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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

All is not fine.

Apologies for the delay in updates.

There's a major issue at work and if you are in the same industry i'm in, you would surely know of the amount of retrenchment that is going on at the same time.

Big design firms are letting people go 10, 20 at a time.

Many of my classmates and past colleagues are affected.

I got another paycut. 10%

Got the letter from HR last friday evening so you can pretty much imagine the mood i'm in these past few days.

I hope everyone reading this is doing ok, hopefully this is more or less contained within the construction and Archi firms.

Honest words.

I feel like shit. hahaha....

Good men are being forced to leave my office because of the economy. I am the only one left in my original team, part of me is glad my some of my staff left before the shit storm hit them.

Hopefully things get better.

Don't worry, i will update as often as i can.

It's been a rough ride this couple of months.

I need a while to sort out my thoughts.

Maybe it's really time to consider writing full time . haha.

Just kidding.


I'm generally ok, just a rough patch i need to suck it up and move on.

Latest update is almost done. Let me read it through a few more times before i post it.

I'm counted about 10-12 more updates before my adventure in the office ends.

If i can update regularly, this should end by Oct.

There is always a silver lining . I got materials and a new story source for next piece of major work after my adventure in the office.

It'll be a romantic comedy for once.

Something a bit light-hearted.



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