Monday, 30 May 2016

Cheating my Ex-girlfriend's sister

It was one of those phone calls that would make you stare at the screen for a few seconds before you reacted. I’m serious.

Looking at the number and the name alone brought back quite a bit of memories for me. After all, the person calling had been part of my life for a while some time ago.

There was this gut squeezing sensation followed by a little dash of uncertainty as I stared a little daze at the phone.

One of the things I dreaded was to receive a call from my Ex-girlfriends.

It could be nothing, then again, it could be something. She might suddenly say ; “ Hi, you free to attend your son’s 1st birthday ?” or something.

Maybe just to spite you, she wants to invite you to her wedding ?

Maybe she started selling insurance and her first victim would be her ex-bf.

Susanne’s name flashed a few times before it went off.

I stared at the screen again as I thought about our 1 year relationship some time back.

I hope she accidentally hit the dial button.

Maybe she’s looking for another James ?

Perhaps she’s drunk or something ? She just wanted to find someone to scream at.

30 seconds passed and the phone did not ring again as I heaved a sigh of relieve.

It’s the weekend and I have no wish to deal with remnants and past memories of previous relationships. Surely it had to be a unintended call, an accident.

5th December 2014


It was a typical Friday evening. Finished worked, made some calls, meet friends up for drinks. Simple Friday evening.


Or so I thought.

I had initiated a meet up with a few ex colleagues for drinks and to catchup.
Sam was the only one that could reach on time for dinner and some drinks while the other 2 , Thomas and Welly were en route back from site to join us.  

Their offices is along Sims Ave and the logical place for cheap and good food would be our very own red light district in Geylang. There is no better place for a good meal and ice cold beer while you do a bit pf people watching.

Sam was my senior in the previous firm and we quarrelled on the very 1st day. It was not just an argument but flat out shouting. As unlikely as it seemed, we ended up being close colleagues because we had 1 thing in common.

We’re straight talkers and we don’t take shit from anyone.

He admitted that he deliberately came over and offered to buy me lunch the next day because he thought I would not accept it, especially not since he asked in a insincere and gangster like manner.

It was his morbid way of welcoming newbies to the firm. Sick I must say but old birds in old companies have their own pet peeves.

I accepted his treat and I ordered up a shitload of food from the tze char stall forcing myself to finish them.

I still remembered him looking at the food as I repeated his exact words.

James : You tell me to order as much as I can one hor, as long as I can finish.

Sam : Er…ok… ok.. go ahead.

I stuffed myself full with the food and Sam was presented with a 90 dollar Tze char bill for lunch for 2 pax.

As he reeled in shock at the bill, I paid for it and said it was a joke.

Sam : Knn… you really can eat ah….

James : I was just joking…. I feel like puking …. Wanted to teach you a lesson….

After a good laugh and a afternoon of tummy ache, we hit off right away with each other.

Anyway, I lasted only a year at the firm before a better offer was made and I took it.

Thomas and Welly were my teammates in the same firm and we are all movie junkies interested in 1 particular genre, Horror, zombies and gore. They could not click with Sam in terms of work as much as I did but when the conversation topics came to the occult and the gory, everyone immediately put aside their difference and chatted like old buddies.

Sam spoke after putting down his phone and adding that the guys were on their way.

Sam : Who’s calling you ? Answer la…

James : My ex… I think she accidentally dialled the wrong number… .. we broke up more than a year ago…

Sam  : Maybe she inviting you to your baby full month  ? .. you got accidentally shoot inside before you break up ?

I ignored his jibe and poured more beer for both of us.

We were smacked right in middle of Geylang. After a good meal of Beef hor fun, we found a nice coffee shop with a decent view and ordered beer and some chicken wings. We were too hungry to wait for Welly and Thomas.

Leaning back on the plastic chair, I took in a breathe of the polluted air filled with smokes and car exhaust and I stretched out my arms. Nothing beats a ice cold beer after a good meal in this country.

As the cold brew slid down my throat, my senses felt more alive than ever as I take in the sights, the sound and the ambience of Geylang.

I saw a few cute looking girls crossing the road, their arms interlocked with each other. They threw me a smile, or maybe they threw everyone seated behind me a smile as they head towards the alley.

I raised my mug of beer at one of them as she turned away and whispered something to her friend before laughing together.

Sam : I think they want to make you an offer…

James : Is it ? …. Are you their pimp  ?

He laughed and switched his attention to another lone girl walking over in a black shimmering dress and 3 inch heels.

She’s hot, long shoulder length hair, black as coal. Her breast looked like they were going to spill out as she approached some uncles having their evening drink. Her heavily accented Chinese gave her nationality away immediately.

Sam : Wah… this one… this one…. Ning nar beh…. Her breast… wah lau… confirm is fake one… the way it bounce, cannot… cannot….. fail…

James : You are barely 5 years older than me…. Can you don’t be such an uncle ? ..

Sam : I’m turning 39 in 3 months…. I am an uncle…

He gestured excitedly to another that just got off the car.

Sam : Wah this one… this one…. The hair so messy…. Must be just kena jia lat jia lat one….. face so black… haha… maybe the guy mess up her make up….

He jabbed me excitedly as he spied a girl he had tried before.

Sam : Eh that one…. I try before…. ice princess….got the cold cold look…. I like this kind… machiam I owe her a lot of money one…. Haha…

James : Yes …yes yes….

Sam : Actually I like those smile and smile and smile kind…. But nowadays very hard to find….

He gave a long sigh before answering his own statement.

Sam : Can’t blame them also la…. Sigh…. Got to let ppl fuck…, who in their right mind would do that and still smile at you nicely…. Tio bo ? Oei James ….

James : Yes… yes…

Sam : Eh are you listening to me… ? you heard what I just said ?

James : Yes… have… … you go meet the people session lor…. Everyday the MP tio jia lat jia lat…. Still smile at you…

He threw a middle finger at me before going back to his beer.

Another cute and petite girl in pants and white tube walked up, her buttocks tightly wrapped with her white pants. Several patrons nudged each other on the arms and leered shamelessly at the girl as she sat down with a old man drinking on his own.

Looking at the balding old man, the only thing I noticed was the watch that cost me my annual salary, reflecting the neon lights off its solid gold bezel.

I let my eyes lingered a little longer at the girl, she’s petite and sweet but not my cup of tea. Good body though.

Sam : James… I think that one… underage leh…. ….Eh this other 1 good, got the local OL kind of feeling…. Eh look look…

I continued to look at the petite girl in white and the uncle, ignoring my friend. I was more interested in the uncle actually, not that I’m gay.

My curiosity was with his choice to keep his wedding ring on as he stroked the girl on her leg. 

Sam : Wah James… eh this 1 confirm your type…. She on the phone… I think tio bao liao…. Going to start work…. Eh… quick …look…

I turned back and looked towards the direction where my friend was gesturing with his chin as he sipped his beer.

The moment I locked eyes with the girl, I felt this jolt of current running into my stomach.

Sam : Eh you ho seh liao… she looking at you… I think you her type of meat.

I blinked my eye twice as I looked at the very girl who hung up her phone after another quick bark of instructions into the phone.

Yes, she’s the one with the typical OL look you see in Raffles place or the Marina financial district. She’s not very tall, 1.6m.If she requires an additional boost, she just needs to shop for a good pair of heels.

She’s the OL with tight figure hugging clothes and the well done up hair. She has enough makeup on to bring out her features but not to the point other girls will bitch about how thick her foundation is.

She’s definitely also the one that you secretly wished you could push onto the table and enter her from behind while she tries to balance on her 2 inch heels. Her shoulder length hair gave her the flexibility of choice on what to do with them.

There was enough volume to style them up or to let them loose. She chose to let them fall gracefully and naturally down the sides of her face, framing her chic facial features.

Her branded bag hung like a statement across her left arm as she walked towards my table in a huff.

My mind tried to wrap around the situation as I immediately checked my phone again.

There was no other miss calls. Only 1 from Susanne.

This has got to be a dream of some sort.

Numerous pairs of eyes traced the figure of the approaching girl, smiles broke out on their faces without them even realising it as they looked at the smooth hairless legs that disappeared into a pair of black heels.

She’s no street walker but all eyes would not be on that simple silver chain around her neck. Instead they would naturally go to the ample cleavage covered by the inadequate piece of cloth you call a blouse.

A pale pink blouse with buttons undone, it showed off enough. Her light colours bra pushed against her blouse, leaving a slight imprint of her bra while forcing your imagination to visualise the rest.

Something that tells you she’s not a slut, but she aint’ virgin either. Her grey skirt was paired with a stylish belt made from a colourful piece of scarf, twisting in a intricate manner through the wooden buckle.

A matching smaller piece of scarf wound itself around the handle of her handbag.

She may not be the tallest girl with the most proportionate figure in the vicinity, but it was without a doubt, she beat them all hands down in terms of class.

As she pulled back a chair from our table, Sam’s smile disappeared from his face as he set his beer down.

Sam : 美女。。。今晚去那里玩 ? 。。

She turned and gave him a look before turning back to face me as she replied.

Susanne : Your pick up line is from the sixties I assume…

Even without waiting for Sam to reply she jabbed her finger at me and said.

Susanne : Why are you afraid to pick up my call ? guilty because you are in Geylang is it ?

I was still a little taken aback at this sudden meeting with my ex that it took a few seconds for me to react properly.

James : It… it was just a miss call … come on…. I thought you accidentally hit the dial button ….

Susanne looked upwards with her eyes for a moment before licking her lips in a irritated manner.

Susanne : Why would I accidentally dial your number… ? Does your name start with ‘ A’ ?

James : No… but you might have named me as ‘A’ for being the best Ex you ever had.

She gave me a look with her emotionless eyes and said she needed to talk to me.  

James : Ok go ahead…

Susanne : Not here….

Sam interrupted at that moment.

Sam : James … she’s…. your ex ah…

I looked at Sam and made a quick introduction.

James : Sam… this is Susanne, Susanne, this is Sam…

Sam : this sucks…. Being seen in Geylang by your Ex…. Says a lot about moving on after.. …

I showed him a finger as he turned away to drink his beer.

Susanne : Jokes aside James……. We need to talk…

Susanne went on to tell me that she had wanted to call me the next day but she happened to glance out of her car at the traffic light and saw me sitting at the coffee shop.

Susanne : I had to do a double take to make sure it’s you but oh well…. I don’t judge… anyway we broke up…

I rolled my eyes and told her I was just there was supper.

James : I just came here for dinner….

She looked at the food on the table and nodded her head in a sincere and understanding manner.

Susanne : I know… you came for the chicken….

She pat the back of my hand twice and nodded before twitching her left side of her lips upwards.

Susanne : It’s ok… you have you needs…

I almost puke out my beer but she put up her hand and spoke in a serious manner.

Susanne : Ok, this is serious James… I need your help.

She got up and I followed behind her.

Sam : Enjoy bro …

He called out audibly with a snigger and I could see the uncles from a few tables away sniggering at me.

I was trying hard not to feel embarrassed but Susanne turned and gave Sam a wink before linking arms with me as we walked down the alley into the middle of the red light district.

James : Where are we going ? The hotel ?

Susanne : You wished… I parked back down there….

James : You have some balls…. Parking here and walking down this alley on your own… Not scared ah ?

She ignored me and led me to her car and I got in.

She closed the door, started the engine and let the car cool down.

James : Eh, you leave your engine running like that…. Wait other people…

She ignored my comment and went straight into the conversation.

Susanne : James… remember my sister Xueling ?

James : Ermm.. .. yes…. Only met her once….
Susanne took a deep breath before telling me that her dad passed away 6 months ago.

James : Oh…

I was at a loss for words and I awkwardly opened up my arms, trying to offer her a hug but she just hit and push me away.

James : I’m… I’m sorry to hear that…. Are you ok… ?

She nodded with a sigh.

Susanne : My dad left us some money…. About 270k each…. For me and my sister…

James : ermmm ok……. And….why are you telling me all this ??

I could see Susanne looking at her heels before directing her eyes to the steering wheel and back to the windscreen as she searched for the right words.

She gripped the steering wheel with both her hands, turned her body to the left, causing her skirt to ride up a little. She was fighting to get the words out.

As our eyes met, I could see them starting to tear up a little.

I could tell she was worried, a little scared and desperately helpless. I could read her like a book, we were close before, even to the point I considered settling down for her.

It’s been a while since I last saw that look on her.

And when the words left her mouth, I felt every hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s end.

Susanne : I want you….. to help me cheat Xueling out of every single cent….


James : What !!! …

I stared at her in disbelief.

Susanne did not look like she was joking. Instead she just stared at me waiting for my questions.

I could not bring myself to speak.

Susanne : Ok look… we’re not fighting over the will or anything…. It’s just that…she’s being cheated of her money…

James : What ??

I shook my head a little as I rejected a call from Sam. 

