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As requested, a brief overview of upcoming works.

If Kate rolled a 6 - Completed.

HBMGAF - part 6 - Completed ( final for this series )

Maldives trip with Kate - ( No longer in production ) Will save materials for next main piece

My wife to be hen's night - Part 3  Completed

There's a couple of articles which i did too about certain issues. Will be updating them periodically. They should make good toilet literature.

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Please send me your ideas if you have any. Would love to compile them and write about your adventures too.

In the meantime, hold tight.

Robinson Club Maldives is beautiful, can't wait to share it with you. 



My name is Jake. I am a hawker

Hi Everyone,My name is Jake.

I have a story to share with all of you.

I consider myself to be a really lucky chap, perhaps it’s because i’m easily contented.

I get happy really easily. I’m elated if the bus arrives right when i stepped into the bus stop, i’m over the moon if the train happens to pull up to the station when i’m there, and if i can get a seat, it was like striking the lottery for me.

Sometimes even an extra scoop of gravy over my rice or a stray piece of fish that happens to be stuck to a vegetable dish i ordered for lunch gets into my plate, it would fuel my mood for a good half a day.

I know you must be laughing at me by now but it’s ok.

I’m just a very simple person.

Average fare, a nice cup of coffee, a good bed to sleep in, that was it.

I’m happy.

Sometimes my friends say i’m lazy and too simple minded but i don’t think i am.

I’m just happy, there is nothing wrong with that.

Isn’t being happy the whole point of being alive ?

I mean as long as you are happy, the rest doesn’t matter.

My parents are hawkers, they sell wanton noodles in a coffee shop on the eastern part of Singapore. Although we are not rich, there was always food on the table.

Home is a nice 4 room flat a stone throw away from Tampines Interchange.

It’s a fantastic location, i could walk blindfolded to the MRT station. Everything i could possibly need is right within reach.

I’m the only child in the family, my parents did try to give me a sibling back then but having to juggle their noodle business and taking care of me made things a little challenging.

By the time i was 7, i kind of knew i would be the only child. They were disappointed when they could not give me a little sister or brother to play with but i told them it’s fine. Their company is all i needed.

They love me, that i could tell but they stop short of spoiling me. If i wanted something when i was young, they taught me to save up for it.

My first pager, my first phone, even game consoles.

Nothing was ever handed to me on a plate. They taught me the value of money and how hard it was to make a dollar.

It was one of the best life lessons i ever had.

Understanding the value of a dollar.

My parents did not like me to visit their place of work. It’s not because they’re embarrassed or ashamed or anything, but in their perspective, they want their son to work in a air conditioned office.

With a proper desk. Nothing oily and greasy.

They were afraid if i were to hang out at their stalls too often, i might end up working at their stalls for the rest of my life.

Jake : There is nothing wrong with being a hawker.

Dad : We all want what’s best for you Jake…. things your mum and i could never have… a good education, a good job….

We live prudently on average days, my parents chose to save up every extra dollar for my education and holidays.

Holidays for the family is a big deal. I’m really fortunate to be able to visit several southeast asian countries, this was before budget travel came into the picture. Each time we fly, it would eat into my parents’ retirement savings.

I’m ok with a road trip to malaysia but my parents wanted me to see the world.

Mum : It opens your eyes and broadens your horizon….. i read from newspaper one….haha.

My mum is one of the most amazing woman i ever knew. After a hard day’s work at the noodle stall, she still juggled with housework and taking care of the family.

Life is simple for us.

There were never really any ups and downs in my life.

I was never a top scorer, never a problem kid. It was always in the middle.

Average grade, average schools, average friends , even my looks i would say it’s just average.

I don’ think i look dashing, but it’s still presentable.

MY school years were a breeze, i just did what had to be done and got it over with.

My grades were always 70 ish. My dad always asked why i did not get 80 ish .

My mum would reply ;

Mum : What’s the difference ?? As long as he understands what’s going on, he can get 60 ish for all i care.

Dad : …………… what if next round he gets below 50 ??

Mum would just shrug her shoulders.

Mum : even if he gets a zero…… the sun still rises the next day….  

It was usually at this moment my mum would make a face at me and warned me not to get a zero before whispering softly behind my dad’s back.

Mum : It’s hard to get zero….. dont’ worry… you anyhow tikum also can get 1 or 2…

I would usually laugh it off.

There was never any pressure on my grades and exams. I just knew i had to at least pass the test. Perhaps seeing how tired my parents were every day they came back from work spurred me on.

I studied diligently not because i liked it, but because all i wanted was to give my parents a good life when they grow old.

Secondary school was ok, Junior college more fun since i was attached with a really horny girlfriend. I never knew orgasm inside a girl was so good and different from masturbation until she showed me.

Staying at the hall in NUS was one of the highlights of my young adulthood. I’m the quiet and meek guy with decent grades. I don’t spill secrets or tally the scores and perhaps it was because of this traits, i had quite a few close girl friends.

I fucked all of them.

Aside from my sexual exploits with innocent girls,I took the safest route possible. Something every parent would be proud of.

Yup, you guessed it.

I graduated with 2nd class, got into the civil service right after graduation.

I had a desk, with my own computer.

Then i had a bigger desk.

And then a corner desk.

8 years on i had my own office in the civil services.

Pay is decent, parents are happy. They bragged to relatives i’m working for the government.

Iron rice bowl .

I always laughed secretly in my heart at such a term.

There is no such thing anymore.

Iron is just metal.

Metal can be melted.

Iron will rust.

At the 8th year mark, i’m turning 30.

My title read assistant director but i’m not happy.

Something seemed to be missing in my life.

For a good 30 years, i asked myself what have i done ?

I’m unhappy not with work or the environment, but more about life itself.

I could feel my heart getting restless.

It’s got nothing to do with sex or relationships, i dated, brought a few girls back but nothing worked out.

The iron in my rice bowl, had started to rust.

And i don’t like that metallic taste of metal in my mouth when i eat.

I tendered my resignation to my boss in November 2014. It shocked the whole department.

My boss fell ill.

My co workers were shocked.

One of the colleague i slept with got pregnant, by her husband that is and she blamed me.

Colleague : why are you leaving !!! Are you mad ?? see… because of you leaving i got pregnant !..

Jake : What has it got to do with me ??!!  

Colleague : I was too distracted to stop my husband from cumming inside me….

Jake : What rubbish… you’re already into your 2nd trimester !...

Colleague : haha… sorry…. but i just hate to see you leave Jake.

I left the office and my last day was in the middle of december.

I did not tell my parents what i did so when i came home with a suitcase of stuff i accumulated over the past 8 years, they freaked out.

Dad : WHAT!!! ARe you fired !!!!!

Mum : WHAT HAPPENED!!!! you are jobless ??!!!

Before i could tell them what i did, they jumped to conclusion and started blaming my boss.

My mum wanted to go talk to our MP.

My dad wanted to go speak at Hong Lim park.

He was so close to sending the prime minister a email as i looked blankly at the old TV screen.

Jake: I …. quit…. no one fired me …

It took a while for that to sink into their heads and i could see they were disappointed with my decision but they kept quiet.

My parents were already in their mid sixties.

They were already talking about their retirement, bringing up the topic a couple of times during meal times.

They can’t be cooking noodles forever.

22nd December 2014


My parents did not speak with me the entire weekend. They probably thought i’m out of my mind.

I can’t explain that feeling of lightness, the amazing smell of freedom.

There was this tingling excitement in my veins i cannot explain.

It was like my body was starting to come alive. I felt energised, well rested and ready to go.

The question is go where ?


It’s early in the morning, my parents usually leave home at 4am to start their day.

I walked around the old house and looked at old photo frames.

Pictures of my parents when they married.

Pictures of me drooling.

And the picture my parents took at their noodle stall on their first day at work decades ago.

A few more photos followed the first, i recognised some of the uncle and aunties, fellow hawkers at the small coffee shop.

They all grew old.

Streaks of white in their hair, some of their children had taken over the reins.

I looked at my dad, standing proudly in front of his wanton noodle stall.

That very stall brought me up, gave me an education and allowed me to see the world.

A smile broke out on my face as i touched the photo my parents took during the 7th month hungry ghost festival with all the prayer items.

It’s been awhile since i spoke to myself but on that morning, i did just that.

Jake : Ok. Wanton noodle……… i’ll do just that…

I showered, changed and took a cab down to the coffee shop in Joo chiat.

I had no visited the place in so many years that i got the street wrong. In the end i walked a little before coming up to that familiar street.

I looked at my parents from a distance away, smiling and chatting to customers.

Ah, i laughed as i recognised the scrawny kid that had grown up to be so huge arranging chicken at the chicken rice stall.

Even the uncle brewing coffee is the same, except he had grown so old. Wrinkles etched deeply into his forehead.

I slowly walked towards the coffee shop and i paused a distance away.

I paused.

I paused not because there was a passing car.

I stopped not because it was the red light at the junction.

I stopped because my breath was taken away that early Monday morning.

That girl had really fair skin.

She sat cross legged at a table with a stack of invoices in front of her.

Her hair flew gently in the morning breeze as she tallied each one and tapped away on a calculator.

She looked up and brushed her fringe behind her ears and i saw her full side view.

I watched her lift up her coffee and she blew on it gently, the way her lips pouted that teeny wee bit gave me an erection.

Time seemed to slow when i saw her put her lips to the cup as she sipped her coffee.

When the cup left her lips, i could see a slight red mark of her lipstick.

My mum walked out with a plate of noodle and soup in hand and set in it front of the girl.

I was barely 7 metres away.

My mum looked up and she had a shock seeing me across the small street.

Mum : What you doing here ??!!

My heart fluttered.

My dick tingled.

My throat went dry.

I crossed the road as the very girl i was looking at turned up and our eyes met.

SHe looked at my mum first before turning back to look at me.

Mum : Siao ah… you come here for what… ??

Jake : I… it’s been so long since i came here….. wanted to visit you all since i’m free…

My mum turned to the lady who was looking at us.

I don’t know why but my heart was thumping so fast.

I never felt that way before.

The lady stood up. She’s definitely younger than me, mid twenties i would say but she had an air of maturity surrounding her.

As if she was forced to grow up faster than others.

She extended her hand with the sweetest smile i ever saw on a girl.

The sun peeked out from behind the clouds and illuminated a portion of her lower cheeks. She is absolutely stunning.

I reached out my hand too.

Jake : Hi… hi…. i’m Jake..

I felt the soft smooth hands for this girl touched mine as she replied with a slight smile.

“ My name …. is Kate “


Coming soon……….. 2017.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Paypal accounts.

I'm writing this because i received a few mails today about the same topic. 

Quite a few blog readers have voiced their concerns about using paypal. I fully understand your concerns, using your credit card in such a blog may be a bit bothersome. 

I shall avoid saying it out loud explicitly but i'm sure you get the gist of it base on the short story below. I'm sure you can be creative in your own ways.

Credits to brother Joey for giving me this idea. I have been using it for the longest time for both donations and ordering coffee capsules

On a bright and sunny day, Adrian decides to visit a erotic blog .

He likes what he sees and he is keen to get something to read on his way to work because he would be taking the circle line train. That line has no mobile network. 

Heeding the country's call for all adults to engage in reading, Adrian decides to buy a novel from the blog. 

Wait a minute. Adrian is the head of a big organisation , his name alone would set bells ringing. If he as much as sneeze, the stock market would drop 1%, which is why he tries not to sneeze. 

There is no way he can use his credit card at such a place. 

He shall have to endure the horrid train ride with no mobile network while staring at other grumpy passengers. 

Then he had an idea. 

Instead of using his paypal account , he created a new account call 

Ah beng sends an invoice with a note to bill Adrian. 

Ah Beng: Hi Adrian, your kick ass sticker for your car that you refuse to drive because of high ERP and expensive parking is ready. Here is the invoice. Please pay me $10. 

Adrian : Thank you Ah beng. here.... i pay you $10. 

Adrian just spent $10 on a useless car sticker on a car he would not be driving. 

Ah Beng doesn't care. 

Ah beng just wants the $10. 

Adrian doesn't care how Ah beng spends his $10 which after paypal's transaction fees, is left with about $9.30 . 

Ah Beng don't have a credit card. His paypal account has no details except his name. Ah Beng got no bank account to link his paypal to either.

There is no delivery address because he works on a laptop and print the sticker using a portable printer.

Ah Beng now has $9.30 to spend on anything he wants. 

