, and small pockets of slutty gasp escaped her mouth.

The visual stimulation of seeing Ella feeling my dick fucking all the way into her was nothing compared to the feel of her hands feeling up my hair, of knowing her caressing me as I enjoyed the interiors of her private sanctum.

A thrust too hard, her hands trembled, a helpless moan, a light teasing fuck upwards, her palms cradled my face as she planted more kisses onto me.

Expressions I had only see in her sex videos with Don played itself live in front of my eyes as Ella’s moans filled up the room.

Ella : Eegrgnnnn ergnnn… huregnnn… erngngn….

I had enough of being at the bottom. Since I’m already fucked no matter how I looked at it, I might as well enjoy the ride for now.

I lifted Ella off me, letting her lie down on her sides on the bed.

She was already panting heavily and I placed both her legs together, pushing them upwards so her knees were tucked as closed to her chest as possible.

I positioned myself at her wet entrance, my mind hesitated for a moment since I was not wearing condom but Ella pulled my hand towards her, urging me to go in.

Without another thought, I fuck myself into Ella again with her hugging her knees.

I watched her breast move and jiggled as I slammed myself hard into her wet and welcoming pussy.

Ella : ERgnnn… egnnnnn egnnn… gnn… erghnn,….

Ella’s eyes never left me as I worked up a good rhythm, my naked body started to perspire.

Both of Ella’s hands reached out for me and I held them together at the wrist with my right hand, holding them above her body angled slight to the side as I continue fucking my penis deep into her vagina.

My moans and grunts were mixed with Ella’s moans in a sick sex symphony.

The feeling of holding Ella in such a position, seeing her so submissive, letting me fuck her while her hands were held was mentally more stimulating than just putting my meat spear inside her.

I can tell you it’s not the sensation of her tight vagina muscles that was giving me the arousal. There is a fixed number of nerve endings in your dick

There is a fixed surface area.

And there is a limited amount of skin to skin contact you will get when you fuck yourself into a pussy.

But your mind.

It’s your mind that had no limits.

There is a lot more going through your mind when you have sex than just purely pushing and pulling your dick into the vagina.

The mental stimulation is as critical as the act itself.

Hold her hands to her side with my right hand, my left went to her breast, fondling her while I thrusted myself into her pussy.

Nothing could describe the sound our bodies were making, the way our skin stick to each other.

I paused to catch my breath and to let Ella catch hers.

She pulled me down, kissing me again, hugging onto me tight.
My mouth went from her lips southwards, licking and kissing her on her chin, her neck before down to her chest.

I finally got to her delicious and cute breast.

It’s not big, but nice and firm.

Her cute nipples in a nice tempting shape.

Cupping my mouth over her breast, I sucked hard, pulling her nipple and areola towards my throat the same time my tongue flicked and slap her nipple around.

Ella : ERgnnnnnn…. Nnnrggn… ergnnn… James…egnnnn

My free hand went to her other nipple, playing and tuning it side to side before flicking them vigorously, forcing Ella to moan loud and dirty in the hotel room.

My mouth kissed and lowered itself further, moving to Ella’s belly button before hovering about her well fucked pussy.

The smell of sweat, of her natural juice, was beckoning me towards that swollen clit.

I kissed and frenched Ella’s sensitive clit, nursing it carefully in my mouth as I sucked audibly onto it.

James : Zhoootzzz,,,zootzzzzzz…zhoottzzz…zhotz

Columns of Ella’s natural secretions flowed down my throat. It’s a different sweetness compared to Celeste.

For those of you who take whiskey, you would know the significance it played in the drink. The Smokey flavour that not everyone would like.

Ella’s love juice was sweet to the tongue before giving way to a smoky finish and lingered within your mouth.

The more I drank, the more I craved for it.

The more my tongue teased her wet pussy, the more it offered up its sacred nectar for me to devour.

I still have difficulty accepting the fact that the woman I craved for so many years was finally lying in front of me, opening her legs wide apart for me to do as I wish.

Thoughts of Ella in her wedding gown, of her marching down the banquet hall, of seeing her in the office, in her swim suit. In her home clothes.

Everything flooded into my mind at once as I sucked and licked Ella’s wet pussy hungrily.

I stopped after a while, straddling Ella high up, offering my dick to her and her mouth opened up readily, clamping down on my already excited dick head.

James : ARghh ugghhhh….

She looked at me in the same slut manner in the video, so willing to please yet beneath it all, I could smell the lingering scent of revenge.

Of bitterness.

James : Oh…. My god… Ella…

Ella’s blowjob was several notches better than Celeste. Her experienced hands stroked me skilfully as her suction made me moan non-stop.

James : Orguhh…. Orghh….geuu gruhh… urghh…

She paused, sticking out her tongue, running it along my wet dick before impaling it into my pee hole, making me squirm like an innocent school boy.

She paused to pull out a stray strand of my curly pubic hair from her mouth before resuming.

I could feel I was Cumming and I motioned for her to get some tissues.

James : Ella… stop… I’m cumming…

She did stop but she did not get the tissues.

Instead, she got on her fours, rearing up her backside to me.

Ella : Fuck me James…. Fuck me for a while longer…

It was such a delicious fucking sight that I could not refuse.

The curves of Ella’s tight body being offered to me on the bed. I positioned myself, sliding in easily as I was well lubricated and her vagina has ground accustomed to my dick.

Plunging myself deep again into Ella as I watch her try and turn around, brushing her hair aside.

I fucked Ella hard, slamming myself rapidly onto her behind, the doggy pose allowed me to enjoy her smooth back.

There were a couple of blemishes, a stray red spot, some freckles. Scattered dots but otherwise, it was a nice back view.

I could see the light imprint of her strapless bra on her back as I cupped both my hands onto her breast, smacking myself onto Ella.

I lowered my hands, letting the natural shake of Ella’s jiggling breast brush her nipples against the palms of my hand as she moaned loudly for me.

Ella : Ernnn… erngnnnnnn…. Ergnnnn

I let go of her breast and reached for both her hands, putting her wrist together. I angled Ella’s body sideways, I wanted to look at her.

I wanted her to look at me too and she did, turning to her side as if she was checking the blindspot before reversing a car.

Our eyes met as I fucked myself to the hilt, feeling my balls hit against Ella’s privates, the frown on her face, the gasped of air her lungs desperately needs, the frown as she felt my dick pushing against the interior of her pussy was priceless and impossible to describe.

The bedsheets beneath my knees were starting to get damp as I continued ploughing into Ella, feeling the familiar rush of orgasm creeping in.

James : ARghgh… arghh …

Ella : Egnnn… egnnn… egnn… egnn….

Her moans were soft, obliging, music to my ears.

I paused, releasing Ella from my hold, letting her fall onto the bed as she gasp for air .

I got her onto her feet and she hugged onto me, kissing and pressing her naked body against mine.

James : Wear your high heels…

Ella staggered, pulling me by my hands as she slipped into her heels, trying to walk on the carpeted floor.

