Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Vote for your favorite female characters of 2016

Poll at bottom of page !.

Which character do you like the most ?

Will do a short feature standalone piece for the favourite character from the perspective of a reporter interviewing the female lead.



Wrapping up 2016

2016 is finally ending.

It's been a interesting and challenging for many including me. Nothing short of a roller coaster ride could sum up this year for me. 

Paycut, seeing my colleagues getting retrenched, petty office politics and a change of job. Presidential elections, Brexit, and how to forget the number of celebrities 2016 took away from us. 

As i'm writing this, i'm watching news broadcast of Carrie Fisher's passing. 

Only a few more days before this nightmarish year ends and 2016 is still full of surprises. 

It's been a interesting year for sensualsingapore too. My love from the star vista brought a lot more visitors to the blog, so did my adventure in the office. As a result, i got more mails and submission of ideas for future works.

Please keep sending me ideas and suggestions, help keep this blog alive.

Automating the ebook sale made things a lot easier too. You no longer need to wait for me to check my mail to send you the ebook. It's all automated. I no longer receive that many angry mails from blog readers who are waiting for me to send them the pieces. 

I've been on a break of sort since November. In between jobs would be a better description haha. I'm definitely looking forward to starting work at my new workplace in January. It's a small office, there would not be any adventures there that's for sure.

It's pretty challenging to keep myself occupied for 2 months, the initial period took a bit of adjusting to. My family knew of the situation but not the extend of it. They were aware of the job change but not of the 2 months break, so November was pretty much spent trying to put up a front that all was normal. 

I just don't want them to worry for me. 

So, like a typical drama, i would dress up for work as usual, maybe head out a bit later on pretext of having a meeting before heading to a library or a cafe for a few hours of writing. What follows would be some light reading while i try to get in touch with friends i haven't caught up with for a while. 

I met many of them for lunch, some for dinner and drinks, it seems quite a few of them are affected by the state of the economy as well. Pay cut is the norm, many consider themselves lucky to even hold on to their jobs. A few unlucky ones took to driving to tide things through until a offer comes along.

Generally as a whole, although things may appear a little gloomy, it's not the end of the world.

Most of my classmates and army mates are still doing ok. We still have food on the table and a roof over our heads. Everyone is healthy, that's all that matters. 

We talked about the old carefree days in school, our dreams and laughed over a few beers in the coffeeshop. Beer, fingerfood and a few good friends to chat with, life's good when things are simple.

One particular friend, Terry, asked me what is my dream. 

I hesitated for quite a while as i thought about my answer. 

Terry : Need to think so long or not.... hahah... dream.... not wet dream..... 

James : Hahaha... got quite a few... 

Terry shook his finger at me and said just one. 

Terry : Dream.... that only one... the one you work towards.... what do you really want ?? 

He went on to give me a short lecture of working towards my dream. 

You would probably expect Terry to be some motivational speaker or educator but he's not. He's actually a plumber/electrician. His dad taught him the trade after poly, father and son then continued the 2 man company. 

They're making good money by the way. It's backbreaking and sweaty work but once you establish yourself in the trade, you only need to service a few contractors and designers and you're set.

So while thinking about my dream, i asked Terry the same question. 

What dream can a plumber have you say ? 

While the rest of our class spent the better of the decade working for others, Terry spent the same amount of time working for himself. He's stashed away a good amount of savings and built up a sizable portfolio of stocks.

Due to get married soon, Terry already has the financial muscle to pay off his HDB BTO in full if he wishes to with plenty to spare. He planned to take a 3 month break and travel with his wife after their wedding. He's been saving for this for a while and planning the exact route and itinerary took close to a year.

Is that his dream then ? To travel with his wife.

It is his dream, for now... according to him..... before he starts working towards the next one.

Terry : So which one are you working towards now ??

I would have love to tell him about this blog and my love for writing but i can't so i said i would love to travel too after much hesitation.

Seeing me hesitate, Terry added that actually it doesn't matter what dream it is.

As long as you wake up everyday and you work towards it.

Terry : Simple one lah..... imagine you trying to build something.... no matter how hard,.... as long as you put one brick everyday, eventually you will complete it...

James : you should go and become a motivational speaker..

Terry : hahah... am i wrong ? ....

We switched topics after than but what he said stuck with me for a few days. It really is as simple as it gets.

Wake up, do your stuff and at the end of that day, ask yourself one question.

Did i get 1 brick in or 1 step closer to my dream ?

A simple yes and no answer.

Yes ? Good.... you're getting there...

No ? Then do something about it.

Using this year as a benchmark, i think getting 2 full length work our a year seemed doable as long as i have the materials for it.

Aside from My hawker adventures, i shall work towards getting another piece up for the 2nd half of 2017.

Eventually, maybe in a decade or so, i may have enough works to publish a book ? haha. Imagine the day finally comes when our libraries has a real ' adult' section accessible by above '21s' .

Well, nothing's impossible.

I look forward to the day when i can write full time , not for a living but as a hobby.

A distant dream but i'm working towards it.

2016 is the year of the monkey, geomancers say it's a year of mischief and disruption, with the approaching 2017, i hope the arrival of the rooster would herald a new dawn for all of us.

Doesn't matter what 2016 has thrown at you, you're still here.

I wish all blog visitors a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

Keep calm and read.



Friday, 23 December 2016

Bitcoin payment.

Just got a bitcoin wallet ( PS : Yes .... because of you .... ) and i'm trying to buy some from the exchange.