He decides to buy a hello kitty wallpaper for Ah Lian's old Nokia phone. He would be embarrassed if his friend knows he bought hello kitty. He also don't want people to know he buys hello kitty. 

He is happy his account got no details

No one knows Ah beng likes Hello kitty.

Be like Ah Beng. 

Buy Hello kitty for Ah Lian. 

Everyone lives happily ever after. 



Inspiration and story line for My adventure in the office.

The background for this story was contributed by Randy.

He works in the design industry similar to mine.

It pique my interest when he shared the background of what he went through during the post SARS period in Singapore at one of the firms he worked with. It happened in early 2004

He like a colleague very much, and he had started going after her when she was put in a similar situation much like James and Belinda.

They were not together officially which makes it even more heart breaking even though they had feelings for each other.

The girl was forced to sleep with an Arab client, a local small time developer and the boss of the firm himself.

There is a sex tape of his colleague with the local developer but he doubt it would see the light of day.

The Arab client paid the girl a 4 figure sum for each meet. The arrangements lasted 4 months.

Local developer only paid once but had sex with her 3 times.

Boss of the firm did her no less than 10 times.

Everything she was put through, she confided in Randy.

They got together shortly before they quit the firm.

Randy and his girlfriend left the firm when the integrated resorts in the country started construction to join them.

They don't work for the resorts but rather the consultants that work for the IRs.

Randy and his girlfriend married in  2009 and they have 2 kids today.

** This post has been edited by Randy prior to posting, he was not comfortable with some of the contents i revealed **


It's another wrap

Wrapped up office adventure.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Apologies for the delays in updates, it's been a turbulent few months.

Look forward to sharing more pieces with all blog followers.

** I know many of you would have questions especially about Kate and her family, check back in a couple of days, they'll get answered : ) **



Friday, 4 November 2016

My adventure in the office part 5

i tried to calm myself down as i thought about my next move.

Having Kate’s panty in my hands was a distraction, i quickly stuffed it into my pocket and took a swig of wine as i look over to Abbas. I’ll find an opportunity to pass it to him later, it can’t be just a simple pass.

It had to make an impact.

That Panty had to serve it’s purpose.

It’ll only make me look stupid if i just walk over and say, ’nah, take it. Kate’s panty’

Maybe i could use it to my advantage ?

Perhaps use it as some sort of a bargaining chip ?

I don’t know.

James : The money… return the money now…

Kate :I can’t …. it’s in my account… i .. i..

James : Go and draw everything out….

Kate : It’s more than 30k. How am i going to draw that much out !! even if i did… still… still…

James : still what ??

Kate : It’s no use… i ….

I was starting to get a little impatience and i made Kate spit out whatever she wanted to say.

She told me that as an assurance, she let Abbas have a video of her.

James : WHAT !... what video?

Kate : Just… just now… he wanted to video chat before the transfer…. i took my top off for a bit… just a quick one..

I cannot believe how dumb she was.

James : What were you thinking?

Kate : I was not thinking… i only wanted to get Abbas to my place then…. then blackmail him if he touched me… call the police or something…. i wasn’t thinking that far ahead….

i turned away from Kate and tried to organise my thoughts.

I was just praying for some idea to magically enter my head as i scanned around the room.

I decided to step away from the table for a moment and distanced myself from Kate to put things in perspective.

We’re not suppose to be close.

If Abbas has the impression i was doing a good job of persuading her, i should at least keep up the appearance. Better still, i could give him an impression of me having a greater control over her.

i turned back to Kate and told her our plan at the moment.

We were to keep up the act, she was to continue pretending she works for me, and that if Abbas were to approach her, she was to resist.

James : continue to resist … only do things if i say so…. this will make sure i get to stay near you for as long as i can…

Kate nodded.

I walked about for a bit of fresh air and continued to rack my brains.

As i paced about the room, i felt a vibration in my pocket.

My phone rang, i was hoping it would be Andy telling me help has arrived but no.

It’s not Andy.

It was Belinda.

Belinda : James… what is happening now ??

James : I can’t talk now… i’ll call you back…

Belinda : Let me know if you need help ok ?? I can help ….

James : Ok… talk to you later…

I dropped Andy another text to update him about the money Kate took and is unable to cough out in such short notice.

Andy sms : You are fucking shiting me…

James sms : Do you have 30k cash ?

Andy sms : do i look like a loan shark to you ???

He stopped replying to my messages after that.

Kate stood up from the table too. I could see her pulling her cheongsum a little, adjusting them over her thighs.

I guessed she must be feeling pretty vulnerable without her panty.

Imagine wearing something so short and seductive, everywhere she turned, she could probably see a pair of eyes on her, either from the waitering staff or from one of Omar's aides.

Kate’s fingers awkwardly reached for the hem of her cheongsum and tugged it lower.

I wonder if she was shaved below, if she was feeling the cool breeze of the room creeping up the thighs.

How would her warm hole feel as it was met with the cold current from the aircon ?

Would she pubic hair sway in the cool air like lalangs in the field ?

Would she quiver and shake as her pussy lips rubbed and moisten itself ?

Would she be aroused as the cold breeze carass her naked love lips ?

Kate tried to walk towards me but i gave her a look and she immediately turned away, choosing to head over to the banquet manager, much to his delight.

I could tell he too would rape Kate there and then if given the chance.

It’s stereotyping i know, but seeing the way Kate dressed would give any man the same ideas.

I bet if some girl dressed in that manner was pulled into some back alley, people would say she asked for it for dressing up in that manner.

I tore my eyes away from the fullness of Kate’s supple breast and focused on the task at hand.

Putting things in perspective, the best case scenario would be if Kate’s brother could get her out of this mess.

Right at that moment, Abbas approached me.

Abbas : James….. How are you… ? i think we need to get to know each other better.

I just smile and did not offer up a reply.

Abbas : Kate….. You know…. There’s something that’s not quite right about her…. I can’t put my finger to it…. And….

He looked at me from head to toe, squinting his eyes in the dim room. It’s those typically ‘i see you no up’ kind of look.

Abbas : I’m not sure about you also…. What….. What are you… ermm.. Getting out of this… hahah…..

James : I’m just…

Before i could answer him, he answered his own question.

Abbas : Ah yes…. Yes…. Your…. Another… another…. Friend… Belinda is it ?? hahah…. I heard from Omar…. He says he likes her very much.

I took a deep breath and kept a straight expression.

Abbas : He mentioned something about photos and videos …. Hahaha…. You know…. My boy… he’s just…. Naughty….haha… but… i don’t know…. Don’t expect much from Omar ok ? … hahaha….

As sudden as it started, Abbas stopped laughing and went back to his stern and no bullshit manner.

Abbas : so…. Have you taken Kate’s panty from her ?

James : Ernmm.. No… not yet…  

Abbas sniggered as he leered at Kate who was standing a distance away.

Abbas : Ok… i’ll go take them then…

James : What ? …. Wait…

I walked along side Abbas as he quickly covered the short distance across the room.

Abbas : Kate..

Kate: Ye…. yes ?

Abbas : GIve me your panty….

Kate : What… what ??

Kate looked absolutely shocked and taken aback.

Abbas said it so normally as if like you’re asking someone for the time.

The way he said it, his tone, is like you owed him your fucking panty.

We’re still in the middle of the fucking banquet room, i could see people walking just a few metres away from us.

Kate : What ?! no…… no… way

Kate looked desperately at me for help.

Abbas : Don’t look at James…. Look at me…. Look into my eyes when i’m talking to you…. I’m the one that paid you remember… ?

Abbas sniggered and asked for Kate’s panty again.

Abbas : Take it off…. Take it off now… or you would prefer to slowly take them off later at your place at …….

He looked up to the ceiling for a moment before rattling off Kate’s address at Joo chiat.

I could not believe Kate had given him the full address and even more surprised he had remembered it.

James : What’s your problem Abbas ??  We’re in the middle of...

Abbas : Shut up…. James..… why ?  you like her James ?  are you related ?? …. Huh ? Why ?  what is the problem ?? No ?? ….. Not related ??? then ? …. Take off your panty Kate…

Abbas immediately put on a smiling face, and asked Kate for her panty again.

James : She works for me !....she’ll do as i say !...

I whispered harshly at Abbas who smiled and looked at me.

Abbas: Really ? …. Prove it James… prove it…. Show me.. !

Kate looked worried. She’s being cornered and without her panty. There was nothing for her to remove.

Hakim approached the group as he came back from the bathroom.  

Hakim : everything ok ?

James : Yup. it’s fine… just having a chat ….

He walked away and Abbas immediately resumed his taunt.

Abbas : She doesn’t work for you James…. I know…. I can tell… just look at her… hahah… something doesn’t seem right…. Doesn’t feel right… haha..

James : There are people around….. Not here…

Without giving Abbas a chance to reply, i grabbed Kate and escorted her out of the room.

Abbas quickly fell into step, sniggering and talking in Arabic to himself.

The corridor was clear and i directed Kate towards the bathroom.

Abbas : What are you doing ? Are you trying to run ?? i know your address… hahaha…

James : You want her panty right..? Isn’t it…. She’ll take it off for you…

Abbas laughed.

Abbas : Sure.. … we’ll see….

I used my body to hide my hands as i reached into my pocket and pulled out Kate’s panty. The feeling of the soft fabric sent a rush of blood into my cock as i pushed it against Kate’s hands as i shoved her into the ladies.

James : Make it quick !

I barked the order before turning to look at Abbas who was just smiling away.

A minute later, Kate came out from the bathroom and i could see she had clenched the panty in her left wrist.

James : Give it to him…

Kate’s face blushed red. There was no way to describe the embarrassment.

Imagine as a girl you have to hand your panty to a sleazy old man who was visually raping you at the same time.

Kate held out her panty but Abbas did not reach for it.

He smiled and slowly circled her before bringing his nose to Kate’s hands to sniff the thin soft panty in her hands.

I could see Kate cringe as she squeezed her eyes shut and turned away.

Abbas : Ahh… i… i can smell you Kate … i can smell you…. It’s…. It’s quite nice…. That freshness….. That sweetness… ahahha…

He brought his nose right up to Kate’s fingers and i could see Kate clenched them tighter around her panty.

Abbas righted himself up and laughed.

Abbas : Put it under your dress, i want to see you rub your pussy with your panty… haha

Kate: That is sick! no!!

Abbas : I’ll do it for you then.. hahah

Kate slapped Abbas’s hands away and tried to walk out of the bathroom but i held onto her.

KAte : Let me go! …

James : Do it….

Kate : WHAT!!.

James : I said do it…

Kate glared at me before reluctantly lowering her panty to her crotch.

Abbas : Yes… yes… rub… rub your pussy…. good girl… continue.. continue rubbing… haha…

Kate stopped after a while and held out her panty for Abbas.

He looked hungrily at Kate’s panty before exclaiming that it’s not wet.

Abbas : I want it to be moist…. so i can taste you… haha.

Kate looked so helpless and lost. SHe must be feeling the full brunt of her stupidity by then as she fought back her tears.

As she as was about to put the panty back under to rub her lips, Abbas stopped her.

Abbas : Alright… give it to me… haha…

Kate’s hands reached out and before she could offer it up to Abbas, he grabbed her hand after checking behind him to make sure the corridor was clear.

Kate : Ahhh… no… no.. don’t touch me !!

James : What are you doing ? !

Abbas half pushed and pulled Kate into the ladies.

Kate was totally caught off guard as she lost her balance for a bit before regaining her footing, but by then she was already well into the ladies.

I quickly followed into the ladies and i could see Abbas leering at Kate as he stroked his mustache.

Kate : What are you doing ?? No… no…

Abbas : Lift up your cheongsum…

Kate : What ! ? NO!!...

James : don’t do it…. Abbas … enough !.... this is a public space…

Abbas : do i look as if i care… ? this is the ladies…. Who else would see ?

He turned towards me and added….

Abbas : Why are you so concerned about her ? if she works for you… you should demand it…. Do it… haha

I could see Abbas looking right at me, no doubt waiting to see what i would do.

James : She works for me alright…. And she will…. Listen to me…. But let me tell you this Abbas, she’s not a whore…..

Abbas : Wahahaha… of course she’s not…. I could smell a whore a mile away…. Of course Kate is not… hahah….

I cut him off and told Abbas off in an angry tone.

I had to.

I acted as angry as i could, in the same manner a drunk hoard his favourite stash of liquor.

