Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Short excerpt from Larry & Ruhui.

Excerpt taken from a section of the whole story. 

Follow Jack as he manipulated and did a trade of sorts with Ruhui's 1st husband before she met Victor. 

Over coffee, Larry poured out his anger and heart to me, telling me a while load of stuff that was meant for Ziqi. It really felt like bottled up emotions that he had kept suppressed for so many years.

At one point he almost cried.

Then at another point he got so angry that his voice raised a little too loud and caught the attention of the people nearby.

Finally after he calmed down, I told him as a brother, I will help me.

Jack : Tell me… what you need….

I told him if he really want to talk to Ziqi, I can create the opportunity. I can even get her to sit down in her classroom while Larry comes in.

Jack : Anything… just say it… I can help… I will help…

Larry said something that caused all the goose bumps in my back to rise up all the way to my neck.

Larry : I want her back…

I jabbed him in his arm and pointed a finger at him in a serious manner.

Larry waved his arms and said he was just joking.

Nothing could describe the anger that was slowly building up. He had such a wonderful wife, and here he was craving for his ex-gf.

Sometimes I don’t understand what these people are thinking.

He looked guilty, and ashamed suddenly and he did not dare to look at me in the eye.

Jack : don’t you love Ruhui ?

Larry : I do… but it’s not the same…. I don’t know….

Jack  : You are a fucker you know that….

Larry : I don’t know what I am feeling…. Maybe it’s just this unclosed chapter wih Ziqi…. Everything is left hanging….i just felt so lost… I wanted to close this chapter….

I took a sip of my coffee and asked him how he wants to close this and move on.

Larry : I want to break them up…. Then I want to fuck her again 1 last time…

I stared at him in shock as I digested the amount of angst and anger he had inside his body.

Jack : You are a fucker man…. How could you do this….If Ruhui is Single, I would surely go after her….i liked her for the longest time…

Larry looked at me in a apologetic manner.

He looked like he wanted to say something but he held back.

Larry : I’m…. I’m sorry…. I…. I like Ruhui… but not in the way…..

I almost threw a cup of coffee at him but he said something that stopped me.

It stopped me from thinking.

It stopped me from breathing.

It gave me the biggest erection I ever had in my life.

Larry  : Can you help me close this chapter Jack ? … I’ll do anything…. Anything….

I looked at him and said in a joking manner.

Jack : Yah right… can you give me Ruhui ? hahah

I waved him off and looked away…

Larry : She…. Would not agree…..unless…..

He fought to say the words from his mouth and eventually spit them out.

Larry  : Unless…….. she doesn’t know….

I slowly turned my head towards Larry, half expecting him to tell me he was joking but he was not. I could see the desperation in his eyes, his illogical infatuation with Ziqi is clouding his mind.

Jack  : Do you know what you are saying ?

He nodded his head..

He checked his watch and stood up, adding that he had to go.

He reached out his hand across the small wooden table.

Larry  : Help me Jack…. Just this once….

I swallowed a mouthful of Saliva, stood up, and I shook Larry’s hand.

Ebook available here - Larry & Ruhui 

Monday, 28 March 2016

Of Scams, cheats, and prepaid cards

Time for another boring but hopefully informative read.

This article is perfect for toilet literature, at the same time, i hope it can save a few poor souls from having their money cheated by the various scams these days.

It's all over the news, on authorities' social channel page, mainstream papers, some local dramas even added scenes from these scams into their show. All this to raise awareness of the cheats that are so prevalent these days, yet everyday, more and more people fall prey to these.

I've short listed a few popular scams that i thought would be useful.It's not so much the money you lose, a couple of hundreds might not mean much to some but why are we enriching these scammers ?

What is a scam ?

Well, to put it simply, it's someone trying to cheat you.

How do you define it ?

Is it the old man who sells you heavily marked up tissue paper at the hawker ? The uncle that collects old newspaper and cheats you on the weight ?

Well, i'm a little soft hearted, and since the above involves physical hardwork, i tend to let them go. Dishonest businessmen they maybe, but still, they're no where in the same league as the cheats on popular app call wechat.

1) Wechat scams.

This is one of the classic examples.

In fact, it's not limited to just this app, any social apps has the potential to be used against you.

The modus of operation is simple.

First. A picture of a hot girl.

Yes. Hot, sexy , desirable.

Naturally you would be curious and start checking out her profile. Sure, it looks good. There are pictures of her enjoying hawker food in Singapore.

A few of her enjoying the pool on top of MBS, a few of her legs complaining about being in high heels the whole day is tiring.

Everyone of her news feed designed and planned to give you the illusion she is just a normal female enjoying what Singapore has to offer.

Bullshit .

I say it again. It's all bullshit.

Anyway, you would still message her, asking to be her friend. The pretty hot girl you wanted to sleep with would magically add you into her friend's list. Next, before you knew it, she would suddenly be a student in Singapore but facing some financial problems, and lo and behold, she's willing to be a social escort due to the escalating cost of living in Singapore.

You're in luck.

A hot model like girl wants to sleep with you for money.

How much you ask ?

Well, it varies..... 100, 200 maybe 300 for the whole night.

300 SGD for the whole night ?? A night of lustful love making with such a hot girl for 300 ??

It's a good deal. Take it.

Fast forward 30 minutes, i assure you my friend, you would find yourself near a train station or a 7-11 queuing up to buy some prepaid apple cards or Alipay credits.

Why ?

Well, the girl is afraid of dealing since it's illegal and all the usual crap. You need to prove you're not a cop or some shit and you're suppose to take a picture of the prepaid card you bought.

That's it.

You're dead.

You're going to lose the money, they'll continue milking you for more. Chances are a guy would call and threaten you with all sorts of demands unless you pay them more.

Stuff like them knowing your phone number, can find out where you live, where you worked. Even of them having your picture. It's all going to come raining down on you.

Game over.

Now let's take it a step backwards and consider some numbers for comparison.

A legal brothel in Geylang charges 150 SGD for one of the high end girls so to speak for a period of 45minutes - 1 hour. These are licensed business. The girls go for regular checkups and they comply with certain requirements.

Wait... but the person quoted you 300 for a whole night ?

Does that even make sense to you ?

What is 300 these days ? You can't even buy an ipad.

The figures are way off. It's like quoting $5 for an entire chicken and a pot of rice when a normal serving of a plate of chicken rice already cost you $3.50 at the foodcourt.

Money aside. Maybe after chatting for a while you decide the girl is real. You felt a connection.




Whatever you want to call it but it's bullshit. She wants only 1 thing and i can tell you it's not the dick of a stranger tapping behind a phone.

They say if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

No one pays for sex with online credits or itune cards. You deal with cash.


Excuses and shit about the girl afraid of you being a cop are just shit excuses.

Walk away, the money is better off being dropped into a charity box than being given to these cheats.

Just to illustrate how prevalent this was, i downloaded and registered an account and within mins, i had a deal going. They have uped the game, instead of messaging, they now use voice messages.

Wow, a really sweet girl's voice cooed and chatted with me for hours before i decided to 'engage' her services.

As expected, i was led to a 7-11 and made to get the cards. I refused.

A PRC man called up and threatened me with everything he could think off, even saying that he could see where i was standing. He had my picture, and he could describe what i was wearing.

I laughed.

I challenged him to walk right out and approach me.

He did not.

I hung up on him and blocked his call and i finished my coffee, kaya toast and eggs at the coffee shop where i made the call. It was mid day on a weekday.

There were hardly anyone at the coffee shop.

No one approached me.

I don't recommend you do this though. The number i used was a number i bought off a visiting friend who is a tourist. Those 7 day sim card you get at the airport.

And i was not alone.

I'm not a very smart person but i'm not stupid either. I did this experiment with 2 of my friends who remain hidden just in case.

These people are worst than robbers.

At least a robber risked his life to come up and rob you. These ball less cheats hide behind a phone.

What's worst is that most of the time they go un-reported. It's not exactly a glamorous thing to get scammed.

I mean compare this.

James : Wah... that day i got robbed at knife point....

James : Wah... that day i got scammed by someone using an app while i tried to find a social escort.

Which one sounds better ?

Not the best way to illustrate this but it's what i could think of when i wrote this article.

2) Sugar mummies scam.

This is something new. Haha... Rich women paying to have company of men. Come on... if this doesn't sound stupid, i don't know what sounds stupid to you.

So you think some rich beautiful women one day suddenly decides to pay money for your company ?

Why don't you try your luck at the toto during CNY. You stand a better chance at winning 10 million.

I know of women who does this, but they don't play in the circles we normal folks do. We're nowhere in their league.

Paying an admission fee or subscription is bullshit.

Put yourself in the shoes of the business owner. If one day you really have a contact of a rich, beautiful and pretty sugar mummy, would you share it ?

Why don't you do it yourself ?

Which business out there shares with you their so call secrets ? If they really do, would they still be in business ?

This brings me to the next scam which operates as legitimate business.

3) Get rich quick / online business / MLM / trading .

Who doesn't want to get rich quick ?

How many times have you seen an article like this before ?

" This guy was a bankrupt, then he bought his first private property after doing this "

or something like...

" Stay at home mum makes $xxxx a month doing this "

Even a screenshot of POSB savings account comes attached with this.

It's bullshit.

The only money they are making is yours.

They will get you to attend some talk. followed by more talks. They will have so call success stories, millionaires, people who followed their system and got rich talking to you.

Well, take it with a pinch of salt.

If one day you are a successful millionaire, ask yourself. Can you fucking be bothered to come and give a talk to a group of people you don't know ?

Are you going to share how you became rich ?

Maybe. Yes..

Chances are it's a no.

If you have a secret for making money, you don't share it. This is human nature.

Does the famous roasted meat stall share their recipe ? No

Does the famous chain of restaurant give out their secret sauces and recipes to all staff ? No. they do it in a central kitchen.

Do you see big developers openly sharing their strategies with their competitors ? No.

Even right down to a cab driver.

Do you readily share lucrative routes and spots with someone you don't know ?  No.

Then  ?

A successful business owner decides to share with you his secret for success ? Dream on.

Sure, he'll give you tips and pointers where to get started. Then he'll ask you to subscribe to his shit. Buy his books. Pay for his house. Chip in for his big cars.

Before you made your first dollar, you would have given him a lot more.

What about trading stocks, shares, CFDs, options, futures ? Sure win system ?

I also know a sure win system.

You pay a $100 levy and walk into the casino.

Go to the dice table and choose either big or small. It's the same

When you trade, it either goes up or comes down. When you place your bets, it's either big or small.

Unless you know what you are doing clicking with the charts and playing with the figures, if not, it's as good as throwing your money away.

Don't be silly.

To sum it up, ask yourself if the deal is too good to be true.

If you suspect you are being scammed, make a report. Don't be shy, don't hesitate.

A blog reader wrote me a mail some time back. He said that 'James' would never get scammed since he's pretty street smart so to speak.


I have been cheated, scammed and blackmailed so many times that i lost count.

From get rich quick schemes, to attending useless talks to meeting so call motivational speakers, i've done it all.

I've paid money for some MLM tiered crap, i've subscribed to get rich quick online marketing shit. I've been dragged by my friends to attend some seminars from self made millionaires.

Even the stupid thing of keying in your credit card number to access certain parts of a website as part of a age verification, i did it too. This immediately resulted in a charge of close to 50 usd on my account.

The company billing on my statement is some adult entertainment shit, i forgot.

Embarrassing ? No. I'm too thick skin for that.

I made a police report. I told the office outright i was surfing porn and it prompted me for the number. I called the bank with the report to waive the charge and they cancelled the transaction. This was almost 10 years ago.

Well, maybe you can say it's just bad luck on my part but just to share it with all readers, nothing is real so far.


Is it bad luck ? Or it's just smoke and mirrors at the end of the day ?

I hope in the unlikely event that you find yourself in a situation about to be scammed, asked yourself the same question. Is it too good to be true ?

Don't be shy about making a report. Without your report, there is nothing the authorities can do.

As for being a millionaire, we're all millionaires.

The thing is in which currency ?

I can put up a banner on this blog right now that says ;

" Man use to work 9-5 job until he starts writing erotic story and became a millionaire "

Yes. i confess.

I am a millionaire in Indonesian Rupiah.

Wait a minute.

Aren't you ?

At the time of writing 1SGD = 9717 Rupiah

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Thank you

I would like to use this post to say a big thank you to all of you guys who wrote to me.

I did not expect to receive the amount of mails, please give me some time, i will reply to all.

Having done a quick glance through, there are some who cursed me for the ending, some who wanted a sequel, many more asked questions, and even a few who wanted to know outright what was i trying to do.

I'm not sure how to answer some of the questions but what i would like to do is to really thank all readers for their support and i hope you all know that no words could describe my joy in knowing that my work is being read by so many people.

I wished i could take a bow and thank all the visitors in person but i can't.

If it were up to me, i would raise my glass in the air, look at everyone of you in the eye and thank you sincerely for reading the stuff i wrote.

Perhaps in a couple of decades when Singapore is ready to accept such genre of works, we can realise this little dream of mine.

In the meantime, please accept this simple online thank you post instead.

I will continue writing and i will try to do better each time i do.



Coming in April

Some upcoming works that would be out by in April & May.

1) Larry and Ruhui - Told from Jack's perspective - Completed. Get it here
2) Blackmailing my JC student - Another of the tutor series.
3) Jack and Stephanie - Get it here

This would wrap up Jack the tuition teacher series

There would be updates of other works from the humiliation and matured audience series but other than that, i'm not working on anything concrete at the moment.

I'm talking to a few blog readers, they have contributed a few promising stories, and i'm in the midst of picking one out to work on.

Hope to get another major work out by early 2017.

Thank you for the support so far.

Hope you enjoyed MLFTSV, i don't expect anyone to share this on their FB feed but if you have friends who love to read, do introduce the blog to them.

Most important thing of all, write me. Tell me your story.

It's the only way to keep the blog going.

Comments, feedbacks, questions, do send me a mail.


The inspiration and story behind MLFTSV

It’s a wrap. Hope you all enjoyed the read.

I was a guest at the wedding and at the hotel, attended the wedding as a representative of my company. The hotel stay is a staycation with my wife and kids. We were there since the afternoon and the wedding prep was already well underway.

My wife stayed in the room with the kids while I went for the wedding in the evening.

I saw what happened at the bathroom while waiting for my boss to arrive.

2 man approached a staff, before 1 went in. Moments later the bride arrived and she went in too.

Out of curiously, I went and tried to use the men bathroom but was stopped by the staff and one of the man.

I backed off and watched from a corner.

A little while later the bride came out and walked off with another woman by her side, heading back up to the reception.

A guy comes running out but was stopped by the 2 men.

After they left, I went up and asked if he was done and I could use the bathroom and he stepped aside.

After sitting down, I saw him again talking to an old men 1 table away. It turns out my boss knew that man as she had worked with him before. She went over to say hi as I watched on.

The bride, is beautiful and hot, while the groom is crap.

I’m sorry for being blunt. It was something everyone saw and felt but no one said a thing.

It was known by the guest that the bride got drunk during the photo taking. It was a total knock out kind of drunk. Half the table only had their photos with the groom.

It was pretty bad, a doctor had to be called in. ( This is based on gossip and rumours post wedding. )

I would have dismissed this incident if not for the fact that I saw something interesting the next day.

I was on my way up to the room after buffet breakfast while my wife brought the kids to the pool the next morning. I entered the lift with a guest that was heading up to the club floor, one floor above mine.

I did not get out at my floor and I told the guy I want to check out the club floor and see if it’s worth the upgrade the next time I was there.

This was really my intention.

I thanked him and I took a look around, even asked a staff on duty about the club benefits and if there were any restriction for kids.

She was about to tell me something when a door opened and 2 men came out without their shoes on, they hurriedly got into a lift and left as we stared at them.

The door opened again and I saw the bride coming out. She looked left and right and she looked like she was crying. You could tell she was still in her bridal makeup even though it had smudges here and there. Her hair too although a little untidy, was still set like the way it was for the wedding last night.

The staff went over immediately but the bride ran back into her room dressed only in her bathrobe.

We shared a look at each other before the staff excused herself, heading to the telephone by her deck.

The room door opened again and the groom came out. There was some shouting but he just closed the door and walked towards the buffet spread for club guest.

I never saw them again for the rest of my stay.

I found an opportunity and asked my boss about the man she spoke to during the wedding a few weeks later in early 2015 during a company gathering. I got his contact as my boss had him on her facebook.

I emailed him last June and I was surprised to get a reply and the rest is history.

Now the question is…..

How much of this…. Do you believe ?

ilock out.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Where are we with MLFTSV ?

Depending on how the final edits are done, we're about 6-7 updates away from wrapping this up .

It's not meant to be a long story. 

Thank you for the comments and feedbacks along the way. 

I hope you enjoyed the read so far. 

After MLFTSV, i'll be working on something else. 

Here's a small preview ; 

Hope you like it. 

Updated 26/03/2016

Made some structural changes to this piece and extended it's length by a few more scenes.

I am the owner a successful tuition business. I could not believe the amount of money people are dumping at me on a daily basis. 

It was as if they woke up one day and decides that their child's education is no longer a problem as long as they can afford the fees for a good private tutor. 

Yes, i'm good in what i do but i am not the best in the market. 

There are a lot more good teachers and tutors around, charging a lot lesser with a real dedication to educating the next generation, but not me. 

Not me. 

I just want the money,....... and the fun that comes with it. 

With some simple marketing, a couple of online videos and by sheer dumb luck an encounter with a naturally bright student, i was propelled to fame overnight. 

Before i knew it, parents were clamouring to get their child enrolled. 

Students were begging me to take them in. 

The money is good with the O levels students, but the fun..... comes from the parents and JC students. 

I've had hot young mothers cozying up to me in order to gain an unfair advantage during placements. 

I've had sweet school girls in their JC uniforms pleading with me to help them improve their grades. 

And yes, i have made my demands. 

I would be stupid not to. 

I remembered clearly an incidence when a sweet little girl from a neighbourhood JC skipped class one day. I caught her at a cafe with her boyfriend within the same shopping mall where my tuition centre was, she was so afraid that i would tell her mum that she was literally shaking in her skin. 

I milked her for what it was worth and with it, blackmailed her to a fantastic A level results.  From pictures of her naked body, to her in her school uniforms at the staircase, even of her giving me a blowjob. 

I made her do it. 

And with what i had in my hands, i blackmailed her with it. 

Not just for sex, but for her results. 

If she doesn't improve, i would make sure she goes famous overnight in the country. 

She was so scared that she poured all her heart and soul into her books. 

Fear is the greatest motivator.

Yes. Fear. 

The level of arousal when you have sex with someone against her will cannot be described.

Another instance was with this really young mother, at the tender age of 30, she is already a mother of a 7 year old. She was desperate to get her son into my class and the distance she was willing to go.......

Needless to say, i have allowed her to show her dedication as a mother in a more intimate level with me.

From students, to mothers, to fellow educators and interns. 

I've had them all. 

I want them all. 

I know i sound like a jerk and you are right.

I am one.

The only different was that i was very good and pretending i'm the innocent guy out front while secretly i planned and schemed my way through life. 

I like to have fun, to play with people and twirl them around my fingertips, but at the same time i get scared easily. This was the reason why i always remained behind the scene, pulling the puppet's string from a distance away. 

During a chance encounter, i sat down with my cousin's husband Larry. 

I found out his relationship with one of my staff and the underlying problem.

I manipulated him and worked out a deal of sorts. 

Now I knew my cousin did not want kids but Larry wanted one. It was the spark for their frequent quarrels and disagreement. My cousin wanted to focus on her company and work while Larry wanted to start a family soon.

Eventually he lost his patience. If the wife is not a willing participant, he would have to make her one. That was what i told him. Anyway, this is besides the point.

Given my cousin's strong character, Larry always gave in to her.

What made our relattionship interesting was that Larry had a existing infatuation with my staff Ziqi, A sweet little girl from Malaysia. If not for Ruhui, they would have ended up together.


Ziqi was his ex.

Through a bit of planning and manipulation, we made a deal.

He wanted Ziqi and i made not attempt i wanted Ruhui. 

The thought of seeing my cousin helpless and in the dark to our plans was a mind bending orgasm on it's own. 

And the fact she was to be taken offguard added to the excitement.

I've always had a crush on my cousin. She's pretty, her figure is hot and she has this career woman aura all over her.

She oozes confidence and style.

Yet above all , she is still a woman, and i am curious beneath her facade of a strong business woman, how she would be like when she was reverted back to her most primal position in the food chain.

Not as a business owner.

Not as a wife.

Just the female species of our kind, her body was meant to breed.

I remember meeting Larry for lunch that weekday afternoon as i went over my proposal and he went over his.

He agreed to my plan immediately as i pictured my young cousin who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Only in her late twenties, she has achieved much more than me, courtesy of her father's wealth.

She always seemed so untouchable, so high and mighty.

Finally i get a chance to see her in a state i want her in, and her husband.... was going to help me.

I realised i forgot to mention my cousin's name.

Her name is ...............Ruhui.


Ebook available here - Larry & Ruhui 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Affiliated sellers for ebooks.

If you have a blog or website with decent traffic, and you would like to sell my works on your page, drop me a mail. We can split the fees.

My interest is in writing and honestly i'm not too keen on the distribution and marketing part. 

The platform i'm using has some affiliate seller program, take a look at the video if you are keen. 


There's nothing complicated about this, you just need a paypal account and a blog or website. 

I'll still be uploading and doing the initial setup. Once done, you just need to embed the purchase link into your site. The rest is all automated once a transaction is done, fees will be split accordingly base on agreed percentage. 

Please note, there is no big money to be made here, hahaha. Sorry to burst your internet make big bucks bubble. 

We're talking cents and maybe a couple of dollars here and there. I know it's hardly worth the effort if you need to start doing something from scratch, which is why i'm looking for current blog/website owner. 

You should be looking at a couple of macdonald value meals worth of sales on a good month and i think at least enough for a couple of curry puffs on a regular one. 

Yes it's pathetic i know but well, more people might decide to read sensual singapore stories one day. 
You never know. 

Since you already have the infrastructure, might as well make use of it. 

Just trying my luck out here, write me if keen. 


Some simple requirements. 

1) Web traffic - I'm not asking for thousands or millions of views, but at least a couple of hundreds would be good i think. I don't think 5-6 visitors a day would make much sense right ? 

2) Web & IT savvy - I'm not, but i still manage to fiddle and keep this blog going, at least know how to work with basic html and stuff and to embed the links into your page

3) You don't deal with illegal stuff / politics - Please, if you are running some online contraband cigarettes web or dealing with religious extremist, i'm not replying you. This is purely a site for fiction fans of this genre, i would like it to be a sanctum for all who loves to read regardless of their views in politics. No political sites , sorry. 



Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ebook purchase and delivery.

I've completed the migration of all ebook purchase to the new payhip platform.

You can now get your purchase instantly via email links upon payment.

All links for my works are at the bottom of the blog page.

Browse through all available reads at this link https://payhip.com/sensualsingapore

3 simple steps.

1) Select your choices
2) add to cart
3) make your payment.

Thank you for the support .

Hope you enjoy the blog.



Monday, 7 March 2016

My love from the star vista part 3

Stephanie eyes stared right into mine as she weighed the significance of what I had just said. 

Something just clicked and she understood instantly. 

She pulled herself to her feet and went to the window, peering down as I quickly grabbed the bag she was packing. 

Heading to the drawer, I grabbed a handful of lingerie and threw them in, I even forgot what I was grabbing as I pulled a few more tops and bottoms from the wardrobe. 

James : You have money ? 

Stephanie went to her study and opened a metal tin that was once a mooncake box and opened it. Several bundles of 5s and 2s were dropped into the bag she packed.

Once I’m done, I told Stephanie to arrange the room a little, keep the hangers, don’t make it seem like she was running. 

I immediately went to the kitchen and tore open a packet of instant coffee, filling the cup with hot water and giving it a good stir. I grabbed some biscuits and went back into the room. 

I wanted to create an impression that Stephanie had just left the house, maybe just for a short while to grab something from downstairs. It would buy us some time as they might just hang around a bit to wait for her instead of going back down to the carpark.

Stephanie had took the time to change as well into a plain white t-shirt and a faded blue denim shorts. She threw a white cap onto her head and we went for the door after she pulled on a pair of sneakers. 

My heart was racing and I could literally feel the throbbing of my pulse along my vein as we ran along the corridor to the opposite end and turned the corner. I had barely brought my leg round the edge of the wall when we could hear Ruhui’s voice. 

We froze and flattened ourselves against the wall, instinctively we slid down and got lower to the ground. 

She was arguing with Victor as they head to Stephanie’s unit. 

Victor : Just shut the fuck up…. 

Ruhui : You shut the up and just get Stephanie out here… 

Ruhui went on about saying how immature Stephanie was as Victor kept telling her to fuck off. 