Guiding her to the dresser, I pushed her down, looking at her expression in the mirror as I fuck myself into her again in a standing doggy position.

Ella : ERgnn. Egnnn… ergnnn… egnnn… ergnnn.. arhgh…

James : … Ask…. Ask me… ask me to fuck you…

Her moans tapered off slowly as she looked right into the reflection in the mirror.

Ella : Fuck me James….. I want you to fuck me..

James : ARgghh… argnng…

She wobbled unsteadily as she tried to find her balance, supporting herself on the dresser.

Ella : Fuck me !!!.... James… come on…. Fuck me !

James :ARghhhh!!!.. argh!...

I could feel imaginary flames igniting around my body as I hit onto Ella like a piston, her mouth was opened, the mirror soiled with Ella’s saliva.

Her sweaty palms left her imprint on the mirror, bluring up a portion of my reflection.

I did not stop until I was about to cum and I pulled myself out, breathing heavily.

Pulling Ella’s tired body over to the bed, I laid her down on her back, raising her leg up in the air , I smell and lick her feet with her heels on as I fuck her again in that position, every drag of my wet dick getting harder and slower as I tried not to cum.
I did not care how dirty her heels were, I could not be bothered about hygiene and cleaniness. Licking my way on the sides of her leather heels, my tongue toyed with her ankle, her feet, licking her toe cleavage as I pounded onto Ella, my ears well rewarded by her moans.

Ella : Oh… James… aergnnnnnnn

Eventually we ended up on out feet again, kissing, moving, staggering and waltzing our way into the bathroom.

I strained my arms and lifted Ella onto the vanity top, her heels dangled off her feet as I knelt down, kissing and sucking onto her clit with an audible ‘Zhoot’

James : zzzzooooooootssszzz…..ssshsssss…..zootzz…

I could feel Ella’s thighs quivered and shake as her moans filled the small bathroom.

My tongue did what it could as Ella cradled my head in her hands, moaning and moaning away.

I felt the forceful tug of hair in Ella’s hands as she let loose a loud yelp followed by a hair raising scream as she trembled, dropping her left heel onto the floor.

Ella : ARghhenennnnnnn!!!!!!!!!egnn !!arhg. egnn

My head was pressed hard onto her privates as she screamed, leaning backwards and hitting her head on the mirror.

Her butt activated the tap lever, causing water to flow while the spasm that followed caused a furry of movement that trashed the entire vanity top with all the toiletries.

Lotions dropped onto the floor, towels swept all over, it was a fucking mess.

Ella panted breathlessly as she leaned forward onto me, leaning for support to get her off the vanity top and she kicked off her remaining heel.

Somehow we ended back onto the bed into the original position as Ella straddled me, lowering her satisfied pussy onto my dick , giving out a satisfying moan as she filled the emptiness of her pussy with my wet rod.

Ella : Arghh……..

She started to rock and fuck me as I looked at her bouncing breast.

I was cumming and I tried to ward Ella

James : Ella stop… stop… I’m cumming already…

James : Ella wait…..there’s no way to explain ourselves out of this if you get pregnant…. I have condoms in my room.

Ella slid down, hugging me tight, fucking me in a faster intensity as I moaned and plead for her to stop.

James : Ella…. No… wait… wait.. please…

James : Ella please… arhg…

She pressed her lips onto mine.., kissing me hard as she slam herself relentlessly onto me as I begged even harder.

James : Ella… wait…..arhghh… … we can’t….. how can we explain….. this….if there’s an accident….

I shivered and a high pitch moan escaped from my mouth.

My mouth opened wide, I was ready to scream.

My lungs burned, craving for air but there was none going in from my mouth.

Ella grabbed onto her wet and soiled panty, stuffing it into my mouth, and almost instantly covering it with her bra cup, pressing firmly onto my face as I struggled helplessly in my position.

There was no turning back.

I was over the edge.

It was there.

I could not stop.

I felt the pressure build up and I lost all control, emptying myself into Ella, jerking and straining all the muscles in my body.

The veins on my neck was about to pop, as I feel the squirts of semen entered Ella while she looked on at me without any expression.

My head shook helplessly as I fought for air, Ella’s hands barely let any through her bra, not to mention her panty which was now soak with my saliva.

My spasm shook non stop as I felt the squeeze of Ella’s vagina on my dick, determined to milk me dry.

In the same emotionless tone, Ella added.

Ella : There is nothing………

Ella : to explain…

I moaned for a while more as I begged Ella to let go of her bra, my brain craving for oxygen.

She rest her forehead on mine and we both just looked at each other in the room.
We panted heavily onto each other.

I could feel the discharge of my freshly deposited sperm flowing down my rod and onto my privates.

I could feel the squeeze of Ella’s tired and well used vagina.

I felt the drip of her perspiration onto my face.

We just stared at each other.

Just staring without a word.

I don’t know how much time has passed before our forehead left each other and Ella laid on my chest, her hands went to my shoulders.

I knew I was fucked.

What have I done.

After what seemed like another 5 minutes, Ella finally got up.

She got off me, leaving a sticky mess of bodily fluids on my pubic region.

Ella led me into the bathroom and we stood under the rain shower, we kissed again as Ella’s arms went around my neck once more.

Under the splatter of the warm water, Ella pressed her body against mine.

Our skin wrinkled under the shower, and we washed up.

I dried up and got dressed while Ella blew dry her hair.

She came out and joined me in the room after another 10 minutes.

James : Ella…. Ermm…..

James : Is it a safe timing for you ?

She sat down in her bathrobe, folded her arms, crossed her leg and just stared at me before breaking into a sly smile.

She looked up into the air before lifting up five fingers, slowly bringing each of her finger down one by one mentally doing the calculation in her head before looking at me with an even wider smile.

She did not speak.

But I did.

My legs felt weak..

My head felt giddy.

I found it difficult to breath.

And I struggled to get the words out of my mouth .

James : I……

James : don’t……

James : believe….

James : You….


Ella calmly rose and adjusted her bathrobe, smoothing down the back as she checked herself in the mirror. 

She blatantly ignored me and went to pick up her soiled and wet lingerie. 

James : Ella….. wait… Ella…. This kind of things … don’t joke… 

She just smiled and went on to wash her saliva soaked panty by the sink 

Ella : You didn’t seem like you were joking when you were holding onto me earlier. 

I could not think of a reply to that as she rinsed off her wet undies. 

I followed her out into the room and she pulled my hand, dragging me to the door, a signal that I had outstayed my welcome. 

She checked the peep hole before opening the door for me. 

Right before she push me out, she added with a smile. 

Ella : Get rid of Mimi like you promised…..or I’ll tell Celeste everything. 

The door shut in my face shortly after. 

I took a deep breath and walked towards my room. 

My balls felt considerably lighter, my vision and thoughts no longer clouded. Sometimes I would feel that if I don’t release my load for too long a period, it seems as if the cloudy texture of my semen seemed to glaze over my eyes. 

It makes concentration hard. 

I opened my room door and saw a piece of note on the floor. 

