Wednesday, 25 November 2015

30th November 2015

First update to Europe trip will be on the 30th.

If work and schedule permits, i should be able to update daily and wrap it up by the 11th Dec 2015.

Apologies for the long wait.

edited 27/11/2015

It's began... :)

Enjoy your weekend.


Monday, 16 November 2015

Funny mail

Added a new tag for funny mails.

Just to share some of the funny mails i receive

My reply is in blue.


Dear ilock,

I noticed you have expanded your list of items under the coffee tab.

Can i safely assume if i buy you food for the day, you can stay at home and write ?

I propose this.


kopi O                   1.00
curry puff              1.60
chee chong fun      1.80


chicken rice          3.50
kopi O                   1.00

tea break

Kopi O                 1.00


Exra value meal   5.00


ice cold beer        3.80

I tallied a total of 17.70

I pay you $18. Can you just don't do anything except write and finish the Europe trip ?



Dear Alibaba, 

Thank you for the offer. 

I don't think i can finish it in a day. haha. 

Besides, i have a full time job, writing is a hobby. 

If one day i lose my job, i'll take you up on the offer

Thank you for the support. Hope you enjoy the read so far 




i buy your blog.
i give you 500

you give me password.

ok ?

Ok. show me the money first. 

i email you the password once i receive your money 
Just send with paypal to my email can liao. 

Thank you very much


Can you write a story about sim lim handphone sellers ??


Hi Sally, 

Are you kidding ? 



4) Fuck you

No thanks :) 


Hi bro,

There is a lot of hot bloggers who likes to post their revealing photos. Can consider using them for your story ? There is a few i quite like, always like to take very seductive poses to tease.

**Links to blogs deleted **


Hi Jonathan, 

I don't want to risk a lawsuit. lol. 

I'm afraid i have to pass on this. 

Quite a few are blogging for a living, and they are mini celebrities in their own way. 

We should probably leave them alone. 



6) *******@***

Bro, really love the stories, please continue writing them !!

By the way, the ebook i paid for it, please email them to me.

DUDE !, come on!. don't use that email. !! 

Be professional la, that one is your work mail.

I did a full refund to your credit card. Please register a another mail. 


About Lingerie fetish part 3

I've come to the last part of this series.

Thank you to all who has written to me to share your experiences.

I apologised i took so long to continue this as one of the main contributor of information for this post requested that i hold back sharing some of his tricks in case it gets abused too quickly.

Anyway, Partly it was because i myself wanted to test it out. haha.

I've shared in earlier posts about how to get worn lingerie legally and to effectively identify sellers to make sure they are genuine.

Here's some additional information to add on a few points highlighted by other contributors.

1) Check the items that is being listed up by the sellers. It's really unlikely that a girl would use the app to just sell lingerie.Chances are she would be selling everyday stuff as well. The proportion of normal clothes and trinkets to lingerie should be 85:15 .

This is the 'golden ratio' shared by one of the brothers who is a self proclaimed expert. lol. His mail is pretty funny at times.

2) Are the sellers willing to do meetups for normal everyday items ? Most girls do meetup at their convenience especially if the value of the item is slightly higher.

Don't forget this really depends on how good your reputation is as well. Just 1 bad review is enough to put off any chance of a meet up.

3) be creative in your methods of approach. I've pretended i was a courier completed with bike and helmet, even an official looking paperwork as well. All this just to pick up something i bought. lol.

I'll cut to the chase and share what many have been emailing me about.

How to get the girl who is selling you her worn lingerie to meet up with you ?

This idea is not mine, i'm just reproducing this with his permission.
You'll need to spend some money and need a bit of luck for this.

This particular buyer, let's call him Ken.

Ken uses 4 accounts and is always in the process of creating 'use and throw' account.

2 male profile.

2 female profile

For him personally, his fetish lies not with the lingerie itself, it's more geared towards the act and process of acquiring them.

His disposable account have at least 3-4 good ratings. These are easily obtained by buying low value stuff between 1-3 dollars.

Ken's main female profile account has the highest ratings, easily close to 30.

He started off by first identifying the seller. Ken only targets younger sellers, preferably those in tertiary education between age of 17-23. They are more likely to engage you compared to a working adult.

Ken first buys something from the seller using his male profile 1. A simple fuss free deal. Fast payment, deal via post. This is the first transaction to establish contact.

He also takes note of which train station or shopping mall the sellers usually does meetups. Some sellers list out their preferred location and timings on their profile.

Ken would then strike a conversation with the seller using male profile 2 about the lingerie she is selling. This is just a diversion according to him. He asks stupid questions, like are the lingerie freshly worn ?

