Saturday, 4 July 2015

My good friend's marriage part 4

Just before we boarded the plane, I reminded Ella to take the other half of the pill and she stuck out her tongue at me, pretending to throw a tantrum in a kid like manner. 

It took some coaxing and a bottle of water from the overpriced duty free shop before she took it. 

The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone was looking forward to make their way home. 

I stole a glance at Mimi who was speaking vigorously on the phone, I’m not sure with who though. 

I just settled down at the waiting area, chatting with a few other colleague who tried to press me for more information about the incident the day before but I politely said there’s really nothing. 

James : Just a misunderstanding. 

We boarded the plane shortly after and before I could settle down by my window seat, one of the auntie asked if she could switch seats with me. She wanted to chat with her good friend who was sitting beside my original seat. 

I agreed and moved myself 3 seats down to take one of the aisle seat in the middle of the plane. 

3 minutes later, Ella was standing right beside me, waiting for me to make space for her. 

Ella : You sit here meh ? 

James : I changed with Susan. She want to gossip with her auntie gang. 

Nothing happened during the plane ride and everyone went their own way after landing in Singapore. 

I took my time at the duty free, trying to find something for Celeste when I saw Mimi talking in an agitated manner into the phone. 

She went on about something like not buying her enough things and stuff,that was all I manage to catch on as she is no longer of any interest to me.

Celeste had already dropped me several messages, telling me she’s already gotten permission from her parents to stay over at my place that weekend. 

The smiley emoicon with a devilish look told me all I needed to know. 

I was quite excited to meet up with Celeste although I was riddled with guilt for what I had done during the Shanghai trip.

It’s very hard to explain and put in in words, I don’t even want to try justifying my actions. It’s just that when you are in that situation, I guess you don’t have much choice. 

I went home, did some unpacking and laundry before catching a quick nap, making sure I was well rested.

Celeste would surely want to hear all about the trip and after a few days without me, she should want some release.

At the back of my mind I rehearsed my story, i had to make sure I left out parts that were too sensitive.


Celeste texted to inform me that she’s home, will be heading over to have dinner with me after she wash up and pack.

Celeste : See you at 8pm 


I waited below my place for Celeste and waited. 


I called to check on Celeste but there was no answer. 


I was a little worried and I went to the main road. Countless cabs pulled up, dropping passengers off but no Celeste. 

I tried her phone at least 6 times and dropped her no less than 5 messages.

The thought of heading over to her place crossed my mind but before I could make a decision, my phone rang. 

Celeste blabbered quickly over the phone and I had difficulty catching what she was saying. 

James : Slow down… slow down…. 

Celeste : Come over to Ella and Don’s place…. Now! 

James : What happened ? 

Celeste : Mimi is here again and she’s not alone. There’s a crazy woman with her..

I could hear some background shouting and together with Celeste’s rapid talk, I was getting a headache. 

James : I’ll be right over. 


It took me a while to get a cab that Friday evening and the bad traffic on TPE took a while to clear. It was already 9.20pm when I alight at Don’s place. 

I kept up with the text messages with Celeste, getting constant updates about the situation. 

It turns out that Mimi came over with another woman. They were waiting for Don to come back from work, but since Ella was back early because of the trip, they confronted each other.

After some scuffle back and forth, the initial confrontation stopped and the girls went back to the house, but after Don came back, everything started off again and things got more and more aggressive and out of control right in front of their main door. 

Celeste told me she initially called Ella, asking if she wants to join us for dinner but she heard her shouting and cursing while asking her to hold on, that was when she panicked and decided to head down to her place. 

When she arrived, the 1st confrontation was just about to be broken up. 

I made up way up to the flat and an ugly scene unfolded in front of me. 

I could see a few neighbours further down the corridor trying to peep out from their unit but no one stepped out. 

Don was trying to calm Mimi down while the other PRC woman Mimi was with kept on cursing at Ella who was calmly standing behind the grille gate. 

Ella’s arms were folded, the gaze from her eyes steady and cold. 

I could see Celeste sitting on the sofa behind Ella and she just looked on helplessly. 

The PRC girl is tall, 1.75 by my estimate, she has short cropped hair and she’s got a pretty good build. Not some dainty helpless girl that’s for sure. Her jeans were well worn and a little tattered, she was perspiring badly in her grey t-shirt, patches of wet spots dotted all over as she hurl more curses for Ella to come out from behind the gate. 

With the random patches of paint spots on her top, I would have passed her off as some construction worker or something.

Her middle finger flashed repeatly, taunting Ella to step out and talk, between the taunts, she kept saying that Ella should have kept her own husband in check. 

Mimi’s scream suddenly broke above all of the noise as she tugged and pulled at Don’s shirt.

Mimi : 你给我个交代!!! 你现在就给我个交代! ( You owed me an explaination!!, I demand an explaination now!! ) 

Don : 你听我说。。。我。。我手机在公司弄丢了。。。( listen to me, I lost my phone in the office ) 

It took me less than a second to put 2 and 2 together. 

News of the photo leak must have gotten to Mimi by then and the original content owner is Don. He had to be the one responsible. 

Thankfully he was not dumb enough to just push everything to me. 

Don looked at me for help but before I could do or say anything, 

The butch PRC girl delivered a front kick towards the gate, the sound of shoe against metal echoed down the corridor, she shouted at Don before her hands grabbed the grilles gate forcibly, shaking it hard, putting undue pressure on the poor hinges. 

Mimi : xiaohua!, 别理那个贱货。。 ( xiaohua, don’t bother with that bitch ) 

Xiaohua : 别浪费时间。。。出来。。大家外边谈 ( Don’t waste time, we talk outside ) 

Words alone could not stop xiaohua from raining kicks at the gate. 

She got off another 3 kicks, rattling hinges while and Don grabbed onto her arm and yanked her away from the gate. 

Mimi went for Don, cursing him for spreading her photos while Xiaohua punched Don on the head. It happened so fast that I did not have time to react, I managed to reach forward to support Don as he staggered backwards with a curse. 

Don took 2 more punch from xiaohua before he wised up and blocked off her 3rd attempt to hit him and pushed her roughly back down the corridor with a shout, his palm smacked against Xiaohua’s flat chest with a thud, as if delivering a palm of invisible compressed air towards her. 

Immediately I heard a neighbour called out from 7-8 meters away that he’s calling the police. 

Neighbour : Hey you!!.. I call police…. I calling police … you better stop..

The old grey haired man shouted at Xiaohua, pointing a finger at her while he tried to key in the number on his cordless phone. 

Xiaohua : 报什么报。。!! 你敢。。。你他妈赶报。。( call what call ? You dare to call the cops ? ) 

Xiaohua took 2 threatening steps towards the uncle before she was stopped by Don who yanked her back roughly by her shirt, causing her to lose her balance momentarily 

That threw her into a rage and she started raining a successive series of blows on Don.
I held onto Mimi’s left arm, separating her away from the confrontation as she too tried to hold onto Don.

Mimi : Ahhhh James….!! 放手。。。放手。。。你别管! ( James, let go, it’s none of your business.

I kept my hold on Mimi, telling her to not blow things up.

James : Let’s all talk things through … this won’t solve….

Before I could finish my sentence, I saw Xiaohua’s sweaty back charging towards me, barrelling down like a runaway train without brakes. I was hit head on, instantly losing my balance as I pulled Mimi down together with me.

It was a pretty hard landing as I staggered and landed on my butt. That earth shaking smack sent a stab of pain into my spine as I struggled to get out of the way of Don and xiaohua who was entangled in a ugly wrestling match on the concrete floor.

Xiaohua managed to kick Don off and to my shock and horror, she went for the old man.

Xiaohua : 你他妈的死老头。。报啊。。。现在叫警察来救你。。 狗屁新加坡孬种。。。全部是没用的孬种。。。!! ( You dam old fool, go ahead, call the police to save you…..bloody useless Singaporean coward… all useless coward )

Neighbour : I already made the report… you… you don’t scare me…

He stood defiantly in the middle of the corridor despite Xiaohua walking towards him.

My heart skipped a beat and I forced myself to get up and go after Xiaohua . I had this sudden feeling that something terrible was going to happen. Yes, that’s a feisty old man that dare to stand up to that bitch, but let’s take a deep breath and truly understand the situation.

Let’s recall your science lesson back in school.

Think of the law of physics.

If Xiaohua takes a hit at that old man, he’s going to be hurt real bad.

No need for any fancy newton’s law to tell you that.

Something something about moving object meeting a stationary object.

Just follow James’s law of common sense.

If someone bigger, stronger and not in the right state of mind comes at you, you run.

Especially so,if you hair is all white and you’ve survived long enough to collect your CPF.

The problem then was that the old man believes he was still 26 , not 62 as he stood stubbornly with his cordless phone in hand, waving it around like a lightsabre.

Opening up my paces, I closed the distance between Xiaohua and me as I desperately tried to catch up before she reached him

Xiaohua started cursing in broken English.

Xiaohua : You know who I am ?.... you know ? … don’t fuck with me…. Don’t fuck with me…!!

Her right hand was raised up high, her index finger pointing straight at the old neighbour and with each menacing step she took towards him she got more agitated, shouting and cursing in a smattering of English and Chinese.

I grabbed onto Xiaohua in time, yanking her backwards as I stepped into her path, coming face to face with her, blocking her way to the old neighbour.

Her body immediately bounced back, her face came close, almost plastering into mine, staring me down WWE style. Her body pushed against mine, as if daring me to hit her.

Xiaohua : 怎样 ? 。。。怎样 ?。。。。怎样 ?。。。他妈的要怎样 ? ( what? … what ? 。。。 what the fuck you want ? )

Our foreheads were almost touching as she glared and dared me to make my move.

I’ve never gotten myself in such a situation since my secondary school days.

The rush of adrenaline set my heart to pump at a faster rate, delivering oxygen rich blood to every part of my body.

I felt my senses heightened, my muscles tensed up, the hair at the back of my neck stood on it’s end.

My blood was boiling.

They really were as I took deep breaths, trying to recall the free calming yoga lessons I attended during holidays.

Don came and grabbed onto Xiaohua, pulling her back, shouting at both her and Mimi.

Don : Enough! …

The lift door opened, instead of seeing officers come out, I saw 2 more guys approaching us, speaking loudly in mainland Chinese.

Mimi immediately went over.

Xiaohua charged forward, coming straight into my face, our forehead touched with significant force as she forcefully pushed her way against me before spitting a glob of saliva into my face, then she pushed me on my chest, causing me to stagger backwards.

I took about 3-4 steps backwards before I felt the hand of the old man behind me.

Xiaohua : Fark you !.... fark you understand…… don’t fark with me.. !!

She pointed her thumb back at herself with a defiant look on her face, her mouth crooked upwards before showing me the middle finger.

I wiped away the saliva and took 2 steps towards Xiaohua but the old man held me back and started shouting at Xiaohua again.

Neighbour : I call police…. I call already! …. You don’t run.

He went on and on about the police arriving soon, daring Xiaohua to stay waving his phone around again while holding onto my arm.

Xiaohua charged towards us but was stopped in time by the 2 guy.

She was kicking wildly in my direction when the 2 guy grabbed hold of her, dragging her screaming and cursing away from us.

Mimi too got up and dragged Don with her, demanding he give her an explanation and they sort this out.

I looked towards Don’s place.

Ella’s hands were still folded, her calm demeanour a stark difference from the chaos outside her gate.

Celeste was looking at me from behind Ella and her hand was covering her mouth, she was sobbing and crying away.

Don : James … you all go back first…. I’ll settle this….. I’ll settle this….

Celeste cried out for Don not to go but he would not listen.

The noise decibel dropped significantly by the time the 2 guys disappeared with Xiaohua into the lift.

Don and Mimi were talking harshly and Mimi kept pushing and hitting Don.

Celeste begged Ella to open the door so she could come over to me.

Ella relented and opened the gate and Celeste ran over, crying and sobbing as she asked if I was ok , trying to clean my face at the same time.

After wiping my face done, she asked the uncle if he was ok and he nodded his head.

Celeste : When is the police coming ? ….

That was when she uncle sheepishly replied.

Neighbour : I…. I scare her only….. when I really want to call…. My cordless phone no batt…

Another neighbour watching on the sideline immediately scolded him.

Auntie : Aiyah… then you don’t keep shouting you call you call….. we all thought you call already that’s why never call….

The bickering continued for a while until Ella apologised to the neighbours and the crowd began to disperse.

I told Celeste I’m going after Don and she sobbed harder.

James : I’ll be ok… stay with Ella


I made my way down in time to see Xiaohua and the 2 guys getting into a cab.

Seconds later, another one stopped in front of Don and Mimi.

I ran over but the cab had already moved off, heading towards the direction of White sands.

I hailed another one and got into the front passenger seat. I was about to move off when I saw Ella and Celeste running towards me, waving their hands furiously for me to wait for them.

The moment they got on, I told the cab driver to go straight as quickly as he can.

40 seconds or so later, I caught sight of the Cab Don and Mimi was in.

James : Uncle, follow that cab.

Turning back to the girls I asked.

James : What are you all doing ?

Celeste : We can’t let you go alone. 

The cabs went up the TPE shortly after, travelling in a straight line down the expressway. 

It took the Jalan Kayu exit, turning right towards Seletar camp. 

I saw the brake lights came up from about 100 m away after a series of turns and I told the cab driver to pull up into a side road. 

Celeste paid the fare while my eyes never left the 2 cab up ahead. 

I could see all 5 figures making their way into 1 of the old black and white houses. 

There were a couple of random dog barks. 

Even with the street lamps, most of the street were pretty dark. 

Crickets sang to their hearts content as we watch the cab pull away, leaving us standing by the side of the private estate. 

There was a gentle cool breeze coming from our left, as if trying to calm everyone down. 

I plotted a path towards the house Don went into and the girls followed closely behind me. 

We settled onto a dark spot, the shadows deep enough to conceal us as we peered directly into the window of the unit.

It seemed crowded, I counted no less than 15 people squeezed into the house, properly some illegal sub letting going on. 

I could not see Don but I saw Xiaohua walking around with a bottle of beer in her hand, speaking loudly and in an uncouth manner. 

How could a girl behave like this, I don’t understand. 

I took my time observing the lay of the land, I mentally jot down the street, right down to where the bins were. 

I estimated the distance from the gate to the door, the height of the window from the ground. 

I felt a hand go around my neck. 

Celeste : Dear…. What are we doing ah ? 

James : Nothing… I just came here to take a look. 

I felt a hit on my head. 

It was Ella this time round. 

She too duck walked over by my side as she supported her hand on my other shoulder. 

Ella : We came all the walk here to talk a look ? Are you mad ? 

I ignored Ella and continue to observe the house. 

Ella nudged me again.

Ella : How ? call the police ? 

James : For what ? I just want to talk to Xiaohua… 

Ella gave me a bewildered look and asked.

Ella : What can you possibly want to say to her ? 

Ignoring Ella, I changed a spot, moving a little to my right to see more of the house, I risked exposing myself as I ventured further into the light but I needed to do it. 

I heard the shuffling to steps and Ella caught up with me again, using my shoulder as support. 

Ella : James!... I’m talking to you…. Why do you need to talk to Xiaohua ? … you going to wack her ? 

I turned and looked at her, beads of perspiration starting to form on her forehead. 

James : I’m a civilised man and a law abiding citizen ok…. I’m really just looking at having a conversation with her… 

Ella folded her arms and squatted beside my while Celeste joined up from behind. 

Celeste : Dear…. What you going to say to her ? 

Without looking back at Celeste, I replied. 

James : I’ll introduce myself…..

James : My name is James…… don’t fuck with me…. 

My face was hard and I could feel the surge of emotions coming up my chest as I watch Xiaohua came out of the house from a side door and lit up a cigarette. 

The silence was deafening as we slowly retreated into the dark. 

When I turned to look at Celeste, she was breathing pretty hard. 

James : What’s wrong with you ? …..

She stuttered but managed to get the words out of her mouth. 

Celeste : My name is Celeste….. I’ll fuck with you right now…. 

Ella rolled her eyes before giving her friend a nudge, causing Celeste to lose balance. 

3 minutes later, I decided I had seen enough and I pulled the girls away before making our way to the main road to grab a cab.

Ella was unhappy, Celeste too that we just left without even confronting them. I could not be bothered to explain anything to them, I’m not going there with 2 girls when there’s at least 15 PRC in the house with at least 1 that is mad. 

Ella refused to go home, Celeste already packed for my place and in the end, we all ended up at my place. 

The girls took turns to wash up and when Celeste was in the bathroom, Ella came over to me her arms going around my neck and I panicked, trying to pry her hands away but she just giggled playfully before whispering by my ears, she deliberately paused half a second between each word again.

Ella : My…..

Ella : Name….. 

Ella : Is…. 

Ella : Ella…..


James : Oei…. Don’t joke la… Ella… stop……

I tried my best to free myself from Ella’s mischievous hug but she held on. 

For a few seconds, she even leapt off the floor, clinging both her feet onto me like a koala bear. 

She giggled silently looking at the worried expression on my face. 

James : Ella please…. Don’t do this…

She rolled her head around playfully, prancing with her arms around my neck. 

James : Ella…. Don’t la…. You’re married and…. 

The mere mentioned of her marriage seemed to have flicked a switch. 

She settled down a little with a frown and a pout before circling over to my bed. 

James : Are you ok ? …. 

She gave a smirk and laughed. 

Ella ; You mean me or my marriage ? haha. 

Ella seemed a little aloof as she laid down on my bed, spreading her legs wide apart before closing again as if she wanted to make a snow angel on my soft cool bedsheets. 

I could not help but pity her, it’s a really terrible thing to happen to anyone, not to mention someone as sweet as her. 

I sat on the bed beside Ella and said if she needed to talk, I can lend a listening ear. She just turned away from me onto her stomach, fiddling with her phone. The sound of the shower stopped in the bathroom and moments later, Celeste came out with her head wrapped in a towel. 

Crawling into bed with Ella, she continued drying her hair, spraying droplets of water everywhere. 

Celeste : So shiok man a hot shower… ahhhhh

The girls chatted on the bed while I settled down on the side with a sleeping bag

I listened to them talk after I switched off the lights. 

They chatted as if I was not even there, talking about their school days, which guy they had a crush on and the jerk that tried to go after both of them simultaneously. 

It was a surreal feeling as I laid on my back. 

The sweet voice of 2 girls just chatting casually on the bed barely a meter away. 

You could tell how far back these 2 goes, how well they knew each other. 

There was no angst or sadness in their conversation. Just happy thoughts of their graduation trip, the first time they went overseas together, their first interview, their first job, and their first pay cheque. 

Their chat was punctuated with lots of giggles and laughter, knee slapping and chuckles as they reminiscence their younger days on my bed. 

