Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Europe trip

The lot of us checked in together as a group before Charlie went on with another round of briefing.

We will be doing a transit at Frankfurt before heading over to Hungary.

As the transit time is short, only 1.5 hours, we would need to clear the customs, hurry to the boarding gate and catch the connecting flight.

Someone mentioned that 1.5 hours is pretty long but Charlie replied that over there, please do not expect the efficiency you see in Singapore. It may take a while to clear the customs and security checks.

Charlie : So please look after one and other in your group yah. We don’t want anyone to miss the connecting flight.

Charlie was about to say something else when his phone rang.

He pressed 1 side of his ear close just to hear the other party speak.

I turned away to look at the girls

I watched the girls adjust each other’s clothes and I could really feel this heightened sense of relief in my mind. It was as if a heavy stone had been lifted off my chest.

They seemed so at ease with each other, casually chatting and commenting about everyday stuff as they fumbled and check their travel documents.

Ella : Let’s go grab breakfast shall we ?

Celeste nodded and just gestured for me to follow up with a cool shake of her head before linking arms with Ella.

I lugged my carry-on bag and fell in step behind the girls

There was so much I wanted to ask and talk to them about, both individually and together.

I turned to look at Charlie and saw that he was looking back at the check in belt we just left. His head was scanning about for a while before he reminded everyone to be punctual and board the plane before disappearing away into a crowd.

I gave it a shrug and caught up to the girls.

The questions immediately flooded back into my mind.

What happened from the period since we ceased contact?

Are they ok ?

Did they have a good talk about what happened ?

Did they have a falling out right after  ?

I wanted to ask Ella why did she quit her job and has she found a new one ?

And for Celeste , I really do have feelings for her and I wanted to know how was she after this unfortunate episode.

Are we truly ok ?

It’s inevitable that she might feel hurt after I cheated on her, not to mention it’s her best friend.

I was really worried about me spoiling their relationship.

So many questions peppered my mind as we decided to check in and eat at the duty free area.

After clearing the customs, Ella got a small trolley to fit all our carry-on bags and left the heavy lifting to me.

We settled down at a café and ordered Kaya toast and more coffee.

The girls were excited about the trip and were talking nonstop about the places we would be visiting.

I felt a little ignored but I did not mind, at least I did not have to go on the trip alone.

I don’t know why but when I watch Ella sip her coffee and Celeste bite into her bread, I felt an erection stirring.

There was this familiar sense of arousal as I watch the 2 girls go about their chat.

The first thing that came to my mind was the sleeping arrangements.

I know for sure during the booking, Celeste and I would be sharing a room, Ella will be with Don for obvious reasons. Now that both of them are coming on this trip, does it mean we will be sharing the same room ?

Will I take turns with the girls ?

Perhaps they would ditch me and share a room themselves.

I was happily lost in my thoughts when a flash from a nearby camera snapped me out of my daydream.

Ella shifted her leg, uncrossing her leg and I felt it accidentally brush against mine.

I paused and looked at her but she ignored me.

I was wearing jeans, yet that quick brush of Ella’s leg against mine brought back so many memories. The smoothness of her hairless calves, the smell of her hair, I could almost feel an erection building up.

Then, without warning, I felt a kick on my shin as I saw Celeste eyeing me cautiously, her eyes narrowing at me while i stared at Ella.

I did not even realised I was staring at Ella.

James : It was nothing… i…. i… I was… just… just…. Lost in thought….

Celeste : No need to say anything James….. Just remember…. You are on thin ice…

Ella smiled without looking at me while Celeste made a face at me.

That insignificant incident made me horny for some weird unexplained reason.

Does that mean the girls are jealous of each other in some weird unexplained way?

The moment Celeste looked away, seemingly occupied with the array of duty free shops , Ella made eye contact with me.

There was something naughty about her eyes, as if there was this twinkle I could not explain.

It was a surreal moment and we just spent the next few seconds staring at each other while we sipped our coffee.

What happened to us the last couple of months flooded itself back into my mind, like the sudden opening of a dam. Emotions and feelings that I thought were dam up just filled up this void in me.

I wish I could describe that moment.

It really felt like a bit of disappointment, stemming from the realisation that Celeste and I will be making up with each other. Then again, there was this priceless look of relief on Ella’s face.

Perhaps she felt the same way I did.

Finally having a heavy rock removed from her chest.

What we did was wrong, and there is simply no reason for it to continue.

As I drained my coffee, I could not help but suddenly notice a change in Ella’s expression.

It was a sudden change.

A total deviation from the original emotions that she was feeling seconds ago.

Her eyes widened and she slowly sat upright.

She was not looking at me but I could see her eyes burning up with anger and resentment.

I was about to turn and see what she was looking at when Celeste happened to turn towards me.

The moment her body angled and she too widened her eyes.

Her lips were slightly parted and it was a look of pure confusion.

I immediately turned and I felt this solid lump in my throat drop into my chest, restricting my ability to breathe properly.

Barely 5 meters away, stood someone we never expected to see.

Don .

Charlie was talking to him about something before giving us a wave and disappeared into the liquor shop.

I could not believe my eyes.

It was Don alright but he looked different.

I gathered he had lost at least 5 kg. His face had sharpened visibly and the clothes he was wearing hung a little loosely on his shoulders. He looked like he did not shave for a couple of days and he just seemed so tired.

I immediately walked over.

James : What the fuck Don ? …. What are you doing here ?

He smells like he had been on a plane for a while, his clothes looked crumpled up close.

Before Don could answer me, Ella had stormed over.

She started her conversation with a push, shoving Don 2 steps from where he stood.

The sudden commotion drew the attention of 2 police officers who was having their lunch break barely a few steps away. I could feel their eyes on us as their hands slowly set down their utensils and just watched us quietly.

Ella tried to slap Don but Don stepped back and avoided Ella’s palms easily.

I held onto Ella and asked her to calm down.

Celeste was already on her way over and I half shoved and begged Celeste to take Ella away before things get ugly.

Ella finally spoke, the anger evident in her voice.

Ella : What gives you the right to be here !!

And when Don replied, I was taken aback with his nonchalant attitude.

Don  : I paid for this trip. I have every right to be here.

Ella was about to snap and I immediately gave Don a shove, pointing my finger at his face.

James : Stop it !.... not here..

I immediately grabbed by bags and grabbed Don away from the girls.

We walked without a word for about 50m before Don shrugged me off.

Don  : Let go la…. I’m ok…

James : What the fuck was that man ?

James : You cheated on her, left with a fucking PRC bitch and now you….. you just suddenly show up ?  What the fuck ???

Don went over to a bench and sat down.

Don : I fucked up man James…. I really messed everything up.

James : You fucked up the moment you decided to side with Mimi many months back.

He buried his face in his hands and I just stared at him.

After what seemed like 5 minutes, Don suddenly grabbed onto me.

Don : Help me James….

I stared at him wide eyed.

James : help ??? what help ? … haven I done enough ? …..

I exhaled and looked away.

And the next sentence Don said sent a chill down my spine.

Don : Help me get Ella back…..

My heart almost stopped beating as I turned to look at my dear friend.

James : Are you out of your mind…..

Don : Please James…..please…. I was wrong…. I just need another chance….

It was my turn to bury my face in my hands.

I was at a lost for words.

I really did not know what to say.

We sat silently at the bench watching people walk by for close to half an hour before I realise it was time to board.

I nudged Don to snap him out of his day dream.

James : Let’s go…

Don : Will you help me….

James : I don’t know how to help you…. Leave me out of this….

I walked in front of Don as I tried to organise my messed up thoughts. All expectations of a nice Europe holiday had left my mind.

Don called out to me and what he said made me paused where I stood.

Don : I will get Ella back….. by hook or by crook…. I will do it even if you refuse to help me.

I took a deep breath and turned to face Don.

Our eyes met and I could not tell if the Don I knew was still in this human shell that was standing in front of me.

Don : I know Ella likes you…. Even more so now that I am out of the picture…

I kept quiet maintaining my silence.

Don : Only you can help me…..

Then from the corner of my eyes I saw the girls.

They were standing a distance away, looking at us.

I turned to look at them, their arms were folded. 

Ella was glaring at Don. 

Celeste was staring at me.

This is going to be an interesting Europe trip…………….. 


When the time came for us to board the plane, the entire situation became even more awkward. 

The moment we cleared the security screening to the waiting area, Ella approached me to ask where I would be sitting.

It’s a 3 , 4 , 3 configuration on the flight. 

[C][J][E] [][][][] [][][] 

Celeste had the window seat while I got the middle and Ella got the aisle spot. 

Ella : James…. Can I sit beside Ella ? 

I found it hard to refuse and I agreed. What else could I do ? 

I did not mind the aisle seat anyway, it’s easy to go to the bathroom and I could stretch my legs. 

With the change, our seats was shuffled.

[C][E][J] [][][][] [][][] 

Don too came over to check my seat and I told him not to bother, I’m not changing seats with him. 

Don : I really need to talk to Ella, please James…. 

James : Don’t do this here please….. you have no right… 

I checked his ticket and realised Don was seated quite a few seats back as he checked in separately. 

I overheard him talking to other tour members asking if they wanted to switch seats with him. 

Don : Oh… I just want to sit closer to my wife….. initially I was busy with work, but I manage to make it for the trip. 

I could not believe what I was hearing from Don. 

Just a few months ago, he would have found it hard to tell a lie. 

Now he is so smooth with a blatant lie that he hardly blinked. 

Nothing could describe the look of disgust on Ella’s face as she glared with him. 

Seems like spending a couple of months with Mimi and her kind did change him. 

Celeste was about to speak but Ella held her back. 

I guessed they did not want to create a commotion. 

Don did not give up easily, he went around asking most of the people in the tour, his eyes looking for that tell-tale sticker we all had on our shirt. 

I kept an eye on him the same time I kept an eye on the girls who was talking harshly to each other. They whispered angrily to each other while sighs of anguish peppered their conversation. 

I suddenly heard Don laugh as he settled down beside this family that was going on the same tour as us. 

It seems 1 of them did not mind changing the seat with Don as it was nearer to the toilet, a seat he preferred. 

I did not know what seat that was but seeing that Don was willing to make that change, it had to be closer to us. 

Don spent the rest of the pre boarding time talking to the family. 

When the time came to board, we followed the rest of the passengers and got up the plane. 

I tried to talk to Ella but she just gave me a weak smile. 

I tried to talk to Celeste but she gave me this helpless blank look. 

In the end I tried to talk to the flight crew and all she said to me was ; 

“ Sir, please move down the aisle, Thank you “ 

I had just helped the girls stow the bags on the overhead compartment when I heard Don behind me. 

Don : Ella, please, we need to talk….. at least listen to what I have to say. 

There wasn’t much space on the plane and with Don approaching, Ella just squeezed her way pass everyone and went straight into the window seat, blatantly ignoring Don. 

I could tell she was angry. 

What I could not believe was that Don actually tried to squeeze his way pass me and Celeste to talk to Ella, and in the process of doing so, he accidentally nudged Celeste against the elbow of another passenger that was stowing his luggage on the overhead compartment. 

James : Hey… hey… wtf man … 

Don paused as Celeste groaned. 

The passenger apologised but it was not his fault. 

Celeste took the opportunity to push me into the middle seat. 

With a unfriendly frown on her face, she nudged Don aside and took the aisle seat. 

I could not believe what was happening as I just stared at Don. 

He exhaled and licked his lips, an action I had never seen him do and he took the seat beside Celeste. 

[E][J][C] [D][][][] [][][] 

This wraps up the seat configuration for our 12.5 hour flight. 

I have never taken a flight that goes more than 12 hours before in my life and looking at how things are turning out, I’m guessing it would not be a pleasant one. 

As the crew gets ready for the flight to take off, I could see Don kept turning over to look at us. 

By us I meant Ella and me. 

Ella decided to shut herself out of the whole thing, her headphones were plugged in and she refused to even turn and look at me for fear of catching an eye contact with Don. 

Celeste on the other hand was a little grumpy about this unexpected show up. 

When the engine of the plane started roaring for take-off, I had to be dumb and ask Celeste a stupid question. 

James : How is the sleeping arrangements like ah ? 

Celeste was in the midst of removing her blanket from the plastic bag when she pause, exhale and slowly turned her head towards me with a dagger like stare. 

I quickly put up my hands, palms facing her and gave an awkward smile. 

James : Ok…. Ok… just asking…. 

I turned to look at Ella who was leaning back and looking at her nails during the take off. 

I thought of asking her the same questions but even while I procrastinate whether to open my mouth, Ella shot me a look to tell me I better keep my mouth shut. 

I exhaled and shook my head as I plugged myself into the entertainment system. 

I had barely registered my joy and relief of seeing the 2 girls back together and now I needed to deal with Don. 

He is different alright but it still struck me by surprise how much he had change within that short period of time. 

I could not think of any nice words to put it but somehow, he seemed more matured in a way, a far cry from the guy that was hooked by the PRC woman a few months ago.

What is Don’s story ? 

What happened to him during that few months ? 

And most important of all, what did he really want from Ella ? 

His actions don’t really make sense to me either. 

First you just divorced your wife, because you chose another woman. 

Then barely before the wounds begin to heal, you popped up all of a sudden to join her for a trip. 

As if that was not bad enough, you wanted to make up ? 

Nothing seemed to connect at all. 

My thoughts was disrupted by the stewardess asking if I wanted a drink and I took a glass of water. 

Ella motioned for an apple juice and I passed it along to her. 

Don was staring up into the ceiling of the plane. He’s deep in thought, probably thinking about what he had done and how he is going to get Ella back . 

3 hours into the flight, after our meals were served, I was well into my 2nd movie. 
Ella had timed her bathroom visit properly, choosing to go when she saw Don heading to the bathroom. 

She literally straddled me, much to Celeste’s irritation as she made her way out to the aisle. 

How she does it I don’t know. 

She actually peed, washed her face and rinse her mouth and got back to her seat just when Don left the bathroom. 

Celeste was still in 1 of the cubicles relieving herself. 

Don saw that Celeste’s seat was empty and he was making his way over. 

Ella was fast, she turned and caught sight of Don, like an experienced driver checking his blind spot, Ella immediately maneuverer herself into her seat without even giving me a chance to stand up.

She straddled me again, losing her balance at the same time pressing both her palms onto my chest. 

My eyes widened as I felt her damp hands wet my shirt. 

Don was barely 4 steps away when Ella completed her move and plugged her headphones on. 

Don : Ella, I know you are mad at me, but at least give me a chance to explain. 

I sat still, trying to lean back as Don directed his words at Ella. 

Don : I know I was wrong, but… I have my reasons. 

That was when I literally jumped in my seat. 

Ella snapped back at Don. 

Ella : Get out of my sight ! 

She said it so suddenly and I was unaware of her sudden change in demeanour that it caused me to jump slightly. 

As if that was not bad enough, Don turned to me.

Don : James…. Say something… you helped me with Mimi.. 

My eyes widened and my blood was boiling. 

James : Hey. Watch what you say…. What do you mean I helped you with Mimi….. 

Celeste came back the moment I clarified to Don. 

James : I tried to help you get rid of her….. you are the one who chose to stay by her side. 

Celeste was none too polite as she folded her arms and asked Don to fuck off from her seat. 

By then, it was pretty evident to the rest of the tour members within earshot that my travel party wasn’t such a pretty picture. 

From the corner of my eye, I could see some whispering and raised eyebrows. 

I’ve never felt that embarrassed before in my life. 

30 minutes later, all was quiet. 

Both the girls chose to sleep and Don too decided to grab a shut eye. 

About another hour later, I did not realise I had fallen asleep halfway through my show and I was jerked awake by a small turbulence. 

My eyes opened slowly and I was surprised to see Ella staring at me. 

She looked beautiful where she sat. 

The sun coming in from the slit of window she had left about ¼ opened lit up her exposed arms, painting it a healthy shade of gold. 

Ella had the blanket wrapped over her shoulders, her arms were folded as she stared at me. 

James : Are you ok ? 

She considered my question for a moment before nodding her head. 

I saw her eyes left mine as she looked past me. 

I turned and saw Don looking at us. 

I looked away, unwilling to deal with this for the moment. 

Eventually I have to face it but not now. 

Not on the plane. 

Ella stretched a little and readjusted her sleeping position 

I went back to my show and was rewinding it when I felt the pressure on my leg. 

I immediately turned and look at Ella, 

She had taken off her flats and helped herself to my blanket which I stuffed into the seat pocket in front of me. 

Choosing to lean back against the window, Ella orientated her body, stretching her legs out and resting it on my thighs. 

I felt a sudden surge in hormones as I felt the weight of Ella’s legs. 

Not waiting for me to react, Ella did the unthinkable. 

She opened up my blanket, unfolded it and with a suave throw, covered her legs, my thighs and up to the bottom of her denim shorts. 

Ella refused to meet my eye contact and she went about doing her thing, propping pillows to make sure she got a comfortable position. 

My left armrest was in the way, as such, Ella’s legs were angled really close to the seat in front of me and she was trying to work around that. 

I could only stare in horror as Ella finally found a position that she fancied. 

Back against the window, left leg stretched out straight, crossing my left thigh pointing to my right knee. 

And her right leg. 

Her barefooted right leg. 

She went over the arm rest and rested it on my left thigh, really close to my groin. 

I did not dare to move. 

I could see Don staring at me from the corner of my eye. 

I tried to concentrate on my movie, but the rewind button seemed to have stopped responding. 

Or perhaps I stopped pressing onto it. 

Either way, I was not that concerned about the movie anymore. 

Ella was staring at me now but I no longer dare to meet her eye. 

No, it’s not because I’m embarrassed Ella put her legs up on mine. 

I’m panicking because Ella’s right foot never stopped moving even after finding the comfortable spot she wanted. 

I could feel her foot slowly sliding towards my groin. 

I turned to see Celeste still fast asleep and I quickly plead Ella to stop with my puppy eyes. 

She did not seemed like she cared, it felt like she was doing it to spite Don. 

But I am the innocent party. 

I just want to go for my Europe trip. 

Then without warning, Ella passed me her toiletries bag the airlines handed out to the passengers. 

Ella : James…. Can you help me put on my socks… 

My jaw dropped as I looked at Ella’s nonchalant manner and attitude. 

I could feel a bead of perspiration roll down my neck as I stared at Ella with my mouth half open. 

Ella : It’s easier for you to reach my feet…… no ? 

I almost peed in my pants as I felt Ella’s right feet leave the fleshy part of my left thigh and angled itself sharply down towards my groin. 

Her feet slid down a little before stopping. 

There was no way she could go down further. 

Not possible. 

I shook my head at her but with her arms folded, and her head slightly angled, I knew there was no room for negotiation. 

I turned to check on Celeste who was fast asleep and made eye contact with Don who obviously was aware of everything. 

He exhaled and turned away, choosing to get some shut eye. 

I heaved a sigh of relief and turned to Ella. 

James : ok… ok… he’s sleeping already…. No need to do this for show… 

Ella raised an eyebrow at me. 

And when I felt the grip of her toes around my erection, all the hairs behind my neck raised on its end. 

As if that was not torturous enough, Ella called out for Celeste . 

Ella : Girl…. Wake up…. 

Ella : Celeste… hey…. 

I immediately took the socks and started to bunch them up before helping Ella put it on her left feet first. 

Her toes gave a little squirm before obediently entering the comfy socks. 

I pulled them over her tights before her left feet disappeared under the blanket, making itself comfortable on my feet. 

Her right foot came out next and I repeated what I did, helping Ella with her sock. 

She made a final adjustment to her position and settled back onto her pillow with a smile before slowly closing her eyes. 

Celeste stirred and woke up.

With Ella all over me, I was holding onto the remote with both hands, looking innocently at Celeste. 

Her eyes narrowed. 

Her jaws shifted position and her fist was clenched before she gave me a light punch on my right cheek. 

It was more of a playful hit but she had a frown on her face. 

She too adjusted her position and slept with her head on my shoulder.

I gave a slow exhale and looked at the time. 

8 More hours to go. 


I tried to ignore all the external disturbance and did what I could to concentrate on the show but barely 5 minutes after the girls settled into their position, I felt this tickling sensation on my dick. 

It was Ella. 

I glared at her but her eyes were closed. 

You would think she was fast asleep if you take a quick glance but her foot tells me otherwise. 

I could feel Ella rubbing me gently on my groin with her foot, sending obscene amount of blood to my painful erection. I attempted to adjust myself away but it was near impossible. 

I clenched down on my teeth when Ella somehow manage to prod me on the pee hole through my pants and boxers. I think the white of my eye showed for a second or 2 and I quickly grabbed hold of her right ankle. 

Ella slowly opened her eyes, just like someone waking up from sleep. 

