Monday, 29 August 2016


Keep the insect repellent near guys...... you won't know when it will hit you.

I know you're waiting for updates but the clinic i frequent is on the news, this is how sick i was....... @!@#$@#$@% Talk about striking lottery. @#$@#$

I'm having a few of the symptoms since early last week before news broke.

Shall not go into details about this.

Anyway, i'm feeling a bit better although fever persisted for quite a while.

Should be fine after a bit more rest.

PS : Just to clarify, i'm not infected.... just that with a bad cold and a high fever, comes another bad scare. Took longer than usual for me to get better.


Thursday, 25 August 2016

Status,progress and updates for blog

Sorry guys, i'm done with a bad cold that can't seem to go away.

Been coming on and off, it's a little hard to concentrate on work and the updates this few days.

Please check back again next week.

I'll go back to daily updates once i feel better.

On a side note. I've just completed this piece. Been writing non-stop past couple of weeks late into the night.

Although the main structure is done, there's still quite a bit of editing to do before i could post each update up.

Please bear with me in the meantime while i try to organise stuff a bit.

This is going to be a long one. We're not even at the midway mark for this piece, probably another few updates to hit the midway point.



Monday, 22 August 2016

My adventure in the office part 3


I walked slowly towards Sandy’s place with some groceries in my hands. She had text me ahead to bring along some fruits and chocolates for post dinner dessert. I grabbed some grapes, chocolates and a bunch of bananas along the way. 

There is this very weird feeling in my stomach. I cannot explain it. 

I have never felt this way before in my life.

I’m not angry 

I’m not upset

I don’t know 

I’m just not satisfied. 

I tried calling Belinda right before I stepped up to Sandy’s house but there was no answer. 


Sandy : Hey!! 

Sandy opened the door with a bright smile and I could smell the food she had prepared that evening. She had roasted a chicken and even baked some brownies. 

She was dressed up for the occasion too even though it was a simple dinner at home. And when I meant dressed up, I really meant it. 

Sandy wore a long blue dress with straps that criss-crossed around her back. Her hair was tied up and I could see she had light makeup on her face as well. 

Sandy : Hungry ?? 

James : wah… you wear until so nice ah… 

She looked at her own dress and laughed, adding that it’s been sitting in her cupboard for a while and she never thought she could fit inside the dress since it was pretty small. It was tight alright, showing off her womanly curves but I could tell it was uncomfortable as well. 

James : You look uncomfortable… why don’t you change out…. Into something more comfortable… 

I must have said it with a devilish glint in my eyes and Sandy gave me a loud ‘Tsk’ before hitting me playfully on my arm. 

I closed the door and stepped into the dining area. 

Sandy had a simple set up laid out, complete with candles and table cloth. You could tell she had put in some effort into this. 

Sandy : Have a seat, let me take the food out. 

I settled down in the chair and looked around Sandy’s house. It was simply furnished, with the bare essentials that a single lady would need. Her shoe cabinet seemed to be bursting at the seams with a variety of heels and shoes. I even saw a couple of boots. 


We sat down to dinner and chatted normally like colleagues, Sandy asked me how was my day in the office and whether did Terry give me any problems. 

James : It was the first day, no one even looked at me… Terry only came in late in the evening… 

Sandy nodded and asked me to be careful of Terry. 

I was about to ask her about Terry when she changed the subject abruptly. 

Sandy : And… ermm… James…. about last night…. Erm.. hahha.. 

She laughed awkwardly and tried to look at me in the eye. 

James : Go on… 

I replied with a smile. 

Usually I would be cheeky

I know myself

You know the usual cheeky and teasing remarks and all.

That day though, I don’t know what I was doing. 

My face was straight, with a slight smile, I saw my reflections on one of the stainless steel sauce holder and it scares me as well. 

I was not teasing Sandy. 

I knew I was not. 

Something tells me I was going to play with her and it frightens me but I cannot help it. 

I really can’t. 

Sandy : Well… I mean… we’re all adults….it’s…. nothing to be ashamed off….. haha.. I meant… 

I just kept smiling as I played with the wine in my glass. 

I cut her off halfway and raised the glass at her for a toast. 

She was caught off guard for a moment before she returned my toast and drained the wine in one shot. 

Sandy : yah… I was saying… we’re all adults…. No… no hard feelings right…. 

She shrugged her shoulders before brushing her hair behind her neck, trying to act nonchalant but I could tell it was not true. 

James : Of course… of course…. We… don’t want to feel awkward around each other at work right… 

Sandy snapped her fingers and her face lit up almost immediately. 

Sandy : Exactly !! … you get what I’m saying right…. Haha… 

She smiled radiantly at me, pretending as if I had hit the nail on the head, it only made me want to toy with her longer. 

We continued our dinner before Sandy cleared the dishes after topping up my wine glass. 

Sandy : Give me a minute… I’ll wash up then we have the fruits…

She disappeared into her room before she emerged a while later, Sandy had changed out of her dress and she wore just a plain white singlet with a cross back bra. Her bottom was a pair of black fbt shorts and looking at her legs reminded me of how delicious they tasted when I licked them the day before. 

I took a few sips of my wine before I entered the kitchen. 

Sandy was doing the dishes, her body was resting on her left foot while her right was angled with her toe touching the floor. It felt funny, almost like how I would go back home after a day’s work and seeing Belinda in the kitchen doing the dishes. 

I could see her laundry on the bamboo poles above her head. Her school uniforms I fucked her in hung a distance away, swaying in the gentle breeze that came in through the kitchen. 

I walked over slowly and Sandy heard me approach. 

Sandy : Eh… go wait in the living room la…. So dirty here… 

I ignored her and walked slowly behind her as she did the dishes, her wrists and palms covered with soap. 

I stood directly behind Sandy and I knew she was aware of that. 

I could have hugged her there and then but I waited. 

I wanted her to anticipate. 

I wanted her to crave for my touch. 

I wanted her to be confused. 

Even as her hand moved the sponge, I could see her eyes looking at my reflection off a pot that was drying on the rack. She was looking at me. 

I took a step closer without a word, and I could see her body tensed up a little. 

I took another step, closing the distance between our body to the point I was breathing on Sandy’s hair. 

I put my hands on Sandy’s waist and waited.

I waited. 

I could see her breathing pretty heavily by then. 

She was nervous. 


I went closer a little more, pressing my groin onto her black fbt shorts and I instantly felt my erection start to stir. 

Her sponge stopped moving, her hands just soaking in the soapy mixture. 

She did not dare to move. 

I smelled her hair for a good 2 seconds before my palms left her waist and wrapped around her stomach. 

Sandy : What… what are you doing James ?? 

I kissed Sandy on her cheek once before I pulled away slowly. 

I smiled and told her that was to make up for the sloppy kiss I gave her earlier that morning. 

I could see her blush, I could see the excitement fill up in her , like a little girl finally getting the attention of the boy she had a crush on. 

I could go for more, I could hug her again, I could press myself onto her further, I could even grab and play with her breast there and then as she do her dishes but I did not.

I slowly retreated and left her to do the dishes before heading back to the living room to top up her drink. I did not sit back down on the sofa, instead I went into Sandy’s room, taking it in detail. 

The night before had been so chaotic, I don’t even remember how her room looked like. 

It was a simple room, with a queen size bed. Her walls are painted white and if the main lights were not on, a standing lamp cast a warm orange glow throughout the entire room. 

I leaned against her door frame and looked at her empty laundry basket. Her wastepaper basket was empty too and there was this nice alluring fragrance coming from the room. Sitting by the side table is a band new box of tissue. A bottle of branded hand cream sat beside it. 

The detail that caught my eyes the most was the straightened and neat bedsheets. Everything as arranged as if you were expecting to use them. 

Sandy joined me by the door shortly after with her wine in hand. 

Sandy : What are you looking at ? 

James : Nothing… just… that last night was a bit….. rushed… didn’t even know how your room looks like. 

Sandy : TSK ! idoit… 

She pushed her way passed me and went into her room to check her phone for messages before putting it down. 

James : Shall we have the fruits ?? 

She nodded and said she will go and wash the grapes. 

As Sandy disappeared into the kitchen, I ran my palms across her bed and sat down at the foot of it, feeling tension of the spring. 

2 minutes later when Sandy came back into the room with the bowl of grapes in hand and she saw me sitting on her bed. 

Sandy : No food in the room James…

I smiled and patted the space beside me, seeing if Sandy would take the bait. 

She didn’t. 

She just looked at me suspiciously. 

I patted the seat again, saying that I just want to talk. 

She walked over before sitting down, hugging onto her bowl of grapes. 

James : Hey… 

Sandy :Yah ? 

James : I…. I like you Sandy you…

I paused for her to digest what I just said. 

You see, it would be near impossible if after a one night stand and you expect the girl to come hugging onto you and say she likes you. It’s easier for the guy to make the move. I know she has some feelings for me. 

I just don’t know how much. 

James : I… I don’t want to sound like I’m… coming in too hard on you and I just want to make my feelings known. … 

Sandy kept putting grape after grape into her own mouth as she kept her eyes away from mine. 

James : I like you Sandy… and … I want to be upfront it’s not because of what happened… last night… 

I took a grape from her bowl and ate it. 

James : I don’t you want you to mistake my… ermm.. approach as something like… you know.. those…. Fuck buddy relationship and all… haha.. 

Sandy laughed and slapped me on my thigh and I knew I got her. 

James : I’m serious… I mean it… I’m not looking for the fuck buddy kind… but if you want though… 

Sandy hit me again with a frown and linked arms with me. 

I smiled as she fed me a grape. 

Sandy : ok… ok… no need to say anymore… haha… fuck buddy… so crude….. 

I laughed and we laid down on the bed, looking at each other. 

James : Did I hurt you last night ?? 

Sandy laughed and said she should be the one asking me that. 

Our face were so close that we could feel each other’s breath. WE only had to reach out a little and we could kiss but I did not do it. 

After a while longer I got up and stretched in her room. 

James : It’s a work day tomorrow…. I better get going… 

Sandy got up too and I could tell she was a little disappointed but she did not let it show. 

James : Or… you want me to stay a little longer?? 

She laughed and hit me on my arm before getting up. I immediately put my hand around her waist as she clung onto me. 

Sandy : Stay a while longer ?? .. it’s still early anyway…. 

James : It’s going to be 9.15pm soon…. We both didn’t get much sleep last night… 

Sandy pouted her lips and I kissed it before she giggled herself free. 

Sandy : You sure you want to go ?? 

She raised an eyebrow before pulling herself away from me and walking towards her room.

Sandy deliberately put on that slut like come fuck me look as she bit her lips. 

James : of course… it’s late already… 

Her seductive look disappeared and she grabbed a pillow and threw it at me as she made a face. 

I laughed and added. 

James : Put on your school uniforms again… I’ll stay.. 

She folded her arms and called me a pervert. 

I dropped my bag and walked briskly towards Sandy as she screamed and retreated into her bedroom. I grabbed onto her and she kissed me, laughing and hugging onto me. We spent the next few minutes kissing and touching each other with our clothes on before I egged her on again. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that desperate to fuck Sandy in her uniforms again. 

I just wanted to see how obedient she could be. 

I wanted to see how much I could push her. 

How much I could play with her. 

James : Put in on again ??.. you look good in them… 

Sandy : Pervert la you….you like school girls is it… 

James : No… I only like school girls if they look like you… haha.. 

She laughed and broke herself free. 

Sandy disappeared into the kitchen before coming back into the room with the her uniforms on the hanger. 

Sandy : Cannot la… still wet… quite damp still… you touch… 

I felt the damp fabric, it’s still not quite dry but wearable. 

James : It’s ok what… I would be making it wet again… haha.. 

She gave me an irritated look before she start to take them off the hanger. 

There was this surreal sense of perversion in me as I looked at Sandy. I could not explain what I was feeling. 

I was toying with her. Yes, I want to fuck her, any man would yet this was something else. 

It suddenly dawned on me that I was playing with her feelings as well, it made me feel so alive that I was suddenly afraid. 

I was afraid what I would do to her mentally and physically. 

I cannot control my emotions and actions. My erection stirred as I watch Sandy remove her singlet as she put on the damp blouse. 

She lowered her fbt shorts and pulled on her pinafore. 

There is this smell of fresh detergent on her as she pretended to pout and walk towards me. 

Sandy : Nah !... happy ? … pervert… 

I felt another jolt in my pants as she called me that. 

Yes, I am a pervert. 

In fact, at that moment, I felt worse than one.

I smiled and hugged onto Sandy, pressing my face onto her tummy while her hands went around my head. 

She kissed me in her standing position, bending her body downwards to reach my lips. 

After a few minutes of kissing she bit her lips and got down on her knees. 

I sat back and helped her unbuckle my pants. 

It was a blowjob alright but I was not satisfied with a blowjob. 

I wanted more. 

I wanted to feel more than Sandy’s lips sucking down on my cock. 

I wanted to see more than her in her school uniforms bending over the bed. 

I wanted to hear more than her moans as I fuck her. 

She paused after a while to swallow her saliva and I lifted her head upwards. 

James : Are you ok ? Tired ? … you need a break ?? 

She shook her head and as if my expression of concern spurred her on further, making her suck harder as she stroke my shaft. 

James : Aerghhh… erghh….arghh… 

I could feel the tension release from my body as they rushed to my dick. 

Sandy : Slurpsszz… slurpzz.. slruppzzzz…. Suck… suck.. suck…. 

I could feel the end coming and I stopped Sandy. 

James : I’m cumming… pant… pant… pant…. 

She hugged me and pressed her forehead onto mine. 

Sandy : How would you like to do it ?? 

I smiled and asked her what is her favourite. 

Sandy : haha…. There is only the usual few….mouth ?? breast ?? …. Face ?? inside me ?? 

She said the last one playfully before she nested herself into my arms, behaving like a little school girl finding love for the first time. 

James : Those are boring…. Nothing special… 

She hit me playfully on my arm and pretended to frown. 

Sandy :That means you’ve tried a lot others ?? !!! 

I laughed and said I watch a lot of jap porn. 

I massaged and caressed her breast before I ask her to kneel on the bed. 

James : Close your eyes… 

Sandy :Why ??? 

James : Be a good girl… close your eyes…. 

She pouted and did as she was told. 

James : Don’t peek… 

I went out of the room and headed to the kitchen to pull out 2 bananas. 

After removing the peels, I walked into the room and I could see Sandy laughing as she looked at me without my pants, erection throbbing and with a banana in each hand. 

Sandy : Whahahah.. haha.. what is that ??? are you mad ?? hahaha… 

James : Why did you open your eyes ?? .. close them… 

After another bout of giggling, Sandy closed her eyes. 

She opened her mouth, half expecting me to put my cock there but she was surprised. 

She was surprised I put the banana by her mouth. 

Sandy : Eh ?? 

James : Shh…. Pretend that is me…. Show me how you treat my cock… 

Sandy smiled and did not waste time engulfing the banana into her mouth. 

James : Don’t squish it….. I want to see it in it’s original condition… 

Sandy : ERghnergmmh… 

I held her left hand and gave her another banana… 

Sandy : ERgnhhhh…. 

She could not speak, not with me holding a banana in her mouth. 

James : Hold it…. Pretend you are masturbating for me… 

She started to shake her left hand while her mouth continued sucking on the banana. 

Her right was reaching for my cock but I kept it away from her. 

Not yet… 

Not yet.. 

I lifted her pinafore slightly, feeling for her groin. 

Sandy : Ergnnhh…

I could feel the dampness of her love hole slowly spreading through her dry panty. It really came in gushes. 

One moment I could still feel the dry areas of her cotton panty. Then gushes after gushes of her love juice came flooding down like torrential rain. 

James : Why are you so wet ?? Har ?? 

I egged her on, rotating the banana in my left hand and pushing it deeper into her mouth as she slurped louder for me to hear, her left hand shook harder too, pretending to masturbate for me at the same time. 

Then I started to finger her, rubbing her wet slippery clit through her panty. 

The rubbing didn’t last long, barely a couple of minutes before Sandy sucked down hard on the banana, filling her own mouth with the mish mash of warm pulverised banana and I could feel another big gush of her womanly nectar as she moaned with her mouth full. 

It was as if she was moaning with a large cock in her mouth, filling it up with hot cum as she peaked at her orgasm. 

Sandy ; ERghhh .. erghh.. ARGHHHHHHHH.. geeegegennnn….

She twitched and turned, almost dropping the banana in her left hand as she tried to move her pussy away from my rubbing finger. 

Before she could catch her breath or calm down I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. 

James : Masturbate for me… move both hands together at the same time…. 

I told her not to swallow the fruit in her mouth, but to keep it full and warm in there as she stroked me. 

James ; ARghh… arghhh.. arghhh…. 

Sandy was really into the stroking. 

I could feel my orgasm coming too as my testicles felt the familiar squeeze. 

I pulled out of her hand and signalled that I was cumming. 

James : Kneel down.. ! 

Sandy panted with her mouth full of banana but I still pushed my throbbing cock into her mouth. 

Sandy : ERgnnh… ergmmm aruugoohh…ergnn… 

James : ARghh… arghh.!!!.. arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I went into spasm in my half standing position as I emptied loads after loads of my semen into Sandy’s banana filled mouth. The warm soft texture added another dimension to the feeling I was getting on my dick. 

Her mouth was so full and she as tapping slowly on her chest as she tried to swallow everything. 

Sandy : Cough.. gouch…cough….idoit !!!.. cough… 

James : ARghhh… arghh… 

We both collapsed onto the bed for a while as Sandy slept in my arms. 

Sandy : I’ve never swallowed any one’s cum before James ….

She said as she traced the outline of my body. 

I kissed her on her forehead without a reply. 

Sandy : What kind of girls do you like James ?? ….just curious… 

I smiled and our eyes met.. 

James : The obedient kind… 

Sandy laughed and snuggled deeper into my embrace. 

Sandy : Then you’ll find I’m the most obedient girlfriend you will ever have…haha…. 

She giggled as I stroked her shoulder. 

James : Good. 


Sandy shot me a look and nudged me on my arm. 

Sandy : Good your head la… haha

We ended up laughing on the bed before cuddling up for a good 10 minutes, doing absolutely nothing but looking at each other. 

She’s pretty, really pretty and just looking at Sandy made me want to fuck her again. 

I could feel my cock stir and I knew I needed more. Something to feed the monster inside my body. 

I persuaded Sandy to let me take pictures of her in her uniforms because she looked so cute and sweet in them. She was reluctant at first but I said she had already taken so many at the dinner and dance, a few more wouldn’t hurt. 

It started as some normal poses, before she got naughty. 

Then it slowly escalated. 

I dared her to lift up her pinafore, before posing for some upskirts. 

After the shoot, we cuddled up at the sofa again, stroking each other’s hands. 

James : We better keep this between ourselves…. The situation in office…

She looked a little disappointed but still smiled and agreed with me. 

Sandy : of course…. Terry must not know…

Even though she agreed with me, I cannot help but detect a hint of sadness that this was to be some underground romance. Any woman who loves you truly would feel sad if something like this was to happen. Imagine being unable to acknowledge each other, having to hide and live under the shadows. It was definitely not a game for the weak hearted. 

I left Sandy’s place at 10.30pm and collapsed onto my bed the moment I got back. 

As I laid on my bed, I started to question my actions. 

Guilt was starting to eat into me as I thought about what I had just done. This was seriously some fuck up shit man. I mean I’m not pretending I’m some fucking gentlemen but for me to stoop that low and do something like this ? 

It must be my exhausted body and mind that drove me to do something like this. 

I should get better after a good rest. 

I fell asleep after trying Belinda’s phone a couple of times. 

20th March 2012



I got into office early and made myself a cup of coffee before settling onto my new desk in Terry’s office. It felt weird to feel comfortable yet being surrounded by colleagues that I had only seen in passing. 

It was then I noticed this bag of sandwich on my table with a sticky note. 

It had a drawing of 2 stick figures holding hands and kissing with countless hearts floating above. It must be Sandy. 

I don’t know why looking at that drawing made me angry again. This is stupid. 

What was she thinking ? 

How many girls do you think are there in the office, barely a handful and I recognised her handwriting anywhere. If Terry had even glance at my desk, he would surely know about this. 

I took a deep breath and calm myself down. 

There were bigger issues at hand as I quickly surveyed my surroundings and the people sitting near me. 

Yes, there is of course Apollo, Benjan, the 2 indians I still don’t know what’s their name and the 2 PRC chaps. 

They were all seated around me. 


The office was filled out by then and I could see the problem with Terry’s team. 

No one was doing any real work, some were just surfing the new, reading news, one even opening had his youtube screen on. Aside from 2 staff at a corner that was busy with projects, the rest were pretty much wasting time. 


Terry came into office and the asked for a overall team meeting. 

