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Sunday, 24 July 2016


I always thought my office adventure would make a good story until i read through what a reader sent me yesterday.

I've spent the entire Sunday morning till now to tidy up the chapters and correspondence with the story contributor. We exchanged 17 emails within 6 hours before we moved on to google hangouts.

Going through the background alone has gotten me excited.

I cannot explain this feeling.

It's even better than when i got the outline for MLFTSV.

To sum it up.

Main work for 2017 is going to make MLFTSV sound like a fairy tale.

I will keep the same title for this.

Chases would be more intense, schemes would be twice as dark and expect characters you would love and hate at the same time.

I feel like peeing just thinking about this.

Can't wait to start working proper on this piece..

James' Adventure in the office.

Preview Dec 2016

Adventure starts Jan 2017



***updated 25/7/16**

There's even a theme song for this piece. Can you believe this ?

It might not mean anything to you right now but perhaps after you are done with James's adventure, this might just stir up some special mixed emotions.

I took leave today to head down to the site and neighbourhood for pictures.

Madness... it's pure madness...

The initial excitement is still very much kicking about inside me. I don't think i've been so absorbed with a particular story line before. So much so that it's affecting me on a personal level.

To be honest i'm feeling a certain amount of stress with this.

ock out.


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