She maintained an innocent look, as if I was the one disturbing her sleep. 

I pleaded with my eyes but she just smiled and close hers. 

Thankfully she stopped, but not before mouthing for me to massage her feet under the blanket. 

I gave a half-hearted massage to her right feet for less than 2 minutes before she just smiled and wriggled away, tucking her chin into her folded arms with her eyes closed. 

30 minutes later, the girls both changed their position and I was finally free. 

I took the opportunity to use the bathroom and was surprised that Don was waiting for me outside. 

Don : James , we need to talk.. 

James : Ya… what is it.. 

We loitered near the back galley, where there is a bit of space and Don started his story. 

The initial bits were just random pieces of information. 

What happened to xiaohua, where is Mimi’s hometown. He even related a version of what happened between Mimi and Walter but I just nodded in silence. 

What is Mimi’s favourite food and Xiaohua’s crush on Mimi. 

Information I have absolutely no interest in. 

Then he started with a formal apology to me. 

Don : I’m really…. Really sorry for all of this….. Sincerely….. from the bottom of my heart. 

What I did not expect from Don though was for him to hold my hand in his. 

James : Eh, knn la…. Don’t gay with me…

I wave him off, shrugged off his hands and told him to forget everything, but remember to pay me my money. 

He promised he will definitely pay me back. 

Don : Just give me some time to sort out my issues and get back on my feet.. 

He brushed his hair with both his hands, sighing with a loud gasp. 

Don : I fucked up man…. I really fucked up this time.. 

Don starting telling me about how much he regretted going to Mimi and that he almost went mad when he was in China. 

With a totally different culture over there, he realised he was unable to adapt well to the way of life. The food too were not suited to his taste buds. 

Don : It’s all too salty and spicy…. It totally sucks over there… 

My arms were folded and I guess my expression told it all. I was losing my patience with where this is headed and I was eager to get back to my seat. 

Don : It’s…. I … I don’t know how to put it…… but…. But.. I realised I still loved Ella after all this. 

Don : I realised that…. Mimi….. wasn’t for me… 

I shook my head at Don. 

James : But how did Mimi’s oyster tasted ? nice and fresh right? …. 

I was about to go on but someone happened to walk to where we wear with a half asleep toddler and we kept quiet immediately. 

Don gave me an exasperated look and looked away, we waited for the area to clear before we continued. 

Don : We’re all men, don’t pretend you wouldn’t have taken the piece of meat on your plate. 

James : Maybe I would…. But I would know how to wipe my mouth and fuck off after eating. 

I jabbed my finger into his chest. 

James : Whereas you, are still holding on to that piece of rotten meat like it’s some treasure….. and you did that in front of your wife…. 

Don shoved my finger away and threw in some unless details and answers that doesn’t even fit into the current conversation. 

James : I’m not doing this Don, I helped you once…. This is your own doing… 

Don held onto my hand right when I was walking away. 

Don : James please….. one last time…. I promise…. 

He looked as if he had tears filling up his eyes and he could cry any moment. 

Don : One more time…. I promise I won’t fucked up anymore….. you don’t want to see Ella and me in this state too right…. ? 

I shook my head and I was about to reject Don when he told me something that made me do a double take. 

Don : I got a good news man…I’m ok already…. As in…… 

He gestured to his dick as I stared wide eye at him. 

Don : I took some herbal stuff Mimi’s grandmother made….. I tell you… power…. 

Nothing could describe the look of disgust on my face. 

Don : I confirm can liao now….. 

James : What the fuck has that got to do with me man ? 

It was at that very moment I felt like punching Don. 

I could not believe the words that left his mouth. 

Don : Mimi got pregnant…. A while back

He said with such excitement that it made me sick. 

James : What the fuck… ? 

He nodded his head eagerly. 

James : Then why are you here. ? 

Don went on to tell me that Mimi had an abortion because she did not want the kid, not with the one child policy and all, and definitely not as a single unwed mum in China. 

Don : You see… I’m ok already…. Ella always wanted a child…. 

His sudden surge of excitement was disgusting and unbelievable. 

Don : I’m sure once we settle down with a family….. a child of our own…. Everything would be fine…. We will be ok …. 

My jaws was hanging off my chin. 

My eyes felt dry from the dry cabin air and it took me a while to digest what Don just said. 

I struggled to get the words out of my mouth. 

James : What makes you think Ella would want you back ?? After all that you’ve done….. 

That was the nice version. 

What I really wanted to say was what the fuck are you thinking ? 

You really think your ex-wife would sleep with you again ?

I paused and took a deep breath.

James : I have friends who tried years for a child…. And you just fucking killed one …what the fuck man…

Don : Calm down…listen to me James…

James : Fuck you… don’t ask me to calm down….

Don : James please !!

With a sudden thud, Don knelt on the floor.

The commotion caught the attention of the air crew who were resting at the back and they came out to ask if everything is ok.

I struggled to break free from Don and he was up on his feet in no time as he followed me back to my seat.

Right before I reached my seat, Don added.

Don : James….i have no right to ask you of anything…. But at least ask Ella to listen to me. Her parents are growing old, mine too…… they always wanted a grandchild……. If…

Don : Just give me a chance to explain….she can reject me , she can scold me…. She can slap me….anything…. but at least listen to what I have to say. ..

He sighed.

Don : I’ll never ask anything of you again….

I ignored him and went back to my seat, utterly embarrassed that several passengers were staring at me including people from our tour group.

Ella was awake and she was just looking at her feet, no doubt having heard what Don said to me.

Celeste was playing with her fringe, eyeing me suspiciously.

I sat down and watch Don left for the bathroom again after realising none of us were looking at him.

Ella and Celeste asked me at the same time.

Ella & Celeste : What did he want ?

James : He wanted ……..erem…to.. to talk to you….

I motioned to Ella and she just looked away out the window.

Before the 2nd meal was served, I casually asked if the girls want to change seats, nudging both their arms at the same time I spoke.

I meant I did not mind switching with Celeste so she can talk to Ella, but it happened that there was an announcement on the PA system and I guessed Celeste could not hear me properly.

James : I’m in the middle of you girls…… you want to seat together ?

Maybe her ears were blocked or maybe it was the announcement, I don’t know, but Celeste definitely misheard and misunderstood my intention.

Celeste replied almost immediately.

Celeste : You are not sleeping between us James……

The moment Celeste finished her sentence, Ella who probably caught onto what I had said earlier, burst out laughing as I stared at Celeste with my mouth wide opened.

Ella : Haha… haha… dear…. James… said haha… ‘seat’ ….. not ‘sleep’

Celeste grew quiet for a moment before folding her arms and crossing her legs, choosing to fiddle with in-flight entertainment remote

Ella nudged me to pacify Celeste and I did, changing seats with her.

I put on my best smile and linked arms with Celeste, forcing my hand underneath her tightly held right arm which she tried to plaster against her own body.

I turned her to face me and realised how pretty and innocent she looked. The turtleneck covered most of her neck, leaving only her flawless face exposed. Her hair was silky smooth, almost bouncing with every movement as she looked at me.

I held her hands, feeling the cold fingers and rubbing them warm in my palms.

James : Give me a chance to make it up to you on this trip ….

Celeste looked away but I could see a smile slowly appearing on her mouth.

James : I’ll do anything for you….. and I’ll get you that castle….we can do it in a castle…

Celeste burst out laughing and just jabbed me on my chest.

I sat on the aisle and aside from some casual chat and questions from Don, nothing much happened.

I could feel the immediate change in temperature the moment we stepped out of the plane into Frankfurt airport. It’s a pretty long walk to the immigration and Charlie was spotted hurrying a few of the tour members along the way.

The queue to the immigration booth was a nightmare, the Germans don’t look too friendly and took their time scrutinising every detail of your travel documents. By the time the group of us cleared the customs for our connecting flight to Budapest, our eyes were puffy, our hair looked like they went through a dryer and no one was in much of a mood for small talks.

Ella and Celeste were pretty much zoned out, staring into empty space most of the time.

I too was feeling the after effects of the long flight.

Don borrowed money from me to get coffee.

Don : Sorry ah… I’ll pay you back.

He got 4 cups and since Ella refused to even look at him, Celeste accepted the coffee only after reinforcing the fact that it was because they were paid using my money.

We boarded the plane after finishing our drink.

Thankfully the connecting flight was only slightly more than an hour.

After another 15 minutes wait for the tour bus to arrive at Budapest airport, we finally started our tour.

By some twisted joke of fate, Don managed to sit beside Ella.

This was because he budged in the queue, and choked up the line heading up the bus. Everyone was eager to get out of the cold and Ella relented much to the disgust of Celeste.

Celeste cuddled herself into my arms as we settled a few seats behind Don and Ella.

I could see he had started talking to Ella but was not sure if Ella was listening.

As the bus pulled away from the airport, Charlie went on to give us a brief introduction of the country before handing the mic over to our Hungarian tour guide, Matt.

Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is bisected by the River Danube, and the 19th-century Chain Bridge connects its hilly Buda district with flat Pest.

Matt : Basically, the part with the hills and contours is Buda, the flat part is Pest.

I smiled and turned towards Celeste, looking at her breast.

James : Do you think you are Buda or Pest ? haha

I would have expected a jab to the ribs, maybe a pinch to my nipples but I was surprised Celeste remained cool and unmoved.

She smiled actually and her reply made me behave for the rest of the bus trip.

Celeste : What about Ella….. is she Buda or pest ?

Like a tortoise whose head is about to shrink back into it’s shell, I kept quiet. 

Peeking through the seats, I could see Don talking non-stop to Ella. 

After a short drive, we got to the Buda district. The view from fisherman’s Bastion is spectacular. I’ve never seen such a view before in my life. 

No towering skyscrapers, just the flat orderly rows of European architecture. There are so much details on the buildings itself, everyone surely has an interesting history of it’s own. 

I’ve never been out of Asia before and as I bask in the splendour of Hungary, I forgot all about Don, Ella, and all the problems that came with this trip. 

We took photos, enjoyed wine on the river cruise, dined on the famous Vaci Utca street, one of the main pedestrian thoroughfare in Hungary. 

Surprisingly though, Ella allowed Don to stick with her longer than I expected , still Ella made sure to join Celeste and me when we eat. 

Don ate a sandwich and had a beer with Charlie. 

Singapore is 6 hours ahead in terms of time. The long flight took it’s toll on most of us and more than half of the tour group were in a dream like state. 

By 9.30pm Hungary time, which is 3.30am in Singapore, we were a little disorientated. My eyelids felt super heavy, and I felt I could collapse onto any surface and just fall asleep. 

We checked into the hotel in Buda district, facing a nice hilly neighbourhood.

I was too tired to think about room arrangements. 

Yes, given a choice , of course I wanted to sleep with Celeste. 

Come on. 

It’s a no brainer. 

Then again, given the situation, I was already mentally prepared to share room with Don. 

When the keys were distributed, Charlie gave Ella and Celeste 1 room each. I was sure by then the issues within my party had spread throughout the tour group. 

Without a word, Celeste passed me a key and said she will be sleeping with Ella. 

I was too tired to raise any objections. 

Our rooms were beside each other on the 3rd floor and the moment my door closed, I went on to take my shower.

Don tried to talk to me about helping him when I came out but I told him to go wash up and have a rest first. 

James : It’s a long flight and we are all tired. …. Let’s talk about this tomorrow…. 

Don : But James…. I really need your help….please… 

James : Ok… ok… tomorrow we discuss about it…. Over breakfast…. Gum bo… 

Don : Ok… I talked to Ella earlier…. She doesn’t seemed that angry… 

I rolled my eyes behind his back. 

Don went in after me and once I hear the water flowing, I went to look at his luggage. 

He only had a few pieces of clothing inside his bag, there were bags and plastic bottles strewn around. 

A few pieces of RMB coins, a calling card and a toiletries bag. 

Papers with scribbles and I found lubricants. 

No, not those KY jelly you use for foreplay. 

It’s pre seed. 2 bottles of them. 

One that you use when you are trying to get pregnant 

There was a vitamin C effervescence tube container, I opened it and saw it contained money. 

Bundles of RMB, probably a couple of thousands. 

A small key pouch had about 200 SGD. 

A medicine bag with an array of medications, mostly written in Chinese. 

They were scribbled so badly that I found it hard to read them. 

There were syrups that looked like cough mixture and pills together with tubes of medicated powder. 

There’s even a bottle of medicated oil.

I checked Don’s phone but it was already flat. 

I plugged in my phone to the charger and without realising it, I fell asleep. 

7am Singapore time, my default handphone alarm rang and I jumped, taking a good 5 seconds to realise that i had only slept for 3 hours. 

It’s about 1am in Budapest. 

I massaged my head and turned to my side. 

Then my heart dropped.

Sitting upright, I looked around the hotel room. 

Don was nowhere to be seen. 

I sprang out of bed and rushed to the bathroom whose light was not even on. 

There was no one there

James : Fuck. 

Don is missing. 

I started to get dressed. 

I barely threw on a shirt when I heard the click of the door lock. 

Immediately I threw myself back into bed.

The door swung open, spilling a quadrant of light into the dark room.

I could make out Don standing at the door. 

He was not moving, just looking at my direction.

My eyes were opened, I was sure he could not see that. Not when his eyes have yet to adjust to the dark room. 

Don came into the room and shut the door as quietly as he could. 

I watch him slowly make his way to the dresser table where my phone was. 

His face lit up and he quickly pointed the phone away before putting it down. 
Next he went to my wallet and I saw him took 2 bills from it. 

I watch Don pace around for a while before he went towards the door again. 

I was wide awake by then and I saw another spill of light before hearing the click of the closing door. 

Immediately I got out of bed and got dressed in double quick time. 

Rushing to the door, I looked out the peep hole. 

The corridor was empty. 

I hesitated for a moment before opening the door. 

I have nothing to hide. 

I could always say I’m looking for Don if he sees me, after all, who the fuck would go missing at 1am from the hotel room in a foreign country. 

Choosing to take the stairs, I went down to the lobby. 

The stairwell was not heated and it felt like I entered a fridge. 

Descending down the stairs, I got to the ground floor in no time and I peered through the glass panel opening. 

There he was. 


Talking to one of the hotel staff. 

Moments later, money changed hands. 

My money. 

Then the staff passed Don 2 additional key cards, 1 after another. 

I saw Don turn away and I immediately ran up the staircase and got back to the room. 

I could hear the chime of the lift right before I close the room door. 

I threw my clothes off and kicked away the shoes, diving into bed.

Seconds later, the room door opened for the 2nd time.

I was trying to control my breathing, my lungs desperate for air as I fought the urge to wheeze. 

Don went straight to the dresser again but I was lying on my side, so I could not see what he was doing. 

When he came into view again, Don quietly undressed and got into bed. 

His back was facing me and I was staring at him. 

Without warning, Don turned towards me. 

My eyes closed instinctively.

You know the feeling you get when someone is staring at you even without looking ? 

That was what I felt. 

That piercing stare in the dark room. 

Something dawned on me that morning at that exact moment. 

Don did not need my help all along.....whatever game he is playing.....

He just needed me out of his way.....


25th September 2010




I drifted off to sleep without realising it and when my eyes opened again, it was already past 6 in the morning.

Don’s back was facing me and I stretched myself in bed.

I got up and drank some water, the cold dry air made my throat parched and dry.

I could hear Don stirring when I switched off the charger from my phone and checked my messages.

Don : Arghhhhhh…..grrhhhh…… the bed quite comfortable man……ooooofffff…..

James : Is it ? …. When was the last time you had a good sleep ?

Don laughed and said he had actually been bumping around since he left China 4-5 days ago.

I leaned against the table while sipping my water and asked Don about Mimi.

James : Does she know you are here ?

Don hesitated before shaking her head.

James : So you just …… ran away ?

Don : Wah…. Don’t say until like that la….. it’s just that…… we’re all adults…

I added almost immediately that if only he had ran away after fucking her a few months back we would not be in this situation now.

He could not think of a reply and went off to the bathroom.


The girls were up too and after a call to their room, we decided to meet for breakfast at the lobby.

The tour bus would pick us up at 8.30am and we would need to be ready by then.

I was really surprised that Ella did not mind Don dining at the same table despite Celeste rolling her eyes.

It was still a weird configuration though.

I sat beside Ella, while Celeste sat opposite her, leaving the empty seat opposite me for Don.

We hardly spoke over breakfast, everyone just pretended that our food was the most interesting thing to focus on.


Don excused himself from the table, saying that he needed to go to the bathroom.

Immediately my heart skipped a beat, he’s heading up to the room alright but whether is he using the toilet, no one will know.

I would have wanted to find an excuse to leave the table too but Celeste asked me to go walk in the park beside the hotel after breakfast.


I left the lounge together with the girls as we took photos and explored the small park beside where we stayed.

It was a beautifully maintained garden.

The flowers were colourful and the shrubs and species looked so different from the tropical plants we had in Singapore.

As the girls got busy with taking photos and making me do weird poses, my eyes was on the hotel and the small row of shops across the road.

Hardware store, a florist, 24 hour pharmacy, a 7-11 and a burger joint that serves beer too.

This was a good opportunity for me to check out the surroundings.

We will be staying for 2 nights according to the tour itinerary, which meant whatever Don was planning to do, he will be doing it that evening.

Aside from the main hotel entrance, I noted a side entrance that led to the small bar in the lobby. There was a card reader on the door to open it.

I casually strolled and left the girls behind and I went over to the small door.

A couple of guest came out and lit up some smokes.

I casually brought my keycard to the reader and the blue light flashed red.

The door would not open.

I tried it again but it didn’t work.

One of the guest, a burly man with thick moustache that looks awfully like a character in Harry potter said something to me I could not understand and helped me unlock that access with his card.

James : Thank you…

I pushed the door open and saw that the girls were on their way over to me as well.


I told them I needed the bathroom too so I headed up to the room.

When I got to our floor, I was surprised that my room door was wide opened.

I would have thought it was house keeping but it was not.

Don was sitting by his bed, rummaging through his luggage.

James : Eh…. Why never close door ?

Don : Air circulation…

I nodded and went to use the bathroom.

When I came out a minute later, I could hear the girls passing by our room.

Don immediately called out to Ella and went out the door.

I quickly took out my key card and tried the reader on my door.

It doesn’t work as well.

Ella did not feel like talking to Don then and barely seconds after I kept my keycard, Don was back.

I laid down on my bed and tried to make sense of the situation.

What would I do if I were Don ?

Don has switched out my card, effectively cutting my access to the hotel and room, a fact that he thinks I am still unaware off.

If I were him, I would get my hands on the girls room key too.

Don : James…..James….

James : Yah…yah ?

Don : Time to go..

I looked at the clock and got out of bed.

When I got to the lift lobby, I suddenly exclaimed that I needed the bathroom again.

James : Aiyah, I need to pee again. Don’t know why…. You go ahead first.

Don reacted immediately that he forgotten something too, cutting his way in front of me to get to the room and unlocking it.

He made a show of opening his luggage while I entered the bathroom.

30 seconds later, I flushed and got out. I did not want to give Don any reason to suspect I was on to him and I hurried him along too after leaving the room first.


The bus picked all of us up on time and we began our tour again.

The girls were already settled in their seat so I sat with Don.

About one hour drive later, we arrive in the equestrian park of the famous Lázár Brothers (word champions in carriage driving).

It is located outside of Budapest in the picturesque valley called Domonyvölgy close to the former summer residence of Queen Elisabeth in Gödöllő.

Don’t ask me how to pronounce those words, I copied them from the tour page.

Anyway, we were treated to a spectacular Hungarian horse show and had a nice 3 course lunch in a very comfortable restaurant.

Don chose to sit with Charlie and the bus driver for lunch and the girls were glad they get to enjoy lunch without feeling awkward. 

The fresh air, the cool temperature and the simply radiant colours of the park worked like a magical cleanser for the soul. I felt so free and relaxed just strolling down the ranch with Celeste by my side after we ate. 

We chatted, laughed and my hands attempted to roam a little further down south as I placed them on her hips but Celeste hit my hands away. 

Celeste : Castle ! James….. a Castle ! 

Ella walked on ahead of us and Don was a short distance away talking intently to Charlie. 


When we boarded the bus again after lunch, Don made sure to get a seat near Ella. Celeste wanted to sit with me so she left her bags beside Ella, effectively denying Don of a spot. 

That did not deter him at all as he removed the bags and placed them on the overhead storage before planting himself beside Ella. 

And they started talking again. 

I have no idea what the conversation is about as I was a few seats away. 

James : Any idea what are they talking about ? 

Celeste : I’m not sure…. But Ella seems a little troubled and moody after her talk with Don yesterday. 