It made me think of whether I could do that with another guy friend on the bed. 

I shuddered at the thought, we would probably say things like. 

James : You don’t cheebye… sleep la. 

I dropped Don a message, asking him if he was ok and he replied me a while later saying he’s fine. 

I updated him on Ella’s whereabouts and I did not hear from him for the rest of the day. 

19th June 



I woke up with a sore back, the thin fabric of the sleeping back did not give me any relieve from the hard floor. Straining hard to get up, I peered over my comfortable bed and I was greeted with a sight that money could not buy. 

Ella’s smooth creamy legs totally exposed, her grey shorts crumpled and bunched up tight near her privates due to her sleep angle. I could almost see a camel toe as I stared at her. Her white t-shirt was out of place as well, exposing part of her flat tummy and her belly button. 

She looked so peaceful while she slept, there seemed to be a natural smile on her mouth , I can’t explain it but she looked so beautiful as the morning sun shone lazily into my bedroom. 

Celeste’s singlet was loose, and her breast and nipple was exposed for about half an inch. Blood rushed to my dick as her shorts too rode a little high. The thin slit of fabric covering her privates might as well not be there as the gap was wide enough for me to peep in. 

I had to hold onto something as I spied the stray strand of a pubic hair peeking out, saying good morning to my erection. 

Yes, Celeste slept without lingerie, if not for the fact that Ella was there, she would probably be sleeping naked, allowing my hands to roam wherever I wanted to.

I stood at the edge of the bed, as just marvelled at the sight of the 2 girls. 

There was some loud blaring of horns, probably some groom fetching his bride and it roused the 2 girls, causing them to each turn to their side. 

For the first time in my life, I felt like I’m a divine being. 

Celeste slowly turned to her right while Ella slowly turned to her left, effectively opening up the middle of the bed. 

My eyes widened and I lifted up my hands palms up into the air as I watched the space being made for me in the middle of the bed. 

My aching back begged me to take up the space, to give it the rest it deserves. 

One knee got onto the edge of the bed and I forgot how soft and tempting my bed was. 

My other knee joined the first on the bed and tears almost rolled down my eyes as my hands touched the soft comfortable spread of my quit covers. 

James : Aghhh…. I slid down like a snail, plonking down in the middle of the 2 girls and I could feel my back creaking. 

The commotion woke Celeste up and she turned towards me with half opened eyes. She smiled and her leg went over my body as she hugged herself onto me, mumbling words I could not understand. 

My erection grew further as I felt my hands reaching for Celeste’s breast against my will. 

Ahhh.. that softness and supple feeling of a morning breast. 

What the fuck is a morning breast you ask ? 

I don’t know. I just made it up. 

It’s the breast you touched in the morning, one that was still fresh, wet rested and ready for some good fondling. The prod of Celeste’s nipple on my hand was nothing compare to the prod of my dick on her leg which was pressing against my dick.

I grinded myself against her leg, the smell of her hair turned me on even more.

I felt a wack on my head by Celeste, grumbling something about me being horny in the morning.

I kissed Celeste, ignoring the fact that Ella was lying behind me. 

Celeste : Eeeee yearrrr…. Don’t la…dear…. Ella is here… 

She whispered into my face, her eyes barely opened. 

If I could force myself on Celeste that morning I would, there’s nothing more arousing than a half asleep girl trying to fight me off. That helpless struggle,that sleep depraved mind and the unwilling body. 

I could not control myself and I tried to lift Celeste’s singlet off but she grabbed hold of a tuff of my hair. 

Celeste : ARghhhhhh…. James…!!…a rghh… 

James : ARgghhhhhh…..

A few shook was all it took before I snap myself back to reality. 

Celeste mumbled something before turning her back towards me and slipping back into sleep. 

James : Sigh…. I exhaled and was about to get up when I felt movements on Ella’s side. 

I did not dare to turn but there was no need to. 

She propped herself up on her elbow and looked at me and Celeste. 

Her hair was puffy and she brushed them aside gracefully, exposing more of her flawless face to the morning sun while her eyes blinked a couple of times. There was this subtle layer of moisture in her eyes, it came with a dreamy look as she got up onto her knees , tilted her head to one side and looked at me. 

I just stared at Ella and gave her a ‘ What ?” look. 

I saw her look at Celeste before that mischievous grin spread outwards on her mouth again, I immediately tried to get up but Ella was faster. 

There was no need for big movements, no need for any pouncing on me or any threats. 

Ella grabbed onto my dick with her hand, feeling my erected and hungry manhood through my pants. 

I shook my head fearfully but Ella held on. 

Like a skilful ring master training her beast at the circus, Ella put 1 finger to her lip, her eyes narrowed to a slit , ensuring that I kept quiet. 

I pleaded with her not to fool around but Ella ignored me and started to straddle me. My heart almost popped out of my head the moment one of Ella’s legs went over my body, that familiar feeling of doing Ella back in Shanghai came flooding back into my head.

Then before I could react, I registered movements on Celeste’s side of the bed. I could not breath, my mind could not think.

As gracefully as a cat, Ella brought her other leg over me as well, effectively putting herself in between Celeste and me the moment Celeste turned over.

I immediately rolled away, making space for the girls.

My phone rang at that moment and I went over to pick it up.

It was Don.

James : Yah ?

Don : Can you talk ?

James : Hold on.

I understood what Don meant and I immediately excused myself from the room.

I went out into the common corridor before speaking again

James : What’s up ?

Don : Need your help.

Don went on to say that Mimi threw a fit last night back at her place, almost thrashing her room. It seems even Mimi herself was not aware of the extent of the pictures taken by Don.

Yes she was aware of some posed pictures but she was not aware of those that Don took of them inside the office and at the production plant.

Don came clean and told her all the pictures that was leaked and Mimi cried herself to sleep, demanding that he be responsible.

Don : Xiaohua wants me to leave Ella and marry Mimi.

James : She watch too many HK drama…

Don : James…. I’m serious…. I think the situation looks quite bad.

I lost my temper for a moment and I spoke in a pretty stern voice to Don.

James : What bad ? …. What the fuck is bad ? you are worried about a PRC girl over your wife ? Who is Mimi ? …..

I raised my voice a little, hoping it would knock come sense into Don.

James : Ella is your wife…. Mimi is nobody…. Just someone you fucking sleep with because you could not think with your big head…

Don : Exactly… now I got to be responsible…

James : Don’t be a fucking idoit…. Is she pregnant ?

Don : That’s not what I meant….. James…

I asked Don exactly what he wanted and I could not fucking believe my own ears.

He wanted money.

He wanted me to lend him money.

Don wanted money to give Mimi so she could get away for a while.

James : Am I hearing this right ? … did she cast some spell on you Don ?

Don cut me off, saying that he felt partly responsible for the situation Mimi was in.

I stopped talking altogether and asked Don 1 question.

James : Do you love Ella ?

Don : Of course I do…. But…Mimi … she..

I hung up on Don.

Before I could get back into the house, my phone rang again.

James : What ?

Don : James… just this once… help me.

James : You don’t know what you are asking.

Don raised his voice at me for the first time.

Don : Are you helping me or not !! … Mimi’s going to end up without a job…. Pretty soon with a place to stay…. All because of you !....

My heart ached.

It was like a stab straight to my heart as I digested what Don just said.

Don : Just let me 5k, I’ll pay you back in 2 months…. I promise.

No words could describe how disappointed I was at that point in time. I shook my head, not sure what to say over the phone to Don until he pushed me.

He pushed me to say it.

Don : All this would not have happened if you had let me gone on the trip…. Maybe… maybe everything would have turned out well….. maybe all of this…

I hung on Don for the second time.

I took 3 deep breathes and my phone rang again.

Don : DON”T fucking hang up on me JAMES!! … are you even listening to me!.... people are going to end up homeless….. jobless…

That was when I lost it .

I wanted to scream into the phone.

I wanted to shout at Don.

I wanted to but I calm myself down.

James : Why do you care if Mimi is jobless….. or homeless…. She is trying to break up your marriage… your family…

Don : It’s…. it’s not like what you think….

Before Don could finish, I continued, cutting him off like he was not there.

James : Mimi….. is not homeless……but I will make her homeless….

I took a deep breathe, trying to control my emotion.

James : Mimi…. Is not jobless…. But I will make her jobless….

Don raised his voice at me again, asking me to listen to him but I told him I had listened enough to everything he has to say.

James : Where are you now ? Where ?

Don did not answer me straight away and I answered it for him.

James : You’re at Seletar…

Don : What…. How…

I could tell he was surprised, and a little taken aback.

James : Go home to Ella Don…it’s time to wake up…. I’m not asking you again.

Don was just quiet, but I could hear him breathe over the phone, not knowing what to say.

Don : You don’t understand me James….

I took one final deep breath and replied.

James : Before the sun rise tomorrow morning, I will make sure that very house you are staying in right now is emptied.

There’s no longer any sound coming from the both of us but we knew we were both on the line, just waiting for the other to say something.

Don broke the silence before me.

Don : Good luck…

And the line went dead..

I went back into the house and into the room.

Both Celeste and Ella were up, they were helping each other tie their hair.

Celeste : What are we going to do today dear …. Are we going for breakfast ?.....

I nodded.

James : After that , we’re going shopping.


I had to practise my breathing techniques in order to calm myself down as the girls got dressed. 

Ella did not have any clothes with her, she borrowed a T shirt of mine that was a little large but she did not let it faze her. She gabbed and bundled up the excess portion on her left and tied a knot with it, exposing just a thin slit of her flat tummy. 

She folded up her sleeves and she looked every bit as good as Celeste who had just changed into a sleeveless grey top. I could see her sliding her strapless bra underneath her top as she buckled it while talking to Ella. 


The trio of us boarded a cab to Kovan market for breakfast. 

The smell of food hit us the moment we alighted and as I watch the 2 girls walked off in front of me, I could not help but felt so lucky to be able to have breakfast with the both of them. 

The sun caught their hair, as if showering an unfair amount of light and attention on the 2 girls as they walked towards the seats. 

As I headed up the steps, I saw several uncles looking at Ella and Celeste, their careful straying eyes checking them out while they remain mindful of their wives who was by their side. 

Celeste got a seat for us and as I sat down, the 2 girls started clearing the table before wiping it down. 

I sat opposite both of them and watched as they pushed aside the dirty tissue that was sacrificed to wipe down the tabletop. 

They leaned back and crossed their legs at the same time, almost in sync as they looked at me. 

James : What you want to eat. ? 

Ella : Anything….

Celeste : You decide… 

I ordered coffee for us before I went on a ordering spree. 

Within 20 mins, I filled the table with various local food and we tucked in. 

Our meal was interrupted only with our laughter as we chatted and enjoyed the food. 

As I finished the last piece of chee Cheong fun, Ella did a double take at my mouth before reaching over with a tissue and wiped away a stain on my chin. 

Ella : Messy eater. … eee.. 

Celeste saw what she did and growled, slapping Ella on her thigh. 

Ella : Oww… 

Celeste dipped her finger onto the chee Cheong fun sauce and smeared my mouth again as I protested.

James : Siao ah… 

Then she took a brand new tissue and wipe me clean before sticking out her tongue at Ella. 

Celeste : That’s my job .. hiak hiak… 

Ella just rolled her eyes at her.

I hurried the girls to finish up the food and make a move. 

James : We have quite a bit of things to get later. 

We drained our coffee and made our way to the neighbourhood shops. 

I started at the hardware shop, there was no shopping basket, I just grabbed what I wanted and passed it to the girls to hold.

A wire cutter, some white paint, a cut to size canvas sheet, 1.5m long by 1.2m wide. 

Ella : What are we doing James ? 

James : hmmm….

I tried to think of an appropriate term but with my limited vocabulary, I could not think of any. 

James : ERmm….we’re… 

She waved me off and helped Celeste who was struggling to hold on to the additional items I piled on her. 

I added super glue, duct tape and gloves to the mix. 

We queued up to pay for the purchases before heading down the row to another shop where we got aluminium foil, a particular brand of detergent I had used before and a box of sparklers. 

I got a pressurised spray can, something you can pump and spray after the pressure builds up as well. 

Heading to the wet market, I went straight to the incense and joss paper shop, asking for 2 big bundles of joss sticks and about 4 columns of various joss paper and some candles.

The fruit stalls provided me with oranges , apples and some pears.

I grabbed a bag of charcoal and a bag of sugar from one of the stall as well before heading to the fish section. 

I got some coconut husk as well.

2 squids, some bloody clams concluded my shopping. 

Celeste : Eeee…. So yucky… 

We got back by cab again and I began assigning the tasks out to the girls. 

Celeste is to remove and strip all the sparklers, leaving only the powders portions. I asked her to mix in some charcoal powder, the really fine ones at the bottom of the bag before sealing everything in a aluminium foil. 

With the remainder of the aluminium foil, Celeste is to prepare as many balls of aluminium as possible, small ones, about the side of a 10 cent coin. 

As she got on to that, Ella blended the squid and clam into a thick mucus like mixture, we kept adding water to get a more liquid consistency. I poured everything into a ziplock back and set it out in the sun. 

I went to my wardrobe and took out a set of my army uniforms, stripping away the rank, the name and all the additional badges I got. 

I tested the wind proof lighter I got in my drawer and put it into the shirt pocket. 

I threw in a cutter as well just in case I needed it. 

Ella went on to help Celeste with the aluminium balls while I melted the sugar into a syrup, adding just a bit of water to help with the stirring before pouring it carefully into a 1.5 litre bottle after it cools. 

The aluminium balls were ready and I filled half the other 2 x 1.5 litre bottles I had with them. 

Ella and Celeste then stripped the coconut husk of the thick fibres, the same kind birds like for their nest, putting everything into a bag. 


The girls went out to grab lunch in the afternoon and Ella went back to grab some clothes. 

She had asked me earlier if she could stay over again and I agreed. Celeste too went home to grab some additional clothes. 


I briefly told the girls what I wanted to do and they just laughed and laughed. 

Celeste : Very bastard leh dear…. Haha

Ella : Are you sure ? ….what if… 

I reassured them that all should be fine but I needed their help. 

My alibi had to be rock solid

Celeste gave me a slap on my arm as I laid out my plan and Ella just laughed. 

By 3.30pm

We’re done with the briefing and they all knew what they were supposed to do.

Just to be sure, I did 3 dry runs, saying out the sequence of the events and the girls replied accordingly what needed to be done and said. 


I needed to catch some early sleep to make sure I was well rested for the night.


When I woke up, I realised with me taking the centre of the bed, Celeste and Ella had no choice but to each take a side. I was facing upwards, when my head turned right, I could see the peaceful resting Celeste, I turned towards the left and Ella’s hair covered what’s left of her exposed back as her singlet draped loosely to the side. 

I got up and stretched, the girls got up shortly after me too and we all headed out for dinner at a nearby coffee shop. 

After dinner, the girls used their charm and chatted up a table of uncles with beer bottles all over their table, mostly empty and many more sitting in buckets of ice water. 

They managed to get quite a few and we posed for a few photos with them. 


I got dressed and packed everything into a big haversack. 

Celeste gave me a tight hug in my room before kissing me on my lip

Celeste : Be careful dear… 

I nodded as she did a few quick step on the stop before exclaiming that she felt so nervous for me even though she’s not the one doing it.

Celeste : Ahh.. need the toilet again… 

As she disappeared back into the bathroom, Ella came forward. 

I could see her eyes checking the bathroom door before looking back at me.

I shook my head even before she moved and she just laughed but still put her hands around my neck. 

Ella : You look good in uniforms James…

She gave me a peck on my cheek and asked me to be careful 

Ella : Stay safe. 

I nodded. 

I left when Celeste came out of the bathroom. 


I hailed a cab and asked the driver to drop me at the roundabout outside Seletar before I make the rest of the journey on foot. 

I took a big loop, keeping an eye out for anyone that might be paying me too much attention. 

It’s common to see soldiers booking in at night in uniforms, so technically it should be quite safe for me. I tried to act as normal as I could, playing with my phone as I lugged my big back on my shoulder. 

I checked to make sure no one was looking before I took a quick 15 steps and disappeared into a thick portion of the scattered patches of forest. 

Squatting down, I pulling down my sleeves, trying my best to minimise the impact form the mosquitoes. I gave my entire body a good dousing of insect repellent, the SAF kind, coating thick swaths of it all over my uniform, my neck, even in my hair. 

I checked the time and waited another 10 minutes before I slowly cut my way across trees, thick bushes and shrubs to the road on the other side of the small forest. 

It was a slow and tedious task, my bag getting caught numerous times in the branches and leaves. 

I was perspiring badly, my uniform was drenched with my sweat by the time I finally got to the observation spot I was at the night before with the girls.

Mosquitoes and insects buzzed noisily by my ears. 

I wrapped a camouflage netting around my head, tying it up to minimise the insect disturbance and settled down for a long wait. 

The lights in the house were on, I could see people walking about. 

Xiaohua came out twice to smoke, snubbing her cigarette ends into a ashtray before spitting vulgarly onto the bush at the side. 

The grass within the compound were untrimmed and the landscaping were obviously neglected. 

There were so many bits and pieces of rubbish on the lawn, even the surrounding area outside the boundry. 

Bottles, plastic bags, empty food containers, you name it. 

It’s like a landfill. 

The poor green area desecrated by the rubbish.

The items seemed to radiate out in a conical shape. 

The closer to the house, the bigger and heavier the rubbish. Glass bottles, broken pieces of ikea furniture. 

The lighter items like empty drink cans, plastic containers went a little further, I guess they were easier throw.

Random bags of rubbish laid by the bin on the main road. It appears they are too lazy to even drop the rubbish into the bin and make things easier for the collectors. 

Even I could finish making my observation, 2 guy came out, talking loudly and they dump a bag of wet rubbish by the bin, it’s contents spilling out, soiling the side of the green bin. 

They laughed and said something I could not make out before they too spit onto the grass patch within their own lawn and headed back. 

I shook where I was, disgusted by their antics. 

A rather fat guy came out next on the phone, talking in a rather animated manner before sitting down on the grass patch that was just spit on by his friends. 

I almost puke as he went on to roll up his t-shirt, exposing his tummy, then without warning he laid down completely on the grass patch, chatting on the phone and looking at the stars in the skies. 

I counted more people that night, a total of 22 by 12.15am 

My leg cramped up several times, and I shifted position again and again. 

I was losing water fast from the perspiration, the humid hot air of the forest at night is not kind to the human body. I kept an eye on my water level as I only brought 3 bottles of them out. 

They needed to last me for a while and I still need to wash up before I leave the site. 

By 12.30am 

Most of the lights started going off

At 1am 

There were no more lights. 

I waited for another 30 minutes before I made my move. 