We spent a good hour doing absolutely nothing in the meeting room and Terry was just asking if everything is ok and if anyone needed any support for projects. Everyone shook their head before he went on to talk about how well the dinner party went. 

I almost fell asleep in the meeting. 


Terry singled me out and that was when I knew it was coming. 

I was expecting it. 

Come on, anyone with half a brain would know he would make things difficult for me. 

Terry :James … come here…. Take this… 

He threw a stack of drawings for a house near the end of Punggol. 

Terry : Go and confirm the measurements on site… .. we got no budget for this project… no cabs.. 

I could see the smirk on his face as he tried hard not to laugh. 

Absolutely pointless work. 

Still, I took public transport to the place and spent 2 hours measuring the house, soaking though my shirt in the stuffy place. 

By the time I got back to office at 4.30pm, Terry had more pointless things for me to do. 

He gave me another house at the same place. 

Terry : Oops… I forgot to pass you this as well… was left in my car….hahha.. sorry yah…. Haha.. 

I would want wanted to go straight from my place the next morning but Terry said he wanted a meeting with me tomorrow morning to discuss strategy for going against Mr Liew. 

Fucking bullshit. 

He just wanted me back in town before wasting my time going all the way back to Punggol. 

I bit down on my teeth and took it with a pinch of salt. 

The more he wants to fuck with me, the more I would not let it show it’s affecting me. 

21st March 2012 



I happened to see Belinda in the pantry and she muttered something about Mr Liew wanting to talk to me and her later in the day. 

James : I’ll be at Punggol later, once I finish talking with Terry…. What is it about ? 

Belinda said she would call me later. 

She looked better after 2 days of rest, the colours were starting to return to her cheeks. She seemed like she intend to keep herself busy with work, hoping to forget everything. 


I was drenched again in my shirt as I went about the pointless work when my phone rang. 

It was Mr Liew. 

Belinda and him had driven out for lunch to meet me. I gave them the address and they arrived shortly with drinks which I quickly drained from the bottle. 

Mr Liew : Ok… first things first… these are the projects that…. You will steal… for Terry… That should be enough for a start… 

He handed me some information on a usb drive and some hard copy drawings. 

Mr Liew went on to say that it is important for me to gain Terry’s trust. 

Mr Liew : I don’t care what you do…he’s bleeding money from the office….. we need to stop him fast… 

Belinda would start working on the Dubai job with the support from my old team while my primary focus would be to start working on gaining Terry’s trust. 

We parted ways after that and I got back into office before 5pm. 

It was a horrible feeling with dried sweat and dust on my face as I wiped myself down with wet tissues. Sandy came by to drop off some documents in the office and I could see Terry teasing her again, making lewd remarks about her in the uniforms he saw her in few days ago. 

He sniggered but Sandy ignored him. 


Sandy texted me to say she’s heading to her Yoga class before meeting her friends for dinner but she wants me to send her back. 

I agreed. I don’t mind waiting for her for a bit since I wanted to snoop around the office to find out more about Terry’s staff.

By 6.15pm, almost all the office had cleared out of the seat. 

Terry left at 6.20pm 

At 6.30pm, only me and Benjan was left and I packed up and headed out. 

I grabbed a drink and a quick bite before returning at 7.25pm 

The office was empty by then and all the lights were off. 

I went to my old seat to retrieve something from my drawer when I heard the glass door open up again at the entrance. I was expecting the lights to come on but it did not. 

Whoever came back did not want anyone to know he’s here. 

I heard him bump into something , a pedestal on his way in. He must not know this wing well. 

The footsteps grew louder

I retreated to a corner and lowered myself, curious to know who it was. 

From the faint spill of lights from the window, I saw Benjan heading towards our seats. He looked around the office before coming closer. I immediately thought he was spying on Mr Liew’s team but instead he walked over to Sandy’s seat. 

And without waiting, he took her sweater and sniffed it. Not only did he smell the sweater, he even looked for the part where the sleeve connects to the main body, smelling the scent from under the armpits. 

As he smelled Sandy’s sweater, he started to stroke himself. He stopped after a while before squatting down under her table. I could hear the click of heels as Benjan brought it up to the table. 

He started to smell and lick Sandy’s heels too, stroking his cock with a soft moan. 

Benjan even took Sandy’s heels and went over to Belinda’s desk. He rubbed his cock on Sandy’s heels as he sniffed Belinda’s cardigan, moaning with his eyes closed, no doubt swimming in the fantasy of having the girls. 

I don’t blame him, Sandy and Belinda are the 2 prettiest girls in the office. With their tight body and good dress sense, many guys would ogle at their body whenever they walk pass. 

This is good. 

This was something I could use to my advantage. 

Benjan likes Sandy and Belinda. 

As I look at Benjan stroke himself to orgasm before using Belinda’s tissue, a plan started to form inside my head. 

Something small initially before it slowly all gathered into something bigger. 

I felt a sudden jolt of excitement as I look at Benjan groan and shot into some tissue. 

I would start picking off Terry’s staff one by one. 

And I would start first with Benjan. 

Benjan : Ahhh.. ahh… Sandy… Ahhh.. Belinda… Ahh…. 

Not only did he came into the tissue, I saw him rubbed his cock on their cups and water bottle. 

After that he clean up and threw the tissue into Hakim’s waste basket that was overflowing with trash. 


After Benjan left the office, I went over to Terry’s wing and snooped about for a bit, looking through everyone’s table and project files. I spent some time at Benjan’s table before picking up a thumb drive that was sticking out of the CPU.

I left to meet Sandy when she called me. 

We took a cab back to her place.

Before she gets to change out of her yoga clothes, I insisted on fucking her in it and she obliged obediently, giggling at my fetish. 


I opened up Benjan’s usb drive and slowly looked through the files. Nothing out of the ordinary, mostly work files. It’s not a big drive, only 4gb and aside from a iron man movie file, the rest are all work. 

There were too many folders and some are named in tagalog so I don’t know which one opens up to which. 

I clicked this folder called, “ Litrato “ and out pops a series of pictures. 

As the images slowly filled my screen, I realised it was pictures from the dinner and dance party. Besides the usual shots, I noticed that Benjan took a lot of photos that were of Sandy and Belinda secretly. 

I smiled as I scrolled through the pictures. 

This would come in useful. 

There were pictures of Sandy drinking her wine, dancing on the floor, eating her dessert, posing with the rest of the colleagues and of Belinda too. There was a shot of her smiling in a general direction with her hands raised, as if she was calling for a refill of her drink. 

I copied the pictures taken by Benjan and inserted a few pictures of my own into his drive. Photos of Sandy I had taken secretly too in the office over the course of my work. 

22nd March 2012



I stepped into office at 6.30am and returned the drive to it’s original position. Immediately after that I went to Sandy’s desk and i pulled on some gloves I brought along including a N95 mask. 

I picked through the trash and retrieved the glob of tissue. 

I smeared the gooey mess all over Sandy’s sweater and her desk, her keyboard. Not only that, I smeared it on her heels before leaving the tissue on the floor by her chair. 


I removed the mask and gloves before throwing them into the bin a few floors below and went for my breakfast. 


When I stepped into office, I could already see a commotion. 

I could hear Sharon talking loudly that it’s time the office included some CCTV for security sake. 

Besides Sharon’s voice, I could hear Sandy shouting at Terry who was looking puzzled and angry. 


Terry looked speechless as he tried to convince everyone otherwise. 

Terry : WHAT ??? You are mad !! I came here to find out who did this !!!! 

Sandy shouted back at him. 

Sandy :STOP pretending !!! WHO ELSE COULD IT BE !!! I never knew you would stoop to this !! .. 

Terry : This is madness, it’s not me !! are you mad ?? why would I do this !!! 

Sandy : It’s definitely you !!! 

Everyone gasped as Sandy slapped Terry on his cheek. 

Smack ! 

Terry was shocked and his hands was raised but he caught himself in time. 

Everyone looked on as Terry glared at Sandy, nursing his sore cheek.

I hung around the back and looked at Benjan, his faces flushed red and I could see he was panicking. He must be wondering what happened. 

I slowly made my way to the front and I could see Sandy almost plunging towards me before she caught herself. 

Sandy : Look at this James… Terry did this …. I cannot believe.. 

Terry : Mind your words !! I did not do this !!... 

I raised my hands and tried to calm everyone down. 

James : Calm down… let’s not jump to conclusion…. 

I pointed to Terry and said I saw him leave office in front of me the day before. 

James : We left about the same time.. 

I could see this sudden flash of gratitude from Terry before Sandy said he could have come back and done it. 

James : Sandy… calm down… let’s just clean up first… I have a friend who works in a lab… this… 

I pointed to the semen. 

James : There’s no way to hide…… this is all DNA and shit… Terry won’t do something so stupid… he smarter than that… 

Terry looked pleased for a moment before his expression changed, unsure whether did I just insulted him indirectly. 

James : Well, simple, We’ll just test the results….. and match it to everyone in office…

I pointed to Terry and added. 

James : I’m sure it’ll prove it’s not Terry … maybe not even any of our staff.. 

I finished my piece and walked away as the chatter started. I could even see Sandy stomping her feet at me from the reflection on the glass and I could see Benjan trying hard to stop himself from shaking. 

As I walked to my desk I could hear Terry calling for me from behind. 

Terry : James !... James !!.. ask your friend here… I’ll pay for this… fucking piece of shit… KNN…. Make me lose face like a dick…. As if I could fucking masturbate on her desk… I donno fuck her how many times before….

Terry : James!! James … My office … now… 

I put down my bag, entered his office and closed the door. 

Terry : How much does it cost… to do a test and all… 

I tried to keep my expression neutral. 

James : I’m not sure but… maybe you….don’t need to spend a cent… 

Terry stopped fiddling with his expensive watch and looked at me. 

Terry : What ?? 

James : I think….. i…know who did it … 

Terry stood up and his hands went to his waist. 

James : You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you . 

Terry : Who !! 

James : Look… this is… erm…. Really none of my business and all…. I don’t want to be labelled as a snitch…and. 

Terry : Just fucking tell me who… 

I sighed and said I came back to grab something and I saw Benjan head into that office wing. 

James : I didn’t think much about it and I left…. 

Terry : You are shitting me right… har ?? trying to be funny is it ?? 

James : Look Terry… I’m not going to pretend I even enjoy talking to you…. I don’t care if you get labelled as a pervert who likes to cum on girls desk but I saw what I saw….. Benjan… 

Before Terry could digest what I just said, I added ; 

James : Besides, Benjan was secretly taking photos of Sandy and Belinda during the dinner and dance…. 

As if that was not enough I added more fuel to the fire. 

James : Seems like he likes all your ex-girlfriend… 

Terry hit his fist on his desk and I quickly added. 

James : Look… I saw what I saw… you can choose not to believe me… but it’s not hard to find out the truth…. I really saw Benjan keep pointing his camera at the girls during dinner…. It’s so obvious……. Anyway…Everyone heard you call me into your office…. Now start calling each of the other guys in….. talk to them… ask them…. You think the culprit can remain calm ?? 

I grabbed a bunch of paper cups from Terry’s personal nespresso station and asked him to make everyone spit inside. 

James : You see for yourself who’s balls is shrinking…. Make sure you say he can either apologise in front of everyone and tender his resignation…. Or you will call the police…. Fuck… Sandy might even be grateful and appreciate what you did… 

I could see Terry thinking about what I just said. 

I took a cup, scribbled my name and spit into it before dropping it on his desk. 

James : There… I’ll call the next guy in… 

I pushed opened the door, pretending to be angry and spoke loud enough for the office to hear. 

James : Apollo !! …. Your turn…!... 

I watched Apollo get up on his feet and as he walked passed Benjan, I could see Benjan shaking at his seat. 

2 minutes later, Apollo called for Raj, one of the 2 indian staff. 

Apollo : Raj ! your turn,.. 

I sipped my coffee and enjoyed the show. 

So he’s Raj… 


Raj : Sukoh !!... 

And there you have it…. Sukoh and Raj…. 


Sukoh : Xiao qiang !! 

Yup, one of the PRC chap… 


Xiao Qiang : HeJun….. 

I quietly rejoiced as I mentally jolted down each of their names. 



HeJun : Benjan ……………. 

I almost wanted to laugh as Terry kept Benjan for the last one in his team. 


Benjan came out with Terry . His head bowed low and both of them came to his PC. 

Terry : Show me.. 

Benjan clicked on his PC and a few of us gathered around his desk and the whispers in the background started. 

Terry : James … .. ask Sandy over for me… 

I tried not to smile and did as I was told. 

Sandy looked irritated at me for not siding with her but before she could lose her temper, I told her Terry found the culprit. 

Sandy : What ?? It’s not him ?? 

I shook my head.

Sandy had her arms folded as she looked at the photos Benjan had secretly took of her, it left her totally speechless as Benjan apologised for his mistake. 

Terry spoke with a proud swagger and added. 

Terry : I want your resignation on my desk within 30 minutes, or I will call the police… 

With that he walked back into his office after giving Sandy a stare. 

Terry : You see !!! .. it’s not me !!! NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU ACCUSE SOMEONE..!!! make sure you have proof !! 

Sandy : I …. I …. 

Terry : I demand an apology… !!! you fucking slap me in public ! 

Sandy : so… sorry la… so fierce for what !! .. 

Sandy stormed off back to her wing but Terry kept shouting after her. 

Terry : WHAT ?? HAR ?? Accuse people dare to shout… then now run back when you need to apologise… not happy you resign la !! … act seh!... come back here !!! 

Sandy : You are a fucking jerk… I’ll curled up and die before I apologise to you…. Don’t fucking expect anything from me you piece of shit !!.. 

Without Sandy to vent on he shouted for me to go into his office. 

Terry : James !!!…. My office!!!…. Where’s the measurements I asked you to take… there’s another place I need you to go … 

He stormed into his office and slammed the door. 

I could see Sandy turned and looked at me in a apologetic manner, worried I would bear the brunt of Terry’s wrath after she spurned him.

I calmly walked into the office and Terry started shouting for things that he did not even assign to me. 

I kept quiet and allowed him to finish his shouting before he looked at me as he panted furiously. 

Terry : Why ? Not happy ar ?? har ? buay song I scold your former team mate is it ?? KNN… don’t give me that fuck up face I tell you… 

I just kept quiet. 

There was no way you can reason with people like Terry especially not when he was in such a mood. 

But I needed something to catch his attention. 

I needed something to get him interested. 

Something totally out of the blue that it would take him a while to digest and comprehend. 

James : Terry…. Let me build my own team… I can get all the jobs you want from Mr Liew…..and I can get you Sandy.. 

Terry just stared at me wide eyed in shock. 

James : He kicked me out of his team for no good reason…. I FUCKING DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS !! … 

I raised my voice without warning before reducing it to a soft whisper. 

James : I can get the projects from him…. I can…. And I can get you Sandy… 

That must have had some impact as I saw Terry blinked twice, trying to come up with a reply. 

Terry : Sandy would never want me back again… not after what i…. 

I cut him off right away, speaking softly yet delivering a reply that I knew would tempt him. 

James : I never said she would be a willing party ….. 

Terry was about to raise his voice at me when I added at the moment before words left his tongue. 

James : but I can make sure she never finds out….. 

Terry : Bullshit…… bull shit…. Hahah.. bullshit…. Fuck you… ahhaha.. bullshit….. 

He turned away from me and put his legs on his pedestal, his hands waving to indicate the meeting is over. 

I walked out and I could see Sandy hovering near the entrance to our wing. 

She immediately dialled my phone. 

Sandy : Sorry James… are you ok ?? Did he take it out on you ?? 

James : Yup…he… sigh…..

Sandy : What did he say ?? everything ok ?? 

I waited for a while before replying. 

James : He… He blamed me for being a busybody…. And that I made him look bad….he says he could have solved this on his own without me butting in…. 

Sandy : What !! 

James : He asked me to tender my resignation.. 

Sandy : What !!!?? I’ll go and trash it out with him !! 

James : Don’t Sandy… it’ll only make me look bad if I needed a woman to speak up for me… I’m not supposed to tell you this….but… but.. 

Sandy : But what ? 

James : He was quite adamant on getting an apology from you… says you insulted him and all….. I don’t care about myself… just that I think if you want to continue staying here peacefully, maybe you should just apologise… it’s a misunderstanding after all… 

Sandy : You think so .. ? But what about you ?? I can apologise… I’ll ask him to leave you alone… I’ll 

James : Don’t Sandy… seriously… it’ll really make me look bad…. Maybe he’ll hate me more… 

I told her the best she could do would be to just give Terry a call or something, apologise, maybe treat him coffee or some shit. Hopefully he’ll calm down and everything will blow over maybe i'll get to stay or something.. 

James :He just needs to calm down...i know men like him cannot think straight at times like this...

Sandy : Ok. ok... sorry i got you into this mess... i'll.... i'll apologise to him... hopefully he'll calm down... 

Sandy agreed and said she will head down to grab some coffee and some muffins for Terry. 


Sandy walked into our wing, looking a little unsure as she made eye contact with me. 

I mouthed the words and signaled not to mention me and Sandy nodded. 

She slowed down her pace about 2 metres away from Terry’s door. 

I could see she was hesitating. 

A little unsure. 

11.31 am 

Sandy took a step closer to Terry’s office and I took my phone to send Terry a message. 

James sms : knock knock… 

Sandy was still hesitating at the door when Terry opened it forcefully, half expecting to shout at me but no. 

I was not at the door. 

Standing in front of him is not me. 

It’s Sandy. 

The 2 of them met with an awkward silence before Sandy apologised and pass Terry the coffee and muffin. 

After that she turned and walked away. 

With her tight dress and short hemline and her legs disappearing into her black high heels , I could see every other men in the room looking at Sandy as she walked away. 

Every men. 


Everyone except Terry and me. 

We just stared at each other for a good 3 second before I smiled. 

Terry walked over and asked me ; 

Terry : What…………….did you do ? 

James : Magic………


Terry looked like he had a lot of questions for me but he knew there were others around me, there’s no use kicking up a fuss. He went back into his room and moments later I received an email asking me what did I do. 

Aside from that he also wanted to know my plan, what I have in mind, what is his role and how were we going to go about doing it. 

I just replied a simple one sentence email that says it’s not going to happen overnight, but I’m confident I can pull it off. If he cooperates, it might even be a regular arrangement. 

That should be enough to get him interested.

Barely 5 minutes later, Terry replied and said that I better don’t go back on my word with the usual threats and shit, what I was more interested in was at the bottom of his mail which says I could go ahead and build my team if I can prove I am capable of getting the projects from Mr Liew. 

I had a list of jobs that Mr Liew was ready to give up and I could only start on the smallest one since I would be working alone. 

It’s like being caught between a rock and a hard place. I knew Alex and Uncle Tong would be working on that particular house together, if I win it over, it would mean their effort going down the drain altogether. 

Still it’s about the bigger picture. 

Terry has to go. 


I could see Benjan and Apollo whispering and talking to each other as they packed up and cleared Benjan’s desk. They looked around the office, their eyes settling on each and everyone before moving on. 

There’s no doubt they’re trying to figure out what happened. 

I made it a point not to look directly at them but I could see form the reflection on some of my display items that they were looking over at my direction. 

They spoke in their native tongue and at times I thought I could catch a few words or hear my name being mentioned but I brushed it off as my ears playing tricks on me. 


Benjan was waiting to sign off some documents before he leave and Sharon was already complaining loudly about the sudden extra work she needed to do during her lunch break. I could see Apollo looking over at me as I continued to work on my screen. 

I began to wonder what was exchanged between the 2 of them. 

It’s not hard to figure out that someone had sabotaged Benjan. I meant sure, he did masturbate and cum but he definitely did not smear it all over Sandy’s desk. 

I meant who in the world would be that stupid ? 

The initial rush and confusion had settled down by then I could tell they were trying to figure out who it was that made things go this way. I was the newest person in their team and if Benjan had been doing this for a while with no consequences, and this happened within a few days of me being in the team, I was sure to be at the top of his suspects list. 

I remained calm and carried on with my work. 

There’s nothing he could do. 

There’s no way he could prove it was me even if he had his suspicion. 


Just before Benjan left, I saw from the corner of my eye Apollo and Benjan walking towards me. From the manner in which they walked, I could tell they were up for a confrontation. 

It was not a slow stroll. 

It was not some goodbye handshake shit. 

They closed the distance quickly and surrounded me at my desk. 

James : What the fuck do you want ? 

Apollo : It’s you right James… it’s you… 

James : What the fuck are you talking about… ? 

Benjan : It must be you who did it. I threw it into the bin, not all over the desk like this.. !.. 

James : Dude… seriously… you need help… I’m not interested in your story or whatever…

Apollo lowered his voice slightly but spoke in a manner as If he was looking for a fight. 

