Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My adventure in the office Part 2

Belinda and I sat down to have our tea but neither of us said anything. 

There was no need to. 

It was as if we knew each other just wanted the quiet moment to bask in our own thoughts. I knew it was a matter of time before Terry came knocking on my door. It’s just a question of when. 

Even if I wanted to have a conversation, what could I say to her ? 

Are you ok ? 

How does it feel ? 

Are you angry ? 

She’s probably getting a good mind fuck thinking about how easily Terry offered her up to Rasid. 


James : We… order dinner in ? 

Belinda nodded and I made the call for room service. 

By 8.30pm, we were done with our meals and Belinda had made another pot of tea. We hardly spoke, it was as if there’s this sudden awkwardness that descended upon us. Yes we are husband and wife but it’s been a good few years since we are in the same room. 

Not to mention that we would be spending the night together. 

My room had a double bed but I honestly had no illusion of having some hot sex that night. Be realistic, after going through such an ordeal, who in the world would be in the mood to have sex ? 


There was a buzz on the doorbell and I braced for the inevitable. I knew Terry would come. 

It there is going to be an all-out brawl, I’m up for it. 

I opened the door just a crack but it was not Terry. It was room service. 

James : We did not order anything… 

Hotel Staff : It’s from Sheikh Omar… he says it’s an apology for the unpleasant afternoon. 

I opened the door as the staff wheeled in a bottle of Champange, chocolates and a large bunch of roses. That was not all. Tucked under the trolley, there was a small cake, some hotel spa vouchers and even some complementary tickets to the tourist attractions in Dubai. 

I thanked the staff and closed the door as Belinda looked through the things sent to us. 

Food and drinks aside, there was a small blue box that every girl would recognised. It came with a small hand written note and it’s for Belinda. 

A small bracelet sat sparkling in the box. I don’t think it’s very expensive, probably less than a thousand but I was curious about what was written on the card. 

Belinda passed it over to me after she was done reading it. 

“ Dear Belinda , 

I apologise for the unpleasant afternoon. I would have been a more gracious host if not for the circumstances in which we met. I could give you the prettiest gems I have but I know you would not accept them. Please accept this as a token of my apology. 

I look forward to work with you on the masterplan soon “ 


Belinda : I don’t want it… just leave it and send it out. 

After draining the bottle of Champagne, we collapsed in the bed and slept through the night. 

4th Jan 2012



I woke up first and pulled the blanket over Belinda before I went to the bathroom. She was up by the time I came out and we went down to the café for breakfast. 


I scanned the café, keeping an eye out for Terry. 

I was a little surprised that he did not show up the moment he reached the hotel to knock on my door. In fact I was looking forward to the confrontation. I cannot imagine the satisfaction I would get if I could throw a few good punch on this fucker. 


Belinda and I were done with our breakfast and we went to the lobby to check if there are rooms available. 

Belinda : WHAT ! … ermmm.. ok.. thanks… 

James : Eh.. siao ah… 600 USD rack rates plus tax…. For 1 more night….and I don’t think you can claim for this one… don’t waste the money la… 

Belinda : It’s a rip off… 

James : It’s probably peanuts to the people here… 

We walked back into the lift to head up to my room and I was surprised Belinda actually asked me whether I was ok with sharing my room with her. 

Belinda : you…. Ok with sharing the room…. If not I could always go to another hotel… 

I rolled my eyes and was about to say we’re husband and wife but I stopped myself. 

I gave Belinda a look as we both crossed our arms in the lift. 

James : I’m fine…why ?? Are you uncomfortable ?? 

The lift reached our floor and we stepped out. 

Belinda : Haha… a little…. It’s…. I don’t know… it’s been a while… 

James : I won’t rape you while you sleep if that’s what you are worried about… 

Belinda jabbed me in my ribs with a frown and a crooked smile as we walked towards our room. 

We slowed down our footsteps as we got closer as we noticed the same hotel staff standing outside our room with another trolley. 

James : ERmm.. yes ?? 

Hotel Staff : I was instructed to ask why did Ms Belinda did not accept the gift. Is it because she does not like it ?? 

Belinda : What ! ? … ermm… no.. no.. it’s… I’m not comfortable with accepting it… please help me thank Omar for his gesture… 

The staff gave a curt nod and a slight bow before saying he had some other stuff for us. 

James : What ? Again ? 

He just smiled and we opened the door for him. 

There was a platter of cut fruits, neatly arranged and cling wrapped together with more chocolates and some sweets. Another bunch of flowers was presented and this time round, beside the initial Tiffany box, there is another one. 

A polished red wood box sat beside the Tiffany. 

James : You are shitting me right ? 

The staff just smiled before leaving the room. 

Belinda opened the box and it’s a fucking diamond ring. I don’t know how big, how many carats or what’s the clarity. 

My proposal ring to Belinda I got it from a neighbourhood goldsmith shop. The diamond is so tiny you need to put it under 2 microscope to see it. What do you expect ? I was 23. 

Even our wedding bands were just stainless steel rings we got from some cheezy trinket shop. It’s not the value of the rings. It’s the significance behind it that matters. 

James : Fuck man… send this back too… I think he might give you a car after this… 

Belinda dropped the box back onto the trolley, uninterested. 

I was not surprised. Belinda was never impressed by wealth and anything flashy. She believed in working for what she wanted. If she didn’t earned it, she did not want it. 

We settled down on the bed and I began to talk to her about Terry. I was curious how she ended up with him and she told me the story from the beginning. When she joined the firm, she was hired by Terry’s dad. It was still a small firm then but 3 months after she joined, it grew rapidly to the size it was today. 

She met Terry after he came back from Australia after a failed attempt to set up shop there. 

Belinda : He pursued me aggressively and at that point in time, I did not know he was related to Mr Lau. Nobody knew. Somehow he always got the good projects, those that I want for my portfolio…. So naturally I chose to work with him.. 

She revealed that it was only 3 months after they got together that she realised he was the boss’s son. 

Belinda : I regretted, I knew people would talk about this…. But it’s too late.. He told me it’s fine and….sigh… 

Terry : Did he treat you well ? 

Belinda took a while longer to consider my question before replying. I could tell she was struggling to decide how much to tell me. 

Belinda : It was just ok I guess….partly… I have only myself to blame

Belinda admitted that she remained in the relationship because she does have some feelings for him despite the huge age gap, but she also thought about her career in the office. She wanted her own team, her own projects and eventually, she wanted her own office. 

Terry wanted to give her the money but she refused. What she wanted was the experience and the exposure, and of course, the contacts that came along the way. 

She sighed deeply before she looked at me.

Belinda : I know what you are thinking…. That I’m selling my body to advance my career… 

I shook my head and said I would have done the same thing.

James : but so far I cannot find any hot girls who is the bosses’ daughter that I want to sleep with. 

Belinda laughed and threw a pillow a me. 

There was another knock on the door and we looked at each other. 

James : See… see… this time I fucking tell you is gold bars…. I think 1 kg… you pay GST alone you will steam… 

I got up and went to the door. 

I was surprised though, this time round was not a hotel staff. It was one of the assistant I saw beside Rasid the day before. 

He had a large box in his hand, about A2 size wide, 20cm deep. 

James : Ermm… yes ? 

Man : A token from Rasid. He apologises for what happened yesterday. 

I raised an eyebrow and thanked the man before closing the door.

James : You huat liao la…

Belinda came over and help me set the box on the bed and we opened it together. 

Inside the box was 2 smaller boxes. 1 labelled for each of us. 

Belinda opened hers and resting on a bed of flower petals, is a silk scarf with a sparkling brooch. There’s also a hand written note by Rasid. Just a ‘ sorry’ followed by a smiley caricature of his round body. 

I opened my box and I cursed out loud. 

James : Knn…. 

Inside were just 2 files and a CD rom of some project information together with a list of people to CC to for future correspondence. 

Belinda laughed and she too chugged the box aside. 

I asked if she wanted to head out to check out some attractions or something but she said no. 

Belinda : You…go ahead… I just want to stay in the room…

We ended up chatting for a while longer in the room before catching some movie that is showing on HBO in the hotel. 

At 3pm , there was another knock on our door. 

James : Lai liao lai liao…. We’re flying back on a private jet… 

Belinda laughed but this time round it was not any hotel staff. I saw through the peep hole it was Terry. 

James : It’s Terry. 

Belinda got off my bed and stood by the side as I took a deep breathe. 

I swung the door open and waited for Terry to make the first move. 

He ignored me and just look straight at Belinda. 

Terry : Can we talk ? 

Belinda : There is nothing to talk about… 

Terry : Come on… what do you expect me to do back there???? What would you do if you were in my shoes ??? HAR !! 

Belinda : I would grow a spine….. and ask them to fuck off… 

Terry : Fuck you… don’t forget you are my woman… you bitch… I’ll fucking rape you a hundred times over..!! 

Belinda screamed at Terry but he went on. AS if taunting Belinda to react and hit him. 

Terry :Why ? Har ? Afraid to let James hear is it ?? har ?? 

Terry turned to me and sneered like a cheap fucker. 

Terry : I’ve fucked her till she’s loose already you know that ?? har ?? I fucked her so many times…she’s like my personal whore…. Everytime I need to release, I would call her….you like this type is it ?? HAr? Kena fucked before one… 

Terry’s eyes stared at me wide apart, as if he deliberately forced himself to do it, his lips pressed together, the sides a little crooked as he tried to give me the most fuck up look he could muster. 

Terry : You try la… go and try her chee bye…. KNN… I fuck until loose already… Everything you can think of…. We do it already.. what ? In office ? In car?? Har ??? Buay song is it ??? 

Belinda screamed and tried to kick and scratch Terry but I stood in the way, trying to hold her back. It was obvious he’s trying to rile her up.

Terry tried to step into the room but I held out a hand and stopped him with no expression on my face. 

Terry : Get the fuck out of my way… 

Terry pointed at Belinda, saying that he would gladly let every fucking men in Dubai rape Belinda if it means him getting the project. 
Then he tried to charge into the room to grab at Belinda. 

He shoved me first but I immediately bounced back and pushed Terry backwards, causing him to stagger out of the room. 

He charged at me and I immediately threw a punch but missed and he bulldozed me onto the carpeted floor. 

Belinda screamed for us to stop as she grabbed the 1st thing she could get her hands on and she started hitting Terry with the stainless steel cover for the treats Omar sent. 

Belinda : STOP!!! GET OUT!!! 

I tried to hit Terry but he ducked and got up, going straight for Belinda. With a lucky swing of the cover, Belinda hit Terry right on the bullseye and she caused him a 2 cm cut on his eyebrow. A small trickle of blood flowed down his cheeks as he touched the warm blood on his face. 

That enraged him further and he slapped Belinda so hard across her face that she collapsed onto the bed. 

I grabbed Terry by his hair and as he staggered back, I kicked him in his gut and he cursed at me, falling backwards towards the entrance. 

I could have gone and help Belinda but instead I went for Terry, if I don’t get him out of the room, it won’t make a difference. Terry stood up, clutching his stomach and I bulldozed him all the way out of the room , letting his body hit the wall on the opposite side of the corridor. 

I must have kicked him pretty hard in the stomach as he was still clutching his tummy, cursing at me in dialect and saying that I’m fired. 

James : Fuck you…. Terry… fuck off… 

I closed the door and ran to Belinda.

Her left cheek was red and swollen, the hit caused her lip cut itself against her own teeth and she was bleeding. 

She sobbed, unable to hold back the tears due to the pain. I clutched her in my arms as she pressed herself against me. 

James : Sorry… I should have stopped that before… 

Right at that moment, the room phone rang. 

I picked it up and the front desk said they have a call for Ms Belinda. 

James : Who is it ? 

Frontdesk : Please put Ms Belinda on the line Mr James.. 

I passed the phone to Belinda and shrugged my shoulders. 

James : I don’t know… it’s for you. 

Belinda sobbed as she answered the phone and she too, was put on hold for close to a minute. 

Belinda : Hello ? ? 

Her sobbing had calmed down a little actually, so from the way she speak you can hardly tell she was crying before. 

This is the part that puzzled me. 

Belinda : SObb.. sob… yes… 

I looked at Belinda and mouthed “ Who is it ? “ but she did not reply me. 

Belinda : Sobb… I’m… sob…. Sob… I’m… fine… sob… sob… no… 

I was really puzzled as Belinda sobbed harder before she started crying over the phone. 

You know the kind you would think she’s talking to her mother or someone that she could confide in, Belinda cried and sobbed, saying in bits and pieces over the phone that Terry had assaulted her. 

Belinda : I’m…. I’m.. sob… sob… I’m… ok… sob… it’s…. Terry… sob… sob…. No…. no need… please… sobbb… sob… no please…. 

Then without warning, she hung up. 

As if that was not enough, the moment she hung up, her sobbing stopped. 
That was when Belinda’s eyes met mine. 

That look. 

I know that look. 

I was the more dominant one in our marriage. Most of the things Belinda would just give way to me, but that look in her eyes. 

It was the que to me that I should keep my mouth shut and apologise even though it was not my fault. 

James : Ermm… 

Without any hint of what she was about to do, Belinda pulled off her top. 

I could not wrap my mind around what was happening and Belinda removed her pants too. 

James : What… what are you doing ?? oei… what are you doing… ??? 

Belinda crawled towards me in her bra and panty and started taking off my pants. I don’t know what was happening but seeing Belinda doing that gave me an erection of course. I haven had sex in a while and what I’ve witness the day before increased the amount of semen I have in my balls, waiting to be released. 

Belinda straddled me and we kissed.

That kiss felt like the head of a match meeting the rough edges of the striking paper. A hot fuzz of emotions coursed through my body and all the feelings came back. 

Belinda removed her bra with my help and I sucked onto her tits, feeling the warmth of her breast on my face. 

James : ARghh ….hoorrrrr.. 

I don’t even know when my pants came off but I only remembered Belinda guiding my cock as she parted her panty, lowering herself onto me. 

James ; ARghhhh …gh…. 

That tightness, that slippery warmth and comforting snug feeling of my wife’s wet love hole made me shook and shiver on the bed. 

James : ARghhh….what… what are you doing ?? 

Belinda moaned as well as I fucked myself upwards into her , holding her hips down. 

Her body shook, her breast bounced up and down as her hair cascaded down onto me. 

Belinda : Fuck me James….. fuck me…a erghhh… ergnnh… 

James : ARghhh.. arghh.. 

I’m confused… I really am. 

I don’t know what is happening. 

We switched position shortly into doggy as I cupped onto Belinda’s breast from behind, feeling the love pillows rub against my palms as I fucked Belinda from behind. 

Honestly it was a really short session. 

I’m not embarrassed to say it lasted less than 10 minutes. It was just so sudden and I was on the verge of my orgasm. 

James : ARghh.. grghhh… i… I need to grab a condom… aeghhh… I’m cumming… arghhh… 

Belinda pulled me out and gestured for me to stand up on her bed. 

I did as I was told and she knelt down and sucked onto my throbbing cock. 

James : ARghhhh… arghhh.. what… what are you doing ?? !! arghh…I… i…. 

Belinda never let me cum inside her mouth before, even if I did, it was with a condom. 

So I was really unsure about what to do as I edged closer and closer to my big O. 

James : Dear… dear.. stop… stop… I’m.. arghhh.. arghhhhh… arghh… 

I could not hold it any longer when I felt Belinda’s tongue pressed down and rape my pee hole as she stroked my throbbing cock as I shot a huge squirt of semen into her mouth, not only that, I could feel several big squirts following closely behind. 

Belinda was fast, after the 1st squirt, she pulled me out and continued stroking me. I was out of control. 

I moaned as Belinda stroked and shot my cum all over her face, her breast before wiping my cock dry on her cheek. 

James : Ohh my god… argh… what was that all about man…. 

Belinda immediately barked out her instructions and asked me to leave the room.

James : What ? 

Belinda : Put on your clothes and leave … now !!!! 

James : What??? WHYY ?? WHY ? 

Belinda : DO IT!! .. 

I was taken aback at the sudden outburst but I did as I was told. I grabbed my clothes and pulled them on. I checked the peephole and made sure Terry is no longer our there before I opened it. 

I watched as Belinda swept all of Omar and Rasid’s gift all over the floor and a cold shiver ran up my spine. 

She threw her clothes onto the floor as she got into the bed .

My god… she cannot be doing this… 

I forced my legs to carry my body that was still recovering from the orgasm out the room. 

I hit the lift button and got to the lobby, panting as I watch 2 cars pull up by the front entrance. 

Several men and 2 woman alighted from the car and walked briskly towards the lifts. 

James : Fuckk.. 

My heart slammed against my ribcage again and again as I stared at the indicator on the lift panel and saw the lift stop at the floor I was staying at. 

James : Fuck… fuck… …

I immediately rushed back up and ran back to my room. 

When I got to the entrance, I shouted to Belinda and she gestured to the men blocking the door to allow me to go through. 

Before I could speak, Belinda cried out loud, burying herself against my body. 

All the hairs on my neck and body stood on it’s ends as she just cried, sobbing and shouting into my body. 

She refused help from the 2 ladies who said they were doctors. 

The group spent 20 minutes persuading Belinda to go with them but she refused. 

Belinda : I just want to stay here…. We’ll be flying off tomorrow. 

The men made phone calls, spoke in hush tones before arrangements was made for us to switch rooms to another floor. 

Belinda kept telling the 2 ladies that she did not want to pursue the matter and that she just wanted to rest and go home.

In the end they relented and left. 

When we’re finally left alone, I stared at Belinda but I couldn’t speak. 

I really could not speak. 

Belinda : I know Terry James…. I know what kind of person he is…. I know what I’m doing.. 

I could not think of a way to answer that question. 

Belinda : I’m sorry…. I bet you must be thinking what happened to me…. 

I did not reply her. 

There was a knock on the door at 8.30pm that evening. 

Another trolley was presented with the same gifts, arranged the same way with another hand written card from Omar. Placed at the side of it all was also the box with Rasid’s gift and my own box of documents. 

Omar’s card to Belinda says that Terry has been escorted to the airport and will be boarding the next flight back to Singapore. 


To be honest, I was still reeling in shock. 

Belinda climbed into bed beside me and gave me a crestfallen look.

Belinda : Do I disgust you ?? 

James : I don’t know what to say… 

There was a brief moment of silence before Belinda started sobbing again. Softly. 

Belinda went on to say that she needs to make sure Terry stays as far as he can from her. 

Belinda : I know Terry James…. I have seen what he does to his ex-gf. …. I will not sit still and do nothing…

James : You do know…. By doing this… things is going to get tough back in the office…. I meant…it’s already going to be tough after the incident yesterday but this…… this…. This will be.. . you…. Just fucked Terry up big time… 

Belinda nodded, saying she understood the implication. 

Belinda : Omar wants us on his project… we did all the work…he needs us… besides….. Terry’s father is doing some….. creative accounting for Omar’s company … money passes through us… 

James : What do you mean ?? 

