Thursday, 28 July 2016

My adventure in the office part 1

I meant it when i said i'm going all out........

Here's it is.


I got married early compared to my peers.

My wife Belinda and I went for our ROM when we were 23. We were madly in love, and we could hardly keep ours hands off each other. Sex was great, amazing in fact and felt our characters were really compatible. We dated for less than 6 months but felt that we want to live the rest of our lives together.

Hell even the zodiac signs says we’re meant to be together. Against the objection of our parents, we registered our marriage in May 2006, just days after the country’s election.

Our friends said we were crazy, my relatives thought it was a shot gun marriage, even the justice of peace gave us a long speech when he presided over our ceremony. I guess even he knew this was a fairy tale without a happy ending.

The initial couple of years were great, we were living the live we wanted. We got our own 3 room flat in Toa Payoh, our very own love nest. It had nothing in it when we moved in. We could not afford the renovation works and we did not want to trouble our parents as they already helped with the down payment.

We painted the house on our own, assembled our own furniture. On the day we moved in, there was only a mattress on the floor but we were happy. Each other was all we need.

Folly thoughts.

Belinda and I are poly graduates, she started work the moment she finished school while I did too after I completed my NS. We did what all couples did. We worked, we bought stuff for the house. We travelled.

Chinese new year came and we had to give red packets to cousins older than us because many of them were not even attached. It was amusing at first.

It was one of the best period of my young adult life. Imagine finishing work, meeting your sweet pretty wife at the train station. Grab some food from the coffee shop, talk about what happened during your day, and end the night off with some hot banging sex all over your new place.

I was on top of the world….. for a while.

Nothing could come between us. Nothing could separate us.

By 2008, things started to get stagnant. Sex was not as good as we remembered and we quarrelled frequently. It’s not over money, it’s not over infidelity, it’s nothing.

Fucking nothing but we would just quarrel.

On the 1st of January 2009, Belinda and I had a long talk and we decided that was it.

Belinda : We can’t live the rest of our lives like this…..

I agreed. It was stifling, and it was really affecting my life. I don’t want to live like this.

What comes next happened so fast and smooth you would think it’s was a orchestrated plan. There was no more quarrel, no more shouting. We talked as if we were friends, nothing more.

We moved back to our parent’s place who knew better than to try and say “ We told you so “  in our faces but it was evident they were itching to say it.

Not that I mind.

The house in Toa Payoh was rented out to my wife’s cousin who worked in the area. The rent goes towards paying the mortgage and any excess was split equally between both of us.

Initially I would still check back with Belinda, whether everything is ok, was the rent paid on time. We still talked, mostly messages.

Without fail, on the 10th of every month, the money would be credited into my account. As time went on, there was no need for me to even talk to Belinda. Not because I don’t want to, there was nothing to talk about.

I was thankful Belinda and I were never into those crazy social media stuff. The idea of posting our photos and what we did online did not sound logical to us at all. We did not have much to share anyway, no Banquet, no pre wedding shoot, just a simple ROM ceremony.

It was something we would come to appreciate when we parted ways. Imagine having to find and delete all those photos of me and Belinda together. Some day another would probably just resurface and remind us of the painful memories we did not want to remember.

Our lives went on normally until during Chinese New year of 2010.

Belinda said we should consider doing something about our legal status as husband and wife.

If she did not mention it, it would have slipped my mind that I was married.

Living by myself and for myself seemed to be how I liked it. The freedom, it cannot be explained. It’s like a pair of wings. I could do anything I wanted and go anywhere my heart desired.

I told Belinda I agree, we should probably get a lawyer and work things out.

She replied that she was not in a hurry, but we shouldn’t leave things hanging too for the good of both of us. With the rental income plus our CPF, the house would be paid off in a couple of years. We agreed to hold on till then before we sell it, and split the profits.

That was the last correspondence I had with Belinda for the whole of 2010.

3rd May 2011


It was a day of significance for me. Not only was it my first day at a new office, it was also the day I turned 28.

I had followed my team leader Mr Liew and we left our jobs together to come to this new firm. He initially broached the idea to me and said he was confident about the prospects in this company. Besides a 15% pay increment, the benefits were far better too. I was interested of course, who wouldn’t ?

Besides I work well with Mr Liew, despite being a father of 2 at 45, he still had the boundless energy of a fresh graduate. He taught me everything I knew. From dealing with difficult people and situation, to understanding the mechanics of office politics.

Mr Liew : Office politics…. It’s everywhere…. You hate it… you don’t like it…. But you still have to play the game…. It’s just the way things are…

Mr Liew taught me skills and gave me ideas that schools would never have in it’s syllabus.

How do you deal with workers who was trying to be funny ?

How do you make sure the contractor does things the way you want it ?

How to do things your way even though it appears you are not .

He opened my eyes to this beautiful and ugly world of the construction industry. An industry where favours, money, and secrets changed hands right under our very nose.

Corruption…. It’s everywhere…Small… big… in different scale…

It’s how you define it.

The more you try to hide something, the more people would want to dig it.

Mr Liew : … The best secrets are the ones hidden in plain sight.

7 am

I was at Tanjong Pagar market waiting for Mr Liew with 2 coffees in front of me. Barely a minute later, I saw him walking towards me and I gave him a wave.

Mr Liew : So how…. First day of work… nervous or not…. Haha…

James : Haha… I’ve been working for 5 years leh brother…. Hahah…

We laughed together, despite our age different, I address him more as a brother than as a superior, but I was careful not to let this get in the way of work. When it was work related and during meetings, I would still call him Mr Liew.

We had a good breakfast, finished our coffee before we walked over to our new office a stone throw away.


The HR girl introduced herself as Sharon. She spent some time going through the various forms we needed to fill in. As I waited for her to make copies of my ID and documents I quietly observed the office and the people that comes in.

The company took up and entire floor of the building. The reception it right at the middle of the whole floor in front of the lift lobby. The glass meeting room I was at is tucked at the side of the reception, giving me a clear view of everyone that walked into the office.

One thing struck me though was behind the reception, there was 2 company names. One which I was joining and another.

I causally asked the HR are we sharing office with another firm and she replied me in a most peculiar manner.

Sharon  : Oh… that… the other one is actually the Boss’s son’s company…

I have heard of that name before, it’s another design firm.

James : Oh… are we competing for business or working together… ?

Sharon : erm…. Haha… I don’t know how to answer that question….we… operate independently as separate legal entities….but…er…

She whispered in a knowing manner.

Sharon  : Daddy pays the bill ma… so..

I laughed and nodded.

Her facial expression changed suddenly as she got back to arranging her documents. I looked up and saw this man walk into the office.

He’s tall. 1.8 at least with a good built. Smartly dressed and his hair was slicked back and cast into place with a good dollop of hair gel. Yes, like Shanghai Tang.

He walked as If he had this air of arrogance around him, talking briefly to the receptionist before turning left into his office.

Sharon  : That’s the wing associate for the company. Mr Lau. .. boss’s son.

I could not understand the funny position that companies come up with these days.

Wing associate. That was also Mr Liew’s position.

Well, granted that the office was divided into 2 wings, North and South, it seemed pretty reasonable.

North wing will be where we work. South is the company helmed by Mr Lau.

My position ? 

Thankfully it’s still decent. Senior project & admin manager.  I actually administer the contracts mostly but what do I care. As long as they pay me.

That was until Sharon passed me a box of my new name card.

I almost fainted.

To save space and text, the printed SP AM James *****

There’s a spacing between SP and AM but it just looks so funny being beside each other.

I showed Mr Liew my name card when Sharon stepped out ….

James : Eh na bei…. They give me Spam position….

I thought it would make Mr Liew laugh until I saw his name card.

I burst out laughing, hitting the table and clutching my stomach.

WA Liew *******

James : Wah liew….. this company is joker company la brother…

Mr Liew shook his head and just that moment , I saw the Boss son’ come into the meeting room.

We stood up and he introduced himself as Terry.

Terry : Hi I’m Terry…

We shook hands and he welcomed us onboard. He sort of hinted that even though we work for different companies in a way, our help was still expected when there is something major going on.

With that he headed out and into the lift.

James : Eh you same position with him also… Wing associate…

Mr Liew nodded.

Mr Liew : Yes… next time people will say this company team leaders is call WA Lau and WA Liew…..

I laughed and took a seat.

Sharon came in with our staff pass and said she will show us to our seats.

I got up and followed behind Mr Liew. Sharon stopped by the reception to grab some drawer keys that were labelled with our names, probably for our desk drawers.
I heard the chime of the lift behind me.

It rang and buzzed in my ears.

My eyes caught the reflection of the opening and I froze.

I could not move.

Sharon : Ok.. follow me…

She turned to the right and Mr Liew followed.

I made a full turn and locked eyes with the woman standing in front of me.

I have not seen her in a while.

Dressed in slick tapered work pants, with her white blouse neatly tucked in, she looked chic and professional. She grew her hair long, well pass her shoulders.

Both of us froze of a second and I could see her swallow a lump of saliva as we stared at each other.

We did not speak.

She looked away first and continued walking towards me.

Another Lift chimed, and Terry came out.

Terry  : Hey… I missed you at the café… called out but you never hear me…

I watched as Belinda turned, smiled and hugged Terry before he planted a kiss on her cheek.

I don’t know what I was feeling.

I could not describe it.

Mr Liew : James… oei… keep up…

As another lift Chimed to unload more staff onto the floor, I swung to the right, focusing my eyes on the reflections of Terry and Belinda on the glass doors of the meeting room.

They turned to the left and walked in with their hands held.

I was in  a bit of a daze as I logged into my account.

I needed a coffee.

I headed to the pantry which was shared by both offices.

There she was.

I went to the coffee machine and waited for her to be done with her coffee before putting a fresh cup under it.

She stayed beside me, adding in sugar and creamer.

We were waiting for the other to speak.

Belinda spoke first.

Belinda : We’re all trying to move on James… hope you understand…

James : I do… don’t worry… I won’t say a word..

Belinda : Let’s keep this under wraps… we should probably look at getting the paper work done…

James : Sure…

I agreed, we parted ways at the pantry.

I got back to my seat which was beside this girl Sandy. I had shook hands with her when I got in earlier but this time round she was sobbing on her desk .

James : Err…. Sandy… are you ok ??

Then without warning, I saw Terry stormed into the office and dropped a file onto Sandy’s table.

Terry  : Check what you are doing before you give them to me.. !!

He stormed off as I stared on.

Ok…. This sucks…

Sharon came by with a box of stationaries and she gestured for me to go over to her as she issued Mr Liew his stuff.

James : Wah… Terry so fierce one ah….

Sharon : Stay away from Sandy James….

James : Why ?? …

Sharon : She’s Terry’s ex girlfriend…..

My eyes widened as I turned to look at Sandy.

She is quite pretty. As she stood up to throw some tissues, I could see her height and built is pretty similar to Belinda.

I took the opportunity to dig a little since Sharon seemed like the gossipy kind.

James : Oh…ermm… Terry dumped her for someone else ah…. Just now I saw… him with another girl….

Sharon’s eyes brightened as if she had found a fellow gossiper to whisper to in the office.

Sharon  : No… no…  …. Sandy was the one that dumped Terry…. Shhhhhhhhh….

She turned and checked behind her shoulders before adding..

Sharon : Don’t say I say one ah…. After they break up, Sandy requested for transfer over here….. last year this time Terry very fat one….. but because of this, he go exercise… lose weight… now look a lot better… but too late already….

She lowered her voice a notch.

Sharon : Now he got someone else already… but hor… he still cannot let go of Sandy… always find trouble… sigh…

She straightened herself, brushed her blouse and walked off.

I nodded my head in a knowing manner.

Mr Liew : Don’t kaypo la… go and Spam your work…

James : Wa liew….

We laughed and I walked back to my desk.

By 10am, I saw and shook hands with all the team members in my team.

So did Mr Liew.


Mr Liew : What do you think ?

I laughed and looked at Mr Liew.

James : We’re fucked… 


We’re in trouble and Mr Liew knew it too. 

The people in our team are a mish mash of rejects from what I could see.

We held out hopes that things would get better after a while. Once we get settled in and adjust accordingly, everything would be fine. 

It was not the case. 

We did what we could but by the end of the 1st month, it was clear the people in our team were trouble, or troubled. 

First was Sandy. She’s a good girl, sweet, pretty and hardworking but she is being harassed by Terry. 

Almost every week, sometimes twice a week, he would make unreasonable demands of her. Sandy does admin work, mostly filing and since she used to be from his team, Terry came over frequently to question her on her past works. 

Not only that, he makes her do the administrative work from his office too. 

2 separate entities my ass. 

Because of this, I often find Sandy quietly sobbing by her desk during lunch. 

I tried to ask her out to eat with the rest of us but she said she had no appetite. 

I made it a point to buy something back for her every time it happened. 

Sandy : No need James… it’s ok…. Come I pay you back the money… 

James : No need la… it’s ok…

She flirts with me on occasions though, when she’s in a good mood. I think it was when she could see from the company movement charts that Terry is overseas, she would be more relaxed. 

Sandy : Eh… don’t treat me so nice la James…. You like me is it… haha… 

I laughed and replied. 

James : You so pretty… everyone will like one ….. but… I scare la… wait Terry come and scold me.. 

Sandy : Tsk !... 

She would narrow her eyes at me, flashing her cute dimples. 

Inside the office, Sandy is the only eye candy for me. She dress well, usually some body hugging dress. Her work is ok, some mistakes here and there but still within acceptable limits. 

I loved Wednesdays and Fridays. It was the days Sandy would go for her yoga class after work. 

Working with a inefficient team can take it’s told mentally and physically on your body and like everyone else, I need a form of release. 

You see, Sandy would leave the office at 6pm sharp, heading across the road to a Yoga gym before arriving back around 7.30pm with her dinner to continue her work. I think the routine sort of began when she knew Terry would leave work on the dot. 

She could easily get her stuff done while she enjoys a slow dinner. Me on the other hand, liked to feast my eyes on Sandy’s body. 

It’s either black or grey tights most of the time and with tights, there is no way to hide anything. The elastic fabric is like a 2nd skin and every time I see her walk out of the office in that and a loose tshirt that was almost translucent, my dick would stir. 

It gets better when she comes back in. Sometimes she goes for a short jog. The beads of perspiration, the stray strands of matted hair on her forehead. It was a arousing sight.

Her sports bra are always colourful, neon purple with prints and her tshirts always loose, exposing a shoulder blade. With her hair tied up into a bun, she looked deliciously healthy. 

I was tempted to ransack her gym bag on some occasion but I held back. Telling myself to control my urges and emotions no matter how tempting her body hugging dress and her high heels looked that day. 

The days with stockings are especially hard. 

I had to force myself to look away whenever Sandy brings something over for me to vet through and sign. 

I could not resist staring at her bare black stockinged feet one day as they were tucked snuggly in her cartoon slippers as she placed some files for me to take a look. 

James : Why you bring me things never wear heels one ah… is cartoon slippers…

Sandy : Aiyah… uncomfortable to wear whole day… you only 1 desk away… slippers can la… 

James : But I like to see you in heels … haha 

She smacked me with her file and went back to her seat. 

From that day on, she made sure she wore her heels whenever she came over. 
Right down the seat from Sandy sits Hakim. 

Hakim is a problem. He always arrive at work well past 10 and leaves on the dot. It was something Mr Liew had spoken to him 2 weeks into the new job but he still kept at it. HR says he’s a ok worker with some family problems and the boss was willing to turn a blind eye to it. 

It did not sit well with Mr Liew though. Hakim is careful with his work, he’s been with the company for close to 8 years, the only issue was that he’s always distracted. 

Sometimes his mind would just drift off and stare into blank space. 

On certain days, I would find him sleeping, nodding off at his seat, even more surprising though is that he never made any mistakes in the stuff I asked him to help me do. 

It was always a 100% 

Perhaps it was because of this the Boss was willing to turn a blind eye. 

Hakim too was transferred from the other office, his transfer was recent, only a few months ago I heard after my wife Belinda came on board. Belinda had this thing for being punctual and it really irks her that Hakim is late most of the time yet he had the cheek to leave at 6pm. 

And because of his recent transfer, he still had a ongoing project that he’s helping Belinda with. 

It’s like a timed event. 

After Terry comes over and find trouble with Sandy, Belinda would come over and scold HaKim. I bet both of them head down to a café for their tea break after that. 

Hakim is huge, he’s like a 100kg on a 1.9 frame. I would not have the balls to talk to him in that manner if I was Belinda who only stands at 1.6m. Hakim’s sneeze could probably lift her slender frame of 43KG off the ground. 

I cannot imagine if he actually hit her. She would go right out the window. 

That would never happen though. 

Hakim is like a gentle giant. He may be big, but he’s actions are gentle and slow. Almost like that watching a display of Silat. Gentle but firm. 

He is also a nice guy, always smiling. 

Belinda always like to disturb him nearing his prayer timing on Fridays. It if was me I would get really irritated but it never fazed Hakim. He was always calm no matter how Belinda ruffled his feathers.

Moving on down the line, we have Alex. The youngest member of the team. 

He’s fast. Really fast. 

I could give him something in the morning that would probably take 2 days to do and he could send it over to me by mid afternoon on the 1st day. 

There’s just a problem. 

It’s full of mistakes. I would waste a ton of time tidying up his work before asking him to do it again. 

And Alex, stays really late. 

He’s punctual, I got to give it to him. 

Alex is in the office at 8am sharp everyday, rain or shine. 

He would only leave at 10.30pm. 

Sounds like a good worker right ? No. 

He’s got nothing to do, he would still stay till 10.30pm so he can take a cab back home base on company policy. He would surf the net, watch youtube, have his dinner. 

And his cab fare is eating into my project budget. That’s like 600 a month for his cab fare alone. 

I massaged my head as I looked at the figures and stuff I need to deal with. 

Then there is still uncle Tong. The oldest member of the team. 

If you discount the speed at which he does things, he’s actually quite good. 

He’s just slow. 

I cannot blame him but sometimes when you need things fast, it’s really painful. 

Something that would take no more than 3 hours, Uncle Tong would take 2 days. 

Thankfully it has no mistakes. If not I would probably roll up and die. 

He’s also a loner, I don’t know where he goes for lunch but he would just disappear. Sometimes he would appear out of nowhere from behind some cupboard or room without a word. 

He’s known for startling people in the office because he’s so quiet. 

Silent steps and asset of wrinkled deep gazing eyes. 

It’s no wonder he has not much friends in the office. 

I tried talking to Mr Liew about this but he asked me to handle it. 

He’s tied down with bringing in new jobs for the team or we would all be dead in the water soon. There is a couple of jobs we’re working on but the team is bleeding money. 

3rd June 2011



I was having a drink with Mr Liew across the road from our office and he says he’s confident with a job he’s bidding for. The client knows him well.

Mr Liew : I’m just worried if we can handle it given the state of the team.

I gulped down my beer and lifted up my hand. 

James : There’s Sandy…which Terry is bothering. … then there’s Hakim… which…. 

I quickly held back from saying ‘my wife’ . 

James : Which… Terry’s girlfriend is bothering… 

I counted off Alex, ticked off Uncle Tong and looked at Mr Liew. 

James : Bro… we cannot handle a big project with this team… not in this state… 

He looked at me and replied. 

Mr Liew : What did I teach you on your first day at work ? 

He continued. 

Mr Liew : Find the root of the problem…..then solve it… 

James : Ok… ermm… fire the team… we hire from scratch…. 

Mr Liew laughed and said he could see the potential in the team.

Mr Liew : We just need to make it work… 

James : How ? 

He laughed and asked for the bill. 

Mr Liew : I leave this to you…. Fix it James…. You’ve never let me down before….

James : Wa Liew… 

He signed the bill and threw the receipt at me. 

Mr Liew : Fix it James… I mean it….. you have 3 months…I don’t care if you have to sleep with Sandy….. which I know you do… you fix it… 

He checked his watch and said he got to go. 

Mr Liew : Weekend… family time.. 

I watch him leave the pub and I drained my beer. 

Ok… now I just need to figure out how to get Terry to stop harassing Sandy, Hakim to focus and come to work on time, Belinda to stop harassing my team member, Alex to wake the fuck up, Uncle Tong to miraculously speed up on the things he do.

I sighed and leaned back on my chair. 

The server came over to clear my empty mug and asked if I would like some dessert or more drinks. I shook my head. 

Waitress : Piece of cake sir … Perhaps ? ? 

I smiled 

I was about to say no when I saw Sandy in her Yoga outfit walking towards the office. 

It’s coming to 8.30pm 

She’s a bit later than usual that day. 

I saw her head into the lobby and decided to get her something. 

James : I’ll take that piece of cake… pack it up for me please.. 

I paid for it and was about to cross the road over to my office when I saw something interesting. 

Terry appeared from round the corner and he too went into the lift lobby. 

I crossed the road and took the lift up to the office. 

I got another shock when I saw Alex at the entrance all packed up and ready to go. 

He’s leaving early that day. 

James : Eh… going already ah… 

Alex : You better go too…. Don’t stay here. 

He nodded his head over his shoulder towards the office and I walked over to check it out. 

From across a distance, I could see Sandy sitting down on her chair, her arms crossed while Terry was gesturing wildy at her. 

I kept out of sight but close enough to hear what they were talking about. 

Terry : You moved right ! you moved out without telling me ! 

Sandy : Why should I tell you anything !... who are you to me !... 

Terry : I am still paying rent for that place.. !! 

Sandy : Then don’t… I don’t need your rent, your money… just fucking leave me alone. 

The argument got heated and soon Sandy was on her feet. 

Sandy : Go and fuck your new girlfriend !.... leave me alone for fuck sake… 

Terry : What I do it none of your business….she’s better that you… 

Sandy : Good!... then go to her… stop harassing me … you think I don’t know you always come by my place… with the spare key ? You think I don’t know what you were doing ?? har ! 

Terry :That was our place !! .. my place !... I paid for the rent…! ..

Sandy : No one forced you to … 

The quarrel went on and soon, they were pushing each other, jabbing on each other’s chest. 

This would spiral out of control soon. 

I wanted to do something but I don’t know what. 

In the end I did the only thing I could. 

I called Sandy’s phone after moving further away from the office closer to the lift lobby.

I could hear her loud ringtone from where I stood.

A few seconds later she answered. 

Sandy : Yes James ? …

James : Sandy …. Do you happen to be in office ?... i was on my way back to office and I bumped into Alex at the train station..… He says you’re still there….can you help me check if I left the blue file with the project brief on my desk ? …… 

Sandy : Hold on… Yup… it’s here… 

James : Thank god… I thought I left it at the restaurant…. Ok thanks… I’ll head back to grab it. 

