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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Schedule for May

Some readers have requested for a tentative schedule.

I guess having a schedule to keep to would be a good form of discipline

This is the best i can do in the month of May/June base on current work commitments.

I used to be able to write on the flight for a few hours, but nowadays, i end up thinking about work.

Tough times is upon us, stay strong all.

9th may - Jack & Stephanie.

16th May - WTBHN part 2

30th May - HBMGAF part 5

Mid June - Preview of new work.

A teeny bit of good news.

As mentioned earlier, i've decided on the main piece for 2017, i'm excited about it.

Have been receiving tons of materials from the story contributor, Kelly.

Kelly is based in Shanghai, has been there for a couple of years since leaving her husband in Singapore.

Yup. She's singaporean too.

For those who are looking forward to the witty and resourceful James, good news. He will be back in this new piece.

I'm spending some time pouring through the materials Kelly sent, if all goes well, i should be able to bring forward the so call launch date for this.

Here's the title.

"Cheating my ex-girlfriend's sister " (CMES)

Perhaps the best news of the day i could share with you all would be this.

CMES will not be out in 2017. It will not be a long piece of work, with the detailed materials , writeups and scanned handwritten diary entries, i might be able to get this out in a couple of months.

Let's put the tentative date in mid to End July.

I had already promised Kelly a 1st cut sometime in end June. By then, i should be able to edit and expand the drafts for release.

This pretty much means i would still be looking for materials for my main piece in 2017.

Please keep the mails coming people.



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  1. It been some time i havent visit your blog. close to half a year. Am happy to see this blog run actively. Cheers! look forward to see more.