Thursday, 13 October 2016

Because you asked.

I'm still trying to reply all the mails, please be patience and give me some time to run through all of them. 

Aside from the usual hate mail, i have one from a reader who asked me seriously what do i do with the ebook proceeds besides buying myself a shitload of coffee.  

Her google plus profile picture is quite hot, not sure if it's real though. haha. 

She asked if i'm a millionaire by now.

You got to be kidding. 

I wish i was.

So here it is. 

I set aside some to buy interesting materials and stories for my works in case any comes along, i buy myself coffee and some i donate. 

I don't use my main email when i do, usually it's a variation of 

might be ilikeyakun ? i likebeechenghiang ? idonlikebroccoli ? ilikeock1388 ? ilikeock2 ? 

No one wants to be associated with a blog of this nature. Charity organisation might get a little sensitive if they knew they are getting donations from a erotic blog.

Just googling alone, this blog pops up. 

Adding a simple digit behind and voila.


So, if your friends ask if you have been giving to charity regularly, you know what to say. 

Disclaimer : I am in no way, dependent on the sales of my writings in this blog for my livelihood. I do not encourage the purchase of my works unless you really want to. 

There's a saying that goes, " Money hard to earn " , it's frequently repeated in several languages.

So spend them wisely. 




  1. Hey boss. I salute you. You just made me even more impressed with you. (I was awed by your writing skills for years).

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. i'm glad you enjoyed the read.


  2. Boss.. only one question.. do you like Old Chang Kee?

  3. Yes i do. Only certain items though :)

    1. Im sure you know why i asked this question ��