I directed all my anger and emotions to the very sentences as i literally spit them out at Abbas.

James : I know you people….you people are like spoilt brats with money…. I like money…. But what i don’t like is how often you spoil the toys after playing with them !!!!

I raised a finger at Abbas as i saw his eyes widen the same time his smile spread across his face.

James : Kate…… is one of my most priced…… asset…….. And knowing she’s going to be broken…… makes me angry…… you understand what i’m saying !!!

I must have done it right as Abbas took a step back and laughed.

Abbas : You’re right James… wahah…. Absolutely right….. I love to break my toys...haha… but i thought…. You’re doing this because you wanted to help your other friend or something,... hahaha….

James : Yes i do… i want the photos back… but i want my money as well….

I turned and pointed to Kate, gesturing at her face and breast.

James : You know how much i paid for these ??!!!!

I poked Kate’s breast and she yelped

Kate : Ahhh… !!!

James : And these !!??? and THESE!!!

I jabbed Kate’s cheeks and as she reached up to cover her face i jabbed her buttocks and she slapped my hands away.

Abbas laughed and laughed.

James : You think surgery is cheap in Singapore ??!

Abbas : Nothing is cheap in Singapore James… hahaha…that i know…

I could see Kate glaring at me by then, obviously pissed at me for even suggesting her breast, buttocks and face were fake.

Abbas tried to stroke Kate’s shoulders but Kate shrugged his hands away.

He quietened down as he walked round me to look at Kate who was hugging her own arm by then.

Abbas : I’m going to rape you so bad Kate…., that you would beg me to take my money back… hahaha….

Kate : Take your money back then, i don’t want it anymore….

I turned around and slapped Kate.

Smack ! ..

Kate : Ahh!!...

James : Shut up !!... you’re spoken enough for tonight…. I don’t want to hear you speak again.. !...

Kate massaged her cheek and glared at me before lowering her head. I could hear her sniffing back her tears.

Abbas just laughed but did nothing.

I grabbed the panty over and threw them at Kate’s stomach, it hit her before dropping to the floor.

James : Put it back on !...

Kate slowly lowered her body to pick up the panty and Abbas laughed.

My cock swelled with blood as Kate sniffed and put 1 leg through her panty, before she could put her other leg through, i surprised her by grabbing the panty and pulling it up her leg and thigh.

Kate : Ahhhh!!... no…

With only a leg looped, i dragged the panty upwards, pushing and lifting up the hem of her short cheongsum, exposing her pussy to Abbas.

Abbas : Whahaha… hahaha…

Kate : Stop!... stop!... no… no…

Kate tried to hit me but  held onto her hand.

I ignored her pleas as i tried to put the half worn panty at the same level as where it should be if Kate had worn them properly.

James : This is for doing everything so slowly. !!

Kate swallowed a gulp of saliva and i could see her fighting back her tears.

Abbas : I’m looking forward to this evening James… hahaha… really looking forward….. I apologise to you in advance though…. I will surely break your toy before the night is over… whahaha…

He turned to Kate and added.

Abbas : See you at your place Kate ok ? whahah….oh wait… we’ll be heading there together aren’t we… haha..

James : Don’t worry, i’ll send her there myself…..

Abbas : Oh no…. no… noo… i’m not letting her out of my sight….

Abbas added out of the blue that he’s loves facebook. And that he was glad Kate added him as a friend.

Abbas : I wouldn’t want to accidentally share our video chat you know what i mean ? hahaha….

Abbas held up his phone and shook it about in front of Kate and laughed.

Abbas : See you later Kate … haha… and you too James…. haha..

I thought he was leaving but he did a quick about turn, an action that was so fast for his age.

Abbas reached over and lifted up Kate’s cheongsum, flashing her almost naked pussy once more.

Kate’s privates is neatly trimmed, with a small tuft of soft baby like hair just near the top of her love hole. I tried to peel my eyes away but i can’t.

It was an erotic sight.

Kate kept resisting, she kept pushing Abbas’s hands away, trying to protect her modesty.

Abbas : Hahahah…. your girl is not cooperating James… ahah..

James : Take your hands away !..

Kate whimpered softly as she took her hands off her hem of her short dress.

Kate was close to losing it by then as Abbas laughed and stroked her pubic hair.

Only her pubic hair mind you.

Abbas could have grabbed her pussy, pushed his finger into her cunt or spread her lips to see how moist Kate was but no.

He chose not to.

He did not want to.

Like the gourmet food critic, he wants to go through the appetiser first.

Abbas’s finger held onto Kate’s cheongsum as he used one finger to lightly brush Kate’s womanly bush.

Imagine the electrical signals that was being sent down her privates into her brain.

This is biological.

Her privates and sensitive regions are being teased.

Whether she liked it or not, her body would feel the arousal.

Kate bit her lips and looked away.

James : Look…. I want you to look !

Grabbing her chin, i directed Kate to look at the humiliating sight of her privates being slowly violated by Abbas.

I felt  tinge of satisfaction doing that as Kate glared at me.

Abbas laughed and backed off after a bit more stroking as Kate fought off a shiver.

Once the opportunity presented itself, she quickly bent down and put on her panty properly before adjusting her cheongsum.

Abbas : Look at how fast she moved… hahaa… come James… let’s head out together… ahah…

He put his arm around my shoulder and we stepped out of the bathroom. After a short chat, he went back to his seat and continued drinking.

Glancing towards the circle of men talking to themselves, i tried to rack my brains for ideas, solutions, anything.

Abbas was talking to Mr Liew while Omar and Rasid were busy stroking the backs of Aisha and Aliya, talking amongst themselves.

Even under the dim lighting of the function room, i could see Abbas’s eyes watering away. He laughed, sniffed, wiped away snort with his handkerchief as he took sips after sips of water. He cast an occasional glance towards Kate in a condescending manner.

About 10 minutes past, I stood up from my seat and casually walked over, pretending to mingle around and look towards the performing band.

I heard Mr Liew asking Abbas if he was ok.

Mr Liew : are you ok ?

Abbas : Yes… yes… i’m fine… just a bit under the weather.

Under the weather my foot. He looked like he needs to take a snort of some shit before he zones out but there was none of my business.

I sipped my drink and as i watched Rasid pinched Aliya’s buttocks, not only did Rasid pinched Aliya’s buttocks, he asked her to bent over and face Omar, offering her behind to him as well.

Omar laughed in delight as he smacked her buttocks.

Abbas saw that and barked out something in arabic and the laughter toned down a little.

It was as if he was scolding a couple of his kids for not behaving.

I could see Hakim and Alex shaking their heads as they whispered amongst themselves.

Abbas apologised to Mr Liew for that but Mr Liew just smiled and waved it away.

As Mr Liew excused himself to head to the bathroom, i intercepted him along the way and told him what happened.

Mr Liew : What ?!

James : Kate took their money…

Mr Liew : Don’t be stupid… just give it back…

James : I don’t think it’s that easy…

Mr Liew : What is so hard about giving back the money ?

I wished there was an easy way to tell Mr Liew Kate literally invited the trouble to her door but there was none.

Mr Liew : Just fucking give the money back….. I’m bringing Omar and Rasid out…. I’m sure you can handle Abbas…. Find him a whore to fuck or something…


Dessert were served and barely a few minutes later, Hakim, Uncle Tong and Alex got up at the same time as they said their goodbyes.

It’s still a workday tomorrow, i guess they wanted to head back and rest.

Alex gestured towards me to join them but i held up my palm, saying that i needed to talk to the group for a bit.

He did not bother to ask Kate since she was the main person organising, she would be one of the last few to leave.


The staff started clearing the main dinning tables. Abbas’s aides were settled on some couches together with Omar and Rasid’s assistants in the corner of the room.

Kate was sitting along at the table staring at her phone.

I could hear Mr Liew doing his closing speech.

Mr Liew : Well, i hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore…… i promised to bring Rasid and Omar out….

Abbas : hahaha… go on… go on… don’t worry about me… you young people go have fun….

Mr Liew : We’re not young anymore… haha…

He stood up and shook hands with Abbas.

As the group got up, Mr Liew gestured to Kate for a few words.

After he was done with Kate, i saw her walk away and talk to the banquet manager.

Mr Liew : James…. Here…

James : Yah…

Mr Liew : Everything ok ?

James : Yes…

Mr Liew : Ok… have an early night…

James : You too.

Mr Liew paused and took a deep breath.

Mr Liew : if you can’t save her, at least save yourself….. You know what i’m talking about ? on’t get involved in uncessary stuff.

I nodded my head and kept a blank look on my face.

Mr Liew : I’m bringing Omar and Rasid out….

I took a deep breath and drained my glass of wine. I turned back to Omar and Rasid again and saw that they took pleasure in playing with Aliya and Aisha.

They literally treat them like playthings.

A toy.

An object to play with.

Abbas would be no different.

I need to think like them if we were to survive this.

I need to become a fucker like them, do what they do, feel what they feel.

Abbas would want Kate to be at his beck and call but he can’t. He craves control, that was why i piqued his interest when he saw me slap Kate. One thing though, he’s cautious.

Like a stalking hyena, he does not want to take unnecessary risk. He is not wrong.

Just seeing me hit Kate doesn’t mean anything.

Seeing Kate put on her panty for me would not mean anything either.

It’s impossible for him to trust someone he barely knew for a couple of hours. I don’t need him to trust me anyway, i’m not going to be his dog, but the bare minimum i needed was for him to believe Kate would listen to me obediently.

If she listens to what i orders, it would make things a lot smoother for Abbas. He could takes things easy and just play with her.

Omar came over to me and asked me to take good care of his dad.

2 of Abbas aides would be joining his dad wherever he goes which pretty much meant they would be a Kate’s house too.


Kate hopped onto a 7 seater arranged by Abbas , flashing her panty to the whole world as she got into the car.

I took the seat beside her while Abbas sat across Kate.

One of the aides took the front passenger seat while the other sat beside Abbas, he too was leering at Kate.

It was happening too fast.

Before i knew it, we were already on the exressway heading to Kate’s place.

I stole a glance at Kate who kept looking out the window.

SHe’s nervous.

Anyone could tell she’s nervous.

In fact i was pretty sure she wa son the verge of shitting herself as we exited the expressway.

Kate eventually sat on her own hands as Abbas kept making disgusting faces at her. His had taken off his shoe and kept stroking Kate’s legs with his sock clad feet.

Kate tried to ignore and push them away but there was not enough room in the car for that. Eventually she gave in, letting Abbas’s feet stroke and play with her thigh, her calves and her feet.


The car moved off after dropping us at the very coffee shop i saw Haibin got wacked. THe only difference now was that there’s no one there.

One of Abbas’s men was holding onto a large black bag.

The shutters were down for the coffee shop.

No Uncle Ben to save Kate.

No Ah Keong to push anyone away.

No Andy to help.

It was erriely quiet along the street.

Abbas : Come on come on… haha… lead the way Kate .

Kate held onto the wall as she ascended the steps up to her old place.

Abbas was eager to follow behind her as he kept his head up, climbing up with much difficulty as he peeped at Kate’s upskirt.


We entered Kate’s old place and the moment the door was closed, Abbas’s men went deep into the house.

Abbas : Please don’t mind my men, they just want to be sure we’re safe yah… hahaha…

Kate swallowed a gulp of her saliva as she looked at me.

30 seonds later the men came back to the living room and nodded their head at Abbas. They spoke in arabic and pointed to the cameras that surrounded the place.

Abbas : It’s peculiar Kate… that you would need so many cameras for your house. it’s not only pointing at the entrance…. it’s everywhere….. weird … dont you think ?

Kate kept quiet as the men continued walking about trying to find the control panel for the cctv.

The found it behind a cabinet and switched everything off including the router.

Abbas : Alright… shall we begin ?? haha

There’s no doubt we’re alone.

Abbas laughed and opened his arms, asking Kate to go into his embrace.

Kate : I…. i need the bathroom …

Abbas laughed as Kate walked briskly to the bathroom.

James : I’ll go check on her…

Abbas : I’m waiting Kate… i’m waiting…

I reached for my phone and text Andy.

James sms : Andy… we’re above the coffee shop….. Are you coming ? Kate is going to get rape…

I knocked on the bathroom door and Kate opened it just a peek.

I could see she was trembling.

Kate : James… James i’m freaking out…. sorry…. sorry… i don’t know what to do…. i thought i did but i don’t…. how ?

