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Saturday, 17 September 2016

I'm ok

Thank you for the words of encouragements and support.

I'm ok.

It's just a shitty phase we all got to suck it up and move on.

I'm still writing these past few days, but perhaps it's because of my mood, it somehow just doesn't seem good enough to be updated.

I'm feeling much better after taking a step back and evaluating the situation.

Going vegetarian for a couple of day helps too, i'm not shitting you.

Maybe it's psychological but it does feel pretty good to be eating lots of vegetables and no meat sometimes.

Have a good weekend, check back again on Monday.

Will go back to regular updating and wrap this up.




  1. Bro Ilock,

    Like you, I have been in the construction industry from day one, and also riding this perfect storm at this time. I'm fortunate though to have been thrown a lifeline when the shitstorm was starting, and moved out of consultancy early into contractors.

    My heart really goes out for my friends and you who are still in consultancy and design. Great professionals doing a thankless job but being driven by tough low fees at all times.

    Hope things will eventually work out for you, Bro. You can send me a PM on SBF if you need to gripe...take care and good luck.


  2. Hi Bro,

    Thank you for writing to me.

    Appreciate the kind words, i'm glad you have gotten out of this field more or less.

    Yeah, it's a thankless job and people are cutting their fees like no tomorrow haha. I really wonder what are they thinking.

    I'm ok, just feeling down because of the state of things. I got off lucky with a pay cut, but i'm still dealing with the mess of things that people leave behind when they leave.

    Some don't even bother to update status or projects or what is going on. No proper handover. I don't blame them, they were asked to leave with 1 day notice so it's natural to get pissed with the management.

    Here's to a better tomorrow.

    Singapore has ride out every storm so far, there is no reason we can't ride this one out too.

    For those who are affected more or less, stay positive, hang on for the ride. The storm will pass.