Belinda : Just leave it at that… Omar’s company uses a few local firms for his projects to keep everyone on his feet… aside from the financials is a little fudgy, the rest of the project is usually rock solid. These I heard from Terry some time back when he boasted about his father’s accomplishments. 

5th Jan 2012



After some quick packing, I grabbed all the gifts given to Belinda and stuffed it into my luggage. 

Belinda : What are you doing ?? 

James : It’s not nice to keep rejecting people’s gift… you never know if we need some favours or help from them in the future. 

A car was waiting for us at the lobby to take us to the airport and I could see Rasid talking to 1 of his aide as he approached us to shake our hands. 

Rasid : Wah ahhaha…. James…. Belinda… . have a good trip back ya…. 

He lowered his voice a little and asked me how was Belinda with a naughty look. 

Rasid : Ehh…. Wah hahaha… nice… hahaha… very nice breast…. Hahaha.. 

He did a eyebrow wriggling look as I smile awkwardly.

Belinda did not really want to talk to Rasid and she quickly got into the car avoiding him completely. She was humiliated by Rasid after all. 

Rasid just smirked and laughed at her before pulling me asisde. 

Rasid : James…. i…. need to talk to you… 

James : Yes ? I saw the project information you sent me… I will look through them when I get back… 

Rasid : No… no.. hahah.. it’s not about the project…. 

He turned and casually looked around before turning back to me.

Rasid : Belinda… you know…. I like her… she is like chilli…. Pepper…. Hahah… I like spices…wah hahahaha…. 

I must have a really dumfounded look on my face as Rasid laughed and pat me on my back. 

Rasid : Relax… I know… I know Omar wants Belinda too… but you see…. Omar…. He…. He is… collector… he likes to hold onto his possessions….. he will not let go…. Whereas for me…. Wahhh.. hahaha. Haha…. I like something fresh…. All the time… so… you get what I’m saying… ?? 

I nod slowly as I digested what he said. 

James : But… but isn’t he your boss ??? i… I mean… 

Rasid laughed… 

Rasid : I know Omar…. He is a gentlemen…he won’t force Belinda if she says no…. but if….IF…. she says yes…. She must be prepared to stay for the long term… wah hahaha.. haha… no Belinda for you James … whahahaha… 

He pointed to his big tummy and added. 

Rasid : Me ?? … just 1 spicy treat…. Enough…. And…. I can let you…. Try my wife and her sister too !! good eh …. Good eh ?? Wah.. hahahaha… 

I was totally shocked Rasid could say something like that as I smiled awkwardly. 

He pat me on my back and pointed to the car as he chewed on some dates. 

Rasid : I… see you in a few months James… 

I got into the car and my shell shocked expression was too easy to read, especially for someone who is my wife. 

Belinda : What did he want ? 

I thought about it for a moment before saying we’ll talk later. 

Once we were safely checked into the airport and settled down by a quiet café in the transit area, I told Belinda everything. 

What Omar wanted, What Rasid wanted. 

James : This is madness….how can these happen…I thought it’s usually money that changes hands under the table for this industry… 

Belinda just kept quiet, staring blankly at the polished tiled floor. 

James : Fuck this… we go back, we tender our resignation… and fuck this shit…. Get another job…there’s no lack of opportunities… 

Belinda spoke after a while, saying that if we choose to run, we would forever be on the run. 

Belinda : They will destroy us…. Our reputation… it’s a small industry… 

James : Then what do you want to do ?? what can we do ?? 

She shook her head before burying her face in her palms. 

10 minutes later Belinda said that if we were to hang on, having that project under our belt would open up a lot more doors. 

Belinda : I don’t know… I really don’t know… 

I just kept quiet and look at her. 

We did not speak about this for the rest of the flight back to Singapore and we turned up for work as usual the next day. 

6th Jan 2012



Sharon pulled me aside when I was at the pantry. 

Sharon : James… james… come.. come… eh I tell you something… 

James : What what ?? 

She looked around before saying to me that Belinda was caught cheating by Terry….and he broke up with her. 

James : WHAT !? 

Sharon : Yah… he hired PI… I think got photos…

James : But we were all overseas together… how? 

Sharon : It’s been going on a while already I heard….

She lowered her voice significantly. 

Sharon : I think… the people are saying Belinda very slut one…. She …. She likes… you know…. 

Sharon’s eyes narrowed into a sharp stare, almost as sharp as her venomous tongue. 

Sharon : She like to play those gangbang and rape kind of thing… 

James : WHAT ?? 

Sharon : I don’t know… I also hear from people one… ok.ok… go and work liao… don’t tell anyone I tell you ah…. 

I poured my coffee and watched in amazement as Sharon brought Mr Liew some files to sign in his office and began her low whispers as well. 


Sandy : James…eh.. you heard or not… Belinda… likes to play those bondage sex thing…. Terry caught her or something… 

I just nodded and pretend I was not very interested but Sandy continued. 

Sandy : I’m sure it’s just bullshit, she probably dumped him and he started these rumours…. 


There was some commotion in the office but I was not sure what. 

I saw Mr Lau walk into the office together with the IT guy Jacob hurriedly. 

I saw a few staff whispering at their desk. 

Then there was a email prompt. 

I opened it and I immediately recognised the person in the photo. 

Her face was not shown but her body, I knew every inch of that body by heart. 

I had touched every inch, caressed every part. 

I knew who it is even with the face cropped away. 

Then there was more commotion. Internet access was cut off in the office. 

We were all locked out of our computers and staff were told to pack up and go home. 

Sandy :Eh eh.. eh… you saw the mail ?? is it her ??? Look like her leh… the figure… the hair… 

James : You can tell meh ?? Also look like you what… you all about the same… 

Sandy gave me an irritated poke. 

Sandy : but…but… I know Terry…. This is his doing… 

I eyed Sandy as her eyes met mine, and I could tell something was bothering her. 

James : Terry did this to you too ? the photos… 

She hesitated for a while before she nodded. 

Sandy : He had… videos… pictures… everything… 

I sighed and massaged my head. 

My phone beeped and it was Belinda. 

She had left the office and asked if I was free to meet her for dinner. 

I heard Jacob stay announced something about cleaning up undesirable emails to the office and I could hear Mr Lau shouting for Terry from where I stood. 


I met up with Belinda at Toa Payoh interchange. 

We ate at a coffee shop we used to frequent. 

James : What was that man… you let him do that to you ?? 

Belinda : I was blindfolded…. I didn’t know…until he showed them to me after…. I made him delete it !!!... there was more… but he insisted on keeping 1 or 2 for remembrance…. 

After dinner, we sat down at a bench in the middle of the town center and watch people walk by without a word. 

15 minutes later I asked what was she thinking. 

Belinda : Terry wants me to quit.... he's doing this to force me....but the more he wants me to leave, the more i want to stay.....

She sighed and added.

Belinda : Whether to get fucked once by a old man or multiple times by young one…..


James : You are kidding right… 

Belinda : Of course I’m kidding… 

I heaved a sigh of relieve, for a moment I thought she was really considering going down that path. 

I sent Belinda back to her mum’s place, stopping a block away in case we bump into familiar faces. Neither of us said anything but it’s something we both had in mind. 

We had no intention to complicate our relationship further. We don’t want to give anyone false hopes that we’re getting back together. 

Nothing happened over the weekend and the uneasy peace made me felt uneasy. 

9th Jan 2012



Belinda and I were called into the office with Mr Lau and Mr Liew the moment we stepped into office at 9am. 

After a gruelling 3 hour meeting and a conference call with Rasid, we had our work set out for us. 

Nothing was mentioned about what happened when we were in Dubai but Mr Lau wanted to speak with Belinda in private. 


My team received an email that Belinda would be transferring over to our team. She would be reporting to Mr Liew with immediate effect. 

I heard some murmurings between Hakim and Sandy before Alex joined in. 

Even Uncle Tong rolled his chair over to the group, talking softly among themselves. 

My phone rang and Mr Liew called me into his office. 

Mr Liew : What is this ?? You have any idea ??? 

James : I think they broke up…. They quarrelled in Dubai… It looked quite ugly…. That’s all I knew. 

Mr Liew : This better not be some shit ploy to spy on us or some shit…. How childish can this office get ? 

I did not give a reply. 


Mr Liew met with Mr Lau for over an hour before calling a meeting of our own including Belinda. 

Mr Liew : Ok. Guys…. Ermm.. I’m sure you have a lot of questions at the moment but here’s the brief summary of what is going on. 

He pointed at Belinda, saying that she would be joining us permanently and our team would be dedicating 50% of our time to work on the Dubai project. 

Mr Liew : It’s a decent project, the fees are ok . I’m sure we can handle it on top of what we have on our hands… there’s just a small problem…. 

He sighed and said that Terry would be helming another team and both offices will be working concurrently on the project. 

Mr Liew : 2 options… those fucking arabs love options…. 1 from us… 1 from Terry…May the best one win…. 

He went a little into specifics before saying that once the scheme is confirmed, whoever won would take the lead but the main person who is coordinating the whole project will still be Belinda and me as requested by the client. 

Mr Liew : In the meantime, we are all starting at the same line…. Belinda… 

I saw him hold back a sneer as he tried to keep his tone professional. 

Mr Liew : You will come up with 1 option on your own…you have no other projects on hand… it should not be hard…. 

I wanted to throw up at what he did. 

Mr Liew made no attempt to hide his contempt for Belinda, after all they quarrelled pretty often over other issues and projects, not to forget, Belinda took a few projects right from under his nose. 

This kind of “Xim Pear” loosely translated into “heart problems” via Hokkien, will not go away easily. There is bound to be some discontentment. Something you cannot simply shake your hands, say sorry and expect things to go back to normal. 

Sure, Belinda was under Terry’s team when she took the projects but one thing is clear. Terry is shit, so the person helming the team that took Mr Liew’s project is actually Belinda. Yes, she has what it takes to be a threat to Mr Liew. 

What would you do if something like this happens to you ?

As long as you are a working adult, I’m sure you know the kind of feeling I’m talking about. 

We’re talking about stirring up a big pot of shit and hoping it doesn’t spill over, and I was not surprised Mr Liew started churning the ladle already.

Mr Liew : Belinda … is experienced, very good with her work…. She won a few projects over from us not too long ago… 

I almost wanted to roll my eyes at Mr Liew but managed to calm myself down. 

Belinda just stared at the whiteboard. She knew better than to speak up. 

Mr Liew : So anything you need, ask her… she can do everything… 

I saw Hakim sniggering while Sandy rolled her eyes at me as Mr Liew spent another 5 minutes stirring shit.

Mr Liew : Any questions ?? good….. please….get back to work.. 

Before I left he held me back for a private word.

Mr Liew : I don’t trust her, leave her on her own… I don’t care if she drowns or quit…. Our team is fine without her… you get what I’m saying…. 

I nodded. 

Mr Liew : Ok good… I have a few trips coming up… this is in your hands James… I’m looking at Cambodia, there’s some lobangs over there my friend introduced…. 

9th March 2012



Over the next 2 months, we worked on the schemes as much as we could. Belinda had no support from my team. Even if there were, it was minimal but she did not let it faze her. 

So what if no one helps her ? All the more she wanted to proof that she could do it.

I stayed back 3 times a week to help her without her asking. She asked me to leave but I ignored her. Together, we refined both the proposals. We planned our work carefully so it doesn’t contradict each other. 

James : You do know there’s a chance that Mr Liew would not even show your work right…. 

Belinda said she knew that the day she started working on it. 

Belinda : I won’t be surprised if it ends up in the recycle basket… 

Still, she gave it her best shot. There was no shortcut from Belinda, it’s not in her character. If she wanted to do something, she would go all the way. 

Nothing went well for Belinda in the office. Terry’s mail with Belinda’s picture painted her to be the ultimate office slut who would sleep with anyone. A couple of Pinoy and Indians made their move on Belinda but she told them to fuck off, all the more reinforcing the rumour she’s some spicy slut bitch who only sleeps with the boss. 

I could tell she was affected by it but she refused to let it show. 

Everyday I would see her walk into the office, head held high acting like she was not bothered with the way other colleagues look at her but in fact it was the exact opposite. 

I knew this would be something she bottled up within her until one day she could no longer suppress her feelings and explode. 

Belinda ate her lunch alone most of the time. 

My team refused to eat with her, after all she did make some of their efforts go down the drain when she won over some jobs.

When I asked her to have lunch, she would say it won’t be nice if I was seen with her. 

James : I’m asking as your husband… not your colleague… 

That statement took Belinda by surprise that day, she agreed and we had a simple meal at a café. 

Terry, on the other hand had within a short span of 2 months, built up a team of 8, a totally new team he formed just to take us on. He lead the team personally and it was staffed with all foreigners. 

I heard from Sharon that she would have preferred if Terry got interns for the project. 

Sharon : They look like they don’t know what they’re doing…. Their resumes also so so only…. Nothing impressive. Waste money….

Terry came over pretty often and he was hitting on Sandy pretty aggressively too. 

Terry : Lately never see pictures of you and your rich coward boyfriend… where is he… har ? real one or not…. So many months still don’t dare to show face….. no balls….KNN… 

He would make this kind of statements while browsing through files and stuff within earshot of the whole team. 

If you think that was bad, what he said around Belinda was a hundred times worst. 

Terry : Aiyah…how come got some weird pussy smell… like never wash properly like that…. I think overused already… 

James : HEY!... you’re disturbing the office… you want to act in a drama or a play please head back to your own office… 

Terry : Fuck off la…. You think you lusting over a swan is it…. Haha… it’s some rotten piece of Chee bye I tell you… haha… 

This is how fucking childish Terry can get. 

On one particular occasion when there was a thunderstorm and Belinda came into the office drenched. She removed her jacket and was wiping herself dry when Terry came over with a cup of hot coffee in his hands. 

Terry : Wah… so wet ah…. Must be a lot of people service you…. Ask them cum properly la… all over like that how to work… haha… 

He’s mad. Don’t you think for someone to make such a crude statement needs to be checked by a healthcare professional ? 

I mean come on, you’re like what, in your 40s and this ?? 

Sometimes I really don’t know what these people are thinking. 

The team has pretty much gotten use to Terry’s theatrics but that day something snapped in Uncle Tong. 

WHAM !! 

He slammed the table so hard that Terry jumped a little and spilled some of his coffee onto himself. 

Fuck even I almost squeeze out a bit of my pee as I look at him all flushed at his face glaring at Terry. 

He pointed a finger full of wrinkles at Terry and said something that made everyone gasp in surprise. 

Uncle Tong : You !! …FUCK OFF from this office !!.. I have never seen someone so rude and childish as you Terry… !! 

The outburst gave Terry a shock as well and it took him 3 seconds to recover and rebuked Uncle Tong. 

Terry : Don’t think just because you are an old staff you can talk to me this way…. Don’t forget you are an employee !!! 

Uncle Tong : I didn’t…. I think it’s you….who forget you are a man…yet you still wuss around here like a pussy after being dumped. 

Terry was so mad he almost wanted to throw his cup at Uncle Tong but Hakim stood up and clapped. 

Hakim : Woot !! ..Woot!! Bagus la Uncle Tong… WOOT!! 

That outburst earned a few sniggers and I could see Sharon running out with a gleeful look on her face as she waited for more drama to unfold. 

Alex stood up and in a dramatic manner, stood to attention and salute Uncle Tong before bursting into laughter together with Hakim. 

Even Sandy covered her mouth as she sniggered and not to forget Belinda, she too was a little surprised at the outburst but as she dried her hair with crumbling bits of tissue, nothing could describe the look of gratitude on her face. 

Terry : You watch out…!.. 

He stormed out of our office as cheers and jeers erupted for a good 5 seconds. 

Belinda gave Uncle Tong a slight nod as she bit down on her lips and got back to her work. 

12th March 2012



Omar and Rasid would be arriving on the 17th Saturday night and they wanted the presentation on Sunday morning, the 18th . Their schedule is pretty tight, they wanted to get it all over with by mid noon on Sunday. 

The date, 18th of March is also our company’s dinner and dance. It’s the founding day the company and an events company was hired to do all the preparations for the dinner together with the theme and games. 

We were informed about the theme that day, it was supposed to be some back to school party. Come dressed in your old school uniforms or some shit. 

Most of the staff were excited except the 2 teams that still had a presentation on that morning. 

Now as with all presentations, we would print countless copies of reports, presentation boards and we would have a scaled model. 

My team has 2 options, So everything would be multiplied by 2. 

A function room has been booked at M hotel, a short distance away from our office for convenient sake and Omar and Rasid would be staying there for the trip.

Now, simple math. With the number of people working on my proposal, of course we finished it well ahead of time. 

By Thursday night, everything is ready. Mr Liew flew off to Cambodia, saying that he would be back on early Sunday morning, still in time for the presentation 

Everyting is Printed, binded and sealed. 

All set to go. 

I even called the courier company to send a van down to so we can load everything up and send it over on Friday afternoon so we can set everything up. 

Belinda though is running a little late. 

I stayed back on Thursday night to help her and only at 5am Friday morning did we finish compiling everything. This time round, we kept everything under lock and key. 

Besides locking the meeting room, our proposals were loaded into 2 large boxes, each about the size of your average coffee table. They were sealed shut and labelled. 

Mine is labelled James and Belinda has her name on hers. 

Nothing could go wrong. 

Or so we thought. 

16th March 2012



It was drizzling the whole day and it looked like it’s going to continue well into the night. Weather report says the skies should clear up by the late evening.

I called the courier company several times but no one answered the phone. Only at 5pm did the manager call me back saying they had some issues on their end and they would not be able to deliver our stuff. 

James : What the fuck are you talking about….. then where am I going to find someone to do it ??!!! It’s FRIDAY Evening !!... don’t you even have a vehicle left ??? 

I even told him I could wait well past office hours. 

James : It’s a fucking short drive, not even 5 minutes… what difficulty are you talking about ?? 

I was so fucking pissed with the company that I slammed down the phone. I cannot imagine the office has been using this company for the past few years. Everyone looked at me as I tried to think of a solution. 

My blood was still boiling when I saw several staff from that very courier company came into the office but they went towards Terry’s wing and started moving his presentation stuff out.

James : Fuck… 

That pretty much explains everything. 

As if that was not enough, I saw Terry casually strolling out from the pantry , smirking like a typical fucker you would love to punch in the gut. He walked slowly past us, sipping his coffee as if he did not have a single thing to worry about in the world. 

I tried a few other companies on the phone that we had dealt with but it was too late for them to arrange any dispatch over to us by then. I had this feeling that Terry too had a hand in that. 

James : It’s only a few blocks away, we will walk if we have to…. Just push everything over or something… 

I could hear Terry snigger as he hovered near Belinda. 

Terry : Aiyoh… all the hard work…. Don’t get to present…. Poor thing… 

He directed his statement at Belinda before walking away. He too was aware of the 2 proposals and that Belinda was made to work without support for hers. Nothing would make him happier to see her effort go down the drain.


James : Ok… fuck it… we’ll walk…

Hakim : James… sorry ah… I need to fetch my mum later… and it’s raining…

Sandy raised up her hands too saying that she was supposed to pick up her parents from the airport later that evening.