Retreating further into the cover of the trees, I chose my staging area, laying out the canvas sheet on the ground before I started taking out the items I prepared. 

There was no way I could lugged the entire bag around, I need to keep coming back for the items. 

I started with the squid and clam concoction.

The pungent odour was grotesque and I gagged as I filled the spray bottle with it.

Flies appeared out from nowhere, hovering and buzzing near the spot when I poured the mixture. 

I gave the bottle a few good pumps before testing it on a nearby tree. 

The mist shot out , powerful and fast, and I was stupid not to check the wind direction, a good whiff of it came into my nostril and I coughed and choked on the smell of fermented dead seafood that had been sitting in the sun for a while. 

I took a swig of water to rinse my mouth and started making my way towards the house. 

Checking to make sure the road was clear, I got up, sprinted, dashed across before taking cover on the tall grass. 

It was a slow approached as I tried to figure out the best spot to reach the back of house where the air con condensers are. 

I finally reached the back and I could hear the strong hum of the aircon. 

The low fence was hardly a barrier for me as I cleared it effortlessly. 

There were no lights at the back, it was dark but the back faced another small road, I had to be careful and be sure no one was looking. If a car approaches, the headlights will illuminate the entire back of house, and I could be caught snooping around. 

After making sure the coast is clear, I started spraying the main aircon unit, making sure it takes in as much of the nasty seafood spray I prepared. 

I emptied the entire bottle within 3 minutes and quickly made my way back to the staging area.

It won’t kill them but the smell should be slowly permeating into the ducts, getting into their rooms.

That was just the appetisers, I needed more to smoke them out literally.

I got back to my staging area and took the bottle of sugar syrup.

Repeating my route, I got to the back of house again.

Using one of the chair by the smoking point, I propped myself up to reach the roof gutter of the 1 storey bungalow.

I was about to pour the thick syrup into the gutters when I hear the muted sound of a car engine. I jumped off the chair and flattened myself onto the ground in time to see the entire area soaked with bright lights from the headlamps.

The shadows cast dragged lazily across the entire house as the car made it way further down the down before disappearing.

I got up and resumed my task, pouring the thick sweet syrup ono the roof gutters.

Heading to the edge of the grass patch, I drizzled the syrup, leaving a trail right up to the main switches of the air con before pouring a generous amount onto the switch.

I headed over to Xiaohua’s smoking spot and took out the aluminium foil of sparklers and emptied it into the ashtray.

That should give us some fireworks when she next smoked.

Smoking kills … remember that…

I checked to make sure I left nothing behind before going back to my staging area and I waited.

I needed to be sure the initial wave of smell did not cause everyone to come out.

30 minutes later, nothing happened and I went on with my main course.

I took the joss stick and incense paper, heading by the same route, but this time roung I went directly to the back road facing the back of the aircon.

I lit up 1 joss stick and stuck it into the ground checking the direction of the smoke.

I went a bit further down the road, it was brightly lit but I had no choice, a check with the joss stick told me the wind was coming from there.

I lit up a bundle of joss stick, sticking it about a meter apart before I went back to the air con area and waited.

I could definitely smell the pungent aroma of the joss sticks burning.
I left the rest of the incense paper and joss sticks at a dark corner and went back to my staging area.

I took the 2 bottles of aluminium foil balls and placed it by the washing machine at the back.

It was a small sheltered yard and there were numerous types of detergent and softener, for floor cleaning, washing, basically all the cleaning agents were located there. I was glad to see 2 bottles of the same brand I bought.

I placed the 2 bottles of aluminium balls by the washing machine and quickly went back to start packing up my staging area.

I stripped myself fast of the uniforms and boots and quickly changed into my home clothes. All the rubbish I generated was placed into the canvas sheet and I wrapped everything up.

I was just wearing a normal running t-shirt and shorts, I needed to be fast to avoid the mosquitoes.

I checked to make sure the road was clear before I looped from the other end and out onto the main road facing the back of their house.

Dropping the stuff I was carrying to a side, I painted a rough circle with the white paint on the tar floor.

I quickly arranged the oranges and fruit offerings.

I could not care if anyone was looking, there is nothing wrong with making offerings and burning joss paper.

People do it all the time for various reasons.

I lit up the joss sticks and candles, sticking it into the ground as fast as I could, making sure I spread it around a good quadrant of the back of house which was getting the prevailing wind.

I started the burning of the joss paper, saying a quiet prayer, asking for forgiveness if I disturbed any good brothers resting in the area.

Most important of all, I prayed for a good strong wind and a blazing fire.

As I started putting the paper into the small fire, the wind picked up speed,

I could see the general direction of the smoke heading towards the house.

It’s not on target, about 40% off but that was as good as it can get.

I was instantly reminded of the smell at night during the lunar 7th month. The strong smell of burning paper and joss sticks that lingered no matter how high up you stayed and how good your air conditioner is.

Once the fire was big enough, I checked again to make sure no one was looking before I burned the canvas wrapped rubbish.

Thick black smoke rose and I panicked, quickly throwing more joss paper over to cover the burning plastic.

A car approached but paid me no attention, and just drove pass.

5 minutes later, Using a stick, I prodded to make sure the canvas sheet and rubbish were properly disposed before I dropped the remaining joss paper into the burning pile.

Heading back to the aircon compressor, I started dropping the fibres of the coconut husk into the aircon. The cranking and sputtering sound it made as it’s blade met the thick fibre sounded sick.

I threw in a big portion of soil as well and the fan grinded and choke.

I arranged the fibres with some twigs I gathered to resemble a broken nest and scatter it near the fan.

I started dropping bigger twigs and more soil into the fan and after a loud snap, everything grinded to a halt.

I was about to laugh when I saw light coming on at one of the window. I quickly ducked down and went to the washing machine area.

I brought the bottles of detergent to a grass clearing a distance away.

I chose a depression in the ground, and I quickly covered the area with some leaves and twigs, with the amount of rubbish that was scattered throughout the area, it would serve as a good camouflage.

Pouring the aluminium balls into the container of detergent, one with high hydrochloric acid content, I quickly shut the lit tight and ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

I grabbed onto my bag and started on my walk towards the roundabout.

I did not turn around but a smile broke on my face as I heard the loud pop before a low boom reverberated from behind me.

The second one took a while longer but that sickening pop told me what I wanted to know.

I turned around before I rounded the corner and saw that all the lights had came on.


I got onto a cab and headed back home. I alighted 3 blocks away and threw away the uniforms at a bin center.

I got into my door at 4.00am sharp and the girls immediately got up, rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

I stripped and went to take a shower while Celeste threw my clothes together with others into the laundry and started the wash cycle.


I dried my hair and I was only wearing my boxers.

There were quite a few mosquito bites on me and Celeste started using the makeup she brought on me.

The concealer took care of most of the obvious ones.


My phone rang.

It was Don

I let it ring for a while before I answered and immediately I could hear Don shouting and cursing at me.

Don : FUCK YOU JAMES…!!! FUCK YOU…. WHAT the FUCK man ? !!

I let him went on shouting and I feigned innocence.

James : What the fuck ? you know what time is it ?

He started accusing me of trashing their aircon and stuff but most of the time he was just shouting and shit. I could hardly make out what he was shouting.

I could see Ella staring at me, no doubt unable to believe her husband was the one on the phone.

James : You’re mad…. I’m hanging up…

I hung up on Don and asked the girls to get ready.

There was 2 possibility.

It’s either Don turn up with the cops, or he turn up with a gang of PRCs


I got a sms from Don, saying he’s calling the police.

Personally I don’t give a fuck who he is calling.

We were all up and ready. 

Ella kept an eye on the window, it gave us an unblocked view of the car park entrance while Celeste was in the kitchen, looking at the car park area. 


Ella sounded the alert. 

She saw a cab pull up by the side of the road and 3 person came out. 

I took a peep and could roughly make out the figure of Mimi, Don and Xiaohua. 

They were just waiting by the side of the road. 

10 minutes later we saw a police car pull up and they were walking towards it.

I turned towards Celeste and we began to kiss. She had already changed into one of my white work shirt. Her coloured bra and panty obviously visible. 

I fondled her breast, licking her neck and I could feel her grabbing my dick, stroking my limp member. 

I needed an erection. 

A hard one. 

We made out furiously kissing and fondling, and I touched Celeste everywhere, sucking on her nipple but it was no use. 

Maybe it was the stress, or the excitement. 

I could not stand. 

I could not get a fucking erection. 

I started to panic so did Celeste. 

Ella announced that they were all heading up and Celeste dropped to her knees, pulling my boxers down. Without a word, she took my limp dick and started licking and sucking on my flaccid member. 

Celeste : Slurps.zzz… scukkk…slurpszz… 

I closed my eyes shut, trying to shut everything out but it was no use. 

Ella : Come on James… they’re coming up. 

My heart thumped and slammed against my rib cage. 

It was no use. 

The harder I tried, the softer I got. 

Celeste : Shit… shit… shit… come on James…. You can do it. 

I felt like shit. 

This has never happened before to me. 

It must be the stress, I blame it on the stress and being up the entire evening. 

Celeste unbuttoned another button, leading my hand to her breast as she sucked onto my dick again. 

The warmth of her mouth was so comfortable but it was not enough.

I could feel some blood flowing to my dick but I was not hard yet. 

I heard the chime of the door bell and before I could react, I saw Ella pull of her top.

Then everything happened in slow motion.

I fucking kid you not, it happened in slow mo. 

At least that’s what my mind perceived 

With Celeste sucking onto my dick, Ella came over and kissed me. 

My eyes opened wide in shock and I froze, goose bumps rose all over my naked body, hair stood on ends. 

Celeste stopped her blowjob. 

I was expecting her to stand up and slap me, perhaps push Ella away but perhaps it’s because of the urgency of the situation, she did not. 

She took a look at Ella kissing me and directed her to suck on my nipples. 

Celeste : His nipples Ella…. His nipples…. 

With that, Celeste suck back down on my dick, this time round stroking my shaft and massaging my balls. 

The rush of blood came concurrently as Ella brushed back her hair and sucked down hard on my nipple, her tongue flicking my sensitive areola and I moaned like a pussy in the dark room. 

My dick stood hard and erected by the time the doorbell rang the second time. 

Celeste stopped and declared I was ready. 

Pulling up my boxers, I let my throbbing dick poked out in all it’s glory and I went to the door with Celeste 2 steps behind. 

Ella remained in the room. 

I opened the door to see 2 officers. 

They stared at me and did a double take. 

My erection was obvious and Don went “ What the fuck … “ 

The officer in front looked at my wet nipple and my erection and he asked if I’m James. 

I nodded

James : I am…. 

He went on to identify himself and told him they received a complain about some disturbance. They wanted to know where I was between 12am till then. 

James : Er... I was at home sleeping….until he called. 

I pointed to Don, telling the officer that he called and screamed vulgarities at me . 

Officer Mohan : Can anyone proof you are at home ? 

I opened the door a little wider and there she was. Celeste stood with her hands in front of her as she brushed her hair and looked shyly towards the officer. 

Officer Mohan spent a second too long looking at Celeste before looking back at me,

James : We were having sex…. After we got woken up by the call…. 

Don started to speak in a agitated manner, saying I threatened to empty the house the day before. 

Mohan wanted to know if I did make the threat and I admitted. 

James : Yes I did…. I did threaten to empty the house…. Because it was overcrowded…. There must have been like 50 people staying inside that 1 storey unit….. it’s definitely illegal subletting and a fire hazard….. 

Mimi immediately retorted that 50 is too many before Don shush her down. 

James : I wanted to call the authorities….. MOM or something….but I haven made the call yet…. 

I gestured to Don. 

James : Then this person call me early in the morning to fuck me for no reason. 

Don raised his voice, asking me not to pretend and own up if I have the balls to do it, I should have the balls to admit it. 

I shook my head and feign ignorance. 

Mohan spoke again. 

Officer Mohan : Besides her… who else can prove you are here the entire night. 

He pointed to Celeste but did not dare to look at her. 

I nodded and spoke. 

James : Got…. 1 more person… 

I pointed to Don. 

James : His wife… .. 

Mohan turned towards Don and gave a puzzling stare and Don was taken aback at what I just said. Mimi and Xiaohua started talking and the other officer asked them to quiet down.

Celeste backed away and Ella showed up at the door. 

Don was dumbfounded, the last person he would expect to see at 5am in the morning at my place has got to be his wife. 

I addressed Officer Mohan again. 

James : Sir… i… think there must be some misunderstanding….He ran off with that PRC girl….. my girlfriend is the wife good friend. Ella has been staying with us for the past 2 nights…. 

I pointed to Don and Mimi and the quarrel started again. 

Xiaohua declaring that everything was just bullshit but I could see Mohan gave Don a disgusted look.

Mohan : How many people you said was staying in that house again ? 

He asked Mimi the question directly and I could see the panic and fear in her eyes as she shook her head and hands together, saying no… no… no…. mistake… mistake… 

Mimi : No… no… it’s….. all ok… all ok….. wrong ….. wrong information… 

She tugged at Don’s shirt hurriedly.

Mimi : 算了。。。。算了。。。 (forget it…. Forget it… ) 

Xiaohua was quiet to my surprise but I just kept up the fake act. 

Mohan looked at Don and asked. 

Officer Mohan : So Sir…. Are you still going ahead with the complain ? ….. or if this is domestic issue, you all can settle on your own… 

Don glared at me but I maintained my innocence, giving a coy just woke up and having sex look. 

Don : Sorry sir… sorry sir…. Misunderstanding. 

The group of them left the corridor 5 minutes later and I shut the door behind me. 

Both the girls and I were perspiring. 

Ella looked like she wanted to cry. 

I could not imagine what she must be feeling, seeing the man she married taking the side of the PRC girl. 

I got back into the room and my phone rang.

It was Don. 

Don : Fuck you James…. There’s no need for that… 

James : I don’t know what you are talking about…. I’m very tired… I just want to sleep…

I hung up on him and exhaled.

Celeste came over and hugged me, giggling like a silly little girl before Ella joined in the giggle.

Soon all 3 of us were just laughing in the room.


I got into bed.

Celeste straddled me and bent down to kiss me while Ella sat by the side

With a forceful grasp of my hair, she yanked my head to the side , exposing my neck.

James : ARghhh…. Ourchh…..

Celeste : Now….. explain why you had an erection when Ella sucked on your nipple….

I could hear Ella laughed as she leaned on her elbow on the bed, both their faces were close to mine.

Ella was smiling.

Celeste was about to bite my ear off.

James : It….

James : It’s not her….

I tried to look as sincere as I could.

James : My erection came because of the blow job…. When you start massaging my balls. …

It took a while to convince Celeste and she finally bought it when Ella said she never really did anything.

Ella : I never do anything la. Just put my mouth over only…. Hahahah…

With her eyes narrowed to a slit, Celeste let me off before going to the bathroom.

When the door shut, Ella smiled and crawled right to my ears and whispered.

Ella : Do … you know what…. I’m going to say …. ?

I nodded my head obediently.

James : Please don't say it.

Ella laughed and turned onto her stomach before quietening down.

Celeste came out and she asked Ella what was her plan.

Ella was quite firm on a divorce.

As the girls got on to chat, i leaned back onto my pillow and started to work out my next step.

When Monday comes.... things would get interesting in the office.


Don called me again

Don : Leave her job alone.... i'm quitting...

James : Is she worth it ?

There was a moment of silence and the line went dead....


20th June



We went out for breakfast and by lunch, all of us parted ways, returning home.

I slept through most of Sunday, my head heavy with thoughts and I was really exhausted.

By the time I woke up at 6pm, I had 3 miss call from Celeste who was asking if I wanted to eat with her parents but they had already gone ahead.

I ordered some fast food as I was too lazy to head out.

After draining the sugary drink, I knocked out again at 10pm and I slept all the way through the night.

21th June



Word had started to spread about something interesting happening during the company trip. Colleagues who did not get to go were randomly asking anyone they could get theirs hands on what happened.

There were so many versions of the story floating around and I could hear some colleagues saying they got good friend at the woodlands branch and they offered to phone over and trade notes.

I was approached by Qinghe.

He was one of the closer PRC colleagues with me in the main office. He’s been in Singapore for close to 5 years and is one of the few that I can truly connect with.

Not only is he smart, he humble and willing to share if required, he was also willing to learn.

We got to know each other better during a company corporate social responsibility trip to a old folks home. He told me that he missed his old parents back home, and working with the old folks reminded him of them.

From then on, he volunteered every Sunday at the community home. On certain occasions, I would drop by with some provisions if my dad is free to drive me along.

What impressed me the most was how frugal he was, not only did he send most of his money back home, I heard from Ella once that he was the top donor to the old folks home in the entire company.

$180 SGD every month was debited from his pay cheque even before he received it.

It made me feel ashamed when Ella hinted that he’s earning lesser than me, I only donated the minimum of $5.

I increased my donation to $20 the following month.

Qinghe : James …. What happened ?

I just told Qinghe the version of what I intend to tell the management should they ask and he nodded his head.

Qinghe : So drama lah… haha

He had already started to pick up our local lingo and singlish with all the lahs, and the yahs.

By 3pm

The picture was starting to get clearer among the gossip hungry colleagues.

The word that some employees were having sex in the workplace was common knowledge, but the juicy part was there were photos circulating around.

The male employees were excited. Even the interns perked up their ears.

Before I knew it, our 2 in house courier/delivery uncle Hafiz and uncle larry were up at the office, asking what was happening. A mischievous look of interest on their faces as they casually chatted and snooped around.

When our warehouse supervisor Muthu came too, shaking his head with a grin on his face, I knew Mimi’s time in the organisation was coming to an end.


There was a flurry of activities in the office and people I’ve never seen before were streaming into the conference room. Most left after a while.

Walter went in shortly after and at 5.20pm my phone rang.

Walter : James … we need you inside the conference room.

I straightened my shirt and walked in.

Seated on my left was Walter and Spencer, on the right was a lady I never seen before and in the middle was the regional boss of the company, David.

The lady started talking first and the moment the first words left her mouth, I knew she was from PRC as well.

Her English is pretty decent and I had no trouble understanding her.

Her tone however, was a little condescending, and she gives people the vibe that she may be talking to you, but she’s already looking down on you.

It’s as if it was beneath her to even talk to you.

Yes, I’m sure you have met someone like that before in your life.

Her eyes were like thin slits of sharp blade, as if visually she wanted to slice you in 2 as she rest her chin on the back of her hand.

Lili : James : I’m Lili, the regional production head for the company….. can you tell me what happened during the trip .

I told her that there was a misunderstanding, we saw the CCTV, and nothing happened. Walter was brushing something off the glass.

That was it.

James : The service staff apologised and that was it.

