Friday, 8 January 2016

Of Snipes and upskirts.

My attempt at another socially responsible article.

This was saved as a draft for the longest time. Finally sat down to complete this piece.

It's almost like a weekly thing. Open up the news sites and you would probably get a headline which says someone just got caught taking upskirt pictures.

I would be lying if i said i was not tempted to do it personally on certain occasions but thankfully the rationale side of my head still works pretty well.

I have some advice and suggestions the next time you are tempted to break the law.

Let do the math.

With the world in turmoil, government around the world is spending more and more in surveillance. Just look at the number of cameras in our train stations.

Even all the residential estates now have cameras. Let's not forget those that are monitoring traffic, those that belonged to commercial shops, even cars have cameras these days.

It's not longer that easy to get away with breaking the law these days. Chances are, someone, somewhere would be watching.

I don't think people who take upskirts are really bad people. I meant to me bad people are those who murder and kill. You're just taking a picture.

You're not bad.......kind of bad..., probably just sick.

Let's imagine a scenario.

You see this really hot and pretty chick. She's dressed to kill, heading up the escalator. She's busy checking herself out on the mirror, or playing with her phone , perhaps engrossed in her korean drama.

You feel that creeping urge to do what you are thinking.

A quick whip of the phone and maybe turn on some secret apps.

Before you know it, you are fucked.

Take a breath and rewind.

You see, how often do you think you are the only one that is checking out a hot chick.

If you think she's hot, chances are someone else thinks she's hot.

If you want to take her upskirts, chances are someone else also wants to take her upskirts.

Now, all it takes is for another pervert wannabe to catch you in the act and you are dead. He gets the glory, gets the girl while you are stuck with the girl's choice of underwear for the day in your phone.

We often evaluate risk and returns in everything we do in life.

You weigh the risk and you see if the returns is worth it.

Now you are risking your entire life, no i don't think the law will hang you for taking an upskirt, you'll still be alive but literally your entire career and adulthood will be gone. Given the media's practice of shaming these offenders, your picture would get plastered all over the internet.

All this for what ?

2 things

1) The thrill of not getting caught.

2) The colour of the girls' underwear.

Now repeat this to yourself and ask if it's worth the risk

You got to be out of your mind if you answered yes.

Still, all is not lost.

I'm sure some will still want to take the risk.

It's the thrill

That rollercoaster emotion that you get, the feeling of falling off a cliff. Something that you would say money cannot buy.

That's wrong.

It's something money can buy. You want a roller coaster ride you can get it at sentosa. The annual pass is worth considering.

So here's my humble suggestions for you the next time you are thinking of getting some upskirt pictures.

Option 1 : Do it legally.

What ?

Yes.... do it legally.

Just pay for it.

There are tons of freelance models out there, i'm sure you can pay for one to wear short skirts, prance around and let you take all the photos you want. She might even let you keep her underwear if you pay her.

Option 2 : Surf the net and get it over with.

I'm just being really crude here, but there are no lack of materials online. The next time you feel like breaking the law, do note that someone had already done it. They have done it many many times, I don't suppose you can ever finish watching all the upskirt videos online in your lifetime.

Find a quiet spot, get it in control and come back to the society as a socially responsible adult.

I'm pretty sure once you empty your load, you would be back to normal.

Option 3 : Take a picture, but not upskirt or anything that is insulting or an outrage of the girls modesty.

This has to be the last option.

You're going through cold turkey. You cannot control your movements. The girl is so hot and pretty that you want to do it.

Take a deep breath. Hold it.

Weight the odds and do the math.....

If you still cannot resist it.

Take her picture.

If you get caught, it's just a normal picture. You might be labelled as a creep but you did not break any laws.

Nothing wrong with taking a picture of her face.

Still, be prepared to deal with the consequences if she kicks up a big fuss. You can always be honest and say she looks really hot and pretty, you're taking her picture because later in the bathroom you want to..................never mind..

Personally, i think there is really nothing much you can get out of knowing what is the choice of underwear for girls in the street no matter how hot they are.

You cannot do anything with that information but just look at it over and over again.

Chances are after a few days, you might even forget how she looks like.

It's all your mind fucking with you.

Please pardon the language.

The thrill, the high, the excitement, it does not come from you taking the upskirt picture.

It all comes from your mind.

The very brain that sends you all the electrical signals that controls you.

So do you control your mind ? or does your mind control you ?

There are other ways to get the excitements you want. Do it legally.

So you think secretly taking upskirt is thrilling ? How about the next time you are tempted to do it, talk to the girl instead.

Am i kidding ?


Talk to her.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not asking you to get her number or propose to her.

Talk to her.

Strike up a conversation, no matter how short it is.

Ask for directions, look at her in the eyes, talk to her....

While everyone around is secretly eyeing her short skirt and tight dress, you get to talk to her.

How to go to this spot ?

Where to get that coffee, or yogurt, or whatever ?

Is this the place to......etc etc etc?

So now instead of staring at the colour of her underwear on a lcd screen, you get to look at her in her eyes, maybe close enough to smell her perfume.

You get to hear the voice, see her smile, maybe catch a dimple on her cheeks, you get to thank her for her help.

Isn't this a lot better ?

If you happen to be reading this on the train or on a bus, look at the girl you were eyeing , yes, the one that you wanted to take a picture of her underwear.

Think about what you just read.

Talking to her ......................... isn't that a bit...........?

Well, that the thrilling part...................isn't it......... ?


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Schedule for 2016

Happy new year everyone. 

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. 

Here's a brief schedule for 2016 as requested by a few blog readers. 

Will not be listing down the details for the non-consensual / humiliation category. They will be updated as frequently as i can. Do check back on the respective pages for completion of the short reads. 

There will be 2 more updates to My love from the star vista before the main writing begins in March. 

One chapter in early Jan, and one in end Jan.

As mentioned earlier, this would be the main piece i will be dedicating most of my time to for this year. 

I had spent the past couple of days scouting out the actual locations where this piece will be based on. 

I visited the actual address and residences of where the characters stayed, had lunch in the neighbourhood and even took a stroll through the estate. Pictures were taken, there were some videos as well. 

Yeah, you must be thinking i'm mad but i can't put it in actual words how excited i am about this. 

If you had followed my other works, you would know i have never revealed if it's a true story, or it's entirely made up by me until the story ends. 

This one though, is inspired and based on a real account that happened in Singapore. It did not happen to me of course, but i was present and witnessed a very very small part of this story. It was enough to pique my interest, to find out what happened.

It happened to an acquaintance, someone i was not very familiar with, but i was invited to the wedding due to work and professional relationship. 

I tried my luck in the middle of last year and sent the person a mail using this account. I explained who i am, and my intention to write about what really happened and i was surprised to get a reply 2 weeks later.

The rest as they say, is history. 

I hope i can do justice to this piece. 

Hope you would all like it. 

For the 2nd half of 2016, there would still be periodic release of short works. I hope to be able to at least get 1-2 out every month. 

I guess by then, everyone would have properly digested the Europe trip and MGFM. My main work for 2016 would also be concluded by then.

Prior to Europe trip, i had written a piece from Walter's perspective when he blackmailed Ella.

And also, at the end of the Europe trip, i did a short Epilogue. 

I have my private reasons why i'm not releasing them now, so i shall keep it as that for the time being.


Please keep your mails, suggestions, fetishes and stories coming.