You know who you are.... you @#$@#$%@#$%@#$... who only wants to use btc.
Please pardon the language....

I am really interested in what you showed me though. haha..

It would make really good materials for future stories.

On the other hand,i'm trying to figure out how it works in terms of transaction.

If anyone knows a ebook platform that accepts bitcoin payment please drop me a note.

Give me a couple of days to figure out how this works, if all is good, you should be able to transact with bitcoin as well.



Friday, 16 December 2016

Structure and chapters of hawker adventures

Got the main structure laid out.

It's going to be a sick, twisted piece with comedic elements.

Sexual scenes will be something a little different.

Characters will be developed further with more colourful personalities.

Join me as we delve deeper into Kate's family background and the adventures Jake is being dragged into against his will.

Writing has begun.

Target to get 1 or 2 more updates into the introduction before regular updating begins early next year.



Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bite size reads - My colleague's panty

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with fetishes about worn / soiled clothing and lingerie.

I sit beside this really hot mother in office. Her name is Melody.

We're quite close as colleagues and even got to the point of calling each other 'dear' & 'darling' when we needed favors from each other.

Melody became a mother at the age of 25. I did not pay much attention to her initially when i was introduced to her on my first day at work.

She looked just like any normal sweet girl next door you see along the street. She's sweet and pleasant looking but not to the point of being classified as hot. However after she got pregnant, she started to change.

I don't know how to explain this but there seemed to be this natural glow to her face. This healthy shine and vibe really attracted my attention. Her complexion was literally glowing when she's about 5 months pregnant.

Melody did not need makeup, she used to put on quite a thick layer when i first knew her, but having that natural glow made things a lot easier for her. Just a light layer to really bring out her seductive eyes was all she did.

She said she could sleep in an additional 20 minutes now that she don't need that much time for her makeup.

It was really weird but seeing Melody pregnant turned me on in a weird way. I started to take photos of her when she was not looking.

I started with back views from a distance before moving on to closer shots.

Then i grew bolder and started taking side views of Melody as i pretended to fiddle with my phone.

Since she was one of my regular lunch kahki, i had opportunity to take down blouse shots of her swelling breast as well.

It was a sick and perverse act, i'm not proud of myself but i was aroused by it.

I can't help it.

With the stash of photos, i started to masturbate to Melody's pictures.

After each time i came, i would feel a little guilty but barely a few hours would go by before i felt the urge again.

I tried to surf porn.

I tried to read erotic stories but it was no use.

I even tried scrolling down a long list of Japanese Av streams online, each had a lead actress prettier and hotter than Melody but it was no use.

I could not even get an erection, and i'm barely 30 years of age.

Something was wrong with me.

i only wanted Melody.

The moment i look at Melody's smile, her tight dress with the protruding stomach, blood would rush to my dick.

It was like a switch.

A switch for a instant erection.

As the days go by, i sank deeper into this infatuation.

Really deep.

I could not get by the day without masturbating twice to Melody's pictures and instagram photos.

I started to eye her water mug on her desk.

When no one was looking, i would pick it up and lick the entire rim of the mug a full round, feeling my dick harden up as i imagined myself kissing Melody on her lips.

I would drink the remnants of her water after she leaves for the day.

Sometimes she would snack at her desk, a couple of crackers, i would hunt for bits and crumbs at the end of the day, choosing to lick up every bit of the biscuits she did not manage to put into her small mouth.

Doing things like this kept me sane long enough to get through the day.

I needed help.

I could not go on like this.

I knew i needed to stop but i can't.

The next thing i knew, i was ransacking through Melody's wastepaper basket.

I would pick up the napkins she used to wipe her mouth and smell it religiously as i relieved myself .

Melody kept a pair of slippers and high heels in the office and those too, became a tool for me to wank off. I would make sure i was the last one in the office before i take them out.

My feet isn't big for a man, i could squeeze into Melody's high heels.

I would take a few steps in them, pretending i was her as i sniff her cardigan that was draped over her chair.

By the time Melody was 8 months pregnant, i had run out of ideas and things to do.

Each time i had an orgasm, it just made the next one harder to achieve.

It's like i'm being forced to play some sick twisted game.  I have to arouse myself further , with more sick acts before i could have my orgasm. It's mentally very draining and tiring but yet if i don't do it, i would feel even worse.

I would reach the brink of snapping.

And i meant it when i said i was snapping.

The thought of forcing myself onto Melody actually came into my head.

I would reason with myself how i could do it and how she could not resist.

She's too pregnant to fight you.....

She won't resist.... you're a colleague.... you're nice to're good looking too....

Melody is a nice girl.... i'm sure she don't mind a fling...

She will be too afraid of her safety to fight you..... you can cum inside her... she won't get pregnant again.....

Reasons like this kept popping into my head and it scares me.

Yet the more i think about it, the more sense it made.

I'm sure Melody wouldn't mind.

She would surely be ok with me having sex with her. After all, i can shoot inside her as many times as i want and she won't get pregnant again. so there was no reason for her to resist me right ? ...

I was consumed with the idea and i found myself plotting towards my goal.

I was scared, terrified of what i was doing but i was strangely aroused.

Really aroused.

I knew time was running out.

I had to do it soon.

I haven had an orgasm for days and i'm running mad.

My chance finally came on the day when Melody was rushing for a project deadline.

I knew she would be working late that night.

At 36 weeks, she really shouldn't be working so hard.but she wanted to finish her stuff before she goes off for her maternity leave.

I too made plans to work late.

As i watched each and every colleague leave the office after 6pm, my heart started thumping.