James : I don’t understand…

Susanne : Here’s the short version…

Susanne went on to tell me that Xueling recently got into a relationship with this guy, Roger. They’ve been together for a couple of months and that was when Susanne found out that Xueling has been transferring sums of money out of her account.

Susanne : Xueling is a simple girl… she doesn’t spend much… she’s like a kid still stuck in her schooling years….too innocent and pure for her own good..

Xueling works as a admin assistant for a metal trading company. She’s a simple and quiet girl with very little needs. Even with her 2k salary, she still managed to save more than half every month.

Susanne : She stays with me, I pay all the bills, I buy her all her stuff, she is just someone who doesn’t spend…

Susanne started to get a little exasperated as she tried to explain her sister’s spending habits.

Susanne : She charges less than 200 to her credit card and half are for her transport top ups…. She’s a very thrifty and simple girl… but recently, she’s been transferring sums between 3-5k out of her account.

The withdrawals were random, 3k once this week, maybe 4k twice the next, then another 5k and so on.

It was steadily draining her.

Susanne tried to talk to her about it but Xueling got upset that her sister is meddling in her affairs.

Susanne : I’m concerned that she gets hurt and cheated….. she refused to talk to me… and I’m 100% fucking sure that Roger is bleeding her dry… he’s a jerk, a jackass…

I nodded and waited for Susanne to calm down.

James : Ok…  ok… calm down….

I took a deep breath and tried to put it as nicely as I could over to Susanne .

James : Babe…

That was how I called her when we were together.

James : I meant this in the nicest way….

James : This is…. Singpapore…. You can’t…. do some ocean eleven trick and get away with it….

I could see Susanne breathing a little heavier as she looked at me.

James : Let’s go to the police ok ? … I’m sure if there is something going on… they would get to the bottom of this…

Susanne : You don’t believe me…. You don’t believe me either…

I could see she was starting to get upset.

James : Babe… look…

She pointed to the door and asked me to get out.

I sighed as she hit me several times before I got out and she drove off in a huff.

I shook my head and walked back to the coffee shop to see Welly and Thomas at the table.

Welly : Oei James… I heard you just went in leh… so fast ah…

Sam : How was it…. Good bo ?

James : I shook my head… got chased out halfway…

The guys laughed and we continued our drinks and chat late into the night catching up on old times.

6th December 2014



I was about to head out for breakfast when another familiar number appeared on my phone.

It was Susanne’s good friend. We hung out frequently when I was dating her pal.

I stared at it again before picking it up.

My mind reconnected with the conversation I had with Susanne the night before as I spoke.

James : Hi Charmaine…

Charmaine : Hey… you make my friend cry last night ah…

James : Wah lau…. Did she tell you what is going on ?? Why did she want me to cheat her sister ? … about some money thing…

Charmaine : Yes… yes… I’m aware…

James : Is everything ok with her ? ….. can you knock some sense into her  ? she stressed out over work recently ?

Charmaine : Not really, it’s this matter that’s stressing her out…. So… you can help or not…

James : Come on…. Not you too…

Charmaine went on to give me a little more background regarding the matter. That it all started when Roger actually met Xueling at a café. They exchanged contacts and things took off from there.

Xueling started staying out late and even skipping work a few weeks after they started dating. Susanne objected strongly against the relationship but Xueling did not care.

Charmaine : The sisters quarrelled quite badly… and it’s come to a stage when Xueling is preparing to move out…. Susanne is stressed out…. Her dad passed on not too long….. she’s the only kin left and… well… you can pretty much guess the rest…

James : But… how to cheat Xueling of her money ? sell her a magic rock or something ah ? this…. This won’t work la… and why me ?

Charmaine seemed like she wanted to say something but held back before adding something as a afterthought.

Charmaine : Well, you’re one of the…. You know… naughtier guy Susanne dated…. I guess that’s why…

James : What ? Is that your impression of me ?

She ignored my question and tried to sway my decision.

Charmaine : Look James… I cannot force you to do this if you don’t want do but at least go take a look for yourself…

She offered to bring me to see Xueling and Roger and I had a hard time making up my decision.

Charmaine : come on… just look at them from a distance and you tell me whether she needs help . … see for yourself…

James : Sigh…. Did Susanne put you up to this….

Charmaine : Yes. .. I’m her lawyer…

James : You’re doing maritime law…. Not this…

Charmaine : Get changed…. I’ll pick you in in an hour.

I dropped the phone and brushed my hair in a frustrated manner.

This feels like a bad idea.


Charmaine picked me up from my place in Bedok and we chatted casually in the car. She drove me to Susanne’s place in Siglap, a small old house along Yarrow Garden. A quiet neighbourhood, almost kampung like from what I remembered.

She kept checking her phone and I could see it was Susanne who was messaging her.

We parked a few units down and she killed the engine.

James : Now what ?

Charmaine : Wait ah…. Wait…

15 minutes later I heard the distinct roar of a powerful bike coming down the road. A Harley.

The bike pulled up outside the girls’ house and a guy stepped off the bike.

As he stepped off , he removed his helmet and I was thought I was looking at some movie star arrive at the set.

He works out, I could tell from his buffed arms and toned body shape. He removed his black leather jacket, revealing a white singlet that looked like it was tailored for his body.

Ok, not really that tone but still in shape. The jacket made him appear bigger than he actually was.

Leaning against his bike, he sent a few messages before lighting up a cigarette. He has a diamond stud in his left ear and a intricate tattoo on his left forearm. With his weathered and well worn jeans and a pair of heavy boots, he looked pretty decent.

The rugged kind of look that would not look out of place if he was a tomb raider or having an adventure alongside Indiana jones.

Charmaine : Wah…. Look at that….the bad boy look girls dig… haha

I gave Charmaine a disgusted look and replied her with disdain.

James : What are you ? ….. 18 ?

She shot me a stare and said I would not understand.

Charmaine : You don’t know one lah…. Haizz…

James : I can have that bad boy streak too you know.

Charmaine burst out laughing, tapping on her steering wheel.

Charmaine : hahaha… sorry James… you’re not bad…. Just naughty la….

She pointed a finger at Roger whose back was facing us and added ;

Charmaine : Bad boy…

She tilted her head sideways at me and added with a smile ;

Charmaine : Naughty boy… hahaha…

I could feel a tight squeeze at my heart, something along the line of having a heart attack.

Charmaine : You cannot deny that he has that rugged look girls like la…. If not Susanne would not have got together with him after you..…….

The moment the words left her mouth she froze.

I turned sharply towards Charmaine who looked like she had just let on some secret that would cause her to lose her life.

Her eyes widened and she immediately held my wrist.

Charmaine : look James… I can explain…

James : What !! ?? That piece of shit is Susanne’s ex ??
She started her explanation, everything coming out in bits and pieces but I was not paying much attention to her.

My eyes drifted to the gate where Xueling just came out from. She’s a splitting image of Susanne but with a more slender frame and perhaps 5cm shorter. Her hair is shorter, slightly longer than a bobbed cut with her fringe stylishly cutting diagonally across her petite doll like face.

She looked almost like she was floating on cloud nine as she skipped and hopped over to her boyfriend. That feeling of first love. That intoxication feeling most of us surely remembered.

How could we forget that drug like trance ?

Where every moment of the day felt slow unless we were with our other half. It’s like as if our body would cease to function without seeing the one we love for that day. Xueling had that same blissful look on her face as she took over a helmet and hopped onto the bike.

She’s a conservative dresser, just simple jeans and a grey t-shirt.

Charmaine : Are you listening to me James ??

I could hardly make out what Charmaine was saying. Hardly anything registered.

Now that I know Roger was Susanne’s ex, everything starts falling into place. The questions I have yet to ask, the bits which didn’t fit, everything was starting to link up.

I may not know Xueling well but I knew she listened to Susanne and she’s a pretty conservative and timid girl.

There was no way she would readily give her contact to some stranger she met at a café unless she knew him from before.

Roger must have made his move from there.

If he had been anyone else other that Roger, Susanne would probably have an easier time dealing with him but this was different. Anything coming from Susanne would probably sound wrong to Xueling given their past. 

There was no way Xueling would listen to her sister.

The bike roared off the small road and Charmaine was shaking my arm.

Charmaine : James !... James !..... listen….

She told me that Susanne might have known Roger when she was with me, but she only got together with him after we broke up.

Charmaine : He’s not the cause I think……. Not him…! They only met like once or twice when you were still with Susanne ….

She desperately waved her palms at me as I stared at her.

Charmaine : Besides, they’re only together for 2 months…. And you know… Susanne’s dad was sick and all…. Then… then…

At this moment, another figure came out the front gate.

Susanne had on a white work blouse and you could see she was halfway through her makeup. She was still wearing her sleep shorts, the combination looked queer and a little funny.

Picture a woman in pink sleep shorts with a Minnie mouse print and a formal work blouse walking towards you in flip flops in the morning.

Charmaine : Oh shit… shit… Susanne is coming…

Charmaine grabbed onto me and started shaking me.

Charmaine : Don’t tell her you know Roger is her ex ok…. Don’t tell her… I’m not supposed to tell you !!

I gave her an incredulous look as she pleaded with me.

Charmaine : She’s approaching… she’s coming liao !... please James… I owe you a treat… keep it to yourself yah …

Susanne was barely 5 meters away as she went for the backseat.

I could not resist a snarky reply and I told Charmaine off.

James : You’re her lawyer…. What can she do to you… ?

Right before the rear passenger door opened, Charmaine got off a quick rebuff at me before shutting up.

Charmaine : You’re right…. But she’s my doctor…. She can kill me easier than I can sue her….

The door opened and Susanne got in.

Charmaine : Hi dear…

Susanne : Did you see that… har ?? James ?? You saw the person my little sister is going out with….

James : Yah… that bad boy right….

Susanne paused for a moment before starting on her tirade, cursing her sister’s immaturity and infatuation with him.

Susanne : I think Xueling thinks she’s still what, a teenager ah… some ah lian going to tea dance…. Har ? She’s got to be out of her mind seeing someone like that…. When will she ever grow up…?

I gave Charmaine a look and she slowly lowered her head to the steering wheel, resting her forehead on her fingers which gripped it.

I took a deep breath as Susanne asked if I could help her get her sister out of this and I nodded.

Susanne : Really ??!!! great !!!... I owe you a big one ok…. Every damm dollar you get off her I give you 10%... …. Ok… ok… I was changing halfway….. wait for me…. I’ll buy you all brunch, after that I need to head down to the clinic liao….. wait ah… wait for me….

She got off the car and before she closed the door, I stopped Susanne and asked her a question.

James : Susanne..

Susanne : yah ?

James : Do I have the bad boy streak when I was dating you ?

She immediately burst out laughing.

Susanne : Sorry James…hahaa…. You errr….. I think you are naughty boy la…. Not bad boy….

With that, she closed the door and left while Charmaine kept her forehead down, trying to avoid eye contact with me.

I could not believe the indignation I was suffering at the hands of this 2 girls.

As we waited in silence, Charmaine tried to initiate a conversation with an awkward smile.

Charmaine : Ehh… so… now that you know Roger is Susanne’s ex, ….hahah

Charmaine : . it gets more challenging right …. Hahah…

When she heard my reply, she gave a low whistle, turned back to face the front and started the engine to pull the car up closer to Susanne’s gate.

James : No….. Now it’s personal…


Susanne squirreled us off to some café along Siglap for coffee and brunch as she continued about how immature her sister was. 

Susanne : It’s for her own good…. She refused to listen to me… my god… what is she thinking…I don’t know what she saw in that guy..

Charmaine tried very hard to avoid my eye contact as she poked at her pancakes.


Susanne got everyone a 2nd cup of coffee and laid down some plans she had been thinking of.

Susanne : Ok, simple… if we can get her away from Roger, that’s the preferred option, she leaves him, stop getting her money fleeced, happy ending, case close.

She shifted the pepper holder to one side, using it as an example for the option she just illustrated.

Susanne : Option 2, we get every single cent from her, or rather as much as we can. Those money are left to her by Daddy, no way am I watching it go down the drain…and I meant doing this by hook or by crook.

The salt shaker joined the pepper on the side.

Susanne : Last option…

She took the small vase which held a pitiful looking orchid, it looked pretty dried up and sad and the petals were barely holding on.

Susanne pulled out the entire flower with a delirious look on her face.

Susanne : We kill him and dump his body … .. so which one you guys think is more workable.

I was resting my right cheek on my fist as I stared at Susanne, thinking of the times we spent together.

Memories of our first date, the first time we went on a holiday , the first time we had sex all came flooding into my mind. A doctor. How in the world could a low life like me ever date a doctor , I could still never figure out that answer.

She’s a smart girl, spunky and spontaneous. Her mother past on when they were in primary school, they were brought up single handled by their Dad.

Her Dad had his own clinic in Tampines, one he co-ran with Susanne’s uncle. The same one that Susanne now works at.

With a steady stream of patients and regulars, finances was never a problem. The girls spent their school holiday at the clinic, helping out with trivial tasks from sweeping the floor to filling up the candy bowl.

