Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Short excerpt from Larry & Ruhui.

Excerpt taken from a section of the whole story. 

Follow Jack as he manipulated and did a trade of sorts with Ruhui's 1st husband before she met Victor. 

Over coffee, Larry poured out his anger and heart to me, telling me a while load of stuff that was meant for Ziqi. It really felt like bottled up emotions that he had kept suppressed for so many years.

At one point he almost cried.

Then at another point he got so angry that his voice raised a little too loud and caught the attention of the people nearby.

Finally after he calmed down, I told him as a brother, I will help me.

Jack : Tell me… what you need….

I told him if he really want to talk to Ziqi, I can create the opportunity. I can even get her to sit down in her classroom while Larry comes in.

Jack : Anything… just say it… I can help… I will help…

Larry said something that caused all the goose bumps in my back to rise up all the way to my neck.

Larry : I want her back…

I jabbed him in his arm and pointed a finger at him in a serious manner.

Larry waved his arms and said he was just joking.

Nothing could describe the anger that was slowly building up. He had such a wonderful wife, and here he was craving for his ex-gf.

Sometimes I don’t understand what these people are thinking.

He looked guilty, and ashamed suddenly and he did not dare to look at me in the eye.

Jack : don’t you love Ruhui ?

Larry : I do… but it’s not the same…. I don’t know….

Jack  : You are a fucker you know that….

Larry : I don’t know what I am feeling…. Maybe it’s just this unclosed chapter wih Ziqi…. Everything is left hanging….i just felt so lost… I wanted to close this chapter….

I took a sip of my coffee and asked him how he wants to close this and move on.

Larry : I want to break them up…. Then I want to fuck her again 1 last time…

I stared at him in shock as I digested the amount of angst and anger he had inside his body.

Jack : You are a fucker man…. How could you do this….If Ruhui is Single, I would surely go after her….i liked her for the longest time…

Larry looked at me in a apologetic manner.

He looked like he wanted to say something but he held back.

Larry : I’m…. I’m sorry…. I…. I like Ruhui… but not in the way…..

I almost threw a cup of coffee at him but he said something that stopped me.

It stopped me from thinking.

It stopped me from breathing.

It gave me the biggest erection I ever had in my life.

Larry  : Can you help me close this chapter Jack ? … I’ll do anything…. Anything….

I looked at him and said in a joking manner.

Jack : Yah right… can you give me Ruhui ? hahah

I waved him off and looked away…

Larry : She…. Would not agree…..unless…..

He fought to say the words from his mouth and eventually spit them out.

Larry  : Unless…….. she doesn’t know….

I slowly turned my head towards Larry, half expecting him to tell me he was joking but he was not. I could see the desperation in his eyes, his illogical infatuation with Ziqi is clouding his mind.

Jack  : Do you know what you are saying ?

He nodded his head..

He checked his watch and stood up, adding that he had to go.

He reached out his hand across the small wooden table.

Larry  : Help me Jack…. Just this once….

I swallowed a mouthful of Saliva, stood up, and I shook Larry’s hand.

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