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Where are we with MLFTSV ?

Depending on how the final edits are done, we're about 6-7 updates away from wrapping this up .

It's not meant to be a long story. 

Thank you for the comments and feedbacks along the way. 

I hope you enjoyed the read so far. 

After MLFTSV, i'll be working on something else. 

Here's a small preview ; 

Hope you like it. 

Updated 26/03/2016

Made some structural changes to this piece and extended it's length by a few more scenes.

I am the owner a successful tuition business. I could not believe the amount of money people are dumping at me on a daily basis. 

It was as if they woke up one day and decides that their child's education is no longer a problem as long as they can afford the fees for a good private tutor. 

Yes, i'm good in what i do but i am not the best in the market. 

There are a lot more good teachers and tutors around, charging a lot lesser with a real dedication to educating the next generation, but not me. 

Not me. 

I just want the money,....... and the fun that comes with it. 

With some simple marketing, a couple of online videos and by sheer dumb luck an encounter with a naturally bright student, i was propelled to fame overnight. 

Before i knew it, parents were clamouring to get their child enrolled. 

Students were begging me to take them in. 

The money is good with the O levels students, but the fun..... comes from the parents and JC students. 

I've had hot young mothers cozying up to me in order to gain an unfair advantage during placements. 

I've had sweet school girls in their JC uniforms pleading with me to help them improve their grades. 

And yes, i have made my demands. 

I would be stupid not to. 

I remembered clearly an incidence when a sweet little girl from a neighbourhood JC skipped class one day. I caught her at a cafe with her boyfriend within the same shopping mall where my tuition centre was, she was so afraid that i would tell her mum that she was literally shaking in her skin. 

I milked her for what it was worth and with it, blackmailed her to a fantastic A level results.  From pictures of her naked body, to her in her school uniforms at the staircase, even of her giving me a blowjob. 

I made her do it. 

And with what i had in my hands, i blackmailed her with it. 

Not just for sex, but for her results. 

If she doesn't improve, i would make sure she goes famous overnight in the country. 

She was so scared that she poured all her heart and soul into her books. 

Fear is the greatest motivator.

Yes. Fear. 

The level of arousal when you have sex with someone against her will cannot be described.

Another instance was with this really young mother, at the tender age of 30, she is already a mother of a 7 year old. She was desperate to get her son into my class and the distance she was willing to go.......

Needless to say, i have allowed her to show her dedication as a mother in a more intimate level with me.

From students, to mothers, to fellow educators and interns. 

I've had them all. 

I want them all. 

I know i sound like a jerk and you are right.

I am one.

The only different was that i was very good and pretending i'm the innocent guy out front while secretly i planned and schemed my way through life. 

I like to have fun, to play with people and twirl them around my fingertips, but at the same time i get scared easily. This was the reason why i always remained behind the scene, pulling the puppet's string from a distance away. 

During a chance encounter, i sat down with my cousin's husband Larry. 

I found out his relationship with one of my staff and the underlying problem.

I manipulated him and worked out a deal of sorts. 

Now I knew my cousin did not want kids but Larry wanted one. It was the spark for their frequent quarrels and disagreement. My cousin wanted to focus on her company and work while Larry wanted to start a family soon.

Eventually he lost his patience. If the wife is not a willing participant, he would have to make her one. That was what i told him. Anyway, this is besides the point.

Given my cousin's strong character, Larry always gave in to her.

What made our relattionship interesting was that Larry had a existing infatuation with my staff Ziqi, A sweet little girl from Malaysia. If not for Ruhui, they would have ended up together.


Ziqi was his ex.

Through a bit of planning and manipulation, we made a deal.

He wanted Ziqi and i made not attempt i wanted Ruhui. 

The thought of seeing my cousin helpless and in the dark to our plans was a mind bending orgasm on it's own. 

And the fact she was to be taken offguard added to the excitement.

I've always had a crush on my cousin. She's pretty, her figure is hot and she has this career woman aura all over her.

She oozes confidence and style.

Yet above all , she is still a woman, and i am curious beneath her facade of a strong business woman, how she would be like when she was reverted back to her most primal position in the food chain.

Not as a business owner.

Not as a wife.

Just the female species of our kind, her body was meant to breed.

I remember meeting Larry for lunch that weekday afternoon as i went over my proposal and he went over his.

He agreed to my plan immediately as i pictured my young cousin who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Only in her late twenties, she has achieved much more than me, courtesy of her father's wealth.

She always seemed so untouchable, so high and mighty.

Finally i get a chance to see her in a state i want her in, and her husband.... was going to help me.

I realised i forgot to mention my cousin's name.

Her name is ...............Ruhui.


Ebook available here - Larry & Ruhui 

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