Susanne eventually followed her dad’s footsteps but Xueling did not enjoy school at all, choosing to drop out of ITE after barely a year. She did not bum around though, heading straight into the workforce doing administrative work.

I consider myself lucky to have dated Susanne.

During the course of our year long relationship, I have thought about settling down for good. Yes you know, the typical Singaporean way of getting a flat, propose, hold a banquet and so on.

All these were at the back of my mind but there was no doubt I was thinking about them. The thing was that I’m not good at expressing myself for these matters.

If I actually said ‘ Oei, ehh… apply HDB ai mai ? “ , I was pretty sure it would come out sounding like a sneer, maybe a joke.

What about a cheezy proposal ? Flowers, LED lights, banners.

Not my style.

Anyway, our breakup was like a accelerating car heading out of control. One day Susanne told me she wanted to settle down and I was not giving her the security she needed.

Susanne : We’re heading nowhere…. I don’t feel you are ready James…

Those were the exact words.

I didn’t even have time to prepare a proper reply before she past her own judgement that I was not ready.


A couple of minor tiffs followed and before I realised it, we broke up.

Or perhaps now that I am aware that Roger has been seeing her during the last few weeks of my relationship, he might actually have something to do with it.

I was snapped out of my day dream by a few clicks of Susanne’s fingers.

Susanne : Oei… see.. you always drift off when I’m talking to you….no wonder we broke up….

James : You’re the one asking for my help now….

She tried to suppress the irritation as she checked her watch.

Susanne : I need to be back in the clinic soon…. What are your thoughts.. ?

No one spoke as I looked straight into Susanne’s eyes.

We just stared at each other.

It was beginning to get awkward as Charmaine sipped her coffee a little loudly to break the silence.

I took a deep breath and asked Susanne how far she was willing to go.

Susanne : Anything…. I’ll do anything…

With her steely determined eyes, Susanne stared me down.

I let my eyes drift though, trying to look through her blouse to the laced tube top beneath. Her skirt is long, right up to the mid of her calves but as she sat cross legged, they exposed her knees.

She knew I was looking at her. There was no way she could miss that. I could see her right leg that was comfortably crossed over her leg starting to swing a little, moving back and forth.

Charmaine held onto my forearm and made me look at her.

Charmaine : We are not breaking the law…

James : Cheating people is breaking the law…

Susanne : We’re talking about rescuing my sister James… we’re not cheating her…

James : Tell that to the authorities if we get caught then.

Charmaine put up her hands, sweeping an imaginary ground above the table.

Charmaine ; No… no … no… no authorities…. No breaking of the law…

Susanne : don’t be a pussy about this James… just do it…

I pointed towards Charmaine and shrugged my shoulders.

James : Your lawyer says otherwise….

Susanne : She does Admiralty law~~….probably writes about how much insurance the sailor needs or who’s paying for the salvage…

Charmaine : Hey… hey… hey….

The girls started arguing with each other and I massaged my forehead.

I cut them off and spoke softly, enough for them to hear me but not revealing what we were up to as I noticed a few busybodies seated around us had stopped talking among themselves, no doubt trying to pick up bits and snippets from us.

James : It’s not difficult to trick and cheat someone….. the hard part is getting away with it….

The girls quieten down and waited for me to go on.

James : Where is Xueling now ? … what time will she be back… ?

Susanne : Probably late at night… it’s the weekend… I don’t know… why ?

James : I want to take a look at her room….

Susanne thought about it and nodded her head.

James : I want to know where she works, what she likes, her favourite food…. Everything…

Susanne : Ok… ok… what else ?

James : I also want to know about Roger…

I could sense Susanne tensed up a little but she still nod her head.

Susanne : Ok…

15 Minutes later, Susanne asked Charmaine to drop me off at her place before sending her to the clinic.

Charmaine : So I’m your driver now ?...

Susanne : I give you free MC next week.

Charmaine : Ok..

Susanne passed me her house keys and I felt the familiar bunch jingle in my hand.

The keychain is still the same.

A simple figurine of beer mug I bought for her. The number of keys, the way it was arranged, nothing changed. Even the small little sticker of a fish I stuck onto one of the keys looked as if it was done yesterday.

Susanne : drop by my Clinic after you’re done ya… I need to talk to you about other stuff…

I nodded.

As we filed out of the café in a single line with Charmaine up in front followed by me, Susanne spoke to me from behind in a soft harsh whisper.

Susanne : Leave my worn clothes alone James… don’t touch my lingerie….

I laughed, causing Charmaine to turn around with a puzzled look as she unlocked her car.  

That simple warning brought back so much memories.  Of the times I deliberately stained her lingerie, leaving them for her to find.

Memories of how we met came flooding back too, scenes and flashes a couple of years ago.

I visited Susanne’s clinic then to get some stiches on my arm removed. Her dad was supposed to attend to me but he asked Susanne to do it instead.

James : Eh Dr Sim, I er…. Don’t want intern to do it can…. Almost 12 stiches here leh… wait got scar…

I made no attempt to hide the fact that I had no confidence in Susanne. Sweet and pretty yes but she looked young and inexperienced.

Dr Sim : Haha… she’s not intern, she’s my daughter…. Don’t worry, she’s good.... remove stiches won’t scar la.

I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life before as Susanne gave me a look which she tried to keep professional as she unwrapped the suture removing kit.

She did it like an expert craftsmen who had honed her skills over many decades and dressed my wound.

Susanne : It’s done… you can go.. I’ll give you some additional dressing to change.

I mumbled a thanks and paid the bill.

Nothing would have happened between us if I did not offer to help my neighbour bring his old cupboard down to the Bin centre that very day. As I perspire, the dressing came out halfway and by sheer dumb bad luck, I scratched a portion of the wound and it started to bleed again.

I could see the pink reddish raw skin that had barely oozing blood. It’s not serious, probably a cut of about 4cm the most.

When I got to the clinic at 8pm, they were already closing. Susanne’s dad was gone, she’s about to pull down the shutter when our eyes met.

Susanne : I’m an intern you know…. I cannot help you… you better go hospital…

I gave her such a helpless look that she relented and let me back in.

She cleaned the wound and said it’s deep but it’s fine. Gave me a shot and stitched me up

The cashier’s closed and Susanne took all of 58 dollars I have in my pocket. She was lazy to use the nets machine or accept my credit cards. She did say it’s not enough but if I was willing to not ask for a receipt, she’s giving me a discount.

I laughed and agreed.

James : Will this leave a scar ? haha..

Susanne : Yes. I made sure it did… haha

I went back the next day with a hamper to express my thanks and the rest was history.



As Charmaine’s car pulled away, I let myself into the gate and walked along the same path I once considered my 2nd home.

Even unlocking the main door felt familiar in my hands.

Without wasting time, I went straight for Xueling’s room.

I knew which one it was from my past visit. She may be Susanne’s sister but throughout our relationship, I only saw her once or twice, I can’t really remember.

This despite staying over at her place pretty often.

Xueling is a very private person. She prefers to retreat to her room once she comes back home, hardly ever stepping out after. With it’s own attached bathroom and a mini pantry, her room looked like a small studio apartment.

I was greeted with the fragrance of her perfume the moment I stepped in.

Her desk was messy and I went through some baking magazines with post it notes on them. There is even a bag of baking accessories, tools and moulds.

I saw half done scrap books, with pictures of her and Roger scattered all over. This girl is obviously head over heels with Roger.

Her bed was neatly made. A stray strand of hair stood out against her white bedsheets. The curtains swayed gently in the wind as her windows were left ajar.

There were no branded bags and clothes. No expensive trinkets and gadgets.

It was just a simple room for a simple girl. A small collection of lucky items hung on a small hook. 4 leaf clovers, various cute amulets and charms, even a figurine of a toy vampire holding a smiley talisman.

As I left Xueling’s room, I could not resists taking a peek at Susanne’s room. It was a room that I had spent many weekends in.

The pink bedsheets, the hello kitty and Daniel pillowcase and even her collection of pyjamas that had that silly cat on it. You could never tell Susanne was someone who liked these cutesy stuff.

Nevertheless I put up with them as they were confined to her bedroom most of the time.

I would surely think twice about someone dressed head to toe in hello kitty garb stich me up and dress my wound.

I passed by the dining table where I had cooked my fair share of meals for Susanne and saw another bag of baking stuff on it.

I had barely touched the door knob when I heard the familiar roar of the Harley engine. There was no way anyone could miss that. I paused for a moment, my mind immediately thinking about the noise.

First think I could think of was the couple heading back for sex.

It’s common isn’t it.

An empty house, couple engulfed in the flames of love. Sneak back in when no one is in.

I walked briskly to the window and my hand was already dialling Susanne’s phone.

I had left both the front gate and the grille unlocked when I came in. How was I to know anyone would be coming back ?

The main door was bolted though.

There’s no back door leading out of the kitchen, the alternatives would be a 3 panel sliding door that opens up from the living area to a sidewalk with plants and turfing. I might as well open the front door if I take that option since I would be in full view of anyone standing at the gate.

The call connected within seconds as I parted a bit of the curtains.

I saw Roger cutting off the engine but he was alone. Xueling was nowhere to be seen.

Susanne : Yes ?

James : Roger is here…. Alone.. he’s getting off his bike.

Susanne : What ? how dare he!... I warned him to not fucking get within 30meters of my gate or I will kill him…

She rattled off some curses as I watch him light a cigarette before casually looking around.

Susanne : I always made it clear I don’t want him near Xueling, I told him off every time he appeared !! what is he doing ?

Roger’s eyes wandered around. He’s trying to appear as if all was normal, he’s just waiting for someone but I could tell he wanted something. If not he would not be here.

Without warning, Roger reached into his jacket and retrieved a bunch of keys.

My eyes narrowed and I told Susanne I got to go.

James : He has the keys to your house…. I got to go..

Susanne : What ??!

I hung up and changed position in order to get a clearer view.

I watched as he paused at the gate, looking at the opened lock. He looked back up towards the house and hesitated.

2 seconds later, he pushed it open and walked right through.

Immediately I backed off, walking towards Susanne’s storeroom and opened it. I pulled out the old Vacuum cleaner and quickly connected the plug to a wall socket.

His boots hit the concrete slab by the front door. There was no way he would miss the unlocked gate.

Susanne texted me to say that she’s rushing back and that Xueling says she’s having breakfast with Roger at a café just a stone throw away from where we were.

He must have made some excuses to get away for a moment.

I could hear the swing of the grille, the old rusty hinges creaked angrily as they were swung opened.

Pulling the Vacuum behind the sofa, I switched it on.

The blast of the old machine sucking air through it’s vent filled the entire house, ringing out noisily as I stood just out of view.

I could almost picture Roger standing by the door, keys in hand hovering somewhere near the keyhole.

I stood at the archway leading to the girls room, staring at the bolt of the door.

For a good 10 seconds, nothing happened.

The vacuum continued to whine noisily.

My eyes never left the bolt.

I clenched my teeth when I saw the bolt turn and I backed away and opened Susanne’s room.

Whatever he wanted, he wanted it bad enough.



I switched off the main switch for the Vacuum and heard the snap of the bolt after it turned 90 degrees as I retreated into Susanne’s room. 

I could hear the creak of the old wooden door as it swung opened. Opening up Susanne’s wardrobe, I took out a set of clothes and put them on the bed. It was her habit. 

Using my foot, I pulled the handle of the drawer and opened up the lingerie drawer. I grabbed a set of them and threw them into the empty laundry basket. She strips totally before stepping into her bathroom. 

Another set joined the clothes on the bed and I stepped into the shower and turned it on, letting the water splash noisily onto the floor. 

I took a deep breath and tried to think of the possibilities. 

Roger came back because he knew the house would be empty and he wanted something. It should be money. 

After all, he’s been bleeding Xueling regularly. 

With the din from the Vacuum and the unlocked gate, it was obvious there was someone in the house, and chances are he would think it was Susanne. He must have pretty big balls to step in like this. 

Perhaps he thinks there is no way Susanne would be able to stand up to a confrontation with him. He could always walk away.

I could not hear what was going on outside. Not with the water splashing. The lock on Susanne’s door had been down for close to 10 years. Back during an episode when she locked herself in her room during a bad quarrel with her dad. It was broken when her dad forced his way in. 

Susanne sent me a text, saying she’s less than 10 minutes away. 

I sat on the toilet bowl, thinking of what to do if Roger and I meet face to face. 

I had every right to question him as much as he did for me, it’s just that things might get awkward and troublesome to explain. 

Before I could get to that, I heard the roar of the engine again. That thud thud thud before it accelerated and sped off. 

I immediately switched off the shower and dashed outside. 

He’s gone. 

I quickly ran to Xueling’s room and took a quick look, everything seemed to be where it was originally from what I could remember. 

I went back to the living room and looked around and I noticed something on the ground. That piece of shit walked in with his boots on. 

There were bits of grass and some fine grains of soil at certain spots. 

I followed the trail and it ended at the dining table. 