Apollo : I know you like Sandy too…. Don’t think I don’t know… 

He pointed a finger at me and added that we had seen me touching her jacket before as well and looking at her heels under her desk while looking around suspiciously. Apollo then accused me that it could be me who was in Benjan’s shoes that day. 

James : I don’t know what you are talking about…. Leave me alone. 

Benjan : You seemed very eager to offer your friend’s lab for the testing right…. You are just out to get rid of me.. is that it ? Fucker… 

I waved him off without looking at him. 

James : Whatever theories you have… go and tell Terry…I’m not interested. 

I ignored them and went back to work but the continued talking to each other by my desk in their native tongue. 

Right before Benjan left my desk, he swept a row of folders off it, causing them to fall loudly to the floor. 

A few colleagues turned to look but no one said a thing and just went back to work. 

I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down. 

It’s over. 

He’s gone. 

Don’t waste your energy on him. 


Sandy text me to ask me to join her for dinner but I declined. 

I told her i needed to rush some work so I can keep my job. 

Sandy sms : Ok… I’ll text you when I get back….. don’t work too late ya ? …. Have a good rest too.  

I replied with a smiley face and continued with my work in Terry’s wing. Everyone had left and only Terry was in his office. 

From the sound of his speakers, I could tell he was watching a movie instead of working. 


I was making good progress when my phone rang. 

It was Sandy. 

I don’t want to break the momentum to pick up the call so I ignored it. I meant what could she say to me ? 

Have you eaten ? 

How are you ? 

Are you tired ? 

Don’t work too late ? 

The usual stuff that i was not in the mood to hear. 

3 miss calls later and it stopped. There were a couple of messages but I did not read them too. 

Barely 3 minutes later it rang again but this time round it was Belinda. 

I picked it up and was surprised to hear Belinda speaking quickly on the other end. 

Belinda : Why didn’t you answer your phone ! 

James ; Huh ? I picked it up after a few rings…. When did I not answer your phone ?? 

Belinda : Not me! Sandy ! … 

James : What ? How did you know she called me ? 

Belinda : No time to explain…. Get to her house now…. Apollo and Benjan are there. 

James : What ! ?

I stood up from my seat

James : What are they doing there ?? and why did Sandy call you ?? 

Belinda explained that Sandy had called her earlier that evening to talk about me. 

James : Why the fuck are you talking to her about me ?? 

Belinda : JAMES !! Just go over there now… they’re outside her door !! 

James : Fuck !... ok… 

I hung up the phone and packed my bag. 

Right before I ran out of the office, I looked over to Terry’s office. 

I could see lights flashing from his PC screen, from the music and the sound effect, it looked like he was in the middle of the exciting bits of the movie.

A smile broke on my face before it went away as fast as it appeared.

I ruffled my hair a little and jogged on the spot for a bit to appear breathless.

20 seconds later, I ran over to Terry’s office and pushed open his door without knocking.

Terry : What the fuck !... can’t you knock ??

James : Benjan and Apollo……pant… pant… pant… they’re… pant… outside Sandy’s door…pant…

I could see Terry’s eyes widened and he immediately jumped up from his seat, searching his desk for his wallet and phone before rummaging his pocket for his car keys.

James : We got to go over, I’ll explain along the way.

We hopped into Terry’s car and he sped off onto the road.

Terry : What is happening ? What are they there ? How do you know about this ? ..

I had my lies ready and I deflected Terry’s questions with my instructions.

James : She miss call me, I was on the line with the client. But I saw the messages… I tried calling her but she’s not answering.

I could feel Terry immediately stepping on the gas as I got pushed back onto my seat.

I quickly tried Sandy’s phone in Terry’s car and it connected immediately .

James : Sandy !... I saw the messages!! .. are you ok ???

Sandy :They’re outside my door, Benjan says he wants to apologise to me and he wants to talk….. he wants me to help him get his job back…. But I don’t want to entertain them…. They refuse to leave….

James : Ok..ok.. calm down… I’m… I’m trying to get a cab… it’s peak hour in tanjong pagar… I’m calling for one already… I’ll be there as soon as I can…

I could see Terry glaring at me when I hung up.

Terry : What the fuck ? We’ll be there in 15 minutes max…

James : No.. you’ll be there… not me…

Terry : Why ?

James : You’ll be the one to save her from Apollo and Benjan…

The moment the words left my mouth, I could see the expression change on Terry’s face. It like as if he’s slowly figuring this out.

As Terry drove, I filled him in on a bit of history with Sandy. I told him Sandy and I got a bit closer because of Hakim and his brother.

He stared at me in disbelief as I told him what happened.

Before he could jump to any conclusion, I told him we’ve been in sort of a god brother and god sister kind of relationship ever since then.

He nodded as he exited his car from the expressway.


I told Terry to drop me off 1 street away and go on ahead.

Terry : What should I say ?

James : Just act normal…. Say you came to check on her because of what happened…. And you want to say you’re sorry too for the incident in the office….make something up….

He nodded and I asked for Benjan and Apollo’s phone number which he promptly sent to me.

Before I closed the car door, I told Terry that he had only 1 thing to do.

James : Trust me…. You only need to do one thing… just go there, pretend you are surprised to see Apollo and Benjan there…. Chase them away… that’s it… nothing more..

He nodded and I could hear the roar of his engine and he pulled away.

I mentally timed Terry’s arrival before I dialled Benjan’s phone.


James : Benjan , what are you doing outside Sandy’s door ?

Benjan : It’s none of your business… why ? what the fuck do you want ??

James : Sandy has nothing to do with this… leave her alone…. There’s something you should know.

Benjan : What the fuck was that again ??

I could hear him talking in Tagalog to Apollo in the background.

James : It was Terry. .. Sandy was his ex –gf….and he’s been eyeing you for a while…. Nothing to do with me… He suspected that you like Sandy…

Benjan : Bullshit… fuck you James… it’s bullshit… It’s you…. You told Terry about this… you caused everything …!!

I kept a neutral tone and continued.

James : Why would Terry believe anything I say ? I’m not even from your team…. He don’t even like me…. Why would he believe anything that comes from my mouth… you’re his own team member !...

James : It was Terry, he wants you to leave… and not only that, he wanted to humiliate you ….. for eyeing his ex-gf… why are you the last one to be called into his office?? why you ? any not anyone else ?? why does he look at your computer ? forcing you to show him everything.. ??

That was followed by a few seconds of silence and I let it fuck with his head.

James : You can choose not to believe me… I don’t care… but just leave Sandy alone… go find Terry if you want..

I barely finished my sentence when there was a loud commotion and Benjan hung up on me.

Terry must have arrived at the right moment.

My phone rang again and it was Sandy.

Sandy ; James !! Where are you ??? Terry is here too !!..

James : What ? Why ? what is happening ??

Sandy : I don’t know but Benjan and him are fighting..

James : Stay inside the house!... don’t open the gate…

Sandy : I know… I know… the grille is still locked.. they’re shouting at each other.. where are you ??

James : I only just hopped on a cab… will take a while…… Uncle !! can drive faster ??!!

I pretended to speak to an imagery driver as I told Sandy to try and talk to Benjan from inside the house before I hung up.

I took a slow stroll, bought a drink from the coffee shop before making my way slowly towards Sandy’s place.

Running up the steps to her unit, I expected to bump straight into Apollo and Benjan but there was only Terry.

He sat on the steps at the mid landing facing away from Sandy’s flat with a bruise on his face and a cut on his lips looking dazed.

The moment he saw me I put my finger on my lips and he nodded.

Sandy saw me arriving and quickly opened the gate for me, pulling me inside. She was about to close the door when I stopped her.

Sandy :Why ?? Close it…

James : Terry… he’s injured…

Sandy : What ? Really ??

James : What happened ?

Sandy told me she threatened to call the police and Apollo dragged Benjan away just before I got there.

Sandy : I saw Terry sitting there but I don’t dare to open the door….

James : He’s hurt…. At least let him wash up…

Sandy thought about what I said for a moment and she left the gate open.

James : Go get the first aid box, I’ll help him in.

She disappeared into the kitchen and I quickly went down to Terry.

James : Don’t say anything… don’t do anything…. Just thank her… and leave later…

He nodded as I helped him up to Sandy’s place and he sat down on her sofa.

James : I don’t know how to do this first aid thing man…ermm..

Sandy sighed and went over to Terry.

For the first time since their separation, they were facing each other at that distance.

I could see Terry looking at Sandy but she refused to meet his eyes.

Her white singlet was a little translucent, I could see the outline of her strapless pink bra. Her sleep shorts were too short as well, part of her butt cheeks was showing.

Sandy cleaned Terry’s cut and gave him a plaster.

The moment she was done, she quickly packed up and stepped behind me, eyeing Terry suspiciously, it was as if she was afraid he would suddenly pounce on her.

Right on que, Terry stood up , thanked Sandy for the dressing and turned to leave.

James : Wait.. your shirt…

I pointed to the blood stains near his pockets but Terry said never mind and went to put on his shoes.

I turned to Sandy and added softly.

James : I better go with him . if not will look weird if I stay and he goes… we’re just colleagues remember…

Sandy nodded her head and reluctantly let go of my hands.

James : Hey…

I whispered to Sandy as Terry pulled on his other shoe.

James : At least thank him for the help la..

Sandy bit her lips for a second before approaching Terry.

Sandy : Terry…. What… what are you doing here so late in the evening ??

Terry turned around and I almost wanted to puke at his lousy acting but thankfully Sandy looked away and avoided his eyes.

Terry :I just want to check on you…. I mean… after what happened in office today…

He paused for a moment before finishing his sentence.

Terry : Ok… everything’s fine now… I’ll make my move…. Have a good rest…

James : I’ll make a move too…

We walked in silence towards Terry’s car, mindful that Sandy could see us from her unit.

Only when we were safely inside the car and on the road did Terry speak.

Terry : That …. Was some fuck up shit James… hahahaha…. Haha.. but I like…. I can tell Sandy still likes me… really… from the way she looks at me… I can tell…

I wanted to roll my eyes but I held myself.

Terry : Looking at her makes me horny man… the way she dress, fuck…. I wished I could rape her there and then…. Maybe you can have the leftovers after I’m done… whahah.. hahah…

I gave Terry an irritated look and he quietened down.

James : Don’t fuck it up Terry… don’t fuck it up…

Terry : hahha.. I won’t…. I’m a good actor…. So what’s next ??

James : Make Sandy lose her job…. Then you… hire her…. For my team..

Terry : What ? How ??

I smiled and added.

James : Leave it to me…


Terry : Ok… I’m getting rid of Apollo tomorrow as well… you can have their headcount for your team…. Get Sharon to help you put out an ad… 

I was dropped off at the train station near my place and I watch Terry pull off into the distance. 

James : Ok… 2 down…. 4 more to go… 

I don’t think getting rid of the other 4 would be that easy. 

It’s not as if everyday people queue up to masturbate at Sandy’s table while I happen to be around to catch them in the act.

I went back home and tried to organise my thoughts. 

Things seemed to be progressing well so far.

Let’s just hope we can keep the momentum going. 

I had a shower, chatted with Sandy on the phone for a while before I called Belinda. 

She asked me what happened and I told her everything. I called her not only to check on her but to find out something. 

Why is she talking to Sandy ? Before I could do it though, she offered up the information and I did not even have to dig. 

Belinda : James… 

James : Yah ? 

Belinda : I have something to tell you… 

James : What is it ? 

Belinda : Sandy… she… she really likes you…. 

I was caught off guard for a moment and I did not know what to say. 

Belinda : We’ve been talking… a little… since… that day at the dinner….

James : Yes, you told her that you were not interested in me…. What was that shit all about ? 

Belinda said that aside from the fact that she did not want me to be there when she meets with Rasid and Omar, she could tell Sandy was interested in me. 

James : Then what ? You’re trying to match make me and her ar ? 

I could sense my tone getting the better of me and I quickly told myself to calm down. 

I was sure Belinda could sense it too and she took the initiative to end the conversation by saying that Sandy offered to buy over her lucky draw price. 

Her Maldives trip. 

Belinda : She said she wants to bring you along… and I know you two are together…. You better rest early James…. good night.. 

James : Wait.. wait…. It’s not what you think… !! 

The phone went dead and I knew better to try and call back .

Now this made me even more angry. 

When you are angry, you can’t think straight. 

When you can’t think straight, you don’t make good decisions. 

23rd March 2012



True to his words, Terry called Apollo into his office 1st thing that day and within an hour, he was gone from the office, storming out and cursing at Terry before he left. 

I did not want to appear too eager to get rid of the team so I decided to lay low for a bit. 

It’s time to put in some hours for serious work. 

I tried to talk to Belinda at the pantry when I saw her but she turned away and ignored me. 

I hate it when that happens with women. 

It was obvious she was affected by the Sandy issue but did she give me a chance to explain ? 


She went all gracious and benevolent on us and then get angry with me in the end. 

There was no point talking sense and logic with her in that state.

Instead I concentrated on my work for the whole of the following week. 

30rd March 2012



By Friday, I had put up a good proposal and report to snatch the house project away from Mr Liew. End of the day it was still money

I knew exactly how much Mr Liew was asking for, by lowering mine by a little, the client was mine. 

Only Mr Liew and I were at the meeting with the client, and with a smiling and laughing Mr Liew claiming that I was his protégé, the client happily signed on the dotted line with a piece of mind. 

The smiles and laugh disappeared when we got into office, separately of course. 

Mr Liew threw a huge fit, storming into Terry’s office while I see Terry smile and chuckle in his seat before Mr Liew storm out. 

I only hope no one catches him winking to me in the pantry. 


Terry called me into his office and I was expecting the usual, good job, well done, keep it up shit but no. 

He had something else for me. 

No correction. 

He had someone for me. 

He was not alone when I stepped in. 

Sitting in front of Terry was this lady. 

She looked pretty matured but she’s a fresh graduate. From certain angle, she looked like the actress Yvonne Lim in her younger days.

Terry : James , this is Kate.. 

James : Hi Kate 

Kate : Hi James … 

She’s dressed in a figure hugging dress and with a nice pair of grey heels, she looked hot. 

Her shoulder length hair is wavy and in a trendy shade of copper and black. Definitely the hot babe that would not look out of place in a club. 

Terry : I know you’re forming your team… so I’m helping you to do it. 

He had a smirk on his face when he told me Kate would be the manager of my team. 

James : What ? 

Terry : You would be reporting to her with effect from next week… 

I must have this super stunted look on my face when Terry told Kate that would be all for her and that he would see her on Monday. 

She gave me a smile and left the office. 

James : What is this ? 

Terry smirked and laugh and I could feel his usual irritating self rearing it’s ugly head again. 

Terry : I said I would let you build your team, but I never say you would be the one to manage it…. Ahhaa…. Management is like that one… you know or not… you need to report to someone…. Then that someone report to me mah…..

He went on to say that he’s the boss and I cannot expect him to attend to every little thing. 

Terry : And don’t think just because you are… hahaha.. helping me with Sandy… and what ?? huh ?? you’ll have me eating out of your hands ? haha, I’m not stupid James…

I don’t know what to think. 

I was literally shaking in my body when I left the room and got back to my seat. 

I don’t fucking believe this but it was happening.

I’ve only heard it happen to my friends, past colleagues and sometimes from army mates when we chatted.

For no good reason, your boss decides to hire someone and put him above you. These are the reasons people leave good companies.

Fine, whatever. 

I won’t die even if I need to report to a 22 year old chick. 


I did not think my day could get any worst until Sandy text me that Belinda had agree to sell her the lucky draw prize of the Maldives trip. 

She was already asking me when I would like to go for it. 

I did not reply her. 

I was washing my cup in the pantry at 6.15pm when I saw Uncle Tong and Alex. 

They knew I got the project from under their nose for Terry and they asked me why did I do that 

Alex : James …. Why you help Terry ?? 

Uncle Tong : James… I hope you won’t be doing it again hor…. 

I left the pantry with a heavy heart.


After Sandy’s yoga class, she called me for dinner, I told her I’m busy but she insisted I join her even for a quick one because we needed to discuss about the trip. 

I called Belinda before I left the office and she refused to pick up my phone. 

Hell I saw her glaring at me when I looked over to the other wing but I did not go in as Hakim seemed to be talking to her from his desk. 

Nothing seemed to be going right for me that day. 

Sandy was all so excited about the thought of going overseas with me that she went on non-stop about the trip. My head felt like it was about to explode. 

Just when I was nursing the thought of giving her a good fuck that evening, she excused herself to the bathroom after paying for dinner. 

Sandy : Oh… oh… oh…

James : What …. What ?? 

Sandy : I think my menses is here…. Wait ah… 

5 minutes later she walked out, soothing her pants before sitting down. 

Sandy : game over…. We can only cuddle tonight… haha.. 

I sent her back and left after coming up with an excuse that I’m tired. 

Nothing of note happen over the weekend and I spend it back in the office with my work. I told Mr Liew about Kate and his reply was. 

Mr Liew : come on…. A 22 year old girl… you can handle her… take care of it… 

2nd April 2012 



I stepped into office and buried myself with work. I needed to start preparing to grab the next job from Mr Liew while handling the house I got all on my own. 

By the time Kate was done with all her administrative stuff, it was 10.30am 


Kate : James , let’s have a meeting in 10 minutes…. I want to know what you have on your hands. 

She gave me a smile and walked off, sashaying towards the pantry in her waist high skirt and long sleeve white blouse. 

Chee bye…. 

I literally cursed out in a few language at that. 


I wanted to ignore her as I was busy with my drawings but she dragged a chair over to my seat with a notepad in hand. 

Kate : Ok… the meeting rooms are all occupied, let’s just do it here if you don’t mind… 

She rested her right arm on my desk, crossed her legs and opened the cap of her expensive pen before looking at me as if she’s a visiting psychiatrist. 

James : Err…. 

Kate : Can you tell me your near term goals and what you hope to achieve in this position ? … I saw your profile… you’re only earning 1.6k…. I’m sure you hope to upgrade your skills and get ahead right…. 

I stared at Kate with my mouth half opened and my eyes wide apart. 

Kate smiled and put up her hands with her palms facing me. 

Kate : James… I know… trust me… I experienced this during my intern days, I saw it happen in the office…. 

She looked up into the ceiling for a moment and added. 

Kate : I know it’s a…. unpleasant experience… to be reporting to someone younger and newer in the office… but… this is unavoidable… 

I think my mouth just got a little wider. 

Kate : I mean…. You look like you work hard and all but…. You need to move away from just pure… ermmm… pure…… pure….. 

She looked at the drawings I was doing and snapped her fingers a few times. 

Kate : Drawings… yes.. yes… drawings… 

She went to say that anyone can draw, but not all will fit into a management role. 

Kate : I believe with my training and little bit of experience , we can work together and trust me James …. Trust me !.. 

She looked so fucking serious that my mouth actually closed off totally. 

Kate : No one likes to be earning less than 2k doing the work you do…. I know you have only a diploma and…. Anyway don’t worry… I will make sure I fight for an increment for you…. And you need to go for skills upgrading…. The government is pushing for that…..i’m sure if you can get a degree…. You’re earning power will increase… !! 

She said it so convincingly that I almost believed her. 

James : Ermm.. 

She lowered her voice a little and whispered to me sharply. 

Kate : I know I’m not supposed to share but I’m getting twice your pay….. and it’s just my starting pay….. when you’ve been working for so many years… 

She went back to her normal speaking decibel and continued. 

Kate : Look… I know… I have no experience in the construction industry… but trust me… I am here to help you ok ?? 

She uncrossed her legs and held onto the arms on my chair, lowering herself as if she’s talking to some kid with low IQ. 

Kate : We can do this together !! 

James : ERmm… 

Kate : GOOD!! … don’t just say ermmm James… speak up… speak up…. This day and age…. You need to speak up…. Do something… actions speaks louder than words…. Ok ??? haha 

I nodded and said I understood her perfectly. 

She spent 20 minutes with me identifying my goals and I told her the only project I was working on. I showed her a drawing of the house and I handed it to her upside down. 

Kate : Good… good… looks good…. I like all these…. 

She pointed to the master bathroom and commented. 

Kate : Here got mistake…. You don’t need 2 sinks and 2 toilet bowl in the toilet la…. The rest looks ok …

James : Err… that one is the bidet…. Wash backside one… 

Kate : Oh… ok… you must put a label… if not how people know…. Ok.. then just delete 1 basin can already…. 

I nodded my head as I looked at her in amazement. She is confident; I got to give it to her. 

Kate : Ok.. I’ll leave you to your work… ok… and I’ll buy you lunch later….my treat… 

With that she walked away back to her desk, clicking on god knows what and typing on her keyboard. 

I was simply blown away when she sent me a minutes of our meeting 45 minutes later. 

What the fuck. 

She wrote minutes for that fucking meeting ?? 


Kate : James… let’s go for lunch… 

I got up and since she was treating, I just grab my lunch pouch instead of my wallet. 