I turned to Alex who recently got a girlfriend and he admitted he has a date.

Belinda said she would help me do it.

Uncle Tong offer to help as well.

James : It’s too much stuff…. We need Alex and Hakim…

I took a deep breath as I spied Terry sniggering at a corner, listening to us. It was as if our desperation is giving him some unexplained form of pleasure.

James : There’s still time…. We’ll meet back here tomorrow at 10 in the morning… it’s the weekend…. Tanjong Pagar would be quiet …. We can just push everything over…and set it up…. .Everyone ok ??

Everyone nodded and agreed.

Our office is seriously a few blocks away from M hotel.

I was even considering making a few trips on my own, perhaps call a cab or something then do it bit by bit but in the end I decided to just do it the next day. I don’t want to risk removing the reports and misplacing some documents along the way.


I was still at my desk when my phone rang.

It was Alex.

James : Yes ??

Alex : James… I need to talk to you… can you come to the lobby ??

James : What’s wrong ??

He said he needed to talk to me urgently and I quickly rushed down to meet him.

Alex explained that he was taking a dump on a different floor. Something that I would do too if I want an extended toilet break. There’s nothing more awkward than taking a long smelly dump on your office floor only to bump into someone you know when you come out of the cubicle.

Alex : I went to the 6th floor to take a dump …. And while inside the cubicle… I heard Terry talking to his team…

James : What was it… ??

Alex : He…. He gather a few of them back tomorrow morning… they’re….. they’re supposed to make sure some accident happen along the way when we send the stuff over.

James : WHAT ? are you sure??

Alex nodded his head.

Alex : I heard them clearly… they did not know I was inside the handicap cubicle at the end…they probably thought no one would go down so many floors to shit. …

James : What kind of accident ?

Alex : Accidental push, knock, bicycle, anything, water, drinks, coffee…. He said anything. Just as long as they do it…

James : You got to be shitting me.

Alex : He shook his head. I’m not… I think this office is mad…. I’m thinking of finding another place to work as it is…

I calmed Alex down and told him not to worry.

I will think of a plan.

I went back up to the office and I told Belinda what Alex told me.

Belinda : I’m not surprised…. He plays dirty… let’s move up the schedule …. Catch them off guard…

I shook my head.

James : They won’t be that stupid…they will be waiting for us.

I called up google map on my screen and looked at that pathetic stretch of road that led from our office to M hotel.

It’s a straight forward route.

A bit of Cantoment road, then from Lim Teck Kim road all the way down to Bernam Street and to M hotel.

That’s it.

That’s just it.

I’m sure some of you would have driven or walked along the same stretch before. It’s just a short walk.

I sighed and went into the meeting room to look at the 2 trolleys loaded with our hard work for the past couple of months.

One person can push the trolley but someone would need to help if there was any steps or bumps along the way. Not to forget if some fucker decides to come too close and play punk, another one would need to fend him off.

Why not call the police you say ?

What do I tell them ?

Hello hello Mr police… I going to push some boxes to hotel to meet client but I scare got people come and disturb me… how ar ? And the people is from my same office… can help me ?

I massaged my forehead again as I looked at the never ending rain.

I set up a wasapp group for all of us and brought forward the meeting time the next day to 9.30am

Everyone agreed after being notified of the situation that Terry would be playing dirty.

17th March 2012


5 am

I was up and in the shower by 5am. I could not sleep. Anger festered slowly in my head the entire night and sleep came and went in bits and pieces.

I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered why people like Terry exists in this world. Are they placed here solely to test other people’s patience ?

Rich fucker who goes to some good school with a rich father.

Taking a deep breathe, I reminded myself that life is never fair.

We don’t get to choose the hand that was dealt to us, but we have every god dam right to choose how we want to play that hand.

It’s like poker, or Dai Dee, getting shitty cards doesn’t mean you will lose. It’s how you play the game.

The game everyone of us play everyday from the moment we wake up.

So what if I need to run after a bus ?

So what if I need to squeeze in a train that doesn’t move sometimes ?

So what if I need to crank up the 9 year old car hoping the spark plug ignites the engine so I can send my kids to school or my parents to the market ?

These are the cards we have and we fucking play it as it is everyday.

I will not let Terry ruin this for us.


I was the first to step into office and I immediately switched on all the lights and went to check on the model.

Everything was ok, intact and I stood over the 2 trolleys.

I removed the 2 labels which separated my box from Belinda. I don’t want anyone to know which one they are protecting.

Belinda came in at that moment and asked me what was I doing.

She looked good that day even though I could see her hair was still wet from the early shower. Belinda wore a pair of grey capris that ended just below her knees, exposing her toned calves and a sleeveless white running singlet. I could see her white sports bra underneath. The cross back straps prominently visible when she turned her back to me.

A pair of sports shoes covered her feet.

I could tell she was in for a fight that morning.

Belinda : Don’t be stupid James… Terry might just want to get back at me… don’t risk it… your proposal is a good one..

James : I felt yours was better…

She did not agree and she insisted on sticking the labels back. Not only did she do that, she used a black market and scribble her name onto the cover of the box.

Belinda : There… fuck Terry… let him have what he wants…. Either way our team is getting this project…


Belinda offered to grab breakfast and coffee so I told her I would stay back to look after the stuff.


Terry’s men started arriving.

They strolled in casually, looking over at our wing. I know the 2 of them. New hires, Benjan and Apollo, both Filipino.

Terry himself arrived at 7.45am strolling in casually with the usual smirk as he shot a look over to our wing.


Belinda and I ate our breakfast in the meeting room itself as we waited for the rest to arrive.


Uncle Tong was the first to arrive, dressed in shirt and pants. He was always dressed in his long sleeve shirts and black work pants no matter the occasion. His hair streaked with white streaks were neatly gelled and combed back with not a strand out of place. 


Yes he always had that dignified look, and he carries it well. 

That morning he came with a sports bag. 

Uncle Tong : Morning… 

He said he came early to have breakfast before leaving us in the meeting room after he dropped off his old briefcase. One that had seen better days. 


By 9am, I could see 6 men from Terry’s team loitering around the office. He himself was seen talking to them in their meeting room. 

Alex walked into the room, dressed in black slacks and his combat engineer Polo Tee. 

Advance and overcome. 

We’ll need that today. 


Sandy came in her usual Yoga inspired outfit. Black tights and sports shoes but she had on a grey singlet without sports bra, it was just a normal one from what I could see. 


Hakim walked into the room in a t-shirt, berms and sports shoes,


Uncle Tong walked in and the room erupted into cheers. 

Hakim : WAH Uncle TONG !!.. TAIJI AH… swee la… haha…

Alex ; Wah… Uncle Tong… teach me leh… 

Sandy : Very yandao leh Uncle Tong…

He beamed a wide smile as he finished buttoning up his Taiji outfit. A loose fit garment in off white and he had changed out of his dress shoes into his sports shoes too. 

Uncle Tong : I don't have other exercise clothes... haha..

James : Wah Uncle tong… first time see you in something else besides shirt and pants leh.. hahah.. 


Everyone settled down and waited for me to give the que to move after checking through we had everything ready.

I could see Terry and his men loitering at the lobby, looking into our meeting room. 

Taking a deep breathe, I looked at everyone in the eye before I began. 

There was no need for any grand speech. 

This is not William Wallace fighting for his freedom. 

This is not some Alien race trying to retake their planet from the humans. 

This is not some fancy war propaganda film. 

There was no need for any of that. 

I was nervous. 

I really am. 

Uncle Tong looked at me, nodding slightly. I don’t know why but that look gave me the much needed confidence I lacked. 

Alex gave me a nod, telling me that he’s with us all the way. 

Sandy tied up her hair in a pony tail and gave me a wink. 

Belinda had a slight smile on her face, the same one that made me fall in love with her many years ago. 

Hakim hit his heart twice with his fist before pointing his finger at me. 

All eyes outside the meeting room stared at us. 

No one moved. 

Taking a deep breathe, I nodded my head at everyone in my team. 

I placed my fingers around the grip of the 1st trolley and watched as Terry and his men left the reception the moment our group got on our feet. 

James : 3 streets…… it’s just 3 streets away… 


It was only at the moment we started pushing the trolleys when I realised how difficult this would be.

The box itself is bulky and oversized, it protrudes out of the old trolley that we were using.

Alex and I each pushed a trolley and we practiced a bit of manoeuvring inside the office lobby before we entered the loading and unloading lift. As the huge metal door closed with a loud and bumpy slam, no one spoke or moved as it slowly descended down to the loading and unloading bay of the office.

I stood right at the back of the lift with Alex, the front of the trolley pointed at the exit.

Hakim stood right in front, smacked in the middle of the lift opening while Uncle Tong stood to his left.

Belinda was on my left and Sandy on Alex’s right.

I could feel the tensed atmosphere inside the stuffy lift and when the door shook unevenly to peel apart the opening, Hakim stepped out first before gesturing us outside.

The sun was out in full, there is no wind on that humid morning.

The loading bay was empty and Hakim walked down the ramp, gesturing for us to go forward.

We stopped right before we left the boundary of our office.

We could not see any of Terry’s men but we knew they were watching us.

Belinda : Let’s go..

We started moving.

In the same formation of sorts we kept in the lift.

Hakim’s bulky figure went right ahead while Uncle Tong remained a few steps behind.

The roads were eerily quiet.

Cantonment road is usually busy, even on weekends you would see the occasional cluster of cars but that morning, it was quiet.

The traffic lights blinked lazily with no one to follow their commands except us.

The trolleys creaked under the weight of the box as we made our way up Cantonment link and stopped at the traffic island diagonally opposite Keppel towers.

There were no cars on the road but all of us stood ad waited for the lights to turn in our favour.

It was an uneventful crossing as we got over the road before turning right at Kalpson Hotel.

Our eyes scanned the road and surroundings for Terry and his men.


My mind kept thinking of what they could be up to.

Knock into us with bicycle ?

Pour coffee ?

Drinks ?

food ?

Surely they can’t be running up to us with machetes and shit. This is not some Hollywood production.

Hakim : Stay close… I can see Apollo… up ahead…

Uncle Tong immediately said he spotted Benjan across the road, walking parallel to us as we started our journey at the end of Lim Teck Kim road.

Further down, I could see a few others.

2 indian staff which I don’t know off ran further down the road before disappearing from view.

I surveyed the road in front of us, it’s not going to be a piece of cake.

We passed under the ERP gantry and it seemed like some sort of trigger has been pulled as we had to walk in a single file due to the narrow path.

This is so ridiculous.

I could see M hotel just down the street, the phrase so near yet so far almost sounded amusing at that moment.

We go to the coffee shop, Paris eating house and we rolled by slowly. A few patrons looked at us as they sipped their coffee.

Hakim continued taking the lead, his bulk clearing the way for the small convoy.

We passed by the row of eateries without incident before coming to the small one way street. There was no ramp leading down and we needed to lift the trolleys up a little to set it back down on the road level.

Hakim turned around to face me and he was about to bend down to lift up the front of the trolley when he suddenly looked to his right and ran towards that direction.

James : HAKIM!! Wait…

Uncle Tong saw and he immediately took up Hakim’s position and helped me put the trolley down onto ground level.

The girls behind me were asking what’s happening.

Belinda : WHAT is it ???

Sandy : What’s going on ??

Uncle Tong : Quick !... get it down…

The moment I got onto the road I heard Hakim grunt and cursed as he grabbed Apollo by the collar, throwing him backwards onto his bottom.

Apollo : ARghhh!!...

I quickly scanned the ground and his hands to see what was he carrying but there was nothing. No paint, no hot coffee. Nothing.

Belinda : JAMES!!!

Belinda’s shout came too late as Benjan had jaywalked across the road while we were preoccupied with Apollo and delivered a good kick to my trolley, the box protexted with a loud bang before shifting off the trolley but was saved by Uncle Tong.

Hakim cursed at Apollo, pointing a finger at him.

Hakim : You better fuck off before I beat the shit out of you.

Benjan was fast, after kicking the box he quickly jaywalked across the road again. Sandy took off after him but Alex shouted for her to come back and she gave us halfway.

There was a dent on the box but it’s generally fine.

Several patrons at the coffee shops and eateries were staring at us, wondering what’s going on.

I heard someone exclaimed that it looked like some company team bonding activity and they soon lost interest.

We managed to get onto the pathway leading to the traffic light junction.

Now if you know this junction, or if you take a look on google street view, you would know there was no way I could cross to the open field on the opposite side of the road from my end.

We would need to make 2 crossing, across to ABI plaza, then to Fuji Xerox before we continue our trip towards the hotel.

As we waited at the traffic junction, I could see 2 more PRC staff waiting for us at Fuji Xerox near the carpark exit. They were not even hiding, just standing in plain sight waiting for us.

James : There… there… I see them…

Belinda : Their hands are empty…

They just stared at us as we made the crossing over to ABI plaza.

Hakim walked to the front and he stretched a little, tilting his neck left and right as he loosen up his fingers.

Hakim : Time to burn off the nasi lemak I ate this morning.

James : Stall them, we will rush through… we’re almost there… barely a few hundred metres away..

The moment the light turned green, Hakim walked in front, increasing his speed, building up momentum.

The 2 PRC stood their ground and waited. When we reached the half way mark of the traffic junction, Hakim charged towards them and they ran a short distance, stopping at the carpark exit of Fuji Xerox.

James : GO.. go.. quick…!

Alex and I continued pushing the trolley, our knuckles turning white from gripping the handles so tightly.

Hakim shouted at the 2 PRC and tried to grab them but they were more agile and faster, ducking the reach of his hands and tried to make an attempt to kick our box off the trolley. 


Alex and I turned and we saw Apollo and Benjan coming towards us. Uncle Tong stepped in raising his palms in a graceful manner. 

Fuck for a moment I though some Buddha would appear above him before he strike this 2 fucking foreign talent down to the ground but it did not happen. 

There was no streak of white light, no Buddha, no taiji master. 

Uncle Tong was fast, he stepped forward, catching Benjan by the arm but instead of stopping him, he let Benjan’s own momentum forward carry through as he held onto his wrist. 

Benjan : ARghhh!!! 

He shouted in pain as Uncle Tong locked his wrist, before knocking him into the trunk of a palm tree with his right shoulder. 

Apollo got to Alex and Alex charged at him. 


Their bodies connected and both fell to the ground. 

A taxi slowed down, looking at us curiously before speeding off. 

Across the road, several onlookers had gathered. 

Suddenly I heard Terry’s voice rang out. 

Terry : It’s ok people… it’s ok… team bonding games… just games… 

A few cast a look at Terry and left while a few looked on. 

Hakim grunted and cursed at the 2 PRC that kept dodging his attempt to grab them. 

We were trapped. 

One of the indian staff appeared out of nowhere and kicked Alex’s trolley and I immediately realised why they chose this spot. 

Just a slight push and the trolley stared to roll towards the carpark ramp. 

James : FUCK .! … 

I let go of my trolley the same time I heard Sandy and Belinda engaged Terry who had Jaywalked across the road. 

I could hear the wheels of Alex’s trolley rattle as it bumped and swerve a distance down the slope before I grabbed onto the handle. 

The fucking indian was already running away from the scene. 

Uncle Tong held onto Benjan, cursing in a mix of Cantonese and English. 

Uncle Tong : I dare you to hit me…. I dare you….!!! 

Apollo managed to push Alex off and I shouted for Alex to grab onto his trolley. 

Terry effortlessly shook off the 2 girls and started walking towards me. 

I was about to charge right at Terry when I heard some cursing in mainland Chinese as Hakim managed to grabbed onto one of the PRC guy. His friend tried to help him but he too was grabbed by Hakim’s massive arms. 

It was no good, Hakim too was being tied down as he pushed them backwards, all speaking only in a language they understand aside from ‘fuck you’ 

I made a grab for Terry but he ducked and went around me. He was going for Belinda’s trolley. 

My trolley was free and I as clear. 

Belinda : JAMES!! GO!! 

Sandy screamed and jumped onto Terry from behind, grabbing onto his shoulder while Alex too tried to stop Terry but was caught between holding onto his trolley on the ramp or helping Sandy. 

Belinda grabbed a tuff of Apollo’s hair and they tussled a few feet away from me. 

Belinda : GO!! JAMES !!! GO!! 

Ignoring the mayhem around me, I gripped onto my trolley and went ahead, covering a good 30 metres before I saw another one of the fucking indian staff running towards me. 

This guy though is a little unsure. He looked easier to scare. Even before he could come close, I shouted that I will make sure he never step into Singapore again if he fucking come close to me. 

James : I dare you…. Fuck…. I make sure you never land another job in this country again… 

His eyes betrayed his thoughts and that cost him precious seconds as I raced towards the traffic light right in front of M hotel. 

I could hear the shouts and screams from behind me as I hit the button several times for the lights to turn green. That Indian looked back towards Terry and decided to run to the group behind me. 

As fast as my legs could carry, I pushed the wobbling trolley towards the hotel on my own and when I got close enough to the entrance, a staff came out and helped me. I told him my company and that we have booked 2 function rooms for a presentation.

He directed me to a manager who was talking on the phone at the front desk and I waited impatiently for him to attend to me. Without wasting time, he said he will help me get the trolley and the box into our function room. 

James : Do not let anyone, except me enter the room after you lock it…. I’ll be back in 10 minutes 

Staff : No problem…. 

I don’t know how fast I ran, I only remembered me jaywalking across the same road I just crossed, flying towards the figures of bodies that were still struggling with each other. Alex had managed to get out of the way of the exit ramp, making a little progress.

I was surprised Belinda and Sandy alone could keep Terry from getting to Alex as he maneuvered his trolley while kicking and pushing back the blur cock timid indian staff. 

Uncle Tong was holding onto Benjan as he struggled to push himself loose. You might just think they were playing some running man style name tag ripping game if not for the curses they were hurling at each other. 

Hakim and the 2 PRC guys started trading blows but neither of the blows landed real damage as they were slow enough to be blocked. Most were just threatening shoves and push. 

I don’t know where is Apollo and the other indian staff we encountered earlier. 

I headed straight for Terry in order to separate the girls from him as they shriek and tried to push Terry away from Alex. 


It sounded like the crack of a whip on the hard floor as everyone stopped moving. 

I froze. 

The 2 PRC froze too, their motions halted in midair with their arms intercrossed with Hakim. 

Benjan’s mouth gasped open and Uncle Tong let go of his shirt. 

The timid indian staff turned and ran away. 

I stared in disbelief at Terry. 

Sandy slowly backed away 2 steps before kneeling down beside Belinda. 

Belinda’s left cheek was red and her lip was bleeding. Terry had slapped her so hard that she lost her balance and landed on the floor. 

The silence lasted only for 3 seconds yet it felt so long. 

I immediately ran over to Belinda and I could see her shivering on the floor. Her eyes started to well up as she grinded down on her teeth trying not to cry. 

Hakim : TERRY !! YOU CHEE BYE!!! 

