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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Thank you

I would like to use this post to say a big thank you to all of you guys who wrote to me.

I did not expect to receive the amount of mails, please give me some time, i will reply to all.

Having done a quick glance through, there are some who cursed me for the ending, some who wanted a sequel, many more asked questions, and even a few who wanted to know outright what was i trying to do.

I'm not sure how to answer some of the questions but what i would like to do is to really thank all readers for their support and i hope you all know that no words could describe my joy in knowing that my work is being read by so many people.

I wished i could take a bow and thank all the visitors in person but i can't.

If it were up to me, i would raise my glass in the air, look at everyone of you in the eye and thank you sincerely for reading the stuff i wrote.

Perhaps in a couple of decades when Singapore is ready to accept such genre of works, we can realise this little dream of mine.

In the meantime, please accept this simple online thank you post instead.

I will continue writing and i will try to do better each time i do.



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