I never liked carrying a bulky wallet in my pocket anyway and my pouch had everything I needed. $30, easy link card, my 11B, even my posb atm card. 

I was honestly expecting to just grab a quite bite around tanjong pagar area but no. 


Kate had other ideas. 

Kate : Quick.. quick.. cab arriving.. 

James : What ?? cab ? where are we going ?? 

Kate : Aiyah… 1st time treat you…. Eat something decent la. 

Before I knew it we were en route to Dempsey to eat at a café over there. 

James : Eh… lunch only 1 hour… are you sure… 

Kate : Don’t worry James… I told Terry I’m buying you lunch… and to have a chat with you… so we’ll be back a little late…

I nodded and kept quiet. 

We ate lunch, had coffee and I felt like Kate was conducting an interview. 

Kate : How do you like the industry so far ? 

Kate : Any interesting stories to share ? 

Kate : What gives you satisfaction on the job ? 

Kate : Where do you see yourself in 5 years ? 

I answered each and every one of them.


Kate asked for the bill and by instinct I reached for my pouch. It’s a guy thing. 

I have my bank card with me and I could use my debit card for the bill, I already have it out as the waiter presented the bill to me. 

Kate : Wait wait wait… no.. no… I said it’s my treat…don’t worry about it… 

Kate insisted the bill be given to her and she placed a shiny silver Amex card on the black folder. 

Kate : I treat… next time you promote you treat me ok ? I will fight for you… 

James : Orh… 

As if that was not bad enough, after she signed the bill Kate added. 

Kate : James… don’t mind me saying this ah…. Haha… I think you’re quite good looking…haha… but hor… as a Singaporean guy ah… you… earning so little… wallet no credit card… I think very hard to find girlfriend leh… haha… 

She waved her long fingers through the air playfully and added that she’s just joking. 

I smiled and nodded meekly with a slight smile. 

Kate : Credit card is a must…. Car also… 

I nodded again. 

Kate : Actually hor… to be honest… I don’t go for all these la… hahaha…. 

James : Really…. So… what do you look for in a guy then ?? 

Kate : Hmmm…

She thought about it for a moment before replying. 

Kate : I don’t know…. Haha… someone smarter than me at the very least… hahaha… 

I smiled and nodded. 

Kate : Eh James… I say upfront ah… don’t take this the wrong way….you’re good looking la… above average but …. Not my cup of tea…you know.. so… hahaha.. don’t fantasise about your boss la… haha.. 

She laughed and it was genuine one, clutching the sides of her waist as she started to tear a little in her eyes. 

Kate : Ok.. ok.. Jokes aside… James… be serious… ok… 

She drained her water and added. 

Kate : Men… must be … you know… a little.. devious… know… to be successful… you look at Terry…. 

She commented that she knew Terry hired her for her looks as he kept staring at her legs during the interview at the café. 

Kate : But I have more than looks… I’m also… hiak hiak hiak… pretty cunning leh… hahaha.. 

I nodded and smiled meekly again. 

Kate : Don’t worry James… I can tell Terry is mean to you…. I’ll protect you…and I’ll teach you… how to deal with people like Terry…. Deal ?? 

I nodded eagerly with a smile. 

James : Looking forward to it.. 

Kate : Good !... 


We went back to the office and I got back to work. 

Even though I’m only working on a small house, there is a lot of things to be done, especially when I’m doing it all alone. 

I kept to myself most of the next 2 weeks. On some days when I’m not eating with Kate, I would just buy back and eat alone. 

I would have wanted to dine with Hakim and guys but Mr Liew wanted me to keep my distance from them. The only time I got to chat with them was during unofficial coffee breaks we took at a coffee shop across the street in the middle of the afternoon. 

Even that we had to leave office separately as if we’re heading out for a meeting. 

I think the sight of my eating my vegetable rice at my desk must look really pathetic to Kate and on a couple of occasions, she deliberately came back from lunch early to keep my company. 

Kate : EH…. James… don’t like that leh… I know no one likes to eat with their bosses but treat me like a brother can or not… hur hur… haha.. 

She’s full of energy that I got to give it to her. 

I would just smile and nod as she tells me about her school, her friends who were having difficulty looking for jobs as she eat her fruit salad. 

Kate : Aiyah…. I told them to wear sexier a bit… they don’t want… hahaha…. Sometimes if you have a bit of asset… you got to show it mah… right?? Right ? 

I nodded and my eyes drifted to her breast for a moment and Kate caught me looking at them. 

Kate : Hoei !! 

She pressed onto her own blouse with the 1st button undone as she laughed. 

Kate : B only la…don’t need to look until like that… ahhaa.. 

I looked away, a little embarrassed as she continued with telling me everything about herself over lunch. 

I would have expected Kate to be an irritant, an obstacle to what I was doing but on the contrary, I actually find her to be a constant source of entertainment. 

I’m serious. 

She’s inquisitive, and she’s not afraid to ask questions. By the end of the 1st week, she was helping me arrange material boards. It look good if not for the fact she used a glitter pen to write down the material codes. 

I remembered having a secret meeting with Mr Liew on my way back from a meeting with the client and I was holding a cup of coffee in my hand when I sat down. 

Kate rolled her chair over and told me this. 

Kate : James… I know it’s… trendy and all to be holding the cup of a $6 coffee but…. Is it really worth it ?? 

I looked at her in awe as she used her calculator and keyed in the figures in front of me. 

Kate : Taking away your cpf contribution, this $6 coffee cost you like what….. half a percent of your take home pay !! … 

My mouth gasped open again at her and she promptly gave me a quick lesson on financial management. 

Kate : Part of my business module you know…. Next time I share more with you… 

I would have wanted to tell her Mr Liew bought me that coffee but I didn’t think it would matter. 

I think having Kate around did help my mental well being a little. 

I’m just the quiet, meek and helpless worker in office and once I leave, I’m the virile sex slave for Sandy. 

Belinda’s glare got more and more hostile and despite repeated attempted for me to talk to her, she still did not want to respond to my messages or calls. 

The only time she spoke to me was when she caught Kate helping me to make a cup of coffee while I changed the water dispenser in the pantry. 

When Kate left, she spoke with a sourish tone ; 

Belinda : Seems like Sandy not enough for you…. Need younger meat…. Herh..!... 

She walked away, shaking her head slowly. 


Terry on the other hand kept bugging me about Sandy. 

Terry : When can I fuck her ?? har ? James … see I got you such a pretty young girl…. Good right… you should also treat me right … understand ? haha… 

He went on to tell me he hired her specially for me, as a token of gratitude for giving him Sandy. 

Terry : fuck her if you want… I don’t care… she’s pretty… but.. not my cup of tea… too young…. Hahah… 

I ignored what he said totally and walked away. 

20th April 2012 



By the 3rd week of April, Sharon had compiled a list of applicants for my team after sifting out the irrelevant ones and she sent both Kate and I a copy to have a look. 

I saw a resume which pique my interest because the girl had experiences doing good class bungalows in another firm. She’s a Malaysian but has gotten her PR but there’s no photo. Not that I mind as long as she can support the team in the projects. She’s not asking for a high pay as well which is a good thing. 

End of the day the projects I’m getting should sustain the team.

She’s 24 and has been working since she’s 18. With a good few years under her belt, she should come in helpful. 

I saw Kate printing out the list of candidates and overheard her telling Sharon she wanted to interview all of them. 

That’s 14 candidates. 

Fine, whatever she wants. 

James : Kate, this girl, Suwen, she has the relevant experience…. Can consider her… 

Kate looked at my choice and gave me a sly smile. 

Kate : Ehh… no picture one hor… may not be as chio as me ok…. Hahah… but I like the way you think… good… hhaha…. 

She gave me a “ as if I’ve started to understand her “ kind of look. 

Kate : I would pick her too if I was you… young… few years apart from you… sweet Malaysian girl…. Wife material…

She nodded her head as she flipped thought the list

My mouth gasped open again as I searched for an appropriate reply. 

Kate punched me playfully in my stomach and gave me a wink. 

Kate : Don’t worry la…I got you covered… I’ll pay more attention to her….i help you find both a girlfriend and a colleague … ok ???! Have some faith in me.. 

I nodded with my frozen half grin and turned away. 

25th April 2012 



Sometimes I don’t know if Kate is so confident that she went ahead to hold the interview without someone more senior around or she’s just bulldozing her way all over. 

I was pretty sure the candidates are puzzled as well since they’re being interviewed by a girl that was not even in the industry. 

Each session lasted less than 10 minutes, some less than 5. I don’t know if they were the ones who decided to walk off or Kate told them that was the end of the session. 


She walked out of that particular interview looking a bit upset. The candidate left, a man in his mid-thirties while Kate stormed off to the bathroom. 

I shook my head and waited for Kate to come back out. 

James : Are you ok ? 

Kate : I’m fine.. I’m fine… 

I could see her eyes were a bit red but I said nothing. 

James : You want me to errr… talk to the candidates for a while… then you continue ?? 

Kate thought about it and decided that was not a bad idea. 

I don’t know if it was my offer of help that brought about a torrent of emotions but she fanned her face a few times, breathing through her mouth.

Kate : Sorry James…. not in the best of mood…. I think my period is coming… 

My mouth gasped open once more as she asked me to talk to the other 2 candidate while she go buy some pads and a drink.

Kate : I .. I need a drink… I’ll go grab a coffee and a bite…. You hold the fort for a while ok… later I’ll take over… just ermm.. tell them your project…. No need to be nervous… I’ll be back soon. 

She left me alone and I conducted the interview.

The last one was Suwen. Kate told me later she deliberately put her last so if all goes well, she would ask us both out for dinner and maybe grab a cup of coffee. 

I sincerely applaud her for the effort but I was more interested in getting good help than finding a pretty girl. 

Suwen is a pleasant lady, tall and well built. She’s at least 1.75, with broad shoulders. I would think she look like a competitive swimmer. 

I spent a good 15 minutes with her and I knew I want her on my team already. 

Just as I was wrapping up the chat with Suwen, I saw Kate come back in with a fruit juice in hand. She saw Suwen and her eyes widened, her cheeks suck in as she sucked harder on her juice. 

She looked like she was trying to hold her laughter but she quickly finished her drink and threw it away. I saw her wiping her mouth and I quickly told Suwen about her. 

James : Ok.. my… ermm.. team’s admin manager is coming in… she’s not from this industry so don’t mind her…. Anything to do with work I’ve pretty much told you already… just chat with her will do. 

Suwen : Oh.. ok.. 

Kate entered and flashed me a look before spreading a wide smile. 

Kate : Hi there !... I’m Kate… James’ boss… 

Suwen’s eyes widened too but she still took her hand. They chatted for a good 5 minutes while I remained silent before excusing myself. 


Kate : I like her man… Suwen… she’s very funny and humorous… let’s just get her.. 

James : Oh ok… 

Kate put her arms around me and patted me on my shoulder. 

Kate : Cheer up la… I promise I find a prettier one for you for the next one.. 

I thanked her and got back to my work. 

Terry walked over to our desk and Kate took it upon herself to give Terry a run through of what is going on. Besides working on my house, I was preparing the stuff to grab the 2nd project from Mr Liew. 

Terry just smiled and told Kate she’s doing a good job so far.

Terry : James… can be hard to manage at times… but I see you have him eating out of your hands already…. Well done… good job… keep it up… 

Kate smiled and thanked Terry. 

Terry : Happy or not James ?? har ?? hahah… need a girl to speak up for you right ?? .. haha… 

She did not see the smirk Terry flashed me before looking over to the other wing. 

The moment he left the office Kate pulled her chair to my side. 

Kate : Eh James… sorry ah… I think Terry’s words are a bit hurtful…he’s a jerk…. I don’t think you are difficult to manage at all….. just that you are a little quiet…. Always keep to yourself… haha… 

I gave her an awkward smile before she suggested we grab a beer after work. 

Kate : It’s midweek, let’s grab a drink….. team bonding… 

James : Err.. no need la… it’s ok… I’m fine… 

Kate : I would fucking cry my heart out if someone said something like that to me man… don’t bluff… you’re a man… you may be quiet, but I know you also have your ego….come la…. A couple of drink…won’t die one… 

She insisted so I told her maybe just a quick one. 


I was in the pantry together with Kate and we were washing our cups together as she rattled off a few pubs along Tanjong pagar we could go to get a drink. She even suggested having Korean BBQ while we’re at it. 

Right at the moment Belinda walked in. 

Kate said hi but she did not reply, Belinda just glared at me without a word 

By the time she walked out, Kate was aware of the tension and she whispered softly to me. 

Kate : Eh… you… and her got history…. I can tell… 

James : What ? 

Kate proudly admitted that she was the go to guru for relationship issues for her friends. 

James : What ! ? 

Kate : Honestly James… I think she looked like she’s out of your league leh… she’s from the other wing one right… 

Kate rested her right elbow on her left forearm and started stroking her hairless chin with her finger. 

Kate : I can tell you like her James… 

I stared at her with my eyes and mouth wide open as she snapped her fingers at me. 

Kate : Don’t worry… I help you talk to her.. 

James : What !... no.. no no… no!!!... no… no… don’t need. 

Kate laughed and asked why am I so nervous. 

Kate : Relax… I know what I’m doing… besides… 

She paused and turned all serious on me. 

Kate : I cannot expect my employee to concentrate fully on his work if he got relationship problems right… don’t worry… I’m your boss… I’ll take care of you… 

James : No Kate… wait… don’t need… I’m serious….no… 

She narrowed her eyes and put both her hands on my shoulder. 

Kate : Tell me you trust me James… 

I think I just dislocated my jaw as I looked at Kate. 

Kate : trust me… I know what I’m doing. 

She turned around confidently and walked towards Belinda in her figure hugging dress and high heels. She’s like a model, placing her steps confidently as she pulled Hakim’s chair and slid over to Belinda. 

I could see Belinda looking up in surprise before glaring at me. 

I was shock. 

In denial. 

I almost peed my pants as I looked at Kate talk to Belinda. 

She talked for a while before turning and smiling at me and giving me a little wave. 

I waved back with my mouth still partly open. 

4 minutes later Kate walked over to my side with a smirk on her face. 

Kate : I know you’re about to get on your knees to thank me but no need… 

James : What ?? ! 

Kate : Belinda is joining is for dinner and drinks

James : WHAT !! 

Kate gave me a wink and lowered her voice. 

Kate : Don’t be nervous ok … I know first time go out with the person you like is quite frightening… 

I was speechless by then as Kate nudged me back to our office. 


I could feel a headache coming up and I decided to leave before Sandy comes back from her Yoga and complicate matters even more. 

Kate : Pack up and let’s go man !..


While we’re in the lift alone, Kate lowered her voice to a whisper. 

Kate : James… 

James : Ya ? 

Kate : You’re a virgin right… 

I dropped the bag I was holding and looked at Kate . 

She laughed and quickly picked it up for me. 

Kate : I know la… can tell from the first time I look at you… 

James : i… i……. I mean… 

As the lift door opened, Kate walked out first and she smelled her own hair before tying it up. 

Kate : Korean BBQ, got to wash my hair properly tonight… ok… back to the topic James… 

We walked towards the stretch of Korean BBQ restaurants along Tanjong Pagar and Kate asked me this question. 

Kate : You like Belinda or not ?? … honestly… tell me.. 

James : er…. Yes… I like… 

Kate : Ok good… you see ah…. Going after girls… is like doing business… and everything else in life… 

James : ermmmmm…. 

Kate : Don’t worry… I cannot guarantee you will get to sleep with Belinda tonight… but I dam well will make sure she will start paying more attention to you. 

James : Oh dear god… i… 

Kate : SHhh…. God is busy… don’t bother him with this type of problem… 

We got to the entrance of the restaurant and I saw Belinda standing a distance away. 

Kate : She’s here… she’s here…. Act cool a bit la… stand up straight… chin up…. Look confident…. 

James : What !! … 

Belinda did not see us approach as she was facing the other direction and Kate fell in step beside me. 

She suddenly linked my arms and I looked at her in surprise. 

Kate : Don’t look at me… look straight… act as if you own the whole road… women like men who are confident…. Plus… you got me… perfect eye candy… wah !!.. no horse run … 

I could feel my mouth slowly dropping again as we closed the distance towards Belinda. 

Kate : remember… when you first talk to Belinda, tell her she’s really beautiful and thank her for having dinner with you and most important of all… tell her you are going to pursuit her with everything you have. ! 

James : What ? I’m not saying that…. Are you mad ? 

Kate : I’m serious… do it.. women are sucker for this kind of thing… they just don’t want to admit…

10 metres. 

Kate whispered softly. 

Kate : See.. all the men… looking at you…. Shoik right… haha.. nothing makes a man more appealing that to see he is wanted by another hot girl… haha

I could see a few envious glance coming my way as we walked on. 

Kate : Remember to say the words James…

6 metres. 

Another pretty decent looking OL cast Kate a glance and they exchanged slut looks with lazer beams oozing out from their eyes before Kate link my arms tighter and continued walking down the lane. 

It was a visual confrontation as they checked out each other’s body with the side of their eyes. 

3 metres. 

Belinda turned around and the first thing she saw was Kate’s arms around mine before she met our eyes. 

We stopped right in front of Belinda and Kate released me from her arms. 

She pinched me and made a face at me so I would say what she wanted me to say. 

James : Oww…..erm…Ber… Berlinda…’re really beautiful…. And… and … thank you for agreeing to have dinner with me… and… and… 

I felt another pinch and I blurted out the words. 

James : I’m… I’m pursuing you with… with everything I got… 

I felt like digging a hole in the ground. 

It was fucking embarrassing to be saying something like this to Belinda. 

I meant , yes, we were together but it’s a been a long relationship, we got to the point where we no longer say this type of things to each other.. 

Kate : Hey Belinda…. see …. I told you he will say it… 

I turned to look at Kate who was giggling away.. 

James : What !.. 

Belinda looked at me in the eye and she asked me to say it again. 

Belinda : Look at me James… and say it again… 

Kate : Wooo.. wooo… quick… quick la…. Don’t stand there like a block of wood…. Aiyho…

James : Be… Ber…linda…. You’re… you’re beautiful… and…. Thank you for having dinner with me… and… I’m… going to pursue you with everything I got… 

Kate snapped her fingers and laughed. I could see Belinda smiling too as I had no doubt she found this amusing.

She put both her arms around Belinda and my shoulder as she ushered us into the restaurant. 

Kate : Don’t mind me ar… I’m quick thick skin…. I’ll stay for dinner…. I’m treating…

I could see Belinda holding back her laughter. 

When Belinda went to the bathroom 40 minutes into the dinner, Kate quickly whispered to me. 

Kate : Don’t get me wrong James… I’m staying because I’m afraid you will fuck this up ….. I want to make sure everything goes well… 

James : ermm… oh… ok… 

Kate : Now… you both hardly talked… I’m the one talking most of the time…. Like that confirm you tonight no happy ending la… 

James : WHAT !... 

Kate : relax… I know men.. trust me… 

James : I think no need… it’s… 

I watched Kate ordered up more beer and soju and I knew this was not going to end well. 

Kate : Look James… we …..make…. Belinda… drunk… or at least high….

I stared at her speechless as Belinda emerged from the bathroom. 

Kate : I’ll teach you what to say… where to touch… what to do… I confirm she will be yours in no time… hiak.. hiak.. hiak…. 

She rubbed her hands together in glee as Belinda sat back down. 

Kate : I’m not asking you to rape her but at least you get to send her home right… hahaha… smart right… come… at least make her high…

The moment Belinda sat down, Kate proposed a toast to her and I shook my head at Belinda but she went ahead and took it. 

And another. 

And another. 

And another.

I filled my soju bottle with water and drank from it while Kate took up the challenge and did the same thing with her own bottle filled with the potent drink. 


I paid the bill despite Kate insisting on paying with her ntuc membership card . 

By the time we got to the street to look for a cab, Kate was lying on my shoulder, and I had to support her weight together with Belinda. 

Kate : I’m ok… I’m really ok ~~…. Send Belinda back… James… I’m ok…~~ 

Belinda laughed and looked at me. 

Belinda : Are you sending me home or are you sending her home ? 

James: Come on… don’t do this to me.. 

Belinda : haha.. 

We waited for a cab and Kate was starting to sober up in the taxi, she insisted we drop Belinda off since it was along the way. We dropped Belinda off at Bishan and Kate insisted I wait for the lift with her at the lobby and only getting back to the cab after she’s in. 

Kate : James …. You gentlemen a bit can or not…. Send her all the way up la….hahah… 

I could see Kate was still pretty high and I took her wallet from her bag while she fiddled with her own hair. 

James : Uncle, Ang Mo Kio… 

When we arrived at the block of flats opposite AMK hub, I paid the driver a little extra for the trouble before helping Kate off the car. 

Kate : I’m fine.. I’m fine… I admit… just now I was a bit tipsy… I’m fine now…. 