With a hard shove, Hakim sent the 2 PRC chaps onto the ground and he ran towards Terry. 

Before he could reached him, Terry sidestepped Hakim, tripping him on the foot, causing Hakim to stagger and lose his balance. Terry then went for Alex who was transfixed and shocked by the sight of Belinda on the floor. 

Everything happened so fast.

Within seconds. 

James : NO!! 

Uncle Tong made a last ditched attempt to grab Terry but Terry shoved the old man onto the floor. 

Uncle Tong : Arghhhh…. 

Benjan was shocked and he quickly ran over to help Uncle Tong. 

Alex recovered too late and his struggle with Terry lasted barely 2 seconds before Terry pushed the trolley back a little back into the front of the ramp. 

I ran forward but it was too late. 

Terry kicked the box out of the trolley, sending it sliding and tumbling down the carpark ramp before he shouted at all of us. 

Terry : FUCK YOU ALL… FUCK you..!! 

He even went right up to Belinda and shouted right in her face. 

Terry : Especially you.. !!! FUCKING SLUT ….FUCK YOU… ahahahhahaa… 

I stood up and wiped off the sweat from above his lips and nose as he laughed, walking in a triumph manner towards the hotel. 

Alex’s fist was clenched and he wanted to go for Terry as he taunted everyone. 

Terry : Hit me la. !!! COME !!! FUCKING CHEE BYE,… COME !! LAI LA…..fucking faggots… hhahahahah 

I held onto Alex and told him it’s not worth it. 

James : He’s not worth it Alex… he’s not worth it… 

A car happened to exit the building and he honked at us, flashing his high beam for everyone to get out of his way. He wind down the window and asked us to get the stuff out of the way. 

James : Will do… will do… 

Man in car : It’s fallen over to the side down there…. Better clear it… I pushed it to the side already…. If not it’s blocking the ramp… I saw it falling down… 

I was about to thank him when I heard a woman barked at the driver from the back of the car before noticing the passenger beside the driver had only one arm. 

Woman in car : Just go… we’re running late… 

As the car pull off, Alex and I ran down the ramp and saw the box has been turned bottom up. We carried it up and placed it onto the trolley. Belinda had gotten up on her feet and the rest of the team were trying to ask if she was ok and she nodded her head. 

We pushed the trolley without a word towards the hotel where another piece of shocking news awaits us. 

The same manager came out to me and said our boss had arrived and requested for him to open the function room door. 

My legs felt weak and I left the team where they were and ran into the room. 

Terry smirked and laughed as I watch him stood up from the box which had also been turned on it’s back. 

Terry :Hahahah… hahah… fucking loser… 

Pointing to his nose with his thumb he added. 

Terry : The rooms were booked by me… my company… KNN…. I paid for it…hahahhaha… 

With that, he spit a glob of saliva on the carpeted floor before walking off. 

Minutes later, I heard the gasps of my team members as they pushed the other trolley into the function room. 

Hakim : Fuck… what should we do… 

James : Calm down… let’s open it first.. 

We opened up the boxes to check the contents. 

The binded reports were pretty much ok, they’re just stacks of paper, there a limit to how much damage it will suffer as long as they don’t get wet. They’re a bit rough around the edges but still ok. 

The presentation boards though, were not in such a good state. A few pieces were broken at the sides, a bit of chips here and there. It’s not ugly, but just not professional. 

Can you imagine going to a presentation when you are about to throw hundreds of millions of dollars into it and see stuff that are a bit broken here and crumpled at the edges ? 

James : Fuck it… We have no time to reprint . we fix what we can and present it. 

The problem though is the model. 

Within the proposal was one hotel that Omar intended to name after some his father, that was to be developed in detail for the presentation. This was the reason why a model was made for the hotel. 

Both models for both proposals were damaged beyond repair. That bore the brunt of the damage. You could say we can still present with our reports and presentation boards, yes of course we can but the requirements were clear.

Omar wanted a model for his fucking hotel. 

I cannot imagine what he would say when we presented without one. 

James : We… make do with what we have… there’s no other way. 

Hakim : Chee bye… James… we go and destroy their model too la… 

Alex and Hakim walked out without a word to search for the other team’s model. 

I left the room to join them and found them a couple of doors down the corridor in the middle of a commotion. 

It turns out that Apollo and another Indian fellow had come to guard their presentation the moment I broke free from the group. They must have thought I would do the same to theirs. If only I played as dirty. 

The other staff soon appeared and hotel staffed warned us to keep it down or they would have to be forced to call in the authorities. 

With 6 men sitting at the entrance, there was no way we’re getting in. 

I got back into the room and gathered the team. 

James : Let’s set the boards up and prepare whatever we could…. 

Presentation is early tomorrow morning… 


We were done by 3pm and everyone parted ways with a heavy heart. 

I wondered what Mr Liew would say when he realised what Terry had done. 


I received a call from a unknown number and it was Rasid. 

Rasid : Masaa’ al-khayr ( good evening ) !!! Wah hahahah…. 

James : EH ?? Rasid ?? 

Rasid : Yes !! JAMES!!! Wahh.. hahha… we are here in Singapore… 

James : Oh hi… how’s the flight… ? 

Rasid : Fuck the flight… you’re travelling in a tin can in the middle of the air… how can it be good eh… hahha.. wah haha…

James : Oh… ermm..

He cut me off before saying that Omar says hi but he was on the phone talking to some ambassador. 

Rasid : James… looking forward to the presentation tomorrow eh… ahahah… oh.. one more thing…. About…. What we discussed…. Hahaha.. you know… Belinda… hahah… 

James : I… I don’t know about that… I mean.. 

Rasid : Whaaha… don’t be nervous James… haha.. relax… it’s a beautiful night…. 

He went on to say that Omar and him would be attending our dinner and dance as well tomorrow evening. 

Rasid : See you tomorrow James… hahha..

James : See you… 


I called Belinda and told her Rasid called. 

James : I think we need to talk about this… you should just.. 

Belinda cut me off and said she has something to tell me. 

Belinda : Can you come over to my place ?? 

James : What ? Now..? 

Belinda : Yes.. 

James : Can we talk over the phone ? 

Belinda : I would prefer not to.. 

James : Ok… I’ll grab a cab over.. 


When Belinda opened the door, I could see my in laws open their mouth in shock as they stared at the man who married their daughter for the first time in years. 

I don’t even know to address them properly. 

Before they could say anything, Belinda grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me into her room. 

James : What are you …. 

Before I could finish my sentence, I stopped. 

I could feel the air being drained out of my lungs as I stared at the exact same model of the hotel sitting on Belinda’s table. 

I turned to look at her as she stood with folded arms and stared at the model. 

James : What is this ? 

Belinda : I learnt from your boss… he made 2 previously... didn’t he ??? 


ames : What… what…. Fuck… why didn’t you say anything ??? 

Belinda : What could I say ?? That I have another??? To tell Terry to come here and try again ?? 

I sat down on the bed and looked at the model. 

It was nicely done and Belinda paid for it out of her own pocket. 

No one in the office knew. 

Belinda : What should I do..? 

James : Well you planned for it.. bring it along tomorrow…. Your proposal is better than mine… with this… you would surely win Omar over… 

Something seemed to bother Belinda as she bit her fingernails as she let her thoughts drift away. Her left arm was folded across her full breast as her right rested on the back of her left wrist, her teeth covering near her thumb as she lost herself in her thoughts. 

I looked at the model again and realised instantly what was going through her mind. 

Having this presented a different set of problems. 

If Belinda presented this, it would make my team the only one to present to Omar without a model. 

If she doesn’t, her effort goes down the drain and there’s a chance we might not get the project even though Omar clearly has a liking for her. 

Well, what could we do ? Tell Omar Terry plays dirty ? 

Omar Omar, Terry destroyed our models . 

This sounds awfully like some preschool kinds complaining to their teachers. There is no way anyone in their right mind would entrust hundreds of millions worth of project to you. 

People pay you for solutions, not to listen to your problems. 

Mr Liew would not like this. 

With his ego and his previous brush with Belinda, it was clear he hated her for stealing his jobs even though they were peanuts compared to this one. Imagine if he had to let Belinda take this from under his nose, he would surely blow the top.

Ego and anger, one of the few things that caused the downfall of many man throughout history. 

I hated moments like this as I struggled with my thoughts. 

When Belinda and my eyes met, we knew we were thinking about the same thing. 

10 minutes went by before I decided to just do it.

James : We’ll bring it in at the last minute…. To avoid any other accident. 

She nodded her head and after a short chat, I left her room. 

I could see my in laws loitering outside in the living room but before they could ask anything, Belinda snapped at them. 

Belinda : Don’t ask me anything !!!...nothing!...He’s leaving now !! 

I smiled awkwardly at my in laws before heading straight out the door. 

I could not sleep that night. 

On one hand I was thankful Belinda had a backup, on the other, I wonder what everyone would think when I walk into the presentation with another model in hand. 

One that was of Belinda’s proposal. 

What would they think of me ? 

That I was in cahoots with her ? 

Still, you have to look at the big picture. 

Belinda is part of our team. I have no doubt with the model, she would get the project and it would still remain in our team. We can support her if she takes the lead, Mr Liew still holds the decision making power when it comes to money matter for the masterplan, the only downside would be his ego taking a hit. 

How much is a KG of Ego worth ? 

Surely not as much as the money that Omar would be giving. 

I just hope Mr Liew would be rationale in his thoughts when he sees the model. 

18th March 2012



I checked my phone and Mr Liew had just landed in Singapore. He would be heading back for a shower to freshen up before meeting us at the hotel. 

Terry was to present first at 8.30am 

Followed by Belinda at 9.15am

Last would be me at 10am.

30 minutes each with 15 minutes for Q & A. 

7.30 am 

I reached Belinda’s place and went into her room. She put on a pair of grey pants and a dark maroon long sleeve blouse. I saw the set of school uniforms from her JC days hanging outside the cupboard and it brought back old memories of the fun we used to have in them, causing an instant reaction. 

Belinda dropped out of JC after 1 year and went to a polytechnic. She worn her uniforms more times in bed with me than she wore them to school, so naturally, seeing them up on the hanger right in front of me gave me quite an erection. 

By the side of her cupboard was a pair of white canvas school shoes, a old pair she dug up that was pretty well maintained. 

White shoes with white laces, a thin rim of red ran around the perimeter of the base followed by that familiar dark blue rim below. 

Belinda saw me looking and kicked me on my leg. 

Belinda: It’s for the dinner and dance….. best dressed competition…. Trip to Maldives you know..… 

She put on a bit of make up to mask the swell on her cheek but it’s still quite obvious. 


Belinda and I booked a maxi cab for 2 hours and we loaded the model up before making our way to the hotel. 


The smooth traffic allowed us to reach M hotel in 30 minutes but we remained in the car, parked a few blocks away. 

By then my phone had rang several times before the messages came. 

Everyone was asking me where I was but I did not reply them. 

Surprisingly, Belinda’s phone did not ring. 

If only my team had bothered to read through what Belinda had done up on her own. They would surely know her proposal beat ours hands down. 
She had addressed some concerns that would surely be raised up while we missed it out completely.


Hakim sms : Terry’s proposal is shit… he kena wack jia lat jia lat by the client… come and see show quick … bring popcorn.


Sandy sms : Where are you ???

Mr Liew sms : You ok ?? What happened ? 


We directed the driver to drive us right up to the entrance of M hotel and we unloaded the model. Belinda walked in front with our bags while I balanced it carefully on my hands. 


Belinda opened the door to our room right when we saw Terry’s room down the corridor open up. 

We could hear people talking as they made their way over to our room. 

I could even hear Rasid laugh . 


The sound of the group got louder and louder as Belinda and I set the model down on the table in front of her presentation boards.

The first to turn the corner was Mr Lau, the boss, together with Omar. 

Rasid followed closely behind. 

I could feel my breathing go erratic. 

My hands started feeling sweaty. 

There was this unexplained lump in my throat. 

Hakim came in and when he saw the model, his face froze and he blinked twice before looking at me. 

Sandy was laughing while chatting with Rasid and she too stopped a bit abruptly when her eyes caught what was on the table. 

Alex and Uncle Tong stared at me without a word after looking up from the model. 

Terry’s fist was clenched as he glared at Belinda, trying to control himself from smashing it again.

Mr Liew levelled his eyes at me without a word as he looked at Belinda’s model. The team no doubt would have updated him about what happened to our materials from the day before.

But no one…. No one knew about this extra stunt Belinda pulled. 

Nothing could describe the feeling of being looked at like this while Belinda aced the presentation. Right from the moment she began, she oozed confidence and she answered every question from the client as if she already anticipates them the night before.

Omar was all smiles. Rasid for the first time was more excited about the project than he was with Belinda. 

Before the 30 minutes is over, one thing is for sure. Omar would pick Belinda’s proposal for sure. 

As Belinda wrapped hers up, Omar had only 1 question for her. 

Omar : Who gave you that bruise on your face ? 

Belinda just smiled and deflected the question away but I noticed he briefly glanced towards Terry who was talking to one of his PRC staff. 

When it was my turn to present, it became glaringly clear I was the only dumb fuck in the office that presented without a model. 

Add on to the fact that my work is not as good as Belinda’s, Omar lost interest within 15 minutes and he cut me short.

Omar : I think that’s enough…thank you James…. I think I can decide right now which proposal I would pick…. 

The bosses and clients mingled for another 10 minutes before they filed out of the room. 

Mr Liew : gather everyone James… 

I did as I was told and Mr Liew closed the door. 

I heard him took a deep breath before he asked me softly. 

Mr Liew : What is this ?? 

Belinda : Mr Liew… it’s…. 

Mr Liew shouted so loud in the room that everyone fell silent. 


It caught Belinda off guard as well, she tried to speak again but Mr Liew slammed his hand down onto the table so loud that Sandy jumped backwards and Uncle Tong had to hold on to her. 

Mr Liew : Why…….do we not … have another model ?

I stared in disbelief at Mr Liew. 

Even before he started, I knew where this was going. 

James : We did not know Terry was going to play dirty… 

Mr Liew : Then what about her ??? !

No one said a word. 

Mr Liew pointed his finger at me. 

Mr Liew : Tell me James…. Did you know she has another one ?? DID YOU!!! She fucking made us look so miserable..!!! 

James : What are you talking about… we’re the same team ! 

Mr Liew : WHAT SAME TEAM !! .. she stole projects from us JAMES!!!... 

Belinda wanted to speak up again as she took a step forward.

He proceeded to point a finger at Belinda and shouted at her. 

Mr Liew : You keep quiet…. I want to hear it from James…. 

Mr Liew : Tell me James… tell me…. She lied to all of us… tell me she did this behind all our backs…. I will fucking kick her out of our team… she can go work on this on her own since she’s so capable…TELL ME!! 

James : Mr LIEW !... 

He cut me off with another shout. 

I have never seen him so angry before. 

Mr Liew : YES OR NO!!!! Did you know about this ??? 

He pointed his finger so hard at the model that his arms shook at the force. 

No one spoke for a good 5 seconds before Mr Liew softened his tone a little. 

Mr Liew : Please… James… tell me you didn’t know about this….. tell me it was all her tricks …. She deceived us…..tell me she did not just watch our effort go down the drain while she secretly have a backup model… 

Mr Liew : Tell me…. She lied…. I will fire her….. everything goes back to normal…… none of this happened… please James…. Tell me… 

I sighed and looked at Mr Liew. 

James : Listen… to what you are saying Mr Liew….

He blatantly ignored what I just said.

Mr Liew : Tell me… it was all her… 

Belinda : James did not know !! 


James : ENOUGH!! 


For the first time I shouted back at my mentor. The same man that had taught me everything I knew.


Mr Liew’s eyes closed and he refused to register what I just said. 

Mr Liew : Just answer my question James…. Did you know ? 

The silence in the room is deafening. 

I could even hear people walking along the corridor outside the room. 

I could even hear the low hum of the air conditioner from the supply grilles. 

Mr Liew’s eyes stared right through me, I could not make out if it was anger or disappointment he was trying to convey but I knew it was pure stupidity. 

Just as I expected, he has let his anger and ego take over him. 

James : Yes……… I did.. 

I could see all my team mate’s eyes widened as they glared at me. Belinda immediately grabbed my arm and protested, saying that I had no part in this but Mr Liew did not want to hear anything from her. 

He shook his head with a smile and put up his hand at Belinda, telling her to stop talking as he looked at me in the eye. 

Mr Liew : One more time James… did you know ? …. 

As our eyes met, I had flashes of our past experiences come and go. 

The times when Mr Liew was without an assistant and I was the only one who helped him. 

The times when no one believed in his proposal and that he was capable of greater things and I was the only one who stood by his side. 

The time when he became a father and I was the 1st one to visit him. 

The times when we worked late into the night, binge drinking on Japanese whiskey as we filled the office with our drunken swears of vulgarities. 

And of course, the times when we won projects from bigger and better teams.

All those memories came and went. 

James : Yes ….. I did. … 

Belinda : JAMES!! What are you doing !!!... James !!! 

She tugged me on my arm repeatedly, pulling my shirt and pushing my torso. 

Belinda : James!!.. James!!.. JAMES!!! NO!... don’t lie … you did not know this until last night !!! 

Belinda looked towards Mr Liew before looking at the rest of the team. 

Belinda : James did not know !!... he really did not know…it’s just me…. I did it on my own.. 

Right at that moment, the door to the function room opened and Omar walked in with a smart swagger followed by Rasid and 2 of their aides. 

Omar : Don’t mind me… please carry ok… guys are pretty loud… we could hear everything outside… 

He pulled a chair, flipped it so the back faces his front and sat down backstreet boy style. 

Omar : I mean it… carry on… 

There was no smile on Rasid’s face. 

Mr Liew just looked at Omar. 

He could not give two fucks he was the client. At that moment, his ego was all that matters. 

Belinda’s hand was still on my arm, tugging and shaking me to wake up. 

Mr Liew : James…. I’m not kidding….. are you sure…. 

James : Yes I am…. 

He looked up into the ceiling of the function room with a sigh, letting his sights stop there for a moment. 

Mr Liew turned back to face me and said it to my face. 

Mr Liew : You’re fired. 

After 2 seconds, everyone on my team started talking, questioning Mr Liew but he just walked out of the room. 

Belinda : What are you doing James !!! 

I could see she was on the brink of tears. 

Omar just smiled and asked Belinda again. 

Omar : Belinda… 

The room fell silent once more. 

Omar : Who….. 

Omar: gave you…. 

Omar : that bruise ??? 

Belinda’s eyes closed as she thought about the question.

Omar : Well…. James got fired…. I’m the only one that can get him back his job …. I can always insist I want him… 

Belinda reacted too quickly, her body moved forward, her left foot taking a step too fast, her eyes opened and her lips almost blurted out the name but she stopped herself in time. 

It’s too late. 

Omar smiled and nodded his head slowly as he looked at Belinda. 

Not only did Omar see it, the rest of my team member saw it too. 

That reaction. 