Sandy : Oh… you’re coming back up…. Ok… see you.. 

I hung up and disappeared into the staircase landing. 

I peeped through the small vision panel and I saw Terry walking out a minute later, looking a little irritated. 

After waiting for the lift to chime and signal his departure, I left the staircase and walk over to Sandy. 

Sandy : Here’s the file James… 

She smiled but I could still tell she looked a bit upset. 

James : Here… Have some dessert… 

I placed the piece of cake on her desk and came clean, telling her I heard them quarrelling and that I called her in an attempt to make it stop. 

Sandy : It’s ok James… thanks… I’m just….very sick of his constant harassment…. He keeps stalking me… what I’m doing…. It’s like he refuse to move on…. He kept accusing me of not moving on because I still love him….

James : Doesn’t he already have a new girlfriend ? … why is he still bothering you… 

Sandy went on to say that he keeps a close tab on her life, he would secretly visit her place when she’s out. 

Sandy : He says as long as I say it, he will consider having me back… but not as a girlfriend because he is already with that Belinda….. he ask me to be his lover… 

Sandy : I told him it’s not possible…he says as long as I’m not attached…. He still believes he stand a chance… 

I raised an eyebrow before nodding slowly. 

Like that also can ah, there’s really all sorts of people in this world. 

Sandy : Sigh… sorry James.. I shouldn’t bother you with all this… thanks for the cake… 

She turned away and went back to her terminal, clicking away as I looked at her body. The way her legs crossed. Her slender arms and long fingers. 

There’s a small mole behind her left ear. Something about it that turns me on. 

James : So…. To sum it up…. He’ll stop once you’re attached right ?? .. 

Sandy turned around and looked at me before she burst out laughing. 

Sandy : It’s ok James…. Don’t bother volunteering yourself… I don’t want to get you into trouble… haha.. 

James : Wah.. you can read my mind… haha.. 

I thought about it for a moment before I make her preposition. 

James : Well…. We’ll just have to make it seemed as if you are attached when in fact you are not then…. 

Sandy thought about that for a while and asked. 

Sandy : Can you do that ?? 

I gave her a wink. 

James : I’m James…. What can’t I do ? 


Sandy laughed and waved me off. 

Sandy : Don’t joke la… 

James : Have a nice weekend… go back and rest ok… leave this to me… 

She laughed and thanked me for the cake.

6th June 2011



I got into office and I saw Sandy putting her head down on her arms to catch some rest. 

James : Hey… you ok ?? 

When she looked up at me, I could see she has a bit of dark circles around her eyes. Despite the light makeup she had on, you could still tell she’s tired. 

Sandy : Terry…. He’s bothering me at my new place…

James : As in what ? he keeps knocking on your door or something… ? 

She shook her head. 

Sandy : He’s just being creepy, I see his car being parked at my place the carpark…. But I can’t see him anywhere….. then out of nowhere, he would call me and I would jump. 

She began by saying that she got so paranoid that she kept peering out her window every now and then but still sees Terry’s car at the carpark. It would freak her out so much she rather not leave the house. 

Needless to say, she did not get much rest or sleep over the weekend. 

James : Go and tell Terry’s girlfriend…. Ask him not to bother you… 

Sandy : Haha… it’s not simple… Terry… he’s very scheming… he always make things out in such a way he’s he good guy…. He will surely have something to say about that…end up will make me look stupid… 

I thought about it for a while before going back to work. 

Meetings kept me busy for most of the day till about 4pm. 

I saw Terry came into the office with a few boxes of muffins and he passed it to the receptionist. 

Wah, free snack for afternoon tea. This I would not miss out. Grabbing my coffee cup, I headed to the pantry just as the receptionist Lisa is arranging the boxes on the narrow counter. 

She opened up 1 box and stack the other on the lid of the 1st before opening the 2nd one and so on. This would save quite a bit of space since the counter is pretty small. 

Lisa : Lai lai James… eat…. Terry buy one… 

James : Of course… thank you… thank you… 

Lisa turned and happen to see the water dispenser was empty and she asked if I could help her grab a bottle out from the storeroom and change it. 

James : Sure.. 

Lisa : Thanks ! 

I left my cup on the counter and opened the storeroom which is right by the side of the water dispenser. It’s a old storeroom, cramped full of stuff. You cannot even open the door fully, which meant I can’t leave it with the bottle in my hand. It’s too tight to even accommodate the wide of my shoulders and the bulky bottle.

I squeezed myself in and grabbed a bottle of water. 

Suddenly I could hear some voices outside and I recognised it as Terry and Sandy. 

Sandy : Why were you at me place the weekend ? 

Terry : You’re mad… why ? I cannot park my car there is it ? You own the HDB carpark ? 

There was a angry silence as I kept really still inside the storeroom. 

Terry : Try the muffin… it’s nice… hmmm… this cheese flavour is fantastic… 

I could hear him munch on the muffin as Sandy went to make her coffee. 

Suddenly Sandy screamed.

Sandy : AHHH!!!.. 

The sound of boxes crashing down rang out and I could hear Sandy’s cup fall against the table. 

Sandy : What are you doing !! ? Why did you throw your muffin ! 

By then the commotion attracted a few other colleagues and I could hear Lisa and Sharon talking in the pantry as well. 

Lisa : Aiyo…. What happened…. 

Sharon : Oh no… get Auntie Fang here to clean up… 

Terry spoke next and it made my blood boil to hear the words that came out of his mouth. 

Terry : Haizz… Next time be more careful Sandy… now everyone no need to eat already… 

Sharon : Aiyah… this muffin nice one leh… I was still hoping to eat…

Terry : Nah… go and buy another round Sandy… it’s your fault.. 

I could not believe what I was hearing. 

Sharon : Thanks ah Sandy… buy more chocolate ones… 

I could hear Sandy stomping out of the office in her heels as the crowd dispersed. 

I waited a while more before I heard Auntie Fang comment in Hokkien that it’s so wasteful. 

She was picking them up and said she wanted to keep them and eat but I stopped her. 

Auntie : Still can eat one… 

James : Auntie… wait you stomach ache… who bring your grandchildren to school…? 

She thought about it for a while and relented after I told her Sandy is buying a new batch. 


I went over to Sandy’s desk and asked if she’s game to stop the harassing once and for all. 

James : I can’t say it will work 100% but it’s a good mind fuck nevertheless. 

She gave me a puzzled look and as I outlined to her what I have in mind, a smile slowly broke out on her face and before long, she was laughing and smacking her thigh. 

Sandy : Let’s try it then… haha.. 

Mr Liew came over a while later at 7pm before he left and said. 

Mr Liew : What are you up to James…. This is a office ah… your boy girl relationship please don’t play here…. 

James : Don’t worry… I’m just doing my job… 

He gave me a frown and asked me to send him some documents and he will review them at home. 

10th June 2011



As much as we want to put the plan into motion, we cannot do it immediately. 

If something happens out of the blue, it might seem a little suspicious. This was why i waited a week. 

It’s Friday . Belinda would usually come and disturb Hakim because she gives him his assignments on a weekly basis and they’re due on Friday. From where I sat, I had a clear view of everyone coming in and going out of our office wing. 

Whereas for the rest of the team, they all had their backs towards the entrance in a straight line. 


Belinda did her usual 10 minutes talk with Hakim in a impatient manner. 

Belinda : You only just came into office ? We start work at 9 you know…. I have been looking for you the whole morning…. The file you send me…. The file name wrong spelling… 

I rolled my eyes and went back to work, keeping a close eye at the entrance. 

I was to warn Sandy when Terry comes in. 


Terry walked in with a file in his hand and I sneezed into a napkin a couple of times. That was the que. 

Sandy caught it immediately and quickly picked up the phone and pretended to speak softly into it. 

Sandy : oh…. Ermm…. Yes …. 

Terry got right up behind Sandy and waited for her to hang up. 

Sandy : Ermm.. yes I’m in office…. Oh ok… just leave the delivery at the reception….thank you… 

When Terry did her usual stunt of asking her about stupid and trivial admin stuff, Sandy just nodded with a smile without protest. 
She did not frown, she did not seem like she was affected by Terry, more so of just wanting to get it over and done with. 

Her nonchalant attitude seemed to affect Terry as he seemed to be lacking some insults that day.

I checked the time, I had made arrangements for flowers and gifts to be sent to Sandy that afternoon. 

99 roses and a bottle of wine. 

Yah I paid for it but I’m going to claim it from Mr Liew. 

It’s about making a statement. 

Sandy went back to her work after Terry left.

12 Noon. 

The commotion has started. 

I can hear Lisa and Sharon talking about the flowers from the pantry. 

Lisa : Wah… chio leh…. 

Sharon : Wah… like that a couple of hundred leh… who give one… 

I had already prepared the story for Sandy. 

Sandy : No la… friend only ….Developer’s son.. 

Lisa : Wah… where you know one… 

That was enough to sow the deceit and fan the flames of rumour

By 3pm, news had spread throughout office that a developer’s son had given Sandy 99 roses. 

Auntie fang told me someone would be coming to propose to Sandy later and I almost burst out laughing. 


Terry burst into office. He looked mad and upset. 

He walked towards our table and I notice he could not tear his eyes away from the roses and wine. He looked like he wanted to talk to Sandy but held back. I tried to keep a straight face but I still found it funny. 


Sandy started to pack up her bags.


Sandy got up and immediately left work on time, skipping her usual schedule of yoga. 

As expected, Terry came looking for her barely minutes after she left. 

Terry : Where is Sandy ? 

James : Oh.. she… answered a call … then took her bag and left… think her friend picking her at the drop off point…..just leave only…. 

Terry : ok thanks.. 

I held back a chuckle and shut down my computer. 

Mr Liew : Tonight no happy hour ah ?? … 

I smiled and gave him a wink. 

James : I’m working tonight…. 

I pulled out a small trolley suitcase from under my desk and rolled out to the lobby. 

Instead of taking my usual route to the train station, I walked in the opposite direction, crossing the road towards the HDB blocks at Everton park. 

I walked towards the ATM where a lady with 99 roses waited. 

Sandy : Why so long… heavy leh… 

James : Got people give you roses still want to complain… 

Sandy : No one gave me so many before mah.. haha… 

I checked the time and looked back at Sandy 

James : Are you ready ? 

She nodded. 

We walked towards the carpark and I unlocked a Mercedes C class I rented for the weekend. 

Yes I kept the receipt. 

Claim from Mr Liew. 

We drove back to Sandy’s rented place in Hougang avenue 7. She rented a flat there on the 3rd floor. It gave her a direct view of the carpark from the kitchen and her bedroom window. Given a choice, she would want to just rent a room but she wanted the privacy, so she splurged a little on the old 3 room flat, spending almost half her pay on it. 

James : Very fast hor… the moment you move out… Terry knows… 

Sandy : He knew the moment I updated my address with HR. 

I laughed and established the loyalty of Sharon and where it lies. 

We went in slow into the carpark, just to be sure. Sandy said Terry’s car is nowhere to be seen and she directed me to park at the very spot he parked over the weekend. 

James : Don’t worry, I doubt he’s here last week… probably just parked his car to rattle your cage. 

We got out and I directed Sandy to leave the roses in the car. 

James : Take off your cardigan …. 

She narrowed her eyes and gave me a look as she folded her arms.

James : Take it off. 

She removed them, revealing a pair of creamy arms, she had on a sleeveless dress that day. Dark grey, with some black trimmings. 

Sandy : Stop looking ok… 

James : free show why not ?? 

She threw the cardigan at me and I caught it. 

Sandy : Now what…

I brought it to my nose for a sniff. 

James : Hmmm… nice.. 

Sandy : JAMES!!! TSkk… sick… 

I laughed as she came over and hit me on my arm. 

I left Sandy’s cardigan in the back seat. 

Using my index finger, I gestured for her heels. 

She made a face with her mouth and took them off. 

Sandy : Don’t you dare smell it James. ! ..

I laughed and I dropped 1 in the back seat and 1 in front. 

I threw a bag of opened tissue and a condom wrapper on the floor. 

James : Let’s go.. 

Heading up to Sandy’s place, I put a pair of men’s shoes outside the gate. 
We entered the flat and closed the door. 

The lights were off but we switched on a small lamp to cast a orange glow throughout the place. 

We ordered Pizza, watched some TV in the living room and chatted. 

I asked her about her relationship with Terry and briefly understood from her his character. The way he thinks. His manner in which he treats the people around him and beneath him. 

Sandy : He has airs, very arrogant…. If he doesn’t think you are on par with him, he looks down on you… 

After we’re done with dinner, we hung around in the kitchen in the dark, drinking a can of beer.


Sandy : He’s here… there… there…. His car…. Turning in… 

I drained the beer and got ready. 

This kind of people don’t give up easily . You would be naïve to think that just a simple trick like this would make it stop. 

It would not but for a start, it would fuck with his mind. 

That’s what we want to do. 

Fucking with his mind and playing with his thoughts is a good start. 

I quickly put on my shoes, grabbed my suitcase and got out of the house. 

I took the stairs up a couple of floors and took up a observing position from an angle.

Terry’s engine remained running and he parked beside my car. His is a newer model, looks better too. It’s a S class after all. 

I knew he would choose to park beside my car. It’s a ego thing. 

As if sizing up your competitor. 

What better way to show off by parking your car beside another one that screams mine cost about twice of yours. Besides, there’s a lesser chance of the car owner being a dick and ramming his car door into yours. 

It would hurt everyone equally. 

I watch him do a double take at my car. 

There was no way you would miss the large bouquet of roses on the passenger seat. 

I even threw a few petals on the dashboard and on the bonnet. 

I watch as Terry peered into my car, no doubt taking in the scene and letting his mind run wild. 

He suddenly turned and looked back up towards Sandy’s place. 

My phone buzzed and vibrated. 

James : Hello…

Sandy : I’m ready… 

James : Ok…he’s heading up… 

As Terry walked towards the flat, I unzipped the trolley case I brought along with me. 

If this was a Hollywood movie or something you would expect perhaps stun grenades and a slick sniper rifle, maybe some bullets arranged in a straight line for visual effect but sorry, this is Singapore. 

You cannot buy a gun off the mama shop around the corner. 

I unclasped the buckle and looked at the stuff I have prepared. 

It’s everything you can get from the mama shop at the corner.


I know what you have in mind as the box opened up. 

A nice grey foam with cut outs of the items I bought and everything neatly tucked inside. 

James box of tricks. 

Don’t be ridiculous. 

It’s just a old trolley that I could do without and could not be traced back to me. 

It looks battered and old but the lock still works well. 

I changed into T-shirt, and pulled off my pants. My boxers are actually casual shorts that day. I had planned for this. 

I slipped on the slippers I brought along in the staircase landing and took out a pair of glasses and a cap. Everything took less than a minute. I took out the toothbrush and toothpaste and stuck it in the outside compartment together with a pair of shaver.

Sandy’s unit is located at the corner of the block, the estate has not been upgraded with lifts for every unit at the moment. The easiest way would be to take the stairs up 3 floors leading directly up to her place. 

There would be where Terry would come up.

There was no need to run down the stairs or do anything drastic. Just play it cool. 

I was already up 2 floors on the 5th, so I just went up one more to the common corridor which led to the lift lobby. 

I pulled on a cap and put on a pair of glasses. I pulled up the handle of the trolley getting ready to roll. It would make a hell lot of noise along the black tar road towards my car. 

I barely made it out of the lift when I got a message from Sandy that Terry was at her door and demanded for her to open up. 

Sandy sms : He’s here already… are you ready ? 

James sms : 10 seconds. 

I exited the lobby and walked towards my car, dragging the trolley loudly. If Terry looked down , he would see the image of someone I pulled my cap low and head towards the driver seat. 

Taking my time to open the boot, I casually glanced up from an angle as I loaded my trunk. I could see Terry staring at me from the 3rd floor. I wonder what was going through his mind when he saw me putting a luggage into my car. 

Is Sandy moving out with me ? Or did I just finish moving in with her ? 

I started the engine. I even revved the engine for a second before I put it into drive, just to irritate him . 

No matter how expensive your car is, if you are not driving it, it still cannot move.

As expected, I saw Terry glaring down at me as he hit the railing with his arm.

Now would be the time Sandy opened the door. 

It was all up to her. 

I told her to act as if she was not affected by Terry’s visit. When she opened her door, she would be dressed only in her singlet without bra and her underwear. Her hair would be a little frazzled and above all, she needed to have that satisfied look on her face. 

James : Don’t be afraid of him… don’t show you are bothered…. Say your boyfriend will be back soon…. Ask him what he wants… act as if you just had the best sex of your life…. 

Initially she was a little apprehensive about being dressed in that way but I told him that level of dressing would leave a lot to his own imagination. Let his own mind fuck with him. Jealousy would drive a man mad. 

Anyway, there was nothing about her he has not seen. 

That comment earned me a little slap on my face albeit a playful one.

I turned out of the estate and made a round to the next, parking at the other carpark and waited. 

I sat still and waited for Sandy’s call. She was to inform me once she got rid of Terry.

It’s been more than 10 minutes, there was still no word from Sandy. I gave her specific instructions not to engage him for too long. Just close the door and ignore him if he loiters around. 

Another 5 minutes passed and still no word from Sandy. I was beginning to get a bit worried when my phone rang. 

Sandy : He’s gone, but he’s waiting at the car park…. He say he wants to see who you are. 

James : Haha.. what did you tell him… 

Sandy : I said you went out to get more condoms… but he did not believe me… he thinks I’m just trying to spite him…

I chuckled and told Sandy to get make sure she can see where he is. 

My plan was simple. 

I would be driving the car back into the carpark, but this time round, I would put up the magnetic sunshade on the windows, it would effectively block Terry’s view of who is in the car to a certain degree. 

It’s already at night, with the slight tint on the glass and the sunshade, there was no way he can see who I am.

Sandy would get ready, once I’m in the carpark, she would get into my car and off we go. 

We can easily lose him on the road but along the way, if he would see us from behind, he will only see Sandy and I kiss each other. I had checked with Sandy if she was comfortable with that and she said it’s just my ploy to get fresh with her. 

Sandy : If really necessary, we’ll do it… 

Well that was what I’m counting on. I won’t pass up a chance to be naughty with Sandy. 

That should be enough for a start to fuck with his mind. Imagine seeing your ex-girlfriend in the car in front of you kissing another man. 

It would not have mattered actually. Especially not if she’s your ex-girlfriend but not for Terry. He’s the one that cannot let go. 

Sandy : Are you turning back in ? 

James : Yup, be there in 5 minutes… get ready. 

As I turned into the estate, I could see Sandy coming out of the staircase and walking towards the drop off point. I had no doubts that Terry would see her. It’s right in front of him. 

He parked his car directly in front of her stack of flats, taking over my old lot. 

There cannot be anything more childish than that coming from a close to 40 year old man. 

Sandy had changed into a tube dress. I did not expect that. 

I was thinking more along the line of “ she told her boyfriend her ex is bothering her, then she just comes down in her sleep clothes, maybe with bra on and get in the car to get away “ 

Something simple at that but no. 

Besides changing into the tube dress, Sandy had put on a pair of heels. They looked nice and sexy on her but it was not practical. 

Even before it happened, my heart started to beat faster. 

I could literally imagine it before the action starts. 

Terry would definitely see my car the moment I stopped at the drop off. He would be on the ready. 

My heart started pounding when I saw him start his engine.

I accounted for the event he came out of the car but I did not think of the possibility of him blocking our way with his car. 

James : Fuck !... 

I could read his mind as I see the headlights come on. 

Sandy probably felt something was wrong and she started running towards me. 

And damm those fucking heels. Hell they looked good but there’s no way she can run in them. 

She struggled to get towards my car and I could already see Terry’s car pull out of the lot. 

Everything was happening at the same time. 

Sandy desperately running towards me. 

The head of Terry’s S class starting to turn. 

It’s ok. His car can block the exit, I can still reverse out. I had all 4 sunshade up on the window, leaving only the front and rear windscreen. 

Then another pair of headlights lit up the entire interior of my car from behind for a moment before it dimmed as the car level out on the slight ramp.

James : FUCK! … 

The passenger door opened at that moment and Sandy literally jumped into the car the moment Terry screeched to a halt in front of mine as I locked all the doors.

Sandy : Shit !... James… How… 

The taxi behind me was alighting some passengers and he too was wedged into the drop off by another car behind him but none of us could move. 

We were all blocked by Terry. 

Terry’s door opened and Sandy panicked. 

Sandy : Shit… shit.. James… how !!.. how !!... 

I needed to block my face. 

He cannot see who I am. 

I turned towards Sandy and I pulled her over to me. 

James : Come over… Block me with your………… 

I wanted to use the kiss we discussed. 

She did agree to a kiss. 

With my cap on, and Sandy’s hair, we might stand a chance long enough for the impatient drivers behind to start honking at Terry to move. Once he did, we’ll be free to go, but no. 

Things don’t go as plan. 

They rarely do. 

I was about to reach for Sandy’s cheek with my hand but she was faster. You see with a cap, I need to turn my head sideways so the brim don’t hit her face but Sandy panicked and she straddled me on the driver seat, her backside and back hitting the honk for a good 2 seconds before she settled down on my lap. 

That honk started the frenzy. 

As Sandy positioned herself to block me from Terry, she kept moving her body, rubbing her butt against my groin causing a massive erection. 

The honk sounded a few more times as Sandy tried to see where Terry was and attempting to block me at the same time.

James : Ooff…. 

Terry was already walking towards us. 

The honks of the cars behind started sounding too.

High beams started flashing. 

It happened so fast that I had no time to react. 

Right when the moment Terry pounded on the glass on the driver side of my car, Sandy grabbed my cap, pulled it off and pressed my face into her breast. 

James : arhfffff… 

I sucked in a deep breath of air filtered by Sandy’s breast. As I found myself pressing harder onto her, I realised she was not wearing any bra. My face was being pressed and bitch drag across Sandy’s full B cleavage.

Her tube top slid down a little more and the angry honks intensified from the cars behind me. 

Terry : COWARD…. You fucking COWARD !! …

I could hear Terry shouting outside my car as he hammered on the windscreen. 

I felt Sandy kiss the top of my hair as she tried to make it seem like we’re making out. As I tried to turn my head to the left to grab the cap Sandy had threw onto the passenger seat. Imagine my head turning anti-clockwise from the 12 o’clock position to 9 o clock position in my attempt to reach the cap but I did not expect Sandy to press her breast onto me again as Terry hammered on the door. 