I wanted to take a look at the situation and I was thankful it was technically still the CNY period. Stephanie’s neighbour had a row of flowerpots along the corridor, many of them had the red stickers of the word 福, or prosperity in really shiny gold. 

I could not make out much details but I could roughly count the number of people outside Stephanie’s door. 

Victor is with Shawn, Including Ruhui, I counted about 6-7. 

I could hear the jingle of keys as Victor opened the door after no one answers it.

Gesturing to the staircase, we got moving, trying to keep as quiet as possible as we descended down the staircase all the way to the ground floor. 

I stepped onto ground first and casually took a look around before nodding to Stephanie. 

It was not hard to grab a cab once we walked to Craig road and within minutes, we were on the expressway heading to my place.

Stephanie’s phone was ringing off the hook and she turned it off. 

I have a feeling mine might ring soon as we exited the expressway. 


I paid the cab driver and got out at the open air carpark in front of my place. 

Right when I was about to head towards my place, a car honked at us and I almost jumped out of my skin. 

I could feel Stephanie grabbing onto my hand as we turned and looked at the car which was trying to park into a lot. 

James : Oh….. it’s ok…. My parents… 

We paused outside the corridor as my parents approached us as they talked to each other. No doubt asking if the other knew or seen Stephanie before. 

James : Pa, Ma….. my girlfriend Stephanie… 

Stephanie removed her cap and the wind caught her untied hair, raising her lush mane into the air behind her shoulders in a dreamy fantasy like manner. 

She smiled sweetly and greeted my parents with such charm that I was sure they fell in love with her right there and then. 

Stephanie : Hi Uncle….. Hi Auntie….. I’m Stephanie…. 

Immediately after she greeted them, she offered to help them carry the bags of stuff they were holding on to. 

My mum Daisy immediately smiled and said it’s ok, they bags are oily. 

Daisy : It’s ok… no need…. Come in…. come in and sit……

Then she turned towards me and started scolding me for not warning them earlier. Not they have to meet Stephanie when they are tired, sweaty and oily after a day’s work. 

My Dad, Joel, too was smiling with his exposed teeth when Stephanie insisted on helping him with a small white icebox he was carrying much to the protest of my mum. 

Mum : Sit… Stephanie… Sit….. Ah James….. pour drink !! 

James : No need ma…. We have things to do…. 

Mum : go pour a drink !!

Stephanie laughed as I poured some water into a cup and handed it to Stephanie. 

James : Quick… quick… quick…. Drink it… 

My mum was busy trying to tidy up the living room a little while my dad has already disappeared into the bathroom, no doubt trying to take a quick shower. 

Mum : Why you pour water…. Pour proper drink….with ice.

I shook my head and ignored her as I pulled Stephanie into my room and shut the door after saying we need to get some work done. 

I had barely shut my room door when my phone rang and it was Victor. 

Stephanie and I exchanged a look before I took a deep breath and answered the phone, I did not put on the speaker as I’m afraid my mum will charge in calling Stephanie’s name. 

I gestured to Stephanie, pointing to the door and she understood, opening it slightly and keeping a close watch beside it. 

James : Hello ?? Yes Victor ??? 

Victor : Hey….James… where are you ?? 

James : At home lor…. What’s up…? 

Victor paused for a moment before asking if I was doing anything that day. 

James : Ermm… I don’t really have plans at the moment….but I’m trying to get a cheap ticket to either Bangkok or Bali…hahah…. Go for a short trip since I’m not working next week.. 

Victor : Oh…. Ok…. 

Next he asked if Stephanie had contacted me and I said I haven spoke to her since I dropped her off at her place. 

James : What’s wrong ? Is everything ok ??? 

Victor : yup… it’s fine… it’s fine…. I’m trying to sort things out here….

My heart started pounding really hard when Victor asked if I could do him a favour and help him out a little that Sunday . 

Victor : James…. TJ….is sick…….and… Shawn is busy with something I asked him to do….can you help out today ?? …. I have a few places I need to run to. 

James : Oh… ok…. What time ??

Victor : Now would be good.. is it ok ?? 

James : Now ? err….

I told him I needed some time to shower and change he said that’s fine, he asked for my address and said he’ll come over and pick me up. 

Once I hung up, I updated Stephanie about what Victor asked. 

James : Do you think he knows ??? 

She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. 

I tried to think about the situation and I went to my secret money stash. 

Stephanie : What should be do?? 

James : Calm down…. We can only wait…. 

I passed her the pink collection slip for her passport and I could see her bursting into a smile before it gave way to a laugh. 

She ran over and hugged onto me tightly, squeezing the air out of me. 

Stephanie : When did you take this ?? I almost forgot about it…. 

I told her the only chance we have would be to go look for her grandmother. She is the only one that can talk to Marcus. 

Stephanie shook her head and said it might not work. 

Stephanie : She’s distanced herself so much from the family all this while… I doubt she wants a hand in it’s affairs. 

James : It’s still worth a try…. 

She looked a little apprehensive but nodded in the end. 

My mum came in and asked if Stephanie is staying for dinner and I replied on her behalf. 

James : Yes… she’s errr… staying for a couple of days…. After that we going Hong kong for holiday…. 

My mum raised an eyebrow and just shrugged her shoulders adding that I never mentioned about a holiday to them.

James : Aiyah…. We young people…. You won’t understand one la… 

Mum : CHey…. I was also young once ok…. 

She ignored me and suggested we head out for dinner later in the evening. 

James : Ok… but I need to get some work done…. Stephanie will be here… 

I turned to Stephanie and wished her luck on the question and answer session that she would need to sit through. 

My mum rolled her eyes at me while Stephanie gave me a narrow stare I had seen too many times. 


I got dressed and waited for Victor at the carpark drop off. He was alone and he asked me if I could drive and I took over the wheel. 

Victor : I’m sorry James…. I needed to close my eyes and think. 

I nodded and said it’s fine. 

James : Where are we headed ? 

He checked his watch before asking me to go to a clinic in town. 

As I pulled out into the road, Victor added. 

Victor : James… about today…. Tell no one what we did….

James : Err… ok… we’re not robbing a bank right ? haha 

Victor : Haha… of course not… people don’t rob banks these days…. Only the banks rob the people… 

I remembered that address. It was the one the employees head to for their check ups and if they fall sick. I’m just a little puzzled since it was a Sunday afternoon and it’s usually closed. 


As I pulled up into the carpark, Victor’s eyes opened on their own and we got out. 

He dial a number as we walked towards the clinic. 

Victor : Are you there already ? 

That was all he said before he hung up. 

The lights in the clinic was off and when we got to the entrance, I was surprised to see Sarah inside. 

She opened the door for us and we proceeded to one of the consultation rooms. 

When we closed the door, Sarah immediately started reasoning with Victor. 

Sarah : You cannot do this !!.. 

Victor : I don’t have a choice… ..

Sarah : But… 

Victor : Look… I’ll bear all responsibility….. just … 

Sarah : It’s too dangerous…. What if…. 

Victor sighed and grabbed Sarah by her shoulders. 

Victor : If there was an alternative, I would take it…..but I don’t. 

There was an awkward silence before Victor said something. 

Victor : She’s about…46-47 kg ? 

Sarah took a deep breath and asked if he was sure. 

Victor turned to me and asked me. 

Victor : James…. How heavy and tall do you think Ruhui is? 

I was a little taken aback but I made a guess nevertheless. 

James : Err…. About…. 1.63 ??? forty……six…. Forty seven ?? 

He looked like he was about to say something before he asked if I could step out for a moment. 

10 minutes later Victor came out with a case in his hand and I would see Sarah frowning with her arms folded. 

Right before we left I could hear Sarah calling out after Victor to remind him of something. 

Sarah : Victor !... remember… gluteus …. Only the gluteus… if necessary… 

Victor gave her an ‘OK’ sign without looking back.

I wanted to ask what was happening but if Victor wanted me to know, he would tell me. Since he asked me to step out, he must have his reasons. 


I watch him put the case into the glove compartment and he made another call. 

Victor : all ok ? 

He hung up and dialled another number. 

Victor : Help me do the transfer… 

That was all he said before he hung up again. 

I started the engine and asked him where to next. 

Victor : Hospital…. SGH…

His eyes closed again once I pulled off. 

I went towards outram and I waited in 1 of the carparks as Victor disappeared for a good 40 minutes before returning with 2 huge bags of stuff which he kept into the boot. 


Victor asked me to drive him back to his place while the got busy on the phone tapping away. 

The messages came and he replied them almost immediately. There was a constant traffic of messages and replies from the time we left the hospital till we arrived at his place. 

As we pulled into the carpark I suddenly had this very weird sinking feeling in my stomach. 

Standing by the lift lobby was Cheryl. 

Her arms was folded and she was leaning against the glass panel as she played with her heels. 

What surprised me even more was that I saw Jacklyn waiting a short distance away. 

I followed behind Victor, helping him with bags of stuff from the boot as he approached Cheryl. 

There were so much stuff that we could barely managed between the 2 of us. It’s not exactly heavy, it’s the bulk that makes carrying hard. 

Victor : Is it done ? 

Cheryl nodded. 

None of us spoke and we headed up the lift together to Victor’s place. 

I watched him key in his door lock sequence and we entered the apartment. 

Shawn was seated by the dining table, perspiration dotted his head and face. He immediately came over to help with the bags. 

Victor disappeared into his room and came out with another small bag and passed it to Cheryl . 

Right before Cheryl left, she turned to me with a smile. 

Cheryl : Bye James… 

James : Bye… 

It felt a little weird but still I walked her to the lift before coming back into the house for further instructions. 

I could see Shawn talking nervously to Victor and Victor’s eyes were closed before he sighed and said everything would be fine. 

Victor : James… help me send Shawn back….then return the car…. After that you can go… 

I nodded and looked at Shawn. 

He looked a little shaken but left after nodding at Victor. 

As we entered the lift, I asked if he’s ok. 

Shawn : I’m fine… 

I wanted to ask what was going on but it did not look like he wanted to talk. He probably received the same instructions from Victor as well. 

Tell no one. 

I dropped Shawn off at Toa payoh interchange as per his request and went back to Victor’s place. 


I parked and locked the car before giving Victor a message that I’m back. 

He said he will be coming down to get the keys from me. 

When he came down, I could smell the alcohol from his breath. 

Victor : Thanks James… have a good rest…. And enjoy your trip…. 

James :Sure… you too… have a good rest… 

Suddenly I felt a bit bad for Victor, the situation he was in, his sister trying to run away, there was nothing he could do. 

I might probably drown my sorrows too if I were him. 

I wanted to tell him it’s fine, once we get hold of his grandmother, we would stand a chance. All this might go away. 

Victor walked with me out of the apartment, saying that he’s going to grab some stuff at the supermarket. 

He said hello to the guard and asked if he had his coffee and they chatted briefly as I walked on a little after waving at the guard too. 

I hailed a cab and Victor waved me off before I got in. 

As the cab pulled away, I saw Victor hailed another one and got in through the rear mirror. Well, I would not want to drive too if I was drinking like him. 

Still, something felt off. 

Something was wrong. 

There was this insatiable thirst of mine, this curiosity. 

I wanted to know what was going on. 

I pulled out 2 10s and gave it to the cab driver. 

James : Uncle… nah…. Make a turn and drop me off back there. 

The cab did as he was told, making a quick buck for a short drive, there was abit of a delay as somehow every traffic light along the way seemed to turn against our favour, still within a matter of minutes, I got off at the private condo once more. 

I waved to the security guard and he just rocked in his chair and gave me a thumbs up, having seen me a few times that day. 

My heart started pounding really hard as I headed up to Victor’s apartment. 

I looked around before I unlocked Victor’s apartment door. 

It was all quiet but I could hear some muted thumping and music coming from one of the rooms 

I had that funny urge to pee again as I approached the room slowly. 

Victor’s master bedroom was empty, his balcony was opened and I could see some bottles of empty beer bottle by the side table as the curtains swayed lazily in the afternoon breeze. 

I went to the other room.

A bead of perspiration rolled down my forehead as my hands touched the cold steel of the door knob. 

I pushed opened the door and immediately my hand went to my mouth. 

Right by the bed on the floor, was Ruhui. 

The TV was on with some MTV channels playing hip hop music, it was pretty loud. 

She was blindfolded and tied up with her hands behind her back. Her ankles were tightly bounded as well, she must have fell onto the floor as during her struggles. 

It felt weird as I stood there motionless outside the door. 

Ruhui was wearing a pretty tight dress, the hem already riding up so high that her rose coloured panty is exposed. 

I could not explained what I was feeling as I look at her kicking at the wall with her feet and she sobbed and cried. 

Ruhui is probably in her mid 30s, maybe around the same age as Victor. 

My dick rose even more as I traced the outline of her womanly curves. Her shoulder length hair looked messy and unkempt for the first time. 

To be really honest, Ruhui looked really good for a woman.

As long as she doesn’t open her mouth, she had that air of confidence and allure that only a matured woman would have. 

Her eyes can be seductive at times if you looked at them and she had the class and poise as well if she chose to display them. She would not look out of place in a celebrity magazine. 

She rolled around and when she paused to catch her breath, I found a brief similarity in her looks as an accountant that got into trouble recently with the law. 

Ruhui looked like a slimmer and more youthful version of her. 

She rolled again, hitting her head against the wall. 

I snapped myself out of the daydream and went into the room. A chill went into my spine as I looked at the things that Victor had bought. 

I needed to tell Stephanie about this. 

I could not believe I was feeling sorry for Ruhui as I watch her sobbed helplessly on the floor. 

I decided to call Stephanie and tell her what was going on. Maybe she could talk to Victor. 

Before I could close the door, I hear the beeping sound of the door pad. My heart sank as I immediately went deeper into the room Ruhui was in and I closed the door. 

Running straight to the balcony, I pushed aside the curtains and I unlocked it and went outside before closing. 

The outdoor blinds were halfway down and I unrolled it fully so people from other blocks could not see I was on the balcony. 

There was but a short gap from the balcony I was on to the one that connects to Victor’s master bedroom.

I’ll just wait for him to come in before I climb and escape from the other room. 

My heart slammed against my ribcage as I crouched by the railing, ready to start climbing. 

I peeped from the small opening through the curtains, wanting to make sure Victor is safely in the room before I start making my move. 

The door opened slowly and I could see Victor closing the door. 

My eyes widened and I could feel a budge in my pants as I watch Victor pulled Ruhui up and threw her onto the bed. 

I could not move. 

I was frozen when I stood. 

My dick was straining so hard against my pants that I had to adjust it several times. 

30 minutes later, my lips were trembling as I struggled to climb the short gap to Victor’s master bedroom. 

I ran as fast as I could to the main door and opened it. 

I hailed a cab and went straight home, the image of what I saw and witness burnt itself into my mind. 

I told Stephanie what I did right up to the point of me dropping off the car. 


I found it hard to hold onto my chopstick as I had dinner with Stephanie and my parents. 

Stephanie : James…. James …. 

I snapped out of my day dream. 

James : Yah… yah…. 

Stephanie : are you ok ?? 

James : I am…. 

After dinner, my parents dropped us off at Kovan because I said we walked to talk a walk. 

As we linked arms and went along the neighbourhood shops, Stephanie said she envy my family. 

Stephanie : Your parents love you…. I could really feel the bond of a family over something as simple as dinner… 

She rested her head on my shoulder and added. 

Stephanie : I wished my family was like yours…. There’s not love among us…. 

I walked a few more steps before I spoke. 

James : Your…. Your brother loves you..... Stephanie…..you have no idea how much. …. 


( Additional rape scene of Ruhui available at bottom of page )

Stephanie just smiled but did not offer up a reply. Some shoes caught her eye in one of the neighbourhood shops and she dragged me in. 

I watch her try on some sandals and heels and she chose a pair of shiny light grey heel that look to be about close to 3 inch high. 

James : How do you even walk with that ? 

Stephanie : Aiyah… you don’t know one la… it’s not really that high. 

James : You going to wear that to bed tonight ?? 

She gave me a slanted slit eye look and asked if that was my cup of tea. 

James : Of course… 

After paying for her purchase we strolled around the neighbourhood for a while longer before talking a slow walk back to my place. 

I could not stop my mind from thinking about what I saw at Victor’s place. The more I think about it, the more uneasy I became. 

Yes, I hated Ruhui, everybody does but someone seeing her go through at ordeal seemed to have flicked some switch inside me. 

Well, end of the day you could say she brought it upon herself but still, I don’t think that is right. 

I tried to think of something else, to put the matter away but it’s too hard. 

By 10.30pm that evening, I knew I had to do something about it. Not just for Ruhui, it’s very much for Victor as well. 

I told Stephanie to go grab her passport the next day but I won’t be joining her. I told her that Victor did mention in passing that he might need my help since TJ was not feeling too good. 

James : I’m just worried he might call me suddenly… 

Anyway, I told Stephanie that the amount of clothes she has was not enough. I’m going to head back into office and grab some more from her storeroom. 

Stephanie : Oh, when you are there, there are some money in my drawers too…. Help me get them. 

I nodded as she added her laptop, spare chargers and some makeup pouch to the list. 

As Stephanie fell asleep in my arms that night, I racked my brains for a reason. 

Yes I needed a reason to see Victor. 

And the only one I can think of is Stephanie. 

No I’m not giving her up of course, but I was thinking a little white lie would do everyone some good. 

18th Feburary 2013 



Stephanie and I got up early and had breakfast at one of the coffee shops near my block. 

At 7.30am, we parted ways, I was to head to the office while she will wait a while longer before leaving my place. 

She did not want to squeeze on the public transport with the peak hour crowd, and given that she was on the run, she did not want to take a cab either. 

Anyway, I told her to get it done so we can quickly book our tickets. 

After I parted ways, I called Victor. 

Perhaps it was just luck smiling on me, I tried 3 times and there was no answer. Maybe it was too early. 

Anyway, I took the opportunity to head down to Victor’s place in a cab. I wanted to get there before he answers my call. 


I waved to the security guard once more and headed up to Victor’s place. 

I tried the doorbell for a good 10 minutes before he answered the door. 

The smell of alcohol hit me the moment the door opened. Victor looked tired, his hair in a mess and he reeks of stale whiskey. 

Victor : What are you doing here James ? 

James : Oh… sorry…. I tried calling you but I can’t get through… 

He shook him head a little, trying to sober up. 

James : I wanted to tell you Stephanie contacted me. 

His eyes immediately focused and he asked me where was she. 

James : She never say but she wanted to borrow money from me…. About 5k… 

Victor : Then… then… what did you say… 

James : Well, initially I said no, but she started scolding me, saying it was my fault she doesn’t have her travel documents and all…. So I sort of agreed. 

James : I was to make the transfer to her later in the afternoon

Victor massaged his head, trying to get his brain to start working.

Victor : Ok… look, don’t transfer…. Say you want to meet up… I will…go…. And…..

Before he could continue, I asked if I could use the bathroom. 

Victor : errrr…. 

James : Sorry… I came in a hurry…. Stomach not feeling well…. 

He seemed like he was caught off guard for a moment and he took a second longer to reply me. 

Victor : Sure… go to the one in the master bedroom. 

I nodded and entered his apartment. 

There was nothing out of place, the living and dining area still looked decently neat and tidy with exception of a bottle of near empty whiskey on the coffee table. 

I deliberately waited till I was close to the master bedroom door before I called out to Victor. 

James : Thanks ah… sorry to trouble you… be done in a minute. 

I did not shout, I just spoke a little louder on the pretext that I wanted him to hear me from the main door since I was a distance away. 

What I wanted to do was to let Ruhui know there was someone else in the house. 

If she had half a brain, she should be calling out for help. 

And she did. 

I could hear her scream as there was immediately a series of thumping sound. 

Although I could not make out exactly what she was saying, I could tell it was a plea for help. 

I paused by the master bedroom door and I turned towards Victor. 

He too looked at the door before turning back to look at me. 

Victor : James….. go use the toilet…. And pretend you never hear anything…. 

He closed the front door and walked calmly to his bottle of whiskey and started to drink again. 

The thumping got louder, it did not sound like someone hitting on the door itself, more like kicking against the partition wall of the headboard of the bed or something. 

It caught me off guard momentarily and I went ahead to the bathroom. I counted each second I was on the toilet bowl. 

Since I said I needed it, I had to make a show of me using it. 

About 4 minutes later, I left the bathroom and left Victor’s room.

He was standing by the guest entrance. This time round the thumping was louder and I could hear Ruhui’s voice a lot more clearly. 

None of us spoke as we looked at each other. 

Victor broke the silence a while later and said if I asked him any questions, he would not be able to protect any of us. 

Victor ; It’s better if you don’t know anything. 

He looked tired, definitely disorientated and drunk from where I could see. 

I tried to calm him down and reached for his bottle of whiskey. 

It was then I noticed that near the bin, there was another empty bottle.

James : Victor…..this…. this doesn’t solve…. Anything… 

Victor : It does….it does…. 

He staggered away from the door after letting me take the bottle. 

Heading straight to his mini bar, he opened up another bottle of whiskey and took a swig directly from the bottle. 

Victor : It’s the only way…. I can …. Save Stephanie…. 

He sat onto his sofa with a loud plop and I could hear the desperate pleas of Ruhui once more. 

I set the bottle down and I tried to open the door.

It’s locked. 

I went over to Victor and knelt down in front of him. 

James ; Victor…. This…. Things could go wrong… you need to stop before it gets out of hand…. 

He buried his face in his hands before closing his eyes and just lying back on the sofa. 

James : Victor… please… there’s so much that could go wrong…. It’s not worth taking this kind of risk…. 

I spent about 5 minutes trying to think of all the reasons why he should stop this and sold it to him like a lousy salesmen. 

In the end, he just reached into his pocket and passed me a key. 

I quickly went over and unlocked the door. 

I tried to push it open but Ruhui was leaning against it. 

James : Ruhui…. Move away from the door… 
When I manged to push it open, my heart dropped as I took in the state of the room. 

Ruhui was on the floor, wearing only a workshirt that belonged to Victor. She cried and sobbed when she saw me. 

I helped her onto her feet and sat her down on the bed and she just clung onto me, sobbing into my shoulder. 

As I turned to look at the TV console, I felt another jolt of electricity to my heart as I noted the small tripod and the camera mounted on top. 

Ruhui : sob… sob… please… James…. Get me out of here… I’ll pay you…. I’ll pay you anything…. 

Her lips looked dry and I could tell she’s a little dehydrated. 

James : Stay here… 

Ruhui : No… no!!... no!! don’t…. 

I shrugged her off as she laid back onto the bed, sobbing away. I returned with a glass of water and she was having difficulty drinking it up. 

My eyes took in the mess on the room floor. 

I wonder how many times Victor raped her over the course of that night. 

She looked scared and broken. 

Gone was the haughty look. 

The arrogance that once ooze from her was no longer evident. 

She just looked like any scared little girl. 

Shaken and scared. 

I knew this was too much for me to handle on my own. I decided to call TJ. 

Sick or not, he is the one person who knows Victor well and long enough. 

James : TJ…. This is James…. 

He kept quiet for about 10 minutes as I brought him up to date leaving out certain portions. 

TJ : I’ll be there in 30 minutes…. Don’t do anything… wait for me… 


Ruhui was too scared to leave the room when she saw Victor out in the living room. 

She kept offering me money to stay with her. 

From 5k to 10k to promises of getting me a perm job with her, she just blabbered on. 

TJ arrived and immediately attended to Victor. 

10 minutes later, he came to me. 

TJ : Get Ruhui out of here… 

I nodded and I went over to her. 

She was still shaking as she pointed to her clothes that were bundled up in a pile on a chair. 

I could feel my dick rise as my hands touched the soft fabric of her dress and the cold texture of her lingerie. 

I handed them to her and was about to leave the room but she begged me to stay. 

Ruhui : James… wait… wait… don’t go… don’t go… 

James : You need to get changed…. 

Ruhui : Please…. Just stay inside the room… please… 

I watched Ruhui turned away from me and started to take off Victor’s shirt. 

My erection pressed so hard against my pants that I had to adjust it twice. 

The shirt fell off and revealed a nice hour glass figure with skin so smooth that you would think you were looking at some model for some shower foam. That pure smoothness was punctuated with the occasional bruise, mostly near her waist and the top of her shoulder. 

I shook the image from my mind, thinking those must be the spot Victor grabbed onto her when he forcibly penetrated her vagina.

My teethed clenched down hard as Ruhui pulled on her panty. It was then I noticed the streaks of dried up cum stains on the insides of her calves. 

No doubt the excess semen that had dripped out along the way. 

She put on her bra and clasped it with much difficulty before slipping on her dress. 

Her hair was in a mess as she walked towards me. 

I could only prayed she did not see my erection as I turned. 

The door opened and I saw TJ talking to Victor, both of them bent forward towards the coffee table. 

Ruhui grabbed onto my right arm as she walked with a little stagger.

It felt weird and awkward as she slowly hobbled towards the main door. 