Lili exhaled in an impatient manner, as if she was wasting her time even by listening to me.

Lili : Whatever….. Mimi…. Says Walter paid the service staff off. Is that true.

Walter just looked on in a disinterested manner and I could see Spencer roll his eyes.

As if being seated on opposite sides were not obvious enough, the manner at which the management faces off with each other left no one in doubt they could not get along.

Cindy came in right when I was about to speak and she was wiping her perspiration off her forehead.

Cindy : Go on… don’t mind me…

I was curious which side she would take and she took the left.

Lili : We don’t at all….. James please continue.

If Cindy was offended, she did not let it show.

James : The staff apologised after realising they made a mistake. Why is there a need to pay them off ? Nothing happened…. It’s a misunderstanding.

Lili folded her arms and looked down at her feet, obviously finding them more interesting than me.

Lili : Did Walter pay them money or not…..? can you just answer my questions ? ….. Which part of it do you not understand ???

I took a deep breath and answered the 50 year old hag that seemed like she spent too much on botox injection.

Her wrinkles were deeply set into her forehead, the crows feet by her eyes were obvious too but she still act and pretended as if she was some sweet young thing. Brushing her fringe behind her years and looking at her own fingernails as she spoke.

James : No… He did not

She sat forward in her chair, placing both her hands together and looked straight at me.

Lili : You see James…… i…. I’m very good at something…. That is to know if people lied to me…. So….

She stood up, she was shorter than me, but the manner in which she conduct herself was as if she could squash me like a bug if she wanted.

She came closer and looked at me in the eye.

Lili : Don’t lie to me…… don’t fuck with me….

The room was quiet as all eyes fell on me.

My expression did not change.

I was not fazed at all by that woman.

I did not need any theatrics to prove anything.

Staring straight at her in the eyes, I replied.

James : I, never saw any money changed hands from Walter to the service staff. Not when I was there…

I added immediately after my first sentence. 

James : And no…. I will not fuck with you….. not in a thousand years… 

I could hear a snigger from Spencer as Lili glared at me angrily. 

Fuck her pun. 

My reply could be worse. 

Cindy spoke. 

Cindy : That’s enough James…. You may go. 

I nodded my head at her before excusing myself. 

The management staff left the room shortly after me. 

I called Ella to understand the situation over at the woodlands office and I asked about Lili and who is she. 

Ella : Mimi calls her dajie….. in fact all the PRC staff calls her that. 

She went on to tell me that Lili is known to be overly protective of her own people, and it was obvious when it comes to hiring choices, she preferred anyone but our own locals. 

Ella also told me that Mimi was asked to pack up that afternoon but Lili has been going around trying to shake things up. 

25th June 



Everything had been cast in stone by then. Mimi’s departure was a fact and the only acknowledgment I got from Walter was a quick wink on when we passed each other in the pantry that day. 

Ella had started divorce proceedings and according to her, Don had moved out in the middle of the week. 

Life was just starting to go back to normal for everyone. The gossip died down. 

There was no longer any rumour to feed the hunger of the gossipers. 

Everyone was busy with the upcoming launch of a new storage plant in the north of Singapore. The company had recently acquired the land from the authorities, and we will be holding our company’s annual team bonding day at the site together with the ground breaking. 

30th July 2010 



It was not a usual work day for everyone as we all gathered at the new site in woodlands. 

Several tents has been set up, refreshments were readily available and the people from the events company were stroking people’s excitement, getting them ready for the ground breaking. 

I could see the games being set up, team bonding activities and stuff. Everyone needs to participate, no exceptions. 

After the CEO dig into the ground with the excavator together with a politician, he gave s short speech before making the announcements. 

CEO : Let the games….. begin… 

Everything was pre-planned and the schedule of what was to be done was emailed to all employees’ weeks ahead. 

We laughed, drank and ate as everyone mingled.

Xiaohua was there too, she turns out to be a production supervisor in the factory floor. We stared at each other but kept our distance. 

I could not help but feel something was brewing. 

By 4pm, we were ready for the final event. 

A Paintball company was invited to set up at our new site. 

There was to be a inter office challenge. 

The staff at our AMK office vs the guys at woodlands. 

Something did not seem right to me when I look at the allocation of players. Something was definitely way off.

It was a 7 aside game, set in a small forested patch that has yet to be cleared for the new plant. 

That was the only game in which the details was not released to us beforehand with the management terming it as the grand finale to the ground breaking day. 

I was up first, together with my colleagues. 

Uncle Larry, Uncle Hafiz , Muthu, they were all well into their mid 40s, but they still grinned playfully as we put on the safety gear. 

Alvin from purchasing started to gear up by my side together with the two 23 year old university interns attached to him, Adrian and Jason.

I looked at the list of names on the opposing teams, it was all PRC including Xiaohua. Even Qinghe from our AMK office was there. He was puzzled, and started asking around but on one knew anything. 

A foreboding feeling was starting to creep up on me as everyone geared up. The rules were briefed to us and once we were hit, we were to leave the game. 

The objective was to plant your flag in the opposing team’s base. 

The instructor added that the terrain is challenging, it’s a real natural forest, he reminded us a few times it was just a game and the key was to have fun. 

It was just a short 5 minute game due to time constraint and everyone was given 50 paintballs per set. 

We will be doing a total of 3 sets. 

Lili came out after that to address everyone, saying some crap before asking us to enjoy the game. 

I was shocked and surprised when the flags we would be using was presented to us.

Instead of some coloured banners, it was a real flag.

Hafiz : Wah… play soccer ah… real flag seh….. don’t play play… 

We were told to give a team name and a cheer for the camera man. 

The PRCs were more sporting, shouting 加油!加油!加油!in loud quick succession. 

We on the other hand giggled and laugh. After some discussion, we decided our team names to be ‘Singapore’. 

Larry : Use Singapore flag mah…. Chin chye la… play play only… ahah

We laughed and in our truly uniquely Singaporean way, our cheer was our signature.

“ HUAT AH ! “ 

We gave a half hearted one at the camera before going off laughing and joking around. 

We filed off to the games area and with the blow of a whistle, the game started. 

We took cover accordingly and started firing. I counted my rounds carefully, and before long all 50 rounds were up. 

We hardly advanced a few metres and we were done. 

But amazingly the PRCs laid down a non stop volley of covering fire, allowing them to advance without difficulty towards us. 

What angered my was not that we lost the 1st game. 

It was the fact that they shot at us when we said we were already empty. 

I took one to my thigh, the stinging pain shot through my nerves like a stab of a knife. 

The uncles cursed as well and we watched as Xiaohua kick our flag onto the floor, spitting at it before planting theirs in. 

She glared at me before turning and walking away.

The whistle was blown and as the cheered and went off to prepare for the second set, I was puzzled. 

I was fucking puzzled. 

The advancing alone, with their rate of fire, they would have exhausted all their paintballs even before they got close. 

How is it that they have so many paintballs. 

As we struggled to get up, Qinghe ran towards me. His neon green scarf stood out easily. 

Qinghe : Are you all ok ?

We nodded and before I could speak, Qinghe took my gun and shook. 

Qinghe : How many rounds you all have ? 

James : 50 … that’s what they said right. 

Qinghe shook his head, adding that he already fired off 50, and he shook his gun to show me, indicating that they had a lot more. 

My blood was fucking boiling as I watched Lili stood at a distance, egging the organisers to quickly get the next round started. 

The uncles were befuddled too on the unfairness. A few instructors came and reloaded for us and we took the chance to ask them but they said they knew nothing. 

Adding that the game will start in 5 minutes, and that we need to hurry so everyone gets a chance. 

The interns looked a little unsure and scared. 

The uncles were wondering if we should continue but the starting whistle was blown, asking everyone to get ready.

I quickly gathered them around, formulating a quick plan.

Hafidz : That’s crazy James…

Larry : Siao ah…

Jason : This is not fair…

I stood up and replied.

James : Life is never fair. We don’t choose the cards we were dealt with……. But we can choose how to play those cards.

They nodded a little unsure but still took up positions.

The whistle sounded again and almost immediately, I could feel the crack of the tree barks near me. The whistle of paintballs flying by my ears at breakneck speed.

The volley of shots crackled like gunfire in the humid forest.

I waited for an opening before I got up, grabbing our Singapore flag at the same time.

I was hit almost immediately, and that pretty much meant I was out of the game.

Fuck the game.

The game was over ever before it begin.

I continued running, charging towards their base.

There was 2 seconds of confusion before I felt the entire area around me starting to burst out in a colourful array of powder and paint.

Woodchips flew, dry grass and mud shot up high up to my waist level as I ran towards the PRCs.

I was hit a couple more times on my chest armour but I bit my teeth and went on.

As I got closer, a large figure got up, waiting for me.

There was no doubt it was Xiaohua.

I headed straight for her, and she barrelled straight towards me like a freight train with more rounds exploding around us.

I past by Qinghe as the flash of his neon scarf went pass my eyes. I noted that he was not shooting at all, squatting by the side of his tree and just looking on in horror.

With a shout, my body connected with Xiaohua, sending a sharp stab of pain down my shoulder.

I was slower and Xiaohua landed a punch on my helmet, knocking me off my feet but as she advanced towards me, I landed a kick on her leg and she lost balance.

She collapsed and rolled down the gentle slope.

I turned towards my teammates and a smile broke on my face.

It was one of the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my life.

That fucking beauty of seeing 6 of them rising up simultaneously spread out along the line of fire.

There was no need to shout.

There was no need for any command.

It was something that was ingrained in every Singaporean son.

Something we trained to do.

Something we knew by heart.

It did not matter if they are a 40 year old uncle or a frightened intern. They did the same thing.

Held the same poise.

With the butt of the weapon pressed firmly on their shoulders, I watch with pride as my team mates advanced, dauntless and unyielding in the face of fire.

Their heads tilted down, aiming as best as they could as they took step after step towards the entrenched PRC.

The confidence of each step was nothing compared to the defiant advance in spite of the stronger fire power.

Rounds after rounds were fired.

If only we were staring down an actual iron sight.

The positions where our opponents were hiding erupted in a smattering cloud of chaos.

No one stopped.

Not Muthu who’s leg hurts during rainy day.

Not Larry who is on medication for high cholesterol

And of course not the interns.

They advanced for a good 7 seconds before running out of paintballs.

The PRCs were quick to retaliate, firing back a succession of rounds.

I watched in horror as Larry took 2 to the chest right before Muthu’s leg gave way after getting hit in the thigh.

My hair rose and goose bumps appeared as I watch Jason ran over, pushing Uncle Hafidz away as he took 3 to his back, sending him collapsing onto the forest floor.

Hafidz cursed in malayu, and he covered Jason’s body with his, his back imedaitely painted a bright green by a well-aimed shot.

Alvin dragged Adrian away in time as the spot he was standing on erupted as the high velocity round kicked up a cloud of dirt but Adrian shrugged Alvin off, running towards Muthu.

Together with Larry, he dragged the rest behind the cover of a old rain tree.

It was chaos.

Whistles were blowing, I could see some spectators at the tents standing up.

Instructors were at a lost, no one wanted to be caught in the crossfire.

I got up on my feet, lifting our flag and ran towards the opponent base.

Xiaohua was up too.

This time round, I was a bit faster, I feign a punch but instead sidestepped and knock her onto the ground. She stripped on a tree root and tumbled back down the slope again.

I reached for the China flag and set it aside.

There is no need to insult the sovereignty of a country the way the PRCs did.

Before I could put in the flag, another PRC guy charged towards me.

Right at that moment, I heard a loud shout from Uncle Larry.

Larry : KNN !!! You CHEE BYEsss…

There was no longer any need for the paintball guns as I watch Larry, Hafidz and Muthu charged head first towards the entrenched opponents.

Paint erupted on their bodies as the 2 of the PRC stood up and continued firing on the unarmed men but they defied the odds and reached down, grabbing the PRCs with their fucking bare hands.

Pulling them out from behind tress and fallen logs.

The first punch went off and connected with Muthu’s face, causing him to fall to the ground and the entire forest erupted into an orgy of shouts and chaos.

Punches and kicks connected sweaty bruised muscles

The firing had stopped and a few more PRCs were seen running towards the game zone . I would have thought they wanted to break up the brawl but I was wrong.

They picked up fallen branches and sticks there were cleared earlier from the game zone and charged towards the confrontation.

The game organisers froze, not knowing what to do.

The team next in line behind us, started running towards the mass of angry sweaty bodies led by a blonde hair ex convict by the name of Tom. He was part of the company’s effort towards the yellow ribbon project.

Tom : PHUA CHEE BYE….eeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

His cursed rang the loudest among the din that was starting to drown out everyone.

He ran the fastest too, charging towards the fight, leading a shouting band of a few fellow ex-cons towards the party.

I only managed to catch him knocking down a guy that was pressing onto Alvin before my body connected with the PRC guy that was coming at me.

We landed several punch on each other’s helmet and face mask.

I could feel the sting of the cut and I saw the stream of red blood running down my knuckles.

A jab to his kidney was met with a tight punch to my stomach. As I bent over, I charged forward, knocking him down from the high ground where I stood.

I looked down at the clash of bodies and it strengthened my resolve

I reached the spot where I was to place our flag.

Stepping onto the platform, I raised our flag into air, shouting out to let my team mates know that we won.

I blared my lungs out, determined to grab their attention, hopefully stop the fight.

With a loud exclamation I shouted.

I shouted like I never did at the riot a short distance away.

I shouted.


My voice rang out in the forest as I plunge our flag deep into the slot meant to hold the victors’ flag.

But that was not it.

I wanted things to die down.

Hopefully it would stop everyone but I was wrong.

It did not.

It did not. ………….

What happened raised all the hair on my neck, sending a ripple of shiver down my entire spine as my shout ignited a phenomenon I could not explain.

As if right on cue, I heard all my fellow Singaporean colleagues caught up in the fight shout as well.

And fuck…. it was some shout.

The resulting echo reverberated into my ear drums as the unison of voice silenced the entire forest.

The birds no longer chirped.

The insects stopped buzzing.

Just like when the samurais defeated the ninjas in the Tom cruise movie, they shouted all at once right into the PRCs face.


The resulting echo travelled into everyone’s eardrum, raising all of my hair and goosebumps and everyone stopped moving.

No one spoke.

No one moved.

I stared at my colleagues, some struggled to stand.

Larry had to be supported by Jason.

Tom was bleeding badly on his forehead

Jason was leaning against the tree.

Muthu and uncle Hadfiz leaned against each other, the looked of a hardened father in the humid jungle etched on their face.

The shout petrified everyone, including the management watching from a distance.

The instructors did not dare to move.

PRCs were scattered about, some lying down. Some sitting against the tree.

One thing was certain.

All of us local stood …………………

We stood. ……………….

We fucking stood even if it means we need to endure further pain.

We stood…….. quiet ……….and defiant……...

Defiant of the odds the fucking management had placed on us.

We stood. ……….

I felt a sharp pain course through my thigh followed almost immediately by my calves as I collapsed onto the ground.

Xiaohua fired off a few successive shots at me and I landed back first onto the ground.

I squeezed off my weapon as well, collapsing her knees as she too tumbled down onto the floor facing me about 4 m away.

4 metres.

The length of your average carpark lot is 4.8 metres.

That was how close we were.

It fucking hurts to be shot so up close.

I raised up my weapon the same time as Xiaohua and we started squeezing off a series of rounds at each other, almost at point blank range

I could feel the sickening thud as my body went into spasm but after the 3rd round, I no longer feel any pain.

Pop…. Pop… pop…

My head snapped backwards like a broken marionette doll as my face mask was coated bright green and I returned the favour with a splash of red on Xiaohua’s face mask.

Xiaohua : ARGHHHHH…. Fuck!!! You !!!.

I could not remember how long it was.

Perhaps everything think lasted for only 3-4 seconds before our weapons were grabbed away from us.

I can’t remember if I blacked out but when I got to my feet, Larry and Muthu was support me.

Xiaohua got up without any help and taunted.

Xiaohua : come on!!!.. fuck you!!!.. come on!!! … FUCK you …!!

Qinghe was in the middle desperately trying to calm everyone down as we all gathered in a circle.

Qinghe : Enough… enough…

We just glared at each other, standing at opposing sides.

I could feel a gentle breeze coming from the left, caressing our sweat soaked body.

The birds were chirping again. I could heard the distant cricket sing.

It’s as if mother nature was telling us that’s quite enough.

It’s time to stop.

I removed my helmet and mask and so did Xiaohua.

Pointing a finger at the crowd in front of me, I spoke.

James : You all are guest in our country…… do not ever…. for a moment mistake our hospitality as our weakness.

No one spoke after that.

After 30 seconds, the mob began to disperse without any need for further instructions.

I was helped over to our rest tents and I could see Lili directing the first aid staff over to the other tent where her people were.

The lot of us locals gathered at our tent. I saw Walter, sweaty and worried as he came over with 2 cartons of mineral water.

Walter : Are…. Are you all ok ?

We passed the bottles around.

The shelter and the fan was a welcome relief from the humid heat of our tropical rainforest.

I uncapped my bottle and was about to take a sip when I stopped.

I stopped.

Instead I raised my bottle to the air, towards all my local colleagues.

Caps fell onto the ground and more raised their bottles at me. I made eye contact with each and everyone, turning in a clockwise direction, completing a full circle.

An unspoken switch was flicked and we all started to drink, draining the bottle and replenishing the fluids we lost.

It was a short 10 maybe 15 minutes, but so much has happened.

Some finished their water faster than the rest but they kept their hands up.

They kept their bottles in the air.

When the last had drained the final drop of liquid, it’s as if a silent telepathic command was given at the exact same moment.

We smashed the bottles onto the timber decking, the crack of plastic against solid wood popped like muted gunfire and our voices rang out together for 1 last time, drowning out everyone within a good square mile.

In Unison : HUAT AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

As the last of the echo disappeared into the distance, I stared at Lili who was looking at me.

I smiled and mumbled under my breath.

James : Don’t fuck with us I say..….. don’t fuck with us… ..



From a short distance away , several people were slowly making their way across from the main tent to the one we were resting in.

I could make out Ella from where I was as I massaged my bruises and aching muscles. She held a clipboard to her chest, her eyes scanning the tent area nervously as she followed behind an old man who was wearing a red cap.

As they drew closer, I realised the old man was our CEO, he had changed into casual berms and a polo T.

Ella nodded and spoke, answering the ceo’s questions as they approached and stepped into our rest area.

Our CEO, Mr Ang walked right to the middle of the rest tent, asking after everyone, giving his immediate attention to the ones who were in need of some first aid.

He asked Ella to go fetch the medics and she shot off like a bullet.

Mr Ang chatted with a few older staff before addressing the entire group of us.

I would have thought he was there to reprimand us, to scold us for the stupid incident, but he did not.

