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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Coming in April

Some upcoming works that would be out by in April & May.

1) Larry and Ruhui - Told from Jack's perspective - Completed. Get it here
2) Blackmailing my JC student - Another of the tutor series.
3) Jack and Stephanie - Get it here

This would wrap up Jack the tuition teacher series

There would be updates of other works from the humiliation and matured audience series but other than that, i'm not working on anything concrete at the moment.

I'm talking to a few blog readers, they have contributed a few promising stories, and i'm in the midst of picking one out to work on.

Hope to get another major work out by early 2017.

Thank you for the support so far.

Hope you enjoyed MLFTSV, i don't expect anyone to share this on their FB feed but if you have friends who love to read, do introduce the blog to them.

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