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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The inspiration and story behind MLFTSV

It’s a wrap. Hope you all enjoyed the read.

I was a guest at the wedding and at the hotel, attended the wedding as a representative of my company. The hotel stay is a staycation with my wife and kids. We were there since the afternoon and the wedding prep was already well underway.

My wife stayed in the room with the kids while I went for the wedding in the evening.

I saw what happened at the bathroom while waiting for my boss to arrive.

2 man approached a staff, before 1 went in. Moments later the bride arrived and she went in too.

Out of curiously, I went and tried to use the men bathroom but was stopped by the staff and one of the man.

I backed off and watched from a corner.

A little while later the bride came out and walked off with another woman by her side, heading back up to the reception.

A guy comes running out but was stopped by the 2 men.

After they left, I went up and asked if he was done and I could use the bathroom and he stepped aside.

After sitting down, I saw him again talking to an old men 1 table away. It turns out my boss knew that man as she had worked with him before. She went over to say hi as I watched on.

The bride, is beautiful and hot, while the groom is crap.

I’m sorry for being blunt. It was something everyone saw and felt but no one said a thing.

It was known by the guest that the bride got drunk during the photo taking. It was a total knock out kind of drunk. Half the table only had their photos with the groom.

It was pretty bad, a doctor had to be called in. ( This is based on gossip and rumours post wedding. )

I would have dismissed this incident if not for the fact that I saw something interesting the next day.

I was on my way up to the room after buffet breakfast while my wife brought the kids to the pool the next morning. I entered the lift with a guest that was heading up to the club floor, one floor above mine.

I did not get out at my floor and I told the guy I want to check out the club floor and see if it’s worth the upgrade the next time I was there.

This was really my intention.

I thanked him and I took a look around, even asked a staff on duty about the club benefits and if there were any restriction for kids.

She was about to tell me something when a door opened and 2 men came out without their shoes on, they hurriedly got into a lift and left as we stared at them.

The door opened again and I saw the bride coming out. She looked left and right and she looked like she was crying. You could tell she was still in her bridal makeup even though it had smudges here and there. Her hair too although a little untidy, was still set like the way it was for the wedding last night.

The staff went over immediately but the bride ran back into her room dressed only in her bathrobe.

We shared a look at each other before the staff excused herself, heading to the telephone by her deck.

The room door opened again and the groom came out. There was some shouting but he just closed the door and walked towards the buffet spread for club guest.

I never saw them again for the rest of my stay.

I found an opportunity and asked my boss about the man she spoke to during the wedding a few weeks later in early 2015 during a company gathering. I got his contact as my boss had him on her facebook.

I emailed him last June and I was surprised to get a reply and the rest is history.

Now the question is…..

How much of this…. Do you believe ?

ilock out.

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