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Monday, 28 March 2016

Of Scams, cheats, and prepaid cards

Time for another boring but hopefully informative read.

This article is perfect for toilet literature, at the same time, i hope it can save a few poor souls from having their money cheated by the various scams these days.

It's all over the news, on authorities' social channel page, mainstream papers, some local dramas even added scenes from these scams into their show. All this to raise awareness of the cheats that are so prevalent these days, yet everyday, more and more people fall prey to these.

I've short listed a few popular scams that i thought would be useful.It's not so much the money you lose, a couple of hundreds might not mean much to some but why are we enriching these scammers ?

What is a scam ?

Well, to put it simply, it's someone trying to cheat you.

How do you define it ?

Is it the old man who sells you heavily marked up tissue paper at the hawker ? The uncle that collects old newspaper and cheats you on the weight ?

Well, i'm a little soft hearted, and since the above involves physical hardwork, i tend to let them go. Dishonest businessmen they maybe, but still, they're no where in the same league as the cheats on popular app call wechat.

1) Wechat scams.

This is one of the classic examples.

In fact, it's not limited to just this app, any social apps has the potential to be used against you.

The modus of operation is simple.

First. A picture of a hot girl.

Yes. Hot, sexy , desirable.

Naturally you would be curious and start checking out her profile. Sure, it looks good. There are pictures of her enjoying hawker food in Singapore.

A few of her enjoying the pool on top of MBS, a few of her legs complaining about being in high heels the whole day is tiring.

Everyone of her news feed designed and planned to give you the illusion she is just a normal female enjoying what Singapore has to offer.

Bullshit .

I say it again. It's all bullshit.

Anyway, you would still message her, asking to be her friend. The pretty hot girl you wanted to sleep with would magically add you into her friend's list. Next, before you knew it, she would suddenly be a student in Singapore but facing some financial problems, and lo and behold, she's willing to be a social escort due to the escalating cost of living in Singapore.

You're in luck.

A hot model like girl wants to sleep with you for money.

How much you ask ?

Well, it varies..... 100, 200 maybe 300 for the whole night.

300 SGD for the whole night ?? A night of lustful love making with such a hot girl for 300 ??

It's a good deal. Take it.

Fast forward 30 minutes, i assure you my friend, you would find yourself near a train station or a 7-11 queuing up to buy some prepaid apple cards or Alipay credits.

Why ?

Well, the girl is afraid of dealing since it's illegal and all the usual crap. You need to prove you're not a cop or some shit and you're suppose to take a picture of the prepaid card you bought.

That's it.

You're dead.

You're going to lose the money, they'll continue milking you for more. Chances are a guy would call and threaten you with all sorts of demands unless you pay them more.

Stuff like them knowing your phone number, can find out where you live, where you worked. Even of them having your picture. It's all going to come raining down on you.

Game over.

Now let's take it a step backwards and consider some numbers for comparison.

A legal brothel in Geylang charges 150 SGD for one of the high end girls so to speak for a period of 45minutes - 1 hour. These are licensed business. The girls go for regular checkups and they comply with certain requirements.

Wait... but the person quoted you 300 for a whole night ?

Does that even make sense to you ?

What is 300 these days ? You can't even buy an ipad.

The figures are way off. It's like quoting $5 for an entire chicken and a pot of rice when a normal serving of a plate of chicken rice already cost you $3.50 at the foodcourt.

Money aside. Maybe after chatting for a while you decide the girl is real. You felt a connection.




Whatever you want to call it but it's bullshit. She wants only 1 thing and i can tell you it's not the dick of a stranger tapping behind a phone.

They say if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

No one pays for sex with online credits or itune cards. You deal with cash.


Excuses and shit about the girl afraid of you being a cop are just shit excuses.

Walk away, the money is better off being dropped into a charity box than being given to these cheats.

Just to illustrate how prevalent this was, i downloaded and registered an account and within mins, i had a deal going. They have uped the game, instead of messaging, they now use voice messages.

Wow, a really sweet girl's voice cooed and chatted with me for hours before i decided to 'engage' her services.

As expected, i was led to a 7-11 and made to get the cards. I refused.

A PRC man called up and threatened me with everything he could think off, even saying that he could see where i was standing. He had my picture, and he could describe what i was wearing.

I laughed.

I challenged him to walk right out and approach me.

He did not.

I hung up on him and blocked his call and i finished my coffee, kaya toast and eggs at the coffee shop where i made the call. It was mid day on a weekday.

There were hardly anyone at the coffee shop.

No one approached me.

I don't recommend you do this though. The number i used was a number i bought off a visiting friend who is a tourist. Those 7 day sim card you get at the airport.

And i was not alone.

I'm not a very smart person but i'm not stupid either. I did this experiment with 2 of my friends who remain hidden just in case.