Kate got out, balanced herself on her heels and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. 

She tried to take 1 step forward but stumbled and lost her balance, if I was not beside her to grab her in time, she would have fallen face flat onto the ground. 

Kate : Oops… sorry.. sorry… 

James : Eh you ok or not… 

Kate : I’m fine… I’m fine… 

Kate bent down and removed her heels, dangling them off her left middle and index finger. 

She then put her left arm around my shoulder as she staggered along, her heels swinging dangerously in front of my face. 

James : Oei… oei oei…. Don’t.. oie… 

Kate : James !! 

She suddenly spoke a little too loud and I got a shock. 

James : What what ? ? 

Kate : James… I tell you… 

She hiccuped a couple of times before resuming. 

Kate : I know…. How people see me in the office… they think I’m crazy… and probably don’t deserve my post …. 

She leaned heavily on me as we staggered towards her block. 

Kate : but I’m not stupid either…. I can see aside from the 2 of us and a couple others, practically no one… no one is doing any real work in Terry’s team… 

She lost her balance again and her left arm hooked backwards, plastering her freshly worn heels into my face and nose. 

James ; ARghhh… come on… 

Kate : Oops… oops…. Sorry… 

We staggered to the void deck and I stopped at some bench and deposited her there. 

I could only stare at her as she mumbled and said things that hardly made sense for a while before snapping back into consciousness again. 

Kate : Terry ……. Is an asshole….. you… you know what he told me….the other day… hahah…..he said…. he said…. you would try and bed me… hahahah…. Haha… 

Kate : He… he also…. Also made some… lewd proposals at me…. Which.. I can say is sexual harassment….

She laughed and I stared at her, my anger rising within. 

Kate : Terry said…. you’re not who you appear to me… hiccup… hiccup… but… but I felt…. It was the complete opposite… 

Kate took a deep breath before she leaned her forehead on my stomach. 

Kate : I think you are a nice guy James…. the nicest ever..…. And Terry…. Is the jerk…. See… I believe in you…. Besides… 

Her eyes struggled to open and she whispered a little too loudly. 

Kate : How … can a virgin … even think of bedding me… hahaha.. haha… 

James : Oh better go back and rest… 

She nodded her head and said she agreed with me. 

As I helped her to her feet, she pushed me away, pointed her right heel at me and declared at the top of her voice. 

Kate : I… helped you get Belinda…… . 

She threw both heel onto the floor and lo and behold, I see 圣杯. You know people throw the 2 halfs of the crescent after prayers to ask if all is ok? Yeap. 


Her heel landed in the exact positive position. 

She repeated herself again as if she wanted herself to be sure as well. 

Kate : I…. helped you get …. Belinda…. 

Kate : Now…. 

Kate : Watch me destroy Terry… 

She turned and staggered off towards the lift without her heels. 

I laughed. 

I really did as she waved her hands in the air and staggered towards the lift. 

For the first time. 

The very first time. 

I felt like taking someone under my wing and teaching her everything I know. 



I’ll watch how you destroy Terry. 

I don’t think it’s going to be easy, but I’ll love to see you try. 


I picked up Kate’s heels and ran after her into the lift. 

Kate : Don’t…. don’t bother to send me back James… I’m really fine… 

I looked at her with her half opened eyes as she rummaged through her bag for her keys. She insisted I left her at the lobby of her floor and I did, but I did not leave until I see her made 3 attempts to unlock her gate and let herself into her house. 

I went to the main road and waited for a cab. 

While waiting I called Belinda. 

I wanted to talk to her, despite spending the evening together, I haven really got the chance to have a chat with her, without Kate around that is. 

James : You ok ? 

Belinda : Yeah… 

For that brief moment I was stuck, unsure as to what to say but Belinda picked up the conversation right away. 

Belinda : She’s cute James… you like this type of girls right… 

James : Don’t be crazy… you’re cuter… 

Belinda laughed and she asked where I was. 

James : Waiting for a cab…. 

The awkward silence followed and I asked her a stupid question. 

James : You’re parents asleep ?? Can… can I come over ?? 

Belinda laughed and asked me to sort out the Sandy issue. 

Belinda : Sandy likes you James… she really likes you… 

James : I…i… 

Belinda : don’t hurt her… 

James : It’s not that simple Belinda… i.. 

Belinda : I know… Mr Liew… you don’t need to follow everything he says… you’re not someone like that.. 

I was at a loss for words and I told her I’ll sort things out.

James : I’ll do something about it…. I’ll need some time… 

Belinda : don’t even think about touching me before everything’s sorted out then… 

For some weird reason, she hung up on me after that. 

I could never understand women.

26th April 2012 



Kate looked visibly embarrassed when she saw me that day and she started off with a soft greeting. 

Kate : Ermm.. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself or did anything stupid yesterday James… 

James : Oh… don’t have… don’t have la…

She gave me another shy smile before getting back to work.

Nothing much happened for the rest of the week. 

Kate recommended Suwen to Terry and an offer was made the following Monday by Sharon. 

Suwen accepted the offer right away and would start work in a month time. 

17th May 2012 



It was one of those shit hitting the roof day. 

Everything seemed to go wrong for me at the same time. 

Everyone’s running out of patience. 

First it was Sandy. 

You see, it’s been a while since she brought up the Maldives trip and I’ve been dragging my feet on the answer. 

Sandy : It’s not a very hard decision James… just tell me the dates that you can go… 

I tried to explain to her that I had just barely started working with Terry. It was technically a new employment, I served barely 2 months and I can’t possibly be taking a long break for holiday. 

It’s part of the reason why I did not want to go with Sandy. 

After that chat with Belinda, I did start to keep a bit of distance from Sandy and I guess she felt it. It probably let her a little unsure and insecure but whenever Mr Liew pressured me about getting Terry out quick, my resolve would shake a little and I went back to fucking Sandy. 

And after each fuck, it was as if it rekindled the flame Sandy held for me and she would be all lovey dovey with me once more. 

Still, none of these was a permanent solution and there is only this long I can drag about the reply. 

Not only is Sandy upset, Terry too was getting impatient. 

He started bugging and hounding me. 

Terry :When can I fuck Sandy ?? Har ?? wait until when ?? What’s your plan ??? fuck…you think you can play with me is it ??? dragging time is it ??? 

Terry : Are we fucking playing the waiting game ?? 

I told Terry that we could not rush this, everything would happen eventually but it takes time. 

Terry : It’s been a month !!!... fuck… you better don’t let me find out this is all bullshit from you James…. fuck off… !! 

I left his office, shaking my head. 

Kate saw me and she quickly gestured me over to her table before saying we need a team meeting. 

James : Kate… really no need… 

Kate : eh you everytime go in, come out sure look like that…. Very jia lat…. Share with me your problems… 

I was trying to fob off Kate off with some excuses but she started to frown and after she checked that no one was looking, she pulled my hand and shook it a little, trying to throw a tantrum. 

Kate : I tell Sis ah …. i'll rat on you... say something stupid and make sure she hates you...

I sighed and followed Kate into the meeting room. 

After that dinner and drinks at the Korean place, Kate went over to the other wing pretty often to look for Belinda.

Sometimes they would even go off for lunch together. 

When she’s back, Kate would quickly jot down for me in a pink notebook. 

What Belinda likes to eat, to drink, her favourite country, what kind of guy she likes. 

Basically Kate was helping me compile a file on Belinda. 

Kate : Go after girls is like that one… you need to do homework… not sure secretly look at her from a distance… you know or not… 

I could only try to hold back my laughter and nod my head. 

I sincerely appreciates her effort and even Belinda agreed she’s quite amusing, especially when she try to do it so casually, so she indulged her whenever she tried to dig for information.

The most impressionable piece of information Kate dug out of Sandy was of Belinda’s sex life. 

I still remembered that rainy Friday afternoon, it was as if the sky reflects her solemn mood. Kate bought me a cup of coffee, and asked to sit down with me in the meeting room. 

Kate: James… you have to be mentally prepared for this… 

James : What ? ? 

I almost choked on my coffee when Kate told me Belinda is not a virgin. 

James : WHAT !!! you asked her this kind of questions !!!!!! Are you mad ?? 

Kate : Calm down…. I did not ask her directly…. I’m very subtle one you know… I sort of ask about her past relationships and you know… I can tell she’s not a virgin… she got experienceeeeee… 

My jaw dropped again as she dragged the ‘reeence…’ behind that word. 

Kate : I’m sorry James… but cheer up… it’s very common these days… a lot of girls lost their virgin early… don’t worry… she’s a good girl…. 

As if that piece of information is not enough, she gave me a list of dates on the notebook too. 

James : What is this ??? all this numbers.. 

I almost fainted when Kate told me it was the days she noted that Belinda was having her period. 

James : you’re kidding right… 

Kate : Aiyah.. you never know when this would come in handy … 

And with their frequent meetups and talks, they became pretty close before Kate one day announced that she no longer address Belinda by her name. 

Kate : She’s fine with me calling her sis… cool leh… 

I turned my head away and massaged my head. 

Kate asked me what Terry spoke about with me and I told her it was because I wanted to apply for leave.

I needed an excuse. 

My projects is going well, there were no issues and aside from leave matters, Kate was the one who reported directly to Terry. 

In fact, aside from that Sandy problem, I had no good reason to go talk to Terry direct. 

Kate : EH.. James… you probation period also not over… don’t take leave la… I also want to take leave…. But at least rough it out a while mah… 

I nodded and told her it was just a passing thought and I would not be going on leave. 

As we left the meeting room, I thought that would be all but it’s not. 

It’s one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong for you. 

I was standing by the door of the room when Kate stopped me. 

She helped my pull some lint off my hair and as the doorway of the meeting room is pretty narrow, we were quite close together. 

I looked up and I saw Sandy staring right at us from a distance away.

As if pulling that lint from my hair is not enough, Kate pushed me out ahead of her as she shut the room lights, with a light swing of her folder, she hit me on my backside. 

Kate : Back to work James… 

I turned and I could see Sandy glaring at me. 

It was nothing but the moment I tried to go towards her to explain, she turned and walked off.

James : Fuck. 

I went back to my desk and continued working. 


I went to the other wing to try and look for Sandy but she was not at her desk. 

I left a note on her desk when Hakim and guys were not looking to tell her to look for me when she’s back and we needed to talk. 


I barely got started on my work when Kate walked back into the office with a small white box in her hand. 

She pranced excitedly towards me and pulled her chair right over to mine. 

Kate : James.. you are going to be so happy today… !! 

James : Why ? 

Kate dangled the box of muffins in front of me and said it was from Belinda. 

Kate : You’re dream girl bought for you…. So niceeeeeeee….. all cheese flavour…I told her you like cheese…. And i…. 

She leaned back on her chair and crossed her legs, holding the box up with 2 hands and positioning it by the right of her face. 

Kate : And i…. am the delivery girl… 

Kate then opened up the lid facing me the very fucking moment Sandy appeared out of nowhere. 

She was absolutely speechless and she looked at a smiling Kate offering me the box of snacks with that bright smile on her face. 

Kate : Oh hi… yes ?? 

Sandy : Nothing.. 

James : Sandy wait.. 

She walked off and Kate looked at me with a suspicious glance. 

Kate : I will… fucking castrate you myself James if you are two timing Sis… ..

James : No.. it’s not what you think… just…that… 

Kate narrowed her eyes and put up her hand in my face. 

Kate : shh.. shhh.. shhh…. I don’t want to hear it…. 

She rolled her chair over to her seat and started typing vigorously on her phone. 

Minutes later, I got a message from Belinda. 

Belinda : Sort Sandy out James…. there’s a limit to my patience…  

And she added a smiley face behind that message. 

A smiley face. 

My head almost split apart that day but it was not all. 

I don’t know what has gotten into Sandy. 

Perhaps it was seeing what she saw and she sort of jumped the conclusion. 

It made her angry, desperate for answers. 



I saw Sandy walk into Terry’s office and minutes later, I was called in as well. 

Terry was literally smiling face to face when he told me that Sandy just came to him with a proposal. 

I turned to look at Sandy in surprised.

What the fuck is Terry talking about. 

Terry : Sandy is working on all the documentation for Liew’s project, she knows who much he would be quoting for each project…. Hahaha…. This makes things a lot easier doesn’t it ?? 

Aside from being shocked beyond words, I was fucking mad. 

So fucking mad that I don’t know what to say to that. 

What the fuck was she thinking? 

James : What…. What do you mean ?? 

Terry : Well, Sandy says…. She is not happy over on the other team and she….. expressed interested in joining yours. ..

I looked at Sandy, speechless as I tried to muster up some form of a reply. 

Terry : Look James…. we’re in luck….right ?? whahahaha…. This makes everything so much easier…. Isn’t it ?? 

Terry went on to say that rather than hire someone totally new, Sandy would fit right in. 

Terry : Together with Kate, the new girl Suwen and Sandy, you would be surrounded by girls… hahaha… what a team…. Dream team man…. 

He went on to admit that one of the most satisfying thing would be to directly poach Sandy from Liew after she was done helping me get the projects. 

Terry :It would be a fuck in your face to Liew man… hahha….feel so shoik just thinking about it…. 

I don’t know what to say. 

I really don’t. 

Terry : Ok… I’ll leave you guys to work out the details…hahah… I should be seeing a stream of projects coming my way then James… haha… Sandy…. I need a word with James if you don’t mind…

Sandy stood up and looked at me before walking out. 

The moment the door closed, Terry jumped up in joy. 

Terry :Steady la… with this… I think I would get to fuck her soon right ??? right ??? 

He was so excited he started going on about which hotel to book, what kind of ambience it would be. 

Terry : Get the projects James…. then give me Sandy…. Fuck I’ll even let you fuck her after I’m done if you want… hahaha…. 

I left the room 5 minutes later and I almost wanted to punch the wall in. 

I called Sandy after I stepped out of the office. 

James ; What are you doing !!! 

Sandy :Helping you !!! Why ?? are you so happy to be working with the young hot chick ?? is it ?? you enjoy working with her why ?? because she's young ? pretty ? 

James : You are not being rationale…. Mr Liew treats the team well…. You are better off with him… 

Before I could finish Sandy cut me off. 

Sandy :So what if he treats me well ?? He fired you !!! just like that !!..... I don’t care… I want to be on your team James… 

I massaged my forehead, thinking how could I knock some sense into Sandy but she changed the topic immediately. 

Sandy :Let’s not quarrel over this ok… I’m making dinner tonight… come my place for dinner ??? please James ..? … we can talk at my place… 

She hung up on me and I buried my face in my hand, thinking of what to do. 

I immediately called Mr Liew and told him about this development. 

Mr Liew : You’re fucking shitting me… she did that ?? 

There was a notification for a incoming message. 

It was from Sandy. 

Sandy msg : Nassim Hill 7% , M resort 5% , T hotel 6%, G shopping mall 5%. . Terry has the same list for the consultancy fees. 

I immediately told Mr Liew the message Sandy sent me. 

It was the exact list of projects that Mr Liew wanted me to win for Terry. 

James : What do we do now ?? She would be credited with the effort for getting the project… 

Mr Liew thought about it for a while and added. 

Mr Liew : Ya… and you would be nothing but a facilitator…. Look James… I already said from the beginning. Give Terry Sandy….keep him occupied while you manage the project and the team…. Get him dislodged from work and the office… 

James : But Sandy don’t even like him … she won’t.. 

Mr Liew cut me off and added. 

Mr Liew : But she likes you…. Isn’t it…. She would do a lot of things for you James… you just need to know how to sell it to her… 

James : Mr Liew … i… 

Mr Liew : Enough… sort it out… meanwhile…. I’m adjusting the fees for the projects without letting Sandy know… 

James : Then how ? 

Mr Liew smirked and laughed. 

Mr Liew : Let’s change tactic for a bit…. Instead of winning the projects, I want you to quote base on the old fees Sandy sent… 

James : And ? 

Mr Liew : And you would lose every single one… 

I felt a shiver run through my spine as Mr Liew finished his sentence. 

Mr Liew : We cannot have Sandy take all the credit…. Let’s just assign her all the blame… and give her to Terry…

.................................................. .

James : What ! but…. But… 

Mr Liew : No buts…. No one asked her to sell us out… it’s her choice…. After she gets the blame, give her to Terry… sort the rest out on your own…. Ok. I got to go…

Mr Liew : James… one more thing… for M resort it’s an extension of the current one.… the meeting will be in Bali. 

James : That is not a big job….. why did you take it… I think it’s not worth the man hours ….given the small contract sum it’s only a minor extension.

Mr Liew : Sometimes you don’t take projects for the money James…. you do it because of who the client is. …. Alright I really got to go… speak soon..

I got back into the office and my head was still trying to wrap around everything that had happened. 

This is not good. 


Kate : James .. where did you go ?? 

James : ermmm… I went out to make a call why ? 

Kate : Come here quick… 

I went over to Kate’s desk and she told me she just had a meeting with Terry. 

Kate : What is this issue about Sandy joining our team at the end of the month ? 

James : What ? Terry told you that ? 

Kate nodded. 

Kate : He told me she would be helping us with the bid with some of the jobs but by the end of the month, she would formerly cross over to our side. 

James : I…. I’m not sure… I don’t know… 

Kate looked a little suspicious but did not press me further. 

What the fuck was Terry thinking telling Kate about this ? 

I left office and made my way over to Sandy’s place. 

There was this sick feeling of a lump in my throat as I walked towards her unit. 

I hated that feeling.

I don’t know what I always get into that mood when I walk down that concrete path. In a mix of anger and frustration, I knocked on the door. 

Sandy opened it in a black tube that exposed her waist and she wore a pair of grey cotton shorts that rode a little too high, exposing the base of the butt cheeks. 

She smiled and opened the door for me, hugging onto me the moment I stepped in. 

Sandy : Don’t be angry la…. I only want to help you…. It’s not exactly nice to be working for Terry I know…. And…. You have to report to that stupid fresh grad…. I’m only trying to make your life better… ok ?? 

Sandy kissed me, pressing her breast against my body. 

She cooed and pleaded for me not to be angry with her before leading me by my hand to the table. 

We had some take away sushi for dinner and some sake. 


I took a shower and came out only in my towels. I could see Sandy had already lit the candles in her room, switched on the aircon and dimmed the lights. 

It was clear she wanted to have sex and we did. 

After both of us came, I forced myself to calm down and talk to her. 

I explained patiently that she does not need to come over to my team and that I’m capable of handling Terry. 

It did not take long for it to escalate to a minor tiff.

Sandy accused me of wanting to spend time alone with Kate. 

Sandy : I know, she’s younger prettier…. That’s the main reason. 

No matter what I say, she could not listen. 

I left her place at 11.30pm without saying goodbye. 

18th May 2012 



The shit hit the roof that Friday morning and it all started at the pantry. 

There was some loud commotion and I saw Hejun gesturing excitedly to his buddy Xiaoqiang to head over and check it out. I decided to follow them and even before getting close, I could hear Sandy screaming away. 

I have been paying particular notice to Xiaoqiang lately, he smokes heavily and is only of this particular brand. 

Double Happiness. 

If you’ve been to the mainland, you would know this is a pretty common brand. 

I knew he was smoking duty unpaid cigarettes because I’ve seen it lying on his desk a couple of times. He’s a pretty heavy smoker and I would see him disappear for 20 minutes at a time for his puff. 

Not only did he take long smoke breaks, I know he has a stash of duty unpaid cigarettes in his drawer too. Not a long, probably 5-6 packets. 

Now he pretty much kept to himself, mingling only with Hejun and aside from his stench of stale smoke on his unwashed clothes, he never really stepped on my toes. 

I fell in step behind them and when the pantry came into view, I immediately ran over when I saw Sandy and Kate speaking loudly to each other. 

Kate : What is your problem ?!!!?? it’s a spill…. You caused it…. Just clean it up … big deal is it ??? 

Sandy : Mind your own business la… the pantry auntie will clean it… 

Kate : It’s not a big deal I know but what is so hard to clean up the coffee ?? 

Sandy : Who do you think you are ?? har?? Are you the pantry manager??? Is it ? Because base on your experience I think that is the only post you are suitable for. 

I could see Belinda trying to separate them as Kate clenched her fist. I could see her grit her teeth. 

I could almost feel she was about to bend down and reach for her high heels to clobber Sandy when I finally stepped in between the group. 

James : Come on… knock it off… 

Kate : Get out of my way James… she is being unreasonable… 

Sandy pointed her finger at Kate and shouted at her. 

Sandy : Watch what you’re saying !! what unreasonable… who are you to tell me I’m unreasonable. !! 

The commotion got so bad that I could see Mr Liew throwing down the file he was reading and stepping out of his office. 

James : Ok.. ok… enough… knock it off.. 