It was from Walter. 

He wanted me to call him immediately when I get back. 

I dialled his room number which he scribbled onto the piece of hotel stationary and waited. 

2 dial tones later he picked it up. 

Walter : James…wah lan eh….. how is everything… 

James : ERmm… ok la… 

Walter : Is Ella ok ? ….. how is she ? 

I told Walter that she just showered, and went to bed. 

Walter : Is she conscious ? Does she know ? ….. did she get angry ? or …. Or…. Or upset or anything… ?

James : Walter…we’re all adults…. It’s… it’s mutual consent.. 

Walter : Hahahaha…. Ya.. ya… I agree…. 

He paused for a moment before asking me about the drug. 

Walter : So… can pass me one ? 

I pretended to be a little apprehensive, and appear as if to consider his question. 

James : I… er… I don’t know about this leh…. Just… just now… for a moment…Ella slapped me… but all was still ok… I don’t know if we should push our luck. 

Walter : Wah… you win liao lor…. You yourself relieve already then can say this kind of things… 

I tried to put across my reply as if I was trying to make up a reason, I wanted Walter to push me harder for the drug. 

James : but… I don’t know leh…. Feeling a bit unsure… 

Walter : Aiyah… relax la… not as if I asking you to do it….. before you did you still so confident….. how come now balls gone already ? haha…. 

James : I….. I ….. It’s….. I don’t know….. I’m a bit mind fucked right now….Ella is….my friend’s wife…… 

Walter cut in immediately, trying to take on the role of a counsellor and offer me advice. 

Walter : I understand…. James… you are both consenting adults….. nothing wrong ma….. besides.. if we all keep quiet… who will know… 

I kept silent, allowing him to go on a little while longer before I agree to pass him the drug. 

He immediately said he’ll come over my room and pick it up. 

Less than 5 minutes later, when I opened the door for Walter, I repeated the same words he said to me earlier. 

James : Walter…. I be upfront about this…. 

I passed Walter the straw of drug and added. 

James : I will deny everything…. Even the conversation we had…. Once you put it in….. the rest of the responsibility is yours….. not my problem anymore ah… 

Walter : Aiyah…. Relax la…. You zai a bit can or not…… before this you still so cock sure about everything…. Now become a scardy cat. 

I gave a sheepish smile and pretended to look embarrassed. 

Right before he left, I offer to make reservation and ask Mimi out for dinner for our last evening in Shanghai, same restaurant, same place, but I was surprised when Walter rejected my offer. 

Walter : No need it’s ok .. 

James : Huh… why ? Then how are you going to do it ? 

He just said he’s got it covered before leaving the room, adding that he could not wait till dinner next evening as his tank was almost full. 

I panicked a little as he left because I did not expect him to deviate from my plan which I thought was quite safe. 

It’s definitely easier to slip in the so call drug into Mimi’s drink in the restaurant, I could act as a look out, and it’s a quiet place with all the privacy we needed. 

I racked my brains for a solution and powered up my laptop to check my work mail. 

You see, my original plan was simple

First was having Ella play along to convince Walter. That was accomplished easily. 

Then when Walter use the laxatives on Mimi during dinner, I expect for the drug to start working within 30 minutes since it’s fast acting. 

A slow dinner would definitely wreak havoc on her stomach and I’m guessing she would run at least a few times to the bathroom before she decides to head back to the hotel. 

The scenario of Mimi visiting the bathroom multiple times would be a little similar to Ella’s visit to the bathroom. I would pass it off as part of the drugs taking effect and that he should make his move.

I would nudge and push Walter to act, telling him that it’s starting to work and it’s critical he make full use of the initial period to ensure a home run.

I wanted him to be a little touchy, suggestive actions. Be a little cheeky. I would nudge him forward, constantly telling him that if you don’t take the initiative, nothing will happen.

Main thing was for him to make his advances on Mimi. 

I could not be bothered whether Mimi would slap him or be disgusted or whatever fuck her reaction was. 

Walter is in senior management, and Mimi knows that. 

If she spun him, slap him or punch him, even better. I don’t give a fuck. Walter would be the key to getting rid of Mimi. 

I just needed it to happen for the confrontation between both of them.

But now that Walter has rejected my offer of setting up the dinner, I was beginning to worry about my plan. 

I check my mail, replying some work related stuff before I opened the mail by Stan. 

It was for the layout of the Staff’s gathering and some incentive presentation the next afternoon. 

I closed it since it was nothing of note but as I scrolled further down my inbox, I noticed something peculiar. 

A revision of the seating layout was issued about 30 minutes ago. 

I opened the pdf file again, comparing the seats. 

There was an added footnote, saying that the management had decided to change the seats for staffs from woodlands and ang mo kio branch to mingle. 

I searched for Walter’s name and there it was, right smack beside Mimi. 

As for my name, I was put far away together with Ella on the same table. 

It was at least 3 tables away, too far for me to have any control over anything. 

I needed to think, to catch some fresh air and I got out of my room to take a walk.

I wanted to grab a beer at the lounge but my lift happened to stop at the 2nd floor of the hotel where all the function rooms were. I decided to step out and explore a little. 

I saw my company’s name already displayed on the LCD panel of the function room and I opened to take a look. 

True enough, the seats and table arrangements were already set up. 

There was no one inside and I went in to take a look. 

I tried to recall Walter’s seat from memory and realised that he chose a good spot. 

His and Mimi’s seat were right at the corner, the stage was where all most of the attention would be focused on. Add to the fact that there was a column that separated their table from the rest of us, there was hardly a direct view point to their seat from other tables. 

I scratched my head as I tried to put myself in Walter’s shoes. 

Even if other tables can’t see you, what about the rest that’s sharing your table ?

What about Mimi ?

I hurried back to my room and relooked at the program for lunch tomorrow, going through every name before I realised what Walter was up to.

Everyone at his table was either a recipient for a incentive or the prize presenter.

Everyone except him. He was only scheduled to give a short speech during the start of the lunch.

I would choose to make my move when everyone files out to get ready and line up at the side of the stage. With the lights dimmed, the spotlight on the stage, it would be a good time to strike.

There’s bound to be applause and cheers, the attention would be anywhere but at Walter’s almost empty table.

After all, it will be almost empty and right at the corner.

That was when I would make my move I if I was Walter

I did not know what time I fell asleep but I did so thinking about Ella. Thinking about Ella begging me for something.

I just could not remember what thing.

17th June



I work up for breakfast and I decided to head down to the function room again to get a feel of the space one more time.

When I entered, it was not empty.

I saw the same guy which helped me get the cigarette helping to set up the rostrum together with another lady who seemed like a waitress.

Our eyes met and he gave me a wave.

Suddenly I was stuck with an idea and I waited for him to be done with the adjustments before I went over to speak to him.

I asked if he was helping out for the event later in the afternoon and he said no, he was just there to do some heavy lifting.

He cheekily asked if I needed to get more cigarette with a sly smile.

