Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My adventure in the office part 4

I retreated slowly towards the exit of the couple room. 

As I slid the door close softly, I saw Terry at the entrance of the spa. He seemed nervous as he paced up and down near the door. He came empty handed, with only his wallet, car keys and phone in his hands.

I opened the door and gestured him to enter.

He was about to speak but I put my finger to my mouth and pointed to a holding area. 

He went over and I got him a drink from the dispenser. 

He looked nervous and I was sure I looked the same. 

I could only hope this doesn’t fuck up. 

Terry : So how ? how ? where is Sandy ? 

I sipped my drink and took a deep breathe, mentally running though more of my lies I had prepared. 

James : Ok… look… I be honest with you Terry….. I’ve been talking with Sandy… 

I told Terry that Sandy had actually changed her mind early that morning. 

Terry :What ? What do you mean ? 

James : She’s nervous. Very nervous….and you see…. She’s having second thoughts… she wanted to back out.

I calmed him down and told him that I managed to convince her to relax and at least meet up at the agreed location. 

James : I wanted her to at least come down, relaxed and maybe make up her mind again …. 

Terry : Then how ? How ? …. What if she don’t want… 

I reassured him that everything is under control. 

James : Ok… look, she’s in the middle of a spa treatment now…. Something to calm her down… .. relax her a little…. You’ll have to wait a bit…. 

I took the opportunity to ask about his belongings and where were the toys he was supposed to bring. 

Terry : What toys ? 

James : Ermm… ropes, vibrators etc ? I thought it was supposed to be some tied up bondage shit ? no ? 

Terry looked a little puzzled at me and he shook his head. 

Terry : No… I would cum very fast if I do that…. I told Sandy I’m not doing that already…. Didn’t she tell you ? 

James : What ! ? 

It was my turn to look a little puzzled by then. 

James : then what is the plan ? 

Terry :What plan ? Isn’t it I just go in and fuck her ? No need to have any plans . 

I stood up from the seat for a second and asked for a moment to check on the status and I went into the massage room. 

Sandy laid on the bed closer to the door while Belinda took the one further in. This was to facilitate Sandy’s movements when she starts her plan. We wanted to avoid any unnecessary movements across Belinda’s side.

A curtain was drawn between the two bed, but not fully. Only partially covering the top part of the girls’s body and head. 

The masseuse saw us and I put a finger to my lips so they went back to their work. 

I went over to Sandy and shook her a little. I wanted to speak with her but she just waved her hands in the general direction where I touched her and put her finger to her mask where her lip was. 

She then pointed to Belinda’s side before pointing to her ear. 

I took in a deep breath and pace around for a bit. 

What did Terry meant when he said he had no plans ? 

I went back out and was about to ask Terry about what Sandy told him when he said he wanted to take a peek. 

Terry : I cannot take it… I want to see…. I can feel my balls bursting with my sperm already…. Heee hee… 

I brought Terry over to Sandy and I could see him swallow a gulp of his saliva as he looked at her body covered only with a piece of towel. 

He must have wished he’s the masseuse as she ran her hands up and down Sandy’s thighs. Imagine standing right where he was, looking at the very girl he lost his virginity to. 

What kind of fantasies are running through his head in that very moment. 

If it was me, I would have a hard time controlling myself. 

He saw Belinda separated by a curtain but he did not know it was her, he pointed to that lady and looked at me and I told him softly it was another client. 

James : She arrived late for her appointment, so eat into ours a bit…. 

Terry nodded but as he walked by, he looked between Sandy and Belinda’s massage bed several times, switching his gaze before shaking his head and catching up with me. 

I gestured him to follow me quietly and I showed him the rest of the couple spa room. The Jacuzzi, the baths and even a small couch by the side. The massage area the girls were in a separate zone separated by a door, the main session of Sandy and Terry would take place in the lounge area of the couple suite. Once I’m done with the short tour, Terry followed me out of the room. 

James : Ok we can only wait now…

I quickly asked Terry what did Sandy tell her. 

Terry : She called me last night… she told me she wanted to try something I’ve always wanted to do

James : What ? 

Terry : You know… those rape scenario…… where she really resists…. And fight…. Not those play play jap AV shows those kind…. Something really real. 

James : What ? 

Terry :Yah… she say she will really resist and it was up to me to do as I see fit…. But she has conditions. 

James : What are you talking about ? What conditions ? 

Terry :She say if I could not manage to get her within an hour then it’s off… but if I could I can do anything. Don’t even need condoms.. hahaha… afterall last time I cum in her so many times before already… hahaha… 

I sat back into my seat as I digested what Terry had told me. 

My fist closed around the couch cushion as I deliberated my next move. 

I told Terry to wait a while longer and he helped himself to drinks from the dispenser. Entering the treatment room again, I realised Sandy’s bed was empty, only Belinda remained. 

I quickly went inside and opened the room to look for her and I saw her spiking Belinda’s drink with the crushed sleeping pill in the small pantry. 

James : I need to talk to you Sandy ! 

Sandy avoided my eyes and shrugged my arm away. 

Sandy : Not now… later… 

James : Sandy !... Sandy !.... 

Sandy :Shhhh…

She gave me an irritated look and she walked quickly away. 

After she set the tea down on the small table beside Belinda, she gestured to the masseuse attending to Belinda that she was to let her drink it. She then came to me and passed me a leather hood. 

Something to put over Belinda’s head. 

Yes, something you see in those leather SM gear, a black leathery hood, it’s not the really tight and skin fitting kind. Pretty amply space to work with until you tighten the clasped behind the head. It’s shaped like a dog nose with 2 small holes at the end for you to breath. 

Sandy : Later …. After they clean up the mask, they lift it up halfway to expose the mouth part…… the masseuse will leave……pull the light close to shin on Belinda’s eyes, our eyes will naturally close… it’s very bright, the kind use to check for black spots….. 

She lowered her voice a notch and told me to first pretend to wipe Belinda’s face with some wet cotton before placing a towel over her mouth. Then I was to quickly duct tape it. 

Next she showed me some herbal soak bag. Something to put your hands into and fastened around the wrist. Sandy had padded Belinda’s one with towel, that way once it’s fastened, it would be like some sort of a mitten. 

Without the use of her fingers to grip, Belinda would not be able to undo the mask over her head. 

I touched the interior of the herb bag, it’s dry, just towels. 

James : What is going on ? this wasn’t the supposed plan…. 

Sandy : Don’t worry, it’ll all be ok……I didn’t want you to worry too much so I never tell you… you’re not even here…. Don’t worry… Belinda won’t know…. 

We went back out to the massage room and Sandy whispered really softly to me. 

Sandy : start only when I go inside the shower to wash off the body scrub ok… I can say I never hear what happened if questioned. .. 

I nodded. 

Sandy got back onto the bed and quickly instructed the masseuse to start with the scrub on her as she laid back down and put the mask over her face. 

I went to touch the herb bag that was prepared for Sandy and it was a little warm and damp with some jojoba bead like stuff within. 

The moment Sandy laid back down I went back out of the room to think. 

I needed to come up with something. 

I saw the bubbling of the water from the dispenser as another customer pulled the lever and I had an idea. 

I went back to the waiting area and I could see Terry getting pretty impatient. 

James : Nothing I can do too… in the middle of a body scrub…

I quickly went back in and I whispered to Sandy’s masseuse to inform me when she goes for her shower, I knew Sandy heard me but it was ok. I was supposed to start during that time so it’s fine

I knew 2 things for sure. 

Sandy will not be walking out of the room. If she did, Terry would know she was ready and wanted to start the session immediately. 

Another thing, if I don’t go back into the room, there was nothing Sandy could do. I can always give an excuse that I’m trying to stop Terry from heading in. 

I quickly engaged Terry on the subject of his rape fantasy and I could see his eyes widen in excitement. It was something he secretly wanted to do for the longest time. 

Something that feels real, with a real level of resistance. Just the thought if it made him feel alive. 

Terry : I felt I could almost cum right now. 

I slowly chatted with him, knowing full well that a body scrub wouldn’t take that long, and Sandy would probably need to go for her shower soon. 

After what seemed like 30 minutes, I saw the door open and the masseuse gave me a signal and Terry saw it too. 

Terry : Oh ready already is it ? 

James : Let me check…. Hold on. 

I did not go in and check, I just pretended to walk in but after a minute I walked right out. 

Terry : How can liao or not ? 

James : Showering now, after got some other donno what treatment in the other room… almost done liao. 

I continued talking with Terry, indulging him in his rape fantasy, I gave him scenarios, weird thoughts, difficult positions, how to restraint the girl and I could see each sentence taking him deeper into the dark as he got more and more excited. 

I bet Sandy must be wondering where I was by then. 

Another 20 minutes later the masseuse came out and asked for me, I knew it had to be Sandy who sent her out to get me. 

I went in and Sandy looked impatient and upset. 

Sandy :Where were you …. Why didn’t you come in !! Belinda already went to the shower.. !! 

James : I can’t move,…Terry insisted on following me everywhere, he even wanted to come in…. I told him this is the final check liao….. and he was getting impatient… he says the next time I come in he’s following me…

Sandy : It’s ok got one more chance. We have another mask once Belinda is out and then it’s the herb bag together with some aromatherapy. Do it then. She already drank the tea… finished it all.. should be relaxed and calm later. 

James : Ok. 

We were then in the adjacent room. The original massage beds were dirty and soiled by the scrub and this time round, both girls would be side by side in the middle of the room beside the Jacuzzi. 

I left the room and I watch Sandy got onto the bed on the left. I made sure I checked the nail polish on her feet as another mask was being applied on her. 

I quickly went to the herb bag, Belinda’s one was just left out on the table while Sandy’s one was sitting in some machine or sort. 

It took some warm water and scrapped a good dollop of the body scrub from the dirty massage bed and quickly went to Belinda’s herb bag. I dumped everything inside the bag and gave it a good rub. 

Once I was sure the mask was on Sandy, I went over and I gestured for the masseuse to go away and she nodded. I quickly helped her put on the bag and secure it properly, making sure it’s tight. 

The insides is warm and damp, there was no reason for her to suspect it was not the one she was supposed to use. 

Next I went to the shower and waited dismissed the other masseuse. She too left the room and I waited for Belinda to come out. 

Belinda : Gasp !... what are you doing here… 

I quickly put my finger to my hand and told her to go lie down on the bed after she dried herself up. 

Belinda : Why?? 

James : Just do it.. and say something… like ‘ so shoik’, ‘thanks for the spa treat Sandy’ and be sure to say you feel like sleeping already… lie down….. then after a min, say you need the bathroom. 

She looked puzzled and confused but agreed to do as I said probably because of how urgent I looked. 

I waited a distance away and watch Belinda get on the bed and did as she was told. 

Belinda : So shoik man… thanks Sandy for the treat… next time I treat you ….. ahh.. feel so sleepy … 

The minute ticked by before I heard Belinda say she needed the bathroom. 

Belinda : Where’s the masseuse ah ? …. I go toilet first…. 

Sandy :ERmmmm…

I could hear some muffled acknowledgement coming from Sandy. 

Belinda next looked at me for more instructions and I gestured her over to me. 

James : Get change and go. 

Belinda : Why ? 

James : I want to break up with Sandy… you shouldn’t be here….

Belinda : What ? In the middle of a spa retreat ? You’re an asshole…. 

James : What ?! 

She hit me with a fist on my chest and went over to her locker to grab her stuff. 

I waited for her to get change and pointed her to the staff exit. 

Belinda : End it properly with her James… I mean it…. 

James : Ok… 

The moment Belinda left, I quickly went to Sandy and brought the standing light close over her head. Without giving her a chance to even react, I lifted up the bottom half of the mask and pressed a towel down onto the mouth. 

Sandy’s body jumped but her hands were weighed down by the clumsy herb bag so I quickly pulled the duct tape I stuck to the side of my pants and taped her down. 

Sandy was screaming muffled screams by then but I did not waste any time. Her hands tried in vain to pull and remove the towel but it was no use. There was no grip. 

I looped the mask over her tied up hair and ahead and secured the straps tightly. 

Sandy : aermmhmhmmmmm.. mhhhhmmm!!1mmmmfff!!!!!!... aeghghmhmmh!!!! 

Her legs trashed and kicked. 

Her useless hands gripped at the parts where the clasped would be. I bet remnants of her mas would have fallen off by then inside the bigger dog cage mask but it was ok. 

It was totally block off with exception of 2 small holes for air. 

I hope she breathe slowly. 

As if that was not enough, I apologised. 

I looked at Sandy and pretended I was talking to Belinda. 

James : I’m… I’m sorry Belinda…. I didn’t want to do this either.. 

Sandy trashed harder, screaming louder through the muffled mask and gag. 

James : I’m sorry….i… I kind of like you… but…. You deserve this…. You deserve this for rejecting me….. bitch…. You and Terry are made for each other . 

Sandy clawed desperately at the mask on her head as I stood up. 

I pretended to call out for Sandy in the general direction of the bathroom without using her name. 

James : Psst…. Pssst…. Dear…. Are you in the toilet?? Are you done ??? Quick… let’s get out of here…. 

Sandy had fallen off the bed, and was on her knees, trying to talk or scream at me.

Her muffled screams sounded more and more desperate. 

I walked right to the door and the moment I opened it, I saw Terry standing barely a metre away. 

Terry : Is if finally fucking ready. ?? 

I smiled and I nodded. 

I gestured him to follow me and I could see his excitement in his eyes as Sandy desperately swung her hands around her head, trying to get a grip at the clasp. 

Right at the moment Terry spoke, Sandy froze. 

Time seemed to stand still as Sandy backed away blindly in the big room, bumping into massage chair before hitting the side of the sofa. 

Terry : Alright baby…. You said you would resist…. Hahaha…. I’ll see how well you are going to do it. 

I leaned back against a wall and folded my arms. 

Sandy swung her hands wildly and lost her balance, falling onto the lounge chair. 

Her bathrobe exposed a good portion of her thigh and legs and I could see the shorts the spa provided riding really high, exposing her butt cheek. 

Terry started removing his clothes and right at the moment Terry grabbed onto Sandy’s arm, I heard a muffled scream so desperate and scared that it gave me an erection. 

Terry : Hahaha… this is it…. This is it… hahaha….

Terry pushed Sandy onto the sofa and removed his pants. 

Terry : James … some privacy please…. Don’t disturb me when I’m enjoying myself ok… hahah…. 

James : ya ya…. I’m… I’m leaving…. I’m looking for ermm… I’m looking for ermm…. 

Terry :Looking for who ?? 

James : Nothing… nothing… the masseuse… yah.. her…. Maybe she left through the staff door at the back….. 

Terry : Whatever.. just fuck off hahahah…. 

James : Ok bye…. 

I heard another desperate muffled scream for help as I stepped out of the spa onto a back street. 

I took out my phone and I started calling Sandy’s phone. 

1 missed call. 

2 missed call. 

3 missed call. 

I continued dialing and i creeped back into the spa. 

I could hear TErry laughing. 

I could hear Sandy screaming thought the mask. 

I opened the door a notch and leaned against the frame. 

I saw Terry gave Sandy a hard shove and she landed butt first onto the sofa.

4 missed call 

5 missed call.. 


The missed calls is part of my plan. I needed an excuse to give to Sandy for the missed up. It’s weak but I can always insist that I could not tell them apart since they looked similar, something that Sandy herself had admitted. 

Aside from me, I doubt Sandy even realised the difference in colour for their toenails. 

I could feel blood rushing to my dick at a breakneck speed, it was like a flood from a broken dam. Everything just rushed so fast, pumping up this painful and awkward erection as I watch Terry sniggered and grin at a helpless Sandy. 

Within moments, Terry’s clothes were all off, leaving him with his dick hanging loose from his body, it was erected as well, probably hungrily craving for Sandy’s love hole. 

I stopped calling Sandy after about 10 missed calls and I started messaging her. 

‘Where are you ? ‘ 

‘call me’ 

‘Are you ok ? ‘ 

‘ We need to meet up !!! Now!!... it’s starting !’ 

‘Call me now !!’ 

I deliberately spaced them apart barely minutes after each other. Not too closed, but just close enough for Sandy to realise I was frantically looking for her. 

I adjusted my dick and stepped back into the shadows for a moment as Terry changed his position. He might catch a glimpse of me if he looked towards the exit. A few seconds and another muffled scream later I took a peep, Sandy was being pressed down on the floor by Terry. 

Her legs was trashing about, the her bathrobe had split apart at the high of her thigh. Sandy’s entire right leg was exposed to the point I could see her butt cheeks. Terry’s body covered her left leg. 

Sandy’s exposed right leg kicked, rubbed against the carpeted floor, closed around Terry trying to kick Terry’s kidney with her heel but it was no use. 

I shivered in excitement as another muffled scream was heard when Terry pressed both of Sandy’s wrist onto the floor, pinning her down. Her mask shook left and right, as if siliently willing Terry not to go on but it was no use. 

I could see Terry laughing and he must be having the time of his life. 

His ultimate fantasy being fulfilled in front of his eyes. 

Sandy even tried to hit Terry with her mask by headbutting him but she ended up with a few hard knocks on the back of her head on the floor. That impact made her lose her concentration for a few seconds but it was enough for Terry to start pulling down her shorts. 

The skimpy pair of shorts provided by the spa. 

It was a silky like satin material, a little shimmery and very soft. Sensual to the touch in fact. It would give your mind naughty thoughts even if you just ran your fingers through the material. It’s just that, impossible to explain.

Sandy looked really alluring and sexy in them, with the shape of her legs conforming to the petite tightness of the shorts. When she stretched, turned or in fact anything she did that required her to move her bottom, the shorts seemed to be calling out. 

Calling out to anyone who would ripped them off her body and ravaged what was underneath. 

Terry laughed and pulled them off Sandy’s body. Sandy responded with a furious spate of trashing and muffled screams. Her helpless hands slapped uselessly onto Terry’s big frame. The dull smacking sound made by the herb bag amplified the desperation I was seeing in real time. 

I lowered myself to the ground, keeping my frame small. Terry was too preoccupied with Sandy to even turn around or look around the room. He was just focused on pinning and getting Sandy to cooperate. 

The more she trashed, I could see the more he was turned on. 

I know people like Terry, people with his fetish. Eventually you get to a point when normal sex could not satisfy you any longer. It doesn’t matter if it’s paid sex or one form a healthy relationship. It just doesn’t cut it. 

