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About lingerie fetish part 2

Continuation of the previous article.

Thank you to all who wrote to me on this topic, i'm glad you are willing to share and allow me to use the materials for the blog. 

I actually received a mail cursing me for my previous post in a joking manner, it seems 'John's' strategy is being used by quite a few others as well.

I'm going to share another way to get the lingeries you want.

This method was shared by a reader who works in a mid size firm of about 20 employees.

Let's call him Peter.

Peter is pretty bold and creative. He initiated a series of old clothes collection drive within the office. Upon consolidating all the donated articles, he will drop them off at a charity, but not before he goes through them first to suss out old lingerie.

He would go as far as to self collect the donated items from his colleagues' places on weekends using the company's truck. All this is done with his boss permission of course.

Haha, it's a little crazy i think but it sure is a creative way. Although he admitted that there is no way to be sure the lingerie came from some sweet girl or hot babe, he is not breaking any law.

Peter however has gotten lucky with a few articles of a particular colleague he took a fancy to. A few bras, some shorts, and quite a few pants. It seems she put on a few kg after giving birth, and during that particular collection drive, she took the opportunity to get rid of some of her clothes that no longer fit.

Coming back to the online apps, a few readers have shared their insights about purchasing from the sellers.

There is a few pointers which i think is worth taking note.

1) Consider the age of the seller.

I'm not saying you guess how old the seller is but try to get a gauge of  her age group.

Is she a student ?

Is she a working adult ?

Something along the line.

Base on email replies regarding this discussion, it seems most tend to have better luck getting a regular supplier with students.

Younger sellers tend to be a little more willing to discuss and chat compared to working adults.

Common sense here guys, if you are already working full time, selling old stuff online is probably just to clear space and make a few extra bucks.

I don't think any of those hot OLs at raffles place will even blink at your attempt to buy their worn or old lingerie.

Some of my colleagues lingerie easily cost close to a hundred.

Therefore, to sum it up, i guess you would stand a better chance with younger sellers.

2) Patience

No i'm not talking about yours, it's the sellers.

I too have noticed that older sellers, particular working adults have less patiences when you have too many questions.

Come on, it's not their first day selling online, i'm sure by now, the girls would have encountered all manners of weird requests and questions that they're probably numb to them.

Once the seller sense your questions going towards the wrong direction, they would probably block you and ignore.

When that happens, it's pretty much game over.

You'll need to start hunting around for a potential seller again.

3) Building up your reputation.

A few readers have shared that having a good reputation does help in your hunt online.

If you have like half a dozen bad reviews to your account already, i suggest getting a new one.

If your profile stinks of being a bad buyer, you can forget about getting the girls to sell you anything, not to mention their lingerie.

Now there are many ways to build up your reputation and here's how you can do it for less than $20.

Buy small trinkets and items you can actually use.

Eg, facial masks, moisturiser, face cream etc. These things are pretty cheap, some going for less than $1.

Get them from different sellers to build up your reputation and collect at least like 6-7 good reviews.

With a positive image, you would stand a better chance of sellers actually replying to your message.

If you have the budget and patience, try to hunt for items from sellers who has cleared old lingerie before. Might not be as cheap as the face mask, but hey, if you had bought from them before, i guess they would be more likely to engage you in a conversation.

4) Building your profile.

So the question now is to use a male profile or a female profile.

This is tricky.

The way you behave and reply would have to correspondence accordingly to your profile.

You don't see a girl go around messaging people " Hey, i want to buy your old lingerie, can you wear them for me before you send ? "

Use your brain a little , try to think of something creative.

If you have a female profile, ask generic questions like ;

1) conditions of the lingerie ?
2) Are they in decent conditions ?
3) You're getting them for your maid/helper, can you get a better price ?

Simple questions that are not too intrusive.

If you start off by saying ; " Have you been wearing these for long ? got your smell ?  "

You might as well not message them at all.

And if you actually get a reply like ; " yes, i wear them and my sweat has soaked them through thoroughly, got my smell definitely , you want to buy ? "

I suggest you let it go.

This is Singapore, i don't think any girls are that desperate to make a few dollars. It's probably a fat guy in his underwear selling his stolen lingerie.

To sum it up, be nice, courteous, and if possible, professional.

No one likes to deal with a jerk.

That's all i have for this post, i'm in the midst of collating creative ways to collect your lingerie purchases after you have made them. I already have a few ideas in mind.

For those who are not staying alone, it might be a challenge to have the items delivered, and there is a chance someone might open your package too.

Do share your ways of getting the items after your purchase with me, especially if they sellers don't do meet ups.

And for those who are adventurous, i will be sharing another creative way a fellow brother has shared with me.

He managed to meet the seller even though she refused to by a series of clever manipulation of time and venue. It just takes a little creativity, a bit of money and you can be drinking coffee beside the girl who sells you her worn lingerie without her even knowing.

In case you are wondering how's my luck this far, i've gotten lucky with a seller.

Bought some vouchers from her and i met up to collect them. Very sweet girl, just started working for 3 months. Figure is ok, not super model but she's just really sweet, like the girl next door.

Radiant and healthy would be my choice of words.

Since the vouchers, i have bought facial masks, phone covers and i've started on clothes and pants lately. She did ask me why i bought them but i just told them it's for my maid's kids ( She's quite petite )

That sparked off an entire new conversation centred around her petite figure and we are texting on a pretty regular basis.

That's all i have for now, trying to keep things as is for a while longer before i push the boundary a little.

Wish me luck.



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