The bag of baking ingredients was gone. 

I sat down at the table and scratched my head. Maybe the entire thing was just me over reacting. 

Maybe Roger just came back to grab the baking stuff. 

Susanne came back a while later and ran through the gate with Charmaine behind her. 

I opened the door for her and told her he’s gone. 

James : He’s gone. 

Susanne : I know, he turned out of the road the moment we turned in. We past right by each other… what did he want ? 

I shrugged my shoulders.

James: maybe he just came back and grab something for Xueling ? 

Susanne : How dare Xueling give him the keys. ! I’ll kill her when she gets back later…. At this rate, he’ll plunder the whole house…

I kept quiet as Susanne checked through the house to see if anything was missing. When she popped her head out of her room she added. 

Susanne : What were you doing with my clothes and lingerie ? 

Charmaine raised an eyebrow and I quickly defended myself. 

James : It’s not what you think… ! 

She shut her door, folded her arms and came over. 

Susanne : So now what ? … what do we do ? … I’ll talk to Xueling about this when she gets back.

I took a look around the house and said she needed a renovation. The house is literally falling apart in come spots. 

Susanne : What ?! the house is fine… 

James : Do it… it’s one of the easier ways to fleece money. Split the bill with your sis. 

She considered my suggestion before asking me how. 

Susanne : But we’re not really going to do a major overhaul right, I meant…. There’s no point spending the money and all… 

James : Leave it to me…I’ll make it seemed as if you did a lot when in actual fact it was nothing and I’ll charge you a bomb for it… 

I took some photos of the house and left. 

10th December 2014


9.30 pm

I emailed Susanne some proposal and she accepted them right away. She text me 20 minutes later that her sister was ok with splitting the bill base on my estimates. 

I had proposed to repaint the exterior of the building since most of the paint was peeling off. Some of the turfing were dried and dead for the longest time with a few patches prone to water ponding when it rained. 

These are genuine stuff that needed fixing. 

Some of the plants grew wildly and that resulted in a pretty unsightly garden. Fixing that is cheap and visually, it would look like a lot was done. 

I’m using the opportunity to change the locks for the house, something I had highlighted to Susanne along with a few improvements and additional cupboards.

Calling in a few favours from my contractor friends, I don’t expect the cost to be more than a couple of thousands but I put in the estimates at 25k 

With Xueling paying 12, it would hardly make a dent in her bank account. I knew both sisters are completely ignorant when it comes to renovation and IT, it should not be difficult to pull this off. 

Still, I will not pass up the chance to hit a chunk off Xueling. 

The faster I pull this off, the earlier I can concentrate on Roger. Somehow he does not seem that simple to me. 

I had been thinking about Susanne the past few days, and this was my opportunity to get back with her too.

She’s single, so was i. 

Not to forget we had a bit of a past, if I play my cards right, who knows ? 

I admit I still have a bit of feelings for her. 

Who wouldn’t ? 

If you think I’m going to depend on the renovation to fleece Xueling, you’re wrong. 

That is just an excuse. A cover of sort for something else.

You cannot cheat too much with regards to stuff like renovation. It’s easy to get a price comparison, anything too ridiculous, you would blow your cover right away. 

I have something else in mind. 

I logged into taobao and ordered a shipment of props and costumes including a large porcelain wine cask. Narrow at the bottom before it bulge out in the middle and going back to a narrow neck with a small opening. 

I chose to have all the stuff shipped over by air and I texted Susanne the bill. 

She did say she’ll pay for all the miscellaneous cost incurred. 

19th December 2014


9.30 am 

All the stuff I ordered had arrived a couple of days ago via air mail. I arranged for the contractors to start work on a couple of things. 

Xueling had left for work and I was going through some stuff with Susanne. 

James : Ok. Simple… we’ll be doing this… and over there… and… 

After I gave her the once over, she left me with the contractors and went to her clinic. 

Painting was only done at the exterior, I left one of my trusted friend in charge of the workers and left. 


It’s only a single storey building, by the time I got back at 4.30pm 

The workers were done and with a fresh coat of paint, the house looked a lot more cheerful. There were doing some light cleaning and I could see another group digging up the courtyard at the back. 

That was the part with regular ponding, I told Susanne I wanted to do something about it. Put in some drainage cells and discharge the excess to a nearby drain.

When the hole was about 80cm deep, I instructed the workers to stop and I took something out from my car in a box. 

The landscape contractor asked his workers to all go take a break as he helped me with the box all the way to the courtyard. 

Ah Liu : Hey James… zhun bo…. Do until like that…. Haha… wait the owner kia see ki ah…. Haha ( James… wait the owner will die of fright ) 

James : Haha… don’t worry… I know what I’m doing… 

I filled in some soil and covered the wine cask which now looked like an urn.

There are about 206 human bones in a average adult body. For those who are not medically trained, we probably would have difficulty identifying most parts except for the obvious few. 

Xueling would surely fall for it.

I collected bones from my dinner for the past few nights, soaked them and used the dehydrator I have in my house which was used to make pet treats to remove the moisture. 

Wrapping them in a yellow cloth I soaked with tea leaves, I tied it up and placed it into the urn the night before. 

It was sealed up and I added a talisman across the top. Scribblings I downloaded from the net and replicated it onto the paper in red ink made from Cinnabar. 

Ah Liu and I covered most of the urn with soil and left only a portion lightly covered with soil. 

We put a small barricade around it just in case anyone falls in, but it was unlikely. 

Workers were told to hold the work for that portion. 

The Susanne I knew could not act for shit. 

If I want results, I have to do it without her knowing what I have in mind. 

Yes, she may be a doctor. She will know a bone when she sees one but she’s as timid as a mouse when it comes to stuff like this. 

Susanne : There’s a difference between treating live people and dealing with the dead…. Why do you think I stuck with my dad’s clinic ? 

Those were the exact words she told me. 

20th December 2014


8.30 am 

Ah Liu was there to finish up the rest of the landscaping work, removing weeds and overgrown shrubs. 

By 11.30am, 5 huge bags of plants, leaves and twigs were loaded up onto his lorry as I watched from a distance in my car. 

I don’t want to show my face for now, especially not if Xueling is still in the house. 

I parked a few units down near one of Susanne’s neighbours. She had dropped by together with me to ask her neighbour to intrude for a few hours outside his lot and the old uncle gladly agreed. 

At 11.45am, another contractor arrived with some carpentry stuff loaded to the brim on his pickup. 

Derrick and Freddy text to tell me they’ve arrived and I asked them to go on ahead. Susanne would be expecting them. 

Susanne’s place badly needed some extra storage and I took the opportunity to include them in the renovation. 

I have worked with Derrick for the longest time. It’s pretty hard to find Singaporeans doing carpentry these days, not to mention 2 university graduates. They took over their dad’s business and never looked back. 

It’s expensive, the unit rate they gave is high but I used them whenever the client’s budget allows. 

We’re all Singaporeans, if we don’t help each other, who would ? 

12 noon 

The familiar roar of the Harley reached my ears before Roger’s figure zoomed passed me. He overshot the girls place and chose to park further down since most spots were taken up by the contractors. 

Less than a minute later I could see Xueling running out of the house as Susanne waved her arms madly in the air shouting at her. 

Xueling hopped onto Roger’s bike and they’re off. 

I got out of the car and checked the skies. It’s the rainy season, weather report says it would rain that day. 

I went in to check on the works and Susanne started complaining about her sister again. 

Susanne : Crazy girl … madly in love I think…. Early morning wake up to bake cake for him…. I think she’s mad. …. Bake cake not enough… still make what…. Brownies, har ? Siao one young people these days… 

The house does smell pretty good near the kitchen but once I left that part, it just smells of glue and paint. 

Susanne offer to buy me lunch while we left the contractors to their work. 


I said I have something to attend to and I parted ways with Susanne. I had dropped Charmaine a text to meet up and that she was to keep it between us. 

Charmaine : What is it ? 

She folded her arms as she leaned against the pillars of the void deck below her flat. 

15 minutes later, her arms were no longer folded. 

Her eyes glared at me and she had difficulty closing her jaw. 

James : Can you do it ? 

Charmaine : Susanne would kill you. 

I smiled and said she would not. 

I left Charmaine and by 6pm at Susanne’s place, everything was done except the drainage work in her courtyard at the back. 


Susanne mopped the floor as the sky turned a crimson shade of red. The wind is strong, and I expect the rain to start soon. 

My plan is simple. 

Susanne’s window faces the very courtyard where I buried the urn. After the rain, as long as she looks out the window, she would see it. 

Even if she didn’t, I would make some excuse for her to help me check if the courtyard is ok after the rain. Just to make sure no water ponds for mosquito breeding and shit. 

She would surely freak out, call me and I would put the rest of the plan into motion. 

It started to pour. The heavy tropical rain pelted the house and the yard. Visibility was bad too. 

I was stuck in the house as well but I’m not worried. There’s no way you could ride a bike in that weather. You have to be mad to do it. 

Susanne went out and brought my shoes in, placing it in the same spot in her shoe cabinet. 

I looked at her body, bent over a mop as she pulled it across the old tiled floor. She wore a grey singlet and a light grey bra. I could see her down blouse whenever she turns towards my direction. 

Her light blue sleep shorts had a few wet patches and her singlet was soaked with her perspiration. 

There was no air conditioning in the living room, only a old ceiling fan. 

For so many years, Susanne was the person doing the housework, the laundry, all these on top of her work at the clinic. 

I did not help as I sat there at the dining table looking at her. 

When she pause to take a breather, she saw me staring at her and she brushed her fringes back and rest her left hand on her waist. 

Susanne : What ? 

I smile and shook my head as Susanne glared at me. 

She was about to say something when I watch her drop the mop onto the floor. Her facial expression changed as she dashed towards me, grabbing me by the hand. 

James : What is it ? 

She did not reply me. As I got up on my feet, I could hear laughters. 

Loud laughter from the front door. 

I could hear Xueling and Roger right outside the door as they knocked for Susanne to open it. 

We kept the lock for the grille gate but the main door has been changed to a number lock. 

Susanne pushed me into her room and shut the door. 

I pressed myself against it and tried to pick up what was happening. 

There were some noises. Raised ones and angry tones. 

As the commotion got closer to me, I could hear Susanne and Xueling literally quarrelling outside the door.

Susanne : He is not staying here tonight ! I don’t care ! 

Xueling : It’s none of your business !! stop meddling in my affairs. 

I could hear Roger laughing as Xueling pushed him into her room to get a hot shower so he won’t call sick. 

Susanne : Listen to yourself !! what are ,,….. 

Xueling shouted something that I could not make out and slammed the door on Susanne. 

I stepped back from the door and when Susanne stepped in, I could see her eyes getting a little red. 

She leaned against her bedroom door and I could see her trying to hold back her tears, desperately looking upwards into the ceiling as she takes in quick deep breaths. 

James : You ok ? 

She nodded and did not say a word choosing to lean against the door. 

The last time we were in that room together, we were in the heat of love making. Now we just stared at each other from a distance away. 

About 10 minutes passed before there was a knock on the door. 

I stood up, so did Susanne. 

There was no place for me to hide except in the wardrobe. I quickly opened it and struggled to step up onto the drawers, praying it would hold my weight. 

Pushing clothes aside, I managed to squat at a corner, elevated about 90 cm off the ground with my head and body being squashed by the amount of clothes Susanne had in her wardrobe. 

The cabinet door closed and I could not see anything except a sliver of light coming in from the seams of the cupboard. 

I might not be able to see but I could clearly hear the entire conversation. 

Susanne : What do you want ? 

Roger : Don’t be so hostile la…. Xueling is in the shower… I came over to talk to you.. 

Susanne : Get out of my house… 

Roger : Your sister invited me in… not you … 

There was some fumbling before Susanne spoke a little harshly. 

Susanne : Get out from my room.!! 

Roger : Haha… why ? 

I could hear some struggling going on before the door was swung all the way opened, hitting the stopper at the back. 

Roger : I’ve been inside this room so many times before already what….I was your ex remember… haha..

My heart was thumping as I gripped onto the sides of the wardrobe. 

Roger : Eh… what happened to the other hello kitty already ah… haha… what happened to that blue set ? too stained to be used is it ? hahah 

I heard Susanne scream as she tried to hit Roger. 

There was some commotion before Roger laughed.

Roger : Keep it down… don’t let your sister hear us ok ? … 

Susanne: You’re a jerk… you don’t even like Xueling… 

Roger : Of course I do… I love her so much… 

Susanne threw something at Roger and I could hear it dropping into the floor as he laughed. No doubt avoiding it easily. 

Susanne : GET OUT!! 

Roger : Still the same feisty Susanne eh… haha.. I still remember the way you shout for me when we… 

Susanne : SHUT UP !! GET OUT !! 

The sound of more stuff being thrown sound out and Roger laughed louder. 

Roger : Haha… ok.. ok… you’re sis is almost done…. You’re starting to appear as if you’re mad…. You’re going to scare her… 

Roger : I… I just want to apologise for… you know…what.. 