Sandy : Tell her !!... not me…. Tell your boss to go manage the pantry if she got so much to say about a coffee spill… 

Kate : It’s basic courtesy, you spill it on the counter and the floor…..admit it… it’s just you and your attitude problem… 

That was when the vulgarities started to fly. 

Sandy : Fuck you !... go back to school la… you don’t even know what’s happening in this office. 

Everyone gathered around started asking the girls to knock if off. 

Belinda tried to pull Kate away while Alex and Uncle Tong started dragging Sandy, pulling them apart and increasing the distant between their bodies in case the situation goes further south.

And right when I saw Mr Liew a few metres away shaking his head as he closed in on the gathering group, Kate blurted out something that made the whole office go silent. 

Kate : Yah… you know everything… you know everything that’s going on in this office…. Including how much your boss is quoting for each project right !! so much so you are willing to share with the whole world.. 

The moment that came out, I turned and look at Kate who got a shock herself. It was clear she immediately regretted what she said. 

Kate : I’m…. I’m sorry… i…

That apology did nothing, only to aggravate the matter further. 

Sandy turned and glared at me, as if I was the one who told Kate about the information. 

My eye caught Mr Liew’s eyes and I fucking swore he was smiling. 

He was fucking laughing with his eyes if you know what I meant. 

Walking right into the middle, with a low loud voice, he first dispersed the crowd. 

Mr Liew : Everyone….Get back to your seat now !... 

As the crowd started to clear, he pointed a finger towards Sandy and Kate. 

Mr Liew : Sandy…. What did she mean by that ?? 

Sandy : I…. Mr Liew…. i… i…. 

He turned to Kate who looked a little flustered and lost and she started shaking her head. 

Kate : I… sorry… I meant… 

Mr Liew shouted at Sandy at the top of his voice, it was so loud that even I jumped and I mentally noted to tell him to tone down on his theatrics. 

Mr Liew : How could you !!! what the fuck were you thinking Sandy ?? !! 

I could see the shout really shook both the girls and Kate looked like she was about to cry. 

Kate : I’m sorry… I .. I meant… 

Mr Liew continued to rain his words down on Sandy.

Mr Liew : Have I been ill treating you !!!! …. Why are you helping them !!!! Is this fair to your team ?? 

Mr Liew pointed to Uncle Tong and Hakim who was staring in shock as the story unfolded. 

Alex asked Sandy if it was true.

Alex : Is that true Sandy ??? You…. Are helping Terry ? 

To add fuel to the raging fire, Terry pushed his way into the fold out of nowhere. 

Terry : What is this !!.. 

Mr Liew took the chance to wack Terry . 

Mr Liew : If you have what it takes… get your own projects… don’t get your girl to secretly spy for you !!... useless piece of shit. 

Terry :What did you say ??? Who told you I was spying on you ?? 

Without breaking his momentum, Mr Liew pointed to Kate and shouted at her, asking her to repeat what she said. 

Mr Liew : Say it… say it again… what did you say earlier. 

Kate looked so lost and apologetic that she was speechless and Mr Liew finished it for her. 

Mr Liew : go ahead, say it… you told the whole office Sandy gave your team the price quote right ?? 

Kate could only look down onto the floor as Terry glared at her. 

Mr Liew : Terry,,, have you no shame ?? look at your fucking team… aside from James… the rest are pretty much a joke… you’re bleeding so much of your father’s money every month…he knew it and thank god he had the brains to split the company into 2. 

Terry : What did you say ?? What the fuck did you just say ?? I am the director of this company !! including yours !...i could fucking.!! 

Before he could finish Mr Liew laughed and taunted him further. 

Mr Liew : You could what ? har ? fire me ?? har ?? hahhaa… How much is your overheads a month ?? har ! 

He pointed to Sharon who was busy gossiping in the background and he asked Sharon to tell the whole office how much is Terry’s office ‘billing’ his team each month just to cover his overheads. 

He even did a imaginary inverted comma with his fingers in front of everyone. 

Mr Liew : You’re a disgrace Terry… just leave and go enjoy your daddy’s money la…. Don’t come and disturb the office.. 

Mr Liew started shaking his head and the spoke in his normal voice to Sandy . 

Mr Liew : Pack your things and leave… you’re fired ..

Sandy : No please.. i… 

Kate looked up and she was shock, waving her hands as if she was about to explain but Terry was not about to back off as well. 

Terry : I’ll hire you Sandy … come over… don’t work for people who treat you this way..

And within that same breath, Terry shouted at Kate, asking her to get lost. 

I could see Kate was about to cry as she shook her head at Terry trying to explain.

Terry : Get the fuck out of my office… 

Kate : Terry please… i.. 

James : Terry… it’s not her fault… it’s

Terry : Shut the fuck up James… if you want to leave just leave… no one will stop you. 

James : Well fuck you too… I quit. 

Kate immediately cut in and stopped me. 

Kate : No. no no…. it’s ok… James.. I’ll leave …. I’ll leave…. 

She frowned at me as if trying to tell me I’m out of my mind for leaving. 

Terry : Sandy, come over… don’t bother about them… Pack your things James… I had enough of your shit…. Just get out of my sight.. 

Kate raised her voice suddenly and took everyone by surprise. 

Kate : James had nothing to do with this, leave him alone. !... I’ll leave right now… !! 

I saw Mr Liew raised an eyebrow and looked at Kate who stormed off into the other wing. 

Sandy glared at me, obviously angry that I was not siding with her and that I had threatened to quit together with Kate. 

Mr Liew could sense that things were not exactly going to plan and I could see him thinking. 

Mr Liew : You sure you want James to leave….? Hahah…. Good… then your team will be worse than shit.. haha… 

Terry : I can hire anytime… don’t make James sound as if he is indispensable…. Take him back if you want… he’s like a dog… you know… dog ?? hahah… being kicked around … 

Mr Liew kept quiet and just stared at Terry but I knew his mind was working as fast as it could while the analysed the whole situation. He needed me on his side to keep an eye on things from the inside. This wasn’t exactly turning out the way we want it to be. 

Terry continued his taunts. 

Terry : don’t make it sound as if your team is very good, all just a bunch of fucking rejects… 

And after he was done, Terry turned and shouted for me to get lost. 

Terry :Fuck off the office la James… no one wants you… go sleep on the road like a dog can ? hhaa… 

Right at this moment, I saw Kate coming out of the office with a small recycle tote bag around her shoulder, she was not here long so there isn’t much to pack. 

She looked really sad and I could see her trying hard not to cry.

Belinda went over and I could see them talking. 

Suddenly Mr Liew made a comment that caught everyone by surprise again. 

Mr Liew : Kate… come here…. 

He pointed to Sandy’s seat and asked Kate to take over Sandy’s role. 

I looked at Mr Liew, half expecting him to hire me too but he did not. 

He must have some other plans for me. 

Terry :See… haha… what did I say…. Rejects….. collecting rejects… haha… 

Mr Liew did not react to that taunt and just smiled. 

Belinda spoke to Kate as if asking her to quickly accept the offer. 

Terry : Awww James… so sad…. Nobody wants you…. Pack up and fuck off please… hahaha…. 

Right before Mr Liew turn away he replied to Terry’s taunt. 

Mr Liew : I hire people who are not afraid to speak up….unlike you… 

He turned away with a smirk before looking at Kate. 

Mr Liew : So young lady …. Yes …. Or no… 

I could see Belinda tugging Kate’s arm as she considered the offer. 

Mr Liew : Your terms of employment remain unchanged… pay included. 

Kate looked at me and I smiled at her, nodding my head as well, asking her to take it. 

Sandy caught that smile and she stormed off while Terry went after her. 

Mr Liew : Don’t waste time Kate… show me you are more decisive than this…. 

Kate took a deep breath, left Belinda’s side and came over to mine. 

James : Hey… hey.. hey… what are…. 

Before I could finish, Kate pulled me towards Mr Liew and added as if it was a scene out of young and dangerous. 

She pointed to her chest with her thumb and counter offered Mr Liew. 

Kate : He’s with me….. you hire me… you hire us both….. take it or leave it… 

I turned and look at Kate in shock as Mr Liew raised his eyebrow at Kate again. 

James : Ermm… Kate… no need… I’m… 

Kate hit me on my arm and asked me to keep quiet. 

Kate : Don’t waste time Mr Liew… show me you are more decisive than this….

Mr Liew laughed, in a rare display of his amusement as he nodded his head. 

Kate : So is that a yes ?? 

Mr Liew pointed to me and said he fired me before I was not performing. 

Kate : well I’ve worked with James for a while and I simply cannot understand how you came to that conclusion… 

She maintained a straight face as she looked at Mr Liew. 

Mr Liew nodded and pointed at me, saying I have 3 months to prove my worth or I’m out. 

Kate : One more thing… 

Mr Liew : What now ?? 

Kate looked a little unsure, and you could tell she was pushing her luck. She must not have any experience negotiating for a deal before.

Kate : Erm… James… James… pay….will be… will be 2k…. 2k per month. 

My jaws dropped and so did Mr Liew. 

He sighed and waved Kate off. 

Mr Liew : Whatever rocks your boat… 

As he walked off, I could see Kate beaming brightly at me as she punched the air happily. 

I was simply blown away by this girl. 

Kate : 400 increment leh… treat me ah… haha… 

I nodded, absolutely speechless. 


It was drizzling that Friday evening. 

I got down to the lobby and I saw Belinda waiting for the rain to get lighter. 

I have a small umbrella and it was a good opportunity. 

Right at the moment I removed it from my cover, I felt 2 hands on my shoulder. 

Kate : Yoz!! 

Kate saw the rain and pouted but it disappeared the moment she saw my umbrella. 

She gestured for it while looking towards the sky. 

James : It’s mine… 

Kate : Come on… I got you a job and a increment…. Just an umbrella only what… 

I grumbled and handed it over, a little unhappy that my walk in the rain with Belinda could not happen. 

Kate opened the umbrella, put her arm around Belinda before turning to me. 

Kate : Dinner ? James will treat. 

Belinda smiled and nodded her head. 

The girls laughed and stepped out after saying to meet at the same restaurant we went to.

I was about to run after them when I saw Mr Liew come out of the lift. 

James : Why did you hire Kate ? 

Mr Liew : Because she likes you James… 

I laughed.

James : Don’t bullshit haha… she doesn’t …

Mr Liew : Just look at the way she look at you…. It’s so obvious….Only you can’t see it.. and I was still wondering why did Sandy betray us…. It was because she’s jealous of Kate…. Women… they can sense a threat…

Mr Liew : She treats you pretty well right ? haha 

As I digested what Mr Liew said, images of Kate came flashing into my head, the things she did, the stuff she said. 

James : That can’t be the only reason you hired her… 

Mr Liew : Something big is happening James….and I need people like Kate…. Initially I thought Sandy would be perfect but well, Kate would do just fine.

James : What do you mean ? 

Mr Liew : I needed someone who would do anything for you James… 

James : I don’t like the sound of that… what are you talking about. ? 

Mr Liew : Back in March…. Omar told me he wanted Sandy…. 

James : What ?? What do you mean ?? 

Mr Liew : You know perfectly what I mean James… 

James : No… no …NO!... I’m not doing it… NO… no way…. ! 

Mr Liew : Don’t worry. Kate would do just fine.. 

He tapped me on my shoulder twice and opened his umbrella and walked out.


I leaned against the wall of the lobby as I waited for the drizzle to get lighter while I thought about what Mr Liew just said. 

Does Kate really like me ? 

It doesn’t seem that way to me. 

Yet the more I thought about it, the more apparent it became to me. 

The rain didn’t look like it was getting lighter so I went back up to the office to grab a common umbrella at the reception. There’s always a few lying around. 

I removed my jacket since the girls wanted to head to that BBQ place and I don’t want to stink it up. As I hung my jacket over my chair, I suddenly looked at my table and for the first time realised how tidy it was. 

I have a habit of leaving my stuff lying around but it did not even dawn on me that suddenly everything looks neater. 

My eyes drifted to my cups. I had one for coffee and one for water. 

Both were washed, dried and flipped over so dust don’t get in. 

I honestly don’t fucking remember the last time I washed them. 

Hell I don’t even empty my left over coffee at the end of the day unless I made a deliberate trip to the pantry. 

I massaged my head and pulled a tissue to wipe my face and I froze again. 

What the fuck ? 

Tissues ? 

Since when did I have tissues at my desk ? 

I looked at the neatly arrange box placed within reach of my hand. 3 ply, scented, and bloody pink in colour. I lifted up the box and saw wet tissues as well. 

Have I been that blind all this time ? 

All these small insignificant things that you would not even bother to pay attention to. 

I reached for my hole puncher, stapler, stationaries, they were all labelled. 

My name was written on a piece of paper in that same glitter pen and a piece of tape stuck over it. Well you can say Kate doesn’t exactly have a lot of things to do on hand but still, there was no need for her to do this. 

My phone rang and it was Kate. 

James : Hello ? 

Kate : Where are you ??!! Come over now before sis decides to leave ok !!... quick… 

James : Oh….orh… ok… I’m grabbing an umbrella from office. 

Kate : See you in a bit. 

I felt a sudden pang of guilt as more and more pictures of Kate doing insignificant stuff for me started popping into my head as I walked towards the restaurant under the rain. 

That convenient cup of coffee in the morning. 

The occasional $6 cup of coffee she said I could not afford. 

Stuffing salad leaves into my chicken rice when she saw I’m not eating vegetables for lunch. 

It made me feel so bad that I was at a loss for words. 

How painful it must be for her to do that knowing she would not be getting anything in return. 

As I got nearer to the restaurant, I realised there is something that I must do. 

She must not like me. 

If need to I’ll become the most disgusting person ever to put her off. 

Yes, that’s it. 

I know certain things put girls off. 

This is it. 

I shall do just that. Maybe eat like a pig, snort loudly. 

Fart in her face or some shit. 

She’s get put off, lose her interest in me and eventually move on. 
If she don’t like me, there was no reason to do anything for me. 

First I have to be sure. 

As in I meant really sure that Kate likes me and it’s not some misunderstanding. 

I stepped into the BBQ restaurant and I saw Kate waving at me. 

She gestured for me to take the seat beside Belinda excitedly while she did the cooking, chatting none stop with Belinda. I just kept quiet and look at her. 

Kate : Okay… okay… no need to swoon over me James…. I got you the increment I know… hahaha… you pay for this treat ok ?? …. 

She laughed, obviously very pleased with herself . 

I just smiled and continued to observe her. Her every move. 

When the food was done, she would distribute the food to our plates and hers. It was nothing deliberate. 

You can just tell if someone was doing something in a deliberate manner but not Kate. 

It was as if her subconscious had taken over and she just moved on her own. Kate was talking to Belinda about Melbourne and how she loved that city. Belinda ate while listening, giving her comments about where she should have gone for the best pizza and roast duck. 

I continued to keep quiet, listening to them. Kate though, in the midst of talking about how she loved the Queen Vic market, just proceeded to wrap a piece of meat complete with sauce and garlic into a lettuce and passed it to me. 

I received it and she did not even look at me, just getting more and more carried away at how it was a mistake to try and carry the koalas at the zoo. 

Kate : They look so cute but so smelly la!!!.... wah lau…. Hahaha… 

Neither of them paid me any attention and it was as it the entire process was automated. 

The moment I finished eating and I stopped, Kate would be making another one for me without breaking pace. 

James : Enough already, I’m full… 

Kate : Last one… finish it… 


We had drinks, not as much as before, just enough to lighten the mood a little more as Kate talked about going overseas. 

Kate : Sis, next time go jio me leh… I go with you… 

Belinda laughed and said of course. I could tell the both of them got along pretty well and with their easy going personality, it would surely be a fun trip.

I was even more amazed at Belinda who could share all the places she has visited with Kate while leaving out the fact I was right there as well. 

I almost wanted to say ‘ouch’ when Kate asked who did she go to Korea with. 

Belinda : Just a friend la… 


A friend she was sleeping with and making him cum onto her palms while betting if the semen would freeze on that cold winter day in Seoul. She held her hand outside the window and lasted for 3 minutes before saying that it was a silly bet.


Since everyone was sober, we decided to take the train and Kate kept nudging me to send Belinda back home. 

Belinda : No need la… it’s ok… 

Kate : Need… 

She whispered so loudly to Belinda that she might as well just say it out. 

Kate : James is like a block of wood one…. You need to push him a bit… if not he so stiff…. I wonder how is he going to get married next time. 

Belinda just laughed and looked at me. 

James : That was a very loud whisper…. 

Taking the train up north, we got to Bishan first and right before the train stop, I could see Kate getting ready to wave us goodbye. 

It’s her eyes. 

They say your eyes cannot lie. 

Kate : Enjoy ya James… haha… 

I decided to catch Kate off guard and test out Mr Liew’s theory. 

James : Kate… it’s late…

Kate : Har ? 

James : Let’s… let’s walk Belinda back together ?? … after that I’ll send you back. 

I could see the immediate twinkle in her eyes as she tried hard not to let it show. 

The train pulled to a stop and although she did not give me a reply, I grabbed her arm for the first time and nudge her out of the train before letting go. 

Kate was quick to recover and quickly tease me that I was too afraid to send Belinda back. 

Kate : James… you’re a chicken .. hha… 

Belinda nodded her head over at Kate as they linked arms and continued walking while I stay a few steps away. 

Once we got to Belinda’s block, Kate let go of her hand and nudged me to go walk beside her. 

Kate: Don’t be so chicken can or not…. Like that how to win girls heart ? ….. 

I smiled awkwardly as Kate waved us into the lift. 

Kate : I’ll be right here ok ?? take your time ok ?? no rush….

Right before the door closes, Kate was still talking excitedly to Belinda. 

Kate : Sis… James is a virgin… please be… 

The door closed and shut her off as she gave me a wink. 

As we ascended Belinda looked at me while I did the same. 

She came over for a hug and I kissed her on her hair. 

Belinda : you know she likes you right….. Are you truly that blind James ? 

James : What do you mean ? 

Belinda smiled and pulled herself away from me. 

Belinda : About Kate…. You know what I mean… 

James : Belinda i…. 

She touched me on my face and smiled. 

Belinda : Don’t hurt her.. goodnight… 

I waved goodbye to Belinda and went back down. 

I guessed Kate did not expect me to be that fast and I saw her leaning against the wall, drawing some imaginary figures with the pointed tip of her heels. 

The moment she saw me she straightened her body and I saw the look of surprise on her face. 

Kate : Wah… so fast ?? 

She narrowed her eyes at me before folding her arms.

Kate : And I was still a bit sceptical when Mr Liew said you are not performing… hahahaha… 

I laughed and nodded towards the path. 

There is this distance you would keep when you walk. 

It’s something that just happens. I mean you don’t deliberately go and plaster yourself against someone if you don’t like him or her right ? 

Kate talked as usual, telling me about how she preferred living in Ang mo Kio and how she used to live a few streets down before moving. As she spoke, I slowly closed my distance, walking closer and closer until to the point our shoulders were almost touching. 

It was definitely too close for comfort if you are just colleagues. Right before we cross the road over to the train station, I asked Kate a question. 

James : Kate… 

Kate : Ya..? 

James : Do you…… have a boyfriend ?? 

That question came out of nowhere and I could see it took her by surprise. 

She just stared and blink at me and for a good 2 seconds, I could see her clutching her bag tightly with both hands before she recovered herself. 

Kate : No… why ?? 

She gave me that look before asking me not to fantasise about the employee & boss fantasy. 

Kate : Eh… please don’t fantasise about me please….haha… I…. I don’t like your type… 

I nodded and continued walking.

James : What kind of guys do you like then ? 

She thought about my question pretty seriously before replying. 

Kate : ERmm… rich… a 2 door sports car…. Then.. ermmm.. stays in sentosa….and…then…. lots of… erm… credit cards… you know, those exotic colours and cards you need an invite to even get one…. Hahaha.. 

She chuckled and went on. 

About how she would like to be a stay at home wife, go for manicure and spas while meeting other tai tai for high tea. 

I smiled and tried not to laugh. 

Not because of what she said but because of how she said it. 

Anyone could tell she was making them up on the spot. 

Kate : Ermm… ya… then…. Ermm… something like that should be fine I guess… hahaha….

Kate : Anyway…. You still got a long way to go James…before you even get into the… ermm.. you know… qualifiers… haha.. 

She grew silent for a moment before asking me what kind of girls I like. 

I did not have to answer Kate. 

She did the asking and answering herself. 

Kate : I know la… Belinda that kind right…..Belinda is so nice …. So perfect… Sis is pretty… so classy…and demure… 

She spoke of Belinda with a bit of envy.

Kate : I like how every movement she makes is so graceful, and the way she looks, you know… it’s not just pretty…it grows on you…. If I’m a guy I would surely go after her… hahah.. 

Then she pressed her boobs with her own hands and sighed. 

Kate : Even her breast looks better than mine… 

I almost choked on my saliva 

James : You see before ah ?? 