It was really slamming against my ribcage.

I was nervous.

My plan was simple.

Melody would surely need to go to the toilet.

I would strike then.

My office is in a old building. There are no cameras along the corridor and towards the bathroom.

I would go after her when she goes to the toilet.

That was when i would strike.


I could see Melody stretching her arms as she got up to head to the toilet.

I was shivering.

Shaking in fact as i got up after her.

She walked slowly towards the toilet and i kept a good distance behind her.

I'll wait for her to go into the bathroom.

Once she's inside i will dash in and lock the door behind me.

My dick started to get hard as i looked at Melody's back view.

She looks so good despite being pregnant.

Her figure still has that hourglass profile from behind.

I would love to cup my hands around her breast and enter her in the doggy position.

I closed my distance and kept my eyes on Melody.

Suddenly she stopped.

I panicked and i hid myself behind a column.

Melody : Cough.... cough... ahchoo... achoo....

Melody sneezed and coughed a couple of times before i heard her curse out softly.

I waited a while longer before i heard the bathroom door close.

I came out from my hiding and hurried along.

This was it.

I really need to relieve myself, i need to bury myself inside Melody and have my orgasm.

Right when i passed the spot where Melody was standing on, i saw a small puddle.

It's weird.

The corridor is enclosed. There's no window, no aircon, and there was no reason why the floor would be wet.

I saw some droplets leading to the toilet Melody just entered.

That was when it struck me.

I've read somewhere that sometimes pregnant women would leak pee. This must be it.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and i heard Melody gasped

Melody : Gasp !!! What are you doing here ??

I was a bit nervous but i acted normal.

James : i was about to go to the bathroom when i almost stepped on this puddle....

i gestured to the floor and i could see Melody blush red.

She had some napkins in her hands and she looked like she had gone to take them to clean up the mess she made.

Melody : It's... it's.... oh my god...  go... go away James... so embarrassing....

She walked slowly towards the puddle and i took the opportunity to approach her.

James : Give me...

Melody : NO!!... no need...

James : Haiyah... you in this state... how to bend down !!...

Melody considered what i just said and passed me the napkin

I bent down and started to clean up Melody's pee, the smell alone gave me a raging hardon.

Melody : Oh my god... so embarrassing... can you not tell anyone James...

James : Of course i won't la... don't worry....

She kept going on about how awkward it was but i ignored her and said i'll go dispose off the napkins in the bathroom.

Instead, i went to the gents and set the napkins aside. I would go back for them later.

How could i just flush Melody's pee down the toilet. I want to bring them back with me later.

I came back out and was about to head back to office when Melody passed me by again with a small bag in hand.

James : Are you ok ?? you need help ??

Melody : haha.. no need... i'm going to change my panty la... all wet already.... how you going to help...

I laughed and offered to help her take it off.

Melody : Tsk!... sick... go away la...

I walked with her to the ladies and helped her open the door, holding it till she's in.

Melody : Thanks James...

James : No problem.. sure you don't need help ?

Melody : Hahah... yes i'm sure !!!

James : Alright... i'll be here outside the door.... if you need anything just call out ok...

Melody : That's so sweet of you James... thanks!... don't make me fall for you ok ?? i'm married la... ahha...

James : don't pretend... i always knew you had a crush on me...

Melody stuck out her tongue at me before turning away.

I smiled and watch the door closed.

5 minutes later, the door opened again and Melody came out.

James : All ok ?

She smiled and nodded her head.

James : Eh your wet panty.... will stink up the office or not.....wait the next day...

Melody : Of course not !!!! hahaha.. don't be disgusting... i threw it away already.... i'm wearing new one ok... !...

I smiled as i felt my erection throb harder.

I head back into office, worked another 15 minutes or so before i said i'm leaving for the night.

Melody : Go ahead... i'll lock up later....

James : See you... dear...

Melody : Bye Darling....

I went straight to the ladies, dipped my hand into the bin and pulled up a wet panty wrapped with napkins.

Then i went over to the gents and picked up the bundle of napkins i had cleaned up Melody's pee with earlier.

I cannot help it.

i could not believe the erection i was having doing something like this.

I stripped myself and removed my own underwear.

Lining Melody's panty with her pee soaked napkins, i put my leg through the holes and pulled it up, tucking the napkin and Melody's panty against my groin before putting my pants on.

The damp touch of Melody's panty and the thick layer of napkins offered me this surreal sanctuary of calmness.

I was still horny but i did not feel the need to rape anyone anymore.

I walked out of the gents wearing Melody's panty.

When i reached the lift lobby, Melody was right there waiting for me.

James : Yes ? Everything ok ??

Melody looked around the empty office before coming forward and planting a kiss on my lip without warning.

I was shock.

James : Wh... what ??

Without warning, she pulled me into the office.

Melody : you know what James... you're right... i've always had a crush on you....and i's either now... or never.

James : Wait.. Melody... wait...

Melody sank down onto a chair, and started to unbuckle my pants.

James : Melody... i..

She paused .

Melody : You don't want to ??

I stared at her as she looked up with her doleful eye and she bit her lips.

The buckle came off and my pants dropped to my knees.



The end.


Up next.

Bite size reads - Spa retreat with colleague

Bite size reads are a compilation of short stories. They may or may not be related to each other. These are some of the ideas and suggestions sent to me by blog visitors which i have not used for the main pieces.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Blackmailing another blogger

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. First collaboration with the owner of tumblr site kinkynatty. All materials and screenshots used with permission. If you are uncomfortable with blackmail and worn lingerie, kindly skip this read.

