Thursday, 10 November 2016

Paypal accounts.

I'm writing this because i received a few mails today about the same topic. 

Quite a few blog readers have voiced their concerns about using paypal. I fully understand your concerns, using your credit card in such a blog may be a bit bothersome. 

I shall avoid saying it out loud explicitly but i'm sure you get the gist of it base on the short story below. I'm sure you can be creative in your own ways.

Credits to brother Joey for giving me this idea. I have been using it for the longest time for both donations and ordering coffee capsules

On a bright and sunny day, Adrian decides to visit a erotic blog .

He likes what he sees and he is keen to get something to read on his way to work because he would be taking the circle line train. That line has no mobile network. 

Heeding the country's call for all adults to engage in reading, Adrian decides to buy a novel from the blog. 

Wait a minute. Adrian is the head of a big organisation , his name alone would set bells ringing. If he as much as sneeze, the stock market would drop 1%, which is why he tries not to sneeze. 

There is no way he can use his credit card at such a place. 

He shall have to endure the horrid train ride with no mobile network while staring at other grumpy passengers. 

Then he had an idea. 

Instead of using his paypal account , he created a new account call 

Ah beng sends an invoice with a note to bill Adrian. 

Ah Beng: Hi Adrian, your kick ass sticker for your car that you refuse to drive because of high ERP and expensive parking is ready. Here is the invoice. Please pay me $10. 

Adrian : Thank you Ah beng. here.... i pay you $10. 

Adrian just spent $10 on a useless car sticker on a car he would not be driving. 

Ah Beng doesn't care. 

Ah beng just wants the $10. 

Adrian doesn't care how Ah beng spends his $10 which after paypal's transaction fees, is left with about $9.30 . 

Ah Beng don't have a credit card. His paypal account has no details except his name. Ah Beng got no bank account to link his paypal to either.

There is no delivery address because he works on a laptop and print the sticker using a portable printer.

Ah Beng now has $9.30 to spend on anything he wants. 

He decides to buy a hello kitty wallpaper for Ah Lian's old Nokia phone. He would be embarrassed if his friend knows he bought hello kitty. He also don't want people to know he buys hello kitty. 

He is happy his account got no details

No one knows Ah beng likes Hello kitty.

Be like Ah Beng. 

Buy Hello kitty for Ah Lian. 

Everyone lives happily ever after. 



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