He would crave the control, the control over an unwilling partner. 

Perhaps he could get by initially if it was a good fake by a good partner but eventually he would feel the difference. 

If it’s not real, it’s not real. 

Sandy’s muffled scream got more frequent but you could tell her energy level is waning. 

It was hard to breath, not to mention she was struggling for her life. 

Terry grabbed both her hands, pinning them above Sandy’s head. 

His legs pushed and spread Sandy’s thighs, giving him wide open access to her love hole. 

He did not just fuck himself into her, instead he laid his body on her, pinning her onto the floor. Sandy’s legs had limited movements by them and you could tell she was sobbing away. 

Terry took Sandy’s spa shorts, smelling it like an addict. He flipped and turned Sandy’s shorts with only his right hand while his kept Sandy’s wrist pinned down. 

Terry :SNifff…. Sniffs……. Sniff…. Ahhh… ahh… your smell Sandy…. Ahhh… your smell…. This smell…. 

Terry smeared her shorts all over his face, sucking in loud breathes of air before he manuvered his body a little to expose Sandy’s privates. Terry pressed the soft spa shorts onto Sandy’s groin as Sandy groaned in protest. 

Terry : Hahaha… I like the way you smell Sandy…. You know I liked it right ? hahah.. 

He started to rub Sandy’s privates with the shorts roughly, Sandy’s body tried to move and get away but it was impossible. She could only give out a few muffled groans, her vagina at the mercy of Terry and his hand. 

Terry sniggered and after a few rub, he immediately brought the shorts up to his nose, quickly inhaling the erotic scent of Sandy’s freshly rubbed pussy. 

Terry : Arhhhhh.. arhhh… sniff…. Sniff….. 

I could see Sandy was already wet. 

It was not because she wanted to be, it was just her body’s reaction. 

Her body’s own self defence to protect her. 

Her vagina secretes it’s lubrication in preparation for penetration. It was something inevitable and her brain knows it. There was nothing she could do and her fight was almost gone. 

Terry put the shorts aside and got up from Sandy, he pushed both her legs up, planting her feet on the floor, without giving Sandy enough time to react or think what was going to happen, Terry backed his shoulder up to the bottom of Sandy’s thighs and hugged onto her legs with his huge arms, pinning them apart. 

The spread opened up Sandy’s wet helpless cunt as she groaned. Her hands tried to hit Terry’s head but it was no use. The padded herb bag might as well be a soft pillow. Sandy’s hands landed blows after blows on Terry’s head but it only made him more excited. 

Terry :Zhhottttttzzz… sucksss…. Sucksszz… zhoottzzz…. Slurped…. Slurpppzzzz…. 

Terry attacked Sandy’s pussy with his tongue and mouth, sucking and licking her privates. 

Terry : You taste so good…. You really taste so good Sandy….. I love the taste of your pussy…. Slurppsss… slurppssss.. zhootzzz… zhootzzzzss…. Slurppssszzz…. 

I adjusted my erection as I continued my perverted voyeur act of looking at Sandy being ravaged by Terry. 

I kept up with my calls, by then I was alternating between calls and messages. 

Every couple of miss calls would be followed by messages. 

Sandy was pulled off the floor by Terry and I quickly shrunk back into the shadows. 

I could hear Sandy making a last ditched attempt at kicking and trashing about but Terry just laughed. 

Terry :Good… good… I like it when you resist…hahaha… very nice…. It’s making me more horny…. I’m going to fuck you good… you hear that ?? har ? . I’m going to fuck you good… hahaha…. 

I quickly stole a glance and saw that Terry had placed Sandy on her stomach onto the back of the sofa. He lifted Sandy up a little, causing her to lose balance and the only way she would counter it was by jerking her body back a little. 

And even if she did, her legs could not reach the floor, Terry laughed at how helpless Sandy was she I watch her tip toe desperately, but the moment her toes reached the floor Terry would lift Sandy up more, causing her to tilt like a unbalanced see saw on the sofa as she groaned and screamed in muffled protest.

Terry laughed and laughed as Sandy’s legs kicked helplessly in the air every time he rubbed his cock on her buttocks.

I could see him looking at Sandy’s backside, glancing at her toes, his left hand pressing and squeezing onto Sandy’s back while his right hand grabbed his cock.

Sandy’s head shook weakly and another long muffled scream of desperation and frustration reached my ears.

Terry :Ok… I cannot resist already…. I really cannot resist already… I need to fuck you Sandy…. I want to feel your pussy on my cock…. I’m sure you want to feel me too right…. Right ? hahha…

Sandy trashed about again, her hands swinging wildly but it was a futile attempt on her part. She was barely landing any hits on Terry. Her robe was pulled off totally and I could see the beads of sweat and perspiration that dotted her body.

It was as if there’s this simmering layer of her bodily oil mixed with her perspiration and it gave her this amazing godly glow under the lighting of the spa.

I saw a bead of perspiration roll down the small of her back as another muffled scream reached my ear, that bead of sweat picked up speed as I rolled towards Sandy’s shoulder right when Terry spread Sandy’s buttcheeks.

Sandy : ergnoooooo…. Ergnnoooo.. ergnnooooo!!!

That muffled cry of help sent more blood rushing to my already erected cock as I watch Terry groaned and moaned like a baby as he eased his dick slowly into Sandy’s vagina.

Terry :Arghhh…a rghhh… arghh…. So slippery…. Arghh… don’t… argnhh… don’t struggle anymore… arghhh… it’s going in…. it’s going in… ahaha..

I could see the desperate shake of Sandy’s head before a long sustained muffled cry gave me a shiver the moment Terry buried himself all the way inside Sandy’s hole.

Terry :ARghhhhhhh… arghh1!!!!!... arghhh……. This feeling… arghhh….arghhg…

Sandy’s body slouched and it was obvious the fight was gone in her . Terry withdrew and fucked himself a few times into Sandy, smacking his pelvic region onto her fleshy and toned buttocks.

Terry :ARghhh… arghhh… arghhh…

Sandy : Egnnohhh… erngohohhho… erngoohhoh…

Terry :This feeling… argh…. They say you always remember the first hole you ever fucked… arghhh… egghh…. So good…. Why…aareghh…. Why … arghh… are you so tight… arghhh.. arghhh….

Terry pulled Sandy off the sofa after less than 3 minutes of continuous fucking and deposited her lifeless body on the sofa. He pulled her leg and put one on the top of the sofa and the other on the floor as he wedged his body in between her legs.

Sandy no longer fought Terry but you could see her body still shaking and shivering slightly as Terry fucked himself into her in the missionary position.

He squeezed her breast, slapping her nipples with his hands as he impaled his dick into Sandy’s unwilling cunt. The sound of wet and moist bodyparts hitting against each other sounded out and echoed hollowly in the empty room.

Terry : ARghhh… eaegghhh… fuck.. arghh… arguklhh… fuck…. Arghhhh… so … tight… arghh….resist la… har ?? whay aren’t you resisting me ? hahha …ar gnhhh…a rghhh…. Your .. arhhhh…. Arghhh…

I could only make out some quiet sobbing from Sandy as Terry pounded her helpless pussy with his body.

Terry : ARghhhh… arghhhhhhhhhhh….

Sandy : Sobb….. aregsboooo sob… ergnsobbbb…

I could tell Terry was building up a momentum. His thrust was getting faster and harder as he drove his piston into Sandy. He licked Sandy’s sweat off her neck, he sucked on her nipples, he licked the curves of her breast before smelling his own saliva off them as he laughed. All this time he never stopped thrusting.

He never stopped fucking Sandy.

Terry : ARghhh..a rghhh…. Arghhh……

I sensed it was about time and I quickly got up onto my feet and took a deep breathe. Without warning, I charged into the room and it gave Terry a fright.

James : Stop!! Stop !!! Terry Stop !!! NOW!!!..

Terry : WHAT !!?? WHAT!???

The moment Sandy heard my voice , it was as if it jolted her back to life. She started screaming and struggling again but Terry pinned her down once more and ignored me. The struggles turned him on further as he pinned both of Sandy’s hands down above her head and onto the armrest of the sofa.

Terry :Yes.s.. yes… this is it… yes… arghhhh… arghhh… arghh… yes… arghh…. Fuck… arghh…. Yes… resist me you bitch… arghh…

James : Terry stop right now !!!

I pretended to sound frantic and nervous as I pleaded with him to stop but Terry wouldn’t. Why would he ?

He just laughed and asked me to fuck off..

Terry : Fuck off James… hahaha…a rghhh…a rghhh… I’m going to slowly enjoy myself… arghhg,,, I’m going to fill Sandy with my cock and sperm the whole afternoon… hahaha…a rghhh… arghh… you like this Sandy ? har ??? remember how my cock feels inside you ?? arghhh argh….

James : Terry ! Stop… there’s been a … a….

Terry :What ? A what ?? fuck off la James… you know how rude you are being ?? hahaha….let me enjoy myself properly… arghhh.. arghh… don’t worry…. I’ll make sure you can work on the project la… just leave me the fuck alone… arhh…arghhh.. arghh…

I could hear Sandy’s muffled scream getting louder and more desperate.

More beads of sweat rolled down her body and the sofa was getting soaked through as Terry pounded her unwilling cunt, rubbing against her protesting vagina walls and hitting his dick deep into her helpless pussy.

Sandy : aserngnhhhn… nononoooo.s.rgnnhhh…

I could hardly make out what Sandy was saying but I made a last ditched attempt to stop Terry.

James : I don’t want the project anymore… just stop !!

I went over to him and did a half baked attempt at pushing him off but he just shoved me back. It was a simple push but I exaggerated his motion and strength and I literally flew backwards and landed with a loud thud.

A little too hard for my liking and I was really in a bit of a pain.

Terry : Arghhh..a rghhh.. hahaa… 1 simple push and you fly off like this… you’re a weak cunt James… hahaha… arghhh…a rghhhh.. arghhh.. arghh ….. fuck… arghhhh … I’m going to cum… arghhhh..

I could see Sandy desperately making a last minute attempt of pushing Terry away but Terry pressed down on her body. His arms went underneath her arms before hooking back onto her shoulder as he forcibly sniffed and lick Sandy’s neck.

His body rose up high before slamming down again and again into Sandy as her muffled groans and sobs got louder and faster.

Terry ;ARghh.. arghh… I’m cumming… I’m cummming….

Sandy panicked.

Her entire body went into spasm as she did everything she could but it was no use.

Terry , amidst laughs and moans drove his cock deep into Sandy’s vagina as the veins on his neck tightened and his entire body went into spasm.

Terry : ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhh… fuck !!!... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck !!! ..arghh… argh………..arghh

Sandy : ERgnnhnhnooooon… ergnhhonooonno… ergnnhhoooono

Terry : Aeghhhhherghh….. fuck…arghh…I shoot inside you already Sandy… haha… I shoot inside you already…. It’s a lot…. Really a lot… argnnhhh…a rghhh… you like that feeling right ?? you told me not to use a condom because you want to feel me filling you up right ? arghhh.. hahaha… how is it… is it nice ??? haha… arghhh… arghhh..

Even after Terry emptied his load he still continued with his thrusting, he fucked Sandy as she sobbed under the mask, helpless about what was happening.

Terry pulled himself out and he lifted up Sandy’s legs even as she trashed them around.

Terry :No… no… don’t kick… don’t kick….. hahah…

I watched in disgust as Terry scoopes up globs of his own semen that had flowed out of Sandy’s vagina and he started to stuff them back in. 

Terry on’t waste… don’t waste ok… hahaa… put them all back in… haha…. 

I had to adjust my cock several times as Terry smeared the entire pubic region of Sandy’s with his semen. 

Terry : Fuckk…. I’ve never felt so satisfied in a long time… hahaha…. 

I was almost transfixed by the scene in front of me before Terry snapped me out of it. 

Terry : James !... get the fuck out of here,,,, go bnow or I make sure you won’t get the project hahahaha… what an asshole…loser….hahaha… 

With that he lowered Sandy’s legs once more and this time round when Terry pushed himself inside Sandy, she no longer cried or moan. 

I got up, brushed my shirt a little and walked out of the spa. 

Sandy never replied any of my calls or messages that night. 

27th May 2012 



I was at Sandy’s place first thing in the morning but she did not answer the door. I don’t even know if she was in at home.

I dropped her a lengthy msg about being sorry and shit and that I was too helpless to stop Terry but I did not get a reply too. 

28th May 2012 



Sandy did not turn up in the office and when I saw Terry came in, I immediately went after him. 

James : Terry … terry !!...

Terry :What the fuck you want ? ? 

James : Where’s Sandy ? 

Terry smiled and gestured for me to follow him into his office. 

Terry : Don’t worry, I spoke with my dad already…. You’ll get into the project… hahaha…. 

He went on to sit down plug in his phone to the charger and said he fucked Sandy another round before he untied her mask and let her go. 

Terry : She’s totally stoned man… hahah… like a zombie…. Hhah

James : Where is she ? She’s not replying my calls and messages… since Saturday…

Terry : Why do you care?? Hahah don’t worry… I took care of her… she was at my place resting… hahaha

James : What ?!! 

Terry went on to tell me that Sandy refused to response to his questions and so in the end he just help her dressed up and brought her to his place. 

Terry : She just laid there and let me fuck her in every hole I want… I cum inside her until I’m dry…. Fucking shoik…. Whatever you did James…. thanks man… must be some magic potion or something right… ahahaha… 

James : I need to talk to her…. 

Terry : Don’t bother…. She went to her relative’s place in Malaysia….. I just dropped her off at the bus stop this morning …. Ok ok… you can fuck off now la…. We’re even .. hahaha…

I left Terry’s office and went back to my seat. 

I tried Sandy’s number again and it was an overseas tone. 

She still did not reply my call and messages. 


Mr Liew : James ….

James : Yah ? 

Mr Liew : What is this bullshit about me letting you do the Dubai project ?? what is boss talking about ? 

James : Nothing… just ignore… it’s remnants of other stuff… 

Mr Liew nodded and asked me to organise things about a bit in terms of work. Belinda had a bit of difficulty doing it while I was gone and even though most of the team is ok with Belinda, they were not very cooperative if they’re not in a good mood. 

Belinda came and asked me what happened on Saturday when she’s back from her meeting and I told her it’s complicated. 

Belinda : The massage was really good man…. I went home and had such a good sleep I missed dinner…. Can consider going back there again… 

I just smiled and nodded. 

She asked if I sorted things out with Sandy and I said yes. 

James : I’m pretty sure it’s over between us. 

Belinda nodded and smile. 

Belinda : Ok… then go and take care of Kate…. 

James : Haha… don’t be…. 

Belinda: You know what I mean James….. talk to her…. I don’t want her to get hurt… 

She walked away as I watch Kate come out from the pantry trying to look normal and uninterested in everything but she was holding 2 cups of coffee. 

I turned to the copier and pretended to be messing around with the buttons while I looked at the reflection on the glass panel in front of me. 

Kate turned and gave me a look for a couple of seconds before setting the drink down on my table. 

I walked back to my seat and thanked her for the coffee. 

James : Oh… thanks man… … you’re so nice to me… 

She ignored my comment and I wanted to bring up the possibility of having dinner and maybe a chance to talk things through properly with her. 

I mean these kind of things it’s not good to drag. 

It’s better to tell Kate directly so no one gets hurt directly or indirectly. 

James : ERmm… Kate ah… ermm… 

I lowered my voice a little and I asked if she was free that evening. 

James : You…. You doing anything this evening ?? Want to… errr… have a drink ? I want to… 

Kate just gave me a look from the corner of her eyes as she sipped her coffee. 

She stopped me before I could finish my sentence. 

Kate : James …. I already said… you’re not my type…. i like my man to be you know…. Confident… smart…. Rich… yadda yadda… you know what I mean… so… ya… don’t bother la… 

Before I could even sigh and say anything, Mr Liew walked out of his office and clapped his hands a few times. 

Clap !! clap !! clap !! clap!! 

Mr Liew : Everyone…. Meeting room… now !! 

The entire team stopped what we were doing and we filed into the room. 

Mr Liew was busy testing on his phone and when we were all settled down, he began to address the room. 

Mr Liew : Ok… look… Omar is coming in 3 weeks…. 

He turned to Belinda and asked for some updates to the project and she gave a brief overview. Everything was in order and we have no problem giving the client a presentation to bring them up to date with the progress. 

Mr Liew : Alright… this is a official visit, and Omar ….. is bringing his dad with him…. So….Omar… is rich… 

He put his palm levelled with the ground in front of his stomach to indicate how rich he thinks Omar is. 

Mr Liew : We…. The people in this room plus our ancestors combined, is probably here…. 

He touched the floor of the room before springing back up. 

Mr Liew : Omar’s father ….. 

Mr Liew tiptoed and stretched for the ceiling as he looked at everyone of us. 

Mr Liew : We’re talking about jobs for the next 5 years…this is big… 

Mr Liew went on to say that Omar’s dad has not been to Singapore for 25 years, a lot has changed since then and we would need to set aside some time to bring him around a bit on top of plain work stuff. 

Mr Liew : James… do you think… 

Kate immediately volunteered and immediately raised her hand. 

Even Mr Liew raised an eyebrow as Kate started to speak. 

Kate : I have experience bringing VIPs around before…. I conducted a briefing for visitors to my school from China and I know what is it like. … I can do this…. I’ll draft up a plan. I don’t have any projects on hand at the moment…. Maybe I can take this up…. Show them around even… 

I immediately objected. 

James : No… I object… I don’t think Kate is experienced enough for this…. If it comes to work, I might be the better person to talk to ….. 

Kate : James !... 

James : What ? 

Kate glared at me as if I had just stole her thunder. 

James : I mean… if they asked about work…. How would you…. 

Kate : Don’t worry James…. I can handle a few Arabs… 

Mr Liew spoke and the discussion was over in an instant. 

Mr Liew : Ok…. Kate volunteered, let her do it. 


He moved on to a few other matters before he left the room and everyone filed out of the meeting room except Kate, me and Belinda. Actually I was about to stand up and leave but when I saw Kate with her folded arms glaring at me, I slowly sat back down. 

James : What ?? 

Kate : That was low James….. I didn’t know you are those kind of people that would cock block people. 

My jaws literally dropped .

James : What !.... 

What kind of language is that ? 

Kate pointed a finger at me and spoke in a exasperated manner at Belinda. 

Kate : Sis !.... look…..don’t you think he went overboard ??? 