Right at the entrance Ruhui’s grip tightened on my arm, as if the sense of her new found freedom gave her the much needed strength. 

Still, she spoke in a trembling voice… 

Ruhui : If….. if… the video….. ever gets out…..i’ll….. I’ll make sure we’ll…. Die together… 

Victor stood up and I could feel another squeeze on my arm as Ruhui leaned heavily onto me. 

TJ shot me a look and nodded towards the exit and I quickly pulled Ruhui away. 

TJ : James… here… 

He threw Ruhui’s handbag to me and I caught it with my free hand. 

Inside the lift lobby, she just stared at her bare feet. 

As we got to the carpark, I was about to get her on a cab when she said she was driven there. 

It did not take us long to find her black SUV. 

I unlocked it with her key and the interior was a mess as well. 

The backseat were littered with her makeup and her heels. 

Her phone was on the floor. 

I stopped by the driver seat and tried to get her in the car when she asked if I could drive her back. 

Helping her to the back seat, I took the wheel and asked for her address. 

5 minutes later, we were on the expressway heading towards Holland. 


Ruhui called ahead to her house and asked her helper if everything was ok and whether her Son went to school before hanging up. 

I pulled into the driveway of a modern looking semi D along Jalan Merah Saga and switched off the engine. 

Ruhui : Wait James… wait a while… 

James : I need to get going…. 

Ruhui : Please… just a while… 

I followed Ruhui into her house and was greeted by 1 of her 2 helper. 

Coffee was served while she disappeared for a good 30 minutes. 

When Ruhui emerged, she looked a lot more refreshed. Despite being dressed in a simple singlet and lounge pants, I could see how hot her figure is. 

The fullness of her breast. 

The tightness of her butt. 

I looked away as she sat down at the table with me. 

When she spoke, I could slowly but surely feel her confidence level going back up. 

I began to detect a hint of arrogance when she opened her cheque book once more. 

Raising my palm, I told her it’s ok. 

James : Don’t…. don’t….. let’s just…. close this matter and move on…. 

Her pen hovered at her chequebook and she closed it. 

Leaning back onto her chair, she folded her arms and looked at me. Yes, the same look was coming back slowly but surely. 

Ruhui : James….how much does Victor pay you ? I’ll double that offer… I pay all my people well…. 

I felt a little insulted and i told her I’m not interested. 

James : It doesn’t matter how well you pay people…. It’s how you treat them…. 

She looked at me and I could detect a hint of anger. 

James : Aren’t you betrayed by the very people you paid well ? 

I could see her clenching her teeth but she said nothing. 

Ruhui : What do you want James ? Money ? power ? everybody wants something…. 

I shook my head and got up. 

Right as I was about to head towards the door, it opened. 

The large door swung open and a man walked in with a suitcase in tow.

He’s large, by large I meant tall and a little plump. 

Not fat, but just plump. 

He’s easily close to 1.9m , his hair short enough you could see some folds of his skin near the neck area. 

What struck me most was his complexion. He had very bad acne around his forehead and at his nose. 

Still he walked with an air of confidence and arrogance similar to Ruhui. 

His left forearm is heavily tattooed. 

I could hear Ruhui get up from behind me and approach the man. 

I wanted to head out but the man was almost blocking the entire door with his size and the suitcase. 

Ruhui : James…. Meet my brother Matthew…. 

I did not extend my hand and neither did he.

He walked right pass me and sat down on the sofa. 

I wanted to leave but Ruhui blocked the door with her body. 

Ruhui : James…wait… 

She added that I had effectively messed up Victor’s plan.

Ruhui : Do you think he would trust you again ? 

I was a little taken aback and I pondered the words she just said. I could not believe the stark contrast in behaviour with Ruhui that I was seeing. Barely an hour she was still the fragile frightened girl. 

Ruhui : Don’t be stupid…. You follow the wrong leader, you won’t get anywhere…. 

Matthew did not say a single word and he just opened his suitcase and took out a folder and started flipping through. 

James : Move away… I got to go… 

Matthew : James… … you’ve only started working for the siblings for a few months….

I turned and looked at Matthew, the man that was to marry Stephanie. 

From the description I had heard of him so far, I don’t have a very good impression of him as it is. 

Lazy bum, good for nothing, likes to sleep around, refuses to help with the family business, probably needed help to feed himself in my opinion.

In fact, I can’t even be bothered about him. 

It was when he spoke that made me stopped. 

I turned slowly and looked at him as he referred to his folder. 

Matthew : Before that you were at a small company with only 7 staff… 

He went on with a brief history of my employment and how much I was drawing as pay.

4 more men walked through the door and hung around the dining area where I just had my coffee. 

Matthew : I don’t understand why you insists on working with Victor…. 

After he said that, he totally cast me aside and started to talk to Ruhui. 

As he rattled off each instruction, I could feel this increasing chill running up my spine. 

Someone made a mistake. 

Someone made a fucking big mistake. 

It’s either that or Matthew has been putting on quite an act up till now. 

My heart was starting to race in my ribcage as I listened to him. 

It was as if he did not give a fuck I was there. 

Or perhaps he wanted me to listen in, and maybe tell Victor who he was up against. 

Matthew looked up into the ceiling for a while before adding. 

Matthew : send word to Marcus….. I accept the marriage…. But he needs to find Stephanie first…. .. that would mean another set of resources on our side until we find her. …. … that old man would surely want to speed things up.

The 1st man left the house with a nod.

As he slowly broke down and analysed each scenario, I could not help but fear what Victor and Stephanie would be up against. 

Pointing to the next man Matthew added. 

Matthew : Find Victor… tell him I would marry his sister…. It would merely be a marriage on paper….I have no intention of going further than that. …. We all need to meet,………. find Stephanie….. and we will talk to Marcus together about his terms…. If Marcus doesn’t agree…. We would all remain childless….. Sure….Stephanie might get everything if he dies…… but there is no way Marcus would sit still and do nothing….not when he knows he doesn’t have a heir he recognised and to lose out the chance to get back at us.

As the 2nd man left the house, Ruhui asked. 

Ruhui : Are you sure about this ?

Matthew smiled and tapped his thigh. 

Matthew : Well, I would still fuck Stephanie…. I’ve been eyeing her for ages…. How can I not fuck the bride on our wedding night…. 

Turning to Ruhui, he continued. 

Matthew : You said Victor took Stephanie’s passport… given Singapore’s efficiency, she can get a new one within a week or 2…. There’s a chance Stephanie might go get a new one…. 

He turned to the 3rd guy.

Matthew told the guy to wait be at the ICA everyday hence forth. It’s not too hard to just sit at the collection area and keep an eye out for a hot chick. 

Ruhui : She could do it online as well… there’s no guarantee you will find her there… 

Matthew : well….She would still need to collect it… it’s a long shot…. But we definitely won’t be able to find her if we sit still here. 

He turned slowly to me and asked. 

Matthew : So James…. You’ve heard all there is to hear….you have 2 choices…

He stood up and made me an offer. 

Matthew : Run back to Victor…. Tell him everything….. or work with us….and you can have anything you want…

I could not believe the cocky arrogance that was being displayed in front of me. 

I shook my head and said I was sick and tired of the games the rich is playing. 

James : I not interested in being a part of this. … and I’m not your messenger. 

He smirked and turned away turned to Ruhui right when I was about to leave. 

Matthew : Then just pass on a message to him…. 

A helper had brought out a coffee. 

He took a sip and continued. 

Matthew : There is not many nursing home with facilities that can take care of the siblings mother in KL. At least not to the level of standard Victor would expect. 

I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand as I paused where I stood. 

Matthew : I called every one and gave a brief history of my medical condition….oh sorry…. The siblings’s mother’s condition…. Of course, I had to pretend it was me….and that I needed to be sure they had the resources to take care of me properly. 

He set the cup down and spoke from behind me. 

Matthew : It’s not too hard…. Really…. 

I could feel my teeth clenching together as I digested what he just said. 

Matthew : Took me close to 2 weeks though…… 

The moment I stepped out of the house, Matthew added. 

Matthew : Yes……. I found their mother..


My mind was filled with doubts as I walked towards the main gate of Ruhui’s house. 

As I passed her car, I could hear Ruhui calling out to me from behind. 

Ruhui ; James …. James !! 

Ruhui : James !!! YAH!!! 

The 2nd cry sound more like an exasperated shout but I ignored her and continued making my way towards the gate. 

I heard some footsteps, as if she was going to chase after me but apparently gave up half way as I stepped into the small road. 

There were no cabs in sight and I braced myself for the long walk to the main road. 

I don’t know what I should do with the information in my head. 

I can choose to tell Stephanie about it, she would definitely want to go to her mother, stay by her side or something.

If Matthew had anticipated this, he could always have someone wait over by her mum’s location. Stephanie would walk right into his arms. 

However if I chose not to tell Stephanie about this, if anything goes wrong with her mum, and she ever finds out I withheld that information from her, she would never forgive me.

Sure,I can tell Victor what I heard, but all the things Matthew said were blatantly said in front of me. 

Did he meant it for me to pass along the information as it is ? 

There might be some trickery to this, I don’t know. 

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I was getting the feeling I’m getting played and used like a tool all over again

As I neared the main road, I made up my mind to tell Victor what I learnt so far for now. This is not my headache in a way and I would never understand the shit these rich people get up to. 

I’ll just proceed with the original plan of going to Hong Kong with Stephanie. 

I could hear the revving of a car engine behind me and subconsciously I stuck closer to the pavement. There was a screech of brakes and I was surprised to see Ruhui’s car again. 

Ruhui : Fuck! … James…….. get in.. 

I ignored her and kept walking. She started to drive alongside me, shouting through the passenger window and ignoring the occasional odd honks of the cars behind her as they over took. 

Ruhui : What the fuck is wrong with you……….get in come on………... I need to talk to you. 

I paused and looked at her in an irritated manner. 

James : What do you want ? 

She looked like she was about to scream at me, maybe get some transvestite to suck on my dick or some shit but she closed her eyes and held it in after taking a deep breath. 

Ruhui : I…… just….. want to talk….. to you…. Before you leave…. 

More cars honked at Ruhui but she did not care, shoving her middle finger out the driver side as they overtook her. 

A old man shouted at her asking if she owned the road. 

Ruhui : Get in… 

I felt a crack of softness in her voice when she said that. Almost close to a plea. 

Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me. 

James : say please… 

Ruhui’s teeth clenched together and I saw her eyes widened as she gripped onto the steering wheel. If I was in front of her car, she might just run me over. 

I shrugged my shoulders and was about to walk off when she shouted at me. 

Ruhui : Alright… alright… please… please… whatever… 

I considered the walk to the main road and the effort to get a cab, in the end I hopped into the car and asked for a ride to the MRT station. 

James : What is it you want. 

As Ruhui drove, I could see she was considering her words carefully. 

Ruhui : About….. what happened…. At Victors…. 

She paused as we came to a traffic light and a bus pulled up beside us. She turned to looked at the people in the bus, as if afraid they would hear what she was about to say. 

Ruhui : Please…. Keep it to yourself…. .. It does no one any good if it gets out. 

I turned and looked at her and the same unsure look of a scared little girl came out again despite her attempts to hide it. 

When the light turned green, she hit the accelerator a little too hard and I was forced back against the seat while she spoke. 

Ruhui : And…. Erm…. The…… the tapes Victor holds….. 

I felt the sudden tight squeeze of my bladder again as I thought about the tripod in the room. The angle it was pointing. 

The pictures it had captured. 

I could feel a erection coming again as I imagined myself playing the tape in the comforts of my own home, looking at her being violated against her will. 

Imagine the sounds that would be played out if I were to see the footage. 

Would I hear Ruhui moan ? 

Maybe hear her scream and beg for mercy ? 

The thought alone was arousing.

Ruhui :If…. You can get them…… I’ll pay you… 

I shook my head and told her it’s not possible, and I’m not interested. 

James : What… you think Victor just leaves them lying around in his house ? outside on his shoe rack ??? Besides…. I don’t work for you… 

Ruhui wanted to snap at me but did another marvellous attempt at controlling her temper as she exhaled a long breathe. 

Ruhui : Well…. You never know if you don’t try….. 

I rolled my eyes and just looked outside the window, glad that bouna vista MRT is within sight. 

Seeing that I was quiet, Ruhui tried to convince me again. 

I stopped her and reminded her that she was the cause of a lot of problems that is plaguing everyone today. 

That made her lose it and she finally snapped at me. 

Ruhui : Oh Fuck you James.. !!.... what do you know about the things we do…. You won’t understand… 

Ruhui : Fuck !!!! 

Ruhui : Fuck !!! 

Something seemed to have snapped within her as I watched her lose control momentarily

She hit the steering wheels several times, and floored the accelerator. 

James : What the FUCK!! .. stop..!... 

She breezed pass the MOE building in seconds as I held onto the handle above me. 

Ruhui : FUCK… FUCK… FUCK!!!! …. 

She kept hitting the steering wheel as the car got faster. Her frown etched deeply into her forehead as her knuckles turned white with her grip.

James : OEi!!! OEI!!!!!!..... 

Cutting across a few lanes, she made a right turn to Dover road. Then like a mad woman she turned left into a HDB estate, driving wildly to the end of the road before she screeched to a halt at a quiet carpark beside block 35. 



We shouted at the same time as she slammed on the brakes.

The car came to a stop and the moment it did, Ruhui’s shoulders started shaking and shivering.

The laugh came, almost hysterical lasting for close to 30 seconds before her face scrunched up and she started crying.

It was not sobbing.

It was an all-out bawl.

She hugged onto the steering wheel and screamed, crying uncontrollably.

I quickly undid my safety belt and unlocked the door. In case she tries anything stupid again, I can at least escape.

She hit the dash board and the steering wheel again and again, cursing and crying.

I opened the car door and stepped out.

Ruhui just buried her face in the steering wheel.

Ruhui : Victor raped me…….victor raped me……sobbbb…. Sob…I can’t believed he raped me…

Everything she said after that became incoherent

I looked around and scratched my head and brushed my hair.

James : Fuck….

Ruhui turned to me and said something I could not make out as she cried.

Ruhui : areee sorrr door waah ….eeees …tah….huuuatt…..deees wahh…

James : I… I don’t understand what you are trying to say…

Ruhui : ahhh.sarrhhh….arrhhh sooo….dorrr…..out…..disss waha…

She was in that state for about 5 minutes before calming down a little.

I shook my head and went over to the driver side and opened the door.

James : Move over…. Fuck… I’ll send you back… you can cry all you want there…

She refused to move but I just reach over and unbuckled her belt smelling the fragrance from her freshly showered body.

I pushed and nudged her across to the passenger seat with much difficulty.

I did not even bother to belt her up.

I looked at the time and was thinking I should check on Stephanie. I wondered if she has gotten her passport.

I also needed to talk to Victor, hopefully TJ has sobered him up by then.


It was coming 12noon by the time I pulled up at Ruhui’s place again.

She was still sobbing in the passenger seat, her head resting on the arm rest of the door while she clutched onto her stomach as she leaned in a weird manner with both her legs angled parallel to the right of the passenger seat.

The helper came out and I pointed to Ruhui after I switched off the engine.

The helper took a look and said a “ omygod” before rushing to the passenger side.

That was it.

I done far beyond what is necessary.

I don’t even like her.

The passenger door opened and then there was a series of screams.

Ruhui just toppled her entire body weight when the door opened and she fell head first.

The helper managed to catch hold of her but I guess Ruhui was too heavy and the 2 of them toppled onto the floor with Ruhui’s legs still up in the air resting on the passenger seat.

The helper kept apologizing.

Sorry mdm, sorry mdm must have rang out at least 20 times.

Ruhui just laid there helplessly and cried, sobbing like a little girl who had fallen off her chair.

Another helper came running out and I asked her where is Matthew.

James : Ask the brother come and help.

She told me he had left.

The 2 helper struggled to pull a crying Ruhui up onto her feet and I could not help but wondered if Ruhui has been feeding them properly.

Fuck they looked so scrawny and thin as they tried to haul her into the house.

Ruhui just sobbed and cried, her legs dangled lifelessly dragging on the floor.

Before they even made it to the main door, they stopped and they dropped Ruhui on her knees first before all 3 collapsed onto the floor.

I fucking could not believe what I was seeing.

I brushed my hair in a frustrated manner.

James : Ahhhhh… fuck …

Walking over, I pulled Ruhui up and carried her in my arms.

James : Where do I put her ??

I must looked pretty irritated as the helper immediately opened the door and guided me upstairs to Ruhui’s room.

Every steps up the stairs was like a torture to my knees. Ruhui’s hands rest on her stomach as she continued sobbing.

Her room door opened and it looked like some opulent boutique hotel. The lush deep sensual colours.

The smell of lemon grass fragrance.

There was even some light music playing in the background.

The door to her master bathroom was opened and I could see the clothes she was raped in earlier by Victor lying on the floor.

Ruhui asked her helpers to leave once we reached the room and to call for the doctor.

As I put her down on the bed, Ruhui asked me to help her on the tapes again.

Ruhui : Please…. James…

James : I’m tired of all these…. the things your brother said…. And those that he was about to do….

I was interrupted by a message. It was Stephanie.

Stephanie sms : Got my passport…. Already on train….see you in a bit..

I smiled and closed my phone, I was looking forward to seeing Stephanie again.

James : Anyway… I got to go…

Ruhui : Please James… help me on the tapes… I’ll pay you anything… at least try…

James : I’ve only worked for Victor for a few months…I’m not the right person to do this…. There’s no reason for Victor to give them to me as well.

As Ruhui tried to sit up, she bent forward and I caught sight of her bra and her full breast.

She caught me looking and her hand pressed down on her singlet as she avoided my eyes. I could only imagine what she was feeling. Barely hours ago she was violated physically by Victor, yet here she was, being violated again, visually this time round by me.

I turned and was about to walk off when she asked me a question.

Ruhui : James….why do you care about the affairs of people you work for ….. when you barely know them for a few months….

I paused. 

Ruhui : I have been thinking about this….. you don’t want money….there is no possible career path given the situation you have got yourself into….. yet somehow you still stuck on Victor’s side. You can easily get another job… one with less drama and shit….

I did not speak. 

Ruhui : Why ? … 

She reinforced her statement again, adding that there was no reason she could think of for my level of loyalty and support to Victor, especially how well I know the siblings. 

Ruhui : what? 3 months ? 4 months ? come on….. can you really say you know them ?? 

Her confidence level seemed to grow again as she went on. 

Like the unpredictable tides of life, her mood and emotions seemed to follow no rational patterns. 

Ruhui : I can only think of 1 last possible reason. 

I could feel my heart thumping as Ruhui started to form the words with her mouth. 

Ruhui : Either you are in love with Victor……… or You like Stephanie…………. And I bet it’s the latter. 

I just smirked. 

James : well……More than I like you Ruhui ……….at least…. Stephanie doesn’t force anyone to suck my cock. ….. anyway… there is nothing between me and her… she’s my employer… 

I was taken aback as she burst out laughing before turning away. 

I started to make my way to her room door but I could pretty much guess she has read enough into my thoughts. 

It made me wonder if I was really that predictable. 

Ruhui : What if……. I could stop Matthew from marrying…. Stephanie ?....... 

I paused again by the door my hands stopped by some invisible force field as I hovered by the door knob. 

Ruhui got off the bed and walked slowly towards me with her arms folded.

Ruhui laughed. 

Ruhui : You do…. Like Stephanie…. ….. 

I shook the thought out of my head, there was no reason for me to believe her. 

How can anyone trust the likes of Ruhui ? 

No way. 

James : What should I even believe anything you say……? 

Ruhui : Well, I don’t think you know the details James…since you are a outsider to this……. But who gets together with who in the end matters…….. money matters…. 

James : Well, I don’t doubt that since you are involved. 

I turned the knob. 

Ruhui pushed against the door and leaned against it with her body, causing it to close with a thud. 

Ruhui : I’ll cut the story short….if Matthew don’t marry Stephanie…. Victor and I would be ….. let’s put it this way, very comfortable ….. for several lifetimes….once I conceive…. 

James : Then you shouldn’t have put up too much of a fight when he raped you… 


Ruhui’s hand moved so fast that I had no time to react. 

Ruhui : HE AGREED IT WAS TO BE DONE IN A LAB…..A STERILE ENVIORNMENT….by doctors…..not like this……not with his fucking dick inside me… 


My blood was boiling and when she raised her hand again, I grabbed onto her right wrist, yanking and throwing her onto her bed. 

She got up again, trying to kick me but I pushed her back down , I could feel it was happening again, that she was about to snap into her mad woman mode. 

I pinned both her hands down on the bed beside her head and straddled her. 

It immediately caused her to stop moving. 

I could see the fear in her eyes as she registered the position she was in. 

Her chest rose up and down, and one of the straps of her singlet had fallen to the side. 

My grip on her wrist was so hard that I could see her squirm in pain as she looked away, knowing full well not to antagonise me any further. 

I got off her and warned her to stay away from me. 

James : don’t ever…. Come near me again…. 

She got right back up and went to her dresser and opened the drawer, I immediately reached for the door knob. Fuck if she wanted to stab me or anything, I better be ready to run. 

I turned to check and was surprise she was holding onto a ipad. 

Not a knife, not a gun, not a weapon…. Just an ipad… 

Since it was not anything dangerous, it made me feel a little better, at least I don’t need to run down the steps to escape. 

Her bedroom door swung opened with a creak as I opened it up in full and stepped out, but before I could slam it back in her face, I froze. 

I froze right at the door. 

Ruhui was standing by the dresser, ipad in hand, pointing it right at me. 

I blinked twice to be sure what I was seeing. 

Ruhui : I said it before…. and I’m going to say it again….. get me the tape…. I’ll make sure Matthew will never marry Stephanie….

My eyes focused on the ipad display for another 10 seconds before I locked eyes with Ruhui. 

James : Is that real ? 

With a flick of her finger, Ruhui changed the display on the tablet and I could see the triangle icon, indicating that you needed to hit play to play the video. 

She reached out her hand to offer me the ipad for a closer look. 

I walked back into her room slowly, my eyes never left hers. 

Ruhui : Close the door….. no one can know…. Not even the helper. 

I closed the door shut and took over the ipad.

I sat down on Ruhui’s bed as I held onto the tablet. 

Ruhui got onto the bed and like a python about to smother it’s prey, she whispered behind me into my ears. 

Ruhui : Hit play…..


I could not believe what I was seeing as i watched Matthew’s wedding ceremony with another woman in another country. 

Initially I could not make out the language but after a while when the camera refocused on another group, they were speaking in Chinese. 

It was then I realised that a lot of them were speaking in Shanghainese dialect.

It’s in Shanghai. 

Matthew was in his suit and his bride by his side. 

The contrast in age was obvious, Matthew had to be at least 40 by the looks but the girl looked like some fresh graduate from school. Her figure is awesome, the hourglass contours proudly displayed with all to see in her sexy white cheongsum wedding gown. 

The camera is shaky, from the height it was taken, I reckon it was a child who took it. 

Some scenes were just of people’s back view and backside, some of the floor but there was no mistake about it, it was Matthew and his wife in the video. 

Ruhui came up in one shot and she waved to the camera. 

She sat with her right leg exposed all the way to her mid thigh as her lush red cheongsum adorned with modern prints hugged her tight body. Her legs were crossed and I could see her heels dangling seductively off her feet as she fiddled with her phone before the camera panned away to some other people talking. 

When the 5 minute clip was over, I looked at the album, there were hundreds of photos and tons of videos. All of Matthew. 

The dates. 

I wanted to know the dates. 

It was barely a year ago. 

Ruhui knows she had me. She sat down by my side, her thigh brushing against mine. I did not know if she did it on purpose. 

What she did next really brought out the vileness and venom of the snake she truly is. 

I could not believe I was hearing it from her mouth. 

How can someone like this exist on earth ? It was like her very existence was to cause misery and trouble to people around her. 

Ruhui : Don’t you think….. this would make a very good wedding montage video on the wedding day ? hahahah … 

She jabbed me on my arm as if we were best friend sharing some gossipy news. 

Ruhui : He’s now in the middle of a ….. how do I put it… discussion…. With his wife… 

She looked at her nails and said

Ruhui : She wants money of course…. That was the whole reason she married him, I mean…. Come on…. Look at Matthew…. Which girl would want to sleep with him if not for money…. 

She folded her arms and continued. 

Ruhui : I guess it’s going to cost Matthew a lot…. But he would still have to pay….Afterall, he stands to gain a lot more if he gets Stephanie…. 

Her feet rose up, paralleled to the floor as she examined her toenails. 

Ruhui : I don’t think the wife is stupid though….she’ll milk him for a long time and drag this out….. The way I look at it….there’s no way Matthew can get his wedding annulled or his divorce anytime soon. 

I looked at her with shock and disbelief in my eyes. 

James : And he still wants to go ahead and marry Stephanie ?? … this is against the law…. 