As he started to speak, subconsciously everyone gathered around him in a semi-circle. Mr Ang is in his 60s. His voice is low, and he spoke with what I could only describe as vigour.

He was calm, his tone measured and soothing, like a healing balm for the wounded soul.

Mr Ang : I saw what happened earlier…….I have been talking to the instructors….It’s unfortunate…….that…some of our fellow colleagues…..thought it was funny to skew the odds in such a manner.

He paused for a second or so before going on.

Mr Ang : It’s not right,….. but it’s already happened…. I’m not here to assign blame or to hold anyone responsible…..

He went on to say that as a organisation, it reflects very badly on everyone if we are fighting amongst ourselves.

At that moment, Ella came back with 2 medical staff who started attending to the minor wounds sustained by the team.

She scanned the tent again and she looked furious when she spotted me at the corner of the group.

I quickly avoided her look and turned my attention back to Mr Ang.

Mr Ang : It’s in evitable that we have a bit of differences given the diverse background and cultures…… but isn’t this what makes us special ? We all come together to make things work.

Someone passed Mr Ang a bottle of water and he took a sip before going on.

His tone softened a notch or 2, almost in a fatherly manner, he shared with us his days when he was trained by the Israelis as part of the 1st batch of NS trainees, and of the days during the racial riots.

Mr Ang : I was scared when they deployed us into the streets at night…… A bayonet, 5 live rounds, that was it ……. People get hurt…. People die back then….

Mr Ang : But I was not alone….. By my side, behind me, everywhere I turned, my brothers were there……The colour of our skin tone, the names by which we call god….. all these did not matter ……. That few nights when we were out, each other was all we had……each other.

He placed particular emphasis on ‘each other’ , letting the word sink into our heads.

The tent was silent, only the sound of the creaking fan interrupted Mr Ang’s words.

Mr Ang gestured to the entire site and added.

Mr Ang : All this….. we cannot make it work without everyone….. We can’t.

He went on to say that everyone needed to come together despite our differences, that is the only way we can grow.

Mr Ang : On one hand….. I can’t express how proud I was as a Singaporean, to see what just happened…… but on the other hand….. as a Steward of the company…. My heart aches to see the organisation fall apart…..

He took another sip of water and asked everyone to have a good rest over the weekend, if needed, take an extra day off on Monday, no MC required. He will inform HR about this.

He will not be pursuing the matter further since no one was seriously hurt, and that applies to both sides of the camp.

Just before he left, he said something that caused everyone to break into laughter before we sent him off with a smattering round of applause and a thundery shout.

Mr Ang : Now…….

He looked towards the main tent and added before turning around to look at us

Mr Ang : Hear us roar…..

He lifted his bottle and we opened our vocal cords for one last time that day.

All together : HUAT AH!!!!!!!

An announcement was made, the rest of the paint ball game event was cancelled and the lucky draw was brought forward.

The crowd slowly dispersed and Ella was seen walking off behind Mr Ang after she shot me another angry look.

By 6pm, Dinner was served and we were free to head off after 7pm.

I managed to hide from Ella for the rest of the day, avoiding her as best as I could.

I kept an eye on her, and I could see her frantically searching the crowd for me. She called me several times but I did not answer. I knew I was just going to get scolded anyway.

7 pm

I half limped, staggered and wobbled my way to the road after calling for a cab but the driver made a wrong turn and had to do a big detour before coming back.

Right when I was pulling up, I saw Ella running towards me.

My eyes widened and opened the cab door immediately but she caught up and got into the cab as well.

Ella : You are a complete… idoit!

The cab drove off and she started scolding me for my actions.

Ella : How could you do that…. Do you know how dangerous that was ?? What if you were hit in the eye ? You could go blind…

She went on criticising my actions but I could tell from her behaviour she was not really angry, it was more of concern and upset.

As we got nearer to my place, I could see tears welling up in her eyes as she spoke.

Ella : Do you know how worried I was….

It made me feel bad and to be honest, yes, I felt like an idoit too.

Celeste called as we exited the expressway, saying that she had to work late and will not be joining me for dinner, probably meet up again the next evening as she needed to be back on Saturday morning for work too.

James : Ok…. I just left the family day thingy…. Will eat on my own.

We alighted at my place and without me asking, Ella helped me with my bag and supported me as we staggered back up to the room.

She dropped our bags on the floor and we walked into the shower together.

Our clothes were stained with mud and dirt from a day of games. The bathroom was filled with the smell of stale sweat.

Only our shoes were off, we stepped into the shower with our socks on.

Ella had a frown on her face as she help me lift up my shirt, exclaiming at the bruises that was starting to turn purple.

I could hardly lift my arms and I struggled to even lift the shirt off my head, moaning and groaning like a baby as Ella undressed me.

Ella : Want to be hero… then don’t be afraid of pain…

I ignored her jibe as she put my clothes aside.

Ella pulled down my pants and let me support myself on her shoulder as I stepped out of the bundled up mess on the floor.

My legs looked like there were an alien lifeform, the patchy bruises and the random scratches were everywhere.

She reached for my underwear and I grabbed onto her hands.

James : What are you doing. !

She slap me on my wrist and without even looking at me, pulled down my underwear, revealing my dick which was started to swell.

Ella : I see everything before liao what…

She nonchalantly stripped me and removed all my clothes. If she saw my erection, she did not let it show.

How could I not have an erection?

I looked at the light purple cross back sports bra that Ella wore. She had on a white translucent off shoulder top, and the lighting in the room together with her sweaty body left nothing to imagination.

She had on a pair of figure hugging track pants that ended halfway in the middle of her calves. The waistband of the tight pants was bright pink in colour, standing out against the coal like black of the main fabric.

I could not see any panty line on the tight fabric, it’s either she had on a really thin pair of seamless panty or she was not wearing any.

Her white socks was in 2 tone, not by design. The top part of it that was exposed above her running shoes were spotted with bits of grass, brown mud stains and dirt while the bottom remained a pristine white.

Just looking at Ella was sending blood to my dick. 

She bent down to pick up some stray bits of grass that had fell onto my bedroom floor and my dick throbbed harder as I stood unmoving in the toilet, just looking at her. 

She came back after dropping my clothes into the laundry basket and just stared at me before looking at my dick. 

I snapped away from my trance and looked away, fumbling for the shower. 

Ella helped me closed the bathroom door after placing my towel in the hanger behind the door. 

I took about 15 minutes in the shower, washing the mud and grime off my body as I negotiated every movement with muscles and joints I never knew existed. 

Everything I did ached, I could hardly shampoo my own hair properly. 

I turned off the shower and dried myself after wrapping myself with the towel. 

When I exit the bathroom, I got a shock. 

Ella was sitting on my bed and she was sobbing quietly to herself. 

A few balls of tissue were present by the side of the bed and she looked at me with her eyes red and swollen.

James : Are you ok ? …. What happened. ? 

She shook her head and told me she don’t know before sobbing again. 

Ella : I….. I don’t know….. 

I sat down beside her and tried not to wince in pain. 

James : What happened ? ….. tell me… 

It took a bit more coaxing before Ella started to speak. 

She said that she too did not know what she was feeling but she just knew that she was very worried about me when she saw the confrontation spark off. 

Ella : All I could think of was whether you were ok……sobzz….

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and I brought her more tissue. 

James : I’m ok…. I’m ok…. Don’t worry. 

She just glared at me and I was at a total lost for words. I had a dreaded feeling in my heart and I knew where we were headed but before I could react, Ella hugged onto me, sobbing tearfully into my shoulder. 

Ella : Don’t ever do something so stupid again….sobs….sobzz.. sobz… 

I too was overwhelmed with emotions as Ella broke down in my arms. The emotions slowly faded away and confusion sets in.

The events and things that happened the past few months must be both a physical and mental torture on her. No decent girl should have to go through something so horrible. 

James : Are…..ermmm…. Ella….. you….. ok ? 

I was unsure what to say to her as I had this dreaded feeling that was starting to swell. 

I let her continue crying for a couple more minutes before I said I’ll send her back. 

Ella : I don’t want to go back….. what’s the point of returning to an empty house…. 

I nodded and was about to get dressed but Ella held onto my hand and asked me in the softest voice. 

Almost like the timid purr of a kitten. 

Ella : Can….. can… I stay ? 

Ella : Please… 

I struggled with my reply but a few more tugs from Ella’s soft hands and I just nodded. 

James : We….this….. this is wrong Ella…. 

She looked away, no doubt ashamed of her own behaviour but I could tell she wanted to stay badly. 

James : Go and take a shower…..we’ll go grab dinner after. 

I passed Ella a spare towel that Celeste used when she stays over but instead of heading into the shower, she held onto my hand. Before I could say anything, she leaned towards me, kissing my on my lips as I stared wide eye at her. 

I shook my head but Ella would not stop, her arms went around my neck, and she kissed me passionately as more tears rolled down her eyes. 

Ella : I’m….. sorry…… I can’t help it… 

I was at a loss for words and my brain stopped working, the only explanation for my brain not working was probably because all the blood started rushing down to my dick. I could smell the aroma of stale sweat from Ella, feel the stickiness of her face against mine as our tongues interlocked. 

The occasional odd whiff of her day old hair caked with dust, dirt and perspiration. 

There was something wild about her that day. 

Something primal I could not explain. 

My towel fell off, courtesy of Ella’s hands as she kissed me on my chin, moving down to my neck, dropping to my chest. 

Ella knelt down on her knees, both her hands touching my bruised thighs. I felt a breath of hot air on the shaft of my freshly washed dick, no doubt smelling sweet and delicious to Ella. Her nose hovered near my shaft, smelling the fragrance from my body wash as she breathed heavily onto my manhood. 

I could feel a couple of kisses on my balls, my dick, and at the tip of my penis as Ella explored my privates like a curious kitty. 

Her tongue touched the tip of my cold dick, sending a wave of warmth down my shaft as I felt the tease of her naughty tongue. 

Ella’s lips parted, cupping over my dick, sucking it hard and I could feel all the bruises all over my body acting up at the same time as I groaned and my body tensed up. 

Like a constricting python squeezing the life out of it’s victim, Ella’s mouth slid down slow and I held onto the cupboard behind me for support. I could feel her mouth clamping down on my helpless dick, as if she was determined to pull back my foreskin with her downward pressure. 

I could feel my foreskin stretch back, it was quite painful initially but Ella’s comforting warm mouth sooth out any pain before it really affects me. I felt a sudden pull back of my forskin and I could feel the slight rolling up as my naked dick head tingled and shook, helpless and shivering inside Ella’s mouth. 

That ticklish sour sensation you loved and hated as the same time permeated throughout my body as I groaned in pleasure, listening to Ella slurpz and swallow a big gulp of saliva. 

She stopped, standing up, cleaning her mouth with the back of her hand as she looked at me with her innocent red eyes. 

Ella : I’ll…. I’ll go shower first… 

I watched her walked into the bathroom and I followed behind her immediately, unable to control myself as I lusted for the smell of her sweat. 

I shut the door behind us and Ella looked at me, lost, confused and no doubt feeling unsure but I could no longer hold myself back any more as I held onto Ella’s shoulders and kissed her in the humid warm bathroom. 

I kissed her cheeks, sliding my tongue down the side of her neck and to her ears, licking and tasting the saltiness of her sweat. 

It was such a delightful taste as my hands roamed and touched Ella’s tight body. 

I pushed her against the wall, kissing her roughly as she stood helpless and obedient in the small space, allowing me to do what my body wanted, what my mind craved. 

The smell was amazing, the bathroom was filled with the freshness of a recent shower, like the crisp clean smell of morning dew, and the sweaty scent of Ella’s womanly smell infused itself right into the mix, creating a erotic blend of perfume I would gladly pay top dollar for. 

I lifted and removed her top, leaving her sports bra open for my advances. 

Pressing my nose onto Ella’s bra, I groaned as I licked the damp fabric, well soaked and marinated with a day’s worth of Ella’s sweat. I sucked onto the light padding, determined to extract every drop of the precious liquid as my hands played with the pink waistband of her tights. 

I felt Ella’s hands on my head, playing with my hair, as if submitting herself totally to me. Letting me do what I wanted with her body. 

I stretched and pulled aside a part of the sports bra, revealing the nipples that were suppressed and kept out of sight for an entire day, memories of our previous escapades came flooding back and I sucked onto the nipple that was imprinted with the creases and folds of the sports bra. 

My tongue fiddled and played with Ella’s nipple as soft moans of approval slowly escaped from her mouth. 

Ella : Ernn… ergnn… James….. let…. Let me bath first. 

James : No…. don’t… I want to smell you….. I want to take you as you are ….

Ella : Don’t la…. Dirty… 

I ignored her protest and lifted and pulled up her sports bra, the criss-crossed straps tangled and caught onto her hand as I tried to lift it off her. Instead of freeing her, I twisted the bundle of bra, tying Ella’s wrists together. Lifting it high up, I looped it over the stainless steel shower head holder behind her, effectively immobilising her in the small shower area. 

It was higher than I expected and Ella had to tiptoe a little. 

Her bare naked breast stared at me helplessly as she bit her lips and looked shyly away at me. The mere behaviour of her sent more blood to my already exploding dick. She was the one who started it and she has the cheek to be shy, the thought caused my dick to throb in a unstable rhythm as I kissed and suck onto Ella’s exposed armpit, licking and letting my saliva trail run down the side of her body. 

Ella : ERgnnn…. Arghh… 

She shivered and squirmed as I sucked onto her underarms, tasting the salt and mineral deposits that had sat undisturbed the whole day. Drools of saliva ran freely down her armpit as I spit onto her before slurping up my own saliva concoction that was well mixed with her womanly scent. 

Ella : ERnnn…ggh…. Ergnng… James…. No… 

She staged a little, trying hard to balance on her toes. The socks she was wearing was not helping either, offering her toes limited grip and friction on the bathroom floor.

I stopped, kneeling down to kiss her privates. That aroma hit me like a truck as I felt all my hair stood , I’ve never felt that horny before in my life, I could not explain why. 

The look of Ella in her socks, her tight track pants and with her hands restrained above her head was driving all rational thoughts out of my head. 

I toyed and lifted one of her wet sock clad feet, causing her to wobble and lose her balance and she pleaded with me. 

Ella : ERgnnnnn James… no… 

I smelled her feet, licking her wet sock before slowly bitting onto the damp fabric, pulling it off with my teeth. 

Ella’s toes were manicured, just a simple brush of colour. I could see some of the cyan nail polish already chipping off as I licked her wet toes, tasting her helplessness. 

I got up and pulled down her tight pants with a single pull, revealing a neatly trimmed and sweaty pussy that glistened under the bathroom light. 

Ella : ERgnn…. 

I yanked and pulled her pants down, pulling it off before I went and kiss Ella on her lips. 

James : Why you never wear your underwear ? huh ? …. 

I kissed and nibbled on her lips, sucking air out of her mouth as I fondled her breast. 

She tried to speak, as if she wanted to answer my question but I stopped her. Sucking onto her mouth and tongue, depriving her of her much needed oxygen, forcing my kiss onto her.

My finger reached for her moist love hole, rubbing it furiously as I kissed a squirming Ella. 

Squeeishh… sqiisssehhh… squuuwweeeehh….sqwuuwr… sqwrrrrt….. 

The sound of my 3 fingers rubbing and slapping onto Ella’s wet clit echoed in the small bathroom as I sucked onto her mouth, preventing her from moaning. 

Whenever Ella wanted to moan, I could pressed my mouth harder onto her sucking her air out. 

Our saliva squirted and splashed messily onto each other’s face as Ella begged for me to let her go.. 

Ella : Please…. Please… James… let me down… please…. Ergnnn..r egn… erng….. 

I ignored her pleas, sucking instead onto her nipples as she moaned and tried to free her hand from the restraint. 

I could see her toes turning red with the stress of trying to balance her body, I sat down in front of Ella, lifting her left leg and placing it over my shoulder before I repeated the same with her right, relieving her of the strain as she moaned in relief but the relief did not last. 

With her delicious sweaty wet cunt in front of me , I sucked and clamp down onto her swollen clit, sucking and slapping with my tongue as she screamed in a mix of orgasmic pleasure, begging for me to stop. 

My shoulders hurt and my body hurt even more with the stress of supporting most of Ella’s weight on me but I held on, tasting and sucking every drop of Ella’s love juice. My tongue pierced into her love hole, coating my nose with a layer of my saliva and her natural lube. 

My head nudged in further before I shake my head vigorously with my tongue outstretched as my nose pressed down hard on her pulsating clit. 

Ella : ARghhhh!!... arghh… erngnn… egnn…. 

My head shook as if I had taken a double dose of ecstasy pills, my nose slapped Ella’s clit as streams of her sweet smelling love juice got snorted up my nostril. 

I could feel her thighs tensed up as they calmed themselves down on my head as her hands suddenly broke loose. Ella sucked in deep breath of air before holding on tight to my head as she screamed and went into spasm, squirting a stream of unknown liquid onto my wet cum stained face. 

Ella : ARgghh!1… erngnn… egnnnnnnn…e erngnn.. erng… 

She withered and struggled for balance as I tried to sneak in a few more licks at her wet pussy.

Ella : James… please….s top…e rgnn…. Ernn………

I panted and collapsed, spent and bruised onto her floor as Ella struggled to get off me. She curled herself into a ball, nesting her spent body into my arms as we both sat panting and gasping for air in the small shower area. 

After what seemed like 3 minutes, I turned on the shower without telling Ella and she screamed. 

Ella : ARGhhhhh!!!.. what are you doing James!!.. aerhghhhh… haha.. 

She hit me as she tried to rub the water out of her eyes, scolding me at the same time. 

I just laughed as she brushed aside her wet hair and we just sat smiling at each other under the hot shower. 

The steam mist up the glass divider and I led Ella to stand. 

Bending her over the shower, she readily offered up her behind to me like a obedient school girl.
I slap her playfully on her backside and she retorted in protest. 

I helped her shampoo her hair and she in turn washed up my dick. 

We spent so long in the shower that our skin wrinkled up. 

It had to be about 20 minutes before we were both dried and clean. 

Ella had no clothes to change into and she did not want to wear Celeste’s clothes. 

I retrieved something from box stashed high up and passed it to Ella. 

Ella : Oh my god…. You sick fuck…. Haha.. 

She looked at the set of soiled lingerie she passed me from the Bangkok trip and laughed. 

Ella : Are they washed ? …. Haha.. 

James :Of course not… 

She hit me on my arms and went off into the bathroom to wash them before hanging everything up together with the clothes she was wearing earlier. 

Ella got into my bed, wrapped with only a towel. 

I pulled on a pair of boxers and picked out a t-shirt of mine for Ella which she put on. 