If you have been following my recent post, you would realised I recently posted the link to a tumblr account.


Google it and you will be treated to a surprise treat for the eyes. The hot body of a local sweet girl. Her face is not shown of course. Only her body.

Yet her body alone is enough to fuel your imagination for days.

Now you would probably think it’s weird I would mention something like this in the blog, you are right. It’s weird.

I’m not promoting Natalie’s tumblr.

Then why ?

Read on to find out.

Now if you had gone through the entire site, you would know she’s selling her worn undies and her videos. There is nothing wrong with that but it came to my attention many months ago that a few blog readers had been cheated.

They did not get their videos after paying and she would cancel their meetings for her worn lingerie transaction.

This is definitely not cool.

I posted as a buyer of lingerie and messaged her a couple of months ago to express my interest to buy her worn lingerie. It was not easy convincing her to meet up with words alone but from our messages and conversations, I know one thing motivates her.

It’s money.

It’s something I could use to my advantage.

Please do not ever try this on your own. I will not be responsible for any monetary losses you incur.

After a couple weeks of correspondence, and in order to proof my sincerity in buying her worn lingerie, I transfer close to a 100 to Natalie. In return, she sends me her pictures and videos of her in her lingerie.

It was good fapping material. Especially when she sends me the HD videos of her rubbing herself till she’s amply wet and it soaked through her panty. The sticky thick discharge riled me up, waking a sleeping monster I had kept suppressed within myself for a while.

Natalie did not want to meet up with me initially but I kept persuading her. I kept telling her it’s a simple transaction.

We can do it in a public area, it will be safe.

There will be people around. We will transact in the day time, in a shopping mall or something. I said everything I could, or you can say anything I think she would want to hear.

As long as I can convince her to meet up with me.

That was the most important thing.

To meet up with me and sell me her lingerie.

I even offered to pay for her transportation fee to meet up.

I finally got her to agree to meet up one weekday afternoon at a shopping centre.

Location will not be disclosed.

The agreement was simple.

She will turn up and she was to remove her worn bra and undies in front of me in a handicap toilet in a crowded shopping mall. There was to be no touching or filming.

And the price for this ? 400.

400 for worn lingerie ? Am I crazy ?

Read on.

It started out as 150, but the negotiation went on and the price increased. A price I was willing to pay. She has gotten so much more from the other poor blog readers, I need to give her a taste of her own medicine one way or another. 

As long as i can get her out, i will be able to get a lot more out of her. 


Note ** : 

Blackmailing Natalie is a work of fiction although i would very much like to do it for real :p 

It's a 2 part series. 

Blackmailing Natalie - Part 1 

Blackmailing Natalie - Part 2 

Wait. Before you get it. 

Find a quiet spot. Kick your leg up and open a cold beer. 

Go to 

Feast your eyes on Natalie. 

Drink your beer and get ready to bend her to your will together with me. 



Thursday, 1 December 2016

Bite size reads - My colleague's black stockings

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with fetishes about worn clothing. 

I work in a Jewelry boutique in Ang mo Kio and one of my motivation to turn up to work everyday is my colleague Huimin. It's a small shop, a franchise my boss did and there were only 2 staff.

That's me and Huimin.  If one of us fell sick, the other would have to do the work of 2 person. My boss would usually monitor us via camera and probably drops by once a week or so to make sure everything is ok.

I like that.

It's gives me more time with Huimin.

Huimin is a malaysian from Ipoh, and this is her first job in Singapore. She has that sweet girl look that would please any mothers if you bring her back home and introduce her as your girlfriend.

Huimin's complexion is really fair, i think she looks like some celebrity. She's not very tall but she has a pair of nice legs. They are really shapely and proportionate, everytime i see them, i would get an erection.

There are standard uniforms for the staff and for the men, it's just shirt and pants, but for Huimin, it's different. With a pale blue blouse and grey skirt, Huimin looked like the banker you see in raffles place. She has the looks to carry it off.

The company states that all female employees must wear black stockings with heels, it was a policy i loved to the core.

Everyday i would look at Huimin's legs.

When there are no customers, she would cross her legs and sit on a small stool at the corner with her phone plugged into the charger. She did not know after a few adjustments on my side of the shop, i could get a good view of her stocking clad legs from a mirror reflection.

It was a good spot, i would not be caught looking at her direction yet i could observe everything she did.

Like when she scratched behind her knees.

Or when she pulled her stocking a little to adjust her legs.

And my favorite would be when Huimin remove her heels to air her stockinged feet.

She would sometimes massaged her feet in the staff rest area. I could tell it was hard standing in heels the whole day and i would love to massage her feet for her.

Huimin is one of the sweetest girl i know.

My social circle is small , and i'm an introvert. Even as colleagues, i don't really dare to talk to her as well. She's too good for me.

Too pretty, too sweet and too elegant

She's confident, her smile is her greatest sales weapon. Whenever she hooks onto a client, she can sweet talk them until she close the sale.

Needless to say, all the female partners that come with the guys to buy stuff did not like her very much.

As for me i'm just a plump overweight guy in his late twenties.

I'm someone girls would avoid at all cost.

My looks aren't too bad i think, it just isn't appealing to the opposite sex.

Huimin would never like me.

I can only secretly take pictures of Huimin and masturbate as i fantasise about her back at home.

As the days go by, i grew more and more infatuated with Huimin.

I took so much photos of her that i was starting to get worried that i would be caught.

I even have her upskirt photos but it's mostly all black, and i cannot really see anything.