Ruhui laughed as if I had just told her a joke. 

Ruhui : who knows ??? do you have prove ? haha… well I do….

She could see I was considering what she just said and she went on to tell me that what she had, is time sensitive. Once the divorce is finalised, that video is not worth anything so I better make up my mind soon.

Ruhui : Oh… Oh… if you want to up the stakes…… this can come out, after Matthew married Stephanie….. imagine what you can do. Do you play poker James ?? Imagine knowing the cards beforehand…. Hahaha… 

I could not believe what I was hearing. 

That vile snake. 

It was almost disgusting as I digested what she had just said. 

James : How could you do this…. To your brother…. 

Ruhui got up and blew her nose with some tissues. 

Ruhui : So what ? 

I shook my head at her and put the ipad down. 

Ruhui : Just because he has a dick, he gets so much more from my family…… just because he is the only son, he gets to fuck around while I tend to all the shit back home….. and even so, he is still the biggest shareholder. 

She threw the ball of tissue onto her floor and said she did not think what she was doing was anything big deal. 

James : I don’t believe you…. You would not do this…. Not to your own brother…. 

I got up and was about to leave when Ruhui ran to the door and blocked it. 

Ruhui : If I conceive, Victor and I gets everything Marcus has. It’s more than enough for me to leave this place once and for all. 

Ruhui : If Matthew marries Stephanie, he gets a cut if he fucks her and inseminate her.

James : Fuck off… you are both the same….you’re from the same family…

I grabbed onto her shoulder and pushed her aside. 

Ruhui : My offer stands for 24 hours. 

She got off the bed and brushed back her messed up hair. 

Ruhui : get me what I want, I’ll give you a copy of this….. no one knows I have it…I’ll pay you as well….

James : I have no reason to trust you…. 

Ruhui added one last sentence before I left her room. 

Ruhui : I don’t want to have to live in fear of knowing there is a possibility of having that video on the internet. ……… 

James : Well… I do know Victor’s door combination to his apartment, I could probably steal it… but…still….… that’s none of my business…

Ruhui : I’ll do anything James… tell me… I’ll stop Matthew if you want…. I’ll tell him not to go after their mother…. What is it you want ? 

That was the final straw. 

I had it with her assuming everyone wants something from her. 

Can you imagine how irritating it is ? 

Someone keeps asking you the same questions over and over again as if you have some hidden agenda. 

Fuck if I knew this was going to happen, I would not have bothered carrying her up to her room. 

The 3 of them can roll down the staircase for all I care. 

James : FUCK…. Stop asking me what I want…. I don’t want anything from you…I had enough of your bullshit and lies….

In a fit of anger, I was brought back to the situation in office a couple of months ago, where Cheryl was humiliated and I was forced to fuck her. 

James : You ask me what I want !!! …I’ll tell you what I want….. 

I jabbed a finger at Ruhui and shouted for her to take off her clothes… 

James : Take of your clothes….. go on… har ??? har ?? what are you waiting for ??? 

I spoke to her in the same manner she did to Cheryl. 

James : What ?? didn’t you ask me what i want ??? har ?? Isn’t this what you said to me in the office sometime back… ?? 

My voice was pretty loud and I saw the door opened and the helper was there with 2 glasses of water on a tray, probably her attempt to try and see if Ruhui was ok. 

Ruhui pointed a finger at the helper , asking her to get out and close the door. 

Ruhui : Stay downstairs…. Don’t come up and disturb us again…. We’re talking… 

Next she turned back to me. 

I could see she was a little scared and shaken. 

She probably did not expect me to shout at her in that manner. 

Somehow in that room, she did not seem like the high and mighty Ruhui any more. 

James : Yeah… I didn;’t think so… 

Ruhui : Is this what it was about all along ? ??? You refuse to help me because I humiliated you ??? 

She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked me. 

Ruhui : Is it ??? Just because of that ??// Didn’t I pay you ?? 

I could not believe how low the EQ was. 

Before I could go on giving her a piece of my mind, she actually asked. 

Ruhui : If ….. if…… if….i did…. What Cheryl did….. would you help me ?? 

I froze… 

James : You’re mad… 

Ruhui : Isn’t that what you want ? To humiliate me… ?? 

I gave up. 

I raised up my hands and just slapped down the air in front of me and walked to the door. 

Like some magical spell, there seemed to be something stopping me whenever I wanted to leave Ruhui’s room. 

It’s this invisible force. 

This unexplained field of energy. 

From the faint shadows cast by the lights in the room, I could see Ruhui was moving. 

I turned and watch in horror as she removed her singlet and let it dropped onto the floor. 

James : What are you doing ….. 

She walked slowly towards me as a streak of tear rolled down her cheek. 

Ruhui : This….. and Matthew’s video…. In exchange of the one Victor have….. 

I could not believe how far she was willing to go. 

Another tear rolled down her cheek but somehow I did not feel sorry for her. 

Not anymore

I was just angry. 

What am I angry about you say ? 

It’s the very fact that she thinks she can buy me with what she was about to do. 

Yes it made me mad. 

What the fuck does she think I am ? 

As much as I wanted to walk away, I knew I would never get a chance like this again. 

Do I want to fuck her ? 

Yes… I do…. Any man would given her looks and figure. 

But her character is a turned off. 

A serious one at that. 

I struggled with myself as my hand gripped tighter on the door. 

Ruhui : I know you don’t trust me…. Take this as ….. a deposit of sorts…. 

I got even angrier at Ruhui. 

Yet somehow I could not control my body. 

Blood rushed to my dick. 

I could feel it rise as I looked at Ruhui’s body. 

Ruhui : I’ll only do what I made Cheryl did…. Nothing more…. 

My heart started beating really fast again. 

My body refused to move. 

My mind could not think, and when it did work, I could only think of what Ruhui made Cheryl did that day in the office.

The humiliation

The insults. 

I could see the slight shiver and fear in Ruhui’s eyes. 

I could only guess what was going through her mind. 

Was she thinking about what she made Cheryl do ? 

Or perhaps she was thinking about what she had to do. 

Ruhui : so…..Do we have a deal…. ? …

My dick was pressing so hard against my pants that It was starting to get painful. 

This is wrong, but why was I tempted by it. 

I could not understand. 

The feeling is something primal. 

I knew in my heart if I did it, Ruhui would have a hold over me, but to look at it from another perspective, I would also have a hold over her. 

She had a lot more to lose than me but if this ever gets out, it’s over between me and Stephanie… 

I found my breathing difficult got harder as Ruhui looked away from me and got down on her knees, her palms resting on her thighs. 

James : get up…. 

Ruhui took a while longer to get up on her feet, I could not tell if she was relieved that I asked her to get up or she was disappointed I did not take her deal. 

I did not give her a chance to be thankful for asking her to get up. 

I looked at her with no emotions in my eye and nodded towards her wardrobe. 

James : Cheryl was wearing her office clothes…. With high heels…. 

Immediately I saw the fire came back once more but it distinguishes itself again as Ruhui looked at me with her fist clenched. 

Well, she wanted to play…. I just want to antagonise her. 

Without a word, she turned and walked towards her wardrobe. 

She pulled out a white blouse and threw it on, buttoning it up skilfully. She took a short black skirt from the hanger and I almost came as she pulled down her lounge pants, revealing a pair of black panty. 

She slipped and pulled her skirt up. 

Ruhui : I don’t have heels here…. They’re downstairs… 

I could feel her almost biting onto her teeth. 

I forced myself to say it. I had to. 

James : Then what are you waiting for ??


I could feel the tingle in my spine as Ruhui glared at me but still chose to walk right pass and descended down the steps. 

My mind was filled with the thoughts of being able to do what Cheryl had endured to Ruhui. 

That urge was so strong, like some enchantment cast onto me that I could not think rationally any longer. 

Then like a trident piercing out of the calm sea, my phone rang, the sound piercing into my ears as I fumbled for the vibrating phone as Ruhui opened up her shoe cabinet. 

It was Stephanie. 

I don’t know why but I actually smiled. 

I really did. 

Looking at her name flashing on my phone broken the dark spell that Ruhui had cast over me. 

I went down the stairs the moment Ruhui picked out this pair of black leather heels at least 3 inches high. 

Ruhui :WHAT ?? ,, you want to choose ?? 

Hearing her in that tone snapped me back into reality once more. 

Rational thoughts immediately began flooding into my head and I could breathe better. 

I gritted my teeth, went straight to the main door and opened it.

I could hear Ruhui calling out to me. 

Ruhui : JAMES!!! … YAH!!!!... JAMES!!!! You fuck!!!... TWAT!!...JAMES!!! 

I had to run. 

I knew I had to. 

As fast as I could I dashed out of the house compiund, immediately feeling the blissful heat of the sun. 

It had a cleansing effect on me as I returned Stephanie’s call. 

Even the air felt so much fresher compared to the stuffiness of Ruhui’s house. 

I put a good 50 meters distance between me and Ruhui’s place before I spoke into the phone. 

James : Hey… 

Stephanie : You ok ?? 

We chatted for a while and Stephanie reminded me to take my lunch. She’ll wait for me in my room. 

James : yup…. I’m…er… I need to talk to Victor…. See you in a while yah…. 

Stephanie said she’ll start surfing for tickets and I hung up. 

I called Victor but TJ answered. 

I told him I really needed to talk to Victor but he said he was not ready. 

TJ : He’s still sobering up….. come over first.. should be anytime now…

I took a cab to Victor’s place and when I got there, he was massaging his head and drinking his coffee. 

Victor : James……. Sorry…i have a headache….. but it’s getting better by the minute…. What is it ? 

I decided I had enough of the cloak and dagger game. 

All the information, everything that happened, what was told to me. 

The headache was not mind to bear. 

I just want to get this over with and go on my trip with Stephanie. 

I told Victor everything. 

Everything that happened from the time I sent Ruhui back till I left. 

Except the part Ruhui offered to do what Cheryl did. 

It took quite a while as coffees were refilled and we shared some bread TJ had brought. 

30 minutes laters, both TJ and him fired off a series of questions before we all became quiet. 

James : Yah… this is it….i’ve told you everything…. 

Victor’s eyes closed, and I could tell he was thinking, probably breaking down and analysing the situation and everything that he just found out. 

TJ too seemed to be considering the latest development. 

Seeing that they were both occupied with their thoughts, I drained my coffee. 

I started to get up and I wanted to leave. 

I told Victor I wanted to go for my holiday. 

Enough is enough. This is off my hands. 

James: I’m err… going for a short trip…… see you all when I get back yah… 

As I was about to leave the room, Victor stopped me. 

Victor : James….ermm… I’m not stopping you from your holiday but…. I need your help before you go….

I hesitated as I looked at him. 

Victor : I know… I have no right to ask you of this…. But it’s one last favour…that’s it. 

James : what is it… 

He went inside his room and took out 2 things. 

Stephanie’s passport and a memory card. 

He held both up, looked at it for a moment before adding. 

Victor : Ask Ruhui for money….we need it…. Paying Jacklyn and Cheryl off took out a big chunk…. I need the money.. 

James : What!... 

As Victor drained another cup of coffee, I could see his mind working. 

Yes, he’s becoming more sober as the effect of the alcohol wears off. 

Victor : We don’t know how long this will drag out…. My hands are tied on several fronts…. 

He told me he’s access to some operational funds from his office has been cut off, those are his war chest in a way. 

Victor : I hate to say this… but… I need the money… for all of us… 

I thought about it for a while and as much as I did not want to get involve, it made sense. 

Victor : I’ll give you 5% of whatever you can milk from Ruhui. 

I put up my hands and waved.

James : It’s not that Victor… i…

He stood up and said he knew I was not in it for the money, but take it as a gesture of appreciation. 

Victor : I don’t know how long this will drag, you can’t go without pay indefinitely as well… 

I thought about my plans to stay on the run with Stephanie and some extra cash will surely come in handy. 

Victor poured another cup of coffee and continued.

Victor : With Stephanie missing, I don’t know what else Ruhui and Matthew is going to do…. .. let’s just milk her for some cash for now… 

James : What about Matthew, he said he found your mum. 

Victor dismissed it with a wave. 

Victor : There is nothing he can do even if he knows where she is. It’s an empty thread,….. I trust the people I work with…my mum is in good hands… I’ll still check on her though. 

He thought about the situation a while longer before going on. 

He took TJ aside and they talked for a good 5 minutes. 

He called Shawn and walked away into his room after a minute or so. 

Sarah was next as he sat down opposite me.

Handing me the passport, he said. 

Victor : Give this to Ruhui…. Say ….. you found it in…. my room…while trying ….to find the tape….. but….

He was drawing some imaginary circles in the air as he tried to think of something. 

He snapped his fingers a few moments later. 

Victor : The room is lock…. Yeah. That’s it…. The room she was in is locked…. No tape for her…. 

I gave Victor a look of disbelief but he calmed me down and reassured me it’s ok. 

Victor : It’s simple James… give her the passport…milk her for something…. Then…wait for her to take the bait. … 

He fingered the memory card in his hand and he asked me. 

Victor : Just curious… did Ruhui say how much she would pay to get this ?? 

Only an image of Ruhui’s body came up as I quickly shook it off. 

I shook my head. 

Victor : Well, anyway…… just one last favour…. Milk her for the money…. We need it… ask her how much would she pay for the tape… 

He gave TJ a nod and TJ offered to drop me off at her place. 

As I got to Ruhui’s place again, I could not believe I was back where I started within the span of less than 2 hours. 

TJ dropped me a street away and I walked the rest of the way in. 

Ruhui was right by the gate when I got there, sitting at the outdoor patio. 

I could not fucking believe she was still in the same office outfit and in the same pair of heels that she picked out. 

She was sipping wine and typing away on her laptop when our eyes met and I saw that she just hung up the phone. 

She did not look surprised and just stared at me.

I pulled out the chair opposite her, the walk under the sun made me perspire a little, giving me the much needed sweaty and nervous look. 

Before I could do or say anything, Ruhui asked me if I was there for the deposit. 

I ignored her. 

I was about to start on my speech about asking for money and all the crap but she beat me to it. 

I didn’t even get to show her Stephanie’s passport. 

Ruhui : Did Victor send you ? …. 

I paused but I recovered fast enough. 

James : What are you talking about… I just… 

Ruhui swirled her wine and looked past my shoulder. 

I could hear footsteps behind me. 

The chair beside me was pulled out and before I knew it, Shawn sat down on the chair. 

I had such a shock I stood up immediately and knocked the chair back. 

What the fuck was going on ? 

Before I could speak Shawn put the memory disk on Ruhui’s table and slid it over. 

James : What the fuck…. Shawn… 

Shawn looked at me with no emotions on his face. 

Shawn : James… what Victor did was wrong…it should never have to come to this…. 

I could not believe what I was hearing. 

I grabbed Shawn by his collar but he pushed me away… 

Ruhui just looked at us without a word as she took the disk and plugged it into her laptop. 
I could not believe what was happening. 

Is this part of Victor’s plan ? 

To do some spy shit or something. 

Is Shawn playing Ruhui as well or did he really crossed over. 

I suddenly heard some noises. 

Noises that fitted perfectly with what I witnessed at the balcony of Victor’s place. 

I could see Ruhui biting down her teeth as the sound of forced love making left the laptop and travelled into my ears. 

I could hear Ruhui begging for Victor to stop. 

I really don’t know what was I doing or thinking any longer. 

I dashed forward but Shawn came for me. Instead of hitting him head on i feigned left and went clockwise round the table to get behind Ruhui. 

She was transfixed on the screen. By then Shawn had started going anticlockwise to grab me but I was a little faster. 

I pushed Ruhui roughly as she fell to her left and Shawn managed to hold onto her as she screamed and spilled her wine. 

I grabbed the laptop from the table and dashed out of the gate. 

I did not look back. 

As fast as my legs could carry me, I ran all the way till I saw the main road. 

Turning back, I could see Shawn coming after me about 30-40 meters away. 

I hailed a cab, and hopped on. 

With the heavy traffic behind, the cab drove off immediately much to my relieve. 

James : Uncle. Hougang. 

I panted and struggled to breathe as I looked behind me. 

I immediately called Stephanie 

James : Dear… it’s me… 

Stephanie : Hey… I found some tickets…. Got promotion leh…. But I never take budget before…. compared to SQ business , how much difference ah ?? 

I panted and I had no time to tell her the difference. 

James : We need to leave…. Immediately… I’ll explain later… pack your bags… 

Perhaps it was how urgent I sounded, Stephanie just said ok.

25 minutes later, I got home and Stephanie looked worried. 

Stephanie : What happened ?? Are you ok ?. 

I started throwing clothes and stuff into my bag

James : I don’t have time to explain… We need to go now… 

I checked my phone several times, it this was some of Victor’s double crossing and backstabbing shit, he would have told me by now since I messed it up but I did not get anything. 


I tried calling Victor and TJ but neither of them answered. 


We were ready to go. 

Right before I got to open the front door, I saw Ruhui’s SUV pulled into the open carpark in front of me. 

Shawn and her got out of the car together. 

Stephanie saw them too and her hands went to her mouth. 

Stephanie : Fuck… what is going on James… 

James : I don’t have time to explain… 

Pulling her towards the back, we left via the back door. 

I barely put 10 meters away from my back door when my phone rang. 

It was Victor. 

I quickly answered and told Victor Shawn betrayed us. 

Victor : Calm down James… calm down… it’s part of my plan…. 

James : What… What the fuck!! 

I continued walking fast with Stephanie as we crossed the small road and headed into the private estate with our hands held together. 

Victor : It’s part of my plan…. I didn’t expect you to run off with the laptop though…. 

I was so angry and upset that I wanted to slam the phone down and scream at Victor. 

Before I could do it, Victor spoke and I felt my balls shrink to the size of a peanut. 

Victor : By the way…. What the fuck…. Are you doing…. Holding my sister’s hand…. ??

I paused and stopped so abruptly that Stephanie staggered a few steps ahead before being pulled back to where I was. 

Stephanie : What’s wrong…. 

With the phone still plastered to my left ear, I slowly turned and looked at the horizon a short distance away. 

Standing at the Junction of Jalan pelikat and Jalan Tenon, I turned and saw Victor and TJ standing at the void deck of Blk 122. 

Stephanie froze as well. 

For 3 seconds, time stopped for all of us. 

I was snapped out of my trance by Stephanie. 

She squeezed me hand and we shared a look. 

A gentle breeze caught her beautiful mane of hair, lifting them into the air behind her shoulders. 

She gave me a smile and I returned one as well. 

Tightening both the straps of our bags on our shoulders, we saw TJ on the phone as he started coming out of the void deck. 

Stephanie and I turned away. 

Our fingers interlocked with each other. 

And we ran…..


I know there will be a split camp of 2, 1 would have wanted to humiliate Ruhui while the other would prefer not to. Actually the original plan was for James to do it but after several edits along the way, i decided to take that scene out. 

Still, if you are interested, it's available at the bottom of the page. 


Stephanie and I broke into an all-out sprint down the road. 

Our hands broke free within seconds once we picked up the pace as we blazed down the quiet windy road. 

We somehow knew we would not stand a chance to lose TJ if were to compete on a straight road. He’s fit, works out regularly and when he was younger, he ran with an oxygen tank on his back along the sandy beach. 

I could only pray his recent illness would give us an edge. 

The moment a right turn came up, we went for it, cutting into Jalan Mastuli. 

I don’t remember breathing as almost immediately we made that right turn, we made a left as well. I could feel the muscles in my legs cursing at me as we leaped up kerbs, avoided stray pots of plants, ducked from the green bins that were pushed out onto the roads to prevent illegal parking. 

Cutting across a small park, we did not even bother to look behind us as we forced our aching legs to carry us up Jalan Songket. 

I could see the red HDB blocks in the horizon but there was just a problem. It was a upslope run. 

Somehow Stephanie and I still managed to drag ourselves up to the top. 

I forgot how many times I screamed out the hokkien pronunciation for a vagina in my head as we ascended the slope. 

For the first time, I turned back and I could see TJ starting at the bottom of the slope, he looked like he was slowing down. 

Secretly I was thankful he was sick couple of days ago, probably still on his way to a full recovery. Perhaps the medication he was taking helped too. 

By the time Stephanie and I got to the void deck of the HDB block, we were already drenched in sweat. 

We chose a staircase and flew up a few floors. 

The HDB block was a maisonette, there were only units on alternate floors so we picked a quiet staircase landing before collapsing into a heap on each other. 

We did not say anything, just trying to catch out breathes. 

We panted quite loudly, like a pair of lovers in the heat of passionate love making, only in this case, we were desperately trying to feel our abused body with much needed oxygen. 

Stephanie’s phone was buzzing non-stop, so was mine. 

Messages, calls, everything. 

She took my phone and switched it off the same time she did to hers. 

It took us almost 15 minutes for us to calm down and I had 2 cramps within that short period on my left calves. 

Stephanie helped me massaged my cramp and she laughed at my pathetic state. 

James : You have no idea how tiring today was for me… 

Stephanie : What is going on James ?? What happened. 

I decided that I could no longer hide it from Stephanie and I came clean. 

I told her everything. 

Everything from what happened since we parted ways and what I witnessed at Victor’s house. Yes, when Ruhui got raped and forcibly inseminated against her will. 

I told her no one else was aware that I was there and she said she would not tell a soul.

Stephanie kept shaking her head in disbelief as I updated her. 

I lost count of the times she gasped and covered her mouth, exclaiming as she held onto my hand asking if I was sure. 

She found it hard to believe Matthew was already back and capable of organising stuff in such a manner. 

Stephanie : Ruhui always said he was a good for nothing…. The last time I saw him, he was hugging some PRC woman in one arm while trying to ogle at another cousin of mine at the same time. 

It took me almost an hour and I could see Stephanie had a lot of questions but she controlled herself, letting me finish before she started asking me all the questions. 

By the time I was done answering, the skies were already dark. 

Yes,I even told her about Ruhui’s offer, of her tape and Matthew’s dirt. 

James : It’s all here. 

I pointed to the bag where the laptop I snatched was stuffed in as well. 

Stephanie looked a little lost as well, unsure of what to say or do. 

James : We could trade this with Ruhui….get Matthew’s dirt… or…..

James : Let’s go to Hong kong and look for your grandmother….she’s our only chance out of this mess. 

Stephanie thought about it for a moment before saying now that it has come to this, Victor would surely know our next move. 

Stephanie : Victor would surely know what we are up to. There is no place else for us to go except to Hong Kong. 

I told Stephanie that we could go to the airport, grab the first flight out and be in Hongkong by the next morning. 

Stephanie : Even so, we still need to find my grandmother…. I don’t even know if she would be at home or…. If she is travelling ? I don’t even have her number… 

James : Do you know where she stays ? 

Stephanie says she remembers the estate she visited near the foot of the peak. 

Stephanie : It’s beside a hospital… I would remember once I see the apartment… I use to visit her when I was young twice a year… 

She added that even though she does not have the exact address, once she gets there, she would know which block it is and which floor and unit to go to. 

I checked the time and decided we need to turn on our phone and use it to get our tickets. 

I started surfing immediately for the 1st flight out of Singapore, ignoring the pop ups of messages that was appearing on my screen border.

Stephanie too was trying to find accommodation on hers when her phone rang again. 

It was TJ. 

She hesitated for a while before taking the call. 

Stephanie : Yes… 

A few seconds pass before Stephanie put him on speaker. 

TJ : Stephanie… we all need to talk… there’s no need for this…

She helped me asked the question that was burning in my head before I could stopped her. 

Stephanie : What did Victor meant when he said sending Shawn over with the tape was part of the plan all along. ??? Then why the fuck did you send James there with my passport…. 

TJ : Calm down Stephanie…look…. Ruhui has been talking to Shawn far longer than she had to James…..and Victor was aware about this…..if by discrediting James a little could get Shawn in…. it was a good trade off.

He coughed vigorously for a few seconds before going on. 

TJ : Victor only found out about Ruhui’s offer to James this afternoon….. he knows from the beginning if Shawn had agreed too easily, Ruhui would not have trusted him in the end…. … now that Ruhui had approached James too, he thought it would be a good time to dangle the bait….. give her a choice…. 

I listened with baited breathe as I listened to their conversation, feeling my blood boil and bubble in my veins. 

TJ : By sending Shawn with the tape at this time, he would have been able to win over Ruhui’s trust….. James’s turning up with your passport was merely an attempt to anchor the significance and scale of Shawn’s contribution…… a passport she cannot use ….compared to a tape she wanted…. … and with what James did unexpectedly this afternoon, although it was not part of the plan…. It worked perfectly… 

Stephanie : You all are out of your mind…. How could you do this to James…? 

TJ : We did not know he was with you Stephanie….. which…… brings us to another question…. What is going on between you two ?? 

Stephanie ignored his question and told him that she would be leaving the country for a while. 

Stephanie : Don’t bother to find me… 

TJ : Victor knows you would do that now that you have the passport. 

