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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

FAQs part 2

Thank you for the emails and support.

I've received quite a fair bit of mail, thank you again for them.

I'm glad you enjoyed my works so far.

Here's a list of questions i get most frequently and more so this couple of weeks due to the new works. Hope the answers can satisfy your curiosity for now.

Are you a guy or a girl ?

I get this question a few times a month. James is obviously a guy. I would say most of the time i'm the one updating and  maintaining this blog.

Not many people knew, but a good lady friend of mine has been very active in editing my work and contributing to these stories.

Perhaps when she finally decides she is ready, she would formally introduce herself, maybe in another blog, maybe in some other way, i don't know.

Why do you take so long to update the blog sometimes ? 

I wished i could have the luxury of updating whenever i wanted but it's quite impossible. I'm just a normal salary man on the street. The last thing i need was for my boss or co-workers to see me typing away on a blog

Writing is very much a past time and i definitely look forward to having that quiet moment in the day when i can write undisturbed.

I thank you for your support thus far, and i look forward to sharing many more stories with you.

What do you hope to achieve with this site ? Will you consider writing full time and go into publishing ?

Sure. To be able to sip on a cold beer while i write on my laptop at some sunny beach villas, i do it every night when i close my eyes and sleep. Who doesn't ?

Jokes aside, i don't think works of these nature sit very well in the eyes of the general public. It will be many years to come before these could be accepted.

Perhaps when that day finally comes, i could be able to update more frequently.

I'm looking to build up a safe place for everyone who has a fetish, who has a dark secret fantasy, who longed for some form of release, things we don't do in our everyday lives as a matured, and socially responsible adult.

There's a line between reality and fantasy, you know as well as i do that certain things cannot be done in real life without consequences. We all need a place to safely explore the dark areas of our mind. Perhaps in a site with stories of similar nature, we read it, we imagine ourselves in it, we take care of the desires and urges before we go back to living our normal life

This is why i hope more people will write to me about their fetish, their secret desires, some dark fantasy they wanted to fulfil.

Send me your ideas as long as it does not have anything to do with animals, dead corpses and underaged stuff.

Some lines we should not cross..... ever...

Will you be listing more explicit works up soon ? 

I'm still testing the response for now. I've got about 30-40 pieces of these dark and sick works,from non-consensual sex, to gangbangs, to forced submission,torture,blackmail, all from the darkest corners of my mind, they just need some editing before i list them.

The ones that i've put up so far are the more mild ones.

I'm not sure how the reactions would be. It might really be too graphic and harsh for some especially for the more extreme ones.

Will see how things go.

Where do you get the pictures you use ? 

Some are sent to me by blog followers like you. People who have a story to tell.
A portion of them are my own collections, some are paid photoshoots, some i obtained through other means.

PS : I'm not a professional photographer.


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