The sudden reaction and expression that is impossible to fake. 

Belinda panicked and quickly let go of my arm.

Omar cast our fate in stone with his final question. 

Omar : Who is James to you Belinda ?? ….. ..or rather… 

He looked back at me. 

Omar : James……. who is Belinda to you ?? girlfriend ? lover ? …. 

All eyes fell on me as she shook her head desperately before looking at me. Her eyes pleading for me help. 

Belinda : Omar please.. we’re just… 

I cut her off immediately and added.

James: Nobody…. We’re just colleagues.. 

Omar laughed…. 

Omar : You forgot what I told you about me reading people James …. Haha… I don’t believe you.. 

He stood up and straightened his suit.

Omar : I’ll see you at your dinner and dance party later Belinda…. 

Rasid’s aides ushered the rest of the team out including Belinda to the café where refreshments were prepared for everyone.

Rasid : A word please James…. 

As the heavy door closed, Rasid gestured to a chair and we sat opposite each other. 

James : What do you want…. You’ve already heard…. I’m fired… I can’t help you with anything… 

Rasid laughed. 

Rasid : Hahaha… of course you can hahahah… wahahaha…. 

James : I cannot get you Belinda….. she would not agree to it. 

I had to hold back my frustration as Rasid just chuckled at me. 

Rasid : Well, your other colleague is pretty too… that Sandy… wahahah… 

I got up on my feet. 

James : You know what… I’m going back for a good sleep…all these are no longer any of my concerns… 

Suddenly the door opened and I saw Belinda walked in. 

She checked to make sure no one followed her. 

James : What are you doing here ? I’m talking to….. 

Belinda ignored me and went straight to Rasid. 

Belinda : Please Rasid…. I want to work with James on this… if not I’m quitting…. Please tell Omar… 

Rasid took a look at Belinda and laughed. 

James : What are you doing ?? … don’t be mad… i.. 

Rasid : Who is James to you Belinda ? 

Before I could stop Belinda, she blurted out that we’re dating. 

Belinda : He’s my boyfriend.. 

My jaws dropped and I turned to look at my wife. 

Rasid : Wah… haha.. hahahaha… good… good….

He looked at Belinda with his lecherous eyes and invited both of us up to his room. 

I wanted to tell Belinda not to do it but she shrugged my hands off her. 

I don’t know what happened. 

It was like I was being hypnotized. 

Without even realising it, I found myself outside Rasid’s suite and when the door opened, I could see Aliya behind the door smiling at me. 

I wanted to move. 

I wanted to grab Belinda and run but my limbs would not react to the commands my mind is giving. 

Rasid introduced Belinda and me as a couple to Aliya and she chuckled , covering her mouth shyly. 

Aliya : So you are boyfriend and girlfriend now ?? hur hur…

Rasid sat down on his hair and smiled at Belinda. 

James : Dear… don’t do this…. There’s no need for this.. I don’t want this job… 

Belinda : Shut up James… I’m not doing this project without you… 

James : I’m not letting you do this… 

Aliya glided back to Rasid and both of them laughed at us as we argued in front of them. 

Rasid : I haven even said what I wanted James… why do you keep telling Belinda to say no ?? wahhh… wahhh… wahahahah…. 

I watch him whisper to Aliya as she smiled and walked towards me. 

James : No… no. no. no… Aliya… it’s ok… no… I don’t… 

Rasid laughed. 

He smacked his thighs and laughed. 

James : No Rasid.. I mean it.. I don’t…. I don’t want… 

As I backed away from Aliya, I watched helplessly as Rasid gestured for Belinda to go forward. 

James : Dear don’t do it !!... don’t ! 

A smiled broke out on Rasid’s face as I gasped in a breath of cold air when the robe Aliya was wearing fell to the ground. 

Rasid stood up and touched Belinda’s hair. 

I could see from behind her she had her fist clenched and she was trying to stop herself from shivering. 

James : NO Belinda, stop !!.. don’t do it !!!... don’t !! 

Rasid laughed. He let his hands trace around Belinda’s waist as he walked one round around her while I continue to back away from a laughing Aliya who found me amusing. 

I watched as Rasid reached for Belinda's privates and rubbed onto her pussy from outside her clothes, licking his lips slyly. 

I lost my concentration for a moment and Aliya laughed and hugged herself around me as I tried to pull myself loose. 

Aliya : I like you James… ahhaa…

James : Aliya no… please..i..i… 

She hugged and pulled me over to Rasid, laughing and talking in Arabic to her husband. 

Whatever she said, it made Rasid do happy and cracked him up so much that he laughed and laughed. 

It took a good 3 minutes before Rasid calmed down and wiped away tears from his eyes. 

Rasid : Here’s the deal James…. Hahahha… 

He tried to fight off another bout of laughing and he said the very words that felt like someone had stabbed me in my spine with a cold frozen blade. 

Rasid : Let’s play a game James… you know I Iike games….haha…

Rasid : Whatever you don’t do….. to Aliya……. I will do it…. With Belinda….wahahahahhaahah…. 

Belinda’s eyes blinked twice and darted to meet mine as Aliya chuckled. 

Rasid took the hotel clock and placed it in front of me. 

Rasid : I give you….. 15 mintues….remember James…. Whatever is not done with Aliya….. I will do it with Belinda……wahahahahhahaha…. That includes an orgasm too whahahahahaha…. 

Belinda looked lost and was totally speechless. 

Rasid smirked and tapped the clock the moment the minute hand hit 11.30am 

Rasid : Your time…. Starts now…. 


I don’t know what to think. 

I don’t even know what to do as Aliya lets go of my hand and retreated to the bed, biting her lips to give me the innocent and helpless look. 

I can’t move. I really can’t 

I looked at Belinda helplessly and I wanted to speak but nothing came out. In the end I forced myself to tell Rasid we will both quit the job.

James : We’ll both leave the company together, we don’t need this project…we’ll… we’ll get another job elsewhere…

Rasid laughed. 

Rasid : The clock is ticking James……hahaha…. No one forced the 2 of you to walk into this room… you did so out of your own free will…… 

He rubbed his stomach and played with his moustache. 

Rasid : Walk out and I will destroy you…. No one will trust you guys with any projects… wahahah….sounds quite mean… but… oh well…. Clock is still ticking James… hahaha… 

I looked at Aliya who had gotten in the king size bed. 

Her legs glide sensually against the other, her feet rubbing up her own inner thigh as she got onto the knees, like a wild kitten prancing towards her pillows. Every movement of hers is so graceful, so gentle and measured that it felt like she was putting me into a trance. 

Her skin is flawless, and her eyes, those big green eyes of hers. They peered right through me, tempting me to make my move. 

Fuck her you say ? 

Anyone would do it if given the chance. 

If only things were that simple. 

Rasid : Go on James… I want to see…. How seriously you people take this… boyfriend, girlfriend thingy… wahahaha… 

Rasid’s eyes glowed with anticipation. 

Belinda and I were caught in a bind and it was exactly this kind of helpless situation that turned Rasid on. 

Rasid : Hahaha…. Difficult decision eh ?? 

As his chuckled faded into the back of my head, I could not help but agree with him. 

What the fuck can I do ? 

Sure, I could fuck Aliya, fuck her in every possible fucking hole she has on her body so Rasid would not get to do it to Belinda but I would be doing so in full view of my wife. 

Does this even make sense to you ? 

So I don’t do it, then Rasid would get to enjoy every hole Belinda has to offer. 

I was sure the same thoughts ran through Belinda’s head as she stared at me. Her lips trembled a little as Rasid started talking in the background. 

Rasid : Let me give you a little help James…. Wahhaha… I’ll….. tell you what I want to do to Belinda…. 

He slowly paced around the room as I watch the time tick away. 

Rasid : I would…. Fuck my cock…. Into her small mouth, making her slowly suck on my dick… ahahah… I know she would resist initially…. But I will push in some more…. Little by little until she starts to gag… 

I could see Belinda swallowing a gulp of her saliva.

Rasid : Even if she willingly takes my cock into her mouth, I would still push in further, till my balls rub against her chin…. Wahahaha…..

He quickly took a few steps towards Belinda as she backed away into the dresser table and continued his imaginary menu of stuff he wanted to do. 

Rasid : I would lick her cunt of course, savouring the juice from her warm pussy…. Slowing putting my tongue into her love hole….. I would lick her flaps… twirl me tongue around her soft skin…hahahha..

He pinched his finger together like a chef who had just sampled some delicacies before going on. 

Rasid : Her breast… yes… I’ve always wanted to slowly squeeze and fondle the breast of a petite Asian woman…. One that…. I don’t pay for… wahahaha….ok… maybe I should rephrase that…. One that is so…. Spicy… eh… I like spicy… James…. Belinda is … spicy…

Rasid giggled to himself as he exchanged looks with his wife. 

Rasid : Yes… yes… Belinda is like an exotic spice…I would slurp up her breast, nurse on them like a calf feeding off her mother… whahahah…. Suck.. suck… suck…~~~ 

He even made a motion of sucking and slurping towards Belinda as his hands mimicked the action of squeezing on them as he laughed harder.

His laughter got even more erratic as he went on, obviously enjoying himself. 

Rasid : Of course… I would fuck Belinda slowly…. I will take her to paradise…whaha… I take all my women to paradise… haha… She would shake…. Beg…. Moan…. And cry…. As she feel me inside her… feel me go in and out….. in and out… in and out… whahaha….. 

Then he lowered his voice significantly. 

Rasid : And her ass too…. I can tell it would be a lot tighter…did you fuck her in the ass James ??? wahahaha….i will pushed myself all the way in, feel her squirm as I cum into her, then I can slowly savour and enjoy watching the cum drip down the sides of your girlfriend’s legs…. Whahah…. 

He turned around and pointed to the clock. 

Rasid : James…. 3 minutes is gone…. Are you still considering..? hahaha… I hope that gave you some ideas eh…. Whahaha…. 

Belinda by then had retreated to the dresser and her legs no longer had strength to carry her body weight. She collapsed onto the chair as Rasid started to take off his clothes. 

I immediately dashed over to Aliya and she yelped in surprised before giggling at my impatience. 

I have it all planned. 

I have it all mapped out in my brain. 

It will be very systematic. 

I just need to do the series of actions and that was it. All I wanted was to block off Rasid’s advance to Belinda. As long as I did all the things and fuck Aliya in all her holes, there was nothing Rasid could do. I only hope he keeps his promise. 

First I will kiss Aliya, then lick her cunt. 

Then I will make her suck my cock while I nurse on her breast in the 69 position. 

After that I would fuck her before forcing my dick into her ass. 

One action, one rep each. 

I would have covered everything . Then I would make Aliya masturbate for me before cumming onto her face. 

Not only will I shoot onto her face, I would shoot only her breast, her stomach, the top of her pussy and maybe rubbed the excess all over her asshole. 

Fuck, that would cover everything. 

I did a 3 second mental checklist to make sure I covered all the bases and I was glad. All the holes that can be fucked would have been fucked by me. 

Aliya giggled as I pressed my mouth onto hers. I wanted to peel away the moment out lips touched, I wanted to tick off the checklist as soon as I could but I can’t 

I can’t 

Aliya is the devil. 

My lips touched her soft lips, it was moist, and tender, and they parted slowly as her hands grabbed onto me and started taking off my clothes. 

Her tongue came into my mouth and for some reason, I could not peel away.I wanted to. 

Fuck I really wanted to. 

But I can’t .

As she kissed me, our eyes met and she was smiling. 

She was smiling not only with her mouth but only with her eyes. Her breath is so sweet, it was like the smell of approaching spring after a long winter. Her lips alternated between kissing me and smiling at me, her tongue, teased mine to come out of my mouth. 

I’m resisting. 

I really am but it was a losing battle. 

I did not even realised my clothes had came off and I had an erection until Aliya grabbed onto my cock with her hands, stroking and playing with my erected manhood. One that she knows she would conquer in the minutes to come. 

Rasid clapped in the background and whooped. 

Rasid : Whoop !!nice James…. Hahahaha….. clock is still ticking… 

He went on to direct his statement to Belinda next as Aliya’s palms slid up my stomach, brushing against my nipples. Her touch is so soothing, her hands are smooth and lukewarm in the cold room of the hotel. 

The comfort level of being touched by Aliya was out of this world. I cannot explain it. 

Rasid : Awwww.w….. Belinda… that meant I can’t kiss you later… hahaha… 

He dick an imaginary tick in mid air before I was pushed down onto my back. My underwear came off as I felt the cold draft of the air con hit my testicles. It only lasted a second before Aliya’s mouth sucked onto the tip of my uncircumcised cock. 

Rasid : Ohh…. You still have your foreskin James… wahaha… good luck to you… ahahahah…. Aliya…. Likes men…. With their skin on… 

Before I could contemplate what that even means, I groaned in orgasmic pleasure as my brain fired millions of electrical signals all over my body. Aliya’s mouth sucked down hard on my dick, creating a vaccum of sort as she pushed down on my foreskin slowly. 

James : ARghhhh….arghhhh… 

I almost went into spasm as Aliya’s fingers started to massage and flicked my nipples. 

My eyes met Belinda’s and she was transfixed on the scene. 

I quickly snapped myself back into control. 

I had to fight this. 

I had to.. 

James : Arghhhh..,.aghhhhgjh…

My whole body shook as my foreskin got rolled back onto itself and the sensitive bulb of my dick opened up like a blooming flower to Aliya’s foxy mouth. Her saliva coated my dick head and the suction was so forceful I thought I would cum there and then. 

No I cannot. 

I cannot cum… 

If I did, I would not have completed the list of actions I needed to do. 

James : arghh!!!!aeghhg…. 

My eyes widened as Aliya’s head started to move. 

I almost wanted to shout no… 

James: Arghh.. arghh… 

My shaft felt like it was being massaged by the most skilled masseuse money can buy and the tingling sensation radiated throughout my privates as I groaned like a pussy in front of Aliya. 

Rasid : Wahahaha… what did I say James… what did I say… wahahaha…..

James : No.. no.. no…a rghh.. arghhh.. arghh… 

I clenched down on my teeth hard not because it was painful. 

It was comfortable. 

It was fucking comfortable that subconsciously, I held onto the lush mane of hair Aliya had on her head. 

James : Argghhh.. aghh.. 

I wanted to pull out. 

I wanted her to stop but I can’t 

Aliya : LSurppzzz… slurrrppzzz…. Pppppooopp!!! 

That popped when Aliya pulled out my saliva coated dick almost pushed me over the edge as I squeeze down on my bladder and forced myself to think of something else. 

Aliya gave me her mesmerising smile as she brushed back her hair, ready to continue sucking my cock. 

I tried to back away and she laughed. 

Aliya : Come on James… I like you… hur hur… 

James : Wait.. wait.. Aliya…a rghhh.. arghhhhh… 

Aliya’s hands found my balls and she squeezed onto them gently but hard enough to immobilise my body before her mouth engulfed my cock once more. 

James : ARghhh… arghhh…. 

Rasid : whahaha… See Belinda… my wife just saved you from sucking my cock !!!.. whahahhaa….

I could feel her mouth suck and squeeze as she slid her lips down my shaft till the tip of my dick hit something. I don’t know what it was but even using that part of her mouth, she gave me countless jibes of pleasure. 

James :Arghhh arghhh… arghh…. Aliya… arghhh… 

I tried to pull Aliya up towards me and orientate her bottom up. She caught the drift and stopped sucking on my cock for a moment as she right herself properly. Brushing her hair back she smiled charmingly at me before straddling my face. 

Her panty was a nice light blue with a smattering of flowery motifs in white, pink and a little bit of yellow. I don’t know what to expect but as she lowered her pussy towards me, my muscle memory took over. 

I kissed onto her cunt and started licking her through her panty. 

Rasid laughed and clapped again, expressing his disappointment that he would not be able to lick Belinda’s pussy. 

Rasid : Awww…. I always wanted to know how a Singaporean girl taste like… ahahha.. wahaha… 

Aliya had this exotic fragrance coming even from her vagina. There is this sweet scent of flowers blooming in the morning as I licked the slits of her pussy through her panty. 

I don’t know how long I licked as I stroked the side of her thighs before Aliya stopped and got off me. I wanted to change position and quickly go through the list but she pulled off her soaked panty and position herself over me once more. 

Her vagina is beautiful. Totally bare, hairless and the colours I was seeing looked like someone had applied makeup on her privates. 

The slits and folds were almost symmetrical, and as I licked into her vagina entrance, I could feel her body react, Aliya squirmed in pleasure, losing the momentum on my cock. I pushed my face into her pussy, and she lowered herself onto me. 

I could feel the soft velvet folds of her vagina pressing against the sides of my lips. My saliva and copious amount of her womanly juice mixed and danced in my mouth before flowing down the sides of my cheeks. 

I sucked and licked onto Aliya’s lovely folds, tasting and licking her love juice as my finger massaged her clitoris at an awkward angle. 

It was a battle. 

I was fighting to control my dick inside Aliya’s mouth while she was trying to keep her control from my invading tongue. 

I manged to adjust and suck onto Aliya’s clitoris. 

Aliya : aRwrrrrrhhhhh.. arghhhh..eghhh… 

She stopped sucking on my cock.

I sucked harder, letting my tongue flicked and slap her sensitive and engorged clit. 

James : Slurppzzz… slurpzzz.. slurppzzzzz…

Aliya : ARghhh.. arghhh.. arghh…. 

Aliya just moaned as I felt her dangling hair brush against my dick, my thighs and my balls. She was in the perfect position to suck me but she stopped, allowing herself to enjoy the sinful pleasure of having her pussy licked and her clitoris sucked. 

Rasid : Woah.. woah… ahahhaah…James… hahaha…. My wife likes you … ahahaha…

Aliya : aereghhh..e ghhh… erghhh @#$@#$...a rghhh.. erergnnn @#$@#$@$ 

Aliya moaned as I increased the frequency of my tongue and sucking. I felt her hand grab my dick and tried to masturbate me but the rhythm is all wrong, it was erratic. She lost control of her body. 

She moaned and spoke bits and pieces of Arabic to Rasid and Rasid laughed heartily. 

James : SLurrrpppzzz… slurpzzz…. Zzhoooootttttsss…. Larppll..larppp….sluzpzzz…

I did not let up on my licking and sucking. I forced myself to carry on even though my tongue and mouth hurts. 

I need to bring Aliya to her orgasm. 

Suddenly I felt Aliya’s left hand grip onto my left calf as she lowered herself further onto me. 

I struggled to breath but I held on. 

She was even starting to grind her pussy as I licked onto her vagina. 

Then I felt her right hand grip my right calf too as she moaned louder and louder. 

Aliya : ARhhhh.. arghhhh… arghhhh .. James… arghhhhh… James… arghhhh….

Her feet were by the sides of my head and they closed in, squeezing themselves tightly by my ears as they rubbed against my head. 

Aliya : Araghhh.. aeghhh…arghhh… 

I was running out of air and energy. 

I gave one last burst of licking, and tongue slap of her clitoris as Aliya’s moans because a high pitched scream. 