Belinda looked a little unsure as to what she was supposed to say. 

What could she say anyway ? 

She of all people should know nothing good ever happens if you veer too close to Omar’s path. 

There is not possible way for her to make Kate understand that. 

And she instead turned towards me and shook her head slightly with a sigh. 


My eyes literally popped out as I looked at Belinda. 

She too folded her arms and said maybe I should have a good talk with Kate to sort things out. 

Belinda quickly stood up, turned towards exit and right before she left, she stuck out a bit of her tongue at me and quickly closed the door behind her. 


James : Kate…. I can explain…. You know…. Ermmm… I’ve met Omar before, he isn’t really a…. 

Kate just stood up and she tried to smack the table with her palm but it didn’t come out right. Instead of a forceful smack, there was hardly any impact as I only heard a soft thud, I was pretty sure she hit a bone or something as I watch her try not to wince in pain. 

Kate : I don’t want to talk to you James… 

Kate obviously looked irritated at me as she stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Belinda and me alone. 

I got up and went over to Belinda who pretended not to know I was standing beside her. 

James : Wow… really ? 

We were both quiet for a good minute as we just looked at each other. 

She bit her lips for a while before suggesting we head to another floor to talk. 

We took the lift down a couple of floors and went to the corner of the lobby. 

Belinda : Well, I don’t know what to say ….. I mean…. I can’t possibly tell Kate I was raped by Omar and his men right ? 

Belinda folded her arms as I stared at her a little shocked and taken aback. 

James : Whh… 

Belinda closed her eyes and shook her head, waving to me and she added she’s fine. 

Belinda : It’s something I want to put behind me…. I don’t want to talk about it anymore… 

James : No wait… 

Belinda : James… I don’t want to talk about this ever… 

We were both quiet for a while before Belinda just moved instinctively closer to me and we embraced each other for a brief moment in the lobby. 

Belinda : She still has her whole life ahead of her James….she cannot do it…..not like this… you know what will happen to her….. Omar…. Is a sick man….

I could tell Belinda was trying to hold back her tears. 

Belinda : He kept meticulous records…. Of all his conquest…. And I’m just one of them….sobzz… 

Belinda broke down for a bit when she told me Omar took time to write down in detail what he did to her completed with pictures in his diary after each time he fucked her. 

And he did so too when his men had their turn. 

Belinda : That’s all I have to say James…. that’s all. 

I stroked her hair and told her it’s ok. 

James : It’s ok…. It’s ok….. I still love you…. 

Another moment of silence past before we spoke again. 

James : I’ll talk to her… Kate…. I’ll make sure she stays out of this… 

Belinda : She’s a nice girl James…. she don’t deserve this… 

I nodded. 

I wiped her tears and in my attempt to lighten the mood, I asked if she’s ok with Kate being my mistress then. 

James : Well, I know she’s nice….she’s already calling you sis, maybe you know…. I can… AHHHHHhh… ahhhhh… ahhhh… 

Belinda pinched my waist so hard I almost went down on my knees.

James : It was just a joke.. 

Belinda : That’s lame… and it’s not funny… 

I waited for her to compose herself properly before I went back up to the office. 

I went straight to Kate but before I could say anything, she barked at me. 

Kate: I’m very angry with you James…. don’t forget if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have this job…. I don’t want to talk to you right now… 

James : But you don’t even know what I want to say ? 

Kate : No I don’t…. I don’t want to know…. 

James : I’m still going to say it Kate… it’s for your own good… I don’t think you should take up the role of bringing Omar and his dad around…. Please…. 

I brought my chair right up to her and forcibly turn Kate to face me. 

James : Kate look at me… please… trust me on this ok ? 

She gave me a forced smile, narrowed her eyes and gave me the finger before turning back to her screen. 


I guess she would have to learn the hard way then. 

30th May 2012 



For the next couple of days, I continued in my attempt to get in touch with Sandy but had no luck in doing so. 

It was a quiet start to the week after you discount the meeting on Monday. 

The only unusual thing I saw would be Terry walking around the office a lot more than usual. 

Not only did he venture deeper into our wing, he was also hanging around the pantry for longer periods of time. At one point he was inside the finance office for close to half a day. 

Then I saw him talking to Sharon from HR for a bit and I decided to approach the best source for the latest information and gossip. 


I went down and bought a few starbucks coffee , the first thing I did was to go look for Sharon and pass her one. 

James : Hey Sharon …. Coffee for you… 

Sharon : Wah….. how come suddenly so nice…. 

James : I always nice to you leh… 

Sharon : You better be…. Your appointment letter and admin stuff I donno do how many times already….. you change company like change underwear…. 

James : I’m unlucky la… but I change my underwear everyday one ok… haha… 

She gave me an irritated ‘tsk’ before accepting my coffee. 

Sharon : Thanks la thanks la…. What do you want ?? 

She gave me a suspicious look, knowing full well I was there for the gossip. 

James : Ermm.. see what you have to update me lor…. Haha… Why is Terry bugging you ? He hiring new people again ah ? 

The mere mention of Terry sparked off a tirade from her, and Sharon spent a good 5 minutes cursing Terry. I nodded and pretended to be understanding, agreeing with what she said. By the time she was done, Sharon was a little breathless. 

Sharon : Wah… I feel so much better after cursing him man… haha… 

James : Well… sometimes you just got to let it all out.. 

I later found out from Sharon that Terry’s balance in his current account is running low. He only has less than 2 months of overheads for his office.

It’s been a few months since they did any proper work. The few small jobs they did were not bringing in the cash either. They billed our office for certain stuff, shit actually, basically left pocket and right pocket but Mr Liew has been slow in approving the payment. 

In fact Mr Liew has been pretty bastard as well, I understand from Sharon that once the payment was declined because his signature was wrong and one more time he spotted a spelling mistake on the invoice and he stopped the payment halfway. 

Sharon : Terry’s father knows about this but he bochup already…. I think Mr Liew knows how much money Terry has left, he want to just give hi pocket money slowly every month. Haha…. Si bei bastard… 

James : Wah… like that one ah… but then Terry that side also not bringing in job…. And the people….

Sharon : Yah… yah… that day I see them watch youtube whole day, got 1 bugger even chase finish 1 korean drama series. 

James : Wah. How you know ? 

Sharon lowered her voice a little and admitted she was chasing that series as well. 

James : Wah… you also very eng ah… 

Sharon : Hello… I’m very busy one ok…. They pay me 1 salary, make me do 2 side work….. 

We exchanged a few more gossip before parting ways. 


I deliberately walked back to Terry’s wing and pretended to look for some documents and I could see the few remaining zombies looking at me suspiciously. The few local staff had left on the dot, with nothing to do, there was no point to act busy. 

Raj and Sukoh were just staring at the drawing of a building I could not even recognise. Probably something they downloaded off the internet so it would appear as if they were actually doing something. They saw me looking over at them and spoke in their native tongue. 

After a few more seconds, they started to pack up and shut down the computer. 

Xiaoqiang and Hejun were even better. 

They were opening wrapping a few packets of cigarettes up with recycled paper. There were prints of building plans on them. After wrapping, they rolled a few more dwgs over on the outside. 

Now they would walk around in broad daylight with their goods and sell them at will. 

No one could be bother with anyone holding a few rolls of drawings. 

They cast me a hostile look before turning back to what they were doing. 

Terry was not in his room. 

Turning round the back of the office, I entered the small shared library and storage area through a small door. 

I randomly took a file from the library compactor at the back of the room and pretended to flip through it. My mind was preoccupied with Sandy and on the other hand, I was thinking about how to get Kate out of hosting Omar. 

I was so focused on the blank pages of the file that I literally jumped when Kate turned the blind corner and walked right into the narrow space I was in. 

James : Woah !... 

Kate : What you doing ? 

James : Nothing… looking for some files… 

Kate gave me an irritated look and gestured for me to move out of her way. 

I stepped out as she rolled the wheel of the compactor to open up another column. She stepped in to grab some books, those that mention award winning buildings in the country, probably trying to compile some site to visit. Kate’s short dress rode up a little high as I looked at her tiptoe in her high heels, as she pulled and tugged at one of the books, she knocked over a box. 

Kate : Oh… oops… crap. 

A few sleeves of files fell out but after that, several cartons of cigarettes fell out onto the floor. It’s not loud but the commotion was enough to draw the attention of Xiaoqiang who was seated closest to the storage area.

Kate tried to stop the tumble but in her haste she accidentally pulled another carton and this time round loose packets of cigarettes fell out of the box, scattering all over her in the narrow space. 

By the time the stuff stopped dropping. Hejun and Xiaoqiang were already at the compactors.

Xiaoqiang quickly closed the door while Hejun tried to step pass me to grab his stuff. 

James : Kate come out of there. 

No one spoke as Kate stared at the cigarettes on the floor before looking at Xiaoqiang and Hejun. 

James : Kate, step out of there…. Come over here quick. 

I saw her grab her book and took 1 step forward with her pointy heel, avoiding the loose packets of duty unpaid cigarettes. 

She took a 2nd step then she paused. 

I could sense a sudden change in atmosphere when her eyes met mine. 

James : Kate, come out now….

Kate’s eyes drifted from me over to Hejun who was waiting by the narrow alleyway without a word.

Xiaoqiang had his back towards the door, blocking the small viewing panel in case anyone looked in.

James : Kate….. it’s none of our business…. Step out of there now…

Inside my heart I was pleading with her not to be a busybody.

When I saw Kate put the book down on the side of the shelves and her hands went to her waist, I wanted to grab my head and massage the headache that was slowly appearing.

Kate : How could you all do this !!... this is illegal!!!

Hejun and Xiaoqiang remained quiet, they just stared at Kate.

Kate : This is our office !!! … how can you all be so unprofessional ??

James : Kate ! Enough… come out now…

I reached in and grabbed her hand, pulling her out of the narrow space.

Without a word, Hejun quickly dashed in and started packing up all the cigarettes on the ground.

I reached for the door but Xiaoqiang refused to budge.

James : Fuck off…

He still refused to move, I turned and saw Hejun pack up the remaining few boxes before Xiaoqiang stepped aside.

Kate : James ! Let go. !... this is wrong !!... we have to tell the management !....

James : Kate enough… it’s none of our…

Kate shook my hand away and spoke a little too loudly.

Kate : James !... can you don’t be so Kiasee ( Scare to die ) so typical Singaporean !.... this is wrong !!! …. How can you watch this happen and not do anything. !

Hejun and Xiaoqiang had already stepped out of the room and closed it behind them.

XIaoqiang : 不管你的事。。。啊。。 别惹是生非啊。。。走走走。。。 ( It’s none of your business, just go. )

HeJun : 也没什么大不了。。就几根烟呗 ( It’s no big deal. Just a few cigarettes )

James : Kate let’s go…

Kate : NO!..

Kate went on to tell them that she would report them to management.

James : Kate… listen …

Kate : James !!! If you are scare… you stay out of this… Ok… just go… I will not do nothing if I see something is wrong.

Hejun : What’s your problem Kate….

I could tell a sudden shift in his tone but Kate was oblivious to it.

Kate : The problem is you…

Kate looked at the both of them and gave them a piece of her mind. I can’t help but feel some of the comments and curses she threw at them was meant for me. Part of the pay back for speaking up against her in the meeting a few days ago.

Kate : We’re all colleagues… don’t say I never give you all chance…. I want all these out of the office by tonight…. If not I will report you..

She pushed past the both of them and walked a few steps away before stopping.

Kate : I meant it…. Tonight !!! like now !!!! I will not leave until the cigarettes are gone.

Kate stormed off and I quickly went after her. Hakim and Belinda were still in the office and I pulled Kate into the meeting room and quickly shut the door.

I wanted to tell her to calm down and it’s nothing short of pure stupidity to confront people like them head on. Sometimes in life it’s about playing it smart. Don’t do stupid things if it can be avoided.

James : Kate… please… can you just listen to me for a……

Kate stopped and wheeled around to look at me.

Kate : JAMES !!.. I’ve heard enough from you…. Don’t be so wimpy can… how can you see people break the law and not do anything !!! .. it’s people like you who makes this country unbearable !!!.... you see something wrong and you refuse to act…. Always just look away, …turn a blind eye….

My jaw dropped a little again as she went on.

Kate looked really upset at me.

I don’t know why.

Kate : Scare this, scare that… everything just keep quiet…. Then in the end just complain into thin air….. this society will not improve !!

My jaw seriously went from a small opening to a bigger one as Kate shoved me on my chest.

Kate : Say something !! Why didn’t you tell them off !! ? Do you realise what they are doing ??!!! If today is cigarette, then tomorrow is what ?? what if they smuggle some nuclear weapon or something.

My legs gave way and I sat onto a meeting chair.

James : Kate…. From cigarette to nuclear weapon….. a bit…

Kate : That is not the point. !!!! You don’t understand what I’m saying !! …

Kate : ARghghghhgghghghhh!!! ..

I just kept quiet as she panted while she tapped her chest several times in the room.

James : OUCH!...

She kicked me on the shin with her heel before calling me an idoit and she stormed out.

What the fuck is her problem man ?

I sighed and decided to just wash my hands off this.

It’s none of my business.

Just a simple text to Terry would solve the problem. Better still, I’ll snap a photo, problem solved. He saves money from 2 headcount, get rid of them and done. No work pass for them, we have 2 less individual to fight for space on this island.

Just a sms. A call at the most .

I went back to my desk and Kate was nowhere to be seen.

Belinda said goodbye to me 20 minutes later just as Hakim was packing up.


I was the only one left in my wing but Kate’s computer was still on.


Kate came back with a juice in hand and she refused to look at me in the eye.

She put down her bag and stormed off into the other wing.


Kate came back and sat down right when I was about to leave.

James : I’m leaving… you want to go off together ?

Kate looked at me from the corner of her eye before rolling them at me and turning away, crossing her legs and playing with her heel, letting one dangle off her toe.

I shook my head and walked off.

Before I went to the lift, I went into the other wing and I saw Hejun and Xiaoqiang sitting outside the compactor talking to each other.

They saw me and they stopped talking.

We stared at each other for a few seconds before I walked off and entered the lift.


I walked out of the lift and another man rudely brushed passed me to get into the lift car. He did not even wait for me to come out.

I turned and our eyes met before he looked away.

Fucking PRC.

I got out of the office and I was greeted with a cloud of smoke. I saw the familiar red colour packing of the cigarette in their hands as they spoke with accented Chinese. No prize for guessing where they’re from.

I pretended to make a call as I loitered around them. After their smokes, they went into the office tower as well.

I deliberated with my decision whether to head back up or walk off. 

I’m sure it’s nothing. 

Well, it’s a lot of cigarettes, I’m sure they would have the sense to call a few friends along to help them lug it out of the office. I mean how many of those can they wrap into rolls of drawings ? 

I took less than 30 steps away before I cursed under my breath and turned back. 


The lift chimed open and I walked quietly towards the office. I could hear the group of them talking pretty loudly. 

I turned a photoframe on the reception table to catch the reflection of what was going on in the other wing and I was surprised to see Kate with her arms folded right in front of that group. 

She has some balls I got to give it to her. 

They were complaining loudly that she should mind her own business. 

Voice : 关你屁事啊。。( it’s none of your business ) 

Voice : 你以为我们傻的吗? 只有你们这群笨猪才买这么贵的烟。。。白痴啊。。滚滚。。。别挡我的财路。。 ( Do you think we’re dumb ? Only dumb pigs like you all pay for such expensive smokes… get lost… don’t get in my way of making money ) 

Kate : 这是犯法的! ( This is illegal ! ) 

The sound of their laughter drowned out Kate’s protest. 

I saw her turn from the reflection and I soon heard her heels clicking down the corridor. 

I stepped back to the lobby and hid in the recessed part of the lift, seconds later Kate walked right by and went back to her seat. 

I decided to wrap it up and save every body’s time. 

I’ll just call Terry, put him on speaker and it’s done. 

Before I could do so, I saw one of the man walk pass the reception briskly and into our wing. 

He did not see me and I quickly fell into step behind him. 

I turned and I could hear the rest still at the other side talking and laughing. 

I felt the hair on my neck stand when I saw the man approached Kate so fast that I had no time to react. 

Kate was just sitting down, facing her computer. 

That man just walked right up to her, removing his jacket at the same time. 

Kate could hardly register the commotion when he just wrapped the jacket around her head. 

Kate tried to scream but it came out as a muffled shout. 

Kate : Mufffffferghhhdfdfff… 

She kicked back on her chair, her legs swinging wildly. One of her heel came off. 

I saw the man cursing at her that she should mind her own business as I quietly closed the less than 20 steps from behind. 

15 steps 

My fingers closed, clenching into a fist as I saw him took the opportunity to touch Kate’s breast.

He brushed against them a few times as he fiddled with his smelly jacket which stank of cigarette smoke. His hands even tried to reach into Kate’s dress while her hands were torn between tearing off the jacket or pushing his hands away. 

10 steps 

I dropped my bag onto a chair and pushed it aside. 

5 steps 

Kate managed to break free, pulling and throwing the jacket away. 

Kate : ARGHHH!! … … HELP!! .. 

That man slapped Kate on her cheek at a awkward angle right when I picked up his jacket from the floor and wrapped it around his head, taking him by surprise.

I twisted it a couple to times as Kate screamed and staggered off the chair and falling onto the floor. 

I could hear the commotion from the other wing and they should be heading towards our side soon. 

Before Kate could speak, I landed a well placed punch on the side of that man’s cheek. I could feel the pain in my knuckles as it connected with his face. 

Kate looked flustered as she made an attempt to grab her heel as the man groaned and fell to the floor. 

I quickly put a finger to my lip and pulled Kate up. 

Kate : My heel, my… 

I dragged her quickly across the office, cutting into colleagues’ seats and tables before reaching the end of our workspace. By the time we got to the entrance of Mr Liew’s office, I could hear the rest of the PRC at the entrance of our wing. 

I tried the door, and we went inside. 

I locked the door and sighed, looking at Kate. 

I could hear the group of them speaking loudly in the office. Every second that past they sounded more and more agitated, cursing in their native language. 

I turned to look at Kate, she looked a little pale, probably terrified. 

I gestured for her to remove her remaining heel and she did as she was told. 

Kate : What now ? 

James : SHh… 

I put a finger to my lip as I tried to pick up what they were saying. 

Suddenly I could hear Hejun shout out in the office. 