Kate : TSK!... 

She elbowed me and went on. 

Kate : I have seen more breast than you James… and I can tell Belinda has a pair of nice ones… 

James : Yours look ok also what… 

Kate : TSK!... you see before ah !.... 

We both laughed at the same time before Kate went on again, saying that she really hope she could see me and Belinda together. 

Kate : How nice would it be…. If we could all go travel together… right ?? hahah… 

I smiled and said nothing. 

Kate : Aiyah… anyway…. I see your pattern…. I also donno how to help you…. If I not your boss… I would say you are the toad…. Lusting after the swan meat…. 

Kate got back to her usual confident self as we entered the train station. 

Kate : See… send girl back also chicken…. How to do big things like that James ?? sigh… 

James : I…. 

Kate : See.. you always like that… talk also so unsure….James… ah James…. be more decisive…. Girls like confident men.

James : Orh.. noted. 


We alighted at Ang Mo Kio station and as we walked along the quiet path to Kate’s place, I felt the mood and time was right for my final confirmation. 

I knew it was a done deal but I needed to be sure. 

Very fucking sure so I don’t make a fool of myself. 

James : Kate… i.. ermm.. I need your help 

Kate : Ya ?? 

I pretended to look nervous and scare . 

James : Can…. Can I borrow your hand ?? 

Kate : What ?? 

Before she could react, I reached for Kate’s hand and held it. 

I could feel her shake and shiver for that brief moment before she gripped mine hand. 

James : I… should…. Should I hold it… this way… or… this way… 

I did one with our fingers inter connected and one without. 

Kate’s eyes gave it all away as she struggled for the words to come up. 

She interlocked my fingers again and squeezed it for a brief second. 

Kate : This… ok… always this…. Ha…. Ha… 

James : Oh… okok…. Sorry ah… i… I … 

Kate : It’s ok.. It’s ok…. Ask me…. I’m the guru remember…. Haha… 

Everything took less than 30 seconds but I was the one who let go first. 

As we got to the lift, Kate entered first. 

I hit her floor and I continued to face her. It was an awkward situation with 2 of us facing each other.

Her eyes widened and she asked me what I wanted. 

Kate : WHAt is it ?? 

James : Just now…. Just now in the lift…. 

I explained I was in the same situation, facing Belinda. 

James : I… I want to put my hand on her waist… but…. But where is a good spot…. i… I read online if… too high….a bit funny and too low I’ll be like a pervert… so… 

I could see Kate breathing a little faster as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva before laughing. 

Kate : Ai ya… this… this…. 

Without waiting for her to reply, I went forward and put my palms on her waist as I felt a breath of uncontrolled air burst out into my face.

James : Like… like that ?? 

She bit her lips and looked away from me as she nodded her head. 

James : Ok.. ok… thanks… 

I let go and as the lift chimed to indicate her floor, I asked Kate one last question. 

James : Kate… have…. Have you…. Kissed as in french kiss before ? 

Her eyes widened and her mouth got crooked as she slapped me on my arm.

Kate : IDOIT !... goodnight !! 

She walked off without turning back as I hit the ground floor button. 

Ok… at least now I know. 

It was close to 11.20pm 

I still have the most major problem of all to deal with. 


I can’t just leave it hanging and expect it to go away. 

Problems don’t go away on their own 

You solve it, then it goes away.

You’re thirsty, you get a drink. 

If you’re hungry, you eat. 

See if we break down the problems you get everyday into something as simple as this, everything can be solved eventually. 

I tried calling Sandy but she’s not answering my call.

I took a cab to Sandy’s place and I could see she was in. The lights in her room was still on. 

I text her that I’m outside her door and after 10 minutes of knocking, she finally answered it. 

Sandy : What do you want ! 

James : Can we talk ?

She let me in and shut the door. I could see she had been drinking.

Before I could start, Sandy started screaming at me for working with Kate .

Sandy : It’s HER !!! I knew it’s HER…. Ever since she came into the picture…. You’ve been a bit different towards me. !!! I knew it.

James : Calm down… it’s not… I have nothing to do with Kate…

Sandy : Don’t tell me to calm down!!! … anyone with half a brain can tell she likes you !!

James : Sandy i…

She started accusing me of protecting her, of standing by her side and I denied it. Sandy even went as far as to say Kate deliberately rat her out in front of everyone.

Sandy : See… she wants to act and pretend she’s the good guy while I’m the bitch that betrays the team….

James : What are you talking about ? You did it out of your own free will… no one forced you to….

Sandy : SEE.. SEEE… you’re taking her side !!!

I closed my eyes and sighed as I tried to reason with Sandy.

For a good 20 minutes I tried.

Honest to god I really really tried to talk to her but she would not stop.

She blamed Kate for everything. The state she’s in, our relationship, everything.

Sandy : And now what har ?? she demanded Mr Liew give you a job ? is that it ? har ? you think I don’t know about that ?? if she doesn’t like you would she even do that ?!!!

I was reaching my breaking point when Sandy started threatening me.

Sandy : You know what James… I’ll destroy her….. watch me..ok… watch me destroy her…

James : What are you talking about….don’t be crazy…she’s just a fresh grad… she doesn’t know anything…. You’ve had too much to drink…

Sandy : She is just pretending !!!... can’t you see !!

Sandy started to go all crazy on me, saying it was Kate who was making me this way and if she’s gone everything would be fine again.

Sandy : I’ll get rid of her… trust me James.. you’re being blinded….you cannot see… yes… you cannot see…. Trust me James…. I’ll show you…. I’ll show you…

Sandy started to say things that frighten me.

Sandy : I’ll make her a whore, I’ll show you who she truly is …. I can smell a girl like this from a mile away !... she’s just itching to be fucked.

I went over and hugged onto Sandy, telling her to calm down. Initially she tried to push me aside but after a bit of coaxing, she relented and started crying in my arms.

I helped her into her room and she demanded an explanation from me.

What is happening to us…. Have I truly loved her ??

Sandy : Tell me… tell me before I kill that bitch !! JAMES !! ..

I sighed and hushed her down, letting her calm down till she was lying on my lap as I stroke her hair.

Sandy : I made up my mind James…. I’m going to get her…. She made me look like a fool in front of the office….promise you won’t get in my way… promise me…

James ; yes… yes… I promise…

Another 20 minutes passed before I made up my mind.

I needed to talk her out of this no matter what. If not things will get out of hand.

James : Can you keep a secret Sandy ?

Sandy : Yah ??

James : I’m… I’m being blackmailed…

She sat up and looked at me.

I told her that was the reason why things got so bad during that period.

I told her that Terry is doing some creative accounting for Omar and Rasid and I found out.

James : They threatened me. They tried to buy me off but I refused… I don’t want to sink in deeper…

Sandy : WHAT !!!

I told her I wanted out but I can’t. It was a good project, perfect portfolio for my resume and it was partly my ego.

I can’t leave, not until I see things through at least till the main bulk of the work is done.

Sandy : WHAT !!! is this true ?? Why didn’t you say anything ??

James : What can I say ? I have no proof… who would believe me ?? I’m just an employee… those people are rich and powerful… and besides… I really want to have this on my portfolio…

I went on to tell Sandy that Mr Liew fired me partly because he wanted to help me.

It was something I did not agree to because of my ego.

James : Mr Liew knew about this shortly after we came back from the 1st presentation in the beginning of the year….. He was giving me a way out… but… but…

Sandy : but what ….

James : I can’t…. I can’t let go… I’m sorry….It’s all my fault… i….i wanted to work on the project… and…. And I thought… going over to Terry….. I would still get a chance…. Maybe…. I don’t know… but… but Terry… Terry knew my ambitions… he knew… so he had leverage over me… Mr Liew was really angry with me over it….

Sandy grabbed my hand and asked.

Sandy : What ? What did Terry wanted ?

James : He…. He told me he could help me get involved in the project again… he says he knows Omar and Rasid well….. his father has been working with them for many years… if he put in a word for me… I can get back in anytime…. He… he says as long as I can swallow my pride….. he will help me…

Sandy : Then ?? Then ??

I sighed and hugged my knees.

James : Well the first part you knew of course…. I was to steal Mr Liew’s project…. To gain his trust…that I could do… but… but….

Sandy : But what…

Terry wanted something I could not give.

Sandy : What is it !!??

I looked at Sandy for a moment before looking away in shame.

James : He wanted you…

Sandy looked a little taken aback before holding my arms.

Sandy : What do you mean ?? what are you saying.. ?

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and continued.

James : I… I better stop here… I got to go..

Sandy :NO!!.. stay here James.. tell me… what do you mean ??

I admitted that Terry chance upon my past messages with her shortly after I started working for him. It was then he wanted more.

James : He was transferring some site pictures I took and he fucking looked at my messages…. My wasapp…. He knows…

Sandy : Knows what…?? !!

I told Sandy Terry knew she was single all along and that she pretended to be attached, and from the messages, he knew the person he saw that night in the car was me. 

Sandy’s shoulders slouched in shock. 

James : He knew we were close…closer than just colleagues…. so he wanted me to help him…

I shook my head vigorously. 

James : But no… never… I won’t do it… I refused…. I told him to fuck off…

I got up and walked to the window. 

James : Terry pressured me every couple of days, threatening to destroy me if I don’t help him…..he even dared me to quit….. he could easily spread the word about my character in the industry… word will get around… I get fired by Mr Liew… then before I can pick myself up, Terry would say I give up halfway even though he tried to help….

Sandy hugged onto me from behind. 

Sandy : I’m sorry…James… I’m sorry… I didn’t know. 

James : He says he still love you…he…. He… 

Sandy : What else did he say ? 

James : He says if he could have you…. He’ll let me go…or make sure I get to work on that project…. until then… I either continue stealing the projects from Mr Liew … or prepare to face the consequences. 

I turned and asked Sandy to quit the company. 

James : Leave.. Terry wants you and he will do anything to have you…

Sandy : NO!!... I won’t leave … is this about you being together with Kate ??

James : It’s not….. 

Sandy : I don’t believe you…

I told Sandy calmly that I cannot force her if she don’t want to leave but I’m in a very difficult position. 

James : If given a choice, I would leave too… I mean come on…. I’m earning 1.6k month….who would stay if he had a choice !!.... I can make more even doing simple admin jobs…

I turned and look at Sandy 

James : Would you stay if it was you ?? 1.6k ? Being treated like this by Terry ? 

She calmed down a little trying to digest what I just said. 

Sandy : Then… then how ? 

James : Sigh… I don’t know… my plan is to steal a few projects for Terry first and work things out along the way….maybe try to establish a foothold with some clients… start out on my own or something…. I really don’t know… 

I sat down on the bed and told Sandy that Terry had been making my life very difficult lately. 

James : I’m just very stressed out…. And… and with Kate in the picture… I don’t blame you for misunderstanding….but do you know how she came into the picture ?? do you know who put Kate there beside me ??? 

Sandy thought about what I just said and remained silent

James : Do you think I hired her ?? or she just dropped down from nowhere ??? 

I told Sandy that Terry hired Kate for me. 

James : Ask him this yourself…. Ask him to tell you with his own words…. Why did he hire Kate for me…. See what he says… 

Sandy : I…. 

I kept quiet for a while longer, drawing Sandy in. She seemed to have calmed down a lot more. 

James : Ok look… I’ve said all there is to be said… it’s up to you what you want to believe…. To sum it up…. Kate is just at the wrong place at the wrong time…. You know why Terry hired her ??? do you ?? …. the exact words…”token of my gratitude”…. In exchange for helping him with you……..ask him.. go ahead… 

James : as if that was not enough, he made me report to Kate… a total newbie…. You think I’m happy ?? but what could I do ?? show a black face?? Find trouble with Kate ?? nothing …. NOTHING!!!....

I told her I could only smile, act the fool and continue working and reporting to Kate pretending everything is fine. 

Sandy thought about it for a while longer and I could tell she was beginning to believe my lies. 

I had no choice. I needed Sandy out of the way. 

If she quits, I have 1 less worry to think about. I can concentrate on getting Kate out of harm’s way. 

Sandy : but… but there’s no way I’m getting back together with Terry… he knows that…he would never ask ……..

I laughed and told Sandy that he did not want a relationship. 

James : He just wanted to have sex with you… 

I deliberately made it sound as cheap as I could to disgust her. 

Sandy sat down on the bed and the room descended into silence. 

I knelt down in front of her and told her to rest early, it’s already pretty late. 

Sandy looked at me and asked me again. 

Sandy : You sure…. You don’t like Kate ? … she has nothing to do with this.. 

I nodded as I kept my gaze steady. 

James : Kate is innocent…. Just unlucky… 

Sandy hugged me and I felt a sense of relief. 

Finally there is a glimmer of hope I can resolve this. 

Before I could get my hopes up, Sandy burst it again as I felt a shiver of fear through my spine. 

Sandy : I’ll do it… 

James : Huh ?? do what ?? 

She touched my face and stroked my cheeks. 

Sandy : Don’t worry James… I’ll get you out of this mess.

I raised an eyebrow and looked at her. 

James : What do you mean ? there’s nothing you can do… 

Sandy : There is… Terry… 

My eyes widened and I immediately shook my head. 

James ; No… no no!!.. wait .. you misunderstood…I don’t mean… that…. Don’t get me wrong…

Sandy pressed her finger to my lips and pulled me onto the bed. 

She kissed me and asked if I loved her. 

I nodded my head. 

I was about to tell her anything she wants to hear as long as she was willing to calm down and not do anything stupid for Terry but she has already made up her mind. 

Sandy : I’ll do it James…with Terry.. 

I panicked. 

I immediately raised the stakes to scare her off. 

James : NO!!... no way… you have no idea what you are talking about… this is not… this is not just a one off thing !!! 

I grossly exaggerated the scenario. 

James : He will fuck you as often as he wished… he will share you with the clients… he will treat you as if you’re some sex toy….!!!! Listen Sandy… just go to bed… sleep it off…let’s not talk about this again…. 

Sandy kissed me and ask me not to worry. 

Sandy : Don’t worry….James …it’s ok…

James : No it’s not OK… fuck.. ok you know what…. Forget this…. Forget I ever said this to you…. 

I fucked up. 

I wanted to come clean at once.

I wanted to tell Sandy it was all a lie.

Something I made it up on the spot.

I wanted to end it there and then.

I sighed and went to the bathroom to wash my face with cold water.

Ok, this went a bit too far and I fucked up. I admit.

I took a deep breath and decided to tell Sandy the truth, about what I was really doing.

I entered her room again and I could see Sandy smiling at me.

My phone rang and I looked at the clock.

It was past 1 am.

I was about to scream into the phone when I saw it was Terry.

I immediately looked at Sandy as she walked up to me, gave me a kiss and asked me to answer the call.

James : Hello ?

Terry : Brother !!!!!....... I love you !!!!

James : What ? are you drunk ??

Terry laughed and said he was fucking sober.

Terry : I don’t know what you did James but don’t fucking stop…. Sandy just called me and says she would do anything as long as I wear a condom…. Fuck brother !! how did you convince her ??eh ??? share leh … hahaha…

I was absolutely dumbfounded and I hung up on Terry.

He followed up with a message that says Sandy asked him to make the arrangements with me for the session.

Terry sms : Now you’re a pimp bro…. good for you… whahahaha…..

I went out to look for Sandy and she just sat nonchalantly at the table, pouring herself more wine.

James : you’re mad…

Sandy drained her glass and asked if I would like to stay for the night.

James : You’re drunk…go and rest.

I reached for the bottle and took it away from her.

Sandy : I’m still sober James… .. I have an idea… I think it’ll work…

James : what are you talking about ??

Sandy sipped from her glass and stared into blank space as she spoke.

Sandy : Do you know why Terry got together with Belinda back then ?

James : Why ?

Sandy : Because she looks like me… from certain angles… we do look alike….

Her face suddenly brightened up and she got excited.

It was as if some brilliant idea suddenly dawned on her.

The hair on my neck stood on it’s ends.

Sandy : I knew Terry even bought some similar clothes, asking Belinda to wear them… the same ones I wore when we were together…. !!

I clenched my fist as I listened to her in disbelief.

Sandy : I have an idea…. We can set it up… and when Terry thinks he’s fucking me…. He’s actually fucking Belinda….

I watched in horror as she drained her wine and set the glass down.

Sandy : I know how to do it….. Terry would never know….would you help ??

Sandy came over and held my hand.

Sandy : We can do a switch..... I know how to do it…

I could not speak. Not a single word.

Sandy : I know the games Terry likes to play…. We can play those games and switch…. I know…. I know how…

Sandy grabbed my shoulders and shook me.

Sandy : Are you with me ?? James ??

I nodded unsure of what reply to give.

Sandy : Good… because I need you to help with Belinda…

James : She would never agree….

Sandy laughed.

Sandy : She would never know…. Until it’s all over..

James : She would not be tricked into this…. It’s absurb…

Sandy : trust me James… you just need to get her there…. I’ll handle the rest.

James : You’ve had too much to drink… we’ll go to jail… are you mad ?

Sandy laughed and she confidently told me something that I had witness before with my own eyes.

Sandy : Terry has control issues… once he gets beyond a certain point, he could not control himself…. He will do anything…. Trust me James… I know how to get him to that point… and when it happens, We’ll give him Belinda…and after that…..he will deal with the consequences…ok ? I know how to stage this… but I need you by my side…

She shook my arms in a excitedly manner and made me promise to help her.

James : Sandy…. Why don’t you have an early rest… I …

Sandy : Who would you rather Terry fuck James !!!?? Me ? your girlfriend ?? or…Belinda ? …. She’s not even close to you or the team !! ..

I took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

James : You will regret this…

Sandy :I won’t… I will fix this, get you out of the mess and I don’t care who I have to throw to the sharks or step on to get this done…we’ll be together once this is all over…

James : You’ll regret this Sandy…. You will…

She kissed me and made me promise to help her and I nodded my head.

James : Don’t regret this Sandy….

She laughed and poured herself more wine.

Sandy : I won’t.

James : We’ll see…


20th May 2012 



I spent the weekend with Sandy, hardly left her side in fact.

I tried to talk her around but she would not listen. We had sex several times and each time wilder than the previous one. Sandy was so sure she had everything under control that she refused to accept any other alternatives. 

At some point I even thought she was thrilled at the idea of Terry fucking Belinda.

Terry called and messaged me no less than 20 times for details and arrangements and it was only after I told him that we need to talk and plan a bit on Monday that he stopped bothering me. 

Needless to say, I tried to get Belinda out of the picture but Sandy started asking if I was interested in her as well. 

Sandy : She said she doesn’t like you…. 

She simply would not listen. 

Sandy then started to tell me the games she would play with Terry when they were together. 

Terry gave Sandy his first fuck. He was fat, overweight and didn’t really look his best when they were together while Sandy had some experience. It was as if everything she did was enough to make Terry blow his load in no time. 

Sandy went on to describe how deprived of love he was that he would swoon over her, literally to the point of begging her for some form of release every time they meet, and that she played with him for a while, draining him mentally and physically. 

Sandy : He’s easy to tease…. And once he lost control, he just wants to cum no matter what happens…. 

They tried everything. 

Doing it in the car, outdoors, dressing up, bondage, you name it. 

They did it. 

And Terry’s favourite, was playing bondage games. 

Sandy : He likes to be in control…. He likes the process of tying me up… and as he did so, he would slowly tease and talk to me as if I’m his slut…. He would make me moan…. Beg as if he owns me….. before he slowly fucks me. 

Sandy cuddled up to me and continued. 

Sandy : He would ask if I liked being tied up and helpless…..and he would make me say yes even though I did not…. I don’t like the idea of being restrained… but Terry absolutely loved it….. sometimes he ties me up so tightly it hurts… 

She went on to tell me that Terry cums really fast when they play bondage games, sometimes he last less than 5 minutes. The foreplay itself was the tying and the teasing and by the time he had Sandy tied up, he was almost at the brink of orgasm.

Sandy : But 1 thing I hated was he would not untie me after he cums… he would slowly take his time…. Make me beg… I hated it…. Some times he would just leave me there until he was ready to fuck me again. 

James : Sandy… there is really no need for any of this….. we can just… 

Sandy : No… I don’t want to listen to your explaination…..I want to do this… once it’s over…. We’ll be free… 

James : People get hurt in the process, doesn’t it bother you ?? 

Sandy : As long as it’s not me getting hurt…. 

Sandy told me her idea of a bait and switch. 

Since I would be the one making arrangements, I was to tell Terry exactly what to do. Sandy would demand I be in the room, if not she would not feel safe. 

Terry would surely agree, he would not care as long as he gets to fuck Sandy. 

In fact, according to Sandy, he would even love to have an audience so he could show off to. 

The teasing would start, Terry can play his games with Sandy, he can get himself aroused, he can build up his mood, but he would only get to fuck her on one condition.