I brought out a ointment from the drawer and without me asking, Ella got on her knees and held out her hand for the ointment as I got into bed.

She spent close to 10 minutes, applying and massaging my bruises as I groaned and complained about the pain. 

Ella : Serves you right… 

After we’re done, I laid back down on the bed with a groan. Ella snuggled herself into my arm and just stared at me. 

Ella : I’m sorry James…. i… can’t control myself….

I did not reply her and she went on 

Ella : I envy Celeste… 

James : And I use to envy Don …. 

She laughed and gave me a playful slap on my chest. 

Ella : So what now ? ….. 

James : I haven had my turn yet…. 

She got onto her knees again, her hands on her lap like a Japanese wife eager to serve her husband after a long day’s work. 

Ella : How ? 

She gestured to the condition of my body and gave me a questioning look.

I tried to move but my body would not listen to me any longer, and I collapsed back onto the bed. 


We fell asleep in each other’s arm without dinner.


My phone rang and I struggled to reach for the phone but Ella got up and reached for it. 

She took a glance and did a double take before handing it over to me. 

Ella : It’s Don. 

James : What ? 

I answered the phone and asked him what he wanted. 

James : What is it ? … 

Don : I heard what happened today… you ok ? 

James : I’m fine.. 

He paused for a while and I could see Ella staring at me. 

He had left the company soon after Mimi and we were hardly in contact. I heard from a couple of other colleague that he was moving in with Mimi at the house in Seletar. 

As far as Ella was concerned, Don had already cleared out all his stuff from their place. 

Neither of us spoke for a good 30 seconds and Don was the one who broke the silence. 

Don : How much would you pay…. For Ella’s video. 

I felt a lump form in my throat and I paused, thinking of my next step. I was not supposed to know something like that existed. 

If not for my accidental stumble, I would not have been able to feast my eyes on them.

James : What do you mean… ? 

Don : I know you always carry a torch for Ella….. I have… erm… some clips of our past…. I think you will like them….. 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and replied. 

James : How much do you want ? 

Don : 5k…. 

James : I don’t have that much…. 

Don : How much can you spare ? 

James : Listen to yourself Don….. what are you doing ?

Don : Don’t pretend to be a saint James…. I know you like Ella… you always did fancy her…... i could tell from the way you look at her......

He composed himself after that outburst before going on.

He told me he’s going to visit Mimi’s hometown in China.

James : How could you…..

He cut me off and added.

Don : 3k…. best price…

James : Is it the only copy ?….

Don : yes…. I give you my word….

James : Your word is worth shit…. Don…..

I placed my hand over the phone’s mouth piece and whispered to Ella.

James : Is your laptop at home ?

She had a puzzled look on her face but she nodded.

Don : It’s real… I have the CD with me… only 1 copy.

James : I’m very tempted to call the police Don…

Don : Please James…. Just this once…. Imagine all the videos you get to see…

I sighed and agreed to deal with him.

Don : can we meet later, I really need the money to get the air tickets.

James : where ?

Don : I can head over to your place….

I told him I don’t have that much cash on me, we will need to meet at the train station where there is a ATM and he agreed.

After I hung up, Ella asked me what was it about.

James : The videos…… Don took of you…. He wanted 3k for it….

I got up and was about to get dressed when I realised what I had just done and I quickly turned around to look at Ella.

Her eyes narrowed.

Ella : You’ve seen them ?

James : No…. no… of course not…. erm… but Don wanted to sell them to me…..

Ella : Then how do you know about my laptop...

She got up on the bed and started hitting me with my own pillow before I grabbed onto her and calm her down and explained to her the sperm test deal i helped Don with. I came clean and told her i accidentally stumbled on a couple but that was it.

Ella : He’s bluffing, the laptop is with me….. I deleted the files even before he gets to come back and pack.

James : Are you sure… what if he had a backup ?

She shook her head.

Ella : No way…he could have done it…. I was always the one managing the files…. He hardly even watches it after he takes them…. It’s all deleted.

James : Then why would he…

She shrugged her shoulder.

I told Ella to stay at my place while I’ll go on my own to meet Don.


I was 30 minutes early as I wanted to draw the money well before Don arrive, that way, he would not be able to pester me for more.

I even brought along my laptop to verify the content.

After I was done , I waited at the agreed spot.

A gust of cold wind chilled my spine and goosebumps appeared on my skin.

Something did not feel right.


I changed my position, instead of waiting at the plaza, I went to a HDB block and climbed to the 3rd floor, positioning myself with a overwatch position at the meeting point.


Don’s message came over.

Don sms : You reaching ?

James sms : On my way, reaching in 10 minutes…

Then I felt the sudden increase in my heartrate as I cursed under my breath.

I saw about 6-7 people walking into view as I stepped back into the shadow.

Xiaohua was amongst them, staggering with a little difficulty and I could see Don talking animatedly to them.

They fanned out in different direction leaving Xiaohua the last to leave as she spoke to Don.

Seconds later, Don dropped me a message again.

Don : I’m here…. Where are you…

I adjusted my shoulder strap for my laptop bag as tested my bruised limbs for my level of mobility.

Nothing could describe the level of disappointment in Don.

Base on the angle the group of people fanned out, they would have covered every angle.

I squatted down into the shadows and plotted my next move.

If I hid all the way, they could easily make their way to my place and Ella was all alone.

If I were to show up and make a run for it in my condition, they can easily outrun me.

I could call the police, have them show up in an empty plaza with totally nothing but my own stupidity to show for it and there’s nothing stopping them from going to my place there after too.

I saw a distant flash of lightning as the skies flushed a shade of red a distance away.

Before I could make up my mind, I saw Don reached into his pocket and turned away to face the road.

My phone buzzed again.

Don : Run James…… run…………


I tried to calm myself down and analyse the situation. 

Panicking will not help. 

I watched Don casually slipped his phone back into his pocket and pretended to look around. 

Not wanting to waste time, I gave Ella a call and she picked up almost immediately. 

Ella : Are you ok ?

James : It’s a trap…. Xiaohua and her gang is here…. 

Ella : Don let you into a trap ??? 

I did not have time to explain but I told her what I needed. 

She was to get changed and come pick me up in a cab. 

I tried to visually bring up the map of the area and decided on a pick up point about 150 meters away from where I was located. After giving Ella the detailed pick up point, I hung up and looked down into the small plaza again. 

Don casually walked from the road over to the central plaza where there’s a small playground and some benches. 

Block 838 in Hougang. 

That was where I was holed up. 

I had picked Hougang MRT because I was familiar with the area and it was generally crowded even late at night, there’s bound to be some uncles and people walking around especially with all the shophouses but I did not expect Don and the PRCs to choose the other exit from the train station. 

One that led to the other end of the bus interchange and towards block 838. 

Auspicious number for my unlucky day. 

The lay of the land is special. 

The Bus interchange sat on lower ground, so pretty much anything that goes on up where we were at will be oblivious to be people in the interchange. You need to head up a flight of stairs from the bus terminal. 

The location of the block of flats is unique. Right to the back, it was flanked by a small private estate, and it overlooked the bus terminal and if you were on a high floor, the view would be fantastic. 

It’s coming to 12 midnight, but with the last few buses leaving, there’s still a decent amount of activities going on at the interchange compared to the quiet estate just a few metres up the slope. 

Most of the lights were off in the estate, there was a couple of people making their way home but I could not count on them to help me if anything did happen. 

I had the choice of 2 staircases, there was no way of knowing if anyone was there waiting for me either.

The pick up location I gave to Ella was at a private estate a distant away. 

Jalan Nuang. 

A small strip of private road that was within reach of the HDB estate we were at. 

I could make a dash for the estate provided there was an opening for me, I could avoid all the main roads, the interchange, and the immediate area within the HDB estate. I doubt Xiaohua and gang would even know there was a private estate right at the back.

There would be no Ip Man theatrics in this situation. 

Common sense tells you to run, you run. 

After checking to make sure Don was still loitering near the road leading to the carpark, I duck walked my way towards the staircase and peered down the middle of the railings, mentally hoping Ella was already making her way over. 

It should not be hard to get a cab at that timing. 

HDB railings always had this central air well of about 20cm, it’s small but enough for you to get a glimpse down several floors if you choose your angle properly. 

The first staircase I chose was the one closer to the private estate for obvious reason, my joints and body ached as I crept quietly towards the lower floor. 

I could smell cigarette smoke, and I heard someone talking in PRC. 

Without making any noise, I backed away. They should be sitting on the steps a few floors down.

I checked on Don again and he was still loitering around, his eyes scanning his immediate line of sight for me. 

My phone buzzed again when I got to the other staircase. 

Don sms : Did you get my message ? 

I could not make up my mind whether to trust Don but I had no choice. 

The paranoid part of me was thinking if it could be a trap within a trap.

James sms : Yes… what the fuck are you up to.. 

I could feel my bones about to break by the time I got to the other staircase and it looked like it was clear. 

Don sms : I only wanted the money….. I never expect Mimi to tell Xiaohua we were meeting…. 

I descended 1 floor and kept my ears opened to see if I could pick up anything. Taking one cautious step at a time, I kept to the outer rim of the staircase, slowly peering and peeping down as much as I could. 

James : Where the fuck are they ? 

I was perspiring badly, my sweat rolled down like a mini waterfall on the back of my body. 

Droplets of sweat followed me as I made my way down.

Don sms : 2 by the staircase on my left, Xiaohua is under blk 838 near the lift landing, 1 at the carpark, not sure where is he and 2 at the staircase leading down to the interchange. 

I stopped at the landing right before the ground floor and waited.

Then was a sudden commotion and I could hear Xiaohua’s voice. Don’s voice followed shortly after. 

The night was quiet and the silent of the night carried their voices loud and clear towards me as I just paused in my position. 

Xiaohua : 你电话联系谁啊你。。。( Who are you trying to contact ) 

Don : I’m just messaging Mimi. 

The confrontation grew louder as Xiaohua demanded to see Don’s phone. 

Using the opportunity, I took a gamble and hurried down the stairs before ducking behind a column.

I felt my heart skip a beat as I peered from the back of the column I was hiding at towards Don and Xiaohua. 

Don : 你他妈是谁啊。。。要看我电话。。。是你要跟来的。。 ( Who the fuck are you to look at my phone…. You insist on following,, ) 

Xiaohua pushed Don on his shoulder, threatening him better not to warn me about them and that if not for her blessings, Mimi would not have followed him. 

Don snapped and pushed Xiaohua and she staggered backwards, almost falling onto her back.

I turned to check my surroundings, a car illuminated the entire area, turning into the carpark. The gentle hill I was facing was quiet, the shadows of the sleepy trees dancing in the night. 

I retreated a few steps before dashing a short burst out of the void deck and hid myself behind another column with my back facing the road within the estate, my eye scanning for any signs of my exposure. 

The void deck is brightly lit, I stood a better chance if I was closer to the shadows along the road. 

Given a choice, I would have wanted to cut diagonally from blk 838 to 837, thereby leading me to the small path that leads up to the private estate but I guess I had to make a bigger detour by looping around 836

The sound of Xiaohua and Don quarrelling got softer and in fact I was sure I had made it. 

A few more steps and I could walk along the side of the road casually like any other passerbys. Aside from Xiaohua, I’m not sure if the others could easily pick me up from a distance away. 

I danced and skipped my way further down, passing by the rubbish collection point before I turned around the bent to the main road. 

Doing a quick check of my surrounding, I started to walk casually.

What followed was just a really long straight path along the perimeter of the small estate before I reach the private road. 

As I walked, my eyes were wide open, my senses on high alert. 

A convoy of 3 cars entered the estate road in succession and I paused for them to pass. 

Right when I was about to cross the small entrance road, a cab slowed down and turned, so I stopped again. 

Never in the world would I expect to see Mimi staring at me from the inside of the cab, her eyes wide opened as she fumbled for her phone and wallet. 

Immediately I looped around the back of the cab, I would have dashed across the road, there were no cars and I could easily disappear into another estate. 

This is my playground, my home. 

I know where to go but fate seemed to have a funny way to dealing out it’s cards and my phone rang at the moment I detoured around the boot of the cab. 

It was Ella. 

Ella : James…. I’m here but i’m not sure if it’s correct…. 

I asked her to hold the line as I tried to run. 

It was a joke, with my body in that condition, I was half hopping, half dragging myself towards the private estate. 

Even a girl in high heels could outrun me in that situation. 

As fast as my legs could carry me, I ran down the path, coming to a bend. 

The last bend. 

After that it’s just a gentle left turn and I could see the private estate. 

I turned and saw that Mimi had already paid the cab driver and was speaking into her phone.

Looking at the distance I needed to cover, I bit my lips and tried to will my body to go faster.

I could hear distant shouting, probably Mimi trying to give directions, but it was no easy task. Not when you are not familiar with the area.

I reached the end of the path and I was totally drenched in sweat, my entire body aching in so many places that it was easier to just list down which parts are not aching.

From the corner of my eye, I saw several figures running but not towards me, towards where Mimi was. That confusion bought me a few extra seconds.

I barely placed my foot on the path leading up to the private road when I heard another distant shout.

I turned to see Xiaohua coming at me.

I took 2 steps up and realised Don was right on Xiaohua’s heels.

I took another 2 steps, my legs begging for me to take a break.

Xiaohua closed the distanced to a mere 10 m as I struggled up the last few steps to get to the estate.

I saw the approaching headlights of the cab 30 m away and I waved my hand.

I turned and xiaohua had already started ascending the steps towards me, a distance away, several more PRCs were running towards us with Mimi in toll.

The cab picked up speed but it was not fast enough.

3m before Xiaohua got to me, Don gave a shout and barrelled into her, knocking her onto the grass slope on the left of the path before tumbling a good 2 m away.

The cab drew up to the side road and I saw the door opened with Ella frantically waving for me to get in. I was not sure if Don had seen Ella and the cab but they were on lower ground and tangled with each other.

I got to the door but could not help but turned and looked at Don who managed to land another push to Xiaohua, sending her tumbling all the way down the grass slope to the concrete path.

A yelp came from about 25 m away, Mimi had missed a step on her high heel and she sat awkwardly onto the floor.

2 PRC supported her while the others continued towards us, heading to Xiaohua’s aid.

With inhuman speed, Xiaohua got up and charged towards Don.

I could hear Mimi screaming for them to stop.

Several lights came on at the back of the estate.

An Uncle shouted at the commotion from his window.

Uncle : KNN, bian koon ah…..Chee by ah tiong ( Fuck you… people no need to sleep ah, fucking PRC )

Ella screamed for me to get in the cab, begging for me to just do.

I watched at Xiaohua tackled Don to the floor with the other PRC a short distance away.

James : ARGHHH… fuck ! .

I got to the cab and threw in my laptop bag with the cash I withdrew.

Ella : What are you doing James !

I gave her a kiss and told her to head home to pasir ris.

The cab driver looked worried and ask if we should call the cops and I said no need before asking him to drive off.

Ella had tears in her eyes as the cab driver was only too happy to get out of the situation.

I got back into the party right at the moment Xiaohua landed a punch on Don, thankfully she had her back facing the slope and the 2 approaching PRCs.

I shoved her away and she struggled for balance before losing it again, tumbling back into the arms of the 2 skinny PRC guys.

One more of them ran towards the commotion, appearing from nowhere but lucky for Don and me, he went towards Mimi.

I grabbed Don up and we started to run.

As we ran down Jalan Nuang, I saw a small road turning to the left and I took it.

We should lose them in the bent. With the blind spot, there was no way they could tell where we went but the moment I turned, I regretted my decision. I thought it would have more bents and turns but it was a straight road.

Several dogs barked as we flew down the small road towards Jalan Payoh Lai.

I could see another HDB estate right in front of our eyes.

We could lose them there.

Don : Pant…. Pant……Why….. pant… why did you …. Pant… come back….pant…

James :Pant…. Pant… shut the fuck up… pant….

Before we reached the Estate, I could hear footsteps behind us as the symphony of dog barks rose again

We ran into block 853 before emerging onto the main road. Checking on my right to make sure the road was clear, we dashed across the road, I was amazed at what my body could do given the condition it was in.

We got into the void deck of 302 in time to see the PRCs crossing the road, their advance hampered by Mimi and a few approaching cars.

Honks sounded and high beams flashed at them but Xiaohua flashed her middle finger at them.

I did not want to lose the distance we’ve gained and I pushed on, passing block 303.

Coming to the car park of 304, we saw a passenger alighting from a cab and we needed no invitation as we dashed towards the taxi.

We slammed the door and I directed the cab driver to drive, heading towards my place.

Don’s phone rang the moment we went onto the road and it was Mimi.

He initially started off cursing at Xiaohua and scolding Mimi for a good 5-6 seconds but after a while Mimi had him eating out of her palms again.

Don : Where’s the money… ?

I told him I passed it to Ella when she came over in a cab earlier.

Don : What ? ? Why Ella… how is she involved in this.

There was no way I’m telling Don about Ella and me so I told him both the girls were staying over at my place.

And that Ella knew he was blackmailing for the video clips. They came to pick me up at the private road but I asked them to go ahead, I have no intention of leaving him behind with Xiaohua.

He buried his face in his hands before brushing his hair in a frustrated manner.

Don : There’s no disc James…. I just wanted the money as a loan.

James : Look at you….. all this for a China girl….. is she worth it..

Don : Please James…. Don’t ask me this kind of questions….. can you help me with that 3k….

I don’t know why but I agreed to lend him the money.

James : I’ll transfer it to you.

Don wanted to drop off midway as his phone kept ringing, it was Mimi.

He wanted me to promise to transfer the money by tomorrow and I nodded my head before he alighted.

I directed the cab to head to Pasir ris after Don left.

26th June



Ella’s door was opened, the light flooding into the corridor.

I staggered up to the gate and saw her pacing around the living room.

She immediately opened the gate and hugged onto me with relieve as I literally collapsed into her arms.

I could not remember what happened after that, I briefly recalled hugging her in her wet and damp clothes. The very ones she wore when we made out earlier in the day

The next day when I woke up, I could hardly move my body.

I was only dressed in my boxers.

The stickiness of dried sweat clung onto me as I massaged my head.

I could hear voices outside the room.

I looked around and realised I was on Ella and Don’s matrimonial bed, the wedding photo still hanging on the wall.

The time on the clock read 9.30am

The door opened and I saw Ella.

She just hung up the phone and came over to me.

Ella : Are you ok ? …. Feeling better ?

I nodded and just stared at her.

We had a simple breakfast of bread and coffee and it took me about an hour or so to get moving comfortably. My muscles ached but it was not as bad as the day before.

By 11am , I was feeling pretty much ok.

I updated Ella on what happened last evening and she clung onto every word.

Ella : You should have left him for dead….