Hejun : KATE !!! KATE 你这个臭婊子 ! ( Kate !... you BITCH !! ) 

I turned and I could see Kate shaking a little as she widened her eyes and looked at me. 

I could feel her fingers dig into my arm as she gave me an awkward guilty look, as if it finally dawned on her she has bitten off something more than she could chew. 

Kate : My bags and wallets all still there… my phone too… 

There was some more commotion, I could roughly make it out that they were spreading out, trying to look for Kate. 

Then without warning, I heard the banging on the glass panels on Mr Liew’s office. 

Bang ! Bang ! bang ! bang! Bang! ….. 

Kate : Gasp !! 

Kate had a shocked and collapsed onto the floor on her butt, I caught a glimpse of her pink panty as she tried to get back up. 

Voice : 在里面 !。 在里面! ( In there !... in there ! ) 

I sighed as I got back up on my feet. 

The blinds in Mr Liew’s office was partially drawn. 

I could make our 3 of them outside the office. 

I turned and offered my hand to Kate. She took it and stood up beside me barefoot on the carpeted floor. 

The commotion got louder. 

I reached for the vertical blinds cord and pulled it in 1 swift motion, drawing aside the entire curtain to the side bringing us face to face with the 5 men standing outside the office. 

I could see the man who I just punched minutes ago glaring at me. He must be dying to return the favour.

I could see Hejun looking at Kate. There was something about his eyes, he was checking out her body. 

Xiaoqiang was talking to the other 2 guy, probably updating them about who I am

No one spoke. 

We just stared at each other. 

Only that flimsy wooden door separated us from them. 

I could feel Kate’s body sticking closer and closer to me. Then without warning, her fingers interlinked with mine. 

I was about to speak but Kate beat me to it. 

Kate : James… do you trust me ? 

I almost choked on my saliva as I turned and looked at her. 

James : WHAT !!? 

Kate : Don’t worry… I’ll get us out of this mess.. 

James : Oh……….. Ok… 


Seconds ticked by slowly before I saw 1 of them reach for the door knob. 

Rat tat tat… 

It’s locked but a flimsy one. It’s not hard to knock it off. 

Kate immediately went to Mr Liew’s table and tried to look for the phone.

Mr Liew’s table was filled with rolls of drawings and files, I could hardly see the keyboard not to mention his phone. 

As Kate tried to trace the phone by running her hands through all the stuff crowded on the table, I could see the guys outside the room discussing what to do. 

The man I punched kept tugging and pulling the door knob. 

I could see Xiaoqiang gesturing towards the cigarette, he looked like he was telling them to quickly grab their stuff and clear out but the man who touched Kate seemed intended to open the door. 

Kate : God…. Mr Liew needs to tidy up his desk !! … Kate bent over and finally found the phone that was entangled with it’s own cord lying on his pedestal. 

She immediately picked it up and held it in a threatening manner towards the men outside the room. 

Kate : I’ll call the police !!! I really will! 

I could see them deliberating their decision. 

If they are smart enough, they would take their stuff and go. Their decision seemed split as they spoke among themselves harshly and in an urgent manner. Then without warning, Hejun, Xiaoqiang and one other guy started to walk briskly away. 

The door knob kept vibrating and shaking as the guy kept hitting and pushing the door. He looked like he was going to rape Kate if he can get his hands on her. 

Kate went up to the glass panel and knocked the phone on the window, raising it and making the motion of calling the police. The guy behind that asshole at the door tried tugging at his friend’s arm, asking him to let it go but he shrugged him away. 

He tried talking to him but after a minute, he grew impatient and walked off as well. 

Now it’s just us and the man at the door. 

Kate : Ok… good.. now only left him…. Let’s push the door out and beat him up…. This fucker touched me !... 

James : What if the others are hiding in the corner waiting for us to come out. ? 

Kate looked like she was about to say something else but kept quiet. 

I saw Xiaoqiang back in view again with 2 paper bags stuffed full of his stash, the top were flimsily covered with some recycled paper as he nudged his friends a few times but he refused to go. 

Exasperated, Xiaoqiang shouted for him to catch up as he disappeared from sight once more. 

The man kicked the door several times, hard. The loud thumping gave Kate a shock and she jumped, choosing to come closer to me. 

He paced around the outside for a while , wiping the sweat from the top of his lips and wiping it on his shirt. 

Kate : Ok don’t worry , he’ll walk away in a while… his friends are all gone.. we can wack him. 

I almost wanted to roll my eyes at her. 

Kate : See… in situation like this…. It’s best to stay calm James…. don’t worry… this is Singapore…. Nothing will happen. 

I ignored Kate totally as I kept my eyes peeled on the man. 

He seemed to be walking and wandering a little further away. 

If he was far enough, I might want to open the door and make a run for it. 

I saw him walk over to Kate’s desk and he looked around. 

Then he started rummaging through Kate’s bag. 

Kate saw what he was doing and in a moment of panic, she opened the door and dashed out before I could react. 

Kate : HEY!!! 

I immediately followed close behind Kate’s heel, my eyes scanning the rest of the office for signs of his accomplices. 

I was so sure they were going to jump us but thankfully that did not happen. 

Kate ran towards the man but he was faster, he grabbed her wallet and when Kate got within range, he pushed her on her chest, causing considerable amount of pain on her breast I’m sure because I saw Kate staggered and fell back onto the floor, clutching her breast and chest area. 

Man : hahahaha…. 臭婊子。。。 ( hahaha… fucking bitch ) 

I was barely a few steps away and I ignored Kate, going straight for the man. 

He saw me approach and I guess the anger from our previous run in fuelled his anger and he came at me too. Our bodies connected and we started raining punches on each other’s head and face. 

Man : aRGHHHGHHGg.. 

James : ARGNHHH!!... 

The struggling and punches lasted barely 30 seconds when I heard voices behind me. 

From the reflection on the glass panel behind the man I was fighting, I saw his friends approach from the reception. 

Kate was still on the floor behind me. 

With a hard shove, I pushed the man away and heard him groan as his head hit the tempered glass of the building’s façade. 

I quickly pulled Kate to her feet and dragged her behind me. Grabbing what I could from Hakim’s table, I had a 30 cm metal ruler on my left hand and I extended the orange cutter blade by 2 notch with my right as I held my arms out slightly. 

Hejun and another man stopped a few steps away but mostly they were focused on their friend who was curing and massaging his head. He was still holding Kate’s wallet. 

As that few seconds ticked by, I could see them deliberating their actions. 

Hejun urged everyone to just quickly go but the fucker with Kate’s wallet did not look like he would let this go. 

Hejun : Hanbin !!... 走吧!! 别浪费时间了 !! 钱要紧 ( Haibin, let’s go !!!.. don’t waste time… money is more important ) 

So that man is called Haibin. 

He grunted and shouted in exasperation and he opened Kate’s wallet. 

Fine, take the money, whatever, I don’t care. 

Just take it and fuck off. 

But I was wrong. 

He was not going for the money, he was not even aiming for the credit card. 

Kate : STOP!!!! HEY!!! 

Haibin laughed as he looked through Kate’s wallet and he took out her pink IC. 

He immediately flipped it over and looked at her address as he laughed. 

Haibin : 你等着啊。。。哈哈。。。婊子。。。 你等着。。。明天我去拜访你。。haha ( Just you wait… haha… bitch…. Just you wait… I’ll pay you a visit tomorrow.. haha ) 

Kate wanted to charge at him as she screamed but I held her back. 

There’s 3 of them, this is not some young and dangerous movie. 

There’s no way I can go around slashing people like I’m Ekin Cheng.

It was more of a deterrent. 

Kate shouted for me to go grab her wallet back but I stayed where I was. 

If I did go for the wallet, she would be left open for Hejun and the other guy to grab her. What’s the point of getting the wallet then ? 

Haibin : hahahah…. Hahaa… 

Haibin laughed as he skirted around us and left the office with his friends after throwing us a dirty look and blowing Kate a kiss. 

Once the chime of the lift drifted to our ears, I dropped the ruler and the cutter and asked if Kate is ok. 

James : are you ok ??

Kate : I’m fine…. You should have just chopped them up James !... fuck !.... 

James : Can you don’t be so gangster ?? We are civilized people. 

I could tell she was fuming mad as I walked over to the phone. 

I picked up the receiver and I managed to hit the digit ‘9’ twice before Kate stopped me and hung up. 

Kate : What are you doing ? 

James : Are you mad ? Call police la… people steal your wallet and IC leh… you got pay tax one …. Let them do their work. 

Kate : NO!... don’t need. 

I gave Kate an incredulous look . 

James : What are you talking about ? What don’t need. 

Kate : Don’t need to call the police… I can handle it myself. 

That was when I lost my patience with her. You see, the problem with Kate, she thinks she’s always had a handle on things. That she’s always in control but that is not how the world works. 

One moment back in Mr Liew’s office she was ready to hit dial, now there was a sudden shift in her position.

I was about to give her a piece of my mind when she started to dial the phone she was holding. 

It was not a mobile number. 

It started with a ‘6’. 

I guess she was trying to warn her parents with some guy might be heading up to her place to find trouble. It was the least she could do since she want to handle it on her own. I seriously wondered how her parents could stand her character of behaviour. 

Kate : KOR ! it’s me ..

Kate : Some fucker took my wallet, molested me, he has our address…. He says he would pay me a visit tomorrow… he.…. 

I turned to look as Kate she spoke angrily into the phone but as soon as she had spoken the words, it was as if a realisation suddenly dawn on her and she mellowed down immediately, looking a little embarrassed. 

I didn’t know she had a brother. 

Kate paused and saw that I was listening to the conversation and she covered the mouthpiece and asked that I give her some space. 

I walked away as she turned her back towards me. 

2 minutes later , she hung up the phone and started to pack her bag. 

James : Kate… listen…. I think…. Some….things…. We shouldn’t be so stubborn…. I’ll call Terry, they’ll be gone in the morning…. Then we’ll just report this and…. 

Kate cut me off and said she had it under control. 

James : You got to be kidding me. 

Kate : It’s under control James… everything is fine… 

She refused to engage me in the conversation any further. 

I could tell she was angry, getting angrier by the minute. There was this determined look on her face, something I could not explain. 

I grabbed my bag and said I would send her back. 

James : They have your address, I’ll walk you back home. 

Kate did not reject my offer and we took a cab together back to her place in Ang mo kio. 

When we got in the lift , Kate seemed to have calm down a little when she told me not to worry. 

Kate : The address on my IC has not been updated. It’s still my brother’s place…. I was staying there for a while…. Long story…will tell you when we have the time. 

James : Then you better warn your brother and his family about this… 

Kate : Don’t worry. He knows…. I’m taking leave tomorrow James… 

James : Ok. … can I ask why ? 

She ignored my question and walked towards her unit without turning back. 

We parted ways and on my way back, I called Belinda and told her what happened. She was shocked of course and she asked me to call the authorities without letting Kate know. 

I told her I would but after thinking about it, I stopped short of making the call. 

Something seemed off with Kate and it was beginning to eat into me the more I thought about it. 

Kate’s character is so different. She’s still young, a little green in the working environment but to have the balls to stand up to things like this and handle them the way she do, she has to have a good reason to do it. 

It’s like she’s not afraid of any repercussion. 

I mean right from the first day I knew her, it was just go go go, all the way. She’s was always so sure, except when it comes to matters of the heart. She is stubborn too

Maybe she got a rich daddy backing her up but still, so what if you are rich. 

You kena wack, you also get a bruise. 

What I could not wrap my head around why does Kate have such a strong sense of righteousness. It made me curious about her family, her upbringing. 

Did they influence her character ? 

She never really talked about her family. 

Maybe her dad is a policemen ? 

Mother a lawyer or something. 

That might explain things a little. 

31th May 2012 



Kate was on leave, just like she said. 

I sent her a text but she did not reply me. 

I found out from HR that Xiaoqiang and Hejun had tendered their resignation that day and both of them were on urgent leave. 

Sharon : Must be quietly find new job liao lor…. Secretly go sign appointment letter…. So obvious… 

I just smiled and kept quiet. 


I called Kate several times and when she finally picked up, I asked her where she was 

Kate : I’m going down to my brother’s place. 

James : What ? What for ? 

Kate : If that fucker comes… I want my wallet back… 

James ; My god… Kate… just call and cancel the cards and make a report…. 

Kate :No ! This has escalated …. To a point …… that….. I cannot just report to the police… 

James : Are you drunk ? What are you talking about ? 

Kate : The more I think about it , the angrier I am…. 

She hung up on me when I tried to reason with her. 

I text her several times and she finally reveal the address of where her brother’s place is. 

I immediately took a cab down to the place in Joo chiat. 


It is a coffee shop nested within the quiet estate flanked by private houses and a check of the address revealed that Kate use to stay at the unit above the coffeeshop. 

I looked around and there were no sign of her. 

I gave her a call but she did not answer. 

I ordered a cup of coffee and sat down. 

The neighbourhood is quiet, there were a handful of people at the coffee shop. Aside from the occasional helper or retiree strolling down the pathway, it was pretty much empty. 

The owner of the chicken rice stall was hanging up a few roasted chicken on the rack. He’s huge, his old white shirt hung off his body, there were several holes in the shirt and I could see that he had a few tattoos on his chest and arms. 

The most prominent one being the tail of a intricate dragon reaching up the side of his neck. 

He had a thick silver chain on his wrist and it jiggled and shook when he wielded the chopper like a skilled butcher. 

Ok, swee. 

Maybe this guy is Kate’s brother. 

Fucking hell, tattoo and a clever. No wonder she’s not afraid of Haibin if he came. 

The man went about his work with a smile, chatting with some regulars who came along to buy lunch. He seemed like a nice guy as he packed up some extra soup for a old man. 

His assistant came out from the back with some more chickens. Another heavily tattooed man, his hair dyed a bright shade of blond. His arms were sculptured and rough, he could probably pull the bones out from the chicken if he wanted to. 

A small scar ran down the side of his ear. 

Wah, this one, this one. This is better. 

Looks like he had some battle scar. 

This chap got the classic chao ah beng look. 

Mr Liew called and I snapped out of my daydream and answered some questions about projects before I hung up. 

I tried Kate again but she did not pick up. 

Turning to look at the owner of the drinks stall, I immediately dismissed him as Kate’s brother. He’s a pretty young chap, good looking too. Maybe my age give or take. He looks educated, maybe if he was in a suit, he would fit right in at the financial district but he was not. 

Instead, he was in simple grey berms and a typical work shirt. One that had seen better days. 

Even though his shirt had some holes and coffee stains in them, I could tell he was someone with class. Something about the way he moved and do things seemed different from the others at the coffee shop.

He was going through some invoices from drinks delivery as he asked his staff some questions about the orders. 

The man cleaning the tables walked with a limp, singing in hokkien to himself as he went about his chores. Once there were no more tables to be cleared, he settled himself on a seat and started to smoke. 

Next, my eyes went to the coffee maker. 

This old man with skin dark as charcoal but he’s Chinese. I can tell from the way he speaks local dialect. He wore a gold chain around his neck, not a thin flimsy one. It’s thick, something you would immediately associate with what a debt collector would wear. 

Dangling from that chain were a few amulets and trinkets. 

He had a thick jade ring too on his little finger. This is what the god of gambler would look like when he grows old maybe, with an extra tan.

Well, he’s too old to be Kate’s brother. 

I heard the rumble of a large lorry pulling to the side of the road, blocking half of the coffee shop as the engine switched off. 

I turned and saw it packed to the brim with sacks of rice. Huge 50kg packs. 

The passenger door opened and out hopped a man that is about 1.85 tall. He’s well built too, I guess he needs to be if he’s hauling rice that size everyday. 

He smiled and gave the chicken rice seller a wave. As he came closer to my table, I got even more excited. 

You know sometimes you get that urge to just spew vulgarities for no reason.

Yeah, that was what I was feeling.

He was balding a little on the top of his forehead while the rest of his hair cascaded down to his shoulder. His eyebrow is bushy and he had this awesome look of fucking bad ass etched into his expression.

His ideal job would be some ghost buster or some shit. I kid you not, he has those look that even spirits would think twice of crossing. He’s like Singapore’s version of Anthony wong with the big boss look and feel.

I thought he was going for the rice but instead the driver of the lorry and another assistant, both heavily tattooed started unloading 2 bags of the rice as he raised 3 fingers at the man making coffee.

After 2 bags of rice were unloaded for the chicken rice seller, the 3 of them took a seat inside the coffee shop as drinks were served by the same man who cleaned the tables.

Must this that Anthony Wong already. His fucking aura would make Haibin pee in his pants if he dared to show up.

They chatted among themselves, laughing and smoking.

Then again, as I listened in to their conversation, I can’t help laughing at my imagination.

They were talking about parking summons and petrol prices. One of them complained about the heat and the weather.

Anthony Wong look alike was just laughing at his 3 hour queue at a polyclinic.

I shook my head and held back a smile.

Sometimes I really think too much. I blame my imagination.

My phone rang at that time and it was Kate.

James : Where are you ?

Kate : Xiaoqiang called me earlier…

James : What did he want ?

Kate told me that Xiaoqiang apologised for the night before but his friend Haibin insisted on finding Kate to settle things.

Kate : Xiaoqiang want to make himself clear that Hejun and him were only interested in money and that they have nothing to do with this…. He even suggested I go to the police…

James : I think you should too… I’m at the coffee shop below your place… come on down…

Kate : I’m not there yet…. Haibin is coming at 12.30pm… he called me too…

James : What else ?

Kate : He said he will kick my door down if I don’t open it…. He also demanded an apology… and money….. for the return of my wallet…. He said he wanted to fuck me…

James : My god … Kate… these people are just mad…. Look… this is good…. Since you know he’s coming…. Just call the authorities….they can be here waiting for him.

Kate : you won’t understand James… I don’t want to get the authorities involved… I can handle it…

James : Handle it ? How ? sleep with him ah ?

Kate : Of course not…

I tried to think of other reasons to persuade Kate but she said she’s on her way down.

Kate : Let’s talk later.

Another pickup truck pulled up by the small road in front of the coffee shop.

2 men came down and they waved to the drinks stall, probably regulars as well.

They joined the rice guys at the same table as smokes were passed around.

I would have wanted to tell them the table with the yellow box was outside the coffee shop but my common sense told me to turn a blind eye. Who the fuck in their right mind would go and tell these people where they should or should not smoke ?

