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Monday, 29 August 2016


Keep the insect repellent near guys...... you won't know when it will hit you.

I know you're waiting for updates but the clinic i frequent is on the news, this is how sick i was....... @!@#$@#$@% Talk about striking lottery. @#$@#$

I'm having a few of the symptoms since early last week before news broke.

Shall not go into details about this.

Anyway, i'm feeling a bit better although fever persisted for quite a while.

Should be fine after a bit more rest.

PS : Just to clarify, i'm not infected.... just that with a bad cold and a high fever, comes another bad scare. Took longer than usual for me to get better.



  1. Hi i saw your payhip website. May I know what is in Jamie shoot?

  2. Hi, it's the photoshoot pictures used for bmjcs story