He could not have been more than 25, and when I casually asked about his age, he said he was 23. His name is Foo and it was his first job after graduating.

I told him I don’t need more cigarettes but I have a preposition for him.

I asked if he was interested to just keep an eye on someone for me during the event later but Foo said he would not be around as it was not his post.

I offered 1000 rmb to him, telling him that you can share it with a partner if he can find someone who’s willing to do it.

His eyes lit up immediately before disappearing behind the curtains.

Foo emerged a while later with the same waitress that was setting up the mic earlier. She was still munching away on her bread as she eyed me with interest.

James : 有一点小事要你们帮忙。。。我怀疑有个同事心怀不轨。。。他坐在这里。。。昨晚有同事被灌了药。。。但是没 证据。。。。等下能不能帮我看着? ( I need a favour, I suspect a colleague is up to no good, he will be sitting here later. A colleague was drugged last night but we have no proof, can you help me keep an eye on him ? )

I pointed to Walter’s seat and the waitress agreed

I reinforced the fact that Walter would be very careful, it’s best if they keep out of view and catch him in the act.

James : 真的捉到了,直接对质, 我会过来。。。额。。。怎么说。。过来帮忙。。。 ( If you catch him, confront him… I will….how do I put it… I will come over and take over )

Foo broke into a sly smile again, wagging his finger at me, saying that I’m playing a naughty game.

I looked towards the waitress and confirmed her participation.

She nodded eagerly as I handed over 1000 rmb to them.

I made them a promise, catch him…. Raise it up…. And I promise them a lot more.

They nodded together, apparently knowing my end game instantly.

Halfway through my breakfast , Ella sat down opposite me, and I almost choked on my coffee as she did a mock vomit motion

Ella : Blechhhh… blarkeee….wuuurakkee…

James : It cannot possibly be that fast…

I had a kick so hard on my shin that I dropped my fork with a loud clank on the glass table, drawing the looks of a few other diners.

Ella : I’m going to go do a head stand for the rest of the day, hopefully it speeds things up. … ok ? …. Ok ? … ok with you James ? haha.

She said it with such conviction but I could not help but burst out laughing and so did Ella.

Sometimes I really don’t know what to say to her.

I told her everything was progressing well but left out the details.

She went on to grab her food and when she sat down, I saw Walter walk pass my table and gave me a wink.

I returned the wink with a smile.

After breakfast, I went in search of a pharmacy, only after walking almost 5 streets did I find what I wanted.

Postinor 2

Certain things, you should not joke around.


The rest of the morning was free for us to explore but i was trying to clear up some work in my room.

I went down to the function room and saw that everything was good to go and even the presentation slides were up on the screen.

Several staff were milling around and I was surprised to see Foo there too.

Somehow he managed to wriggle himself into the function to help out.

There was no naughty grin or a cheeky smile, I can’t explain it enough but there seemed to be a level of professionalism in his demeanour that afternoon.

Seems like dodgy business is indeed their forte.

The waitress appeared soon too and we exchanged a nod.


I settled down at my chosen spot and Ella took the seat beside me without a word.

Before anyone else arrived, Ella did a mock throwing up action beside me right when I was munching on some peanuts.

Ella : Bleah….blarkke….

Then pretending as if nothing had happened, she smoothed out her skirt and sat down beside me, raising her hand for a glass of warm water in a dainty manner.

James : Did you really have to do that to me ?

Ella : Bleahh… whuarrryreckk…

I massaged my forehead, shaking my head at the same time, secretly thankful I have already gotten the pills in my room.

I’ll have to think of a way to make Ella take it.


Everyone was seated and Stan gave a introduction speech before our regional marketing manager Cindy took the mike and gave everyone a brief address.

Walter took the stand next, doling out some financial crap that no one was interested in as colleagues chatted and joked amongst themselves.

He looked at me several times, and I tried my best to pay attention.

Walter was perspiring in the room, I doubt it was a fear of public speaking, more of the excitement of what he was going to do.


He returned to his seat and lunch was served.


A corporate video, much like a propaganda brainwashing video was played, showing rows of happy workers at their work station before the screen zoomed out to show the annual performance of the office for the past 4 years.


Stan took the stand again, adding that he would like to invite Cindy up to give out some awards.

Mimi was the first to stand up, ushering Cindy to the stage while the rest of the colleagues at Walter’s table slowly made their way to the side, queuing up in the pre agreed order.

I could only see a partial view of Walter, only if he leans back fully on his chair, then I could make out his whole figure.

Right behind him the waitress was staring intently at the stainless steel hot water dispenser on her serving booth.

Smart move I would say, it gives a clear reflection of what was happening at the table.

Foo on the other hand was positioned right at the opposite side of Walter, quite a distance away, not a bad spot too.

With the lights dimmed, and the spot light shining on Stan, Foo stood in the dark of the shadow, hardly anyone will pay him any attention.


I saw Walter leaned back and his hands went into his trousers pocket.

My heart started thumping.

I felt the squeeze of my bladder, the feeling of my pee forcing it’s way out is happening again.

I watched as his hand lingered inside the pocket for a while before slowing bringing out his handkerchief. 

He wiped his head, apparently feeling a little nervous. 

I saw him turned around and I quickly look away, pretending to enjoy the food. 

The waitress Mandy was pretending to fill up the soy sauce bottle at her station. 

The name of the first colleague came up as cheers and applause erupted in the small function room. 

My heart stopped beating as I saw Mandy stopped what she was doing, staring straight at Walter as the first colleague shook hands with Cindy on stage, receiving an award and a envelope.

I could not see Walter at all but I could see Mandy looking intently at Walter, as if considering whether to take a step forward. 

Before the photo taking was over, I saw Foo quickening his footsteps towards Walter’s table and I almost shit in my pants. 

Foo cut directly in front of the cameraman, heading straight for Walter. 

The name of the 2nd colleague was called and the applause grew louder as the 60 year old man went up to the stage with a wave admist whistles and cheers. 

By then Walter was on his feet and I could see Mandy and Foo talking vigorously to him

Now you see, the contents of Walter’s straw is not as soluble as Eno fruit salt. 

The laxatives came with a hard cover, not the gel type where I could extract only the powder. 

No matter how fine I crush the pull, the hard cover bits will be there. 

There is no way you can hide the fact that there was something in Mimi’s drink if you look closely. 

The 3rd name was called and the first colleague had just got back to his seat, looking on in puzzlement as Mandy and Foo confronted him. 

The 4th name came up and the 60 year old man joined in the commotion at Walter’s table. 

I saw Cindy shot Walter’s table a look, and so did Mimi. 

Ella was looking at me intently as her eyes darted between Walter’s table and mine. 

The 5th name rang out, echoing deeply in the small room and I stood up, walking over to Walter. 

The moment Walter saw me approach, I could see the plea for help as he fervently denied any wrong doing but Mandy and Foo refused to budge, insisting Walter added something to the wine glass. 

They demanded to search Foo and by then a manager arrived. 

The 6th name came out, and I spoke up among the din of all the applause and cheers. 