Even the chicken rice seller and the coffee uncle were smoking inside the coffeeshop.

I took a look around and realised for the first time I was the only man sitting along the tables outside the coffee shop.

Well, it can get dusty when cars roll by, and the spot they chose had 2 fans blasting at them, seems like the regulars know the best spot.


I was going through my 2nd cup of coffee when I heard my name being called out behind me.

I immediately recognised the voice.

I stood up and turn around, coming face to face with Haibin.

He was not alone. He had 2 other guys with him, not from the night before.

He walked right up to me in a confrontational manner.

Haibin : 你来干嘛? 皮痒了是吗。。。哈哈哈。。 ( Why are you here ? Do you have a itch you need to be scratched ? hahah )

I kept quiet as the other 2 guy surrounded me .

Haibin pushed me on my chest the moment he was in range and I staggered backwards, hitting onto one of his friend who in turned pushed me forward back to Haibin.

I drew up my punch and there was no hesitation.

No need to talk.

Talk for what.

He’s here to pick a fight isn’t he ?

We went at it right there and then.

When my fist connected with Haibin’s shoulder instead of his face, inside my head I was hoping for Kate’s brother to appear then.

Surely he would know I was on Kate’s side.

She must have told him it was a fucking PRC who molested her and took her wallet.

Maybe it was the chicken rice seller with the chopper.

Or perhaps the assistant ?

How about the rice seller and his men. ?


I was hoping there would be some shouting and they would jump into the fray but no.

There was none.

Just 3 seconds into the scuffle I knew I was alone when I heard them laugh and cheered.

Woot woot!!! … ‘ Hood AH ‘ , ‘ swee la ‘ .

I tried to block some hits and land as many as I could as tables and chairs were shifted around and pushed roughly.

The lorry and the pickup truck effectively blocked off most of the views from the opposite side of the road as we shouted and cursed at each other.

Haibin laughed as he soon realised he was getting the upper hand.

I could hear the men sitting in the coffee shop laughing at us.

‘ KNN, see ah tiong an neh kuan eh ah ‘ ( Fuck, the PRCs like that one ah )

‘li kuar, li kuar , hahaha , si bei kae yan ‘ ( Look… look… haha… so amusing )

Well, at least they aren’t taking a video to post it online.

Even the chicken rice seller laughed as he told his assistant to shift 2 pails into the coffee shop. You know the 2 pails stall owners usually put outside to collect used plates and cutleries, yup, those.

Apparently he was worried we would hit the pails and topple them.

It lasted barely 1.5 minutes when I heard Kate’s voice.

Kate : JAMES !!

A few more push and scuffle ensured and our bodies separated.

My shirt was crumpled and I saw some blood stains, very small specks. Haibin wiped the sweat from his eyebrow and pointed his index finger at Kate.

Haibin : 她妈的。。你这个臭婊子。。。让你尝尝我的鸡巴要吗。。? ( fucking bitch… I’m going to let you have a taste of my cock. )

He started to shake his index finger at Kate as she looked on furiously at Haibin.

I looked at the table of men, they were still smoking.

No one moved, everyone was just enjoying the show.

Kate kicked a chair at them but Haibin just laughed and pushed it away from him.

I told Kate to just go and call the police but she was so fucking stubborn, instead she went into the coffee shop, pushing one of the rice seller out of her way to grab a broom stick.

Haibin : Hahahahahah….. you are funny Kate…

The way he spoke sounded weird. It was heavily accented, almost to the point it sounded like Chinese.

I saw 1 more PRC jogging into the coffee shop to join Haibin.

Kate raised the broom and the table of men watching the show shouted and cheered.

“ Woah… woah … swee woah…. Hahaha “

A few shifted their chairs out of the way to give Kate space. Haibin just laughed and grabbed onto the broom stick. He yanked it towards her but Kate let go of it, almost causing him to lose balance.

Haibin : 来呀。。。 来呀。。。 ( come on… come on.. )

I pulled Kate back and went for Haibin but before I could, 1 of his men came at me and we immediately got tangled up.

He landed a punch and so did I but I guess I was lucky to have landed a harder one.

There was a moment of hesitation and I quickly got in another kick, sending him reeling backwards a few steps, almost slipping on the slippery floor.


I turned in time to see Haibin taunting Kate with the broom much to the amusement of the table of uncles.

Kate grabbed onto the broom and in that split second, Haibin pulled the broom towards himself, pulling Kate off balance and right into his arms.

Haibin : WHahahahahah….hahaha…

I was about to dive right in when I saw Haibin grabbed Kate’s shirt and her bra together as his men laughed behind him, commenting in crude accented mainland Chinese.

‘他妈的,新加坡的娘们可真辣哈哈。。” (Damm, Singapore girls are dam feisty )

“可惜新加坡的男人都没用。。哈哈。。都是一群废物 “ ( It’s a pity Singaporean guys are useless, all are trash )

I tore into Haibin and Kate, separating them apart as Haibin laughed in a delirious manner, claiming Kate’s breast is firm and bouncy.

I looked at the table of gangster like men who continued smoking and looking at us with much amusement. I’m pretty sure a few of them were Singaporean, how the fuck could they just sit there and watch this without lifting a finger.

Then again, it was none of their business.

Haibin wiped his sweat from the top of his lips and pointed a thumb at himself.

Haibin : 你懂不懂我是谁 ?? ( Do you know who I am ? )

Kate : 你就是个他妈的大陆乡巴佬 ! ( You’re just a boffin from china ) !

Haibin laughed and gestured to his men.

Haibin : 跟她说。。。快。。。 跟他说我是谁。。。 ( tell her quick… tell her who am I )

I was looking at his men who was about to spew out some words when I noticed something funny.

Something is wrong with the lights.

It was as if the sky was getting dark.

Rat tat tat ta…… There was that metallic shake of the roller shutter.

The sky was not getting dark.

It was not about to rain.

There was no approaching thunderstorm.

Instead, i saw the sun which was spilling into the coffee shop slowly gets cut off. The bright light retreated from the old tiled floor as the roller shutter of the coffee shop lowered itself, the whirl of the motor sounded angry as it cranked the gears to turn.

Haibin’s men looked puzzled too as the shutters all lowered around them, closing everyone inside the coffee shop.

No one spoke.

The table of men just smiled and look on with amusement at Haibin.

Haibin : 干!。。 什么啊。。吓唬谁啊! ( Fuck. What is this ? Who are you trying to scare ? )

I pulled Kate behind me as I orientated myself to face the 2 groups of men in the coffee shop.

Before anyone else could do anything, the gentlemen who was checking the invoices earlier came out from behind the coffee shop and walk towards us.

The moment the approached the table, almost all the men stood up with exception of Anthony Wong who continued to shake his leg.

The gentleman, took a seat, lit a cigarette, and took a deep puff.

He pointed the cigarette at Haibin.

Man : 刚刚你说新加坡男人怎么了 ? ( You were saying something about Singapore men ? )

He leaned a little closer, offering his ear as he took another puff of the cigarette.

Man : Say it again…

Haibin kept quiet, glaring at him.

That man shook his cigarette at Haibin again before pointing to Kate, smiling slyly.

Man : Do you know who is she ?? hhaha…

I quickly whispered to Kate.

This is it.

We’re saved .

Boss of the coffee shop has spoken.

James : Kate… He’s your brother ??

Kate shook her head.

James : Then why is he helping us ?

Kate spoke softly without emotions.

Kate : He works for my brother…

James : what about the rest ?

Kate : They all……. Work for my brother. ..


Haibin kept quiet, trying to evaluate the situation.

Everyone just kept quiet, waiting for Haibin to make his next move.

There were no gang cheer. No such thing here. No one shouting aw ah aw… yo ah yo…

No one announced their gang names too, this is not some secondary school kid pretending to be cool.

No techno music with disco lights shooting about

No tapping of the table legs with metal rods or knives.


Just an eerie silence as the table to men stared at Haibin and his men.


They were only smoking.

And perhaps it was the very fact that they did nothing that affects Haibin. He definitely did not look as confident as before.

Yet He continued to act tough, putting on a nonchalant look. He gestured to one of his men who took out Kate’s wallet.

Haibin : 这不管你们的事。(It’s none of your business )

He gestured to Kate.

Haibin : Bitch….You want …… your wallet back…… come and suck..

Before he could finish his sentence, the chicken rice stall assistant literally teleported to Haibin, appearing in front of him so fast and delivered a smack on his head, shoving him against a table.

Haibin : 你妈的B。。

Before he could speak more, Kate stepped out from behind me, reached forward and with a fluid motion, slapped Haibin across his cheek with a smack.

“ PIAK ! “

Haibin had a shock and he was about to raise his hand to hit Kate when the Chicken rice seller’s assistant shot out of nowhere once more and bulldozed Haibin across the breadth of the coffee shop, smacking his body against the wall with peeling paint with a loud thud.

Haibin’s men came forward immediately but was stared down by the rest of the men who had gathered behind the chicken rice assistant, forming a human wall separating Haibin and Kate from them.

Haibin : It’s none of your fucking business… !!

Kate walked right up to Haibin and slapped him again.

Haibin : ARHH…

Kate took her wallet from him, jerking it forcefully from his hand.

Haibin cursed and made a grab for Kate, scratching her forearm before he was pushed back against the wall by the assistant again.

Haibin’s men finally decided to move, shouting and cursing at the group as they tried to force their way over to Haibin.

The chicken rice seller’s large hand grabbed one of the PRC chap by the face. Fuck his huge hands literally cover his face and with a grunt, he threw him like a bag of trash onto the floor, pressing him down like he was compressing cardboard for recycling.

He fell like a rag doll and his friends quickly bent down to help him up, retreating a few steps to put some distance between them and the human wall.

I pulled Kate back as she tried to hit Haibin again.

Kate : Uncle BEN !!!! …

Kate looked towards Anthony wong who was just sniggering away like a kid before he stood up and snuffed out his cigarette.

She looked exasperated, angry and tired.

Uncle Ben started to walk towards Haibin.

Suddenly one of Haibin’s men shouted at him, warning him not to try anything funny.

Haibin’s man : 这里是新加坡!!!讲法律的!! ( This is Singapore, you are governed by law !! )

Uncle Ben paused. He turned his head slowly towards that young chap.

Fuck even the way he turned looked menacing . he smiled and swaggered towards the chap.

Uncle Ben : 什么 ?? 你说什么?? ( What ? What did you say ? )

He covered the distance between him and the chap in 2 steps and he clobbered him across his cheek with his fist. It was not a hard hit.

Just a light thud, meant to provoke.

Something like a playful hit among friends.

A taunt of sorts.

Uncle Ben : say it again .

He clobbered him again, harder this time round. I could hear the chap’s teeth knocking against his knuckles as he stared and glared at Uncle Ben.

It’s not exactly a punch.

Uncle Ben : Say it again !

He fucking wacked him once more, this time round his head was forcefully turned by the impact.

Then that China guy snapped, he reeled back his fist and started raining blows on Uncle ben who turned his body to the side. Another PRC guy started to attack him too, but uncle Ben just continued blocking the hits without hitting back.

He fell to the ground, and I was horrified no one bothered to help him.

I was about to rush forward when Kate pulled my arm to stop me.

That was when I realised his 2 assistant had their phone on and they were taking a video of the 2 man attacking Uncle Ben.

The attack lasted 30 seconds the most and the moment the phones were put away, they each grabbed an attacker and shoved them onto the floor easily. Uncle Ben started laughing as his sniffed his vaporub inhaler, getting up on his feet.

Aside from a messy hairdo, he looked fine.

Haibin : 来呀!!。。来。。。要打就来。。( come on, come… you want to pick a fight ? Come on! )

Uncle Ben sniggered and laugh before grabbing one of his attacker by the hair so fast that I had trouble following his movement. I could feel my body shiver as his knuckles connected with that man’s skull, driving him onto the floor with one punch, almost knocking him out completely.

A stark contrast from the earlier confrontation where he just endured the hits.

The commotion started again with all the pushing and shoving.

Haibin started shouting to Uncle Ben to challenge him.

Haibin : 你妈的B。。你以为你是谁啊。。我告你。。。你等着。。。我找律师告死你。。 ( Fuck you !... who do you think you are ? I’m going to sue you… I’ll fucking find a lawyer and get you )

As if that was not enough Haibin seemed to be so pissed scared that he mixed up reality with Hong Kong drama.

Haibin : 我干爹是有辈分的!! 。。 我管你是什么洪興东興。。 有粽等我叫人来。 ( My godfather is not someone to be trifled with, I don’t care if you are from Hong xing or East Xing, if you have balls , wait for me to get my guys here. )

Uncle Ben started to walk over to Haibin.

Like Moses parting the sea, the mass of human bodies parted for him as he advanced towards Haibin. I could see Haibin literally shrinking into a small ball yet he tried to put on a tough front.

You can act tough but your body would still react.

Haibin’s arms subconsciously raised themselves a little, as if anticipating a hit coming his way.

Uncle Ben : 小朋友!!! 你港剧看太多了!! ( My young friend !, you watch too much HK drama )

Uncle Ben grabbed Haibin’s phone from his hand and threw it across the coffee shop without warning and Haibin immediately cowered and started to shield his head.

Uncle Ben : 我不是洪興,也不是东興。。。这里他妈的。。是个熟食中心。! ( I’m not from either hong xing gang or East xing gang, this is a fucking coffee shop ! )

Uncle Ben gave him the once over with his eyes before deciding he was not worth his time and he walked back to his seat for another cigarette.

The well-mannered man who had been watching without a word stood up and reached into his wallet.

He took out a name card and passed it to Haibin with both hands.

He introduced himself as Uncle Ben’s lawyer, and he showed the clip of Haibins’ friends assaulting Uncle Ben.

Andy : 你好。 我是Andy. 你的朋友打伤了我的客户。 我会进一步跟进,跟你们索取赔偿。 ( Hi I’m Andy, your friends hurt my client. I will follow up with you on the necessary compensation )

He said it politely and professionally with a smile.

No threats.

Professional and calm.

Andy directed his men to take pictures of all the PRC work passes, both front and back. There was nothing they could do.

It finally dawned on Haibin the amount of shit he has gotten himself into when it was his turn to get his work pass photographed.

He still managed to muster up a retort.

Haibin : 冒充公务员是犯法的 ! 你走着瞧!! ( It’s illegal to pretend to be a civil servant, just you wait )

Andy : 我几时说我们是公务员啊 ?? ( When did I say we are civil servants ? )

Haibin : Then why did you check our work passes !!

Andy laughed.

Andy : I didn’t, I just took photographs of them…. You handed them to me off your own free will..

He stood up and gestured to the roller shutter. As if a silent command had been given, they started to rise. That was when I noticed the coffee uncle by the control panel. 

The roller shutters shook and 1 panel of it started to go up. 

Mr Chicken rice gathered Haibin’s men and sent them out of the coffee shop but not before giving them a warning. 

“小朋友。来新加坡是要求财的,不是来惹事的。。明白吗?? “ 

( My young friend, people come to Singapore to seek a better life, not to come and stir shit. Do you understand ? ) 

One of them nodded and the trio scurried away, leaving Haibin alone in the coffee shop. 

That was the point when Haibin really freaked out, being abandoned by his friends alone in the place with us. 

He stopped talking altogether. 

Kate was wearing a light yellow dress and a pair of white heels, she looked really sweet and pretty that day if not for that frown on her face. 

Well, if I was her and getting my breast touched by Haibin, I too would be pissed. Not to forget he might have done more to her if I did not show up in time. 

Andy : Kate… enough already… let it go.. 

Kate : No !... he would have raped me if given the chance.. 

The Chicken rice seller took his chopper and wiped it down before passing it to Kate. 

Kate : Ah Keong ah !... don’t be crazy !... 

Keong : You want you kill him lor….if not then suar la…. Small thing… your brother won’t be happy if you blow things up. 

Kate : Uncle Ben ! 

Uncle Ben : oei oei.. oei… don’t uncle Ben me hor….. I already did my part…. Last time you run away from home I ask you to stay you also never give me face. 

Kate stormed her heel on the floor and bit her lips, obviously unpleased with just letting Haibin go like this. 

I decided to step in and demanded an apology from him. 

Pulling Kate towards Haibin, I asked him to apologise and we will let the matter rest. 

We’ve wasted enough time there and it was technically still a work day for me. 

Haibin : I’m…. I’m sorry Kate… I’m sorry… 

Kate folded her arms and she did not look like she was satisfied with the apology. 

Uncle Ben : Ok la, ok lah…. Suar liao la…. 

I watch Uncle Ben took a small bowl, pour himself some chicken soup and walked over to Haibin. 

He spit inside the soup and offered it to him. 

Haibin eagerly took it over and drank it despite it being steaming hot. 

Uncle Ben : Ok ? happy now ? 

I could see Kate’s eyes searching around the coffee shop. It appears as if what Uncle Ben did gave her an idea of sort. I guess if it was not done by her, she would not be satisfied. 

Then I had the shock of my life when I watch Kate hold onto my shoulder and slipped off her heels. 

She took another bowl of soup and poured it into her white colour heels and passed it to Haibin. 

Everyone laughed except Haibin, Kate and me. 

I was honestly shocked. 

Haibin looked like he wanted to protest but did not. 

I don’t know what was happening. 

Looking at the scene unfold, I felt an erection stirring in my pants. 

Imagine the pair of heel Kate wore for the day, steep with her scent and sweat. Now it was filled with a ladle of steamy fragrant chicken soup. 

How do you drink soup from a heel ? 

I don’t know either. 

I watched as Haibin tried to put his mouth by the side, but it doesn’t work. He tried to lick it, but it’s weird too. 

My erection got bigger and bigger as I watch the soup slosh around Kate’s heel, washing and soaking up her feet’s essense. Haibin finally turned it around, tipped it and drank from the part at the back that comes into contact with Kate’s heel. 

Usually a blister causing spot, I never knew it was a good soup drinking spot as well. 

Holding it with 2 hands, he looked like the was toasting the emperor with it.

Haibin lapped up everything and apologised to Kate again. 

Uncle Ben just waved his hand at Haibin, gesturing for him to quickly get out of his sight. 

As soon as Haibin disappeared, the roller shutters of the coffee shop started to rise again. There was an immediate cooling breeze that flooded into the stuffy coffee shop. 

Keong, Andy and Uncle Ben went to a corner to talk and as for me, I have a shitload of questions for Kate. 