These people are worst than robbers.

At least a robber risked his life to come up and rob you. These ball less cheats hide behind a phone.

What's worst is that most of the time they go un-reported. It's not exactly a glamorous thing to get scammed.

I mean compare this.

James : Wah... that day i got robbed at knife point....

James : Wah... that day i got scammed by someone using an app while i tried to find a social escort.

Which one sounds better ?

Not the best way to illustrate this but it's what i could think of when i wrote this article.

2) Sugar mummies scam.

This is something new. Haha... Rich women paying to have company of men. Come on... if this doesn't sound stupid, i don't know what sounds stupid to you.

So you think some rich beautiful women one day suddenly decides to pay money for your company ?

Why don't you try your luck at the toto during CNY. You stand a better chance at winning 10 million.

I know of women who does this, but they don't play in the circles we normal folks do. We're nowhere in their league.

Paying an admission fee or subscription is bullshit.

Put yourself in the shoes of the business owner. If one day you really have a contact of a rich, beautiful and pretty sugar mummy, would you share it ?

Why don't you do it yourself ?

Which business out there shares with you their so call secrets ? If they really do, would they still be in business ?

This brings me to the next scam which operates as legitimate business.

3) Get rich quick / online business / MLM / trading .

Who doesn't want to get rich quick ?

How many times have you seen an article like this before ?

" This guy was a bankrupt, then he bought his first private property after doing this "

or something like...

" Stay at home mum makes $xxxx a month doing this "

Even a screenshot of POSB savings account comes attached with this.

It's bullshit.

The only money they are making is yours.

They will get you to attend some talk. followed by more talks. They will have so call success stories, millionaires, people who followed their system and got rich talking to you.

Well, take it with a pinch of salt.

If one day you are a successful millionaire, ask yourself. Can you fucking be bothered to come and give a talk to a group of people you don't know ?

Are you going to share how you became rich ?

Maybe. Yes..

Chances are it's a no.

If you have a secret for making money, you don't share it. This is human nature.

Does the famous roasted meat stall share their recipe ? No

Does the famous chain of restaurant give out their secret sauces and recipes to all staff ? No. they do it in a central kitchen.

Do you see big developers openly sharing their strategies with their competitors ? No.

Even right down to a cab driver.

Do you readily share lucrative routes and spots with someone you don't know ?  No.

Then  ?

A successful business owner decides to share with you his secret for success ? Dream on.

Sure, he'll give you tips and pointers where to get started. Then he'll ask you to subscribe to his shit. Buy his books. Pay for his house. Chip in for his big cars.

Before you made your first dollar, you would have given him a lot more.

What about trading stocks, shares, CFDs, options, futures ? Sure win system ?

I also know a sure win system.

You pay a $100 levy and walk into the casino.

Go to the dice table and choose either big or small. It's the same

When you trade, it either goes up or comes down. When you place your bets, it's either big or small.

Unless you know what you are doing clicking with the charts and playing with the figures, if not, it's as good as throwing your money away.

Don't be silly.

To sum it up, ask yourself if the deal is too good to be true.

If you suspect you are being scammed, make a report. Don't be shy, don't hesitate.

A blog reader wrote me a mail some time back. He said that 'James' would never get scammed since he's pretty street smart so to speak.


I have been cheated, scammed and blackmailed so many times that i lost count.

From get rich quick schemes, to attending useless talks to meeting so call motivational speakers, i've done it all.

I've paid money for some MLM tiered crap, i've subscribed to get rich quick online marketing shit. I've been dragged by my friends to attend some seminars from self made millionaires.

Even the stupid thing of keying in your credit card number to access certain parts of a website as part of a age verification, i did it too. This immediately resulted in a charge of close to 50 usd on my account.

The company billing on my statement is some adult entertainment shit, i forgot.

Embarrassing ? No. I'm too thick skin for that.

I made a police report. I told the office outright i was surfing porn and it prompted me for the number. I called the bank with the report to waive the charge and they cancelled the transaction. This was almost 10 years ago.

Well, maybe you can say it's just bad luck on my part but just to share it with all readers, nothing is real so far.


Is it bad luck ? Or it's just smoke and mirrors at the end of the day ?

I hope in the unlikely event that you find yourself in a situation about to be scammed, asked yourself the same question. Is it too good to be true ?

Don't be shy about making a report. Without your report, there is nothing the authorities can do.

As for being a millionaire, we're all millionaires.

The thing is in which currency ?

I can put up a banner on this blog right now that says ;

" Man use to work 9-5 job until he starts writing erotic story and became a millionaire "

Yes. i confess.

I am a millionaire in Indonesian Rupiah.

Wait a minute.

Aren't you ?

At the time of writing 1SGD = 9717 Rupiah

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