Aliya : ARGhhhHHHHH.. EEKKKKKK!!! arHGHH… 

Her bottom started to shake. 

Her movements became erratic. 

She was fighting to keep it in control but she was losing it. 

She knew she was losing it. 

All the shaking and shivering climaxed at one point when she sucked in a large gulp of air and she no longer moved. 

For the half a second, she just sucked in gulp of air into her lungs and her body was frozen, only the sound of her gasping for oxygen was audible. 

I took that as a que and plunged my tongue into Aliya’s pussy the moment she moaned so loud that she drowned out the voice of Rasid’s laughing and clapping in the room. 

Aliya : aRghhhhh!!!!!!!!!! arGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!! 

Aliya’s bottom and pussy trashed and rubbed all over my face, coating me with her love juice. She rubbed her pussy along the entire ridge of my nose, using it as a fuck toy to bring her waves after waves of orgasmic pleasure. 


As the waves of orgasm started to ebb away, I quickly pulled myself out and flipped Aliya over onto the back as she panted and moan. 

James : Condoms…. Where are the condoms…. 

Rasid laughed and threw a few over to me. 

I quickly grabbed one and capped myself before I fuck myself into Aliya. Her body tensed up, her fingers gripped onto the bedsheets beside her as her smile broke into a wide grin. I drive my cock deep into her pussy, fucking her deep, smacking her for Rasid to hear. 

Rasid : Whahah… fuck her James… fuck her good… wahahah…. 

I held myself back and pulled out after about 10 strokes. 

I still need to fuck Aliya in her ass. 

Aliya is wet, totally drenched with her cunt juice at the bottom and I could see a lot of it flowing down back to her asshole. 

I rubbed it around the entry and Aliya smiled playfully before getting up on her fours, bending over obediently to offer up her anal. 

Rasid : Come on … come on James… you are using up all the holes….. ahahahah.. leave one for me at least… I want to fuck Belinda in her ass ….. ahahahah…. 

Without hesitating, I pushed against Aliya anal with my throbbing dick. It was tight but it was easier than expected. I slid in a little at first as she moaned. 

Then after the initial resistance, I stared to glide in smoothly. I went further and further as Rasid cheered and Aliya moaned. 

I fucked myself right up to my balls and delivered a good 10 impactful strokes into Aliya before I pulled myself out with a grunt. 

James : ARghhhh !! 

I collapsed onto the bed and removed the condom. Throwing it to the side of the bed as I panted and gasp for breath. 

Belinda stared in shock and I could see her bite her lips. 

I could even see her mouth the words ‘ sorry ‘ as I filled my lungs with oxygen. 

Rasid : Times up!!! Wahahaha.. hahah… good James… good…. Hahah… you make me so horny…. I want to fuck my wife now… hahaha… 

Aliya hugged herself onto me, kissing me again, giving me a wide grin. 

Aliya : I like you James… I really do.. hahha… Shall we do this again ?? …

I shook my head and started to pull away from Aliya as she teased me. 

Belinda ran into the bathroom and grabbed me a towel. 

James : So that’s it… I’ve done everything.. 

Rasid : No… you have not… 

James : I’ve fucked every hole possible…I’ve…. 

Rasid laughed and cut me off. 

Rasid : But… you did not cum… which means… I get to cum… with Belinda…. 

Belinda and I froze. 

James : But I already did everything….there is nothing… 

Rasid cut me off again. 

Rasid : Oh…. Have a little imagination James…. I don’t need Belinda’s hands…her mouth…. Her pussy…. Or her ass to cum…. There are other ways… whahaha…. 

He gestured to the bathroom and asked me to wash up. 

Rasid : Wash up James…. I enjoyed the show… I really did…. But for now… I need to…. Discipline my wife…. For enjoying herself with another man… whahahah.. haha… 

He turned to Belinda. 

He held up his phone to show me a screen of me fucking Aliya and I gasped in shock. 

James : What are you doing !!! 

Rasid : I could not help it… hahaha.. I want to see the show again… wahahaha…. Don’t worry… it’s be safe…. We arabs have very good encryption technology….wahahaha…. 

Rasid : As for you…. I’ll see you tonight ya Belinda…. After your dinner and dance…. I believed…you have some theme party going on…. School uniforms or something ? whahaha….

Belinda grabbed me by my hand and pulled me into the bathroom to wash up. 

It was a funny and awkward sight. 

There I was showering in the bathroom after fucking Aliya as Belinda waited by the side with a towel for me. 

We got dressed and left the room. 

We walked so fast to the lift lobby that we forgot to breathe. 

Only after the lift door closed did we regain our composure. 

The lift descended and we did not speak to each other. 

This is fucked up. 

James : I’m…. I’m sorry…. i… 

Belinda : It’s ok James… I understand… 

I don’t believe her. 

How the fuck can a wife look at her husband do that and not be affected. 

James : Belinda… i… 

Belinda : I… don’t remember you being that good with your tongue though… 

She folded her arms and looked at me from the side of her eyes and I laughed awkwardly. 

James : ERgmmmmmhh … ahhaa.. 

Belinda : I’m… really ok…. I think…. We’re….. we’re separated after all…. It’s not like… 

The lift door chimed open on the ground floor and we saw Mr Liew in front of us. 

Before we could step out or say anything, he pushed both Belinda and me back into the lift and quickly jabbed at a random high floor until the lift door closed. 

Mr Liew : Where did you 2 go !!! I’m been trying to find you. !! 

We were shocked. 

We just stared wide eyed at Mr Liew. 

Mr Liew : I have no time to explain…. Mr Lau would be making a speech in a few minutes…. Everyone needs to be there… 

Mr Liew grabbed my shoulder excitedly. 

The anger was gone. 

That irrational anger and spite was gone. 

He seemed like a totally different person . He looked excited, happy and full of drive. 

Mr Liew : It’s happening James… it’s happening…. 

James : What… what is happening… ? 

Mr Liew looked at Belinda and me before apologising for earlier. 

Mr Liew : I’ll explain in detail later but in a nutshell, a coup is happening…. We’re taking over the office… 

Belinda : What ?? 

James : Huh ? 

He gave a summarised version of Mr Lau wanting to retire and pass the reins over to Terry. It was something Omar and Rasid expected but they did not trust Terry. 

That was the reason why they had met up in Cambodia the day before to iron things out. 

Mr Liew : We were in regular contact for a while…. And for you James… 

He said I would be working for Terry. 

James : What ? Why ? 

Mr Liew : Hahaha.. part of the plan James… part of the plan…..haha… 

The lift chimed opened and Mr Liew closed it again to bring us down. 

James : There’s no way Terry would take me… 

Mr Liew : He would…he would… we fell out remember… I fired you ahahah… don't worry... i have it all worked out...

I was speechless until he added. 

Mr Liew : Actually…. I had other plans initially…more subtle…. which did not include such theatrics….but it was Omar and Rasid who suggested this. 

Belinda and I stared at Mr Liew in shock. 

Mr Liew : Ya… they suggested I fire you….says the desperation and anger would look convincing....ahhaa.. it sure did...

The lift was approaching the ground floor and he added. 

Mr Liew : Don’t talk to me… I’m gonna remain the mean bastard you met earlier…. 

He turned to Belinda 

Mr Liew : good job on the proposal…. It’s a good one… but that doesn't mean i forgive you for stealing jobs from me yet... ahah.... but well done...

Then he alternated his finger between the 2 of us. 

Mr Liew : You 2……. Dating or something ?? I don’t mind… just don’t let it get in the way of work… 

As the lift door chimed to indicate we reached the ground floor, Mr Liew added that he wants to meet with us after the speech to go through some stuff but meanwhile, everything remains status quo. 

The door opened and Mr Liew walked out in a huff.

Belinda and I remained in the lift, speechless and motionless. 

The lift closed on it’s own and neither of us spoke. 

When it opened again, we saw Omar standing by the entrance with his aides. 

He spoke in Arabic to his aides and they walked off before he stepped into the lift with us. 

Omar : Hi Belinda…..i heard… have a date with Rasid tonight….

He hit the floor of his suite and turned to Belinda as we watch the lift door closed, shutting the 3 of us in the small enclosure. 


Omar turned towards me and shook his head.

Omar : I’m disappointed James… if not for the fact I helped you a few months ago…. Belinda would have been taken right there and then…. You had a couple of months to talk to her and what?? You end up in a relationship ? Is that it ??

He tilted his head sideways and looked at me with a look that betrayed no emotions. It’s hard to tell if he was kidding with you or he’s fucking with you. I don’t know what to reply him.

Belinda : Omar… I know about that….. James told me that very night… I would not have agreed to it.

Omar smiled as he stroked Belinda’s hair and she backed away, moving closer to me.

Omar : Haha… I’m also disappointed with you Belinda…. You went to Rasid…. Before coming to see me ?? I might have offered you better terms no ?

Neither of us spoke until the lift chimed to indicate we arrived at the suite level.

Omar : Come… let’s have a chat in my room.

Belinda fell into step behind Omar and blurted out that we knew it was he and Rasid who suggested Mr Liew fired me.

Belinda : It was your doing all along…. !!! How could you !

Omar raised an eyebrow and replied as if he did nothing wrong.

Omar : Sure… I don’t deny that… but it was all for the big picture….. James needed to go over to the other side….

He paused and fiddled with his room key.

Omar : No one asked you to beg us for his job Belinda … hahha… if only you had a bit of patience to wait it out…. Mr Liew would have told you about the plan anyway…..

He spread his arms apart and looked at Belinda with a smile.

Omar : Am I wrong to say that… ??

Omar unlocked the door and invited us into his room.

James : Fuck this Belinda… let’s go..

Belinda shrugged me off and insisted on reasoning with Omar.

Belinda : Bullshit… you knew you would…..

She was cut off by Omar who offered her a drink from the fridge.

Belinda : I thought you are not allowed to drink….

Omar : I pour vodka in my tea pot and drink them in broad daylight back in my country…. Anyway…

Omar : Yes… yes… I admit…. It was to force you…. So ?

He gave a really charming smile and acted like everything was fine as he poured both of us a drink.

Omar : I could give you everything you ask for Belinda… haha…

He went on without bothering to see if we were even listening. He knew we would be.

Omar : A place to stay ?? I have units at Icon…. Just across the road… if you want somewhere out of town …. Mt Sinai ? no ? … what about… novena ?? …. You like the beach ? Bayshore ?..... sorry no Sentosa though…. It’s overhyped…. I could get a private island with that kind of money…. Anyway… my point is…

He handed a glass of wine to Belinda.

Omar : I want you… and…. Everything I want…… I get… it’s a matter of time… I know you Belinda…. I know you would not accept my offer of a house,….. money… oil…hahah….because the thought of this arrangmenet simply disgust you…..

Belinda kept quiet, her jaws tightly clenched.

Omar : You see…. It is exactly girls like you who would refused my offers that intrigued me….

He tried to search for some other description as he waved his hands in mid-air before deciding to continue.

Omar : As much as I would loved to have you safely tucked away in a nice place waiting for me whenever I’m in Singapore, I am a practical man…. You are no such women…. And you never would be….. which is why….. I’m proposing an alternative….

I grabbed Belinda’s hand and made our way towards the exit.

James : Fuck this… seriously… this is bullshit… let’s just go…

Omar : What do you think will happen when Terry takes over James ? …. If… Terry takes over…

I paused and looked at him.

Omar : You think… your colleagues would still have a job ? …. You think… you can really concentrate on this masterplan ?.... Mr Liew ?? His wife and kids….? Your friend and his elderly mum ? ….. the young kid…. The old man ?? And of course… the sweet little girl Sandy…. Yes… yes…. I know all about them…..

He added that he’s going to be investing a lot of money in the project and he likes to make sure he knows everyone that would be working on it.

Omar : And you two…… you….. two…. Hahhaa

He sniggered and shook his head.

Omar : Husband…………… and wife…….. Formerly…… from what I gathered….

He chuckled and said that he was surprised we managed to keep it under wraps for so long.

Omar : No one knew.... not even Rasid... haha..

Belinda : We’ve separated…. It’s been years….

Omar smiled and shrugged his shoulders, saying that it just makes
everything more interesting.

Omar : That’s besides the point… but just to let you know Belinda….. the excitement of…. Having you…. A married women….. turns me on another notch…. Haha….. ok… back to the big picture…

He pointed to Belinda .

Omar : Everything Belinda has done so far against Terry ? her past relationship with him….

He snapped his fingers and said we would be replaced within a month. His money would be fucked if Terry is running the project and there was no way he’s going to let that happen.

Omar : Besides… Rasid has James’s naked picture no ? hahah…

James : Go ahead… post it online… who gives a fuck about a naked man anyway…

Omar laughed and said he doesn’t do things like that.

Belinda finally asked the question Omar was waiting for as she shrugged my hand away.

Belinda : What do you want then…

Omar placed his fingertips for both hands against each other and smiled.

Omar : Rasid has a date with you this evening…. i shall not disturb him…. So that leaves tomorrow morning till I fly off in the evening…

A wide grin broke out on his face.

Omar : Make me happy Belinda…. And I will make sure this will never happen again.

James : Dear don’t..

I immediately caught myself but it was too late.

Omar : Dear ? My…. That’s a bit deep for a young relationship don’t you think ? hahah.. … you are no longer…. Husband and wife no ?

He gave a naughty look towards Belinda.

Belinda glared at Omar who sipped his wine and visually raped her body beneath her clothes. The thought of having someone who he could not buy with his money must be a new point of arousal for Omar.

Someone naturally radiant and beautiful, someone that refused his gifts, a girl who dared to say no to him, and not to forget, she is the wife of another man. The arousal comes not just from the impending act itself.

The very negotiation would have been a highlight of it’s own. I could see the budge in Omar’s pants as he lingered his gaze on Belinda’s full breast and her slim waist.

Belinda : Just once ?

He nodded with a grind and looked at his watch. 

Omar : 6am tomorrow…. Till my flight at 4pm…. … James can stay by your side if you wished…

He refilled his wine and raised his glass for a toast, his eyes levelled at Belinda. 

Omar : Don’t worry about James… Aisha is arriving in a few hours… I will make sure he’s properly entertained… haha… Rasid would not mind..

James : I don’t give a shit… I quit… i…. 

Belinda : I’ll do it. 

James : What !.... wait… 

Omar drained his glass with a clap of his hands as Belinda pulled me out the door and slammed it shut. 

James : What the fuck was that ?? …. We don’t need this… 

Belinda : Shut up James…. 

The moment we got inside the lift we started shouting at each other. 

James : You’re out of your mind …. !

Belinda : I know what I’m doing ! 

James : You don’t !! …

Belinda : I Do!!!... 

James : How could you agree to sleep with him !!! 

Belinda : Well I watched you fucked Aliya didn’t I !! 

That was all there is. 

We said no more as the lift descended down to the ground floor. 

As the door opened, Belinda added. 

Belinda : Don’t think of us……. as husband and wife James….think of us as…. Just…. Close friends…. Aren’t we ?? 

She walked out before turning back to look at me. 

Belinda : Stay with me James…. please… I don’t want to end up dead without anyone knowing in Omar’s room…. Rasid….is pretty screwed up in the head…. I’m pretty sure Omar would not be that far off… 

James : Why can’t we just quit and get another job ? 

Belinda smiled and looked away for a moment before folding her arms. 

When she looked back at me 3 seconds later she added. 

Belinda : The James….. I married…… he would never back down from a fight….. 

James : The James you married… would never let his wife do this….. 

Belinda replied with a smile. 

Belinda : But we parted ways James…. we parted ways… 

She turned and walked towards the café, leaving me behind in the lift. 

I stepped out of the lift and I could see Sharon waving me over to the café. 

The admin and HR staff were invited along for the post presentation lunch. After that they were tasked to go get ready for our dinner and dance together with the organisers. Team members from other teams were also present for the lunch and announcement. 

There was a rumour going on that the boss would be handing out some form of a bonus of sort to thank everyone for the good work in the office so far.

Mr Lau : Is everyone here ?? 

I could see everyone gathering near Mr Lau. Terry stood like a proud peacock by his father’s side, even though he is taller and bigger, he looked like a child beside his dad. 

Mr Liew had his arms folded with his grouchy face leaning against a table near the buffet spread

Sandy and the gang were looking moody as they sat at a corner. She exchanged looks with me as if she had something she wanted to say but she turned away a while later. 

Mr Lau spent 3 minutes thanking everyone for the hard work and the usual bullshit before saying that it was time to hand over the reins to Terry since he’s getting on with age. The usual cock suckers from Terry’s team cheered and congratulated him as Mr Lau said the transition would be gradual, he would start taking a back seat and leave Terry with most of the decision making.

Mr Lau : I really appreciate all the effort everyone put in for the company…. And I hope you enjoy the dinner and dance party tonight. Before I wrap up the speech, finance department would be handing out a token of appreciation to all staff….. they will be past to your team leaders…. 

I switched off after that and when to sit down at the table assigned to our team and asked for a cup of coffee.

Hakim : Brother…. What is going on ??? You knew about Belinda’s model ??? Why never say anything ? Buay steady leh like that….. 

James : It’s… it’s a long story…. I don’t know how to explain. 

Uncle Tong and Alex joined Hakim but before we could get into a organised conversation, I heard Mr Liew’s voice coming over to the table. 

Mr Liew : What are you doing at this table….. fuck off… 

Uncle Tong : Liew… need to do until like that or not….

Hakim : Mr Liew…. Like that buay swee la…. We’re colleagues after all…. 

Mr Liew ignored their comments and stared at me until I got up on my feet and took my coffee to another empty table. 

Alex : Eh… this is screwed up man… why need to do until………… 

Mr Liew silenced everyone with his voice. 

Mr Liew : None of you understood the gravity of this matter… I don’t want to discuss this further….just leave it at this…. If you are not happy… you can always leave… 

No one spoke. 

I could see Alex was very much tempted to quit there and then but I playfully slap him on his arm and ask him to sit down. 

James : Got girlfriend already…want to go holiday right… want to buy things for her…. Think of the future….. calm down… 

Mr Liew : This is yours Hakim….. Uncle Tong…. Sandy… Belinda….

He distributed the envelope with everyone’s name and Hakim was the first to open it. 

Hakim : Wah…. Zhun bo…. 

Uncle Tong looked surprised too as he and Hakim looked at each other’s cheque. The amount is the same. Mr Lau gave everyone a one off bonus of 3800. An accompanying letter says that this is a one off special bonus with the usual admin crap and that it is not part of our performance bonus. 

I could see 1 last envelope in Mr Liew’s hand.

He tore it up and I could hear my team member gasped 

Hakim : ahhhh!!! … 

Sandy : OH!!! 

Mr Liew : He is no longer a member of our team…. He don’t deserve this… 

Everyone looked at Mr Liew before turning to look at me. 

I turned away, asking for a refill of my coffee and I saw Terry looking at us from one table away. Nothing could describe the look of pleasure and satisfaction in his face. 

That cock sure fucked up look. 

That same look that says he has beaten me. 