James : fuck it… let’s just make a run for it… i’ll distract them… you go ahead…

Kate : No… i can’t…

James: they can’t do anything to me….

Kate shook her head, indicating that she did not want to leave alone.

I could hear Abbas shouting from the living room.

Abbas : Hurry hurry !!! hahaha…

There was no way we can get out of this unscathed.

It’s got to the point of just limiting the damage.

Kate stepped out of the bathroom, i could see she was trembling.

One of Abbas men walked over and look at us. Tahar is his name. i heard Abbas calling him.

Tahar : What is taking so long ??

James: Nothing… she’s just getting ready …

I walked slowly past the kitchen cabinets and eyed the collection of knives that was bring stuck above the sink via magnet. I saw one that i wanted to grab.

It will come in handy.

I angled myself towards that knife, but right before i could get hold of it, my phone buzzed.

It was Andy

I felt a glimmer of hope when i saw his message.

Andy sms : We’re heading over now…. we’ll be there in 45 minutes…


There would be nothing left of Kate in 45 minutes.

James sms : You need to be here now !!

Andy sms : 44 minutes…

I kept my phone and told Kate about the time.

She looked like she was about to cry.
I reached over and was about to grab a knife to slug it out when the other man, Luke came in and asked us to hurry up.

He was looking at me and i switched direction smoothly, reaching for the kitchen towel instead.

It was no use if he sees me with the knife.

There was no way i could beat all of them.

Luke and Tahar are well built, easily 1.9m in height with a solid frame. I bet they were more than just assistants to Abbas, anyone could tell they were his bodyguard in some sense.

We went into the living room. I sat down when Abbas gestured me to as Kate remained standing in the middle of the room surrounded by 4 men.

Abbas took a small canister out from his jacket and empty some white powder onto the coffee table. Just like what the actors in the movie did, he cut the powder up before snorting them straight into his nostrils, laughing and coughing as he did.

Abbas : Come… try… ahha…

He rubbed his nose and sniffed his own finger before gesturing for Kate to take off her cheongsum.

Abbas : Do it… !

Kate looked like she was about to cry.

I got up and went over to Kate.

Turning to Abbas, i added that she’s not ready.

James : Give her some time to compose herself…

Abbas slammed the table in front of him with a wham !


Abbas : Stop wasting my time !!!... take off your dress !

He pointed to me angrily.

Abbas : Get her to start !! and stop wasting my time..!

Barely a couple of minutes has passed, it’s still a good 40 minutes before Andy arrives.

Abbas : Kate… you better do it before i get my men to do it for you… hahaha…

Kate panicked for a bit and she undid the 1st butterfly knot near her neck.

I felt a rush of blood to my dick as she undid the other knot, and another, and another.

WIthout warning, short phrase of arabic reached my ears as Abbas smack his lips as Kate held onto her own arm, trying to hide her body.

I wanted to stop her but i can’t.

It was like a trance looking at Kate undress.

Part of me wanted to save her, to grab her hand and make a run for it, scream my lungs out and hope the neighbours call the police but a bigger part of me froze.

I simply could not move.

It was that evil part of me that hesitated.

The part that blamed Kate for getting herself into this mess and dragging me into it.

That part that was angry at Kate for saying i did nothing to save Belinda.

That very same part that craved for Kate’s body like any other men out there.

Her skin is smooth and supple. It’s flawless.

It’s just this healthy radiant colour of white. I could not see any stray mole, no freckles.

No scars.

It’s like the freshly spray painted barbie doll you just took out from the box.

You would surely think i’m exaggerating but i’m not.

As soon as the smoothness of Kate’s skin greeted the men’s eyes, all were silent for a second or two.

I saw Abbas swallow a mouthful of his saliva as he adjusted his crotch.

Kate was wearing a pair of silicon bra.

The nude coloured silicon hung magically on her breast, it looked surreal as it lifted and gave her already supple breast an additional level of detail.

Abbas stood up and walked forward, Kate immediately retreated. Her body language immediately betrayed the brave front she was trying to put up as she gritted her teeth.

Abbas’s hands reached up, like the claws of a demon as he smirk and made a squeezing action towards Kate’s breast. I could see Kate shivering.

Abbas’s men too stood up, eager to get into the action if their boss allows them to.

I readied myself as my body waited for my brain to send the commands to my limbs.


Anything at all but there was nothing.

Abbas’s hands got closer and closer.

Kate shivered where she stood.

Then without warning, Abbas peeled off one of her silicon bra. The sticky material pulled up and hugged onto the fine pores of Kate’s breast, revealing a amazing pale pink nipple with a small cute areola.

I could feel my cock throbbing in my pants and Kate tried to cover up her exposed left breast.

Abbas laughed and he started to lick that silicon bra before plastering it onto his face and started to sniff and lick it.

Tahar and Luke laughed at their boss, and i could see them eyeing Kate as well.

Abbas threw the bra aside and was about to reach for Kate’s breast but he stopped.

He stopped.

He took a look around the house from the ceiling to the shiny floor tiles and he went back to his seat.

Then he did something incredibly disgusting out of the blue.

It was sick.

He spoke in arabic and Luke removed a dildo from the black bag. It was a replica of a real dick, about 7inches in length with bulging veins, but that was not all.

It’s not a vibrator.

Instead there was a tube connected to a reservoir of sort.

You know those sex toys where you can put water into the dildo and make it squirt ?

Yes, it a more refined version of that.

It looks well made, not some cheap china replica, almost like a work of art.

Ok good. If he’s going to waste some time playing with the dildo, we can drag it out some more.

Kate looked scared as she shook her head.

I could see tears welling up in her eyes.

Probably worried how much that thick dildo would stretch her tight vagina.

Before i could heave a sigh of relief, Abbas did the unthinkable.

He stripped himself and started to masturbate.

He fucking started to masturbate in front of everyone.

He looked at Kate, making grunts and moans befitting a old fart as his stroked and wank his small cock away.

His dick is small, hairy and it looked slim.

Kate looked away in disgust but Abbas kept going nearer and nearer to Kate until his cock started to rub against Kate’s thighs.

Kate : No… no…

He continued to wank off, rubbing his cock on Kate’s buttocks, trying to flip her panty.

Tears rolled down Kate’s face but she stopped short of bawling out loud.

Tahar and Luke looked on hungrily, no doubt waiting for their turn.

Kate kept trying to push Abbas away, but it only made him more excited.

It lasted less than 3 minutes before Abbas announced her was cumming.

He took the extension of the dildo reservoir and came into it.

I was shocked at the amount of semen he had.

Think lumpy squirts of his cum flowed and filled up the reservior.

Abbas : ARHHH… arghhhh.. Arghhhhhh… arghhhhh !!!!! fuck….. @#$@#$@#$... arghhh !!!!

Just when i thought he was done, he grunted out loudly and he squirted more into the reservoir.

It was a lot of cum.


Even as a guy i was amazed by the volume of semen he had inside his fucking wrinkled testicles.

He laughed and said he was done for the warm up.

Abbas : Alright…. Warmed up… haahhaha ….

Abbas snorted more powder before connecting the reservoir to the dildo.

Kate’s eyes widened in horror.

Kate : No.. !!! NO!!!... NO!!!!! Please… NO!!! Don’t !!!

Abbas : Whahahah.. Whahah….

Kate : Please no !!... no…

Kate started backing away as Abbas stood up with the cum filled dildo.

Abbas : I….. like to give choices….. So….. i’m giving you a choice….

Without warning Luke got over and grabbed Kate and try to part aside her panty.

Kate : No!!.. No… please… no!!!

Tahar was about to head over when i decided it was enough. I barrel charged him and pushed him hard onto the sofa.

I don’t know what happened next but i knew blows were exchanged and grunts and shouts broke out in the room.

Abbas just laughed and laughed but i did what i could and managed to keep Tahar mostly on the sofa as we went at each other.

Luke : STOP!!!... JAMES!! Stop  or i’ll fuck her face up !!

I hesitated for a moment and Tahar pushed me off him and onto the floor.

Luke had grabbed onto a nail clipper from one of the small trinket basket that sat on the side table, he was pressing the sharp edge onto Kate’s face as she sobbed and begged to be let go.

Abbas laughed and walked over to me.

Abbas : You know what…. I want you to do it….take it…

James : NO...fuck you…

Kate screamed as Luke pressed harder onto her face, i could literally see the nail clipper sink into Kate’s smooth face. Luke removed it just for a brief moment to show me the red mark it left on Kate’s tear stained cheek.

Abbas : Do it…. Or you’ll have to spend money on her face again… hahaha….

Luke made a threatening manner to press it onto Kate’s face and she pleaded for him to stop.

Kate : Please !!! l… please stop !! … no…. Sob… sob….sobzzz…

I took over the cum filled dildo and Abbas laughed.

He looked at Kate and peeled off her other silicon bra.

Abbas : Your breast look so nice….. Sooo nice… i want to suck on them… can i ? haha ??

He started to stroke himself and i was shock Abbas managed to get it hard again within such a short period of time.

His cock glistened with precum and probably some of his recently squirted semen.

He went closer and closer to Kate.

Luke parted Kate’s panty, pushing aside the thin fabric that covered her most private region.

Abbas : Come here James… come … ahahah ….

I went over beside Abbas as he laughed and almost choked on his own saliva.

I wanted to stuff that fucking dildo down Abbas’s throat but i could see Luke smiling.

He was pressing the sharp edge onto Kate’s cheeks as tears rolled down her face.

Kate was brought over to the sofa. The only single seater sofa in the house.

She sobbed and begged for Abbas to stop as Abbas positioned her legs apart, spreading them on each of the sofa’s arm.

Abbas : I want you to choose Kate…. I want you to choose… hahaha…..

He pointed to the cum filled dildo before pointing back to his own cock.

Abbas : Which one do you want inside you ? hahahah….. Choose….

Kate : No… please… no… no… sobzz… i don’t want to do this anymore… i’ll pay you back the money… please… sobzz.. Sobzz… no please….

Abbas laughed and laughed.

He spoke louder the 2nd time round.

Abbas : CHOOSE !!!! i want you to choose. !!!

Kate looked at Abbas’s cock and the dildo i was holding.

She had to make a choice.

Abbas might not be able to cum again and she needed to last till help gets here but there would surely be remnants of his cum all over his dirty dick.

The dildo is filled with Abbas’s fresh cum, but if she chose that, at least she won’t need to get fuck by his cock.

Kate shivered and broke down, sobbing away.

Abbas : You don’t want to choose ??!!! you don’t want to choose ? hahahah ...then i choose for you !!!

Kate : No… no… please…. No !!!!

Abbas grabbed the cum reservior and gave it a squeeze, sending a column of his thick semen to the tip of the dildo.

Tahar brought over a tube of lubricant and Abbas applied a generous amount on Kate’s vagina before rubbing them roughly all over the privates as she screamed.

Luke tightened his hold on Kate as she cried for them to stop.

Abbas : James…. If you don’t put that in her….. I will let Tahar rape Kate…. Follow by Luke… hahaha…… put it in…

I shook my head as KAte looked at me helplessly.

Abbas : PUT IT IN!!!

Right at the moment Abbas shouted, Luke tightened his hold on Kate, causing her to scream. Tahar started to laugh and strip and within seconds, i could see his erected cock coming towards Kate.

Abbas made space for him but i pushed him away and Luke laughed as he raised up the nailclipper he was holding.

James : I’m sorry Kate...i’m sorry…

Kate : No.. no no..!.. please… no….

I pushed the dildo with Abbas’s cum onto the entrance of Kate’s vagina as she moaned in pain and pleasure. Tahar grunted as he was cock block by the dildo and me while Abbas laughed and pushed Tahar away.

Abbas : Some more… some more James… ahahha….

I barely put it in, less than half an inch, i just want to block Tahar but Abbas grabbed the reservior from my hands.

Abbas : Push it in or i’ll squeeze it all out.

Kate : NO!! Please don’t… please….

Abbas : PUSH IT IN!!!!

My head was spliting.

My cock had a raging hard on too seeing Kate’s wet cunt in front of me.

I pushed in an inch as Kate moaned and trashed on the sofa as her strong and tight vagina walls enveloped the dildo’s mushroom head.

Kate : ERgnnhhhhhhh…..

Abbas : PUSH it in !!! Or i fucking swear i will squeeze this reservoir dry !!!