Huimin is wearing her black panty hose after all.

One day during lunch, i saw Huimin spill a bit of her soup on her skirt as she tried to answer a phone call. It's a small spill but it hit her skirt and splashed a little onto her stockings.

I don't know why but it gave me an erection.

I spent the whole day thinking about how Huimin's stockings would smell like .

Would it be the same as the fish soup she spilled on herself ?

Maybe it would have Huimin's sweat smell ?

Her leg smell ?

I don't know, but i'm curious to find out.

It was then i started to plot and plan for a way to get Huimin's stockings.

I spent a couple of nights, thinking and planning. How do i get Huimin to take off her stockings ?

Then on the 3rd night, an idea struck me.

I went to work as usual and when Huimin went for her bathroom break, i went to her favourite seat.

Right by the small stool, there was a old cabinet meant for staff to keep their belongings, i keep my bag there too. Some of the laminates are peeling off and the sharp edges were actually stuck back using tape.

I pretended to get something from my bag and i slowly remove a portion of the tape, allowing a edge to pop out near the bottom. That should be about the ankle area i guess.

If Huimin's stocking gets caught in that edge, it would tear and she would have no choice but to take it off.

My heart was beating so fast when she came back from her bathroom break and took up the seat at her favourite spot.

I kept praying it would get caught but it didn't.

I don't know if she was lucky of it's just not my day.

I went back home and started to hatch more plots to get Huimin's stocking to tear.

Then i had another idea.


I cut a small piece of the sharp hooked edge and attached it to my pants leg near my mid calves area.

Tomorrow when i walk pass her near the staff rest area, i will purposely let it hook onto her stocking by brushing pass her leg. There was a passage way that is pretty narrow, we literally would brush pass each other's body.

That would be my chance.

I could not sleep as i kept imagining the scenario.

I will cause a tear in her stocking, then when she change out, i will quickly take it and keep it.

The next day, i went to work and started to plot my approach.

I waited and waited for Huimin to be standing at the narrow passageway.

When i saw her in position, i quickly made my move, pretending to want to fill up my water bottle in the pantry.

James : Oh.. sorry... sorry...

Humin : Aiyah.... no space liao James.... ask boss to renovate the place....

James : Hahaha... ok... you tell him lor...

I walked pass Huimin twice before i felt a light tug on my pant leg as i walk pass.

Huimin ; Hey... hey !!... something caught... arhghhhh.....


James: Oh my god... i'm sorry.... i'm sorry....

Huimin : It's ok... it's ok....

My plan worked alright.

The velcro hook worked perfectly.

Huimin's stockings tore up a small slit, about 7 or 8 cm.

I could feel my erection pushing against my groin ans she bent over to observe the slit.

James ; I think you better go change or something..... if boss see sure got something to say....

Huimin : Yah... he always got things to say one....

James : Sorry ah.... i'll pay for a new one....

Huimin : Hahaha.. no need la... very cheap only... i have a lot...

I pretended to look sheepish and went back to my seat.

i tried to look calm but my heart was beating very fast.

Huimin went to the bathroom at the back of the shop. It's those ground floor HDB shop units with a bathroom at the back.

I could feel myself perspiring as i kept glancing over at the doorway to the bathroom.

I hope Huimin would remove the stocking and hopefully throw it into the bin in the toilet or something.

I had even clear the bin that morning and lined it with a fresh plastic bag.

I waited and waited before Huimin finally came out of the doorway.

Trying my best not to look at her as i wiped the glass display was giving me a really hard erection.

The first chance i could, i stole a glance at Huimin's hairless legs from the reflection in the mirror.

My dick pushed so hard against my pants that it felt painful and i had to bent over a little.

Her stockings were gone. Most likely in the bin.

There's nothing i want more than to rush into the toilet and pick it up but i can't

It would be too suspicious.

There are only 2 employees in the shop, what if Huimin goes back and happen to see the bin is empty ? She would surely know i'm a pervert.

I had to play it cool.

Think James... Think....

Then another idea struck me.

I made an excuse of heading out to grab bubble tea and Huimin readily agreed, asking me to help her get one.

James : It's my treat ok.... to make up for errr..... spoiling your clothes....

Huimin : What clothes ? hahaha... It's my stockings la... haha...

James ; Yah.. yah... stockings...

I don't know why but hearing the word alone turned me on.

I went out to grab bubble tea and at the same time bought a pair of black stockings from those cheap neighbourhood stall. I ripped off the package and kept only the stockings in my pocket after i ripped a small hole in it.

Later i would do a switch.

I dashed back to the shop with the drinks and made an excuse to use the toilet.

I could hardly contain my excitement.

I bolted the door shut and immediately opened the bin and there it was.

My hands were shaking as i brought it up to my nose.

I inhaled deeply as i took in Huimin's scent. I smelled every part of the stocking.

The thigh, the calves, the toes, even the groin part.

It's nice.

Really nice.

So nice that i did not even realised i had started to stroke myself.

At one point i even pulled Huimin's stocking over my entire head and i started wanking off.

So good....

It's just so good.

I stopped right before i came and switched the stockings. I want to save it for later.

Stuffing the stocking deep into my pocket, i waited a while for my erection to die down before leaving the bathroom.

I've never felt so happy before as i walked out with Huimin's stocking in my pocket.

All my friends said i was a little dumb and slow back in school.

They said i had borderline IQ.

They were wrong.

I think i'm pretty smart as i fought back a smile.

Taking up my favorite position, i caught a glance of Huimin again.

She sitting at her favourite spot.