Susanne : SHUT up!!!! Get out of my room!!! 

Susanne had lost it by then as she screamed and cried out. 

Roger : Come on… how was I to know it would be that lucky….it’s just an abortion ~~… 

My heart sank as the words drilled themselves into my ears. 

I gripped the sides of the cabinet so hard that I thought the old cabinet would break. 

Susanne was openly sobbing by then as she screamed and I could hear more things being thrown at Roger. 

Susanne : SHUT UP….. just SHUT up..!!! sobzz.. sobzz… 

Roger : Well.. I’m really sorry… I meant… if not for me…. You would have been happily attached with your boyfriend back then and… haha… 

Susanne must have grabbed something hard and went at Roger. 

I heard him cry out in pain as Susanne shouted for him to leave. 

That was it. 

I’m coming out.

I was about to head out of the wardrobe but I heard Xueling’s voice rang out loudly and in an agitated manner. 

Xueling : Enough… stop it !! … SIS! … can you be more reasonable!!! … why are you always against Roger !! 

Susanne did not speak, she just sobbed loudly in the room as Xueling scolded her as she helped Roger. 

Xueling : Look he’s bleeding !... ask yourself are you being fair to me !! … so what if he’s your Ex…. You broke up so long ago.. !! 

The door slammed shut and there was just silence in the room. 

Seconds later I could hear Susanne sobbing openly. 
I opened the cabinet door and stepped out. 

Susanne was on the floor. Her legs had no strength to carry her body weight. 

Her eyes were red, blood shot. 

Her lips was trembling as she looked at me. 

Her hands went to her own shoulders, cradling her shivering body as she cried. 

I walked over and locked the door. 

I sat down beside Susanne as she reached for me with her shaking hands. 

She struggled to get the words out of her mouth, shaking her head as tears rolled down her eyes. 

Susanne : I…. I did not …….cheat on you … James…. He…. He was never my boyfriend….. no one knew…

She shook her head as she buried herself in my arms for a couple of minutes sobbing away. 

James : Tell me what happened. 

Susanne : I had no choice… 

I repeated my question gently. 

James : It’s ok… tell me what happened. 

The rain continued to pour. 

There was no dramatic thunder and lightning sequence. 

Just the sound of heavy rain. 

That was the first time I saw her in that state. Having lost her mother at a young age, Susanne is fiercely independent. 

I never saw her cry during our relationship. 

She was one of the strongest female friend I had.

She took a few deep breaths and she lowered her voice, as if worried what she was about to say would leak out of the room. 

Her dad, passed away because of stomach cancer. He found out about his condition a few years ago and in a moment of folly, he started selling cough syrup to Roger. The amount he sold was small, not enough to raise suspicion. 

Eventually the volume started to rise but due to the huge patient base, and her dad did everything personally, they evaded the authorities for years. Around the period when her dad decided to retire and take things easy, he stopped supply Roger with the syrup. 

That was when the troubles began. 

Susanne was kept in the dark initially but after Roger kept showing up at the clinic looking for her dad, he finally came clean with her. 

Susanne’s first reaction was to go to the police but it would get her dad and the clinic into trouble, so she attempted to cover up the incident but Roger would not have it that way. 

He threatened to leak the source of his syrup, not only to the authorities, but to other addicts. People who could not keep their mouth shut. 

Susanne’s dad was ready to face the music, he did not mind going to jail but she would not allow it. That was the period when our relationship started to get shaky. 

She admitted that she did it partly to distance herself from me in case she got into trouble. 

Behind her Dad’s back, she continued dealing with Roger, lying that the matter has been resolved. Roger stopped going to the clinic, choosing to come straight to Susanne’s house. 

Xueling asked about Roger and Susanne said they were seeing each other to avoid suspicions. Her dad saw Roger too and was hopping mad but Susanne lied that they were friends and everything were over. 

If not for the fact that the supplier tipped her off about prying eyes, she would have continued supplying Roger. 

She decided then that she was done, told Roger about it that her hands are tied, they were being watched but he would not let things rest easy. He wanted more. 

Susanne broke down for a moment and said Roger asked to sleep with her to end things. 

She refused. 

Susanne : We quarrelled in my room….. Xueling was not in…. my dad was with my uncle for his treatment…. 
Her lips trembled and she swallowed a mouthful of saliva. 

Susanne pressed her head against my chest and I could feel her shivering as she said the 3 words that made me clenched my teeth and strengthened my resolve to see this matter through.

Susanne : He raped me…. Roger raped me…. 

She burst into tears again and I kissed her hair telling her I was sorry. 

James : Sorry… 

She shook her head, saying that she should be the one apologising instead. She was too guilty to stay with me and made the decision to end things. How was she to know Roger would come back for her sister. 

I nodded and kept quiet, apologising silently in my heart again. 

If only Susanne knew why I was apologising. 

Yes, I felt sorry for her ordeal. 

But I was not apologising for that. 

That was in the past. Feeling sorry would not help.

I’m apologising……... for the things that I’m about to do to her despite what she had gone through.…… 


I’m not going to rape her in case that’s what you have on your mind. 

My arrangement was with Charmaine to paint Susanne in a different light to Xueling. 

You see, I’m going to use the urn as a opportunity to milk the money. This can be done on 2 fronts. 

First by saying that we need to get someone to remove them. I’m going to ask a friend to come dressed as a Taoist priest, do some circus tricks and take a couple of thousand but that was just the appetiser. 

The main deal would be to try and convince Xueling that her sister is being plagued with something. 

That part would be fun, a combination of science, trickery and cooperation from Charmaine’s part. 

Since Susanne can’t act for shit, her weak emotional state would be a bonus for me. 

She is going to be super pissed when we insist something is wrong with her behaviour when in actual fact she’s fine. By proving to Xueling that her sister is sick and it was something she cannot fix with her knowledge in medicine, I would be able to rack up a huge bill.

Susanne’s breakdown did not last long. She recovered and pulled herself away within 30 minutes and went into the shower.

Despite my mind willing and thinking about it, she did not strip like she used to before heading in. Instead, she made the effort of bringing a change of clothes into the bathroom. 

Susanne : I’m… sorry…for the outburst… 

Once she’s inside the shower, I took the opportunity to check on the hole in the courtyard, the rain had filled up the hole a little, when the water drains off the next day, she would definitely see something if she looks out the window. 

I drew the curtains properly and left it as it is. 

When she emerged from the shower 30 minutes later, she sat on the bed and just looked at me. There was this hardened look in her steely eyes.

No, our clothes did not come off. 

There isn’t a sudden outpour of emotions, we did not rekindle our old flame. 

It was just a plain stare as she dried her hair. 

Susanne : Don’t… get me wrong James… i… just want to clear the air…. In case you thought I cheated on you with Roger… 

James : I understand.. 

We hardly spoke again after that, both of us waiting for the rain to stop. If it stops, Roger would leave, hopefully. 

Susanne gave me a towel, one I had left at her place and I went to take a shower. 

As I undressed, I could hear some commotions. 

The sister’s toilets is a mirror image of each other. 

I could make out some noises from across. It sounded like Roger and Xueling was having sex. 

I looked up towards the ceiling vent, probably the noise is coming from there. 

I stood on a stool, the one I knew Susanne used to shave her legs by putting them up to raise myself to the ceiling. I could hear Roger grunting. 

Yes, they were definitely fucking in the toilet. 

He grunted pretty loudly but I could not hear Xueling moan.

After a while I got bored and took a shower. 

After an hour and a half’s wait, Susanne got impatient and she was about to go knock on Xueling’s door when the smell of fresh bread flooded into her room. 

Susanne : What the… don’t tell me she’s baking …

I stayed in the room and 5 minutes later, she came back in, hopping mad that Xueling was baking some cup cakes and shit probably for Roger. 

James : What ? At this time ? 

Susanne : I don’t know what is she thinking.. 

The rain was still pretty heavy, there was no way I could get out of the house without being seen or getting drenched. 

Susanne and I stared at each other, trying to rack our brains to find a way out of the house. 

Susanne : I know what. I’m starving anyway, I’m getting Charmaine to buy food over….. we’ll find an opportunity for you to leave the house. 

James : How would that be possible ?

Susanne : Simple, Charmaine comes, I’m opening the fucking gate, she drives and backs all the way in till the front door. 

She did not seem like she was in the mood to listen to my reasoning so I let her be. 

After a 10 minute conversation with Charmaine, she hung up and said food will be here in 30 minutes. 

James : I envy you Susanne, the services your lawyer provides…. What are her charges again ? 

She shot me a look and I shut up right away. I directed my eyes away only to find them landing on her legs since she was wearing a short pair of FBTs and a pillow flew over.

Susanne got into her bed with her phone while I sat by her desk. 

9.30 pm 

The rain had died down a little and there was a flash of high beam at the door. Susanne opened the gate and Charmaine drove all the way in. 

I remained in the room and I could hear them talking outside. 

I could also feel my stomach rumbling but I could not show myself. 


Susanne brought in a burger for me and said Xueling refused to open her door but she could tell her lights were still on. 

James : Probably having some couple time… 

Susanne act as if she did not hear what I just said. 

Later when Charmaine leaves, I was to follow her car, hopped into the back seat and voila. Done. 

I ate my burger and waited. 


The rain got heavier with rapid flashes of lighting but hardly any sound of thunder. 

It’s the perfect weather to cuddle up in bed with your love ones. 

Funny thoughts started to creep into my head as I smiled and thought about Charmaine and Susanne by my side. 

James : Haha.. 

I could not resist laughing out loud. 

Imagine banging a doctor and a lawyer at the same time. That would surely be a tick off my bucket list. 

Suddenly there was some loud honking from the front gate. 

It rang about 3-4 times before it stopped. 

I got up and went to the door and almost opened it but I stopped myself in time. 

I text Susanne only to hear her phone vibrate on the table in the room. 

In the end I called Charmaine. 

James : What is going on ? 

Charmaine : I don’t know…. Susanne’s uncle is here… 

James : What ? why ? 

Charmaine : I’m not sure…. He’s driving his car in as well… 

I sat down on the bed and scratched my head. 

Why would her uncle come ? 

I hung up and I could hear people talking in the living and dining room. 

After a while the commotion got louder.

I can hear Xueling’s voice as well. 

Then after a while there’s another slam of the door. 

I text and called Charmaine but there was no reply. Pacing up and down Susanne’s room, I had this weird foreboding feeling in my gut. 

I could hear Roger’s voice. He spoke in a haughty manner for a while before it was gone. 


Susanne’s door opened and Charmaine walked in. 

Her clothes . Her top is dry but you could tell her jeans is wet. The entire area below her knees was soaked. Her arms too looked like they had been in the rain. 

James : What is going on ? 

Charmaine : Susanne’s uncle, Terry is talking to her. They’re inside her dad’s room. 

James : Oh… ok. … you’re drenched…. 

Charmaine : Oh… ya…

I watched as Charmaine head straight to Susanne’s wardrobe and pulled opened the drawer, picking out some clothes to change out of. 

She went into the bathroom and came out 2 minutes later in white carpri and a teal t-shirt. 

My eyes drifted to her behind and she did not look like she was wearing any panty. 


Charmaine left the room after saying she would go tell Susanne it’s time we head off. 

Charmaine : Get ready. 

James : Ok. 


A shout. 

There was a shriek. Something fell. Glass broke.

Loud enough that it cut through the sound of the heavy rain and into Susanne’s room. 

I reached for the handle again but quickly fought back the urge to open the door. 

There was some loud grunting. It had to be Roger. 

What the fuck was going on ? 

Suddenly the power jumped . The lights were killed and I could hear the air conditioner hummed to a stopped. 

The shouts got louder and I could hear the girls screaming. 

Barely 5 seconds later the power came back.

I finally could not hold it any longer and I opened the door.

I dashed out of the room and nearly ran into a mess of bodies standing right in front of me. 

The hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s end as I took in the sight in front of me. 

Xueling was kneeling down, her back against her own bedroom door, both her hands covering her own mouth. 

Charmaine too, stared in shock as she slowly retreated behind me. 

Susanne’s uncle Terry, had 1 hand on the wall of the archway as he looked in the same direction everyone did. 

Susanne had a glass of water in her hand as she stared towards the floor. She stood beside the DB box on the wall of the store room. 

And on the floor near the sofa, Roger laid. 

He was still breathing but you could tell he was struggling to. 

Roger locked eyes with me as I pushed my way to the front. 

He panted hard, wheezing for air. I quickly went over and knelt down beside him. 

James : Shit.. shit… what is wrong ? Are you having asthma ? Where’s your inhaler ? 

I immediately searched his pockets including his leather jacket. 

He turned onto his stomach and he started vomiting. That suddenly retching gave me a shock and I backed away. It’s a normal reaction. 

Someone makes a retching sound near you, the first instance would be to back away. 

Roger was trying to crawl. 