Does it have her smell ?

Is she willing to wear them for him before selling them ?

"I'll pay you more if you can take them off in front of me "

Sleazy stuff like that...

If you are lucky, you might get one who says yes, provided she is desperate enough. Even so, insists on meeting up so you know you are getting the real deal.

If she does not want to meet up, be creative.

Chances are though, you would be reported to the admin and be blocked from her account.

This indirectly increases the chances that you are dealing with a real girl. A fat guy in his underwear who is concerned about only profits will probably play along and insists on dealing via mail all the way. If the seller gets too pushy, back off.

Why ?

You're being an ass and a perv. Which girl in their right mind would want to entertain you.

Once ignored and blocked,

Ken then uses his 2nd male profile, the one that has bought something from the girl before to express interest on the lingerie.

Chances are the girl would not want to do meetups, especially if you are a male.

Don't insists if she declines.

There are several ways to do this.

First is to be honest and polite.

Tell the seller honestly that you don't mind dealing via mail, but it's not convenient if someone else like a housemate / family member stumbles onto the package in the mailbox.

Nothing to be shy about, just tell her. She would understand and as long as you keep within the boundary of being professional and nice, the deal would still go through.

So, make a request for registered mail.

The seller would then have to make a trip to the post office.

Next, would be to determine which post office and when.

Offer to make a full payment in advance, and request that she drops them off on a particular day if possible just to test water. Give her a reason that you are on leave the next couple of days, chances are you can pick them up once they deliver.

For eg if today is Wednesday,

Request for her to drop off on say Friday afternoon since you will be on leave the following monday and tuesday.

There is no telling if she would do it but this also acts as a gauge on her schedule and availability.

Assuming if she is available on friday afternoon and she agrees to your requests, go ahead with the deal.

Female profile 1

Assuming you are talking well into the deal with the seller, you should start using this profile concurrently.

Starting asking and express interest in some high value items on the seller list. Since you are a 'girl' request for meetups.

Fridays are good for meetups since it's the weekend. Ken has almost a 100% strike rate for friday meets.

Ask if she can meet in the morning, for example at Hougang mrt. There's a post office within a 5 minutes walk.

If she says yes, there's a high chance that she would drop off the registered package when she is there.

Female profile 2

express interest in other items, mid value, maybe say 10-20.

Request for meetups but don't tell her the time and venue. Say you drive, and you are flexible, can meet base on her convenience.

If the deal has already been struck with female profile 1 and she needs to go to the post office for the lingerie she sold, chances are she would initiate the deal to be on Friday as well at a time of her convenience.

Ken has done this 3 times with 100% success rate.

For the seller, it's like killing a few birds with 1 stone.

In this instance, the seller agreed to meet up at Hougang mall starbucks in the afternoon after class at 2pm for female seller 1 and 2.

female 1 asked if it can be earlier and found out her class only ends at 1pm. So accepts 2pm meeting.
Pays in advance via transfer as per seller's meetup requirements.

female 2 says ok but asked if she mind waiting a little since she's heading down during after lunch from Seletar, might reach at 2.30 latest.
Pays in advance via transfer as per seller's meetup requirements.

Ken reached starbucks at 11.30am and settled down for the long wait.

At 12.15pm, using female profile 1, he informs seller he is already there.
Seller replies that she is on her way.

female 1 says she will wait, to drop her a message when she's reaching.


Seller says she's reaching.

At 12.45pm, A girl resembling the profile picture of the seller appears.

With the bags she was carrying, Ken established that she is the seller.

female 1 text seller that she had just transferred another 10 to her account. She needed to rush back for a meeting and to trouble her to send her item to her.

Apologise for the inconvenience

Ken spent some time taking pictures of her. Snipes, stalking shots through a combination of his watch, pen and phone. These are for his personal collection. Make sure to keep out of her sight and don't make eye contact.

Followed her to the post office and loitered around while she sends the registered article.

Snipes more pictures of the girl.

Ken spent the next hour following and stalking the girl, from a different floor and he's pretty good.

I've had the fortune of seeing a couple of pictures he sent me, including 1 of the girl taking pictures of the article she sent female 1 at the post office.


Seller informs female 2 she is already there.


female 2 says she too has arrive but unable to find a carpark, has sent her boyfriend up to starbucks, his number is 98xxxxxx.

Ken reached starbucks, well dressed and groomed with the innocent good boyfriend look.

Eyes pretending to stray around, scratches his head a little.

Ken's phone rang and makes contact with seller.

Says hi. Thank you.

And goodbye.

And he leaves with seller's phone number.

Sounds like a lot of work ??

According to Ken, it's all worth it.

