Thursday, 10 November 2016

Inspiration and story line for My adventure in the office.

The background for this story was contributed by Randy.

He works in the design industry similar to mine.

It pique my interest when he shared the background of what he went through during the post SARS period in Singapore at one of the firms he worked with. It happened in early 2004

He like a colleague very much, and he had started going after her when she was put in a similar situation much like James and Belinda.

They were not together officially which makes it even more heart breaking even though they had feelings for each other.

The girl was forced to sleep with an Arab client, a local small time developer and the boss of the firm himself.

There is a sex tape of his colleague with the local developer but he doubt it would see the light of day.

The Arab client paid the girl a 4 figure sum for each meet. The arrangements lasted 4 months.

Local developer only paid once but had sex with her 3 times.

Boss of the firm did her no less than 10 times.

Everything she was put through, she confided in Randy.

They got together shortly before they quit the firm.

Randy and his girlfriend left the firm when the integrated resorts in the country started construction to join them.

They don't work for the resorts but rather the consultants that work for the IRs.

Randy and his girlfriend married in  2009 and they have 2 kids today.

** This post has been edited by Randy prior to posting, he was not comfortable with some of the contents i revealed **



  1. Hi bro ilock,

    Will u be publishing the Maldives trip just like the Europe trip ?

  2. Hi there, the Maldives trip will be a optional read. It will not be published.



  3. Hi Bro ilock,

    Both Dice 6 and Maldives still not available to purchase? can't get the links.

    1. Hi there, those are work in progress.

      They will be out soon.

      Thank you for the support.