Walter maintained his innocence and to my surprise, he took the glass and immediately drank it all.

Walter : There is nothing inside !!.... there was dust, something settled on the rim… I just brushed it off !!... you see !... you see !..... I prove it to you…

I suggested Walter step out, together with Mandy and Foo, that way we will not disturb the ceremony. 

Needless to say Mandy and Foo agreed with their paymaster, Walter’s face was flushed red and I could see him perspire even more, beads of sweat dotted his forehead as he fell in step. 

The manager came along and I joined the group as Walter’s Chinese is not as good as mine. I offer to do the translation and gestured other colleagues to sit down while we sort this out. 

The moment we step outside, Walter spoke louder, raising his voice in objection to the manager. 

Walter : What is this… I’m the client !.... how dare your staff accuse me of things I didn’t do…. It’s a total embarrassment !... 

He went on his tirade but Foo was smart. 

He remained calm and just spoke direct to his manager, and Mandy did the same too. 

Foo : 没什么好说的啊。。经理。。。看cctv不就好了。。。都在哪啊。。明明就看到他。。。。 ( there’s nothing to explain, just check the CCTV, I saw with my own eyes. ) 

Mandy reinforced the accusation from the perspective while the manager looked on in distress. 

Walter’s Chinese may not be good but he understood what CCTV meant and his face turned pale. 

He looked on to me, his eyes literally begging for me to intercede. 

I raised up both my hands and told everyone to calm down. 

I told the manager to give me 5 minutes , let me understand the story and the situation. 

Dragging Walter to the side, I flared up at him, literally shouting at him in the face.

James : What the FUCK!!! ….

I gestured angrily at him as I kicked the wall beside him. 

James : What the fuck !!!!! Walter !... Why ? 

He just looked on helplessly at me as I let loose a string of vulgarities. 

James : I TOLD YOU !!!... I TOLD you to go to a restaurant... !! 

I brushed my hair angrily as I glared at him. 

Walter : How James ? …. Fuck man… 

James : Anyone else saw or not ? 

He shook his head. 

Walter : I was sure no one was looking. Fucking I could not see anyone looking at me, I checked…. How was I to know… ? 

James : What were you thinking ? …. 

My frown was set so deep into my brow and we just locked eyes for a good 30 seconds before I reached for my wallet. 

I counted out all the rmb I had, about 800rmb in all, I took it all out and went to another compartment and took out the 150 sgd I brought. 

Walter immediately caught on to what I was doing and he did the same, handing over 1800 in RMB and 300 in SGD. 

I took a deep breath, put my hand up at Walter and spoke in a really serious tone. 

James : Deny everything……fucking deny everything…. It’s us against them…. Fucking deny it…. 

Walter nodded as I told him I would vouch for him. 

I left Walter in the corner and I went back down the corridor to find Foo and the rest. 

They were huddled in a corner and when our eyes met, I could see the manager smiling knowingly at me, no doubt catching onto my game after the updates from his staff. 

I handed 2600rmb to all 3 of them and they accepted it without a word, the money disappearing quickly into their pockets. 

Foo : 谢了。。。老大。。哈哈。。 ( Thank you boss. Haha ) 

James : 先别笑。。。戏还没演完。。 ( Don’t laugh so early, it’s not over yet ) 

I requested they apologise to Walter in front of the other colleagues for the mistake.

The group of us entered the room again and the manager chided Foo and Mandy in front of Walter’s table for the mistake, their heads bowed in apology. 

Walter wanted to scold them for a while longer but my glare stopped him, warning him not to push his luck. 

I briefly told the colleagues at his table that it was a misunderstanding, we checked the CCTV, everything was ok. Nothing happened, the staff made a mistake. 

The dust from the incident settled but tongues were already wagging. 

I secretly dropped another 50 SGD to Foo when I went to the bathroom and he personally approached Mimi when she went to the bathroom, telling her of what he saw, and that Walter paid them off.


Mimi called me at least 20 times on my mobile but I did not pick up 

She managed to reach me on my room phone and asked me what happened, asking me what should she do. 

In the envelope Don gave her, Don asked her to look for me if she needed any help or anything. 

She mentioned that she called my phone so many times but I told her I misplaced my mobile phone and I can’t find it anywhere since the last evening.

Then I pretended to be scare, avoiding her question, trying to talk my way out of going into details. 

Mimi pestered me for details but I refused to let on any before ending the call. 

James : Mimi…. Walter 是管理层。。。。我只是打工的啊。。。我不知道。。。我什么都不知道。。。 ( Mimi, Walter is in the management, I’m just an employee…. I don’t know anything ) 

I ended the conversation, leaving Mimi absolutely in no doubt that I was afraid for my job and that I don’t there to say anything. 

By 5pm, the news had spread, and a couple of other colleague asked me about the incident. 

I confidently told them that nothing happened. 

James : I saw with my own eyes on the screen…. Walter was just brushing away some dirt from Mimi’s glass. The staff made a mistake.

I left that group in no doubt that Walter was innocent.

Before I finished my lies, I added something else.

James : Actually….. last night I saw Mimi pestering Walter for something…. Almost like quarrelling…. Quite late…

I immediately turned serious and added.

James : Don’t say I say one ah…. Wait I tio sacked.

By 7pm,

Walter has shit so much that he’s walking with a sore anus when I met him in his room.

The lies, deceit and rumours have been fanned out enough among the group.

I listened to multiple versions from a few colleagues and I almost burst out laughing.

Even Ella’s version was entertaining as well.

Ella : The word is that Walter spurned Mimi, and she accuse him of cheating,Then Walter spit in her glass or something, then the staff saw

I laughed so hard that I clutched my stomach.

Ella : Blerrhhh… blarekkeeee…belch….

I only stopped when Ella started her vomiting act again.


A final brief for the departure the next day was conducted over dinner and we were left to enjoy the buffet in the hotel.

Walter did not look too happy when I updated him on the rumours.

James : Eh… word is spreading like wild fire….

Walter : Yah… Cindy was asking me what happened.

James : What did you tell her ?

Walter : That it was a misunderstanding….. but Mimi is giving me the dirty look….fucking I think the PRC waitress must have told her.

I tried to calm him down but he needed to go to the toilet again.

When he came back 15 minutes later, I told him my proposal.

James : You need to stop this…. If the rumours continue spreading when we get back to singapore…. Hong gan already.

He listened to my reasoning and asked for my suggestion.

Walter : What to do ?

I turned and checked my surrounding before telling Walter.

James : Get rid of Mimi….

His eyes widened as he considered my proposal

James : She’s just a admin staff.

James : She can be easily replaced….. you’re head of finance…

Walter looked on at me, considering what I just spoke.

When our eyes met again, he asked, a little unsure.

Walter : But…. But if I get rid of her now…. Sure will set tongues wagging…. Even worst…. And I got no reason to …………

Before he finished his sentence, I put my phone on the table, a picture of Mimi baring her breast on the front page.

Walter was quiet, immediately weighing the pros and cons.

