Saturday, 12 March 2016

Affiliated sellers for ebooks.

If you have a blog or website with decent traffic, and you would like to sell my works on your page, drop me a mail. We can split the fees.

My interest is in writing and honestly i'm not too keen on the distribution and marketing part. 

The platform i'm using has some affiliate seller program, take a look at the video if you are keen. 

There's nothing complicated about this, you just need a paypal account and a blog or website. 

I'll still be uploading and doing the initial setup. Once done, you just need to embed the purchase link into your site. The rest is all automated once a transaction is done, fees will be split accordingly base on agreed percentage. 

Please note, there is no big money to be made here, hahaha. Sorry to burst your internet make big bucks bubble. 

We're talking cents and maybe a couple of dollars here and there. I know it's hardly worth the effort if you need to start doing something from scratch, which is why i'm looking for current blog/website owner. 

You should be looking at a couple of macdonald value meals worth of sales on a good month and i think at least enough for a couple of curry puffs on a regular one. 

Yes it's pathetic i know but well, more people might decide to read sensual singapore stories one day. 
You never know. 

Since you already have the infrastructure, might as well make use of it. 

Just trying my luck out here, write me if keen. 

Some simple requirements. 

1) Web traffic - I'm not asking for thousands or millions of views, but at least a couple of hundreds would be good i think. I don't think 5-6 visitors a day would make much sense right ? 

2) Web & IT savvy - I'm not, but i still manage to fiddle and keep this blog going, at least know how to work with basic html and stuff and to embed the links into your page

3) You don't deal with illegal stuff / politics - Please, if you are running some online contraband cigarettes web or dealing with religious extremist, i'm not replying you. This is purely a site for fiction fans of this genre, i would like it to be a sanctum for all who loves to read regardless of their views in politics. No political sites , sorry. 



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  1. Ilock, you can put the ebooks on Amazon. Stick a hot cover and give it a go. Good luck.