She went on to tell me that Ella refused to share anything with her too. 


We continued our tour of the city, visited a few churches, Hero square and the great market hall. 

It was starting to feel like a holiday to me as Celeste never left my side that afternoon. 

The feeling of going on a date came rushing back to me, feeling my body and mind with fuzzy warm emotions. 

Perhaps it’s the allure of a foreign city, or maybe I was indeed falling in love, or could it be the comfortable cool temperature that just made everything feel so different. 

Eventually I decided it was the cozy feeling of being wrapped in warm clothes and holding Celeste’s freezing hands that made everything different. 

I could not remember how many times I rubbed her hands between mine that afternoon, trying to keep them warm as she stomped the ground under her feet, blowing misty warm breath into my face. 

When the time for dinner draws near, all thoughts of Ella and Don were gone from my mind and all I could think of was Celeste. 

Her white sweater, although a little puffy still tapered like an hourglass around her body. Celeste’s black thermal tights were like magnets. 

Clinging tightly to her skin yet at the same time, pulling my eyes closer, tempting my hands nearer. 

I had the opportunity to stroke her thighs on the coach en route to the restaurant where we will be having our dinner. My awareness heightened as I feel the smooth velvety material of her tights on her legs. 

I rubbed it so many times that Celeste looked at me coyly, trying to tempt me further. 

Celeste : The inner lining is quite comfortable…. Got a fleece lining.. 

She said with a naughty twinkle in her eyes and I could feel a tingling sensation running down my spine. 

She knows I was excited by what she said. 

Celeste brought up her legs, resting them on my thigh as she angled herself against the window, adopting a similar position to Ella on the plane. 

Her brown timberland boots looked new and the moment the smell caught my nose, I could tell it was a new purchase. 

Her snow white socks were thick and wooly, neatly folded once upon itself before disappearing into her boots. 

Celeste wriggled her boots and just stared at me, aware that she was pushing the right buttons. 

My voice lowered into a hush whisper. 

I asked what bra was she wearing ? 

Celeste asked me how I would like to take them off ? 

I asked if she would like a warm body beside her when she sleeps ? 

Celeste asked if I would like one on top of me when I sleep 

Trying to control my breathing

I asked Celeste if she could keep the volume down if we were to try something naughty. 

She asked in an innocent manner if it’s going to be painful , her doeful eyes looking straight into mine. 

My lips felt dry and parched as the bus trotted along the roads of Budapest. 

I adjusted my painful erection as Celeste looked on, clearly satisfied that I had lost a simple game of verbal sparing 

It’s been a while and I would definitely want to feel the warmth of a human body beside mine that evening. 

It was this exact thought though, that brought me down back to earth. 

I did not want to be stuck with Don. 

I casually asked if I could sleep in her room that evening. 

James : Can I share your…… blanket tonight ? 

Celeste laughed before covering her mouth and whispered. 

Celeste : What about Ella ? 

James : ermm… can I like buy her a beer or something ?... ask her to wait at the bar for an hour or so ? 

I must have looked and sounded serious and Celeste actually nodded in agreement before breaking into a laugh and slapping my on my shoulder. 

Celeste : Don’t be silly la… 

Not wanting to give up easily, I rubbed my hands on Celeste’s legs, giving her calves a massage. 

James : I can do so much more than this…… 

As my fingers applied pressure on the right spots, I saw Celeste’s face break into a frown before the corresponding pleasure spreads outwards from her limbs. 

She bit her lips and said she’ll talk to Ella about it. 

Right at this moment when Ella’s name left Celeste’s lips, there was a sudden smacking sound that rang out in the bus. 

This was immediately followed by the hush whispers of a few other members. The whispers lasted less than 3 seconds before the mid section where Don and Ella was sitting at erupted. 

“What happened ?” , “ Are you ok ?” , “is everything alright “ were some of the words that I picked up as I stood up and looked towards Ella and Don. 

Charlie and the local tour guide were already by their side and moments later, Don left the seat and went right to the end of the bus. 

Several passengers whispered to Charlie as he tried to pacify them, telling them everything is ok. 

Celeste left my side and went over to Ella. 

I went to the back and asked Don what happened. 

James : What the fuck was that man ? Ella slapped you ?

Don withdrew into himself and refused to talk to me and I left him alone. 

Over dinner, Ella clamped shut too and we could not get anything out of her as well. 


The bus deposited us back at the hotel and we were free to explore the town if we wished to. 

I gave Celeste a kiss before she went to her room with Ella. 

Don cut in front of me as we approached the room, saying that he needed the bathroom. He disappeared into the toilet after unlocking the door. 

I fiddled with my phone and let Don shower first as I exchanged dirty messages with Celeste.

After Don came out, I took my time to shower and came out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated under the torrent of hot water. 

It was a good 15 minutes of liquid pleasure. 

Don went back into the toilet once I came out. 

I was about to do a bit of packing when I heard this loud retching sound from the toilet. 


I jumped and I rushed over and knocked on the door. 

Don opened and the smell almost made me want to vomit. 

James : Knn…..what happened ? 

Don had puke out his dinner. 

I could see bits of food and chunks ok them were floating on the toilet bowl. 

Fuck that sight made me want to throw up too. 

Don retched again before saying he’s not feeling well. 

James : What happened ? 

Don : Must be something I ate…..

He crotched and sat on the floor and vomited again. A long stream of water left his throat and that was my limit and I took a few steps back. 

Don : You have Panadol ? … I have a bit of a fever I think…. 

James : I don’t…. I’ll get you some… 

I wanted to get some water for him but there were none.

I tried to call the girls to ask if they have any medications but It’s not getting through. 

Another loud vomiting sound filled the room and I rushed over, seeing Don almost submerging his head into the toilet bowl caused me to lose my orientation for a moment. 

James : Hang tight…. I’ll be right back.


Without hesitation, I grabbed my wallet and phone as I dashed out of the room and into the waiting lift.

I sprinted across the road to the pharmacy without my sweater cursing at the cold breeze. 

The doors of the pharmacy opened with the chime of bells and my eyes widened and if there was a mirror, I was sure I could see the veins in my eyeballs. 

There was this dull ache in my stomach as if someone had just knocked the wind out of me. 

That lump in my throat got wider and bigger, choking the passageway of my lungs of air. 

Celeste froze, her eyes as wide as mine as she cradled a paper bag of drugs in her hand, the store keeper, a man in his 60s too looked at us, bewildered. 

I wanted to speak, but no words came out. 

Celeste spoke first. 

Celeste : Aren’t you sick in bed ? 

James : What ! ? 

My heart skipped a beat as my brains tried to make sense of what happened. 

I immediately cursed as I exited the pharmacy, checking my phone. 

Aside from 3 miss calls from Celeste, The last sent message was not written by me. 

James sms : Dear, feeling quite sick…..probably food poisoning.. vomited and having fever. 

James : FUCK! …. DON! 

I wanted to punch someone so bad. 

A column of cars, including a trailer carrying tree trunks took up the whole road, they were moving at a considerable speed, making it impossible to cross. 

Celeste came rushing from behind. 

Celeste : I knocked on your door, Don said you were vomiting in the toilet before you shower…. I can’t call through your room phone too. 

I told Celeste I’m ok, and that I’ll fucking kill Don for this. 

Amidst my thoughts of beating the shit out of Don, I had another gut wrenching feeling. 

I turned to Celeste. 

James : Where’s Ella ? 

Celeste : In the room of course…. She was showering when I rushed out to get medicine…. Why ? 

I spotted a clearing in the column of cars and I grabbed Celeste’s hand and we started running.


The cold breeze felt like someone scratching on my dry skin as it hit against my face. 

It’s a mere stone throw away to the hotel yet as I ran, time seemed to slow down. 

My mind instantly filled with pictures, sequences and events that seemed to take place simultaneously. 

It was as if I was transformed and actually in Don’s shoes.

What would I do it I was him ? 

How would I play my cards ? 

Time seemed to rewind itself as I pictured myself talking to the doorman, bribing and paying my way to get access to what I wanted. 

The images jumped and flashed as I estimated a total of 40 missing euros and 25000 Hungarian Forint from my wallet. ( slightly less than 300 SGD in total)

The culmination of events that led up to that situation started stacking up and slowly it made sense to me. It was as if a veil was lifted from my face, or just like cleaning your misted glasses after getting out of a car, I could see everything clearly. 

Don’s constant pestering of Ella did not just serve for him to get close to her, it was to give me a chance with Celeste. The advantages of me being occupied with Celeste far outweighs the odds that Ella would get close to him. 

Don was playing me all along.


Leading me along would be a better choice of words. 

Yes, he may have made a little progress with Ella, but there was no way she would forgive him overnight. 

Chances are better that Celeste and I would be better off in a world of our own. 

Don made the right bets and it’s starting to pay off. 

By letting me get occupied with Celeste, I would be out of his way. 

Like a rude awakening, I realised that I could not always be the person plotting and scheming, someone would do the same too. And it happened when I let my guard down. 

I don’t blame Celeste, it’s not her fault. 

She deserved my attention. I was the one that was unworthy of her. 

Yet I could not help feeling shitty as we placed our foot on the pavement in front of the hotel entrance, panting from the short sprint in the cold. 

Don knew me well, and he probably staked out the place and surroundings well before I did. Probably on the morning before he decided to bribe the hotel staff. 

One blink was all it took to bring me back to breakfast that morning, when Don excused himself. 

If I were him, I would head straight to the room to disable the girls’ phone with his access card. 

He would have bought himself a housekeeping key, one that opened all the rooms. 

The last time the phone was used was before breakfast, there was no reason for us to use it again since we would be heading out for the tour soon. It was a gamble, he won. 

A simple cut, or simply pulling it out the wire from the wall socket was all it took to cut off communication. 

How many of us actually bothered with the phone in the room anyway ? 

Another flash across my eyes and the scene changed again.

I was transported to the afternoon where I was basking in blissfulness of Celeste’s attention and embrace. I knew Don looked over several times, but it did not occur to me he was not only looking. 

He was waiting. 

Waiting for me to lose myself in the sweetness of falling in love. 

And I bet that moment came when I was sending dirty messages to Celeste while waiting for my turn to use the bathroom. 

Messages went back and forth, and I went to the bathroom without locking my phone, instead I left the messaging app opened. 

Don had more than enough time to pick up where I left off before it auto locks down. 

My brain did a mental calculation of the time between my last message and the one sent by Don. 

7 mins. 

He waited 7 minutes before telling Celeste I was sick. 

It made sense too, there was no way I would be feeling sick seconds after flirting with Celeste on the phone. 

I pictured Don pacing up and down, keeping his fingers on the keypad. Typing and deleting. 

Typing and deleting. 

For a full 7 minutes just to keep the app active. 

And when the message went out, he set things in motion. 

He had expected Celeste to come over, especially when there were no way to contact me by phone. 

Once he had send Celeste away, he was half way to the finish point. 

We reached the hotel entrance, panting away and the sight of a guest walking out with a bottle of water brought back a fragment of memory captured barely minutes ago I the room. 

The room was made up, housekeeping replenished the water, yet when I came out of the shower, both bottles were empty, lying on its side beside the bin. 

Don forced himself to vomit. Something easy to achieve with lots of water. 

Celeste overtook me and hit the lift button several times but both lifts were heading up, bringing a new group of arrivals to their rooms. 

I held her hand and was about dashed into the staircase when I saw Celeste massaging her right ankle. 

Celeste : Sorry… I think I sprained it a little. 

I wanted to run up the stairs but I saw one of the lift heading down so I waited, praying for each second to fly by.

It’s not possible. 

We were barely gone for a few minutes. 

There was no way Don could do it. 

No way. 

I did not know what came over me, I was knocking on my room rood, asking Don to open it the same time I tried unlocking the lock with my disabled card. The flashing red led light was both irritating and worrying. 

Celeste managed to open her room door and she immediately disappeared into the room before I heard her call out to me. 

Celeste : James !

My heart dropped as I dashed forward to her but I tripped and fell, falling face first onto the carpeted floor. 

I landed hard, the air being expelled from my lungs at such a quick speed that I found it hard to breath. 

James : fuck.

I clamoured up within half a second and dashed towards the girls’s room. 

Celeste was frantically running around the small room. 

Celeste : Ella is not here. 

I went in and took a quick look. 

The floor in front of the bathroom was dripping wet and there was still a trickle of water cascading down from the faucet. 

Ella’s coat was still hanging on the chair by the dresser table.

Her phone plugged in and charging, it’s indicator light blinking away. 

Her shoes though was gone. 

I told Celeste to stay put and get my card replaced at the reception. 

James : Tell them it doesn’t work. Replace it and come back quick. 

I started knocking on my own room door again. 

There was a chance they were in it. 

Celeste disappeared down the corridor as I tried the doorbell the same time I was knocking on it. 

James : Don …. Open up….. let me in.. 

James : Don …… It’s me…. Let’s talk…. 

I could feel my heartbeat rising and a trickle of sweat rolled down my back. 

I was torn between raising my voice and just slamming on the door but I forced myself to keep my cool. 

My group has been enough of a nuisance to the rest of the tour members. 

James : Don , it’s me ……open up… 

I forgot how much time passed but Celeste soon appeared, limping towards me with a keycard. 

I immediately unlocked the door and went in. 

The smell of vomit from the room was still quite strong. 

I checked even the wardrobe, the room is empty. 

I turned to Celeste and told her I’m going to go look for them.

James : Stay in your room. Do not open the door for Don. 

She nodded and asked me to be careful.

After walking Celeste to her room, I grabbed Ella’s coat and left 

I paused for a second before walking down the corridor to look for Charlie’s room. 

He had given us his room number in case we needed something. 

After a few knocks, he opened the door with a facial mask on his face. 

Charlie : Yes boss ? What can I do for you. 

I gave Charlie a condensed version of what happened, leaving out the nasty bits. 

James : To sum it up, they were on the rocks for a while, and I guess things got worst. 

He nodded and peeled off his mask, adding that he’ll change and follow me.

James : It’s ok, they can’t be far away, I’ll check the surrounding first. 

He nodded and closed his door.

For some reason I could not explain, I decided to take the stairs. 

I got to the ground floor and entered the far end of the lobby close to the bar. 

Taking a quick look around, I left the lobby using the side entrance that led to the park. 

The moment I stepped into the cold, I saw Don. 

He was fucking standing like a block of wood in the middle of the park barely 50m away from me. 

A searing heat rose up within me as I ran as fast as I could over to Don. 

I fucking pulled back my right arm, ready to punch the shit out of him. 

As I got closer, Don saw me. 

I expected him to run. 

To maybe get ready to defend himself. 

To do anything. 

He did. 

He closed his eyes and before my fist connected with him, I could see he was crying. 

I was hesitant for a brief moment, but I had enough time to swap the punch for a hard shove on his chest. 

The words though, I could not control myself. 

James ; WHAT the FUCK!!! DON!!....Chee bye!....FUCK !!

I shoved him again, harder the 2nd time and he staggered backwards, landing on his butt. 

James : Where is Ella !

He did not reply me and he just sat on the ground crying away like a big baby. 

James : What the fuck were you thinking !!! 

I looked around the vicinity, trying to see if I could see Ella. 

I grabbed Don by the collar, it’s really hard to shake someone by the collar by the way. You will know if you have tried it before. 

It’s like grabbed a wet dead weight and trying to move it around. 

James : What did you do ?. 

Don blurted something out that made me drop his collar and stagger back 2 steps. 

My mind was racked with pure confusion. 

Sorry……desperate… mother…….cancer….. less than 3 years…… grandchild…..

Bits and pieces of what Don blurted out filled in the gaps in my questions. 

He cried harder and I found it hard for me to console him in that situation.

James : What happened to Ella ? 

Don went on to say that he entered Ella’s room. From the earlier conversation since the start of the trip, Ella was aware of his mum’s condition. 

I knew Don’s mum doted on Ella, treating her like her own daughter. 

Ella too, respected her deeply. 

Don : I….. I was not thinking straight….sobzz… sobzz.. sobz.. 

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath when Don told me he entered the room when Ella was changing. 

They quarrelled. 

He tried to convince her. 

She wanted him to get out. 

Don tried to touch her but Ella slapped him. 

Don : I never laid my hands on her…. I swear…. 

James : I don’t believe you…. Ella would not have ran… I don’t believe you. 

Don was speechless for a few good seconds. 

James : Look at me in my eyes and tell you did nothing !!!

I raised my voice at Don, filling the empty park with a hollow echo. 

All he could say was that Ella fought and pushed her way out of the room and ran. 

He lost her in the park. 

Don : What the fuck is happening to me….sobzz… sobzz.. sobz… 

I could feel a splitting headache coming up and all I could do was sigh, expelling a breath of smoky breath in the cold. 

Raising my head to the skies, I noticed it was filled with stars. 

Tens of thousands of stars glittering in the skies. 

If only I was gazing at them in a better mood. 

I took a deep breath and I heard Charlie behind me. 

Charlie : What the hell man…. Your group si bei drama mama leh….. making me earn my tips si bo ? 

Charlie helped Don up to his feet, asking him what happened. 

I told Charlie to help Don back to his room while I go search for Ella. 

Charlie checked to make sure I saved his mobile from earlier briefings before bringing Don back to the hotel. 

James : I’ll call when I find her. 

I chose a path that led deeper into the park and to the residential estate beyond and I started a slow jog, rubbing my hands together before bundling them into Ella’s coat. 

It’s about 13 degrees that evening. 

The constant wind made the cold even more unbearable. 

I circled the park, calling out Ella’s name. 

Unlike Singapore, there were no lamppost lighting up the park every 20m. It looked random to me. 

An odd light here, another over at the corner. 

Even the residential plot looked pretty dark, the only light were the ones spilling from the windows. 

10 minutes into the search, I got to the edge of a small residential estate that sat on a slope. 

It led uphill. 

I considered heading up but gave up that thought, Ella would not go that way. It’s dark, leads to nowhere and it’s probably colder up the hill. 

I continued calling out for Ella as I venture closer to the road. 

A couple heading home with groceries looked at me suspiciously, probably thinks I’m a north Korean loitering near their house. 

I rounded a bent and I started running. There she was, sitting on a bench at a bus stop. 

James : Ella !... 

She was shivering in the cold. 

As I ran over, I opened up her coat and quickly wrapped her up. 

Ella : J…..J…. James…. D….Don…. 

I stroked both her arms, telling her I knew what happened. 

Ella was just in a thin long sleeve top and ¾ pants. 

She wore no socks and her legs were trembling in her shoes. 

Her hair was still dripping wet and she clung on tightly to the towel from the hotel. 

James : Let’s get out of here… 

She shook her head, shaking really badly. I could not tell if she was shaking in fear or because of the cold. 

I could see the veins on the side of her neck straining hard, as if she was trying really hard not to let her teeth chatter. 

I half tug and half dragged her onto her feet, hugging onto her as we made our way back to the hotel. 

I texted Charlie to tell him Ella’s fine. 

He replied almost immediately that Don just fell asleep in his room after a bout of crying. 

It was coming to 11pm. 

Even in the relative comfortable temperature of the hotel lift, Ella continued shaking. 

She hesitated when the door opened and I had to reassure her Don is with Charlie before she stepped out. 

As I walked Ella towards her room, she hung onto my arm tightly. 

5 steps before I reached my room, Ella asked if I could stay with her for a while. 

I hesitated but the pitiful look on her face was too much for me to bear. 

I opened my room with the new card and Ella hid behind me as we enter. 

Even after I closed the door, she still stuck to my side. 

I turned and was about to reassure her everything was ok but Ella suddenly hung onto me, throwing both arms around my neck. 

Before I could do anything, she kissed me. 

James : Ella no… we can’t…. 

Ella : Please…. i…i…… I can’t sleep alone tonight. … not…. not tonight…. 

I backed away as I broke free, shaking my head. 

It was almost a miracle that I could start over with Celeste. I can’t fuck it all up. 

Ella : James… please…. Just….. just for the night…. 

I started shivering too. 

The room’s temperature is a comfortable 24 degrees, yet I could not explain my shivering. 

Ella took a step towards me and I found myself frozen. 

James : Ella …please… we can’t…. 

Ella : Shh…. Sh……shhhhh…..i…..just…. just…. Just…. for the night… please…

She too looked like she was shivering.

I watch her fingers go for the zipper on her coat. Her face looked pale and I could see her eyes welling up, as if she was ready to cry.

As the zip came down, I could feel an erection building up. It is wrong, but I could not control my body. 

Under the room light, I could see Ella was not wearing any bra. The thin long sleeve is in a medium shade of grey, Ella’s nipples protruded out, giving her top an extra dimension when view from certain angle. 

The coat fell to the floor and Ella slowly approached my bed.