Earlier when I said there was only lighting without thunder, it seemed the opposite had just happened. Several loud cracks of thunder hit and shook the roof of the house. Something we rarely felt if we stay in HDB. 

It felt so near. 

He vomited again and I was about to kneel down to help him up when I felt every strand of my hair stood on my body. From the back of my neck, down the bottom of my calves. That very eerie chill as i took a pause from my action as I turned back to look at my friends. 

Xueling remained squatted by her door but she was looking at Roger. Her eyes, cold and expressionless. 

Charmaine’s legs could not hold her weight any longer and she too had slid to the ground with her hands on her mouth. 

As I locked eyes with Susanne, I knew the chill in my body did not come from the rain. 

It did not come from the tropical storm that was now battering the house. 

It came from me staring at 2 doctors who was doing nothing. 

Roger choked and cough louder, that kind where you could hear a lot of mucus getting stuck. 

I shouted at the group without realising it. 

James : Do something !!! what the fuck ?!!! 

I gestured towards Susanne and looked at Terry. 

There was another louder retching and some more vomit came out like a projectile, staining the old front door. Roger had crawled into his own vomit, leaving a trail of it leading to the door. 

Suddenly Roger stopped coughing. 

He stopped crawling. 

I could see his nose bubbling with mucus. He’s still breathing but it doesn’t look like it’ll last. 

I staggered backwards and hit the sofa as the reality of what’s happening finally dawned on me. 

My head slowly turned towards Susanne. 

She shook her head at me slowly. 

Susanne : It’s not…… what you think… 

I looked at Terry, his gaze was deep and he stared at Roger. He must know him from before. There was no way anyone would look at a stranger in that manner. His look radiates more than just hatred. 

It was one of pure disdain.

Charmaine got up onto her feet, raced into Susanne’s room and vomited. I could hear her retching from where I stood. 

Xueling on the other hand, hugged her knees and looked at Roger without any expressions on her face. 

A flash of lighting lit up the front porch and I turned towards it.

Terry’s car was double parked in front of Charmaine’s. There was no way we could leave without Terry moving first. 

I reached into my pocket and realised my phone was in Susanne’s room. I need a fucking ambulance. 

Dashing towards the room, Susanne grabbed onto my hand. I shook her off and pushed my way through. Grabbing my phone, I dialled for an ambulance.

Before I could speak, Susanne took over the phone from me. 

She rattled off Roger’s age, his race and her initial diagnose of his condition.

Susanne : This is Dr Susanne Wee, I think he ODed. 

She answered a few questions before hanging up.

She passed me back my phone and went over to attend to Roger. Terry joined her shortly after. 

If there was any eerie 3 note music that they always play when something weird happens in a house on a stormy night. 

That would be a good time to play it. 

Xueling never took her eyes off Roger. She just hugged onto her own knees. 

Charmaine came out shortly after and stayed far away. I saw her walking down the hall towards the kitchen.

I had so many questions. 

A ton of them but no one to answer them .

I looked around at the faces in the room.

Someone wants to get rid of Roger. I can’t be sure who it is. 

One thing I know for sure though, it’s not me. 

Not like this. 

Not like this. 


With so many things happening around me, I forced myself to focus. I looked over at Terry, his back was facing me, on the surface, it might looked like he was checking Roger out but I could see him running his hands into his pockets. 

Moments later he seemed to have found what he wanted and without a word, he fucking hell stood up and walked out the door, grabbed an umbrella and went into his car. 

I stared in shock and surprised as he just backed his car away and left. 

Susanne was still looking at Roger, I locked eyes with her for a moment and I heard her scream for Charmaine. 

Susanne : Charmaine ! 

Charmaine appeared again, looking flustered and a little pale. 

Susanne : Go. … go now.. with James… 

James : What ? ? 

Charmaine grabbed her bag and pulled my hand out with her. 

James : Wait.. wait ….. wait… 

Seconds later I was out into the rain and into Charmaine’s car. 

She backed it out, drove a distance and dropped me off at my car. 

Charmaine : We’ll explain in due time… go home 

My eyes widened in shock and horror as Charmaine just drove off without another word. 

What the fuck ! 

I got into my car and started the engine. I was so tempted to just drive right into Susanne’s house and shake her for some answers. The rain got heavier once more and visibility was really low. 

My head was close to splitting apart. 

Never in my life was I thrown with such a situation. One that I was totally clueless what was going on. 

In the end, I cursed and decided to head back home. 

No one was saying anything to me back then, even if I barged back in to ask for answers, I doubt Susanne would say anything to me. 

I took a long hot shower as tons of questions raced through my head. 

Placing myself in Susanne’s position, I asked.

What is James’ role in this ? 

What would I want him to cheat my sister if I had something up my sleeve at the same time ? 

Is this just a dumb stupid way of getting back at her ex ? 

I almost ripped out the shower head as nothing frustrates me more than not getting answers to the questions I have in my head. 

After I made myself a bowl of noodles, I laid down on my bed and thought about the whole thing. 

James : Calm down…. Calm down…. 

I kept telling myself everything would make sense soon. 

I must have fell asleep for a brief moment because a flash of lightning woke me up. That sudden streak lit up my room. 

I checked the clock on my table, it was 3am. 

The rain had stopped. 

21th December 2014


3 am 

I’m not sure what I was thinking but I got out of bed, made a cup of coffee and slowly sipped it as I looked at my car keys. 

In the end, I decided to head back down to Susanne’s place. 

Instead of driving, I got down and hailed a cab and alighted at the main road, choosing to walk the rest of the way in. 


It’s cold. The ground is wet and I could still feel droplets of water hitting me on my head. Whenever the wind blew, a torrent of droplets would fall from the trees that hung over the road. 

I was about 25 meters away from Susanne’s place when I realised that Terry’s car was parked in the driveway again. I did another quick scan and there was no sign of Roger’s bike. 

The lights in the house was off. 

I got to the main gate and walked right in, it was wide open. 

I approached slowly, I don’t intend to act like I was not supposed to be there. With so many houses surrounding that one, there’s no telling if some nosy neighbours might think I’m a thief. 

I did not knock on the door, instead I walked round the back towards the courtyard in front of Susanne’s room. 

Don’t ask me what was I thinking, I honestly don’t know. 

I glanced through the windows beside the storeroom’s ventilation vents and the house was dark. 

I continued on, as I was about to pass Dr Sim’s room, I heard some voices. 

I immediately stopped and got low below it. 

I kept my ears peeled and there was no mistake about it. 

There were some noises. 

The main lights were off but I could see the room lit with a single table lamp. 

Windows were closed, that particular side faced another neighbour’s unit, I quietly crept towards the back and turned the corner. 

The noises got louder. 

There was no mistake about it. It was the sound of someone having sex. There were some soft moans. I can’t tell who it was. 

The first thought that came into my head was Roger and Xueling, but didn’t he just dropped a few hours ago ? 

Then I remembered Terry’s car. 

The girls’ uncle. 

Dr Sim slept without aircon, the window facing the back of the house was those old school swing windows. 

All 3 of them were opened slightly. 

The moans got a bit louder. 

I bit down on my lips as I looked at the angle of the window. They were only partially opened, about say 15 degrees each. There was no way I could open it without being seen but there was no doubts about it. 

There were moans coming from the room. 

I decided to skip that for now and head towards Susanne’s room. I glanced into the hole the contractors dug and it was partially flooded. The water should drain off in the morning. 

Susanne’s room was dark, and I couldn’t see anything. I felt pretty stupid and silly as I squatted below her window. 

Came all the way and there was nothing I could do. 

I crept back down the back and this time round as I got to the window underneath Dr Sim’s room, I could hear someone talking. 

It was Terry. 

I could hear him loud and clear. 

Terry : You’ve been pretty stubborn lately….. 

There was no answer to his statement. 

I paused, trying to make sense of what he said.

Terry : All this would not have happened if…. 

The rest of it became a mumble of sorts and I could not make out what he said. 

I could hear water being poured before the sound of it being gulp down. 

Terry : …….is he here……and that…….reason… 

It was all bits and pieces, he must be facing away from the window as he spoke. 

Suddenly there was a loud gasp. 

Susanne : gasppp!!!...urghh… 

My heart immediately dropped as I shook a little. There was no mistaking that voice. 

It was Susanne. 

I could not hear what was going on again but then I could hear her gasp once more. 

Susanne : Erguhhhhh…erghhh…. 

Then there was silence. 

My hair stood on it’s ends as my mind imagined what was going on in that room. 

There was some dragging of chairs, or shifting of furniture before their conversation become audible and clear. 

I could hear the chair being set closer to the window. 

Terry : You’ve grown up to be such a pretty girl Susanne…… you’re all grown up now… 

There was some gagging sound as I fought back the urge to puke. 

My fist was clenched. 

I wanted to just jump up and barge into the house but I was frozen where I stood. I could not move. 

Terry : I…. arguhhgghhh…. Don’t understand…. It’s been so long… why… arguuhh.. arguuh.. urghhh urghhh~~~~~ urghhhhhhhhhh!! 

There was no mistaking what just happened. 

Terry just came. An old man yet still clinging on desperately to his lust. 

He panted in his chair as I heard the bathroom door open before the sound of running water came on. 

My heart was beating really fast. 

Moments later Susanne’s voice rang out loud and clear in the room. 

She was sobbing but I could hear the fight in her voice. 

Susanne : Leave my sister alone… 

Terry : She’s a big girl now…. I’m sure she can make her own decisions… besides… 

Susanne : Enough… please leave… get out… 

Terry laughed a little before I heard the drag of the chair, I could almost picture it being pushed back as he stood up. 

2 seconds of silence followed before Susanne’s voice rang out again. 

Susanne ; Don’t touch me !! … 

Terry : Haha… I’ve already touched everywhere Susanne …. Since your days in JC…you’ve grown into a nice young lady… haha… 

Susanne : Just leave … 

Terry: I be here tomorrow night… it’s Sunday night…. Haha… I like Sunday nights….you like it too don’t you ? … see you at 8pm.

Susanne : get out of my sight… 

My feet sank lower and lower before I sat onto the floor. 

I heard the car engine start and the bright beam of lights cutting through the estate and house before it eventually disappeared. 

I got up onto my feet and I decided to confront Susanne. I had so many questions I wanted to ask her. 

I hesitated at the door for a minute or 2, thinking whether I should press the doorbell. Pacing up and down the entrance, I passed by Xueling’s window. I could see the curtains were drawn. 

Fuck it. 

Just do it and get it over with. 

I had enough of asking myself questions that I could not answer. 

Just knock, get in and demand some answers. 

Before I could do that, I could hear the girls talking. 

The voices appeared out of nowhere. 

It just started as loud speaking, then the voices got raised. 

Then the loud voices gave way to accusations and that was when the screaming started

It’s loud but I could make out the 2 sisters shouting at each other. 

It just happened out of nowhere. 

Xueling : You’re cheap !!!... you’re just cheap ! just go away !! 

Susanne was openly sobbing as she screamed back. 

Susanne : Shut up !!.. you don’t know anything !! 

Xueling : Yes… I don’t … I never knew anything !!! …. None of you tell me anything !!.... why bother ?? 

Susanne : sob… sob… I’m not talking to you if you’re going to behave in that manner… 

A door slammed followed by the other as my hand hovered near the doorbell. 

I cursed silently 

The timing could not get worse. 

I took out my phone to check the time. 

It was coming to 4.30am. 

I was about to put it back into my pocket when I noticed something amiss. 

Something did not seem right on my phone display. 

I blinked and did a double take as I looked at the small aeroplane logo on my phone. 

James : What the fuck,,, 

I actually said the words out softly as I looked at that small white aeroplane on the top right hand corner of my phone. 

I immediately switched out of the mode and waited. 

Seconds later, messages came in, the odd emails, facebook notifications. 

I definitely did not put it in that mode. 

That was when I realised the moment Susanne took over my phone, she turned away as she spoke, walking a few steps further away from me before I was distracted by Roger

I quickly called up the phone log and checked the last dialled number. 

It was for the emergency services alright but the duration. 

Phones these days display the duration of the call. 

James : 2 seconds…. 2 seconds… 

I turned and looked at the old dark house, for a brief moment, I wondered how many secrets were hidden behind those walls. 


I headed back home after that but I could not sleep. I stayed awake all the way till the sun rose. In fact I was not sure why I was awake, my mind was pretty much in a blank either. 

Does that mean Roger is still in the house ?

21th December 2014


10 am

My phone rang and it was Susanne

Susanne : JAMES!!! .. SHIT!!... shit!!!! Come over now !

James : What ? What ???

Susanne : Your stupid contractors must have dug up some war relic or something…. It’s in front of my window. Inside the hole …. Shit… looks like some kind of a urn…come and get rid of it.

My emotions and feelings were mixed, Despite everything that happened last night, she was talking to me as if nothing happened.

Susanne : Are you listening to me ? come and get rid of it….a zombie is going to crawl out of it !!! JAMES !!