So many questions flooded into my mind and I had difficulty organising them properly to ask her. 

She walked barefooted up the flight of stairs by the side of the coffee shop and unlocked the door to her old place. 

It was nicely furnished, you could tell it was a work of a good designer. The space was big and cozy at the same time. I only saw a nice presentable dining area, a round table that sits 10 and a bit of the sofa that sat on the grey stone tiles . 

Kate did not enter the house, instead, she went straight to the full height shoe cabinet and opened it, picking out another pair of heels. The cupboard was filled to the brim with shoes and heels of various types.

James : WAH!... you like that call move out of this place ah…. You can open a shoe shop.. 

Kate : Tsk … 

She gave me an irritated look before we went back down the stairs again

James : Kate, I have a lot of questions to ask you. 

Kate : I’m not going to answer them James. 

James : Just a few quick one…. What does.. 

Kate suddenly paused at the bottom of the stairs and I almost knocked into her. 

I saw a man talking to Andy. 

Tall, broad shoulder and good looking. Even as a guy, I have to admit he looks good. His features are sharp and he looks like a fucking Korean hunk. Not some pissy boy band dancer. 

I saw him turn and look towards our direction. 

Andy walked away as the man approached us. 

He extended his hand towards me and introduced himself. 

Gabriel : Hi, my name is Gabriel. 

James : Hi I’m James, Kate’s colleague. 

I was about to turn to Kate but she had already walked away. She walked right pass Gabriel and towards the coffee shop without acknowledging him. 

What the fuck is her problem. 

I turned back towards Gabriel and he said it’s ok. 

Gabriel : Don’t mind her, she’s still a little kid at heart. 

James : It’s ok, it’s ok. She’s quite a nice colleague. 

Gabriel did not make any small talks, he thanked me for helping Kate and he hope I could continue to keep an eye out for her in the office. 

Gabriel : If any time she wants to quit, tell her I’ve been wanting her to come back and help out in the family business. 

James : Oh ok.. sure… 

He gave me a wave and got into his car and left. 

My phone rang and it was Mr Liew.

I spent another 10 minutes with him on the phone talking about projects. 

When I was done, I immediately went over to look for Kate and I saw her beside Uncle Ben. 

Her arms were folded as she looked at me. 

I had a bad feeling about this when I saw the way she looks at me. 

Uncle Ben came over, put his hand around my shoulder. I could smell his breath, heavy with cigarette smoke. His arm felt heavy and dense, literally like a sack of rice, I probably got shorter by a cm with that weight. 

Uncle Ben : Brother, my niece…… has something to ask you 

James : Huh ? 

Kate remained emotionless and waited for Uncle Ben to speak on her behalf. 

Uncle Ben : I heard…. There’s a project….. she wanted to do…. But you objected. …. 

My heart started pounding. 


No way. 

Not that. 

I could not let Kate do it. 

I could not give 2 fuck who asked me. It was for her own good. 

Omar will not have her. 

James : Brother, that project, I honestly is out of Kate’s league…. I don’t think she can handle it. 

I saw Kate’s eyes widen as she looked at Uncle Ben again who in turn looked back at me. 

His hand left my shoulder and he brushed his hair. 

Uncle Ben : What you want me to do ? I’m a civilised man ok ?? I am a law abiding citizen …. 

Kate : James !... are you doubting my capabilities ?!!! 

James : If you have to ask Uncle Ben to ask on your behalf, I would say yes. 

Kate’s mouth gasped open, and her shoulder rose as she inhaled a deep breath before she tried to hit me but I backed away. 

Uncle Ben : hahaha…. Got logic… got logic… Kate… don’t waste time already la… come back and work…. Everyone so busy…. Only you get to go and work in simi lan jiao design firm…. How much they pay you ? 

Kate : I’m not touching the family business !... we had this discussion… 

Kate turned towards me and she managed to muster a “ I hate you “ before storming off.

Kate : James.. i… i…. I hate you !!! … 

As she disappeared round the corner, Uncle Ben offered me a cigarette but I rejected it. 

Uncle Ben : KNN… even I non-romantic …old uncle also can see she likes you …. 

He shook his head and took a deep puff before turning towards me. 

Uncle Ben : James …. 

Before he could start I immediately answered. 

James : I’m attached !!... attached already…. For many years…. We’re just colleagues…Kate and me…. 

He laughed and asked his guys to load up the truck and start the engine. 

Uncle Ben : Don’t hurt her James…. if you do…. A lot…. A lot….. a lot of people… would hurt you…. 

He gave me a snigger and waved bye to me before heading over to say bye to the rest of the guys.

I ordered another drink but it was given to me free. After washing up a little in the bathroom, I tucked in my shirt and was considering heading home to change when I saw Andy waiting for me outside the bathroom. 

Andy : James… right ? 

James : Yes.. yes… you’re Andy… 

We shook hands and he gestured to a plastic stool before sitting down himself. 

Andy : I understand that Kate likes you… 

James : Er.. I think there’s a misunderstanding.. 

Andy : Relax… I know … you’re attached…. Ben told me…. 

He looked away for a moment, searching for the right words. 

Andy : I’ll go straight to the point. …. Can you…. Make Kate quit the job ? 

James : Why ? she’s only been working a few months…and.. 

Andy : Ok ok… look look… Kate…. Is my cousin…and… she has other… responsibilities…

I immediately put up my hand and replied. 

I know where this is going. 

Ya la, the usual need her to go back to family business shit. Take over inheritance and stuff. This storyline is overused, probably like in every Korean and hong kong drama channel. 

James : Even if I make her quit, she would get another job…. She’s stubborn… so this…doesn’t… 

Andy cut me off too. 

Andy : James… it’s just a request…. You can say no…. but ask yourself honestly, is staying in your office the best option for Kate ?? She’s not from your industry….is she contributing to the team ? 

I hesitated for a moment and I was struck with an idea. 

If I get her to leave, she could stay away from Omar. 

Andy : My family’s practice has a ready spot for Kate anytime she wants to come over. 

James : She did say she don’t want to touch the family business.. 

Andy : Hahahaha.. James… everyone goes through that phase…. You think I haven been down this road when I was her age ?? haha… 

Andy continued , he followed up with me about the project he heard from Uncle Ben. 

Andy : I think this is a good opportunity…. Let her do it… let her screw it up… then she’ll leave.. 

James : No… she cannot do this project… 

Andy : Why not? 

James : It’s complicated… 

Andy : Look, it’s your office man…. Whatever… but the thing is….. we don’t mind Kate getting a bit of experience outside but it’s only a couple of months and look at what she has stirred up. 

I looked away and my mind was thinking. 

Andy could tell that I was considering and he kept quiet, giving me the space to let my mind wander. 

2 minutes later, I decided it was the logical thing to do. 

Kate might hate me, but as least she doesn’t get rape by Omar and his men. 

James : Ok… I’ll make her quit…… but… 

Andy : but what… 

James : I’ll need help…. 

Andy : What kind of help ? Money ? Lawyer ?? 

He gestured to himself with a smile with 2 thumbs in a comical way. 

James : I….. I need people…..

James : I need people…. To do things…. That….. no one should see, …..ask, or ……ever talk about… 

The smile disappeared from Andy’s face and he waited for me to go on. 

I took a deep breath, and my eyes closed for a few seconds as I quickly organised my thoughts. 

When my eyes opened, I knew what I wanted to do. What we had to do. 

Kate is not a kid, she is not stupid. 

Even if I tell her about Omar, she would think I was joking. It was something too absurd to believe unless it happened to you. 

She would not understand. 

I had to make her understand. 

My eyes met with Andy and from the corner of my eye, I could see Ah keong raising his chopper up into mid air. 

Right at the point when he brought it down onto the chicken on the chopping board, splitting it into 2, I told Andy what I wanted. If it worked, Kate would leave the job on her own in a matter of weeks.

There were no expression on his face. 

No emotions as well to betray his thoughts. 

30 seconds later, Andy asked; 

Andy : When do you need it ? 

I mentally calculated the days till Omar’s arrival and gave Andy a rough range. He said he would get the things I need ready and give me a call.

Andy : I’ll lend you the men and the vehicle, they’ll clear out once you’re done and you’re on your own… you get caught… it’s on you. 

James : Ok. 

Andy : are you sure you need to go this far to make her quit ? Can’t you just pick on her or something..? play office politics or some shit… make it unbearable… 

James : This project that Kate wanted….. it would destroy her… she must not do it… 

Perhaps it was the tone of my voice or the way I said it, Andy nodded his head. 

Andy : Kate would hate you if she ever finds out….. Ben would hurt you bad if she gets hurt….. ….Gabriel….. Gabriel would kill you…. And I’m not joking James… 

Andy : My advice to you James…. don’t hurt Kate…. You’ll regret it… 

James : Everything I’m doing…. Is to make sure she don’t get hurt…. 

Andy stood up and extended his hand. 

Andy : Good luck….. and don’t fuck it up… 


My plan is simple 

It’s always the simple plans that work. 

End of the day, all I need to do is to stop Omar from getting Kate. There is a few ways to do that. The simplest way of all would be to stop her from meeting Omar. 

That’s it. 

No meeting, no trouble. 

As long as he doesn’t sees her, it’s done.

Knowing Kate, she would still press on with whatever she wanted to do especially Mr Liew had given her the go ahead. Sure, I may voice my objection, she gets bothered by it because she has some feelings for me but I’m sure she would not let this stop her from going ahead to host Omar and company. 

To her, this is a career opportunity. 

I would let her plan all she wants and all I need to do would be to prevent the initial meetup and keep it that way until the visit is over. 

Kate can go MIA for a couple of days, Mr Liew would get pissed and if he gets rid of her, all the better. In fact with Mr Liew’s anal views towards accountability, he would sure fire Kate if she goes missing and uncontactable. 

Not to worry, I can take over as host, I doubt Belinda would even want to see Omar again anyway. I can bring Omar and his dad around and fuck as many whores as they want for a few days. 

We can do this in 2 ways but either way, Kate must not know about this until it was too late for her to do anything.

She will stay in a comfortable place provided by Andy, she can grumble, and protest but end of the day, she’s safe and not going to get raped by Omar.

Even if she hates me for it, it’s for her own good. 

She will not die without a phone and internet connection for a couple of days. 

If she doesn’t cooperate, we will still grab her, lock her up, take away her phone. She can scream and kick up a fuss all she wants but it would be nothing compared to her cries if she gets taken by the Arabs. 

Either way, i’m not letting Kate go near Omar.

1st June 2012 


The first thing I did was to grab Belinda aside in the pantry and talked to her about Kate and what happened the day before, telling her in detail about Kate’s uncle and brother. 

Belinda : Are you serious ? You are kidding right ? 

James : No I’m not… I’m serious… it’s like some fucking Hong kong drama unfolding in front of me.

Belinda’s eyes lit up immediately and she floated the idea of paying the men to wack Omar up. 

James : What ? Are you mad ? Am I hearing you correctly ? 

Belinda : They’re businessmen right ? that’s what you said. We’ll pay them. ! 

I rolled my eyes and tried to walk away but Belinda held me back. 

Belinda : James ! …. If….. if this is a chance for me to get back at him…. I will take it.

I calmed her down and dispelled the idea immediately. 

James : Don’t be silly…. It’s not going to happen. As you said they are businessmen, they are out to make money, not to find trouble…. 

Belinda : But you said they beat up that PRC guy and made him drink spit right ?? 

James : Ya but….. it’s complicated… 

Belinda : Why is it complicated ? I’ll go ask Kate for help…. She would surely agree…. If I tell her what Omar did to me…. I’m sure she could get her brother or uncle or whoever it is to help us… 

James : Dear…. Please…. Don’t blow things up…. Let’s not think along that line…. Nothing good will come out of it… besides, those people hit that PRC guy because of Kate…. They will not stir trouble unnecessarily….

Belinda : But…but… you don’t understand… i..

I look around the office and made sure we’re alone. 

James : Dear… I love you…. I still do…despite everything that happened..….. I just want you to know that I love you… 

Belinda smiled and she gave my hand a squeeze before walking away. 

Belinda : I know James… I know…. 

We left it at that and I walked away too. 

Kate was busy at her desk, checking out the sites to bring Omar and his dad, researching about where to eat. I saw what was on her screen and from the reflection, I could tell she saw me looking at her from behind. 

A couple of seconds later, she swivelled her chair around but I quickly looked away. 

Kate was about to speak when I heard Sharon calling out to me from a distance away. I immediately head towards her, eager to get away from Kate as least for now. I’m still thinking about the details of how to get her away before she meets Omar. 

As I walked towards Sharon, I saw Belinda bringing some folders over to Kate, distracting her attention away from me.

Sharon pretended to ask me some questions about timesheets for projects before dragging me to a corner. From her body language I could tell she was about to feed me the latest gossips in the office. 

Sharon : James… James…!... I tell you ah…. But you don’t say you heard it from me…. Promise ?? 

James : Yah.. yah… of course… when did I ever say anything to anyone ?? What is it ? 

Sharon lowered her voice a notch and told me that Terry had just informed her that he would be taking a break. 

James : What do you mean ? 

Sharon : Aiyah… he got no new project…. No face la… say take a break is just nice to hear only… I think he that side closing shop liao….

James : Is it ? 

Sharon : His people leaving he also never replace, left a few do nothing one surfing net… aiyah… anway, he will be away for a month for now. 

I asked if she knew where he was going and she said something about Malaysia. 

My ears immediately perked up as Sandy was in Malaysia. At least that was what I knew. 

James : Oh ok…. Then that side of the office how ?? 

Sharon said Mr Liew would temporarily be in charge and I nodded. 

Sharon said she’s going to get back to her work and left after reminding me not to tell anyone.

I thought about the implications for a bit before I locked eyes with Kate. 

She got up and walked towards me, I knew there was no hiding then as she looked determined to get me. 

Kate : James !...

James : Yes ? 

Kate : We need to talk.. !

James : Sure… I have so many questions… I want to ask. 

Kate and I went to the pantry and she folded her arms and leaned against the counter. 

Kate : I’m not sharing anything about my family if that’s what you wanted to ask. 

James : Ermm.. that is exactly what I wanted to ask but if it’s like this, then I have nothing to ask you already. 

Kate : What is your problem ?? ! 

James : What do you mean ? 

Kate : Can you tell me why you don’t agree to me taking this up ? The whole Omar thing… at least tell me…

I kept quiet for a moment as I thought about how much to say. 

James : It’s ermm… complicated… 

Kate : Go ahead… I’m listening… 

I looked around the pantry and decided to test the water depth and see how Kate would react if I told her a portion of the truth. 

James : Omar…. Is a… womaniser… he…. He would surely make a move on you ….. if you do this…. He will… 

Kate’s eyes widened for a bit and unfolded her arms. 


I had her attention. 

I guess all girls are afraid of perverts. 

I quickly continued seeing how positively she reacted. 

James : He’s, he’s very sleazy, he will anyhow touch you when given the chance….. he’s very touchy…. Don’t believe you ask Belinda…. he got body odour, very hairy… 

Kate’s mouth opened a little, and I saw her bite her lips. 

Good, good, this is easier than I thought. 

James : And he’s very despicable… he’ll… he’ll offer you money…. Ask you to sleep with him…. Imagine doing that to….. a ugly hairy arab…. Isn’t that insulting ?.... 

I was about to continue when Kate stopped me. 

Kate : James… stop… 

James : Kate…. It’s for your own good…. Really… from the bottom of my heart…. I don’t want you to get hurt… you’re a nice girl…. You don’t deserve to…. 

Kate suddenly took my hand and it was my turn to get a shock. I quickly looked around the pantry to make sure no one is heading our way.

Kate : James… 

James : What ? ! 

My eyes widened when I finally realised what Kate was thinking. 

Kate : I… I didn’t know you cared so much about me… 

James : wait… wait.. wait…. … I think you…

Kate : It’s ok… don’t need to say anything…. 

She looked at me with a smile before taking a deep breath. 

Kate : You…. You should… control your feelings James…. Sis is the one for you….it’s impossible between us… 

James : Kate you misunderstood… I meant… 

Kate held up her hand and brushed me off. 

Kate : It’s ok James… I understand…. But don’t worry, I’ll be fine… I know how to take care of myself…. I’ll just say no firmly…. He can’t force me….

She spoke with such confidence that for a moment I almost believed her. 

I sighed as she walked by me. 

I heard her heels click twice before she turned around. 

Kate : Well, if it weren’t for Sis, …. We… hahaha…. Nevermind… 

She laughed and went back to her seat. 

That short talk strengthened my resolve to make sure Kate was out of Omar’s way. 

The following week saw a flurry of emails and exchanges. After a couple of changes, the dates were finally firmed up. 

Omar and his dad would be arriving on the 25th of June, Monday at 11am. 

8th June 2012 

Friday . 

By the end of that week, Kate updated everyone the plan she had worked out and Mr Liew was impressed with her organising skills. Transport vehicles were booked, so were restaurants and tickets to some sightseeing places. 

It’s been a while since Omar’s dad stepped into this country and Kate wanted to make sure he was impressed with how far the country has come along this couple of decade. She had even made plans for a private tour guide to join her for one of the days. 

Belinda had already applied for leave during the period when Omar would be here and she would largely be away from the office except for 1 afternoon when she needed to present and update Omar about the project together with me. 

Belinda : Sorry James… I really don’t feel like seeing him….

James : Don’t worry about it… I can do the presentation too if you like… just call in sick and fill me in on the details …. 

Belinda just smiled. 

Mr Liew had only minor comments about the schedule and did a brief allocation of our responsibilities over a meeting.

Mr Liew : Ok…. To summarise, the cake is already right by out mouth already, we just need to reach out and take a bite. … 

He updated us about projects and ongoing discussion with Omar, he says he’s confident there would be jobs lined up for the team for the next 5 years. 

Mr Liew : We will be expanding, slowly of course but I want to let everyone know that exciting times are coming……. 

He hinted on a sizable bonus and increment for the team at the end of the year before saying that the trip is more of a formality. 

Mr Liew : Let’s just play our part as a gracious host and wrap this up….. any questions ? good…. Good…. 

9th June 2012 



I made plans to meet up with Andy at the coffee shop and over a cup of coffee, I told him the dates I needed his help. 

Andy : 25th June? …… it’s errr…… Monday…. Yes Monday…. 