I don't know what happened.

Perhaps i never noticed it since she always wore her stockings.

The way she sat.

I could see.

I could see Huimin's panty.

Her light coloured panty.

I tried to stop myself from shaking.

I took the piece of cloth and started wiping down the glass display again in circles.

That Panty.....

I must have Huimin's panty....


Up next.

Bite size reads - My colleague's panty

Bite size reads are a compilation of short stories. They may or may not be related to each other. These are some of the ideas and suggestions sent to me by blog visitors which i have not used for the main pieces.

More FAQs and some bite size reads.

It's a rainy and gloomy day.

I'm camped out in a library, found a nice cozy spot to do a bit of writing.

After some re-organisation of materials on hand, i've decided to keep the materials and writings for Kate's Maldives trip for my main piece of work next year.

Yes, the Kate in Hawker adventure is the same Kate.

Am trying to do a series of short bite size reads. Quick short stories that could keep you entertained while waiting for the train or bus. Look out for this update :)

Some interesting FAQ i've received in the mail.


Hi ILOCK, do you own any OCK shares ? Are you in anyway related to the company ?

No i'm not in any way related to the company.

Yes i hold a vested interest of less than 5000 shares in the company. They were bought ages ago, i can't remember when.


James, I know you are in between jobs. What do you do everyday ?? Why are you not updating everyday ??

I'm still writing, but the works are not ready for upload.

Yes i'm in between jobs, so i'm technically unemployed at the moment but not to worry. I'm a saver, so i'm living off savings. I'm very low maintenance haha. Vegetable rice with 1 meat, 1 vege and i'm good to go.

I'm also making money off SAF.

I attempted my IPPT, took my own sweet time and failed the run and i got paid for turning up.

Been planning this since early Oct. hahah. It's a cheap move but nothing wrong with it. I'm attending RT sessions 2 to 3 times a week as a way to keep fit and get paid at the same time. Not a lot but about $25 ? each session ?

Where else in the world can you find a place that pays you to go keep fit ? haha.

I figured since i'm not working, this is the best time to do this.

Target to clear as many sessions as i can before passing the test with a comfortable Silver for that extra couple of hundred.

My friend scolded me for this, he says i'm cheap but hey.

This is Singapore, you got to be a little resourceful no ?

When will your next work be out ?

Hawker adventure will be a romantic comedy . Will be updating another round with an additional chapter soon. Hope to kick off daily updates by mid to end Feb 2017


Why is there no black friday or cyber monday sale on this blog ??


This is pretty much a hobby.

When this turns into a business, i will have sale everyday. I will even hire 3 hot models to stand at my own booth during a IT show or something. They will be clad only in curry puff or food items available from my favorite snack shop.

Who was the one who was complaining about the shrinking size of snacks from the stall again ?


Hi Bro, is that any discount codes you can give me to use ? I heard from my friend he has some ? Can SIC ?


Why your friend never share with you ? I don't think he's a good friend.

There are codes hidden in some works that gives you between 10 ~ 90% off all or certain works.

Regulars with the right code should only be paying average 50% of the stated price for the ebooks.

It would not be fair to the few regular supporters if i just give out the code like this. I would like to reserve the largest discount to this wonderful group of blog visitors, some of them who have been following this blog since it started few years ago.

Nevertheless, it's the Xmas season.

There's a app that was launch recently to counter terror threats. The name of the app would give you 18% off all works on the blog for the month of december.

The world we live in today is more complicated than before.

We should all do our part regardless if you are a citizen or a resident in this country.

PS : I am definitely not related to whoever did this or launch this app and they are the last people who would pay for this to appear in a blog like this . hahaha.

Singapore is my home. I love her.

We should all do our part to keep her safe regardless of which side we support during elections.

Check out the app since you already know the name. You never know when it would come in handy.

I hope that day never comes, but if it did, at least we know what to do.

To all my fellow Singaporeans who are reading this ;

Stay alert, Stay United, Stay strong.



Kinky natty

Hi Natalie !

Sorry i took so long to reply.

Love the tumblr site, hope you can continue posting more of your videos and pictures.

May i openly ask this ?

Can i use the sexy and delicious content of your blog for a story ?

I can think of so many scenarios when those vids and pics would fit in.

Guys, for those of you who have yet to chance upon Natalie's tumblr site. You don't know what you are missing out.

Check her out now.

PS : !!! Don't do this at work, not in the train too ! ....

Hotwife,swinging,wife sharing and partner swapping

I've been compiling contributions from all the kind readers relating to this topic for a couple of years.

Looking at the materials i have, it should be enough for me to start touching on this genre.

It's a taboo for many,

I know the first question that comes to your mind when reading this would be ;

" Why the hell would i want to share my wife ? " 

That's a good question but i have no answer to that.

Base on the mails i received, this is one of the most requested topics.

I spent the past couple of days doing quite a bit of reading regarding this subject, and according to online surveys, it's actually one of the top fantasy men have.

Yes, you would think every men would want to have a threesome with 2 hot beautiful women, but that's not true.

There are some of us who would truly love to see our wives make our with another. This is a complicated subject, and i've started writing some drafts for a story.

I want to try and make sure i can capture the emotions, the anticipation and the sexual high of seeing someone you loved with another.

The closest i did on this blog is My wife's dark fantasy.

I'm ready to take it to another level.

Please kindly avoid this if it's not your cup of tea.

For those who are keen to join me in the rabbit hole and see how far it goes, stay tune. I will be writing the genre in a separate blog.

