Friday, 22 April 2016

Story status and updates

Hi all,

Just a quick general status update.

Jack and Stephanie is done, was going through it with the original story provided of MLFTSV, will be making some changes to it. Adding some more parts to it as well, work is hectic these days, will try to finish it in a week or 2 max.

I've finally decided on my main feature piece for 2017. If all goes to plan, i'm looking at started the 1st post around xmas.

It's still a while to go but good things are worth the wait.

I've already started working on the preview for this. Will upload it in a couple of months when ready.



Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Just another day at work..............

Walked into office today and was told HR had a letter for me.

I knew it was about time since a few of my colleagues got it yesterday.

Thankful i still have my job but had to deal with a paycut. I won't die but the feeling is just pretty lousy. If you are unfortunate enough to go through this, you would surely understand what i meant.

8% and i'm considered one of the lucky ones.

Highest so far was about 18%.

The staff in my team got between 5-10%.

Anyway, i'm trying to finish up Jack and Stephanie. Was hoping to wrap it up tonight since it's close to 90% done but the lousy mood sort of killed it.

It's not just because of the paycut i got, the hard part is dealing with my team. Everyone feels pretty shitty and there are rumours of people planning to leave. Bought them lunch today and joked that i would hang myself if any of them leaves my team.

We've been working together for many years.

One of them said then they would try and leave together so i would only need to die once.

I like his sense of humour.

Jack and Stephanie would be the last piece in April i think. Will try to wrap it up within a week.

I'm being thrown to a 3rd tier city in China for work, will still be based in SG but looking at probably a week or so there every month. It's tiring just thinking about it.

Please be prepared for a dry spell in May-June in terms of updates.

It's not all gloom and doom.

I've got something interesting going on at the moment with a blog reader.

No it's not an affair.

I'm getting this feeling that her story might be my feature piece in 2017.