I was secretly thankful that so far, no one knew about Stephanie’s new passport at the moment. Perhaps we would somehow use that to our advantage. 

TJ : He also knows you would go to Hong kong.. 

My phone started buzzing and a number I could not recognised showed up on the screen. I had seen several miss calls from that number before when I turned my phone on but I did not pay much attention to it. 

Stephanie saw the number and she mouthed the words’Ruhui’ to me. 

I asked her to go on with TJ while I excused myself to another floor before answering the phone. Stephanie switched out of the speaker mode and went down a flight of stairs while I went up, separating ourselves so we would not hear each other in the background. 

The moment it connected, I was bombarded with vulgarities and curses. 

Ruhui : FUCK YOU!! JAMES…. WHAT the HELL was that !!... 

I kept quiet as Ruhui went on, cursing and scolding my parents right up to my great grandfather with a myriad of vulgarities in different languages. 

James: Shut up…. Or I will upload it onto the net… 

Ruhui immediately kept quiet. 

I could feel the anger radiating from the receiver as she breathed heavily into her phone. 

Ruhui ; What do you want ?? Name your price… 

I considered her statement for a moment and thought about it. 

First I calmed her down, I did not want her to overreact and do something stupid. I reassured Ruhui that all I wanted was money, Matthew’s dirt and to get out of all this. Once I get it, I’ll return her everything. 

Before she could protest, I told her that I could not be bothered with her sex tape, it was something that I had no interest in.

Ruhui immediately barked at me. 

Ruhui : What use is Matthew’s dirt to you…..Stephanie will never like someone like you…. Stop lusting after her you piece of shit…. You have nothing…..look at you…. Having to resort to snatching and stealing from a woman…. 

James : That’s none of your business… 

Ruhui laughed and said it’s ok to have a crush by not to be carried away by it. 

James : Money & Matthew’s dirt for the tape…do we have a deal… 

Ruhui laughed again. 

Ruhui ; And then what ? You think this is the movie…. You think can find Stephanie somewhere, take her away and live happily ever after ??? Don’t be stupid….you’re worst than dumb…. 

Ruhui’s voice got louder. 

Ruhui ; seeing how you had to snatch the tape made me realise how desperate and useless you were…. Taking someone’s credit as your own…. You are worst that a piece of shit…. 

Ruhui went on, pushing my anger to it’s tipping point. 

I don’t know what has gotten into me. 

Somehow the cumulated events and things that happened so far had been bottled up deep inside my head. I had no avenue to vent my anger and frustration. 

And seeing that it was Ruhui on the other line, I just let lose and pour everything out. 

Yes, first was all the vulgarities. 

Then followed by the curses. 

As if that was not enough, I scolded everyone, from Ruhui to her brother, from Victor to Stephanie, right down to how clumsy her helper was. 

Everyone and everything that had stepped on my toes, I let it all out… 

I have never felt anger like that before. It was not something I wanted. It felt as if the anger and negative emotions were forcibly stuffed into my head by them. 

These rich people and their whims and fancy. 

James : You know what ? I’ll tell you why I want Matthew’s dirt…. 

My voice grew in volume and intensity, reflecting the emotions I was feeling. 

James : I know there would be no fairy tale ending….. 

This was punctuated with curses of Ruhui and Matthew. 

James : I know I don’t belong to the same table as you people and Marcus. 

More vulgarities came out 

James : End of the day….What I do with Matthew’s dirt is my problem…. Don’t forget I have your dirt too !! ….. and I know just how to use them…..to GET WHAT I WANT!! …. Right now I want Matthew’s dirt in exchange for yours !!!! 

I no longer spoke with a loud voice.

The last bit of it I shouted into the receiver. 


Everything went quiet. 

I myself had a shock at what I said. 

The commotion was enough to draw Stephanie’s attention. 

She came up the flight of stairs 

She looked at me with surprise, her eyes wide opened in disbelief at what she just heard, it was then I realised I got a little bit carried away. 

Stephanie walked to my side and jabbed me in my stomach, demanding I put Ruhui on speaker. 

I made her promise not to say a word before I clicked the speaker button. 

Ruhui : What….. do you intend to blackmail Stephanie for?? …… she no longer has any money……..she’s cut off…. Everyone’s looking for her… 

I looked at Stephanie and a smile broke out on my face while I tried to keep my voice emotionless. 

I traced the outline of her body as thoughts of lust filled my mind. 

James : She…… still has…… her body…. 

Stephanie narrowed her eyes and showed me the middle finger. 

Ruhui seemed to be considering what I just said. 

Ruhui : What ?.... you going to rape her ??? haha… you wouldn’t dare… you can’t even find her in the first place…. 

James : I have her passport….i can find her… 

Ruhui seemed to me considering what I just said. Seeing as how much she hated Stephanie and that she was raped by her brother, there could not be anything better than seeing Stephanie humiliated. 

Sure, it would be better if the person was her brother but in this case, it was me. 


Ruhui : I’ll trade Matthew’s dirt with you for my tape…. On one condition…. 

James : What is it ? 

Ruhui : Do to Stephanie…….. what Victor did to me…. And I want that on tape. 

I could see Stephanie folding her arms, resting her weight on one feet, no doubt waiting to kick me once I hang up. 


Enough of all this tapes and shit. 

It would only create more trouble. 

James : No…. no more tapes….i don’t want evidence of me doing that to her…. 

Ruhui : Then no deal… I’ll pay money for my tape… name your price… 

James : No tape… but you can watch.. 

That was it. 

Stephanie just smiled and I watched her bent down and removed one of her shoe as she tested it’s flexibility, smacking it in the air. 

Ruhui thought about it for a moment. 

Ruhui laughed. 

Ruhui : I don’t know if you knew what Victor did to me…..the humiliation….Stephanie would kill you…. 

James : Do we have a deal or not… 

Ruhui took a deep breath and exhaled into the speaker. 

Ruhui : find her…………...and we have a deal………… 

The moment I hung up, I was hammered and assaulted by Stephanie. 

10 minutes later I managed to calm her down. 

We compared information and I told her about the rest of my conversation with Ruhui. 

Stephanie told me that Ruhui is definitely not aware of the 2 of us as yet seeing as how she had agreed to what we said on the phone in a way. 

Victor and TJ had rushed over to my place upon learning that I had grabbed the laptop and the tape. They had wanted to stop me from doing something stupid, like uploading it onto the net. 

Shawn is still with Ruhui at the moment and the 2 groups did not meet. 

TJ and Victor are no longer at my place while they were not sure if Ruhui has anyone watching. 

Stephanie and I decided to head back to office, we still needed to grab some of her clothes that I was supposed to get. 

All throughout the journey, we were discussing about getting Matthew’s dirt. We had shortlisted the flights and accommodations in Hongkong, all that was left is to book them. 


After a quick dinner, I made my way up to the office first to make sure the coast is clear before asking Stephanie up. 

9.00 pm 

We were all packed and ready to go. 

Stephanie and I were torn between going straight to Hongkong or to get Matthew’s dirt before we leave as a backup of sort. 

She argued from the perspective that even if she shows that to Marcus, it would not stop him from forcing her to marry Matthew. In fact, it might reinforce his will as they would surely be able to get back at him with that video. 

Stephanie folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at me before looking away. 

Stephanie : You really want to rape me ah…. Haha.. 

James : No la… it’s… just……. something to tempt Ruhui…. …

As we packed up Stephanie’s laptop and left the office, she made up her mind. 

The heavy timber door closed behind us with a thud and Stephanie spoke softly but firmly. 

Stephanie : Ok… let’s do it..


James : What ! ?? Are you serious or are you just pulling my leg ? 

We entered the lift and went to the ground floor. 

Stephanie : having Matthew’s dirt is akin to having another card to play when the time comes. … we need it. 

We went across the road, cutting pass the hawker centre and headed towards Chinatown. 

My heart started to beat faster and faster when Stephanie launched into a detailed discussion of how to convince Ruhui I was for real. 

Stephanie actually looked at me pretty seriously and asked how was I going to get her in the first place. 

Stephanie : You did say Ruhui was betrayed by Chery and Jacklyn…. Without them, it was unlikely that Victor would be able to get Ruhui… but what about me… 

She went on to say that technically she’s on the run and I was on the hunt. 

I can’t possibly just announce that someone the entire family had been looking for suddenly appears bound and tied on my bed waiting for me to rape her. 

I don’t know how to reply Stephanie’s question. 

The seriousness in which she was taking this is wreaking havoc on my hormones. 

I just stared at her with my mouth wide open as she went on. If you asked me if I wanted to have sex with her, that’s a definite yes. 

But to rape her, that was another thing altogether. 

Yet having witness what Victor did to Ruhui, it seemed to have roused this sleeping monster inside me, and I’m pretty sure this monster resides in all of us, it’s just that some are better at keeping it in check. 

As we walked and chatted, it seemed as if Stephanie was going to wake up this inner demon of mind. 

My dick started rising and falling as we made our way towards a cheap hotel. 

We had planned to spend the night there, get our devices charged and use the wifi to make all the bookings of our flights. 

We got a double bed for obvious reasons and I could hardly contain my excitement. We’re in a relationship afterall and we had been sleeping in the same bed at my place anyway. 

My hands had started to slip lower and lower. From Stephanie’s back to her waist to the top of her buttocks and once in the lift, I was blatantly squeezing her backside. 

She ignored me and hit my hands away as if I was nothing but a irritating fly. That turned me on even more. 

The more she tried not to take notice of me, the more I wanted to touch her. 

Stephanie : Haiyah!!... be serious… how… 

Once the room door was locked and latched, I could not resist any long. 

James : Dear… we need a rehearsal…. If not I might not know what to do when it happens…. 

I reached out both my hands in mock attempt to squeeze her breast, my fingers opening and closing. 

James : bo bo…. Bo bo….. 

Stephanie suddenly grabbed my hair and threw me on the bed. 

James : AHHH 

Stephanie : Be serious James ! 

I sighed and sat back up. 

Stephanie : I don’t think it will be as simple as you having sex with me dear… 

The seriousness of her tone made me listened to her a little more carefully. 

Stephanie : Ruhui would surely take the opportunity to do something… I don’t know…. Hit me maybe or something… 

I was taken back to the scene where Cheryl was abused by Ruhui and I felt a shudder down my spine. I could not imagine Ruhui laying a hand on Stephanie. 

James : I’ll stop her…. She won’t be able to lay a finger on you…. 

Stephanie shook her head slowly, deep in thought. After a while, she suddenly asked me a question. 

Stephanie : What did Ruhui meant when she said to do to me what Victor did to her…. I meant Victor raped her… but what else. 

I just stared at her as I could not think of an appropriate reply. 

Stephanie went over to my bag and took out Ruhui’s laptop. It was encrypted so she pulled out the memory disk and went to her own laptop and insert it. 

I did not think it was a good idea to be there with her so I went ahead with my shower. I badly needed one after the run in hougang. 

When I came out of the shower 15 minutes later, Stephanie looked shell shocked beyond words. 

James : You….. ok ? 

She nodded slightly and I could tell she was pretty affected by the clip. I later found out that she fast forwarded through most of it but it was graphic enough to leave an impression. 

When she finally gathered up enough strength to speak the first thing she did was to threaten me. 

Stephanie : If you ever do that to me I will castrate you in your sleep… 

Stephanie went ahead with her shower and I put the memory disc away and started on my search for the airfare to Hong kong. 

Suddenly Stephanie dashed out of the shower wrapped only in her towel, her hair was dripping wet and she began jumping up and down. 

Stephanie : I have an idea… I have an idea… 

She said we would need to do a toned down version of it. As she went on with her idea, I wished I was a droplet of water on her collarbone, rolling down her body into her chest. 

She blabbered on for a few minutes before heading back to the shower. 

Well, it’s simple enough provided it goes to plan. 

Stephanie’s idea was to stage the entire thing even before Ruhui gets there. Clothes can be ripped, room trashed a little and the part I loved most yet hated at the same time was the finishing touch. 

Stephanie had asked me to cum all over her face, hair and just rubbed it all over. 

My dick almost exploded with my own cum as she describe that it was unlikely Ruhui would want to touch her with my semen all over her body. 

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry with that comment. 

When she comes out of the shower, I asked her a few more questions. 

James : So …. That means we have sex ??? then I cum on your face… 

Stephanie rolled her eyes at me asked me to masturbate. 

James : What ? 

Stephanie : After the transaction first can ?? .. we get to enjoy the room at least till our flight the next day…. You can do anything you want… 

She dried her hair with the towel and I immediately hugged her from behind, kneading her soft breast. 

Stephanie : Hai yah!!!!... don’t be crazy…. Look at this place… 

She gesture to the dingy looking room. 

Stephanie : Really no mood leh…. Besides… you need to save up for tomorrow… 

I could not believe what she was saying to me. 

Pushing me down onto the bed, Stephanie held my dick and gave it a good squeeze and I moaned like a pussy as my body shivered. 

Stephanie : Go call Ruhui and set it up…. Go…

With a slap of my erected dick, she sent me to my phone. 

I called Ruhui and told her that I would be meeting Stephanie at Crown plaza hotel at terminal 3 the next day at around 4pm. 

I told her that I was preparing to leave the country once the deal is done. Stephanie would be paying me 4000 for the deal, it was all she could afford and 3500 was my pay which had not been given to me for the month yet. 500 for the passport and my role in acting as her boyfriend. 

James : We’ll deal there… 

Ruhui agreed and hung up. 

Why that hotel ? 

It made sense for us. 

We were about to leave the country and it would save us the added journey of making our way to the airport. Once we were checked out, we could get on the flight and make our way to Hong Kong. 

Stephanie picked out some clothes as we got ready for bed.

I refused to partake in her selection because I knew she was just out to irritate me. 

Stephanie : Dear…. You want to rape me in a dress or …. I donno… shorts and t-shirts ??/ You know the… girl next door kind… haha.. 

I turned away and covered my head with the blanket as she laughed and went about her stuff. 

I wanted to correct her that technically I was just masturbating on her, not raping her. I would only get to have sex with her after the transaction was done. 

Suddenly I felt Stephanie’s hands on my body and she cooed near my face. 

Stephanie : Oei… don’t be grumpy la…haha… 

She laughed and said we’ll do it tomorrow when we check in, but I was to make sure I save every drop for the prop. 

She bent down, kissed me on my erection through my pants and I felt this tingle that felt as if a current had passed right down my sperm ducts and gave my testicles a good shake. 

I don’t remember forcing myself to sleep before but that night, I forced myself to shut my eyes. 

The more I willed myself to go into dreamland, the harder it was. 

19th Feburary 2013 



I could not sleep and I was up by 6am. 

I could not describe the feeling and emotions that I was getting in my head. 

Stephanie got up at 7 and we went out for some Dim sum. 

After eating, we went to the market and got some ropes and a pair of scissors from the hardware stall.

We surfed the net, watched some videos, did a count of the money we have left and she went through our plan later. 

Her primary concern was with Ruhui but I reassured her that she would not be laying a finger on her. 

There was no way I could let Ruhui did what she did to Cheryl on Stephanie. 


We got changed and packed up, ready to check out of the room. 

Stephanie put on the set of clothes that she was prepared to throw away after the transaction. Her white singlet plastered tightly against a set of white bra that she put on. It was a strapless bra and with her singlet being so tight, I could clearly see her bra against the thin fabric. 

A simple pair of black panty and a pair of blue denim shorts followed. As I watch her pulled up her shorts, I could imagine myself running my tongue along her long legs, coating them with my saliva as I kiss all over her leg and feet. 

Stephanie pulled on her shoes and threw on a grey cardigan and we were ready to go. 

Since it was still early, we took a slow train ride towards the airport. She walked around the terminals for a while before heading to the check in counter at 1.45pm 

As we waited for the room keys, Stephanie suggested we buy some food up into the room first and we can go for a good meal after that. I agreed. She left me to finish the check in after taking her IC from the staff and went towards the terminal to get some kaya toast and coffee.

I waited for another 5-10 minutes before the staff came back to me with the room keys. 

Just as I was about to thank her, from the corner of my eye I saw someone walked right up to the counter by my left side and I almost jumped out of my skin.

It was Ruhui. 

She was wearing shades but it was her. 

James : What are you doing here ! 

She removed her shades and looked at me with no emotions on her face. 

Ruhui : We’re dealing here aren’t we ? 

Inside my head I was panicking, did she see me with Stephanie ? 

If she did, it was all over. 

James : It’s…. it’s not time yet… 

Ruhui : Why do you care what time I get here… 

She slapped her credit card and ID onto the counter and asked for a room on the same level as mine from the staff. 

My heart started beating really fast as I struggled to think of something. 

If Ruhui is here, there was no way we have time to stage anything. 

I felt a moment of relieve when the staff said there were no other rooms on the same floor as mind but my joy was shortlived. 

Staff : Only the suite is available…it’s right across his room.. 

Ruhui : I’ll take it…. 

My lips felt dry and my mouth was parched. 

I was still trying to think of a solution when from the corner of my eye, I saw Stephanie walking towards the lobby. 

I did not look directly at Stephanie because Ruhui was talking to me as she faced me. If my eyes had moved, she would turn as well but I was 100% sure it was Stephanie heading towards us. 

My stomach felt sick and I was literally shaking in my skin. 

Suddenly I saw a flurry of movement as Stephanie paused and immediately turned and walked briskly away in the opposite direction. 

My heart had another short relieve as I told Ruhui that I was sure Stephanie would turn up. 

James : She is desperate to leave the country…. She would come…. I bet she would take her passport and grab the 1st flight out. 

After Ruhui got her room key, we went up to the room together. 

She wanted me to show her the memory disk and I was thankful I remembered to take the memory dick back from Stephanie earlier in the morning. 

I went into her suite and we sat down at the living area and gave her back the laptp I snatched together with the sex tape.

I asked for the one with Matthew’s vids and Ruhui passed me a old blackberry tablet. The only one they ever made. 

She gave me the password and I checked to make sure Matthew’s wedding photos and videos are in there. All in order. 

Ruhui verified her tape and was satisfied. 

That was it. 

We both had what we wanted. 

Now I just need to find an excuse to leave. There was no need for the rape scene. 

Ruhui : Call Stephanie…. 

James : Why…. It’s still early… 

She looked at her watch and said it was well pass 2.

Ruhui ; Ask her where is she… I want to know how long I have to wait..

I hesitated on the call as I was not sure what Stephanie would say the moment she picked up. 

What if she calls me dear ? 

What if she started blabbering about seeing Ruhui and asking me what to do ? 

Ruhui : What are you waiting for ? 

I took out my phone and hit Stephanie’s number. 

Ruhui : Speaker mode…please… 

It was either make or break. 

I wriggled and flex my toes, ready to run. 

Hell I could always outrun Ruhui. 

The ringtone went on for a while before Stephanie picked it up. 

James : Stephanie… where are you ?? 

There was a paused on the other end before she spoke.

Stephanie : I just got to the airport…. Why ? 

I looked over at Ruhui and told her that I had just checked into my room. 

James : come on up.. 

Stephanie : Why ?i haven had lunch….it’s still early …. We can deal in the lobby…. I don’t want to go up … 

I was taken aback by her reply but I saw a smirk on Ruhui’s face. 

James : I don’t want to be seen taking a bundle of cash in exchange for your passport in public… 

Stephanie : There are always quiet spots, the airport is so big….how about the café… 

I exhaled and I tried to remain calm. 

Ruhui bent closer to me and mouth some words. 

James : This is Changi airport….. there are no quiet corners…. There are cameras everywhere… 

Stephanie paused for a moment before saying that she would be right there in a moment… 

James : Tell the reception you are my guest, they’ll buzz you up.. 

I hung up immediately afterwards, my heart slamming against my ribcage. 

Ruhui smiled and added. 

Ruhui : She knows…. She knows you are up to something…. Haha

Ruhui : She knows… 

I ignored Ruhui as I got up.

James : Stay here… I’ll call you once I have her..

Ruhui : No. 

I turned and looked at Ruhui 

James : What ? 

Ruhui : Stay within my sight….Do it here… in this suite… 

Her eyes burnt right through mine as if she was daring me to do it at the same time, I knew she was afraid I would run off. 

As if afraid I would start sprinting any moment, Ruhui walked over to the small corridor to the exit and folded her arms, leaning against the wall. 

I set my bags down and my head was spinning. 

I needed to talk to Stephanie. 

I was still hoping to quickly set something up with Stephanie once she comes up in the next room before getting Ruhui over. 

Now we are officially in a bind.

I sat back down on the couch and took out Stephanie’s passport and tried to make myself comfortable. 

10 minutes later, my phone rang. 

James : Yes…hold on… 

I hung up and walked towards Ruhui and the exit. 

James : She’s here… knocking on the door across the hall. 

Ruhui turned and went to the peephole before walking back and giving me space. 

I opened the door and Stephanie had a shock as her eyes locked on with mine. 

James : Over here…. 

I could see Stephanie walking slowly towards the room, i mouthed the words ‘ Ruhui is here’ at her and she acknowledged with a blink. 

The moment she entered the suite, I closed the door. 

Ruhui was nowhere to be seen. 

Stephanie immediately turned and asked me for her passport. 

Stephanie : Where is it ? my passport.. 

I pointed to the living area and she walked on ahead of me before coming to a sudden pause. 

Stephanie : What is this….? James ! what is this…. 

I walked on and stood a distance away from Stephanie as Ruhui looked at me with a smirk look of triumph. 

Stephanie tried to make a run for it but I blocked the way and held onto her. 

Stephanie : STOP!!!.. JAMES!!!>.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!.... STOP…s

Stephanie broke free and before I could react. 


My left cheek burnt with the intensity of a searing pain as I registered the slap from Stephanie. 

I touched my cheek in disbelief as Stephanie backed away while Ruhui laughed. 

I walked 2 steps towards Stephanie and when I saw her grab the phone, pulled it off the hook in 1 swift motion, I knew she was going all out. 

I raised my left arm, trying to block her attack but she raised it higher and slammed it onto my head, causing a loud cracking sound as I staggered a little. 

Grabbing her by her shoulders, I pushed her sideways and she fell over the sofa with a yelp. 

Seeing that she was just an arm’s length away from Ruhui, she took the opportunity to go for her. Removing her bag from her shoulders, Stephanie reached out for Ruhui with her arms outstretched and within seconds, they were in a cat fight, cursing and screaming at each other. 

I managed to break Stephanie off and half carried and dragged her into the room and I threw her onto the bed. 

I went to my bag and took out the ropes and scissor I bought. 

That was it.

Up till that point I was unsure of what to do. 

Ruhui appeared over my shoulders once more and she barked out a command that sent a chill to my spine and a gallon of blood to my dick. 

Ruhui : I’ll grab her hands, you grab her legs…. 

Stephanie screamed and kicked violently as both of us attempted to hold her down. It was a near impossible task. 

Only after what seemed like a good 2 minutes of trashing about, I managed to pin Stephanie down on the bed and with much difficulty, tied her hands behind her with Ruhui’s help. 

Ruhui and I collapsed onto the ground in fatigue from that small task alone. 

Stephanie was screaming and kicking about on the bed like a fish out of the water. With her hands restraint, she was not as mobile as before. 

I managed to tie up her legs too and by then she had started to cry while Ruhui looked on with satisfaction. 

Stephanie : Please… stop…. JAmess…!!!.. stop… please… … 

I could feel my dick pushing and begging to be let out. 

I opened a bottle of water and drained it all at one shot as I looked at my crying girlfriend on the bed. 

Ruhui : Well….. what are you waiting for ??


I don’t know if it was the taunt or the build-up of my hormones. I felt so horny that for once I believe I might actually rape Stephanie. 

Watching her sob and tied up on the bed in front of me was something I had never seen before. The way her hands bent behind her back, her breast open and unguarded. Her legs were restrained together with several ugly knots. 

There were no rope master or anything artistic about the way she was tied up. It was just a messy tangle of ropes and limbs. I took off my shirt and got onto the bed, moving towards Stephanie on my knees. 

She screamed and begged for me to stop, the lines between role playing and reality blurred for me. The demon inside my body has been roused up from it’s slumber. 

Stephanie : NO!! James… What are you doing …!! NO!!!...STOP!! 

I pressed Stephanie’s head down on the bed and I grabbed her breast, pressing and kneading them like soft dough as she screamed and kicked helplessly on the bed. Turning her over onto her back, I kept my right hand on her forehead, forcing her down while I worked my way into the depths of her soft supple breast, smelling and nudging my nose and mouth onto her love pillows. 

She smell so good, the same fragrance from the cheap hotel soap we used that very morning. 

I pulled down her singlet roughly, exposing her bra and I kissed her on her breast as she screamed and kicked harder, begging me to stop. 

Stephanie : NO…. James… plesase….. please…………no.! NO!!!...arhhh… 

Her voice cracked as I flipped open a bra cup, sucking onto her nipples for the first time. 