Will post up the link once i get a piece up.

I know it's highly unlikely this would happen in your real lives, there is too many obstacles and too much at stake, but there's nothing stopping you from exploring this in the comforts and safety of your own mind.

Do drop me a mail if you have materials to contribute.



Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Friday, 11 November 2016

In order of completion

As requested, a brief overview of upcoming works.

If Kate rolled a 6 - Completed.

HBMGAF - part 6 - Completed ( final for this series )

Maldives trip with Kate - ( No longer in production ) Will save materials for next main piece

My wife to be hen's night - Part 3  Completed

There's a couple of articles which i did too about certain issues. Will be updating them periodically. They should make good toilet literature.

Thank you for visiting this blog.

Please send me your ideas if you have any. Would love to compile them and write about your adventures too.

In the meantime, hold tight.

Robinson Club Maldives is beautiful, can't wait to share it with you. 



My name is Jake. I am a hawker

Hi Everyone,My name is Jake.

I have a story to share with all of you.

I consider myself to be a really lucky chap, perhaps it’s because i’m easily contented.

I get happy really easily. I’m elated if the bus arrives right when i stepped into the bus stop, i’m over the moon if the train happens to pull up to the station when i’m there, and if i can get a seat, it was like striking the lottery for me.

Sometimes even an extra scoop of gravy over my rice or a stray piece of fish that happens to be stuck to a vegetable dish i ordered for lunch gets into my plate, it would fuel my mood for a good half a day.

I know you must be laughing at me by now but it’s ok.

I’m just a very simple person.

Average fare, a nice cup of coffee, a good bed to sleep in, that was it.

I’m happy.

Sometimes my friends say i’m lazy and too simple minded but i don’t think i am.

I’m just happy, there is nothing wrong with that.

Isn’t being happy the whole point of being alive ?

I mean as long as you are happy, the rest doesn’t matter.

My parents are hawkers, they sell wanton noodles in a coffee shop on the eastern part of Singapore. Although we are not rich, there was always food on the table.

Home is a nice 4 room flat a stone throw away from Tampines Interchange.

It’s a fantastic location, i could walk blindfolded to the MRT station. Everything i could possibly need is right within reach.

I’m the only child in the family, my parents did try to give me a sibling back then but having to juggle their noodle business and taking care of me made things a little challenging.

By the time i was 7, i kind of knew i would be the only child. They were disappointed when they could not give me a little sister or brother to play with but i told them it’s fine. Their company is all i needed.

They love me, that i could tell but they stop short of spoiling me. If i wanted something when i was young, they taught me to save up for it.

My first pager, my first phone, even game consoles.

Nothing was ever handed to me on a plate. They taught me the value of money and how hard it was to make a dollar.

It was one of the best life lessons i ever had.

Understanding the value of a dollar.

My parents did not like me to visit their place of work. It’s not because they’re embarrassed or ashamed or anything, but in their perspective, they want their son to work in a air conditioned office.

With a proper desk. Nothing oily and greasy.

They were afraid if i were to hang out at their stalls too often, i might end up working at their stalls for the rest of my life.

Jake : There is nothing wrong with being a hawker.

Dad : We all want what’s best for you Jake…. things your mum and i could never have… a good education, a good job….

We live prudently on average days, my parents chose to save up every extra dollar for my education and holidays.

Holidays for the family is a big deal. I’m really fortunate to be able to visit several southeast asian countries, this was before budget travel came into the picture. Each time we fly, it would eat into my parents’ retirement savings.

I’m ok with a road trip to malaysia but my parents wanted me to see the world.

Mum : It opens your eyes and broadens your horizon….. i read from newspaper one….haha.

My mum is one of the most amazing woman i ever knew. After a hard day’s work at the noodle stall, she still juggled with housework and taking care of the family.

Life is simple for us.

There were never really any ups and downs in my life.

I was never a top scorer, never a problem kid. It was always in the middle.

Average grade, average schools, average friends , even my looks i would say it’s just average.

I don’ think i look dashing, but it’s still presentable.

MY school years were a breeze, i just did what had to be done and got it over with.

My grades were always 70 ish. My dad always asked why i did not get 80 ish .

My mum would reply ;

Mum : What’s the difference ?? As long as he understands what’s going on, he can get 60 ish for all i care.

Dad : …………… what if next round he gets below 50 ??

Mum would just shrug her shoulders.

Mum : even if he gets a zero…… the sun still rises the next day….  

It was usually at this moment my mum would make a face at me and warned me not to get a zero before whispering softly behind my dad’s back.

Mum : It’s hard to get zero….. dont’ worry… you anyhow tikum also can get 1 or 2…

I would usually laugh it off.

There was never any pressure on my grades and exams. I just knew i had to at least pass the test. Perhaps seeing how tired my parents were every day they came back from work spurred me on.

I studied diligently not because i liked it, but because all i wanted was to give my parents a good life when they grow old.

Secondary school was ok, Junior college more fun since i was attached with a really horny girlfriend. I never knew orgasm inside a girl was so good and different from masturbation until she showed me.

Staying at the hall in NUS was one of the highlights of my young adulthood. I’m the quiet and meek guy with decent grades. I don’t spill secrets or tally the scores and perhaps it was because of this traits, i had quite a few close girl friends.

I fucked all of them.

Aside from my sexual exploits with innocent girls,I took the safest route possible. Something every parent would be proud of.

Yup, you guessed it.

I graduated with 2nd class, got into the civil service right after graduation.

I had a desk, with my own computer.

Then i had a bigger desk.