As I turned, my nose pulled down Sandy’s tube, exposing her right nipple as she gave a yelp. Her retreated a little but within half a second, she realised she would be exposing my face, she slammed her breast back into my face and I could feel her cradling my head as her nipple literally squeezed into my nostril. 

James : arffmhmmm… 

I tried to move but my face was being breast fucked by Sandy’s right breast. 

I opened my mouth to tell her to ease up a little and it was another stupid mistake. 

Her nipple brushed right across my open mouth and scratched across my wet open tongue, coating itself with my saliva.

Sandy : AHH!!... 

I could hear more shouting and I assumed the taxi driver was the one shouting the vulgarities in Hokkien. He was also hitting on my car door but mostly he was cursing at Terry.

Terry shouted back at them before returning to his car angrily. 

I pulled back for a much needed gasp of air and quickly gestured for Sandy to get off me. 

Sandy struggled to get off, her leg dragging across my erection as she tried to cover her breast and pull up her tube. 

James : Quick.. quick… 

Sandy got off and adjusted her tube while putting the cap on me at the same time Terry reversed his car clear of the drop off. I immediately put the car into drive and pulled out. 

Terry wanted to follow us but was blocked by the rest of the angry cars behind me honking angrily. 

Even as I drove passed the cars that saved us, I could see them pointing the middle finger at us. 

I stepped on the accelerator and made several turns within the neighbourhood before stopping at a quiet spot in Defu industrial estate. 

I switched off the engine while Sandy and I panted in the car without a word. 

Sandy’s hands were plastered on her chest , the same position she kept after she pulled up her tube dress. 

Mine remained on the steering wheel. 

20 seconds past and we did not speak. 

My erection was still throbbing under my pants. 

We turned to look at each other for a moment before we burst out laughing. We laughed and laughed till we had to hug our stomachs and wiped away our tears. 

It was coming to 10pm. 

Sandy’s phone was ringing and I could see Terry’s name on the phone.

She answered it and put him on speaker. 

Terry : Why ? your boyfriend no balls is it… he no balls ah…. Har ?? 

Terry taunted and cursed over the phone. 

Terry : Har ? He’s a fucking coward I tell you… why ? don’t care to talk man to man is it…. Fucking hiding inside his car….. he no balls I tell you….. he got no fucking balls… 

Sandy kept quiet as Terry went on with his tirade. 

Terry : Are you enjoying yourself with him ? har ? you like to fuck a man with no balls is it… ? 

Sandy hung up on him. 

I was about to tell her we can call it a night but Sandy got out of her seat and straddled me once again. This time round she made me move the seat back a little to give her more space. 

James : What you doing…. Sandy… hey.. 

I watched in horror as Sandy pulled up her dress, revealing a pair of cream white g-string. 

Her hand fiddled with the phone. 

James : Wait.. wait.. what you doing…. ?? 

Sandy : I want to send him a picture of this… 

James : Sandy wait… wait.. there’s no need for this… 

She pulled down my pants and positioned her cream gstring clad vagina beside my erected dick as she tried to take a picture.

Pushing herself up on the passenger seat, she tried to get back to the straddling position and I tried to move my fucking erected dick away so as not to impale her vagina. 

I could feel precum seeping out from my dick. All the stretching caused her g-string to moved out of place a little. 

She rejected Terry’s call the same time she tried to right herself up again to take the photo.

Her leg pressed painfully on my left pelvis and I yelped and lifted her a little but in that attempt I slipped down further. 

Everything happened so fast. 

There was nothing I could do. 

Sandy’s tried to go for another shot but the phone rang again, my dick was right under her love hole. It’s ok, the most brush across and rub against it painfully. 

She’s dry, won’t just slip inside like the movies. 

I’m honestly more irritated with her than aroused despite my erection. 

Suddenly Sandy shouted with a yelp and she dropped her phone. I felt the full weight of her sit down without warning onto my waiting dick and I shouted in pain too. 

I could feel myself pushing painfully against the dry slit of her pussy. I kept trying to work my way out of the position, but I ended up rubbing against Sandy’s slit and g0string.

Our car lit up and I could see a police car parked behind us with the flashing lights. 

Sandy : Shit.. shit..

James : Stop moving… stop moving… 

Sandy’s phone rang angrily. 

Her hands went to my shoulder for support before holding onto the seat behind me to lift her body up. I suddenly realised the fan speed for the aircon was blasting too. We must have accidentally hit it while moving around. 

I saw Sandy’s body shivered and her nose twitched before her eyes blinked. 

Her entire body shook as she gave a small sneeze. The sneeze somehow aligned the position of my dick and her vagina and I felt my dick head pushed in a little into her vagina. 

Sandy’s eyes opened wide in shock as she stared helplessly at me. 

She tried to push herself up but it happened again. 

Another sneeze. 

Her body shook, I could feel her vagina squeeze on my dick as her muscles contracted around my mushroom head. 

Sandy tried to speak but could not manage a word. 

It’s not as dry as I thought. 

I could feel the warmth slowly creeping up on my dick. 

Shit.. it’s happening and I saw Sandy braced her body for another sneeze. 

The last was the hardest and as her body shook, her eyes closed, her hands gripped down painfully on my shoulder as she fucked herself down onto my erection. 

Sandy’s mouth gasped open as we stared at each other in shock. 

Neither of us moved as I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. 

That tight warmth and the comforting weight of her slender frame felt out of this world. 

Her phone rang angrily again as the officers blast their siren once before I saw their car door open. 

I tried to calm down and Sandy tried to fight off another sneeze. 

James : Get up… before we both get arrested. …. 

Sandy pulled herself up and I felt that heavenly drag of her wet tight pussy against my hungry dick. 

I immediately put up a hand to indicate I’m sorry and we’re moving off as we put the car in drive. 

I pulled out of the industrial with my pants down. 

Before we exited onto the main road, I pulled up my shorts and looked at Sandy. 

She had her head turned away towards the passenger seat window. 

James : ermm… it’s not my fault ah… it’s… 

Sandy : Shut up James… I don’t want to hear it.… 

I parked at another carpark before I changed back into my work clothes. Walking back to Sandy’s estate, I made sure Terry was no longer loitering around before I gave her the green light to go back home. 

It was coming to 11pm by the time we were at her front door. 

As she unlocked her gate, she paused. 

Sandy : Don’t you dare tell anyone what happened… 

James : Nothing happened Sandy… nothing happened…. 

She went in and turned around to look at me.

She looked away for a moment before focusing back on me. 

Sandy : So… we going ahead with the rest of the plans ? 

I smiled and nodded. 

James : Why not ? 


I could still feel my erection stirring after I got into the car. 

It was near impossible to shake off the feeling when Sandy slowly impaled herself with my dick. It was not a smooth and seamless entry but the very notion of it being so unplanned and half baked turned me on in some weird way. 

Every sneeze, that concentration of energy as she fought against gravity and the inevitable descend on my waiting dick gave me a mental jolt every time I thought about it. It’s like that sudden shiver you get when you release a good shot of orgasm. 

It was a 15 minutes’ drive back to my place at Serangoon and had no choice but to seek a release in the shower as I thought about Sandy. 

My mind felt a lot clearer after the shower and I sat down to think things through a little. 

First thoughts went to Belinda. 

What the fuck is she doing with someone like that ? 

Is Terry a totally different man in front of her ? 

And does she know about his infatuation with ex girlfriend ? 

I meant, it’s not like it’s any of my business, Belinda and I are history, it’s all pending some paper work to sort things out. 

I don’t hate her for anything but end of the day, she is still considered my friend and ex wife. It just did not seem right for her to get hurt by this jerk. 

She was someone I loved once. 

Even though we are no longer together, the thought of her with a jerk like Terry stirred up some emotions.

Sorting out my desk I looked through the locations I’m heading for the weekend with Sandy. 

Yes, you can say it’s a date of sort since we will be spending the weekend together. 

It will not be just fun and games

Everything would be designed to fuck with Terry’s mind. 

11th June 2011



I made plans with Sandy to meet at the interchange and I’ll pick her up from there. We have a long day ahead of us and I want to avoid bumping into Terry in case something unexpected happens.

I helped Sandy with her large suitcase and loaded it into the boot. 

Sandy : Morning… 

James : Morning…. 

I was surprised when Sandy took out a thermos flask and passed it to me. 

Sandy : Nah… coffee… and got bread… 

She chugged a sandwich my way too and I gave her raised eyebrow look. 

James : You know… we never really….. finished… so no need to make breakfast la… hahah

I felt a hard push on my left cheek as my head was forcibly pushed towards the driver side window. 

Sandy : Shut up James… 

I drove on as Sandy tied up her hair, exposing her smooth armpits from under her white singlet. She wore a white bikini with black trimmings and the long strings of her bikini went around the back of her neck halter style in alternating colours. 

She put on her shades and crossed her legs as she helped me open up the thermos flask at a traffic stop while I took a sip of coffee. Anyone looking in from the outside would probably think we’re husband and wife, or maybe in a relationship. 

I wouldn’t mind. Sandy has a nice body, she’s spontaneous, pretty independent but still has that streak of weakness than men would fall for thinking she needed them to protect her. End of her day, it was still her looks and her figure that appealed to me the most. 

Come to think of it, she’s pretty similar in built to Belinda too. 

I wonder if that was the reason I found her attractive. 

We got to Sentosa within 30 minutes and I parked at the carpark of one of the luxurious resort. No we’re not having a staycation or anything. 

It was all a show. 


It’s so easy to tell a lie these days . 

All you need is to upload a photo.

Using Sandy’s phone, I took a few shots of her at the resort entrance. We walked into the café and ordered 2 drinks and I took a shot of her from across the table, making sure I caught the car key fob and the 2 drinks in the frame. Sandy sat upright, her head slightly angled away as she cast the camera an alluring smile. 

Her legs were crossed, showing plenty of her long smooth hairless leg as she smoothed out the short denim shorts she was wearing. She even adjusted her bikini strings to look like a stray strand had accidentally came into the picture. 

Another shot of her biting the temples of her ray ban shades with a slight smile completed that scene. 

She knows what she’s doing. No wonder Terry fell for her. 

We went to the beach for the bikini shots. There was even a video of me removing her straps as she laid down on the mat and applying the sunblock for her. 

It was a shot 8 second video but it several attempt to do it because we keep laughing. 

My erection never left me during that period. 

Imagine time and again, asking you to remove and tie her bikini strap and making you take a video of it. 

How would you control and hold back your emotions and feelings ? 

There was the usual shots of both our feet by the sand, the horizon. Even a few of Sandy walking in the water in her bikini as her shades dangled off her fingers. 

As I scrolled through the photos at sentosa, I cannot begin to imagine what a jealous ex would think when he looks at them. 

We did 3 change of bikinis, and clothes for Sandy at different location in Sentosa. The idea was to build up enough photos to post it on a regularly basis to drive home the message that Sandy has moved on. 

We left Sentosa at noon and went to the cinema at Vivocity. 

We did not bother with the tickets but we just took photos of the popcorn and drinks we bought as a snack. 

I snapped photos of Sandy browsing books and magazines. 

I took some of her in the supermarket after she changed a new set of clothes. 

We reached 6th avenue by 3pm and we were both a little drained. We ordered a beer and took stock of the photos we had taken that day. Sandy went through at least a trunk worth of clothes. 

After we drained the beer we took a short walk to one of my previous project I did with Mr Liew. A sweet and homely house located within the private estate. 

It was still vacant after a year as the owner mainly stays in Indonesia and the only person there is the caretaker. I had called earlier to inform the caretaker that I would like to drop by to take some quick photos for other project references and he agreed right away. 

After all it was I who made it possible for him to have his own bathroom within his small living quarters tucked in the corner of the large house. The owner was a little apprehensive about spending the money for the caretaker’s private room but I convinced him that it would not make a dent on his budget. 

Not when he spent 20k on a ugly chandelier. 

Not only did I paint the caretaker’s room in her favourite colour, I gave her bathroom fittings that cost more than the ones I used at home including a Hans grohe rain shower. 

Caretaker Suthi : Aiyoh… this 1 is it expensive ?? 

James : Free one… free one… supplier sample… he don’t need it back… I stay HDB also not enough water pressure to use…. Give you la… 

I rang the bell and Suthi waved us in as she unlocked the gate from the living room. 

James : Auntie Suthi… how are you ?? 

We spoke a little before I told her we just need some photos and we’ll be off in 30 minutes. 

After she walked away, I got sandy to post around the house. 

One of her drinking a glass of water by the small pool as she looked at the camera.

After changing into her jogging gear she held the hose and pretended to water the plants in the yard. 

One more change of clothes with her wearing only my work shirt as she leaned against the kitchen cabinet eating an apple with a shy smile. 

That should do it. 

Sandy and I grabbed a strong cup of coffee after that and we pressed on. 

Botanic gardens. Holland Village. Dinner at Dempsey. 

All staged. 

I sent her back to a neighbouring carpark from her estate and did the same walk with her back to her place. 

Terry was nowhere to be seen despite close to 10 miss calls on Sandy’s phone and twice as many insult messages about her boyfriend. 


I waited for Sandy to unlock as I kept a constant look about the estate. You can never be too careful. 

Sandy : James… 

I turned and look at her. 

James : Yah ? 

She hesitated for a moment before adding. 

Sandy : Thank you for everything… I enjoyed my day… 

She hesitated for another moment before I spoiled the moment. 

James : So…. Are you going to sleep with me ?? 

Sandy rolled her eyes with a loud “TSK! “ 

Sandy : Bye James… see you tomorrow… 

She closed the door on me, not a slam, but a gentle thud. 

Walking back to the car, I looked at the backseat, it was littered with Sandy’s clothes, her bikini, her gym and yoga gear, her shoes, socks. You name it. 


A smile broke out on my face as I head back to my place. 

I share spare you the details of what I did with them. 

I received a message from Belinda just when I was about to fall asleep that night. She told me that her cousin requested that we continue renting him the flat till end of the year. He would be turning 35 then and he would like to buy it over from us. 

I told Belinda I’m fine with that and she says she’ll keep me up to date about the paperwork. 

12th June 2011


7 am 

I picked Sandy up at the same spot by the interchange and she had prepared breakfast for me as well. Some cut fruits and bread and coffee. 

We went to the market opposite bukit timah plaza. Took more photos of her buying groceries and having her meal. 

There was even a series of her picking out fish and vegetables as if she was going to cook a meal for her boyfriend.

After that we went to a horse riding club and got her all geared up. 

Sandy paid for the session and I got a few good photos of her on the horse with a sweet smile looking all radiant happy. 

The tai tai life. 

That was it. We parted ways by mid noon and I went ahead to return the car. 

The rest of the photos she can manage on her own. The pedicure, the spas, there’s no need for me to be there. 

My instructions to her were clear. 

James : Now you need to work out a schedule and timing when you put these up on your social media. …. Spread them out…. Less on weekdays… a couple more on weekends. 

Sandy nodded and said she knows what to do. 

Sandy : Will it work ? 

James : End of the day, it’s still up to him to believe what he wants to believe. He will draw his own conclusion but given his infatuation with you… it will surely fuck with his head… 

Telling blatant lies online and on social media.

Isn’t this what everyone is doing these days ? 

Just the other day Mr Liew send me some motivational quote about no matter how rich we are, how much we have achieve and so on, in the end our grave is the same size, so stay humble.

I sent him a picture of a pyramid with the message “ explain this “ 

He sent me a picture of his middle finger. 

It’s funny what people would readily believe base on a couple of pictures these days.

We see a picture of a nice resort, a location checked in. Instantly we would think our friend is having such a good time at a exotic location. From food, to holidays, to a good night out, everyone is more concerned about uploading the photos onto their account, sharing the night with friends who they hardly see and meet. 

The irony of social media. 

It’s a good stalking tool though, hell I don’t think you can even call it stalking. 

It’s insulting to use that term. 

Once Stalkers had to climb walls, peep through window, practise quiet footsteps and maybe invest in a good pair of shoes. All this just to steal a few glances at the woman you love but not today. 

People would volunteer all the information readily on their profile. 

There is no need to even stalk these days.

We shared a cab back to Hougang and enroute, Sandy asked why am I helping her ? 

James : Because I like you mah… 

She smacked me on my thigh and jabbed me in my stomach. 

Sandy : Don’t joke la.. 

I laughed. 

That’s a good question. 

Why did I offer to help her ? 

Would I have done the same thing is Sandy is not pretty with a good figure ? 

Probably not. 

I’m being honest here. There’s nothing worst then trying to be a gentlemen when you are not. 

And I’m not one. 

I do harbour thoughts of sleeping with her but end of the day, it’s for the team. 

Sandy has been there a while. She knows things. Information that would take Mr Liew and I a long time to discover and find out on our own. Even if we are proactive in seeking the information, they may not present themselves willingly too. 

James : We’re… a team… aren’t we ? … we should all be able to work and focus properly without worrying about other stuff… in your case it’s Terry… 

Sandy nodded quietly but she still raised an eyebrow at me. 

Sandy : That’s all ? 

James : And of course I wanted to sleep with….

I did not even get to finish the sentence and was smacked on my head by her. 

I alighted first after making sure Sandy could handle the luggage of clothes. 

James : I’ll see you at work tomorrow ya. 

Sandy nodded and gave me a thumbs up. 

That very evening, I checked my facebook account. 

Yes I had one despite my objections of sharing private information online. I don’t share much. It’s just a photo of me and mostly cat videos. 

I could see that the sentosa hotel photos created quite a buzz on Sandy’s account. Even Sharon and Lisa were talking about it at the comments tab. 

13th June 2011


10 am 

Mr Liew called me for a quick meeting and he ran through with me the stuff he had lined up for the team. 

Mr Liew : Ok.. nothing big but just enough to keep things afloat. 

He got a job for a refurbishment of a old Semi D and a small café. 

Mr Liew : You know the drill…. This 2 sure get one…. I know the owner… 

Moving on her lowered his voice a notch and told me he’s gunning for a bigger one. 

Mr Liew : This will keep the team afloat for a couple of years at least… 

He showed me the drawings of the site. 

The owner owns all 3 units here, he has permission to tear down and do a 5 storey apartment with 28 units. 

I nodded as I took in the information. 

Mr Liew : This one… I think 80% ours…design and build job…. The contractor and I very gum one… 

He rattled off a list of things for me to do and I got right to it. 

I passed by Sandy at the reception and I could see Sharon grilling her with questions where did she go over the weekend. 

She shot me a wink without anyone seeing and I smiled on my way back to my desk. 

It was then I noticed Hakim’s seat was empty. 

I know he would be late usually but that day was a little too much. 

It was coming to 11am. 

Right when I was about to give him a call, Belinda came over. The moment she saw that is desk was empty, she went ape shit. 

She didn’t really cursed but she put him down. Really down. As if that was not enough , she directed her anger at me. 

Belinda : What is your team thinking James ?? I don’t understand why you are keeping him !... He’s so irresponsible !... cannot even turn up for work on time.. 

I kept quiet as she threw her tantrum before walking away. 

I went back to my seat and was about to reach for my phone again when Sandy came over. She slid her chair over to me. 

Sandy : James… I need to tell you something . 

James : Yah ?? 

Right then, I saw Hakim running into the office. It was coming to 11.30am. 

Sandy suddenly stopped and said another time. She better get back to work. 

That week was pretty bad. 

Hakim reached work well past 11 and left on time at 6pm. 

Mr Liew spoke with HR and even called a meeting with the big boss but there was no conclusion. 

Mr Liew and i even sat down with Hakim, asking if everything is ok and what was going on ? 

Hakim : Sorry…. Sorry… nothing la…. Sorry ah…. Very tired… cannot wake up… sorry… won’t happen again. 

He did look quite tired everyday. 

Hakim is only 3 years older than me yet he looked drained and haggard, in fact he would pass for a 40 year old. 

This went on for about 3 weeks until 1 day Hakim totally did not turn up for work and he did not call in sick. 

Mr Liew reached his limit and demanded that Hakim be asked to leave and he get a replacement. 

Mr Liew : How to work like this…. Everything all bottle necked … 

All is not doom and gloom though. 

Terry still tried to irritate Sandy but as the act of her being attached to a wealthy developer son spread, it was evident he toned down by quite a bit. 

Drastic enough for everyone to notice. 

I overheard Sharon gossiping about it too. Apparently the story has developed to the point that the developer is considering working with us on Sandy’s sake.

30th June 2011



I massaged my forehead and sighed as I look at Hakim quietly packing up his stuff, getting ready to leave work and it’s not even 6pm. 

This was it. I need to give him a piece of my mind. 

As Hakim got up to head to the bathroom, I thought it was a good opportunity to talk to him alone but I was stopped by Sandy. 

Sandy : James… I need to talk to you… 

James : 1 minute…. I need to talk to Hakim… 

I was about to walk away but Sandy pulled my hand and held me back. 

Sandy : Yes… it is about Hakim…. 

I dragged my chair over to her and Sandy spent the next 20 minutes telling me what was wrong with Hakim. 

My eyes widened in shock. 

I covered my mouth in despair and I even shook my head in disbelief as Sandy slowly revealed the problems troubling Hakim. 

Sandy : He was not like this…. Hakim use to be like you… driven…. Confident…. Full or energy… but now… 

I sat back into my chair as I watch Hakim quietly took his bag and slipped out of the office. 

Sandy : Can you help James ? …. Is there anything you can do ??

I exhaled and looked up into the office ceiling. 

Sandy grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me to face her once more. 

Sandy : I appreciate the help you gave me James… it made a difference… I hope you can do it for Hakim too… He is a valuable staff… he can do things one…. You want this team to succeed…. You need him… 

I thought about it for a second before nodding my head. 

Sandy snapped her fingers and said whatever I had planned, count her in. 

Sandy : Count me in…. I’ll do it… for the team …. 

I went over to Mr Liew and spent the next 30 minutes telling him about what Sandy told me. 

He listened without a word and at the end of the meeting he nodded his head. 

Mr Liew : Go fix it… we need Hakim… give me the receipt… 

I nodded and left the meeting room at 7.30pm, the same time Sandy walked into the office in her yoga gear. She saw me come out of the room with Mr Liew and she gave me a questioning look.

I gave her a thumbs up and she did a little victory punch in the air. 

This is going to be tricky….. 

I sat back in my chair and my eyes closed…. 

I need time to think. 

James : Sandy... 

Sandy : Yes ? ....

James : Do i look like a loanshark to you ?? 

She laughed as she checked me up from top to toe. 

Sandy : Well.... clothes make the man ? 