I pushed in a little more and Kate moaned louder as her hips gyrated and rubbed against the sofa.

Abbas : hahaha…. Go on !! go ON!!!...

I could feel it going in easier the deeper i went.

Kate kept shaking her head but Abbas kept nudging me on.

I gave 1 more pushed and Kate moaned so loud in a sensual way that i thought i came in my pants.

Kate :ERNGHHHHHHH!HHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... Erngnghh……

THe 7 inch dildo was completely buried within Kate.

Only a tube connected to the cum reservoir remained outside in Abbas’s hands as he laughed.

Abbas : Alright…. Now……..

Luke helped Kate up a little so she could see the reservoir Abbas was holding.

Abbas : Now…..

I turned and looked at the clock and mentally calculated the time.

It’s another 30 minutes before Andy arrives.

Kate was totally drenched with perspiration and she was breathing heavily.

Luke held onto both her hands above her head while Tahar held the nail clipper.

Abbas : Now…..

Abbas dug into his bag and took out a dice.

Abbas : Now….. we start our games….

I watched the minute hand shook and moved by one more notch.

29 more minutes.


Abbas wiped the sweat from his brow with his hand that was holding the dice and spoke to Kate in a mischievous and horny manner.

He slowly stroked Kate’s pubic bush which was getting soaked by the minute as he spoke, teasing her clit that was rearing it’s petite head up and above the folds of her stretched pussy lips. 

I could literally see Kate getting wet in front of my eyes. 

She’s in pain, that’s for sure but her body could not help it. It was a natural reaction, a defence mechanism of sort. Her vagina started secreting large amount of fluids and lubricant to prepare for the inevitable. 

All the signs and signals were being sent to her brain and body. 

She has been penetrated and despite the overwhelming sense of fear, her subconscious told her body she was about to be seeded. 

To be fertilised. 

Her Fallopian tube would receive the sperm whether she wants it or not. 

This is just pure human reproduction. 

Simple science. 

Kate’s vagina shivered and contracted, it pushed the dildo out a little right when Abbas spoke. 

Abbas : If…. If James let the dildo come out even an inch… I would squeeze the reservoir… hahaha…. Like this…!!! 

Kate screamed and tried to resist but it was too late. 

The dildo slid out a little and Abbas gave the reservoir a hard squeeze. 

I could see Kate squirm and sob as she no doubt felt the cold clamy sperm of Abbas coat the interior of her warm vagina walls. 

Kate : NO!!! NO!!.. no!!! please… no!!.. sob… sob… please… don’t… 

Abbas : Hahahaha… it’s already inside….. just a little I think… 

Kate: NO stop please !!! I’ll pay you your money back… all of it !!.. please… 

Abbas just laughed and replied Kate, he said he was enjoying himself so much he was tempted to double his payment. 

Abbas : Look it’s still sliding out…. Still sliding out… I’m going to squeeze again… 

Kate : NO!!!. NO!!.. please no!!! JAMES!!! James !!.. 

With Kate struggling and squirming, the dildo has slid out about a third due to her wetness. 

Abbas : Oh… oh… it’s still sliding out… hahaa… it’s up to you James…. I’m going to squeeze…hahaha… 

I was torn between my decision as Kate pleaded with me to save her and push the dildo back into her at the same time. 

Kate: Please !!do something !! do something!!... please… sob… sob… I’m sorry…. I’m sorry… sob… push it back in… don’t let him squeeze please..!!! 

Kate’s eyes were red and her makeup had smudged quite a bit. 

One of her fake eyelash fell off and landed on her breast. 

Abbas : Whahaha.. hahah… 

Abbas : Oh no… more is coming out…

The dildo was almost half way out in a matter of seconds as Kate tried to squeeze and contract her vagina walls to retain it but it only pushed it out more. 

Abbas was fucking with her mind. 

Kate was too confused to realise the dildo had already deposited a load of cum inside her. 

Even before Abbas did the first squeeze, the tip of it was already coated with his semen. 

I bet hundreds of thousands of his old arab sperm are swimming up Kate’s vagina right then as I grappled with the decision. 

I wanted to pull it out yet Kate was begging me to push it back in. 

James : Kate listen to me… it’s already… 

Abbas cut me off and said he’s about to squeeze a good load again, causing another round of panic to set in for Kate. 

Kate : NO!!! no.. no .. no!!! please… sob… JAMES!!... JAMES!!! put it in… please…!!! Put it back in I beg you… sob… sob… 

Abbas clutched his stomach and laughed and I relented and pushed the well lubricated dildo back into Kate’s vagina, fucking her to the hilt of the base as she moaned in Tahar and Luke’s embrace. 

Abbas looked like he was having a good time and he shook the dice in front of Kate. 

Abbas : Look at me Kate… look at me ok … hahah… let’s play a game… 

Abbas said he would roll the dice, and the number would be the number of times I would need to fuck Kate with the dildo. 

There was no time for protest as Kate struggled to catch her breath. She must be regretting her decision to go up against Abbas by then. 

Abbas rolled a 4 and laughed, signalling for me to fuck Kate 4 times with the dildo. 

My left hand was soaked with Kate’s juice and probably Abbas cum as a copious amount of lubricant continued to flow down Kate’s privates, coating even her anus before dripping down onto the sofa. 

Tahar was playing with Kate’s nipples while Luke kept smelling and licking Kate’s sweat and tears. 

She sobbed pitifully as she begged for Abbas to let her go. 

Abbas : Do it James…!.. fuck her 4 times or I’m going to squeeze 4 times…. Which do you prefer Kate ? hahaha!!!... 

Kate lost her ability to think under that circumstances and she started to beg Abbas and scold me at the same time. 

Kate : NO… please… don’t … don’t squeeze…. Sob… no … JAMES!!! damm it!!! Fuck me…. Fuck me with the dildo… don’t let him squeeze the dildo please .!!!sob… please..!!!

ARghhhh… fuck it. 

I looked at the time, 10 minutes has passed. 

I guess we just have to hold it out till the end. 

I pulled out the wet slippery dildo before pushing it back into Kate. 

Kate sobbed and moaned as her vagina walls were stretched by the dildo. I could literally see the moulded thick veins of the dildo pushing pass the futile resistance offered by her pussy. 

I did it 4 times but before I could finish, Abbas started throwing the dice again. 

He just laughed and laughed. 

He did not even stop, he just kept throwing and shouting the numbers out. 

Abbas : Whahaha… 3…..5…..2…..1….4….6….4….6…wahhahahaha.. ahahhaah.. 

He was like a crazed man while his men just laughed at their boss. 

I paused for a moment and Abbas squeezed the reservoir once more, flooding Kate’s pussy with his cum. 

Kate must have felt that gush of Abbas semen and she screamed and begged for him to stop before asking me to quickly fuck her with the dildo again. 

I pushed it back into her as Kate tilt her head back and gasp in mouthful of cold air. 

Tahar played with her right nipple while Luke played with her left. Both of them spoke in Arabic as they twirled and flicked Kate’s nipples the same time I was fucking her with the dildo. 

Abbas : Whahaha… fantastic… ahaha.. this is the best… whahaas.s.a

Kate : ERnghhh.. ernhhhhh… no…. no!!!.. ernghh.h.. no!!.. please stop !!.. ernghh… 

Abbas stopped throwing the dice and I immediately stopped fucking Kate. 

Abbas : Alright Kate…. I’m giving you a chance to end this ok… hahaha…. Here… James… take the dice… 

Abbas then signalled for Luke and Abbas to let go of Kate and they reluctantly let go of her body. 

Kate immediately broke down and collapsed onto me as I went forward to hug her. The dildo was squeezed out as well. 

She just sobbed and sobbed, saying she’s sorry. 

Abbas : Hey.. hey… Kate…. Cheer up… you have a chance to end this ok… haha…. 

Abbas went on to clap his hands a few times, sending the loud smack of his wet palms throughout the house. 

He told Kate that I was to roll the dice. 

Abbas : If it’s a 1, you just need to fuck me plus ……1 of us in this room….. you can even choose James if you like…. Hahahahaa…. But if it’s a 6…… oh dear… ahahaha… I guess some of us would have to go twice… hahaha….

Kate shook her head, tears continued to flow. 

Abbas : No ?? You don’t want to play this game ?? haha.. 

Kate hugged onto me and sobbed. 

Abbas : But you don’t have a choice…. Throw the dice…. Throw it !!.. ahahah… 

Abbas spoke in Arabic to Tahar and Luke, both of them sniggered and started to stroke their cock too. 

Abbas : You have 5 seconds….. or they… get to fuck you…. Regardless whether you throw the dice or not… hahahahahah… 

Kate : NO!!!.. no… please !! no… JAMES!!.. JAMES!!! save me… do something !!!..

I grabbed the dice and stared at it. 

Somehow it too was wet and sticky, I’m not sure if it was Kate’s juice or just sweat. 

I don’t know 

Abbas : Throw it …. Throw!!!! It !!! … whahaha… 

Luke grabbed Kate’s hair back, about to thrust his cock into her mouth while Tahar reached for her leg

I pushed both of them away and threw the dice at Abbas. 

The moment the dice left my hands, it sailed slowly through the air. 

Time seemed to slow down as I watch it bounce off Abbas’s fat tummy and rolled onto the floor. 

Everyone in the room looked eagerly at the spinning dice. 

I caught a glimpse of red, and I felt my heart skip a bit. 

It’s either a 1 or a 4. 

The spinning dice hit the leg of the coffee table and changed it’s course before wobbling and exposing the round red circle of the number ‘1’ . 

I could hear Tahar cursing in Arabic while Kate’s fingers sunk into my arms and shoulders. 

Abbas looked a little disappointed but he put up a smile. 

Abbas : fuck… it’s your lucky day Kate…. Haha… I may be a fucker…. But I keep my word… hahaha… 

He gestured to Kate to head over. 

Abbas : Come baby…. Come… let me fuck you properly ok ? 

Kate started sobbing again and shook her head. 

She shrunk herself behind me but before anyone could react, Tahar and Luke grabbed Kate from behind me, dragging her by her arms towards Abbas. 

I immediately got up but a kick from Luke sent me tumbling back onto the floor catching my breath. 

Abbas : ahhahaha… you’re so lovely Kate… I wish I could bring you back home you know that.??? 

Abbas took another line of his powder off the table before asking Tahar and Luke to bent Kate over the dining table. 

Kate : NO!!no… please… no!!!... no!!!aHHRg.. eghhh.. arghh!!!! 

It was happening in front of my eyes. 

There was nothing I could do. 

Luke and Tahar pulled and bent Kate over the table as Abbas spit a dollop of saliva onto his palm and smacked it onto Kate’s wet cunt. 

Abbas : hahahah.. wahahahah… arghhhh… arghhhh… arghhh… 

There was no hesitation .

No more games. 

No more chances for Kate. 

I saw Kate’s mouth gasped open for a second before she squirmed and sobbed so loud I’m surprised the neighbours did not call the police. 

Kate : ERnghhhhhh… no…. no!!! ernghhh….. no!!1 

Abbas : ARghhhhh… fuck…a rghhh…. Ahahahahah… 

I got up onto my feet and dashed into the kitchen. 

Without even thinking of the consequence, I drew the knife from the wall and dashed back out into the living room. There were shouts in Arabic and everything happened so fast. 

I remembered some struggling but before I could even strike out properly, I was knocked onto the floor. Then I was kicked and punched like a sandbag. 

I don’t know for how long. 

Blows after blows were hammered on me as I tried to shield my head. 

Kate : JAMES!!! James !!!!... no… sob… JAMES!!!... sorry… ergnnhhh… sob… sob… ergnnhhh… osrry…. I’m sorry… sobs…. Erngnhh… 

I could feel the entire world spinning as I struggled to catch my breath. 

I could see Luke laughing at my futile attempt as Abbas grunted as he held onto Kate’s right wrist behind her. 

Abbas : Arghh.. arghhh.. arhgheed.. arghh… 

He gestured for Kate’s other hand and held onto both of Kate’s wrist as he doggied her in the standing position like a warrior riding a chariot into battle. 

Kate moaned helplessly in pain as she sobbed pitifully in the living room. 

Abbas : ARghhh.. arghhhh… arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!.. argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….i’m cumming.. !!! 

Abbas exploded into Kate’s vagina, depositing his load deep into her as Kate screamed and shook her head and her body, screaming and stomping her feet helplessly. There was nothing she could do as another hot stream of Abbas’s cum entered her vagina. 