James: Yes… The client is arriving at 11am…. Base on the plans, Kate was supposed to be at the airport to pick him up with the transport and send them to their hotel. 

Andy : Ermm… ok… but if you think we’re going to grab her at the airport, I would say you are out of your mind…. 

James : No of course not…. Not at the airport…. I would make sure she’s back in the office in the morning, we’ll do it when she’s enroute to the airport. 

Andy : Wah ? Brother… this is Singapore leh… not Hollywood….. how to grab people along expressway ? 

I told him what I have in mind and he thought about it for a while before nodding. 

Kate had booked 2 toyota Alphard from a transport company, the vehicles would be waiting at our office at 10.00am sharp. 

Kate would be hopping on one of them to head to the airport to pick Omar up. For the journey to the airport, it would only be her and the drivers. 

Her task for Monday is simple, just an introduction, bring them to the hotel and let them have a rest after their flight. 

She would also inform Omar and his father that Mr Liew would be hosting dinner at a hotel in town. Our entire team would be joining for dinner that evening. 

James : We will switch the vehicles…. Kate would get into the vehicles you prepared instead of the one that goes to the airport.. that way, we can whisk her away without much trouble. 

Andy : I need to know the colours of the vehicles. 

James : No need. The transport company could not confirm which one they are giving us till that day itself, just as long as similar model will do. 

Andy : Ok.

James : I’ll be taking the vehicle to the airport to pick the client up while your guys can send Kate to the safe house and keep her there for a few days. 

Andy : Don’t mind me asking…. Who the fuck is this Omar ? 

James : Some rich Arab, he’s a fucking pervert…. I tell you he will rape Kate if he has a chance. 

Andy’s eyes narrowed before looking back down at the piece of paper we were both scribbling on. 

I will take care of Omar for the rest of the trip. 

All Andy had to do was to make sure Kate stays safe and uncontactable. 

We went through the plan twice even though it was plain and simple. 

Get Kate into the car, take her phone, make her comfortable for a few days. 

That’s it. 

I would take care of the rest, maybe book a few escorts for Omar to fuck if he wants.

Andy : Sounds straight forward…. What if she doesn’t get into the car ? 

James : She has too… she can’t possibly take a cab to the airport when there’s 2 empty vehicles waiting for her right ? 

Just to be sure, I would ask to meet her in the office for a quick briefing before she departs. I can also send her down to the lobby and make sure she enters the right vehicles.

The transport company was one I had dealt with before. In fact it was I who gave Kate the contact. 

I will call up the boss and make a request on the change in pick up location and timing and he was not to say a word about it.

13th June 2012 



I had lunch alone again. For the past few days it seemed it’s quite hard to find anyone to lunch with. Both Kate and Belinda seemed to disappear well before lunch time. 

Alex was stuck to his girlfriend like glue and Hakim had his own lunch khakis from another company. 

Even Mr Liew was not available. 


Belinda bumped into me in the pantry and she casually asked me what was the plan. 

Belinda : Omar would surely go for Kate if he sees her. 

James : Don’t worry, I got it under control. 

Belinda : How ? 

I was about to let slip some details but I quickly held my tongue. I don’t want to risk Belinda doing something stupid. 

James : Don’t worry… Kate will not meet Omar…. I will make sure of that… 

Belinda smiled and gave me a light squeeze on my arm. 

Belinda : Be careful ok ? 

I nodded and we parted ways. 

As the day drew closer and closer, I could feel myself getting more and more nervous. 

Would Kate throw a fit ? 

Would she be so mad that she would never talk to me again ? 

Or can Andy keep her away and uncontactable for a few days ? 

16th June 2012 



I met up with Andy again at the coffee shop and ironed out the outstanding details. 

Andy : Peter and Ah Fong will be the driver. These are their numbers… The cars are prepared. …. 

James : Does Kate know them ? 

Andy shook his head. 

Andy : I will be following behind in my own car with Ah Keong … We will drive her back here eventually.… 

James : Here ! ? 

Andy : upper then ?? You think suka suka you can find a short term rental for a few days ar ?? … There’s no place safer than upstairs…. She used to stay here anyway… 

James : Oh… ok.. 

Andy : We’ll pull over before we get up the expressway at the HDB estate here…. 

He gestured to the blocks along cantonment road. At that point, Keong would take over Andy’s car while he would get into the same vehicle with Kate to grab her phone and stop her from calling anyone. 

The convoy would then proceed back to the coffee shop in Joo chiat where they can easily get Kate up to her place. 

Sounds about right. 

As long as Kate gets in the car, everything would be fine. 

I had a few sleepless nights thereafter thinking about what I was about to do. 

The 25th drew closer and closer. 

And everyday Kate would fill the team in on more information and updates to the schedule. Even the dress code for dinner was sent out. 

22nd June 2012


Kate sent out a mail to inform the team that Omar would be arriving an hour later at 12pm. 

I text Andy about the change. 


I called the boss of the transport company and he told me his pickup timing for Kate has been shift back too to reflect the change. 


I saw Kate with a self made banner of Omar’s name with glitter pen and cute drawings as she put on the finishing touches to it. 

James : Are you a 15 year old waiting for your Korean Idol ? 

Kate : No… I’m going to pick up the man who’s going to pay my salary and bonus for the next few years… 

She ignored my jibe and gave me the cold shoulder. 


I gave the boss of the transport company a call to remind him on our arrangements and he reassured me everything would be fine. 

25th June 2012


I was in office at 7.30am with my coffee and breakfast. 

I reminded Kate that I wanted to meet her at 8.30am to brief her on some of the details and project information in case Omar asked. Some simple figures that would not be hard to remember. 


I was still the only one in office. 

Omar would arrive at 12 noon, Kate was to leave the office at 11am for the airport, it would give her plenty of time to get there. 


Kate walked into office at 8.30am sharp and I heaved a sigh of relief. 

She looked beautifully dressed in a black skirt that reaches up to her knees. Her long sleeve silk blouse a shimmering pale grey that seemed to shimmer silver when the light catches it. It’s not figure hugging, it hung a bit loose for her frame and she had on a pair of simple black heels. 

Her hair was tied up into a bun with a striking orange band. 

Kate : Morning… 

James : Morning. 

I spent 20 minutes with her and it was over. She got back to her work. 


Kate : Where’s Sis ? 

James : Belinda’s on leave for a couple of days… 

Kate : Oh… ok.. 


Andy text me to inform me that they were already in place. Their 3 vehicle convoy formed up at the HDB estate 5 minutes away. 


My heart thumped as I watched Kate got about her own stuff before heading to the toilet. 

I looked at the time and it was almost there. 

She should be leaving soon after she’s back. 

I called the transport company and the boss himself was driving one of the vehicle. He told me not to worry, he will tell Kate he’s waiting at the lobby when in fact he was parked at carpark beside Tanjong pagar plaza. 


I got up and took a deep breath and made my way downstairs. I text Andy to tell him to come over to the lobby and get ready. 

I found a position which gave me a good vantage view of the drop off point.


2 black Toyota alphards pulled up to the waiting area before Andy’s Volvo stopped a distance behind it. 


The boss of the transport company confirmed with me that Kate had just contacted them to ask them if they were ready as she’s heading down soon.

I informed Andy and his guys. 

10.51 am 

I would feel myself perspiring as I shifted the weight on my feet. 

I kept my eyes at the building exit, waiting for Kate. 

Suddenly there was a glimmer of words as the glitter markers caught the late morning sun. 

I saw a group of people existing the building and even though Kate was blocked by a few men, I could see the large signboard she made. 

My eyes immediately followed it as I my heart started thumping faster. 

The sun was a little glaring at the angle I was standing at but I did not want to risk exposing myself to Kate. 

It happened fast. I saw the flash of Kate’s orange headband as she stepped into the vehicle, I stepped out in time to see the cardboard sign slowly disappearing into the vehicle as the door closed. 

I could feel as if a weight equivalent to an elephant was taken off my shoulder. 

As the 3 vehicles pulled away, I went back up to my office. Mr Liew called me into his office to confirm some details as Belinda was not around to fill him in. My phone was buzzing away in my pants but I ignored it. 


I left My Liew’s office and saw that I had 8 miss calls from Andy . I wanted to chuckle. 

He probably had trouble handling Kate. 

I dialled his phone and Andy picked it up immediately. 


James : Why ? What happened… ? 

Andy : Get down her now !!.. lobby..! 

He hung up on me and I immediately flew down to the drop off point. 

The same 3 car convoy waited at the same spot. 

I dashed towards the 1st car and the door opened even before I got there. 

As the car door slid opened, my heart stopped beating. 

Staring right back at me was Andy and Belinda. She was dressed in the same clothes Kate was wearing moments earlier.

James : What… what is this !! 

Belinda : I’m sorry James…. Kate…. Kate agreed to help me after I told her about Omar … 

James : WHAT!!! NO!.. NO!!... NO!!! 

I immediately hopped into the vehicle and all 3 cars headed for the airport. 

James : HOW could you !!! 

Belinda : I didn’t want to either…Kate… Kate said she can deal with it….she insisted !... 

I sighed as I felt myself getting pushed back onto the seat as the driver sped up, tearing down the expressway on the extreme right lane. 

James : There’s still time… still go time… we’ll grab Kate at the airport.. 

Belinda tried to talk to me but I was too angry to reply her. 

Andy just looked on without a word. 


I jumped out of the car alone at the arrival drop off and ran into the terminal. 

There’s still time. Plane landed still need to taxi, to park, to unload. 

They still need to clear immigration. 

I dashed towards the belt and my heart literally dropped out of my ribcage. 

Passengers were streaming out of the gate. I pushed my way through, trying to find Kate in the sea of faces. 

I looked around, even standing on a chair to get a better look. I looked at the information panel and I cursed at myself for not checking the flight details on my own. The arrival time was still 11am. Not 12pm as informed by Kate. 

There was a slight delay but it still landed at 11.20am

My heart started slamming hard, squeezing blood and oxygen around my body as I scanned the faces around me. 

I felt the hard tap on my shoulder followed by a squeeze. 

Before I turned around, I heard the familiar laugh. 


That unique familiar laugh. 

Rasid : As salam aleykum !! James !.. my brother.. !... wahahahaha…. 

A breathe escaped from my mouth as I turned around and came face to face with Rasid, Omar and a elderly man with a cane. A few of Omar's aide was a few steps away

James : Wa aleykum as salam..

I exchanged greetings with them as I quickly scanned for Kate. 

She was nowhere to be seen. 

Omar : How are you James ? 

I was about to reply when Omar continued his sentence. 

Omar : You have……. A lovely colleague… …

Rasid : Very lovely……. Wahahahahah… wahahaha…. 

Kate stepped out from behind as I watch her talk to Aliya with a smile. 

Kate looked up and locked eyes at me before flashing me a brief smile, as if asking me not to be angry. 

Kate : If you would please follow me, I’ll show you to your transport…. 

Rasid : Of course we would follow you… whahahah.. whahaha…. I’ll follow you where ever you go ..!! whahaha….

Kate covered her mouth shyly with a laugh and I saw that glimmer in Omars eyes as he traced her body with her penetrating glare. 

Kate : I apologise in advance if I’m not a gracious host… heee hee… 

Omar : don’t worry about it Kate….. I look forward to get to know you better.. haha… 

Kate flashed a really charming smile and replied. 

Kate : Looking forward to it.. .. 


Kate turned to take a selfie with Aliya and Omar finally directed his attention to me.

Omar : Oh James… here, meet my dad, Abbas. 

James : Nice to meet you sir. 

I shook hands with the unsmiling man. He is about the same height as Omar with a bushy grey beard that was neatly trimmed. His eyes are like a narrow slit, it’s as if he was squinting to look at you. 

He has a head of thick black hair that was streak with grey. It was not hard to tell he had coloured them black as much as he could. He too looked at Kate, but his gaze was a bit different. 

When Omar and Rasid looked at Kate, you could tell from their gaze that hint of lust, the mischievous lust to fuck her was evident. It was easy to tell but for Abbas, it’s a little different. 

He looked at Kate alright, I saw him check out Kate from the bottom up. 

His eyes squinted at her heels, loitering at her smooth white ankles before tracing her calves upwards. He stopped at Kate’s full buttocks, looking at how tightly stretched the fabric was trying to hold her full figure in. 

Every move Kate made, her tight fitting clothes snuggled up to her, bringing out her tone and tight body. She radiates this aura of youthful energy, something Abbas surely once had many moons ago. 

He continued to appraise her body, as if he wanted to put a price on her, like a piece of good to be traded. 

I saw Abbas sniffed, he rubbed his nose and his eyes watered as he turned away and asked for water from one of his aide. 

I turned my attention back to Kate who was happily talking to Aliya. 

Aisha sundered up to me from out of nowhere and put her arms around my waist. 

Aisha : Nice to see you again James… 

I did not react as she slithered past me like a snake to join Rasid. 

I had to grit my teeth as I watch Kate direct Omar and company towards another set of waiting vehicles at the arrival hall. 

Rasid was beaming brightly at Kate and I could see Omar trying to talk to her as well. 

Omar tried to slid his arm around Kate’s waist but she nimbly extracted herself from his attempted embrace and pretended to answer a phone call. 

Omar sniggered and smile before making a look at Rasid. 

Anyone could tell they were interested in Kate. 

Rasid kept beckoning for Kate to join them in the same vehicle but Kate smiled and explained that she needed to get ready for the dinner later that evening. 

Kate : There’s still a lot to do and prepare..! …

Rasid : hahaha… I’m sure there is…

Another 10 minutes past before Kate sent them off to their hotel after having a short chat with the driver. 

As we watch the vehicle depart, my phone was buzzing non stop. I had quite a few miss calls from the transport company boss who was still waiting for the go ahead. 

I called him and informed him of the change in plans and asked him to submit his invoice accordingly and closed the case. 

Belinda and Andy walked out and joined Kate and me at the pick up spot of the arrival hall. 

It was then I start to feel the full force of my swelling anger hit me. I have never been so angry before. 

Kate : I’m sorry James… we wanted to tell you but…

Kate tried to walk towards me but I backed away, shrugging away her attempt to tap me on my arm. 

Belinda read that body language and immediately tried to take on the blame. 

Belinda : Sorry James… it was my fault… i.. 

She too tried to hold my arm but I shrugged her off. 

We stared at each other without a word as I tried to calm myself down. I was so fucking pissed that I knew if I said anything, it would cut like a knife. 

Andy : What the fuck is going on ?? 

Kate : I have to help them Andy….. that Omar is a bastard…. 

Andy : No!... don’t get yourself involved in this. 

Kate : I have to !... I can’t stomach what he had done to sis ! … I don’t care… 

Andy : Stop behaving like a spolit brat … and get in the car… 

Kate : What about you ?? ! You think I don’t know you’re ganging up with James to stop me ?? 

She pointed to Ah Keong who was standing a distance away, I turned and I saw his eyes widened as he quickly turned away and scurried back to the car. 

Andy : Ah Keong you chee bye !! … 

Andy took 2 steps towards Keong but stopped. 

Andy : I don’t care, get in the car… you’re not getting involved in this. 

Kate : It’s my life… I don’t need your help… go back if you want to… 

Andy was about to retort but I grabbed his arm as I glared at Kate. 

James : You don’t know what’s good for you…. I guess you’re only going to learn the hard way… 

Kate looked a little hurt at what I said and before Belinda could say anything, I turned and walked away back into the terminal. 

Andy and his men left too while I saw Kate and Belinda went to queue up for a cab. 

Before Andy left, he mentioned something about going straight to Kate’s brother and that she’ll be done with this job before long. 

I need a thick cup of coffee to think. 

I could not think. 

What the fuck is Kate thinking ? 

She can’t be that fucking naïve to think she can what ? Pretend to use herself as bait ? 

Then ? Then what ? 

Cry rape ? Call the police ? 

Belinda too should have known better than to go tell Kate about Omar. 

I must have had at least 3 thick cups of black coffee when I grab a cab back from the airport at 2.30pm 

Fuck this. 

Since she wants to be a hero, she can do it all she wants. 

I’ll just wash my hands off this matter. 

Maybe only at the very point in time when she’s forced to suck Omar’s cock or get penetrated by Rasid would she understand what I was trying to get her out off. 


I buried myself with work the moment I got back into office. Kate was at her desk by then and I rejected the cup of coffee she made for me, choosing to push it aside. I was still pissed and partly because I just had 3 cups. I don’t want to get high on caffine. 

Kate : James…. can we talk ? 

James : I’m rushing for some work. … maybe later. 

Kate : I know you’re angry but I don’t understand how you could just sit by and not do anything…. 

James : What would you have me do ? go around beating people up ? 

I must have touched a raw nerve with my outburst and Kate was a little taken aback.

It might sound like I’m being petty but I was not. I was just upset and mad. 

Kate : You know James…. I never thought you were some superman…. Or some hero who could fix anything and everything…..but…. but I just want you to know I like you for who you are…..and… 

She paused before she took her purse and got out of her seat. 

Kate : The James I know….. will not just sit by and do nothing……. 

I was not in the mood for her lecture and I just dismissed her words before getting back to my work. I did try to help initially didn’t I ? It was her who rejected my help. 

Belinda tried to call me several times and when I finally picked up, she apologised and explained that she did not expect Kate to so readily agree to help her. 

Belinda : I know I shouldn’t have brought it up, but I did it without expectations, I was looking more for a listening ear. 

James : It’s too late for me to say anything now anyway. Do what you all want. I don’t care… 

I felt like a jerk after u hung up but well sometimes you just do things without reason when you are mad. 


Mr Liew had granted the team a early knock off to head back home. Everyone was to freshen up and get ready for the dinner with Omar and his dad at 7.45pm 


I was about to leave work when Mr Liew came over to my seat. 

Mr Liew : You ok ? 

James : Yah… why ? 

Mr Liew : You don’t look ok to me.. 

James : I have a lot of things on my mind……. It’s been a tiring few months………….You siao ah ? … you’ve never said this kind of things to me before… 

Mr Liew : That’s because I’m never seen you like this before…. 

I just kept quiet and looked at Mr Liew.

James : Like what ? 

Mr Liew : fuck la… anything to say… just say it… don’t beat about the bush…. 

James : You know…… what Omar and gang would do to Kate ? 

Mr Liew leaned back on his chair and replied. 

Mr Liew : Of course I do… 

I stood up from my seat in a fit of anger but Mr Liew spoke before I could say anything. 