Walter : But…. These pictures are taken by you……

I held up my hand and stopped Walter.

James : Some things….. you don’t need to dirty your own hands….get someone to do it for you… you just need to set things in motion.

I sent the pictures to Walter’s phone.

I leaned back on my chair as Walter scrolled through the images.

Walter : How do I explain these pictures then ?

James : Say you received it in a mail. You confronted Mimi, and she reacted accordingly…… tried to seduce you to keep her job….., you spurn her…. And she’s out to get you… … go talk to Cindy….. only to Cindy…. Keep it within the management….

I could not appear too eager, at the same time I need to pretend I’m a coward too.

I put it across to him bluntly, that if the matter gets out of control, she might know I drugged her too the previous evening. I would get implicated in the whole fiasco.

James : I’m as knee deep in shit as you if this gets out or if she pursues the matter. I need this to be over soon too.

I clasped my hands together as I leaned back and waited for Walter to digest what I just said. I had a bit of frown on my face, a look of worry and anticipation.

30 seconds later he broke into a smile and replied.

Walter : You’re a fucker James….. haha. …. But won’t Mimi know it’s you who sent me these ?

I told Walter not to worry about me.

Walter : Why is that so ?

James : Just don’t mention anything about me….. anyway….I lost my phone last night already…. That…. Mimi is aware.

He nodded with a smile and raised his glass and I raised mine.

As our glasses touched, Walter added ;

Walter : I won’t be responsible ah…. Once these goes out…. You settle with her ah if she choot pattern…. Haha…

I pretend to smile sheepishly.

James : Aiyah… don’t like that say la…. Next time still need you to take care of me at work…..

Walter : Haha… you’re really a fucker James…
We drained our glasses before parting ways, and Walter said he’s going straight to Cindy.

As I went to the lobby, another 2 colleague approached me, they saw me drinking and talking to Walter just moments ago.

I pretended to check my surrounding before dropping them a bit of a hint.

James : Don’t say you hear this from me ah….. apparently Walter received a mail of Mimi’s photos, quite intimate ones…. I think taken from office or warehouse there or something…. He confronted her…. Then she choot pattern or something… I don’t know.

Their eyes widened immediately nodding and promised to keep it to themselves.


I went back to my room and started packing my bag for the flight back the next evening.

I dropped Don a message.

James sms : It’s done. She’ll be out of your life soon

Don sms : How ?

James sms : You’ll see.


I went to Ella’s room and updated her on the situation. She seemed pleased with the result.

Ella : Ok… we’ll see…

When she tried to close the door, I put my foot by the door, blocking her attempt and she stared at me in surprise.

Ella : What ?

I checked the corridor to make sure it’s clear before I push my way into the room, shutting the door behind me.

Ella : Hahhaa…. No need to do that James…. Just ask nicely…. I may say yes…

I took out the box from my pocket and Ella immediately realised what it was.

James : Ella… don’t joke around anymore….take it…. Before things get out of control.

She took the box over, glanced over at the label before throwing it at my chest, letting the box bounce and fall onto the floor.
My eyes widened as she stuck her tongue out at me before turning away, going ahead with her packing.

James : I’m not joking Ella…. Take it…

She ignored me and I saw her putting her high heels into a shoe bag before fitting it into her luggage.

She turned her head around over her left shoulder.

Her eyes looked at my eyes before darting low at my body, as if looking at me in a condescending manner, like I’m not worthy of her attention.

Then blood rushed to my dick once more as she chirped in a slut like manner before turning away.

Ella : Make me James…. Make me..

She scoffed and laughed and added.

Ella : I’ll tell Celeste….

Before she could finish, sound of the medicine tab breaking, crackling broke out in the room as I removed the 1st pill.

Ella stood up, staring at me.

She turned and tried to run into the bathroom, screaming and laughing at the same time, hurling vulgarities at me .

Ella : James…. Shit… James…arghghhhh… don’t you dare…!!.. I’ll… James !!

I grabbed onto Ella’s waist, half dragging and pulling her out of the bathroom.

We struggled and blows landed on my head, my shoulders and my chest as Ella fought her way loose.

I don’t know why but I’m having a massive erection.

Ella : Arghhh…hahah.. James…!!!.. stop!.. argh.. I’ll ….tell… arghh… haha…

I managed to pin Ella down on the bed, straddling her and by then she pressed her mouth tightly shut, defiantly refusing to open them.

James : Please Ella… don’t make me do this.

We just stared at each other without a word.

James : Please…it’s for the best….

Ella’s lips relaxed a little and I took it as a sign that she relented.

I put the pill on her lip and she took it obediently.

I grabbed a bottle of water by the side table and passed it to her.

9.45 pm

James : You need to take the 2nd pill in exactly 12 hours. .. Probably tomorrow before we board the plane back.

She nodded without looking at me.

I was about to leave when Ella asked me a question I could not answer.

Ella : James…..

James : Yah ?

Ella : was talking to a few colleagues….. they mentioned some pictures of Mimi….

I felt a lump in my throat and I swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

James : ERm… nothing la.. it’s just.

She cut me off immediately.

Ella : Think very very carefully before you answer me James.

I just kept quiet.

I did not reply.

Ella : Did you sleep with Mimi ?

I shook my head vigorously.

James : No!... fuck… of course not…

Ella : Then where did those photos come from ?

James : What photos..

Ella : The ones Walter showed me barely an hour ago.

James : Fuck. … what…

I felt my heart drop and sank to a deepest low ever as I look at Ella.

I did not count on Walter showing her the pictures. It appears as if Walter was trying to gain enough support before heading back to Singapore.

I don’t care if Mimi give’s Don the shit for sharing those, she’s meant to go anyway, but I did not consider the possibility of Ella seeing them.

Walter was supposed to keep them among management levels only.

Ella : Did Don take them ?

I felt this cold chill run through my spine as Ella looked on intently at me.

Goosebumps appeared on my neck, spreading like water ripples down my body.

Ella repeated her question.

Ella : Did Don ….. take them ?

I could not look at her in her eye but I guessed I nodded a little.

I could hear the heavy exhale of Ella’s breathe, almost like a sigh.

Ella came over and took my phone from me, holding it up and asking If I have them.

I nodded, ashamed and not knowing what to do.

She made me unlock the phone and scroll to the album.

The first picture was of Mimi on a bed. The top 3 buttons of her blouse were undone, exposing her black bra, she was biting her lips, as if tempting the photographer.

She wore no pants, and her underwear was halfway down her thigh, her legs posed stylishly one in front of another, her toes pointed forward.

My lips shivered and I shook where I stand as Ella started unbuttoning her top, exposing a pale pink strapless bra as she reversed herself onto the bed.

Blood exploded into my dick as Ella slipped off her shorts.

As she reversed onto the bed, she slid off a black lace panty, letting it slide down her mid-thigh before biting her lips.

My jaw dropped.

My phone dropped

My pants wanted to drop

Ella voice rang out loud and clear in the room.