Abbas : hahaha… wahahaha… fuck…a rghhhh.. arghhhhhhh… 

Abbas pulled out and retreated, gasping for air as he was handed a bottle of water. 

Kate laid on the table, sobbing and crying as I saw a while stream of cum roll down her inner thigh. 

Her eyes closed and a stream of tears rolled down the ridge of her nose before hitting the dining table. 

Abbas : 1 more Kate… you need to choose one more… hahaha…. 

Kate could no longer function by then and she could only sob on the table. 

Abbas : Well if you don’t choose, I’m going to choose for you… hahaha….

Abbas then offered Kate a really warp theory. 

Abbas : You better choose wisely Kate… you see…. There’s no other cum inside you to fight with my sperm… I’m going to fertilise your egg…. Ahhaah….. if there was a 2nd man to seed you…. Who knows…. Maybe you need to bear my child..? hows that ?? whhahaha… 

Abbas laughed at his own ridiculous joke. 

I regained my balance and I quickly stood up and went over to help Kate off the table. 

Abbas : Alright… how about Tahar…. He seemed quite horny… ahhahaa…. 

Kate : JAMES!!!... 

Kate broke Abbas’s monologue and shouted my name. 

Kate : JAMES!!.... I choose James… !.... sob… sob…. Sob…. 

Abbas laughed and smacked his stomach, saying it was my lucky day. 

Kate hugged onto me and cried, apologising to me once again. 

Kate : ‘m…. I’m sorry James… I’m sorry…. All I ever wanted was to help…. Sob… sob…. i…. I just want to help… 

James : It’s ok…. It’s ok… 

Abbas: Alright… do it !!... do it now !!!... 

Kate still hugged onto me as I slowly pulled her and backed away from the trio who were looking at us. 

With each step I took, Abbas got more agitated. 

Abbas : don’t waste time James…!!... do it… fuck Kate…. Show us how you cum inside her… ahahah… I hope you like sloppy seconds…. !!.. ahahahah…. Ahhaa…

I saw Abbas turning back and speaking to Luke, he could tell we were slowly backing towards the door, there was no doubt he was getting ready to stop us. 

Abbas : Last chance James…. last chance… fuck her… or you’ll be sorry…. 

I pulled Kate and pushed her behind me, putting my body between her and the arab. 

Abbas : I’m not joking James… fuck her….FUCK HER NOWWWWW!!!!!! 

Abbas was starting to lose it. 

Maybe it was the drugs or some shit I don’t know. 

His speech was getting slurred and it was getting hard to understand him. 

Abbas shouted the same time I felt my phone vibrate. 

It was a long vibrate. 

A phone call. 

I felt Kate’s finger dug into my shoulders as I heard the screeched of brakes on the road below. 

My phone kept vibrating.

Abbas kept shouting. 

Abbas : FUCK Her!!!!... 

He pointed at us, gesturing and speaking in Arab to his men.

Luke and Tahar started to approach me. 

I could hear footsteps storming up the stairs . 

There were shouts outside the door as numerous fist started hammering at the wooden door. 

Abbas : What is this!!... what the fuck is this !!! HAR!!! 

His eyes squinted and he started barking at his men. 

Luke and Tahar were both in a state of undress as they tried to decipher Abbas’s orders. 

Then without warning, the hammering stopped. 

Everyone froze. 

No one moved. 

I saw the door handle turn with a click before it was pushed open. 

Kate immediately sank to her knees and started crying, I pulled out my shirt and covered her as Andy stepped into the room with a grim expression on his face. 

He looked at us , battered and bruise before looking back up at Abbas. 

Abbas : Fuck you … who the fuck are you …. 

Another figure stepped through the door. 

Ah Keong. 

And another. 

The old man who brew the coffee. 

And another

And another. 

Men I have not seen before started to enter the room. 

I counted 7 including Andy, Ah Keong and the coffee man. 

Abbas : Fuck you all…!!! 

Abbas shouted something to Luke and Luke tried to push his way through the mass of bodies but they were too fast. 

Ah Keong jumped Luke and together with another 2 men wrestled Luke to the floor within seconds. The sound of fist hitting against flesh never felt so good before. Sure, Luke is bigger and better built but this is a game of numbers. 

Andy was busy on his phone and within seconds Tahar charged forward to join his friend. 

It could have been an even match if Tahar joined in but no. 

There would be no even match. 

Uncle Ben stepped through the door and before Tahar could bend down to save his friend, Ben delivered a well-timed Knee to the side of his head, knocking Tahar down onto the mess of bodies. 

Abbas : What the fuck is this !!! I paid for this !!! 

Abbas picked up the knife I dropped and pointed it at the group of men who had just wacked the shit of out of Tahar and Luke. 

Abbas : DO YOU KNOW !!!!! WHO YOU ARE FUCKING WITH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Luke and Tahar were pulled out of the house by Ah keong and a couple of other guys, I could literally hear them tumbling down the stairs. 

Abbas pointed the knife in a threatening manner towards the rest of them men. 

I could hear footsteps ascending the stairs.

Abbas : FUCK you all… fuck you all Singaporeans….. fuck all of you Chinese…. I’ll fucking drown you in oil… whahahahah… ahahahaha…. I’ll fucking raise the crude prices…. I’’ll fuck with your futures contracts in SGX… fuck all of you…whahahahahaha…. 

Abbas emptied more of his powder out of his container and took another short line as the men looked on. 

Abbas : You have no idea do you… ahahahah…. You have no idea… who you are fucking with…. 

He raised his knife again as it caught the light in the living room. 

Right at the moment, Uncle Ben lit a cigarette and pulled out a flatten newspaper from his back pocket. 

This was it. 

He was going to get fucking chopped up by Ben. 

This is classic Hong Kong young and dangerous shit. 

I could see the handle of the knife on top of the newspaper. There was no way this is my imagination. 

Instead of pulling out the knife, he held it above his left shoulder the moment Kate’s brother stepped into the house. 

Andy opened a drawer in the living room and took out surgical gloves before passing it to Gabriel. 

Gabriel had no expression on his face. 

He saw me. 

He saw Kate. 

And he saw Abbas with the knife. 

Gabriel calmly put on the gloves as Abbas started to shout and threaten everyone in the room. 

Abbas : FUCK you !! you hear me… ahahahah… fuck you… you don’t know how you are fucking with ….ahahahahaha… fucking uncivilised Singaporeans… you are nothing… I will destroy your fucking island….

Gabriel snapped the gloves onto his hands and pulled out the knife from the newspaper held by Ben. 

He looked at the rusty blade for a moment before passing it back to Ben. 

He walked slowly towards Abbas before pacing in a small semi circle within reached of his knife. He did not give 2 fucks about the blade. 

Gabriel : We Singaporeans……… are…. Very….. very…. Civilised……..

Gabriel looked towards the ceiling and tried to think of the appropriate words…. 

Gabriel : we…. try not to curse…..we don’t wave knives about…..and if you spend more time on this island….. you might grow to like our culture and the way we do things around here……. In a very civilised…. Way… 

Then he went over and picked up the same 7 inch dildo that was fucked into Kate. 

Gabriel : Let me show you…… 


Optional read : If Kate rolled a 6 - get it here. 

Abbas shriek and waved the knife wildly at Gabriel, he swung it side to side in a defensive arc, screaming and laughing at his clumsy action. His flimsy dick, deflated and wrinkled hung loose and spent from his groin. 

Abbas : Come !!! Come !!! hahaha… come !!! hahaha…

Gabriel was not interested in his theatrics, he calmly sidestepped Abbas reach, easily avoiding his knife. 

Abbas swung his body around and tried to cut Gabriel’s ear but he was not fast enough. 

With some quick leg movements, Gabriel easily tripped Abbas over as he grunted and cursed in Arabic and tumbled butt first onto the floor. 

Before he could even attempt to sit up again, Gabriel struck him with his left fist, driving his head onto the floor. 

Abbas : fuck you … arghhh.. fuck you… arghhh… fuck… 

It was not a really hard knock, could have been harder but you could tell Gabriel held back. 

He just wanted Abbas on the floor. 

Abbas : Fuck you… come … come on… 

Gabriel grabbed Abbas cheeks with one hand and squeeze it, causing him to yelp in pain. 

Abbas : Arhghghghghghghghghg… ffuuu.. fufufukkk.. arghh… fuuuuuuarrkkk uuuu… hahahah

It was weird seeing someone in pain and cursing at the same time. 

Abbas tried to hit Gabriel with his stubby arms but Gabriel just lean back out of his reach and calmly stuffed the dildo with Abbas’ own cum into his mouth. 

Abbas : arghghgheuhueg coogfff… arogughgh.. gccofofff… 

It was a sickening sound. 

You could literally hear Abbas choking. his saliva gurgled in his mouth as sporadic squirts of his own bodily fluids erupted out of his mouth. 

Abbas : Arghhhuuuu..g rrurrruruhhhhh greggggrrrg…. Fuuuuuuuu…. Fufufuuuu.. arghghghghgh… 

Abbas struggled beneath Gabriel as he continued to jab the dildo as deeply as he could into his mouth. 

Andy, who was looking away came over and touched Gabriel’s shoulder with a light tap before squeezing it. 

Andy : Gabe, enough… 

Gabriel shrugged Andy away with a word and continue stuffing it into Abbas’ mouth. 

Uncle Ben sighed and snuffed out his cigarette onto the ash tray before signalling to Andy to grab Gabriel. 

The literally had to tear Gabriel away from Abbas, half lifting him off the ground. 

Gabriel was not shouting, he did not curse. He had no expression on his face. 

In fact he looked calm, too calm. 

Abbas coughed as he turned to his side, laughing in a crazed like manner with half the dildo sticking out of his mouth. 

Kate just watched on without a word, finishing up her last sobs as she rest on my shoulder. 

Gabriel shrugged off his handlers and took a deep breath before turning to Kate. 

I was expecting him to show his concern, his brotherly love for his dear sister but no. 

He lost his temper instead and shouted at Kate. 

Gabriel : What were you thinking !!!! TELL ME!!!... 

Kate’s face scrunched up and she started to cry again. 

Andy came over and before he could say anything, Gabriel turned and glared at him, causing him to raised his eyebrow, raised up both his palms and backed off. 

Gabriel : I expected more from you Kate….. I expected you to grow up faster ever since …… 

He stopped midway and sighed. 

My phone rang at that moment and I pulled it out and saw Belinda’s name. 

Belinda : James … is everything ok ?? you’re not replying my messages….. where are you… ? 

I was about to reply Belinda when Gabriel told Andy to grab all the documents and for Ben to empty the safe. 

Gabriel looked at Kate sternly and gave her a lecture despite the state she was in. 

Gabriel : you really should know better Kate….. than to bring anyone here…. 

Ah Keong came back in to grab the clothes for Luke and Tahar, Gabriel asked him to sober Abbas up after he was done. 

Belinda : James…. james !!.. are you there ?? James ? 

James : yes… yes… I’m here… 

Belinda : What is going on ? Can you hear me ?? 

It doesn’t look like Kate was getting any help from Gabriel beyond having him stop Abbas. 

We were surrounded by men, and a few had stolen a few glances towards her despite them trying their best to shy away. 

How could they not look ? 

Kate’s body, barely covered by, her smooth long legs, the tight package almost bared for all to see. 

I too would want to look at Kate if I were them. 

Would you choose to look away when a naked and hot woman is just a few steps away from you ? 

James : I’m at Joo Chiat. … i… need your help…. Can you come over ?? 

Belinda : sure… what is happening ? Is Kate ok ?? 

James : Come over now…. Can you bring some clothes too… 

Belinda could tell from the urgency in my voice and she said she would be here as soon as she can. 

Abbas coughed, laughed and rolled about on the floor in his own sweat and cum as he continued to curse at Gabriel. You could hardly make out the words he was saying by then. 

Gabriel ignored Abbas and went instead for his small canister of powder. 

He took a quick whiff and capped it. 

Abbas : Get your hands off my stuff you fuck …. Haha… don’t touch my thingsssssssss… hahaa… ddoooooooooo touch…. 

Abbas was starting to slur quite a bit as he tried to sit up. 

Ah Keong came back up and dragged Abbas to the bathroom. 

I could hear the water come on as Abbas cursed and scream at Ah Keong. 

I helped Kate to her feet and pulled her into one of the rooms. 