She reached for my hands unsteadily, her finger were shaking. 

Both her hands felt cold to the touch. 

Holding both my hands, Ella’s forehead collapsed heavily onto my chest as I exhaled a breath of hot air onto her hair 

I can’t. 

Not again. 

Before I realised it, Ella was sitting on the bed while I stood in front of her. 

She looked down onto her feet, she was still wearing her shoes and she breathed heavily, tucking both her hands palms down under her thighs. 

Ella : Ja….James… 

James : Ya ? 

I knelt down, helping Ella remove her shoes.

Even her toes looked wrinkled and they were shivering… 

I reached to the other shoe and Ella spoke. 

Ella : Don…. 

Ella : Don ….. tried to rape me…. 

I paused and stared at Ella’s feet. 

My body would not move. 

I slowly brought my head back up to look at Ella. 

No. I’m not being dramatic or anything. 

I just did not know how to reply to something like that. 

Would you know what to say ? 

James : Are…. Are you…. Ok…? 

A tear rolled down her cheek but I could see Ella clenching her jaw…. 

She was trying hard not to cry. 

She took a while to compose herself….. looking up into the ceiling of the room. 

A few deep breathes followed before she summoned enough courage to speak again. 

Ella : He….. 

Ella : He’s going to try again….


James : No way…. No way… 

I shook my head at Ella. 

James : He won’t…. he won’t….

My lips felt dry as I looked at Ella.

James : you’re safe….. I’ll stop him…. He won’t…. don’t worry. He’s just….messed up at the moment. 

Ella just nodded her head at me, it was a nod coupled with the widening of her eyes. 

One that looked eerily serious. 

Ella : He will James…. I know he will…. I know… 

Ella told me about her mother in law and I nodded my head, telling her I knew about it. 

James : Don told me. 

She hugged onto her knees, staring at me, as if I could give her an answer to her predicament. 

She was quiet. 

I went on to tell Ella about Mimi, she was not aware of the fact that Don got her pregnant. She was expressionless when I told her she had an abortion. 

I updated her with what I found out from Don so far and we tried to tally the information we had. 

Don had not been entirely truthful with either of us, some of the things don’t add up. 

He’s telling 2 different stories, and there was no way of knowing which one is true. 

Don told me he left with Mimi knowing while his version to Ella was that he dumped Mimi after realising his mistake. 

Don also told Ella that Mimi cleaned him of all his money and that he had to borrow money to get back to Singapore. 

Ella : He said he had paid you back the money he owns you…. 

I shook my head. 

Ella made a phone call to her former in laws and found out from them that what Don said was true. Her mother in law was indeed suffering from cancer and the situation did not seem good. 

What they told her on the phone though surprised me. 

They were disappointed and ashamed of Don. 

“ Go lead your own life” they said, “ put all these behind you” , hopefully they would have the fortune of having her as their daughter or in law again in their next life. 

It was the reason why Ella was moody after talking to Don. 

She admitted that she did waiver a little after the phone call, and she was literally tearing herself apart over the decision to forgive Don. 

Then when Don made his desperate move against her, her mind was made up. 

After our short conversation, Ella stopped talking altogether. 

She remained silent and unmoving, just holding onto her knees, hugging them close to her chest. 

I could tell she was thinking. 

Her mind deep in thought, or perhaps lost in thought would be a better description. 

When she spoke, it broke the silence in the room and it made me jumped unexpectedly. 

Ella : I …. I need a drink…. 

The water in my room was gone. I offered to go get some more from housekeeping but Ella did not want me to leave the room. 

I checked the minibar and there was a bottle of evian. 

It had to be one of the rare times I actually touched the mini bar of a hotel. 

Ella : How much is that bottle of water ? 

Despite the gloom, Ella still had the mood to ask for the mini bar menu. 

I passed her the flimsy piece of paper and watched her did a mental conversion before asking for the beer instead. 

Ella : The beer cost half … much…. Even the alcohol too.

I was a little reluctant to let Ella drink but I relented. 

She took a big gulp and I quickly relieved her of the beer, taking a big sip of my own. Images of a drunk mad woman immediately came back into my mind.

There is no way I’m dealing with a drunk Ella. 

Not again. 

Not in Europe, and definitely not when things are in the shit. 

We were mostly silent as she took small sips and Ella only spoke when she asked for another. 

I shook my head. 

Ella glared at me in such a menacing manner that I quickly opened another one before taking a even bigger gulp, trying to reduce the amount she will drink. I have to admit though, the way the smooth pilsner slid down my throat brought about a surreal sense of calm.

Maybe it’s the alcohol. 

I must have finished more than half of the 2nd one before handing it over to Ella. 

When she went to the bathroom, she insisted I wait by the door but the moment the door shut, I ran over to the beer and finished more if it, leaving only a small sip. 

Feeling pleased with myself, I waited for Ella to come out of the bathroom. 

She resumed her spot on the bed, the only difference was that she insisted I sit beside her, sharing her blanket. 

She held my hands under the blanket and I let her, feeling her fingers stroke against mind as she let herself get lost in thought again. 

We were mostly quiet for about 10 minutes until Ella tried to go for the whiskey. 

That was when I knew things were going to go south at that rate. 

James : No… please Ella…. No…. I can’t …. 

She ignored me and pushed her way past, going straight for that small bottle of Jack Daniels. 

I heard the plastic cap twist off with a crack and I quickly grabbed it from Ella. 

She tried to take it back and she tried to bite me. 

James : ARghh… Ella…don’t… 

Without giving her a chance, I popped the bottle into my mouth and draining down my throat at once. 

That burning sensation felt like someone lit a fire inside my throat. 

James : Cough… cough…. 

My body warmed up immediately as I exhaled, the smell of alcohol was strong as I breathed in the same air I just let loose. 

Ella hit me on my arm and took the Absolute Vodka. 

She took 2 of them up at once.

My eyes widened and I held both her hands but she pushed me back on the bed. 

The first cap came off and I watch as she tipped it over her mouth, I watch with horror as the clear white liquid disappeared down the bottle. I managed to stop her with about a quarter left and I quickly drank it.

I heard the 2nd click of plastic and I stopped her before she tipped it over her mouth, spilling a quarter of the liquid,

Cupping my mouth over the drink, I drained it as Ella pinched me on my stomach before reaching for the other bottle of grey goose. 

This time round, I was faster. 

The moment I heard the click, I bit Ella, pushing her away and quickly drained the bottle as well while she stood expressionless in front of me. 

There was only a Jim bean and a bottle of Bombay sapphire left and without giving Ella a chance to react, I moved in.

With a haughty laugh, I grabbed it and ran as far away from Ella as I could, retreating to the corner of the room right by my bed. I opened it deftly in a cocky manner and drained both of it all up, depriving Ella of the alcohol. 

I was feeling smug about it. 

Too smug in fact when I realised Ella just staring at me without much reaction. 

I would have expected her to kick up a fuss, to hit me, to pinch me, but no. 

James: haha… haha…sorry… no… no more… hahah…

I gave a rather loud burp and I rubbed the warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. 

James : I’m a good drinker Ella…. Haha… 

Then Ella just folded her arms and looked at her feet, brushing her left foot against the carpeted floor.

It took a good 4 seconds for me to realise what was happening. 

Ella had not made a single sound since she made a move for the Whiskey. 

My chest felt tight. 

I tried to blink my eyes open. 

No way…. 

No way… 

Not Ella too….

I could feel that familiar sensation running down my gut. 

The myriad of different alcohol having a party in my stomach. 

For the first time that evening, I saw Ella smile.

It was a slow smile but I could see it slowing appearing on her face as she looked back up, staring at me in my confused eyes. 

Ella bent and took an empty bottle before putting it to her lips. 

I watched with horror as she spit out the vodka

The bottle slowly filled up and as it near the top, small bubbles of Ella’s saliva were added to the mix before she capped it. 

Ella took a napkin from the dresser table and wiped her mouth before approaching me. 

Ella : I have an idea James….we… we can stop Don…. 

I watched as Ella approached me with the remainder of the bottle of Vodka she spitted out.

I shook my head, trying to think on my feet. 

Panic was setting in the same time I was getting a little disorientated. 

James : wait… Ella… wait….

I was still sober. 

I can make my way to the bathroom. All I needed was to flush it all out, make myself vomit. 

There was no way Ella could overpower me. Not when I’m on my feet. 

I could easily push her away. 

I turned and tried to go for the bathroom but my bed was in the way. 

I hopped onto the bed but before I could hop off, Ella had jumped me. 

With her entire body weight, she hopped onto my back like a piggy back, both her legs, grabbing onto me from behind. 

I almost fell forward with that momentum but I managed to right myself and countered the force but I under estimated Ella’s body weight and her determination to bring me down to the ground. 

I could feel my center of gravity change as I fell backwards, landing on Ella as she fell on the bed. 

Ella : argh..

James : Offffhh… 

It was very disorienting for me even though it’s not a hard fall. 

I shook Ella off but before I could run to the bathroom, Ella groaned painfully on my bed. 

Ella : James…. My… my hand…. 

She clutched onto her wrist painfully and I quickly went over. 

James : Are you ok.? 

When I saw the expression on her face change, it was too late. 

I knew it was over before it began. 

It a painful tug of my hair, Ella yanked me down. 

I fell to the floor, with part of my head hitting the bed. 

Ella straddled me while I was on the ground. She sat on me the same time she pulled my forearm, stuffing them under her kneecaps. 

James : ARgghhhh…Ella… wait…. 

I watched helplessly as she uncapped the bottle of Vodka that was well mixed with her saliva.

Ella : Didn’t you say you are a good drinker ?


James : Ella….. listen to me… 

My arms hurt but I was slowly struggling myself out and Ella knows it. 

In a matter of seconds I would be free. 

Ella tried to pour the vodka into my mouth but I clamped my lips shut, shaking my head continuously. 

I shook so hard that it felt like I had popped a pill and Ella spilled most of the alcohol trying to force feed me while laughing and hitting me on my chest. 

In that instance, the giggles, the laughs and the repeated cheeky gestures she was making, it all melted together and it gave out this sweet chocolatey feeling of falling in love once again. 

It’s confusing. 

How could I fall for someone in such a situation. ? 

Or to put it in another way, how could I be aroused ? 

Is it the way she laughed ?

The way she threw back her head as she fought for balance ? 

Or maybe sub consciously I pitied Ella for her predicament. 

I could feel my hands coming free as Ella concentrated on trying to hold onto my cheeks but my constant head shaking and turning made it impossible. 

Just a little bit more. 

I feel the sudden relieve from pain as I slipped my left forearm out from under Ella’s knees and with a slight pushed, I freed my right arm too. 

I grabbed the vodka only to see most of it was gone, spilled all over my chest and neck. 

Ella stopped moving, just breathing heavily on top of me as she laughed at my sorry state. 

Ella : You… haha… look like crap….James… haha.. 

I’ve never had such a bad headache before. 

The drinks plus the vigorous head shaking almost knocked me out. 

As sudden as it appeared, the smiles and laughter left Ella’s face almost too quickly. It appears as if someone suddenly wiped the joy off her face and reminded her of what happened earlier. 

I can only imagine what she must be going through. 

A moment of anguish and helplessness, followed by random outburst of joy and laughs. 

It’s got to be terrible. 

The moment was lost and a lost and tired look replaced the smiles that appeared mere seconds ago. 

Ella’s eyes looked away from mine, as if she was trying to focus on something, anything other than me. 

I tried to get up but I was disorientated and Ella could see that. 

James ; You….. ok Ella ? 

She did not reply me, instead she made an attempt to move away from me before changing her mind as soon as she made it up, straddling me on my chest again. 

Ella grabbed my shirt near my collar. 

She started off sounding a little angry before her cracking voice betrayed her sadness. 

Ella : I can sleep around too….. 

And then her voice got a little louder, cursing at why men sleeps around as if it was a conquest whereas women were termed as sluts. 

My visions were swirling and I just nodded my head. 


I felt the hot searing pain of a slap on my face before I registered the slap from Ella. 

She glared at me painfully before I watch a tear roll down her cheek. 

I knew if I said anything, it would only make things worse so I kept quiet. 

Ella got off my chest as she rubbed her nose with the back of her palms. I tried to turn onto my stomach but such a simple movement felt like an impossible task to me. 

My eyelids felt so heavy and I felt sick. 

I fought back the urge to vomit, and at the same time wondered if my words were a bit overboard. 

A helping hand came to lift me up and it took me a while to realise it was Ella. 

She helped me back onto the bed and when my eyes could finally focus, I realised she had taken off her pants. 

She was not wearing any underwear. 

I choked on my saliva and I could feel blood rushing straight to my dick despite the circumstances. 

Even without her bottom, Ella’s top was long enough to cover her privates. Her top probably reached about 1 inch before her vagina, like the shortest of dress. 

Any minor movements would reveal to me her most private organ in her body. 

It was this very veil that turned me on and Ella knows it. 

By simply denying me of that little bit of visual satisfaction, she could get so much more bang for her buck, literally. 

The hem of her top swayed as she unbuttoned and pulled off my pants. My boxers were misshapen in a grotesque manner, my throbbing dick pushing the entire front part up like an erected tent. 

Ella pulled that off without breaking a sweat even though I remembered holding onto the waistband of the boxer. 

James : Ella…. Wait… .. how does this solve anything ?.... we…

She slapped me again, a little lighter this time round.

That was all I managed to get out of my mouth before she came forward to kiss me, pulling me to my feet. 

Her tongue went straight into my mouth and I could taste the remnants of Vodka from her breath. 

I could feel the hot tears on her face when she kissed me. 

My head felt like it was going to get split apart yet I could not control my hands and the rest of my body. 

I could not resist it any longer. 

It had to be the alcohol. 

Immediately I had slipped both my palms under Ella’s top, sliding up her waist and cupping my hands around her breast. 

Ahhh… the warmth that never seems to dissipate from her breast was a feeling I could not get anywhere else. Ella’s nipples felt so familiar, yet the foreign feeling of it prodding into the middle of my palms sent a shot of orgasmic shiver down my entire body. 

We kissed and fondled each other’s body like long lost lovers craving for each other’s flesh. My palms stroked Ella all over her legs, her calves, her thighs, basically feeling her up as best as I could. 

With a smooth pull, Ella took off her top, throwing it around my neck. 

Using it as a tool, she pulled me closer, as she raised her body up a little, bringing her naked breast to my face. The timing was impeccable, the moment my nose touched Ella’s body, my cheeks were nested snuggly in her boobs. 

Breathes after breathes of hot air came from my mouth as I kissed and licked Ella’s cleavage while her hands ran through my hair. 

She stroked my hair, brushing them back as if she was caressing a new born puppy. Her gentle reassuring strokes was both comforting and arousing. 

And Ella being Ella, decides to grabbed a tuff of my hair when I least expected it. 

When the words left her mouth, it was like another spectre slap to my face, one what hurt more than if she had done it physically. 

Ella : Why do you and Celeste get to be together while I have to suffer Don …. 

Ella : Do you know how much it hurts to see you holding Celeste’s hands while I had to sit through Don’s nagging. 

Guilt and karma coursed through my veins but it was no match for the amount of blood and testosterone that was squeezing everything out it it’s way. 

My dick was rock hard. 

Yet upon listening to what Ella just said, my rock hard erection started deflating rapidly. 

Ella : I had enough of being told what to do…… 

Ella’s tears were rolling down her cheeks like a leaking tap. 

You see, men are very simple creatures. 

I’m horny, and with the alcohol, my head can only process 1 matter at a time. 

Pressing matters at that moment happened to be sex. 

I can’t explain why but it was just me being me. 

She looked emotionally troubled and unstable, yet she kept her hands on me. 

I could feel her stroking my dick, bringing it back up to it’s glory. 

I felt like a jerk, it was as it I could not control my mind any longer and I decided to switch off the empathy button. 

Yes I feel sorry for Ella but I’m just an average man. 

I want to have sex. 

Like a sick perverse scene from B grade porn, Ella cried and masturbated my while I fondled her breast, feeling the rich rewarding sensation on my skin and palms. 

As Ella’s hand stroked and guided me to her vagina entrance, I shivered in anticipation. 

I tried to grind myself against her but Ella moved away, her griped on my dick tightened as I let out a groan. 

The feeling of her strong slender fingers constricting my hungry dick made me feel helpless. 

Ella kept her hand on my dick as she slowly circled me in a clockwise direction, moving slightly less than a quadrant before changing direction.

Like a circus trainer teasing the beast, Ella kissed me several times while her hand never let go of my dick. 

The pressure is strong, so strong that you can feel more blood rushing to your throbbing manhood. 

The sheer determination of your body to pump more blood, not to resist the pressure, but to build it up, to enable you to feel your raw nerves against another one of your species.

The bitter cold I endured earlier was nothing but a prelude to the slippery warmth inside Ella’s body, a warmth that I was about to enter.

And Ella guided me past a couple of times, letting my brush the tip of my dick, well coated with my own pre cum against the soft hair of her pubic. 

I pulled off my top and my partner in crime helped me with it. 

Ella cupped my cheeks in her palms, bringing me to her right nipple. 

I sucked and licked on her erected nipple, feeling the pores stand on it’s ends around her areola. 

The slurping sound was mixed with a generous helping of tongue flicking. 

Leurb ler,lerlerlerle…lubbb… lubb…lub… lub… slurppzzs…lub…zusbss… slurpbbsss…. 

That was all I could hear from myself as Ella pressed my head firmly onto her breast. 

I could hear her moan softly by my ears. 

Ella : Ernnnnnggghh….. ….

The soft moans was punctuated by an occasional ‘ uarghh’ . The mix of arousal and pain as I nipple lightly on her sensitive breast. 

I wanted to suck a while longer but Ella had enough, pulling my head back to kiss me again… 

Ella kissed me again, sucking air right out of my mouth. 

By then the alcohol seemed to have started it’s mojo. 

I was feeling dizzy and getting a little stoned but I managed to keep my head clear for a while longer. 

James : No Ella…. i…. I can’t…. if I shoot inside you…. You… 

Ella gave me a look before slapping me again on my cheeks. 

The disorientation set in again. 

I remembered hearing Ella speak one last time before both of us lost control. 

Ella : James…. I’m scared, totally freaked out and very confused…….not to forget I’m fucking jealous of Celeste…. …but I’m not stupid…. 

She punched me in my stomach lightly before saying she’s not going to bear my child either. 

Ella: I….. I just wanted…. To be with you… 

That said, I suddenly found myself lying on the bed and I did not even realised Ella had taken off her top. 

With my eyelids half opened, I tried to focus my palms, aligning it with Ella’s breast. 

Like the flash of lightning before you hear the thunder, I felt the warm wet entrance of Ella’s vagina, before my hands touched her breast. 

I gasped the same time Ella’s mouth opened for air, a gentle push was all it took to stretch her love hole wide enough to accommodate my well bloomed mushroom head. 

It was a familiar tight push. 

Something that I had not felt in a while. 

The comforting warmth enveloped my dick, letting it slide effortlessly into Ella’s embrace. 

Once beyond the bulge of my dickhead, Ella’s strong vagina walls bear down on the rest of my meat shaft. 

I was in a little but Ella lowered her body, drawing me deeper.

My head tilted back as I fought for air as all available resources in my body was diverted to my privates, trying to send all the feelings and satisfaction to my brain.

With a body shaking shiver, Ella’s eye shot wide apart, her head tilted back, exposing all of her neck to me. 

I felt too shivered as I felt the full brunt of Ella’s vagina muscles clamping down on my dick. 

That tightness. 

The squeezing compression of muscles against muscles, the warm heavenly coating of Ella’s love secretions engulfed me totally as I too opened my mouth wide apart, feeling every pore on my body open up. 

5 seconds later Ella cradled my face in her palms as her body plastered against mine. 

Her eyes closed, her breathing got steady. 

Every small movement I made, I could feel Ella’s love hole getting more and more lubricated. 

Before long, it seemed as if her tight opening had adjusted itself to my intrusion. 

It was hard to resist moving my hips as I kiss and sucked on Ella’s nipples. 

I painted her nipples with my warm saliva, hoping to warm her up. My tongue licked and flicked her cold nipples, trying to coat her body with my bodily fluids. My saliva smells of whiskey and I was having a field day, trying to lick and coat Ella’s entire breast with my saliva.

A gentle tug of my hair was all it took to bring me back up to her lips. 

I wanted to switch off the lights but Ella wanted them on. 

Ella : No !... please… keep the lights on…. 

I guess she was still a little antsy. 

With all the lights one, I could see Ella clearly. 

Every detail on her face, her expressions she wore, how she responded to my movements was laid out bare in front of me. 

She looked so radiant and relaxed as I went on top of her. 

