Thursday, 1 December 2016

More FAQs and some bite size reads.

It's a rainy and gloomy day.

I'm camped out in a library, found a nice cozy spot to do a bit of writing.

After some re-organisation of materials on hand, i've decided to keep the materials and writings for Kate's Maldives trip for my main piece of work next year.

Yes, the Kate in Hawker adventure is the same Kate.

Am trying to do a series of short bite size reads. Quick short stories that could keep you entertained while waiting for the train or bus. Look out for this update :)

Some interesting FAQ i've received in the mail.


Hi ILOCK, do you own any OCK shares ? Are you in anyway related to the company ?

No i'm not in any way related to the company.

Yes i hold a vested interest of less than 5000 shares in the company. They were bought ages ago, i can't remember when.


James, I know you are in between jobs. What do you do everyday ?? Why are you not updating everyday ??

I'm still writing, but the works are not ready for upload.

Yes i'm in between jobs, so i'm technically unemployed at the moment but not to worry. I'm a saver, so i'm living off savings. I'm very low maintenance haha. Vegetable rice with 1 meat, 1 vege and i'm good to go.

I'm also making money off SAF.

I attempted my IPPT, took my own sweet time and failed the run and i got paid for turning up.

Been planning this since early Oct. hahah. It's a cheap move but nothing wrong with it. I'm attending RT sessions 2 to 3 times a week as a way to keep fit and get paid at the same time. Not a lot but about $25 ? each session ?

Where else in the world can you find a place that pays you to go keep fit ? haha.

I figured since i'm not working, this is the best time to do this.

Target to clear as many sessions as i can before passing the test with a comfortable Silver for that extra couple of hundred.

My friend scolded me for this, he says i'm cheap but hey.

This is Singapore, you got to be a little resourceful no ?

When will your next work be out ?

Hawker adventure will be a romantic comedy . Will be updating another round with an additional chapter soon. Hope to kick off daily updates by mid to end Feb 2017


Why is there no black friday or cyber monday sale on this blog ??


This is pretty much a hobby.

When this turns into a business, i will have sale everyday. I will even hire 3 hot models to stand at my own booth during a IT show or something. They will be clad only in curry puff or food items available from my favorite snack shop.

Who was the one who was complaining about the shrinking size of snacks from the stall again ?


Hi Bro, is that any discount codes you can give me to use ? I heard from my friend he has some ? Can SIC ?


Why your friend never share with you ? I don't think he's a good friend.

There are codes hidden in some works that gives you between 10 ~ 90% off all or certain works.

Regulars with the right code should only be paying average 50% of the stated price for the ebooks.

It would not be fair to the few regular supporters if i just give out the code like this. I would like to reserve the largest discount to this wonderful group of blog visitors, some of them who have been following this blog since it started few years ago.

Nevertheless, it's the Xmas season.

There's a app that was launch recently to counter terror threats. The name of the app would give you 18% off all works on the blog for the month of december.

The world we live in today is more complicated than before.

We should all do our part regardless if you are a citizen or a resident in this country.

PS : I am definitely not related to whoever did this or launch this app and they are the last people who would pay for this to appear in a blog like this . hahaha.

Singapore is my home. I love her.

We should all do our part to keep her safe regardless of which side we support during elections.

Check out the app since you already know the name. You never know when it would come in handy.

I hope that day never comes, but if it did, at least we know what to do.

To all my fellow Singaporeans who are reading this ;

Stay alert, Stay United, Stay strong.



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