James : Calm down… how big is it ?

Susanne : What do you mean how big ? I’m not touching it…. It’s half submerged from the rain…. Ask your contractors to come and get rid of it…

James : It’s Sunday… and

Susanne : I know it’s Sunday and it’s staring at me right through my window. ….. do something about it !!! Please….I fucking kid you not.. something is going to jump out of it…come over and do it now !..

James : Ok… ok…. I’ll call you back…

As I hung up, I still could not resist a chuckle.

I called Thomas, saying that I needed a favour. He’s single and it’s a Sunday, I knew he would be at home watching some HK drama. After I told him what it was, he laughed so hard that he insisted we get Sam and Welly.

James : They’re both married with kids…. It’s Sunday…. I don’t think…. It’s a good idea….

Thomas : Hahahah… fuck… you tell them about this… I confirm they… on you…

James : Ok… I’ll call them …

10 minutes later, I had all 3 of them with me on my plan.

Well I did not expect such a group so I don’t have enough props for this. We’ll just have to improvise.

I deliberated over my plan but thought since we had come this far, might as well do it. If I had pulled the brakes on the plans of cheating Xueling, I would deprive myself of the chance to find out what is going out.

I drove over to pick up Thomas before swinging by to get Sam and Welly.

They immediately talked excitedly over their roles, arguing on who does what. In the end I cut them off and made the decision.

James : Ok enough… Sam is the oldest, he would look convincing… besides Susanne saw him before, I could always say I was consulting him on something…

I pointed to Welly and Thomas and added.

James : You 2 are the assistant…. Do this…

I briefing explained the procedure and that there is no need for any theatrics.

James : It’s a simple hit and run…. Don’t fuck it up…


It was noon by the time we got to Susanne’s place. Charmaine was already there, I had expected Susanne to call her.

I got out of the car and my crew of sort got dressed.

Sam pulled on a yellow robe with one of those Taoist cap while the other 2 had joss sticks, candles and incense paper with them. Sam drew out a thin wooden sword and took a stack of yellow charms I printed off my own printer with yellow paper.

Susanne came out, so did Xueling but there was no signs of Roger.

Susanne : Who are they ?

Susanne wore a plain sleeveless grey dress that reached right to her ankles. It was just a simple dress but as the wind blew onto it, it hugged onto her body, showing all her curves and the fullness of her breast.

My mind went to the conversation I overhead a few hours ago in the morning.

Has she been the target of abuse by her uncle since her schooling days ?

James : If it’s what you said it is, we cannot just remove it…we need to get specialist help…

Susanne : What ?

She pointed to Sam with a frown on her face.

Susanne : Isn’t he the guy you went Geylang with ?

James : He’s the shifu I consulted , his temple is at Geylang…

She looked at me with a bit of doubt in her eyes.

James : Ok look…. These kind of things happen at construction sites…. Better to do it properly…. You’re still going to be staying here….

I told Susanne Sam had a lot of experiences dealing with these matters.

James : Money wise… you all will settle … leave me out of it..

I had already told Sam to ask got a 3k red packet for a start.

Xueling : Will it be done by today ?

James : yes… yes… immediate… we’ll do it now…

Susanne showed everyone the site and we looked at it as if we had seen it all before.
I shot a look at the guys and they got about doing their stuff.

Simple stuff.

James : Ok.. let’s head in for a drink… let them deal with this…

Xueling : I want to watch.

Susanne folded her arms and nodded her head and I could see Charmain peeking out from Susanne’s bedroom.

I immediately had a bad feeling.

I could see the kid in the guy’s eyes as they regarded each other with that look.

This is not good.

I fucking told them to keep things simple.

They were to light some candles and joss sticks.

Throw some incense paper and maybe ring the bell a few times while Sam chants and remove the urn.

That was it.

Should not take more than 15 minutes.

But no.


Sam had other plans.

I watched in horror as he drew up the sword and pointed it into the sky.

Sam : Mah neh mah neh mah neh homm!!!

With a wide arc, he swung the sword down pointed it at the urn and shocked everyone.

Even I jumped a little and stepped back.

That marked the first of many fails.

Welly and Thomas started to light the candles and stuck them around the hole.

Everyone retreated another step more as Sam swung his sword again.

I have never felt so fucking embarrassed in my life.

Sam : Mah neh mah neh…..

He walked around the hole as Welly tried not to laugh. His face was pretty scrunched up to the point he was biting on his lips.

In the end he fucking turned away and has his back facing us.

As if that was not enough, he started throwing the incense paper over his shoulder onto Thomas.

Thomas remained calm as I stared wide eye at him. 

He had difficulty lighting a bunch of joss sticks with the flimsy lighter, at the same time, he was getting a shower of incense paper. 

I was about to bury my face in shame when Sam suddenly shouted. 

Sam : Mah neh mah neh…. HUAT AH!! 

He stuck the sword into the ground as all the girls yelped and stepped back a little more. 

Susanne turned and glared at me. 

Susanne : Is he for real ?? 

I nodded weakly as Sam had his right index finger and middle finger up straight, pointing at the urn. His left hand remained at the small of his back. 

Xueling came over to my side. 

Xueling : James… construction site always got this ? 

I nodded slowly, too embarrassed to say anything else. 

Sam : 酒拿来 ! ( Bring me the wine ) 

I slowly lowered myself to a squatting position as I look at Thomas reach into the box and took out a bottle of water. 

Yes it’s a fucking bottle of evian water. One I kept in my car to drink, I must have accidentally put it into the box. 

I rubbed my fingers into my hair as Sam took a swig, squatted down, and sprayed it in a wide arc at the candles half expecting a mini fireball. 

Instead it extinguished the flame of half of the candles in front of him. 

Thomas by then could no longer hold it in. 

He too turned away and took some of the incense paper from Welly and started throwing them over his shoulders too. 

Their heads were lowered and their shoulders slouching. 

It was obvious they were on the verge of an explosion of laughter. 

Susanne : What are they doing ? Are you sure about this. ? 

Susanne approached Sam who was now standing over the hole in the ground. 

Sam looked at Susanne with a cock sure attitude and added. 

Sam : That is call 回避 ( Look away ) Not everyone can see this… 

Susanne : So it the rites done ? 

Sam : I’m about to bring up the urn. Stay back.. 

That was when my legs completely gave way and I sat down on the damp grass. 

Sam went to the box of tools, took out a NTUC plastic bag and walked right over. He lifted the urn up only to realise it doesn’t fit before putting it back down. 

He turned to Susanne 

Sam : You got bigger plastic bag ?? 

That was it. 

If I had asthma, I would need my inhaler right now 

Welly could not control himself any longer and he burst out laughing. 

I thought the game was over, I really did but Sam was quick on his feet. 

He immediately went over and grab a handful of incense paper and plastered them onto Welly’s face. 

Sam : ALL LOOK AWAY !!! QUICK !!! 

His shout took everyone by surprise. 

Susanne and Xueling ran off and hid behind me, Charmaine screamed too and pulled the curtains , no doubt running out of the room. 

Welly had a complete breakdown and just laughed and laughed like a mad man. 

Sam : Pass me those ! 

He pointed to the yellow amulet I made using photoshop and I passed them over and glared angrily at him. 

He took 5, lighted them up with the burning candles and threw them onto the floor. 
With a dead serious look, he addressed all of us.

Sam : Those born in the year of rat, bull and tiger, step over this. 

No one moved. 

Sam : What are you waiting for ? 

James : Er… we’re all not born in those years… 

My eyes was literally burning into his as I mouthed him the words to stop. 

He slowly turned away and asked Thomas to pick up the Urn. 

Welly was kneeling on the grass patch, his forehead touching the ground as he continued to laugh. 

Thomas picked it up and the girls gasped at the looked at the prop I placed into the hole. 

Since it was dripping wet, he started to shake off the excess water and the girls started screaming. 

Susanne : AHHH… stop!!... don’t do that… 

Xueling : AHHHH!!!....

Thomas quickly put that into the tool box and Sam helped to pack up. 

Susanne : This is it ? 

Sam : Yes… we need to do some prayers to this… it’s a separate charge for disposal… 

Susanne : WHAT ! 

She turned towards me and I turned towards Sam who calmly spoke. 

Sam : Look….your place is ok now…I removed it… but I need to put this for 49 days at my temple, everyday need to do prayers and rites. 

He pointed to the urn and added. 

Sam : Or you want I leave it here outside the recycle bin… you ask the bangala to throw.. 

Susanne : No… no… no… take it…take it.. 

As they loaded everything into the boot of my car, Susanne took out a cheque book. 

Sam : Sorry… red packet only… we cannot take cheque… 

Susanne : Why not ? 

I had enough of Sam’s theatrics and told Susanne to issue the cheque to me. I’ll take care of it. 

She hesitated for a moment before pulling me aside. 

Susanne : Are you shitting me James ? 4.8k for this ??? you’re supposed to be taking my sis’s money, not mine. … are you cheating me ? 

James : Of course not…. split the bill with your sis…. Have to…. You’re both occupiers of this place… 

She looked at me with a incredulous look. 

James : Look…if I wanted to cheat you…. I won’t do this… 

I kept my face straight as I looked at Susanne. 

She thought about it for a while before nodding her head. 

After Susanne issued me the cheque to me, I told her the renovation works would be wrapped up in a couple of days. 

James : You doing anything for dinner ? 

Susanne : dinner ? … erm…I er.. 

I could see Susanne hesitating in her reply. 

Susanne : Sorry I can’t James… not today… 

I nodded with a smile. 

James : Another time then… 

The guys were already in the car, Xueling disappeared into her room. Charmaine was in the bathroom. 

James : Susanne … 

Susanne : Yah ? 

James : Why didn’t you make the call last night ? …. 

Susanne did not look surprise at my question and she smiled briefly at me before looking away as she folded her arms. 

When she looked back at me, she added. 

Susanne : Why were you at my place this morning ? 

We stood there without a word, staring at each other. Both of us waiting for the other to talk. 

Susanne came over, kissed me on the cheek and put the cheque into my hand. 

Susanne : Nothing changes James…. Get the money from my sis…. 

With that, she turned and walked towards her room. 

James : I'll be here at 8pm. 

She paused, hesitating at the archway leading to her room with her back facing me. 

3 seconds later, she went into her room and shut her door. 


The guys kept a straight face when I got into the car. 

Sam leaned back on the head rest, as if he had exhausted his energy. Welly and Thomas had their faces in their hands, massaging their forehead.

The moment I pulled off the road, they began laughing and laughing. 

James : Please forgive me, I don’t share your level of humour. 

Sam : Eh… Don’t like that la… it was a good one … haha… 

I shook my head and thanked them for the help.

Welly : Eh money we got a share bo ? haha.. 

I told them the money would be returned to the girls after we sort some issues out, but dinner and drinks on me the next round. 

Sam : Eh, next time got something like this, ask us again… haha.. 

As they continued to joke and blamed each other for the screw ups, I dropped each of them off before returning home. I disposed of the props, keeping only the robe and the sword. 

After grabbing some food, I took a quick nap before waking up at 6pm. 

I tried calling Susanne but she chose not to pick up my call. I called Charmaine next and she said she was in the movies and hung up too. 

After a quick change of clothes, I grabbed a cab over to Susanne’s place again. 


The lights were on in the house and I walked right in and rang the bell but no one answered. 

I even knocked on Xueling’s windows in case she was in her room but I did not get a reply too. 

I planted myself at the front of the door, sitting on the steps. 

Whatever the fuck is going to happen at 8pm, I would be there. If Terry thinks he’s going to come right in and demand Susanne fuck him or something, I would be there to stop it. 

Come on, he’s in his 60s, there is no way I would lose out to someone like him. 

After what I’ve seen the past couple of days, I doubt there was anything left that could surprise me anymore. 

Not even the perverse mind of a uncle abusing his niece. 


The door opened and I stood up from the steps. 

As I turned around to face Susanne, I had all the air knocked out from my lungs as I stared at her. I could not muster up enough energy to say a single word as I looked at her. 

I really just looked at her. 

She looked different. 

Very different. 

Instead of the usual clothes she wore, she was in something very different. 

Very very different. 

The sound of old 60s music blared from a old radio in the living room. The usual white lights were switched off, instead a few warm lights were left on. 

Susanne’s hair was neatly tied up into a bun with her fringe styled into a wavy curve that made her look as if she had travelled back in time. She wore a old 1 piece dress, almost like a cheongsum except it was not. 

The collar reached high into her neck, an intricate knot held the 2 collar flaps together. The dark blue dress with small white dots brought out the hour glass figure of Susanne. Her slim mid section fastened with a white belt. The hem of her dress reached well below the knees in a conservative manner. 

A white hairband sat on her hair while some light makeup made her look a little older than she really was. 

She wore a cream coloured pair of low heels, about 1.5 inches give and take. 

Her hands were clasped together in front of her waist as our eyes met. 

Susanne : Go away James… this has nothing to do with you… 

James : What the fuck is this…. What are you doing ? 