As I stepped inside, I realised it was a study of sort. It had to be converted from a bedroom as there was an attached bathroom. 

Kate grabbed hold of me so tightly that I could feel my arm going numb. 

James : Go take a shower… wash up… 

She just shook her head. 

She was too shaken to move. 

Kate : Just a while more… stay beside me James… stay beside me…. Just a while more…. 

I helped Kate button up my shirt properly, I could see her nipples through the thin fabric of my shirt. 

The hem of my work shirt barely covered Kate’s mid thighs, if only this was a scene from a boyfriend and girlfriend late night stay over. I like my partners when they wear my shirt and nothing else underneath. 

It brought about a unique flavour of sexiness that I could not describe. 

Kate was still shivering quite a bit. 

I pulled a chair for her to sit down and as she did, I saw the long dried up stains of Abbas’s cum sliding down the side of her legs. Not just one, but a few tributaries of cum stains that had leaked out from her vagina stemming from her love hole. 

Kate‘s eyes were bloodshot and red as she looked at me. 

She reached over and touched my bruise but I turned away. 

James : I’m ok. 

Kate : Sorry James… I’m sorry… 

James : It’s ok….it’s over… 

The door opened and Gabriel came into the room. 

He asked to speak with Kate alone and waited for me to leave. 

I got out and Gabriel closed the door on me. 

I went to look for Abbas and saw Ah Keong holding a hose over him in the toilet as he laughed and cursed, splashing water everywhere. 

Abbas : Alright fuckk…. Fuckkkk… just fucking stop you cunt…. Fuck… James !!... James… ask him to stop…. Fuck… 

Ah Keong stopped the water and threw the hose at Abbas. 

Andy joined us with gloves on and I could see he was holding Abbas’s canister. 

Andy : There is 2 way we can do this…. One….Get the fuck out of this place…. Nothing ever happened….. 

He held up that canister to Abbas and continued.

Andy : Two, we leave you here, call the police and I’m sure you know Singapore’s drug laws… 

I turned to Andy and exclaimed. 

James : WHAT!... you’re just going to let him go ? After what he’s done ?? 

Abbas : hhahaha… wahahahha… hahaha…. 

Abbas brushed back his wet hair and laughed on the toilet floor. 

Abbas : What did I do James ? Tell me ?? What did I do ?? I paid for sex….. I paid….hahahaha…. 

He struggled to get back up and sniffed his wet nose. 

Abbas : But you… you people…. Came into this and disrupted my….. 

Before Abbas could finish Andy turned and walked away. He gestured at towards the entrance and I could see Tahar and Luke being pulled over. They had quite a few bruises on their faces but nothing serious.

Andy turned to them and offered his terms. 

Andy : This is Singapore…. I’m sure you know our stand towards this…. 

He gestured to the canister he was holding and threw it to Tahar. 

Andy : There’s less than 10 grams here I’m sure… 

Andy gestured to Ben who walked in with a swagger, smoking on his cigarette. He had a paper bag with him. Ben took out another bag of white powdery substances, it was about the size of a credit card. 

The sight of Ben wearing gloves with his gangster look seemed to drive home the message to Luke and Tahar. 

He handed it to Tahar who refused to touch it before passing it to Luke who shook his head as well. 

Uncle Ben : KNN, TAKE IT LA…. CCB!....TAKE!!! 

It was a funny sight, Ben kept trying to put the bag into Luke and Tahar’s hands while the kept shaking their head and saying they’re sorry. 

Luke : Sorry bro,… sorry… 

Uncle : Sorry ki lan ah… JUST TAKE THIS!!!... 

Luke and Tahar looked a little shaken as they squeezed themselves to a corner. They clenched their fist, unwilling to even touch the white package. 

Abbas spoke harshly to them in Arabic but it did not look like the words stick. 

Ben threw the bag into his paper bag and went out in a huff. 

Andy spoke to Luke and Tahar

Andy : Take your friend away…. Never say a word about what happened or we can do this the hard way… 

Both of them immediately nod their head and they were about to go grab Abbas when Ben ran into the kitchen. 

He was holding onto a bowl with several packages in them. Upon closer inspection, I realised they were condoms. Something was stuffed inside them, packed tightly into a small ball. 

Luke panicked and started begging. 

Luke : NO.. no… no more… no more.. 

Tahar too saw what Ben had in his hand as the rest of them men started to gather in the kitchen. 

Abbas shouted at his men in Arabic but they were too terrified to response. 

Tahar : NO .. NO MORE!.. ENOUGH!!... 

Ben ignored them and gestured to his men to grab Luke but they fought back, pushing Ben’s men back as they retreated to the toilet beside Abbas. 

Uncle Ben : KNN… only 1 each…. Scare for FUCK!!... TAKE MORE>>!!! 

I was shock to realised Ben had made both of them swallow a package each, what if it ruptures ? 

What if the package breaks and they die ? 

That explains the fear in their eyes and their sudden change in attitude. They were not as aggressive as before. 

Andy grabbed 2 from the bowl and threw it at Abbas who cursed at him. 

Andy : Make him swallow it… or I call the police now…. 

He hit the dial button and raised his phone. 

Andy : Do it now… you still have enough time to go back and shit it out…. Once I hit dial, you’re fucked….. 

Luke and Tahar panicked and Abbas’s constant shouting at them did not help either. 

It happened within a second. 

I saw Luke gave Tahar a look before they grabbed Abbas. 

Abbas : FUCK!!!.. fuck!!! @#$@$@#.. 

He cursed and struggled in Arabic but his men were too strong and big for him. 

I felt like puking as I watch Luke force Abbas to swallow 2 of the condoms. 

The retching sound I heard made me want to puke as well. 

It was over in less than 5 minutes. 

Abbas: fuck you…. Fuck you !!... cough… cough….. 

Andy : There is 2 way we can do this…. One….Get the fuck out of this place…. Nothing ever happened….. 

Andy calmly repeated the same words and Abbas spit at him. 

Ben laughed and threw 2 more balls of condoms at Tahar. 

Abbas’s eyes widened and cursed, kicking and swearing at his men. 

It was no use, they were all panicking. 

Luke was about to stuff the 3rd ball into Abbas mouth when Abbas relented and said ok. 

Abbas : FUCK!!... FUCK…. FUCK YOU ALL… FUCK……. Ok… fuck… get the fuck off me..!! 

His men stopped as Abbas let loose a string of explosive curses. 

Andy : See…. This is not that hard… 

Abbas just kept quiet and glared at Andy 

Andy : I would quickly get those out if I were you….. it’s extra thin condoms…. I hate to think what would happen if it breaks….

Nothing could describe the look of fear on Luke and Tahar’s eyes. 

Abbas was about to leave the bathroom when he cursed out loud at a guy behind Andy. 

I turned and saw that the whole ordeal was being recorded on phone. 

Andy : Oh.. that… insurance…. ..haha… 

Luke said something to Abbas and was shouted at in return. 

Another minute past before Abbas got dressed and left the house with his men. 

Abbas : I won’t forget this… ! 

Andy : Byeee… 

The moment they left the place I quickly turned to Andy. 

James : Are you mad ?? What if they die ? What if the package burst ??!!! 

Uncle Ben laughed and knocked me on my head. 

Uncle Ben : Tapioca powder la….. die simi lan jiao…..use to fry chicken one …. You think what…. Breaking bad ah…

A few or the men laughed too when the door to the room opened and Gabriel walked out. 

Gabriel stared right at me for a good 5 seconds without a word before asking Ben if all his stuff were packed. 

Uncle Ben : All in the car liao… 

Right at that moment, my phone rang again and it was Belinda. 

Belinda : I’m here…. Where are you ?? 

I told Belinda to come up the stairs and within seconds, she was standing at the entrance with a paper bag in hand. 

Her eyes widened in shock as she looked at the gathering of men in the room. 

Gabriel : Ah Keong…. clean up the place just in case he comes back to look for trouble… 

All eyes drifted to Belinda as she stepped past everyone to me. 

Belinda : Oh my god… what happened to you !! ? 

James : I’m ok…. Did you bring clothes…? 

Belinda : I did… 

James : Kate is in the room… 

Belinda took another look at the men as they no doubt had already visually undressed the white singlet and grey bra from her body. Her apricot colour sleep shorts hugged her bottom tightly as well showing the imprint of her panty outline below. 

I guess in her hurry, she did not check to make sure she had seamless panty on.

Belinda went into the room and I could hear her exclaim in shock. 

Gabriel dragged me to a corner. 

Gabriel : Help me take care of Kate for a few days….. I need to travel… to take care of some business….. Kate can’t stay here…. I don’t want her back at her mum and step dad’s place…..get a hotel or something…. I’ll pay for it…

James : What happens now ? I mean… after all this… 

Gabriel : Nothing. … stay out of trouble . 

I could not believe the words I just heard. 

James : What !! That man raped your sister…. ! 

I expected Gabriel to be angry, to lose his temper. To blow his top but he did not. 

He remained calm as ever and replied . 

Gabriel : Kate…. Plotted this route on her own…. There is nothing we can do… she needs to grow up…. 

James : I can’t believe you said that… 

Gabriel : You don’t know me James…. you don’t know Kate as well…. You don’t know the family… this is the way things are…. She needs to grow up….period… 

That was it. 

Without another word, Gabriel left the house with half of the men in tow leaving Ah Keong and a few others behind to clean up the place in the middle of the night. 

I went back into the room and Belinda had helped Kate got changed into a simple grey dress and a cardigan. 

James : I… ermm… 

Belinda looked at me as I scratched my head, unsure of what to do. 

Kate : It’s ok James… just… drive me to the nearest hotel…. I’ll be fine… 

Belinda : No… you can’t…. come stay with me in the meantime… 

Kate did not reject Belinda’s offer and after I put on my shirt, all 3 of us bundled into a cab and headed for Belinda’s house. 

23rd June 2012


Belinda’s parents woke up to the commotion of us coming into the house but was shushed back to their room. 

Kate spent 30 minutes in the shower before coming out in a black singlet and a pair of grey sleep shorts. She did not wear a bra and I could see her erected nipples through the fabric. She saw me look and turned away in a shy manner. 

Belinda passed her the hair dryer and I sat in the room like a block of wood as I looked at Kate turn her head down sideways to dry her hair. 

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly looking at her drying her hair, I was looking at Kate’s legs. 

The same pair I did not get to touch. 

I was looking at Kate’s breast. 

The cute erected nipples I did not get to suck. 

I was looking at Kate’s smooth skin, white and glowing under the room light. The very skin I would love to rub my naked body against. 

I was looking at the way Kate’s toes were pointed down to the floor when she crossed her legs. 

I was looking at the very top and shorts I fucked Belinda in countless times when I stay over at her place when we were still together. 

The room was pretty quiet.

Only the sound of the hair dryer. 


Kate got into bed with Belinda. They were talking softly to each other and it was clear they would be talking more the moment I was gone. 

James : I’ll make a move…. Will inform Mr Liew you’re on MC for the day.. 

Kate : Thank you James… 

I was about to walk out of the room when Kate asked Belinda if she had a extra charger she could use for her phone. 

Belinda : Yup… in the cabinet beside you… 

Kate reached for the small cabinet that sat above the bedside table barely an arm’s length away.

Kate : Thanks ar… I really don’t…. 

The hinges creaked and Kate stopped mid sentence. 

Belinda suddenly gasped and got on her knees but it was too late. 

I turned and my eyes settled on what Kate saw. 

It was a photo frame. 

A picture of Belinda and me in happier times. It was one of our wedding shoot. 

I exchanged a look with Belinda and she quickly got up and went over to Kate’s side. 

Belinda : Kate… I can explain… 

Kate had a look of shock on her face as she turned back to look at Belinda before settling her gaze at me. 

I could see tears filling up her eyes again as she tried to control her emotions. 

Belinda : Kate… we’re separated…. For many years…. James and I only met up again when he joined the company…. It’s not… what you think….. 

Kate smiled before breaking into an awkward laugh. 

Kate : Oh… ok… oh… I … ermmm… 

Belinda : Kate we don’t mean to lie to you… or… rather deliberately kept you from the truth…. It’s…. it’s complicated….we’re… we’re not…. Sigh….i don’t know how to say this… 

Belinda’s head sank low and Kate rested her head on Belinda’s. 

Kate : It’s ok sis… it’s ok… I understand… it’s ok… 

I don’t know why but when Belinda lifted up her head, her eyes was red as well. 