And then a corner desk.

8 years on i had my own office in the civil services.

Pay is decent, parents are happy. They bragged to relatives i’m working for the government.

Iron rice bowl .

I always laughed secretly in my heart at such a term.

There is no such thing anymore.

Iron is just metal.

Metal can be melted.

Iron will rust.

At the 8th year mark, i’m turning 30.

My title read assistant director but i’m not happy.

Something seemed to be missing in my life.

For a good 30 years, i asked myself what have i done ?

I’m unhappy not with work or the environment, but more about life itself.

I could feel my heart getting restless.

It’s got nothing to do with sex or relationships, i dated, brought a few girls back but nothing worked out.

The iron in my rice bowl, had started to rust.

And i don’t like that metallic taste of metal in my mouth when i eat.

I tendered my resignation to my boss in November 2014. It shocked the whole department.

My boss fell ill.

My co workers were shocked.

One of the colleague i slept with got pregnant, by her husband that is and she blamed me.

Colleague : why are you leaving !!! Are you mad ?? see… because of you leaving i got pregnant !..

Jake : What has it got to do with me ??!!  

Colleague : I was too distracted to stop my husband from cumming inside me….

Jake : What rubbish… you’re already into your 2nd trimester !...

Colleague : haha… sorry…. but i just hate to see you leave Jake.

I left the office and my last day was in the middle of december.

I did not tell my parents what i did so when i came home with a suitcase of stuff i accumulated over the past 8 years, they freaked out.

Dad : WHAT!!! ARe you fired !!!!!

Mum : WHAT HAPPENED!!!! you are jobless ??!!!

Before i could tell them what i did, they jumped to conclusion and started blaming my boss.

My mum wanted to go talk to our MP.

My dad wanted to go speak at Hong Lim park.

He was so close to sending the prime minister a email as i looked blankly at the old TV screen.

Jake: I …. quit…. no one fired me …

It took a while for that to sink into their heads and i could see they were disappointed with my decision but they kept quiet.

My parents were already in their mid sixties.

They were already talking about their retirement, bringing up the topic a couple of times during meal times.

They can’t be cooking noodles forever.

22nd December 2014


My parents did not speak with me the entire weekend. They probably thought i’m out of my mind.

I can’t explain that feeling of lightness, the amazing smell of freedom.

There was this tingling excitement in my veins i cannot explain.

It was like my body was starting to come alive. I felt energised, well rested and ready to go.

The question is go where ?


It’s early in the morning, my parents usually leave home at 4am to start their day.

I walked around the old house and looked at old photo frames.

Pictures of my parents when they married.

Pictures of me drooling.

And the picture my parents took at their noodle stall on their first day at work decades ago.

A few more photos followed the first, i recognised some of the uncle and aunties, fellow hawkers at the small coffee shop.

They all grew old.

Streaks of white in their hair, some of their children had taken over the reins.

I looked at my dad, standing proudly in front of his wanton noodle stall.

That very stall brought me up, gave me an education and allowed me to see the world.

A smile broke out on my face as i touched the photo my parents took during the 7th month hungry ghost festival with all the prayer items.

It’s been awhile since i spoke to myself but on that morning, i did just that.

Jake : Ok. Wanton noodle……… i’ll do just that…

I showered, changed and took a cab down to the coffee shop in Joo chiat.

I had no visited the place in so many years that i got the street wrong. In the end i walked a little before coming up to that familiar street.

I looked at my parents from a distance away, smiling and chatting to customers.

Ah, i laughed as i recognised the scrawny kid that had grown up to be so huge arranging chicken at the chicken rice stall.

Even the uncle brewing coffee is the same, except he had grown so old. Wrinkles etched deeply into his forehead.

I slowly walked towards the coffee shop and i paused a distance away.

I paused.

I paused not because there was a passing car.

I stopped not because it was the red light at the junction.

I stopped because my breath was taken away that early Monday morning.

That girl had really fair skin.

She sat cross legged at a table with a stack of invoices in front of her.

Her hair flew gently in the morning breeze as she tallied each one and tapped away on a calculator.

She looked up and brushed her fringe behind her ears and i saw her full side view.

I watched her lift up her coffee and she blew on it gently, the way her lips pouted that teeny wee bit gave me an erection.

Time seemed to slow when i saw her put her lips to the cup as she sipped her coffee.

When the cup left her lips, i could see a slight red mark of her lipstick.

My mum walked out with a plate of noodle and soup in hand and set in it front of the girl.

I was barely 7 metres away.

My mum looked up and she had a shock seeing me across the small street.

Mum : What you doing here ??!!

My heart fluttered.

My dick tingled.

My throat went dry.

I crossed the road as the very girl i was looking at turned up and our eyes met.

SHe looked at my mum first before turning back to look at me.

Mum : Siao ah… you come here for what… ??

Jake : I… it’s been so long since i came here….. wanted to visit you all since i’m free…

My mum turned to the lady who was looking at us.

I don’t know why but my heart was thumping so fast.

I never felt that way before.

The lady stood up. She’s definitely younger than me, mid twenties i would say but she had an air of maturity surrounding her.

As if she was forced to grow up faster than others.

She extended her hand with the sweetest smile i ever saw on a girl.

The sun peeked out from behind the clouds and illuminated a portion of her lower cheeks. She is absolutely stunning.

I reached out my hand too.

Jake : Hi… hi…. i’m Jake..

I felt the soft smooth hands for this girl touched mine as she replied with a slight smile.

“ My name …. is Kate “


Coming soon……….. 2017.