I took a deep breath and braced myself for what is about to come. 

Terry clapped his hands dramatically as he laughed. 

Terry : Aiyoh….. poor thing…. No job… no money…. Hahhaa…. See you like this…. I really pity you James… hahha… 

He walked over to my table and ignored the glaring stares of my team members. 

Terry : Why ? Buay song ah ?? Not happy with what I said ??? you’re no longer with the company… walk out lor… hahaha…

I was not in the mood to listen to his shit talk. I was thinking about Belinda and the evening ahead. 

I stood up and suddenly my stomach growled. 

It was quite loud and I realised I haven had anything to eat for a while. Terry heard that growl and laughed so loud. 

Terry :Wah… you fucking drama king leh James…. kena fired then growl stomach in front of me… hahhaha…you hungry ?? you hungry ??? hahha… 

He got up and took a plate from the buffet spread. He started piling it with bread. Only bread, cold hard rolls probably leftovers from the breakfast in the morning and set it down in front of me. 

Terry : Hungry ah ??? eat… eat la… !!!! 

I ignored him and was about to walk away when Terry taunted me. 

Terry : Why ? Cannot swallow your pride ah!! Huh ?? no job still don’t know how to swallow your pride is it… 

By then I guessed even Mr Liew who was trying to hold back his anger snapped and shouted at Terry, drawing the attention of the other staff in the café. 

Mr Liew : It’s none of your business…. Are you hiring him ??? are you ?? if not then fuck off…. 

Terry stood up and challenged Mr Liew with a glare. I could hear Mr Lau asking the admin staff to break us apart. 

Terry :I’ll hire him… so ?? I’m doing the interview now…. You don’t want him right??? Hahha… I hire him la… haha… 

He sat down and slammed his hands on the table. 

Terry : I’ll hire you James…. 1k per month… ai mai…. Hahhaa

Sandy could not bear the scene anymore and came over. 

Sandy : Don’t go overboard hor !!... why you …

Terry cut her off with another sneer directed at me. 

Terry : Wah.. James… got girl come and speak up for you leh…. You no balls to speak up is it…. Hahaha…. He totally ignored Sandy as Uncle Tong pulled her back. 

Terry’s eyes widened and glared at me like a murderer about to strike his victim and he jabbed his index finger into the buns on the table several times, poking holes into a few of them. 

Terry : Eat…!!! 

I wanted to fucking punch Terry. 

I really wanted to.

If you are reading this right now, tell me if it’s possible holding back against someone that behaves like this. 

I would fucking knock his teeth in and go to jail for a couple of weeks right there and then. 

A phone rang and shattered the uneasy silence on our side of the café. 

Hakim : Ma……clinic.?? …… boleh.. boleh…. 

That call snapped me back as I heard Hakim said he needed to bring his mum to the doctor. 

I needed to think of the big picture. 

If the eventual plan was for me to work for Terry, this was the perfect opportunity. I could use this and go right over. I clenched my teeth and took a deep breath and kept repeating to myself.

The big picture. 

The big picture..

Terry had opened up a few small tubs of butter and started smearing them all over the bun.

Terry : EAT!! Every one you eat…. 100 increment… !!! hahah… there’s 6 here…. Your starting pay … 1.6k….!!! EAT ! 

I picked one up and took a big bite as Sandy gasped. She ran over to my side and took away the bun. 

Sandy : James !... don’t ! 

Terry : It’s none of your business bitch…let him eat !! hahah… 

I took the bun back from Sandy and she stormed the carpeted floor before walking out of the café. 

Alex : I cannot look at this… 

I watch him walk out together with Uncle Tong. 

Mr Liew : Stop eating that fucking bread James… and get out …. 

I refused. 

This was a golden opportunity. 

Terry :Shut up la Liew…. I’m interviewing my new employee….. I treating him lunch… haha… 

I took bites after bites of the buttery rolls as Terry sneered and laughed at me. 

There was one last roll on the plate but before I could pick it up, Terry spit on it. 

Terry : Pui !!! 

It was not exactly a glob of spit, but rather just the motion of spitting and making the sound loud enough for all to hear. 

Mr Lau : Terry … enough !... 

Terry : I thought you said you were handing over the reins to me…. Hiring of staff… these are small decisions I can make…. 

He ignored his dad and pointed to the bread. 

Terry : Eat !! 

By then even the Chef of the café could no longer take it anymore. He walked right out, assistant trailing behind and he pushed apart the people surrounding the table. 

Chef : This is my café…. These are food prepared by me and my staff… don’t insult my food… 

He obviously directed his statement at Terry but Terry was too daft to realised it. 

Terry : Hahaha.. see… see… even the Chef agrees with me…. Eat the fucking bread… 

He took up the roll and pushed it into my mouth, smearing it against my lips and teeth before Apollo pulled Terry back as the bread dropped onto the floor. 

The chef shouted at Terry but he just laughed it away. The manager of the hotel came and separated everyone. 

Terry : You’re hired…hahah.. Sharon !!... 

He asked Sharon to go prepare the appointment letter for me to sign right away. 

Sharon :It’s Sunday !!... how you.. 

Terry insisted Sharon go do it immediately since the office is a short walk away. 

Terry : Do it… or I’ll make sure your bonus cheque doesn’t clear…. 

Sharon stormed off as Terry laughed. 

Terry : Start work tomorrow James…. Monday… hahahah…. I’ll see you at the dinner and dance tonight yah…. Hahaha…. 

I went to the bathroom on another level to clean myself up and washed my face. 

When I came out, I saw Belinda standing by the corridor. 

Belinda : Mr… Mr Liew… wants to talk to us…. 

I followed Belinda into the lift and she waited for the door to close before saying. 

Belinda : Why didn’t you punch his teeth in James… 

James : The Belinda I married… would never have said that… 

Belinda : Haha… 

She laughed before turning to look at me. 

Her thumb pulled down my lip to check if I had any cuts and she brushed away some invisible crumbs from my shirt as the lift door chimed. 

She let me to Mr Liew’s room and the door was opened. 

I saw Mr Liew munching on some bread himself as his eyes widened and he spoke with his mouth full. 

Mr Liew : You siao ah!!! Why did you eat the bread ??? !!! 

He continued munching and continued. 

Mr Liew : you Kong kum ah !! ? … I would have fucking punch him there and then… that chee bye….

James : But… but I was supposed to work at his team no ? 

Mr Liew stuffed the roll into his mouth and I almost puke looking at him as he went on. 

He told me that the plan was for me to be hired by Omar and Rasid after I was without a job. I was to serve as a coordinator of sort for the project, and that he would be rejecting me from the team, but the only way Omar would let us continue is if I was part of the team. Mr Liew would boot me from his office, only letting me handle insignificant stuff while I would start stealing jobs from him for Terry. 

Mr Liew : You were not supposed to attend the dinner tonight… the office would be empty… it’s a good chance to go snoop around Terry’s office…. I wanted to discuss that with you initially but now…sigh…

Mr Liew : never mind… what’s done is done… let’s just play along… 

He went on to give me the bonus cheque, I would still be paid my monthly salary but in cash, so he told me not to expect and CPF for the next few months until the dust settles. 

Mr Liew : Full amount will still be given base on the contributions… 

He spent the next 10 minutes telling me about his plan in general before asking if we had any questions. 

Belinda : What if Terry finds out about this…. 

Mr Liew : He must not find out… I need a word alone with James… 

Belinda nodded and left the room. 

Mr Liew : James… stealing projects….from me…. For Terry would not be enough to win his trust totally…..

James : Then how ? 

Mr Liew : I can tell Terry still likes Sandy…. Since he’s now no longer with Belinda…..

I looked at Mr Liew in shock as I digested what he said. 

Mr Liew : Give him Sandy James…..he will trust you… like his right hand man…


James : WHAT ! 

Mr Liew : You’ve been through a lot today James… go have a good rest… I see you at the dinner later… 

James : Wait.. wait.. 

He shuffled me towards the door and he picked up another bread from his plate. 

Mr Liew : Nar bei… see you eat the bread also make me hungry….it’s quite nice…. 

He closed the door on me and I saw Belinda waiting for me at the end of the corridor. 

Belinda : Anything that I need to know of ? 

I shook my head and we parted ways at the lobby. Belinda said she would go back and grab some rest. 

I went back to the café and Sandy hit me on my arm. 

Sandy :Why did you eat that ?? you mad ar ? 

James : I need a job Sandy… if not how…. You support me ah ? hhaa.. 

Sandy : TSK !! Can…. 3 meals only mah… how much can you eat… 

I smiled and gave her the cheeky look. 

James : I need more than 3 meals you know….. I also need… 

She hit me on my arm and rolled her eyes before turning away from me. 

I grabbed some noodles and barely sat down when Sharon stormed into the café with my appointment letter. 

Sharon : NAH !!! SIGN !! 

She was obviously pissed with Terry but chose to take it out on me. 

Sharon : You annual leave only 5 days ah… Terry ask me change one… 

I just signed and got it over with before she went over to Terry who was drinking wine with his team. 

Terry laughed and gestured me over. 

Terry : COME !! COME join us.!!! … everyone… my new dog !! hahahwhahaha… 

I ignored him, finished my noodles, left the café and took a cab home. 


I woke up feeling better and took a shower. 

It was a little tight but I still manage to squeeze into my old uniforms, luckily I was into the senseless baggy top and pants back then. Now it was tight fit. 

My white top budge up as I pulled it on, leaving the top 2 buttons undone as I look in the mirror. It’s been so long. I combed my hair back with gel and tried to give a really bad ass look before I chuckled at myself. 

I tucked my shirt into my pants really tightly and took out my old JPG wallet. It used to be filled with nothing except a transit link card and a few dollars. The joke back then was that after you saved up for that wallet, there was nothing left to be put in it. 

I took out my long sharp comb and slid it in between and slid the wallet into my back pocket. 

I even took out my old Motorola Boss Pager with a shiny gold chain to clip it on my pants pocket.

As I walked out to hail a cab, I had several stares from passer by . 

Even the cab driver commented I look very fashionable, if only it was in the 90s. 

Driver : Party ah ? 

James : Yah… company… old school night… haha… 


I arrived at the hotel ballroom and I could see several colleagues milling around as the music spills out from within. 

Hakim wore a white shirt and black pants. 

Hakim : Gila la James… how to expect me to fit inside school uniforms…. Army uniform I also cannot fit… hahah…. Eh you chao ah beng in school is it ?? 

James : No la… I study the young and dangerous style… haha… 

I saw Sandy approached from the end of the corridor and I could not take my eyes off her. She came from a convent school, and her blue pinafore looked really short that day. Her white blouse looked stretched too, her breast growing well beyond the size she was in school. The hem of her pinafore reached a good 3 inches above her knees and she wore sports shoes with white ankle socks. 

Her hair was tied into a long pigtail and she carried a school bag with nerdy black specs. 

Sandy :Hellow….. wah James… you ah beng la… haha…

Hakim : Ya lor… I say like the moment I saw him… haha… 

Hakim waved hi to another colleague and went over as Sandy clasped her hands in front of me and look at me with the corner of her eye. 

Sandy :Nice ?? 

James : I’ve never felt so… tempted by a school girl before… 

She hit me on my chest and brushed back a stray fringe. 

Sandy : Wait you go to jail ah…haha… 

I put my arms around her shoulders as we walked towards the ballroom. 

James : Ok… I see you not bad.. you can be my god sister…. Call me kor… 

Sandy : Kor your head ah … I’m a few months older than you James… you can… be my didi.......

I raised an eyebrow and look at Sandy as she laughed. 

It was free seating and we sat down to chat in a corner as the DJ played some old school music. 

Terry came in his work clothes, well he used to be fat last time, I bet his clothes won’t fit him now, besides, school uniforms won’t match the 40k watch he’s wearing. 

As more and more staff filled the ballroom, you could feel the party atmosphere heating up. 

Music got a little louder, the lights were dimmed and a few colleagues started dancing. 

Uncle Tong was dressed in his usual shirt and pants giving advice to Alex on his new relationship. Alex wore some cosplay type of clothes, something similar to what Japanese high school boys wore.


I was wonder where Belinda was when she walked into the ballroom. 

A few heads turned and I could see the DJ staring at her. 

Rasid stopped eating his steak and looked lecherously at Belinda, I could see Aliya checking her out too. 

Belinda’s hair was tied up into a simple pony tail.

Her JC blouse still fits ok since she got them in a size larger back then. I felt an immediate stir in my cock as I look at her. The memories of us fucking in that very uniform came flooding back. 

Of how she would wear it to the movies on a weekday morning, pretending to be a school girl skipping school, and how I would put my hand under her school skirt and make her wet the seat in the theatre. 

I fondled her breast on the top of a double decker bus, I rubbed her wet slit at the void deck across her old school compound in the middle of the day as lectures end and floods of students came out. 

I even fucked her in the school itself in her uniforms. It was really early in the morning, we wanted to do something crazy, back in those days where they don’t have cameras everywhere you turn, it was easy to find a quiet spot. 

Belinda’s skirt ended high about her kneecaps, and she wore her canvas shoes with a pair of apricot coloured socks. 

It was a simple JC school uniform yet it looked so good on her. Was it because of how tightly her breast push against the buttons on her blouse ? 

Maybe it was how shapely her naked hairless legs look as it disappear into her show below. 

Or maybe it was the gentle innocent demeanor in which she walked, a little unsure where to go. 

I could even see Omar lost in thoughts as he smiled at Belinda.

Belinda caught sight of where I was sitting but the moment she saw I was with Sandy she walked away.

Sandy :Wah… quite chio sia… hhaa…James… how ? 

James : What how ? 

Sandy :Who more chio ?? Belinda or me ?? 

James : I’ll sleep with the both of you in your uniforms anytime… 

Sandy gave me a playful slap before we continued our chat. 


The organisers proposed some games and a few colleagues went up to try. Aside from the songs, the small prizes given in between, and a long boring speech by Terry on taking over the helm, there was nothing out of the ordinary about the dinner. 


Drinks were flowing freely, and everyone mingled in the crowd, talking and chatting. Photos were taken and Aliya approached me with her sister Aisha in tow

Aliya : Hi James …. 

James : Hi Aliya…. 

Aliya : Are you looking forward to this evening ?? haha… 

Aisha : James… I heard a lot about you… hahha.. 

Rasid came over and joined us. 

Rasid : whahaha… James… you look good… why kind of fashion trend is this ??? 

He briefly touched on how sexy he thinks Belinda is as he laughed with his wife in his hands when an announcement was made to say that the price for the best dressed prize would be announced. 

The MC commented that the judge was our guest of honour, Sheik Omar. 

MC : The winner of the best dressed competition, is a trip to a resort ….in…..Maldives !!!! 

Even without looking I knew who Omar would choose. 

MC : BELINDA !!!! YEAH!!!.. 

There was a loud smattering of claps as she walked up to receive the prize. 

MC : It’s a ticket for 2 Ms Belinda… can you share who you would be bringing ?? haha… 

Terry : ME..ME … BRING ME!!! Hahaha… 

No one laughed at Terry’s joke and Belinda just shook her head shyly and said she had no one in mind. 

Sandy : Sianz… if I win… I’ll bring you James… 

James : Wah… really ah ?? hhaha… 

Sandy : If you win leh ? Who you’ll bring ?? 

James : You say until like that already…. Of course you lor… haha 

I did not read too much into this actually, it was the usual flirty banter Sandy and I got up to. 


The party was coming to an end and some goody bags was given out to the staff. It was a work day the next day and everyone was looking forward to get some rest. 

Everyone could grab some rest except Belinda and me. 

10.15 pm 

Rasid and Aliya gave me a wink before heading up to their suite. Aisha was not with them. 

Rasid : See you and Belinda… in a while James…whahaha… 


I was waiting for Belinda at the lobby when Sandy came along and asked if I was heading back. 

Sandy : Oei… send me back can ?? I school girl leh… so late liao…haha..

As much as I wanted to, I was caught in a jam. 

Sandy looked sincere and she was really sweet looking and all in her pinafore and uniforms. Her geeky spectacles, brought out another side of her that I never imagined. 

James : Oh… I,…ermm …

Sandy : Why ? don’t want ah… it’s ok la… you waiting for who ? 

Right at the moment I saw Belinda came out of the bathroom, she was wiping her hand dry on some napkins when she saw Sandy in front of me. She and Sandy exchanged looks before turning way. 

Sandy :Ya la… Belinda more chio than me la… idoit… 

She gave me a playful push and walked towards the taxi stand, grumbling that I’m not a gentlemen at all. 

Right at that moment, Terry appeared out of nowhere and went towards Sandy. 

Terry : Sandy … sandy …. I send you back… hey… 

Sandy tried to U-turn back towards me before trying to make for the cab stand again but there was no cab in sight at the line and Terry caught up to her. 

Belinda walked towards the lift and hit the button, about to head up to her room. Rasid had gotten her one to freshen up and rest till their date at 12 midnight. 

Right when I was about to head over and join her, Sandy called out to me. 

Sandy :…James !!.. James…!!.. you said you’re sending me back right ?? 

I paused in the middle of the lobby and I looked at Sandy and Terry who were both looking straight at me.

Sandy was already walking towards me.

I turned and saw the chimed of the lift announcing it’s arrival in front of Belinda. 

The lift door opened. 

Sandy walked briskly towards me. 

Terry glared at where I stood. 

Right when I thought nothing could get worse, Aisha appeared and cut in front of Sandy’s approach. 

Aisha : Hi James… 

Sandy : Who is she ? 

Before Aisha could answer, Terry waltz over and said hi to Aisha. 

Terry : Hi Aisha… 

Before I could react, Sandy took the opportunity to grab my hand and pull me towards the exit. 

I could see a cab pulling up to the hotel. 

I turned just in time to see Belinda flash me a brief smile as she stepped into the lift. 

It happened so fast that I had no time to react. 

Sandy : Uncle… Hougang !... 

James : Sandy wait !... i… i…. 

I turned back and was about to ask the cab to stop when Sandy said something which sent a chill right up to my bone. 

Sandy :James…. I tell you something…. You don’t be angry ok…. 

James : What is it… 

Sandy : Belinda…. she approached me earlier….

James : What ??!!! 

I turned around and faced Sandy in the cab. 

Sandy :She says…. Ermm… ask me to tell you…. You’re not her type…. So… stop trying to go after her… 

James : WHAT !!!! ? 

Sandy put a hand on my arm and said it’s ok to be rejected. 

Sandy : She said you wanted to talk to her after the dinner… but she’s not really in the mood . not after what happened today…. And…. It’s awful to reject you……. Especially with what you went through in the afternoon… 

I stared at Sandy in shock as I digested the words she said. 

Sandy : You ok James ?... you need s shoulder to cry on or something ?? 

My shoulders slouched and I struggled to breathe. 

James : Belinda…. asked you to get me away from the hotel ?? 

Sandy : Nodded… she said… you shouldn’t be there…. … 

She smacked her thigh with a piak. 