Sandy : How will looking like a loan shark help ? 

I shrugged my shoulders 

James : I don’t know…. Maybe we can have the scare factor on our side ? it would create an impact ? 

Hakim was being plagued by 2 issue. One is money, the thing is he was not really in debt. If he was, he could slowly pay them off. He’s drawing a mid 3k salary, he’s also single and staying with his mother. Technically they should be pretty comfortable since their 3 room flat was left to them by his dad who passed away. 

The financial problem came partly from Hakim’s younger brother who borrowed heavily. He was in and out of prison for a while for drug related crimes. The period when he’s out had been especially taxing on Hakim. Not only did he need to take care of his old and sick mother, he also need to make sure his younger brother Farid did not do anything stupid to their mother. 

Thankfully there was no debt collectors knocking on their door with exception of Farid. 

Yes, he was the one hounding the family for money.

According to Sandy, Hakim once shared with her that Farid had stolen from his mother before, leaving her without a single cent for food the entire day till he gets back from work around 10pm. 

She could not remember Hakim’s phone number to call him and aside from malay, she could not speak a word of English to ask for help. His neighbours too are working adults, only returning home late at night, in the end, he found his mum crouching on the kitchen floor after getting home. 

She was too hungry after starving the whole day but she still went ahead to take her medication. 

My heart literally broke upon hearing that. 

How can anyone do that to their mother ? 

Sandy : Seriously James… I don’t think you look scary enough to be a loan shark…. Besides… nothing scares a drug addict when he’s high…. Not even the police…. Have you seen an addict before ?? 

James : Have you ? 

Sandy : Yes… my uncle… 

She turned away after that, a clear sign that she did not wish to continue that conversation. 

In terms of finances, Hakim told Sandy that he was paying a lot for his mother’s medication but when queried about exactly what his mum was suffering from, he could not put a finger to it, just kept saying old people illness. 

He spent up to a thousand a month on medications and supplements alone for his mother. 

That’s a cool 35% of his pay.

James : Sandy… you doing anything tonight ? 

She narrowed her eyes at me before giving me a sideway glance. 

Sandy : I’m….. meeting my boyfriend….and staying over at his place ?...according to my….. facebook posting schedule……haha… 

We laughed at the same time. 

She shook her head and said she had no plans. 

Sandy : You…. Asking me out ? … 

James : Yeah… 

I shut down my computer and got up.. 

James : Let’s go to Hakim’s house… 

Sandy did a search through her admin files for some old forms Hakim filled and copied the address down. 

We took a train to Tanah Merah before changing to a bus to Bedok South. 

It was close to 9pm by the time we sat down for dinner but we were not in a hurry. 

Hakim did not know we were going over. I wanted to see things as it is. Not when he knows guest are arriving. 


Sandy and I headed up to Hakim’s place and his front door was open. 

I could see a old lady sitting on the small sofa watching TV while Hakim was hanging up some laundry at the back of the kitchen. 

It’s a typical 3 room flat, there were not much furniture but the place is kept neat and tidy. 

A large intricate carpet laid in the middle of the living room and I could see the old ceiling fan turning lazily on the ceiling. 

Sandy waved to the old lady who saw us and in turn called out in Malay to Hakim. 

Hakim came out of the kitchen and he was surprised to see Sandy and I at his place. 

Hakim : Eh !... what happened ?? What are you all doing here ? 

He seemed really shock and surprised but thankfully there wasn’t a hostile tone in his voice. He unlocked the gate and invited us into his house. 

Hakim and his mother served us drinks. 

Hakim : Help yourself to the drinks…. Want snacks or not ?? 

James : No need… no need… 

Hakim : Sandy …? Need anything ?? 

Sandy : It’s ok… no need… ermm.. can I borrow your power point for a while… charge my phone… 

Hakim : Go ahead.. 

His mother very kindly said to him that she would excuse herself and let us talk. 

He translated that to us with a laugh and as much as I wanted to thank her, my command of the malay language is limited to military use only. 

Yah. As in marching. 

I told Hakim honestly why we were there and that Mr Liew wanted us to help him solve his problems so he can concentrate on his work. 

For a good 30 minutes, Hakim briefly ran through with us his mum’s condition and he showed us the medications she was taking. 

A lot are health supplements and another half as traditional medication without any labels. 

James : Are you sure she’s sick ? 

Hakim : Have to be right… it’s been like this for almost 2 years… 

James : Did you go to the doctor ? 

Hakim revealed that his mother refused to head to a private GP clinic as she complained that it will be expensive. She has never stepped into one before in her 73 years. 

James : What about polyclinic ? At least find out what is wrong with her… 

Hakim : There’s no one to bring her… I want to but all my leave is used up… I even advanced my leave for the following year…. There is the super long wait at the clinics… then they will refer here, refer there…. It’s never ending… 

James : But you cannot be spending so much on medication you don’t know about either… 

We descended into a moment of silence when it was suddenly shattered. 

It was shattered by some loud commotion at the gate. 

Another man I assumed to be Hakim’s brother appeared at the gate. 

He spoke quickly in Malay to Hakim before he started shouting at us. 

Farid : Who the FUCK are you !!! HAR ?......... what you doing in my house ?!! Come and find money is it ??!! I don’t have la !! 

He walked in aggressively towards me and Sandy and we immediately stood up. 

Farid : I HAVE my LIFE…. You want or not. .!! you want or not ?? TAKE LA… Fucking CHeebye… puki.. @#$@#$@%@

I could not make out the series of curses that followed but Hakim was pushing his brother back as he told him we were his colleagues. 

Hakim : Keep your voice down !... Ma is resting !... 

Farid : Resting … everytime I come back for money she’s resting !... everything she give you… .. you think I don’t know she gives you money ?? 

As he went on, I could tell he was starting to get incoherent in his speech. He reeks of alcohol and stale cigarette smoke. 

He spoke in bits of Malay to Hakim before turning to glare at me and Sandy. 

Sandy had retreated behind me subconsciously and I could feel her holding onto my shirt from behind. 

Then without warning Farid cast a look at Sandy who was still in her hip hugging tights and her yoga top. It was still pretty translucent but as a mark of respect since we’re coming as guest, Sandy had pulled another singlet over her neon sports bra in her attempt to cover up a little. 

It’s not much but it’s all she had. 

Farid’s eyes cast a errie stare before he shouted something in Malay and he suddenly made a grab for Sandy . 

Sandy : !!! AHAHHHHH… It happened so fast I didn’t have time to react. 

He caught old of Sandy’s left wrist and tried to pull her towards himself, cursing in a mish mash of dialect and malay.

Hakim shouted at his brother and with five fingers spread out, he delivered a hard shove that drove him back a few steps towards the entrance of the house. 

That really brought up the flames Farid as he attempted to lunge towards Sandy and me but was blocked by his brother.

By this time the Hakim’s mum came out of the room and she was trying to calm the brothers down. 

I quickly held onto Sandy’s arm and pulled her back by my side. 

James : We better leave.. things don’t look too good.. 

I told Hakim we better make a move first but we were stopped by Farid. 

Farid : Where you going?? NB CB…. Fucking CB … you chee bye…ah…har… Knn…. Scare ah ?? har ? you scare ah.???? Bo Jee si bo ??? 

I really don’t know what his problem was, he just kept cursing at Sandy and me. 

It took about 3 minutes for Farid to calm down as his mother poured him a glass of ice water and pulled him outside with the help of Hakim. 

All 3 of them were talking by the common corridor. 

Sandy and I took the opportunity to quickly grab our stuff and go.

Hakim gave us a nod of his head towards the lift lobby as we stepped out of the door, eager to get away from his mad brother. 

Sandy : EH wait… my phone… 

Just then Sandy dashed back into the house to grab her charging cable and phone, suddenly Farid lost it again. 

There was some pushing and commotion but before anyone could react, Farid pushed everyone aside and dashed into the house after Sandy. 

He turned and slammed the grille gate shut, throwing the old bolt into the lock and shutting everyone out. 

The shouting immediately began and Hakim raised his voice significantly at his brother in a threatening manner asking him to open the door. 

Their mother tried to speak too but after a while she just started to cry. 

James : Open the door !!!... open the fucking gate now !! 

Hakim : FARID!!! .. open up !! 

Sandy’s eyes were wide open as Farid reached for her. She screamed and pushed Farid but he was much stronger than her. 

James : FUCK !!! OPEN UP!!... 

I kicked on the gate several times and by then the neighbour had came out of his flat with his phone in hand, ready to call the cops, what shocked me most was the brother’s mum quickly ran over to the neighbour, pulling and getting onto her knees, begging him not to do it. She even grabbed onto his phone.

James : Open this fucking gate now or I’m calling the police ! 

I frantically reached for my phone as I watch helplessly as Farid wrestled Sandy to the carpet. 

Sandy : NO!!.. please.. no!.. stop!!.. stop!!

Hakim desperately tried to reach out to Farid but there was no way to communicate with him. 

He seemed like he was possessed. 

Farid : Fucking BITCH…. You… chee bye… fuck.. fuck… KNN… come my place for fuck !

He looked like his mind had been blended in a juicer as he tried to press Sandy to the carpet after wrestling her down. 

Sandy tried to push Farid off but it was futile effort. I could see Farid’s right knee speading Sandy’s left leg across the carpet as she sobbed and looked helplessly at us. 

I started dialing for the cops but Hakim held my hand and pleaded for me not to do it. 

Hakim : Please James… !... I can talk to him… trust me,… I can talk to him …. 

I shrugged him away as Sandy screamed and cried as Farid had by some serious tugging and pulling , tore and removed her loose yoga top, leaving her with only her singlet and her orange neon sports bra. 

Hakim : FARID !! STOP!!! … 

The amount of commotion is deafening. 

The old auntie begging the neighbour. 

Hakim holding onto my hand and shouting at his brother at the same time. 

Sandy crying and pleading for me to help her. 

Not to forget Farid’s random cursing as he tried to rape Sandy. 

He pressed down onto Sandy’s hands and even though he was in his old dirty jeans, he started to dry hump Sandy on the floor through her yoga tights. 

Sandy : NO!!!.. NO!!>> PLEASE!!... 

She struggled and pushed while she fought for air around Farid’s stinky breath as her legs desperately tried to close up but was kept apart by Farid. I cannot image the feelings that was going through her mind as Farid continued to press down on her, rubbing his crotch against her privates. 

I tried to dial the cops again the same time I let loose a slew of vulgarities at Farid. 

James : You come out !!... NB chee bye… lai la…KNN… don’t hide behind the door like a pussy… !! 

Hakim held my hand back again, cancelling my dial as he shouted again at Farid to stop. 

Sandy’s white singlet has been pulled up, revealing her tone tummy. I could her trying to push herself off the floor and get away from Farid. Her muscles in the mid section flexed aggressively, I could literally see the contractions and squeeze of her toned packs. 

Perspiration beads caught the dim white light from the fluorescent tubes in the ceiling.

Her arms too glisten with sweat as she tried to fight off Farid. 

Thud thud.. thud… 

3 loud thuds followed and the shouting got louder. 

Farid : Why is it always so hard to get money from you people !!.. har ? money only what ?? Big deal is it ?? KNN… @#$@%@

Farid in his blind rage had grabbed and hit Sandy’s head 3 times against the carpet. It was pretty hard and thankfully there was the thick carpet there to provide a bit of cushioning. 

The hit took out most of the fight in Sandy as I could see the struggling dying down. She seemed a little disorientated as Farid press his face down onto her breast and started sniffing and biting on the fabric of her sports bra. 

Hakim shouted in Malay to Farid and his big hands tugged at the gate but his brother would not listen. 

As if to show a direct act of defiance, Farid started taking off his clothes, revealing a half completed tattoo on his shoulder blade. 

He started to take off his pants too , throwing them to the sofa his mum was resting on moments earlier. 

Farid’s right hand slid right under Sandy’s sports bra and he squeezed roughly onto her breast. He even pulled her bra and flipped it upwards, exposing half of Sandy’s tits. 

Without wasting anytime, Farid spread Sandy’s legs and pressed his face directly onto Sandy’s privates which had no doubt by then been soak with her sweat in her attempt to fight Farid off. 

Hakim : FARID!!! STOP!!! 

I shook myself free from Hakim and was about to dial the cops again but was stopped by Hakim’s mother this time round

She had the neighbour’s phone in her hand too as endless streaks of tears flowed down her cheeks. 

Barely a few minutes past and it felt so long. 

I had the impulse to push and pull myself free but was thankfully stopped by my fear of hurting a elderly woman in her seventies. As if that was not enough, she dropped down onto her knees and begged me not to call the police. 

I could feel my face flush red with blood as panic coursed through my veins. 

“Tolong… Tolong @#$@#$@.... mix with a smattering of malay pleas I don’t understand kept coming from the brother’s mum while I star helplessly at Sandy’s exposed nipples which was being licked and sucked by Farid. 

Sandy groaned and sobbed as she hit Farid weakly in her attempt to push him off. She even grabbed Farid’s hair, pulling them back but it only made him more angry. 

Her blows had no effect as Farid pulled and removed the singlet which dangled off her left arm and tried to tie her hands together. 

Sandy fought with her life and everything she had as tears and mucus streaked her face. Her legs trashed and kicked while her elbow swung wildly. 

Farid grabbed onto Sandy from behind and his right arm clamped down like a hard vise onto Sandy’s breast, depressing them towards himself as he squeezed and pulled Sandy’s nipples, causing her to scream out and thrash around in pain. 

His legs closed in like a crab’s pincer onto Sandy’s legs before locking them and spreading them apart the same time his left hand went down to stroke Sandy through her tights. 

Sandy’s arms initially tried desperately to free herself from Farid’s grip as he lick disgustingly at her ears and her sweaty neck but she stopped fighting after a while. 

Her hands went loose and she allowed Farid to do what he wants admist all the shouts and threats we were throwing at him. 

Farid’s left hand went down for the elastic waistband of Sandy’s tights. 

She did not fight him, allowing him to pull down and expose a good portion of her butt and thighs. With a combination of pulling and tugging, Farid, lowered Sandy’s tights and using his legs, start to kick them off, bunching up the piece of stretched clothing around Sandy’s knees. 

I could see Sandy’s panty, a pastel blue soaked with her sweat being pulled out of place and getting into a wedgie. 

Farid got up and put Sandy onto her fours as he held onto her neck in a vise like grip.

She did not fight him. 

He started to take off his boxers as he pressed his face onto Sandy’s lower back, smelling and licking up her sweat. 

Sandy let him did as he wished too even though streaks of tears soaked the carpet beneath her. 

Sensing the fight gone in Sandy, Farid let go of his grip on Sandy’s neck and tried to pull down her panty but that was the moment Sandy was waiting for. 

Sandy suddenly lunged forward towards the gate. 

I did not know what was going through her mind but everything happened so fast. 

I saw her hands reached out and I heard the jingle of keys the same time Farid shouted and grabbed her body pulling her back towards him. 

Sandy’s eyes and mind met and for that moment, time stood still. 

The noises were shut out. 

I saw Sandy’s right hand swung up in her attempt to throw the keys to us but her wrist was hit at the last minute by Farid. 

The keys left her hand, flying lazily through the air as if the earth’s gravity had been cut by half. 

It flew. 

It flew alright. 

And within that split second, for someone who hardly goes to the temple to pray, I begged. 

I begged and prayed to whoever is listening….. 

I prayed that the keys land within my reach as I watch Farid pull out Sandy’s panty.


Optional reads : If Farid rapes Sandy - SGD 1.99 

Hakim and I reached out for the keys at the same time as it crashed and slid a little along the smooth tiled floor near the door before coming to a stop within reach.

I managed to grab it the same time I saw Sandy scream and trashed after being turned around to face Farid. Passing the keys to Hakim, my heart almost stopped beating as I watch him unlocked the grille gate. 

Farid did not care that we were coming in. He was too focused on spreading Sandy’s legs and holding her flailing hands down by her side. He was trying to kiss Sandy as her head shook left and right, her hair matted messily all over in her attempt to avoid him.

Hakim pulled the gate back so hard it slammed against the side wall with a loud clang.

He covered the short distance within 2 steps as I followed closely behind him. 

I thought he was going to pull Farid away, perhaps stop him madness by grabbing onto him but no. 

I was wrong. 

With a mighty roar, I stared in amazement as Hakim drew up his clenched fist with without hesitation, swung it down across the left side of Farid’s face. There was a sickening sound of bone hitting against bone as Farid let out a small muffled grunt as he fell onto his side. 

I could almost feel the pain from hearing the sick thud of that blow. 

Sandy took the opportunity to pull herself out, rolling to the side, grabbing her clothes and running over to the guy’s mum who had now came through the gate as well. 

I was about to start throwing my punches at Farid but he was not moving. The blunt force Hakim gave must have been quite a hit. Farid laid down on the floor, groaning and speaking in broken sentences. 

My fist remained clenched, itching to land a few good blows should he dare to stand back up and continue with his curses. 

I quickly took off my shirt and covered Sandy who as shaking and shivering in shock. She still had a mind to try and over herself up as her sweaty body glistened with all the perspiration from that ordeal.

Tears streaked down her face as she pressed herself against my embrace.

Hakim dragged Farid by his arms and threw him into the room before closing the door. 

I took Sandy’s damp panty and quickly got down onto my knees and tried to pull them on. I was hit with this unexplainable erection so huge that I thought I was going to burst through my pants. 

Sandy held onto my shoulders for balance as amidst her sobs, lifted one leg after another to slid through her panty. Pulling them up on her own, I caught a glimpse of her neatly trimmed pussy and felt another jolt in my pants. Her private was right in front of my face, I could even detect this whiff of womanly scent that turned on some senses that I thought was long gone ever since I broke up with Belinda. 

I felt a bit guilty as I should not be getting an erection after witnessing such an ordeal but I could not help it. Would you be able to control your erection if you had seen something like this ? 

Her legs were shivering too as I helped her pull on her tights. It took some tugging as they were really figure hugging and I was pretty sure she deliberately bought 1 size smaller to show off her curves. 

Hakim came out with a large T-shirt of his together with a towel and immediately passed it to Sandy as he apologised profusely. 

The neighbour got lucky as he stood by the gate, no doubt having caught a glimpse of Sandy’s unkempt state. 

Hakim’s mother returned him the phone and begged him not to call the police once more and he just shook his head in resignation before turning and walking away with his mind filled with images of Sandy’s legs and exposed pussy. 

Before I could even take stock to the situation or talk to Sandy, I was caught by another surprise as Hakim’s mother suddenly came over to Sandy and me before kneeling down the carpeted floor. 

James : Auntie !! No… no… please… get up… no.. Auntie !!... 

Even Sandy was a little taken aback as she wiped away the tears with the back of her hand as she tried to pull Auntie to her feet but she would not budge. 

She kept crying and sobbing as she begged in Malay for Sandy not to call the police. 

Hakim tried to persuade his mother to get up but she scolded him it seems and moments later Hakim relented and got on his knees too. 

James : What are you doing Hakim !! ? Please get up !... 

He translated to us that his mother was adamant that we don’t call the police. She cannot afford another heart break to see her son go back in again. 

I don’t know what to do but to alternate between Hakim and his mother trying to pull them up on their feet. Sandy too felt loss and a little disorientated as she too, kept saying please and no to Auntie. 

I looked at Sandy who was still clutching onto the towel Hakim gave her and she met my eyes too. 

Before I could say anything I watch her clenched her fist tightly around the towel before mouthing ‘ Forget it’ to me. 

I wanted to persuade her otherwise but the thought of a 70 year old women kneeling and tugging on my pants is getting to me. In the end I relented too and said it was up to Sandy. 

After Sandy agreed to not calling the cops, all 3 of us managed to pull Auntie up to her feet and helping her to the chair.

Sandy : Auntie… you cannot protect your son like this… 

Everyone descended into an awkward silence as we looked at each other, not knowing what to say. 

I broke the awkwardness by saying to Hakim that he cannot let this go on. 

James : Bro… how much of these do you think your mother’s heart can take ? It’s very traumatising for everyone…

Hakim : I don’t want this either…. I could not wait for Farid to go back to jail…. Maybe then I can go back to my peaceful life… 

His mother probably caught on to what he said and quickly held his arm, talking smoothly in Malay to him . 

James : Look at what happened… imagine if Sandy did not manage to throw us the key…. It’s unthinkable… 

I looked at Sandy who was hugging her knees as she looked at us talk. 

James : Have you thought of moving out ? Somewhere your brother cannot find you ? 

Hakim : Where can we go ? … i…. I don’t know… never thought of that before… I mean… we already have a place to stay here…. 

James : I know you have a place to stay but is it the best option for your mother ? … she’s already old, can you imagine if your brother comes back and bother her when you are not around ? 

Hakim scratched his head in a frustrated manner and said he had no other options. 

Hakim : I struggled daily to call the police myself, to send him back but my mum kept stopping me…. 

Sandy : Why is your mum defending your brother…!... look at him.. I mean… 

Hakim turned and looked at his mother before saying that actually she too wanted Farid back in prison for the things he’s done and for taking drugs but she cannot bear to be the one to send him back, and if it’s within her means, she will make sure he doesn’t go back.

I shook my head and said that she would only cause him even greater harm this way. 

I turned to Sandy 

James : Just a call from you and he can be out of your life by tonight… it’s simple as that…There’s so many witness.. 

Hakim looked at his mother who kept shaking her head before looking at us. 

James : I have an idea.. .. translate this to your mother… 

Hakim nodded. 

James : We’ll let this matter rest on one condition. …. 

I waited for Hakim to finish his translation before going on. 

James : you guys need to move…. Preferably to somewhere nearer to Hakim’s workplace and away from Farid… that way, even if your mum needs you, it’s not too far away for you to rush back… 

I paused again before going on. 

From the nods I saw, Auntie seemed to be taking it pretty well. 

James : Farid will have to fend for himself… even if he lands back in jail…. It’s of his own doing… not either of you… 

Another few nods came after the translation before Hakim asked us a question. 

Hakim : Farid comes back at irregular days and hours… sometimes he can disappear for an entire week..and…. and..… what if he know’s we’re moving… ? 

James : Bring only the essentials and we will do it over a period of time…he must not know where you are moving to… 

Hakim : What about this place… ? 

James : Change the locks.. Close it… he can spend nights away at a time, surely he can find a place to stay…. You don’t want to let him burn down this place your dad left you do you ? … He would trash it… fill it with junkies and his drugs…

Hakim said he needed some time to discuss this with his mother and we made a move after we excused ourselves. 

Hakim : We’ll discuss this….we need time to think.. 