Mr Liew : She can always say no… there’s no one stopping her… 

James : Easy for you to say… 

Mr Liew : Don’t fucking assume I don’t know anything just because I kept quiet all this while….. Everything I do is for the team. … 

Mr Liew lowered his voice a notch and added ; 

Mr Liew : You think I don’t know about Belinda ??? about who she is to you ?? 

I just kept quiet and look at Mr Liew, trying to get my thoughts sorted out. 

Mr Liew : I wouldn’t have fucking cared because all along I thought she was Terry’s woman….it was only after Omar…. 

James : How did you find out ? 

Mr Liew : Omar called me to brag….about bedding her….about how sad you were….. I did some digging… and I came across something interesting… 

Mr Liew said he happened to be looking at Belinda’s resume when she first joined the company, it was a old hard copy print out that HR kept. 

He noticed the address and he dug out my copy as well. 

No not the one I used for this new work place, it was the very first copy he kept when I joined him at the previous firm more than 5 years ago. 

Mr Liew : You have the same address in Toa payoh..….. I did a search in the ROM website… 

I sat back down in my chair. 

Mr Liew : You are husband and wife…… I kind of stopped making things difficult for her once I found out.

We both descended into an awkward silence as we sat quietly in the almost empty office. 

The rest of the team had already left. 

James : So now what ? 

Mr Liew : I’m a practical man…you know that… always think of the big picture James… these are important clients…. This is what I have to say to you as your boss…. 

I took a deep breath and looked away. 

Mr Liew leaned forward and continued. 

Mr Liew : I’m saying this next….. as your friend…. As a husband…. 

Our eyes met and all ambiance noise were shut out. 

I could not hear anything except Mr Liew’s voice. 

Mr Liew : Omar’s father…. Is addicted to drugs… this was the main reason why he kept away from Singapore for the longest time… there isn’t a supplier he trust over here. 

James : What are you saying ? 

Mr Liew : don’t interrupt me… he’s here for a few days…. And he has a small stash of them in his hotel room…. They were brought in via diplomatic channels via their connections to embassies 

James : You mean… 

Mr Liew stood up and brushed some dust off his shirt. 

Mr Liew : What you do with that information…. Is none of my business.

James : What about the big picture ? the projects ? 

Mr Liew had already turned away from me and with his back facing me, his head turned a little and he added. 

Mr Liew : Are you asking me that question as an employee?? Or as a friend ? … 

He burst out laughing before shaking his head and walking out through the door.

Mr Liew : See you at dinner… 


I went home to change and get ready for dinner. At 6.20pm sharp, my phone rang and it was a number I did not recognise. 

I recognised the laughter the moment I answered it. 

Rasid : whahahaha…. James… my brother…. 

James : Rasid…. What do you want ? 

Rasid : Why are you so cold towards me ?? hahahah…. Well I shall not beat about the bush. I want your colleague…. Kate… 

James : It’s none of my business…. You go ask her yourself… 

Rasid : Hahaha… come on…. We’re brothers….. I can get Aliya and Aisha to accompany you for the night… whahahaha… 

James : I’m not a pimp… Kate’s is an adult. She can decide on her own what she wants. 

Rasid : Wahahaha…. Come on James…. I can make this worth your while..whaha…

I could hear some commotion in the background as Rasid asked me to hold the line. I could hear them speaking in Arabic. It rattled off fast, almost like it was a quarrel.

Some disagreement of sort. 

Rasid : Hold on … Omar wants to talk to you..

Omar : James…. about Kate… 

James : I don’t care… it’s none of my business….

Omar laughed. 

Omar : Oh.. how about I send you some of Belinda’s private moments ? would that make you reconsider ?  hahaha… 

I clenched my fist and kept quiet. 

Omar : Don’t worry… we’ll treat her well….

James : Fuck off… why don’t you and Rasid just call up some escorts… this can save everyone a lot of trouble…. 

Omar laughed and continued. 

Omar : You misunderstood my intention James….well…. I don’t mind fucking Kate… but she’s a little…… too young…. Don’t you think ? hahahah…. I like my women a little more matured…. You know… someone like Belinda… hhaa… 

James : Then what do you want….? 

Omar : I still want Kate…. But it’s not for me….it’s for my Dad…

James : What ?! 

Omar laughed and asked me to make the arrangements. 

Omar : Money is not an issue… help me talk to her… ok…. Actually I already sent word to her…. I made her an offer…..but she turned me down….. I’m quite disappointed…… ahhaha… anyway…..see you during dinner James…  and I hope you’re successful….if not Belinda is going to be famous… haha… 

He hung up on me and I almost threw the phone against my wall. 


I hopped onto a cab down to Royal plaza at Scotts. Mr Liew had booked a function room specially for this. Dinner will be served privately, almost like a mini banquet of sorts. 


I saw Hakim on the phone with his mum at the hotel entrance. He gave me a wide smile and a wave before hanging up. 

Hakim : Hey James… why you face so black… 

I just smiled as Hakim waved to someone behind me. I turned and saw Uncle Tong walking briskly towards us. 

Uncle Tong : starting to drizzle already…. Singapore weather, really ah…. 

We walked into the hotel together and saw Alex coming out of the bathroom. 

Mr Liew was already at the room along with Aliya. None of the other guest were there yet. 

The room was specially set up for the dinner, aside from the tables, a small stage complete with a piano sat at a corner of the room. A live band was hired to play while we dined. No effort was spared and you could say this was all of Kate’s planning. 

A small table with various types of whiskey, those with names I could not even pronounce sat in the middle of a few comfortable couch. This was a request by Omar according to Mr Liew. 

He likes to indulge himself whenever possible especially when he’s out of his country. Nothing like talking about business over a good single malt. 

We all stood, loitering near the entrance with a drink in hand and chatted among ourselves. 

I could see Hakim and Alex whispering naughtily among themselves while looking at Aliya. 

Aliya wore this short black dress, exposing both her legs and her smooth shoulders. Her eyes sparkled the same time her diamond earrings caught the light of the function room. She looks elegant and classy with a slight smile. 

Her eyes drilled right into each of the men’s soul as she smiled and mingled within the group. 

Aisha entered the room together with Rasid , their arms linked together. She too dazzled even the waiters in the room. I saw this 2 young kids nudging each other at Aisha’s body hugging white dress. 

Abbas and Omar entered next and shook hands with everyone in the team. 

We were all about to take our seat when the door swung opened again. 

All heads turned and the sound decibel in the room went down a notch. Even the server who was pouring wine stopped mid way as his attention was directed towards the door. 

A small gasp of air escaped from my mouth as I looked at Kate. 

She had someone do her hair, probably at a salon. It complimented her light makeup perfectly, giving her a hint of maturity despite her youth. Kate wore this black lace cheongsum set upon a smooth silk like fabric.

The white contrasted with the intricate lace, giving her a sophisticated look of elegance. 

The butterfly knots near her neck looked as if there were embroidery art works on their own. 

Her figure was bared for all to see, the snug fit of the cheongsum contoured against her curves and that bold and daring slit that reached right up the side of her left leg, opening up every time she took a step to show her delicious smooth and white legs till the middle of her thigh. 

The room literally went quiet as Kate smiled and adjusted her scarf which she draped over her shoulder.  

The small clutch bag had a dragon on it, stitched out of probably a thousand small beads. 

Rasid’s eyes almost popped out as he stared at Kate, a smile breaking out on his face. 

Omar too was transfixed by Kate’s beauty and youth. Abbas eyes never left Kate as she walked gracefully on her heels towards the manager and exchanged a few words. 

They then walked over to the small stage and had a short meeting with the live band who was about to set up. 

My phone rang and it was Belinda. 

I excused myself to take the call outside the room. 

James : Yes ? 

Belinda : James… something is wrong… 

James : What do you mean ? 

Belinda : Kate… she’s not answering my call… 

James : What do you mean ? 

Belinda told me that Kate’s original plan was a lot simpler. She just wanted to pretend she’s a bait and tempt Omar. 

Belinda : She would reject him of course but she would continue to tempt him. She says she’s confident she can make him lose his control and make his move on her….. if he dared to touch her, she would have a case against him or something…. She says there’s cameras everywhere…. This is Singapore and…. And… 

James : How can you all be so naïve ?? !  It’s not going to be this simple… ! 

Belinda : That’s what I told her…. I tried to talk her out of it…. That this would not work… it doesn’t make sense….

James : You should see the way she dressed up today…. She’s like asking to be raped…! 

Belinda : That’s the problem James… Kate says she wants to bait Omar …. To get him out of the hotel, send her home or something…. Then she can ask her brother’s staff for help at her place… 

James : Don’t be stupid… Omar would not leave his hotel….besides… 

I was about to tell Belinda about Omar’s father but she cut me off. 

Belinda : Listen ! James… I haven finished… ! 

I sighed as Belinda quickly rattled out something that made the hair at the back of my neck stand. 

Belinda : I was worried about her…. I called her friend….. that Andy….

James : That’s her cousin… 

Belinda : Whatever…. I asked if he was aware about what Kate was doing…. He said no. 

James : What ? 

Belinda: Whatever Kate is doing…. She’s on her own… 

James : You got to be kidding me …. I’ll call you back… 

I immediately hung up and dashed back into the room. 

The live band had started playing. 

Kate was standing beside Rasid and Rasid’s hands was around her waist. She looked uncomfortable but she was flanked by Aisha and Aliya. 

Omar : James …. 

I turned and saw Omar with a glass of whiskey in his hands. His dad walked up to me and for the first time, gave me a wide smile. 

Abbas : James…. thank you for the kind assistance…. Expensive…. But…. I’m going to say it’s worth it. 

My eyes widened as I looked back at Omar. 

What the fuck is he talking about ? 

Omar : Kate accepted my offer…. With conditions of her own though… and a huge increase in price tag… hahaha….. you are so good at persuasion James…. I’m considering hiring you already… hahha…. I didn’t know she and Belinda are good friends though… whahaha….

James : What ? 

Omar : Come on James… it was a good bargain…Kate wanted the videos and photos I took of Belinda… haha but not possible… I won’t give that up… but as for the price tag, that was something I was willing to negotiate. I hope you get a cut out of this … hahaha…. 50k…. for a night… it’s expensive.. and we need to travel to her place too….

My heart was thumping and I was struggling to breathe. 

Kate managed to wriggle herself away from Rasid and our eyes met. 

She saw I was with Abbas and Omar and she gave all 3 of us a shy smile and a nod of her head before walking back to her seat. 

As she sat down, she lifted her legs and crossed them, exposing almost if not all of her white thighs for a couple of seconds before she quickly used the scarf to cover them. 

I could see Abbas literally licking his lips at Kate. 


Dinner commenced and I was seated beside Kate. Everyone was chatting and I did not have a chance to talk to her privately as yet. 


When the live band took a break, Kate excused herself to the bathroom and I got up a few seconds later. 

I caught up with her outside the room and grabbed her arm, swinging her around roughly. 


Kate : I have it under control !... relax… 

James : You don’t know what you are doing ! Belinda told me you are alone in this… no one is helping you !... 

Kate : I don’t need anyone’s help…. I have cameras all over my place at home…. This is Singapore mind you !.... what can happen ? I will sue him if he dares to touch me !

James : Will you stop being so stubborn !... you don’t know who you are dealing with. 

Kate : And you ?? do you ? … what can you do James ? what have you done ??? At least I’m doing something !!!!! …. What about you ?? 

James : You are just sending yourself to be gang raped !!! . 

Kate shrugged my arm off. 

Kate : I dare them to try… if you had done something…. Sis would not have been raped by…. 

I lost it… I really did. 

I don’t know why. 

For the first time in my life, I hit a woman. 

Smack !.. 

I slapped Kate.

Even I was shocked at my own actions. 

I immediately froze and regretted what I did. 

James : I… 

I wanted to apologise… I wanted to beg for forgiveness but I was interrupted by Abbas. 

I did not realise he had just emerged from the bathroom. 

He saw me slap Kate and I could see him smiling and clapping. 

Abbas : James… James… I’m impressed….. I like you already…. This is the way…. If they don’t behave…. You do what you have to do……  I like you…. 

Abbas : I like you… haha ….. you know what…. I want you with me tonight…. I want to see you keep her in line….discipline her if you must… 

Kate’s eyes started to swell with tears as she massaged her cheek and look at me. 

Abbas looked up and down the corridor, it was empty except for the 3 of us. 

He circled us for a few seconds before he said something that made blood rush into my dick. 

Abbas : squeeze her breast James… squeeze her breast… 

James : What ? ! 

Abbas : you heard me… show me…. Show me you have what it takes to keep a bitch in line…come on… 

Without thinking, my right hand reached for Kate’s left breast and I squeezed them.

Kate : ERgnhnh… no.. 

She pushed my hand away and tried to hit me but I held onto her wrist. 

Kate : Let me go… it hurts.. 

Abbas : hahah… good.. good… she talked back to you James… what do you do to girls who talk back to you ??  

Kate was starting to really get a little scared. 

I wanted to shout at her ‘ see ? ‘ ‘ see what I meant ? “ but I held back. 

That was not the time. 

I had no choice. If I did it, I could be with Kate when she goes off with Abbas. If not she would be all alone. 

I squeezed Kate’s cheeks together and she yelped. 

I gave it a good shake before asking her to behave and hitting her head onto the back of the corridor wall as she glared at Abbas and me. 

Abbas : Hahaha… I’m looking forward to this evening James…. looking forward…do you know…. There is so many ways to make a girl moan and cry ?? hahahha….. 

Abbas walked right up to Kate and I guessed he could smell her fear. 

Abbas : You’re a smart girl…. I can tell…. But don’t go around thinking you’re the only smart one around ….. hahaha…. I have fucked so many girls…. I taught Omar everything he knew…. I can smell you from a mile away Kate…. .. I hope you’re going to enjoy this evening…. 

Abbas laughed and raped Kate visually with his eyes. His finger rubbed onto the spot where Kate’s crotch is and she retreated and shivered in fear. 

Abbas circled Kate again as he sniffed his runny nose. 

Abbas : girls like you…. You are not a cheap slut…. I can tell…. Which meant you had an agenda when you accepted the offer….you’re not after the money….but whatever you have in mind…. I can tell you… it’s not going to work… hahah… I hope you like the feeling of having cum all over your body …. Hahahaha…. 

Abbas gestured to me again. 

Abbas : put your hands under her dress. 

James : What ? 

Abbas : do it …. Go in !! touch her pussy… 

Kate glared at me in disbelief but I did it anyway. 

My hand went for her high slit and Kate desperately tried to block and cover herself. 

Kate : No… no please… no… 

I ignored her cries… if this is some sort of a test. I have to pass it. 

I wriggled and push my way up Kate’s cheongsum slit as she sobbed for me to stop. 

Kate : No please !!.. no.. 

Abbas : Faster… go in !!.. what is the texture of her panty ??!! Tell me… now… 

Kate squirmed and I felt a wet tear hit my arm as I touched the lace of her panty before I pulled my hand out. She immediately smoothened her cheongsum as she tried to hold back her tears. 

James : It’s lace…. A lace panty. 

Abbas : hahaha… ahah… good.. good… 

He turned to Kate and spoke. 

Abbas : So…? Are you angry ?? this is Singapore little girl… go to the police…. Tell them… tell them this man just molested you !!.. haha.. 

James : What !!?? 

Kate sobbed and wiped away her tears as she looked at me. 

Abbas : What are you waiting for ? do it…. Get him arrested… I can be your witness… haha…  

Kate kept quiet, looking down at her heels. 

Abbas : Are you sure?? You’re keeping quiet ?? do you know what’s waiting for you tonight ? hahhaah….. it’s going to be a long night little girl… haha..

He snapped his fingers at Kate and pointed to me again. 

Abbas : I say report him…. He touched you didn’t he ?? why are you not reporting him ?? haha 

Kate just kept quiet, trying to hold back her tears. 

Abbas : Do it…. You can keep the money I transferred into your account… just report him . huh ? ….. no ??? hahaha 

Abbas sniggered. 

There was something creepy about the way Abbas spoke and it affected me as well. 

He’s sick alright. 

Even more so than Omar. 

Abbas looked around once more before asking Kate and I to go into the bathroom. 

Abbas : Take out her underwear James… 

James : You’re shitting me !... enough of this 

Abbas : Why ? huh ? Are you 2 in this together ?? is it ? you like her ?? is she your girlfriend ?? is she ?? DO IT!! 

Before I could do anything, Kate slapped me, returning me the favour I did to her earlier. 

Abbas laughed as I grabbed hold of Kate and started to pull her into the bathroom. 

Kate : No… let go… no… no…let go !!! 

I wanted to pull Kate away. 

That way we can talk privately. 

Abbas : Alright…hahah… I’ll see you tonight little girl…. And you too James…… get me her panty….

He smiled and looked at Kate before tapping me on my shoulder and entered the dining hall.

As the door shut, Kate slapped me again. 

Kate : You jerk !... 

James : What was I to do ? At least I can stay beside you… 

Kate sniffed and wiped away her tears, smudging a bit of her makeup. 

I took out my phone and passed it to Kate . 

Kate : What >?? 

James : Call your brother…. Now!!!! 

Kate looked away and folded her arms. 

James : Call him… now… 

After a 10 second hesitation. 

Kate brushed me aside and head to the bathroom. 

I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. My eyes were pressed shut as I took in another deep breathe, trying to calm myself. 

I really felt like strangling her. 

I called Andy and told him what Kate did. 

He says he will call Gabriel and get back to me. 

I went back to the dining hall and Kate joined me shortly after. 

Everyone raised their hands and clapped as the band finished their latest song except Kate. 

As my hands came back down to my lap, I felt Kate’s hands reached for mine. 

Instead of her soft hands, I felt the tease of soft lace that was a little damp. 

My eyes immediately turned to Kate as blood rushed to my groin. 

Kate pressed her panty into my hand under the table as she tried to muster up a smile. 

Kate : James.... it’s not that I don’t want to call my brother…. I already did…. He refused to help… 

I felt as if someone had just punched me in my gut. 

Kate’s hand slipped away slowly, leaving her panty in my hand under the table. 

I could see she was shaking a little. 

The reality of what she has gotten herself into has slowly but surely sunk into her head by now. 

Kate : What…. What should we do… ?  

I sighed and clenched my fist, wrapping her panty tightly within my hands. 

James : Don’t worry…. I’ll get us out of this mess….. one way or the other…