Ella : Do you need a formal invitation ?


I picked up my phone immediately and was at a lost what to do but Ella was already posing for me on the bed.

My fingers struggled to navigate my phone’s keypad as I activated the lousy camera.

I fired off a few shots before Ella came over and take a look.

Ella : Shit you la James… I look so fat…..

Our eyes locked for a moment before we both burst out laughing.

She hit me on my head and ask me to take a proper one.

After a couple more attempts, I manage to get a few decent shots.

I must have at least 7-8 shots of Ella in various poses before we stopped.

Ella looked through every one of them and made me copied it to her before deleting it from my phone personally.

Ella : Don can do it. So can i.

I felt this cold chill run down my spine as Ella put aside her phone.

There was something different about the atmosphere in the room that evening.

Something was different.

Something between Ella and me that seemed different.

Without so much as a word or any indication of what she was about to do, Ella tiptoed in front of me and her arms went around my neck.

Our lips met again and this time round, the sweetness of Ella’s saliva was well received by my tongue.

We wet each other’s lips with our tongue, as if lubricating each other’s mouth was part of the foreplay.

Our kissing lasted barely 30 seconds before Ella started to take off my clothes.

She was already down to her bra and underwear.

I removed my belt and Ella knelt down on her knees without me asking, pulling down my pants and underwear at the same time.

My erected dick sprang out the moment I strip, begging for Ella’s wet mouth.

Both of Ella’s hands rested on my thigh as I watch her lean her head forward, her mouth opening just enough to take in the front bit of my dick.

The palm on thigh moment was one of my favourite. Feeling her soft hands on my thigh was enough to give me a mental orgasm. Many times we rushed into the main blowjob, I urge whoever who’s reading this to slowly enjoy the moment when you feel both your partner’s hands on your thigh.

My pores opened up, my hair stood as my dick hovered and hung freely in midair, waiting for the inevitable.

As Ella sucked down on my dick head, my groan betrayed all hints of my zero self-control I had left that evening.

The warm lip wrapped around my foreskin, that slight teasing of her tongue, tickling and toying with my pee hole.

My fucking pee hole, I have a lot of weakness, too many and my sensitive pee hole is almost like what ladies would liken to a swollen blood gorged clitoris.

The mere teasing of it would make me go weak.

I know many of you will laugh at me but I seriously felt most weak and I believe the word to use was a pussy at the beginning of a blowjob. My weak boyish groan as I half crave, half lusted for the mouth to treat my manhood well.

My dick shot forward by half an inch as I felt Ella’s mouth accommodate more of me and I groaned again, instantly feeling like a weak virgin boy.

James : Ohhharghgh…

It’s like falling into a black hole.

Her mouth parted and she let loose a breath of warm air on my dick, showering my entire pubic region with hot breathe.

James : ARghhhhh…..ahhh…

Ella sucked a little more, and I plunge a little more into the abyss.

James : arghooooghg…ooo.

Then Ella clamped back down on my dick, painting my foreskin and pee hole with her wet saliva and her tongue.

If you could see my face you will want to slap me.

I was staring at my own reflection in the dresser and I wanted to slap myself too.

My eyebrow twisted, my mouth in the shape of a capital ‘O’ and my expression of sourish pain as Ella sucked me hard, forcing me to moan out loud.

James : Ooooohhh…..

Another stronger suck and it felt like I was free falling into Ella’s warm slutty mouth.

James : Ohhhhh…ohh… OO O…. O. O. O ..

Thinking back, I would have wanted to slap myself.

For some reason I just kept repeating the letter ‘ O ‘

I was still holding onto my belt, and I grabbed Ella’s left hand, as I coiled the belt around her left wrist, her right wrist automatically came over to me.

My dick had never been that hard before in my life.

I could feel my veins popping as it hardened to the point I felt it was painful .

Ella allowed me to tie her wrist up, after I’m done, I held on to her bound wrist with my left arm, cradling her limbs against my body.

My free right hand went to her hair, grabbing a handful of her lush locks.

Ella : ermmhh…uggh…

It took both of us some adjustments before we found a comfortable angle.

I thrusted my hip forward, fucking myself into Ella’s mouth. My hip thrusting motion hit Ella several times on her nose and she moaned her complains, unable to speak properly with my dick in her mouth.

Ella : owww….aryy.. norshs…..rainfull..

I adjusted again, the feeling of holding a girls’ bound hands and fucking her in the mouth while she kneels in front of me was wreaking havoc to my brain. The sight of Ella kneeling, the frown on her face, her wet lips dousing my erected dick with lots of saliva was making my knees go weak.

Ella’s jaw was starting to hurt and she begged me to stop after about 5 minutes into the blowjob.

Ella : My jaw is painful already….

As the voice travelled to my ears, it turned me on even more, the realisation that Ella was begging me.

I don’t know why but it just turns me on to hear girls beg.

I let Ella by her bound hands over to the bed, making her lie down, with her lying down on her side, I lowered myself slightly and brushed her lips with my dick, pretending I’m applying lip gloss on her.

It was a sick and perverted act and Ella’s partially parted lips was so silky and smooth to the touch. I pushed in a little, feeling the rough brush of her front teeth.

I held onto her bound hands, slapping her cheek with my dick.

“ Piak “ …. Piak piak…..

Ella : Ergnn


Ella : Ergnnn…

Everytime I hit Ella on her cheek, she would response with a soft helpless moan, as if craving for more, then again, I could not help but feel the moans were nothing but Ella’s way of teasing me, of seeing me under her control.

Then she would bit her lips, her tightly shut eyes made my want to rape her.

Piak…. Piak… piak…….

My dick slapped on her cheeks before I let it slide towards her mouth.

Her mouth opened, her tongue came out.

My dry slap on her cheeks turned into a wet one as I started slapping on her exposed tongue.

Thin spiderly strands of saliva trailed behind my dick as I played with Ella’s tongue.

Piak…. Piak…


Piak.. slurppssz… piak slurps…

Like a black hole and a with sudden suck, my dick disappeared into Ella’s mouth and I started moaning my stupid letter “ O “ again.

James : O …… O ….. O ….

I was riddled with guilt as I suddenly compared Ella’s blowjob with Celeste’s. It made me feel lousy and shitty but I could not help it.

They were so different in their own way.

One filled with innocence, eager to explore new grounds while the other oozed confidence and experience in every turn.

I withdrew myself, unable to hold back any longer.

I wanted to go inside Ella.

I repositioned her on the bed and my loosely tied belt restraint came off, freeing Ella’s wrist.

She hugged me and kissed me before whispering beside my ears.

Ella : Tie me up James…. Tie me up and fuck me…

I looked around and immediately found the worn bathrobe hanging from a chair, I pulled out the draw string and flipped Ella roughly onto her stomach. Placing her hands behind her back, I quickly tied a ugly dead know, looping round and round in no particular manner, just as long as it’s tight.

I turned her over onto her back, letting her lie on her bound hands and I immediately spread her legs. Her panty was started to soak through, and I pressed down on her private, immediately coating a bigger surface area of her panty crotch area with her natural juice.