Sandy and I hailed a cab and I sent her back home without a word. I don’t know what to say to her, I meant, what can you say in that situation ? She leaned against my arm with her body and I let her rest her head against my shoulder too. 

It was close to Midnight when I walked Sandy up to her place. 

She thanked me for sending her back before shutting the door without a word.

I too made my way back home before collapsing in bed after a hot shower. 

1st July 2011



I was surprised to see Hakim in the office at 9am that day talking to Alex, both of them talking softly. 

Hakim saw me and gave me a brief nod before diverting his gaze behind me. 

I turned and I saw Sandy a short distance away. 

She looked fresh and pretty that day, her hair tied up in a bun and she showed off her slender arms in a sleeveless beige blouse. Her black skirt sat a little high on her waist, and her calves looked even better than her entire sweat drenched legs the night before. 

It must be that pair of heels. A simple 2 inch lift that propped up her posture. 

Sandy had on light makeup but the way she did it really reminded me of Belinda. It finally dawned on me the resemblance the 2 girls had from certain angles. It was probably the reason why I found her attractive. 

Sandy : Morning James… 

James : Morning.. 

Sandy did not have her bag with her and when I looked at her desk, her PC was already turned on. She must have got to work early, probably went to the bathroom or something. 

Hakim gave me a look which pretty much asked if I could talk and I nodded towards the direction of the meeting room. 

What surprised me though was that Alex followed us into the room. 

James :ERmm… Alex ? … 

Hakim : I asked him along James… I think maybe we can work something out….. together.. 

It piqued my curiosity but I patiently sat through Hakim’s explanation. 

Hakim : I’m sure you noticed… Alex is always the 1st to arrive and the last to go….

James : Of course I noticed…. I’m the one that tabulates the project finances too so I know his taxi claims is the highest as well… 

I’m a little blunt but I don’t care. Since this opportunity presented itself, I might as well make full use of it. 

Hakim nodded and Alex looked away, obviously embarrassed. 

James : Actually I meant to have a chat with you about this Alex….. just that I couldn’t find the chance to do it… so since we’re here, might as well make things clear. 

I told Alex directly that his taxi claims has to stop. It’s really eating into the team’s budget for each job and the reason I continued approving it since we started was because Mr Liew asked me to. 

He did not want to make any rash move that would cause people to leave the team. It’s easy for people to just throw in their letter especially when a new set of team leaders come in. Mr Liew’s rationale was that there must be a reason why they were hired in the first place, and they deserve the benefit of doubt that they had something to contribute. 

Hakim was about to carry on but instead he nudged Alex to speak up on his own. 

Alex : Sorry James… actually my… situation is a bit….complicated. … 

Alex had 4 siblings and he was the youngest in the family. His eldest sister is already married with kids and the huge family is actually squeezing together in a 4 room flat. 

That’s like 7 adults and 2 kids. 

He admitted that there was hardly any personal space for him to do anything and the noise, he could not stand the noise. Everyone gets along ok but he could not get the rest he needed with 2 screaming kids. At the moment Alex sleeps with his parents in the masterbed room on the floor. 

He even had to queue to use the bathroom sometimes. 

This was the reason why he made sure he’s the 1st to get up at 6am everyday before leaving by 7am before the chaos starts. 

He chose to stay late too because when he leaves at 10.30pm, his nephews would be asleep by the time he gets back and there was no need to fight for the bathroom. The taxi claims is sort of an additional perk he was abusing. 

James : Why don’t you rent a place… you’re a working adult… getting a room should not be that hard… 

Hakim : He did… in fact it was one of the 1st thing Alex did after saving up…. But he got scammed…. 

Turns out he paid for 2 months deposit in some rental scam and got played out big time. Despite a police report, they never caught the PRC guy since he returned to China. 

That bad experience left a bad taste on Alex’s tongue and he had been holding back on getting a place of his own since then. 

I nodded and sighed. 

James : My cousin is doing rentals… I believe he can help… don’t worry…. He won’t scam you… his wife is a police officer…..appear on crime watch before… 

Before I could finish Hakim apologised and cut me off. 

Hakim : James… I have another idea… 

Hakim : I will rent my current place to Alex… on the cheap….. 

My eyes widened and I turned to look at Alex. 

James : What ? Does he know about Farid. ? 

Hakim nodded. 

Hakim : He does… but once we change the lock, a new tenant comes in… with proper paperwork and all…. If Farid harass him, I told him not to hesitate getting the cops… 

It took a while for me to digest this and Hakim continued. 

Hakim : My mum and I would move. My friend is outstation in Dubai…. He has a spare room in Pasir ris which is not being rented out..… we will go there… Farid won’t find us there… 

My ears picked up as the pieces fall into place. 

If fact I felt my spirits being lifted already. 

James : OK!... good… there you go… 

I snapped my fingers with a smile. 

James : We solved everybody’s problem… ! 

Neither Alex nor Hakim seem to agree with me and I gave them a questioning look.

Hakim : There’s just a small problem… 

James : What ? 

Hakim : My mum….. she would only agree to move out for 3 months…

He turned to Alex and continued. 

Hakim : Alex can continue renting the spare room since I sleep with my mum… that one is not a problem….my mother cannot bear to be away from her home for too long…. 3 months is the longest I can get her to move…. 

James : But… but that doesn’t make sense…. I mean…. 3 months later Farid would come back, he would continue to find trouble and everything would go back to square one…. 

I looked at Hakim who seemed to have something weighing heavily on his mind. 

James : Hakim…. Are you ok ?? 

He nodded before he stood up and his eyes met mind. 

Hakim : What Farid did to Sandy is wrong….he must not be allowed to get away thinking it’s ok… last night I spoke with him when he sobered up a little. He kept saying he likes Sandy, the way she looks, it’s his type… he always liked Chinese girls… 

Hakim : He kept insisting Sandy was the one that kept making eyes at him, hinting that she wants him… that was why he did what he did…. But we all know it’s bullshit… Still Farid went on and on…. Talking about nothing except Sandy…. 

Hakim continued, saying that Farid even gave Sandy a name of his own, Aisha.. That was what he would call her after he marry her. 

Hakim : He must be stopped…he needs help… 

I was a little taken aback because I don’t know the reason why he brought this up. 

James : What…. Do you mean ?? 

Hakim took a deep breathe before spitting out the words that must be so hard for him to since Farid is his brother. 

Hakim : We have 3 months…. To make sure Farid goes back into jail… and my mother must not know about this… 

I blinked twice and looked at Hakim, trying to digest what I just heard. 

James : Ermm… how… do you plan on doing that ?? I mean…. I thought you said he’s still hanging out with junkies… it should be a matter of time before he gets caught and dragged back in right…. 

Hakim : I… I’m not sure about that… he’s been out for 2 years… still not caught yet…

He paused and continued. He added with a sigh that going back to jail would probably be the best option for his brother, he revealed that Farid tried to take money from his mother again last night before managing to grab close to a hundred dollars from her purse after shoving her down the kitchen. 

Thankfully she did not have a really hard landing.

Hakim : Actually…. We…. Have something in mind… but we could not put it all together…. So we were wondering if you could help in that aspect. 

Hakim started to describe an idea which is actually quite simple. 

I liked it. 

The simpler the idea, the more likely it will work. 

Give Farid the money he ask for . 

When he goes to his regular contact to get his drugs, he call the cops. 

Simple. He roughly knows who is supplying his brother with the drugs, an old neighbour who used to stay in the opposite block.

Alex on the other hand had plans for the move, as in he would help Hakim and his mum make the necessary transfer of daily essentials to their temporary place in Pasir ris. It was the least he could do since Hakim is renting his place to Alex. 

He also proposed doing it in phases so as not to arouse Farid's suspicions.

I thought about their idea and although it sounded pretty straight forward, there were too many variables. 

What if Farid did not use the money for drugs ?

How many times does Hakim need to keep giving him ? 

What if he’s getting them through other dealers ? 

What if they run ? 

There are hundreds of drug deals going on in the street everyday, what if the authorities don’t get Farid ? Given a choice if they needed to, they would probably go after the dealer, getting the junkie is a bonus. 

There is not enough control even though it was a sound idea. 

Alex : What do you think ?? 

I kept quiet for a while as I thought about their plan. 

James : It’s ok… but there are too many variables… coming from a 3rd person’s perspective, I would prefer if everything is more or less controlled. 

They looked at me, waiting for me to go on. 

I found my eyes shifting a little as I looked away, almost embarrassed to bring up what I have in mind. 

Hakim : Go ahead James… let’s hear it… 

I spent 5 minutes giving them the rough idea of what I wanted to do and the meeting room became so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. 

Hakim : Are you serious James ?? 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and continued. 

It takes care of all the variables. 

Farid would be caught red handed with the drugs. 

Theirs is no place for him to go. 

It’s it a safe controlled environment, and we don’t risk getting into trouble with the dealers.

I stood up and added. 

James : Leave the most dangerous part to me… I know where to get it… 

Hakim : James… are you sure… ?? 

James : We’ll all be there… that’s 3 of us… it’s more than enough to overpower Farid if things don’t go to plan…he might get hurt a little if it comes to that but let’s hope the plan works out…nobody should get hurt… 

Hakim : Ok… 

Alex nodded too. 

I nodded and pushed in my chair under the table, a subtle sign that the meeting is over. 

Mr Liew had cast his glance over a few times and we are late on some deliverable as it is. 

James : There is there one thing….. 

I paused and took a deep breathe, casting my conscious aside. 

James : For this to work…. Sandy must not know… 

I could see the grim look on their faces but the nodded their heads, no doubt realising this was a better way to get things done. 

I walked out into the office and pulled my chair beside Sandy. 

James : You ok ? 

Sandy nodded her head, chewing on some apple slices as she offered me one. 

James : I have something to tell you… 

Sandy : Yah ? 

James : Farid was arrested last night…

Sandy turned towards me with a surprised look. 

James : Hakim called the police, they came, he was caught with some pills on him…they brought him in… 

Sandy : Really !.. 

I almost felt guilty looking at the sight of relief that seemed to be washing over Sandy’s expression. 

I nodded. 

Sandy : That’s…. that’s great…right…

I smiled and gave Sandy’s hair a gentle stroke. 

James : Forget about what happened last night ok ?? , don’t brood over it… it’s over….. 

Sandy smiled and gave me a thumbs up. 

I could feel my erection stir once more as I looked at her bra strap that was apricot in colour, looking pretty sweet against her smooth skin and peeking out from her sleeveless blouse. 

James : One more thing….Hakim…. is planning to move… We’re all helping out next weekend…. Alex and me…. And ermm… His mother insisted on cooking something for us… as an apology of sort…. 

Sandy turned and crossed her legs, causing her the hem of her skirt to ride up a little. 

James : You doing anything next Saturday evening ? It’s a little late… about 9pm or so…. The relative Hakim is borrowing the lorry from can only make it at that time…

Sandy smiled and agreed to it immediately. 

Sandy : Sure… I’ll be there… 

She swiveled her chair back towards the screen and continued with her work. 

When I looked back up, I could see Hakim and Alex looking at me. 

I gave them a slight nod and as if some trigger has been pressed, both their heads turned back towards their screen almost in unison and they went back to their work. 

I got back to my seat and started feeling a little unsure about this.

Hopefully everything goes as planned and Sandy would walk away from all this none the wiser, everything would go back to normal.



After giving my head a good shake I drained my coffee and opened up the files I needed to get stuff done.

I had just started getting down to my work when I noticed some commotion at the office entrance. Terry and Belinda walked in briskly towards Mr Liew’s office.

After a short talk at in his room they went to the meeting room. 

From their body language, i could tell it was a heated discussion. Eventually all 3 of them were standing up and I could see their hands raised up, gesturing angrily at each other.

10 minutes later when Mr Liew stormed out, Terry and Belinda left the office too. 

Belinda had her arms folded as she stormed out while Terry followed close behind talking into his phone. 

This doesn’t look too good. 

I went over to his room and Mr Liew spoke without looking up. 

Mr Liew : Whatever you are doing James.... it better be over soon.... things don’t look good for our team… 

He finished signing a couple of folders before looking at me in the eye. 

Mr Liew : Is the team ready ? 

I shook my head.

James : Soon…

I asked if everything is ok he said he will talk to me about it another day.

Mr Liew : I’m not in the best of mood for this now… 

I nodded and left his office. 

6.30 pm 

The rest of the day is uneventful. Just the way I like it. 

Work, clear your mails and get ready for the weekend. 

I went home at 7.30pm, had a nice quiet dinner by the coffee shop before settling down on my bed with a good book by 10pm. 

Without even realising it, I drifted off to sleep. 

Alex and Hakim set up this chat group on wasapp and we kept each other up to date. 

2nd July 2011 



Alex was already at Hakim’s place early that morning and they shifted 3 suitcase of belongings over to Pasir Ris by lunch and called it a day. 

I got dressed in simple plain clothes and left my house. 

I was a little apprehensive about heading to the warehouse but I knew it was my best shot of getting what I wanted to get. 

I haven’t been there in years since my childhood. 

I alighted 1 street down as I walked towards the small warehouse of the charcoal supplier. 

Yes, Charcoal, the black piece of petrified wood you use for your BBQ. 

It’s not something valuable, not many people buy it these days since we use gas but it’s a old family business. I remembered heading down to the warehouse every week with my grandfather when I was young. 

Old matured trees lined the street and a dirty old truck was parked out front. 

The main shutter is closed, it always is, even for loading and unloading, the shop does it with a large door by the side. 

Now I visit this place not for the charcoal. 

I came for the Opium. 

You see, Charcoal arrives on large barges from the sea back then. It’s easy to smuggle stuff within the bags of black gold and Opium is easiest to hide. 

They would do it in bigger quantities back then and my grandfather would buy it weekly. Just a small pinch here and there. 

As society progresses, Opium have fallen out of favour in the early 90s and it was not even viable to smuggle them into the country in large quantities. The risk you take is not worth it for the small amount of profit.

I overheard once the shop owner telling my grandfather that hardly anyone buys it anymore. That was during one of my last trip with him before my PSLE exams. My parents barred me from heading there once I got into secondary school.

Well my grandfather doesn’t smoke them, it’s just that certain gods he worships favors Opium if you get my drift. 

The same musty smell greeted me as I knocked on the door. 

It’s weekend in the middle of the industrial estate, there’s hardly anyone around but I know someone will answer the door. The owner stays in his shop. 

Ah Hock… that’s what my grandfather calls him. 

I expected a wrinkly old man to open the door, it’s been almost 2 decade since I last saw this man, he was in his late 40s then, he should be almost 70 by now. 

The old door creaked and opened a crack. 

Instead of Ah Hock, I saw a bangala worker. 

Bangala : Boss… today closed… 

James : Errr… I’m… I’m looking for Ah Hock…. 

He looked at me for a moment before looking back behind him and speaking to another person. 

Moments later another man came to the door, he had a streak of purple in his dark black hair and he bit on a cigarette as he asked me what I wanted. He looked gruff and irritated and seemed to be in his forties. 

James : I… use to come here with my grandfather last time….. to look for Ah Hock… I need to get something…. For the …. For the gods…. You know… 

He looked me up and down before asking me to fuck off. 

Man : Go fuck yourself… we sell Charcoal.. 

The door slammed shut in my face as I sighed and walked a few steps backwards to look at the shop. 

There was a security camera pointed at the entrance and I have no doubt they were looking at me. 

Even the red blinking light looked menacing as I looked at it. 

Suddenly an idea struck me as I opened up my phone folder and searched for some family photos my cousins had sent via the chat group. I found one with my grandfather and immediately full screen it and pointed it at the camera. 

I held it there for a few seconds before the door opened again. 

That’s it. 

Ho seh liao…. Don’t give me face see my grandfather also must give face. 

The same man opened the door and I immediately spoke. 

James : Just a bit… just a bit would do… I don’t need a lot … 

He opened his shop door fully and gestured for me to go into the warehouse. 

I tried to hold back a smile but before I could step in fully, he stopped me by the entrance and pointed to a altar beside his office. 

Man : You should me photo… I also show you photo.. 

He pointed to the black and white photo on the altar and I immediately recognised Ah Hock. 

It took a few seconds for me to register that in my head before I regained my composure. 

James : W…Wh.. When did he pass ? 

Man : Few months ago… Cancer… I’m his son.. 

James : Oh.... oh… you .. you are Tommy… 

I suddenly remembered the name my grandfather always called out towards the back of the shop. 

He looked surprised and asked to see the photo again. 

He returned the phone to me and I tried not to dust off the charcoal stains that had been left on my screen in front of Tommy. 

Tommy : What do you want… 

James : Just a bit. 

He considered my request for about 5 seconds before asking me to wait outside the warehouse.

I did as I was told and 5 minutes later, Tommy came out and gave me a cellophane wrapped package. It was no bigger than the old fifty cent coin. 

James : How much ? 

I’m not sure how much these things cost so I took out 3 pieces of 50 dollar bills. 

Tommy took 1 piece and asked me not to go back there again. 

Tommy : We no longer bring them in… just leftovers for regulars…. They’re all in their late sixties…seventies… I won’t entertain you again… 

I nodded as I kept the package in my pocket and in my attempt to make conversation, I asked something stupid that made Tommy cast me an even more hostile glance. 

James : All these still from Indonesia ? 

His glare told me I had outstayed my welcome, I smiled awkwardly and thanked him before walking away.

He lit another cigarette and spoke in a normal voice as I walked away.

Tommy : India… mostly from India these days…. Send my regards to your grandpa.

I gave him a thumbs up and added ;

James : He’s probably playing chess with Ah Hock now…

Tommy laughed, threw me a middle finger before disappearing into his warehouse.

I never saw him again.

I got back, changed the packaging carefully and kept my stash aside.

4th July 2011



I went over to Hakim and pulled him aside for a word.

James : Hakim… tomorrow… bring your mother to the polyclinic…

Hakim : Huh ? I got no more leave… she’s feeling ok actually…

James : Exactly… bring her… get a doctor’s opinion…. And stop eating unnecessary medicine…

Hakim : but it’s going to take probably an entire day…

I told him Alex and I would cover his work.

His priority is to get his mum to have a through checkup.

James : You’re not on leave tomorrow… you’re out on site taking measurements..and photos… you get what I mean ? …

Hakim nodded and thanked me for helping.

James : Oh.. by the way, it would not take an entire day…. Probably half a day or so should do… the rest of the more detailed referrals would take months though… haha

Hakim laughed and gave me the thumbs up.

Everything went smoothly for the rest of the week.

When Hakim turned up for work on Wednesday, there was no way to describe the look of relief and gratitude on his face. He showed up at 9am sharp for the 1st time since I started work at the office.

Hakim : James… there’s nothing wrong with my mother… just a little underweight and blood pressure a little low… other than that she’s healthy….Doctor just asks her to exercise and go out for walks more…

I have never seen someone look so relieved and happy as Hakim shared that piece of news with me. As happy as he was, he soon sank into a short bout of embarrassment as he realised that he had been letting his mother eat useless supplements for the longest time.

James : I’m glad she’s ok… that’s one more thing off your mind at least…

Hakim has schedule her mum to see a specialist for her knee since she complained that they hurt a little occasionally, but that referral would take a couple of months.

Hakim : Anyway James… Thanks man… for…. Helping to cover…

James : No worries la… we’re a team… instead of wasting leave for all these stuff…. Might as well we cover each other a bit, there’s no telling when I might need you to cover me too…

He gave me a thumbs up and got back to work.

Alex still comes to work early and leaves late but he no longer claims for the cab fare.

Terry and Belinda came a couple more times to bother Hakim and Sandy but it was nothing compared to the heated discussion they had with Mr Liew.

All in all, it was a good week.

A smooth week.

Too smooth it seems.

To the point it made me worry a little. It’s the feeling that bugs you when everything seems to be going your way.

I can’t explain it.

8th July 2011



Hakim said in the group chat that Farid has not returned home in 3 days.

He brought up the discussion and meeting over home cooked meal the last time he saw him and Farid agreed to show up. Hakim has been sending him messages the past couple of days pretending to check with him what he would like since their mother would need to prepare the food.

You see, the purpose of setting up the Saturday gathering had a few purposes.

Hakim would contact Farid with the excuse of wanting to pay him a lump sum and for him to get out of the house and stop making trouble for their mother since she is in ill health once and for all. He was not to return until Hakim nurses his mum back in a few months.

Next, to inform Farid that they will be renting a room out to Alex to make ends meet and that after that round of money, they would not be able to afford anymore due to their mum’s medical fees.

It would also serve as a subtle warning to Farid that should he cause anymore trouble, the tenant would call the police so he should watch his own stupidity.

Hakim and his mother have started shifting progressively with Alex’s help. Since they won’t be gone for more than 3 months, they don’t need to bring too much. It can be done over several days, shouldn’t be a problem. This they had accomplished easily. Only one final move left and they’re ready to go.

The dinner cum gathering the next day is fake of course and Hakim’s mother would not be there. She would be safely tucked away in Pasir Ris after she has prepared the food for a supposedly work meeting. Needless to say, she would be kept in the dark as well.

Sandy would never agree to be the bait so we had to keep it from her too, not after what happened.

Now getting Farid over to his place is but one part of the plan.

We needed him to stay.

Long enough to put the plan into motion.

There is no telling how long the discussion would take. It might be 5 minutes, it might be 10. Maybe 30.

No one knows.

Now if Hakim deliberately drags the discussion, Farid would surely catch on to it so we needed a reason for Farid to stay.

And that would be Sandy.

Unknown to Sandy, after the brother’s discussion, regardless of what mental state Farid is in, Hakim would demand that his brother make an apology to Sandy. He would say it was the only way she would not pursue the matter.

We planned for plenty of allowance.

I had given the timing of 9pm to Sandy for the move, take into consideration our plans for a home cooked meal, ideally we should be meeting around 7.30 pm.

We would be meeting up with Farid at 5pm.

Why 5pm ?

According to Hakim, between 5pm to 8pm would be the period Farid gets desperate. It was the timing he usually asks for money, without which, he would not last the night without his fix.

It also pretty much sets his mood for the evening.

Hakim : I tell him we talking about money at 5pm, he will show up at 5pm.

That was what Hakim said.

But simply showing up is not enough.

We know of course immediately after getting the money, Farid would rush off to get his fix. It’s a no brainer.

There is no way we’re going to give him the money at one go.

The sequence of event would go as follows , Hakim have his discussion with Farid while Aex and I wait at the next block. His mum would be at home, cooking, none the wiser to what we have planned and Farid would see his mum busy preparing for a home cooked meal.

