Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Of jokes and agony.

I'm getting quite a few angry mails from readers about the lack of updates and i honestly don't have anything to say.

One particular mail spoke in depth of the agony of the wait and he cursed me for making him refresh this page time and again. He even asked if i get a kick out of making people come to a blog that is not updated.

There are zero ads on this blog, so clicking it a hundred or a thousand times don't make a difference.

I don't get paid nor do i get a kick out of it either.

I understand the anguish of the wait but believe me, none would feel the anguish more than i do.

I don't like to leave things hanging and especially not when i'm excited to get it out as well but i'm just overloaded with sh*t.

Alright. I have a joke for you.

You see, after my boss decides to get rid of so many staff in the office, i was left picking up the pieces. Not only that, i have to also take over some other stuff other colleagues from another team left behind.

Now, after cutting so many headcount, the management decides to hire a consultant to turn the company and business around. Some superman that would save everyone.

Since i was pretty close to HR girl, i found out how much this consultant is getting. Not exact figure but i asked creatively.

I sat and laugh in the pantry when i heard he was getting the combined pay of 3 of my old staff in my old team. Even the HR girl felt unbalance when she prepared the offer letter.

"FUck"   .....  That was what she ended the conversation with.

So with a close to 10k pay, this consultant joined us last Monday.

He began to implement cost cutting measures which is just shit.

I can smell it before i see it.

I'm not even going to talk about taxi fares or timesheets for projects, this consultant even went as far to cut travelling cost in a extreme way.

Now when i do fly, it's budget airlines like 80% of the time. Short trips to Malaysia, HK, THailand, even some Mainland cities, i'm very chin chye. Easy going. I'll even fly Malaysian air.

So here comes the joke.

I am supposed to be in Penang this afternoon

And this hero, came to me on Thursday last week, he says we need to think of alternative travel methods.

It went something like this.

James : What alternatives ? It's Penang.... you want me to take a boat ?

Cunt-sultant  Consultant : A bus ticket is a lot cheaper. ??

James : You're kidding...

Consultant : Just sleep it through man.... it's nothing...

James : oh fuck you.... i'm not taking a bus.

Consultant : Everyone is stretched man..... I'm taking a bus to KL too..

I thought he meant it as a joke until on Friday, i was given a ticket.

A fucking bus ticket for the 13 hour journey to Penang.

I fucking kid you not.

And i was to take the overnight bus back tonight as well.

He did not even have the courtesy to check with me before making the booking personally.

I laughed at my seat so loud, that those left in the office was staring at me.

I was to leave during the weekend, take a overnight bus and be there this morning for the meeting.

I'm not spending 13 hours on the bus when i can't do shit. Not when i have a few projects running and no one to support me. And you got to be kidding if you expect me to cut short my weekend to take that fucking bus.

Not that i have a weekend, been working 7 day week lately anyway.

I text my client that i would not be there and i told him the reason.

He told me to go fuck that consultant but i told him if it was a hot girl, i might consider.

So this is what happened this morning.

I walked into office at 9am with breakfast.

I ate my breakfast.


I drank my coffee.


I tendered my resignation to HR

A series of interesting events happened after that but i shall not go there. Too much details.

I was to serve a 2 month notice, but after clearing the accumulated leaves that i can't sell back to the office, i'm left with bout a month.

Last day would be in early Nov.

That would give me the rest of the year to really catch up on all the writings before i start my new job in Jan.

Yup, i took a offer from another company. Small one, like 4 people including me. Lower pay, benefits not as good but it's a old stable company with a steady stream of jobs lined up all the way till end of next year and beyond.

The offer has been there for a while but i was trying to hold out for a bit, hopefully things would work out on my end. Partly also because there's a couple of projects that i really liked that i'm doing right now but oh well.

Anyway, i would still be flushed with work this couple of weeks, will update when i can. I want to get the critical work stuff settled asap, can't afford to offend the few good clients i've worked with for so long.

For the updates,

I can save you the agony of the wait.

Come back in end Oct.

My adventure in the office should be completed by then. 8 more updates to go.

You can read it all at a go.

Will try to get Omar's diary out this couple of days. I also bought something interesting from a blog reader . Will give a sneek peek at the end of Omar's diary.

Am already getting the structure up for the next piece after My adventure in the office.

1st draft of the preview is already out, it's going to be something different this time round.

Look forward to a good few weeks of non stop writing soon.




  1. Your real life is as interesting as 'James' ... James. Resign also got drama. Good luck to your new job. Haha.

  2. Fuck those who can't fucking wait. Real fans are those who can wait patiently.

  3. Thank you very much for your dedication in writing the story. People who are angry with your late updates have no idea how tough it is to be a writer.

    See from another point of view - you also should be proud that your readers are angry. This means they miss the story (like me and a lot of your blog readers).

    Thank you once again. I hope you will be happier in your new job.

  4. hi bro ilock
    as much as i do understand u have a job do take your time to update and hope things work out well for u in your final mth in the company