James : So Wet…. You’re so wet….

I parted Ella’s panty aside, feeling the stickiness of her vagina opening begging for me to enter her.

I fuck myself into her, the familiar squeeze of her tight muscle made me groan again as I relished and bask myself in the feeling of her love hole.

It was like sliding a hot knife into warm butter, my hungry desperate dick cutting through the layers and folds of her vagina lips swiftly before slowly grinding to a halt as the interior got harder to navigate.

I pull out a little, before piercing myself further inwards, feeling the moist interior of Ella’s vagina cough up more space to accommodate me.

I withdrew again, feeling that sick drag of labia lips on my hairy unshaved dick before I plunge myself all the way, burying my dick right to the hilt in Ella’s pussy.

AHhhh.. that fucking feeling of satisfaction of feeling this radiating warmth on your balls, the stickiness of our bodily fluids on my pelvis and that slut moan Ella was giving out was more than enough to drown out any guilt I might have towards Don and Celeste.

It’s my primal instinct after all.

Ella’s mouth was wide opened and her forehead frowned with each push.

She must have felt every muscle against my dick. Every nerve, every inch her pussy can accommodate being pushed aside and stretch.

Ella : ERgnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh….ahh….

She took 3 successive gasp of air, as if going into labour before moaning out loud, shivering under me as I held on to my dick and roughly brushed against her swollen clit.

I slapped her clit again and again, and Ella moaned helplessly on the bed, begging for me to stop.

Ella : Ergnnn… egnnn stoppp… James… egggnnn ergnnh egn… ahh.. ahahen… ergnnh… ahh James !!

I refused to stop.

It was arousing for me to see Ella moan and beg at the same time.

It brought back memories of the videos I saw.

Of her acting like a slut.

Ella : ARhh… ohhhh…. James !!!.. ergnnng…. I’m… going… to… erngngnnnn..

James : Moan louder for me… Moan like you’re a slut begging for me…..

I increased the intensity of my clit slapping despite protest from my own dick.

The sticky wet surface was constantly reinforced with more and more natural juice oozing out from Ella’s vagina and I made it a point to scoop up some and coat her clit with it.

Slap… slap…squiche….squichhheed… quichchh.. qucichchc…squich….ssszz suich…

That rapid sick sound is impossible to describe. I cannot even piece together that sound we were making with the 26 letters in the alphabet .

squiche….squichhheed… quichchh.. qucichchc…squich….ssszz … piarkkksszz.. zzrpaksrkk….

It’s just a wet combination of lusty flesh slapping each other.

Ella : Arhhhhh.. James !!.. James !... aregnnn ….

I shook my dick do hard that I unknowingly let loose a long cry, forcing my hand to go faster against the swollen sensitive clit..

James : Arhhhhhhh… ahh…..


….squichhheed… quichchh.. qucichchc…squich

Ella : No !.. no.. no… arh… ergnng…. Ernnnnnn… arhh…

With a eardrum piercing scream, Ella’s body literally folded into 2, her legs shot upwards the same time her body came forward like someone being possessed by a demon.

Ella : ARHHH!!!... egnngg…

Her head shook .

Her mouth wide apart.

Her eyes confused and for a moment I saw only the whites of her eyeball.

For that 1 second her body folded upwards, it seemed as if she was suspended in mid air, balanced only by the small area of her bottom that was still in contact with the bed which was by them wet and damp with our sweat.

Ella slammed back down hard, her body going into spasm, as her legs tried to close off access to her sensitive privates.

Not willing to let her finish just then, I forced her legs apart despite her pleas.

Ella : NO!!! JAme !!! arhgh… erngng.. NOOO!!! Arg… James… please… ewait……

I gained access , wedging my body in between her legs as she looked on in horror.

Grabbing my horny dick, I started slapping her exploding clit and sent more electrical signals firing into her overloaded brain.

Ella : ARhghghg.. erngng…. James !!!.. argnngng…. FUCK!... aengngngnnn

Ella trashed about on the bed, her hands bound and unable to help her. Her legs desperately kicking around but it was no use.

My back can taks a bit of trashing .

Ella : ARhghghg…ernnnnn.. FUCK…..FUCK.. erngnngng.. James… please… arghh…. I cannot…!!! Arhgngngngngngn….

I saw the sudden spray of saliva from Ella’s mouth, as she let loose a uncontrolled burst of them, landing spit and mucus on her own body.

Then without warning, her body arched upwards and I felt the current of wet cum squirt out, wetting my entire stomach, my dick, even going inside my belly button as Ella groan and moaned helplessly on the bed.

I stopped

I stopped all my movements and let Ella’s bottom lay back down on the soaked bed.

Her chest rose and fell in the quite room.

Random spasms still shook her body every couple of seconds.

Her bra was still on, dotted with wet patches of her saliva.

Her panty was totally soaked.

As she struggled to get back up on her butt, I helped her sit up properly and we both looked at the mess caused by Ella.

We were both quiet, staring at the weird pattern made on the bedsheet.

Ella : What happened ?

I shook my head.

James : I don’t know…

The silence persisted for another 30 second or so before I kissed Ella again.

I unhooked her bra and I pulled off her panty.

I untied her too.

When our eyes met, something changed.

Something fundamental in our relationship had change. I can’t put my finger to it, but the difference cannot be just felt by me alone.

Ella should feel it too.

As she straddled and lowered herself onto me, I let loose an exhale of breath before I kissed and sucked on Ella’s nipples.

I shall not bore you with my orgasm. I finished it in missionary and there was nothing interesting about it except I came raw again into Ella.


We laid in bed watching TV, Ella cradled against my arm, tracing the outline of my stomach with her fingernails while I smell her hair.


James : It’s late…. You better rest.

Ella gave my body a squeeze before letting go.

Without a word, she turned away from me, resting her head on the pillow.

I waited for a good 15 minutes before I heard the soft snore. Really soft one, she must be exhausted.


I spent 30 minutes in the shower, feeling like crap and I just hope everything would go back to normal when we’re back in Singapore.

18th June



Everything gathered in the lounge for breakfast with their luggage brought down.

I could see small pockets of people gathering around, whispering softly to themselves.

Walter was talking to Cindy in a corner.

Mimi sat in the middle of a 3 seater sofa, her legs crossed while her touched up her makeup. No one sat beside her.

Ella dragged her luggage and settled down beside me while Stan distributed the boarding pass and briefed us where the coach will be waiting to take us to the airport.

My mind was in a mess.

The truth was that I indeed created a mess.

I could only hope all would be fine when we return.

Stan : Ella ?

She reached forward and took her pass.

Stan : Walter ?

Walter excused himself from Cindy and took his.

Stan : James ….

I reached over for mine.

He finished distributing the passes and clap his hands together once.

Stan : Now….every trip should be exciting….. every plane ride should be too..

In the same gleeful manner, Stan addressed the group

Stan : Are you ready…. To go home ?