Hakim would give Farid some money, enough to get his fix, but not enough to get him satisfied.

There would be 3 reasons for Farid to come back base on what we planned.

Being filial and come back for dinner with his mother. I almost rolled my eyes on this.

Two, the balance of the money he would be getting.

Lastly, Sandy.

He did say he likes Sandy even though it might be in the heat of his madness. Still Hakim did mention that even when Farid is sober, he says he likes Sandy and he felt sorry for his action although I very much doubted it.

Now, best case scenario would be Farid goes out after meeting Hakim, gets his drugs, comes back stoned and have a heavy dinner. 

Opium is a analgesic drug that produces euphoric effects.

The safest way to consume it would be to smoke it thereby magnifying it’s addictiveness but prior to the arrival of the tobacco pipe, opium was consumed orally. 

There is 2 ways we can use it, one to lace Farid’s food, let him sleep in his euphoric state. Hakim would personally call the cops once he’s brother is out. 

Another would be to plant the opium on Farid, but chances are he would be having something more potent in his pockets. 

If that fails, there is still Sandy. 

When it comes to that, Hakim would call Sandy to head up since Alex and I are late and on our way over. 

Farid would be called to the room with the excuse that Hakim wants to talk to Sandy for a while before his brother makes the apology. 

Using that as a pretext to keep Farid in the room for a while, Hakim would call the cops while talking to Sandy. 

Hopefully if all goes to plan, by the time the cops arrive to get his brother, it would all be over without Sandy ever realising her role in this. 

She will only see the image of Farid being led away bringing a closure of sort to this whole fiasco. 

If all else fails, Hakim, Alex and I would be more than enough to hold Farid till the cops arrive. 

Even he is found without drugs on him, a urine test would reveal he was a junkie and with Sandy at the scene, she would surely take the chance to report Farid. 

I hope it all goes according to plan. 

There is only so much we could plan. 

The rest we have to hope for the best. 

9th July 2011



Hakim, Alex and I had a last minute meeting under his block before we parted ways 15 minutes later. 

Alex and I spent the next 45 minutes staring at our phones 1 block away. 


Our phone buzzed and right on time, Farid appeared. 

My heart started to beat faster as Alex paced up and down, it finally dawned on us it’s starting. 


Hakim text us saying that everything is going ok so far. Farid has left to get his fix but promises to be back for dinner by 7pm. 


Hakim sends his mother over to Pasir Ris before heading back.

I don’t know where the time flew to. I only remembered drinking at least 4 cups of coffee with Alex at the coffee shop aong Bedok south avenue 3. 

We firmed up the timing with Sandy in another group chat about the dinner and helping to move. 

Sandy msg : Ok.. all wearing casual right since we moving stuff. 

James msg : Yup.. I’m just in berms and t-shirt. 

Sandy msg : Ok… I’ll do that too. 

James msg : Wait for everyone... we head up together ok ? 

Sandy msg : Sure.. 

Alex Msg : Ok..


I paced up and down the coffee shop as Alex looked a little dazed and tired. 

There is this sinking feeling in my stomach. I cannot explain away the feeling.


Hakim msg : Farid is late… 


Hakim sms : He says he’s on his way… 

Our eyes never left the phone. 


Hakim sms : He says 5 minutes more… 

James : Alex, let’s go wait nearer the block… 


The moment we left the coffee shop my heart dropped. 

Sandy sms : I'm here... need the bathroom... see you guys up there...

It’s as if someone swung this heavy axe right into my chest as I felt my breathe leave my lungs. 

Right across at the open air carpark of Block 70, I saw Sandy alight from a cab. 

She was dressed in a white t-shit with short denim pants and shoes, she had a rubber band in her mouth as she collected up a good bundle of her hair trying to tie them up in a pony tail. 

Diagonally In front of her at block 69 I saw Farid but he was not alone. 

He had a friend with him and they walked in a relaxed swagger towards Hakim’s place at block 70. 

Alex and I froze. 


Sandy skipped up the steps to block 70 2 at a time heading towards the lift as Farid closes in barely 30 meters away. 

It doesn’t look like he has spotted Sandy yet. 

Immediately Alex tried to run towards Sandy but I held him back. 

James : Wait.. wait… still quite far away… she can make it into the lift. 

We slowed down to a brisk walk as we kept an eye on Farid. Suddenly he looked at his watch and tapped his friend on the arm and they quickened their footsteps. 

James : Still got time… still got time… 

Then I was hit with a chilling thought as I watch Farid and his friend head up the stairs of the open air carpark.


Those HDB blocks has lifts with security system. Guest cannot just walk right up, which meant Sandy probably has to wait for Hakim to send one down. 

I started running. 

So did Alex. 

I only reached the end of the block when I saw Farid and his friend running towards the lift to stop the door from closing. 

It all happened within a split second but I saw it. 

That half a second pause Farid did when he realised who was inside the lift he stopped. 

He walked in as Alex and I sprinted with everything we got. 

I could hear the beeping of the lift as the door started to close.

I have to make it

Just a few steps more. 

I managed to hit the open button the same time Alex jammed his hand into the middle of the closing door, causing the lift to buzz angrily as the door opened one again. 

I entered the lift, trying to control my breathing. 

Sandy’s expression was one of shock and horror as she plastered herself against the back of the lift, shivering where she stood. 

Farid saw me enter and he walked right up to me. 

Close. Real close. 

Our chins almost touched each other as we looked at each other without a word. 

Alex was right behind me, I could feel his breath on my left ear. 

The lift buzzed again, angry that it had been held up so long. 

Beep beep…..

beep beep….

Beep beep………… 

The buzzer sounded like the heartbeat monitor albeit a angrier and more hostile version. 

The beeping stop when the lift door closed with a thud. 

But the beeping sound continued in my head. 

Beep beep…. 

Beep beep… 


It’s funny the kind of images that comes to your mind during moments like this. 

Moments from my secondary school days where you go inside a lift, hit the button for the highest floor and trash it all out came flooding into my head. 

This time round though was a little different. 

There was no trash talking, no asking which gang are you from. Where is your chief ? 

How you want to settle ? 

Want to one on one ? 

Page your brothers to come down ? 

None of that applies

There was no need to talk, everyone knew what was coming. That euphoric tension in the lift is like a drug itself. You see, all living things are programmed the same way. 

It’s fight or flight. 

That split second decision your brain makes that dictates your action. 

Increased blood flows to your muscles, increased blood pressure, even your muscle tension increased to provide your body with increased speed and strength. 

Farid moved first shoving me backwards as he drew back his fist. 

I could feel Alex behind me as he supported my retreat the same time I swung my arm at Farid. 

Sandy’s scream seemed to be suspended in mid air, much like the scene in inception when everything freezes. 

Both our hits connected and shouts, curses and threats shattered the silence inside the lift. 

Farid got me on my cheek while I landed one squarely on his jaw. 

It’s was not a hard hit for the both of us, there was not enough room for big movements. 

Farid started hitting and throwing punches like a mad dog at me as I turned to my right, blocking most of his hits with my left arm and shoulder. 

I waited for an opportunity to drive in a jab towards his stomach and he grunted before trying to kick me. 

Sandy : STOP!!! ARHHHH.. STOP!!! 

The shouting started from Farid as he held onto my shirt, pulling me close but I squeeze my arm in between his, pushing up his jaw with my right and tried to punch him in the throat with my left. 

Farid : FUCK YOU!!!... FUCK YOU … CHEE…CB…FUCK..!! 

Hakim stayed on a low floor, with the average speed of 2.5 seconds per floor, it took less than 15 seconds to reach the floor Hakim stayed. 

Everything happened with that few seconds but it felt longer. 

I was so focused on Farid that I failed to notice that Alex and Farid’s friend was trying to separate the both of us from each other. 

Farid : You NAR BEI CHEE Bye… fuck!!.. 

Farid cursed like a mad dog as his limbs continued flailing and landing kicks on my thighs, my calves and the side of my body. 

I saw an opening and I hit him with a tightly clenched fist at the underside of his neck near to his lower right jaw. 

He tried to hit back but that one did the trick. 

Farid lost his footing for a moment before collapsing onto the ground the same time the door buzzed open. 

The commotion is deafening. 

Hakim talking rapidly asking what happened. 

Sandy crying in the lift as she held onto her arm while Alex pulled her out. 

Farid’s friend spoke to Hakim in Malay as he tried to pull his friend off the floor. 

When I finally sobered up a little to take stock of the situation, I realised that Alex had been kicked a few times inside the lift and there was even the dusty mark of Farid’s shoe print on Sandy’s left calve. 

The place she was kicked looked a little red. 

I didn’t think I was hurt though until I went to look in the mirror inside Hakim’s bathroom. It was nothing, a couple of bruises and some small cuts on my fists and forearms less than 1cm each. 

Farid though has been contained inside the master bathroom. 

No it was not my punch or anything. I’m not superman. 

For some reason Farid went into a vomiting fit, Hakim said his brother is dehydrated. 

Hakim : He tried vomiting but hardly anything comes out except some thick liquid. 

He had called an ambulance and they should be reaching shortly. 

Farid’s friend spoke quickly with Hakim before dashing into the lift and getting away. 

When the SCDF officers arrived 10 minutes later they put Farid on a drip before bringing him away. Hakim said he would be following his brother to see how he was. 

By 8.30pm 

Alex, Sandy and I sat stoned face at the coffee shop. 

So much for our grand plan. 

Alex and I spoke nothing about using Sandy and we just wolfed down our dinner while Sandy only had milo.


Hakim text us to update that his brother is fine, just very dehydrated and is now running a slight fever. 

Hakim sms : They know he’s taking drugs…. 

That was the last message Hakim sent that evening. 

We parted ways at 10pm and I sent Sandy home. 

11th July 2011



Everyone showed up for work on time. 

Hakim said his brother is still warded but placed under watch. They are taking his statement. 

He even apologised for the trouble his brother caused but on the bright side, he added that it’s unlikely he would be bothering his mum and him in the near future. 

Alex would still be renting a room at Hakim’s place as planned. 

Sandy is still in the dark and we agreed to keep it that way.

The highlight for that morning was seeing Terry and Belinda again in Mr Liew’s room. 

Something is brewing. 

I can almost smell it. 

This time round it was Belinda who stormed out first before leaving Terry and Mr Liew to talk. 

10 minutes later, Terry left too, not before coming over to Sandy and casting a glance at what she was doing. 

15th August 2011



For a good whole month, it was pretty much peace and quiet. Aside from some brushes with Terry’s team, everyone did ok. 

It’s like normal office life. The daily grind. 

Alex and Hakim worked well as a team, Hakim would check his work and give him some pointers and in return, Alex taught Hakim shortcuts base on scripts he wrote. 

Even Uncle Tong joins us for lunch a couple of times that month. 

For the very first time, it felt like the team is finally coming together. 

Mr Liew bought the team lunch and drinks twice and he too commented to me that it looks like the team is shaping up well. 

James : It’s a good team from what I see.. 

Mr Liew : Good or not… only when the crunch time comes…. Then we will know… 

James : What do you mean ? 

Mr Liew : All is peaceful and well now… jobs are manageable, of course it looks ok…. It’s only when the pressure piles up, then you can see if the team is a good one. 

I shook my head and said he thinks too much. 

James : You think too much la…. Everyone can do their work, submit on time, good enough already…. 

How naïve I was.

I thought with a few years in the industry, I had seen it all. 

The construction industry is a dirty one. 

Money changes hands under the table all the time. 

Kickbacks are common, so are preferred relationships with your handful of contractors. 

All contractors will know when to sharpen their knives,

If you didn’t, you’re not one. 

So you want to build a grand resort on our island you say…. Who should I get to do it ? 

The Dim sum breakfast gathering of all the big bosses of the local builders were of a scale never seen in Singapore’s history. 

Have you watched Hong Kong Triad films ? 

Well, the gathering was not that showy of course, more classy. 

More low profile. 

But it was a gathering of the big boys nonetheless. 

On a tiny island, not many can build a resort. 

With more than 5 years of experience under my belt, I thought I had seen it all. 

Things that they don’t teach you in school and any upgrading courses. 

Stuff you only learn on the job. 

I knew it was tough getting projects unless you knew the right person but the situation in the office got a little complicated. 

Mr Liew finally sat down with me and took me through the grand picture. 

There are projects, but not only are we bidding for it, Terry is too. 

James : What ? Aren’t we the same company? In a way ? 

Mr Liew : We’re not… His is so much bigger…. Our team plus the one by Darryl is barely half his size. 

Darryl helms the other team within the space we work, dealing mostly with projects in Indonesia.

James : Why are they bidding for the same project as us ? I thought you said you knew the Client. 

Mr Liew : Yeah, so did they… and it’s common knowledge we’re under the same roof…. End of the day it’s money that talks… 

James : So the past few meetings ?.... ? 

Mr Liew revealed that there had been a few confrontation with Terry and since we’re new to the office in a way, he reluctantly gave up 1 to Terry as a form of courtesy, the one he mentioned earlier to me. 

Mr Liew : There is another one… a Good class bungalow… off Merryn Road…. It’s just the 2 of us fighting for it. 

James : What ? … this is stupid… what is the boss saying about this ? 

Mr Liew : He’s in semi-retirement mode, says what will be will be….. he’s just another old fuck… 

Mr Liew is angry, and he seldom lose his temper. I guess this really riled him up big time. 

He spent 30 minutes going through the project with me. Alex has been helping him the past week to get some basic stuff done and now the physical model of the house is being built. 

I was to help compile the report and attend the presentation to the Client with him in 1 weeks time. 

Terry and Belinda would be doing the presentation after us. 

Mr Liew : We need to get this.. Make sure the model looks good… this old uncle cannot read drawings…. He want to hold the house model like play lego like that see then can understand. 

Mr Liew : Help me look after this James… I need to concentrate on the other bigger one…. That would feed the team for an entire year… 

James : Ok…sure. 

19th August 2011



I picked up the model together with Alex and Sandy at the factory in Ubi before carefully taking a cab back to office. 

The model looks decent, it even lights up when you hit the switch at the side. It could easily rival those in the show flats you see for new launches with the fancy trees and cars. 


The copier churned out copies of the report and everything was going well. 

The team laughed and joked while Mr Liew surprised everyone with some curry puffs from old chang kee as a mid afternoon snack. 

By 5.30pm, all was ready. 

The model dusted and covered with an acrylic cover. 

The reports neatly stacked by the side. 

Everything laid ready in the meeting room. 


I went to the pantry and happen to see Belinda making her coffee. 

James : Hey… 

Belinda : Hey… 

James : All ok ? 

Belinda : Haha… what are you trying to ask ?? 

I shrugged my shoulder as she dropped in 2 cubes of sugar into her coffee. 

Belinda : We’re going after the same fish… I’m sure you know that… 

James : I do… but it’s just work… not that we can help it. 
She nodded. 

Belinda : We’re a bit behind schedule… the model maker cannot get our model out in time by today.. only the 1st wing was delivered…. Another part would come only on Sunday…… got to be back this weekend to make sure they fix it properly…

James : Ok…. Ermm.. ..

I hesitated for a moment before I asked her another question. 

James : How’s things between you and….. Terry… 

Belinda paused but she did not look at me. 

Belinda : That’s my personal life James…. I don’t want to talk about that with you… 

I nodded as she turned away. 

As she walked out, Sandy walked in and I raised my cup at her. 

When the 2 of them passed each other, I realised they had the same blouse on, just that Belinda wore a pair of pants and Sandy had a skirt on. 

They gave each other a glance before passing right by without a smile. 

They would pass off as twins if just given just a cursory glance from certain angles. 

Not surprising. 


The office was already empty and I’m the only one left in my wing as Mr Liew shut off the lights in his office and waved goodbye to me. 

Mr Liew : Have a good rest ya…. Monday is a big day… Leaving soon ? 

James : Yup in a bit… 

I was about to shut down my computer when I saw Sandy back after her Yoga and her run with a yogurt smoothie in hand.

Sandy : Not leaving yet ? 

James : Soon.. 

As Sandy bent down to remove her running shoes, I felt this feeling stir within me. It’s been a while since I had sex, and the buildup of hormones is starting to get to me. 

Sandy changed out of her shoes and slipped into her slippers. I watched her fumble though her bags for towel and clothes and I asked her. 

James : What are you doing ? I thought you normally go back straight without bothering to change … 

Sandy : Yah but I’m meeting my friends for dinner…. I’m going to grab a quick shower. .. go ahead and leave first… don’t need to wait for me.. 

James : Haha… I don’t plan to.. 

Sandy gave me a irritated look and hit me with her towel as she gathered up the stuff to head to the bathroom. There is a shower stall at the last cubicle of the toilet for our office. 

One each for the male and female baths. 

With the empty office, I started to get a bit of funny ideas. 

James : You… need help to shower ?? 

Sandy laughed before throwing me a flirty look but I knew she was just joking.

The moment Sandy disappeared into the toilet, I got up and followed her from behind and make sure she entered the bathroom.

Another glance around the office told me it’s empty and I walked to the pantry to make sure no one was hanging around.

The coast is clear.

I went to the reception and took a peek into the other wing and was surprised to see Belinda working at a corner alone.

She looks occupied with her stuff.

I cannot resist the urges that was coming up within me, there was just this uncontrollable push in me that made me want to masturbate and cum inside Sandy’s smoothie.

I switched off all the lights in the office. It would give me some time if someone comes back. The lights coming on would be an advance warning even though I knew Sandy would not be that fast.

Without wasting time, I grabbed her drink and retreated to a blind spot by the back of the filing cabinets. I even took her running shoes and her damp socks that were soaked with her sweat.

I struggled with myself whether should I do it but I could not resist.

Somehow images of Sandy being held down by Farid came flooding back into my head and I picked up Sandy’s ankle socks from her shoes and held it by my nose.


That alluring and intoxicating fragrance of warm fresh sweat from her feet coupled with images of her groaning under Farid flooded my mind. I started to touch myself as I pictured myself as Farid, trying to remove Sandy’s clothes.

It’s good material for release.

I started stroking myself as my eyes closed, thinking about the moment as I kept smelling and licking Sandy’s wet socks.

Barely 2 minutes into it I could feel myself cumming.

Right before I did, I heard a crash.

There was this sick crushing sound.

My heart skipped a beat and my erection deflated quickly. I paused what I was doing and listened for about 30 seconds if someone was approaching.

I heard some footsteps then it stopped.

I was too freaked out to move, the thought of being caught with my pants down and holding Sandy’s worn socks would fuck me right over.

I quickly replaced the socks and pulled up my pants.

I quickly duck walked over to Sandy’s cubicle to replace her yogurt smoothie when the lights came on all of a sudden.

I quickly grabbed my bag as an excuse to say I’m about to leave but my bag dropped from my hands as I looked towards the meeting room.

Someone is inside there.

I walked a few steps closer and I could see it was Belinda.

Sandy was wiping her hair dry as she walked in from the entrance.

Walking towards the meeting room, I suddenly realised that model had been crushed, Belinda was holding onto a piece of the roof.

James : What did you do !!

Belinda turned around in shock, her eyes widened.

Belinda : It’s not me !... I heard the crash and I came over … the lights of the model was blinking…so I came in… it was already like this when I entered…

Sandy came too and she covered her mouth as she looked at the state of the destroyed model.

Belinda : James you have to believe me, it’s not me !... I came and it was already this way….!

Sandy : How could you do this!!!

Belinda : It’s not me !!

The 2 girls started screaming at each other while I stared on in shock.

This is not happening.

I quickly went forward and look at the damage; it was way far beyond repairing it. It’s like a hurricane swept through it. One of the mini figurines of a man was upsides down inside the pool with his head torn off.

Sandy : Your team cannot finish on time and you had to resort to this …

Belinda : I already said it ‘s not me !!! I came in because I heard the noises too !! Which part of this do you not understand !!

As if that was not bad enough Belinda turned and shouted at me.

Belinda : JAMES!!.. tell her I would not do something like this…

Sandy : How the fuck would James know if you would or would not….?

Belinda pointed a finger at Sandy

Belinda : Watch your words, I’m warning you…

Sandy : Or what ?? You’ll fuck my ex boyfriend ??

My head was really spinning as I watch them trash it out.

I immediately called Mr Liew.

James : It me… we have a problem… the model…. It’s … damaged… it’s fucked up real bad.

Mr Liew kept quiet on the line, no doubt about to explode.

I braced myself for his wrath but it did not come.

I explain the situation to him and told him what I saw, trying my best to speak up over the din the 2 girls were making.

James : What do you want me to do now ??

I waited for a few seconds before Mr Liew replied.

Mr Liew : Go destroy their model too James..

James : What!! I can’t… their model is not even…

I barely finished my sentence when Sandy cast me a look and suddenly started running towards the other wing.

James : Sandy no!! WAIT!!.

Belinda screamed and chased after her.

James : Hold on..

I put Mr Liew on hold and ran after the girls but by the time I got into the other wing it was too late.

Sandy flipped off the acrylic cover to Belinda’s model, raised her fist and smashed it in, destroying the model as if Godzilla had just stepped on it.

Belinda : You bitch !!. .how could you !!! You’ll get fired !! I’ll make sure of that..

Sandy gave her the finger and walked back over to our wing.

James : Fuck…

Belinda sank down onto her knees and sighed, burying her face in her hands.

I brought up the phone and told Mr Liew what happened.

James : We’re fucked big time…Sandy went and smashed their model…. ..

I waited for Mr Liew to reply as Belinda glared angrily at me.

Mr Liew : Go home James… take a bath. Have a good sleep… I’ll see you on Monday…

James : Wait.. wait Mr Liew…

He hung up on me as I sighed in the office.

God, it’s a 5 mil job, fees the most a couple of hundred thousands, is there a need for things to come to this.

I went over to Belinda and squeezed her on her shoulder.

James : Hey..

Belinda : I did not do it James…

Her eyes were red but she was not crying.

The Belinda I married would not cry over this.

Belinda : I did not do it..

Just then my phone buzzed, a message came in.

It was from Mr Liew, and that message contained a picture.

An exact same replica of our model stared right back at me just that it sat neatly on a table somewhere.

Mr Liew sms : I did it… … go back and rest... Monday is a big day.

I hugged Belinda as she pressed her forehead on my shoulder.

James : I believe you…

Belinda : Do you ?

i nodded.


The exasperation in Belinda’s expression cannot be described in words, the same goes for my helplessness. 

For once I’m at a lost as to what to do. 

After a minute or so Belinda pulled herself away from me and we parted ways. 

I got back to my side of the office and I saw Sandy sitting at her desk looking at me. 