Sandy : Of course you shouldn’t be there…. I see that place I would think of what happened in the afternoon. … 

By the time I snapped back to my thoughts, we were on the expressway. 

Sandy’s phone rang and she was talking to her mum when I felt my phone buzz. 

It was Belinda . 

Belinda msg : Sorry James….i changed my mind…… you shouldn’t see this…. 

James msg : What are you talking about ? !!! I’m coming back… wait for me !!! 

Belinda msg : I’ve been thinking James….I still love you….and I know you feel the same way….but if you see this…. You won’t want me anymore.. I’m switching off my phone….

I immediately tried to call Belinda but it was no use. 

She had switched off her phone. 

Sandy hung up her phone and stretched in the car, before leaning against my shoulder. 

Sandy : The alcohol James… sigh…. You know what…. I think it’s your lucky day… 

I turned to her and she gave me a playful smile. 

Sandy : I always had this thing for ah bengs… haha… 

I was frozen in the seat. 

I really was as this creeping ache in my heart started squeezing and squeezing on my emotions. 

Sandy’s eyes never left me and I could feel her fingers creep over too onto my right hand. 

She smiled, wriggled her fingers under mine and held hands with me before lying on my shoulder. 

I looked at the clock on the dashboard. 


Belinda’s date with Rasid is at 12 midnight. 

I have 1 hour 10 minutes. 

I felt Sandy’s head leave my shoulders and she added. 

Sandy : I’m glad Belinda didn’t want you James…. it’s her lost… 

She whispered it softly by my ears. 

I was too shock to react. 

Sandy’s lips came closer and when our lips touched, I caught the digital figure jumped on the clock. 

1 hour, 9 minutes left. 

I was shaking. 

I really was and Sandy laughed. 

Sandy :Why are you so nervous James ? …. I may be in uniforms but I’m not underage… ahha.. 

She chuckled softly and when her tongue met mine, all I had in my head was another jump of the digital display.

1 hour 8 minutes. 


My heart never beat so fast before as the cab sped towards Hougang. I could see the driver enjoying the show through his mirror.

I could smell the breath of alcohol coming from her mouth as she got more touchy. My mind was being fucked up pretty bad in the cab. 

On one hand I was thinking about Belinda, about her being alone in the room as she waited for the time to past, on the other hand, I could not control my body. I could not resist stroking Sandy’s soft hands as we kissed. 

Sandy’s legs were crossed as she leaned towards me, the very motion of her moving forward put quite a bit of a strain on the school uniforms, her breast pushing tightly against the white blouse and blue pinafore. 

My eyes feasted on her body, one that I had accidentally penetrated many months ago. Yet today was the day, the very day she willingly offer herself up to me. 

Sandy : ergnnn…. Hold me James…. hold me… 

Her voice purred softly by my ears, hooking my soul like a siren choosing her victim. I tried to resist it but it was tempting. It was just so soothing. Sandy’s breathe felt like a tickling tease on my ears and she pulled my hand towards her body.

The hem of her uniform got pulled up higher and higher till I could see almost her entire thigh. I even thought I had a glimpse of her panty. 

That smooth white flesh waiting for me to touch them and the lure of her panty tempting me to pull them down. 

Sandy bit on her lips as she giggled and asked if I was nervous. 

Sandy : You’re…. not a virgin right James ? hahha…. You look so…. Nervous… 

I was. 

I really was nervous as I racked my mind for a plan. 

An idea. 



I can’t blow her off and get out of the cab like this. It would fuck up the relationship even as colleagues. 

I don’t even know what happened throughout the rest of the journey, I only remembered pulling up to Sandy’s flat as she paid the fare and the cab driver gave me a wink, no doubt envious of me. He had every right to as I watch him grinned gleefully as Sandy staggered out of the cab. 

Sandy : Woah…. It’s all starting to hit me… all that wine…. haha.. 

She removed her geeky black frame specs and link arms with me. I was helpless, being led along like a block of wood. My mind was far away from my body and I just went along with everything, trying to buy myself some time. 

I needed at least 20 minutes on a fast cab to get back to the hotel. Which meant I need to leave as soon as I could. 

Sandy and I staggered and fondled each other all the way to the front of her house. She was blatantly caressing my erection as I squeezed her breast. Our lips touched again as she fumbled for her keys. 

Sandy : erngghhh….have you… fantasized about fucking a convent girl before James ? Har ?? Have you ?? 

She asked me in such a slut like voice , giving me the look that would sure get her dragged to the discipline master’s office just for looking like that. Her eyes looked deep into mine in a dreamlike manner. She’s drunk, high from the alcohol but you could still tell she was sober enough to dictate her own actions. 

Turning her back towards me, Sandy deliberately pushed her backside towards me, pressing my erection with her buttocks as she opened the door. 

Sandy : Have you ?? har ??Do you know….. many of us are actually…. Pretty naughty…. haha

I nodded and Sandy giggled while trying to put her key back on the hook beside the door.

James : Of course… of course… 

Sandy’s hand grabbed my erected cock and I could feel her fingers rubbing the tip of my manhood. I could feel her. Her thumb and index finger twiddle with my cock as she opened her mouth halfway, breathing heavily onto my face.

I could feel the tease through my pants. 

If I was not in the situation I was, I would surely grab her and bang her brains out. 

Maybe even make her scream and call me her teacher while we were at it. 

Sandy’s breast felt full and firm to the touch and she was responsive to my moves as well. Moaning and groaning as I roamed my hands around her body. I cupped my hands onto her breast, kneading them as she moaned. 

Sandy : You like to touch my breast James ??? You like to squeeze them ??? 


I almost wanted to scream at her. 

You might think I’m joking but the level of stress I was feeling is unprecedented. 

It was like there’s fire ants in my pants. 

Or someone squeezing my bladder when I’m about to pee. 

I’m aroused, I’m horny, I’m fucking tired and I’m totally drained from the day, not to forget I was thinking about Belinda yet my body was telling me I should still fuck Sandy.

We stumbled inside her place. She kicked the door close and we went into her room without even taking off our shoes. 

Sandy’s bag fell onto the floor as she came all over me. She pulled out my shirt and unzipped my pants. 

Sandy : I’m sorry James… i… I don’t know what’s gone over me… hahah… i… ‘m usually not like this….haha… 

She kissed me again, pushing her tongue into my mouth, teasing and begging me to suck on it as she moaned. 

I retreated and hit the edge of her bed and stopped, Sandy’s clothes were still on. Her fingers went down to my boxers, pulling it down and she pushed me to take a seat on the bed before I could protest. 

It really happened so fast I could not even initiate anything on my own. 

Sandy knelt down and stroked my erection dick a few times before she moaned and suck down on my cock. 

James : ARghhh…. 

I could feel a immediate built up of tension in my shaft as Sandy constricted my dick like a python, squeezing and making it challenging for more blood to flow into my manhood. 

As if that was not enough to drive any man mad, Sandy looked up at me as she pulled back, sliding her wet lips slowly upwards before cupping her mouth on the tip of my shaft. I groaned as Sandy pressed down on my pee hole with her tongue, her hands pulled my wrist to her breast, egging me on to caress them. 

Sandy : This is… so embarrassing…. i…. I … don’t know how to … haha… face you in the office tomorrow… haha… but… but I can’t help it…. Must be the alcohol… 

I pulled her up to the feet as I saw the clock on her dresser table. 

It’s already 11.10pm .

I only have 50 minutes left. 

I already had my excuse ready, I would say it might get awkward in the office if we do this. 

That was perfect. 

It would surely work.

It would put some sense into Sandy but no. 

She disappeared out of the room before I could say anything and when she came back in with a bottle of whiskey without glasses, I knew it was going to too late if I don’t leave. 

James : Sandy… I don’t think you should drink anymore…. 

She ignored me and took a swig from the bottle of 12 year bowmore whiskey. 

She just giggled and handed me the bottle before she sucked down on my cock again. 

James : Arghhh…. 

Sandy sucked my cock the same time she stroked me, sending waves after waves of pleasure into my groin, testing my will power. She stopped after a while and reached for the drink again but I refused. 

As Sandy got up onto her feet, she stumbled and pressed her body against mine, we lost our balance and we tipped over, lying down on the bed with me desperately trying to hold onto the bottle. 

Sandy took it and had another gulp at the drink but she did not swallow it. 

She kissed me, tuned my nipple slowly as she released a trickle of the potent drink into my mouth. 

I tried not to choke and thankfully it was a controlled release from Sandy. 

James : Enough… I don’t think you should drink anymore…

Sandy : That meant we’re not drunk enough yet James… haha.. 

I wanted to grab the bottle from Sandy but she turned and pressed her body onto me, allowing me to face plunge into her breast. 

Sandy : Ohh… haha… James !... haha… 

Sandy straddled me and asked me to undress her. 

Sandy : Take off my pinafore James…. it’s tight… and uncomfortable… 

After saying that she pressed her lips down on mine. I could feel her lifting up her pinafore, trying to take them off on her own. 

I helped Sandy to pull it off and she pressed herself onto me again, moaning as she grind her pussy against my cock. I buried my face into Sandy’s breast, smelling her bra and nudging my nose into her cleavage. 

Sandy started to undo her own buttons, pulling and throwing her white blouse to the side of her bed. 

We kissed again as I held onto her breast, squeezing them as Sandy parted her panty. I could feel her wetness as she tried to guide me in. 

There was no hesitation. 

Not even a hint of it as Sandy grabbed onto my dick and push herself down onto me.

Sandy : Arghhhhhhh… 

James : ARghhh….aghh..

The tight fit of her wet love hole slowly squeezed down onto my shaft as Sandy’s body slowly lowered her entire frame onto me, burying my cock deep into her vagina. 

Sandy chuckled and took another drink from the bottle.

Sandy :Arghhh…. Oh my god… what am I doing… oh my god… aarghhh… 

She kissed me again and my eyes went to the clock once more. 


Only 45 minutes left. 

My heart almost gave up on me as Sandy pushed me down onto the bed, starting to fuck her bottom onto my dick. 

Sandy : Arghh.. arghh.. arghh….

I held onto her ankles and realised she has yet to remove her shoes. 

Looking up, I’m only seeing Sandy in her white school girl bra, her damp wet panty that was being unceremoniously pushed aside and her in her sports shoes with ankle socks. It was a fucking erotic sight as she fucked me on the bed but that was not all. 

She started talking dirty to me. 

Sandy : ergnnh… egerh.. ergnnh…. James… fuck me… ergnnn… fuck me… ergnnnhh… harder… harder.. ergnnng…fuck me like the naughty school girl you fantasized about… ergnngg…. 

I tried to resist, to really think of a way out of this as Sandy took another drink from the bottle and kissed me again, flooding my mouth with a shot of whiskey. 

All the shaking, the fucking and the drinks is starting to get to me. I had a few glasses of wine too at the dinner.

James : Stop drinking Sandy…. Enough already… 

Sandy :ERgnngh… ergnnhh.. you’re not fucking me James… ergnnng… ergnnh… fuck me… I want to feel you inside me… please… eergnnn.. ergnnh… 

I gripped onto her waist and slammed myself upwards. 

Since I was not going to be able to get away without giving Sandy what she wants, I might as well concentrate and finish it. 

Sandy dropped the bottle, spilling a good portion of the drink on her bed as she laughed and moaned as I drove my cock into her vagina. 

Sandy : ERgnnhh.. erghnnhh .. ergnnh… ergnnh… ergnnh… arhhh.. ergnnh…

It was near impossible to focus. I kept telling myself to concentrate, to focus on the end but I can’t. I fucking hate the feeling. 

This was a moment to be slowly enjoyed, to be treasured, to be remembered forever. How often do you get to fuck your hot colleague in her old school uniforms, yet here I was, feeling nervous, and totally not performing. 

I have my erection alright but as I fuck myself deep into Sandy, I was not getting the level of arousal I was hoping to get. I knew I would not be able to cum, instead, I was venting my energy into Sandy, fucking her and shaking her entire body, rocking her limbs right down to her bones. 

Piak piak piak…. Piak… 

James : ARghhh.. arghhh.. arghh… 

Sandy : Arghhh.. ergnnnh… ergnnhh.. ergnnhh…

I fucked Sandy so hard that she was literally bouncing on top of me. 

I got up and switched position, and as Sandy laid down on the wet bed, she right the bottom of whiskey which had a little bit left. She took a mouthful and passed it to me. 

Sandy : Finish it James… before it spills again… 

I grabbed the bottle and I was only preoccupied with fucking Sandy and getting it over and done with that I did not realise it was still quite a portion when I gulp it all up. The burning sensation slid down my throat as I pumped my cock into Sandy’s wet cunt. 

Sandy : ERgnnhh… ergnnhhh… ergnnhh…. Harder James … ergnnnghh.. ergnnhh.. 

Her hands gripped onto her pillow as her mouth gasp apart, moaning and calling out in the sluttiest moans I’ve ever heard as her body enjoyed the hard pounding my cock was giving her. 

Suddenly I felt the tingle of my orgasm coming. 

I turned to look at the clock. 

It’s already 11.27pm 

I closed my eyes and drove myself harder, fucking Sandy for all I’m worth as she moaned so loud I was sure the neighbours could hear us. 

Sandy : earghhh.. arghhh.. eggrgrhhh.. egreeghhhh.. aghhhhhh.. ahh….!!!! 

I could feel my orgasm building up



It’s almost there… 

James :arghh.. areghhh.. aetghhhhh.. argghhhh.. I’m coming… arghhh… fuck !!! … arghh.. 

I don’t have a condom on. 

I don’t care. 

It’s the least of my worries now as I felt the rush of my semen gathering at the base of my cock. 

Sandy’s entire body was covered with perspiration and I pulled off her shoes, throwing them down the side of her bed. 

I gripped both her legs together, closing them right in front of me and hugged onto them like I was hugging a tree trunk, the pressure of her legs closed together enhanced the feeling of my shaft being squeezed by her wet vagina and I continued pumping. 

I fucked Sandy so hard that she was moaning for me to stop at one moment and seconds after that she would begged me to go deeper. 

Sandy ; aRghhh.. egergnnh.. arghh.. 

James : ARGHHHH!!!!! 

I felt the pushed of my explosive orgasm as I slammed my dick into her pussy, feeling the rush of my sperm into the depths of her vagina the same moment I kissed and smell her sweaty calves and lick her wet ankle socks. 

James : ARghh… ahhh.. aRGHHH.. 

Sandy : eerghhhh.. ernggh… ergnnhhh……

I pulled out my cock and collapsed by the bed beside Sandy. 

Sandy : pant…. Pant… pant…. That… that…. Pant… pant…. I thought I just ran a marathon… pant… pant…pant…. 

I was drained and I have a splitting headache. 

Sandy straddled me, lowering her cum filled vagina onto my dick again. 

It slid in easily as she moaned and kissed me, cradling my face in her palms as she did so. I could feel her vagina walls squeezing on my shaft, milking me for every drop of my cum. 

Sandy : You look so… cute James.. when you’re tired…. 

She kissed me again and I found myself without the strength to push her off. 

Then she started to ride me. 

I could feel Sandy riding me. 

I could see the clock on the desk. 


I need to go.. 

I really need to go now. 

I tried to push Sandy off but my head was spinning. 


Then I blacked out. 

I totally blacked out. 

When I jumped up with a shiver, I could see daylight spilling through the window of Sandy’s room, we were both naked and Sandy was out cold. 

I looked at the clock on her desk. 


I quickly checked my phone. 

There were no calls. 

No messages. 

I immediately called Belinda. Her phone was still off. 

I tried to wake Sandy up but she mumbled that she’s taking MC that day and asked me to stay with her. 

I fumbled up an excuse and said that it was my first day at work with Terry, and I needed to go. 

She pouted her lips and made me kiss her before I let myself out of the house. 

It’s peak hour traffic on a Monday.

It took me 30 minutes to call for a cab. There was no way I’m getting on the train in my uniforms in that state.

I kept trying Belinda’s phone again and again but she kept it off.

I got home, showered and changed before I dashed right down to the hotel.

I reach the hotel at 10am

I went up to Omar’s room and saw the housekeeping staff cleaning up.

They had checked out already.

I went to Rasid’s room and they were not there either.

My phone rang and it was Sharon. She said I better be back in office to get ready to shift my stuff to Terry’s wing before he comes back in.

I walked around the lobby of the hotel, lost and disoriented.

I’ve never felt so helpless in my life before.

I drifted around the office like a zombie.

I don’t even know what was going on.

I only remembered packing my desk.

Hakim helping me push a trolley.

Alex passing me a file.

Uncle Tong giving me a folder.

Mr Liew sneaking a word with me in the toilet.

That was all I remembered until my phone rang at 2.30pm.

It was Belinda

I immediately dropped everything and answered.

James : Where are you !!! Are you ok ?? I’m coming to pick you up !! Why didn’t you turn on the phone ??? Why are you all not at the hotel ??

I peppered Belinda with so many questions but she just kept quiet.

Belinda : I’m… I’m at corpthorne King hotel…

James : Why ?? Why did you all go there ??

She did not answer me and only asked if I could go pick her up. She’s a bit embarrassed to leave the room in her school uniforms.

I grabbed my jacket and the spare set of gym clothes I kept in my drawer and flew down to the hotel.

I went up to the room and Belinda opened the door.

I immediately grabbed her and she hugged onto me.

James : It’s ok… it’s ok….. everything is ok…are you ok ??? are you hurt ??

I checked Belinda for bruises, injury, anything.

She’s fine, just that she looked really tired.

She smiled and nested herself into my arms and I held onto her without a word in the room.

Belinda : Do you still love me James….

James : Of course I do…

Belinda : Then promise me this…. Don’t ever ask me what happened…. Can you ?

I kissed her on her hair and nodded my head.


Belinda changed out of her uniforms and I sent her back home in a cab before heading back to office.

Thankfully Terry was not in and no one gives a shit I was not at my desk in his team.


Omar called me

Omar : Don’t you want to know what happened James ? haha.. I was expecting you to be here…

James : No.

Omar : Alright… I’m boarding my flight back in a minute.

He went on to tell me some stuff about the projects I should take note off before ending the call with a message.

Omar : How is Belinda… ? haha..

I kept quiet on the line.

Omar : Don’t worry… I was gentle with her….. ask her if you don’t believe me… haha…

I hung up.

My phone buzzed at the same time.

A message from Sandy

Sandy sms : Dinner ? I’ll cook… ?

I bit down on my teeth.

It was all Sandy’s fault.

If not for her, I would have been by Belinda’s side.

Then again, I could not blame her. It was Belinda who sent me away. Even if I was by Belinda’s side, what could I do ?

I don’t know what’s gotten into me and I took a series of deep breathes, trying to calm myself down.

Another message came in from Omar.

It was pictures of Belinda.

I gripped my phone tightly as I looked at the image on my phone.


I saw Terry walk into the office with a swagger before heading inside his room.

I took a deep breath and calmed myself down before I replied Sandy’s message.

James sms : Yes…. Dinner..


Optional read number 2 ; Omar and Rasid's diary....... coming soon....

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