The feeling of finally feeling safe despite having my dick buried inside her meaty wet reproductive organs. 

I started to thrust my dick into Ella, smacking it all the way in as I relished the sound of our bodies hitting each other. 

Ella responded with a sensual moan. One with send my hair curling. 

Ella : Ernnnnnnnnnggghhh……arhhgg….J….Ja….erngng…

Breathless gasp of air followed and that sight spurred me on. 

I started fucking Ella harder and faster. 

I drove myself into Ella so hard that on certain strokes, I could feel bones hitting bones as the pressure reverberated throughout her whole body. I saw the white of her eyes several times as I fucked her like an angry drill bit. 

Ella : ARghhh… egrngnn…e ergnn… erngn… erenghhhererhggh….

I could feel myself coming. 

James : aerghh…argghghhhh… I’m….. I’m… coming….. 

Ella immediately squeezed me out, asking me to shoot on her breast if I don’t have a condom. 

The sudden forced withdrawal was a turn off and it felt like I had rolled dice and ended up sliding down the snake instead of climbing up a ladder. 

Ella proceeded to straddle me but she did not let me go inside her. 

Grabbing my dick, she started rubbing my sensitive exposed dick head against her well fucked pussy, making sure to bitch slap her own swollen clitoris. 


The wet sound it was making cannot be described. 

I could feel my nerves burning in a sourish manner. 

One that almost felt as if my kidneys , bladders and liver was being squeezed at the same time. 

My pee felt like it was going to shoot out the same time I cum. 

Ella suddenly collapsed onto my heavily, slamming her body against mine as she went into an orgasmic spasm . 

I could feel a small squirt as my pubic region got wet. 

Moments later I felt the bedsheets beneath me start to get damp. 

Ella’s moan stretched long and far beyond her convulsions, she groaned and drooled onto my neck as she allowed her body that taste of the forbidden fruit. 

Ella : Th…..Thanks James….. 

My head felt like it was going to explode before my dick yet I still managed to blurt out… 

James : You….. you’re welcomed…..


That was all I could remember myself blurting out before I totally blacked out. 

When I jumped and scare myself awake a few hours later, it was coming to 5am Hungarian time.

The room lights were still on but Ella was nowhere to be seen. 

I struggled like a walking dead to the bathroom and the stale smell of the toilet immediately helped me vomit remnants of liquid, whatever’s that’s left of the alcohol. 

I spent a good 30 minutes in the shower to freshen up and to give the place a good wash, getting rid of the awful smell.

26th September 2010 




I started packing up as we will be checking out that day. 

When the doorbell rang at 6.30am, I saw Charlie and Don at the doorway. 

Charlie looked tired and he did not beat about the bush, he wanted to talk. 

To all of us, including Celeste and Ella. 

Inside my mind I was sure by then news and gossips had spread like wild fire, to what extent though, I don’t know. 

The commotions, the noise and a sobbing Don entering the hotel with Charlie, walking down the corridor. 

God knows how many other tour members he passed by and how much explanation Charlie had to do. 

Don did not date to look at me in the eye and he just started packing while Charlie were to wake up the girls. 

I left Don in the room and I went after Charlie. 

After 5 minutes of light knocking, Celeste opened the door. 

Charlie requested that they get ready and the group of us have an early breakfast down at the lounge that day. 

Celeste nodded and gave me a hug after Charlie moved out of her way. 

Her hair was puffy and the sleep was still evident in her eyes but she still gave me a smile. When my nose caught the smell of a sleepy Celeste, I was riddled with guilt. Here she was, holding onto my tightly, probably thinks she was the luckiest girl in the world whereas just a few hours ago, I was fucking her good friend. 

The room looked dark behind her and I was tempted to ask her about Ella when she volunteered the information. 

Celeste : Ella’s still sleeping…. I’ll wake her up…. 

She turned and walked back to the room while I followed, commenting that Ella stank of alcohol when she went back to the room. 

They had a short chat before they fell asleep. 

I could see the budge of Ella’s body under the blanket. The very same body that I was violating hours ago. She laid still, facing away from us. It was a surreal sight, watching the rise and fall of her body. 

Celeste went and shake Ella, calling for her to get changed. 

Celeste : Charlie wants to talk to us…. Probably need to double his tips or something for being so troublesome. Haha…

No one laughed as Celeste went about her business, heading to the bathroom. 

Ella stirred and kicked off her blanket. 

The moment the blankets went off, my dick started to get harder. 

It happened in the split of a second. 

Ella was just wearing a white singlet with no bra and all she had on the bottom was a pair of black panty. 

Ella’s eyes widened when she saw me in the room and she screamed. 

Ella : Arghhh!!!! 

Immediately the blanket went back up as she pulled it all the way to her chest. 

Celeste came running out and Ella scolded her for not telling her I was in the room. 

I could not believe my eyes. 

Earlier on Ella was just dying to strip and fuck me, now she was whining about exposing her body to me. 

I clenched my fists hard and bit down on my teeth. 

The very notion of Ella acting all shy and embarrassed made me horny in a weird way. 

Ella : Get out !.... why you come in without warning…..eeee earrrrrr… 

A pillow flew towards me and I caught it ,Celeste took it from me and threw it back at Ella.

Celeste : Haiyah!... get dressed la. … quick… 

Ella was glaring at me while trying to hide her body behind the blanket. 

When Celeste’s back was turned, I caught Ella giving me a naughty smile before a wink followed. 

My erection was pushing it’s way against my pants. 

Her very reaction made me want to grab her on the spot, maybe even rip off her top. 

She gave a loud ‘tsk’ and bent down her bed on the other side to reach for her pants, acting all irritated that I was in the room. 

Her left hand held on tightly to the blanket, trying to flatten it behind her back as she bend over the edge of the bed. 

When I saw her bring back up the same pants she raped me in, I had to take a few deep breathes to calm myself down. 

Celeste was stuffing her things into her luggage as Ella got dressed. 

Looking at Ella’s back view, it brought back vivid scenes from the night before. How her body moved and swayed itself in front of me. 

The pleasures she had experienced at my expense. 

If only I had the chance to do her again, I’ll make her squirm and beg me on her knees. 

I was literally snapped out from my thoughts by a snap. 

Yes a snap. 

Ella was trying to put on a bra without taking off her top. 

The black strapless bra went around Ella’s waist first, before she slowly adjusted them upwards and under her white top. 

The first attempt at hooking them did not go as planned and the bra snapped, the elastic part of the bra protested, flailing angrily. 

Ella calmly caught on to it and resumed her teasing. 

Yes, I call it teasing. 

Who the fuck would slowly put on a bra in front of a guy if not to tease him. 

I didn’t want to look. 

I really did not want to but I could not help it. 

And I bet Ella knew I was looking. 

There was no other way to explain her adjusting and pushing her breast in place while she took her time smoothing out her top against her black bra. 

Seeing her adjust and fit her breast into the bra gave me this throbbing shiver in my pants. 

The white top looked flimsy and comfortably translucent. 

She would have been better off not wearing a top. 

Ella stood up and took her towel, heading to the bathroom when Celeste called out to use it first. 

Celeste : Wait.. wait… sorry…. I need to use it first…. Urgent ah…. 

Ella brushed her hair backwards, her left palm sweeping away a good portion of her fringes as she followed them back down her neck. 

The moment the bathroom door closed, she leaned against the dresser and folded her arms. 

She crossed her left leg over her right, balancing her feet via the tips of her toes and smiled at me. 

I walked over harshly to Ella and whispered sharply at her. 

James : What do you think you are doing !! 

Ella shrugged her shoulders and played with the tip of her fringe. 

James : Are you mad ?! 

Ella : Are you guilty of something James ? … haha… 

I hushed her down, regretting immediately I spoke with her so close to the bathroom. 

The sound of the shower came up again and I grabbed Ella away to the other end of the room. 

James : Stop doing this Ella….!... you’ve going to get me killed…. 

She gave me an innocent look, as if I had accused her of something she did not do. 

Ella : Do what ? ….. this ? 

She grabbed onto my erection without warning, squeezing them as I fought back a moan and stepped back.

Ella : Or this ? …. 

Her hand went to my left nipple, managing to catch 2 flicks, sending electricity down my spine as I whispered harshly at her to stop as I took another 2 steps back. 

Ella : Maybe this ? …. 

Ella tried to unbuckle me but I manage to grab her hands. 

I could feel the back of Celeste’s bed behind me and I never expected Ella to lean forward, forcing me to sit down with her hands in mine. 

James : Ella !.... stop it.. !....we… 

She straddled me on my lap and I panicked, instinctively turning to the bathroom.

Her arms went around my neck and I did what I could to untangle them, my desperate attempt only served to entertain and amuse Ella further. 

James : Ella !...please… 

She giggled as I stood up with her hanging onto me for an additional couple of seconds before she fell onto Celeste’s bed. 

When I saw Ella trying to stand up, I backed away, my hand extended with my palms facing Ella. 

Ella looked at the bathroom. The sound of the shower still going strong. 

That was not just a normal look. 

Something was off. 

I could not tell if it was jealousy, or regret, but I know for sure it was not just a passing glance. 

Ella : Do you love me James ? ….. 

She said it pretty loud, almost as if it’s a normal conversation. 

My eyes widened and I made a face before throwing a mock punch in the air at Ella, asking her to keep it down. 

It was almost a god’s gift I was able to get back with Celeste and we were barely starting off. I could not risk screwing this up again. 

Ella closed the distance between us and I realised for the first time I was actually afraid of her. 

Afraid of what she will do. 

Ella : If Celeste was not in the picture…. Will…. You …. Give us a chance…. ?

Nothing could describe the panic I was feeling. 

James : Ella, be sensible…. We… 

I felt a jab to my stomach and Ella retorted with a sharp rebuttal. 

Ella : Are you trying to say I’m not sensible ?? 

Her nostril flared and her eyes burned while I tried to calm her down. 

James : Sorry… sorry… it’s my poor choice of words. 

My eyes kept darting to the bathroom and I could no longer hear the shower. 

James : Ella… please… let’s not do this…. 

Ella was not about to let me off that easily. 

She plastered her body against mine even though I put my hands up into the air, refusing to fall for her trap. 

James : Ella !!.. Celeste is coming out soon!.... please… 

Ella’s finger flicked my erection again through my pants, perhaps it was sheer luck, her forceful brush sent the right amount of pressure and pleasure right on the tip of my pee hole and I shook, my knees weakening at the joints. 

Ella : Answer my question James…. 

I heard the hair dryer blast off in the bathroom when Ella got down on her knees. 

Instinctively I held onto my pants, there was no way shew as taking them off, but Ella was not going for my buckle or buttons. 

She just started kissing me on my groin, her tongue licking on my pants, slowly but surely wetting them, coating it with a generous amount of her saliva. 

I felt like squeezing her on her neck. 

I grabbed onto Ella, pulling her to her feet in a fluid motion. She did not resist and allowed me to do what I wanted. 

I threw her onto her own bed , pinning her hands down beside her on the soft mattress. 

James : Ella…. Please…. We can’t do this…. 

The sound of the hair dryer stopped as Ella’s gaze pierced through me. 

I quickly let go of my hands and straightened myself. 

It suddenly dawned on me how much trouble I was in. 

Don’s appearance fucked everything up for me. 

If only he hadn’t appeared, Ella would have happily kept her way from me and Celeste. 

Don’s actions indirectly stirred up old feelings and emotions. 

The realisation of her being in a shitty marriage to a sick man like Don was made worse when Ella watched on helplessly at me and Celeste. 

Which woman would like that feeling ? 

It’s like an excruciating itch you cannot seem to scratch

I wondered how many times it crossed Ella’s mind how different her life would be if she had been with me instead of Don. 

I’m not saying I’m a good person , but I’m definitely not as bad as Don in making decisions. 

Ella’s chest rose as she took a deep breath before getting back on her feet. 

She made a face at me, scrunching up her mouth, nose and cheeks at the same time before brushing past me. 

Celeste : Ok I’m done…. 

I helped Celeste with her packing while Ella got ready. 

Right when I heard the hair dryer come on for Ella, I told Celeste I would wait for them downstairs. 


Don and Charlie was already in the lounge having breakfast when I got down. 

I took my seat across Charlie and was halfway through my coffee when Celeste and Ella joined me. 

We had a 6 person seat on a rectangle table. It’s obvious Charlie had chosen that particular table. 

It’s located right at the end of the restaurant where no one sits. 

It’s too far away from the buffet spread and they usually close that section. 

Charlie sat in the middle, Don on his right and Ella on his left. 

Celeste sat opposite Ella. 

When the girls settled down with their food, Charlie started by clearing his throat. 

Charlie : Ok …..i’m just going to be straight forward here… 

Charlie : I’m getting a lot of feedback from the rest of the members. 

He went on to tell us that our group is making the rest of them feel very uncomfortable. What was he supposed to tell them when a couple of the members saw him staggering back to the room while Don was crying his heart out ? 

Charlie : The guys opposite your room said you guys were screaming at each other for a while………Another one saw Ella running out of the hotel into the cold. …. 1 more saw you and Celeste running back from the pharmacy. 

Charlie went on to say that he had spoken to all the different groups in the tour, Don borrowed money from almost all of them. 

A few dollars here, another few dollars there. 

Charlie : People paid a lot of money to come for a holiday. … and everyone is looking to enjoy themselves and have a good time….but….you…you all ah….. haizzz….

He spread his hands palms up at the table. 

Charlie : So now how ? …. You tell me… 

Don was looking down at his plate. 

Celeste’s hands reached for mine under the table and we held hands. 

Ella was staring at her coffee and no one spoke. 

I decided to break the silence. 

James : One thing at a time…. Charlie, can I trouble you to find out how much was borrowed from each member ? We’ll pay that back first… 

He nodded his head in agreement. 

James : and….ermm…. 

Don suddenly decides to speak up just when I thought there was a spark of hope in not spoiling the trip for everyone. 

Don : The rest is between me and my wife…we’ll sort it out… 

Almost immediately Ella replied.

Ella : What the fuck did you just say ? 

Everyone was taken aback by that and just kept quiet, only Don spoke. 

Don : If only you would listen…!!!... what is so hard about …. 

Ella slammed her spoon onto the table and glared at Don. 

Ella : You!.... came into my room while I was in the shower….!! 

Charlie’s eyes widened and turned over to Don. 

Ella : You fucking tried to come into the bathroom.!... and….

Before anyone of us could react Don had the cheek to replied that he has seen everything before. 

Don : What is the problem ? 

Ella looked like she was about to explode. Her face flushed red and tears was welling up in her eyes. 

Charlie looked uncomfortable. 

James : What the fuck was that Don ? … what were you thinking ? 

Don : It’s just.. the shower, no …big deal…. 

He stuttered a little as he spoke, slowly losing the initial confidence he had. 

Ella : oh the shower…. The shower….

Ella turned to Charlie, grabbing him by his arm so he would look at her. 

Ella : ask him what he did after I came out…. Ask him.!!!!!

Charlie looked over to me for help. 

I turned to Ella . 

James : What did he do…. 

Ella jabbed a finger at Don. 

Ella : He refused to let me get dressed…..!... 

She went on to say that Don had tried to snatch her towel away several times including the clothes she was holding on to. 

Don had grabbed onto Ella’s hands and as she fought to get loose, her towel fell off and she was freezing naked in the room. 

She tried to run but Don kept blocking the exit. 

They started screaming at each other when Don started taking his clothes off, saying that once they start a family, everything would go back to the way it was.

Charlie looked like he was going to perspire while I could feel an erection coming.

Ella : He pinned me down on the bed….and…..he… he tried to penetrate me…..i kicked him several times….. He fucking slept with a PRC slut….!!!!... now he wants to…. To…. 

With her voice cracking, Ella blurted out that Don tried to tie her hands up despite her screaming away. 

Ella : He……my hands were coiled up… with the… belt from the bathrobe…. 

She sniffed and shuddered as she described how Don was trying to spread her legs from behind. 

She broke free for a moment and pleaded with Don to stop. 

In order to pacify him, she stopped fighting. 

Ella : I let him played with my breast….. his filthy fingers violated me while I stood there helpless….. no one even bothered to check why there was screams from my room…. 

Ella : Do you know how that feels ?!!! . 

She yanked onto Charlie, staring right into his face.

Ella : He was pinching and squeezing my nipples!..... the…. The same time he was restraining my hands….

Ella : I begged for him to stop for a moment but he did not believe me…. He wanted to tie me up……

She managed to break her hands free while Don was looking for something to tie up her legs… 

In that split second, she managed to grab her top and pants before dashing into the shower, locking herself in. 

After she got dressed, she came out swinging her razor at Don before finding and opening to go for the door. 

Ella : He grabbed the razor away before I could open the door…… 

With a body shaking breath, she added. 

Ella :Then….. then…. He…. He tried to pull down my pants again….

That was all Ella manage to get to before she started crying.

Celeste was shocked beyond words and she started crying too. 

Don stood up and walked away in a huff without a word. 

Charlie stared at me with his mouth opened, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets. 

I sat unmoving in my seat, my erection almost bursting my pants at the seams. 

For a good 30 seconds, no one moved. 

From the corner of my eyes, I could see a few group members staring over at our table. 

Charlie : ERnnnnrrr…..let me… let me digest this for a bit….. 

When he stood up, I could see a raging erection as he tried to move himself out of the seat, walking with a little difficulty. 

Celeste blew her nose into her napkin and excused herself, walking to the bathroom by the lobby. 

When only Ella and I were left on the table, I watched in amazement as Ella dried her tears and composed herself almost instantly before tucking into her food. 

She spread butter onto her toast and added. 

Ella : can you pass the sugar ? 


I fumbled for the sachet of sugar in front of me and passed it to Ella, watching her sprinkle some on her toast. 

She thanked me with even making eye contact. 

Ella : Thanks… 

There was this unexplained bitterness in her demeanour, perhaps a bit of anger mixed with a good dose of regret. 

Not wanting to be near Ella when she was in such a lousy mood, I got out of my seat, pretending to need a coffee refill for my still full cup.

I went to grab more food, loitering near the buffet table until I saw Celeste coming out of the bathroom. 

We hardly spoke over breakfast and eventually we parted ways to do our respective packing. 

Don was staring at the ceiling on his bed when I got up and I asked him what the fuck is wrong with him. 

James : What’s the deal man ? what the fuck is going through your brain ? 

James : How could you ? 

Don had a almost dreamlike looked on his face as he stared at the ceiling. 

I gave him a lecture, one where I did not mince my words. 

5 minutes into it, I had just gotten to the part where they happily got married barely a year ago when Don burst out laughing. 

It was a sad painful laugh as he rolled on his bed, his giggles got out of control for a moment before he sat up to wipe the tears away from his eyes. 

Don : James….. I have 1 question for you…. 

I paused and looked at Don, waiting for him to speak. 

Don : Do you…. Believe what Ella said earlier ? ….. 

There was a sudden lump in my throat as I look at Don. His gaze was steady, he looked calm, and if you look deep enough into his eyes, I could feel his sadness. 

Don : Do you believe what Ella said ? …. 

Don’s question got me thinking. 

Truth is I was unsure. 

James : What are you implying ? 

Don stood up and said that what Ella had describe earlier never happened in a flat calm tone. 

James : I don’t believe you… bullshit. … she would not.. 

Don poured himself a drink and he laughed in resignation. 

Don : We are friends for so long….. I may be a fucker….but do I look like someone who would force himself on another person ? …. On Ella ???..... my ex wife ????

Don : Yes I’m a jerk, I sleep with a fucking PRC slut because I’m thinking with my dick…

I hesitated in my reply, waiting for Don to continue as his voice got a little raised. 

His emotion a little agitated. 

Don : I did go into Ella’s room…. With a card I bought…. I admit. 

He went on to say that when he got in, Ella was indeed in the shower. She was unhappy of course but she came out fully dressed. 

Don : I wanted to really talk to her about us. Earlier on all I did was to bring up my mum’s condition,…. I briefly touched on her wishes…to have a grandchile..… I want Ella back… and I am prepared to do anything for her to forgive me….. 

He took a deep breathe before he continued. 

Don : I wanted a chance I did not deserve…..and I know it’s not easy for Ella to forgive me….. but I wanted that chance….. that chance… … I fucking wanted that one chance….

Don : 3 years is not a long time….and I wanted Ella to at least play the role of my wife for this period…..just to make my mother happy…. 

He added that if she had agreed to that, he would have a chance of making it up to her along the way. That’s what he thinks anyway. 

James : Then you are saying Ella lied ?? to all of us ?...... why didn’t you speak up ?? …. Don’t fucking give me this bullshit Don… you…. 

Don laughed again and spoke with a confidence I had not seen in a while. 