I could feel the arousing tease of her erected nipples on my tongue, yes, instead of my teasing her nipples, my tongue itself was feeling the satisfaction of her nipple brushing around on my tastebuds. 

Sucking onto them from the side, my tongue licked and flicked Stephanie’s nipples while my day old stubble on my chin rubbed against her areola.

Stephanie : URHHGGHGG… please stop!!!! …. 

I ignore her cries not because I wanted to but I could not control myself any longer. Her screams coupled with her pleas was driving me nuts. 

Unbuckling my pants, I stripped myself totally and I tried to force my dick into Stephanie’s mouth. 

Her teeth snapped violently at me and I manged to pull back at the right time. She cried and begged for me to stop yet her defying action of trying to bite me infuriated me further. 

Grabbing the scissors, I gripped the bottom of Stephanie’s singlet.

Stephanie : NO!!!... NO!... NO@!!!! JAMES!!>>> NOO>.. STOP!!! 

Sliding the cutting blade in, with a smooth snip, I half cut and tore my way through the front of Stephanie’s singlet. 

She cried harder and her body twitched and struggled so hard that the areas around her binds were starting to get red. 

I turned to look at Ruhui and I was surprised to see her a little shock as she stood by silently and took in the scene. 

I decided to ignore her and carried on. 

Working my way through Stephanie’s singlet, I cut through her bra as well, separating her bra cups from the supporting straps. 

Stephanie cried and begged me to stop, her entire face streak with tears with her hair matted onto her sweaty forehead and her face. 

Grabbing onto both her naked breast, I squeezed them together, pushing them towards the center of her chest and she screamed in pain, begging me to stop. 

Pressing her nipples and mounds close, my nose and tongue had a field day licking and slurping on her fleshy supple breast. 

Stephanie’s breast filled up my hands well, full well rounded breast that would surely jingle with pride if she was rocked hard on top of you. 

She did not stop moving despite the state she was in, she kept trying to wriggled and move her body upwards on the bed away from me. 

Stephanie : Please… stop… sob… sob…. JAMES!!! ARGGHHHH… sob… sob… please…. 

I took the scissors and tried to cut through her denim shorts with much difficulty. The material is a little tougher and it took several cuts before I stopped trying to cut the shorts open from her left thigh. 

Turning Stephanie onto her stomach, my left hands went under and into her denim shorts from the bottom of her right leg hole. It was tight. Very tight as Stephanie’s bottome filled up the shorts pretty well but I still managed to get my hand in and gripped onto the connecting part near her crotch. 

Yanking it roughly, I pulled it several times , lowering her shorts down her waist. Once I determined I had enough room, I used the scissors and cut through her shorts. 

A few snips, lots of struggles and constant begging. 

When the cold blade severed the last fabric layer holding the shorts together, I let go of Stephanie to catch my breath. I did not know I was perspiring as if I had ran a marathon. 

Stephanie sobbed in a pitiful state on the bed as he shorts was now effective a skirt. The bottom cut flat now lay twisted and deformed near her pussy area and her underwear was bared for all to see. 

Stephanie : Please… please stop… sob… sob… I won’t tell anyone anything… plaese… just stop now… 

I threw the scissors aside and bent down. Lifting the flap of the cut denim, I exposed Stephanie’s black and wet panty. 

I could smell her perspiration and this sweet scent of her secretion. I don’t know which came in a bigger quantity. 

Whether was it her natural juice or her sweat from all the struggling. Still, it was a bewitching scent. One that was guaranteed to hook onto your soul, pulling it away slowly but surely. 

Pushing my face into her privates, I had to use a considerable amount of strength to keep her legs down on the bed as I licked and tasted her womanly nectar. 

Stephanie sobbed and pleaded with me one moment to stop, then the next moment she was cursing at me, then she screamed at Ruhui. 

I parted her black and soaked panty and slap my hungry tongue onto her vagina, tasting the salty grime of Stephanie’s sweat and I savoured very drop as I sucked it all up, slurping loudly in the cold room. 

When I came up to get some air, I saw Ruhui’s body language had change a little. 

She was still looking at us but instead of facing us head on, her body orientated away a little. 

Her right hand was holding onto her left arm as she looked on. 

I flipped Stephanie over onto her back once more and lifted up her cut denim flap. Pulling down her panty, I laid my body onto her legs, pressing them down as she helplessly offered us her privates to me. 

Stephanie was not shaved, there were stray hairs here and there but still, the thin soft pubic hair felt like cotton as they brushed against my chin. Using my tongue on her crotch, within seconds, all of her remaining baby soft hair were plastered onto her sticky skin. 

My tongue pressed onto her clitoris and I could sense a sudden squirt of secretion from Stephanie’s privates. Thick viscous lump of natural lubrication was squeezed out, wetting and preparing her vagina walls for the inevitable. 

I never thought my first with Stephanie would be in this manner. 

As I sucked onto her clitoris, Stephanie screamed and begged for me to shop, her body shaking as she cried harder and louder.

She too much have noticed the change in Ruhui’s body language.

I was surprised to hear Stephanie begged Ruhui for help, no doubt capitalising on her recent trauma with Victor.

Stephanie : RUHUI!!!! Please….. please… make him stop… please….

I stole a look at Ruhui as I wiped my wet mouth that was stained with Stephanie’s cunt juice with the back of my hand. Ruhui had moved a little further away from the action, still keeping her eyes peeled on us.

I went down again and Stephanie trashed harder, screaming for Ruhui to stop me, begging her.

I sucked onto Stephanie’s clit hard and moved my mouth left to right, my chin deliberately pressing and rubbing onto all parts of her privates.

Another couple of minutes later, I stopped to catch my breathe.

Stephanie : Please… stop!!... sob… sob… RUHUI!!!... we’re all woman!!!.. how could you stand by and do nothing !!!!

I watched Ruhui turned away , her right hand rubbing her own arm as she was too shocked to moved.

I untied Stephanie’s legs and spread them apart. Pressing onto her pelvic area with my left hand , I positioned myself for entry.

Stephanie shouted as her eyes begged me silently.

Stephanie : NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!!! JAMES!!!!! Please….

I tried to position myself for entry but Stephanie struggled and kicked , making it difficult for me to go in.

She kept trying to turn to Ruhui, asking her to help.

I grabbed Stephanie’s legs, trying to pin her down but it was not easy.

She kept kicking and trashing about.

Holding onto her juice soaked panty, I pulled it down. Her legs fought to open up, making it a challenged to separate the panty from her body.

Somehow I still managed to pull it free from her right foot.

Stephanie : PLEASE STOP!!!! JAMES!!!!! I’ll pay you… I’ll pay you anything..!!!! Please… sob… sob…

As she pleaded with me, I pulled off her panty and threw it towards Ruhui.

The sudden action caused Ruhui to jump as she shy away a little more, retreating into the corner.

James : What are you doing there… come help hold her down !!!

I shouted angrily at Ruhui, trying to push her over the edge.

I bet she was reliving through her ordeal when she was being raped by Victor. Only she would understand the emotions and feelings associated with being fucked and penetrated by a man she hated.

Stephanie : RUHUI PLEASE!!!! Save me!!...

That last shout seemed to have shocked Ruhui as both her bands instinctively went to her head in a mock defensive position before coming back down to the sides of her body.

She crouched a little, losing the confident stance she once adopted when she asked what was I waiting for.

Not wanting to give her a chance to calm down, I shouted at Ruhui again, asking her to help hold Stephanie down.

James : Come here and hold her!!! Isn’t this what you wanted to see….har !!! YOU WANTED THIS TOO RIGHT!!...

Stephanie trashed hard and kicked me on my chest, crying and screaming for me to stop. I lost count of the times she begged for me to let her go.

Ruhui looked at me with a dazed look, unsure of her decision.

Grabbing Stephanie’s legs, I spread them apart roughly and spitted onto her privates as she screamed and cursed at me.

Using my fingers, I rubbed my spit all over her pussy even though I knew she was wet and well lubricated enough for entry.

Ruhui seemed disgusted at what I did and I did it again, bending lower and holding onto Stephanie’s thighs as I spit another glob of saliva onto her clit. A thicker and much bigger blob and I watch it mix with her own secretion.

Painting it into her slit with my tongue, I slurped it all back up and I heard Ruhui fought back a retched as she covered her mouth.

Stephanie : Please…. Stop…. Sob… sob… please….. let me go…. Please…. James…

I could feel the strength of the fight waning and I positioned myself for the entry.

My dick head parted the entrance of Stephanie’s pussy lips and I was engulfed inch by inch into her warm and accommodating vagina. Her warm strong walls squeezed onto my dick as I worked my way into her well lubricated interiors.

Stephanie’s eyes closed and her mouth gasped opened as her head rubbed and twisted on the bed while her love hole slowly accommodated the girth and length of my penis.

I pushed in slowly, determined to let her feel every inch of me.

When she thought it was over because I had stopped, Stephanie breathe and exhaled several gasp of air, sobbing and squeezing her well worked pussy walls.

But I was not in yet.

Without letting her know, I pushed in the remainder and Stephanie almost choked as her eyes shut and she sobbed looking at Ruhui.

Stephanie : STOP STANDING THERE RUHUI!!!! Please!!!!! … sob… sob.. sob… make him stop…!!..

Gripping onto Stephanie’s thighs, I pulled her against me as I buried my entire cock deep into the recess of her vagina.

Ruhui was shaking a little by then.

Grabbing onto Stephanie’s breast, I sucked and licked her nipple again but this time round, my bottom started humping and fucking my dick into her.

In between gasp of pleas and desperate intake of air, Stephanie sobbed and begged for me to stop.

Piak…. Piak… piak… piakss….

I hit myself so hard against Stephanie that I saw her glared at me.

Her mouth was wide opened and I could almost sense that she was fighting back the urge to moan out loud.

James : ARGHH !!! ARGHH!!....arghhhh ….

Nothing could describe the mind blowing satisfaction I was getting from the thrusting into Stephanie’s vagina. Someone I wanted to bang from the very 1st day I laid eyes on her.

The grip of her wet cunt was of the right amount of friction.


Like a constricting python, her walls clamped down on my invasive dick as I rubbed and fucked myself into her love hole.

James : Arghh!!! You happy now RUHUI ?? HAR??? Arrghhg.g…

I increased my intensity so much harder and faster that Stephanie had actually stopped crying and pleading.

Her mouth just gasped open while her eyes squeezed shut as she tried to press her head deeper and deeper into the mattress.

As I build-up the rhythm to my orgasm, I started to groan and grunt .

Stephanie must have felt the change in my tempo and her eyes widened and she looked at me in fear.

Stephanie : No… no .no !!!! NO!!!>>> NO!!! JAMES!!!! NO!!!! …. Don’t’ cum inside me …. DON”T CUM…. INSIDE ME!!!... DON”T ….

The grip on my exploding cock was too much to bear, coupled with Stephanie’s pleas, it would push anyone over the edge.

Somehow that last plea did not sound like she was acting or joking.

I had to give her an Oscar when this is all over.

James : ARghhh…. Arghh….

I fucked myself harder into Stephanie as her eyes widened in shock.

James : ARghh… I’m cumming….

Ruhui suddenly stood up and came over. She started to push me away in a lost and flustered manner.

James : What are you doing ??!!!

I shouted angrily at her.

Nothing could be more frustrating that getting your orgasm interrupted.

Ruhui : Stop… stop… enough…!!

My last thrust sent a shivering reverberation as if the epicentre of an earthquake just happened in the middle of my abdomen.

I stopped breathing.

Stephanie : NO!!!!! JAMES!!!! YAH!!!! NO!!!.... don’t cum inside me!!!!!

It was too late…

One last suck of air into my oxygen starved lungs was all I managed.

The veins on the side of my neck were erected taut and hard as I felt that familiar exploding squirt as my semen rushed up my sperm ducts within a split second, sending that ripping effect of satisfaction and arousal all over my body.

James : ARHHHHHH….aghh… aRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I shivered and went into a spasm as I squirted and deposited a fresh load of cum deep into Stephanie’s vagina.

Several smaller squirts followed as I grunt, it felt as if I had emptied my testicles totally into her vagina.

Ruhui : STOP!!... enough… stop!!...

Ruhui pushed me back and I withdrew my wet and throbbing dick from Stephanie’s pink and abused love hole.

Stephanie was not sobbing. She was glaring at me.

Ruhui’s hands covered her mouth and without warning she ran to the bathroom.

I could hear her vomiting into the toilet bowl, retching continuously.

I panted and caught my breath looking at Stephanie.

She was staring wide eye in disbelief at me.

I watched as a thick glob of my semen left her vagina, sliding down her fleshly slit and landing on the sweat stained bed.

The toilet bowl was flushed and Ruhui came out.

She looked at me before turning to Stephanie…

She looked flustered and disturbed.

Ruhui : S….SS……Sorry…

That was all she said as she grabbed her stuff and ran out of the suite.

I threw on some clothes and went after Ruhui but she had disappeared down the corridor.

Heading back to the room, I quickly went over to untie Stephanie.

James : Are you ok ?? …. I’m sorry… did I hurt you ???

Stephanie massaged her wrist and stared at me, she too looked a little shock and shaken.

She said she’s fine and I helped her to the bathroom in our room to wash up after making sure we grabbed all our stuff from Ruhui’s suite.

Stephanie and I cuddled up in bed and we fell asleep.


We went for dinner at the foodcourt and Stephanie went to the pharmacy to grab some toiletries.


She came out of the bathroom while I’m chewing on some chips.

She held up an indicator to me, it looked like those pregnancy test kit.

James : Come on !!! It’s not going to be positive … it’s only been a few hours…. Did you pay attention in class during school or not… hahaha….

Stephanie kept quiet and shook that white stick at me in a threatening manner several times.

She went back inside the bathroom, took the box out and threw it at me.

I took a look and I slowly met Stephanie’s eyes.

It’s not a pregnancy test kit.

It’s an ovulation test kit…


James : You can’t be serious….. 

Stephanie hopped onto the bed and tried to put the stick right in my face and I struggled to hold onto her wrist. 

James : Wait… no!!... got your pee on it…..oei!!! 

I tried to stop her from waving it in front of me as I kept a watchful eye on the tip of the stick. 

James : Stop!!!.. it’s going to touch me !! EEEeeeeee

She hit me on my head as she showed me the indicator that says she was ovulating. 

Stephanie : Die liao lah… 

I wanted to reassure that there is a chance it might not happen and she glared at me. I quickly grabbed the test stick before she shoved it into my mouth. 

In the end we decided to play it safe and go grab the pill from a pharmacy once we get to Hong Kong. 

James : Does that mean I can shoot inside again later ? 

She ignored my question and went on to soak in the bathtub. 

I came again inside Stephanie that night before collapsed into a deep sleep. 

The 2nd time round there were no pleading, no begging no tears. 

Our bodies plastered against each other with our sweat rolling off each other as Stephanie’s moans filled the room. 

Somehow the pleasure was just as intense even though the sensual love making seemed a little diluted compared to the heavy forced rape session we had earlier in the day. 

20th Feburary 2013 



We checked out of the room and grabbed a simple breakfast at the transit area. The flight to Hong Kong was thankfully uneventful. 

Upon arriving, we took a bus into town, alighting at Jordan where we had booked a simple and cheap room to stay. 

The weather is cooling enough but not too cold. We had checked the weather in advance and flew in with Jeans and a long sleeve top. 

We’re not there for a holiday, our main aim was to talk to Stephanie’s grandmother and get her to help us out of the mess created by Marcus. 

The room looked dingy and haunted but well, it’s cheap. 

Honestly, we have no idea how many days we would be in Hong Kong, initially I told Stephanie that we probably would be in and out within a day or so. 

James : Just visit relative , talk to her, don’t need more than a few hours ba… 

Stephanie : If you think a few hours is all it talks to convince a stubborn old woman to help you, think again. 

It was for this very reason that we booked out return trip in 5 day’s time. If we could not convince her grandmother by then , I don’t think staying any longer would be of any help either. 

We checked the location of Stephanie’s grandmother’s place on google map and using the street view finder, we identified the apartment block. 

After grabbing a simple lunch at a café, we took a cab and went down to the apartment. 

Stephanie spoke fluent Cantonese and she had no problem telling the cab driver where to go and convincing the old security guard was a walk in the park with some of her old photos she had in her facebook. 

The guard recognised her grandmother and told us she stays at the 8th floor. 


We alighted on the 8th floor of the apartment and the lift lobby is really narrow. Even the HDB lobby we had is a lot more luxurious. 
We tried the doorbell for about 5 minutes before a helper opened the door for us. 

Stephanie : Hi, we’re looking for Amelia . 

The helper looked surprised and a little shocked as she scanned Stephanie and I from head to toe. 

Helper : Who are you ?? 

Stephanie : I’m her granddaughter from Singapore….and… he’s my boyfriend James… 

She told us to wait for a moment before closing the door on us .

James : What was that ? You seen her before ? 

Stephanie shook her head, adding that she used to know the helper from way back but it’s been so many years, her grandmother probably changed a few along the way. 

After a short wait the door opened again, I would have thought that it would be Amelia at the door but no. It was still the helper. 

Helper : She’s not in actually,…. 

She passed a phone through the door and Stephanie answered it. 

Stephanie : Hello.. ? Ah ma…… it’s me…. Stephanie …. 

There was a short pause before she went on. 

Stephanie : Yah…. I’m here…… for a few days……. How are you ??? 

Stephanie : Oh….. 

She gestured to me to check the time and I showed her the display on my phone. 

Stephanie : Ok… sure…. 

She passed the phone back to the helper and she answered it. 

After a few more moments, she opened the door for us. 

Stephanie : My grandmother went out shopping with her friends… 

James : Wah… 

As drinks were served, Stephanie took the opportunity to tell me a little more about her grandmother. 

Amelia is about 7 years younger than Marcus and she was the one who taught Victor and her how to swim. She was a swim coach at a private country club. That was how Marcus met her. 

I walked around the apartment with my drink in hand, drifting subconsciously to a wall filled with family photos. 

Her grandmother looked sweet and beautiful when she was young. Her shoulder length hair curled stylishly at the bottom just before it touched her shoulder blade in the posed photoshoot. 

It was done in black and white and it had turned yellow with age. There were a few more coloured ones with the rest of the family. 

Stephanie had this mischievous look when she grinned in the photo while Victor looked like a thug from the setting of some old Shanghai movie. His hair neatly combed with not a strand out of place. 

The photos were arranged according to the dates there were taken. Almost 1 family shot every year since the siblings were born right up till Stephanie turned 18. There were also shots of the family eating over a long table. Several shots were taken at the same spot over a period of a few years. 

Stephanie : After my A levels…. That was the last time we took a photo together…. 

Stephanie pointed to one of the whole family seated together at a restaurant. Amelia sat beside Marcus and in that photo, I thought I could see the slight hint of a smile while the sibling’s parents said to the left while Victor and Stephanie took the right. 

Accompanying almost every photo, there would be a hand written note at the bottom. The beautiful cursive handwriting that looked like calligraphy done by Amelia, each describing the event and location where the shot was taken. 

She told me it was a difficult period for the family. 

Amelia had enough of Marcus and she decided to move back to Hong Kong when Stephanie turned 15. Still, the family visited every year with Marcus, hoping to change her mind but she said it was for the better.

Soon after that, Marcus stopping visiting, insisting that Amelia should be the one who visited instead. 

Stephanie : This is what you get when you put 2 stubborn people together. 

Stephanie’s mum too, left her father soon after she entered university and the rest was history. 

We stepped out onto the balcony and breathed in the cool mountain air. There’s a steady breeze coming at us but it was not too strong, just the right temperature to hang out and have some hot tea. 

Stephanie stared out into the mountain, we could make out a part of the peak from where we stood. 

It was such a picturesque view and the moment felt right. 

Setting my tea down, my arms went around Stephanie’s waist from behind, clasping together near her tummy. She leaned back onto me as I rest my chin on her left shoulder. 

We did not speak, there was no need to as we looked at the city before us with a smile on each of our expression. 

There was something surreal about the whole thing. This calmness that we are experiencing really felt like us finally arriving at a oasis after many months in the scorching sun of the dessert. 

Maybe to cool temperature of Hong Kong helped a little with our mood. 

Stephanie broke the silence, turning slightly to me and said ; 

Stephanie : What do we….. really want in life ?? 

I smiled and asked her what does she want . 

James : You have a lot….. compared to many of us in the same generation, yet at the same time, it feels as if you have been deprived of a lot more….. A lot more simpler stuff….. I don’t know…… what do you want Stephanie ? 

She took in a deep breath of the cool air and closed her eyes. 

After a few seconds she answered my question. 

Stephanie : I want to be carefree….. 

James : Who doesn’t ? 

Stephanie : All this…. Money…. Power…. All this back stabbing….it’s really suffocating…. 

James : Well…. Some people thrive playing these kind of games…. 

Stephanie : You either win or you die …. 

James : All men must die… 

She laughed and we kissed at the balcony , our bodies caressed and embraced by the surrounding greenery. 

Stephanie broke free and leaned against the balcony, the wind picked up speed, sweeping her beautiful mane behind her head and I went to her side. We remained silent for a while longer before she went and sat down at a old wicker chair padded with cushion. 

She brought both her legs up and hugged onto her knees and started to rock like a little girl enjoying herself on her grandparent’s old armchair. 

What caught me by surprise was when she looked at me for a second or 2 before she started to sing. 

She only managed 2 verse before she looked away, too shy to maintain her eye contact. 

Stephanie : 红尘多可笑。。。痴情最无聊。。。

I broke into a laugh as she went on. Her voice sounded different from the way she usually spoke. The crisp melody brought back so much memories, especially for me. Perhaps many more in my generation would be able to relate to this as well. 

Magically, my mind deciphered each of the verses and broke them down. 

It dawned on me for the first time how true some of the words are, yet how many of us would be able to do that. 

逍遥。 ( Loosely translated as ‘Carefree’ )

This 2 simple words carried so much weight. 

In today’s society and time, it seemed like being carefree is a lot harder to achieve. The news, the media, no one cared if you are carefree. 

The world is only interested in who started a billion dollar company and who made their first million before turning 20. 

When Stephanie is done, I clapped and said I finally knew what she wants. 

James : Now I know…. 

Stephanie : Know what ? 

James ; You want to be 东方不败。。。 ( Invincible of the east ) 

Stephanie : Hahaha 

She laughed and reached out both arms for me and I went over. 

Stephanie : Would you like to 笑看红尘 with me ? 

James : Haha… are you proposing to me ? 

She pinched me on my arm and we sipped our tea. 


We settled down for some fruits the helper prepared and was told that Amelia would be back soon. 


The door opened. 

I recognised Amelia the moment she came into the house. She may be a grandmother but the way she walked and move, you would think she had been taking some immortality pills. 

She shook my hands with vigour , her eyes shone brightly as she settled down her bags. 

I would have associated shopping with bags, clothes and fashion accessories but what Amelia brought back were just food and vegetables. Fresh produce she got from the market. 

Amelia : Stay for dinner Stephanie…. It’s been so long since we ate together.. 

Stephanie : Of course… 

Amelia asked for some warm water and the helper got her a old mug with a lid, embossed with red motifs, it looked almost prop like, something you see in the movies. 

Amelia took the seat across Stephanie, crossed her legs and started even before Stephanie could open her mouth. 

Amelia : I know what you want…. 

Stephanie : ERmm…. Actually… 

Amelia said she knows about what Marcus did. 

Amelia : He is still a stubborn old fool ….. this is the very reason I refuse to go back… 

Stephanie : I…. I was hoping… you may….. be able to…. 

Amelia put up her hand and instantly burst all our hope of getting her help. 

Amelia : You know I don’t like to meddle in all this….if not I would not have left… 

Stephanie : But… but… Ah gong listens to you…. 

Amelia : Not on matters like this…

The conversation descended into an awkward silence as Amelia sipped her water. 

She directed her attention to me and asked. 

Amelia : So… you’re Stephanie’s boyfriend….. 

I nodded without saying anything else. 

Amelia ; Do you love her… 

James : I do….

Stephanie : Ah Ma….. please…. 

Amelia ignored her and continued talking to me with a smile. She reminded me of the oracle in the Matrix, only that she’s the oriental version. Her voice is reassuring and calm. 

Amelia : Tell me…. What is love ?? 

I gave Stephanie a look and she went over and sat down beside her grandmother, pulling her arm and trying to cosy up to her. 

Stephanie : Ah ma ~~~~ don’t la… 

James : I don’t know… 

Amelia : Then how do you know you love Stephanie ? 

Amelia : What you are feeling…. Is but electrical signals…. Released by your brain…. .. biologically, it’s just a neurological condition like hunger or thirst….. only the effects are more permanent. 

I just kept quiet, knowing full well if I did say something, I would make things worse. 

Stephanie : Ah ma !! 

Amelia : Hahaha… okay… okay… 

Amelia laughed and waved her hands in the air, asking us to make ourselves at home while she go take a shower. 

Before she entered her room, she added. 

