Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Apologies for the lack of updates.

It been a tiring few weeks.

I just cannot find the energy to continue with the updates.

Perhaps you had a feeling it might come to this too.

Cheating my Ex-girlfriend's sister will be discontinued.

There's a few reasons for this but i would have to shoulder most of the blame.

You might have felt the story being disjointed at certain portions, this is because it was co-written with the story provider.

I tried to save it at one point but it didn't really worked out.

Normally i would have been more patient with story contributors but it's been a tiring month and i just don't have the energy for large amount of correspondence.

Due to my lack of / late replies, the story contributor has decided not to go ahead with this.

Kelly, my sincere apologies for this.

Hope you can find someone else to bring out what you hope to with the story.

Moving on, i will be wrapping up part 5 of HBGAF and the last of Jack's series, blackmailing the JC girl.

Have started work on main piece for 2017.

Hope to share it soon.


Thursday, 16 June 2016


"My adventure in my office "

With the events that happened the past couple of weeks, i think it's time to do this.

Will be progressively working on this for release some time around xmas.

CMEGS is a short piece.

Final update tonight.

PS : Have you watched the red wedding ?


Saturday, 11 June 2016

Making a Stand

Dear all,

Thank you for the words of encouragements and mails.

Apologies for the lack of updates, been trying to sort out some issues with my work the past week or so.

It's evolving into a drama of sort.

It might turn out to good writing materials too.

Not to worry, CMEGS is still going to continue.

Looking to start daily updates in a couple of days.


Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Apologies for the lack of updates this couple of days.

There's been a bit of hiccup at work.

Morale is at a all time low and my entire team quit.

Can you believe this ?

Entire team! .. And the piece of shit i call my boss only made a half hearted attempt at trying to make them stay.

Actually the team had been handing in their resignation shortly after the pay cut.

1, then another, then another.

I literally laughed out loud in my office together with the other 3 when they passed me their letter on Monday morning.

I shit you not.

I laughed so hard tears just rolled down my eyes. They laughed too.

I can't blame them, there's always a better offer out there, but we've worked together for so many years. There's still a bit of attachment.

Yeah, I can be emotional too.

Needless to say, my mood is pretty lousy since Yesterday morning. It's one of the big mind fuck i've experienced since i started work.

Went to talk to my boss, it became a raised voice discussion

Then the table banging started. Not me, is her.

Short excerpt of our conversation.

Boss : You'll have to make do with less...

James : You're asking me to make do with none if you don't replace the ones leaving.

Boss : Why ? Are you leaving too ?

I stood up and said i'll go prepare my letter.

She slammed on the table and asked me to get out.

I laughed and went out for coffee at 3pm.

My letter has been prepared, enveloped sealed.

Now the question is whether to throw it before i get another job.

Sigh.... if i were in my twenties, it would have happened right there and then.

Anyone hiring ? haha.

Apologies for the delay with CMEGS.

Give me a day or so to sort out my thoughts. i'll get right back to it.