I’m not staying in the same room with 2 crying girls. 

James : This is…. I don’t know…. What to say… but….. I got to be at work tomorrow…I meant later….. let’s talk about this…. Another time…. Good night… 

I did not wait for them to reply me as I quickly ducked out and closed the door. 

By the time I got back home and had my shower and dressed some of my bruises, it was close to 4am. 


I woke up with a jolt and checked my phone. Nothing. 

I got dressed and head down to work. 

Nothing was out of the ordinary. 

Everything was just normal. Mr Liew was not in the office either. 


I saw Rasid and Omar walk into the office and I braced myself for a confrontation. 

This is going to be tricky. 

I don’t see Abbas anywhere. 

Rasid gestured to me and the 3 of us went into a meeting room. 

I tried to rack my brain for a reason to answer to Omar but Rasid surprised me with a request of his own. 

Rasid : whahahaha… James…. I go straight to the point… I want KATe!!!! I WANT KATE … whahaha… 

Omar laughed too as he looked at me. 

Omar : I asked my dad how was it and he gave a stunning review…. so did his men….good job James… hahaha…. 

James : What ? … he said that ? 

Omar : Yup… hahaha… I kept asking him for details. Initially I was worried…shocked in fact to see the men come back with bruises… whahahaha…. Turns out…. My dad told me they were literally fighting over Kate… whahah… can you believe that… ahah… 

James : ERmm…. Oh… ok… but.. 

Rasid : I WANT KATE!!! JAMES.. ahahah.. ahah…. Abbas is ….he is a fucking show off… he always tells the details…… always…. But this… this Kate… ahaha.. he said he was keeping it for his own….it must be soooo good….. hahaha… 

Omar went on to tell me that even the men just smile shyly when probed for details. 

James ; Oh…ermm.. are they all ok ?? 

Rasid : They’re fine… resting… Kate must be quite a handful…. All 3 of them had a bad stomach this morning….hahahaha… 

I smiled awkwardly as Omar asked me about my bruises. 

Omar : I can see…. You were one of the participants too… is it ?? 

My face was pretty ok, just some light scratches that looked a bit red. 

Rasid : Whahaha… his… I bet came from Kate… haha… 

They laughed and asked me to make the arrangements as soon as I could. 

James : Ermm.. there’s a problem…Kate is errrmm…. She won’t be available anymore… 

Omar : What ? why ? 

Rasid :NOOO!!! 

James : She…. Ermm.. she will be leaving the company… and…. Heading back to her…. Family business…. So… 

Omar : Money is not a problem James. !!! …. I’ll double what Abbas paid her…. No issue. 

Rasid : Fuck the double Omar… hahaha… I’ll match the double and throw in a vacation for her… ahahah….. 

They were both fighting in front of me when the door to the meeting room opened. 

I turned and I saw Terry at the door. 

Terry : Gentlemen…. 

Rasid : Terry…… haha.. how are you… 

We all stood up and they shook hands. 

Some small talks were exchanged between them while I hung back. 

I was racking my brains, trying to get out of this one when Omar’s exclamation caught my attention. 

Omar : Oh… oh… my…. My… who do we have here… hahahahaha…… 

He laughed heartily as he reached his hands out above Terry’s shoulder. 

I stared at the door way as Terry moved aside. 

Standing behind Terry was a familiar figure. 

One I had not seen in a while. 

She lost weight but she still looked good. 

She had trimmed her hair a little and was dressed in a figure hugging white dress with blood red heels.

Omar : How are you…. ?? haha… 

Sandy walked into the meeting room and instead of meeting Omar’s handshake, she opened her arms and went for an embrace. 

Omar : Oh…oh… ahahahwhahaha… 

Rasid too had a hug from Sandy together with a small peck on her cheek. 

Terry : I’m opening a new design firm….totally new one… nothing to do with my dad or this current company. 

I looked at Terry and Sandy in surprise. Sandy did not even want to look at me. 

Omar: Really ? …. Will we be able to work together ? ahaha… 

Omar said the words to Terry but he was obviously looking at Sandy. 

Terry smiled and said he was open to suggestion. 

As the men left the room, I went over to Sandy and grabbed her arm. 

James : Why did you not return my calls ?? ! or messages. … 

Sandy turned and looked at me. 

Something was different, it was a little off. 

I can’t explain it but something did not feel the same. 

Her eyes, they seemed a little distant. 

Sandy squared her body with me and took a step towards me, bringing herself so close we were almost touching. 

Sandy : Have you ever loved me ? 

James : What ? 

Sandy : Yes or no… ? 

I hesitated for a few seconds and I guess that was the reply Sandy was waiting for. 

She smirked as she traced her finger along my groin. 

James : Sandy… we need to talk… 

She shook her head and gave me a tired smile. 

Sandy : We don’t… … we don’t owe each other anything…. Let’s be matured about this and move on… 

James : Sandy… i… 

She turned and walked out of the meeting room as the door closed on it’s own. 


By the end of the day, I was nursing a splitting headache. 

The lack of sleep was taking it’s toll on me. 


Belinda called. Kate and her wanted to have dinner with me. 

I massaged my forehead. This is going to be a long dinner. 


I met up with them at Bishan, Junction 8 and we got a seat at a dumpling place. 

Food was ordered and while waiting for our orders, Belinda took a deep breath and started. 

Belinda : Kate and i…… we talked….we really did….for almost the whole day James… 

James : Orh.. 

Belinda briefly told me she had shared with Kate pretty much what happened between us from the time we met till we separated, right up to the very day itself. 

Kate : I’m…. I’m sorry James…. i… if I knew you and Sis were married… i…i… 

Belinda cut in and finished it for her. 

Belinda : She meant to say she would have controlled her feelings for you if she knew you were married… 

Kate : SIS!!!! TSK !! 

She looked embarrassed and a little distressed but Belinda just smiled. 

Belinda : There…. You got it out…. It’s done… 

Kate : You…. You… the way you put it…. So embarrassing… 

Kate grumbled and looked away as she sipped her tea. I tried not to look at her body again as she was wearing something I had fucked Belinda in too many years ago. 

The food arrived and we ate and chatted. All 3 of us deliberately talked about anything and everything under the sun except about the 3 of us. 

It was obvious. 

Too obvious. 


We settle for coffee at a café and it was then I decided I had to be the one to ask the question. 

James : So now what ?..... how do we move on from here…. 

Belinda and Kate shared a look before looking at me. 

I knew right then they had already made their decision before meeting up with me. 

James : I meant… I don’t mind taking care of the both of you… hee.. hee….hahaha.. 

Neither of them even smiled as their innocent looks turned to a glare. 

James : Just kidding… just kidding…. 

Belinda reached into her bag and took out an envelope. 

Belinda : We … talked a long time about this…. 

She looked at Kate before looking back at me.

Belinda looked right into my eyes and exhaled slowly. 

Belinda : I’m….only going to offer this once… so listen very carefully……it’s the least I could do for Kate…. After all she tried her best to help and… and….anyway… 

Belinda showed me the gift certificate for the Maldives trip that she supposedly sold to Sandy. 

Belinda : Go with Kate…. .. and it ends after the trip. 

I felt a tingle up my spine as I looked at Belinda before turning to Kate who looked away in a shy manner. 

Belinda : I mean it James… .. I still love you…. If you can bring yourself to love me back… 

I was both shock and surprised as I looked at Belinda. 

Belinda : Yes or no James… I’m only offering this once,….. 

James : Can we all go together ? 

Belinda smacked my head with the envelope and I could see her glaring at me. 

Belinda : Yes….. or no…. ? 

I smiled and took the envelope from Belinda. 

Kate looked at me, eagerly waiting for me reply. 

Belinda too, waited for me to speak. 

Belinda : Last chance James… Yes…. Or no…. 

My heart was thumping, part of me wanted to scream yes, part of me was worried this was some sort of a trick. 

In the end I guessed I have to be honest with myself. 

I could see Belinda folding her arms and crossing her legs while Kate looked at me. 

I passed the envelope to Belinda and added. 

James : I want the both of you to go….take some time off…. Have a good time… 

Belinda smiled and although Kate looked a little disappointed, she too smiled. 

We finished our coffee and left the mall. 

Kate stayed with Belinda for another day before heading back to her own place. 

Kate tendered her resignation one month later in July. 

1st November 2012


Time flew by once everyone got back and started work. Rasid and Omar still pestered me about Kate but I told them she was no longer with us and there was no way for me to contact her. 

After a while they stopped bugging me. 

Mr Liew hinted to me that Terry’s start up is doing pretty ok and that Sandy was actively securing small contracts and jobs from Rasid. 

Mr Liew : I’ll stop short of saying she’s fucking them… 

I did not reply him. 

I dropped Kate some messages and calls a couple of times but it was just normal greeting. Nothing out of the norm. 

Belinda and I got back together and by November, her cousin had vacated the place in Toa payoh and we had moved back to our matrimonial home once more. 

Our relationship got better, closer in fact. Sex was regular and great, it was one of the best period in my life. 

Belinda still kept in contact with Kate and they do meet up for meals but I was excluded everytime. 

Belinda : It was a last minute meeting la…. How to call you… 

It was the same reason everytime…

Belinda had booked the Maldives trip for November. It was to be our 2nd honeymoon of sort. 

I was busy with projects so I let her took care of everything. 

It was hard matching our schedule for the trip but we managed it somehow. 

2nd November 2012

Friday . 


I had just touched down at the airport from a trip to Penang the day earlier with Mr Liew. 

I had an hour to kill before meeting Belinda to fly out to Male.

Mr Liew : Find wifi and reply your mails James…. Maldives got nothing to do one…. Just keep replying mails… 

James : ERmm.. ok. 

Mr Liew : I’m serious…. How long can you stare at the blue sky and the clear sea…. Nothing to do one… 

James : I can have sex… 

Mr Liew : Just reply your mail and remain contactable…. 

He wished me a good trip and I dragged my small suitcase to another terminal to wait for Belinda. 


I was sitting at a café surfing the net on my phone when I felt a tap on my shoulder. 

I turned and I felt all the air being sucked out from my lungs. 

Standing in front of me was Kate. She was dressed simply in a t-shirt and pants.

My eyes widened and I asked what was she doing there .

James : Why are you here ? ! 

I looked down and saw my luggage on the airport trolley Kate was pushing together with another luggage I had never seen before. 

Standing a distance away was Belinda with her folded arms. Her shades was on as she looked at me. 

Belinda : Why ?? excited is it ?? you wished Kate was the one going right ?? …

Kate laughed. 

I had not seen her in a few months. 

She looked good, radiant and beautiful. 

James : Of course not…haha… 

I pointed to the luggage and Belinda said she was packing when the zip broke so she borrowed her mum’s one. 

Belinda : Don’t lie James… I can read you like a book. ! 

James : Haha.. 

We had a coffee together and caught up a little. 

Kate had started helping out in the family business but would not go into details. 

12.30 pm 

It was time for the check in and the 3 of us went to the counter together. 

Belinda had her passport out and she folded her arms. 

Belinda : Last chance James…. yes or no… 

James : Hahaha… ok… ok… yes…. Yes….from the bottom of my heart… yes… does that make you happy ? 

Belinda laughed and so did Kate. 

After the laughing stopped Belinda came over and gave me a hug, taking me by surprise. 

Belinda : Have a good trip. 

She kissed me on my lips and stepped back. 

James : What ? 

Kate smiled and linked arms with me. 

Kate : Thanks Sis…. I’ll return him in one piece…. 

James : What wait …. Is this a joke ?? 

Belinda gave Kate a hug too before pointing a finger at me. 

Belinda : Use a fucking condom James… 

Kate smiled and looked shyly at her feet. 

I could feel blood rushing to my groin. 

I still could not digest the news as our luggage disappeared down the belt. 

Even after our boarding pass were printed I still found it hard to swallow. 

I went over to Belinda and hugged her once more. 

James : Dear… are you ok… you don’t need to do this…. I … 

Belinda smiled and said they had been planning this since the start. 

Belinda : It’s ok… enjoy yourself….come back to me… and… 

She took my hand and placed it on her tummy. 

James : What ?.... are you serious ?? 

Belinda smiled and nodded. 

Kate smiled and she looked on from a few steps away. 

Belinda : Just this once James…. just this once… 

Kate came over and linked arms with me again. 

Kate : Are you ready…. For your Maldives trip ?? 


The end……