Amelia : I’ll talk to Marcus….. if he …comes here… 

The room door closed and Stephanie buried her face in her palms. 

James : I bet…. Marcus would say the same thing…. 

Stephanie shook her head. 

Stephanie : We’re done here….there’s nothing more we could do… 

James : Can we….. trick either one of them to do it ? I meant…. Either one just have to give in…. I’m sure if Amelia visited Marcus, she could knock some sense into him in no time….. 

Stephanie : Easier said than done… 

We kept quiet for a while before Stephanie asked. 

Stephanie : So you’ve met both my grandparents…. Which one you think is easier to trick ?? 

I narrowed my eyes for a moment as I considered what Stephanie just said. 

What would it take for one of them to yield ? 

James : Well…. I think… a swim coach would be a better… target…?? Compared to a businessman ??? 

Stephanie sighed and rest her chin on her palms. 

Stephanie : She’s a neurologist…..she teaches swimming for fun…. 

James : Shit…. Ok…. The businessman then…. 

Stephanie excused herself to the bathroom while I sat alone in the living room. 

Excusing myself to the balcony I called Victor. 

Victor : What the fuck JAMES ??? Did you kidnap my sister ??? 

James : No… it’s a long story… 

Victor : Long story ki lan ah…… what is happening… 

I checked to make sure Stephanie hasn’t come out yet and I apologised for what I had done and at the same time told him the dirt on Matthew was with us. 

There was no way we can trick Marcus without help. 

Victor is the only person I can think of. 

Victor : I bet you are in Hong Kong James…. That’s the only place Stephanie could run to… and this is an international call… 

I reluctantly admitted and I told him what Amelia wanted. 

James : Do you think we can trick Marcus and Amelia ? 

Victor : You are kidding….. nobody tricks Marcus…. nobody tricks Amelia….. period…. 

James : Well….. I’m technically….. a nobody… 


As I went through what I had in mind with Victor, he only had one thing to say.

Victor : You got to be shitting me…..

James : think about it… it might work… we’re meeting on neutral ground after all…..even after they are trick………. There is no winner or loser….

Victor kept silent for a while before adding that he would make a decision after seeing what I had come up with.

James : I’ll send it to you tonight.

Stephanie had come out of the balcony by then and stepped onto the balcony with me.

Stephanie :What is it ? Who called ?

James : I called Victor …

Stephanie : WHAT !!

James : Relax…. Calm down….

I updated Stephanie about what I told Victor, and that he already guessed we would be in Hong Kong, there was nowhere else we could go.

I snuck a look over Stephanie’s shoulders and told her I had a plan, to get Amelia and Marcus to meet. Her eyes brightened instantly and she tugged on my shirt, asking me to share with her what I had in mind.

Stephanie : You got to be shitting me……

James : I’m not…I’m serious….

Stephanie said the same thing as her brother did.

Stephanie : let’s see what you come up with first then….

Amelia came out of the shower shortly after and she asked where were we staying. Stephanie told her about the hotel in Jordan and she said we shouldn’t have wasted money.

Amelia told her helper to clean up the guest room instead but Stephanie declined, adding that we don’t want to impose on her.

Amelia : What rubbish…. You’re my grand daughter…. I haven seen you in ages…. I’m demanding you spend time with me since you’re already here… haha…

Stephanie smile and said we don’t have plans and if she would like to have us around, we would definitely obliged.

Amelia laughed and added coyly.

Amelia : Just a word in advance though, don’t try to change my mind on certain things…. You know I won’t budge.

Stephanie put her hands on Amelia shoulders and said she understand.

Stephanie : Come… I help you make soup… I remember last time I helped to put ingredients into the pot….

Amelia : Putting ingredients is hardly…..

As her voice trailed off into the kitchen, I quickly sprung into action. Taking my phone, I quickly went to the family photo wall and started taking photos. There were some I saw that I knew would come in handy and I took a few high res photos of the pictures, focusing on both the words and the photo.

Eventually I chose one of Amelia and Marcus taken at the restaurant the family ate.

Once I was done, I check through to make sure the shots were clear enough.

Next, I went into the kitchen and waited for an opportunity.

Once the girls were done preparing the ingredients for dinner, we adjourned to the living room and I casually strolled to the picture wall. I loitered there for a moment before Stephanie joined me.

Amelia naturally came over as well as the reminiscence the good old days.

I pointed to the photo where the family dined in every year and asked where was that restaurant.

Amelia : It’s in Macau…

James : Looks nice…

Turning to Stephanie I asked if she wanted to go there.

She thought about it for a moment before asking if Amelia would like to go along.

Stephanie : Ah ma… you want to go ?? We’re not familiar with the place….take it as a day trip ?

Amelia thought about it for a moment and agreed to act as our tour guide to Macau for the weekend.

She went on to give us a brief history of that restaurant and that she still visits it several times a year just that the food don’t taste as good since you don’t get to share them.

Amelia : Let’s go on Friday, Saturday would be really packed…and I already have an appointment tomorrow during lunch…

Stephanie agreed and I mentally worked out how much time I have left.

We went through old photo albums, talked about times when the siblings were young and Amelia even brought out some old clothes Stephanie left at her place many years ago.

Stephanie : Oh my god…!! I was looking for that sweater for the longest time…. Always thought I lost it… hahah… so it’s here….

Stephanie then started taking pictures with Amelia, trying to recreate pose from eons ago including one with her sitting on her grandmother’s lap. I helped to take a few photos for them before I excused myself to the bathroom while Stephanie showed Amelia what phones can do these days.

When I came out of the bathroom, Amelia as laughing at the various apps that could distort people’s faces and edit out wrinkles. She herself was still using a old nokia phone.

Amelia : Who would have thought to put all these things inside a phone…. Hahah ?

I could not help but smile as I watch Amelia get acquainted with the latest technology.

Her bookshelves were filled with books, novels, journals & biographies. It must get pretty lonely at times especially when you have no young people in the house to interact with.

Suddenly I pictured myself growing old.

Would I have a grandchild showing me stuff that would seemed like something out of a science fiction movie today ?

Perhaps by then people no longer carried mobile devices around anymore.


We had a nice sumptuous dinner at 6pm and we left Amelia’s place at 8pm.

It was already 9pm by the time we stepped into our room.

I immediately borrowed Stephanie’s laptop and powered it up.

After I transferred all the photos into the computer, I powered up the photo editing program.

I cropped out and edited all the words Amelia wrote.

The ink colours were all different, some had faded with age but I ignored them for now.

I cropped out Marcus and Amelia’s name. I cropped out the name of the restaurant.

I cropped out ‘lunch’ , ‘we’ ‘together’ .

I needed ‘meet’ but there was none.

The closest one I could get is ‘meat’ , extracted from one picture where the family gathered around a large turkey and a variety of other meats for Christmas.

I edited and remove the ‘a’, and I duplicated the ‘e’

After an hour, I showed Stephanie what I did.

I managed to piece together a message written in Amelia’s hand writing.

“ Marcus, Shall we meet for lunch together at Fernandos ? “


Stephanie : Holy shit… like that also can ah… but the sizes and colour all different…

I spend another 40 minutes, adjusting and touching up the message and by 11pm, I was ready to send

Stephanie : Do you think it will work ? Looks really good…

James : I don’t know. … it’s worth a shot.

I had superimposed the words onto a photo of Stephanie and Amelia.

I sent it to Victor and barely 30 seconds passed when my phone rang.


It was TJ 

I picked it up and it was Victor on the line. 

Victor : What the fuck man ?.... you got to be kidding me… 

James : It’s worth a shot…. At least we’re doing something… 

Victor : You think Marcus would buy this ??? What am I suppose to do….just bring this to him with no apparent reason at all and stuck it in his face ?? What if he calls Amelia ? 

James : Has he called or contacted her all these years ?? 

Victor fell silent

James : There’s not need to hide anything Victor… just tell him the truth….. The spot he put Stephanie in….. he spooked her out…. She’s a little girl….she’s scared…. She ran…. 

I paused and caught my breath before I went on. 

James ; Stephanie went to the only place she could…. Amelia’s…. I mean where else can she go to ?? 

I could literally hear Victor thinking about what I just said.

Victor : Did you get Amelia to write this ? 

James : No… I photoshopped it…. It’s not the best work but to fool a old stubborn man in his 70s, it’s more than enough. 
Victor : What if he doesn’t buy it ? 

James : At least we tried….. but I think he will bite….Stubborn people are all the same….they melt faster than the rest when you hit their soft spot. 

I told Victor the date and time and he cursed again before adding that he’s not sure if Marcus would be up for the trip. 

James : Victor I’ve know you for only a few months, but so far there is nothing you can’t do once you set your mind to it… 

Victor laughed 

Victor : Haha… I can’t stop my sister from running away with you.. . … I’ll take care of Marcus…. you make sure Amelia turns up… 

James : Ok… see you.. 

I hung up and I had a shock when I turned around and saw Stephanie only in her bra and panty on the bed. 

James : Wah!... what’s wrong with you… 

Stephanie : The little girl…. Is scared….~~ save me… 

She did a dramatic fling of her hair before lying back down on the bed.

I laughed and went for my shower. 

After my shower, I punished a scared little girl and reminded her to go get the pill. 

Grabbing tightly onto Stephanie’s body, I emptied myself again into her as I kissed her breast and stroked her sweaty back. 

As we panted on the bed in the dingy room Stephanie added. 

Stephanie : still shoot inside…… pant… pant… you want to die ah…. Pant… pant… 

James : Aiyah… already shoot twice already… once more no harm… 

21th Feburary 2013 



We met Amelia for dim sum at a restaurant before she left us alone to explore hong kong. 

It was a city Stephanie had visited so many times that we ended up chilling at cafes, visiting book stores and supermarkets. 

I was not really in the mood for holiday shopping. 

I had more pressing matters in my mind, the first of which was how do I tell Amelia that Marcus would be joining for lunch. 

What if she did not take the news too well ? 

I discussed it in depth with Stephanie and she too was worried how Amelia might take it. 

James : Well, we’ll tell her when we’re there then. It’ll be too late to do anything by then. 


Right after we finished our lunch, Victor text me to say that we’re a go. 

He’ll see me and Stephanie the next day in Macau for lunch. 

Stephanie got the pill from the pharmacy and once we were back in the room, I unloaded another 2 more times inside her. 

Stephanie : Ehh…. Use condom la… very gao wei leh…. Keep dripping out throughout the day… 

She complained that she had to wear a panty liner just so it doesn’t stain her underwear. 

I nodded in exhaustion and I agreed. 

Yes, in that state, I would agree to anything. 

22th Feburary 2013 



We met at the ferry terminal and boarded a ride over to Macau. 

I did not expect to see so many people so early in the morning, it’s almost like the peak hour crowd waiting for the train. 


After alighting in Macau, we took a free shuttle to Venetian Macau and visited the casino.

It felt good being able to enter without paying 100 even though we did not gamble. 

We had coffee, took some pictures before we went to the ruins of St paul. 

By 11.30am , we boarded a cab to the restaurant called Fernando’s 

It’s located by a beach and I had done my research, even to the extent of checking it out on google map. 

There is this rustic quiet charm about the place as we pulled up to the entrance after driving along some winding hilly road. 

My heart was beating pretty fast as I tried to think of the words I could use to tell Amelia what we had done. I could see Stephanie was feeling pretty nervous too. 

The moment we paid the cab driver and got out of the car I went up to Amelia. 

James : Amelia…. Ermm… I have something to tell you… 

Amelia : Yes ? 

James : Marcus….. would be joining us for lunch… 

She turned and looked at me while Stephanie held onto my arm. 

It took her a while to digest the news and she kept quiet, making me feel even more nerve wrecking as she stared at the both of us. 

Amelia : how did you manage to invite him ? 

James : It wasn’t exactly an invite…. More of a… you could say… trick ? 

Stephanie came clean on what we did and after listening to what we had done, Amelia asked to look at the photo. 

She burst out laughing as she examined what we had done. 

Amelia : Well… well…. Haha… 

We were still a little apprehensive, not knowing if she was truly ok but she reassured us she’s fine. 

Amelia : You did not trick me here…. We came here for lunch…. Marcus was the one you tricked….. hahha… though I have to say…. I’m surprised he agreed to come on such short notice… 

Stephanie : Well…. Victor is with Marcus…. he always has a plan…. 

Amelia laughed and we took some photos of us outside the restaurant. 

Right when we were about to head in, we saw a limousine coming down the road a distance away. 

Something made us stopped and waited. 

I don’t know why but something feels off about this. 

Call it a 6th sense or maybe I’m just worrying myself for nothing. 

Still, I could not help being a little worried. 

Even if we managed to get Marcus and Amelia down at the same table, there was no telling where the discussion was headed or if the matter could be resolved. 

As the car pulled up, TJ was the first off the passenger seat. 

He opened the door for Marcus and all of us watched at the patriarch of the family slowly got out of the vehicle. 

Victor alighted from the other side.

Another car pulled up shortly behind the black limo. 

The same man I saw helping Marcus in his house got out together with another woman. 

The salty sea breeze hit us gently as the group approached us. 

Marcus walked slow but steady enough. 

When Amelia and Marcus was finally in front of each other, they spent a good 5 seconds looking at each other before embracing for a hug. 

I could see Stephanie breaking out into a smile as she squeezed my hand. 

They did not speak to each other though even after they separated their bodies. 

A 3rd car pulled up behind the convoy and all eyes turned towards it. 

I could hear a gasp escape from Stephanie’s lips as she let go of my hand and brought it to her mouth. 

Getting out of the car was this bulky frame I recognised. 

There was no mistake about it. 

It was Matthew. 

I recognised one of the guys that he ordered around in the car too but he stayed where we was, choosing to light up a cigarette. 

He walked towards everyone in his cock sure attitude , removing his sunglasses only when he was near. 

Matthew : Hello !!! Everybody ….. 

I could not believe what I was seeing. 

Marcus : Shall we ?? 

Stephanie glared at Matthew before turning away and went to Amelia’s side, entering the restaurant together. 

I was still dealing with the shock and I forced myself to move but I can’t. 

The whole group walked on in leaving only Victor, TJ and me outside the small arch entrance. 

James ; Why is Matthew here ?? Did he find us ?? 

Victor shook his head. 

James : Why is he here ? 

Victor removed his shades too and looked at me. 

Victor : The invite alone was not enough to get Marcus here…..

James : What ! ? 

Victor : I told Marcus Stephanie is marrying Matthew…. 

A gust of cold air escaped from my breath as I looked at Victor in disbelief. 

James : You must be joking…. 

Victor : my role was to get Marcus here...... and I did it…

I could not believe what I was hearing.

Victor : Marcus was the one who informed Matthew. 

I turned and walked right into the restaurant. 

I saw the table that was reserved for the group and I was about to head over when Stephanie shook her head at me. 

Marcus : This table…. Is for family only…. 

Amelia rolled her eyes at him but said nothing. 

Amelia, Marcus, Victor and Stephanie took their seat on a rectangle table while the rest of us had to contend with the table on the side. 

Matthew threw away his cigarette outside in the courtyard and walked right in, sitting himself on the same table as the family. 

There was this unmeasurable tension in the restaurant. We shared the same dining hall with the typical lunch crowd but I could still feel this weird cold draught creeping up at me. 

No one spoke at the main table.

TJ looked at Victor as he sat down.

The 2 helper that came with Marcus never took their eyes of him .

I kept my eyes peeled on Stephanie who was looking really uncomfortable. 

I looked outside the window and saw the man that Matthew came with positioned outside. 

There was still one more seat at the table of 6 . 

I heard the click of heels on the concrete floor approaching and I had this sick dreaded feeling in my stomach that was slowly working it’s way up to my throat. 

My gut dropped to the floor when Ruhui walked in as well. 

She went straight to the table and sat down, crossing her leg with her back towards me. 

Marcus asked for the menu and ordered, telling the staff that my table would be having whatever they had as well. 

Amelia and Marcus looked at each other for the longest time before Amelia broke the silence. 

Amelia : Are you here for the lunch Marcus ? 

Marcus sipped his water but he kept quiet. 

When he finally replied, what he said silenced everyone. 

Marcus : I am here…. To invite you….. to your grand daughter’s wedding… 

I could see tears welling up in Stephanie’s eyes. 

Amelia : Must …….we do this here ? 

Marcus ignored Amelia and helped himself to the warm bread that was served. 

Matthew : So! …. It’s done then ?? I’m marrying Stephanie ? hahaha 

Matthew turned to Stephanie and added. 

Matthew : You are getting prettier every time I see you. 

Matthew looked at Stephanie with a smirk that would guarantee him a punch in many places on earth. 

Stephanie looked at Amelia, her eyes screaming for help silently. 

Amelia : After what you’ve done to Victor… is that not enough ? 

Marcus : Victor did what he did….. because it was the right thing to do… 

Ruhui folded her arms, I wondered what it was like sitting next to the person who raped her only a few days ago. 

Amelia : You are a fool Marcus !….. you’re a fool…. 

Marcus : Let’s eat. 

Matthew shook his leg in a barbaric manner as he tore into the bread, he leered at Stephanie in an obvious manner, it was meant to irate her, to infuriate her. He knew there was nothing she could do. 

My blood boiled as I watch him looked at Stephanie’s breast, tracing her neck, her jawline up to her facial features. 

He dipped a piece of bread lazily into a dish of olive oil, eating it in a disgusting and haughty manner. 

Food was served. 

No one touched anything except Marcus and Matthew. 

Amelia glared angrily at Marcus . 

I had a feeling of desperation in me. I wanted to jump up on the chair and announce to the whole world that I have Matthew’s dirt, but what good would it do. 

Amelia broke the silence

Amelia : This is enough…. This is as far as it goes…No decent man would force his granddaughter to marry someone she does not love… 

Marcus laughed. 

Marcus : I’m not forcing her…. Stephanie agrees to it…. Am I wrong ? 

I could see Stephanie trying to hold back her tears finding it difficult to speak. 

Marcus took a bite of his food and added. 

Marcus : Your…. Mother….is on her way back too…. To attend your wedding…. Together with your father…

I choke on my breath as I turned at looked at Victor.

I was about to stand up when I felt TJ hitting down on the back of my hand.

Turning to him, he whispered softly that Matthew passed on the information about their mother to Marcus.

TJ : There was nothing Victor could do … not against Marcus and his father.

James : Then…….

TJ : We only found out this morning when Sarah told us about it….she too was not aware of it…

I saw the 1st drop of tear roll down Stephanie’s cheek but she kept her expression hard and unchanging.

Amelia : It’s been so many years Marcus…. when would you wise up ? You don’t have the right to do this …

Amelia : This is the very reason I left you …. You think you have the right to everyone’s live !

Amelia : Stephanie……. is not marrying….. anyone …that is not of her own choosing….

Marcus calmly replied that there was no need to get worked up about this.

Marcus : I love you Amelia…. I really want to have a nice lunch with you…. But this is much bigger than a simple lunch….we’re talking about….

Marcus was cut off before he could finish.

Amelia stood up and what she did made everyone on my table stand up as well.

I had a shock too as I watch Amelia grabbed Marcus by his shirt pulling him close to her face.

Marcus dropped his utensils as he too grappled with the forceful pull of his wife’s hands.

The commotion caught the attention of the staff and neighbouring tables.

Someone came over immediately but Victor attended to him, saying it was a misunderstanding.

Amelia : I won’t allow you to do this….

Marcus : The choice is not yours to make….

Marcus broke free and turned to Stephanie whose cheeks was streak with tears.

Matthew’s phone rang and he laughed and pushed it along the table to Marcus.

Matthew : Aiyoh Marcus…. I told you Singapore not enough beds and wards…. You don’t believe me….see la….. KNN… sia suay. Ah….. your daughter in law…

Matthew went on a tirade about how ill equipped Singapore was for the aging population.

I watched as Stephanie took a look at the photo and more tears streaked down from her eyes, wetting her cheeks.

I got closer and I saw it was a picture of Stephanie’s mother being parked along the corridor of some community hospital.

Victor’s hands were clenched tightly into a ball of fist but he said nothing.

Matthew : eh… you want to bring her back one hor… you better do something ah…send her to private healthcare la for god sake….i pay la… I pay la…. My future mother in law…

Marcus slammed the table with his palms and Matthew shut up immediately.

I could hear the Staff telling Victor that they would need to ask us to leave if we don’t settle down properly, we’re disturbing the other guest.

Marcus : Shut the fuck up….

Ruhui threw a box onto the table as if it was some trash.

Ruhui : It’s 1.7 carat…. I got it off some boutique in Venetian….

Matthew asked Stephanie in such a casual manner as if he was asking some street meat how much it would be to spend the night.

Matthew : Ok… how… will you marry me.. ?? haha ….

Amelia turned to Stephanie and held her hand.

Amelia : Don’t bother about them…. Let’s go…

Amelia tried to move but Stephanie remained standing, hard and unmoving as a rock.

Amelia : Stephanie ….let’s go…. Marcus is becoming senile…. No use reasoning with people like him…

Stephanie could not hold it in anymore as her eyes closed, and more droplet of salty tears fell from her eyes.

I could see Victor almost shaking where he stood but he did not do anything.

With a sniff of her nose, Stephanie picked up the box, opened it and held up the ring.

She glared angrily at Marcus and threw the box onto the table.

Matthew sniggered, got up and walked over to Stephanie.

Without a word, he took the ring from her and put it onto her ring finger.

Matthew : There…. Done.. I’ll see you back in Singapore dear… hahaha…

With that, Ruhui and Matthew left.

Stephanie glared at Marcus.

Stephanie : I hope you’re happy now….

I could see Matthew doing a mock clap as he grinned in a disgusting manner as he exited the restaurant.

My legs felt soft, weak and my heart was failing to deliver enough blood to my organs.

Marcus wiped his mouth with the napkin and turned to Amelia.

Marcus : See you at the wedding……

The man that came with Marcus settled the bill and the group left.

10 minutes later, only Amelia , Stephanie and I remained standing at the entrance of the restaurant.

Once all the cars drove off, Stephanie’s legs gave way and she collapsed onto me, crying her heart out.

Amelia helped to pull Stephanie up.

Stephanie tried to pull the ring out of her hand and she threw it onto the road.

In a stern voice, Amelia asked me to quickly grab the ring.

Amelia : Go take it back… quick.

I did as I was told and quickly got back to Stephanie’s side.

James : It’s ok dear… I’m sure we can think of something…

Amelia took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself down.

Amelia : We’ll sell the ring for cash…it’ll come in handy….

James : What ? ??

Amelia called back to her place and asked her helper to pack her bag and prepare her travel documents.

Amelia : I’ve had enough of this… being pushed around by Marcus…

We got into a cab and Stephanie calmed down a little. As if taking off the ring lifted off some curse.

Stephanie : Sob…. Sob…Where….. are we ….sob…..going ?

Amelia : Home…..

She turned and I could see this glint in her eyes.

Amelia : And… we are going to push back. ……….
On board the ferry back to Hong kong, Amelia made another call.

Amelia : It’s me…. I’m coming back tonight….

That was all she said and she hung up.

Everything happened in a blur, we boarded a flight late in the evening, close to 8pm.

We arrived and got out of immigration at close to 1am in the morning.

As we got out into the arrival hall, I saw a familiar figure at waiting for us.


He nodded slightly at Amelia and offered to take her bag despite having only 1 good arm. Amelia did not reject his offer.

5 meters away, Ah Yee came up to us, guiding us to a waiting car.

As I got into the 7 seater MPV, I almost squeezed my pee out as I did a double take and looked at the driver.

It was Rex.

The guy who was supposedly working for Ruhui.

With the cold commanding voice of a family patriarch finally deciding to come into the fight, the first words Amelia said upon landing in Singapore was ;

Amelia : Let’s go.


There was this feeling of unease in the car as no one spoke. I wanted to ask where were we headed but Amelia’s eyes were closed, it seemed as if she was taking a nap or something. 

At her age, the amount of travelling she did on that day alone would surely tire her out. 

I found out soon that Amelia was deep in thought. 

Every once in a while when she thought of something, she would whisper it softly to Ah Yee. Sometimes she replied with a nod, sometimes she would tapped away on her phone. 

We exited the expressway and I realised we were headed towards Simpang Bedok. 

Inside one of the drive ways, Rex slowed down and parked in front of a semi D. 

By the time everyone got inside, it was close to 2.30am 

There was another helper in the house, this lady in her forties. Amelia told everyone to go and get some rest. 

The helper gave Rex a cup of coffee as he settled down on the couch in the living room without a word. He never stopped messaging on his phone the moment he sat down. 

Muthu and Ah Yee left the house after speaking in private with Amelia. 

With the guest room prepared, Stephanie and I fell into a deep sleep. 


We got out of the room, still in the same clothes we travelled in. Stephanie and I were actually up at 6am but we spent the time in each other’s arms, talking about what would happen. 

She was very worried about her mother but I told her since she had agreed to the marriage, Victor should be able to do something about it. 