Sandy : I don’t want to be tied up… that is why you need to be in the room… have to make sure he keeps to this condition….

James : Then ??? 

Sandy would take the opportunity to get loose with my help, at the same time, she would ask for some alcohol, saying that she don’t want to be too sober. 

Sandy : After drinking, I would pretend that I’m having second thoughts…. That ‘m afraid….. I know Terry, it would make him mad, yet horny at the same time… you’ll tell him that it’s all ok and that you’ll talk to me…. Ask him to wait for a bit…. Let him drink. … go out and drink with him, tell him I’m trying to calm down….to get ready…. The anticipation…. It would drive him to drink more…

Sandy smiled and said that was when she would do the switch with Belinda. 

Sandy : And after a while you will tell Terry you want to come in to check on me… stay a few minutes then go out again…. Pretend you are angry… 

She wanted me to act as if this was a waste of my time, that after all these Sandy was still not sure about doing it, and that I’m losing my patience.

I would tell Terry that Sandy is still a little apprehensive but I’ve tied her up and blindfolded her, maybe pull a hoodie over her head or something. The main thing would be to just leave Belinda’s bottom exposed so Terry could fuck her and release himself. 

Sandy : Bring Terry in and let him fuck Belinda all he wants… even if he finds out it’s not me, it’s too late…. He’ll be too horny…. He cannot control himself by then. 

I massaged my head and asked her the most obvious problems with her plan. 

James : And what ? Belinda would be sitting obediently at the room waiting for you to tie her up ?? 

Sandy smiled and said she has a plan. 

Sandy : I would ask her to go for a spa together… to thank her for selling me her tickets to Maldives….. 

She says we could use her friend’s spa, one with private rooms and baths. 

Sandy : Let her relax…. Have soothing tea… enjoy a massage… no need for hotels….Belinda might get suspicious…. 

James : You cannot be serious … 

Sandy : I am….. James… are you with me or not… 

James : Then what ? 

Sandy : We could drug her tea…. Nothing too serious… maybe a sleeping pill to get her relaxed…. 

James : Don’t be silly…. This is not the movies…. 1 sleeping pill won’t magically knock someone out and keep her that way as she gets raped…. 

Sandy laughed and said of course not. 

Sandy : We’re not relying on the pill… it was just to get her relax more…. 

She went on to say that Belinda would surely wake up once Terry starts fucking her, but it would be too late by then, he will surely go all the way till he cums and by then, he would deal with the consequences when he realised it was Belinda and not Sandy he was fucking. 

Sandy : But we’re not taking any chances…. We need to tie Belinda up before she realised it during the spa session… 

James : And how do you propose we do that ?? 

Sandy : With your help of course….don’t worry about the spa side…. I can make the arrangements….. 

She spent the next hour going through the plan with me a few times, making refinements along the way before jotting everything down. 

Sandy : This will work… Terry is an asshole… let him die…

James : What about Belinda… she’s….she’s..

Sandy : She’s his ex girlfriend…. She deserves this…. After all, I’m sure they’ve done worst things together… what’s the big deal in being fucked one more time by him ??

I clenched my fist and tried to regulate my breathing.

She is too far gone now.

21th May 2012



I got into office a little late because I went straight to site to meet the client for a bit and by the time I got back in, I was surprised at how fast things were moving.

Sandy’s desk was cleared out, and Kate was arranging her belongings on it.

What surprised me even more was that my desk was almost ready too, courtesy of Kate.

She deliberately left it a little messy and told me off loudly to pack it up myself.

Kate : I help you bring quite a bit over already hor….

I thanked her for the help and cleaned up the rest.


Terry called me into his office and shut his door. For the first time he even pulled his blinds as he looked at me excitedly.

Terry : Tell me James… what did you do ??? why ?? Why Sandy suddenly agree ?? tell me leh…. Share… share…

I told him I can make the arrangements, it can happen as early as the weekend if we can book the venue. I could literally see his retina enlarge in front of me as he got so excited that he was pacing up and down the office.

Terry : Wait… tell me… how did you manage to convince Sandy….

James : it’s a secret…. And if you want to do this… stop asking…. Just know that everything will happen smoothly…. I can even make this a regular thing…

Terry : are you shitting me ?? I know you James… nothing is free…. What do you want ?? how much money ??

I could see him ready to pay me off and I needed a strong reason.

Something enough to convince him.

I told Terry a condensed version of my lie, saying that I wanted to work on the Omar and Rasid’s project and he was to help me get into it.

James : I know after I fucked up the earlier round, Mr Liew would not let me touch the project…. I would probably be doing other shit job….i want you to help get me back into that project…

Terry : hahah… it’s not mine…. You have to ask that Liew…. Nothing I can do.

James : oh there is…. Your dad can pressure Liew…. I’m sure you can pull the strings… it’s not a hard thing to do…

He considered my request for a while before replying.

Terry :That’s it ?? are you sure ??

James : No… of course not…. I need you to help me with another thing….. Kate…

Terry : What about Kate…

James : Remember what you said about hiring her for me?? So I can fuck her… ? …

Terry : Yah so ??

James : Tell Sandy that when you have the chance…. Leak it discreetly to her… but be careful… you must be very subtle….. cannot be too obvious….

Terry : Why ?? What is this ? what are you trying to do…

James : relax… I’m saying this for your own good….

I told Terry that I had long conversations with Sandy and I think she still harbours a bit of feelings for Terry.

I could see him paying attention right away.

James : But seriously look at you…. Just fucking look at the way you are behaving….

He was about to lash out at me but I cut him off.

James : You dare say you’re the same man and character that dated Sandy back then ??

He looked at me a little dumbfounded and speechless.

I quickly continued.

James : Do you talk to her like this back then ?? do you treat her like this ???

I gestured to the office.

James : All these…. Before you even have all these…. Sandy got together with you…. You think she cares about all these??? She just wants you…. The old you….

Terry looked at me, unsure as to whether to believe me.

James : You can choose not to believe me but I tell you… this Kate issue…..

I sighed and pretended to look frustrated.

James : Sandy actually thought you hired Kate….. because you want to fuck her…. Just like you hired Belinda…

Terry : What nonsense is this !! it’s not true..

James : but you know what ?? women think that way…. Tell me I’m wrong …

He sat back into his seat and looked at me.

James : Terry…. I want that project for my portfolio… help me with that…. And after all this…. We stay out of each other’s way…. You can get together with Sandy…. Mend things up a bit and enjoy the rest of your days….. you have more money than you can spend….go on holidays together…or something..

Terry looked as if he was seriously considering my suggestions.

James : I cannot warn you enough… for Kate… you need to make it know to Sandy… that you hired her for me… very very…. Very.. subtly…. She’s already suspicious… and if you make it too obvious… it’s over….

Terry nodded and waited for me to go on.

James : Ok… moving on….

I told Terry about Sandy’s suggestion of doing it in a spa. A couple room complete with jaccuzi and massage beds and couch because she did not want to go to a hotel. Terry nodded and said he has no problems with that.

James : Now for the conditions that Sandy set.

Terry :Yes.. yes… I know… I must use condoms…

James : No… that’s not just that…. One more… I must be there in the room….

Terry :What ?? !! Are you fucking kidding me ??

I raised my hands and asked Terry to relax.

James : She’s just nervous… excited… it’s been a while and… and she told me…. You like to play games you know…. Those with ropes and all….

Terry : She told you that ??!!!

I calmed Terry down and told him that she was just concerned that he would not be using a condom when you get carried away.

James : Look… I’m not interested in what you do in the room and all but if this is what I have to promise her to move things along…. This is it…

I told Terry that nothing is cast in stone. We’ll play by ear and of course, if I see that things are all ok, there’s no reason for me to stay in there as well. They can have the room to themselves.

Terry stared at me as he considered what I was saying.

James : Unless.. hahaha… you don’t mind me trying Sandy too hahahaha…..

I teased him and he just kept quiet.

Terry stood up and looked about before saying he’s not comfortable.

Terry :I don’t know… this… something… I don’t know how to put it… it feels weird….this whole arrangement….

He suddenly came so close to me and grabbed me by my shirt.

Terry :This isn’t some of your stupid games is it James ?? har ?? trying to get me into trouble ??

I shrugged him off.

James : Sandy called you directly didn’t she ?? if you are scared, then call it off..

He brushed his hair several times, I could see he was tempted yet afraid at the same time, as if he could smell something fishy, that something was off.

Terry : I… I don’t know… what if….. what if Sandy turns around and accuse me of raping her or something ?? sHe.. she…

I was losing my patience at Terry for being so wishy washy that I blurted out that I can help him start things off if he liked.

James : You scare ah ? You scare then you watch me touch her lor…. See if she accuse me of rape…

Terry : What did you say ??

James : She’s so pretty, you don’t want to touch her I also want to touch her…. You think what ?? I don’t get an erection thinking about it is it ??? that I’m gay ??

I told Terry that with Sandy tied up and blindfolded, any normal man would get an erection.
I stood up and said if not for the fact I wanted the project, I would not even bother going through all these.

Terry agreed.

Terry : Ok fine… you can stay in the room with me… and if she turns around and accuse me of rape… I’ll pull you in as well….

I told him I’ll make the arrangements and let him know before I smiled and left the room.

Good, it’s all coming together.

22th May 2012



Sandy told me she did not get to talk to Belinda the day before because she was busy but she would try to grab her that day.

I chanced upon them in the pantry and I could hear Sandy talking to Belinda about it.

Sandy : Hey Belinda… I have this spa voucher… it’s for a couple but I got no one to go with…. Are you free this weekend ?? I mean… I haven thank you properly for selling me the trip to Maldives….

Belinda looked at me for a moment as Sandy bent down to bring up some more paper cups from the drawer, no doubt feeling puzzled why I was not going with her but she quickly regained her composure and asked her about it.

Belinda : Oh… how come got the voucher ??

Sandy : The spa belongs to a friend…. So just support her lor… haha don’t worry…. She won’t ask you to sign packages…..

In order to make it more convincing, Sandy said all they had to do was to give an honest review of the services after the treatment and answer a questionnaire.

Sandy : It’s a prelaunch thingy…..

Belinda : Oh… ok… I’m just very irritated…when people try to sell me the packages after a relaxing spa.. hahaha… kinda spoils the whole thing…

Sandy on’t worry… it would not happen…

I left the pantry before it became obvious I was loitering and shortly after that, Sandy told me Belinda agreed.

It was a go.

It would happen on the 26th, Saturday at 2pm and I was to inform Terry about it.

Sandy said I needed to be at her place that evening to run through some stuff and I agreed.

When I had a chance to I went over to Belinda and told her something is happening and I needed her to trust me.

Belinda : What is it ??

James : I can’t tell you…. Trust me…. Relax… go enjoy the spa… it’ll be over before you know it…

She just smiled and nodded her head.

I went out of office and visited a sex shop. I bought some toys, vibrators and in particular, I was looking for some cock sleeves. Yes, those silicon soft sleeves you put on your dick to increase the girth and with the ribbed surfaces on the outside, it would introduce a new sensation as you fuck yourself into your partner’s hole.

I got 2 sets of various sizes and kept 1 of them.


I was having a meal of fast food at Sandy’s place as we looked at the instructional video of how to give a massage. It was a crash course.

Nothing too advance.

Just enough to confuse Belinda that she was being touched by a professional instead of me and Sandy.

We need to take over at one point and that was the critical period according to Sandy.

That was when we needed to restrain Belinda.

Naturally after watching the video, we tried the massage on each other and it eventually led to sex.

Sandy was already wet and ready for penetration but I did not want it to be a normal one.

It was time for me to rehearse as well.

James : You know…. I kept thinking about how you would be tied up by Terry and all…. It just turns me on so much…. I realised I also want to see you helpless…

Sandy :Haha.. really ?? how helpless ??

I hugged onto her kissing her neck .

James : Really really helpless, can only beg for me to fuck you those kind….

Sandy giggled as she removed my pants and boxers to touch my cock.

James : That’s not all…. When I imagine you to be helpless, I also want to feel like you’re craving for me… for my cock inside you…. To hear you moan….to feel that you want me…

Sandy hugged onto me tighter as if my words alone were arousing her beyond control.

I stroked her body and slowly put her down on the bed.

James : You know what is my most secret fantasy of you Sandy ??

She giggled and hugged onto me, spreading her legs to grip my behind.

James : I would imagine I’m like a triplet, or maybe twins… and I would take turns fucking you….

Sandy bit her lips and exposed her neck to me as I smelled them and whispered softly by her ears.

James : It’s like… watching live porn you know…. To actually see me fucking you…. Yet knowing I’m just right by the side…. Watching…. Only watching….

I started to finger Sandy and was surprised at how wet she had become.

James : I would imagine maybe say my brother…. Looking the same as me but with a different cock size…. Filling you up… making you moan with your eyes half open…

Sandy shivered as I inserted my finger into her went cunt.

Sandy :Enough James… enough… fuck me… please… fuck me….

James : No… haha… no…

I got up and Sandy pouted and moaned for me to fuck her, to fill her up with my throbbing cock but I slowly walked away and went to get my toys.

The toys I bought.

Sandy : Hahaha… you’re very naughty James….

James : No I’m not…

I blindfolded Sandy with a scarf, but that was not enough. I put on an additional eye mask.

Sandy : What are you doing James ??? come fuck me already… please…. I’m so horny…. I’m so wet….

I could see Sandy’s legs rubbing on the bedsheets, spreading and closing her privates at me.

I tied up Sandy’s hands above her head and secured it to the headboard.

Sandy : James baby…. I’m so wet already… fuck me please… fuck me…. Ergnnhhhh… ergnnhh…

I went to the toys I bought and retrieved the cock sleeves and the dildo I bought. The dildo I deliberately bought one that is a replica of a real cock.

Sandy : James… where are…erugmhmhmmmm ergmmm.. hurmmm…

Before she could finish I inserted the dildo into her mouth.

James : That’s me Sandy… suck me… suck for me….

And she did.

She opened wide, taking the dildo into her mouth as she slurped in a slut like manner, her body rubbing and gyrating on the bed.

Sandy : Urmmm… ehujmmm… ergnummm..

I put a sleeve on my left finger and started to finger her.

Sandy : ERgnnhhnhhhnhnh…..urmmh.. erngngn… urgmmm…

James : You like this ?? har ??/ you like ?

Sandy sucked harder on the dildo as I watch the bedsheets slowly getting get underneath her. 

James : You’re sucking me Sandy…. Who’s touching you then ??? har ?? who’s touching your wet pussy ?? 

Sandy : ernghh… urmm.. egnnh… your… your twin brother… erngnghh… erngnh…m rugmmm… 

I smiled, yes… she’s getting it. 

She gets what I want her to do and she did it perfectly. 

I straddled her and put on another sleeve for my cock, increasing my girth and length. 

I continued to hold onto the dildo for Sandy to suck as I slowly pushed my cock into her. 

Sandy’s sucking stopped and she moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain. 

Sandy : erguhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… egnnhh…. Egnhh……….erghhhhhhhhhhhhh..ahhhhhhh…. 

I could see her whole body shake and trash as her pussy stretched to accommodate my cock is now thicker and longer.. 

James : Oh… my brother’s cock is longer…. And thicker….you like that ? har ??? you like ?? 

Sandy moaned as I pushed beyond the initial tightness and stated rubbing the ridges of the silicon cock sleeve along the soft sensitive interior of her pussy. 

Sandy : aRghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… argnhhhhhhhh…

I could see she was enjoying it even though it was abit painful. 

James : You like this ??? tell me you like this !!! 

Sandy : Yes… yes … ergnnhhhhh….urmmmm.. urmmm… urmmmmmmmm

In the midst of accepting my enlarged tool, Sandy started sucking on the dildo again. 

James : See… you like it… your body enjoys it…. You like to be fuck by a big cock don’t you… har ??? 

Sandy moaned as I started my thrusting motion, burying my tool all the way into her hungry cunt. 

I push the dildo deeper into her throat to the point of gagging but she held on. 

Sucking and enjoying the fuck by me. 

The more I thrust, the wetter she gets. 

Sandy screamed that the ribbed ridges is rubbing on her vagina. 

Sandy : It’s … it’s… it’s so comfortable…. Ticklish…. Sourish and so comfortable…ahhh…. Arghh…. 

5 minutes into it I changed it into a thicker one, pushing myself into Sandy as I fet a squirt of her cunt juice hit my stomach when she moaned like a slut with the dildo in her mouth. 

I was not getting much sensation. 

The thick silicon was masking most of the feeling but I continued thrusting. 

I continued to fuck Sandy. 

I gripped onto her shoulders, pulling her body down while my cock fuck upwards on the missionary position. 

Sandy : arghhhh arghhh arghh.. ergnhnhh… arghhh… etnghhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

Suddenly the dildo was spit out in a smattering of cough as Sandy suddenly screamed a high pitch moan. 

Sandy : erGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!.. erghh!!! Erghh…a rgkkk…. 

It got higher and higher till there was no sound coming out of her open mouth for half a second before her body slammed down like she was being electrocuted on her bed. 

Squirts after squirts of her lubricants and god knows what liquid wet my entire pubic region and the bed as Sandy thrashed and moaned for me to stop fucking her. 

Her whole body was drenched in sweat as we panted on the bed together, catching our breaths. 

Sandy : That was amazing baby… that was amazing… 

I smiled and kissed Sandy’s cheeks. 

Sandy : Untie me baby ? … untie me….

James : No… 

Sandy : ernghhh…please James…

James : No… I’m not done yet… 

She pleaded and giggled as I removed the cock sleeve and fuck my raw cock into her cunt. 

James : Is it as sensitive now ?? 

She shook her head and bit her lips as I continued till I deposited my load inside her vagina. 

I left her rest in that state for about 30 minutes before untying her.

James : Let’s do this again… 

Sandy laughed and cuddled herself into my arms.

The next few days came and passed. 

On Thursday, Sandy suddenly called to apologise to me. 

Sandy : I spoke to Terry…. He admitted Kate was hired by him to tempt you…. I’m sorry for doubting you James…

James : It’s ok… let’s put it behind us. 

I fucked Sandy again in that same method 1 more time on Friday night. 

26th May 2012 



Everything was ready. 

Sandy and I went inside the spa to check that all was in order. 

It’s going to be a 3 hour spa treatment. 

I texted Terry and he said he was ready. 

James sms : come to Clark quay….i’ll text you the exact address in a bit..…. Get ready. 

Terry sms : ok…. 


The couple room has been prepped and Sandy had told her friend what we needed in advance. The story was for a surprise for a bride to be. 

She told her friend I was the husband to be and that we wanted to play a trick on the bride before giving us time together in the private room. That and the payment for the treatment was all the friend needed before leaving us alone to brief the 2 therapist from Indonesia.

Sandy told them what she wanted and that they could just go and rest after a certain point when she gave the signal.

With a $40 tip each, they were all too happy to agree.


After a light lunch, Sandy and I parted ways.

She was to meet Belinda at Clark Quay station before walking over.


The spa was pretty much empty.

I don’t know how they survive. Aside from a couple of walk in tourist for foot massages, there were hardly anyone there.


There they are.

I saw Sandy and Belinda crossing the road over to the spa from the holding area where I sat.


As the approached the entrance, I texted Terry the address of the spa.

He says he will be there in 20 minutes.


I went further back into the service area of the couple spa and the 2 therapist smiled at me.

The lighting is dim, the smell of lemon grass was all over the room.

The relaxing music made me feel sleepy.


The 2 therapist went out of the service room and I could hear them talking to Sandy and Belinda.

I could hear Belinda going to change in the private bathroom while Sandy changed in the massage area behind a standing blind.

The massage beds were facing away from the service area and when I took a peep, I could see the therapist chatting softly while waiting for the girls to come out.

I heard the snapped of a latch.

That must be Belinda coming out and I quickly retreated into the service area again.

I could hear some light talking.

One of the therapist came in to take the basket of facial product and I made way for her.

I waited.

I waited without a sound.

Too afraid to breathe.

Belinda had asked me what was going to happen a few days ago but I told her not to worry.

Everything would be fine.

I looked at the crushed sleeping pill in a small ziplock bag I was holding.

It was to go inside Belinda’s tea.


I stood up to stretch my legs and I looked outside the service are.

The 2 girls.

In the same robe.

Lying on identical massage table.

With the same hair colour and length and near identical body shape and height.

Their eyes were closed shut with a gauze and cotton, a mud mask was being applied on their faces.

My heart was thumping.

I slowly walk towards the table

The only thing to differentiate the girls were their nail colours on their feet.

There was no way you could tell if not for that.

Sandy had painted her toes a light cyan.

Belinda’s toes had some light purple that was peeling off, I already noted that when we were in the office a couple of days back.

They both looked so peaceful, so relaxed.

My phone buzzed and it was Terry.

Terry sms : I’m here….

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly

James : and here we go…..