She went on to her room and was about to do the laundry when I closed the door behind me.

I could feel blood rushing down to my manhood and I just stared at her with the laundry basket in her hand.

She looked good even with her hair in a messy bun. Her white t-shirt is crumpled and long, covering her shorts so it looked like she was not wearing anything.

I locked the door behind me and smiled at her.

She raised an eyebrow at the locked door before looking at me.

Ella : Are you sure you are up to it ?

With a smirk look, I removed my top.

What I did not expect was for Ella to came forward to grab hold of my dick, squeezing it with her right hand.

James : Ahhhhh… ah…. Ahhhhhhhhh…

Like pulling a door handle open, Ella led me by my dick over to the bed before pushing me down.

I landed with a plop and I saw Ella untie her hair, letting it fall onto her shoulders.

Ella : I’m not locked in here with you James………. You’re locked in here with me.


I propped myself up on my elbow as I reversed myself to the centre of the bed, I could still feel a couple of aching joints but definitely much better than the night before.

Ella got onto the bed on her knees, moving herself towards me before our lips met as we hugged onto each other. The feeling of her warm body against mine was so comforting that I forgot about the erection in my boxers.

That softness and humanly touch of a warm human body is something that you cannot find a substitute for.

As I ran my hands up Ella’s waist from behind, feeling the softness of her crumpled top, I could feel the tautness of her midsection, moving up all the way to her back. My hand caressed her upwards till I reached her shoulders, Ella copied my moves, running her hands on my back as well, feeling me the same way I felt her.

A mild coffee taste still lingered in Ella’s mouth as we exchanged bodily fluids that morning. My hands was no longer satisfied with feeling and touching Ella’s back but I did not want to go straight to her breast.

She was not wearing her bra, I could feel no bra straps on Ella’s back, if I wanted, I could cup my hands around her soft supple love pillows, feeling the instant gratification filling my palms but I don’t want to.

I wanted to deny myself that pleasure for a little while longer.

You know that feeling of lust and craving that sometimes you just wanted to deny yourself a little longer in order to achieve a higher stimulation,that was what I wanted.

Our eyes met and we wavered for a moment before kissing again. There was a slight trembling in Ella’s hands as she ran her fingers through my hair as I cupped both her cheeks in my palms.

She was starting to grind herself on me, moving closer and closer to my erected dick.

Her bottom was just a simple pair of white cotton sleep shorts. From the wetness that had already seeped through, I could tell she was not wearing any undies.

There is nothing sexier than seeing the natural love juice of your partner slowly soaking through her pants as she grinds herself on you.

I wanted to touch her privates.

I wanted to run my finger along the slippery canal of her love hole.

I wanted to feel Ella shiver and hear her moan as I explore her vagina.

I wanted to do everything but most of all, I wanted to wait.

I don’t know why but somehow the longer I dragged and deny myself of the pleasure, the mental stimulation I got went higher and further.

Ella tried to pull of her top, but I held it down.

She tried to slip off her pants but I pull it up.

She tried to pull down my boxers but I held onto her hands.

My dick throbbed hard, straining against my boxers.

Ella : Why ? ….. you….. you… don’t want…. To ?

I kissed her again, licking her on her lips.

James : Of course I want…..

Ella tried to touch my erected manhood but I stopped her.

Part of me wanted to just go in, to bury myself deep inside Ella and lie back and enjoy the ride, but another part of me wanted to slowly deprive myself and savour every moment with her.

James : dress….. dress up for me..

We kissed again, our foreheads touching as she looked at me.

Ella nodded and whispered by my ears, asking me what I would like her to wear.

Ella : What do you want to see me in ?

I kissed Ella harder and squeezed her on her firm buttocks, as she gave a girlish yelp, her hands resting onto my shoulders.

James : ask me again…

Ella purred softer, like an obedient kitten by my ears as she slid her body against mine, brushing her erected nipples against my body.

Ella : What…. Would you…. Like to…. Fuck … me in ?

My dick almost exploded in excitement as the sensual voice of Ella’s whisper travelled down my eardrums.

Without me asking, Ella got off me, walking slowly to her wardrobe but her head was turned towards me.

I saw her check the time on a small clock before resuming her movements

Every step she took, every move she made, her eyes never left me, as if she was waiting for me to give her further instructions.

I had so much I wanted to say, to much I wanted to see Ella in but I don’t know why, in that moment, I felt a sudden wave of shyness.

Yes, you might find it ironic but it’s true.

I find it hard to put into words.

How the fuck you do properly put into words the attire you want to fuck your partner in ?

Eh hello… please wear a lacy slut panty and a black bra ?


Ermm… wear a short dress and g-string.

Or maybe.

Please wear Short denim skirt and no undies?

It just sounds so wrong and out of place.

Definitely not suitable for the moment.

If I had said it, it would spoil the moment. It was at times like this I wished Ella could read my mind.

James : I….

My eyes darted to her laundry basket, visually scanning and looking through her worn office attire for the past week.

A week worth of laundry for my selection.

She saw where I was looking at and went over to the basket.

Piece after piece of office wear were pulled up and held up in front of me.

From long sleeve blouse to sleeveless tops, I get to pick.

I shook my head a couple of times before settling on a maroon long sleeve silk blouse. It was a simple top with not much design, the soft shiny sheen of the fabric itself being the focal point of the whole top.

Ella placed the blouse aside and without me asking, took off her top and picked a strapless bra that was pastel pink in colour.

There was something about that soothing tone of pastel pink that aroused me that day, I could not understand why.

People would be excited about their partners taking their clothes off, whereas I was just as excited seeing them being put on.

With her bra and top on, Ella continued bending down and picking up pieces of laundry, concentrating on the bottom for now.

I ignored the pants of course, and Ella smiled and nodded knowingly to herself.

Suddenly she paused right before she reached the bottom of the laundry basket, a smile broke on her face as I watch her retrieved a pair of black panty hose.

I could not breathe as she lifted the pair of dark coal black stocking out of the basket.

My dick throbbed painfully in my boxers, begging me to stop the game and just ge ton with it but my mind was already starting to self orgasm as I watch Ella picked a short grey skirt with a gradient textured finish that gets lighter in colour towards the bottom of the hemline.

Ella chose a fresh pair of panty from her drawer, I caught a glimpse of black before the piece unfolded in front of my eyes to give way to a lacy pair of seamless panty.

Ella deliberately chose to sit at the bottom of the bed before swinging her right leg up, resting it on my groin area.

I panted heavily like a thirsty dog and I tried to reach for Ella’s feet but with pointed toes, she pushed me back down, jabbing me on my chest.

She reached forward for her toes, enveloping her delicious toes in black nylon as I let loose an uncontrolled burst of groan at what was happening in front of me. Ella’s head tilted slightly to her right, looking at her own fingers pulling up the black veil of seductive hose to cover up her leg.

I wanted to grab her and just rammed myself hard into her love hole as she paused midway and brought up her left leg too.

Precum wet a good area of my boxers by the time Ella finish putting on her black stockings and as she pulled up her skirt, she fucking asked me to zip her up.

I wanted to scream badly , I wanted to cry out like a big baby, I wanted to moan like I’m have multiple orgasm all at the same time as I helped Ella zipped up her skirt from behind. 

I immediately hugged onto Ella from behind, my nose pressing itself onto her body, the silky texture of her work wear, well marinated with a week worth of stale perfume fragrance she wore with a generous sprinkle of her womanly scent sent thousands of signals I could not decipher into my brain. 

I just wanted to press myself hard onto her tight body, smelling and sniffing her. 

Ella prised my hands open, letting herself go and I watch her walk out of the room , making me call out desperately to her. 

James : Ella….. where are you going ? … 

She did not reply me, ignoring my pleas. 

I was about to get up and go after her when I heard the clicking of heels. My knees immediately buckled under my own body weight as I collapsed, soft and helpless onto my bed right before Ella came into the room a good 2 inches taller. 

Her heels were black, not shiny but with a nice matt finish with closed toes. Not much design but simple and elegant. 

She went to her wardrobe , chose a bag I had seen her brought to work so many times and hung it over her left elbow. 

Ella : Nah….. like that can ?

I could no longer speak by that time and I could only nod my head helplessly at Ella. 

I reached for her but she took a step backwards, laughing at me. I had no doubts she was out to milk me as much as she can that day. 

I clamoured after her like a zombie with only half a body left, clawing at the bed as I advanced towards her. 

Ella : Ahhhhh…!!... ah..!! 

It was a small room and it took me all of 1 minute to have Ella on my lap. 

I kissed her and ran my hands through her thigh, feeling the softness and seductive fabric of her stocking. 

Running my hands under her skirt, I felt some resistance as Ella giggled and stopped me. 

I was a little puzzled but I never asked as I noticed she glanced at the clock again. 

She got off my lap and got down on her knees, pulling down my boxers, releasing my dick which was swollen and dripping with a copious amount of precum by then. 

I could not help it but nudged her head towards my throbbing dick only to feel Ella slap my hand. 


Ella : Oei…. Who says you can push my head ? …. 

James : I…. 

Ella gave me a sly smile and got back up onto her feet before sitting down on the bed. 

She supported herself with her 2 hands pressed down on the soft mattress as she lifted up on of her heels to me. 

Ella : Take it off for me….. with your mouth…. 

I’ve never felt so horny and aroused before in my life. It was as if Ella was tugging and pulling every single string on me, controlling me like a puppet, yet I was strangely caught in a dream like trance, smiling and eager to do everything she asked me to. 

I knew if I was patience enough, I would get her eventually. 

I would eventually get to bury myself deep into her warm moist vagina while she moan and call out my name. 

Before that moment arrive, all the others serves as appetisers, something to warm me up before the main course. 

I eagerly got down onto my knees, lifting Ella’s feet up like the holy grail, kissing her on her feet before using my tongue to push her heel off her stockinged feet. 

The only description I could think of was when you buy jwee kuay at the market. 

Think of my tongue as that soft spatula like tool, slowly rimming the exterior of Ella’s heel as I dislodged her feet from her heel. 

My dick felt like it had hardened into stone, my testicles on the brink of exploding as I smell Ella’s lovely legs. 

She giggled and switched her feet, letting my tongue service her other feet as well. 

I repeated what I did and I was well rewarded as Ella grabbed my dick with her stockinged feet. The erotic feeling of my dick being engulfed by stockings was out of this world. 

It was only for a short moment, perhaps 30 seconds give and take before I tried to move on Ella but she stopped me again. 

Her feet pressed against my naked body as she laid back and added. 

Ella : Take off my stockings too…. 

I held her feet, kissing her toes, my tongue ran along the side of her ankles. 

Ella continued her teasing at me. 

Ella : Do you like…. It ? … 

I did not reply her. 

I kissed her on her calves, running my cheek on her shin and her kneecaps like perverted old man.

Ella : Say my name James…. Call out my name… haha.. 

Ella teased my nipples with her other feet, obviously enjoying herself. 

I set down her feet and tried to spread her but she resisted, giggling at me. 

Ella : What’s my name…. James…. What’s my name….

I smiled and without warning, I reached under her skirt, grabbed onto the seams of her stocking and ripped it apart with a loud tearing sound. 


Ella had a shock but did not had enough time to recover. 

Bunching up her skirt at once, I spread her legs, planting myself ready for entry as I spread her totally drenched panty aside and Ella screamed helplessly, trying to free herself. 

Ella half laughed half scream and tried to hit me but I caught both her hands, holding them in a vice like clamp with my left hand while right hand went to her chin, cupping her face in a V shape vice. 

I turned her head to her side and was about to whisper ‘ my name is James ‘ but Ella did not leave any opening for me as she struggled free her hands. 

Hugging me down towards her, we kissed and I felt the tip of my dick touch the wetness of Ella’s vagina lips. 

She nudged me in and I felt the parting of strong muscles, wet and well lubricated vagina lips of hers. 

James : Ahhhh….. ahhhh… ahhh… 

I groaned and moaned like a helpless puppy as I felt my dick belong slowly sucked in by Ella’s love hole, travelling down the comfortable interior all the way till I buried myself to the hilt. 

Ella squeezed her muscles as I could feel the feeling of almost having an orgasm and I had no doubt more pre cum was released. 

I collapsed onto Ella, enjoying and basking myself in the comforts of her lovely wet pussy as I felt her run her hands through my hair. 

Ella : James…. 

James : Ya ? …. 

Ella : We got to hurry… 

James : Why ?

Ella : Because Celeste is on her way over…


I for once could not believe the calmness in which Ella had when she told me the news. That very moment I was flushed with guilt but I was still hard and erected.

I wanted to thrust into Ella but the thought of Celeste on her way over was eating into me.

Ella hugged me close, kissing me on my forehead and she tried to move her hip up, fucking herself onto me.

The kneading massage on my hard rod was comforting, the grip by Ella’s soft warm and slippery vagina walls were impossible to resist.

One moment it was soft, wet and I could slide in easily, another moment she tightened her hold on me when I was all the way in, squeezing and coaxing my muscles to work doubly hard as I tried to pull myself out. The viens on my throbbing dick got pressed, massaged, rubbed and squeezed all at the same time.

I turned her over onto her knees, pushing her skirt up higher.


I tore a bigger hole on her stocking, spread Ella’s legs further and tested the elastic limits of her wet panty.

I fuck myself into her tight love hole and Ella moaned in orgasmic pleasure.

My body rocked hard against her, my mind getting fucked many times over as my fingers ran along her stockinged legs. There was something about the material that feels so arousing.

The wet panty was rubbing against my dick with each thrust, bits of stray unkempt hair got tangled for a moment and I had to pause to sort them out.

I pulled Ella onto her feet, making her wear her high heels, she did it quickly and without me asking bent over at her wardrobe.

I lifted up her skirt and banged Ella where she was.

The sound of flesh hitting and smashing each other filled the room and we both started to perspire.

Ella was moaning sensually with each thrust as I cupped my hands around her bra, kneading her breast like I’m a expert baker playing with his dough.

Piaks… piask…. Kokt…. Tok… piaks… tok… kokt… paisk…

Every hard thrust, Ella would stagger a little, clicking her heels on the tiled floor. Following every stagger, a louder moan would follow.

With a arc like motion, I swung Ella over to her bed and she supporter herself on her arms in a plank position with her hips up high facing me. I wanted to tear off the entire stocking.

Ziappkkkk… zipakkk…

It would not come off properly. The top hem of it held and I left it at that.

Several loose pieces of abused stocking hung loosely off Ella’s legs and thigh and it reminded me of those Jap porn rape scene.

I entered Ella again and it was a pleasure to hear her moan.

Ella : Ernnnn… ernnnn…. Ernnnn…. Ernnnnnn…

The drag of the “Ennn” slowly tapered softer, coinciding with her short intake of breath. It was a submissive and obedient moan. It was as if she wanted to communicate so much more through her moans, the breathless attempt to take in air, she biting of her lips, her willingness to let you take her.

Ella : Ennn…. Ennnnnn…. Ennnnn…

It was such a erotic sound that I would not have mind hearing it every night.

Flipping Ella over onto her back, I could feel I was about to end.

I plunged myself back in, lowering myself to kiss Ella.

She cupped my face in her palms, letting my tongue force it’s way into all corners of her mouth.

I unbuttoned her blouse and unbuckled her bra, bringing the bra cup to my nose, smelling her fresh sweat mixed with her stale perfume.

I could feel the squeeze in my balls and meat spear as Ella helped by holding onto the bra cup, pressing it harder onto my nose.

James : ARgnnngggghh……

I could feel I was coming and Ella started playing with my nipple with her free hand.

I quickly stopped myself in time before asking Ella is she had condoms.

She shook her head, panting for air from our intense workout.

Ella : It’s ok…. It’s a safe period for me…

It was times like that I listened to my small head and ignored all the warning bells that was going off in my head.

I sucked onto Ella’s nipples and she moaned louder while I grinded my loaded dick in her wet love hole.

Holding both her hands, I pressed it down onto her bed above her head.

I started to fuck Ella in that position again.

Her forehead wrinkled up, her eyes half closed, her petite mouth parted slightly for air as I thrusted into her wet cunt that was going to be filled.

With my left hand holding her hands down, my right went to her cheek again, holding them in a V shape vice on her chin.

It was truly at that moment I felt like I’m a out of control rapist.

Ella : Ennnn… egnnn… egnn….

I squeezed Ella’s cheeks a little, and her lips pursed up naturally, allowing me to kiss them.

James : Beg me….. not to cum inside you…

Ella : ennnn… enn.. enn…

I increased the intensity of my thrusting and Ella’s moans grew louder at the same time.

James : Arghhh arhh….

Ella : No…!! No!! James……NO!!... Please…..

She started struggling to break herself loose, the desperate attempt to fight my final approached seemed to have flicked a switch in me and it made me every more hornier.

James : Arhhh… arghhh… I’m… I’m coming…

Ella : NO!!.. please…. JAMESS!!!! Mess!! Please!!!..... no… no please…

James : ARghh… arghhhh… I’m … I’m going to cum.

Ella’s body twisted a little trying to fight herself loose but I held her down as hard as I could.

Ella : Please… please don’t cum…. Inside me…please…

That soft slut like moan tipped me over the edge as I felt the powerful rush of matured sperm shoot out like a jet of water cannon into Ella’s wet vagina.

James : ARgHHHHHHHH!!!! Erggkkkkkkkkk… hhherggkkkkkkk!!!,,

My entire body tensed up, jerking and straining as I emptied my load deep into the recess of Ella’s love hole.

James : HErgjkkkkkkkkk,… arghh……

After the initial few big squirts, I had this sourish sensation that coaxed a few more smaller deposits of fresh cum into Ella

James : ARghhh… argh….

I collapsed onto Ella after I was done and I panted on her sweaty body.

I was immediately flushed with guilt with the realisation of what I had done. Thinking with my smaller head again.

After only about a minute of resting I got up and so did Ella, she was squeezing her legs together, her fingers trying to press onto her love hole as she tried to make her way to the bathroom.

Ella : Shit… shit… drip…. Drip… drip… already…

I watch globs of white cum ooze out from between her fingers as she wobbled her way unsteadily in what’s left of her office clothes towards the bathroom.

Ella did a quick wash up before I headed into the shower, She had some of Don’s spare clothes for me when I got out.

I had barely got dressed when I heard the opening of the front door before Celeste voice got to me.

She hugged me and asked if I was ok. Ella had roughly told her what happened, leaving out the details of our intimacy.

Celeste was told only the part where Don tried to blackmail her and I went to meet him with the cash but was ambushed by Xiaohua and gang.

After a short chase, I managed to escape but came over to check on Ella in case Xiaohua they all decided to turn up.
Coupled with the injuries I sustained at the paintball match, I knocked out over at Ella’s place.

Celeste : Are you ok ? ….