James : He would not sit still…. That’s not like him.. 

Breakfast was ready when we came down to the dining area. The helper had bought food from the food stalls a short walk away. Packets of coffee, noodles and prata were available. 

Rex was sleeping on the couch and Muthu was sipping a packet of tea by the front porch. 

I could see Ah yee bent over near the patio with Amelia with several pieces of paper and some folders.

After a quick meal, Stephanie went over to Amelia but was told she needed some time to think. 

At 10am, Amelia asked for Stephanie into her room for a chat. 

30 minutes later, Stephanie told me she’s going to grab her stuff from her place and from the office. 

Rex, Muthu and Ah yee would be following her. 

I wanted to go along but Stephanie said she needed me to do something else. 

I was given a list, a shopping list of sort. 

James : What is this ?? 

Stephanie : Help me buy everything on the list ok… take the car. … we’ll be waiting for uncle Bobby to pick us up. 

James ; Uncle Bobby ? 

Stephanie : Yup… we need his lorry.. 


Uncle Bobby arrived together with another assistant. 

He drove a normal sedan car while the assistant followed behind in the lorry. 

They left the compound at 11.30am and so did i. 

Taking the car Rex drove to pick us up at the airport earlier, I went to the supermarket. The list Stephanie gave me was just a normal shopping list. 

From food, to toiletries and some brand specific cosmetic. I went to the large supermarket beside Ikea in Tampines and grabbed everything. The small pharmacy at the bottom supplied the rest. 

I loaded up the trunk and started to make my way back to Amelia’s place. 

Everything I had in the trunk would last Stephanie several weeks without leaving the house. I even had a few bags full of snacks, and chocolates she asked for as well. 

I unloaded everything at Amelia’s place and was surprised to see some contractors arriving. 

The helper attended to them and I just settled down in the living room. I dropped Stephanie a text but she did not reply me. 

Amelia was nowhere to be found in the common living areas and I don’t want to venture around a house where I was just a guest. 

At 1.30 pm sharp when I was about to go grab my lunch, my phone rang. 

It was TJ.

TJ : James…. Where are you ? 

James : In Singapore…why ? 

I don’t know who to trust anymore in this game of deceit and mistrust. I would rather be a little more careful with words in case I mess something up. 

TJ did not seem overly concerned about my lack of clarity and he straight away asked if I was available to help. 

TJ : We need your help… 

James : What ? 

TJ : We need to get Victor’s mother out.. 

James : WHAT !? 

He asked if I could meet him at Victor’s place within an hour and I struggled to give him a reply. 

I really don’t know who’s who in this game anymore. 

TJ seemed to be able to read my mind and he answered my question instantly. 

TJ : Look James… we’re just going to get auntie out…. Then Victor and I would go with her to Malaysia. We’ll be out of town for a while…. We can’t do this alone.. 

Call me soft hearted but I agreed and I went along. 

I did not take the car in case Stephanie and gang needs it later in the day. Hopping onto a cab, I went straight to Victor’s place. 

When I got in, Victor was busy loading up his suitcase. TJ already has his bags packed. 

Once they were done packing, we loaded up into Victor’s car. 

Driving straight to town, we turned into the carpark where Sarah’s clinic is and she hopped on as well. 

The moment we hit the expressway, Victor’s instructions was clear. 

Victor : I need your help one last time…. We need to get my mum out… this time… I’ll go with her and make sure something like this doesn’t repeat itself again. 

It was a pretty long drive and when we turned into Lim Chu Kang road, TJ slowed down and parked by the side of the road. 

The nursing home is located along Ama Keng road. You would not think such a place existed in Singapore but it does. 

The plan was simple, Victor would do the talking, if all else fails, we wheel her mother out by force. 

My heart started beating faster the moment we drove up the gentle slope towards the nursing home. 

All of them got off the car except me, I made a 3 point turn and positioned the nose of the car towards the exit. 

My hands gripped onto the steering wheel, hoping this would be over soon. 

There was a knock on the car window and a guard told me to switch off my engine. 

I reluctantly did and got out. 

Once the engine was cut off, the smell of the area reminded me of my army days. That unmistakable smell that I could not describe, it could only be experienced. 

If you understand, no explanation is necessary, if you don’t, none is possible. 

The soothing smell of the raw forest coupled with the industrial smell of a farm blanketed the whole area.

He asked me to fill in some visitor logbook or something and I followed him. 

The guard wanted the rest to sign in too and I told him I would get them to do it. 

He handed me the small logbook and he went back to his old rusty radio and creaking fan. 

I caught up to the group and we were attended to by a staff. 

TJ : Why are you here ?? What about the car ? 

I told TJ what happened and he said we’ll have to play by ear and see how things go. 

Finally a nursing staff approached us as we got in deeper and asked what we wanted. 

Victor asked to speak with the person in charge, Mr Chew, and we were told that he was not around. 

Victor : I was supposed to meet him here…. He must be around… 

Staff : Mr Chew is out for a meeting… 

Victor : I’ll call him… can you please…

TJ kept the staff occupied while Sarah and I looked around. 

There was only 1 main corridor leading towards the exit from where we stood. Along the way, there were several rooms. 

The staff was not helpful with finding his boss so Victor asked to see his mother instead. 

15 minutes later, Victor held onto his mother’s hands and I could see him holding back his tears. His mother’s room was located along the main road, it was naturally ventilated with no air conditioning. 

A few old louvered windows and a wall with peeling paint was all there is that separated her from the outside.

Her arms and neck were covered with mosquitoes bite and she looked tired and weary. 

Victor : I’m getting you out… 

Sarah checked to make sure she was fine before we helped her onto a wheelchair. 

Staff 1: Hey… hey… she needs rest… don’t touch her… 

TJ tried to tell the staff it’s ok but another one came in to check out the commotion. 

Staff 2 : What is happening ? 

He tried to stop Sarah and I went over to him, I quickly pointed to the old man on the bed behind that was trying to get our attention.

James : Hey… hey… he’s asking for you… 

Staff 1 : Sir you cannot do this…. There are procedures to follow…

Victor nodded and said he understand and once he can speak with the person in charge, we would be able to sort all of these out. 

In the meantime, we continued getting auntie ready for the move. 

We barely made 5 steps away from the room when the staff shouted after us. 

Staff 1: Hey.. hey… where are you going ?? 

Victor turned and went towards the Filipino male staff while gesturing us to continue moving forward towards the entrance. 

I could hear Victor talking to the man and eventually it escalated into a quarrel. 

We quickened our pace and I could feel my heart slamming against my ribcage. 

20 meters away from the entrance and the shouting started. 

I looked around nervously as other staff and some of the old folks were looking at what was happening. 

Staff 1 : STOP!!.. STOP THEM!!... 

That was the que and Victor started running down towards us. He barely made it 2 steps when he was held onto by the same staff talking to him. Victor pushed him away and shouted for us to keep going. 

TJ was the one holding onto the wheelchair and he too sped up, pushing auntie faster along the corridor. 

Sarah tried to keep up with her heels alongside while I walked on in front. 

Suddenly someone came out of a room and hit straight onto me. Our bodies collided and immediately the whole situation escalated. TJ cursed and swerved the wheelchair to avoid me. 

I could see Sarah and him moving further and further away. 

The shouting got louder and I soon realised it was another nursing staff that I walked into. 

TJ shouted to me for the keys and I managed to throw it over to him, it landed on the floor a few meters away and Sarah gestured for TJ to go on while she ran back to grab the keys. 

I struggled and got up on my feet and turned back to look down the corridor. 

2 more staff came running down towards Victor while TJ and Sarah continued making a run for the exit. 

I got up and tried to leave but the man I knocked down tried to hold onto me. 

Man : STOP!! … hey !

I shrugged and pushed him back, knocking him off balance as he landed on his butt. 

My feet carried me as fast as I could as a total of 4 staff, 3 male and 1 female was on our tail. 

Staff : STOP!!! Or I will call the police!!! HEY…!! 

The chasing party were faster and they caught up with Victor and me. 

Victor : She’s my mother !! fuck off ! 

With a ferocious charge, Victor collided with the staff and it soon descended into a messy struggled as they tried to hold onto him. 

I went forward and knocked the female staff down onto her butt, hitting her with my shoulder. No I am not a gentlemen but I was hoping the staff were. 

The moment that lady went down, another 2 went to help her up while Victor struggled to push the last guy away. 

Once we got free, we ran towards the exit , I could see from where we were Sarah and Auntie were already safety in the car and TJ was heading to the driver seat. 

The female staff no longer chased after us, instead, it was 3 angry Filipino nursing staff and a old uncle in a security guard uniform that were shouting and running towards Victor and me.

The engine of the car started, I could hear it from where we were. 

Even before we stepped out of the compound, I knew we would not make it. 

It was not possible. 

The chasing party was too near. 

So what if we got into the car, they could easily block the way with their bodies and shut the gate. This is not some hollywood production where you could run the extras down with your car. 

You can’t even crash through the gate without fucking up the airbags. 

I did the math in my head. 

Auntie needs everyone in that car except me. It was the logical thing to do. 

I started to slow down, and I positioned my body. All I needed to do was to turn and throw myself against the group. That impact and collision would buy everyone a few precious seconds. 

I thought about the amount of trouble I would be getting into but in the end I fuck it. 

What else would rival the adventure I got myself into this past few month? 

When I was about to execute my self-sacrificial move, I saw this blinding white light. 

Yes, it was the afternoon sun coming through the main door but with it came this hulking figure. 


James : WAH!!!! 

Like a charging bull, TJ barrelled down the lobby towards us. Victor and I got a shock and we split down the middle, each of us moving aside to avoid TJ. If this was a running man episode, it would be the equivalent of Kim Jong Koot charging down a corridor with fire on his shoulders. 

His shout was more than enough to petrify the pursuers. 

There were so much shouting in that moment of confusion that it was hard to make out who was saying what. 

The moment TJ’s body connected with the group, I could hear the sick thuds and groans of body hitting against body. Of raw muscles against bones. 

Like a bowling ball hitting a row of pins, all of them collapsed onto the ground. It was a mass orgy, a warzone of sorts. 

Some old folks were cursing and scolding everyone while couple was out in the corridor trying to walk over the fallen people. 

TJ : GO! .. 

TJ tried to get up but was pinned down by a staff. 

He lifted him off like a piece of tissue and pushed him against the thin wall. Another tried to climb onto him, his arms going around his neck and TJ rose up to mid waist level before lying back down on the floor with a slam. 

He would have made it if not for the old security guard who hit him with a baton. He blocked it with his arm, and it was the only mistake he made. He blocked it with his injured arm and the loud sickening crack made me sick to the core as Victor dragged me out and into the waiting car. 

Sarah was pressing the honk repeatly and the moment we jumped in, all the staff jumped onto TJ, like a horde of zombies engulfing it’s victims. 

Victor : GO!! 

James ; What about TJ !!... we can’t leave him… 

Victor checked out a long scratch on the side of his arm and said TJ would be fine… 

We’re smacked right in the middle of the 2 causeway into Malaysia and Victor asked Sarah to go for the 2nd one in Tuas. 

James : Wait… what about me ?? 

Victor : We’ll drop you off somewhere… 

Once we hit Jurong 

Sarah drove down Jalan Bahar, following Victor’s direction. 

Instead of taking the PIE, they went on further, dropping me at Boon lay. 

Victor : James… I need your help… Take care of Stephanie…. I’ll be away for a few days… 

James : What about TJ ?? He’s going to get arrested… ! 

Victor : He’ll be fine… he can take care of himself. 

As they drove off, I stood along at Boon lay MRT. 

James : FUCK! 

I kicked a pillar as I circled around the area. 

I can’t possibly leave TJ alone. Well, even if the cops were there, another person would be helpful with the explanation. 

I was about to grab a cab back when I got a call from TJ. 

James : TJ !! Where are you ?? are you ok ?? 

TJ : I’m fine… Victor’s and Sarah’s not answering their phone… 

James : What happened? They just dropped me off…. I’m at Boon lay… 

TJ : Victor manage to get Mr Chew…. He just got back… I’m fine…. I think my old wound hurts… 

TJ suddenly says he has a incoming call and it’s Victor and he hung up. 

It felt as if I had a load taken off my chest. 

I tried to call Stephanie but she was not picking up. 

In the end, I took a train back to Bedok before grabbing a cab back to Amelia’s place. 

I have never felt so exhausted. 


Victor text me saying that Stephanie is not answer his call and asked me to check on her. 


As I entered Amelia’s gate, I noticed a silver lancer parked a little further down the private road. 

I backtracked and walked directly towards it. 

As I got nearer, I realised it was one of Matthew’s man. He sat inside there with no expressions on his face as he looked at me.

I turned and walked back into the house


The contractors packed up and left the place. 

I was starving as I had not eaten anything since breakfast so I went ahead to grab my own dinner. 


Uncle bobby’s lorry pulled up and so did the sedan car. 

I helped the group unload everything from the lorry. 

Stephanie’s clothes, barang barang, basically everything from the office and her rented place at Tanjong Pagar. 

As we closed the gate, a 2nd silver lancer appeared behind the 1st one. 


Everyone gathered in the living room for a late dinner. 


It started to rain pretty heavily. 

Seeing Muthu and Ah yee here with me made me feel pretty happy, I could only imagine that old fool Marcus calling out for help at home on such a rainy day only to be met with silence. 

Ah Yee informed everyone that Amelia had asked for all to meet in the study at 11.30pm 

Stephanie and I took a quick shower before heading down to the study on the ground floor. 

I barely stepped out of Stephanie’s room when my phone beeped to indicate it was low on battery. I decided to head back and get it plug in. 

James : Go first… I plug in my phone… 

I also removed my wallet from my back pocket. It felt weird to be carrying my wallet around but I can’t possibly leave my wallet lying everywhere as I’m a guest in the house too. 

After plugging in my phone, I put my wallet on the table. 

As I was about to head out of the room, I pulled the door handle and tried to close the door but I stopped. 

I stopped moving. 

I tried the handle again. 

Something was wrong. 

Turning to look at the brash handle, I realised it was a stuck. 

I tried it from the outside, it would not move as well. 

That’s weird, it worked the night before. 

Then I realised something weird. The small turn I used to lock the door was gone. 

The whole lockset was new. 

My heart dropped. There was this sinking feeling in my stomach. 

I found it difficult to breath. 

Turning back into the room, I looked at the corner where we had put all the things from the list I bought. 

Yes the same list Stephanie gave me. 

The toiletries, the things she needed. 

Stephanie : Amelia said I needed to get stuff I need to last for a couple of weeks at least. 

My legs felt weak. 

I rushed to the window, pulling aside the curtains and I realised grilles had been installed. 

I pulled open both curtains in the room and it was the same. 

There was a streak of lighting and looking down into the driveway, a 3rd silver lancer had joined the 1st 2. 

Another car was pulling into the driveway. 

James : No… no…. this cannot be. 

I knew I was breathing, but I was not getting the air I needed. It seemed as if no oxygen was going into my body and brain. 

I got into the corridor and I tried to open the other room doors, they were all locked. 

Rushing down the steps, I ran and barged into the study.

I came face to face with Stephanie, who was shaking where she stood. Her arms around her body. Rex held onto her arm. 

I could tell she was about to cry. 

My eyes scanned the room, Muthu was positioned by the full height sliding door that opens up to a small lap pool. 

I heard a bolt behind me shut and I saw Ah Yee locking us in from the outside. 

My eyes looked around the empty table before drifting to the room behind the study table. I could hear voices talking.

Familiar voices. 

As Amelia walked out, I could hear her speak. 

Amelia : Victor…. Has left the country with his mother… he won’t be back so soon…. It’ll be over before he gets back… 

I stared in shock and disbelief as Amelia took her seat. 

There were more voices in the room and a slow moving figure slowly emerged. 

My legs felt weak and I sat down onto a chair as my shoulders slouched. 

Marcus emerged slowly with the mysterious man and he settled into the seat beside Amelia. 

I forced myself to get up and I went over to Stephanie but Rex stood in my way. I tried to push my way through but I ended up like a rag doll, being thrown onto my butt by him as Stephanie asked me to stop. 

Stephanie : James…. Don’t… 

I turned to Amelia and shouted. 


Amelia dismissed my anger with a wave of her hands, as if she thinks I was not worth getting angry with. 

Marcus : James….I have a proposal for you….

I turned and looked at Marcus…

How I wished I could close my fingers around his neck. 

Then the ultimate thing happened. 

It knocked the breath out of my lungs, squeezing every drop of oxygen out of my blood stream. 

One last person came out of the study.

Stephanie shook and shivered as her legs gave way and she squat down, leaning against a wall for support. 

The man walked over and took the seat beside Amelia. 

This man I knew. 

A man I knew for many years. 

That lump in my throat grew so big I felt like throwing up. 

The man that started it all. 

Mr Koh : Hi James…


I blinked several times, trying to do something about the dryness in my eyes. I’ve never had dry eyes before, somehow I just felt very uncomfortable. 

I could not believe what I was seeing even though it was happening right in front of me. 

Mr Koh calmly walked over and took a seat beside Amelia. 

Marcus was handed a folder by the man that served by his side and he opened it. 

Before he could say anything, I lost it. 

I really did. 

Who the fuck do these people thing they are ? 

What the fuck are they trying to pull ? 

I shouted at the group at the top of my voice. 


I hit the table several times, slamming my palms on the harden wood of the intricate table with carvings on it’s legs 

I hit and slammed down on the table so hard that I could feel the small blood vessels in my palms bursting. It would surely leave a bruise the next day. 

Even as I threw my childish fit, the group of elders sat down calmly where they were. No one move as they waited for me to be done with my tantrum, much like an adult letting it’s child vent off it’s frustration at a moment when you knew words would mean nothing. 

Stephanie covered her ears with her palms as I cursed and kicked the furniture in the study. For a whole minute and a half I was like a mad man. The series of events that I was put through finally made me snap. 

It felt like a steel tension wire that was being pulled over and over again until it’s taut and tight. Then without warning, someone decides to cut it down in the middle, releasing all the pent up frustration and tension in my body at once. 

When I was done, I fell to my knees for a second before I clamoured up onto a spare chair and pointed my fingers at the group in front of me. 

There was no need for me to say anything. 

Marcus did the talking. 

Marcus: James…. Are you done ?? 

As his cold calm words went into my ears, I could not describe what I was feeling. 

Am I angry ? 

Upset ? 

Disgusted ? 

I don’t know. 

What I do know was that Marcus spoke without any emotions. 

It’s weird. 

I’ve seen Marcus angry, I’ve seen him lost his patience but at that moment, he just spoke with me calmly. 

As if he was telling me something normally, like a normal conversation. 


Not scolding. 

It was not in a condescending manner, there was nothing high and mighty about his tone or his choice of words. 

It was just normal. 

And this very normal, made me very uncomfortable. 

Marcus : I don’t know what you are feeling James…. So I’m not going to pretend I know….but here’s the situation…. 

He asked me if I loved Stephanie, much like the manner in which the JP would ask the newly wed before they exchanged their vows. 

James : YES.!! I do !.... 

And as calmly as he asked the question, he rebutted me. 

Marcus : Bullshit…. 

I glared angrily at him as he continued and referred to his folder. 

Marcus : Tell me today’s date…. 

James : 23th Feburary 2013 

Marcus : Good…. You’re still sober.. 

I clenched my fist, hoping he would just get the fuck to his point. 

He squinted his eyes and he looked back at me with his index finger pointed at my chest. 

Marcus : 16th Feburary 2013 …… Stephanie says you are her boyfriend….. fine… maybe you got together the day before…. I give you that….

He threw the folder onto the table. 

Marcus : 8 days….. 

I could feel a stone rolling in my gut as Marcus chewed down on me and continued. 

Marcus ; You tell me… you are in love with Stephanie…. And… you are together for 8 days…how long have you known Stephanie ??? November last year??? …. Who are you fucking trying to kid ? 

He put up both hands, showing me 8 old wrinkly fingers. Repeating the words 8 days again. 

Marcus stood up and walked slowly around the room

Marcus : Fine… young people fall in love… whatever…. Fuck… 

He walked over to his crying granddaughter who was sobbing on her knees. 

Marcus : Did you for a moment think…. Stephanie would fall in love with you ??? Or you are just the right person…. Who is there at the right time ?? 

His words stung like the poisonous sting of a venomous creature as I felt this contraction in my heart. 

Marcus : Ask yourself this question… if it had been another man there….. would Stephanie not have clung on to him ?? 

James : Enough !!!.. Stop!!... 

I don’t want to hear anymore of his nonsense. 

Marcus : Ask her yourself James…. Ask her yourself… 

My eyes focused on Stephanie but she kept on weeping, burying her face in her palms. 

Amelia stood up and took over. 

Amelia : Stephanie was scared, she’s afraid, she’s desperate enough to cling onto anyone close….. I’m sorry James…. You just happen to be there for her…. There was no one else she could turn to… 

I looked at Stephanie again as I waited for her to meet my eye. 

Just look at me

Even for that one second. 

Tell me none of these is true but she did not, she just continued sobbing away on the floor. 

Amelia;s voice was gentle, almost motherly. 

Amelia : James…. I know how…. Everything looks from your perspective….. but please try to change your perception…. 

She asked me this very simple question which I was unable to answer. 

Amelia : Why…. Are we always portrayed at the bad guys…. And Stephanie is the only good person….has it ever occurred to you she is just another spoilt rich girl who would not listen?? 

I found it hard to shut out all their voices and I collapsed onto the chair.

Amelia : Look at how she spends her money….. look at how she spends her time… doing what ??? tell me… ? please…

I was immediately brought back to the first time we met. 

The way Stephanie talked back to Victor. 

The way she threatened me to work for her. 

The manner which she refused small change of 5s and 2s. 

Marcus ; I bet you know she doesn’t keep 5s and 2s….. but do you know why ??? 

I looked at Marcus who had started to walk back to his seat. 

He pointed a finger at Stephanie. 

Marcus : She….. refused to take her pocket money when it was $2 and $5…..she wanted $10 notes..…. At the age of 9…. 

Marcus went on to say that he wacked her so hard, that from that day forth, Stephanie hated 5s and 2s, because that was the only pocket money Marcus and Stephanie’s dad gave her till she reached JC. 

Even then she would make it a point to keep pestering Victor to change out his notes for hers. 

I swallowed a large gulp of saliva and I looked at Stephanie, my mind willing for her to look at me. 

Inside my mind, I was pleading with her, even if it’s for that 1 second…look at me…. But she kept her head bowed down… 

Marcus : Her office…. You worked for her for a few months…. Tell me…. Seriously…. Did you really think she was doing anything ??? Anything useful ?? I mean come on !!! ….. you call that a business ?

The room grew so stuffy that I could no longer breathe properly. 

Marcus : Victor !... set it up for her… to keep her occupied….grounded….. so to speak…. But look…. Look at the spare room….tell me what the fuck was inside… 

He gestured to the ceiling above him 

Marcus : Do you know… how much money Stephanie spends on clothes and shoes…. And bags…. And fucking dead animal skins stitched together by fucking slaves in some factory……all because some fucking ang moh brands is on it. ….. dead animal skins…. And marketing… that’s all it is…

He took a deep breath and calmed down as a glass of water was offered to him. 

It felt so suffocating that I retched. 

James : Bluerrwreackkk…. 

Immediately Muthu opened the sliding door and I dashed outside, puking into lawn as the rain fell around me. 

I spent the next 5 minutes puking before I staggered back into the room. 

Ah Yee sat a cup of hot tea in front of me as Amelia continued. 

She started with an apology, saying that I should not have been dragged into this. She pointed to Mr Koh and said he’s an old friend. 

They wanted someone temporary, for a few months. Someone who could be trusted to put things in order while Stephanie prepares for her wedding. Eventually her company would be folded up and I would go back to Mr Koh having earned a tidy sum along the way. 

James : No…. no…. I don’t believe you…. I don’t believe any of this…. 

Marcus continued. 

Marcus : Despite Victor’s attempt to give her a chance..… the 1st few employees she hired, they fucked everything up big time…..She hired the 1st person she interviewed each time…who does things like that??…… they stole from the company….they fucked up deliveries, we might as well just pour the money into the drain instead of outright bleeding them.

As I struggled with swallowing what was just said, I could not help but think back to the first few days of my work. 

I asked myself seriously what have I done ? 

It was true there was nothing really productive. 

Marcus : Ruhui….. 

Yes. That name.. 

That name… 

Marcus : Ruhui…. Hates us….. 

I looked at Marcus as he opened his folder once more. 

Marcus : But…. Ruhui hates her father more……. 

I could feel this cramp creeping up in my leg. 

Marcus : do you think she married Victor willingly…. 

James : She was the one who initiated….Stephanie told me…….she….

I was cut off before I finished. 

Marcus ; Why ??? 

Marcus lifted his hands in the air, palms facing up and repeated the question. 

Marcus : Why ??