Sandy : Do you know…. Belinda from… someplace before ? She speaks as if she knows you… 

James : No. I knew her the same time I knew you.. 

I packed my stuff and left.

22nd August 2011



Needless to say the first thing in that happened in the morning was a meeting between Mr Liew, Terry, Belinda and Sandy . 

I was called in as well. 

The shouting went on and on and I don’t know what was I supposed to feel as Mr Liew accused Belinda of destroying the model while she defended herself. 

There was no cameras inside the office. The only one in the lift lobby points only to the waiting area. Not the entrance of the office.

What was I supposed to do ? 

I don’t know. 

Terry suggested postponing the meeting but Mr Liew wanted to go ahead. 

Mr Liew : You can choose not to go…. The client is a old friend, I’m not blowing him off. 

Despite not having any model, Mr Liew was a little surprised that Terry and Belinda went ahead for the presentation as well, coming in after we had our turn. 

I don’t even remember how that day passed. 

I only remembered going for the presentation with Mr Liew who magically had a model waiting on site. 

Nothing could explain the look on Terry and Belinda’s face as they glared on angrily. 

I was riddled with guilt even though I had no hand in this. Belinda’s eyes pierced right though me as she looked at Mr Liew wrap up the presentation.

I was too ashamed to even look at Belinda in her eyes as the client gave us the job on the spot. 

Belinda did not even bother to speak to me after we left the client’s place together. 

When I was alone with Mr Liew I asked him whether was there a need to go that far. 

Mr Liew : They took a 25Mil job right from under our nose… and they will continue to do it just because they say they have a bigger team and that they say ours is not ready… 

James : Our team is… ready…

Mr Liew : Yeah.. good…. There will be more of this to come. 

It did not just end there. 

The situation escalated to the point Terry’s Dad came down to the office to reduce the tension by calling for a general meeting for the both teams before meeting separately with Terry and Mr Liew. 

That did not stop the conflict.

Belinda stopped talking to me after that incident. I wrote a lengthy explanation about how I was in the dark too and sent it over to her as well. 

That incident changed the entire dynamics of the office, you could feel people are not as friendly as before between the 2 wings. Lines were being drawn more clearly.

As the days past, Mr Liew got more edgy and competitive. 

In the next 3 months that followed, the tension between our teams rose higher than before. 

Terry deliberately bid for the same projects we did, successfully getting some from Mr Liew, enraging him further

We win some, we lose some. 

Despite his slew of contacts, he lost out in terms of manpower. 

We did what we could, the team really tried. Even Uncle Tong stayed well beyond normal hours but it was not enough. 

What happened hurt the teams on both side. 

What puzzled me was why Terry wanted the jobs we were getting. 

It’s peanuts to him. Small jobs, a house here, some renovation to old malls. These jobs don’t make money one, just enough to keep things moving. 

Terry’s team is big, so with him taking on small jobs, it’s just not going to meet the bottom line for him. 

Still, he kept it at. 

Despite this, our team still worked fine. 

30th November 2011



I was called into the office with Mr Liew by the boss. The big one. 

Terry’s dad. 

He’s in his late seventies but still looked pretty alert. 

Mr Lau : This has to stop… it’s childish…. And you’re killing each other…

We spent an hour in the discussion and Mr Liew took the opportunity to bargain for more control over the projects and the finances including hiring decisions. Something Mr Lau reluctantly agreed to on the condition that he is kept in the loop for new hires. 

Mr Lau : There is too much people doing too little things on Terry’s team, I was thinking if you need some staff, you can…. 

Mr Liew : No… you just promised me control of the hiring decision…. I don’t want those people eating into my budget… 

It finally dawned on me why that was the 1st thing Mr Liew bargained for. He knew this was coming. 

Mr Lau : Fine…. I have one more thing to say. 

5 minutes later, Terry and Belinda came into the room as well. 

Mr Lau : This project is in UAE…. Client is some cousin of the Highness… 

He wanted us to work on it together. 

None of us spoke. 

Mr Lau : This master planning project, will keep the whole office going for years…. So stop the senseless squabbles and get things done…I want all 4 of you to fly over for the presentation in a month time with the proposal…. There’s no negotiating on this… 

With that, he left the office, leaving the 4 of us with an uncomfortable silence in the meeting room. 

Belinda spoke first as she took over the design brief. 

Belinda : I’ll do it, I’m the lead, you all will support. 

She spoke directly to Mr Liew and I was expecting a fierce rebuttal but that did not happen. 

He nodded and asked me to give Belinda my full support. 

If there’s one thing I learned from Mr Liew, is that you pick your battles. Pick those you can win. 

Terry just stared on blankly before leaving the room. 

When Belinda and I were alone in the room, I apologised to her. 

James : Sorry… I didn’t know things would… 

Belinda : Forget it… I don’t want to talk about it.. 

She stormed out of the office without looking back. If there is one flaw with Belinda, it was her temper. She’s stubborn and headstrong and she takes a long time to forgive people. And the one thing she hated most was being lied to, being betrayed. 

Fuck I was not even the one who lied to her.

We were simply pawns in a bigger game. 

I did not expect her to harbour that anger for so long, it’s been 3 months. 

I did not expect her to not even reply my messages and apologies. 

Most important of all, I did not expect that day to be the turning point in our marriage. 

What did I mean by that ? 

My team worked closely with Belinda for the period, staying back late almost everyday. 

No one complained. 

Mr Lau promised a flat 1.5 month bonus for the teams if we get this job, this was on top of our performance bonus and aws. 

Terry and Mr Liew only took on a supervisory role, Belinda and I did most of the work. 

When the guys leave at around 8 or 9pm, Belinda and I would still carry on working into the night. 

No, that did not rekindle anything. 

We did not suddenly fall back in love, kiss and have sex in the office. 

It’s just that we got to spend more time together as colleagues than as husband and wife. 

We did not speak to each other unless it was absolutely necessary, and it was always about work. We ate quite a few dinners together quietly in the pantry. 

Belinda would give me all her prawns from her hor fun while I would automatically transfer all the fish cake over to her. It just happened, habits don’t change despite us being away from each other for so long. 

Then there would be the occasional coffee. 

Belinda knew how I liked mine, so every time she set one down in front of me, it was perfect. I did the same too. You can just tell that it was not a deliberate act. There was nothing to it, no agenda. 

It’s the same thing as you getting another coffee for a friend. 

There would be moments when I stopped doing what I did and just looked at Belinda, deeply focused on her screen and my mind would go back to the days when we dated. 

I would be lying if I said I did not notice Belinda looking at me the same way too, probably thinking what went wrong between us.

Terry on the other hand is a fucker. He hardly touched any of the work.

Belinda would get irritated if he calls.

Terry calls only if he wants to fuck her. 

It was obvious. 

Belinda would be gone for dinner, take longer than usual and come back smelling of fresh soap and shampoo yet wearing the same clothes. Despite the shower, she was usually moody and unhappy when she sits back down to work. 

Since she lost a few good hours, those days would stretch late into the wee hours of the morning and she would be in a foul mood the next day as well.

I don’t blame her, here you are rushing your work and what ? Your boyfriend calls and wants to have sex ? 

What the fuck ? 

I honestly don’t know what Belinda sees in him. 

5 days before we were due to fly, Belinda and I gave an overview of the project to Terry and Mr Liew together with the big boss.

They would be the one doing the presentation. 

4 days before we were due to fly 

I worked till 3am in the morning with Belinda. She fell asleep on her desk. 

I covered her with my jacket and left. 

3 days before we were due to fly, Mr Liew came down with Chicken pox. 

Which pretty much meant only the 3 of us would be heading to Dubai.

24 hours before our flight, I dropped Belinda a message to remind her to bring her masks, she could never stand dust and sand very well. 

It was just a friendly reminder, nothing more to it but she sent me a message too, telling me to remember to bring my Po Chai Pills. 

Foreign food usually wreaks havoc on my stomach for the 1st day or so. 

2nd Jan 2012



The 3 of us took a 7 hour flight to Dubai international airport.

Terry and Belinda sat in business class. 

I checked in alone to economy. 

It was a uneventful flight and the moment we landed, all of us checked into The Palace downtown hotel. 

Meeting with the client would take place the next morning. 

There were only 2 rooms. 

Terry and Belinda took the suite while I just had a normal twin room to myself. 

As I watch Belinda walked into her room down the hall with Terry, I felt this tinge of jealousy as I imagined what they will be doing for that evening. 

I shook my head to clear it. 

James : It’s all in the past James… move on.. 

3rd Jan 2012



We had breakfast on our own and met in one of the function rooms at 11am sharp. 

The meeting is scheduled for 11.30am . 

We set up our laptops and got ready our materials. 

Belinda looked good that day. She wore a long sleeve white blouse and a dary grey skirt that reached up to her calves. She also put on black pantyhose paired with a pair of grey heels. 

Her hair was neatly tied up in a bun and she put on a pair of black framed glasses that day. 

Her eyes were a little red, I guess the dry air affected her ability to put on contact lens. 

Terry : Belinda and I would present… you just stay out of our way… 

I wanted to roll my eyes. 

Yeah, my boss is not here, no one is going to talk back to Terry , not that I cared. 


A tall good looking gentlemen entered the room and we all stood up. He was flanked by 2 aide and he reached out to shake our hands. 

Terry : Good morning Sheikh Rasid. Nice to meet you… I’m Terry. 

The man laughed and said he’s not Rasid. 

Omar : I’m Omar… I’m the assistant to Sheikh Rasid.. 

Terry : Oh.. oh… nice to meet you… 

Omar shook our hands and apologised on behalf of the Sheikh. He said that he was not feeling well and requested we make the presentation in his hotel suite instead a short drive away. 

Terry : Sure. No problem… 

Terry pointed to me and asked me to pack everything up. 

I unplugged the laptops and started collecting the materials. Belinda tried to help me but Terry told her not to bother, instead choosing to introduce her as his girlfriend to Omar. 

Omar’s assistant tried to help me too but Terry told them it’s ok, I can manage on my own. 

As I lugged all the materials on my shoulders, I could not help but feel Terry was a little jealous of Omar who had 2 assistant to follow him around. 

During the short trip to the waiting cars, Terry kept barking orders at me the same way Omar did to his assistant, as if he too wanted to show off he had someone at his bid and call. I was fucking angry but I held it in. 

There are bigger things at stake here. 

We arrived at another hotel a short drive down the boulevard and was directed to a private lift that goes right up to the private suite with a nice view of the city. 

When the lift door opened, my eyes literally sparkled as I looked at the sheer opulence of the room’s décor. 

I don’t even know where to start. There were glitters everywhere, and if you thought a gold tap in Singapore is extravagant , I saw a fucking gold fountain the size of my CPU right by the lift entrance. 

Lights bounced off the crystal chandeliers as thick carpets lined the path which we walked on. Intricate sculptures set within a small fountain spew water and smoke down a man made stone steps, flowing down to the Jacuzzi below. 

Columns of bubbles and lights danced wildly in the water that had rose petals floating around in them. The sides of the decking looked wet, as if someone had just stepped out of it. 

I thought I was walking into some film set of Indiana jones. Thick cushions with gold and silver threads were arranged neatly along the floor and I could see bowls of dates, fruits and smoking pipes lying by the side table. 

I walked right pass this small cozy cabana right within the suite that had a large TV screen nested inside together with 2 massage chairs that was glittering away.

Plants I have never seen before sat proudly in big vases of all shapes and sizes and I must have passed at least 3 bodyguards just standing around. Those were just the ones I manage to see.

I turned a corner and saw a large dining table of sort filled with documents and files. The setting here was more informal, resembling a study of sort.

I don’t even remember how far I walked, fuck what is the size of a suite at this place anyway. 

We entered into a inner courtyard and I saw parrots eating papayas on a perch before we were showed into a room.

Omar opened the door for us and we entered, coming face to face with a pot-bellied man in his fifties. He was dressed in his bathroom and he had a orange juice in hand. 

I was a little taken aback by his dressing but hey, if you have oil spilling out your backyard, you can go to a meeting in your underwear. No one would say a thing. 

But the curious thing though, it was not just Rasid, there was 2 other girls in the room with him and fuck are they beautiful. 

They have got to be at least 1.7m tall at least and they were dressed casually in shorts and a tube top. I thought women got to be covered up in this country no ? 

They looked fair and definitely of middle eastern descent. Our eyes met and I have never seen eyes that green before. 

Green eyes. 

Have you gaze into a pair of green eyes before ? 

There is something mesmerizing about them. 

Their figure made me wonder what were they doing inside the room, they should be on some Victoria secret runway doing their rehearsal. Instead they just sat at the side, talking shyly as they looked at us. 

The more I look at them, the more I think they are indeed some Victoria secret angels.

One of them smiled at me and I returned it naturally but I quickly looked away. 

Men would kill to sleep with women like that. 

It was obvious I was not the only one looking at the girls. Terry’s eyes too drifted and lingered far longer than I did. 

Their legs are long, shapely and it’s as if there’s this weird shimmer to it as the light hit their skin. 

I could almost feel my erection stirring and I quickly looked away. 

I happen to catch Belinda looking at Terry who was letting his gaze linger a little too long on them. 

Rasid : Hello ! You must be Lau’s son…. Terry… nice to meet you… 

Terry : Hi. Nice to meet you… 

Terry and Belinda shook hands with the Sheikh while I lined up for my turn despite juggling with all the stuff I’m carrying. 

Terry just pointed to the side table and asked me to set the stuff down. 

Terry : Eh you no need to come here… put the things down there… 

The fuck is the problem with this guy. 

Rasid cast me a glance before looking back at Terry, all smiley and warm. 

Terry introduced Belinda as his girlfriend, totally ignoring me. Rasid gestured to one of the girls and introduced Aliya as his wife. 

Rasid : Aliya is my wife…. And Aisha, is her sister… 

Wah, the fuck man. If I have a sister in law like that, I would surely be up to no good. 

I bet he got to fuck both sister. 

After the formalities, I got the presentation set up and Terry kicked off the presentation. He kept stealing glances at Rasid’s wife and her sister. It was too fucking obvious you would need to be blind not to notice. 

At one point in time I thought he was doing the presentation to them instead as the girls kept smiling at Terry.

Along the way, questions were asked by Omar mostly. 

Omar : I’m Sheikh Rasid’s architecture consultant. Please don’t mind me getting a bit more technical on these.. 

Terry : No… no… no problem at all. 

No problem my foot. 

The work was done by me and Belinda, Terry had a hard time answering Omar’s questions and I had to step in a few times to help him. 

Terry did not look too happy but I could not be bothered. 

You cannot answer then what you expect me to do ? Hide in a corner and snigger ? 

Grow up. 

The presentation went on and after Terry was done, he passed it to Belinda to finish the next phase of works.

Then the fucking thing happened. 

It came as a shock to us as we never expected Rasid to say something like this. 

Rasid : Terry…. Don’t mind me saying this… but…. Why are you getting a woman to present to me ?? Can’t you do it ?? 

It was a pretty sexist statement and I could see Belinda was shocked. 

Rasid went on. 

Rasid : You know… woman… I love them….. very much…. 

He gestured lazily to his wife before saying that they should stay in the bedroom. 

Rasid : they are more useful inside the room no ?? wah ahahahaha… wah ahaha.. 

He laughed a throaty laugh as I looked on in horror. 

What made me sick was Terry actually agreed. 

Terry :Well… they have their uses in the bedroom that’s for sure… ahahah.. 

Rasid laughed louder, like some monarch pleased with his subjects laughing at his joke. 

Rasid : Exactly…!... They belong in the bedroom eh…. Or under the table… while I eat… snort.. snort… grunt… ahhaha.. wahhhahaha.. 

Terry : Whahah… sure.. sure… I think so too.. 

I felt like vomiting as I stared in disbelief. 

Terry : Well, I’m sure you are pretty pleased with your wife….. you’re the envy of many man I think… haha… 

Rasid quiet down and sipped from his juice with a smile as he narrowed his eyes at Terry. 

Rasid : My wife eh.. haha… yeah… yeah… she’s pretty…. And she’s really good too… wahh.. haha.. … don’t you think so ?? 

Terry : Haha… well… my.. girlfriend… Belinda…. Knows what’s she’s doing…. Both in and outside the bedroom….haha.. don’t worry…. She knows the project well enough… 

I looked at my wife and nothing could describe the disgusted look she has on her face as she glared at Terry. 

Rasid : Ask her to sit down Terry… men talking business… woman should not interuppt…. You do the presentation…ok ? … ahha.. 

Terry stammered for a while before gesturing to Belinda to sit down and she stormed off to my side with her arms folded. 

Terry tried to do the presentation but he was unable to do it, he didn’t know shit about the project once it gets in depth. Omar asked a few more questions which Terry was unable to answer, Rasid got frustrated and gestured to me. 

Rasid : you.. you.. you…come… you do it… 

I stepped out slowly and carried on. 

For the next 40 minutes, I answered everything they asked and I left them in no doubt our company had what it takes to do this job. 

Rasid nodded his head in a dream like manner and I wondered if he actually paid attention to what I just said. 

Rasid : Good… good… 

Omar went on to whisper something to Rasid before saying he needed to make a call and he excused himself. 

Rasid stroked his hairless head and asked Terry . 

Rasid : You know… Terry…. I thought I could catch up with your father Lau…. But he’s not here… … and I invited him… it’s a bit…. Rude don’t you think ? 

Terry : Oh… ermm.. my dad is getting on with age….and…. long travel isn’t very suited to him… 

Rasid laughed again. 

Rasid : Well,…. The last time he was here, he didn’t look like he was getting old.. ahahahahahah…. 

Terry laughed along too, unsure of what to do. 

Rasid stopped after a while as he thought about something while he stared at Terry. 

Rasid : I… noticed… you kept looking at my wife…. Aliya 

Terry suddenly panicked and he quickly replied. 

Terry : No… no… I’m sorry… I’m… I’m just ermm.. she is beautiful…

Rasid : Whahaha… ahha.. it’s ok.. don’t worry…. If you are not staring, I would say you are gay… ahahahaha… haha.. they’re both beautiful no ?? My wife and her sister… 

Terry : haha… yeah. They are… 

Rasid gestured to Aliya who walked over, strutting her tight body before standing beside Rasid. His hands went under her pants and he stroked upwards, immediately I felt my erection stir. 

Imagine landing my palm that tight buttocks. I wonder how they would feel If they were squeezed. 

Rasid : My dear… do you think Terry looks good ? 

She nodded her head and Terry laughed, adjusted his tie and looked away, oblivious that Belinda was glaring at him. 

Rasid : Well… your… girlfriend is beautiful too… 

Terry laughed. 

Terry : Not as beautiful as Aliya and Aisha

Rasid smiled and whispered something to Aliya. 

Aliya moved with the gracefulness of a cat and she sundered over to Terry. He just stood there like a block of wood as Aliya smiled at him. Her finger went to Terry’s chest, smiling as she slowly pranced one full round in the clockwise direction, her eyes never left Terry.

I could see Terry swallowing a gulp of saliva. 

Rasid : Terry…. Ask your…. Father…. He would tell you I’m a generous man…. I really am.. as long as I’m happy… hahah… 

He stood up and refilled his cup with more juice. 

Rasid : Your dad….. had a small company for the longest time….. 

He gestured to the surrounding around him. 

Rasid : What do you think happened that made it possible for him to take that great leap forward ?? … eh ?? hahahaha… haha… 

Rasid lightly punched Terry on his arm and added. 

Rasid : We became friends of course !!! Wah hah.. hahahah… 

He sat back down and nodded his head towards Aisha. 

I too swallowed a mouthful of saliva as Aisha joined her sister by Terry’s side. 

Rasid : I can… make you the happiest man alive… 

Terry : ERmm… Rasid.. i.. errmm… i… haha… I … don’t know what to say… I ermm… 

Rasid : Well don’t say anything… ..

He paused as he looked at Aliya. 

I watched in sheer amazement as Aliya started to reach for Terry’s buckle. 

Terry : No.. no.. stop… i.. i.. Rasid.. 

Rasid : Why ? Are you refusing my gift to you ? ?? …

Terry : Rasid… i… i.. 

Aisha’s hands slipped onto Terry’s shoulder and removed his blazer. 

I had to turn and adjust my erection discreetly as Aliya pulled down her shorts, revealing her naked love hole. Aisha helped her sister remove her tube before she herself stripped to nothing. 

Terry : Rasid… i…wait.. i..can’t… she’s your.. 

Rasid : I have many wives Terry…. Sometimes I forget their names… wahhh.hahah.. hah.. hahahah… 

As sudden as his gift offer, Rasid changed his tone and subject immediately. 

Rasid : We can give you the job for the master plan…. I like working with your father… but… I would like a gift from you too…. 

My facial expression changed immediately as Rasid’s gaze went over to Belinda. 

Terry did not have a chance to speak as Aliya kissed him on his lips while Aisha removed his clothes, her devilish fingers playing with his nipples from behind. 

Rasid : She is… Singaporean no ? …. 

Terry was too occupied to reply. 

Rasid : I haven tried a Singaporean before… wha.. wahhhh.. hahaha.. haha.. 

I could see Belinda shaking a little as she edged a little closer towards me. 

I turned and looked behind me, there were a couple of guards standing around and Omar had just hung up his phone. 

Terry ‘s pants came off as he stood motionless in the middle of the room. 

Terry : I … I…. 

His eyes looked at Belinda in an apologetic manner. 

Belinda screamed at Terry 

Belinda : FUCK YOU!! .. 

Terry ‘s cock sprung up the moment Aliya removed his underwear and without wasting time, she coaxed a groan from Terry as she sucked down on his cock, sliding her wet lips down his shaft. 

Terry : ARghhhh.. ahh.. 

Aisha slithered around like a snake, licking and sucking on Terry’s nipples while her hands explored his body. 

Rasid laughed as he looked at Belinda. 

Rasid : So Terry ?? … what do you say ?? 

Belinda : FUCK YOU ALL!!... FUCK you Terry !!. 

Terry tried to talk amidst his groans of pleasure. 

Terry : Arghh… no.. arghh.. Belinda… please… argnnnhhh.. arghh.. Belinda… think… of… arghh the big picture… agrghhh… Belinda…eagh…

Rasid : Terry….. oh Terry… so is it a yes ??? 

Belinda edged closer to me. 

Belinda : NO!!.. NO way.. I’m not doing it.. ! 

Rasid laughed, smacking his thigh the same time Aliya got up and turned around, bending over in front of Terry while Aisha stroked his wet cock, helping Terry position it for entry into Aliya. 

