Thursday, 20 August 2015

Updates on August's works.

Thank you everyone for the mails you've sent me.

I'm glad my good friend's marriage is well received.

I'm already done with August's works since last week. I've sent them out to a couple of readers who followed my works since the start of this blog to get some reviews and they all say it's too short.


For the Europe trip i meant.

There are 2 threesome scenes, 1 of popping Celeste's cherry and 1 with Ella. I think it's a decent amount to wrap it up.

It's not meant to be too long and draggy. Every story needs an ending.

Anyway, there are a few suggestions that was sent to me which i think made sense.

I'll be doing a little more editing for the Europe trip.

Hope to be able to wrap it up by mid September.

Need to make sure it's worth the cup of coffee you are buying me.

As for the other 2 works, My sister in law drunk during overseas trip is ready.

My cheating wife from elite school gangbanged by construction workers is only missing a final edit.

Once ready, i'll list them up together the next few days.