Don ; Rape ?.... attempted rape ?.... why am I still here ? …. Why not call the police…. ??? Why not arrest me ?...... 

Don checked the time and started to put on his shoes. 

Don : Why…. Of all the people… she tells only you, Celeste and Charlie ? … 

He went into the bathroom to rinse his face and comb back his messy hair before coming back out. 

Don : Call the fucking police….let’s all go to the station…why is she waiting ?...

I could feel the colours draining from my face as I digested what Don had just told me. It had come to the point where I found it hard to believe anyone. I just could not trust anyone any longer. 

James : What happened then ?.... in the room ? ….. why did Ella run ? 

Don told me that they started talking, and eventually they started quarrelling when the topic drifted to Mimi. 

Barely a few minutes into it, the quarrel escalated and things got ugly. 

Don : I never laid my hands on her…. She was just screaming at me. 

I tried to calm her down but the moment I went forward, Ella threatened that if I so much as touched her, she would claim I rape her, or attempted to do so. 

It was an incredible tale, yet some part of me still chose to believe Don. 

Rape, is no small matter, it was something that could have serious consequence. 

Don : She wanted to go look for you in the next room but I stopped her…. 

It was then Don dropped another bomb at me. 

Don : I tried to stop her, but she got rough….. and I might have said something i was not supposed to… at least i did not intent to ….

James : What did you say ? 

Don stared at his shoes for a moment before looking at me in my eyes. 

Don : I said, are you not done fucking with James ?..... 

All colours left my face and I could feel a sudden drop in my blood pressure. The revelation was just mind fucking with my thoughts. 

James : What…..what….did you say… 

Don : I found out long ago…. When I checked Ella’s mail…. 

He confessed that he knew her email password and he accessed it on a regular basis. 

Don : I saw the mail and apology she sent Celeste…. 

I was at a loss for words and I did not know if it was appropriate to offer an apology. 

James : Don… i…. 

That was all I managed to get out of my mouth before a knock came on our door. Don opened and it was Charlie, he still looked a bit frazzled. 

Charlie : The bus is here…. Let’s go… 

That was the end of the conversation for Don and me. We never spoke again that day. 

We boarded a bus to our next destination. 

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

A local tour guide, Annie, joined us on the bus as she gave us a overview of the city. She would be following us all the way for the next few days until we reach Prague. 

Despite what just happened, I simply could not keep myself from getting excited about a foreign city. 

A place I have never been before. 

As the introductions was made, I can’t help but envy Charlie’s job. He’s literally like a baby sitter, all he need to do was to usher us from city to city, even the explanations and the city history was given by the locals. 

There was no need for him to memorise anything. 

I was contemplating a change in industry until I saw Don asking come questions about the castle we would be visting. 

Recollection of the shit my group had given Charlie came flooding into my head and I reckon it might not be such a good idea to be a tour guide after all. 

It was a short day tour of a few hours and we were expected to have lunch on our own. 

Charlie did not want Don out of his sight and he made sure he was literally stuck to him. 

I on the other hand had the company of the 2 girls. 

After the tour and a simple lunch, we boarded the bus again for a long ride to Cesky Krumlov, a small city in the south Bohemian region of the Czech Reupblic. 

I had done a bit of research online and this was 1 of the spot I was looking forward to visit in the trip. 

The hotel we would be staying in is call Hotel Ruze, 1 of the closes thing to a castle in terms of an accommodation. 

I had joked about taking Celeste’s virgin there during our happier days when we first booked the tour. 


By the time we arrived at the hotel, it was already close to 8pm

We were ushered to hall for dinner while Charlie handled the check in. 

Charlie had already notified me that Don would be sleeping with him for the rest of the trip when we left the hotel in Budapest. He did not want any more incident from my group and he wanted to keep an eye on him.

This pretty much meant I would be sleeping alone or so I thought. 

It was a good arrangement. 

To me it meant I could have Celeste over anytime I wanted.

Imagine the cool temperature, a hot shower and in a castle like setting. 

I could fuck her on the raw cold stone, of perhaps the medieval chest of drawers. 

There were a array of knight armours on display throughout the hotel, including old weapons and tools. My mind wandered as I looked at them. 

How did medieval lords take the virgin of their slaves I wondered . 

Halfway through dinner, I saw the bus driver, our local tour guide, Annie come in together with Charlie and they were talking amongst themselves.

A hotel staff joined them, his hands rubbing together rapidly to draw warmth. 

I could not make out what they were saying except one portion when they laughed together and their voices got a little louder. 

Hotel staff : Winter is coming… haha. 

As I sip my wine, Celeste placed her hand on my thigh, giving it a squeeze. 

Celeste : you ok ? … 

I nodded and I could see Ella staring at us. 

When desserts were served, Charlie came over and had a word with me. 

Charlie : James, I have a favour to ask… 

The room that was supposed to be set aside for the tour guide and the driver was taken. Charlie, the driver and Don could crash in a room, they did not mind since they were all guys. 

He was asking if Ella is comfortable sharing the room with Annie. 

He gestured to me and Celeste, 

Charlie: Since you 2 couple couple…. I guess… it’s ok if you 2 get a room to yourself ?

At that moment Ella spoke up. 

Ella : I….i’m not comfortable…. Sorry….not after what happened….i would prefer to stay with Celeste. 

My heart dropped instantly, I wanted so much to have sex by then and I was really looking forward to popping Celeste cherry.

Throughout that day, we were already talking dirty, teasing each other about what we would do, where she will be taken, and how loud she would be screaming. 

Of course, we talked and teased base on the assumption that we would be alone, not with Ella around for obvious reasons. 

Celeste too thought of her friend first and said she wanted to be with Ella. 

My dick must have started to shrink by then and Charlie looked over to me with almost a sorry look in his eyes. 

Charlie : Err…. Like that ar…

Celeste suddenly asked if we could all crash in the same room. 

Celeste : Just get an additional bed in.

Charlie thought about it and went over to talk to the hotel staff. 

After some reshuffling of rooms, we were allocated 1 of the biggest one with 3 single beds. 

I let the girls wash up first, I did not unpack as we will only be staying for 1 night in the town.


There were 3 single beds and Celeste had the one in the middle while I took the one closest to the door. 

We were all tired and we hardly spoke too despite all 3 of us passing right in front of each other. 

Ella was the first to pull the blanket over her head, choosing to face her back towards us. 


The lights were off and we were in our respective beds. 

We had more or less adjusted to the time difference by then and I was happily typing dirty messages to Celeste from my bed. 

I wanted to go over and share Celeste’s bed but she refused. 

Celeste msg : Don’t want la…. Wait Ella wake up.. 

James msg : She’s sleeping already…. She must be exhausted… she won’t know.. 

Celeste msg : Don’t want  

After a few more flirting message, things start to get a little heated .

Celeste msg : But… if you come over… you’ll surely start touching me…. 

James msg : Of course… how can anyone resist touching you…. 

Celeste msg : eeee… disgusting… don’t want la….

James msg : We’re in a castle…..this is it already… 

Celeste msg : haha..

Without giving any warning, I slipped out of bed and quickly scurried over to Celeste’s bed. 

She kit me playfully as I snuggled under the blanket with her, my hands instantly feeling up her flat tummy and her braless boobs. 

Her singlet was cool and smooth to my touch and she kept trying to hold onto my hands, trying to prevent me from touching her. 

We had a mini wrestle in the dark under the blanket and we made no sound. Anyone watching would have thought we were trying to put up a mime act. 

Celeste wanted badly to giggle and I cupped my hand over her mouth. 

James : Shall we ?

She shook her head with a smile, almost like a deliberate defiant act of refusal, yet under that refusal, anyone could tell she was screaming yes. 

We kissed and when I managed to slip off Celeste’s shorts, she whispered she’s a little scared, worried about the pain. 

I reassured her I would be gentle. 

I could feel my dick throbbing, eager to enter where no man has gone. 

Celeste whispered again, asking if I would be disappointed if she decides not to go through with it halfway through. 

My face instantly changed and she caught on to that and started hitting me. 

Whispering harshly at me for only wanting to have sex. 

If only she knew how hungry and desperate I was since the night before at the hands of her good friend. 

I pacified her for a good 5 minutes before I said I would go get the condoms. Something I always kept in my toiletries bag. 

I took more than the condoms. I retrieved a black scarf and 1 of Celeste’s shawl as well. 

Celeste : What are you doing with those ? 

She giggled as I start to blindfold her. 

Celeste : So kinky one ah…. Haha…

James : Shhhh…..keep your voice down. 

I glanced over to check and Ella was still sound asleep. She hardly moved from her position and her breathing looked steady. 

I tied Celeste’s hands to the bed post securely before I whispered by her ears. 

James : Now…. Even if you want me to stop…. You have to beg me… 

She smiled silently and I knew there was no way anything could go wrong. 

I striped myself totally and I savoured the sight of Celeste’s pink puffy vagina. 

She was neatly trimmed and her clit was engorged and shyly pushing itself out from the vagina lips. 

I kissed Celeste, licking her from the side of her face to her neck. 

She responded well to my tongue, her body arching upwards, dying to receive my throbbing dick. 

Just when my hands cupped Celeste’s breast, my dick suddenly deflated at a rate I had never experienced before. 

Ella had turned over and I could see she was staring at us. 

I gestured harshly at her, for her to turn away but she smiled and stuck out her tongue. 

Deciding to ignore her, I looked back at Celeste whose spread legs await only my entry. 

Touching her on her love hole, I could feel a little secretion and as I stroke and played with her nipples, more secretion followed. 

Her vagina looked ready. 

There was just 1 problem. 

I was not getting an erection. 

I started stroking myself and realised Ella had quietly sat up on her bed. She crossed her legs and rested her chin on her left palm , staring at me. 

My fingers pointed sharply in the direction behind Ella, my mouth trying to tell her to go to bed or look away. 

Celeste : You ok ? 

James : Ya… ya… 

I whispered quickly to Celeste and started stroking myself. 

A few strokes and I could feel my dick rise. 

Strokes that brushed and rubbed against Celeste’s sensitive love entrance.

I cradled Celeste’s legs in my arms, her smooth hairless leg smells like the same soap I just used. I allowed my tongue a good minute of enjoyment as I tasted Celeste’s calves and the back of her knees . 

Right when I was about to enter her, my dick deflated again. 

Ella by then was standing short distance away, her arms folded as she looked on nonchalantly, like some visitor at a zoo enclosure. 

I made a grumbly face and gestured for Ella to go away but she just shrugged and ignored me. 

I forced myself to concentrate. 

I was still having a raging hardon earlier but now because of Ella, I could not get it up. 

Perhaps it was the notion of having another person look at me. 

Maybe it was also partly due to the revelation that Don had revealed to me. 

Or it could be the guilt I felt towards Celeste. 

There was just so many possibilities. 

I had a few failed attempt already, trying to push my flaccid dick into the wet warm entrance of Celeste’s pussy. 

I took a few deep breaths, trying to calm myself down. 

Maybe it’s work related stress or something. 

Maybe it’s just me. 

I tried again, stroking myself as I fondled Celeste, but right after I capped myself, it deflated again. 

I wanted to curse out loud. 

I looked up into the ceiling before looking down at Celeste. Her blindfolded eyes and her tied hands. 

With her white singlet allowing a good peep of her erected nipples, any man seeing her in that position would surely be having a rock solid erection. 

I blamed Ella for being there and ruing the mood. 

Celeste was whispering if everything was ok and there I was trying to get my dick up with some rapid stroking. 

No words could explain my frustration. 

Then right when I was not expecting it, Ella approached. 

I panicked and motioned for her to go away. 

Instead of listening to me, Ella calmly came over and brushed all her hair to a side before holding them with both hands so none of it would fall and hit Celeste accidentally. 

My eyes widened as she bent down and started licking and sucking on my nipples. 

Coupled with fear and excitement, I could feel the blood rushing to my dick, bringing it up to it’s full glory. 

There was a immediate reception from Celeste’s love hole as I pushed myself gently into the fold of her pussy lips. 

It was a tightness that I could not describe. 

Ella checked her hair before getting up and started to play with my nipples. 

I wanted to scream. 

My dick was being sucked hard and tight, deeper and deeper into Celeste’s love hole and I could see the stinging pain taking its toll on Celeste. 

Her mouth was wide open as she feels her vagina stretch and accommodate a dick for the first time

Inch by inch, I went into Celeste, deeper and further. 

My foreskin was pulled back, stretching and unrolling itself back onto my dick from within Celeste’s vagina. 

That sourish painful sensation that I had not felt in a while. 

I pulled it back out slowly, giving Celeste a moment of relieve before I attempted to push it back in only to realise it was getting flaccid again. 

Ella fought back a laughter as she looked at me. 

With a tug of my hair, Ella orientated my face towards her, planting her lips on mine before her tongue came all the way into my mouth. 

Like a loaded chamber, I immediately felt my dick shoot upright again, forcing apart Celeste’s tight vagina opening.

Celeste : Ernnggh…James…. A bit painful… 

My dick was rock hard by then as Ella made sure I swallowed a generous amount of her saliva before she peeled herself away slowly, her hands stroking my cheeks. 

Right before she went, she paused beside my ears the moment I pushed and fucked Celeste all the way in, causing her entire body to tremble and her toes to curl. 

Ella : You are welcomed…


Celeste ‘s body tensed up, I could feel all the muscles in the virgin love hole descend into confusion. That burning pain she felt must be tearing her apart, her tight muscles forcibly stretch by my throbbing dick. 

It hurt a little for me too. The pain amplified by the folds of my foreskin that was now entwined with the loosely worn condom. 

The repetitive erection and deflation of my dick caused the condom to slide and there was no way of being able to have a sustained intercourse with it’s current condition. 

I slid myself out, Celeste instantly feeling the relief of not having the tightest part of her organ being stretched to its limits. 

Her body slouched as she expelled a breathe of air. 

She wanted to turn to her side, but with me in the middle of her legs, it was impossible. 

She just orientated her body slightly to her left, her mouth gasping for small breathes of air. 

James : are you ok ??.... 

I whispered to Celeste, instantly feeling a little silly as Ella just sat crossed legged barely a few feet away. 

Celeste nodded slowly. 

Celeste : Quite painful…. 

Celeste looked quite pitiful on her state and with her hands tied to the bedpost. Her fingers wriggled and her wrist rotated at the same time as her body delivers messages of pain with almost no pleasure to her brain. 

Seeing her in such a state is really hard to keep my erection going. 

It did not help with Ella loitering nearby, inspecting her nails as she looked on. 

I begged Ella with my eyes to go back to sleep but she refused, instead she rolled onto her stomach on her bed, propping her chin up with her hands, getting herself comfortable for a live show. 

I could feel my dick going soft again. 

Somehow it’s really uncomfortable for me to have Ella stare at me taking Celeste’s virginity. 

Who the fuck could do something like that ? 

And with my partner withering in pain , how could anyone have an erection. 

It’s just weird. 

The thought had barely left my head when I realised my dick had shrunk and gone flaccid again, looking like a pickled cucumber in the dark room, wet and matted with my pubic hair. 

James : Shall we stop… 

Celeste looked unsure, I could tell she wanted to nod her head but she looked like she’s worried I would be disappointed. 

She shook her head slowly, whispering that she’s fine… 

Celeste : Go on….slowly.. 

I watched as Celeste spread her legs wider, determined to overcome the initial pain to reach the ultimate pleasure her privates would give her. 

Couple with guilt, embarrassment and looking at a suffering Celeste, my dick would not move. 

I tried to stroke my dick, the resulting movements alerted Celeste to the fact that I was not getting an erection.

Celeste : Sorry….i… caused you.. to..

James : It’s not your fault….

I glared at Ella who was rolling her eyes as if she was watching some period drama. 

Celeste whispered again, apologising that she’s causing me to lose my mood. 

Celeste : It’s not that painful actually, just….the stretching….quite…. sore…. 

Ella shook her head and sat back up, peering over at us. 

Like an instructor, she motioned for me to lick Celeste. 

It was as if a spell was cast on me, like an obedient school boy, I followed her instructions. 

Lowering myself down onto the bed, I could feel and smell the heat radiating from Celeste’s love hole. It looked normal, none of that bloody mess porn show like to potray. 

There was this smell , like raw iron, hints of blood I could pick up from her secretion. 

Celeste was wet alright, but her hole was just tight. 

Kissing her on her clit, I could feel Celeste clamping down on my head with her thighs, determined to milk my tongue for all it’s worth. 

I flicked and teased her swollen clit, coating them with my saliva, then I lapped up her won vagina juice, mixed it with a swirl of my saliva before spitting it all out on her wet clit, watching it flow slowly like clear liquid lava down the mound of lovely flesh. 

The sick bodily fluids flowed slowly down the sides, down Celeste’s fleshly mounds before draining down her crotch like a thick viscous honey.

I could feel her body relaxed a little more as I licked her pussy, doing my best to pleasure her before I deliver more pain into her love hole. 

Celeste’s breathing got a little more erratic and she was not as tensed as before. 

I paused to talk a breath to see Ella folding her arms. 

That 1 second seemed as if I was looking for further instructions. Till this day, I could not believe I did such a stupid and ridiculous thing. 

Ella was generous with her advice, she stuck out her tongue before nodding towards Celeste with her head and I caught on to what she wanted to tell me. 

Stretching out my tongue for what it’s worth, I gently pushed my way inside Celeste as she moaned before immediately shutting up, no doubt worried she would wake Ella up. 

Her thighs were quivering. 

I could feel her strong tight vagina walls bearing down on my tongue. 

It’s an immense amount of pressure. 

I withdrew, strengthen my resolve and plunged my tongue back in, pushing myself all the way as Celeste’s body trembled, her thighs squeezing and trashing the side of my ears. 

My nose pressed itself awkwardly onto Celeste’s well lubricated clit before I started shaking my head slowly, feeling the uncontrolled squeeze and release of her vagina walls, her thighs and her body at the same time. 

Celeste let out another gasp, a little louder this time as my nose got well coated with her wet clit. My tongue tried to move side to side inside her vagina but it was too tight, I did my best, like a determined worm, wriggling it’s way down into Celeste’s most private sanctum. 

A worm to me but to Celeste’s unexplored region, it would well be a fully grown dragon. Prodding, stretching and pushing aside untouched veins and muscles. 

It must be terrible trying to hold her moans in. 

Part of her must surely want to be able to moan in ecstasy as she gets ready for an explosive orgasm, yet she had to hold it back, worried about waking her good friend. 

Barely 5 minutes into the tongue fucking, I was starting to get a really sore mouth. The entire bottom part of Celeste’s bed is wet with my saliva and her love juice. 

I felt thirsty and with a lingering taste of iron and blood in my mouth, I needed a drink. 

I whispered I needed a drink and Celeste nodded weakly, breathing and relishing in the sourish bliss of getting to her big O soon. 

When I got back to Celeste, her legs parted willingly for me. I asked if we should try again and she nodded, eager to feel the real thing once more. 

I started stroking my dick, trying to concentrate. I even close my eyes in my attempt to shut everything out, including Ella’s mischievous stare. 

It was a potent mix of frustration and disappointment. I could not shake the fact that Ella was right there. 

I opened my eyes in time to see Celeste ask if I’m ok. 

James : I’m fine… just need… 

Without so much of a warning, Ella grabbed onto my dick with her left hand while her right held onto her hair. She started playing with my flaccid and useless dick. 

I tried to move away but my body would not listen to me. It was not obeying my mental command. That sensation was too much for me to bear. 

With a tied up and helpless Celeste in front of me, and Ella touching me on my dick, I felt the torrential flood of blood into my dick once more, raising it up to full glory. 

I kept shaking my head at Ella but she ignored me, her hands continued her tease at my dick. I have never seen precum leaking at such a fast pace for me before. 

How could I possibly resist the additional help ? 

The moment it was hard enough, Ella motioned for me to go inside Celeste. 

I pushed myself in, it’s still a tight entry and I was going in raw.

The old condom had been discarded to a side. 

Celeste did not say anything about me going in raw. Perhaps that burning tear of her muscles was too great for her to feel any difference. The resistance was still there, a little weaker but still present. 

I barely poked my dickhead into her vagina lips when I felt my foreskin being folded back almost immediately, flipping itself up before rolling rapidly with a painful snap. 

Nothing was left protecting my sensitive dick as I continued my entry. 

I could feel the pins and needles as I trembled and fuck myself into Celeste’s virgin hole. Her muscles fought and stretched to accommodate me. 

I cannot resist it. 

It was too hard not to moan. 

James : Arghhheennnnggg…..urghhhhh err….err…. 