Susanne : Leave now… please…

She refused to engage me in a conversation but I grabbed her by her arm, swinging her around to face me. 

James ; What is this ! huh ? Some kind of sick roleplay ? har ? 

Susanne’s eyes had this sad helpless look in them as she gave me a weak smile. 

She shook my hand away and went into the kitchen. She was walking around the house with her heels on and in my attempt to chase after her, I did not take off mine as well.

I watched as she brought out some simple dishes she prepared, beancurds, fried vegetables, a small fish and some pickled vegetables. I could see a pot of porridge bubbling on the stove. 

Something seemed different about the things that was being displayed in the house. There were some old photo frames left lying around. 

I picked one up and my eyes widened a little. 

Holding up that very photo to Susanne, I realised Susanne bore an uncanny resemblance to Terry’s wife. 

That photo was old, probably when she was about Susanne’s age. 

I quickly looked at the others that were on the table, one of them had her wearing the same dress that Susanne wore. 

James ; Susanne, talk to me… 

Susanne : She’s Meiqi, my aunt. She passed away when she was 35. 

That was all she said before she stopped. 

James : Why are you doing this ? … 

She took the photo from me and replaced it at the same spot, adjusting it to make sure it’s straight. 

Susanne : He’s coming soon…. Leave James… 

James : I’m not leaving… you don’t need to do this… 

She covered the dishes on the dining table with a net and checked the time on the old wall clock. 

Susanne : James… please… leave… let what little remains of my dignity stay with you in your heart….you don’t need to see this. 

I held both her arms and told her I’m not leaving.

Susanne : You’ll get Xueling into trouble if you don’t….please… 

Before I can ask her what she meant her head jerked towards the window as a beam of car headlights shot into the house. I could hear the engine of Terry’s old Mercedes churning as it grind to a stop. 

I was expecting Susanne to panic, to ask me to hide, to beg me to leave but she did not. 

Instead she closed her eyes and her hands went to her face. She sniffed and wiped away the tears from the corner of her eye. 

I don’t know why but I just stepped away from her, heading into the archway leading to the girls room. 

Opening Susanne’s bed room, I stepped in as I watch her took a deep breath and she walked towards the door where Terry was knocking. I shut her door and went straight to her drawers,I knew where she kept the keys to her window grilles. 

I unlocked it and slid open a panel, hoisting myself out into the courtyard before I closed it. 

Walking around the house, I went to the window that would give me a clear view of the living room. 

Lowering myself to the ground, I saw Terry walking into the house as his hands went around Susanne’s waist. 

I could even hear him talk. 

His voice cut through the silence in the house like a hot knife slicing through soft butter. 

Terry : Meiqi…. What are we eating tonight ? 

I watched as he caressed Susanne’s body, stroking her back, letting his hands drop lower and lower onto her slim waist. Then he gently grabbed Susanne’s buttocks, squeezing them as she removed the netting that covered the food. 

Terry : Pour me a glass of water…

Susanne quietly went into the kitchen before emerging with a glass of water. 

Terry sat down and began to talk. 

The things he said did not make sense to me at all. 

Terry : You know… a ship hit the cable car….. 2 cabins fell into the sea…. 7 died…. They’re still trying to rescue them… 

I scratched my head, that was something that happened in the 80s. 

He went on talking about how his friends were working overnight at the site and that he wished he was there too. 

Terry ; But I miss you so much Meiqi…I had to come back to see you.. 

Susanne served him a bowl of porridge and had one for herself too. 

My view of what was happening was intermittent. With the curtains behind the windows swaying gently , I could only see when it opens up a gap wide enough, it lasted probably about 2-3 seconds before it covers up and I could need to wait for the slow ceiling fan to turn and hit it again. 

What they were saying though , I could hear it clearly as if I was in the room. 

Perhaps it was because of his age, maybe it was his hard of hearing, Terry spoke pretty loud. 

Terry : Changi Airport has been opened for 2 years, we haven been on a holiday for a long time…. Shall we head somewhere for a trip Meiqi ? 

I could not hear if Susanne gave him a reply, besides from the sound of Terry’s voice, all I could hear was the noise of wooden chopsticks hitting against porcelain bowls and plates. 

Nothing could get weirder than this. 

Dinner was concluded after a while and I could hear the stacking of dishes, no doubt Susanne was playing the role of a dutiful wife cleaning up. 

Crackkkk… thud… thud.. thud… 

The sound of cutleries hitting the table from a height rang out so did Susanne’s whimper.

Susanne : Arhh..ugh,,. 

I could hear several clicks of Susanne’s heels, as if she suddenly lost her balance. 

Susanne : No… don’t… 

Terry : Who was the guy who sent you back this morning ? …. Har ? I saw you sitting on his bicycle.

Susanne : No.. he’s.. no one.. 

Terry : Don’t lie to me !... 

Susanne : urghhh… 

The curtains lifted and I saw that Susanne was half lying on the sofa, it appears as if she had been thrown or pushed down. Terry was unbuckling his pants before the curtains came back down on me. 

Terry : I love you Meiqi…. Why are you doing this ? 

Susanne : I….. I did not do anything…. 

Terry : I know him…. He’s that Samseng ( gangster ) from the market….

Susanne whimpered but I could not see what was happening. 

Susanne : Urghhhhh…erngnhhh… 

I could hear her sobbing begin. 

Terry : I love you Meiqi….. I really do… I want to start a family… 

Susanne’s sobbing got louder and I anxiously willed for the fan to hit the curtain again. 

Terry had his back towards me as he stood facing Susanne. I could see the wrinkled old skin of his buttocks as he held onto Susanne’s shoulders. Anyone could tell what he was asking of her. 

Terry : What’s wrong with you today ? …. You’re slow in your replies….you want Xueling to take over you ?? 

Susanne : No… no…. sorry….i… 

Before she could finish speaking, I watched as Terry pressed himself onto Susanne’s face. 

Terry : Arghhh… urghh… 

My view was obstructed once more but the sound Terry was making left me in no doubt what was happening. Memories of Susanne’s blowjob came flooding back into my head. 

Terry : Arghh… oorrhhh… urgeggghhh.. yes… yes… arhghh…. Suck me …Meiqi… I love you… rgughhh… 

My fist was clenched as I struggled with my decision. 

I don’t know the whole story, if I barge in like this, would I really put Xueling in danger ? 

As the curtain slowly lifted up, I could see the shadow on the ground before I laid eyes on Terry and Susanne. 

Susanne’s shadow bobbed up and down, the motion of the shadow alone sent a erotic sensation down my dick as the way she clamped down on my dick before using her lips to pushed back my foreskin. 

Once my sensitive dick was engulfed in her mouth, I would agree to anything. 

The warm saliva coats every inch and her tongue drawing circles around the rim of my dick before she tries to tongue fuck my pee hole. 

I literally moaned like a sick patient when she did that to me in her clinic as I sat on her chair while she knelt on her knees after a day of seeing patients. 

The way she would looked up at me with her eyes as her hand stroked my hungry manhood. 

I shook myself a little to snap out of my day dream. 

Susanne yelped again as Terry pulled her up to her feet. Her heels clicked and she was dragged across the living room. 

I could hear the foot steps moving away before it disappeared. 

I immediately changed my position and went around the back. My eyes looked at the surrounding houses, some lights were on, I could hear the occasional loud laughter, probably from some happy family dinner. 

I could only pray no one decides to look out and see me snooping around. 

Susanne : No… please… 

Terry : Take off your clothes… don’t dirty it… 

Susanne : I’m… I’m not feeling well today…. 

Terry : Take off the clothes….now ..! 

The windows were opened a lot wider for Dr Kim’s room and only the day curtains were drawn. I could not afford to poke my head up so I could only depend on my hearing to find out what was happening. 

Susanne sobbed openly as I heard a few clicks of her heels before the sound stopped. She must have taken it off. 

Susanne : Arguhhh.. harr…. 

I don’t know why she shouted but it must be something Terry did. 

There was some rustling of bags then I could hear the old bed creaked. 

Susanne : No… no please… sob… sob… 

I could hear Susanne sucking in a deep breath as she whimpered in pain. 

Susanne : Haaaruuuuuuhhhh….rguuhhh… 

Terry : ARghhhhh..hhh… 

Susanne : Sob… sobs… 

Then the creaking of the bed got louder and more consistent. 

Creak… creak…. Creak……..piak…. creak… piak… 

There was the occasional grunt from Terry but hardly any moans from Susanne. 

Her moans would throw anyone who listened to them into a mating frenzy. That sensual soft voice, purring by the side of your ears. That helpless gasping of small calculated breathes. 

A few shallow inhale follow by a long exhale as she squeezed her vagina walls against my dick. 

Creakk… cerakk… creak… piak.. piak… 

Terry : Arghhh.. arghh 

Susanne : Sobbs…sobzzz…. 

The creaking stopped. 

Suddenly Susanne was exclaiming out loud. 

Susanne : No.. !! please no… don’t… arghh… urghhhhhhhh 

Terry : Keep quiet… shhhhh…. Shhhh… 

Susanne : Nooo… no.. please… no… 

Terry : Shhh… shhh… it’s ok… it’s ok… 

I could hear some struggling but there's no way for me to tell what was happening. 

Susanne: no.. please. .

Terry : I feel like doing this today. .. 

A few minutes past and the only sound I heard was the soft sobbing of Susanne. Aside from that was the occasional command from Terry for her to turn, or to move. 
About 10 minutes passed before I head the bed creak again. The bedroom door opened and I assumed Terry had stepped out. 

I took a bold leap of faith and looked into the room. Susanne was lying on the bed only in her bra. A light purple bra that I had seen her in before.

Her dress was hung up by the wardrobe. her matching light purple panty lying by the side of the bed. Her knees was brought up close to her chest as she laid on her left. Susanne's hands were tightly fastened to each of her ankles. Another coil of rope went around her knees before looping around the back of her neck, immobilising her completely as she sobbed on the bed. 

It was an arousing sight. Her helplessness and position was primed for entry. The moment Terry enters, he could penetrate Susanne's love hole from behind or in the cradle position.

Or even from the sides depending how he positioned her. 

I heard Terry coughed and I quickly got back down. My brain was trying to come up with something to stop this.

I'll need a distraction of some sort. Something to get Terry away from Susanne. 

Susanne : ernghh urghhh... urghhh. .. no. Urghhh. . 

He must have penetrate her again and the creaking of the bed started once more. 

Susanne whimpered in pain and discomfort as her love hole gets violated once more by her uncle. 

Creak… creak… creak….piak piak… 

I was about to head back to the front to ring the doorbell or something when Terry’s phone rang. 

The creaking stopped and I could only hear Susanne whimpering softly as she sobbed. 

Terry : Hello ? … yes ? …… what ?? Now ??? …. 

He sounded really irritated that he was disturbed at that moment. 

Terry : It’s Sunday… i…don’t… 

It seemed he was cut off by whoever that was on the other end of the line. 

Terry : Ok… see you in a while… 

He dropped his phone on the table and sighed audibly. 

Terry : I’m sorry Meiqi… I got to head out for a while…. It’s still early… I’ll come back later ok… 

After a moment of silence I could hear Susanne speak. 

Susanne : What are you doing… let me go… untie me… 

Terry laughed and said he would be back within the hour. 

Terry : I’ll be back soon… why ? … just stay there for a while… 

Susanne : No… no … please… let me go… I need to use the bathroom … 

Terry laughed and despite Susanne’s pleas, he shut the door and head out. 

Terry : I’l taking your keys ya… see you later… 

I stole a quick look into the room and I could see Susanne’s body shaking as she sobbed helplessly in that position. 

I heard the grunt of Terry’s car engine as it backed out of the house. 

Heading round to checked that Terry is gone, I got back into the house through Susanne’s window. Heading directly to Dr sim’s room, I opened it and I could see Susanne’s face was streaked with tears. 

Susanne : you happy now ?.... seeing me in this state ? … sob… sob… 

I ignored her and helped her up to a upright position. I tried untying the knots but they were pretty well tied. 

James : I need a scissors to cut this… 

I went to Susanne’s room and took her towel, heading back, I threw it over her body, wrapping it around her shoulders as she stared at me with her swollen red eyes. 

Susanne : James.. 

James : Don’t say anything….. where do you keep your scissors ? 

Susanne : In the kitchen, 2nd drawer… under the………

A familiar sound travelled into our eardrums and we both froze. 

That familiar sound.

That loud thud thud roar of Roger’s Harley. 

James : Where is Xueling ? 

Susanne : she went JB with her friends…. She would have been with Roger but not today…. He was passed out…. His friends came….. and… and… 

I left Susanne in the room and ran out to the living room. Roger had parked right outside the compound and he was getting off the bike. He was alone. 

Or so I thought. 

A 2nd bike pulled up. 

And a 3rd. 

And a 4th. 

I ran back to Susanne. 

Susanne : Is he with Xueling ? 

James : No… he’s with his friends…