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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Schedule for 2016

Happy new year everyone. 

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. 

Here's a brief schedule for 2016 as requested by a few blog readers. 

Will not be listing down the details for the non-consensual / humiliation category. They will be updated as frequently as i can. Do check back on the respective pages for completion of the short reads. 

There will be 2 more updates to My love from the star vista before the main writing begins in March. 

One chapter in early Jan, and one in end Jan.

As mentioned earlier, this would be the main piece i will be dedicating most of my time to for this year. 

I had spent the past couple of days scouting out the actual locations where this piece will be based on. 

I visited the actual address and residences of where the characters stayed, had lunch in the neighbourhood and even took a stroll through the estate. Pictures were taken, there were some videos as well. 

Yeah, you must be thinking i'm mad but i can't put it in actual words how excited i am about this. 

If you had followed my other works, you would know i have never revealed if it's a true story, or it's entirely made up by me until the story ends. 

This one though, is inspired and based on a real account that happened in Singapore. It did not happen to me of course, but i was present and witnessed a very very small part of this story. It was enough to pique my interest, to find out what happened.

It happened to an acquaintance, someone i was not very familiar with, but i was invited to the wedding due to work and professional relationship. 

I tried my luck in the middle of last year and sent the person a mail using this account. I explained who i am, and my intention to write about what really happened and i was surprised to get a reply 2 weeks later.

The rest as they say, is history. 

I hope i can do justice to this piece. 

Hope you would all like it. 

For the 2nd half of 2016, there would still be periodic release of short works. I hope to be able to at least get 1-2 out every month. 

I guess by then, everyone would have properly digested the Europe trip and MGFM. My main work for 2016 would also be concluded by then.

Prior to Europe trip, i had written a piece from Walter's perspective when he blackmailed Ella.

And also, at the end of the Europe trip, i did a short Epilogue. 

I have my private reasons why i'm not releasing them now, so i shall keep it as that for the time being.


Please keep your mails, suggestions, fetishes and stories coming. 



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  1. Nice writted i have to admit. Great blog and i send hight grade for his work!