The tsunami of pleasure mixed with a pain you loved and hated at the same time came onto me like a runaway train. My balls tightened and I could even feel my anus clamping itself as I looked at Celeste’s wide opened mouth, her head tilting upwards, exposing all of her delicious pale neck. 

As if that was not mentally fucking me enough, Ella took off her shirt. I watched in helpless horror as she striped herself barely a few feet away. 

My dick felt like it was caught in a vice, and my eyes was treated with a sumptuous treat of womanly flesh in that room. 

I withdrew and pushed myself back in. 

Then I did it again , feeling the well lubricated walls of Celeste’s love hole. 

I repeated my motion, feeling the gradual relief as I started to enjoy the tightness of my virgin girlfriend. 

Celeste was trying hard not to moan and cry out. 

I could see her really holding it in. 

Her toes curled. Her fingers opened and closed, clenching into a tight fist for a moment before opening them the next. 

Ella’s fingers came onto my shoulders and started to massage me. 

My hands stroked the side of Celeste’s thighs, feeling the softness of her skin.

This went on for about 3-4 minutes before Celeste whispered for me to stop. 

Celeste : James… stop… stop……pain…. Painful…. 

I immediately withdrew myself, my dick had a bit of blood on them and I could definitely smell the raw pungent scent of iron. 

She panted and sucked in breathes of fresh air before asking. 

Celeste : Are we making too much noise?? Is Ella still sleeping…. ? 

I was overwhelmed with guilt once more as I whispered back to her that Ella is still sound asleep. 

Celeste wanted to continue but the moment I left the tight embrace of her love hole, I could feel my dick deflating again. 

Celeste apologised again, seemingly blaming herself for my lousy performance. 

I tried to stroke myself back and Ella was about to help me when Celeste whispered to me.

She asked if I would like to smell her clothes, knowing full well I had that fetish. She had been wearing the same bra for 2 days since she hardly perspired. 

Celeste : Even my tights too….or my …. Socks….hee…. 

She tried to fight back a giggle as I considered my reply. 

In fact before I could process the information, I could feel a tingle of excitement creeping into me. 


The thought of wrapping my face with her worn clothes, taking in the precious scent of her body was pretty tempting. It was a different kind of arousal. 

Sick, yes. 

But still a fetish of mine. 

To be able to feel the soft cups of a woman’s bra on your face, your nose, your cheeks. 

Imagine rubbing the part which her nipples rested on for most part of the day on your face, fantasising for that brief moment how you would want to do her. 

How many would admit openly such a sick perverted act turned you on ? 

I would. 

The hormones , the perspiration, colourless and scentless secretion that worked on our subconscious mind. 

A naked woman does not necessarily turn men on. 

It was the process that turns us on. 

The process of getting a fully dressed woman to undress. 

Piece by piece. 

Article by article. 

Be it willingly, or against her will. 

What we craved is not the end result. 

All orgasm is the same. 

We go into spasm, we ejaculate. Endorphins flood into our mind and make us feel good. 

We craved something that it more than an orgasm. 

It is the thrill of the chase, the satisfaction of the hunt we wanted. 

Our very primal instincts that is slowly being eroded away bit by bit, the culprit is none other than modern day living. 

Many would think I’m mad if I were to liken the smelling of worn clothing as the stalking of your prey. 


We all have 5 senses. 

How many can we use when we first stalk our target ? 

That hot new colleague, the sweet intern, or maybe the forbidden fruit of your good friend’s wife. 

Visual satisfaction can only get you so far. Your mind would crave for more eventually. 

Before you know it, you would want to smell her. To take in her scent. 

Eventually even hearing her voice would trigger some unexplained reaction from your body. 

It was moments like this that you would crave for her touch, and finally the urge to taste her. 

Is this not the truth for most of us ? 

I could almost feel the softness of Celeste’s bra on my face as she urged me to help myself to her worn clothes that were draped over the dresser chair.

Ella backed away, a glint of mischief in her eyes as I moved towards Celeste’s clothes. 

Before I could get to them , Ella stopped me.

My dick started to react as I watch Ella went to fetch hers. 

My mind started fucking with my thoughts as Ella passed me her bra. 

I was trembling as I took it. 

Barely a few feet away, Celeste lie in wait. 

Ella got on her knees and there was no need for her to hold my dick. It went up on it’s own. 

I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. 

Ella’s lips covered my exposed dick head, the raw nerves coming into contact with her experienced mouth. 

A gentle suck from her made me feel like I was floating on a bed of clouds. 

Her right hand pushed my left hand up towards my head, bringing her teal coloured bra closer to my face. 

Nothing could describe the perverted thoughts that went through my head as I pressed Ella’s bra onto my face, smelling her scent as she sucked down hard on my dick, her tongue pressing onto my pee hole. 

My butt cheeks was assaulted with her fingers as she gently clawed on them, sending mixed signals of tickles and pain into my body. 

It lasted less than a minute before she rose and Frenched me on my lips, making me taste the raw fluids of Celeste’s love juice, her saliva and of course my own precum. 

She nudged me back to Celeste, my throbbing dick ready to go. 

Celeste’s legs spread apart, eager for me to return. 

When I went in that time, it was like slicing a hot knife through butter. The smoothness of the entry was well received by Celeste as she gave out a soft moan. 

Ella guided me left hand to hold her bra to my face, my right hand went to Celeste’s wet and hungry clit. 

As I started to pound lightly on Celeste, I fingered her clit, causing shivers to ripple through her body. I had difficulty holding onto Ella’s bra but she took over immediately. 

From the corner of my eye, I could see Ella fingering herself with her right hand while her left made sure I breathed in only air filtered with her well-worn bra. 

Whenever I pounded too hard, Celeste would squeeze down on me, hushing me to stop. 

It’s terribly hard to resist.

I wanted to pound hard .

To hear the piak piak piak sound.

To feel both our bones reverberate on the bed.

Ella’s hand left the bra and I removed it from the game totally, my mind well fucked and my dick need no additional stimulation.

I supported myself on the bed and I fucked faster, increasing the intensity.

In fact I think I lasted less than 8 minutes.

Celeste : Are you wearing condom ?

James : No…. no….

As her body shook, Celeste pleaded and made me promise not to cum inside her.

James : I…. I won’t…

The sensation was overpowering.

The squeeze of the strong vagina walls overwhelming.

I could feel my orgasm coming.

Before I could reach my big O, I saw Ella’s eyes closed as she squatted down by her own bed. Her head pressed hard onto her bed as she starting a shivering and body wrecking spasm, her right finger tightly clamped in between her legs.

Celeste was perspiring, I could see beads of sweat on the sides of her head.

I was ready to release.

James: I’m…. I’m going to cum…

Celeste whispered sharply, pleading with me not to cum inside her.

Celeste : Don’t….. don’t cum inside me…

My pelvis started thrusting faster.

Celeste : Ja…. James…wait…ernn……

I quickly paused as I felt that familiar squeeze running down my entire spine.

Celeste panted and begged for me to get a cap on.

I quickly got off and capped myself before going back in again.

Ella too was panting as she struggled to put on her clothes before crawling back into bed, panting and staring at us.

I plunged myself back into Celeste’s love hole, and for the last 20 or 30 strokes, I could not control my body any longer as I slammed myself down hard onto Celeste.

The entire room was filled with ‘ piak…. Piak… piak….piak….”

The erotic symphony of our bodies against each other.

Celeste started to protest the moment we made noise but somehow I covered her mouth as she groaned for me to stop.

But I could not stop.

I wanted to but I can’t

By the end of about 30 strokes. The veins around my neck tightened to hard I thought it would burst. I watched in orgasmic bliss as Celeste shook her head, trying to break free from my hand which was clamping against her mouth.

Her blindfolds was about to come loose.

Her hands still helplessly tied to the bedpost.

Her body reacting the only way it could, shivering and trembling as I was smacked with the slap of the sourish pain for a few precious seconds before the pressure built up to tight that I choked on my own saliva.

James : ARghghhhhh….urghh… urgh….

The grunt was inevitable as I emptied my load into the poor condom.

I collapsed onto Celeste and I removed her blindfold after I checked that Ella had turned away.

Her eyes had difficulty opening as she frowned and chided me for doing that.

Celeste : I felt like I was being raped….

I laughed and kissed Celeste.

James : Do you like it….

She refused to meet my eyes and she did not give me an answer.

Celeste turned and looked at Ella, whispering that she must be really tired.

Celeste : How can anyone sleep through this ? ….

She kissed me again and before that kiss ended, Ella’s voice rang out loud and clear.

Ella : You’re right….. you guys should have been more considerate…

Celeste gave such a loud gasp and groaned in embarrassment, ordering me to untie her straight away.

She immediately slapped me a few times on my shoulder before running to the bathroom to wash up, blaming me for making so much noise.

When Celeste emerged a few minutes later, she was utterly embarrassed and glaring at me as she pulled on her clothes.

James : I…. i….

I did not know what to say.

It was at that moment Celeste noticed her clothes were still at the dresser chair and Ella’s bra was on the floor near the bed.

Immediately my eyes widened and I tried to explain.

Celeste : Were you smelling Ella’s bra ??

Ella reacted immediately to that, hitting me below the belt.

Ella : Oh my god James !.... you sick….fuck…

James : I ……

I could tell Celeste was not too happy.

Ella sat up on her bed, rubbing her eyes as if she was sleep deprived.

I turned my head, alternating between the 2 girls, feeling trapped and helpless.

Celeste took a pillow and threw it at me.

James : Ouch…

Ella took her bra and flung it at me too.

Celeste hit me hard on my back with a smack.

Ella threw her pillow at me.

It was as if my body decided to react on it’s own again, making me realise how little self-control I had left.

Celeste tried to kick me but I sidestepped her and my right arm wanted to stop her but it just so happened that she walked right into me.

I would have pressed straight onto her breast but I did not know why I shifted my hands upwards a little, orienting my thumb and index finger into a grip at the right angle to receive Celeste’s neck.

Celeste : Cough….oei!!!

I clamped down a little, it’s not hard.

I’m definitely not hurting Celeste but I just wanted her to stop.

How was I to know Ella immediately came at me.

Ella : Hey!... what are you doing. !!!...

She attempted to hit me but I grabbed onto her right hand, her leg knee came up and tried to knee me on my stomach but I reacted fast enough and I pushed her onto the bed the same time I let go of Celeste’s throat.

Ella’s eyes widened in disbelief at what just happened.

Celeste glared at me in amazement, nodding at me.

Celeste : Wow… James…. Wow…

James : Wait… I didn’t mean to do that….. I can explain…

James : Just… listen…

Celeste started hitting me with a series of slaps as she whined about me playing with Ella’s bra.

Celeste : I’m your girlfriend !!... you sicko…

Ella was not too happy at being shoved and she too started to hit me with her fist.

I struggled and there was so much pushing around that I lost count of the number of times the girls got pushed away.

Within seconds, it descended into a full wrestle as we pushed, pinched and shove each other around.

I manged to straddle Ella, pinning her down on the bed and Celeste was trying to push me away.

Then without warning, Celeste scolded Ella for hitting me.

Ella retorted that she did so because I strangled Celeste.

Then they started quarrelling in the room.

It was as if some pent up frustration and anger got released all of a sudden.

Celeste started crying first, saying that Ella should not have slept with me.

Ella tried to defend herself for a few seconds but she too started to break down and cry as she sobbed between blowing her nose, saying she was so jealous of Celeste.

Eventually the 2 girls cried on their own while is stood in the middle of the room with a limp and spent dick.

Celeste went to the bathroom to blow her nose

Ella started hitting me the moment Celeste was gone, crying and accusing me of being a jerk.


I managed to overpower a bawling and screaming Ella and pin her to the bed, I did not know what came into me but I tied her to the bedpost despite Ella’s kicking and attempt to bite me.

I had barely finished the last knot when Celeste came out of the bathroom and screamed at me.

Celeste : James !.... what are you doing…

I tightened the last knot and left a sobbing Ella on the bed and turned to Celeste.

James : She tried to bite me !....

Celeste hit me several times too, trying to kick me at the same time.

I wrestled her to the bed and using her old blindfold, I pinned her down and tied her up as well.

By then my hands were covered with red marks and scratches.

There was a long streak of scratch that looked like it’s going to bleed anytime running diagonally down the centre of my chest.

Ella’s both hands were tied above her head to the bedpost. Her wrist and palms looked red and swollen.

Celeste ‘s hands were tied behind her back, it was an ugly knot, looping and tangled with a few of her fingers before going around her wrist.

She looked like she was in pain too as the both girls sobbed quietly on the bed.

I paced about for a good 5 minutes as I begged the girls to calm down.

Only after they promised to stop crying and calm down did I start to untie them.

I slowly untangled Celeste’s wrist and fingers, she was no longer fighting.

Just sobbing quieting on the bed, facing away from me.

I did not know what was going through my head but instead of untying Celeste, I readjusted the shawl. Making sure it was comfortable and tight before I tied her up again.

Celeste : What….. are you… doing James… ?

James : I….. I can only untie one of you….

I explained to the girls that I don’t want them to hurt each other.

James : I don’t want you girls to fall out because of me….

I reasoned with them, saying that they should talk. We all should talk.

It’s only right if we sort out this mess once and for all.

There is no point in any of this if it descended into a fist fight again.

I wanted the girls to talk calmly and I promised to let them go once we all sort things out.

James : It’s the only way… we have to clear the air right now.

I helped Celeste sit up. She had trouble balancing herself with her hands behind her back but I still managed to right her up properly.

I could not risk untying Ella too but I manage to remove the tie from the bedpost, lifting it out the end and looping the extra bits around Ella’s wrist as she glared at me with her hands in from of her body.

I took a chair, place in in front of the girls at the end of the bed and I sat down.

James : Can we please…. Sort this out… once and for all….

I looked at Celeste who jerked her head sharply at Ella.

Celeste : It’s her fault… she should apologise….

Ella jerked her head back at Celeste.

Ella : It’s not my fault…. It’s James…

The girls looked at me at the same time while I stared at them as I stood up.

My eyes glided through Celeste’s clothes. Her white singlet and her soft sleep shorts.

I looked at Ella’s oversized white top and her soft lounge pants.

And most important of all, I looked at the 2 girls with their hands tied on the bed in front of me.

Like a snap of a finger, and without the need for any coordination, both the girls’ eyes left mine and drifted to my dick.

I followed their gaze and looked downwards at my erection.

When our eyes met for the 2nd time, none of us spoke.

Not a word was said.

Nothing was exchanged.

I could feel endless supply of blood pumping into my dick which was beginning to throb.

My eyes darted from Celeste to Ella and back again.

The girls sat still.

Silent and unmoving

The only sound came from the soft hum of the heater in the corner of the hotel room

I took a step forward, the girls’ eyes tracking my every move.

I closed the distance a little more and they exchanged a look barely a few feet away from me, their faces almost touching each other.

Time stood still for a second as Ella’s lips trembled for just a fraction of a second.

Celeste’s eyes closed.

I felt my knees touch the soft bed the girls was on the moment Ella kissed Celeste on her lips.


That image of the girls kissing each other burned itself into my mind as I watched the 2 bodies leaning against each other. 

Ella paused after a couple of second, Celeste’s eyes opened and when Ella’s eyelids shut, her lips was already covered by Celeste’s’. 

I got onto the bed, positioning myself in front of the girls, they paid no attention to me, seemingly in a world of their own. 

I placed my left palm on Ella’s ankle, while my right hand started stroking Celeste’s calves. The girls stopped kissing for a moment as they rest their forehead against each other, orientating their sights towards me. 

No one said a word as I slid both my hands up the girl’s legs, feeling up their skin and mentally building a 3D sculpture of their toned and sexy leg. 

I slid up higher and higher, pausing only when both my hands was right at the entrance of their privates. 

My dick throbbed away, like the second hand of the antique clock on the dresser. Ella’s tied hands still had some room to move and she cupped onto my dick and started stroking away. 

Celeste had difficulty balancing since her hands were tied behind her back but she leaned forward

Kissing my chest before her tongue twirled and found my right nipple.

My fingers groped and pushed aside pants and shorts, eventually coming into contact with both love holes. 

Ella : Ergnn…

Celeste : Gaspp!..eng..

Both of them moaned at the same time, purring softly in the room as I pressed my dry fingers on the entrance of their wet love hole. 

The feeling of dry skin getting coated with a viscous gel that can only be secreted caused a sudden contraction in my anus. As I massaged both the girls’s privates, I could feel my bladder being squeezed, my body oozing out a erotic vibe I cannot describe. 

I have never felt like this before. 

You would surely think I must be on top of the world. 

Super aroused and turned on.

Or maybe already thinking I’m some super hero, ready to go and fucked myself to heaven but that was not the case. 

In fact it could not be further from the truth. 

I was feeling so uncertain and unsure of my actions. 

Each and every actions I did, I was unsure. 

I did not know if it was acceptable, I really don’t know if they were ok with this but still I went ahead. 

How can I not go ahead ? 

What choice did I have ? 

We maintained our position for less than a minute. Ella stopped stroking my dick and when I see her struggle to get up, I helped her with a lift only to see her pulling Celeste’s head away from my nipple. 

Instead, Ella held onto my hardened dry dick and brought it towards Celeste. 

I could not believe what happening as Celeste’s mouth opened up, readily sucking my cock deep into her mouth with a hollow moan. 

Celeste : Hoerermmm…. 

It was a slow teasing suck. 

One that tantalise your nerves and teased your resolve. Celeste’s tongue pushed and stimulated my pee hole, striking raw nerves like a angry pluck of the guitar string. 

Instead of a chord of musical note, it send a spike of skin numbing shiver deep into my stomach and I moaned like av porn star. 

James : Arghhhh…eughhhhnnnn…. 

I had trouble processing the things going on around me. 

When did Ella get under my dick and Celeste’s head. 

She had wriggled and made herself comfortable below us, resting on Celeste’s lap. 

With her bound hands, she reached for Celeste’s breast, teasing the pink erected nipples that was now rock hard against Celeste’s top. 

Ella’s fingers moved rapidly, it reminded me of the times when I was younger in the arcard, I pride myself on being able to play time crisis with a good score, shooting rapidly with my fingers, moving at an incredible rate. 

Rat tat tat tat tat tat…. In succession without rest. 

It was a skill I found useful till this very day. 

Although I was sure Ella’s fingers were not as fast as mine, it was at a decent speed. 

Enough to get Celeste moaning, enough to make her body twitch, enough to break all rhythm of her blowjob.

As Celeste dealt with the onslaught of her stimulated nipple, Ella started kissing her on her tummy, pressing herself against her body. 

Celeste’s sucking started to have intermittent pause, heavy hot breathes of air huffed themselves onto my dick as she registered the stimulation her body was receiving. 
Ella played with Celeste’s breast while my left hand went to her pants, rubbing her hungrily on her privates. She had just came barely 30 minutes ago, yet the moisture that she secreted generously onto her pants told me she wanted more. 

The more I rub, the wetter she got. Her legs spread wider, giving more room to touch and play with her private. 

Ella’s pants got so wet that it’s almost impossible to rub her smoothly through the fabric. 

The sticky smooth love juice coated the entire crotch area of Ella’s love region, turning it into a slimy warm nest, ready for occupants to move in. 

I half tugged and pull Ella’s pants off, her waist raised up, her legs kicking and pushing the pants away from her bottom, determined to bare her naked vagina to me. 

Celeste’s sucking stopped, Ella’s movements caused her to topple over, lying helplessly on her tied hands. 

I helped Ella up, pushing her towards my left and went for Celeste. 

Taking Celeste into my embrace, I turned her around as she gasped helplessly, positioning her rear upwards in front of my throbbing dick. 

I pushed aside her shorts, and slide my dickhead up and down her soft wet slit. 

Celeste too, started secreting copious amount of natural lubrication, globs to thick warm juice coated my penis as I rubbed her, stroking my dick up and down with my right hand. 

Ella by then had taken off her pants completely, choosing to stand by the edge of the bed. 

With me on my knees, it was an awkward angle but I could still reach her. 

Ella faced me, but took a step forward so our bodies are not aligned, much like someone about to walk by on my left, the only difference was that I had cupped my left hand onto her wet pussy, rubbing her hungry pussy.

Ella : Ernnnggggghhhhh…… ahhhhhh… enggggghhhhhhhhhhhh/// arhhhh….. 

She moaned and scream as her tied hands pressed down on my left hand, as if the vigorous rubbing of her vagina was not enough to give her a proper high. 

Celeste’s head pressed down on the bed, trying to balance her own body. 

I fuck myself into her vagina, pushing myself smoothly into the depths of her fleshy folds. 


It was one of the rare occasion when I could hear such a wet erotic sound from a well lubricate vagina. 

Celeste : Aghhhh… erngngnnnnnnnnnnn….. 