It allows him to match the lingerie he buys to a face, a body and some pictures and videos of the girl who sells them.

Upon receiving the lingerie, male 1 strikes up a conversation politely, asking to deal again if seller is keen on getting rid of more.

All 3 sells exclusively to Ken now and 1 of them regularly sends Ken pictures of her wardrobe and what she worn that day to school.

Yes, 1 of them is willingly selling Ken her freshly worn lingerie and Ken still deals via mail with her.

she also shares with male 1 her hobbies, aspirations to open a cupcake shops and the usual dreams of a 20 year old.

male 1 in returns, supports her business plan in return for her lingerie. It's not big amount, Ken never pays more than 20 even for worn lingerie.

The seller, according to Ken isn't hard up for money, rather she just likes talking to Ken about her business idea and asking for his advice.

Ken's most expensive investment to date is a mixer that he sent to her.

He got her address on the condition that he don't turn up and stalk her.  It's a condo in the outskirts of town.

He has a series of pictures of seller posing beside her cookies and pies in the underwear she baked them in.

Why ?

Why her ?


Ken googled her phone number and finds out that she has a baking blog. She accepts small orders of cookies and pies. He has been ordering regularly from her for his office.

She would deliver it together with her friend to his office.

Seller doesn't recognise him, not when he's in his suit and all. She just goes into his office to take her cheque.

And Ken has a collection of videos of her waiting, entering and leaving his room. Together with the pictures she sent male 1, and the lingerie he bought from her, he has no lack of materials for his self entertainment.

What as most arousing according to Ken as not just the fact of meeting her in real life regularly without her knowing.

It was seeing her pretending to be so sweet and innocent, baking cookies and all, yet beneath it all, male 1 knows how in need of attention she is.

To sum it up, how much effort and time you want to spend to collect the lingerie is up to you.

If you don't mind putting in a little effort and spending some money to get a piece of mind and potentially build a regular contact to supply you your materials, i think this might be worth a shot.

Please refrain from breaking any laws.

If the day comes when you are about to lose control.

Ask yourself, end of the day, is it really worth it just to get your hands on some lingerie that you have no idea who it belongs to, that happens to sit outside a corridor, which might be monitored by video camera ?

Even if it belongs to a hot colleague, a cute classmate or a voluptuous course mate, is it worth a lifetime of shame ?

Don't be silly.

Just pay for it.

In this mad world with so many threats against our way of life, you would be wasting the authorities time if they need to hunt for a underwear thief.

I rather their resources be spent on preventing madness like the one in France from even happening on our tiny island.

Stay safe.

Read something.

Read the rubbish i write.



Europe trip preview updated.

Just a little more editing to go.

I counted about 10 posts for the trip.

Will start the update end Nov or early Dec, just in time for Christmas.

Hope you enjoy the read.



Friday, 13 November 2015

Making some structural changes to Europe trip

In case you are wondering why it was taken offline, i'm making some structural changes to the overall plot and flow.

The new edited preview will be up by Monday

Thank you for all the emails and words of encouragements. It's these little gestures that keeps writers going.

Deeply appreciate the support for my matured audience series, i'll be slowly moving on to darker,more disturbing works that have been sitting in my hard disk.

The Europe trip will not be available as a ebook.

It will be posted here foc to thank everyone for reading my works.

If you want to show your appreciation, buy me a coffee or a meal anytime, or even better, share with me your stories.

I don't have a definite timeline at the moment, but will be doing some serious writing and editing this couple of weeks.

Expect to start sharing it end Nov.

Once again, thank you all for visiting my humble blog.



Thursday, 12 November 2015

New work listed up

Cheating wife from elite school gangbanged by construction workers has been listed up.

Hope you guys enjoy this.

Do note there are quite a few pictures in this, please be careful if you are reading on the train.

Note : I used a portion of pictures from Sylvia's hardisk for this piece. I am aware of a few copies of this story floating around from my preview copies sent to regular supporters but i assure you the content is totally different. Sylvia's face has been edited out to protect her identity. 

Edited the paypal buttons and separated the sections for Matured works and normal works.

Will be working on my Europe trip in the meantime.

Hope to share it soon.



Monday, 9 November 2015

Back to writing..

Looking forward to start my leave on Wednesday.............................

May be a public holiday tomorrow but still need to clear some outstanding work before i disappear from office for a good 2 weeks.

Hope to be able to wrap up all my writings.

I can almost smell the coffee and feel the relaxed atmosphere at the airport.

No i'm not heading overseas, i wish i could though.

Will be spending a couple of days with my laptop and maybe do some cafe hopping at the 3 terminals.

Holiday season is coming.

Cheers all