James : I’m fine…. I just needed to rest.

And I meant it.

I don’t know why but after my shower, I felt the onset of a fever.

I got back into the bed to catch some more sleep while I left the girls to talk.

I only remembered the girls saying they’re going to head out to grab lunch back before I drifted out of consciousness.

When I came to, I could heard Ella and Celeste talking. There was a wet towel on my forehead and I could feel the bone aching sensation of a bad fever coming in fast.

It was as if someone was playing a tuning fork on your bone.

The girls were seated on the floor at the edge of the bed. I don’t know how long I have slept and my throat felt dry.

I wanted to call out but Ella’s words made me stopped.

Ella : I’m….. I’m sorry…

I immediately closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.

There was a moment of pause before Celeste replied.

Celeste : I…. I kinda knew you liked him from way back…..

Another moment of silence followed.

Ella : I…. I don’t know how to… put this across….

Celeste : It’s not fair to me Ella…..

Ella : I know….. I’m sorry….

Celeste went on to say that she understands Ella’s was going through a difficult period, maybe it’s just a passing phase, and that she just needed someone by her side.

Ella : I… I don’t know if that’s that case…

Celeste : He’s my boyfriend Ella…..

There the conversation stopped. I could hear some sobbing, I guessed it must be from Ella. I stole a peek and I could see Ella resting her head on Celeste shoulders.

At least 10 minutes passed before the girls separated and I could feel the wet towel on my head being changed and the girls took their conversation outside the room.

I pretended to be asleep for about another 15 minutes before I woke up.

Checking the time, it was already 3.30pm

I was definitely having a fever and I hardly had any appetite for the chicken rice the girls bought.

By 5pm, I was on a cab back to my place with Celeste and there were at least 7 miss calls from Don and about 7-8 messages asking me about the money transfer.

I did the transfer to Don before collapsing back onto bed.

I had taken some medicine and was drifting in and out of consciousness but I could feel Celeste snuggling up by my side.


I woke up to see Celeste staring at me.

We just smiled at each other for a while before she broke the silence.

Celeste : Do you like Ella James ? …..

I was caught off guard, I never expected a question like this to come at me the moment I wake up.

James : I…. Why are you asking me this….

She brushed back a stray strand of my hair and added that Ella likes me.

Celeste : She likes you James…. For a long time already…

She stared at me, waiting for my reaction.

James : What about you….

She slapped me playfully on my cheek with a smile..

Celeste : I’m asking the questions here…

James : Ella….. is going through a rough patch right now…..she’s… just needs someone to lean on before she gets back on her feet I think….

Celeste : And you happen to be close….. is that what you are trying to say ? ….

I gave a nervous laugh and said that we were just good friends.

We cuddled for a while longer before Celeste touched on the subject again.

Celeste : Do you like me James… ?

James : Of course I do.. … what about you…. Do you love me ?

Celeste laughed and hit me on my leg.

Celeste : I used ‘like’ … you are using ‘love’…

She turned away from me, backing her body against mine as I hugged onto her from behind, smelling her hair.

Celeste : We’ve been together a couple of months James….. I don’t know about love …. I know I like you…

She went on to add that she was initially curious about me, it was as if there was something mysterious about me that she felt she needed to find out.

James : So did you satisfy your curiosity ? …

Celeste : I know you like to smell my worn lingerie for one…. Haha.

I laughed and kissed her on her back of her neck.

When the laughter died off Celeste spoke again.

Celeste : I like you James….. but Ella loves you…..

James : What are you trying to say ?

She turned and face me, smiling and shaking her head.

Celeste : Nothing… nothing…

We just stared at each other without a word and when Celeste spoke, the blood drained from my face.

Celeste : Did you sleep with Ella ?

I was at a total loss for words and even without giving a reply, I guess the answer was written on my face. The guilt consumed me totally and I found it hard to look at Celeste in her eyes.

I felt so shitty that subconsciously I let go of Celeste, I could not bear to even hug or touch her.

James : Sorry….

That was all I could manage to get out of my mouth.

I was expecting a slap, a kick, maybe she’ll stab me with a knife but she did not. My heart broke as I saw a tear rolled down the side of her cheeks.

James : I’m….. I’m sorry…

Another drop of salty tear followed but Celeste still smiled at me before speaking in a shaky voice.

Celeste : Thank you….. for not…. lying.. to .. me…

She dried her tears with the back of her hand before she got out of my bed, sniffing her nose which was getting clogged up with mucus.

I feel worse than shit.

In fact I hope someone would just knock me over dead right there and then.

Celeste took her bag and left my room and I followed up behind her.

James : Celeste…

She paused at the door before turning around and giving me hug, pressing herself tightly onto my body.

Celeste : Take care James….

She let go of me and left after that.

I staggered to my room and plopped down on my bed before speaking out loud to myself.

James : My name is James….. and I’m fucked…


2nd August 2010



I went to work in a zombie like state.

I spent the weekend trying to recuperate from my fever but I was not getting enough sleep from thinking about Celeste and Ella.

The gravity of the situation really hit me when I tried to sms Ella and she did not reply me. That was when I knew things were bad.

I wanted to text and call Celeste but I did not know what to say.

In the end I just dropped her a message.

James sms : I’m sorry. There is nothing I can say or do to justify my actions. I’m sorry for hurting you. It’s not Ella’s fault, I hope you girls are ok.

I was not expecting a reply and I got none.

Qinghe came over during lunch to see if I was ok and I told him I’m fine.

He gave me a thumbs up before leaving for his meeting.

I tried to bury myself with work that week. With Don gone, some of his client were transferred over to me together with some of his responsibilities. The company did not plan to hire a replacement for the time being.

I left work at 11pm on Monday.

From Tuesday onwards, I was in the office by 7am.

I tried to clear my mind of everything, of the girls and concentrate solely on my work. It was amazing how much could be done and accomplished when your mind is cleared of all distractions.

5th August 2010



I just came back from a quick meetup with a supplier and I bumped into Walter at the lift lobby.

He gestured me over and shared with me a piece of news.

Walter : Lili got fucked jia lat jia lat by Mr Ang…. Haha… … Verbally I meant

James : Haha… what happened.

Walter went on to add that a few staff wrote in formally to complain about the paintball match. After some investigations, the paintball company said it was Lili who gave the instructions to them to do what they did.

Walter : Haha.. even more power…. One of the intern’s father came down and kan Lili also. … hahaha…

I smiled as Walter chuckled so hard inside the lift that he had tears coming out from his eye. Thankfully there were only the 2 of us in there.

Walter : And…. And…… hahahha…. The intern’s father….. hahhaha…KNN…..haha…

He was clutching onto his stomach by the time the lift came to our floor.

Walter : Haha… sorry… sorry…. Really dam funny…. The… haha… the intern’s father…. Ahaha….

I watch him wiped his tears from his eyes and said as we exited the lift. He took a few deep breaths and composed himself before continuing.

Walter : The intern’s father wanted to talk to HR…… and Lili was to meet him….haha

He lifted up both his palms and paused by the lift lobby, as if waiting for the drumroll.

Walter : His father….. came down in uniforms….2 crab. … 2 crab…. Simi badge also have….

He lifted up his 2 finger and tried to control his laughter again.

Walter : He go and tell Lili in the face to ask her to organise another game……play with him…. Hahah…. I heard from the other HR girl she also trying to control her laughter.

James : Zhun bo ?..... haha…

He nodded his head and wiped away more tears before doing a mock imitation of the father, his thumb pointing backwards at himself.

Walter: You organise again…..put more people….. play with me and men.

Walter added that the intern’s father was quite professional in the beginning, he just wanted an explanation about what happened, and he wanted a formal apology for his son.

It was right before he left, he asked Lili how to join her paintball game. He want to play against her team. Lili could only manage a sheepish smile according to Walter.

He added that the intern’s father told Lili before he walked out that she was lucky it was him who came down. If it was his wife, she would be talking to a lawyer instead of a soldier.

As we entered the office, Walter’s tone changed a little and he asked me a question.

Walter : Eh James…. You… know right…. Ella quit…

I turned towards him, the look on my face must have told him what he needed to know

Walter : Oh.. you don’t know ? …… she tendered on Monday….. I got talk to her… she just say she tired…. Needed a break…

James : Oh….

He nudged me on my arm and added

Walter : eh…. That …. That time… got take any souvenirs or not ? ….

I gave him a puzzled look

Walter : Video la…

James : Bo la…. You siao ah…. This kind of thing why leave evidence….

He nodded quietly to himself before whispering to me.

Walter : Actually….. I got see Ella video before….of her and Don…..but no more already….. deleted…. Sigh…….

And what he said next made my blood boil but that was nothing I can do, it was something I was not supposed to know about.

Walter : I managed to get a good blowjob out of it….. not as lucky as you …. Hahah….

He went into his office while I settled at my desk.

I sat down and thought about Ella.

Why did she quit.

Was she doing that just to avoid me ?

I spent the next 20 minutes brooding over it but I managed to clear my thoughts and got back to my work.

Thinking about it is not going to make things better.

I was tempted to call Ella but on the other hand I did not want to be the reason to drive a wedge between her and Celeste.


There was some commotion going on in the pantry and I headed over to check out what was happening.

Turns out a colleague had just came back from Woodlands office and he said Lili was having a really bad day. She was just strip of her regional post, her job scope will be redefined as well.

Colleague A : Wah lau…. She sure buay tahan….. confirm quit one….

Colleague B : Aiyah…. She so CB…. I bet she confirm thick skin sit still collect money till she retire… just tahan only what…

Bets were taken and I threw in a 10 dollar bet that Lili will stay as well.

Leeches will be leeches.

Don called me at 5pm that Thursday.

He thanked me for the money and told me he will be leaving the country for a while.

Don went on to tell me he had a big fight with Xiaohua the day after he went back and Mimi got hurt trying to separate them.

Don : That crazy butch must have some crush on Mimi I think…

He also said that Xiaohua had applied for an entire month of unpaid leave to accompany them back to China, something about she’s not convince Don would take care of Mimi properly or some shit.

I was not really interested in those updates and my mind was sort of in a blank.

Don : I’ll try to pay you back in a couple of months.

James : ya ya…

I took his words with a pinch of salt.

I left work at 10.30pm that day and it was turning out to be the longest day of my life. Every minute ticked by slowly. Even the bus took it’s time to arrive, that had to be one of my longest wait for the bus as well.

After a fifteen minutes bus ride, I got home and thought of my bet with my colleague and laughed. I realised I did not know whether or not I wanted to win that $10.

I took a cold shower before collapsing down in bed.

Looking at the wedding photos of Don and Ella, I wondered what really went wrong with my good friend’s marriage.

8th August 2010


9 am

I woke up and decided to head to the market where I first saw Don and Mimi for breakfast.

The hustle and bustle of the market still remains yet something feels amiss as I sipped my coffee and poke at my carrot cake.

The stall owners were busy with the queues, people were clearing tables on their own once they got a seat.

The air was filled with the smell of fresh coffee and the combined aroma of local food.

An elderly couple asked to share my table and I gestured for them to go ahead.

They looked like they are well into their 70s.

The old lady took out a handkerchief and wiped her forehead as she looked at the things they just bought from the wet market and the loose change in her hands.

She asked her partner if the amount was correct and the old man reached for a pair of glasses and put it on before saying it is.

I smiled as I watch the old lady gestured for his glasses and put it on, trying to count the coins and the 2 dollar notes in her hand.

Old man : Kuar wu bor ? haha ( Can see or not ? haha )

She just smiled and returned him his glasses before he went off to order his coffee.
I could not help at stare at them share a plate of bee hoon as they talked about what time they need to get back in the afternoon before their kids and grandchildren came over.

The old lady was fretting over whether to buy kuehs to keep in case the grandkids get hungry before lunch and the old man just asked her to eat her bee hoon and not worry about the kuehs.

I drained my coffee and took a stroll along the neighbourhood, somehow I just retraced the steps I had taken with Celeste, ending up at the faithful lift.

I did not even realise I was smiling at the lift lobby like a silly crazed man until someone alighted from the lift and gave me a weird look.

The time was coming to 11am and I decided to go catch a movie on my own.


I was about to head into the shower when my phone rang and it was for a number I did not recognise.

James : Hello ?

It turns out it was a call from the tour agency. There was to be a briefing that evening about our Europe trip which we had booked earlier in April. I had forgotten all about it.

A few emails were sent but they received no reply.

James : Ok… I’ll be there later

As I hung up the phone, my heart was thumping hard and fast.

The only question on my mind was will Ella and Celeste be there. I know for sure Don won’t be.


I arrived at Clark quay and hesitated at the entrance of the tour agency before heading in. I told the staff I was there for a tour briefing and I was directed upstairs to the 2nd level.

I could see several people in the room through the small glass panel.

My hand trembled a little as I opened the door.

I exchanged smiles and pleasantries with my fellow tour mates and settled into a chair at the back after receiving a file from the tour guide in charge, Charlie.

The girls were not there.

I fingered my phone, wondering if I should text them but decided otherwise.

Sigh… perhaps it was not such a bad idea after all. I could really use a trip and get my head sorted out.

The briefing lasted about 30 minutes before everyone said goodbye.

Charlie : See you all next month ya…


I grabbed a quick dinner before doing some laundry. As I tidied up my wardrobe, I saw an entire stack of Celeste’s clothes.

Sleep shorts, t shirts, singlets, towels,lingerie.

I packed them all into a separate bag before placing them aside. She’s sure to come for them 1 day.

13th August 2010


9 pm

It was a while since I logged onto my facebook account and when I did that evening, I had a pleasant surprise and it put a smile on my face.

I saw several pictures of Ella and Celeste together with another girl I did not know. They were having dinner and drinks at some restaurant in town.

Judging from the pictures, the girls seemed ok and I heaved a sigh of relieve. It would have sucked if their years of friendship was ruined because of me.

I spent the rest of the month catching up with friends that I have neglected since Ella and Celeste came into my life.

From newly minted fathers to about to get married grooms, to old classmates and army buddies, I met them all.

Yet something still feels amiss.

I guess the girls took away something that could not be replaced easily from me.

24th September 2010


9 pm

I was back at my parents place, packing for my trip to Europe the next day.

My dad had offered to drive me there so I can save on the cab fare.

Mum : You going with who ? your girlfriend ah ?? When bringing back to show us?

She scurried about before passing me a bag of medicine.

Mum : You think you still young ah….? I tell you ah….

I just laughed at her nagging.

James : You nag somemore…. I bring back a China girl with thick makeup to come and steal your CPF.

Mum : You siao ah…

After I was done packing, I was really tempted to call the girls or text them.

I regretted not asking the tour guide about the girls, whether did they cancel their bookings.

During the briefing, I had counted more than 17 people including me, it’s definitely more than the minimum departure tour of 15.

I brushed aside the thoughts and went to sleep.

25th September 2010 


6 am 

My dad helped me unload the bags at the departure area and he asked me to be careful and take care of myself and my girlfriend. 

James : Ya I will. 


I stepped into the airport and was hit with that familiar smell of the terminal. 

As I pushed my trolley towards the designated gathering area, I could see from far a small flag I recognised at the agency’s logo. 

I took my time, looking at the people in the airport. 

Suddenly from the peripherals of my vision, I caught a glimpse of a familiar figure. 

I turned and did a double take. 

There was no doubt about it. 

It was Ella. 

She had cut her hair, shortening it to her shoulder length. 

Ella had a long sleeve turtleneck that was white on, together with a ripped pair of denim shorts, the ends fraying badly with some split holes on the shorts itself. A pair of black tights covered her entire legs, the dark fabric contoured around her shapely legs before disappearing into a pair of silver flats. 

She had a jacket draped across her left arm while her right hand held a cupboard tray with 2 cups of coffee.

Ella did not see me as she cut diagonally across my path the moment a big group of China tourist clustered in front of me, led by their tour guide. 

I tried to move my trolley away from the crowd but I had lost sight of Ella. 

As I cleared away from the space, Ella was nowhere to be seen

I was close enough for Charlie to see me by then and he was waving at me to go over. 

I decided to head over first so I can park my trolley with the group before I go looking for Ella. 

Charlie : Hey…. You are……James….. correct… 

I smiled and commented on his memory and he replied with a smile he’s just good with faces and names. 

I was about to ask Charlie about Ella and Celeste but he turned away and walked 3 steps to his right to attend to another family. 

Right after he walked away, I was at a loss for words as a looked at the 2 person standing in front of me. 

There they were, Celeste and Ella, each with a coffee in hand and they too were staring at me with a smile on their face. 

I wanted to speak but nothing came out. 

Celeste too wore a pair of black tights but she had a brown skirt that ended a good 3 inches above her knees. The brown of her skirt matched the pair of walking boots she wore. Her thick white socks were folded once, standing out against the coal black tights. 

She too had a long sleeve turtle neck top on but it was grey in colour and she spotted the same haircut as Ella. 

James : I…. 

I just let loose a short burst of laughter looking at them. 

I went forward and stood in front of the girls. 

James : Why are you all here ? 

Ella : You don’t want us here ? 

James : No… I don’t mean that… i…

I looked at Celeste, instantly feeling ashamed of my actions but I did not know what to say to her. 

James : I’m … I’m sorry dear…..sorry… I meant…. I’m sorry Celeste… 

Celeste folded her arms and sipped her coffee as I fumbled for the correct words. 

Thankfully she spoke and saved me from further embarrassment. 

Celeste : Where’s the castle you promised me ? …. 

It took a good 2 seconds for it to register in my mind before I smiled and said I’ll get her one in Europe. 

I saw her bite her lips before coming forward to hug me. I heard a sniff of her nose as she said she missed me so much. 

Celeste : I missed you … 

She recovered after 10 seconds and slapped me across me face playfully. 

Celeste : That doesn’t mean I forgave you… 

I smiled sheepishly at the awkward situation as I looked at Ella. She too came forward and gave me a hug before apologising for her actions. 

Ella : It was my fault James… I… shouldn’t have… 

Celeste cut her off with a brush of her hand. 

Celeste : No need to apologise to him la…we just need him to be our slave for this shopping trip. 

I smiled and said I’ll do anything.

James : I’ll do anything….anything for you to forgive me dear… 

Celeste smiled a sly smile before looking at Ella and turning back to me. 

Celeste : I….. don’t….. believe… you…. 

I laughed and so did the 2 girls….. 

Right at that moment, Charlie came over. 

Charlie : Hi… are you the 2 who called the agency that day…. 

He fumbled through his stack of boarding passes and asked for their names. 

Celeste : My name is Celeste….. 

Ella : My name is Ella….. 

Charlie : Good….. 

He handed them their passes before turning around and addressed the whole group. 

Charlie : Now….. are you ready….. for your Europe trip ? …. 

The End.



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