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Monday, 16 November 2015

Funny mail

Added a new tag for funny mails.

Just to share some of the funny mails i receive

My reply is in blue.


Dear ilock,

I noticed you have expanded your list of items under the coffee tab.

Can i safely assume if i buy you food for the day, you can stay at home and write ?

I propose this.


kopi O                   1.00
curry puff              1.60
chee chong fun      1.80


chicken rice          3.50
kopi O                   1.00

tea break

Kopi O                 1.00


Exra value meal   5.00


ice cold beer        3.80

I tallied a total of 17.70

I pay you $18. Can you just don't do anything except write and finish the Europe trip ?



Dear Alibaba, 

Thank you for the offer. 

I don't think i can finish it in a day. haha. 

Besides, i have a full time job, writing is a hobby. 

If one day i lose my job, i'll take you up on the offer

Thank you for the support. Hope you enjoy the read so far 




i buy your blog.
i give you 500

you give me password.

ok ?

Ok. show me the money first. 

i email you the password once i receive your money 
Just send with paypal to my email can liao. 

Thank you very much


Can you write a story about sim lim handphone sellers ??


Hi Sally, 

Are you kidding ? 



4) Fuck you

No thanks :) 


Hi bro,

There is a lot of hot bloggers who likes to post their revealing photos. Can consider using them for your story ? There is a few i quite like, always like to take very seductive poses to tease.

**Links to blogs deleted **


Hi Jonathan, 

I don't want to risk a lawsuit. lol. 

I'm afraid i have to pass on this. 

Quite a few are blogging for a living, and they are mini celebrities in their own way. 

We should probably leave them alone. 



6) *******@***

Bro, really love the stories, please continue writing them !!

By the way, the ebook i paid for it, please email them to me.

DUDE !, come on!. don't use that email. !! 

Be professional la, that one is your work mail.

I did a full refund to your credit card. Please register a another mail. 


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