Squuuuexzhhhhhh….. piakkkk… 

There seemed to be some pockets of air trapped within the ample love juice. The rubbing of our skin gave out this sick melody of squishing and wet clapping. 

Celeste : Ernnn….hh… arghh.. arghhh….. 

I worked up a rhythm, my right hand held onto Celeste’s tied wrist, slamming myself into her, determined to push and let my dick go as far in as I could. 

Celeste :argnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ….ergnnhh….

Ella : harr….e gngng.g.gahg…. 

My left hand’s stroking for erratic, it was almost impossible to coordinated both sets of movements. 

Ella’s moans started to slow while Celeste one is picking up. 

Ella : untie me James…..

I stopped rubbing Ella’s pussy, and while I fucked myself slowly into Celeste from behind, I untied Ella. 

Immediately after doing away with the knots, I continued to fuck Celeste, smacking and making up for the lack of visual and audio stimulation when I took her virginity earlier. 

Ella moved over to my right after getting loose and stripping herself completely, I paused to catch my breath, my heart beating so fast I thought I was running a marathon. 

Turning a panting Celeste over onto her back , Ella kissed her again, her hand reaching under Celeste’s top to play with her breast. 

Celeste’s eyes remained tightly shut as I entered her missionary, my right hand went to play with Ella’s naked breast. 

I only managed less than 10 strokes before there was movements again. 

Celeste too begged to be untied.

I withdrew myself and turned her over but it was Ella who helped her get loose. 

For the next 30 second, Celeste panted and moaned on the bed even though no one was doing anything. 

She shook her hands, feeling the rush of pins and needles as the lack of blood caused some of her fingers to go numb. 

I sat down on the bed, breathing heavily. 

I would have thought things came to an end but Celeste got back up.

She pushed me down and I laid with my head at the foot of the bed. 

Celeste straddled me, sitting on my stomach, she dragged her wet pussy with matted soft pubic hair on my body, drawing the wet slimy line vertically up towards my chin as she tried to balance herself. 

James : Arhh… rugn…. 

It was such an unbelievable feeling that I could not hold back a moan. 

With Celeste blocking me, I could no see where Ella went. 

Then without warning, I felt Ella straddled me, my mouth gasped open and before I could scream or moan, I felt the tight entrance of Ella’s vagina pushing down on my dick. 

James : Aegggnngngnghhh…. 

I could feel all my veins throbbing as my penis was taken slowly into Ella’s hungry love hole. 

Ella was not contented with just an entry, I could feel her squeezing and letting go.

Squeezing and letting go. 

Milking my dick as I fought for control. 

By the time I felt the weight of Ella sitting down on my dick fully, I could no longer move.

Celeste has move herself close to my mouth. 

She lifted herself up, tucked both my arms under her calves, pinning me down on the soft bed. 

Her wet and warm vagina loomed above me for a second before pressing down on my mouth, smearing my entire face with her love juice. 

James : slurrppppzz….luppppl ….larrupppp.. slurrupp…. Lerp…lerp…

Celeste : ERgnnn.hhh…. erghhnn….

Ella : erngngngngn…. Aerhh.. aehh… 

I was getting disorientated.

The medley of moans filled the room. 

I could feel the comfortable squeeze of Ella’s vagina muscles, I could smell and taste the lovely sweet nectar of Celeste’s privates. 

I can hear the moans of the 2 girls. 

My eyes feasted on Celeste’s bobbing breast as she grinded herself on my face, smearing and coating her lubricant all over. The smell that attacked my nose, the texture of the nectar that was slowly sliding down my cheeks and mouth cannot be described. 

I felt like a rape victim.

A happy rape victim as I laid there immobilised, allowing the 2 girls to have their way with me. 

I felt my nipples go off right when I managed to comprehend what was going on. 

Ella rested her palms on my chest, her fingers rapidly flicking and teasing my nipples, eliciting a series of short breathless moans as I begged for her to stop. 

James : Arghhh.. ernng… arnng… sq….lrurupp.s.s. 

It was close to impossible for me to speak properly, Celeste was literally using my chin to rub her clit. I inhaled and choked a couple of times on her sweet love juice. The thick warm liquid got sucked into my nose unwillingly as she continued dripping the infinite amount of sacred water onto me. 

My arms were starting to ache and I could feel Celeste slowing down, trying to catch her breath. Ella too was taking it slow, determined to squeeze and torment me as she made full use of her muscles in her vagina. 

Every time she pulled herself up, I could feel that comfortable squeeze and followed by the snug hold that you cannot replicate with your own hands. 

The warmth and the friction that gently massaged your budging dick veins as you exit the vagina. 

The comfort lasted a few seconds, before it was replaced by the sourish stab of nerves being rubbed the wrong way, my rolled back foreskin, the exposed red sensitive flesh of my dickhead, all came together to send a jolt of current into my entire body. 

Celeste got off me on my left, staggering a little before she stoop down, kneeling down beside me. 

Ella fucked me a few more times before she got off. 

James : arghhh…. Har….. har…. Har…. 

I laid there, panting on the bed. 

Before I could catch my breath and bring my heartrate back to normal, I felt a muffled slap of fabric on my face. 

I recognised the colour and texture. 

Celeste had took the pants Ella removed a while ago to wipe my face. 

I could smell Ella, her unique scent as Celeste rubbed and mixed that aroma into my nose, cleaning my face of her own cunt juice. 

Ella did not hesitate to take over the spot Celeste vacated. She was trying hard to catch her breathe. All this time she was the one doing all the work, using her vagina to fuck herself onto me. 

I did not even get a chance to move much. 

Ella straddled my chest, dragging herself upwards before adopting a similar position as Celeste a few moments ago. 

For some reason, Ella could not get into a comfortable position and she gave up trying and stood up, pulling me up by my hands at the same time. 

As I got up, with Ella’s legs apart on both sides of my thigh, I came face to face with her wet love hole. Hugging onto the back of her thigh, I pressed my face into her pubes, kissing and sucking away as she groaned and held onto my shoulder for balance. 

Celeste got up on the bed too, going behind Ella and cupping her breast with both her hands. 

I would have thought she would flick her nipples doing something similar to what she had been through, or maybe fondle her breast but instead, Celeste grabbed onto Ella’s nipples with her thumb and index fingers. 

I wouldn’t have known if not for Ella’s blood curling moan. 

Ella : ERgnnnnnu… ughnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn….!! 

I looked up and saw Celeste tuning and twisting Ella’s erected nipples. 

Ella : erguuu… urh… ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. 

I latched onto Ella’s clit, sucking hard and tongue slap her fleshy mound of raw nerves. 

Larpp… lupp… larpppp lupp… slurppzz…..zhhhssluttoozozzppp… 

All manners of sound and squeaks filled the room as Ella moaned and tried to push my head away. 

I paused and looked up, Celeste had cupped her hands totally onto Ella’s breast, kneading them continuously, she allowed both her nipples to protrude out of the space between her middle and ring finger, her constant kneading and teasing is seeping the strength out of Ella’s legs. 

Ella : Arguhhh.. ughhh. Urgghh… egggguhhhh…. 

I reversed a little, backing myself out from between Ella’s legs and she collapsed onto her bed, panting and moaning even though no one was stimulating her any longer, her body shook and I could see her perspiration under the light in the room. 

She was just heaving and breathing in the doggy position. 

If Celeste was a man, she would have entered her from behind without hesitation. 

That was what I would do. 

I could feel the tension and hyper charged atmosphere in the air. 

It was something I could not explain. 

Ella took a deep breath and composed herself before turning over to Celeste who was brushing back her hair and stray fringes. 

With her on her knees, Ella grabbed onto Celeste’s thighs. 

Celeste : No!.... Ella.. no… wait…. 

It was too late, Ella took over my previous position and started to lick Celeste’s lovely slit, tasting her freshly fucked virgin hole. 

There was a moment of unwillingness but as soon as the gentleness of Ella’s tongue probing into Celeste’s pussy, she melted and moaned, trying to support herself properly. 

Celeste could not maintain her balance and she lowered her body, lying back down with her legs spread apart. 

Ella dove right in, and the moment her mouth got to work, she was rewarded with the lustful helpless moans of Celeste. 

Celeste : Erguughghghg…. Urghh.. gennnhuuu…egnnn….

The soft tongue of another woman had to be a completely different experience for her virgin pussy. Unlike the vulgar attack of my tongue, Ella lapped away like a kitten, her hands stroking Celeste’s thighs and her fingers alternated between spreading her pussy lips and flicking her clitoris. 

Celeste : Ergnnnnnn…. Ergnnnnnn.. erngnn… ohh….erngngn… my… god… erngnngg…

Celeste’s body was trying to decipher the complex erotic feelins and I did not know why I put my dick to her face when she could hardly control her body anymore.

Without the need for me to say anything, Celeste immediately took my cock into her mouth, sucking down hard as she fought back a moan. 

We were all perspiring badly in the room. 

The three of us were all naked by then and beads of perspiration rolled down our body, every drop collecting each other until it gets too heavy and started rolling down. 

I forgot when did we change our positions again but I had one girl in each arm as I sat on the bed. 

They were fingering themselves while the rubbed their breast onto my face, my hands grabbed onto their tight butt, kneading and giving the occasional smack. 

Ella brought out a finger, well coated and shimmering in the dim room, her skin on her finger had started to get wrinkled, a sign of the duration it was in the wet and damp interior of her love hole. 

Ella pressed her wet cunt juice coated finger to my face, drawing a line down the ridge of my nose, smearing her scent all over. 

I was about to enjoy the delicious freshness of Ella when Celeste too, did something similar, but instead, she thrust it into my mouth. 

Celeste : show me … how you want me to suck for you….

That mere statement turned me on immediately. 

I felt like I was hypnotised, being brought under a spell as I relished the tingling sensation as Celeste pushed her wet finger into my mouth, gently pulling in and out. 

I sucked hard onto her wet cunt juice coated finger and felt a corresponding pressure being applied to my dick. 

James : Ergnn…urghhg

Celeste : Uhhggg engg…. 

The same time I reacted to a tongue push on my pee hole, Celeste’s body twitched as Ella’s tongue explored deeper into Celeste’s love hole. 

Celeste : Ernnnnnnnngghh….. ohh…..erngng… ohhh…. My god….my god… erngngngng…..hhh

The mutual sucking between me and Celeste stopped after about a couple of minutes.

Celeste squeezed onto my hand as she lost herself in orgasmic heaven, moaning helplessly as Ella’s tongue worked her magic. 

Less than a minute later, the moaning stopped, replacing by heavy breathing as the 2 girls laid sprawled on the bed. 

The laid face up, their eyes closed. There is the evident smell of love making and sex in the air. 

A unique humid warmth that virgins would not recognise. 

I inserted my middle and ring finger into Ella’s sopping wet love hole with my palms facing up, my thumb pressing down onto her swollen clitoris while my inserted fingers digged upwards. 

Ella : ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..engnggg.g….hhh

It caused an instant reaction as Ella gripped onto the bedsheets with both her hands, her teeth gritted tightly together. 

Celeste turned to see what was happening but before she could comprehend anything, my middle finger had started to go inside her tight hole. 

I could feel the muscles relaxed a little more, but nevertheless, it would be too adventurous to try 2 fingers. 

Using the same posture, except 1 finger shot, I pressed down on Celeste’s clit with my right thumb and she too gave out a blood curling moan the moment I started moving my hands. 

It was a combination of digging and pressing and sweeping. 

Both girls gripped onto the bedsheet, moaning into the air as both my hands started rocking vigorously. 

Imagine yourself digging into the soft fleshy interior of the vagina, pressing against soft sensitive spots as the girls screamed and moaned for mercy. At the same time, the depression and sweeping motion of your thumb rubbed gleefully at the blood engorged clit. 

My thumb swept hard and fast, my mind trying to control both my hands at the same time amidst the sensual moans. Like the windscreen wiper on a car, I wiped and brushed my thumb forcefully onto the clit, causing tremors to course through the girls. 

Ella : Arggggghhhh… uggg… ughghg…

Celeste : Argghhghghghghghg…. Gggrrrrrrr…. Jamess..s…. urghh….engng…

The moans slowly gave way to a higher pitch of noise bordering a scream. 

Unlike the wiper on your car who helped to clear the windscreen of moisture, the more my thumb wiped, the wetter the girls got. 

Especially Ella. 

Generous and unbelievable amount of liquid gushed out onto my palm. 

In fact I could feel a small puddle building up in the centre of my hand as small squirts of Ella’s vagina juice was expelled from her love hole. 

It was not as thick and viscous as her lubricant, yet it left a sweet smelling scent in the air. 

Ella : Arguuuuhhhh.. ennnngg.g.. enghh.. James!!!!... enggghgh,,,,

Ella’s voice for louder as I felt her body arched upwards. 

Her hands gripped so hard onto the bedsheets that her knuckles turned white. 

Ella : Arhh… ernnggg….. Ja…..ames…… I’m… I’m…. 

Before Ella could finish her sentence, Celeste let out a sharp ear piercing scream as her body came up high before slamming hard onto the soiled mattress.

Celeste : aRghhh….. urgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Harrrrrrrrrrrr……. Noooooo…a arngngngng…. 

Her body slammed several times onto the bed as she sensitive love hole tried to squeeze my fingers away from her. Celeste’s legs kicked and trashed all over before landing a good kick on my right chest. 

She moaned and cupped her hands over her well serviced vagina, rolling onto her stomach, her air deprived lungs sucking in globs of oxygen as she alternated between moaning and groaning in peasure. 

With my right hand freed, I went back to concentrate on Ella. 

I grabbed onto her right breast, wetting them with Celeste’s cunt juice, smearing it all over as I flicked her nipple roughly. 

I even pulled and tuned her nipples, turning it clockwise for 90 degrees as Ella cursed and moaned into the cold air of the room. Before the effects and pleasure could be registered in her brain, I turned it anti-clockwise, causing a ripple of tremors in her body. 

I kept twisting and turning her nipples the same time I was digging her pussy and rubbing her love hole. 

Ella : Arhhhhh!!!!....James…. ahhh…. Ergnnnhnhh… rgnh… egegehenhnhnnnn…!! 

Her head started shaking violently, her body arched upwards, there was a look of bewilderment in her eyes as Ella moaned whilst she held back tears. 

I could see the bedsheets being forcibly pulled towards her body’s epi center. 

Her voice got higher before droning out into a deafening silence. 

A silence that lasted all of 1 second. 

Like the sudden impact of a meteorite hitting earth in some Hollywood film, she slammed her body don so hard that it gave me a scare. 

An unbelievable amount of vagina discharge shot out like a jet spray, it was a forceful push that came with what sounded like a vagina fart. The discharge came out almost like a mist, spray and coating my entire left arm. 

Ella : Arghhhhhh…. Egnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh……!!!! 

Ella went into spasm as she cried and she too cupped her privates after kicking wildly at me before she rolled onto her stomach. 

I pulled her legs off the bed, causing Ella to dangle partly off the edge, a perfect doggy position. 

I positioned Celeste in the same manner and wasted no time at all. 

I plunged my throbbing dick into Ella’s vagina, forcibly pushing aside her butt cheeks. 

Ella : Arhhhhh!!..... engng…. James…. No….!!... enngngng

Without the need to get a rhythm going, I just pulled back and slammed it into Ella, causing a shriek and a curse to escape from her lips before she started moaning again. 

Ella tried to speak but all she could do was moan as I slam my balls into her pelvic region. Hitting her vagina which all her nerves firing different feelings of euphoria into her body. 

I managed about 30-40 strokes before I paused and I switched. 

I pushed aside Celeste’s butt cheeks and inserted my well lubricated cock into her, feeling her muscles stretch and accommodate me once more. 

Celeste : Arhhhhh… engggg…..arnnggng…. 

Her moans were softer, more measured, I guess she had more time to cool off. 

Still it was a snug tight fit for me. 

I got off another 20-30 strokes before I felt the need to cum. 

There was just one problem. 

Who shall I cum in ? 

In that split second, I was proud I could still think with my head as I pulled out my dick right before I started spraying all over like a gardener gone wild, coating the girls’ back with my sperm. 

It was not a lot though, but still in a decent quantity considering it was my second shot. 

I collapsed into the space between the 2 girls, spent, exhausted and panting away. 

When I woke up in the morning, I was alone in the room. 

The clock read 7am 

The girls were nowhere to be seen. 

I quickly got dressed and went down for breakfast. 

The moment I got into the dining area, I knew something was wrong. 

Ella , Celeste and Don each had their own table. 

In that instance, I knew I was fucked. 

The stupidity of my decision started to knock itself into me that morning. 

Celeste and Ella both looked at me eagerly and I was caught having to choose where to sit, in the end I ate breakfast alone. 

The decision of not making a choice did not turn out too well for me. 

By the time I got into the room, Ella was already packed and she walked right past me in the corridor without even acknowledging me. 

Celeste too ignored me when I tried to talk to her, choosing to head down to the lobby to wait for the start of the tour. 

I wanted to laugh but I can’t 

How could I be so naïve to think I could have the best of both worlds? 

It’s as if I woke up and realised I’ve broken my favourite toy and there was no way of putting it back together again. 

I had to be dreaming if I think I could keep Ella while getting together with Celeste. 

The same goes the other way round. 

I was beginning to wonder if the threesome was a mistake to begin with. 

Barely 30 minutes into the tour of the nice town, I saw Ella and Celeste talking to Charlie separately. 

I could see and feel the exasperation in Charlie’s expression as he nodded his head reluctantly at both of them that morning. 


When we arrive at our hotel in Prague, Charlie gave me a look of resignation when he handed me the room key. It was not difficult to notice that both Ella and Celeste had their own key too. 

All of us went to our rooms separately that evening. 

As dinner was not included that day in the tour, I was faced with the dilemma of who to eat with.

I considered calling Celeste, and I contemplated knocking on Ella’s door, in the end, I had no balls to do it.

Dinner in Prague was a lonely sandwich and a beer from the hotel lobby.


I decided to call Celeste on her room phone.

When she picked up, the first thing I did was to apologise.

James : Dear… I’m sorry…. Can we talk ? ….

Celeste : Make up your mind….. then we’ll talk.

She hung up on me after that.

I tried Ella’s phone, she just said she’s feeling tired and she wanted to get some sleep.

Ella : Don kept pestering me today…I don’t want to talk about this now….

She hung up with an invitation for me to head over to her room.

I guess in the heat of the moment when we had sex, none of us thought of the consequences.

The following day past in a blur as we toured the city of Prague.

We left Prague and entered Poland, heading to 1 of the top tourist spots. It did not help the mood when we visited the concentration camp where thousands of people were murdered.

Word goes that the place is constantly raining. It was a depressing place as we entered Auschwitz concentration camp.

Looking at the exhibit and being told the story behind the camp almost made me sink into depression considering the situation I was in.

We checked into our hotel in Krakow , Poland that evening at around 8.30pm after dinner.

I had approached each of the girls separately during dinner, asking if we could talk things out.

The last thing I wanted was for the situation to be left hanging in the air.

None of them wanted to even look at me.

It seemed I needed to make up my mind soon before things got worst.

I had this sick feeling in my gut as the gravity of the situation slowly sank in.

Not only did I just messed up the relationship of the girls, I also got myself fucked up in the process.

The more I thought about it, the more I blamed myself for being a dick.

As my chain of thoughts slowly grew and progressed, I could not help but feel a little manipulated.

I had this cold chill run down my spine as I thought about Ella.

I tried to clear my head and really look at the whole situation from the very beginning.

A scary thought entered my mind and I quickly brushed it off.


I was having a drink at the hotel bar when Don appeared beside me.

James : I’m not in the mood….. what do you want….

Don smiled and ordered himself a beer.

He did not say a single word, instead choosing to drink his beer quietly beside me.

It was just past 1am and only Don and I remained at the small hotel bar.

He drained his 2nd glass of beer and turned slowly towards me.

Don : Do you still think Ella is still the simple girl you remembered her to be ? … haha…

He laughed a throaty laugh before leaving me alone at the bar.

The feeling of anguish and discontentment started to fill me up. I was caught between knocking down Ella’s door and giving her a good fuck, perhaps force myself onto her.

She was the one who put me through all these.

It was something that I thought would help quell my frustration.

Yet part of me wanted to just snuggle up with Celeste, to just forget the entire matter and move on. To really enjoy the rest of my Europe trip.

I deliberated over my decision for a while.

I weighed the odds, and did my sums.

I finished my drink and went up to the rooms.

I knocked on the door and after a few attempts at the door bell, it finally opened.

When the door opened a crack, I could see her rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

A flurry of emotions rose up within my body.

With a deep breath I entered the room and shut the door behind me.


The end.


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