Rasid : I’m not talking to you lady… I’m talking to your boyfriend… he owns you no ?? wah.. hah.. ha… 

I finally snapped out of my stupor as I was caught in a trance by what was happening in front of me. 

James : No… no way… we don’t want the project anymore.. 

Belinda took another step closer to me. 

Terry : Arghh… arghh.. shut up James… arghh.. .. you’re just an employee.. aghh.. arghh.. shut up…. You don’t have the right to speak.. arghhhh… 

Aisha helped to gently pushed and nudge Terry into Aliya’s vagina as she moaned in a sensual erotic way befitting a real Victoria secret model. 

Aliya : ARgghh…ergnnhh…. Terry ~~… aeghh… come in… 

Terry : Belinda please… arghh….a eegnnh… aewghh… do this… and…aeghh.. I’ll make sure it’s worth your while.. aeghhh .. aerghh… 

Rasid : So it’s a yes ? it’s a yes right ? hahaha…she looks pretty scared…

I could not believe what Terry was saying. 

I started shouting at him. 

James : Fuck you Terry… how could you do this to your own girlfriend !! You call yourself a man ?? 

Terry grunted as he started to fuck Aliya, he could hardly speak out as he lost himself in the pleasures of being service by the 2 wives of Rasid. 

Belinda too started screaming at Terry, asking him to stop and we should all just leave. 

The room was filled with our shouts and Rasid’s laugh. 

Most prominent of all, it was filled with the moans and groans of Terry fucking Aliya. 

Rasid started talking in Arabic to his aides who started to walk towards us. 

I felt Belinda grab my arm from behind and I immediately shielded her, pointing my finger in a menacing manner at the approaching men. 

James : Stay back… fuck.. stay back !!.. 

Belinda : Terry stop this !!! fuck..! 

Rasid : Wahh.. hahahah.. hahah… 

Clap !! clap !! clap !! 

Rasid silenced the room with 3 thunderous claps of his fat palms and pointed at Terry. 

Rasid : Terry… say it clearly…. Will you honour me….. with a gift from Singapore ?? 

Rasid stood up and stepped off his seat. 

Rasid : Yes……. Or……. no….

Terry was covered in sweat as he looked at Rasid. 

My fingers clenched into a fist as I watch him divert his gaze towards Belinda. 

Rasid rubbed his palms gleefully as he pretended to flip though the contract we brought along. 

Aisha cast me a sly smile as she kissed Terry’s neck. 

Aliya too turned towards us as she reversed her shapely body into Terry’s cock. 

I looked around the room as it descended into this eerie silence. 

Omar and his assistants looked on expressionless at us.

It was so quiet I could hear water trickling from some fountain somewhere. 

Rasid : Terry….. Yes…. Or no ? 

I stepped back half a step and I felt Belinda behind me. She was holding onto my arm by now. 

Rasid : Yes…… 

Rasid : Or… no… 


There was not even a hint of hesitation from Terry.

He was panting from sex and he hardly put in any effort to even look at Belinda properly as he spoke out breathlessly.

Terry : yy… yess…..

He blurted out another half hearted apology together with a half baked reason.

Terry : I…. i….. I love you Belinda…. i…. arghh.. arghhh… I love you….. do it…. Do it for us….arhghhh.. arghh…

Just a short reply and his attention went back to the 2 girls that were all over him. Aliya pulled Terry down to the floor, straddling him what Aisha spread her legs over Terry’s face, bringing her wet cunt down onto Terry’s face.

She even guided his hands above his head to fondle her breast as he started licking on her pussy.

He barely got a few licks going before he groaned and moaned like a pussy as I watch Aliya guided Terry’s penis back into her vagina before she lifted her body up and down in a trance like rhythm.

Aisha started moving her bottom too, rubbing her delicious wet pussy against Terry’s smooth shaven face as he groan, moaned and choked on the combination of wet cunt juice and his own saliva.

Rasid : Good !! You got the job !! congrats !!! Wah.. haha.. ha.. ha…

Belinda grabbed the closest thing she could find and it happened to be a tray of fruits and she started throwing them at Terry and the girls but none of them hit. They were not even bothered as they continued their lustful dance right in the middle of the room in full view of everyone.

Apples and mangos rolled lazily around the copulating trios as Belinda screamed at Terry.

Rasid just smiled as he observed the scene unfolding in front of him.

Belinda looked at Rasid who was laughing. He was checking Belinda out, from head to toe, letting his eyes slowly feast on her body.

There was no way you could miss out how is eyes roamed all over Belinda, tracing the profile of her tight blouse as it disappears into her skirt. His gaze drifted lower to Belinda’s black panty hose and her heels as she staggered behind me.

James : Stay back… we don’t want the project anymore…

I pointed a finger at Rasid before switching it to a full palm.

Rasid laughed and said to Terry .

Rasid : Terry…. Your guy says he doesn’t want the project anymore…. Hahha… wah… hahah…

Terry had mounted Aisha from behind as she adopted a doggy position, grunting and moaning as he slid his wet cock into her welcoming vagina.

Terry : Ignore him… he… he’s nobody… arghhh….

Rasid shrugged his shoulders at me and directed his gaze to Belinda who remained behind my back.

Rasid : Belinda…. What do you take me for ?? whahahah.. haha..

He laughed in a jovial manner.

Rasid : Come… let’s talk…. Like civilised people…

He walked slowly to his seat , his fingers gesturing at Belinda.

James : No don’t..

Belinda remained behind me as she kept an watchful eye at Rasid and his men.

No one made a threatening move. They just kept quiet and observed.

Rasid : Come on Belinda….I’m a civilised man…. Do you think I’m going to rape you ?? wha… wahahah.. haha…

He touched his round belly and extended his invite again to Belinda.

Rasid : Come… come… sit …. Let’s have a chat….

A good 10 seconds passed before I heard the unsure click of her heels as Belinda covered the short distance towards Rasid.

Terry was on the brink of orgasm as Aliya’s tongue disappeared into his mouth and Aisha’s moans getting foxier and more rapid.

There was no porn scene like shouting, it was this constant gasping of the hot humid air surrounded by the sounds of wet sticky bodies hitting against each other.

Terry : ARghh.. arghh… I’m… I’m going to cum…a rghhh.. arghh…

I saw for a moment Terry tried to pull himself out but Aliya hugged onto him from behind, her manicured fingers twirling with his nipples as she bit down on his neck, pushing Terry’s shaking and vibrating body into her own sister/

Terry : arghhh..a rghhh.. aghhhhhhhhhhh….

Aisha slammed herself backwards, probably squeezing down on her pubic muscles, milking Terry’s cock for all it’s worth as he emptied his load into her vagina.

Terry : Arghh.. arghhh…. Arghhhhhhh…. Arghhh….

Even as he deposited his load inside Aisha, it was not over.

Aliya guided him out before opening her warm mouth, taking his spent dick into her mouth for a good clean. The royalty like treatment caused Terry his balance as he collapsed, spent and gasping for air onto the floor of the suite.

The sound of Belinda dragging a chair opposite Rasid snapped me out of my trance as I immediately walked over to her side.

James : Belinda don’t…

Rasid laughed and gestured to me.

Rasid : Who is this…. Gentlemen…. I believe we didn’t get properly introduced….

James : I’m James…

Rasid : Ahh… good James…. Please don’t interrupt my chat with Belinda… or my men will escort you out…

I was about to lash out at him but Belinda held onto my right arm with her left hand.

She gave me a look which communicated all she wanted to say.

If I get myself thrown out, she would be all alone in that room.

I took a deep breath and quiet down.

Rasid : I asked Terry a question Belinda… and he answered….

He leaned back on his chair, studying the features of Belinda as she swept back a stray strand of her hair.

Rasid : I asked if he could give you to me as a gift…. He said yes…

Rasid’s eyes went down to Belinda’s breast.

Belinda : I’m am not some piece of goods you can trade with..

Rasid : No of course not… you’re a gift…ahaha…

He went on to say he is a gentlemen, he never forces anyone to say yes to him.

Rasid : I am an educated man… civilised….. most of the time…. Tell me you price…say it…. I’m pretty sure I can afford it…

By then Terry had recovered and got up on his feet.

Terry : Just do it Belinda !... it’s for the whole office… think of all the….

Belinda : YOU SHUT UP!!! ..

Terry : THINK of the BIG PICTURE !!

Belinda : Get the fuck out of my sight… !

Rasid laughed and stuck to his own question.

Rasid : Say it…. Belinda… your price…

She shook her head firmly and said no.

Belinda : With all due respect sir, i’m not doing i…

Rasid’s smile left his face and he gestured to 2 of his men who came forward and grabbed Belinda by her arms.

Belinda : NO!! NO!!!! RASID ..NO!!!...

I immediately moved, pushing one of them back but he only staggered a few steps before finding his footing. When my hands connected with his body, I knew I was pushing against a huge mass of muscles, not some steward or butler serving in the suite.

I wanted to throw a punch but fuck Terry came and grabbed onto me from behind, pulling me back.

Terry : STOP JAMES!!!... it’s none of your fucking business, stay out of this..

I broke free and without hesitation, I turned and struck Terry in his cheek with my right fist, causing him to curse in a smattering of languages at me.

James : Stay the fuck away from me.

Rasid smirked and spoke to Terry.

Rasid : You hire staff like this ?? hahah…

Terry : I didn’t hire him… my father did…

Belinda trashed and kicked, her heels came off and one of the men just bent down to grab them with his huge hands while holding onto Belinda.

Terry turned towards me and said I’m fired.

Terry : You’re fired… get out of my sight…

James : Fuck you… I quit…

I pointed to Belinda and said I’m taking her with me.

Terry : She is my girlfriend ….. she’s none of your concern. …

I went forward in an attempt to strike Terry again but someone came out from nowhere and grabbed onto me from behind. One of Rasid’s men.

James : Let me go !...

I struggled but it was no use, he put me in a choke hold till I was gasping for breath before dropping me like a sack of potatoes onto the floor.

Rasid : Belinda …. You’re boyfriend gave you to me as a gift… and look what he did to my wife…. He fucked them did he not ? … I expect something in return…hahah…

Rasid removed his robe, revealing a large tummy and a pair of silk boxers.

Belinda : Fuck you… fuck all of you… you all are pieces of SHIT!... Fuck the sheikhs, the king, every one of you fuckers !! fuck you all !! All you so call royalty… cousins, nephews, whatever the fuck your relation is… fuck you all…. Just because you have money… you think you can do anything you want….

I was taken aback at the outburst. I have never seen Belinda so angry before.

Terry : Belinda …. Don’t fight this…. You can have anything you want… why are you making this so difficult.. ?

I could see Belinda’s eyes getting red. She was on the verge of crying and she was trying her best to hold it back in.

There was nothing Belinda could do as Rasid walked over to her. Belinda tried her best not to cry as Rasid smelled her hair and her neck from behind. I was immediately hit with the fragrance of the familiar smell etched in my brain. 

Belinda never changed her shampoo, nor her fragrance. It was the same one since she started using them in her poly days. 

Rasid’s hands touched Belinda’s waist from behind and I could see tears on the verge of rolling down her cheeks as Belinda cast me a look. It was as if she was pleading with me. 

No, she was not pleading with me to save her. Be realistic. I’m not James bond or Ip man. There was nothing I could not in the room except stare on helplessly. 

Belinda’s eyes pleaded with me to look away. To turn my head away. 

She did not want me to see her in that state. 

I held my gaze steady, my breathing erratic as Rasid unbuttoned the 1st button of Belinda’s blouse. 

Rasid : You see… I see myself… somewhat …. As a teacher… 

Belida’s body shook as Rasid pressed his nose onto her neck as his hands reached for her breast from the front, lightly grazing them on the surface as he reached for her 2nd button. As soon as that came off, I could see the light grey lace bra Belinda wore that day. 

Rasid’s men deliberately looked away, trying hard not to get aroused by the scene but it was near impossible. 

Belinda’s smooth skin and her supple breast were a natural gift of hers. She has really light areolas, with a tiny pinch of a firm and solid nipple. Cupping her breast in my hand was one of the best feelings I ever had. 

No others came close. 

Rasid continued talking as he slipped 1 hand into Belinda’s blouse, cupping his hand onto her lacy bra, feeling up her firm breast. 

Rasid : The very man you called your boyfriend…. Offer you up as a gift…. In exchange for a project….what does that say about someone like that ?? 

Terry’s eyes looked a little bloodshot but he said nothing. There was nothing he could say to that statement. 

Rasid : Do you think it’s a good idea…. To give the project to someone like that ?? 

Belinda kept quiet, fighting off a shiver as I saw Rasid’s hands went into one of her bra cups. 

Rasid : Nice…so firm….and the texture of your skin….

Belinda’s eyes pressed shut as a drop of tear rolled down the side of her face. 

Rasid : I’m a businessman…and …. I make deals… 

His hands left Belinda’s breast and I could immediately see her body relaxed a little but immediately tensed up again as Rasid slid both his hands down Belinda’s waist, tracing out her hourglass figure for all to see, pressing her blouse and skirt against her body. 

I heard the release of a zipper and Belinda’s skirt got loose. Her legs gave way for a moment and she was held up by the 2 men. The skirt fell off, bunching up into a bundle by her feet, the crumpled ends of Belinda’s blouse covered what remained of her modesty above her waist. 

Rasid : and I love women too…. But still… I don’t make deals that I’m not comfortable with…

Belinda’s body tensed up significantly as she yelped. 

Belinda : NO!... 


Rasid’s hairy arms tore Belinda’s black panty hose near her buttocks. 

Belinda : No.. please… sob… 

The first sob left Belinda’s mouth as strength starts to fade from her legs. 

Ziappppp!!!!! ZIappp !!!! Ziapppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Without warning, 3 successive tears ripped apart the panty hose and Rasid threw the remnants onto the floor in front of him. 

Everyone could see Belinda’s legs shaking as she pressed her eyes shut.

She was left only in her panty, a pale light pastel green panty, her bra and her blouse. 

Rasid gestured for his men to let go and Belinda collapsed onto a heap on the floor. 

Rasid : So… my first advice to you…. Would be to leave Terry…. 

He immediately turned to Terry and added. 

Rasid : No offence Terry…. But it’s the truth… 

Nothing could describe the look of anger on Terry’s face. 

Rasid : Well… my wives were willing to please and serve but look at your girlfriend….she’s not very cooperative…. Might as well make the best of this and teach her something… 

Rasid slowly walked back to his chair and gestured for Aliya and Aisha to go over to Belinda. 

Rasid : Nothing turns me off more than an uncooperative partner. 

Aliya and Aisha flanked Belinda on her sides and to my horror, they started to undress Belinda. 

Belinda : No!!.. no… please… no!!... don’t do…. this..please… no!!! 

Belinda wanted to resist, to fight but I guess suddenly being manhandled by 2 beautiful girls is a little disorienting. She kept trying to push them away but they were gentle with their movements yet firm in doing what they wanted. 

Despite Belinda’s protest, they stripped her of her blouse and bra and with tears rolling down her cheeks, she gasped a loud breath of air as each sister sucked down onto her tits as Belinda struggled to break free. 

There was no way she could do that. 

They had her pinned down. Their mouth working their magic on her sensitive nipples. Girls know each other. They know the pressure required to bring out the sensitivity. They know where to touch and how hard to touch it. 

Aisha’s fingers went to Belinda’s legs, spreading them apart so did Aliya. 

There was a sudden tight push in my pants as I watch them stroking Belinda at her privates as they sucked on her breast. 

Belinda gasped and pleaded for them to stop but it seems they knew what they were doing. They had to. Despite the stress of being undressed in front of so many men, it was a matter of minutes before I saw the wetness slowly seeped through Belinda’s panty as she gasp in countless breathes of the hot dessert air. 

When Rasid was satisfied that Belinda was well lubricated and aroused, he stood up and waved his wives away. 

Belinda curled into a ball on the floor, her sobbing returned. 

I stood up but before I could speak, Omar put a hand on my shoulder and stopped me. 

I watched in amazement as Omar walked up to Rasid. 

Omar : Enough. .. 

Rasid immediately bowed a little before giving way to Omar. 

Omar turned to Terry and said. 

Omar : My name is Omar Mustaf Rasid . I am the client…. 

He pointed to Rasid and said that was his assistant. 

Terry stared in horror without a word as Omar barked out a few orders. 

He pointed a finger to me and said. 

Omar : James will lead this project together with Belinda…. This is my condition if I were to award your company with the project. 

He went on to state a few other terms to be included into the contract to Terry. 

Omar : My guys will follow up with you on the necessary paperwork… 

This was it. 

We’re saved. 

Omar is our saviour. 

Omar : Get Belinda something to cover herself up… 

Servants appear from out of nowhere to put a robe over Belinda and helped her to her feet.

Omar turned to Terry and told him that the next time he asked for his father, his father better show up or don’t bother sending anyone else along. 

Omar : I don’t take people who turn down my invitation lightly. … 

Terry nodded his head like a useless timid kitten. 

It’s over. It’s all over.. 

Belinda grabbed her clothes and heels but before she could come over to my side , she was stopped by Rasid. 

Rasid spoke in Arabic to Omar and everyone in the room stopped moving. 

Omar thought about it before nodding his head. 

Omar : You’re a feisty girl Belinda… I like you…… but you’re not leaving here just like that…. Not after you… insulted so many of us… 

Belinda : NO!!! Please… I’m sorry… I’m really sorry… please Omar… I didn’t know… 

Omar put up his hand, his face straight and expressionless, one look and you can tell there is no room for negotiation. 

Rasid : Insulting the royals is a serious crime Belinda…. The punishment is….. Severe… hahah…

He laughed heartily and continued.

Rasid : You are not leaving this place until you choose to fuck one of the men in this room… wahahahah…. Hahah… .. excluding Terry and… James…


Omar turned to look at me and said to me loud enough for the whole room to hear. 

Omar : You like her James…. I can tell…. From the way you look at her…. You like her… 

Terry glared at me without a word and I found myself without a tongue at that moment. 

I could not say anything except look at Belinda who was looking back at me. 

Omar pointed to the 2 of us. 

Omar : If there is something I learn about living with brothers and cousins who is constantly out to get you, it’s reading people…. I read people for a living… 

Omar looks at Belinda and added. 

Omar : You like James too… don’t you… 

Belinda too could not say a single thing as Terry shouted at her. 

Terry : Is that true ??? Is that true !!!!! WHAT IS THIS!!!.. 

He went over and grabbed Belinda’s arm. 

Terry : What ?? A few weeks of late night working together and you fall for him ???!!! IS IT ??? 

Smack !!! 

The room echoed with Belinda’s palm hitting Terry’s face. 

Belinda : You have no right to even speak to me !! 

Terry was so enraged that he raised his hand and was about to hit Belinda but was held back by Omar’s men. 

Omar : I’m a sexist Terry…. I strongly believe men to be more superior to women….but I never condoned hitting a women… do that in front of me and I might just feed you to my pets. 

A moment of silent follows before Rasid spoke. 

Rasid spoke in arabic with Omar and they both laughed heartily. 

Rasid : Choose Belinda….. Choose now… hahahah

Omar said something and it must have lightened up the atmosphere as a few of their aides laughed. 

Several men spoke too in Arabic as they looked at Belinda. 

Rasid : Choose ……..Belinda…. choose me… please… 

Omar walked right up to me and stood with his hands behind his back, he spoke softly, loud enough only for me to hear as the men surrounded Belinda, forming a circle of sort, speaking in arabic.

Omar : Listen carefully James……………I can… let Belinda choose you…. … on one condition… 

I could not speak. 

As the words from Omar registered in my ears, a chill went up my spine as I struggled to keep my composure. 

James : Sh… she… she might not choose me…

Omar : She will choose you…. I know she will…. 

My heart struggled to pump blood all over my body. 

Omar : I don’t care what you do….. but when I’m in Singapore for the preliminary review of the project..….i want Belinda… 

He gestured to his men. 

Omar : It’s either this…. Or that.. 

Omar : Choose James…. Choose… 

Right after Omar spoke, Rasid shouted at Belinda. 

Rasid : Choose me Belinda… hahaha.. 

Rasid cheered louder as a stressed out Belinda looked like she was about to burst into tears. 

I nodded my head reluctantly and Omar gave me a smack on my back. 

What’s important is getting out of here . 

We’ll worry about the rest later. 

Omar clapped his hands and said to include Terry and I into the list of choices. 

Terry glared at Belinda and shouted angrily. 

A groan of disappointed voices rang out as Terry looked at me before turning to Belinda. 

Terry : Don’t you dare do it !!! DON’T YOU DARE DO IT !!!!! 

He gestured angrily at Belinda. 

Terry : I’m your BOYFRIEND!!!! CHOOSE ME!!!

Terry kept shouting at Belinda. 

Rasid rubbed his hands gleefully as he looked at Belinda clutching her clothes in her hands while trying to cover her body with the robe given to her. 

Several of the men whistled as they made playful grabs at Belinda’s robe. 

Belinda’s eyes and mine met. 

At that very moment something clicked. 

All the noises in the room were shut out. 

Belinda pushed her way out of the crowd of gathering men and ran towards me. 

Right before I held her in my arms, Omar spoke softly by my ears before slipping away quietly into the background. 

Omar : See you in a few months James… 

As Belinda hugged herself onto me, the room erupted into chaos as Rasid laughed and threw some fruits over at us in a playful manner. 

I could see Aisha and Aliya looking slyly at me. 

Terry looked like he was about to shoot himself in his own foot. 

Belinda shivered and shook as she pressed herself onto my body, for the first time letting her emotions loose. 

Terry started shouting at us but was held back by Rasid’s men when he tried to come towards us. 

The commotion died down after 15 minutes and Rasid too came and shake my hand before saying he look forward to visiting me in Singapore soon. 

Belinda and I did not speak to each other in the car. 

Terry’s vehicle was dispatched a full hour after ours, giving Belinda time to grab her things from their room. It was too late to book a new room so Belinda came over to mine. 

She spent an hour in the shower before I had my turn. 

When I came out, Belinda had made a pot of tea. 

She sat by the window, dressed in yoga lounge pants and a loose yoga top. 

Our eyes met and I went over but I remained standing. 

She pressed her face against my stomach and hugged me before she started crying again. 

I kept thinking about what Omar said as I looked down at Belinda. 

I had to fight really hard and bite down on my own teeth to stop myself from shaking. 

I’m not shaking because I’m afraid. 

I’m not shaking because I’m worried or thankful that Belinda is in my arms. 

I’m shaking because looking down at Belinda at that angle,………. I thought I was looking at Sandy.